Games of the XV Olympiad — rosters thread

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Games of the XV Olympiad — rosters thread

Postby Electrum » Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:49 am

The purpose of this thread is to post rosters for team sports events. This thread is also for any IC information that might not belong in the RP thread, such as team colours and uniforms, national anthems, traditions, flag bearers (up to two for each ceremony), officials, judges and other prominent characters from your nation(s) that are not competing as athletes. If you wish, you may link to your signup post. Rosters will be marked accordingly and will count towards a matchday's bonus from the very first cutoff.

To minimise the sheer number of medals handed out to athletes in team events, the Electrum Olympic Council will be enforcing maximum team sizes, which are available below.
Artistic swimming: 8 athletes + 1 reserve (minimum 8)
Water polo: 13 (7 starting)
Basketball: 12 (5 starting)
3x3 Basketball: 4 (3 starting)
Baseball: 24 – 12 pitchers, 12 position players (10 starting, including a DH which is required under Olympic rules)
Softball: 15 (9 starting)
Football: 18 (11 starting) to be picked for each match day + 4 alternates (maximum of 22)
Rhythmic gymnastics: 5 + 1 alternate
Handball: 14 (7 starting)
Hockey: 16 (11 starting) + 3 alternates
Rowing coxed eights: 9 (8 rowers + 1 cox).
Rugby sevens: 13 (7 starting)
Indoor volleyball: 12 (6 starting)

However no age maximums will be applied to men's football.
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Postby Sincluda » Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:15 am

Sincludan Olympic Team


Anthem: Light of the World
Flag Bearer: Jennadora Elaisey
Sports: Tennis
Coaches: Roger Lainey (Tennis)
SIncludan Olympic Association
President: Liam Neheney
Vice President: Nia Nelly
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:31 pm

Olympic Committee of the Licentian Isles

Entries – 394
Kit – Cyan with gold sash or trim
National Anthem – These Isles of Ours (English), Onze Eilanden (Dutch), Ar n-Eileanan (Gaidhlig) (the language the anthem is sung in will depend on the choice of specific athletes)
Flagbearers – Christopher Gillies (Abingdon Parish, Men’s Mountain Biking) and Isabelle Allan (Colesham Parish, Women’s Badminton)
Head of Delegation – William Gray
Licentian Results Tracker -

Men’s Water Polo:

No.  Name                 Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Cameron Miller GK 29 St Bart's
2 Elliot Gibb CB 26 Montfort
3 Peadar MacKie D 21 Abingdon
4 Fionntan Comyn CF 21 Abingdon
5 Adam McKay D 28 Colesham
6 Angaidh MacCrossan CB 24 Montfort
7 Matthew McConnell D 23 St Bart's
8 John Morton D 27 Montfort
9 Tom Jacobs (C) CF 32 Montfort
10 James Bruce D 34 Abingdon
11 Lyle McMahon D 21 Montfort
12 Quinn Shearer D 33 Montfort
13 Lewis Veenstra GK 29 St Bart's
Women’s Water Polo:

No.  Name                   Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Iseabail Malloch GK 28 Abingdon
2 Amelie Strachan D 30 Abingdon
3 Ròs MacAlpine D 20 St Bart's
4 Hailey Gibb (C) CF 33 Abingdon
5 Poppy Hutchison D 31 Colesham
6 Olivia van de Velden CB 27 St Bart's
7 Flora Anderson D 34 Montfort
8 Amber Allan CB 20 Montfort
9 Ceit Galbraith D 21 Abingdon
10 Lottie Williamson CF 21 Colesham
11 Maja Kramer D 27 Colesham
12 Sarah McLeod D 28 Montfort
13 Daisy Moir GK 25 Colesham

Men’s Basketball:

No.  Name                 Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Sean Alexander PG 29 Colesham
2 Douglas Graham C 34 Colesham
3 Arthur Hannah (C) SG 33 St Bart's
4 Eoghanan Harper SF 27 Montfort
5 Adam Rankin PG 22 Colesham
6 Joshua van den Pol SG 28 St Bart's
7 Theodore Sim PF 28 Colesham
8 Craig Harrison PG 24 St Bart's
9 Lincoln Thompson C 33 Montfort
10 Douglas Lang C 27 Abingdon
11 Tòmas Glass PF 32 St Bart's
12 Cayden McDonald SF 24 Montfort
Women’s Basketball:

No.  Name                  Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Isabelle Farrell SG 30 Abingdon
2 Oighrig Buchanan C 25 Abingdon
3 Johanna van der Pol C 26 Montfort
4 Mirren Sharp PG 31 Colesham
5 Isa Janssen PG 31 Colesham
6 Samantha Gallagher SG 30 Montfort
7 Florence Phillips PF 24 Montfort
8 Mirryn MacLean SF 28 Abingdon
9 Liùsaidh Baird C 24 Montfort
10 Evie van der Heyden PG 23 St Bart's
11 Chloe Forrest (C) SF 31 Montfort
12 Eva Lynch PF 28 Montfort

Men’s 3x3 Basketball:

No.  Name                 Age   Parish
1 Caelan MacLean 30 Montfort
2 Ninean Erskine 25 St Bart's
3 Jonathan Gillespie 26 Colesham
4 Beathan MacLeay 31 Abingdon
Women’s 3x3 Basketball:

No.  Name           Age   Parish
1 Iris McCann 30 Montfort
2 Ailis Munroe 25 Montfort
3 Emmy Smith 26 Montfort
4 Quinn Currie 31 Colesham

Men’s Football:

No.  Name                           Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Sam Heijnis GK 29 St Bart's
2 George Turnbull RB 21 Abingdon
3 Harris Shaw CB 23 St Bart's
4 Oran Hay CB 21 Montfort
5 Alexander Docherty LB 22 Abingdon
6 Saul van Duuren HM 23 St Bart's
7 Mitch Louws RM 21 St Bart's
8 Arthur Mazereeuw CM 21 St Bart’s
9 Thomas Hughes CM 21 Montfort
10 Miles Henderson (C) LM 26 Abingdon
11 Tiago Weiling CF 30 St Bart's
12 Ualraig Dow GK 18 Abingdon
13 Tim Bijvank CB 21 Abingdon
14 Aidan Jack LB 20 Abingdon
15 Charlie van den Heiligenberg HM 21 St Bart's
16 Jonas van den Brink RM 22 St Bart's
17 Regan McMillan CM 22 Colesham
18 Isaac Thielen CF 22 Abingdon
Women’s Football:

No.  Name                  Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Caitlin Fraser (C) GK 33 Abingdon
2 Lara van Doorn RB 23 St Bart's
3 Flora Watson CB 29 Abingdon
4 Lucia Allen CB 28 Abingdon
5 Maria Reilly LB 22 Montfort
6 Fiadh Buchan HM 20 Montfort
7 Casey McMillan RM 22 Colesham
8 Alisha Thompson CM 22 Montfort
9 Kayleigh Reid CM 23 Abingdon
10 Scarlet McKenzie LM 22 Abingdon
11 Anne-Linde van Oers CF 22 St Bart's
12 Aimil MacGowan GK 19 Abingdon
13 Lea Koster RB 23 St Bart's
14 Arwen van As CB 20 Montfort
15 Hannah Scott HM 23 Montfort
16 Oighrig Fraser CM 19 St Bart's
17 Amy Sutherland LM 23 St Bart's
18 Layla Paterson CF 23 St Bart's

Men’s Handball:

No.  Name                  Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Garbhan Gilmour GK 33 Montfort
2 Oran Gillespie RB 20 Montfort
3 Frankie Pollock LB 22 St Bart's
4 Jamie McDougall CB 20 Montfort
5 Calvin Irvine P 26 Abingdon
6 Alex Turner RW 29 Montfort
7 Elias Fisher P 31 Colesham
8 William Watson LW 23 Abingdon
9 Corran Morgan RB 22 Montfort
10 Peter Bain LW 34 Colesham
11 David Shearer LB 20 Colesham
12 Nicholas Watt GK 21 Montfort
13 Lauchlan Downie (C) CB 34 Abingdon
14 Joshua Sinclair RW 33 Montfort
Women’s Handball:

No.  Name                      Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Eamhair Glass GK 22 Colesham
2 Scarlet McDougall RB 32 Abingdon
3 Eubha MacLeay LW 25 Abingdon
4 Marie van den Broek (C) P 33 Montfort
5 Rosalie Campbell RW 23 Montfort
6 Lucia Davies RW 25 St Bart's
7 Malamhìn MacCabe P 24 Montfort
8 Frankie Forsyth LW 26 St Bart's
9 Rebecca Woods RB 21 Montfort
10 Eva Collins CB 20 Montfort
11 Mila Vos LB 20 St Bart's
12 Eilidh Hay LB 20 Colesham
13 Siùsaidh Anderson GK 31 Abingdon
14 Mare Blom CB 27 St Bart's

Men’s Hockey:

No.  Name                Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Patrick Barclay GK 21 Montfort
2 Fergus Morton FB 31 Colesham
3 Leo de Bruyn HB 34 Montfort
4 Thijmen de Koning W 22 Montfort
5 Xander Ramsay FB 32 St Bart's
6 Armadal Lorne HB 31 Montfort
7 Frankie Harvey HB 29 Montfort
8 Finley Logan W 33 Montfort
9 Dubh MacKean CF 20 Montfort
10 Clark White GK 24 Abingdon
11 Callum Chalmers I 29 Montfort
12 Coll Duncan (C) FB 32 Abingdon
13 Ailean Gunn I 26 St Bart's
14 Iain McIntosh CF 20 Abingdon
15 Fergus Shields HB 24 Montfort
16 Donnach MacAra W 20 Abingdon
Women’s Hockey:

No.  Name                  Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Iris Gordon GK 30 Colesham
2 Lucia Paterson CF 20 Abingdon
3 Caitlin MacInally HB 26 St Bart's
4 Aimee Law (C) W 32 Abingdon
5 Emma Moore I 21 Montfort
6 April Leslie HB 22 Montfort
7 Mairi Moore FB 22 Montfort
8 Helena McCulloch W 32 Colesham
9 Lizzy van der Velde CF 32 Montfort
10 Zoey Milne FB 23 Abingdon
11 Ceanag Bannatyne I 32 Abingdon
12 Anna de Leeuw W 29 Montfort
13 Mirren Evans FB 30 Montfort
14 Ailidh Russell HB 26 St Bart's
15 Kate Rae HB 22 Montfort
16 Harriet Sinclair GK 33 Abingdon

Men’s Coxed Eights – Rowing:

No.  Name                   Age   Parish
1 Cormag MacMillan 34 Abingdon
2 Owen Stewart 28 Abingdon
3 Cody Inglis 30 Colesham
4 Alistair Nicholson 31 Abingdon
5 Ciaran Strachan 22 Abingdon
6 Zander Edwards 31 Montfort
7 Fergus Fox 32 Montfort
8 Còmhan Forbes 21 Abingdon
9 Oliver Douglas (COX) 35 Montfort
Women’s Coxed Eights – Rowing:

No.  Name                 Age   Parish
1 Chloe MacLeod 29 Montfort
2 Isabella Wood 20 Montfort
3 Liùsaidh Moray 31 Abingdon
4 Marsaili Chisholm 23 Montfort
5 Amelia van de Pol 23 Montfort
6 Sienna Pollock 24 Colesham
7 Marie Post 23 Abingdon
8 Heidi Nicol 25 Colesham
9 Harriet Ross (COX) 33 Colesham

Men’s Rugby Sevens:

No.  Name                 Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Dan Hill P 25 Abingdon
2 Noah Deelstra (C) H 32 Abingdon
3 Sef van Loon P 24 Montfort
4 Jamie Miller SH 22 St Bart's
5 Jack van der Woude FH 23 St Bart's
6 Cayden Ferguson C 28 Montfort
7 Cole Hamilton W 29 Colesham
8 Joël Vink P 32 St Bart's
9 Curtis Gray H 25 Montfort
10 David Pearson P 27 Abingdon
11 Tom Walker SH 24 Colesham
12 Adrian McNeill FH 25 Abingdon
13 Calum Swan W 28 Montfort
Women’s Rugby Sevens:

No.  Name             Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Adeline Steens P 26 Colesham
2 Blair Spence H 23 Abingdon
3 Sophie Grant P 24 Abingdon
4 Annie Fleming SH 28 Montfort
5 Amber Crawford FH 26 Montfort
6 Klara Hooft C 21 St Bart's
7 Jess Forbes W 20 Colesham
8 Ròs MacCaw (C) P 33 Montfort
9 Sadie Lindsay H 34 Abingdon
10 Emmie Ward P 19 Montfort
11 Rosie Adams SH 21 Montfort
12 Sìne Logan FH 24 Montfort
13 Daisy Evans W 25 Montfort

Men’s Indoor Volleyball:

No.  Name                Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Matthew Orr OH 33 Colesham
2 Faolan Duncan S 32 Montfort
3 Mark Hogg (C) S 33 Colesham
4 Xander Phillips OP 30 St Bart's
5 Kieran Lawson L 27 Montfort
6 Cayden Lynch MB 23 Montfort
7 Nathaniel McBride OH 20 St Bart's
8 Branan Drummond L 30 Montfort
9 Jason Porter MB 26 Montfort
10 Patrick Mitchell OH 26 Montfort
11 Douglas Lee OP 32 Montfort
12 Alex Thomas OH 23 Montfort
Women’s Indoor Volleyball:

No.  Name                     Pos.   Age   Parish
1 Darcey Hill MB 27 Montfort
2 Penny McArthur S 25 Montfort
3 Gràinne Milne (C) OP 34 Abingdon
4 Robin Verhoeven S 20 St Bart's
5 Isabelle van den Broek L 33 Abingdon
6 Oighrig Crossan OH 25 Abingdon
7 Ciara McKenzie OH 32 Montfort
8 Pippa McCabe OH 22 Montfort
9 Lucy Brown OP 23 Abingdon
10 Amy Main MB 20 Abingdon
11 Hanna Collins L 21 Colesham
12 Kendall Laing OH 24 Montfort

Licentian Officials:

Diving – Èibhlin Burnie, Gràinne Harper
Swimming – Alice Forsyth, Sepp de Ruiter, Jasmine MacMillan
Water Polo – Frankie Fisher, Melody Currie
Athletics – Keira Swan, Bran Bowie, Fenne van der Pol, Osgar Cook, Faye Harris
Badminton – Rachel Tait, Ella Kane
Basketball – Darren Boyle
Canoe Slalom – Corran O’Donnell, Lyla Brown
Canoe Sprint – Serena McGhee, Leah Buchanan
BMX – Ruby van Loon
Mountain Biking – Eva MacLean
Road Cycling – Leah Wallace, Evie Boer
Track Cycling – Mollie Wallace, Hunter Baxter
Equestrian – Theo Duffy, Jonathan Gibson
Football – Clara Dunn, Flynn Nelson
Golf – Spencer Munro, Caointiorn MacCabe
Artistic Gymnastics – Lucas MacLeod, Amber Cairns, Harriet Pirie
Trampoline – Xander Love
Handball – Frankie Hutchison, Patrick McEwan
Field Hockey – Rosalie Laing, Elena van den Pol
Judo – Cassie Bennett
Karate – Diana Williamson
Rowing – Roddy MacMillan, Emelia McLaren, Blaire Webster
Rugby Sevens – Cole Nelson, Ailsa Morgan
Sailing – Còmhan Skinner, Islay Montgomery, Ruairi Todd
Skateboarding – Ailidh McPherson
Sport Climbing – Joe Allison
Surfing – Aodhan MacCaw
Table Tennis – Lìosa Laing
Taekwondo – Declan Morgan
Tennis – Rebecca Blair, Madadh Menzies
Triathlon – Fedde Willems, Darcy Downie
Beach Volleyball – Adam Hall
Indoor Volleyball – Myrthe van Beek

RP Permissions:
Happy for you to decide scoring in individual matches if you RP first. Fair play and respect are important to Licentian athletes, and these values should not be breached without prior discussion with myself. Licentian officials and citizens should not be injured in any way, and athletes should only receive minor injuries unless previously discussed with me. no godmodding without prior permission: in general, descriptions of Licentian athletes should be within the bounds of RL possibility. I'm happy to consider collaborations, please TG me or message me on Discord.
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:24 pm


Nation: The Empire of West Phoenicia

Ruler: Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II
Prime Minister: Countess Tia High

Olympic Federation President: Baroness Flora Freeman
Olympic Federation Chairperson: Lord Maximillan Saintè III
Olympic Federation Vice- Chairperson: David Baroda
Selection Committee Head: Lady Giselle Santiago

Flag Bearer: Lady Zipporah Lestat- Archery-Women's Singles

Lady Zipporah Lestat is an archery who claimed gold in the Archery-Women's Singles at the
XIV Summer Games, Orean, Liventia and Istria, Banija and is back to lead the team at these Games.

Team Colours: Purple and Gold
National Anthem: West Phoenicia in our hearts forever

Team Rosters:

Team name: West Phoenician Hammerhead Sharks

Player                              Age             Home Town
Cedric Westex 29 Jacksonia
Li Wang 24 Jacksonia
Mason Greene 24 Agape
Wei Peng 33 Scarlett Orient Isles
Mohammad Al Sayed 28 Jacksonia
Aalto Jarvi 19 Nova Texwesternia
Suppiluliuma Hattusa 20 Mythologica-Seleucid Dominion
Caspian Paulson 25 Polytheisa Africana
Wade Tawadros 22 Nova Aegyptus

Team name: West Phoenician Seashells

Name                         Age     Hometown 
Yvette Davies 26 Valhalla Passions
Claudia Cooper 22 Nova Texwesternia
Ming Le Fleur 30 Jacksonia
Aimee Hunt 29 Nova Texwesternia
Julie Doveton 20 Selene Valley
Anck-su-namun Moon 17 Nova Aegyptus
Cordelia Thomas 20 Medii Aevi Hallows
Maya Lopez 19 Debney Bay
Talia Williams 25 Selene Valley

Team Name: West Phoenician Mermen

Name               Age        Position          Hometown                 Club

Jeremiah Craven 24 GK Jacksonia Jacksonia Splashes
Sidd Sharma 21 GK St Mary St Mary Saints
Nathaniel Angelos 24 C Jacksonia Jacksonia Splashes
Daniel Cortez 25 C Upper West Phoenicia New Tudor Stingrays
Aztec Hernandez 20 C Acappella Testament Valley Deception Bay Fins
Michael Van Cooke 22 Attack Fantasi Cluella Fantasi Cluella Orcas
Bastian Alexandre 34 Attack Jacksonia New Tudor Stingrays
Dillon Franks 19 Attack Neo Australias Yule Island Seahorses
Tutakamun Stephens 25 Attack Nova Aegyptus St Mary Saints
David Ngyuen 18 Defender Scarlett Orient Isles Tallahassee Raindrops
Manpreet Sindhu 19 Defender Titania Tallahassee Raindrops
Mo Saini 26 Defender Ptolemaic Haven Jacksonia Splashes
Cain Vincent 22 Defender Jacksonia Deception Bay Fins

Team Name: West Phoenician Sea Hags
Name            Age       Position          Hometown           

Lydia Wales 28 G Autumn Falls
Ginger Carlsson 20 G Jacksonia
Gretel Santigo 29 Center Deception Bay Central
Priya Young 20 Center Druidia and the Yule Islands
Alice Wittmore 30 Center Jacksonia
Lark Volias 24 Attack Selene Valley
Kasey Lei 26 Attack Jacksonia
Kylie Ng 18 Attack Agape
Beck L'Orange 20 Attack Bourbon-Versailles
Allison McBride 24 Defender New Tudor
Eve Chi 26 Defender Scarlett Orient Isles
Fortuna Kio 31 Defender Valhalla Passions
Melanie Danworth 20 Defender Duchy of The Unicorn Isles & Christmastide Island

Team Name: West Phoenician Scorpions

Name                              Age      Position      Hometown 
#15 Michael Rose 25 C Jacksonia
#22 Jordan Tells 22 PF Scarlett Orient Isles
#2 Jasper Gould 29 SF Oceania District
#23 Li Chen Wu 24 SG Scarlett Orient Isles
#13 Conrad Barrow 23 PG Fort Blackfoot
#9 Will Bosscona 24 C Jacksonia
#5 Matthew Prestonia 21 C Soter
#11 Lee Chan-yeol 23 F Titania
#3 Hamish Garcia 20 F Helios
#8 Ravi Debeers 25 G Baal-Bast
#20 Jackson Singh 22 G Neo Aztecayan Indus
#27 Thomas Wellington 36 G Deception Bay Central

Team Name: West Phoenician Black Widows

Name                Age      Position   Hometown                  Club
Louise Breenburger 19 PF Jacksonia Jacksonia Phillies
Lexie Tyler 21 C Savannah Groves Antebellum-Dixie Belles
Sofie Swann 32 SG Jacksonia Titania Titans
Lynn Davies 23 PG Agape Antebellum-Dixie Belles
Karen Lei 19 SG Herodian Valley Jacksonia Phillies
Kerrie Tong 25 C East Eden East Eden Does
Marsha Brook 23 PG Scarlett Orient Isles Nova Aegyptus Muses
Veronica Breeze 22 SG East Eden Antebellum-Dixie Belles
Steffy Chapps 23 PG Jacksonia Gospela Brigham Gazelles
Molly Black 18 PF Selene Valley Jacksonia Phillies
Trisha Goode 25 PF Valhalla Passions East Eden Does
Victoria Ng 27 SG Scarlett Orient Isles Black Foot Ravens

Name                   Place of Birth
Alan D'Pell Jacksonia
Romeo Salvatoria Titania
Antonius Sevilla Jacksonia
Jordan Diamond Immaculata

Name                               Place of Birth
Lady India Von Clayton Neo Aztecayan Indus
Prudence Goodwin Medii Aevi Hallows
Trudy Ng Mythologica-Seleucid Dominion
Martina Kait New Tudor

Team Name: West Phoenician Stampedes

Name                         Position                Home Town
Bobby Gyllenhaal GK Titania
Pedro Rodriguez GK New Tudor
Clayton Danes Left Back Nova Aegyptus
Symons Kellog Left Back Jacksonia
Brandon Ng Center Back Jacksonia
Marcelo Devier Center Back Savannah Grove
Manpreet Siva Center Back Fantasi Cluella
Bruno Eccles Right Back Nova Texwesternia
Jefferson La Blonc Right Back Jacksonia
Chandler Goodwin Left Wing East Eden
Anton Jarvis Left Wing Jacksonia
Darwin Cavera Central Midfielder Nova Aegyptus
Damanjeet Singh Central Midfielder Druidia and the Yule Islands
Paris Tomei Central Midfielder Agape
Ompreet Saini Right Wing Herodian Valley
Ricardo Guitera Right Wing Jacksonia
Jason Summer Striker Fort Blackfoot
Hakim Saidi Striker Lower West Phoenicia
Renaldo Newmano Striker Lower West Phoenicia

Team Name: West Phoenician Violets
Name                     Position                      Home Town
Felicity Newman GK Jacksonia
Navkiranjot Aneja GK Medii Aevi Hallows
Marnie Yacobs Left Back Agape
Zoe DeSchnell Left Back Lower West Phoenicia
Pilar Devilla Center Back Jacksonia
Victory Chen Center Back Titania
Olive Sharma Center Back Titania
Thea Moone Right Back Lower West Phoenicia
Victoria Paige Right Back Druidia and the Yule Islands
Elke Storme Left Wing Baal-Bast
Linda Wong Left Wing Polytheisa Africana
Jan Van Jessen Central Midfielder Antebellum Territory
Emily Rosalini Central Midfielder Jacksonia
Rose Evans Central Midfielder Antebellum Dixie
Courtney Cabral Right Wing Acappella Testament Valley Territory
Beth Willis Right Wing Polytheisa Africana
India O'Hara Striker St Mary's
Tara Brooks Striker Polytheisa Africana
Caroline Ute Striker Neo Australias

Name                     Age                Place of Birth
Pak Dae-hyun 20 Jacksonia
Xander Rye 19 Jacksonia
Daniel Zortan 17 Lower West Phoenicia
Lee Ga-eul 20 Valhalla Passions
Aaron Westley 20 New Tudor
Yusuf Mahmoud 29 Upper West Phoenicia

Name                          Age   Place of Birth
Amy Trang 17 Scarlett Orient Isles
LaTeisha Johnson 26 Agape
Tara Mitchell 20 New Tudor
Dolly Bakerson 19 New Tudor
Delta Sinclair 22 Debney Bay
Donatella Vicage 23 Nova Aegyptus

Team Name: West Phoenician Nightshades
Name                    Position    Home Town
#14- Clementine Chiloś GK New Tudor
#12-Pamela Starkweather GK Jacksonia
#2- Nova Ellis-Brady Left Back Immaculata
#10 Allison Saini Left Back Hellenestica & The Crocodilopolis Isle
#8- Bonnie Jackson Central Back Immaculata
#11-Liesel Atoms Central Back Olympia Hills
#4- Clarinda Sharma Right Back Deception Bay
#7-Wendy Powell Right Back Autumn Falls
#22- Glenda Perk Right Wing Deception Bay Central
#15- Audrina Mason Right Wing New Tudor
#3-January Starwalker CF Jacksonia
#9-Georgia Dutton CF Jacksonia
#5-Pria Singh Left Wing Oceania District
#1-Ameila Nightingale Left Wing Jacksonia

Team Names: West Phoenician Buffalo's

Name                   Position              Home Town
Loki Bryant GK Scarlett Orient Isles
Mentuhotep Montu GK Mythologica-Seleucid Dominion
Timothy Washington Left Back Immaculata
Hadrian Jefferies Left Back Jacksonia
Alexi Fedorov Central Back Soter
James Xu Central Back Jacksonia
Brady Collis Right Back Debney Bay
Nakshith Chandrasekar Right Back Upper West Phoenicia
Audie Franks Right Wing Soter
Jimmy Tyler Right Wing Agape
Mason Cartright CF Jacksonia
Jose Lenin CF Soter
Jose Santigo Left Wing Savannah Grove
Lance Plumè Left Wing Scarlett Orient Isles

Team Name: West Phoenician Grasshoppers
Name          Position    Age    Home Town
Gill O'Brady GK 25 Jacksonia
Conrad Black GK 23 Selene Valley
Brad Santino DEF 26 Nova Texwesternia
Erag Bardhyl DEF 24 New Tudor
Emanuel Santos DEF 25 Titania
Miguel Vega DEF 20 Antebellum-Dixie
Desmond Ng DEF 25 Upper West Phoenicia
Noah Yung DEF 28 Lower West Phoenicia
Tony Galliano MF 23 Polytheisa Africana
Eskiel Flinders MF 26 New Tudor
Rock Alamain MF 20 Nova Texwesternia
Clinton Burrow MF 25 Debney Bay
Matías Pérez MF 18 Oceania District
Ricky Vexton MF 19 Jacksonia
Zeus Pascoll FW 30 Fantasi Cluella
Patrick Ridgewood FW 34 Herodian Valley
James Mayberry FW 26 Jacksonia
Greyson Hobbs FW 19 Agape

Team Name: West Phoenician Wasps
Name              Position  Age    Home Town
Flutura Bardhyl GK 24 New Tudor
Penelope Diamandis GK 25 Valhalla Passions
Chloe Audio DEF 19 Jacksonia
Mercy Puritan DEF 20 Acappella Testament Valley Territory
Africa Hammond DEF 25 Gospela Brigham
Cheyenne Sainte DEF 33 Antebellum Dixie
Athena Dixon DEF 29 Hellenestica & The Crocodilopolis Isle
Angel Blackmoore DEF 30 Antebellum Dixie
Maggie Ng MF 17 Scarlett Orient Isles
Agatha Wyn MF 27 Deception Bay Central
Roccio Rice MF 20 Gospela Brigham
Scarlett Dey MF 21 Baal-Bast
Bernike Thorne MF 20 Jacksonia
Demi Pontiac MF 26 Baal-Bast
Mary Stevens FW 29 Gospela Brigham
Bea Crooke FW 33 Deception Bay Central
Supreet Nevi FW 30 Neo Aztecayan Indus
Alana Potter FW 18 Jacksonia

Name               Age    Place of Birth
Grey Doveton * 30 Jacksonia
Issa Traore 23 Titania
Ceasar Rodrige 34 Lower West Phoenicia
Emanuel Sturt 25 Fantasi Cluella
Kyle Durban 23 Mythologica-Seleucid Dominion
Abdoulaye Mbaye 19 Jacksonia
Trevor Gould 28 New Tudor
Archer Kiljoy 27 Jacksonia
Hamlet Chen 24 Jacksonia

Name                Age    Place of Birth
Dorcas Addams* 32 Agape
Pandora Greene 25 Debney Bay
Babs Bayarsaikhan 25 Upper West Phoenicia
Lori Greekoni 23 Fantasi Cluella
Kellie Dogg 27 Mythologica-Seleucid Dominion
Rebecca Frost 24 Jacksonia
Kristen Moore 25 Antebellum Dixie
Mary Godfrey 23 Jacksonia
Fairy Meadows 19 Valhala Passionsy

Team Name: West Phoenician Cyclones
Name                Age    Position    Home Town
Kyle Wayn 30 FW Jacksonia
Franco Costello 26 BK Jacksonia
Peeta Le'Franks 19 BK Deception Bay Central
Osiris Dutton 19 FW Selene Valley
Wil Nguyen 26 BK Polytheisa Africana
Chris Lavender 29 FW New Eden
Jacob Lake 22 BK Fort Blackfoot
Reed Doverton 25 BK Titania
Scott Evari 22 BK Debney Bay
Adem Dobar 27 BK New Tudor
Pharoah Gurgaon 26 FW Lower West Phoenicia
Christopher Patton 20 FW Lower West Phoenicia

Team Name: West Phoenician Phillies
Name              Age   Position    Home Town
Gracie Silver 30 FW Lower West Phoenicia
Crystal Loraganna 24 BK Jacksonia
Sue Poole 20 BK Druidia and the Yule Islands
Naomi Moses 19 FW Baal-Bast
Elizabeth Bylor 26 BK East Eden
Hera Callios 23 FW Medii Aevi Hallows
Ann Dong 23 BK Jacksonia
Ruby Heart 27 BK Medii Aevi Hallows
Zoe Nowell 23 BK Helios
Kim Pak So 31 BK Neo Australis
Johanna Murphy 29 FW Neo Australis
Tangie O'Grady 29 FW Neo Australis

Team Name: The Spikers
Name             Height       Age    Home Town
Blake Thomas(C) 6 ft 4 in 38 Jacksonia
Albie Donns 6 ft 4 in 35 New Tudor
Ali Masoon 5 ft 12 in 33 Immaculata
Argos Xaviers 6 ft 8 in 25 Gospela
Paris Tripolli 6 ft 3 in 19 Baal-Bast
Michael Cooper 6 ft 8 in 45 Olympia Hills
Tommy Dexter 6 ft 2 in 24 Baal-Bast
Billy Treflon 6 ft 29 Upper West Phoenicia
Zach Tonia 6 ft 4 in 25 Immaculata
Stephen Tonia 5 ft 10 in 33 Polytheisa Africana
Ivan La Goria 6 ft 5 in 18 Nova Texwesterniaia Frontier
Richard Donalds 6 ft 5 in 24 Soter
Glen Graham 6 ft 3 in 24 Soter
Axel Reeding 5 ft 9 in 29 Immaculata

Team Name: The Spikerettes
Name                   Height      Age        Home Town
Angel Harlow 6 ft 4 in 30 Deception Bay Central
Sylvia Cruz 5 ft 8 in 19 Deception Bay Central
Barbara Davies 5 ft 12 in 25 Deception Bay Central
Kim Chen 6 ft 26 Jacksonia
Kimberly Wardson 5 ft 5 in 33 Debney Bay
Melissa Heinrich 5 ft 8 in 33 Jacksonia
Heather McDuff 6 ft 2 in 19 Agape
Latifa Springs 6 ft 22 Lower West Phoenicia
Maureen Duvall 5 ft 6 in 34 Lower West Phoenicia
Serena Erg 5 ft 10 in 35 Titania
Athaliah East 5 ft 5 in 28 Antebellum Dixie
Megan Cooke 5 ft 9 in 28 Jacksonia
Debbie Weston 6 ft 3 in 19 Jacksonia
Alexa Wjnoki 5 ft 9 in 20 Druidia and the Yule Islands

Team Name: The Confederates
Name                        Age   Position       Home Town
Allen Koomardy 24 1st Base Jacksonia*
Manny Armia 22 2nd Base Baal-Baast
Jackson Whyte 27 3rd Base Savannah Grove
Bradley Sing 25 SS Jacksonia
James Balla 30 LF Upper West Phoenicia
Harry Ngyuen 25 CF Lower West Phoenicia
Glenton Ascott 27 RF Titania
Jimmy Bridgeworth 23 Catcher New Tudor
Tim Bridgeworth 18 IF Titania
Jann Beheim von Adelshausen 23 IF Antebellum Dixie
Scott Smyth 30 IF Agape
Christian Bauer 24 IF Jacksonia
Woody Tan 21 IF Jacksonia
Hasaga de Silva 23 OF Neo Aztecayan Indus
Anton de Umfraville 20 OF Scarlett Orient Isles
Jon Birrarung 18 OF Druidia and the Yule Islands
Michael Tan 24 Pitcher-RHP Druidia and the Yule Islands
Eddie Sharma 26 Pitcher-LHP Nova Aegyptus
Jason Hoh 20 Pitcher-RHP Nova Aegyptus
Barry Akter 25 Pitcher-RHP Selene Valley
Guntaj Singh 31 Pitcher-LHP Agape
Wayne Tallevalley 30 Pitcher-RP Gospela Brigham
Sun Anh-Dae 19 Pitcher-RP Polytheisa Africana
Jake Prospecta 25 Pitcher-RP Jacksonia
Tiger Singh 30 Pitcher-CP Immaculata
Reed Turpis 29 Pitcher-CP Bourbon-Versailles
Daniel Kovačević 19 Catcher Jacksonia
Kamal El Din 26 Catcher Immaculata

*denotes DH

Team Name: The Mountain Lions
Name              Age         Club                   Home Town
Agnetha Samuels 25 Jacksonia Bells Jacksonia
Morgan Daly 27 Nova Aegyptus Goddesses Helios
Adele Van de Berg 19 Fantasi Cluella Cosmos Ptolemaic Haven
Narelle Turner 20 New Tudor Dames St Mary's
Pearl Nguyen 28 Agape Angels Jacksonia
Betsy Trabelsi 25 Nova Aegyptus Goddesses East Eden
Chiffon DeMac 34 New Tudor Dames Mythologica-Seleucid Dominion
Amity Swann 20 Jacksonia Bells Acappella Testament Valley
Ann Gardener 25 Titania Comets Neo Australis
Hope Pewhairangi 22 Fantasi Cluella Cosmos Fantasi Cluella
Tottie Silver 27 Jacksonia Bells East Eden
Imelda Sharma 20 Titania Comets Helios
Portia Avila 23 Jacksonia Bells Ptolemaic Haven
Mary Zorbes 19 Jacksonia Bells Jacksonia
Justina Bryant 22 New Tudor Dames New Tudor

Support Staff & Coaches

* Head of PR & Communications: Leo McCallistia

* Dr Morgan Graystone-Team Nutritionist
* Diamond Lopez- Head Dietician

* Dr Harrison Paige- Senior Doctor
* Dr Helena Moody- Senior Physician

* Eloise St Russell-Registered Nurse
* Indira Glan- Registered Nurse

* Dr Alexandria Defsour- Senior Psychologist
* Dr Peter Dunbell- Junior Psychologist
* Pedro Otaro- Physiotherapist
* Lisa Choctow- Physiotherapist
* David Nguyen- Physiotherapist
* Kylie Bradshaw- Physiotherapist

* Alfred Sinclair- Physiologist

* Thuy Tran- Massage Therapist
* Marcus White- Massage Therapist
* Louisa Novak- Massage Therapist
* Allen Chang-Massage Therapist

* Tristan Rhodes- Head of West Phoenicia Olympic Security

* Reverend Mariamne Davies-Chaplain
* Reverend Davidus Ki-Chaplain
* Father Ezekiel Toods- Chaplain
* Father Michael Vikkers- Chaplain

* Antony Middacci- Aide to Chaplains
* Sister Martha Mary Saint- Private Secretary to Chaplains

* Magas, Priest of the goddess Fortuna
* Aurora, Priestess of the goddess Fortuna

* Florence Preet- Head Tarot Reader
* Clive St James- Tarot Reader
* Madam Butterfly-Tarot Reader
* Lady Hathor- Medium
* Miss Teak-Medium
* Victory Alamein- Fortune Teller
* Vishnu Sharma-Spiritual Guru
* Harmony Lees- Yoga Instructor
* Gabriella Jook-Angel Intuitive
* Lady Angelique- Astrologer

Aquatics PR: Dawn Australis

Head Coach: Sarah Wick
Assistant Coach: Madame Thea Macedon
Assistant Coach: Mark Marine

Head Coach: Gladys Chen
Manager: Mr Ian Campbell
Assistant Women's Coach: Kristine Tass
Assistant Men's Coach: Andy Launceston
Trainer: Brady Hilmer

-Artistic Swimming
Men’s Head Coach: Ivan Malcovichloc
Men’s Assistant Coach: Michael Woo
Women’s Head Coach: Olga Volondovich
Women's Assistant Coach: Daria Primary
Creative Director: Nadia Flower

-Water Polo
Men's Head Coach: Paul Heavenwood
Men's Assistant Coach: Deshawn Leroy
Men's Assistant Coach: Edith Vega
Men's Manager: Mr Derrick Von Kenta
Men's Trainer: Marcus Bell

Women's Head Coach:Maggie Donovan
Women's Assistant Coach: Arsinoe Bellview
Women's Manager: Myra Chew
Women's Trainer: Lauren Gee

Head Coach: Harrison Archer
Assistant Coach: Pete Long
Trainer: Jacob Munguia
Archery PR: Odette Le'Tangie
Priestess of Artemis: Agrotera
Priest of Apollo: Phoebus
Personal Attendant: Lady Ruby Mali
Personal Attendant: Lady Ivy O'Seely
Personal Attendant: Augustus Bloom

Head Coach: Connor Saint Claire
Assistant Coach-Relays and Sprints: Natasha True
Assistant Coach-Distance Men's: Marcel Rigorio
Assistant Coach-Distance Women's: Kimberly Goddard
Assistant Coach-Field: Stewart Shiloh
Manager: Genesis Groover
Manager: Taylor Melrose
Trainer: Latonya Veerlotti
Trainer: Avi Sherlock
PR: Viscount Edmund James


Head Coach: Sarah Poh
Trainer: Chen Nguyen


Manager: Desmond Parker
Head Coach: Jacob Prosper.
Assistant Coach: Normie Broad
Assistant Coach: Eddie Meadows
Team Physician: Mark English
Team Dietitian: Dr Melody Cross


Men's Manager: Michael Amman
Assistant Manager: Nat Montgomery
Team Coach: Mr Edgar Marcus
Offensive Trainer: Symon Priapus
Defensive Trainer: Jimmy Navy
Physical Trainer: Axel D'Doya
Diet Advisor: Melissa Whelcott
Physiotherapist: Kerry Swann

Women's Manager: Kylie Fox
Assistant Manager: Caesar Rhodes
Team Coach: Tuesday Nightingale
Offensive Trainer: Dani Sydi
Defensive Trainer: Marc Logan
Physical Trainer: Storm Forest

Head Coach: Bucky Houston
Head Trainer: Van Houston

Head Coach: Norman Rhodes
Assistant Coach: Virginia Sunset
Trainer: Caleb Blake

Cycling Manager: Ashwyn Worth
Cycling PR: Mercedes Smythe
Trainer: Mike Rose
Trainer: Deborah Ming
Mechanic: Brandon Lewis
Mechanic: Astrid Lovewell

Head Coach: Pete Turner

Head Coach: Count Demetrius Blanche II

Head Coach Men's: Miles Wileboom
Head Coach Women's: Carolyn Dryad

Head Coach: Mal Swan
Assistant Coach: Janet Debbs

Head Coach: Melody Love
Assistant Coach: Apollonis Attalid
Stablehand: Tyler Greene
Stablehand: Naomi Deeks

Head Coach Men’s: Patrick Newman
Head Coach Women’s: Madonna LeVey
Assistant Coach: Colin McQueen
Assistant Coach: Beth McQueen
Trainer: Lazarus Sharma
Trainer: Lizzie Whyte

Head Coach: Baron Cooper Alphington

Head Coach: Raj Patel
Assistant Coach: Yasmin Delcosti

Head Coach Men's: Nicolai Mustaff
Head Coach Women's: Bella Wu
Assistant Coach Women's: Melissa Getty
Trainer: Perseus Macedon
Trainer: Jenny Newman
Artistic Director: Val Upton

Men's Head Coach: Marcus Rigby
Women's Head Coach: Olivia Murphy

Men's Head Coach: Jeremy Prosper
Women’s Head Coach: Felicity Shagg

Head Coach: Haru Shimato
Assistant Coach: Kaito Nimosaki
Assistant Coach: Itsuki Totonki
Assistant Female Coach: Akari Teo

Head Coach: Hieu High

Head Coach Men’s: Ali Sharifa
Head Coach Women’s: Bernice Cross

Head Coach Men’s: Griffin Ascot
Head Coach Women's: Abbey Dowager

Head Coach: Sir Pietre Frederico

Head Coach: Lord Ashwell Blackthorne

Head Coach: Leesa Cremeworth
Assistant Coach: Truman Salvador
Assistant Coach: Coral Islam
Pitching Coach: Kora Goldsmith
Team Physician: Jessika Munday

-Table Tennis:
Head Coach: Lei Wei
Assistant Coach: Lotus Chen

Head Coach: Shawn Browne
Assistant Coach:Zhang Wei
Assistant Coach: Wang Xiu Ying

Head Coach: Marquise Hamish Crampton
Trainer: Frankie Drewey

Head Coach: Aidan Beck
Assistant Coach: Miriam Trueblood
Trainer: Evie Donovan
Mechanic: Gregory Montgomery

Head Coach Men's: Gavin Angelhands
Head Coach Women's: Isabel Birch
Assistant Coach: Ewan Roberts
Trainer: Svetlana Urka

-Beach Volleyball
Head Coach Men’s: Boyd Syd
Head Coach Women’s: Olympias Dallas

Head Coach: Henry Potterville
Assistant Coach: Thomas Roek
Trainer: Chad Pike

Head Coach: Attalus Attalid III
Assistant Coach: Philetaerus Attalid
Trainer: Lady Philetaerus Attalid

Official Media Conglomerate: West Phoenician Combined Press
Official TV Channel: Purple & Gold (Live coverage, with repeats at night)
Official Digital Magazine: WP Sports
Official Gossip Magazine: The Cat's Meow (Norma Mansfield)

Judges, Referees, and Technical Officials:

Diving Judges

-Jacob Navy
-Leah Wick

Swimming Officials

-Adriana Paige
-Gable Greenwuld
-Allan Towers

Artistic Swimming Judge

-Doris Haidem

Water Polo Referee

-Constatine Dorcalopalus

Archery Officials

-Eartha Springwood
-James Van Flatts

Athletics Officials
-Atlas Davidson
- Sally-Ann Bowles
- James Woods
-Paul Bancraft (Triple Jump)
- James Khan
-Chloe Devon
-Guy Bush (Long Jump)
- Victoria Hughes

Badminton Referees
-Canary Ngyuen
-Lei Toan

Basketball Referees
-Mia Hobson
-Lucky Alberts

Baseball-Softball Officias
-Cameron Young
-Eliza Doggall

Boxing Referees
-Titus Angel
-Becca Moodie
-Mohammad Tunisiaa

Canoe Officials
-Claudius Riveria

Cycling Officials
-Ann-Marie Barr
-Ingrid Alexander
-Jason Gay
-William Smyth

Equestrian Judges
-Emily Woods
-Armadeus Singh, 1st Earl of Oceania Territory

Fencing Referees
-Francisco Debbs
-Melanie Kings

Football Umpires
-Janet Harvey
-Zach Teetonka

Golf Officials
-Melissa Mathers
-Donnie Tyler-Ng

Gymnastics Judges
-Angel Ascott (Rhythmic)
-Kendall Dances (Artistic)
-Svetlana Parkitish (Trampoline)
-Gary Duelson (Artistic)
-Adem Nabil (Trampoline)
-Mary McDonald (Rhythmic)

Handball Referees
-Jackson Willis
-Samuel Darcy

Hockey Referees
-Michael Gellar
-Stephanie Nieecè

Judo Referees & Officials
-Wendy Kwong
-Chi Dao
- Opal Addams
-Harry Ngyuen

Karate Referees
-Sakura Yamamoto
-Ben Nakamura

Modern Pentathlon Officials
-Denise Yukon
-Bert Finney

Rowing Officials
-Payton Sinclair
-Desmond Burton

Rugby Sevens Referees
-Marc Fitts
-Dolly Hammond

Sailing Officials
-Porsha Allendrino
-Lady Cynthia Mount-Kirkpatrick
-Sven Nelson

Shooting Officials
-Rachel Baroda
-Rhett Knox
-Pandora Franks

Skateboarding Judges
-Kirsty X
-Blake DeCombs

Sports Climbing Officials
-Levi Snodgettenburg

Surfing Officials
-Tiffany Chen
-Paul Innaro

Table Tennis Umpires
-Melody Xu
-Patrick Muniga

Taekwondo Referees
-Narelle Butler
-Hank Romano
-Brad Vergas

Tennis Umpires (Line and Chair)
-Xavier Manly
-Angie Black
-Thomas Tunnis
-Libby Sanworth

Triathlon Officals
-Billie Hampton
- Buttons Zahil

Volleyball Referees
-Oliver Ridgewood (Indoor)
-Sabrina Soong (Indoor)
-Jacqui Davis (Beach)
-Brent Newman (Beach)

Weightlifting Judges
-Mustafa Adel
- Michelle Dallas
-Mo Hendrix

Wrestling Referees
-Chad Murriot (Freestyle)
-Hugo Blake (Freestyle)
-Carmen Ellis (Greco-Roman)
-Vivian Tao (Freestyle)
-Glenton Dupree (Greco-Roman)







Field Hockey:



Rugby Sevens:




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Britonish Roster for the Games of the XV Olympiad

Postby Britonisea » Mon Jul 26, 2021 5:25 am


> Meet the ABEN Union Delegation ahead of the XV Olympiad in Electrum

Britonisea (BRI)
Nightom (BRI)
Estogium (RWH)

The ABEN Union (ABU) at the Games of the XV Olympiad

Consisting of the delegations of:
Britonisea & Aloquirbe (BRI) - 311 entries
Estogium (RWH) - 161 entries
Nightom (KNI) - 73 entries
The ABEN Union (ABU) - 14 teams

The ABEN Union (ABU) - Abenite/Abenites
Britonisea (BRI) - Briton/Britonish (Britonisea)
Estogium (RWH) - Estoge/Estogian (Estogium)
Nightom (KNI) - Nightomiton/Nightomese (Nightom)

Male Flagbearer: Dwain Peplinski (RWH) (Athletics 800m)
Female Flagbearer: Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) (Tennis Singles & Doubles)

National Anthems:
The ABEN Union Estogium/Nightom & ABEN Union Anthem for the XV Olympiad (50 sec)
Britonisea (BRI) Britonish Anthem for the XV Olympiad (90 sec)

A word from V’Officielle Olympische Comitte de Brityunik (VOCOB);


Britonisea has submitted ten delegations to the Olympic Games, six at the Summer Games, and three at the Winter Games. Britonisea first participated at the 9th Games in Kytler Pennisulae, where a small delegation was sent. An Aloquirbic delegation was sent separately as part of a delegation from the Grand Britonish Kingdom. Ever since the 10th Games, Britonisea has managed to pick up medals at each Olympic Games, picking up a total of 91 between the X Olympiad in Electrum and New Gelderland and now. As we return to Electrum for the upcoming Olympic Games, we hope that this is our most successful. edition yet. Despite the smaller delegation from the Britonish side (X:540, XI:448, XII:504, XIII:462, XIV:512) of 310 entries, we are hoping that this has meant we are sending higher quality this time around. The Britonish Olympic Delegation (VOCOB) are very excited to join the first Pan-ABEN Olympic Delegation which was first established at the 9th Olympic Games.

Estogium first appeared at the 9th Olympiad under the former name “North Britonisea”, as well as the X Winter Games which took place in the Free Republics under the unified flag, Grand Britonish Kingdom. Estogium returned to the Olympics when Paripana hosted, sending a delegation of 152 - which until the XV Olympiad was the largest delegation Estogium sent to the Olympics. Estogium managed to win 2 gold medals at the XI Olympiad, before winning another gold and bronze at the last Olympics in Istria and Liventia. With Estogium now sending their largest delegation at this upcoming Olympic Games, Estogium will be hoping to add some serious medals to the ABEN Union total.

Nightom has participated in the X Olympiad as part of the Grand Britonish Kingdom delegation but has not returned since. This will be the largest Nightomese delegation participating at the Olympics with 73 entries being sent to Electrum for the Games.

We look very much forward to seeing what could come from this new collaboration between the four ABEN states and we wish them all a very successful Olympic Games.


At Brityunik Vefecosoin Cairkovoin, our aim is to bring the Olympics to Britonisea through the television screen. In the eighteen days of Olympic Coverage, Britonish television will give you non-stop access to the Olympic Games in Electrum, with more information on the schedule biweekly (twice a week). Brityunik Vefecosoin Cairkovoin will spread the coverage across BVC One [Channel 1], BVC Two [Channel 2], BVC Three [Channel 16] and BVC Four [Channel 17] during the Games, including extra coverage on the BVC Player. BVC Three and BVC Four will run for 24 hours. While BVC One and Two will be used extensively for the Games, we still will provide viewers with alternative shows to enjoy on most nights (due to time zone differences). Our audience will also have catchup talk shows which will round up the events that happened earlier on during the day for those of you who would rather have a condensed version of the day’s events. Britonisea’s medal tally and placement will be shown on screen during the coverage of the Games with an on-screen notification coming up on the screen to tell the audience when we have won a medal, which event it was in, and where you can watch the coverage (whether that be on one of our channels or online).

Below, you can find the complete roster for the Games of the XV Olympiad including those to look out for - our medal hopefuls.

Key Stastics

Target for the XV Olympiad: The target has been set by the ABEN Unified Delegation. They say that this is an achievable target based on previous performances at the Olympic Games. They are hoping that all nations receive at least one gold medal. These targets do not all need to be met - the ABEN Unified Delegation said that they would like to meet at least one of these targets at the Upcoming Games.


Male:Female ratio at the Games: 762 Abenites will head to Electrum during the course of the Olympics to represent their country. With 559 chances of winning a gold medal, Abenites are hoping that the decision to become a unified delegation will play in their favour.

Aquatics (50 men, 57 women)

Aquatics - Diving (8 men, 4 women)

Ron Huebner - Men’s 3m Springboard
Zach Newman - Men’s 3m Springboard
Nathanael Mcelwee - Men’s 10m Platform
Jacob Corazon - Men’s 10m Platform
Alvin Sedlock - Men’s Synchronised 3m Springboard
Berry Daliva - Men’s Synchronised 3m Springboard
Pasquale Treadaway - Men’s Synchronised 10m Platform
Chet Kennedy - Men’s Synchronised 10m Platform

Altha Rosenthal (3) - Women’s 10m Platform, Women’s Synchronised 3m Springboard, Women’s Synchronised 10m Platform
Marleen Crownover (3) - Women’s 10m Platform, Women’s Synchronised 3m Springboard, Women’s Synchronised 10m Platform
April Summers - Women’s 3m Springboard
Shin Papp - Women’s 3m Springboard

Aquatics - Swimming (19 men, 29 women)

Pasquale Treadaway (9) - Men’s 50m Freestyle, Men’s 100m Freestyle, Men’s 200m Freestyle, Men’s 100m Backstroke, Men’s 200m Backstroke, Men’s 200m Individual Medley, Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Noel Shoultz (8) - Men’s 50m Freestyle, Men’s 100m Freestyle, Men’s 200m Freestyle, Men’s 400m Freestyle, Men’s 100m Backstroke, Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Raphael Burns (5) - Men’s 400m Freestyle, Men’s 200m Backstroke, Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Guillermo Stoller (4) - Men’s 200m Individual Medley, Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Darrick Spiro (2) - Men’s 1500m Freestyle, Men’s 100m Breastroke
Jordan Harmes - Men’s 800m Freestyle
Kit Darrington-Gayes - Men’s 800m Freestyle
Dick Harrington - Men’s 1500m Freestyle
Carlton Rickenbacker - Men’s 100m Breaststroke
Alejandro James - Men’s 200m Breaststroke
Maximo Keely - Men's 200m Breastroke
Jason Summerhayes - Men’s 100m Butterfly
Yid Boyst King - Men’s 100m Butterfly
Aiden King - Men’s 200m Butterfly
Jae Dhillon - Men’s 200m Butterfly
Osvaldo Speelman - Men’s 400m Individual Medley
Georgi Tickelbuttom - Men’s 400m Individual Medley
Alfonzo Carnonell - Men’s 10km Marathon
Franscisco Deans - Men’s 10km Marathon

Mardell Manner (4) - Women’s 200m Backstroke, Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Calista Radney (3) - Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Maisie Samuels (3) - Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Forsta Alberto (3) - Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Easter Bracamonte (2) - Women’s 200m Freestyle, Women’s 800m Freestyle
Jordanne Fionna Bruce (2) - Women’s 100m Backstroke, Women’s 100m Butterfly
Kiss Heart (2) - Women’s 200m Backstroke, Women’s 200m Individual Medley
Stasia Tijernia - Women’s 50m Freestyle
Tessie Noe - Women’s 50m Freestyle
Eda Prichard - Women’s 100m Freestyle
Rowena Burtch - Women’s 100m Freestyle
Tamara Coleslaw - Women’s 200m Freestyle
Bobbina Kelly - Women’s 400m Freestyle
Lisa Faugno - Women’s 400m Freestyle
Reiko Burger - Women’s 800m Freestyle, Women’s 100m Breastroke
Ebony Witcher - Women’s 1500m Freestyle
Jaideen Ghorst - Women’s 1500m Freestyle
Laila Horne - Women’s 100m Backstroke
Deb Fenlon - Women’s 100m Breastroke
Divina Andrea - Women’s 200m Breastroke
Stacey Samuels - Women’s 200m Breastroke
Normandine Collins - Women’s 100m Butterfly
Georgia Tuzzle - Women’s 200m Butterfly
Erani Tilsbury - Women’s 200m Butterly
Ellie Bagpipes - Women’s 200m Individual Medley
Antoinette Durand - Women’s 400m Individual Medley
Wonda Gainer - Women’s 400m Individual Medley
Gold Christians - Women’s 10km Marathon
Fifi Abigirl - Women’s 10km Marathon

Aquatics - Artistic Swimming (11 men, 11 women)

Dilon Cascade - Men’s Duet
Jason Trueman - Men’s Duet

Suzanne Curren - Women’s Duet
Laila Armada - Women’s Duet

Team Britonisea
Franc Roche - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Erec Leblanc - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Dameer Abood - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Hussain Kaba - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Diederick Wiegand - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Nico Padovesi - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Jordan Giovinco - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Seong Baek-Hyeon - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team
Gastone Corsetti - Men’s Artistic Swimming Team Reserve

Team Britonisea
Sim Seulgi - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Marisol Danon - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Willette Shepard - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Cha Eun Sun - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Doncia Victorino - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Seong Jin-Ae - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Cassandra Adams - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Elena Jimenez - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team
Sandra McKinney - Women’s Artistic Swimming Team Reserve

Aquatics - Water Polo (13 men, 13 women)

Team Britonisea
01 Karim Berger - Left Wing
02 Marvin Chambers - L Flat
03 Navada Nieves - Point
04 Joon-Ho Clément - R Flat
05 Griffin Brent - R Wing
06 Cole Ward - Hole Set
07 Kyros Marin - Goalkeeper
08 Terentius Clarke - Reserve Point
09 Roddy Cornett - Reserve Flat
10 Antonin Butler - Reserve Wing
11 Easton Blackwood - Reserve Wing
12 Watson Arenas - Reserve Hole Set
13 Archelaus Legrand - Reserve Goalkeeper

Team Britonisea
01 Shirley Cantrell - Left Wing
02 - Jessica Bowen - L Flat
03 - Myra Motley - Point
04 - Janice Olson - R Flat
05 - Sandra Dickinson - R Wing
06 - Diana Eland - Hole Set
07 - Chelsea Hodges - Goalkeeper
08 - Myrtle Jensen - Reserve Point
09 - Hazel Kim - Reserve Flat
10 - Leigh Walsh - Reserve Wing
11 - Fawn Wright - Reserve Wing
12 - Camilla Nguyen - Reserve Hole Set
13 - Roberta Griffith - Reserve Goalkeeper

Archery (3 men, 3 women)

Aron Semon - Men’s Individual
Matthew Curren - Men’s Individual
Jorge Stahr - Men’s Individual

Cherry Mates - Women’s Individual
Abi Haley - Women’s Individual
Talitha Fleisher - Women’s Individual

Athletes will participate in the Archery Mixed Team Event

Athletics (62 men, 57 women)

Xian Vatenfall (4) - Men’s 400m Hurdles, Men’s 3000m Steeplechase, Men’s 4x400m Relay, Mixed 4x400m Relay
Dave Vatenfall (2) - Men’s 110m Hurdles, Men’s 400m Hurdles
Kiain Vatenfall (2) - Men’s 400m Hurdles, Mixed 4x400m Relay
Rashad Demps (2) - Men’s 400m, Men’s 100m Hurdles
Mario Atletico (2) - Men’s 100m, Men’s 4x100m Relay
Dwain Peplinski (2)1- Men’s 400m, Men’s 800m
Adam Jamily (2) - Men’s 200m, Men’s 4x100m Relay
Jayden Ultimate (2) - Men’s 800m, Men’s 4x400m Relay
Jason Hall (2) - Men’s 1500m, Men’s 4x400m Relay
Sam Dorchester (2) - Men’s 800m, Men’s 1500m
Dai Green - Men’s 4x100m Relay
Mohammed Corchado - Men’s 100m
Jordan Willis - Men’s 100m
Noble Rickenbacker - Men’s 200m
Gemili Tomlinson - Men’s 200m
Rion Ahmed - Men’s 400m
Sam Fingerkinger - Men’s 1500m
Jamaal Arviso - Men’s 5000m
Royce Desjardins - Men’s 5000m
Eyal Lurve - Men’s 5000m
Jere Swindall - Men’s 10000m
Filberto Wieczorek - Men’s 10000m
Wilhelm Corgie - Men’s 10000m
Elijah Scharf - Men’s 110m Hurdles
Vance Troutman - Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
Ray Grubagh - Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
Jason Tomason - Men’s 4x100m Relay
Timothy King - Men’s 4x400m Relay
Bironteme Willis - Men’s Marathon
Christopher Verge - Men’s Marathon
Rihad Zioner - Men’s Marathon
Dan Evans - Men’s 20km Walk
Mitchel Morisette - Men’s 20km Walk
Dyke Derryson - Men’s 20km Walk
Gerardo Geno - Men’s 50km Walk
Gus Tranmer - Men’s 50km Walk
Emergy Lecroy - Men’s 50km

Andrea Houghit (3) - Women’s 100m, Women’s 100m Hurdles, Women’s 4x100m Relay
Marya Halm (2) - Women’s 100m, Women’s 400m Hurdles
Lady Gayaba (2) - Women’s 200m, Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
Carol Marks (2) - Women’s 200m, Women’s 4x100m Relay
Anna Svenssen (2) - Women’s 400m, Women’s 4x400m Relay
London Boyd (2) - Women’s 100m Hurdles, Women’s 4x400m Relay
Maria Wiltse - Women’s 100m
Apple Britonisea - Women’s 200m
Malin Bandit - Women’s 400m
Holly Tandy-Gabriel - Women’s 400m
Eva Gustafssen - Women’s 800m
Amira Naber - Women’s 800m
Georgina Tomlinson - Women’s 800m
Olga Kerstinsen - Women’s 1500m
Michelle Michaels - Women’s 1500m
Lucretia Sanor - Women’s 1500m
Jenny Jackson - Women’s 5000m
Garetha Eriksen - Women’s 5000m
Fiona Bruden - Women’s 5000m
Aniker Gracesen - Women’s 10000m
Shaughna Talinn - Women’s 10000m
Gabriella Singh - Women’s 10000m
Hannah Malik - Women’s 100m Hurdles
Ingrid Larson - Women’s 400m Hurdles
Recia Willis-Noughton - Women’s 400m Hurdles
Wonda Stacey - Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
Joenna Ennis - Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
Rebecca Kanap - Women’s 4x100m Relay
Ella Gurrise - Women’s 4x100m Relay
Rayla Quays - Women’s 4x400m Relay
Abi Nice - Women’s 4x400m Relay
Jessie Prichard - Women’s Marathon
Zala Pickette - Women’s Marathon
Daisie Smith - Women’s Marathon
Ariana Venti - Women’s 20km Walk
Narina Bay-Loch - Women’s 20km Walk
Sally Biddolf - Women’s 20km Walk
Erina Conference - Women’s 50km Walk
Karin Lund - Women’s 50km Walk
Fiona Errison - Women’s 50km
Laila Vatenfall - Mixed 4x400m Relay*
Helena Vatenfall - Mixed 4x400m Relay*

Arsenal McGriffin (2) - Men’s High Jump, Men’s Long Jump
Leo Nardos (2) - Men’s Triple Jump, Men’s Shot Put
Russ Via (2) - Men’s Hammer Throw, Men’s Javelin
Henry IV Mackalry - Men’s High Jump
Henry III Mackalry - Men’s High Jump
Guy Henry - Men’s Pole Vault
Otha Kimber - Men’s Pole Vault
Fares King - Men’s Pole Vault
Monty Doss - Men’s Long Jump
Blake Gorst - Men’s Long Jump
Blaine Pinnell - Men’s Triple Jump
Taylor Arambula - Men’s Triple Jump
Leon Saviller - Men’s Shot Put
Trenton Bryden - Men’s Shot Put
Cecil Webre - Men’s Discus Throw
Derek Dunnington - Men’s Discus Throw
Karl Adamsen - Men’s Discus Throw
Jacob Carlsen - Men’s Hammer Throw
Dane Harr - Men’s Hammer Throw
Garret Bounds - Men’s Javelin Throw
Rian Rohansen - Men’s Javelin Throw
Danny Grijalva - Men’s Decathlon
Chester Bowles - Men’s Decathlon
Kiain Deans - Men’s Decathlon

1 Dwain has been entered as Peplinksi instead of Peplinski (human error)

Laila Vatenfall (5) - Women’s High Jump, Women’s Pole Vault, Women’s Long Jump, Women’s Triple Jump, Women’s Heptathlon
Helena Vatenfall (4) - Women’s Long Jump, Women’s Shot Put, Women’s Javelin Throw, Women’s Heptathlon
Rina Swayes (3) - Women’s High Jump, Women’s Discus Throw, Women’s Hammer Throw
Sister Huron - Women’s Pole Vault
Kerry Anne-Smith - Women’s High Jump
Nala Parks - Women’s Pole Vault
Naila Parks - Women’s Long Jump
Zeezee Natione - Women’s Triple Jump
Recia Willis-Noughton - Women’s Triple Jump*
Jessy Nantes - Women’s Shot Put
Kayla Kopatcha - Women’s Shot Put
Anna Nelson - Women’s Discus Throw
Jasmine Aristocrat - Women’s Discus Throw
Yolando Garrison - Women’s Hammer Throw
Nina Dales - Women’s Hammer Throw
Ricarda Rice - Women’s Javelin Throw
Jamiea Darlington - Women’s Javelin Throw
Samantha Tinpot - Women’s Heptathlon

Badminton (6 men, 5 women)

Peter P Larry - Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles
Michael Shoelps - Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles
William Johnson - Men’s Doubles
Quince Thompson - Men’s Doubles
Jamie Jay - Mixed Doubles
Gareth Bates - Mixed Doubles

Raetha Deveau - Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Zula Izquierdo - Women’s Singles
Mandy Tall - Women’s Doubles
Laila Phiona - Women’s Doubles
Didi Summerton - Mixed Doubles

Basketball (16 men, 16 women)

01 Phil Montgomery - Centre
02 Toby Norris - Small Forward
03 Kadir Sinai - Power Forward
04 Can Ataman - Point Guard
05 Hamzah Saeed - Shooting Guard
06 Mawrth Maddy - Centre Reserve
07 Vaughan Perry - Centre Reserve
08 Siwatu Ojukwu - Forward Reserve
09 Yildirim Korutürk - Forward Reserve
10 Celyddon Faughn - Guard Reserve
11 Nudd Nevitt - Guard Reserve
12 Nur Dagdelen - Guard Reserve

01 Alix Mbanefo - Centre
02 Oyana Olanrewaju - Small Forward
03 Jaideen Samuels - Power Forward
04 Adalina Floro - Point Guard
05 Blanca Gerardo - Shooting Guard
06 Priscilla Esperanza - Centre Reserve
07 Pilar Ordaz - Centre Reserve
08 Inna Stepanova - Forward Reserve
09 Laila Norris - Forward Reserve
10 Nellie Bakersfield - Guard Reserve
11 Roxanne Andrews - Guard Reserve
12 Adea Okorie - Guard Reserve

Team Britonisea - Men’s 3x3
01 Slavik Nikolaev 
02 Roger Naber
03 Leontiy Vasiliev
RE Rudolphus Kruger

Team Estogium - Women’s 3x3
01 Ruperta Koch
02 Annelie Larenz
03 Genova Lyons
RE Amy Smith

Baseball & Softball (24 men, 15 women)

Team Estogium
01 Reinhard Vogt - Pitcher
02 Kimura Aki - Pitcher
03 Hak Won-Shik - Pitcher
04 Theodoric Gorman - Pitcher
05 Erec Segal - Pitcher
06 Beaumont Bertrand - Pitcher
07 Wilbert Klein - Pitcher
08 Ryeom Dae - Pitcher
09 Baba Ryota - Pitcher
10 Séverin Gauthier - Pitcher
11 Kyler Langer - Pitcher
12 Pons Firmin - Catcher
13 Chandler Parent - Catcher
14 Victor Jarvis - Infielder
15 On Myung - Infielder
16 Jason Clark - Infielder
17 Baek Jin-Ho - Infielder
18 Eugene Palmer - Infielder
19 Beon Duck-Hwan - Infielder
20 Fujimura Takeo - Outfielder
21 Bennet Flowers - Outfielder
22 Oswald Shaw - Outfielder
23 Rafa Ramin - Outfielder
24 Azeem Noori - Outfieler

Team Estogium
01 Anaum Begum - Pitcher
02 Athela Holmese - Pitcher
03 Zeynep Cavus - Pitcher
04 Whitney Osbourne - Catcher
05 Adeena Ghani - Catcher
06 Ling Tung-Mei - Catcher
07 Fiona Songbird - Infielder
08 Sarina Mir - Infielder
09 Lark Townere - Infielder
10 Bathilde Earle - Infielder
11 Odella Holland - Infielder
12 Khafifa Harroun - Outfielder
13 Asya Kalkan - Outfielder
14 Carling Woodcocke - Outfielder
15 Athena Eatone - Outfielder

Boxing (8 men, 8 women)

Deandre Hagge - Men’s Flyweight
Johnson Labonte - Men’s Featherweight
Timothy Rhone - Men’s Lightweight
Ronny Clopton - Men’s Welterweight
Irvin Custer - Men’s Middleweight
Boris Bunger - Men’s Light Heavyweight
Edwin Mangini - Men’s Heavyweight
Myles Raley - Men’s Super Heavyweight

Veronique Trott - Women’s Flyweight
Daysi Foregy - Women’s Featherweight
Mammie Kibbe - Women’s Lightweight
Susan Pinnard - Women’s Welterweight
Mari Chong - Women’s Middleweight
Gina Spencer - Women’s Light Heavyweight
Gerda Lockard - Women’s Heavyweight
Razza Winters - Women’s Super Heavyweight

Canoe (12 men, 7 women)

Henry Horre (2) - Men’s Sprint C-1 1000m, Men’s Sprint C-2 1000m
Robert McNealy - Men’s Slalom C-1
Daniel Valvo - Men’s Slalom K-1
Jake Lu - Men’s Sprint C-2 1000m
Jordan Slalom - Men’s Sprint K-1 200m
Dyson Henry - Men’s K-1 1000m
Tion Nottingham - Men’s K-2 1000m
Usnavi Manana - Men’sm K-2 1000m
Eric Samuels - Men’s Sprint K-4 1000m
Jayden Cross - Men’s Sprint K-4 1000m
George Hamilton - Men’s Sprint K-4 1000m
Donald Smith - Men’s Sprint K-4 1000m

Elin Nordin (3) - Women’s Sprint K-1 200m, Women’s Sprint K-2 500m, Women’s K-4 500m
Jong Payton (2) - Women’s Slalom C-1, Women’s Slalom K-1
Theresa June (2) - Women’s Sprint C-1 200m, Women’s Sprint C-2 500m
Sofia Abeds (2) - Women’s Sprint K-1 500m, Women’s K-4 500m
Birgitta Stockholm (2) - Women’s Sprint K-2 500m, Women’s K-4 500m
Fiona Bruce - Women’s Sprint C-2 500m
Carina Eriksen - Women’s K-4 500m

Cycling (24 men, 26 women)

Kurtis Cun (2) - Men’s Mountain Biking, Men’s Road Race
Alonzo Vandervoort (2) - Men’s Mountain Biking, Men’s Road Race
Doug Cruiel (2) - Men’s Mountain Biking, Men’s Road Race
Nester Carter - Men’s Freestyle
Ernesto Arp - Men’s Freestyle
Charley Alexandria - Men’s Racing
Phillip Sandringham - Men’s Racing
Jojo Johnson - Men’s Racing
Hugo Hotstuff - Men’s Road Race
Laern Nishimoto - Men’s Road Race
Benton Shiflett - Men’s Time Trial
Lachlan “Lacy” Schlicher - Men’s Time Trial

Joi Bossert (2) - Women’s Road Race, Women’s Time Trial
Akohane Sinegal - Women’s Freestyle
Beverley Boltz - Women’s Feestyle
Akila Kempton - Women’s Racing
Yvesia Hamilton - Women’s Racing
Fenta Banterre - Women’s Racing
Bebe Rawson - Women’s Mountain Biking
Ciara Malsam - Women’s Mountain Biking
Abigail Lester - Women’s Mountain Biking
Marilyn Singer - Women’s Road Race
Socorro Wiseley - Women’s Road Race
Assunta Laurin - Women’s Road Race
Mozella Kull - Women’s Road Race
Clelia Hernandes - Women’s Time Trial

Mercelino Nardi (3) - Men’s Sprint, Men’s Team Pursuit, Men’s Team Sprint
Benton Shiflett - Men’s Keirin
Barry Shiflett - Men’s Keirin
Clint Besser - Men’s Omnium
Shelton Vine - Men’s Sprint
John-Jo Nicholssen - Men’s Team Pursuit
Mike Garrison - Men’s Team Pursuit
Kyle Williams - Men’s Team Pursuit
Henry Mister - Men’s Team Sprint
Jacobs Forest - Men’s Team Sprint
Suden Su-Allen - Men’s Madison
Tion Brake - Men’s Madison

Evelina Frew (2) - Women’s Keirin, Women’s Team Sprint
Bea Poule - Women’s Keirin
Rina Siwak - Women’s Omnium
Riza Reed - Women’s Sprint
Sanna Nationale - Women’s Sprint
Gina Henderson - Women’s Team Pursuit
Eva Ghost - Women’s Team Pursuit
Dottie Schiavone - Women’s Team Pursuit
Qurona Quotina - Women’s Team Pursuit
Anna Bride - Women’s Team Sprint
Madison Blakely - Women’s Madison
Jacobina Zee - Women’s Team Sprint

Equestrian (3 men, 6 women)

James Samuel - Dressage
Rio Ferdinand - Eventing
Jake Jacobs - Eventing

Erlene Stiner - Dressage
Sammantha Tames - Dressage
Exie Funches - Eventing
Miesha Bunting - Jumping
Keisha Eugene - Jumping
Chaya Killgore - Jumping

Fencing (9 men, 9 women)

Isaac Burlew - Men’s Individual Épée
Dion Gans - Men’s Individual Épée
Rodrick Elderson - Men’s Individual Épée
Jake Omarah - Men’s Individual Foil
Cyril Mes - Men’s Individual Foil
Anthony Purdom - Men’s Individual Foil
Jake Narster - Men’s Individual Saber
Sam Smith - Men’s Individual Saber
Samuel Gay - Men’s Individual Saber

Elanor Antoine - Women’s Individual Épée
Cherelle Trantham - Women’s Individual Épée
Odette Jerome - Women’s Individual Épée
Andree Word - Women’s Individual Foil
Autumn Prete - Women’s Individual Foil
Wonda Peters - Women’s Individual Foil
Roxanna Bunnell - Women’s Individual Saber
Almeta Carle - Women’s Individual Saber
Illumanda Fontanilla - Women’s Individual Saber

Football (22 men, 21 women)
GK - 01 Évrard Oswald        [28] - NORWAEGE CAMPIFUT      
GK - 02 Blake Johnson [21] - QUEENS STARTING
GK - 03 Tyson Willis [22] - BRYONIE ISLANDS FC
DE - 04 Simon Blakely [19] - ICE FC STARTING
DE - 05 Arad Emami [20] - ALSHKAN FUTBALLEN
DE - 06 Timothy Arones [22] - AYSEAN CAMPIFUT U-23
DE - 07 Juan Mingueza [19] - SAINTS STARTING
DE - 08 Omair Usman [23] - NORWAEGE CAMPIFUT U-23 STARTING
DE - 09 Marco Oyarzabal [18] - KREST TOP
DE - 10 Daniel Ceballos [17] - ATHLETIQUE NATIONALE U-19 STARTING
MI - 11 Dean James Montague [25] - AYSEAN CAMPIFUT
MI - 13 Sylves. Shillingford [20] - KREST TOP
MI - 14 Percy White [20] - DARLINGTON SHIRE FC
MI - 15 Morris Briggs [23] - AYSEAN CAMPIFUT STARTING
MI - 16 James Morrison [21] - KREST TOP STARTING
MI - 17 Pierre Blanche [20] - TELM FC STARTING
MI - 18 Dam Chin-Mae [23] - DOPORLYMPISHE
FW - 20 Humphreys Parsons [19] - CITY FC ALOQUIRBE

GK - 01 Bronwyn Daniel       [24] STARTING 
GK - 02 Nyla Coombes [20]
GK - 03 Shayan Odom [26]
DE - 04 Britney Dejesus [29] STARTING
DE - 05 Aneesha Farrow [20] STARTING
DE - 06 Jacqueline Scholfield[26]
DE - 07 Lucille Charlie [26]
DE - 08 Linda Stone [31] STARTING
DE - 09 Imaan Winters [19]
DE - 10 Selina Gray [32] STARTING
DE - 11 Harleigh Andrews [19] STARTING
DE - 12 Libbi Fry [24]
MI - 13 Aizah Peacock [27]
MI - 14 Harley Smithson [26] STARTING
MI - 15 Jordane Farrow [23] STARTING
MI - 16 Chiara Andrews [21]
MI - 17 Sumayyah Whitmore [27]
MI - 18 Niyah Bob [21] STARTING
FW - 19 Sania Reeve [29]
FW - 19 Ellesha Ratcliffe [23]
FW - 20 Hanna Baker [26] STARTING
FW - 21 Niyah Bob [31] STARTING

Gymnastics (11 men, 11 women)

Edgard Poirer (2) - Men’s Rhythmic, Men’s Group
Pascal Daniau (2) - Men’s Rhythmic, Men’s Group
Paul Mallin - Men’s Artistic
Ivor Watkins - Men’s Artistic
Thomas Hicks - Men’s Artistic
Walter Shepherd - Men’s Artistic
Degaré Martel - Men’s Group
Laurent Leblanc - Men’s Group
James Borris - Men’s Group Reserve
Daryl Falkner - Men’s Trampoline
Deangelo Marciano - Men’s Trampoline

Robin Dittmann (2) - Women’s Artistic, Women’s Group
Lucie David (2) - Women’s Rhythmic, Women’s Group
Page Shorts - Women’s Artistic,
Sydeney Chavex - Women’s Artistic
Lane Reese - Women’s Artistic
Suzette Renaud - Women’s Rhythmic
Babe Kingsley - Women’s Group
Laurel Barker - Women’s Group
Rebecca Williams - Women’s Group Reserve
Sally Ben - Men’s Trampoline
Yolando Yates - Men’s Trampoline

Handball (14 men, 14 women)

01 Ainsley Burns - Goalkeeper 
02 Ca Sang-Ook - Goalkeeper Reserve
03 Mazin Halaby - Centreback
04 Lukas Carter - Centreback Reserve
05 Nasir Saad - Right back
06 Tristan Herrera - Left back Reserve
07 Nam Suck-Chin - Left back
08 William Freeman - Left Wing Reserve
09 Vasu Iyengar - Left Wing
10 Lukas Quinn - Pivot
11 Beom Jee - Pivot Reserve
12 Dean Fuego - Right Wing
13 Kanti Ahuja - Right Wing Reserve
14 Garaint Alexander - Right back Reserve

01 Frederica Pizarro - Goalkeeper 
02 Eugènie Patenaude - Goalkeeper Reserve
03 Maddie Bureau - Centreback
04 Avril Paul - Centreback
05 Mahaut Daniel - Right back
06 Ambre Albert - Left back Reserve
07 Clarice Salomon - Left back
08 Beth Grant - Left Wing Reserve
09 Alexi Willis - Left Wing
[b]10 Bathyelle Gagneux - Pivot
11 Yolande Bertrand[/b] - Pivot Reserve
12 Caterine Gros - Right Wing
13 Marielle Rey - Right Wing Reserve
14 Flo Deschamps - Right back Reserve

Judo (7 men, 7 women)

Armando Marcial - Men’s 60kg
Florencio Del Cid - Men’s 66kg
Mauricio Del Real - Men’s 73kg
Cruz San Roman - Men’s 81kg
Humerto De Herrarra - Men’s 90kg
Renato Cartegena - Men’s 100kg
Jason Ball - Men’s 100kg Plus

Prescilla Olan - Women’s 48kg
Aleta Gongora - Women’s 52kg
Dominga Dario - Women’s 57kg
Ysabel Olan - Women’s 63kg
Angelita Arevalo - Women’s 70kg
Samantha Enriquez - Women’s 78kg
Daniella Thompson - Women’s 78kg Plus

Karate (4 men, 4 women)

Bob Graves - Men’s Kata
Lukas Hale - Men’s 67kg
Gilbert Castro - Men’s 75kg
Oswald Walsh - Men’s 75kg Plus

Elizabeth Woodward - Women’s Kata
Edna Cunningham - Women’s 55kg
Guinevere Jensen - Women’s 61kg
Rex Roffe - Women’s 61kg Plus

Modern Pentathlon (2 men, 2 women)

Arawn Sayer - Men’s
Ieuan Bugh - Men’s

Habren Idle - Women’s
Eiwen Powe - Women’s

Rowing (12 men, 14 women)

Wendell Webber (4) - Men’s Single Sculls, Men’s Quadruple Sculls, Men’s Coxless Pairs, Men’s Coxless Fours
Leon Klein (3) - Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls, Men’s Quadruple Sculls, Men’s Coxless Fours
Dirk Schmitz (3) - Men’s Coxless Pairs, Men’s Coxless Fours, Men’s Coxed Eights
Lukas Klein (2) - Men’s Double Sculls, Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls
Valentin Amrrossi (2) - Men’s Quadruple Sculls, Men’s Coxless Fours
Sigi Foehrkolb (2) - Men’s Double Sculls, Men’s Coxed Eights
Jeremiah King - Men’s Coxed Eights
Tyrone Hammer - Men’s Coxed Eights
Harry Silver - Men’s Coxed Eights
Johnny da Silva - Men’s Coxed Eights
Boops Boops - Men’s Coxed Eights
John Willis - Men’s Coxed Eights

Wander Banner (4) - Women’s Single Sculls, Women’s Double Sculls, Women’s Quadruple Sculls, Women’s Coxed Eights
Luise Spitz (3) - Women’s Quadruple Sculls, Women’s Coxless Pairs, Women’s Coxless Fours
Ilma Vonnegut (2) - Women’s Quadruple Sculls, Women’s Coxless Fours
Gilberte Rose (2) - Women’s Coxed Eights, Women’s Coxless Fours
Bathilda Wolf - Women’s Double Sculls
Christiane Vogt - Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls
Daphne Scooby - Women’s Lightwweight Double Sculls
Amala Berge - Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Sacha Willis - Women’s Coxed Eights
Enide Lesauvage - Women’s Coxed Eights
Rosemonde Couture - Women’s Coxed Eights
Jo Schneider - Women’s Coxed Eights
Anna Quincey - Women’s Coxed Eights
Anne-Marie Laing - Women’s Coxed Eights

Rugby (12 men, 12 women)

01 Pierre Martense - Forwards
02 Ruaridh Lindsay-Hague - Back
03 Marcus Cross - Forwards
04 Mark Bennet - Back
05 Max Easton - Forwards
06 Alex Coombes - Back
07 Tuivo Bosch - Back
08 Jacques Willis - Forwards
09 Johnny Farnham - Back
10 Thom Daley - Forwards
11 Oliver Bibby - Back
12 Mark Roberston - Back

01 Zera Hayes - Forwards
02 Sophia Alvares - Back
03 Patricia Caldwell - Forwards
04 Tamara Ruelle - Back
05 Aileen Goodwin - Forwards
06 Zoe Pearson - Back
07 Cecilla Barton - Back
08 Bonnie Hargreaves - Forwards
09 Hope Little - Back
10 London Noble - Forwards
11 Grace Willis - Back
12 Fakira Dallal - Back

Sailing (7 men, 5 women)

Ludwig Suaer (2) - Men’s One-Person Dinghy, Men’s Skiff
Timothy Rose - Men’s Two Person Dinghy
Charlie Lucas - Men’s Two Person Dinghy
Kai Kranz - Men’s Heavyweight Dinghy
Wilmar Blau - Men’s Windsurfer
Volker Volk - Men’s Skiff
Rein Biermann - Mixed Multihull

Anne-Marie Schmid (2) - Women’s Heavyweight Dinghy, Women’s Skiff
Magda Pfeiffer (2) - Women’s One-Person Dinghy, Women’s Two-Person Dinghy
Odilla Schafer (2) - Women’s Two-Person Dinghy, Women’s Skiff
Walburga Weiss - Women’s Windsurfer
Carla Pitsum - Mixed Multihull

Shooting (15 men, 8 women)

Stephen Keller - Men’s 10m Air Pistol
Phil Gutierrez - Men’s 10m Air Pistol
Fedde Schmitz - Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
Herrick Ritcher - Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
Anastasio Ossani - Men’s 10m Air Rifle
Benvenuto Tocci - Men 10m Air Rifle
Emiliano Bruno - Men’s 50m Rifle Three Positions
Adamo Lucchesi - Men’s 50m Rifle Three Positions
Hayden Nanney - Men’s Trap
Cystenian Dacus - Men’s Trap
Heylan Price - Men’s Skeet
Parry Parry - Men’s Skeet
Mallory Stephens - Mixed Pistol Team
Truman Trivett - Mixed Rifle Team
Herman Garner - Mixed Trap Team

Gail Nitton (4) - Women’s Trap, Women’s 50m Rifle Three Positions, Women’s Skeet, Mixed Pistol Team
Herla Hermada (3) - Women’s Trap, Women’s 50m Rifle Three Positions, Women’s Skeet, Mixed Pistol Team
Laila Fost (2) - Women’s 10m Air Rifle, Mixed Trap Team
Joy Hampton-Compton - Women’s 10m Air Pistol
Chelsea Maldonado - Women’s 10m Air Pistol
Carly Robinson - Women’s 25m Pistol
Rosetta Ball - Women’s 25m Pistol
Mia Bell - Women’s 10m Air Rifle

Skateboarding (6 men, 6 women)

Doug Corbyn - Men’s Park
Todd Reyes - Men’s Park
Darren Woods - Men’s Park
Harlan Daniels - Men’s Street
Errol Gill-Reyes - Men’s Street
Jimmy “Jimbo” Peters - Men’s Street

Fiona Payne - Women’s Park
Juliet Carter-George - Women’s Park
Gillian Manning - Women’s Park
Theodora Rodriquez - Women’s Street
Ursla Lawrence - Women’s Street
Bridget Borrows - Women’s Street

Sports Climbing (2 men, 2 women)

Angel Braeknbury - Men’s Combined
Wilda Wonton - Men’s Combined

Yvon St Peters - Women’s Combined
Kayla Korsten - Women’s Combined

Surfing (2 men, 2 women)

Jacob Bayswater - Men’s Shortboard
Jan First - Men’s Shortboard

Elayla Gobminster - Women’s Shortboard
Priti Geller - Women’s Shortboard

Table-Tennis (6 men, 6 women)

Norris Stetson - Men’s Singles
Olen Cookingham - Men’s Singles
Ged Clarke - Men’s Team
Hebert Gilsson - Men’s Team
Flanklin Woodward - Men’s Team
George Meyer - Mixed Doubles

Andrea Warrington - Women’s Singles
Gabina Anderson - Women’s Singles
Alison Willis - Women’s Team
Priscilla Malcom-Foxx - Women’s Team
Mabel Shepherd - Women’s Team
Lucy Meyer - Women’s Team

Tennis (6 men, 7 women)

Leo Garry (2) - Men’s Singles, Mixed Doubles
Derek Dubrovnik (2) - Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles
Jason Gordon (2) - Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles
Kyle Anderson (2) - Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles
Sammy Samuels - Men’s Doubles
Ricardo Toli - Mixed Doubles

Elizabeth Quehall (2) - Women’s Singles, Mixed Doubles
Eleni Fuego (2) - Women’s Doubles, Women’s Singles
Leone Na (2) - Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles
Gailie Samuels - Women’s Singles
Abi Forrest - Women’s Doubles
Jaila Hamilton - Women’s Doubles
Marta Firenzi - Mixed Doubles

Triathlon (5 men, 4 women)

Warwick Hayward - Men’s Triathlon
Bill Hardy - Men’s Triathlon
Ike Gray - Men’s Triathlon
Zephar “Zeph” Stephens - Mixed Team Relay
Donald Snee - Mixed Team Relay

Guinever Rowse (2) - Women’s Triathlon, Mixed Team Relay
Eileen Matthews - Women’s Triathlon
Tyler Currey - Women’s Triathlon
Abi Nala - Mixed Team Relay

Volleyball (16 men, 16 women)

Lukas Renn - Men’s Beach
Duan Renshu - Men’s Beach
Liang Jingguo - Men’s Beach
Qian Yoazu - Men’s Beach

Men’s Indoor Volleyball
01 Herbert Robbins - Hitter
02 Faris Mahdi - Outside Hitter
03 Andrew Sharp - Outside-Hitter
04 Otis Willis - Outside-Hitter
05 Leonard Herrera Outside-Hitter
06 Alladin Hassen - Hitter
07 Isaiah Robson - Outside Hitter
08 Bud Parsons - Middle Blocker
09 Goodwin Hall - Opposite Spiker
10 Taslim Iman - Middle Blocker
11 Harlan Young - Libero
12 Stuart Estrada - Outside Hitter

Luo Huiling - Women’s Beach
Gabriella Pinoa - Women’s Beach
Laila Hamilton - Women’s Beach
Pan Cuifen - Women’s Beach

Women's Indoor Volleyball
01 Rosa Daniels - Hitter
02 Cynthia Jimenez - Outside-Hitter
03 Fern Tyler - Outside-Hitter
04 Cheryl Meyes - Outside-Hitter
05 Sacha Abbott - Outside-Hitter
06 Olivia Burns - Hitter
07 Thora Skinner - Outside-Hitter
08 Phoebe Bush - Middle Blocker
09 Olivia Gaye-Smith - Outside-Hitter
10 Anne Garrison - Middle Blocker
11 Sally Grease - Libero
12 Dianne Manhattan - Outside-Hitter

Weightlifting (7 men, 7 women)

Eloy Canizales - Men’s 61kg
Rainerio Lince - Men’s 67kg
Adrian Bailar - Men’s 73kg
Martin Serbin - Men’s 81kg
Novak Forster - Men’s 96kg
Sebastian Cok - Men’s 109kg
Fred Rico - Women’s 109kg Plus

Miguela Gato - Women’s 49kg
Ramona Lundo - Women’s 55kg
Bibiana Feronimo - Women’s 59kg
Lolita Del Campo - Women’s 64kg
Alba Esteban - Women’s 76kg
Miguela Nice - Women’s 87kg
Raisa Zakharova - Women’s 87kg Plus

Wrestling (12 men, 12 women)

Lyosha Stepanov - Men’s Freestyle 57kg
Aleksei Opsiov - Men’s Freestyle 65kg
Ioakim Sergeev - Men’s Freestyle 74kg
Pierce Hudon - Men’s Freestyle 86kg
Del Law - Men’s Freestyle 90kg
Nicholas Cantrell - Men’s Freestyle 125kg
Todd Phillips - Men’s Greco-Roman 60kg
Mansa Amaechi - Men’s Greco-Roman 67kg
Tendaji Nnamani - Men’s Greco-Roman 77kg
Pili Ironosi - Men’s Greco-Roman 87kg
Nonna Makarova - Men’s Greco-Roman 97kg
Tabari Mbadinuju - Men’s Greco-Roman 130kg

Georgia Mendoza - Women’s Freestyle 50kg
Maxine Gutierrez - Women’s Freestyle 53kg
Patience Valez - Women’s Freestyle 57kg
Yvonne Titterington - Women’s Freestyle 62kg
Camilla Poe - Women’s Freestyle 68kg
Camilla Rose - Women’s Freestyle 76kg
Alyona Aleksandrova - Women’s Greco-Roman 50kg
Nonna Makarova - Women’s Greco-Roman 53kg
Leta Saro-Wiwa - Women’s Greco-Roman 57kg
Radinka Vorobeva - Women’s Greco-Roman 62kg
Goma Boro - Women’s Greco-Roman 68kg
Irina Sergeeva - Women’s Greco-Roman 76kg


All ABEN athletes will wear sportswear like the ones below. Each athlete will have a different nation displayed depending on their nation. Athletes from Nightom will wear versions without the red.


For most events, the above shirts will be accompanied with a skirt or shorts of a colour from the national flag. White, red, blue or orange. It will be up to the athletes/each Britonish sports body which colours they choose.

Judges & Referees

Aquatics - Diving Hyeong Dong (Judge), Melisent Blanchett (Judge), Roxanne Durand (Judge), Nader Idris (Judge)

Aquatics - Artistic Swimming Zaki Mahdi (Judge), Françoise Archambault (Judge)

Aquatics - Water Polo Catharine Bourdillon (Referee)

Athletics Leo Shortle (Field Events), Winifred Ball (Field Events), Howard Mckinney (Track), Bruno Paul (Track)

Badminton - Vanessa Shaw (Chair Umpire), Samuel Pauley (Chair Umpire), Egbert Hutchinson (Line Umpire), Anik Badal (Line Umpire), Armo Neri (Line Umpire)

Boxing - Reece Grealish, Thomas Copeland, Natalie Parish

Cycling BMX - Davy Pearce, Dorian Pascall

Football - Gladys Elley (Referee), Reannon Priddy (Referee), Ryan Hiddy (Referee)

Gymnastics - Anthony Sutton (Judge), Bailey Bradley (Judge), Giles Herra (Judge)

Judo - Maria Meskill, Genevieve Baldwin

Taekwondo - Arsenio Passero (Referee), Trinidad Deliz (Judge), Raimunda Jesus (Judge), Vlad Egorov (Judge), Birdal Karakas (Judge)

Tennis - Anaïs Belmont (Chair Umpire), Dennis Schwartz (Chair Umpire), Marvin Greene (Line Umpire), Bennett Ballard (Line Umpire), Wren Cobbett (Line Umpire), Gillian Steele (Line Umpire)

Wrestling - - Alanis Bruchard, Tom Fields

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Minor, not serious
Godmod injuries to my players: Minor, TG me if you're planning something
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes, TG me if it's a major.
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Postby Kaldtfjell » Mon Jul 26, 2021 6:01 am

Kaldtfjeller Olympic Committee

Entries – 201
Kit – Red with a white and blue cross
National Anthem – Hovdingshymne
Flagbearer – Vidar Stigandrsson (Men’s 73kg Weightlifting) and Ragnheidr Ebbesdottir (Women’s Archery)
Head of Delegation – Osmond Arnfinnsson

Men’s Football:

No.  Name                    Pos.   Age
1 Andor Baggisson GK 21
2 Asbjorn Halsteinsson CB 20
3 Viggo Gudbrandsson CB 20
4 Amund Freyrsson HM 19
5 Snorri Erlandsson (C) CB 33
6 Þorrarinn Gandalfsson CM 26
7 Sverre Osbornsson RW 21
8 Viking Bjornsson CM 18
9 Jarl Torkelsson LW 28
10 Torleif Helgesson CF 20
11 Dagfinn Ulfsson CF 18
12 Geir Erlingsson GK 23
13 Vragi Alfsson CB 21
14 Aki Runesson CB 18
15 Viking Vidarsson HM 20
16 Amund Lokisson CM 18
17 Gleb Erlandsson RW 23
18 Rune Þorfredrsson CF 21
Women’s Football:

No.  Name                      Pos.   Age
1 Inga Dagfinnsdottir GK 21
2 Hilda Trygvesdottir CB 23
3 Kara Dansdottir CB 20
4 Dagny Tollaksdottir (C) HM 32
5 Idonea Asketillsdottir CB 18
6 Gunvar Gunnarsdottir CM 20
7 Ingegerd Agnarsdottir RW 29
8 Liv Herleifrsdottir CM 22
9 Bodil Gudbrandsdottir LW 21
10 Dagny Amundsdottir CF 24
11 Þorveig Asbjornsdottir CF 22
12 Eirunn Selbysdottir GK 21
13 Nanna Oddmundsdottir CB 22
14 Gudrun Brynjarsdottir CB 20
15 Siv Hakonsdottir HM 22
16 Valkyrie Hjalmarsdottir CM 23
17 Gudridr Ingolfsdottir LW 21
18 Asdis Siggesdottir CF 18

Men’s Hockey:

No.  Name                   Pos.   Age
1 Adalsteinn Danesson GK 28
2 Torleif Somerledsson FB 24
3 Haldor Viggosson (C) HB 35
4 Egil Eysteinnsson CF 22
5 Torsten Trygvesson FB 23
6 Birger Þorrsson I 34
7 Holger Baldersson HB 34
8 Hugleikr Reidarsson W 19
9 Selby Asbjornsson HB 25
10 Einar Somerledsson FB 20
11 Alvis Reidarsson W 20
12 Loki Hemmingsson GK 19
13 Odd Gunvaldsson W 27
14 Osmond Hallrsson CF 34
15 Bjarne Alfsson HB 25
16 Halfdan Torgeirsson I 26
Women’s Hockey:

No.  Name                         Pos.   Age
1 Annveig Hemmingsdottir GK 21
2 Borghild Snorrisdottir HB 24
3 Frida Viggosdottir FB 29
4 Aslaug Dagfinnsdottir I 20
5 Sigrid Selbysdottir FB 32
6 Annveig Torstensdottir (C) I 33
7 Edda Bjornsdottir HB 24
8 Gunvor Þorarinnsdottir W 29
9 Þorveig Trygvesdottir CF 23
10 Audhild Haldorsdottir FB 27
11 Asa Sverresdottir W 29
12 Erica Baldersdottir HB 32
13 Bodil Randelsdottir GK 27
14 Bergunn Asbjornsdottir CF 25
15 Freya Stensdottir HB 30
16 Ingegerd Gustavsdottir W 25

Kaldtfjeller Officials:

Swimming – Halfdan Gudmundsson
Archery – Ivor Gunnesson, Erica Geirsdottir, Ingolf Vragisson
Athletics – Somerled Torgeirsson, Brandr Hallbjornsson, Ingegerd Njordsdottir
Boxing – Agnar Knutsson, Dane Asksson, Snorri Magnisson
Mountain Biking – Steinar Ingvarsson
Track Cycling – Balder Ketilsson, Erland Odinsson
Fencing – Idonea Erlandsdottir, Oscar Fritjofsson
Football – Ask Thorsson
Golf – Gunnar Gudmundsson
Field Hockey – Gunvald Þorarinnsson
Judo – Grid Torbjornsdottir, Osborn Sigmundsson
Modern Pentathlon – Magnhild Asbjornsdottir, Arnfinn Vragisson
Shooting – Eyvor Arnfinnsdottir, Steinar Erlandsson, Tollak Svensson
Sport Climbing – Valdis Ivorsdottir
Taekwondo – Jorlaug Trygvesdottir, Inge Frodesdottir
Weightlifting – Gustav Adalsteinnsson, Audhild Svensdottir, Idunn Asketillsdottir
Freestyle Wrestling – Torgeir Hallesson, Rollo Þorfredrsson, Dagmar Asksdottir
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Postby HMS Onslaught » Tue Jul 27, 2021 6:51 pm

HMS Onslaught Olympic Team



Flag Bearer: Serving Wench Molly

Nickname: The Submariners

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Postby Kelssek » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:25 am

Kelssek Olympic Committee | Comité olympique kelssekien
Opening ceremony flagbearer: Nick Hernandez (surfing)
Chef-de-mission: Aerona Christensen
National broadcasting rights: Kelssek Broadcasting Corporation / Société Radio-Kelssek

Water polo is a major sport in Kelssek and matches for both genders will be keenly watched. Team records and history.

1 - Connor Farquhar (Lakeland Storm) gk
13 - Antoine Poirier (Redswyth Marlins) gk
2 - Trent Hakemi (Dynamo Lupinissia)
3 - Nathan Frolík (Image Voleln)
4 - Emmanouil Dostidis (Kraken d'Outineau)
5 - Hunter Paterson (Clayquot Neptunes)
6 - Raïf Gerzhaen-Charbon (Daudard-des-Oiseaux)
7 - Angelo Dossena (Kirkenes Jets)
8 - Eamon Ó Conaill (Daudard-des-Oiseaux) hole set
9 - Darien Pekar (Lakeland Storm)
10 - Aguri Tetsu (Lakeland Storm)
11 - Harry Sponner (Burnaby Thunderbirds) [captain]
12 - Sehaivir Dubé (CA Langlois)

Head coach: Paul Oberst

1 - Amelia Bright (Kirkenes Blues) gk
13 - Corrine Carbonneau (Lakeland Storm) gk
2 - Inni Raida (Image Voleln)
3 - Brigitte Wang (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
4 - Alejandra Sanchez (Redswyth Marlins)
5 - Sorcha Wright (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
6 - Rachel McTavish (Lakeland Storm)
7 - Avril O’Shea (Redswyth Marlins)
8 - Marilou Torche (CA Langlois)
9 - Emma Davies (Clayquot Neptunes) [captain]
10 - Taylor Rust (Kirkenes Jets) hole set
11 - Stéfanie Beaudoin (Kraken d'Outineau)
12 - Annisa Huey (Burnaby Thunderbirds)

Head coach: Jean-François Trepannier

Laura Hilmstra - C
Rebecca Darden - F
Katheryn Taft-Smith - F
Judith Plunkett - G
Lauren Selinger - G

Holly Bourque - C
Katrina Potter - G
Shania Cluckston - F
Kelly Ormond - F
Maria Gaetani - G
Annabel Howard - G
Kirsty Lee - F

Eero Buhan - C
Evan Symonds - F
Mark Aryde - F
Kevin McCarthy - G
Jeff Lai - G

Cory Sewell - F
Aaron Lewes - C
Sam Jennings - G
Aaron Marino - F
Andy Kapotsis - F
Marc Gordan - C
Paul Philbert - G

Men's 3x3
Julian Martel
Félix Ouellet
Mohammed Irfan
Marcus Sullivan

Women's 3x3
Sophie Miller
Jennifer Ireland
Alexandra Wright
Cathy McFaul

Xavier Corriveau
Michael Hardy
Étienne Larouche (gk)
Gilles-Simon Thibault
Alexis Aubin
Éric Graveline
Salman Devaraj
Mavrik Christensen
Tristian Kardos
Porter Dollinger
Victor Turner
Damien York
Jack Topper
Arawn Efimov (gk)
Jason O'Byrne
Marcus Tay
Tristian Kardos
Trent Tsacheilidis

Julia Bailey (gk)
Gina Ramsey
Nancy Stafford
Angéline Lachance
Hannah Brynden
Kristen Nolan
Gillian Townsend
Kathryn Wilson
Lakeïta Rosières
Alexa Panchyshyn
Kathryn Reese
Jeanne Vézeau
Natalie Lai
Anabelle Durivage
Cara Gallimh
Alisha McKay
Isabelle Boughton
Estelle Owen (gk)

Slaven Bajalica (Mazinaw Vanorian)
Lee Allen (Saintsport Heath)
Mitchell Sesseville (Burnaby SC U20)

Nacuémiró Buené [D/M L] (Burnaby SC)
Loisé Camserhe [D C] (Shearwater)
Eoin Bream [D C] (Torbay Thunder)
Olivier Oisette [D C] (Synenca AC [SRS])
Lewis Brockton [D LR] (Kingstown Athletic)
Pierre-Luc Provencher [D RC] (Port Rhovanyon [TKT])

Issac Lafrenière [M LC] (Kiaono Locals Image)*
Êsêkïl dí Völará [M C] (Crossroads [CMT]) [captain]
Markus Oyvind [AM C] (Burnaby SC)
Charles Linton-Arbour [M C] (CS St-Rémy)
Tim Kameda [M R] (Galaxia [TEQ])
Bryan Hartpoach [M L] (Strathcona Internationals)
Joseph Denham [AM RC] (Star of Confederation)

Thor Ibrahim Ahmad (Hornchurch Image)
Roman Torshen (Norrion Rovers [EFL])*
Mason Karven (Usmer Image)
Christophe Violette (Kirkenes FC)

*over-23 players

Kendra Millaerl (Kirkenes FC)
Hildur Eiríksdóttir (Torbay Thunder)
Scotia MacDonald (Langlois Océanic)

Joseline Fourtin [D C] (Felswyr Image)
Lily Marshall [D C] (Foxhampton Image)
Melanie Fowler [D RC] (CF St-Richard)
Cathy Hanselmann [D LC] (St. Felix Image)
Nicole Boudrias [D RC] (Latrobe Athletic)
Caleigh Smith [D C] (Coquitlam United)
Sarah Cowan [D C] (Burnaby SC)

Danielle Cordelier [M C] (Falkner United Image)
Amber Docherty [M R] (AC Olarria Image)
Giorsal Ó Connaíl [M C] (Traal Athletics Image)
Annabel Curtis [M C] (Coquitlam United)
Julia Bradford [M L] (FC Novonaya)
Lindsey Cowan [M R] (Langlois Océanic)
Lana Pavelic [M LC] (CF Outineau)
Kathy Eowins [DM C] (Langlois Océanic)

Eva Karven (Kirkenes FC)
Laura Millclef (Strathcona Internationals)
Danielle Maradrogba (Newrook City [NPH])
Catherine Wells (Hamiltonian Cambria)

Women's Rhythmic
Sara GilleEasbuigh
Sasha Moore
Fionna Hampton
Erin Bélanger
Rachel Louw

Dennis O'Connor
Jean-François Gauthier
Adrian Kavenda
Christophe Burdet
John Philcoat
Alexandre Mann
Aaron Flegkas
Lucas Krug (gk)
Julian Mansbridge
Michael White
James Miller
Antonio Palmer
Fabian Maier
Lyle Erringdale (gk)

Katherine O'Grady (gk)
Sarafine Aubin
Clarissa Woolhead
Justine Gillet
Avril Smythe
Kathleen Gaetani
Joan Nguyen
Ellen Fernandez
Denise McGrath
Lexi Hudon-Baynes
Shelia Greenwood
Angela Woodward
Pauline Overton
Gabrielle Foster (gk)

Chantel Taleb [RF]
Stéphanie Markowski [DP]
Jamie O'Malley [SS]
Isabelle Dupuis [CF]
Marie-Louise Gagnon [LF]
Margaux Vigvari [1B]
Josie Courtemanche [3B]
Sydney Sahlberg [2B]
Daphne Subotic [C]
Brienne Dubé [C]
Marilou Gauvreau [pitcher]
Ariana Paquin [infield]
Tara Fenton [infield]
Jennifer Chin [outfield]
Angela MacGhlais [outfield]

James Duff / L
Luke Thiel / OH
Robert St-Germain / R
Aidan Bowen / S
Samuel Cartwright / M
Awstin McCann / M
Aengus Cheah / OH
Ross Tabbiani / L
Mark Parsons / R
Evgeni Porshiev / OH
Caolan Mac an Sporain / S

Arienne Lavallée / OH
Sara Burns / L
Kayley van Buren / S
Kristine Brewer / OH
Jade Bowen / M
Denise Hain / R
Amandine Ching / S
Sophie Grenette / R
Melissa Richards / M
Lara Batori / L
Annamaie Wojcik / R

1. Connor Pinard
2. Logan Delaney
3. Phillippe Lapointe-Moreau
4. Matthiew Cailbhin
5. Blaine McTavish
6. Ryan Griffiths
7. Diego Soãres

8. Nicholas Nootin
9. Daffyd Sullivan
10. Patrice Henein
11. Séan Ó Connaigha
12. Zach Spurlock

1. Ellen Young
2. Ciorstaidh McCulloch
3. Pamela Anderson
4. Ellen Thomas
5. Meredith Weatherby
6. Amber Okazawa
7. Annabelle Leonart

8. Sarah Anderson
9. Eamag Wreden
10. Tatiana Schnorr
11. Daniela Okazawa
12. Heather Brockson

Men's Eights
Jens Darvish
Tomas Jones
Alexis Ziakos
Trent Couric
Simon Minato
Carlin Frégnac
Eoin McBrearty
Tristian Mueller (coxswain)

Women's Eights
Sophia Lundberg
Teàrlag MacGuinty
Margaret Riley
Norah Adamidis
Sandrine Smith
Julie Authier
Sierra Morton
Maiya Anton (coxswain)

A more useful image of Kelssek's flag than what I have over to the left

RP permissions
If you RP a team event first, you have permission to choose goalscorers and RP match events
You may RP an injury occurring but I will determine severity
I’m generally open to all kinds of ideas that involve my athletes, but only if I am consulted first.

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Postby Krytenia » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:45 am

Flag Bearers: Vandana Turner (swimming), Julian Hendricks (wrestling)

Team: Oliver McAllister, Roddy Long, Marcus Mengoni, Ed Walsh, Ryan Veratti, Mark Jenkarovic, David Moroder, Calvin Zane
Reserve: Adam Wilkinson

Team: Samantha Thayne, Rachel Thayne, Jennifer McCorquodale, Alicia Smith, Paula Gallardo, Catherine Urlacher, Kelly Minchin, Theresa Espers
Reserve: Martina Alcantra

Goalkeepers: Robert Raynes, Gordon Tay
Outfielders: Dafydd Dinefwr, Herbert Crowe, Raymond Ison, Peter Lucius, Steven Becker, James Gray, Calvin Cross, Phillip Kristensen, Marcus Graham, Paul Vela, Owen Willis

Goalkeepers: Tina Fellaini, Michelle Jacobs
Outfielders: Terri Villiers, Chloe White, Vanessa van der Voort, Madeleine Jordan, Kerry Müller, Inga Knight, Lucy Silversmith, Julia Nees, Hope Jones, Amanda Sydon, Andrea Vintner

First Rotation: Robert Worcester, Alan Dee, Steven Ross, Neil Degrassi, Thomas di Lorenzo
Second Rotation: Anthony Turner, Robert Walker, Nathan D'Ambrosio, Lee Pierini, Will Evans
Reserves: Andrew Grice, Kevin Mitchell

First Rotation: Phyllis Augenthaler, Wendy Greenock, Marcella Tam, Dahlia Buchan, Tina Lithgow
Second Rotation: Angela Ashton, Stephanie Green, Victoria Bannan, Danielle Jarni, Mairi Horton
Reserves: Yvette Gardiner, Stephanie Tremaine

Team: Simon Fallon, John Visconti, John Bresnan-Smith, Ben Yashin

Team: Maria Meulensteen, Linda Orton, Tracey Spencer, Marcia Cordoba

Starting Pitchers: Gavin Ireland, Paul Wolff, Neil Owen, Morton Sayers, Brian Dozzell
Relief Pitchers: Jonathan Lemond, Hugh Merryweather, Michael Whateley, Jason Dreher, Ashton Parker
Closing Pitchers: Alistair Tyson, Dean Slater
Infielders: Mark Arrozi (Catcher), Marcus Coloni (First base), Stephen McCall (Second base), Logan Crosby (Third base), Paul Moretti (Shortstop)
Outfielders: Justin Tinker (Right field), Nicholas Ferrer (Centre field), Ian Levante (Left field)
Designated Hitter: Neil Castleton
Reserves: Matthew Fordham (Catcher), Logan Crosby (Infield), Simon Keller (Outfield)
Pitchers: Claire Petit, Elizabeth Olivier, Paula Colón, Sarah Gano
Infielders: Anna Janosz (Catcher), Alison Roshana (First base), Penelope O'Dowd (Second base), Dawn Costello (Third base), Marnie Siavana (Shortstop)
Outfielders: Jessica Fellini (Right field), Deanna Goodman (Centre field), Stacey Varani (Left field)
Reserves: Yasmin Quaresma (Catcher), Belinda Xousa (Infield), Olivia Testa (Outfield)

Goalkeepers: Stephen Mason, Ryan Graham
Defenders: Michael Reubens, Gavin Horner, Fergal Finnan, Ross Okano, Pablo Ruiz
Midfielders: Brendan Patrick, Vincent Taygun, Max Snelders, Rauraigh Ó Śe, Roberto Lopez, Robert Reeder, Anthony Taylor
Forwards: Vic Madrigal, Cande Montalban, Fraser Young, Kevin Edwards
Reserves: Fabio Ruiz (GK), Rob Armthorpe (DF), Callum Houlihan (MF), Joey Hartt (FW)

Goalkeepers: Suzanne Barradez, Georgia Duffy
Defenders: Laura Okada, Kate Allchurch, Toni Finn, Penelope White, Danielle Fisher
Midfielders: Jane Holderness, Ellie Spalding, Dora Ibanez, Katrina Yama, Frida Canelo, Serena Aguilera, Iris Wilson
Forwards: Hannah Romero, Phillipa Xousa, Diane Stewart-Harman, Vanessa Carter
Reserves: Jessica Armbrewster (GK), Anna Quigley (DF), Ashleigh Simpson (MF), Rebecca Emmerich (FW)

Team: Robert Neilsen, Anthony Botham, Charles Foote, Kenny Carda, Jonathan Sarri
Reserve: Mark Abbott

Team: Catherine Garsforth, Tess Firth, Christine Ivanova, Joanne Winstone, Wanda Davis
Reserve: Catherine Stonnenheim

Goalkeepers: Harry Cambuur, Oscar Binnington
Wingers: Marcus Yorke, Derek Caan, Stephen Brennan, Andrew Beasley
Backcourters: Jonathan Estrella, Edmund Jones, David Ibaraki, Elliot Cockburn, Choi Yung-Nam, Daniel Jansen
Pivots: Paul Cornish, Darius Hanley

Goalkeepers: Fiona Dalbrinnie, Amanda Scott
Wingers: Georgia Eustace, Amanda Zeichner, Rose Kent, Eleanor Jensen
Backcourters: Anna Morrow, Rebecca Hysen, Lucy Ashton, Millie Zeiss, Tracey Pienaar, Mary van Robben
Pivots: Kimberley Cockcroft, Alexandra Caulker

Goalkeepers: Toby Jenner, Joshua Hardcastle
Defenders: Charles Lindsay, Richard Waldheim, Christian Matthaus, Giles Estrada
Midfielders: Simon Layton, Dafydd ap Iestyn, Steven Laws, Quinton Williams, Justin McCartney, Esteban Gil
Forwards: Thomas Yeo, Phillip Macrooy, James Meyers, Kieron McMillan
Alternates: Stephen Reddy, Liam Arturo, Stuart Donelli

Goalkeepers: Gillian Cherry, Cheryl Keegan
Defenders: Michelle Durand, Theresa Barnett, Jayne Osgood, Maria Foy
Midfielders: Victoria Martinez, Fiona Kaplinski, Trudy Prosser, Colleen Walsgrave, Sarah Razan, Valerie Dossan
Forwards: Sara Johansson, Kennedy Stansfield, Joanne Ford, Jennifer Darling
Alternates: Gloria Jovanovic, Charlotte McKenzie, Rowena Roberts

Eight: Roman Little, Leon Angle, Matt Spennymoor, Colin Dane, Russell Brabants, Keith Hockney-Raynes, Stuart Burns, Parker Crick
Coxswain: Yuri Swann

Eight: Vanessa Oster, Germaine Branson, Zoe Carter, Cara Welch, Elizabeth Porter, Stephanie Holmes, Frances Parrish, Amanda Lowton
Coxswain: Roisin Brent

Forwards: Daniel Kruger, Mark Osterwald, Edward Müller, Stephen Todd, Michael Wallander
Scrum-halves: David Manderson, Oliver Koch
Backs: Stuart Hossenheimer, Adam Carnegie, Douglas Treacy, Peter Osman, Vernon Elinger, Graham Moritz

Forwards: Gwyn Andrews, Amanda Holloway, Maude Becker, Sarah Diniz, Olivia Flowers
Scrum-halves: Natalie Boonen, Helen Norwood
Backs: Lisa Savieri, Rita Konnenkrantz, Samantha Williams, Simone Squires, Amy Portas, Stephanie Timpson

Starters: Damian Bach, Callum Gregory, Ian Edinson, Alexander Shelbourne, Gregory Koenig, Paul Doyle
Libero: Edward Keys
Alternates: Thomas Ovis, Ross Kaminga, Justin Madeley, Olivier Seydoux, Clive Ivanov

Starters: Lisa Johnson, Nicola Fink, Samantha Coutinho, Rowena Miura, Antonia Ellis, Kate Samaras
Libero: Clara Jensen
Alternates: Carly Gardner, Antonia Sislaukas, Fiona Colbiere, Amber Charalambous, Joanne Envers
KRYTENIA: RIP "Losing in semi-finals" meme. 2004-2020.
Capital: Emberton ⍟ RP Population: ~180,000,000 ⍟ Trigram: KRY ⍟ iTLD: .kt ⍟ Demonym: Krytenian, Krytie (inf.)
Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony 7, AOCAF 1, Cup of Harmony 15, World Cup 24, AOCAF 13, World Cup 29, AOCAF 17, AOCAF 23, World Cup 40, Cup of Harmony 32, Baptism of Fire 32, AOCAF 27, Baptism of Fire 36, World Cup 50, Baptism of Fire 40, Cup of Harmony 64, AOCAF 48, World Cup 75, AOCAF 40, Cup of Harmony 80
Champions: AOCAF 52, Cup of Harmony 78
Runner-Up: AOCAF 7, World Cup 58, Cup of Harmony 80
Creator, AOCAF & Cygnus Cup - Host, VI Winter Olympics (Ashton) & VII Summer Olympics (Emberton)

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Postby Ostankin » Wed Jul 28, 2021 1:58 pm



NATION: Ostankin

First Minister: Roman Herenser

Olympic Committee President: Bryachislav Tomov
Olympic Committee Vice-President: Stanislav Rumas
Olympic Committee Secretary General: Nikolay Nekitin

FLAG BEARER: Boris Haritonov — Greco-Roman Wrestling




Athlete  -  Hometown
Vladimir Ogarok - Tula
Evgeniy Serov - Astafyevo
Alexey Gerasim - Ipatyevo
Boris Alexandrov - Syrkovo
Semyon Andreev - Telecenter
Filipp Filippov - Demyan-Vladimir
Denis Mychalkin - Telecenter
Kassian Kuznetsov - Damiengrad
Akakiy Driestin - Uryupinsk


Athlete  -  Hometown
Yulia Isaeva-Stierlitz - Novgorod II
Polina Asanova - Satorgrad
Anastasia Vodkina - Novgorod
Kornelia Kuprina - Telecenter
Miroslava Vasilshina - Telecenter
Natasha Kuzina - Ntvgrad
Borislava Vidova - Kostroma
Victoria Averina - Reimin
Konstancia Perlina - Telecenter



Name  —  Hometown
Andrey Ugolkov — Telecenter
Roman Chernov — Kalikin
Bogdan Kuritsyn — Taganek
Lavr Perestupnikov — Korovin Bor



Name  —  Hometown
Kalina Ostyakova — Kapalinin
Monika Satorina — Telecenter
Anfisa Afrikina — Kalka
Lilia Yegorova — Satorgrad



Name -  Position  -  Hometown  -  Club 
#24 Nikolay Iordanov - C - Kapalinin - CBKA Telecenter
#11 Kirill Durov - PF - Damiengrad - Torpedo Telecenter
#21 Eugeniy Rinder - SF - Damiengrad - Spartak Telecenter
#17 Roman Kotov - SG - Sibirsk - CBKA Telecenter
#39 Kirill Mamin - PG - Alapaevsk - Dinamo-Satorbank
#44 Trifon Kurochkin - C - Kazansk - Lokomotiv Telecenter
#3 Alexander Ranitar - C - Telecenter - CBKA Telecenter
#13 Artem Paarashkin - F - Mukhozasizhensk - Spartak Telecenter
#81 Grigoriy Drakonov - F - Kazansk - CBKA Telecenter
#55 Tikhon Belyash - G - Telecenter - BK Inter Dementer
#66 Malal M'Buba - G - naturalized player - CBKA Telecenter



Name -  Position  -  Hometown  
#24 Ksenia Kopirkina - C - Damiengrad
#75 Anastasia Daikina - PF - Murom
#12 Raisa Asova - SF - Telecenter
#8 Aleksandra Goroshkova - SG - Chelyabinsk III
#79 Maryana Kohan - PG - Stalnovo
#14 Ekaterina Smirnova - C - Yepifan
#35 Sonia Parfenova - C - Avtovo
#4 Yudif Aleynikova - F - Ntvgrad
#64 Bogdana Larionova - F - Mukhozasizhensk IV
#55 Violetta Gardina - G - Telecenter
#66 Bianca Nogina - G - Telecenter





Name  -  Position  -  Hometown  -  Team
Stanislav Gorakhin - GK - Lanka - Spartak Telecenter
Roman Nigmatullin - GK - Satorgrad - Lokomotiv Telecenter
Konstantin Romantsev - Left Back - Chelyabinsk VII - Spartak Telecenter
Alexander Kagamin - Left Back - Reimin - Saturn Reimin
Andrey Bibarasov - Center Back - Telecenter - Rubin Kemerovo
Pavel Len - Center Back - Telecenter - Zenit Damiengrad
Iosif Gvardolov - Center Back - Barbarisov - CFKA Telecenter
Mikhail Galpar - Right Back - Damiengrad - Zenit Damiengrad
Roman Reyshtedter - Right Back - Kapalinin - Dinamo Telecenter
Evgeniy Onopkin - Left Wing - Chelyabinsk VI - Spartak Telecenter
Mikhail Sklyarov - Left Wing - Telecenter - Dinamo Telecenter
Kirill Isidorov - Central Midfielder - Osmolovka - Torpedo Telecenter
Vladimir Gandlin - Central Midfielder - Ntvgrad - CFKA Telecenter
Evgeniy Titov - Central Midfielder - Koshalin - Spartak Telecenter CAPTAIN
Evtikhiy Nikiforov - Right Wing - Telecenter - Spartak Telecenter
Tikhon Byakovsky - Right Wing - Damiengrad - Spartak Telecenter
Artem Pyatnitskiy - Striker - Ntvgrad - Spartak Telecenter
Adam Silnorukov - Striker - Novgorod II - Holsten Kapalinin
Harper Elliot - Striker - naturalized player - Inter Dementer



Name  -  Position  -  Hometown  -  Club
Lev Hibin - GK - Satorgrad - NPOST
Svyatoslav Ovchinnikov - GK - Telecenter - Dinamo Telecenter
Nikita Shmarov - Left Back - Telecenter - Spartak Telecenter
Daniil Savitskiy - Left Back - Novgorod I - NPOST
Anisim Satorin - Central Back - Satorgrad - Rotor Satorgrad
Oleg Gazzaev - Central Back - Telecenter - Zhitnik Novgorod II
Yakov Murin - Right Back - Brod - Spartak Telecenter
Konstantin Tsaplin - Right Back - Daulino - NPOST
Nikolay Omin - Right Wing - Ntvgrad - Dinamo Telecenter
Yuri Nikishin - Right Wing - Telecenter - Zhitnik Novgorod II
Simeon Hineter - CF - Demyan-Vladimir - Zhitnik Novgorod II CAPTAIN
Innokentiy Kuzmin - CF - Mukhozasizhensk XII - Spartak Telecenter
Anatoliy Kletkin - Left Wing - Devyatkino - CBKA Telecenter
Leonid Bundin - Left Wing - Damiengrad - Zenit Damiengrad


Water polo (men and women)
Baseball/Softball (men and women)
Rhytmic Gymnastics (men and women)
Hockey (men and women)
Rowing (men and women)
Football (women)
Handball (women)
Rugby 7 (men and women)
Indoor Volleyball (men and women)


men team/women team

Evgeniy Mukunkin/Vasilisa Uvarova

Platon Osokin/Polikarp Navozov

Avrelian Pulkher/Rodion Romanov

Dmitriy Svinov/Zlata Mikhailova

Anastasiy Garban/Elizaveta Kirsten

Alexander Kobyakov/Ksenia Sinova

Oleg Beskov/Nina Kogut

Hristian Rogin/Olga Obolonskaya

Bill Lewis/Rika Eldarova

Lev Kovalev/Viktoria Budnaya

Mark Katasonov/Stanislava Vinya

Varlam Semyorkin/Tatyana Kalikova

Evgeniy Satorin/Afina Shevchik

August Ludenburg/Kornelia Hindendorf

Roman Malinin/Ekaterina Kleverova

Andronik Tikhonov/Rozalia Chekhova

Kirill Togamin/Mihalina Benckendorf

Emmanuel Bely/Eleonora Maslova

Feofil Udaloy/Alexandra Kekina

Richard Handcraft/Madeline Reuter

Valeriy Kosmin/Elizaveta Kasyanova

Rantaro Mori/Tenko Akiyama

Pahom Chetverkin/Porfiriy Zhalkiy

Kaloslav Garbandov/Vladimir Epishin

Velizariy Gardin/Darya Guseva

Alexey Lagunov/Mihalina Rasputina

Alexander Sparkin/Valentina Oreshkina

Valeriy Bumagin/Maryana Renina

Georgiy Gorin/Amalia Zelebanko

Yuri Popov/Agniya Vidina

Vasiliy Volchek/Alexandra Rasputina

Makoto Hiraoka/Ji-Hu I

Evgeniy Kofin/Monaka Grustina

Vadim Tsifirkin/Prokhor Kuteykin

Modest Valin/Beatrisa Pokina

Anatoliy Armyanov/Vladislava Muzhikova

Daniil Lin/Kira Bilina

Tristan Vanin/William Harold


A lot of channels will propagandize translate our olympic successes.

Broadcasting company: Ostankin Public Television (AHT)
TV Channels: 1st Ostankin Channel, 2nd Ostankin Channel, 3rd Ostankin Channels, 4th Sport Ostankin Channel, Ostankin International Television (OITV)
Websites: www. tvopt. ost, www. oitv. ost, www. ostolympiade. ost
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YEAR 1993
— 1990's Belarusian and Russian TV
— Broadcast intrusions
— 1990's Belarus
— 1990's Russia
— Russian 1st and 4th Ostankino Channels (1992-1995)
— Scary stories
— Folk legends and tales
— Technology of TV propaganda

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Postby Polkopia » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:04 pm



..Get a Closer Look at the Polkopian...
..Olympic Teams..

Not too long ago, hundreds of Polkopian athletes left their home soil to compete in the largest multi-sport event in the multiverse - the Olympics. This will be Polkopia's second showing at the Olympic Games, however anticipation for these games has never been higher, with big names such as Mariya Kuvayeva, Marko Khan, and Ruslan Dabiov headlining nearly every sports article in preparation for the games.

While many hometown Polkopians have undoubtedly heard of some of the athletes participating in some of the individual events, this article showcases some of the talent that comprises the team sports that Polkopia will be sending to the Olympics. Some of these names will be familiar to some of those who follow their respective sport, while others are seemingly unknown but still boast incredible amounts of talent.

These team events include, Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's 3x3 Basketball, Men's Baseball, Women's Softball, Men's and Women's Football, and Men's Hockey. Continue reading to see all of the athletes that make up each team and be sure to show your support!


..........................Men’s Basketball:

No.  Name                    Pos.   Age    Hometown       
1 Vello Kask SG 28 Restnov
2 Rasim Balakirev PF 27 Peeto
3 Radomir Gišić PG 30 Peeto
4 Aleksandr Kabin PF 23 Valinkova
5 Valeriy Udom C 31 Daroban
6 Alexei Vazov SG 26 Valinkova
7 Luka Todorović PF 29 Angradka
8 Aivo Paulkin C 28 Scorilo
9 Kaiyar Vetočkin SF 28 Peeto
10 Denis Nozdrin PG 29 Dovgorodia
11 Konstantin Marin C 32 Varzin
12 Živorad Manikov SG 27 Staraya Khola
.........................Women’s Basketball:

No.  Name                    Pos.   Age    Hometown 
1 Yelena Šilyan PF 25 Kamylensk
2 Taniya Ulyanova SG 27 Zololivka
3 Martina Vaino PF 24 Varzin
4 Nastia Rusnak PG 28 Peeto
5 Ana Dumanovskaya PF 29 Valinkova
6 Lera Kotova SG 26 Bul'nakin
7 Ivana Travkina SG 26 Dovgorodia
8 Tatiyana Pankina C 26 Balavo
9 Andriyana Novaković PG 28 Peeto
10 Mariyana Sokk SF 27 Dovgorodia
11 Alyona Tankova C 29 Restnov
12 Daria Lapotnikova SF 27 Peeto


........................Men’s 3x3 Basketball:

No.   Name                      Age       Hometown      
12 Ville Koryas 25 Daroban
14 Kristian Bogdonov 24 Siprudniy Plač
11 Filip Nastasić 27 Mostrovosk

18 Artyom Oryav 24 Valinkova
....................Women’s 3x3 Basketball:

No.   Name                      Age       Hometown 
10 Tamara Kymova 23 Anažensk
18 Divina Mandić 25 Restnov

17 Yuliya Kabin 25 Peeto
15 Daria Yožova 26 Peeto


..........................Men’s Baseball:

No.  Name                    Pos.   Age    Hometown 
11 Milan Kyorkin 1B* 24 Peeto
12 Martin Lavrov 3B 28 Činovo
13 Ilya Vinogradov SS 30 Bul'nakin
15 Danil Afonin 2B 27 Valinkova
18 Yefim Živanović C 25 Peeto
19 Edgar Pukhać C 29 Nižnečensk
20 Ivan Sayenkho IF 28 Restnov
23 Konstantin Čudov LF 26 Dovgorodia
24 Teo Kulyuk CF 27 Peeto
26 Anatoliy Kalganov RF 27 Restnov
27 Aleksandr Vasil'yević OF 28 Peeto
30 Valentin Dokar OF 26 Anažensk

32 Damir Kondratyev SP 30 Varzin
41 Fyodor Mašir SP 26 Katity
44 Viktor Rezansov SP 32 Peeto
56 Robert Leskov MRP 29 Zololivka
65 Maksim Krysov MRP 27 Arsil'grod
67 Goran Yević MRP 32 Peeto
70 Vladimir Mitin LRP 30 Valinova
71 Matvey Kuznetsov LRP 29 Bavalo
76 Danil Malinov LRP 32 Scoromsk
78 Svyatoslav Ešmin CL 25 Scorilo
79 Ižaak Hrapin CL 26 Anažensk
80 Vadim Gagolin CL 31 Valinkova

* Denotes DH
.......................Women’s Softball:

No.  Name                   Pos.   Age    Hometown 
1 Marša Yurlova P 22 Zlavkin
3 Agafina Dudko P 24 Daroban
4 Nadiya Kudrina P 19 Orogosk
7 Lana Vetočkina P 24 Yefkim'sk
12 Dina Smol'polvna 1B 22 Stavšink
14 Nataliya Sirenko 2B 20 Valinkova
15 Leida Ivašova SS 23 Orošek
18 Larisa Kalagina 3B 20 Dovgorodia
19 Anastasia Bobyr IF 19 Peeto
21 Danica Zebić RF 21 Makhilin
22 Adeliya Korneva CF 24 Scorilo
25 Mila Vinokurova LF 23 Vroi Kratsk

28 Anya Karanović OF 23 Peeto
31 Rosina Čučumaševa C 20 Orošek
41 Alina Yelefterova C 21 Valinkova




..........................Men’s Football:

No.  Name                    Pos.   Age    Hometown 
1 Anton Kusić GK 28 Orošek
2 Fyodor Kirts GK 25 Begdyan
3 Yuliy Glinkin GK 24 Restnov
24 Vassili Didyak DEF 28 Zololivka
25 Miron Starikov DEF 27 Angradka
29 Nikita Rudin DEF 32 Peeto
37 Luka Domašev DEF 29 Daroban

40 Nikolas Kraiyevsky DEF 26 Scorilo
43 Aleksandr Nepein DEF 29 Peeto
17 Danya Siyan MID 30 Angradka
19 Denis Primakov MID 25 Valinkova
20 David Kurvenkho MID 26 Valinkova

21 Fyodor Tomić MID 23 Mostrovosk
22 Artur Mesyats MID 26 Rudmir
27 Makžim Istomin MID 24 Peeto

30 Aleksandr Ivanyuk MID 25 Metagursk
10 Yakoby Kosyo FWD 20 Varzin
11 Slava Panin FWD 24 Balavo
.........................Women’s Football:

No.  Name                   Pos.   Age    Hometown 
1 Lidia Kanovalova GK 26 Peeto
2 Alina Martynenko GK 24 Noviy Plat'sik
3 Galya Dedova GK 26 Orošek
20 Amaliya Moldovan DEF 24 Bavalo
22 Nina Azarova DEF 22 Valinkova
23 Nastasya Sayankova DEF 24 Valinkova
25 Marta Kozlov DEF 23 Iskizma

27 Milyana Obradović DEF 26 Zololivka
29 Amaliya Šlykova DEF 27 Restnov
30 Vera Lyadova MID 26 Vyesniy Ostriv
34 Evgenia Maryina MID 27 Valinkova
35 Nataliya Yazova MID 25 Daroban

36 Evgenia Menšikova MID 25 Dovgorodia
37 Yelena Kalda MID 22 Brazinsk
39 Khristya Yuržova MID 23 Mikhalvsk
10 Evdokiya Bukhira FWD 24 Činovo
12 Nadka Asonova FWD 24 Arsil'grod

13 Milyena Ryurikova FWD 26 Bul'nakin


..........................Men’s Hockey:

No.  Name                    Pos.   Age    Hometown 
1 Dmitriy Smagin RW 28 Bul'nakin
2 Lučok Dementyev FWD 25 Daroban
3 Gerasim Krutoy C 24 Scorilo
4 Viktor Suško RW 28 Zololivka
7 Danil Živanović DEF 27 Peeto
9 Velyo Asmik W 32 Peeto
14 Ivan Gagolin LW 29 Angradka
16 Zakhar Krylov DEF 26 Valinkova
18 Nil Baburin DEF 29 Peeto
19 Ilya Biryukov G 30 Činovo
24 Vold'ko Boyević FWD 25 Valinkova
30 Alekzei Larionov C 26 Katity
39 Anton Pudovkin G 23 Makarovskiy
50 Dmitriy Yesikov C 26 Kalad' Morov
45 Edyord Mukhanov LW 24 Peeto
99 Matvey Aliyev FWD 25 Metagursk





.........Udek'či Pul'kopiya!.........

Good luck, Polkopia!
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Postby Ostovo » Wed Jul 28, 2021 9:28 pm

Ostovoan Olympic Delegation: Delegation Information and Roster Announcements

Uniform Colors: White and Light Blue
National Anthem: Hail the Jewel of the Sea
Flag Bearers:
Celesta Ricardo - Surfing (Women's Shortboard)
Guillermo Tassis - Swimming (Men's 50m, 100m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly, 4x100m Freestyle Relay)
Olympic Committee President: Crista Posa

Overall Roster:

Name                    Position
Damario Candelaria G
Vicente Madrid G
Dacio Fleites A
Montenegro Chico A
Noe Carabello A
Leonides Tomes A
Nevada Marcos A
Ulises Pulido A
Ricardo Ahumada C
Salvatore Urbano C
Angelito Piedra D
Miguel Melchor D
German Hernan D

Name                    Position
Ines Blanco G
Lela Escalera G
Elaeanora Abrego A
Verda Ortego A
Delphia Merlos A
Athalia Asuncion A
Crista Valarde A
Itaso Nieto A
Conshita Villarruel C
Yvonne Abad C
Yanamaria Valenzuela D
Ofelia Barrera D
Quinta Cano D

Name                    Position
Rufo Rojas C
Niguel Nino PF
Raimundo Gonsales SF
Jerico Gago SG
Neron Jacinto PG
Jerardo Aparicio C
Gaspard Alo C
Bartoli Lavin F
Placido Malon F
Tabor Roldan G
Pascual Noe G
Aquila Medrano G

Santos Morlan
Cisco Ruano
Casta Nazario
Porfiro Escamilla

Name                    Position
Prospero Mandes 1B
Angel Veliz 2B
Nataniel Milan 3B
Cuartio Tercero SS
Elija Zambrano LF
Pacarro Coito CF
Pepe Barajas RF
Nevada De La Fuenta C
Elai Manzano DH
Jesus Dimas IF
Jonas Herrera IF
Florinio Bargas OF
Daunte Esquellin LHP (Starting)
Montay Quintanilla RHP
Galtero Marzo LHP
Tadeo Gimenez LHP
Gustavo Carbajal RHP
Andreo Vivanco RHP
Nicanor Camerino RP
Turi Callejas RP
Victor Matalon RP
Salvador Mosco CP
Gustavo Merlin CP
Carlos San Antonio CP

Starting Lineup:
1. Milan (3B)
2. Coito (CF)
3. Barajas (RF)
4. Mandez (1B)
5. Manzano (DH)
6. De La Fuenta (C)
7. Veliz (2B)
8. Zambrano (LF)
9. Tercero (SS)

Name                    Position
Lali Puentes P
Rosemarie Bautista P
Segunda Mansilla P
Lola Irene C
Fideline Lobos C
Ventana Lucia C
Marietta Bencomo DH
Bertha Robleto IF
Materia Franca IF
Estephanie Vidal IF
Nelida Moralez IF
Raina Paredes OF
Dukine Chaparro OF
Ilumina Guzman OF
Guliana Casal OF

Starting Lineup:
1. Franca
2. Robleto
3. Bencomo
4. Irene
5. Paredes
6. Vidal
7. Guzman
8. Chaparro
9. Moralez

Name                    Position
Raymon Del Monte GK
Tadeo Soza GK
Pedro Prospero LB
Eneas Ahumada CB
Porfiro Lainez CB
Tomas Quezada CB
Danilo Chicas RB
Teo Haro RB
Jorge Sabedra LM
Edwardo Grano LM
Ovidio Huerta LCM
Juanito Casados RCM
Cristoval Del Sol RCM
Martino Alcantar RM
Nicanor Matas LF
Tejano Urdas CF
Roque Torres CF
Manolito Sevilla RF

Tonio Murga LB - ALTERNATE
Victoro Carrasquillo LCM - ALTERNATE
Elija Marinez CF - ALTERNATE
Humberto Serafin RF - ALTERNATE

Name                    Position
Lera Sandido GK
Lalia Ruis GK
Flor Solomon LB
Dani Britto LB
Tea Sepeda CB
Zumac De Lacerda CB
Irene Barrantes RB
Dorinda Alcazar RB
Rocio Berlanga LM
Chrisanna Olavarria LM
Leandra Guitron LCM
Ema Solorzano RCM
Brisia Estacio RCM
Odanda Bordon RM
Leonor Abrigo RM
Yashira Robles LF
Eva-Yolanda Rueda CF
Matia Villanueva RF

Vina Cantos CB - ALTERNATE
Azura Lacerda CM - ALTERNATE
Carla Montejano RCM - ALTERNATE
Clementina Bolivar RF - ALTERNATE

Yonaidys Armas
Modesta Arguellas
Marelys Marala
Yara Saenz
Pedra Claudio
Izarre Alegria
Primavera Herrero
Morissa Ibanez
Savannah Gaona - COX

Name                    Role
Gabriel Lara Starter
Cornelio Paniagua Starter
Nevada Orantes Starter
Evarado Jiron Starter
Cesar Sambrano Starter
Macerio Ingles Starter
Rico Alcoser Libero
Raul Bellon Alternate
Taurino Pablo Alternate
Anton Buendia Alternate
Efrain Villena Alternate
Carlomagno Briceno Alternate

Name                    Role
Carilla Siles Starter
Catalin Zubia Starter
Teresa Amarillo Starter
Eva-Yolanda De Alba Starter
Garabina Fregoso Starter
Soledada Mina Starter
Sancia Belles Libero
Madelynn Valiente Alternate
Xuxa Magan Alternate
Lore Dorado Alternate
Paciencia Marta Alternate
Calida Zenon Alternate

Officials and Judges: Ostovo will be sending a small contingent of officials and judges along with their first ever Olympic delegation. These individuals span some of the most popular and well-represented sports in Ostovo.

Chavela Vigorito - Judge

Neto Galban - Official
Charo Barco - Official

Water Polo
Alvaro Blando - Referee

Cionnaye Ramirez - Umpire

Canoe - Slolam
Saul Borra - Technical Official

Bryssa Marmol - Artistic Judge

Amoldo Santoyo - Judge
Jesus Gordon - Official

If you RP first, you can:
Choose my goal scorers
Injure my athletes (minor only)
Give out yellow cards

For anything not listed above, feel free to send a telegram. I'll probably be okay with it as long as you ask first and it doesn't have major consequences.

UPDATE: Due to some unexpected travel, I won't be able to post any RP until at least Friday, Aug 13th. Feel free to take complete control of RP against Ostovo until then, short of taking any of my athletes out of competition. (injury, punishments, etc.)
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Postby Kriegiersien » Thu Jul 29, 2021 2:46 am

The delegation of Kriegiersien (KGS) for the Games of the XV Olympiad

For a nation where nudity is mandatory, clothes are always a nice surprise. Kriegiersien comes as always in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys.

Even though the last summer Olympics were very successful, the Winter Olympics became a disaster. Head of Mission Atlanta Johnson, great former athlete, a legend, former medal winner over 200 m and jack of all trades resigned. Or got resigned? On short notice a new man was found, no one knows much about. Or preciser: Nothing.

Head of Mission: John Atnalta


Flag Bearer: Sarah Strongarm (Softball)


Doc Groooom
Dr. Frank Stein
Milli Fatbemme
Dr. Seltsam Strangelove
Gru Minion
Charly Nilsson
Armin Trashtaste
José Chema Armas
Dwain Frilende

The staff is again small, mainly doctors and technicians who look after the sorrows of the often ‘technically enhanced’ athletes.

There is still criticism that many team sports don’t have enough reserve players and no own staff. No one helping with the equipment. Coaches and other support are missing, following the code ‘the athletes are adults, heroes, they have to look for themselves’.
Referees are not provided either.

Further Roster of Teamsports

The men’s team is still playing at the Independent Associations Championship, having some decent performances at Youth and regional tournaments before, winning medals. An Olympic medal is their main goal.
The women‘s team consist mostly out of daughters of the clones from Simeone Di Bradini, who were created and played for the Kriegiersien U21 Team long ago. They failed to make the round of 8 at the Women's World Cup (Jenna Raven Cup) and are not seen as medal candidate.

Men‘s team
All players are from the youth centre of Kriegiersien national sokker champion Timesteam.

Assistant Manager
Riso Becker
Viveka Schweizer
Fitness Coach
Emanuel Lacusta
Hicham Bensoussan
Goalkeeper Coach
Deyvis Bryant Acori


Women‘s team

Coach: Otto Hippo

Olivia Di Bradini
Joanne Di Brandini
Monica Di Bradini
Jessica Di Bradini
Mel Di Bradini
Victoria Di Bradini
Emma Di Bradini
Geraldine Di Bradini
Barbie Di Bradini
Melanie Di Bradini
Geri Di Bradini
Janina Corner
Tonya Haudels

At the Volleyball World Expo 11, the mixed team ended in the first Play-Off round. In the VWE 12, the team was mainly partying and missing schedules, bringing great shame on the nation. They still dream of a medal at the Olympics, vowing to take the Olympics seriously.
Otto Ottifant
Maria Tristan

Men’s team

Amiran Vimal Setter
Iairos Norman Middle Blocker
Kyran Lucius Middle Blocker
Teshub Chinonso Outside Hitter
Abhishek Bakhtiyar Opposite Hitter
Ross Mealor Outside Hitter
Xanti Lóegaire Setter
Julian Mahdi Middle Blocker
Dragomir Mark Middle Blocker
Stefanu Arash Outside Hitter
Vijaya Erkin Opposite Hitter
Alexander Garcia Outside Hitter

Women’s team

Araceli Erminlinda Setter
Sylvie Eulalia Libero
Shanta Chae-Yeong Outside Hitter
Lexie Cintia Outside Hitter
Dalila Melanija Opposite Hitter
Kim Anime Middle Blocker
Susi Zombiene Setter
Marina Florina Middle Blocker
Éva Mikhal Middle Blocker
Ilona Candi Outside Hitter
Christa Eoforhild Outside Hitter
Twilight Pop Opposite Hitter

Playing great at the IBC 30, reaching the round of 8 and winning medals at technical contests, then getting 12th at IBC 31, the team made getting a medal at the Olympics there foremost goal. They even skipped the last IBC to fully concentrate on the Olympics in Electrum. The 3vs3 Basketball teams are also having hopes for medals.

Sonic Wedgehog
Larissa Dewy

Men’s team

PG – Point Guard
Ian 'Milk Machine' Bald BC Schoenwetter
Benedict Sloan Timesteam
SG – Shooting Guard
Pascal Donat BC Schoenwetter
Johnathon Val Timesteam
SF – Small Forward
Anakoni Corbinian BC Schoenwetter
Ferdi Ysbrand Timesteam
PF – Power Forward
Bogdan Vivien BC Schoenwetter
Wayne Scot Timesteam
C - Center
Allen 'Hunter' Snape Timesteam
Bugezog Ancient Tomb

Women’s team

PG – Point Guard
Latoya Moyses Timesteam
Ivory Fire Pony City
SG – Shooting Guard
Yessenia Anaitis Timesteam
Christin Justinas Muhr Rivermermaids
SF – Small Forward
Murbol Ancient Tomb
Cecilia Robyn Timesteam
PF – Power Forward
Ashryn Faran Ancient Tomb
Alvoho Yilroru Timesteam
C - Center
Rogbut Ancient Tomb
Ivana Condor Timesteam

Men’s 3vs3
Anakoni Corbinian
Bogdan Vivien

Wayne Scot

Women’s 3vs3
Latoya Moyses
Ivory Fire


Reaching the semi-final in the 6th Rugby sevens World Cup, the teams are both candidates for a medal.

Sgt. Hammond Hammerstein
Lt. Amanda Ant

Men’s team

• Forwards
◦ 1 – Prop Theodore Hernandez
◦ 2 – Hooker Saoul Bastian
◦ 3 – Prop Phelix Yuda

• Backs
◦ 4 – Scrum-half Yukko Kiivraz jr.
◦ 5 – Fly-half Damian Druid
◦ 6 – Centre Wolfgang Betracci
◦ 7 – Wing Barney Stealson

Chris Brew
Bernhard Beer
Vladimir Vodka
Malz Hopfen
Hop Sing
Ethan Whole

Women’s team

• Forwards
◦ 1 – Prop Major Jutta Jürgenwürgen
◦ 2 – Hooker Barbara Bonebraker
◦ 3 – Prop Kara Kent

• Backs
◦ 4 – Scrum-half Charlene Chocolate
◦ 5 – Fly-half Dora Druid
◦ 6 – Centre Dulug Toothdrawer
◦ 7 – Wing Glob

Olivia Ockenheimer-Bursara
Barbara Bursara
Monica Microwave
Karla Kevin
Gina Gras
Ornella Mutti

Waterpolo got a huge boost after Waterkillerball became a hit in Kriegiersien. The violent game brought many players to Water Polo and now it is expected to bring medals at the Games.
The women are current World Champion and Olympic champion.
Coach of the men’s and women’s team is legendary Ex-Player and now coach Antia Waterfall, who wanted to end her career, but was brought back, like most players.

Coach: Anita Waterfall

Men’s team
Amal Collins
Jessie Parry
Field Players
Olsen Spartakus
Yasir Whiteley
Kaci Gaines
Jean Bender
Brodie Kay
Aaron Warner
Jimmy Weber
Augustus Taylor
Kiaan Alexander

Women’s team
Melissai Honey
Field Players
Selena Waterfall
Roberta Windsong
Rama Rainbow 
Lila Amin
Kacey Ryder
Jamie-Leigh Burch
Frankie English
Ella-Mai Ramsay
Gracie Swan

While the men only just made the norm grinding in regional and ice hockey tournaments, the women improved and are giving hopes for good results.

Men’s team
Coach: Raldaf Fire

Tsolias Tzaziki

Field Players
Koenraad Gunnar
Roger Percy
Ewart Brent
Andrew Karlheinz
Gray Damiaan
Virgil Ernie
Allison Gerolt
Finlay Alwin
Austen Joep
Trueman Kodey
Melvyn Athelstan
Craig Tom
Roland Gerd
Weldon Baptist
Maximillian Hugo

Women’s team

Coach: Gena Neric

Lisa Simpson
Ornella Otto

Field Players
Lorene Rosmarie
Kristina Maria
Ashlie Hillevi
Alina Jodene
Francene Trixie
Robina Faithe
Caleigh Drina
Liana Sonje
Hayley Judy
Brandee Henrietta
Dani Madyson
Leslie Regan
Thomasina Lina
Petal Sharron
Adalynn Elspeth

The women are the Gold medal winners of the XIII Olympics.
The men played a good tournament at World Cup 22, ending in the Round of 8, but failed in the 23rd WC in the group stage. Two players are Orcs.

Men’s team

Egbert Esel

David Donkey

Left and right wingman
Carlos Catz
Dagobert Dog
Left and right backcourt
Calvin Cock
Robert Rooster
Centre backcourt
Ludwig Lion
Gregor Gorilla

Dundee Crocodile
Garfield Gazelle
Gregory Greyhound
Robert Rhino
Marvin Newman
Orang Utan
Tobias Tiger

Women’s team

Flavia Flöt

Moe Edna
Kassy Ivy
Left and right wingman
Edith Ash
Maris Jolana
Left and right backcourt
Jaya Gail
Ayaka Aniya
Centre backcourt
Swapna Wassa
Todorka Doireann
Johanneke Maisie
Addison Nikkole
Isabel Kaylie
Flick Reanna
Tatianna Francis
Magdalena Pamella
Kelia Ernestine

The Men’s Baseball team played a good season in the World Baseball Classics, making it to the round of 16. Most of the players are from city rivals Schoenwetter BC, Giants and Scorpions and Timesteam. They are missing Mordbruck, Pitcher from the Front Female Fusiliers and Sarah Strongarm, who won the National Championship in Cassadaigua with the Grande Mountain Huskies. Both are playing instead for the Softball team of the women at the Olympics.
The women are also cricket players, part of the Front Female Fusiliers, a military response and sport team.

Men’s Baseball

Player Position Team
Ronny Easton DH Schoenwetter BC
Umair Cameron Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
James Schroeder Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Kiah Lee Catcher Schoenwetter Giants
Nora Hilton Pitcher Timesteam
Whitney Preston Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Raphael Harding Outfield Schoenwetter Scorpions
Gianni Hall Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Leon Prince Outfield Timesteam
Timothy Salas Pitcher Timesteam
Cordelia Barrera Catcher Schoenwetter BC
Arron Franks Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Giles Butt Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Ianis Allman Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Dhruv Stein Infield Timesteam
Phillip Weeks Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Sam Thomas Infield Schoenwetter Giants
Cassius Mckinney Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Dewey Sanchez Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Daniel Livingston Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Rhian Delacruz Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Shea Dowling Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Subhaan Rice Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Wilhelm Maurice Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions

Bort Bartson Manager
Bernd Bucky Assistant Coach
Chris Wellington Assistant Coach
Rick Riker Assistant Coach
Justin Taim Assistant Coach and Equipment
Bert Word Fitness Coach
Otto Orville Scout and Medical

Women’s Softball
Coach: Colonel Samanthal von Schneider

Major Evelyn Pennywise
Major Alberta Cheese
Major Jane Palin
Major Michael Idle
Captain Charly Longbottom
Captain Francine Cothelstone
Captain Graham Jones
Captain Paulina Posh
Captain Martina Winterbottom
Captain Rachel Shortshanks
Lieutnant Marcella Longbottom
Mordbruck all Front Female Fusiliers
Sarah Strongarm Grande Mountain Huskies (Baseballteam)

For the team event, one seasoned veteran each team helps the young guard out.

Men's Group
Chan Hase
Chris Twelfchen
Tobias Zah
Charly Mantis

Women's Group
Thalia Twelchen
Niau Batur
Cat Lady
Chris Cross

While the men are the Kriegiersien flagship and boosted pride of the rowing team, the women's Coxed eight is boarded by mediocre contestants.

Men’s Coxed Eight
Michael Booman
Lars Braggart
Max Maus
Max Musterman
Lars Icebear
Otto Muskel
Charles Champion
Christian Fritz
Thin Boi

Women’s Coxed Eight
Mazoga Ork
Arrrnita Pirate
Marianne Muskelprotz
Sandra Slave
Marrrgery Pirate
Parrrmela Pirate
Serrrena Pirate
Sarrrah Pirate
Bernadette Boulimia

Both women and men of this beautiful sport of grinning elegance in the water, have as much grace as their makeup and swimsuits can provide. None..

Men's ensemble
Beau Beautiful
Nikki Notnude
Sergei Lafemme
Clark Clickbait
Quark Kent
Arthur Adonis
David Goliath
Marquis Warren

The women's hateful eight
Abigail Geil
Caroline Calosit
Vera Virginia
Paula Pork
Femke Fatal
Sonja Harding
Barbara Bodypaint
Daisy Domergue

RP-Permissions: Everything allowed that is not breaking the game
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Trigramme TSA
National Anthem Onze Volken (to the tune of the 'Thaxted' section of Gustav Holst's Jupiter)
Opening Ceremony Flag Bearer Sofia Antonis (Swimming) & Janus Christiaan (Equestrian)
Chef de Mission Lukas Kindvannikolas

The name
The Sarian is the common English title, with Sarian, The Sari Union, Saria, The Saarian or The Saari Union variants of varying commonality.
De BondSaari (literally, the Union Saari) is the common native title, with increasing use in English.
De Bondtlanden van de Saari (literally, the United Lands - often translated as nations - of the Saari) is the full official title.
Saari or Sari are the most widely used demonyms, though Sarian is occasionally used by some foreigners.
The names all refer to the Saari people - an ethnic group united by The Sarian.

Artistic Swimming

Men's Team
Hugo Mooi
Lukas Ooste
Luc Vrij
Frank Kindvanbaart
Fabian Blouw
Heindrik Attatroom
Alfons Beau
Johannes Goedman
Pascal Trent (Reserve)

Women's Team
Izi Schapentendeur
Josephine Hajes
Marjan Liefdehoed
Daphne Kindvanjodi
Trudi Davenhaven
Felicia Bruen
Mariska Gouden
Isabella Gemalin
Catharina Tonder (Reserve)

Water Polo

Men's Team
#1 - Dirk Hume - GK
#2 - Gerlach Steenbrouw - D
#3 - Pauwel Kindvanjohannes (c) - D
#4 - Jaap Lustaven - D
#5 - Rik Jaspar - D
#6 - Mehdi Hussein - CF
#7 - Noach Farkash - D
#8 - Michael Laurel - CB
#9 - Kobus DeBruut - CB
#10 - Adriaan Daarm - CF
#11 - Maikel Lustaven - D
#12 - Tom Buituas - CB
#13 - Herman Henk - GK

Women's Team
#1 - Mariska Josteur - GK
#2 - Johanna Vogel - D
#3 - Ruth Vriend - CB
#4 - Antje Vrijdhe - CB
#5 - Mathilde Kwourt - CB
#6 - Marjan Jetter - CF
#7 - Jantje Boventie - CF
#8 - Jacobine Nefar - CB
#9 - Beatrix Tucanviul - D
#10 - Margaretha Joachim (c) - CF
#11 - Helga Hijgluch - D
#12 - Han Nuo - D
#13 - Eden Mone - GK

3x3 Basketball

Men's Team
#1 - Bran Kroningdam
#2 - Julius Smid
#3 - Jakob Berg
#4 - Brett Kindvandoenauld

Women's Team
#1 - Ingrid Zwarte
#2 - Jakoba Schbel
#3 - Imke Bondstad
#4 - Jo Stuurvel

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Men's Group
Jonah Blauw
Petr Pieztuon
Louis Kong
Beau Jager
Robin Jager
Mathieu Bondstad (alternate)

Women's Group
Alijah Jeent
Diana Kay
Liese Rietdekkeur
Henriette Milan
Saarina DeSaari
Cecilia Bient (alternate)


Men's Coxed Eight
Francis Ziezah
Beurt Nedumel
Tomas Draak
Wilaam Kindvanprins
Wil Kapelaan
Aden Wilki
Marc Rykeur
Roel Kasteel

Cox: Gerald Meinedige

Women's Coxed Eight
Jesie Tollemache
Grace Middlelund
Kim Lindon
Helga Bourne
Lynn Middlelund
Christina Lourd
Eveline Kindvanhenri
Anneliese Roze

Cox: Alexandra Noord

Rugby Sevens

Men's Team
#1 - Christiaan Calvin
#2 - Pietr Lange
#3 - Leopold Bakker
#4 - Marinus Jong
#5 - Hubert Saari
#6 - Ludo Dijkman
#7 - Benjamin Valecht
#8 - Jodi Dejeuw
#9 - Nana Amoateng
#10 - Jon Zorten
#11 - Erik Kindvanluuc
#12 - Theo Ploegman

Women's Team
#1 - Sabina Witt
#2 - Ana Bondstad
#3 - Jasmine Parel
#4 - Preeta Gill
#5 - Karla Bestuurder
#6 - Maeri Brouwer
#7 - Lucie Flex
#8 - Lex Feline
#9 - Kelie Anne Smid
#10 - Hendrika Heidke
#11 - Miranda Keur
#12 - Ella Quartz

Olympic History

All Time Medal Winners

# Name Sport G S B T
1 Zed Davies Gymnastics 3 - - 3
2 Percival Colbert Equestrian 2 2 2 6
3 William Castillion Gymnastics 2 1 1 4
4 Matilda York Equestrian 2 - 1 3
5 Ewart Castro Gymnastics 2 - - 2
= Alfie Heath Gymnastics 2 - - 2
= Michael Balfour Gymnastics 2 - - 2
= Philip Low Gymnastics 2 - - 2
9 Charlotte Rees-Mogg Equestrian 1 1 2 4
= Sofia Antonis* Swimming 1 1 2 4

* Competitor in 15th Games
Medals per Games

G S B T Post.
IX Zube/Kytler Bay 7 6 7 20 16th
XI Aeropag 15 10 8 33 2nd
XIII Republica 3 9 10 22 23rd
XIV Orean/Istria 10 7 15 32 13th
Medals per Sport

Sport G S B T First Last
Athletics 7 4 5 16 IX XIV
Aquatics 6 5 7 18 IX XIV
Rowing 5 1 2 8 IX XIV
Equestrian 4 4 5 13 IX XIV
Gymnastics 3 2 4 9 XI XIV
Wrestling 2 3 0 5 IX XIV
Canoe 2 2 0 4 IX XIV
Sailing 2 0 1 3 IX XI
Badminton 1 2 1 4 IX XIII
Golf 1 1 0 2 XI XIV
Volleyball 1 1 0 2 XI XI
Taekwondo 1 0 1 2 XI XI
Weightlifting 1 0 1 2 XIV XIV
Fencing 0 2 0 2 XIII XIII
Boxing 0 1 1 2 XI XIV
Archery 0 1 0 1 XIV XIV
Shooting 0 1 0 1 XIV XIV
Judo 0 0 3 3 XIII XIV
Cycling 0 0 2 2 IX XI
Tennis 0 0 1 1 IX IX
Triathlon 0 0 1 1 XI XI

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Kean Olympic Comittee

Kit: Cyan with petrol details and Kean emblem
Flagbearer: Djiva Troudeau (Table Tennis - Women's Singles & Mixed Doubles)

Water Polo
GK: Martin Henderson
Outfielders: Kostas Nikolaou, Evgenios Cheilakis, Kostas Zikou, Marinos Ioannou, Leonidas Papastavrou, Simon Tefkrou, Ioannis Avgerinou

GK: Maria Papadimou
Outfielders: Tsabika Georgiou, Marina Kambou, Samantha Androvski, Katerina Hatzikosta, Opal Lee, Bia Layoudi, Stamatoula Kiprianou

Dimos Andreou, Pythagoras Karakosta, Peter Jacobs, Martin Deanford, Vassilis Hristou, Kimon Leontis, Markos Athineou

Markella Iouliou, Christine Radovski, Maria Sakellariou, Lydia Nicodimou, Alexandra Stamatiou, Monika Evaggelou, Georgia Manti

Minoas Archellos, Stamatis Yeoryiou, Antinoos Karipides, Leon Stamatakis, Vassilis Esteryan, Nikolaos Fasianos, Kostas Zagorou, Fanis Labrou, Ion Mastoras, Timothy Sardis, Thomas Rashford, Kleomenis Farinakis, Henderson Mikes, John Exarchos

Tina Mirou, Myrto Hatzistavros, Eleonora Tavraki, Lia Sfina, Paraskevi Skoufa, Maritina Josef, Vassiliki Srofa, Zinovia Harmani, Jo Ugumbe, Fei Paris, Josephine Katsouli, Domenika Stavrovic, Dimitra Helms, Nicole Roda

Rhytmic Gymnastics
Meropi Konsta, Adia Halkiti, Anett Karali, Voula Angelou, Pella Georgiou, Lela Tzouli

Indoor Volleyball
Euristhenes Karpetis, Maurice Verdan, Vikentzos Tabouris, Markos Skotsezou, Friedric Cion, Nikos Nikolaou, Alexander Williams-Andreou, Dimitris Rambas, George Alkionis

Georgia Spiringi, Jayelle Sprinderson, Ursulla Elmanou, Sofia Papapavlou, Olymbia Ksifia, Marika Tzofra, Ioulia Pridezi, Stella Hatzi, Maro Dimitri

The officials that will accompany our delegation are:
Swimming: Maria Tivellou & Kostantinos Alkeou
Skateboard: Melpo Nikola
Football: Aris Henderson
Athletics: Klelia Karakosta, Vaggelis Traianou
Triathlon: Sophia Iona
Weightlifting: Vladimir Elyakov

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Postby Augusticinia » Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:01 am

Augusticinian Olympic Delegation

Trigram: AUG
Standard Uniform: Light Blue Gradient to White with Black Ouroboros Crest
Flag Bearers: Aki Todorenko (Fencing) - Romala Anatoli (Badminton)
Head of Delegation: Stefanina Zizek (Former Augusticinian Tennis Player)

Augusticinian Men's Water Polo
Head Coach: Francisco Huerta
Team Captain: Martin Kirkendall
No. Name                Pos.
1. Andreas Cholupitz GK
2. Jean Peroit W
3. Estan Truskolaski W
4. Ophir Wolff FP
5. Andre Vermeil W
6. Martin Kirkendall D
7. Rashid Chekhov D
8. Jan Schooner W
9. Daiki Kawasaki D
10. Teo Shiota CB
11. Albert Distin CF
12. Giorno Ricezzi FP
13. Sergio Lupano GK

Augusticinian Women's Basketball
Head Coach: Diana Cooke
Team Captain: Elena Krushevska
No. Name               Pos.
1. Lisa Mayorga C
2. Thangam Lee F
3. Vanya Myoleja F
4. Elena Krushevska SG
5. Clara Sharne SF
6. Olivia Ortiz C
7. Yesmin Ramous SG
8. Maria Kalkowski PG
9. Lee Rosenthal C
10. Victoria Messina PF

Augusticinian Men's Handball
Head Coach: Fabian Zorilla
Team Captain: Elias Moselle
No. Name                  Pos.
1. Damian Kindl GK
2. Viktor Rzada GK
3. Elias Moselle LB
4. Arjun Pichelin RB
5. Paolo Calloni CB
6. Geza Ismailov CB
7. Alessandro Cancrino LW
8. Alexin Makro LW
9. Johann MacBrayne RW
10. Frank Schipper P
11. Anthony Regius P
12. Anant Prasad CF
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Postby Hopal » Thu Jul 29, 2021 2:21 pm

Teams and Non-Roster Information

Trigram: HOP
National Anthem: Hope is on the Horizon
Standard Uniform: Red with Yellow Text and Stripes on the Arms
Flag Bearers: Mack Roy (Rowing) and Helen Hernandez (Cycling)
President of the Hopalian Olympic Committee: Lucy Gurnaveses
Vice Presidents of the Hopalian Olympic Committee: Bob Ingram and Helen Fernando
Chief of the Delegation: Mike Ashcroft

Men's Water Polo Team
Goalkeepers: Brian Niche, Kalvin Goren
Defence: Justin Cantor, David Marks, Jacob Fischer, Klement Ohaluese, Kayden Juris, Lance Duvaillier
Offence: Glen Howden, James Nylund, Josh Tinordi, Jason Botsford

Women's Water Polo Team
Goalkeepers: Marian Howbeck, Justina Duval
Defence: Irene Marie, Irene Taso, Helena Barch, Lina Conway, Kaylee Convulier, Janie de Graas
Offence: Olivia Torenski, Kira Govelese, Laura Leswig, Dagmar Holtovski, Karen Holt

Men's Baseball Team
Pitchers: Luke Glenns, Mark Fast, Mason Jordan, Jonathan Donvali, David Monty, Fred Monty, Kevin Juneau, Hendricks Turnova, Claydon Monson, Joe Gardiner, Paul Fumanna, Kerry Overhardt
Position Players: Jeff Baum (Catcher), Larry Hadfield (First Base), Gavin Travis (Second Base), Martin Calis (Third Base), Jason Levant (Shortstop), Juan Mariola (Right Field), Casey Gumal (Centre Field), Juan Chavez (Left Field), Lars Niemi (DH), Carl Litchfield (Catcher), Marcus Boyno (Outfield), Clayson Moran (Infield)

Women's Softball Team
Pitchers: Clara Fuguay, Polly Ijima, Helen Karsino, Allison Lee
Position Players: Jess O'Hallen (Catcher), Cindy Gumal (First Base), Maria Oscunova (Second Base), Marsha Calis (Third Base), Kaylee Mexin (Shortstop), Irene Dorine (Right Field), Helen McIntyre (Centre Field), Kayla Guaryee (Left Field), Helen Dumont (Infield), Olivia Stefanova (Catcher), Janet Carson (Outfield)

Men's Football Team
Goalkeepers: Adrian Turcotte, Alex Gargin
Defenders: Henry Gowen, Mark Crawford, Ugan Dua, George Herbert
Midfielders: Garrett Golden, Justin Sanchez, Justin Gubre, Jake Gonchar, Don Duble, Joseph Anderson, Kevin Bird, Harris Frey
Attackers: Tommy Sanchez, Peter Fikudal, Fred Goule

Women's Football Team
Goalkeepers: Henrietta Duval, Joilee Parik
Defenders: Helen Briere, Lucy Anderson, Allison Terrace, Kaylee Haboshinter
Midfielders: Kay Redford, Helen Hernandez, Wendy Stein, Jill Guyola, Kaylee Marks, Olivia Smith, Urina Iliscova, Leia Germanova
Attackers: Kelly Hart, Nina Duval, Yura Ninocava

There will be four officials accompanying the delegation to Electrum they are:
Swimming: Constance Hyrama
Athletics: Joe Marleau, Kaylee Jardin
Cycling: Oliver Misernden

RP Permissions
If you RP first you can do pretty much anything as long as it does not majorly affect the team or their next match. Feel free to telegram me if you are planning on doing something major though.
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Postby Waisnor » Sat Jul 31, 2021 10:25 am

Men's Basketball

Team Name: Waisnor Herons

Name                                  Age      Position      Hometown 
#1 David Saveliev 21 C Budslav
#5 Alexander Kotovich 32 PF Lida
#11 Yuri Tarasenko 29 SF Ruzhany
#14 Egor Okorokov 24 SG Slonim
#24 Ruslan Baradulin 30 PG Miory
#8 Oleg Topinka 25 C Grodno
#4 Valery Klimov 19 C Novogrudok
#12 Roman Grigoryan 32 F Lida
#2 Andrey Shilovsky 23 F Novogrudok
#13 Igor Pinchura 22 G Vileika
#7 Ivan Emkov 24 G Volkovysk
#9 Andrey Fedkov 24 G Grodno

Flag-bearer: Lyudmila Tatarevich (Judo, Women's over 73 kg)
Anthem: This)
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81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36
88 = 24th/32
89 = 16th/37
90 = 8th/35
91 = 9th/30
92 = 8th/29

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Sargossa » Sat Jul 31, 2021 1:15 pm

The Sargossa delegation to the Games of the XV Olympiad

Trigramme: SRG
Governing Body: Olympic Authority of Sargossa (OAS)
Chef de Mission: Martín Saavedra
Flag Bearer(s): Martina Gayoso (Cycling) & Gael Magrina (Athletics)
Kit: Predominately dark blue. White down the right flank, with the black trident featured
National Anthem: ‘Sargossa Unite’

Historical Medal Tally
Nation                    Gold   Silver  Bronze  Total
Sargossa 87 73 77 237

Medal Tally by Sport
Sport                     Gold   Silver  Bronze  Total
Athletics 40 31 24 95
Badminton 2 1 0 3
Boxing 4 4 10 18
Canoeing 1 2 5 8
Cycling 1 1 1 3
Diving 2 1 0 3
Equestrian 0 4 2 6
Fencing 1 0 2 3
Football 0 1 0 1
Golf 0 0 2 2
Gymnastics 1 1 1 3
Judo 1 2 2 5
Rowing 0 1 0 1
Sailing 0 0 1 1
Shooting 4 3 3 10
Surfing 1 0 0 1
Swimming 21 16 14 51
Table Tennis 1 0 0 1
Taekwondo 2 0 2 4
Tennis 2 0 4 6
Volleyball 2 2 0 4
Weightlifting 1 3 1 5
Wrestling 0 0 3 3
Total 87 73 77 237

For decades the autocratic rulers of Sargossa have pumped resources into sport, reasoning that if the population is participating in or simply enjoying a vast array of sporting events it would serve to distract from their lack of political freedoms. While the likes of football, athletics, aquatics, volleyball, tennis, boxing and golf are the dominant forces on the nation’s sporting landscape, every Olympic discipline has a professional foothold to some degree in Sargossa.

Multi-sport events have captured the imagination too, with the biannual Island Games scratching that itch in non-Olympics years. The Island Games have since been retired in favour of the much larger Games of the Greater Republic. The Games of the Greater Republic are a slightly scaled down Olympics that is held every four years, at the halfway point of the Olympic cycle. But the Olympics themselves remain the ultimate prize in the eyes of Sargossa’s athletes. The tournament along the Terranean Coast will mark the eleventh time the nation has competed on the biggest stage of all. The OAS have set their target, a top ten finish and thirty medals.


Artistic Swimming

Men’s Team:

Women’s Team:

Felipa Costa

Ashley Saelices
Fátima Fernandino
Micaela Morillo
Emma Fonseca
Laura Sofía Vera
Emily Manzanedo
Sofía Pomar
Evangelina Berganza

Water Polo

Men’s Team:

Abel Gallo

Name Pos
Patricio Alcabú GK
Pedro Figueroa LW
Ernesto Muñoz LD
Joel Sarmiento (C) P
Sebastian Carita RD
Angel Pozo RW
Gonzalo Arboleda CF
Simón Tamayo GK
Zacarías Céspedes LW
Jesús Noboa P
Sergio Tejedor CF
Paúl Dávalos RD
Women’s Team:

Gonzalo Mina

Name Pos
Alessandra Martínez (C) GK
Ashley Pozo LW
Alina Secada LD
Stephanie Montes P
Ana Sofia Gaos RD
Encarnación Alarcón RW
Isabel San Martín CF
Melanie Yepes GK
Sara Sofía Palacio LW
Paola Ocampo P
Alina Alcocer CF
Melina Tassis RD


Men’s Team:

Benjamín López

Name Pos
Isaac Curbelo (C) SF
Armando Costa PF
Juan Diego Mancebo C
Eustacio Graciani PG
Carmelo Prats SG
Matthew Alcocer SG
Ignacio Sánchez C
Jonatán Laguna PG
Mario Muñoz PF
Agustín Cambeiro SF
Women’s Team:

Juan Manuel Zoido

Name Pos
Ana Aguinaldo PG
Luisa París (C) SG
Ana Gaona PF
Alana Botín SF
Paloma Elvira C
Vanessa Leoz PG
Estela Gálvez SF
Eduarda Atenas SG
Allison Puig C
Eduarda Fonseca PF

Men’s 3x3 Team:

Joel Mariano

Abram Santángel
Juan Zorita
Cristian Lain
Matthew Collazo
Women’s 3x3 Team:

Raquel Rouco

Maya López
Rosa Arrabal
Evangelina Espinar
Julieta Gaona

Baseball / Softball

Men’s Baseball Team:

José Alarcón

Name Pos
Camilo Andino P
Tomás Rodríguez P
Guillermo Palau P
Patricio Gaona P
Valentín Alcocer P
Víctor Tamayo P
Juan David Rouco P
Bruno Sánchez P
Antonio Cotilla P
Simón Villacrés P
Gustavo Amengual I
Hector Collazo I
Nicolás Espiga I
Guillermo Montreal I
Víctor Rasgado I
Édgar Tasis I
Felipe Velázquez O
Bautista Alemán O
Ricardo Aguinaldo O
Ernesto Galán O
Macos Lain O
Alfredo Pozo DH
Joaquin Pardo C
Gerardo Coronil C
Women’s Softball Team:

Leila Ferrant

Name Pos
Amaya Montreal P
Luna Aparicio P
Asunción Costa P
Virginia Gisbert C
Concepción Cicerón C
Bianca Beldad C
Constanza Varela I
Alma Encarnación I
Talía Galán I
Alexia Yepes I
Octavia Venegas I
Bella Aguayo O
Candela Martí O
Yvonne Palau O
Rebeca Tejedor O


Men’s Team:

Eduardo Larrea

Name Pos
Zacarías Cotilla GK
Tobías Figueroa RWB
Joaquín Sanz CB
*Juan Esnáider (C) CB
Sebastián Cáceres CB
Alfonso Barrueco LWB
Martín de la Cavallería CM
*Adrián Fonseca CM
Facundo Franco CM
Juan Pablo Montenegro CF
*Tomas Murillo CF
Ramon Alemán GK
Zacarías Cambeiro DC
Stefano Leguizamo DC
Édgar Arrabal CM
Jorge Sarmiento CM
Jaime Rubio CF
Jeremías Saavedra CF

* denotes overage player
Women’s Team:

Édgar Luque

Name Pos
Luana Ocampo (C) GK
Sara Encarnación RWB
Gloria Cambeiro CB
Amaya Coronil CB
Lilian Pareja CB
Marta Alemán LWB
María Fernanda Tafalla CM
Perla Berganza CM
Isabella Gisbert CM
Iris Botín CF
Mariangel Pozo CF
Estrella Cadaval GK
Sabrina Capmani CB
Serena Franco CB
Fabiana Romero CM
Brisa Cicerón CM
Maite Ferrant CF
Graciela Figueroa CF

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Men’s Team:

Women’s Team:

Marisol Alvarado

Luisa Velázquez
Jazmín Palacio
Paula Rasgado
Penélope Indiano
María José Xirau


Men’s Team:

Alberto Vera

Name Pos
Rolando Escribano GK
Andrés Dengra RB
Felipe Ordóñez CB
Lautaro Juderías (C) LB
Alonzo Gálvez RW
Stefano Gaona P
Juan José Pomar LW
Miguel Ángel Graciani GK
Armando Mastache RB
Héctor Berganza CB
César Fraga LB
Máximo Gaos RW
Francisco Carballal P
Rafael Leoz LW
Women’s Team:

Salvador Carballal

Name Pos
Constanza Montenegro GK
Celeste París RB
Valeria Alguacil CB
Maria José Garrido LW
Melissa Curbelo (C) RW
Mia París P
Fernanda Leguizamo LW
Abril Tejedor GK
Encarnación Sáenz RB
Alexandra Luque CB
Victoria Pareja LB
Veronica Quesada RW
Débora Correa P
Micaela Mancebo LW


Men’s Team:

Juan Manuel Guillén

Name Pos
Valentino Manzanedo GK
Alfredo Hurtado RB
Santino Manzanares RH
Franco Ruiz (C) LH
Matthew Mina LB
Miguel Piñón IR
Rafael Arrabal M
Carlos Peters IL
Camilo Fernán RW
Adam Mariano CF
Lautaro Cortés LW
Julian Morillo GK
Luc Morterero RH
Lautaro Prats M
Eric del Pozo LW
Isaías Andrews CF
Women’s Team:

Julia Arias

Name Pos
Yolanda Casey GK
Allison Leoz RB
Mónica Venegas RH
Cristina Berrocal LH
Emilia Arboleda LB
Morena Matthews IR
Samantha Velázquez (C) M
Juanita Lain IL
Magdalena San Martín RW
Inmaculada Atenas CF
Angélica Sarmiento LW
Valentina Coronil GK
Nazarena Andino LH
Liliana Mead M
Laura Sofía Barrios RW
Ximena Tafalla CF


Men’s Coxed Eight:

Raúl Pliego

Axel Rasgado
Ezequiel Noboa
César Andrade
Christian Puig
Jonatán Indiano
Valentín Sancho
Serafín Illescas
Lucas Mariano
Rubén Miralles
Women’s Coxed Eight:

Tomás Cortés

Frida Encarnación
Catalina Beldad
Eliana Leguizamo
Lucia Gisbert
Mariangel Muñoz
Allison Nores
Carolina Montes
Mia Águila
Ximena García

Rugby Sevens

Men’s Team:

Lucas Tamayo

Name Pos
Jeremías Carter P
Agustín Illescas H
Damián Dwyer P
Oscar Sancho (C) SH
César Montes FH
Hugo de la Cruz C
Tomás Carter W
Óliver Pliego P
Jason Prats H
Emiliano Magrina FH
Máximo Figueroa SH
Lucas Alvarado W
Alfredo Curbelo C
Women’s Team:

Martín Richards

Name Pos
Ariana Palacio (C) P
Covadonga McGowen H
Isabela Arrabal P
Mariangel Sanz SH
Claire Seco FH
Daniela Palau C
Priscila Ureña W
Liliana Puig W
Brenda Fernán FH
Engracia Aguinaldo C
Elisa Venegas H
Manuela Ferrant P
Julie Andrade SH

Indoor Volleyball

Men’s Team:

Julio Gaos

Name Pos
Lautaro Tasis S
Juan Esteban Galán OH
Gael Capmany MH
Lucho Encarnación OPH
Tobías Muñoz L
Justin Fonseca (C) DS
Valentín Berganza S
Umberto Saelices OH
Matías Valerio DS
Gonzalo Pardo MH
Víctor Espina L
Adrián Gutiérrez OPH
Women’s Team:

Alexia Yepes

Name Pos
Natalia Yepes S
Violeta González OH
Abril Montenegro MH
Ximena Pousa OPH
Rafaela Garrido (C) L
Julia Obregón DS
Carla Barrueco DS
Gabriela Gisbert OPH
Antonella Piñón S
Giuliana Villacrés DS
Salomé Semprún MH
Antonia Zorita L
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Postby Beaverriver » Sat Jul 31, 2021 2:40 pm

Beaver River Olympic Team
Trigramme: BVR
Entries: 320
Colors: Green and Blue
Flagbearers: Anna Evered (Women's Archery) and Kjell Blue (Men's Mountain Biking)
Last Olympics:First Olympics

Men's Basketball
Pos	No.	Name	                        Age	State	
G 4 Jimmie MacKay 25 Memé
G 15 Suibhne Faerber 27 Norch
G 6 Lane Bretz 21 Forestly
F 3 Bleda Quijano 19 Caroe
C 17 Pedr Shaw 27 Vereen

G 24 Theudoricus Christoffersen 23 Forestly
G 36 Ingi Meeuwsen 24 Bunnifon
F 1 Halli Villar 21 Bunnifon
F 0 Andebert Linden 20 Siuthou
F 3 John Pardo 18 Caroe
C 9 Carletib Cummins 24 Sound
C 21 Manfred Sandler 30 Forset
Women's Basketball
Pos	No.	Name	        Age	State	
G 0 Magda MacNeil 29 Siuthou
G 5 Josepha Yancy 25 Caroe
F 13 Eliza Spitz 26 Norch
F 4 Samantha Sparks 23 Siuthou
C 3 Brynja Gatsby 30 Bunnifon

G 1 Torny Bolivar 21 Capital District
G 23 Renie Adkins 29 Vereen
G 12 Inga Rennoll 28 Norch
F 2 India Jansink 21 Siuthou
F 22 Nerissa Coemans 23 Forestly
C 14 Sophie Vogts 25 Norch
C 21 Kaydence Brason 27 Sound

Men's Baseball
Pos	No.	Name	                Age	State	                Throws	Bats
C 2 Shaw Severijns 26 Bunnifon R R
1B 3 Geraint Keil 24 Vereen R R
2B 4 Dillan Arnold 29 Forestly R R
SS 5 Thorbjørn Raines 30 Forset L L
3B 6 Åsmund Montgomery 32 Norch R R
LF 7 Kobus Sanchez 27 Caroe L L
CF 8 Duke Wilkinson 22 Bunnifon R R
RF 9 Ivar Patterson 24 Bunnifon R R
DH 12 Villum Svendsen 23 Norch L L
C 11 Siemen Akselsen 22 Siuthou R R
IF 19 Ebbe Baines 19 Sound R R
OF 17 Matthew Strand 25 Vereen R R

Opener 1 Lambert Ogtrop 27 Vereen R R
SP 10 Clemens Peacock 25 Sound L L
SP 27 Andre Anaaijer 26 Bunnifon L L
SP 18 Helmut Scarlett 26 Capital District R R
RP 14 Jervis Ness 30 Caroe L L
RP 13 Greyson Feldt 29 Forestly R R
RP 15 Bjartr Roijackers 21 Memé R R
RP 16 Dominicus Arts 22 Vereen R R
Closer 99 Hólmgeirr Hintzen 33 Norch L L
Women's Softball
Pos	No.	Name	                Age	State	                Bats	Throws
C 2 Phillis Thorpe 32 Siuthou L L
1B 3 Sky Hilam 23 Forset R R
2B 4 Ginger Hiedler 30 Norch R R
SS 5 Heike Hall 31 Caroe R L
3B 6 Emma Constable 33 Capital District R R
LF 7 Ida Mallory 24 Capital District R R
CF 8 Catrine Farmer 21 Bunnifon L R
RF 9 Marjolein González 22 Caroe R R
SP 1 Gardenia Fischer 28 Forestly R R
SP 0 Mireia Head 19 Norch L L
RP 10 Eileen Thomassen 36 Sound L L
RP 11 Sibyl Villar 29 Vereen R R
Closer 99 Miriam Arts 35 Bunnifon R R
C 12 Elsie Stuber 25 Giltopia R R

Men's Football
Pos	No.	Name	                Age	Club
GK 0 Austen Hall 32 Eviliton EFC
LB 4 Filib Noguera 27 Salvan City
CB 3 Sky Cockburn 22 Astoa SC
CB 5 Manuel Lindquist 29 Oparea City
RB 2 Ferdinand Von Eier 23 Corvan United
CDM 7 Arnt Brooke 30 Timbers 75
CDM 6 Alvis Bergström 28 Wes TY
LW 14 Mervin Maier 25 Elkhausen Town
CAM 10 Bran Otis 23 Wes TY
RW 13 Saxon Gil 29 Eviliton EFC
ST 9 Jeremiah Küchler 21 Elkhausen Town

GK 1 Parris Priestley 25 Quetzin City
GK 99 Fedelmid Scott 20 Timbers 75
FB 21 Patrick Steele 22 Klnahu FC
FB 27 Evan Hamm 25 Corvan United
CB 12 Andre Vang 31 Salvan City
CB 43 Kairo Dunkel 27 Wes TY
LM 42 Whitaker Remington 19 Baeten SC
CM 22 August Rome 27 ITT Sound
RM 20 Ingi Adam 26 Quetzin City
ST 18 Ceferino Hughes 23 Wes TY
ST 19 Rylee Bolivar 33 Salvan City
Women's Football
Pos.	No.	Name	                Age	Club
GK 1 Klara Spearing 32 Wes TY
CB 4 Jone Pauwels 22 Nosbach
CB 5 Hedy Hartmann 24 Eviliton EFC
CB 9 Pleasance Mac Griogair 29 Timbers 75
LM 6 Noor Baumgarten 26 Quetzin City
CDM 2 Kaylyn Spijket 27 Corvan United
CAM 96 Maruxa Wang 35 Salvan City
RM 44 Cecilia Schmeling 34 Astoa SC
LW 32 Viona Allan 19 AFC Kawall
ST 3 Seona Waterman 31 Timbers 75
RW 10 Dorothea Nixon 22 ITT Sound

GK 0 Amy Niftrik 27 Kilnahu FC
GK 99 Kylie Werner 20 Corvan United
LB 8 Glenys Segers 30 Elkhausen Town
CB 7 Janina Thorpe 24 Wes TY
RB 11 Erna Northrop 31 Salvan City
LM 24 Ashley Sjögren 19 Oparea City
CM 13 Martie Both 31 Eviliton EFC
CAM 15 Astrid Otxoa 22 Astoa SC
RW 12 Janetta Lovell 24 Wes TY
ST 19 Hanne Ready 22 Eviliton EFC
ST 98 Arianna Frederiksen 27 Salvan City

Alternate in italics
Men's Rhythmic Gymnastic
No.     Name	                       Age	State
1 Caelan Pereiro 27 Vereen
2 Owain Hummel 24 Vereen
3 Sonny Smedley 25 Sound
4 Valdemar Großel 21 Capital District
5 Malechor Bentsen 23 Siuthou
A Rumpelstilzchen Trengove 20 Bunnifon
Women's Rhythmic Gymnastic
No.     Name	        Age     State
1 Jennie Sneiders 21 Giltopia
2 Elke Atwater 24 Norch
3 Syd Falk 27 Vereen
4 Amanda Iversen 19 Vereen
5 Else Foster 18 Vereen
A Carrie Young 29 Sound

Men's Rowing Coxed Eight
No.     Name	                Age     State
1 Montana Hodges 31 Vereen
2 Callahan Kraus 29 Forestly
3 Hieronymus Lorenz 24 Forestly
4 Bertrand Spalding 25 Norch
5 Boudewijn Travers 20 Norch
6 Abner Lindsey 24 Sound
7 Norbert Love 26 Sound
8 Othmar Milford 29 Capital District
Cox Ruadh Fry 34 Siuthou
Women's Rowing Coxed Eight
No.     Name	                Age	State
1 Marie Jans 21 Sound
2 Melitta Boquist 27 Bunnifon
3 Katy Appelhof 26 Forestly
4 Oline Holmwood 29 Vereen
5 Jacki Guldbrandsen 32 Forestly
6 Reba Roberts 24 Siuthou
7 Hellen Raskob 28 Norch
8 Encarnita Jansen 25 Caroe
Cox Marlies Brant 36 Sound

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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Jul 31, 2021 3:56 pm


DCS: Diarcesia (Team Diarcesian; unified)
WOC: Wochaystein

RP Permissions, Should Opponent Post First

Default: Mirror - If it's allowed to your athletes, then it's allowed to mine. Permissions posted in this thread will be checked.

If no opponent RP permissions are posted:
Choose Lineup: Yes
Choose Goalscorers: Yes
RP Match Events: Yes
Penalties: Yes, if no fines or suspensions are involved. Otherwise, consult. Notify me if penalties are made against my players.
Godmod for Comedy: Yes
Godmod for Tragedy: Yes for injuries that last for the event being played. Otherwise, consult.
Godmod other events: Yes
Storyline-Related RP: Consult

Full Nation Name: Monarchia Diarcesium (The Monarchy Diarcesian)
Trigram: DCS
Chrysolyncophorus (Flagbearer): Edward Patrick (Men's Weightlifting, 73 kg)
Anthem: Diarcesians Here, Now, and Forever (lyricless)
Monarch: Phlegomy
Archon of Sports (de facto): Adrast, King of Chiyginia and Heptarch Diarcesian
Head of the Olympic Committee: Henry Gorch
Head of Mission: Meonias Janus Constant
Debut Appearance: Summer XIII Olympiad

Neelam Patel
Miss Montalvo
Ornat Ellsworth
Novemea Arenem
Riley Marshall
Trista Sharpe
Victor Antonoff
Danilo Rivera
Archelaus Butcus

ARTISTIC SWIMMING: 8 athletes + 1 reserve ( minimum 8 )

Nicholas Coleman
Yannis Stodromum
Kevin Rivera
Bartholomew Munson
Ralmhal Rahaerys
Stan Papas
Robert Tepes
Gebahard Atsma
Isret B'ecter (reserve)

Kasi Howard
Jing Lee
Desdemona Zatara
Chun Pawuo
Lairrl el-Mofty
Pharaildis Scheer
Hlirdynea Ondydas
Emilia Hills
Adriarulia McKellar (reserve)

WATER POLO: 13 (7 starting)
Caramel Dawn

[GK] Stephen Hooker
[GK] Clayton Richarding
[C] Ratnam Ceratum
[C] Lan Chai
[C] Samuel Alpin
[Attack] Oļegs Armando
[Attack] Matthew Dardan
[Attack] Raelor Osto
[Attack] Ansobert Combs
[Defender] Sans Hawking
[Defender] Cobrand Beck
[Defender] Kasey Adam
[Defender] Boitumelo Caphet

[GK] Autumn Gale
[GK] Starry Dusk
[C] Eventide
[C] Summerwhisper
[C] Cloud Sweeper
[Attack] Euphine
[Attack] Sunrise Majesty
[Attack] Dawning May
[Attack] Little Petit
[Defender] Geneva
[Defender] Reverie
[Defender] Cadence Harmonia
[Defender] Moonlight Idyll

Men’s and Women’s: 12 (5 starting)

Aurélien Guérin
Menelas Abspoel

[C] Gearóid Navarro
[PF] Eropeus Tills
[SF] Thingwald Moores
[SG] Dorian Donaghue
[PG] Aerymarys Lanon
[C] Mike Drakul
[C] Inerrelos Famoishpi
[F] Priam Samaras
[F] Zephyr Stephanid
[G] Alvis Terry
[G] Sebastian Brown
[G] Yuri Ottosen

[C] Alda Rybář
[PF] Kaylee Mercia
[SF] Yi Zhao
[SG] Rosalie Ordives
[PG] Courtney Williams
[C] Emily Dasus
[C] Silvija Chvátal
[F] Leocadia Koenig
[F] Zelda Myrtle
[G] Wídwyn Thomas
[G] Mary Dorma
[G] Alexandra Albertisca

Men’s 3x3 and Women’s 3x3: 4 (3 starting)
Takis Blasid
Livian Blandus Darius
Luitpold Parsamyan
Aelon Eärtardur

Megan Ligocorax
Marina Driscoll
Jennifer Rodriguez
Enona Philliping

BASEBALL: 24 – 12 pitchers, 12 position players (10 starting, including a DH which is required under Olympic rules)

[Manager] Llew Ebner
[Assistant Coach] Bo Kwok
[First Base] Theano Sethiscus
[Second Base] Erle Avery
[Third Base] Ning Guan
[SS] Su Hekkitsowe
[LF] Atlantes Voldemort
[CF] Harper Yumizuka
[RF] Sujay Vinković
[Catcher] Eugamène Forest
[IF] Cuthbert Ivanoff
[DH] Joseph Lancaster
[IF] Marc Pellé
[IF] Avidan of Metanoea
[IF] Theuth Megalus
[OF] Parmenio Rading
[OF] Nystul Alfaro
[OF] Kewasaron Ajam
[Pitcher-RHP] Kalev McFarland
[Pitcher-LHP] Europe Justice
[Pitcher-RHP] Athanass McCauley
[Pitcher-RHP] Madrdel Nyrmalvel
[Pitcher-LHP] Zedong Jia
[Pitcher-RP] Cobrand Armistead
[Pitcher-RP] Modesto Cynigemat
[Pitcher-RP] Om Massey
[Pitcher-CP] Ninoslas Chorvatski
[Pitcher-CP] Santiago Ammonite
[Catcher] Renthas Sereilo
[Catcher] Harry Rodriguez

Starting Lineup
1. T. Sethiscus
2. E. Avery
3. N. Guan
4. H. Yumizuka
5. S. Vinković
6. C. Ivanoff
7. S. Hekkitsowe
8. A. Voldemort
9. J. Lancaster
Starting Pitcher: A. McCauley

SOFTBALL: 15 (9 starting)
[Coach] Rido Garavito
Heptagora Adam
Anthemie Babineaux
Tiffany Lewis
Laura Appelhof
Callixena Michelack
Ella Crafter
Dalia Anytack
Floretta Christiansdaughter
Amun Aido
Theodora Badem
Egla Sidirurge
Sorceress Duncan
Anna Blundell
Roxane Chauvin
Delia Migemare

Men’s and Women’s: 18 (11 starting) + 4 alternates
[Coach] Selaerys Varnewen
[GK] Lukas Dupont
[GK] Montjoy Bates
[Left Back] Sanrenen Helyanwëenil
[Center Back] Vanarr Hyarna
[Center Back] Taliesyn Viserys
[Center Back] Cleopas Alfreding
[Right Back] Aristodemus Stan
[Right Back] Taecenys Carnon
[Left Wing] Thomas Mandril
[Left Wing] Leopold Foster
[Central Midfielder] Beauden Danell
[Central Midfielder] Arnwulf Bebread
[Central Midfielder] Jaereron Mindonwë
[Right Wing] Lonnie Beckham
[Right Wing] Constantine Kędzierski
[Striker] Milo Enemaus
[Striker] Elfric Holland
[Striker] Elatus Skorzeny

[Coach] Mbali Schwartz
[GK] Séverine Krückel
[GK] Arianna Hyde
[Left Back] Bodehasa Onmom
[Center Back] Białypełka Adamczak
[Center Back] Lauren Williams
[Center Back] Thrasia Pesaresi
[Right Back] Tasha Shipsmate
[Right Back] Yoana Patrick
[Left Wing] Alexis Mahto
[Left Wing] Apollonia Coccinus
[Central Midfielder] Maria Vittoria McCormick
[Central Midfielder] Jessica John
[Central Midfielder] Charis Giannopulus
[Right Wing] Saerya Martissë
[Right Wing] Ramatka Tilki
[Striker] Azzurra Sobol
[Striker] Adriarulia Sacagrius
[Striker] Albany Lewis

RHYTHMIC: 5 + 1 alternate

Terentius Maddox
Jason Michelack
Kevin Cladestelechus
Hipólito Purcell
Almisivan Gaziam
Devdas Mishra

Delia Gytridozome
Ginette Fontaine
Charissa Rose
Karin Bloodriver
Amelia Vancan
Dany Fay

Men’s and Women’s: 14 (7 starting)

[Coach] Ah Lu
[GK] Jonathan Dupont
[GK] Alfred Araragi
[Left Back] Amphimac Ray
[Left Back] Yoann Faucheux
[Central Back] Sami Robining
[Central Back] Kithden Shrertar
[Right Back] Kiran Kinnaird
[Right Back] Aetes Chow
[Right Wing] August Gupta
[Right Wing] Hector Almsivault
[CF] Hrothgar Botwright
[CF] Andrew Paleo
[Left Wing] Jake Walindon
[Left Wing] Zhou Song

[Coach] Mimi Magnus
[GK] Closime Plourde
[GK] Andy Alger
[Left Back] Bronimira Donaldsdaughter
[Left Back] Lema Matheing
[Central Back] Maya Mukherjee
[Central Back] Agrippina Johnet
[Right Back] Tyrell Flute
[Right Back] Ninlame Dilis
[Right Wing] Lu'da Sharme
[Right Wing] Flore Géroux
[CF] Yating Yang
[CF] Shannon Williams
[Left Wing] Ksenia Pokorný
[Left Wing] Imogen Mikaelson

Men’s and Women’s: 16 (11 starting) + 3 alternates
[Coach] Albino Mizutani
[GK] Lin Ho
[GK] Tyrese Beaulieu
[DEF] Hypsip Smedley
[DEF] Teby Williams
[DEF] Leonas Megalus
[DEF] John Hail
[DEF] Brian Amaral
[DEF] Prabodh Emerson
[MF] Matéo Durand
[MF] Larbi Hussain
[MF] Ning Man
[MF] Ru Synorum
[MF] Erraoönimbar Argaëron
[MF] Theodote Lyncid
[FW] Ah Xun
[FW] Marquise Arachnia
[FW] Nayden Hansen
[FW] Baesedor Felyaquen

[Coach] Suzette Guillot
[GK] Aurore Bertrand
[GK] Min Pan
[DEF] Idalia Nagarkar
[DEF] Edburg Jutska
[DEF] Marina Argyris
[DEF] Lor Martining
[DEF] Léonne Félix
[DEF] Nita Jacobing
[MF] Hortense Kjær
[MF] Dolores Tudor
[MF] Irma Saller
[MF] Deb Verity
[MF] Phigalea Pagbkawk
[MF] Carolina Lupeing
[FW] Arkonesh Modugno
[FW] Amelia Sanders
[FW] Susan Miki
[FW] Nicea Lupeing

Men’s and Women’s Coxed Eights: 9 (8 rowers + 1 cox). No alternates allowed.
Christian Metaxas
Nannd Charcam
Christian Minato
Vavthyr Nerobar
Evaristus Daniel
Ethelred Wulf
K'awiil Hobbs
Herodote Stankevich
Shelsek Cyalpin (cox)

Alyra Aldawë
Leoceda Aufip
Pika Pulkrábek
Laurel Mochizuki
Sita Pataki
Yawen Fan
Coline Delacroix
Jennifer Cutler
Basira Kazlauskas (cox)

Men’s and Women’s: 13 (7 starting)
[Coach] Tyler Adarsh
[Prop] Emilio Billaba
[Hooker] Ling Laintsu
[Prop] Yusha Janković
[Scrum-half] Buotou Hou
[Fly-half] Samir Lecter
[Center] Yan Wang
[Wing] Corentin Rey
[Prop] Christian Gonaras
[Hooker] Télesphore Leclair
[Prop] Ğnziza Tsvetanoff
[Scrum-half] Anastass Michelack
[Fly-half] Demetrius Sandeep
[Center] Theodose Lynx
[Wing] Qiu of Hewe
[Prop] Evaristus Pauliscus
[Hooker] Cobrand Sigewald

[Coach] Rainer Boehler
[Prop] Thrasia O'Murray
[Hooker] Teah Edgington
[Prop] Adevia Andrés
[Scrum-half] Shayndel Armster
[Fly-half] Adelaide Ebner
[Center] Wei Chan
[Wing] Theano Newlin
[Prop] Adrica Cuphus
[Hooker] Evelien Polemonet
[Prop] Kintyra of Bruma
[Scrum-half] Rosamund Jacksdaughter
[Fly-half] Inez Firbrand
[Center] Beatrice Techolasp
[Wing] Nomusa Hersch
[Prop] Gwenivere Georgeaux
[Hooker] Felicitas Vanaltena

INDOOR: 12 (6 starting)

Coach: Cimenelas Gagne
Belial Barrett
Rian l'Anson
Carsten Sepperin
Louis Travert
Solon Contus
Jezza Readinley
Stanislas Brož
Nicholas Spyrus
Justino Gray
Kyle Axridford
Barclay Nicholson
Hellad Colón

Coach: Anna Stewart
Shannon Holofernes
Bara Parent
Maura Mhasalkar
Olympia Patel
Talthybia Souen
Azaria Horvatinčić
Sheila Ammonite
Alexandra Ivarsdottir
Diana Drake
Anni Koszorús
Adriana Gilliam
Barbe Lémieux
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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Sat Jul 31, 2021 9:15 pm

Teremaran Unified Delegation
To The XV Olympics @ Terranean Coast-Bunjil, Electrum

Trigram Key:
TRM: Teremaran Unified Team (Teremara)
AKY: Arkyatan
ATK: Austrakia
ESP: Espicuta
FLK: Falkasia
GLS: Glisandia
GRG: Gragastavia
GUL: Terre Des Gaules (Gaul)
LCT: Lacetanya
NEG: Neu Engollon
PEW: Port Edwinn
QFY: Qasifya
QLP: Quelport
RDB: Reino Do Brazil
SRT: San Rosito
SHL: Shourhiel
TNA: Taranima
YSR: Yellow Star Republic

Flag Bearer

Juanita Decente, Port Edwinnian Pole Vaulter & Track athlete

Regional Anthem

All Over The World
By Electric Light Orchestra

Delegation Officials

The following officials are the Athletic Ministers, Directors, Deputy Officials, and equivalent positions assigned by their respective nations to the Teremaran Unified Delegation Leadership Committee (Listed Alpha by nation):

Uhek Vergorr, Senior Coach, Arkyatan
Siegfried Bahnmeyer, Federal Minister for Sport, Austrakia
Lady Elia Conde, Under Minister of Sport, Espicuta
Andro Namestikov, Falkasian Olympics Commission Director, Falkasia
Alec Beaumont, Minister of Athletics, Gaul
Arnkatla Einarsdottir, Minister of Sport & Culture, Glisandia
Muhammad Al-Fasi, Associate Commissioner of Field Engagement, Gragastavia
Mirèio Soler, Minister of Sport and Recreation, Lacetanya
Jean-Marc Koepller, Minister of Athletics, Neu Engollon
Alton Ortez, Minister of Sports, Port Edwinn
Ahmed Al-Talil, Cabinet Deputy Minister of Sport & Tourism, Qasifya
Seta Sojiro, Minister of Youth & Sport, Quelport
Fábio Pilet, Secretary of Sport, Reino Do Brazil
Colonel Bruno Salamanca de Villalobos, Departmental Secretary of Culture & Sport, San Rosito
Jett Bishop, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Shourhiel
Lady Elisabeta Kosma Ionescu Arano din Olteni, Minister of Sport, Taranima
Ivar Rolondsson, Commissar of Sports, Culture & Entertainment, Yellow Star Republic

The following teams will represent Teremara in the XV Olympics at the Terranean Coast:

Farouk Bukhari (GRG)
Jaromir Glogowski (GLS)
Gjaldar Hallbergsson (YSR)
Maciej Evaldsson (GLS)
Stancek Rodlorsson (YSR)
Mathieu Ralon (GUL)
Ricardo Galdano (NEG)
Teppo Holmqvist (FLK)

Aimo Palo (FLK)

Samar Boustani (GRG)
Jadwiga Fylkirsdottir (GLS)
Nafisa Al-Hazmi (GRG)
Helena Urmler (ATK)
Anja Solarzka (GLS)
Emilie Budreaux (GUL)
Saija Peltola (FLK)
Maren Rue (FLK)

Jin Li Descart (GUL)

GK: Georges Endargarro
L Wing: Maximillian Dufour
Hole Set: Gerhard Taralano
R Wing: Otto Hertelmann
L Flat: Kazper Hainirsson
Point: Helmut Bianchi
R Flat: Alain Becker

FW: Mateo Brodeur
FW: Tomas Krüger
FW: Hugo Chevran
FW: Matteo Cristobal
DF: Andre Gospelleti
DF: Arnaud Alfonsi
DF: Fernando Babineaux

Coach: Juliette Chao
Trainer: Alija Al-Yazim

GK: Gabbie Dechamps
L Wing: Hee Van Fuo
Hole Set: Hamsa Al-Farab
R Wing: Anne Coutrier
L Flat: Margot Sharpe
Point: Do Tong Saunier
R Flat: Rashida Al-Raheb

FW: Ameline Derosiers
FW: Odette Yu Wen
FW: Rashi Wouradienne
DF: Haritha Al-Hudeen
DF: Marie Bisconte
DF: Chantrea Phao Tram

Coach: Mihăiță Albu
Assistant: Maia Albescu

Starting Lineup:
Starting Pitcher: Constantin Albu
Starting 1st Baseman: Vlad Albu
Starting 2nd Baseman: Bartal Szombathy
Starting 3rd Baseman: Gavril Funar
Starting Shortstop: Răzvan Vasilescu
Catcher: Bartal Szombathy
Right Fielder: Vasko Zentai
Center Fielder: Andrei Fehér
Left Fielder: Vasko Vincze
Designated Hitter: Rahat Gunoi

Relief Pitcher: Emil Deniau
Relief 1st Baseman: Roch Pelletier
Relief 2nd Baseman: Martin Budai
Relief 3rd Baseman: Jérémie Pierre
Relief Shortstop: Aurel Barna
Relief Outfielder: Andrei Gros
Relief Outfielder: Csaba Todorov
Relief Catacher: Vladislav Jó
Emergency Relief Pitcher: Gusztáv Dufour

Coach: Johanna Furnadjiev
Assistant: Aglaé Rigó

Starting Lineup:
Starting Pitcher: Rebeka Roux
Starting 1st Baseman: Corinne Szántó
Starting 2nd Baseman: Jessica Forest
Starting 3rd Baseman: Florina Funar
Starting Shortstop: Minodora Radu
Catacher: Sofia Popa
Right Fielder: Enikő Sovány
Center Fielder: Ildi Iliev
Left Fielder: Olimpia Vasilescu

Relief Pitcher: Camille Devereaux
Relief 1st Baseman: Rózsi Mészáros
Relief 2nd Baseman: Félicienne Oliver
Relief 3rd Baseman: Ozana Budai
Relief Shortstop: Rebeka Vincze
Relief Outfielder: Gabriela Porcher
Relief Outfielder: Adela Pascal
Relief Catacher: Olive Ungur
Emergency Relief Pitcher: Marjolaine Kárpáti

Coach: Alois Fehrleich (ATK)
Assistant: Ali Ghiyath Al-Din (GRG)
Trainer: Harald Stadnyk (YSR)

Center: Édouard Bechtler (NEG)
PF: Dietrich Prinz (ATK)
SF: Astvar Ranvarssen (YSR)
SG: Hashim Adham (GRG)
PG: Georgy Yakovic (FLK)

Forward: Kadir Al-Balushi (GRG)
Forward: Manuel Anton Salcedo (SRT)
Forward: Stanislaus Larionovich (FLK)
Guard: Galdur Stagzylski (GLS)
Guard: Saqib Badnallah (QFY)
Guard: Alejandro Caesar Benitez (SRT)

Coach: Ute Fandavo (NEG)
Assistant: Sahara Hamradin (GRG)
Trainer: Aneta Gyrtumdottir (GLS)

Center: Lina Gudleikursdottir (GLS)
PF: Layla Augsberger (FLK)
SF: Amira Handal (GRG)
SG: Bergfridur Egilsdottir (YSR)
PG: Beatriz Alicia Alvarez (SRT)

Forward: Janette Guo (GUL)
Forward: Chloe McKenzie (SHL)
Forward: Felicia Stenmark (FLK)
Forward: Graciella Molinar (SRT)
Guard: Genieva St. Luciena (GUL)
Guard: Yana Fritello (NEG)
Guard: Brigit Werstaller (ATK)

Christian Clare (SHL)
Guillaume Duoc Wong (GUL)
Hans Abregado (SRT)
Martin Braun (NEG)

Briet Klimczak (GLS)
Madiha Mahmoudi (GRG)
Lina Galanas (ESP)
Ruqayya Fajallah (QFY)

Coach: Oskar Flegzut (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Jamal Bouazizi (GRG)
Trainer: Tomas Fiorelli (NEG)


GK: Eric Brassard Anderson (RDB)
LB: Habib Osman (GRG)
CB: Konstantin Gagarin (FLK)
RB: Gabriel LeCuyer (NEG)

LM: Vasiliy Prijic (FLK)
CM: Ibrahim Massad (GRG)
CM: Marcos Carnicer (ESP)
RM: Steinar Humissen (YSR)

ST: Simão Sabrosa (RDB)
ST: Abdul Mukhtar (GRG)
ST: Guillaume Siebech (NEG)

GK: Abdul Hussein Halabi (GRG)
GK: Sandoval Barraza (SRT)

LB: Helmut Mueller (ATK)
CB: Jean-Paul Al-Farid (GUL)
RB: Muhammad Al-Din (GRG)

LM: Nicholas Taylor (SHL)
CM: Bernat Jordà (LCT)
CM: Faris Boulos (GRG)
RM: Miguel Juan Varela (SRT)

ST: Hallmarr Toszevetski (GLS)
ST: Boutros Al-Mardini (GRG)
ST: Emilio Dominguez (SRT)
ST: Muhammed Atambayev-Al-Musra (FLK)

Coach: Ersilia Salvino (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Cerise Hardy (GUL)
Trainer: Dima Hergisdottir (YSR)


GK: Klaudia Hoch (FLK)
LB: Michelle Cazal (NEG)
CB: Sölvína Kláusdottir (YSR)
RB: Serafina Baume (NEG)

LM: Auriane Boutet (GUL)
CM: Fatima Al-Rashid (GRG)
CM: Isabel Maria Vargas (ESP)
RM: Rabia Bakur (GRG)

ST: Emilie Guderian (FLK)
ST: Esma Najasir (QFY)
ST: Antonia Garcia (SRT)

GK: Solène LaFontaine (GUL)

LB: Gabriella Jackman (SHL)
CB: Désiré Urxkul (GUL)
RB: Maja Hannesdottir (GLS)

LM: Karla Magnier (NEG)
CM: Ewelina Klemowczka (GLS)
RM: Teresa Ramos (SRT)

ST: Alberta Gunnólfursdottir (YSR)
ST: Osvalda Guzmán (SRT)

Coach: Andino Ribiero
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Hugo Sãobar

CB: Gianni Larue
LB: Salvatore Reichmann
LW: Jean Berrault
CF: Marcus D’Astani
RW: Eugène Detmann
RB: Clovis Faragamo
GK: Armand Toller

Antonio Pretre
Gerhard Costino
Jean Hertung
Bertolemeo Roleux

Coach: Yvonne Desroches (GUL)
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Gajlina Varmarsdottir

CB: Tirsa Dworaczyk
LB: Steina Kjaransdottir
LW: Sabina Bialeczki
CF: Janina Torgursdottir
RW: Oliwia Varmarsdottir
RB: Mariola Dworaczyk
GK: Hana Wasza

Jadwina Evaldsdottir
Birglar Szyvkowska

Gata Vernirsdottir
Lina Pawvlawzcka

Coach: Yvette Boucher
Assistant Coach: Annette Thelioux

FW: Jeanette Roux
FW: Margaux Loupon
FW: Jocelyn Delacroix
FW: Bélise Cerver
HB: Danielle Talbert
HB: Helene Harrill
HB: Brigitte Chaupais
FB: Lorraine Desmarais
FB: Angelique Tureaud
FB: Héloïse Larousse
GK: Céline Niel

Anastasia Delavoy
Claudette Vidaux
Paulina Delisle
Catherine Namieu

Coxswain: Zacharias Eich (ATK)
Bruno Weissel (ATK)
Sigbert Gautrekursson (GLS)
Felix Barellos (SRT)
Osman Mubarak (GRG)
Samuil Al-Razi (GRG)
Johann Schilder (ATK)
Mikhail Nasrallah (GRG)
Eggbert Tozlawski (GLS)

Coxswain: Juliette Natanielle (GUL)
Heidi Emiskein (NEG)
Gauja Hlégestursdottir (YSR)
Jóhanna Geirleifursdottir (YSR)
Amý Davíðsdottir (YSR)
Maria Soldario (SRT)
Anne-Claire Jauffret (GUL)
Ophélie Eshbaugh (NEG)
Rosalie Zovjerski (GLS)

Coach: Giuseppe Cosento
Assistant Coach: Rolf Mertzen

Loosehead Prop: Bartolomeo Fendini
Hooker: Rocco Gondino
Tighthead Prop: Conrad Gemmel

Scrum Half: Horst Emmett
Flyhalf: Wilhelm Hoerner
Center: Alexander Renvier
Winger: Marino Riazzi

Tighthead Prop: Felix Marten
Loosehead Prop: Bartolomeo Fendini

Flyhalf: Ernst Urbach
Prop: Andino Paticci
Prop: Silvio Usadino
Scrum Half: Guillaume Venmont

Center: Johann Dorff
Winger: Giannaro Caravolo
Winger: Hugo Koernsoff

Coach: Ileanna Wegener
Assistant Coach: Maria Paticci

Loosehead Prop: Beate Krauser
Hooker: Amina Keuchler
Tighthead Prop: Ingerlise Amante

Scrum Half: Helene Renvier
Fly Half: Hulda De Roma
Center: Sauvanne Delisle
Winger: Olivia Ferber

Anna Braunlich
Vivienne Schulteweis
Ingried Botrel

Éloïse Valotton
Tatiana Urbach
Giuliana Trosquet
Sara-Louise Martogioro

Coach: Ali Al-Hazmi (GRG)
Assistant Coach: Daniel Reichtlin (NEG)
Trainer: Deborah Cassel (NEG)

Starting Lineup
Right Setter: Ricardo Mostroni (NEG)
Right Hitter (C): Hermundur Didrikssen (YSR)
Middle Hitter: Bruno Eisenberg (NEG)
Left Hitter: Maximillian Trondle (ATK)
Left Setter: Jean-Paul Heissen (NEG)
Libero: Samuel St. Vincent (NEG)

Setter: Guillaume Feinstein (NEG)
Setter: Kristof Kolb (ATK)
Setter: Vidar Hilgadarski (GLS)
Hitter: Alan Goerdel (NEG)
Hitter: Tomas Romazzio (NEG)
Hitter: Julien Levan (GUL)
Hitter: Marcos Vandallera (SRT)
Libero: Jurundur Aldarssen (GLS)

Coach: Niko Goranovic (NEG)
Trainer: Deborah Cassel (NEG)

Right Setter: Bryndis Sozowlski (GLS)
Right Hitter: Solonge Fenlier (NEG)
Middle Hitter: Asgerdur Hjoertursdottir (YSR)
Left Hitter: Jillian Sarpietro (NEG)
Left Setter: Jana Halmeier (ATK)
Libero: Marie DiBrizio (NEG)

Setter: Allia Jovolic (NEG)
Setter: Mey Ernstsdottir (YSR)
Hitter: Metta Grankellsdottir (YSR)
Hitter: Ursula De Billiere (NEG)
Hitter: Auriane Boutet (GUL)
Libero: Dagmara Billsdottir (GLS)

The following Teremaran media networks will cover the XV Winter Olympics across the region:

ASP; Arkyatani Media Network

Austrakische Bundesfernsehen; Austrak Federal Television Network

Ekaterine, Falkasian National Media Network

Gauloise Télévision Nationale; Gaulic National Media Network

Al-Duhaba Press; Gragastavian National Media Network

Televisió de Lacetanya (TVL) and Radio de Lacetanya (RL);
both owned by the Corporació Lacetanya de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CLMA) are the main media networks of Lacetanya

The Primary Neu Engollian Sports Network Channel;
During the Olympics, It shows the main events that Neu Engollians are competing in. During non-Olympic coverage, the focus is usually on rugby, hockey, tennis and other winter sports.

The Secondary Neu Engollian Sports Network Channel;
During Olympics time, it shows alternate events not on the primary channel, as well as events that non-Neu Engollian Teremarans are competing in.

Medios De San Rosito; Broadcast from Puerto Cristal and syndicated across Madurin

RP Permissions
Our opponents, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose our goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: TG us.
RP injuries to our players: Yes, but not career ending
Godmod injuries to our players: No
Hand out yellow cards to our players: Yes
Hand out red cards to our players: Yes, but don't go overboard
Godmod other events: Contact us first. We'd appreciate a heads up if you're going to do anything to our team directly or indirectly.
We're generally pretty agreeable if it makes for a good story, but making assumptions is a no-go.
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Postby Mytanija » Sun Aug 01, 2021 11:41 am


Nation name: Mytanija (Federativna Republika Mytanija/Federal Republic of Mytannion)
Trigram: MYT
National anthem: Polje Ruža (Field of Roses)
Head of IOC: Marija Pahor
Chef de mission: Zharko Zdenkovic
Opening ceremony flagbearers: Dmitry Smetanin (men's boxing, middleweight); and Emira Memisevic (women's pole vault)
Kit colours: Predominantly green; accented with white, orange and charcoal
Broadcasters: Mytanski Korporacija Vesti (MKV) (public broadcaster; has all domestic television rights and will also be providing radio coverage); Arena Sport (sports news; will be present providing news reports)
Newspapers: Gazeta Mytanija (tabloid); Gazeta Sporta (sports daily); Sportmag (sports daily)

Men’s Team
Yevgraf Stoyanov
Svit Vlasic
Iliya Utkin
Drazen Mikhailov
Atanas Ivanov
Stojan Vinkovic
Dariy Golub
Jozo Zhivkov
Daniel Boyanov (reserve)

Women’s Team
Vera Dragic
Jozefa Zoric
Anna Kolaric
Rumena Abadjiev
Ruzha Zupancic
Aliona Grgic
Rosa Vasylyk
Mare Trajkovski
Sladana Matvecic (reserve)

Men’s Team
##  Pos.   Name                  Age
00 G Timofei Pyryev 28
01 LW Momcilo Georgijevic 25
02 LF Zeljko Nestorovic 20
03 P Iosif Kanalin 32
04 RF Spasoje Vukomanovic 24
05 RW Vikentije Karanovic 21
06 C Ahmo Salihovic 20
07 G Edin Lazic 19
08 LW Cerim Juranovic 31
09 LF/RF Vanja Grabovac 27
10 P Halid Rakic 26
11 RW Hrvoje Perisa 24
12 C Dragan Grupchev 22

Women’s Team
##  Pos.   Name                  Age
00 G Mina Hristov 32
01 LW Slobodanka Evic 28
02 LF Amela Sehic 26
03 P Mirjana Marinkovic 23
04 RF Aleksandra Mozhayeva 21
05 RW Elma Bilic 22
06 C Manka Tsigler 25
07 G Begzada Radovic 29
08 LW Nada Urosevic 33
09 LF/RF Durda Sutalo 21
10 P Katarina Pavletic 18
11 RW Vildana Kovac 28
12 C Adisa Zitnik 20

Women’s Team
##  Pos.   Name                  Age  Ht.  Wt.
00 PG Anita Potorka 21 175 66
01 SG Veronika Grasic 32 178 68
02 SF/W Gordana Dolenc 32 189 78
03 PF Arta Adamic 32 190 80
04 C Ksenja Strmsek 26 196 87
05 PG Astrid Sagadinovic 18 179 67
06 SG Ljuba Brantic 30 179 71
07 SG/SF Sanija Jelenic 28 186 74
08 SF Oksana Kasarina 23 189 74
09 PF Kotinka Ernet 24 191 81
10 C Lucijana Gavric 34 190 89
11 C Milda Sychyova 27 192 86

Men’s 3x3 (3 starters, 1 reserve)
Kvetoslav Boykov
Hajrudin Safetovic
Vladimir Milanovic
Dino Kovsantsek

Women’s 3x3
Dominika Gorshkova
Natasha Yarmolnik
Aliona Dragovic
Maria Dervisevic

Men’s Team
##  Pos.    Name                 Age  Club                            
01 GK Dragisa Lazarevic 22 Litala ’93
02 DL Zivorad Moldovan 22 Litala ’93
03 DC/DMC Svetoslav Radozevic 20 Bakartirla Buccaneers [ASG]
04 DC Rasim Yevstigneyev 22 FK Arsika
05 DC Jasar Abadzic 23 Litala ’93
06 DR Antun Spiridonovic 23 Litala ’93
07 MC Dusko Ocokoljic 23 St. Thomas [TLI]
08 MC Marek Ladicorbic 22 1923 Esca
09 ST Petar Majdandzic 24 1896 Ebor
10 AMC Alen Gvetadze 23 Liria Prizren
11 ST Dragisa Alagic 22 1896 Ebor

12 GK Fadil Okanovic 23 FK Arsika
13 DL Mika Spasojevic 22 Tekstil Ibon
14 DC Stamat Dumbalakov 22 Rudar Uchenik
15 DC Ahmed Masic 21 Oakstone [EUR]
16 DR Julij Svensek 23 Atletik Thessia
17 DMC Vitomir Sukhorukov 23 Energija-Nuklearna
18 MC Bruno Ozmec 22 Arka Snezhnaya
19 MC Luka Zmajevic 22 Nyva Zvornik
20 AMC Ante Tutic 23 Rudar Uchenik
21 ST Lazar Prinelec 22 Olympic Thessia
22 ST Yevdokim Mosyakov 22 FK Magevskaya

Women’s Team
##  Pos.    Name                  Age  Club                                    
01 GK Valya Herceg 28 Mytanski Institut za Sport
02 DL Agata Novak 31 Unattached
03 DC Katenka Pasternak 22 Dorotea Fazlic
04 DC Yaroslava Rasputovic 32 Unattached
05 DR Nadezhda Milic 20 University of Arsika
06 DMC Nadya Novak 26 Mytanski Institut za Sport
07 MC Katya Lagounov 22 Stratenberg University
08 MC Sandra Plesko 23 University of Rauchnya
09 ST Anja Zoric 19 Southern Chromatik University [CMT]
10 AMC Jana Anusic 19 Chromatik State University [CMT]
11 ST Dusica Shevchuk 24 Mytanski Institut za Sport

12 GK Yolanda Dancheva 26 University of Arsika
13 DL Marina Kralj 20 Mytanski Institut za Sport
14 DC Praskovya Filipov 24 Stratenberg University
15 DC Inja Jankovic 18 Mytanski Institut za Sport
16 DR Vladyslava Medved 26 Mytanski Institut za Sport
17 DMC Ela Mirotic 28 National University
18 MC Magdalina Jovanovska 27 Mytanski Institut za Sport
19 MC Bara Ignatiev 27 University of Thessia
20 AMC Anfisa Antunovic 24 Mytanski Institut za Sport
21 ST Sara Hadzililovic 23 University of Thessia
22 ST Agneta Verisovic 26 Alex Util Politehnička

Men’s Team
##  Pos.    Name                 Age  Ht.  Club                
01 GK Mika Kalinic 31 198 Litala ’93
02 LB Sava Tanackovic 35 193 Litala ’93
03 CB Goran Pantelic 24 188 Litala ’93
04 RB Iosif Vodyanov 30 185 GK Magevskaya
05 LW Mahir Stojanovic 20 184 Atletik Thessia
06 P Adam Dosen 28 201 Litala ’93
07 RW Zvonimir Garic 21 191 RK Prizren

08 GK Zinon Kapustov 32 202 GK Magevskaya
09 LB Matvey Soldatov 22 190 GK Magevskaya
10 CB Luka Udarcanin 24 196 RK Prizren
11 RB Slavisa Teodosic 31 191 Dinamo Esca
12 LW Veselin Blazev 24 182 RK Avnalia
13 P Mirko Dugandzic 21 197 RK Prizren
14 RW Traiko Molerov 27 186 RK Avnalia

Women’s Team
##  Pos.    Name                    Age  Ht.  Club                
01 GK Ruzica Balic 29 187 Dinamo Esca
02 LB Snjezana Mustafic 25 177 RK Prizren
03 CB Zina Kazantseva 41 185 GK Magevskaya
04 RB Azrena Pasalic 21 174 Atletik Thessia
05 LW Roksana Pajic 31 174 Litala ’93
06 P Jelena Tyannikova 22 182 GK Magevskaya
07 RW Maria Nizamutdinova 21 172 GK Magevskaya

08 GK Elisaveta Frantsaliska 28 190 RK Avnalia
09 LB Amila Lucic 26 172 Atletik Thessia
10 CB Jana Novakovic 22 186 Dinamo Esca
11 RB Klara Miletic 24 174 RK Prizren
12 LW Daria Usatova 26 167 GK Magevskaya
13 P Ivana Parashkeva 19 187 RK Avnalia
14 RW Kristina Georgijevic 33 169 Litala ’93

Men’s coxed eights
Kire Horvatincic
Milan Damyanov
Oleh Matveyev
Antun Antolovic
Fran Todorovic
Yulian Crncevic
Dusan Djordevic
Ernest Kaluza
Nikon Buchvarov (cox)

Women’s coxed eights
Angela Vlahovic
Zaharinka Bogdanovic
Spomenka Sokolovsky
Rozalija Danielov
Biljana Borisov
Magdalena Vlasic
Jovanka Morozov
Tanja Pavlovski
Ljiljana Nikolaev (cox)

Men’s Team
##  Pos.   Name                  Age
01 P Dmitry Balsunov 25
02 H Emil Prpic 27
03 P Tomas Zuvjivuc 20
04 SH Nenad Brganovic 25
05 FH Emanuel Stilinovic 21
06 C Domagoj Markovic 29
07 W Zeljko Dzaja 19
08 P Patrik Bulat 26
09 H Petr Sytnikov 28
10 P Slava Mikulic 23
11 SH/FH Dino Matkovic 28
12 C Eduard Kolak 18
13 W Igor Dukaric 31

Women’s Team
##  Pos.   Name                  Age
01 P Cvijeta Bursic 29
02 H Bozica Oslic 24
03 P Paula Gulinovic 25
04 SH Ena Nurkic 22
05 FH Nikolina Kapetanovic 26
06 C Veronika Tseydlerina 20
07 W Maria Zimnyakova 19
08 P Marina Kostic 30
09 H/P Lucija Hadzic 27
10 SH Maja Mujcinovic 18
11 FH/C Monika Bartulovic 22
12 W Suzana Popic 27
13 W Nevenka Kupinovic 23

Men’s Team
##  Pos.  Name                  Age  Club                           
00 L Branko Bocina 25 Vedran University
01 L Bruno Kralj 27 National University
02 S Andrija Begovic 30 University of Thessia
03 S Vladislav Jukic 32 Unattached
04 S Petar Horvat 23 Mytanski Institut za Sport
05 OH Ilya Levin 20 Mytanski Institut za Sport
06 OH Sime Bekic 21 Mytanski Institut za Sport
07 OH Tomislav Karlovic 34 Unattached
08 MB Ljudevit Plantak 30 TS-Prizren
09 MB Kusma Uladimov 24 Mytanski Institut za Sport
10 MB Gordan Pozgaj 18 Mytanski Institut za Sport
11 OPP Robert Ban 21 Mytanski Institut za Sport
12 OPP Vasiliy Bulygin 23 Stratenberg University

Women’s Team
##  Pos.  Name                  Age  Club                
00 L Devleta Besic 25 Atletik Thessia
01 L Marija Georgijevic 24 Dinamo Esca
02 S Nada Rogic 22 Litala ’93
03 S Anica Simic 22 Dinamo Esca
04 S Selinka Ustyuzhanina 17 VK Magevskaya
05 OH Tea Knapic-Hren 20 Akademija
06 OH Ediba Zuvkanovic 20 Olympic Thessia
07 OH Ludmila Korzhakova 24 VK Magevskaya
08 MB Mirjana Smolcic 22 Olympic Thessia
09 MB Zeljana Kuzmanovic 20 Dinamo Esca
10 MB Pelageya Khabalova 21 VK Magevskaya
11 OPP Monika Cabraja 21 Akademija
12 OPP Rosina Chernyshyova 17 VK Magevskaya

Diving: Sabiha Radovic
Swimming: Emil Topolovec, Budimir Marijanovic, Anida Jovicic, Tarpena Dzherova
Archery: Eduard Osintsev
Athletics (track): Berislav Dapcevic, Borivoje Zivic, Petrana Zverotic, Radusa Milunovic, Valerija Toplak
Athletics (field): Abdulah Stjepanovic, Edib Mehic, Vinko Obradovic, Irina Entskaya, Vera Pesic
Badminton: Nina Bojanic
Basketball (team and 3x3): Jevrem Kokolja, Lela Kostomaj
Boxing: Neven Visic, Zvonimir Komljenovic, Bozo Rebic, Anita Turundzhova, Sofia Sedelnikova, Ljilja Leskovec
Canoeing (slalom): Uzejir Bruncevic
Canoeing (sprint): Karla Mijatovic
Cycling (BMX): Fikret Cengic, Zrinka Fabijanovic
Cycling (road): Dejan Georgiev, Artur Klepin, Dragica Golubovic
Cycling (track): Danilo Cerovic, Velizar Lubarda, Ela Pavlic, Refika Smolec, Vanesa Razborsek
Fencing: Samra Juric
Football: Nemanja Jovancic, Aleksandar Spasojevic
Golf: Tatjana Petrovic
Gymnastics (artistic): Martin Ristevski, Mia Rasic, Ena Hercigonja
Handball: Kolyo Bozinov, Onufri Yanukovic, Smiljana Georgijevic, Marica Pesuc
Judo: Vesko Burzan
Karate: Azem Vrbnjak
Rowing: Karlo Borinovic, Amela Kapic, Zineta Coric, Dzenana Bijedic
Rugby sevens: Vanco Kotsenonija, Tihana Perkovic
Sailing: Silvija Domitrovic, Anastasiya Guskova
Shooting: Vladimir Grgurovic
Skateboarding: Zivorad Marinkovic
Sport climbing: Radoslav Karanovic
Surfing: Atanasije Obradovic
Table tennis: Velizar Darkovic
Taekwondo: Vladan Ristic, Mirela Mehmedovic
Tennis: Drasko Lazarevic, Manda Jovovic
Triathlon: Livija Eusek, Magdalena Ferjanovic
Volleyball (beach): Aco Mihevc, Cveta Gjorgjioska
Volleyball (indoor): Sadik Fejzic, Rijad Avdagic, Maruska Krivoukhova, Viola Golovina
Weightlifting: Nadia Simic
Wrestling (freestyle): Vusur Petricevic
Wrestling (greco-roman): Slavica Orazem, Gabriela Rajic
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

Interested in Mytanar sport? Visit the Mytanski sportski mediji web page

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San Ortelio
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Postby San Ortelio » Sun Aug 01, 2021 2:36 pm

Nation Name – San Ortelio
Demonym – San Ortelian/Ortelian, both can be used
Trigram – SOR

NOC – San Ortelio Olympic Organisation (SOOO)
Chef de Mission – Carola Valdini
Flag Bearer – Fiorenzo Tartoni (tennis) & Fabiana Algisi (swimming)
AnthemScogliera nella Tempesta, instrumental number
Media - TeleUno
Fans – It is expected that only a small group of supporters, most friends and family of the participants will make the trip to Electrum. However, expect this group to appear on most events with a San Ortelian participant as the limited number of participants allows them to tag from event to event - even if the geography of these Olympics will form a challenge for that. The Minister of Youth, Sports and Festivities, Constante Vellardi, is rumored to make an appearance in the second week, but this has not been confirmed yet.
Outfits – The blue hue of our flag will dominate all outfits

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Of course
Godmod scoring events: Definitely
RP injuries to my players: Please TG first
Godmod injuries to my players: See above
Godmod other events: Sure

Roster for Men’s Football

Nr Pos Name                Club                     Age
1 GK Luca Dolci Catrallo Calcio 20
12 GK Danilo Charlione FC Orsi 22
2 LD Ciro Sandri Inter Catrallo 22
3 CD Alberto Gioia FC Pesari 22
4 CD Manuele Pilati Pro Stampano 21
14 CD Livio Alessandri Virtus Redoccio 19
16 RD Scotti Fusco Esca Unione 22
5 RD Mirko Chiurato Inter Catrallo 22
6 DM Carlo Carlesi SSD Borgonovo 20
18 CM Emanuele Mammarella FC Pesari 21
8 CM Falco Borghesi Virtus Redoccio 19
13 AM Paride Lanchi Catrallo Calcio 19
10 AM Valentin Spinesi Fagli Cinquanta 19
7 LW Luca Cadili Sportiva Montelcampo 22
17 ST Federico Granocche Pro Stampano 21
9 ST Angelo Cotillard Sportiva Montelcampo 21
15 ST Luca Bonomi Virtus Redoccio 20
11 RW Benito Tarallo US San Savola 22

Roster for Men’s Waterpolo

Nr Pos Name                Club                     Age
1 GK Gabriele Carletti Astello Mare 24
2 CB Lino Romagnoli Stampano APC 29
3 D Ugo Velucchi Neptunus Pollagno 23
4 D Stanzo Beretti Barceglie Club 30
5 D Beppe Moser Astello Mare 21
6 D Paolo Beretti Pesari Pescadores 26
7 CF Fabio Quinzi Stampano APC 24
8 CB Giacomo Fantini Focarsane 28
9 D Matteo Coste Astello Mare 19
10 CF Angelo Piscaglia Barceglie Club 27
11 D Valerio Tosatto Pesari Pescadores 20
12 D Piero Moresi Pesari Pescadores 31
13 GK Claudio Di Filippi PN Catrallo 27

Roster for Men’s Rugby Sevens

Nr Position      Name                   Age  Region
1 Prop Gianluca Bottarelli 28 San Pancrazio
2 Hooker Claudio Lietti 25 San Pancrazio
3 Prop Paolo Baffi 26 San Pancrazio
4 Scrum-Half Bartolo Valerin 24 San Servazio
5 Fly-Half Stefano Di Basco 30 San Servazio
6 Centre Ercole Pagnin 22 San Bonifazio
7 Wing Daniele Carcano 36 San Bonifazio
8 Prop Marco Vairetti 29 Santa Sofia
9 Hooker Ruggiero Erole 28 San Mamerto
10 Scrum-Half Giovanni Passarelli 21 San Servazio
11 Centre Simone Di Basco 26 San Servazio
12 Wing Alberto Gelfi 31 San Servazio

Roster for Women’s Basketball

Nr Pos Name                Club                     Age
1 C Ina Gavazzi Calypso Catrallo 32
2 SF Luisa Vanni Stampano Squali 24
3 PF Chiara Berlato Pesari Cerchi 26
4 SG Silvia Donadoni Calypso Catrallo 23
5 PG Eva Borgato Leonesse Redoccio 28
6 SF Carla Polanti SSD Borgonovo 37
7 PF Eleonora Patuzzo Stampano Squali 24
8 SG Xenia Dall’Antonia Stampano Squali 18
9 PG Marta Bozzolo Calypso Catrallo 33
10 C Federica Basso Palla Pesari 28
11 SG Ana Borgato Leonesse Redoccio 21
12 PF Catarina Presti Calypso Catrallo 22
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San Ortelio, your favorite pseudo-Italian, coastal microstate. Less than half a million inhabitants who stand for a rich culture, are governed
by an delicate yet marvellously balanced system and remain economically viable due to fishing and funky tax laws.
But enough about us. Come vai?

We're no international threat, so have our domestic thread.

Currently Active RPs
Football - World Cup Qualifiers 87
Tennis - ITT Season 7
Omni - Winter Olympics XV

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Alezian Union
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Postby Alezian Union » Mon Aug 02, 2021 2:08 am


Men's Team
1. Ma'zal Dnerahshal
2. Arman Qalmadar
3. Elsarafi Saifullah Dadon
4. Isma'il Harim Salem
5. Nuh Adam Nasma
6. Arifin Husain Israqatayn
7. Reggy Kruiper
8. Geert-Jan Grootoonk

Women's Team
1. Edith Rammelie
2. Marie Sanna Ancic
3. Sartania Maeva Ancic
4. Itareuna Madaniyyah
5. Marlijn Kortz
6. Linneke Hollink
7. Annemarieke Dieten
8. Anissa Firyanurrahim

Men's Team
Formation: 3-3
1. Mukhlis Aftari Makarina (GK)
2. Jurian Beekhuis (LW)
3. Robert-Jan Nijboer (LD)
4. Arfi Dawrazi (P)
5. Misran Al-Hamaran (RD)
6. Salfi Derian Dadon (RW)
7. Arif Hasyima Salem (CF)

Women's Team
Formation: 3-3
1. Endirna Ma'achma Salem (GK)
2. Petra Auser'a Makarina (LW)
3. Dewi Sari (LD)
4. Marinska Youfinne Dadon (P)
5. Verin Karinova (RD)
6. Selena Berinova (RW)
7. Trienke Wagenmans (CF)

Men's Team
1. Ahran Zaufar
2. Marifiqqi Harun
3. Jamal Ha'arnica Ancic

1. Fauzan Damaruddin

Women's Team
1. Ratih Za'irana
2. Fitriani Zammira
3. Elena Vourieneais

1. Rounerie Ella Makarina

Men's Group
1. Dazal Hasma
2. Ikhsaruddin Fatah
3. Rafael Courtavais
4. Masaruddin Hamirah
5. Donovan Kakovich

Women's Group
1. Denatha Yusrana
2. Martha Mazarimmi
3. Eni Roubeneis
4. Riet Wittendorp
5. Liliac Santaria Ancic

You are free to do anything like choose my scorers and such as long as it's not career ending, or creating danger to my athletes. Also please no godmodding, thank you very much!
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