NSCF 24 - Everything Thread

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NSCF 24 - Everything Thread

Postby NSCF » Wed Jul 07, 2021 2:49 am

NationStates College Football - Season 24


Breathe deep and take it all in as the tubas' rumbles reverberate through all the iconic campus stadia again. Each one, packed with generations of alumni returning to partake in the traditions of their beloved alma mater, is ready for that combustion of kinky action. The poppin' aromas of molly-popcorn and beer sift out through the bleachers full of marijuana smoke. The bright lights shine down on armoured teams battling under the night sky, school bragging rights and a gruelling summer of work on the line. Ah, yes. It's college football season. Glory, Drama, Pride.

The twenty-fourth edition of NationStates College Football is upon us. In this thread, you will post your team's roster and all in-character roleplays. These can be game reports, character dialogues, or really anything you like. Any out-of-character questions should be directed towards the discussion thread or telegram.

Post-NSCF 23 Ranks

NSCF XXIV Recruiting Spreadsheet - TO BE ANNOUNCED.


With smaller number of entrants, there will be five conferences and each will have six teams.
8 teams will make the Playoffs: the five conference champions, the next best one by OSPI and, finally, two wildcards selected by the NSCF Committee. These 8 teams will then be seeded in the bracket purely by OSPI. Higher seeds will have home advantage until the final, which will take place at a neutral venue. Any nation can put together a bid to host the NSCF Championship (IC only) before the start of Non-Conference week, when it will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee.

New and returning players alike are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the NSCF procedure here. The regular season will be double round-robin, for a total of 10 games. Games will be scorinated three times a week: on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scores will be posted in this thread at a time determined by each conference's designated scorer. After the ten-game conference schedule, there will be a "Non-Conference Week", with each team playing up to three games against opposition from other conferences. These games will not count toward conference championships, but WILL affect playoff seedings. All Non-Conference games must be arranged by the teams playing them (you can use the discussion thread for this). Once confirmed by BOTH parties, match-ups should be telegrammed to NSCF to be added to the schedule.


When checking times, this link might come in handy for converting to your local time.

BIG EIGHT Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champion: Cold Hill University [RAN]

Rajendragadh College Brawlers                            (+3.000)  - Pratapgadh                     [PRT]
Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles (+2.500) - Kohnhead [KND]
Swisston City University Army Knives (+4.000) - Kohnhead [KND]

Green Mountain State Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides (+5.000) - Buffalostan [BUF]
Richardson University Governors (-5.000) - Ranoria [RAN]
Cold Hill University Buffalo (+3.600) - Ranoria [RAN]

CELESTIA Conference (Scorinated by Quebec and Shingoryeo) (Cutoff Time: 22:00-Midnight KST)
Reigning Champions: Northern Moravica University [BNJ]

Elephant Valley University Red Elephants                 (-2.186)  - South Newlandia                [SNL]
Salamantic Universities Professors (-3.000) - Ko-oren [KOR]
Northern Moravica University Cougars (+1.500) - Banija [BNJ]
University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (+5.000) - Banija [BNJ]

University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors (+2.333) - Commonwealth of Baker Park [CBP]
Green Coast University Bullfrogs (+1.000) - Beaverriver [BVR]

HORIZON Conference (Scorinated by Banija) (Cutoff Time: 23:00-0:00 EST)
Reigning Champions: Sadeg State University [DRK]

Anasb Central University Eagles                          (+1.500)  - Saterun                        [STR]
Adirondack University Mountaineers (-2.115) - South Americanastan [SAS]
Sadeg State University Skyhawks (+4.000) - Drawkland [DRK]
Cavsar University Gladiators (+5.000) - Drawkland [DRK]
Felswyr State University Firehawks (-2.000) - Chromatika [CMT]
Hoofstra University Pride (-4.300) - Karditan [KRD]

WOODLANDS Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: New Lakeland University [CDG]

Atheburn National University Ravens                      (+2.348)  - The Grearish Union             [GRU]
Brattleboro Technical Institute Brats (+3.600) - Cassadaigua [CDG]
New Lakeland University Tycoons (+2.700) - Cassadaigua [CDG]

Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (-3.500) - Quebec and Shingoryeo [QUE]
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (+1.890) - Quebec and Shingoryeo [QUE]
Tchust Fhergys University Blue Wolves (+2.000) - Malandrin [MAL]

ZEPHYR Conference (Scorinated by Quebec and Shingoryeo) (Cutoff Time: 22:00-Midnight KST)
Reigning Champions: Raynor University [VAL]

Trent State University Feathercaps                       (-1.000)  - TJUN-ia                        [TJU]
Mar Sara Tech Raiders (+3.000) - Valanora [VAL]
Raynor University Rockets (+5.000) - Valanora [VAL]

University of Mancodas Mammoths (+5.000) - Poafmersia [PFA]
Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists (+3.500) - Thereisnogodistan [NGD]
Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns (-2.500) - Abanhfleft [AFT]

Schedule (Home Teams listed first)

MD1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
MD2 - 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
MD3 - 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
MD4 - 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
MD5 - 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
MD6 - 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
MD7 - 4v6, 3v5, 2v1
MD8 - 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
MD9 - 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
MD10 - 6v3, 2v4, 1v5

In addition to the playoffs, there also a few consolation bowl games for teams that do not reach the postseason. If your nation proposes a bowl game to host, you are responsible for inviting the teams yourself if it does not have automatic parameters for selection. The Pioneer Bowl is a traditional game for the two best newcomer teams not in the playoffs. After that, NSCF will not recognize any bowl game involving a team with an OSPI below 0.450.

Cannabiscorp PIONEER BOWL
to be played at Marijuana Island Gaol in Marijuana Island, Nunavut, Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Contested by: Top two newcomer teams not in the playoffs.

(RP bonus degrades by 50% of total after blue days, resets fully after green days)
Matchday one - July 18
Matchday two - July 20
Matchday three - July 22
Matchday four - July 25
Matchday five - July 27
Matchday six - July 29
Matchday seven - August 1
Matchday eight - August 3
Matchday nine - August 5
Matchday ten and Championship venue proposal deadline - August 8
Non-Conference week - August 10, August 12 and August 15
Playoff berth and Championship venue voting deadline - August 17 (Happy birthday to me!)
Bowl games and Playoffs First Round - August 19
Playoffs Quarterfinals - August 22
Playoffs Semifinals - August 24
Championship Game - August 26

Non-Conference Games

Games are only listed when confirmed by both parties. Only games listed here will be scorinated.
If both you and your opponent have confirmed a game, but it is not listed here, send a TG to NSCF.

Blue matchups denote a potential scheduling clash, and those games will need to be re-confirmed or rescheduled before the deadline, or they will not be included in scorination. Red matchups are those I have taken note of from the discussion thread, and require confirmation, but would otherwise be fine.

Non-Conference Week One:

Non-Conference Week Two:

Non-Conference Week Three:

At the end of the season, nominations are accepted for each of the NSCF Awards: Most Outstanding Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year. These awards will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee. Participants are encouraged to keep track of top performers throughout the season for these awards.
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Postby Kohnhead » Wed Jul 07, 2021 10:42 am

Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Name: Kohnhead City University
Nickname: The Mighty Eagles
Colors: Gold and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 3
Record: 19-10
Achievements: 1x Semifinalist
2x Playoffs
2x Squidhead Cup
1x Winner of "Unofficial Big 8 Championship Game"

Coaching Staff
HC: Milton Donnelly (51)
OC: Rickie Shah (54)
DC: Addison Lyons (39)
STC: Brad Suarez (67)
QB Coach: Jennie Villa (45)
RB Coach: Mitch Ellington (37)
WR Coach: Adriana Schroeder (64)
TE Coach: Genevieve Bennett (42)
OL Coach: Lara Goff (53)
DL Coach: Fiona Todd (55)
LB Coach: Sally Pace (64)
Secondary Coach: Clyde Richmond (36)

Offensive Scheme: This is an option offense at its finest, built on the speed and agility of the quarterback and the running backs. Shah and Donnelly have cooked up an offensive scheme that will pound the ball down your throat running the football but also has blistering speed all over the field. Donnelly is on record saying that the strong arm quarterback is one of the most overrated aspects in football. In terms of their passing offense; short, quick, and crisp passes are what is required and they like to get Johansson on the move a lot. While three receivers start, the team plays a lot of three back sets and loves hybrid receivers who can lineup in the backfield as well. This offense will score a lot in a loaded Big VIII conference offensively and we know we can stick with maybe everyone but Cold Hll in that regard.

Defensive Scheme: The defense runs a very aggressive 4-2-5 that is built on speed at all three levels in particular at the linebacking group. The defensive line is the most emphasized part of this in particular a big nose tackle in the middle is required. Generating pressure will take some of the load off of the linebackers shoulders who need to have quick instincts and be able to blitz if necessary. Coverage is also easier on the secondary as there are 5 of them. This is a an uncommon base defense but Addison Lyons has assured everyone that it will work at this level. Over the course of two seasons we have seen mixed messages defensively, while in conference the defense never tends to do well that can be attributed to the extremely high levels of offense we see from Cold Hill and from Richardson last season. In the out of conference section the defense does a bit better but Lyons is on the hot seat especially as we expect to need more from our defense with a freshman at QB.

Depth Chart (starters in bold)
QB: (C) Emilee Johansson (Freshman) - Chromatika
Anthony Newhouse (Sophmore)
Brooke Reese (Junior)

Emilee Johansson has big shoes to fill with Byron Joseph who some noted as the most explosive player in college football last season graduating. Joseph was a maniac with the ball in his hands but had also worked extremely hard to become decent throughout the air so teams couldn't just focus on the run. Johansson is undersized much as Joseph was and is a perfect fit in the offense with a decent arm that has potential but extremely speedy and shifty who can make anyone miss. The only problem is her lack of experience at the collegiate level which could hurt us especially early on in the season. Johnansson has been given a captain's patch which is an extremely bold move for a freshman but the coaching staff feels she deserves it, also watch out for her on trick plays because she can also play receiver. Anthony Newhouse is a solid backup with decent potential and if Johansson struggles the coaching staff may want to try Newhouse out although I doubt they'd do that.

RB: Herman Whitworth (Junior)
Rowena Hastroff (Sophmore) - Chromatika
Jessie Holder (Junior)
Mark Flynn (Freshman)
Colton Nunez (Senior)

Herman Whitworth was the star of the offense before an untimely injury suffered late in his freshman campaign. After taking on a small role during the World Bowl he came back and dominated during the conference season of his sophmore year breaking 1500 yards in the second best offense in college football. However a leg injury he suffered limited him for the rest of the season and our offense shut down because of it. Whitworth brings the thunder with his power although he's more than just a power back and he can contribute in the passing game although in a limited capacity. The biggest question mark with Whitworth is his health, when healthy he's quite possibly the best running back in college football however his style of play often has him beat up and the amount of touches he gets is higher than it should be. Rowena Hastroff from Chromatika brings the lightning and gives us a deadly 1-2 punch on the ground and can hopefully take on a larger role this season to limit Whitworth's touches. Hastroff's speed is perfect to balance out the ground and pound style that Whitworth brings to the table. Mark Flynn is the power backup and will see a fair amount of action conisdering our offensive style, Jessie Holder has some all around talent but her path to playing time is very crowded to say the least with Whitworth and Hastroff the same year or younger than her.

WR: Kalu Alazar (Sophmore) - Banija
(C) Jodi Lawrence (Senior)
Keith Gray (Sophmore) - Northwest Kalactin

Blitz Taurus (Freshman) - Ranoria
Anabelle Edmonds (Junior)
Martin Hurst (Junior)

Kalu Alazar was the best offensive player in his year out of Banija and became our #1 receiver in just year one due to his incredible route running which was perfect in our short passing game. He also became a threat in the redzone as his frame allows for contested catches and he caught a lot of touchdown passes which getting 800 yards through the air. Jodi Lawrence is a deep threat who Joseph managed to connect with sometimes last season, hopefully Johansson can establish more chemistry with Lawrence. While Northwest Kalactin is no longer sending schools to the NSCF, Keith Gray remains on the team as our speed demon and return man. Gray spent much of last season as the fourth receiver who we brought onto the field in some cases to manufacture touches to as he's just so fast and elusive with the ball in his hand. This season he will be out of the slot while Blitz Taurus will fill the Keith Gray role this season as another explosive weapon for this offense. Taurus however does have some off the field question marks that they will have to figure out how to navigate around.

TE: Benny Devlin (Junior)
Kevin Kerr (Senior)
Victor Braun (Freshman)

Benny Devlin is a very athletic tight end with more speed than most at the position but his blocking leaves a lot to be desired. Kevin Kerr is your prototypical blocking tight end who struggles a lot in the passing game while Victor Braun is good depth and has a large frame that can be utilized in the red zone offense. Devlin can turn into something but he has yet to learn enough about blocking to succeed at the next level, and unfortunately has shown a lack of attentivity in learning this that we still see in his junior season. We might look to move on to him or at least recruit his heir apparent.

OT: Deidre Gott (Sophmore) - Chromatika
Danielle Raynor (Sophmore)

Kate Humphries (Junior)
Myah Wardle (Sophmore)

The loss of Ross on the QB's blindside will be the big thing hanging over this unit as Danielle Raynor will be starting over there following a season on the bench. Deidre Gott the number three recruit out of Chromatika two years ago will be the third of that nationality on the offense and he will continue on the right side where he excelled last season. With his size he wil be the lead blocker on a lot of runs to the right side the preferred side that we like running to but will not be a liabilty in the passing game looking ready to take the next stop as a pass blocker. Raynor was the only one of Kohnhead's top five recruits who committed to Kohnhead City two years ago and will have a big role this season, the offensive line is almost always a strong spot for Kohnheadian schools but if Raynor struggles we would have a lot of trouble. Kate Humphries is the backup swing tackle that I can't really say I'm confident in starting and Myah Wardle is a project who couldn't make the team as a freshman.

OG: (C) Kamal Bowman (Senior)
Nathan Long (Sophmore)

Aiden Garfield (Freshman)
Seth Cowan (Freshman)

One starters last year in Kamal Bowman will be returning to the team although Bowman is now a senior. Nathan Long was a top 10 recruit two years agoand committed here to Kohnhead City where he sat for a year and is now the starter with enormous upside. With the main depth piece of last year graduating we now have to fill in behind them with two freshman in Aiden Garfield who has starting potential next season and Seth Cowan who does not.

C: Briana Cleverland (Junior)
Kurt Clarke (Senior)

The two centers on the team the last two seasons will both be returning with Cleverland looking to follow a decent sophmore season as a starter. Cleverland improved upon her freshman season after putting on some weight in the offseason although it took her time to adjust to this. Now in her junior season we are expecting big things from her after a very good spring session. Clarke was a backup last season and will remain as such after appearing in a couple of games although overall playing minimal snaps.

DE: (C) Devin River (Senior) - Ranoria
Robert Lawrence (Sophmore)

Mike Maldonado (Junior)
Taylor Coley (Sophmore)
Cora Short (Sophmore)

The defensive end group is pretty much staying the same with both starters returning. Devin River was a major get when he transferred from Richardson due to a lack of playing time in that loaded group and became an immediate starter and captain for us. River was amazing last season and we can only hope for more now in his final collegiate season. Robert Lawrence was a highly recruited freshman and he showed promise last season notably having a big game against Richardson the second time we played them. Maldonado and Coley will get playing time as we do rotate this group a lot while Cora Short sat out last season with an injury and will probably not play much.

DT: Albie Snow (Senior)
Dakota Cannon (Freshman)

Grant McManis (Sophmore)
Caitlin House (Senior)

The defensive tackle position lost two players from last season but will be retaining Albie Snow who is a backup on the World Bowl team after a very good junior season. Lauren Beech was a starter last year but she graduated and many through Grant McManis would become the starter next to him but instead Dakota Cannon chose to sign for the team and will start as a freshman. House is just a backup who could see a little bit of playing time although probably won't see much.

LB: Steven Goodwin (Senior)
Brent Stafford (Junior)

Alexis Lord (Senior)
Roman Burch (Sophmore)
Cameron Knowles (Junior)

The entirety of our linebacking corp returns after last season although they weren't the best last season. Goodwin is now a Senior and as is third linebacker Alexis Lord who has gotten a lot of playing time the last two seasons. Hopefully this unit can improve with the defense this season and be less of a major liability.

CB: (C) Zion Irving (Senior)
Harlen Gill (Junior)
Finn Steele (Sophmore)

Antoine Little (Senior)
Ralph Villa (Sophmore)
Mary Davison (Freshman)

Zion Irving started as our guy in the slot as a sophmore and excelled notching 6 interceptions and outperformed the two outside corners both of whom are on the World Bowl team now. Last season despite his small frame he moved outside and while he remained a magnet for interceptions his big play tendencies also left him responsible for multiple big plays and he did get mossed a few tiems in the endzone. Harlen Gill remains on the outside next to him after a decent season and Finn Steele resumes duties in the slot where he performed well in his freshman campaign.

S: Jonas Klein (Junior)
Samuel Church (Freshman)

Dwayne Michael (Junior)
Brandon Wallace (Sophmore)

Jonas Klein had a very good freshman season at free safety but really struggled last season and with Samuel Church really only able to play as the free safety Klein has undergone a switch to play in the hybrid strong safety role which we are confident he can do. Klein really needs a bounce back junior season or Dwayne Michael who is another junior could try and steal his spot away.

K: Seth Potter (Junior)

P: Carter Wolf (Junior)

Returner: Keith Gray

1. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria) - Home Opener
2. @ Rajendragadh College (Pratapgadh)
3. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
4. Vs. Swisston City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Match
5. @ Green Mountain State (Buffalostan)
6. @ Richardson University (Ranoria)
7. Vs. Rajendragadh College (Pratapgadh) - Homecoming
8. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
9. @ Swisston City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Match
10. Vs. Green Mountain State (Buffalostan) - Final Conference Game
11. TBD
12. TBD
13. Vs. Felswyr State University (Chromatika) - Revenge Game/Senior Night

Chicken King Stadium (67,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +2.5

Swisston City University Army Knives
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Name: Swisston City University
Nickname: The Army Knives
Colors: Red and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 2
Record: 7-7
Achievements: N/A

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Callum Newman (45)
OC: Kirk Newman (53)
DC: Doris Fountain (63)
QB Coach: Erica Horton (40)
RB Coach: Penny Brooks (33)
WR Coach: Bailey Dickerson (57)
TE Coach: Terrance Gale (62)
OL Coach: Lincoln James (51)
DL Coach: Raymond Wicks (36)
LB Coach: Candice Parker (71)
DB Coach: Tyrus Rich (60)
STC: Pascal Albert (37)

Offensive Scheme: This is quite simply an air raid offense which is reliant on skilled receivers a quarterback who's accurate, smart, and has a strong arm and will pass 70% of the time approximately although depending on the progression of running back Sellers this could change. While some may say it's a basic offensive appraoch it works the way it does and should allow especially in a high scoring Big 8 for Swisston City to consistently put points on the board. Running backs will have a job out of the backfield catching passes and will still get a decent amount of carries, we will carry tight ends on the roster however they will not start and will mostly be used in red zone packages.

Defensive Scheme: The defense will operate out of a base 4-3 formation and will utilize a lot of the common cover two defense. The linebackers need to know how to cover yet also need to know how to stop the run and blitz if necessary. The defensive line will as expected feature pass rushers and at Swisston City they are not really emphasized relying on schemes, blitzes, and finding weaknesses to get pressure as opposed to basic front four rushing. The corners will stick to a side of the field and not on a person although man defense is the base and the safties will each try to take away a half of the field deep without a roving strong safety that many teams use.

Depth Chart (Starters in Bold)

QB: (C) Diego Rodriguez (Junior)
Jeffery Bolton (Freshman)
John Singleton (Sophmore)

RB: Kaytlynne Sellers (Freshman) - Chromatika
Tariq Robinson (Senior)
Henry Lake (Sophmore)

WR: William Carey (Junior)
(C) Audrey Cresswell (Senior)
Sophia Ball (Junior)
Don Wilson (Sophmore)

Petra Beard (Senior)
Patrick Fenton (Freshman)
Neil Sparrow (Junior)
Darrell Rhodes (Sophmore)

TE: Stefan Clay (Senior)
Oran Weeks (Freshman)

OT: Mason Coates (Junior)
Roger Manning (Sophmore)

Jeff Edwards (Sophmore)
Macy Jefferson (Freshman)

OG: Raul Barge (Sophmore)
(C) Fiona Sullivan (Senior)

William Dolan (Junior)
Chloe Austin (Senior)

C: Cooper Lamb (Sophmore)
Clara Davis (Freshman)

DE: Piper Newman (Junior)
Ian Carlton (Sophmore)

Naomi Ayunli (Senior)
Tracy Powell (Junior)
Levi Bostock (Junior)

DT: Melanie Parry (Senior)
(C) Nathan Cook (Junior)

Keane Cox (Senior)
Harry King (Freshman)
Lawson Mills (Junior)

LB: Marcus Igama (Freshman) - Banija
Kenny Short (Freshman)
Martin Combs (Junior)

Mitchell Carter (Senior)
Ellen Carter (Senior)
Colby Torres (Freshman)

CB: (C) Rachel Gordon (Senior)
Natalie Fuller (Freshman)

Jennifer Ridley (Senior)
Jay Yoder (Sophmore)
Nora Kirkpatrick (Freshman)

S: Kristen Edwards (Freshman) - Cassadaigua
Pablo Burns (Sophmore)

Teddy Knight (Senior)
Zacharias Pham (Senior)

K: (C) Nydia Leon (Junior) - Chromatika

P: Cody Shelbon (Senior)

Returner: Audrey Cresswell

1. Vs. Green Mountain State (Buffalostan) - Home Opener
2. @ Richardson University (Ranoria)
3. Vs. Rajendragadh College (Pratapgadh) - Homecoming
4. @ Kohnhead City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Game
5. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
6. @ Green Mountain State (Buffalostan)
7. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria)
8. @ Rajendragadh College (Pratapgadh)
9. Vs. Kohnhead City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Game
10. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria) - Final Conference Game
11. @ Université St. Croix (Quebec and Shingoryeo)
12. TBD
13. TBD

Patterson Oil Arena (44,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +4
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Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Volleyball: 3rd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

World Lacrosse Championships XXXVII - 4th place

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Postby Ranoria » Sat Jul 10, 2021 9:56 am

Country Name: Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN

College Name: Richardson University
College Name: Cold Hill University
Team Nickname: Buffalo
Home Stadium (Capacity): "The Tundra' (85,000)
Style of play: -3

Team Nickname: Governors
Home Stadium (Capacity):Dietrich Stadium (94,750)
Style of play: -5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep!
Godmod scoring events: Yep! Feel free to be creative with it!
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Suspend my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod other events: Sure, but get in touch with me for anything crazy.
Special note: Not that I'm going to tell you not to write it, but anything about the COVID/virus won't be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Richardson University Governors
Team Roster and Information

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Richard Steinheil, 63
Defensive Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, 40*
Offensive Coordinator: Eins Turner, 38
Special Teams Coach: Jakob Stark, 31
Quarterbacks Coach: Ulrich Ray, 33
Wide Receivers Coach: Markus Hillis, 37
Offensive Line Coach: John Corringer, 52
Defensive Line Coach:Alton Kearse, 45
Pass Rush Consultant:Justin Kearse, 37
Linebackers Coach: Kai Hillis, 34
Defensive Backs Coach: Anna Highsmith, 35*

*Denotes 1st year in role

Team Success
Titles: 5x Big 8 Champions, NSCF 19 Runners-Up

Conference Record: 60-20
Out of Conference Record: 15-8
Post Season Record: 6-7
Overall Record: 81-35


Dietrich Stadium, constructed in 2012, features a capacity of 94,750 attendees, and is one of the toughest places to visit in college football.

Team Philosophy

Offensive Style: Richardson tends to direct their plays from the I formation, only adopting a shotgun look if they have a lethal passer along with an obvious need to pass. They adjust personnel and schemes according to talent, but generally run 11 or 12 personnel (1 running back, 1 or 2 tight ends). The run game is done with a power concept (i.e lots of double teams), taking advantage of highly recruited, big, strong offensive linemen. These linemen will also be counted on to handle pass rushers one-on-one in most scenarios. The run is featured prominently, with the passing game featuring heavy play action, at 35-45% of passes, with a ton of deep shots opened up by the aforementioned run game.

Defensive Style: Richardson's base defense is a 4-3 cover 2 man look, generally running some sort of man coverage on the outside with safeties providing deep help. The team trusts its corners, who travel with wide receivers based on perceived talent, to erase or mitigate the damage. Defensive ends are edge rushers, outside linebackers are off the ball. The Governors will rarely blitz, electing to let a talented front four wreak havoc as they see fit. When they do blitz, it is often using the outside backers. More likely to blitz when they have top-notch safeties or linebackers available, a good example being Isaiah Bryce.

These are just here if you feel like using them! So it's a simple system
Runs: "SchoolName" or "Mascot" - the schoolname would be a run to the left, mascot to the right.
So for example - "Richardson" would be a run to the left, "Governors" would be to the right

Passes: protections and route concepts need to be called.
60- standard pass pro without TE, sliding left
61- standard pass pro without TE, sliding right
50- TE stays in, sliding left
51- TE stays in, sliding right
40- TE chips then runs route, sliding left
41- TE chips then runs route, sliding right

Receivers: Not all of these receivers will always be on the field. In the rare case of going 5-wide, these labels are still used.
X- WR1
Z- WR2
Y- WR3 or TE1 - if WR3 is on the field, they get this designation
H- TE1 or TE2 - if WR3 is on the field, TE1 is H. If no WR3, TE1 is Y, TE2 is H
T- HB1

Depth Chart

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
3 Astrid Verona frsh 6-2 185 Ranoria
10 Angelo Rosin sen 6-1 190 Ranoria
4 Tommy Hubert jun 6-3 225 Ranoria

Running Backs
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
27 Elliot Roach soph 6-3 240 Kohnhead
44 Julio Fitzpatrick jun 6-3 215 Ranoria
26 Horace Billing frsh 6-1 195 Ranoria

Wide Receivers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
17 Quan Mullins jun 6-1 205 Ranoria
19 Dustin Devlin sen 5-10 195 Ranoria
13 Elon Forbes soph 5-10 180 Ranoria
11 Garry Fulchs jun 5-11 195 Ranoria
15 Timothy Klein frsh 5-9 175 Ranoria

Tight Ends
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
44 Jarius Greene sen 6-3 245 Ranoria
88 Daniel Madrid soph 6-5 250 Ranoria
87 Zaire Hillis jun 6-6 240 Ranoria
88 Mack Hillis frsh 6-5 230 Ranoria

Left Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
68 Baron Halitz jun 6-5 320 Ranoria
50 Travis Handon frsh 6-6 310 Ranoria

Left Gaurds
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
76 Spencer Sarai jun 6-4 315 Ranoria
75 Uzziah Amondi frsh 6-4 280 Banija

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
60 Ryan Parker sen 6-3 320 Ranoria
54 Daniel Heinrich soph 6-4 310 Ranoria

Right Guards
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
71 Jacob Silva jun 6-4 315 Ranoria
59 Clayton Timmins frsh 6-6 290 Ranoria

Right Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
57 Charlie Hershel jun 6-5 315 Ranoria
63 Brian Shipman frsh 6-4 305 Cassadaigua

Edge Rushers (Defensive Ends)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
94 Gideon Kearse frsh 6-5 270 Ranoria
90 Kaspar Ulvestad frsh 6-3 228 Valanora
97 Felix Henderson soph 6-3 260 Ranoria

Interior Defensive Linemen (Defensive Tackles)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
98 Gudbrand Taurus jun 6-4 300 Ranoria
55 Dragus Hall sen 6-5 345 Ranoria
54 Hydren Stair sen 6-6 325 Ranoria
93 Willy Reese jun 6-6 320 Ranoria

Outside Linebackers (off ball)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
40 Kaiser Belfort frsh 6-1 225 Ranoria
47 Daniel Trojan jun 6-3 240 Ranoria

Inside Linebackers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
58 Clancy Gluber jun 6-1 230 Baker Park
59 Hubert Maginot jun 6-1 235 Ranoria
44 Jacob Turret sen 6 245 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
25 Makang Secka jun 6-2 205 Banija
5 Kade Witt sen 6 195 Ranoria
21 Karl Fortis soph 6-1 185 Ranoria
2 Brandon Bettis sen 6 195 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
39 Jordan Holt sen 6 215 Ranoria
30 Connor Corrin jun 5-10 200 Ranoria
32 Anton Acker frsh 5-11 190 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
7 Shirley Woo frsh 6 160 Chromatia
6 Paul Franks soph 6-1 210 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
4 Hilary Mercator frsh 6-1 165 Chromatika

Kick and Punt Returns
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
5 Kade Witt sen 6 195 Ranoria
11 Garry Fulchs jun 5-11 195 Ranoria
15 Timothy Klein frsh 5-9 175 Ranoria
13 Elon Forbes soph 5-10 180 Ranoria

Key Losses:
Saul Thomas Sr, HB: A monster and a flash in the pan, Thomas had no choice but to go pro early with a child waiting for him at home. Nonetheless, speculation is he would have lost his job to Elliot Roach, regardless.

Robin James and Carlos Schmidt, Edge: Both players were solid in their time for the Governors on the stat sheet, although in the last NSCF season both became prone to overpursuits and generally undisciplined play that tanked their draft stock. Fortunately, Kaspar Ulvestad and Gideon Kearse have stepped into the edge rushing role readily, with monster Gudbrand Taurus offering his support from the inside.

Ezekiel Bantoba, QB: The most prolific passing quarterback Richardson has seen in it's time in the NSCF, Bantoba was a one year deal and he did wonders, passing for well over 4,500 yards. Astrid Verona has stepped in well, but her style of play is far from that of the gunslinger dubbed "BantobaMania."

Eric Dietrich, DC: Defensive Coordinator Eric Dietrich surprisingly had a down NSCF campaign a year ago, by far the worst performance of his career. Despite a talented unit he just couldn't pull it together, forcing the offense to step up. The loss of Richard Steinheil's heir apparent was a blow to the Governors, and it may alarm some that the NSCF has become such a widely viewed season - and such a large source of revenue - that the university is now more than willing to cut the cord on coaches when their performance isn't up to the Governors' standard. Fortunately, Kasen Harrowitz of Felswyr State has come over and done an excellent job in reviving the traditional strength of this program.

Player bios:
CB Makang Secka: The #2 rated recruit in Banija 3 seasons ago is an athletic freak and ballhawk of a corner. He's the man on the back end of the defense, and didn't allow a single touchdown in domestic play. Per advanced stats, he was targetted 19 times in 16 games, and notched six pass deflections and three interceptions while allowing just five catches for 37 yards. Of course, he earned first team all Ranoria honors, and the Thomas Hall Trophy, awarded to the best DB in Ranorian College Football.

ILB Clancy Gluber: The centerpiece of the defense! Gluber is by now a coach on the field and along with Makang Secka and Gudbrand Taurus makes up one of three 1st team All-Ranoria players on this defense. Notched a monstrous 143 tackles domestically including post season play during the domestic season.

Gudbrand Taurus: The top recruit in Ranoria a few seasons back has made himself known as the enforcer on this squad. First team all Ranoria honors if you didn't read Gluber's bio, Taurus is one of the strongest players in college football and he knows how to use it. With an ability to consistently beat double teams, he's the man to game plan around up front.

QB Astrid Verona: Daughter of 5x all star QB Paul Verona and nephew of Ranorian World Baseball Classic pitcher Tommy Verona, Astrid has a polished, clean game that translated well once she stepped on the field. Expect a conservative approach and plenty of professional-level habits like looking off safeties, consistently clean footwork and throwing motion, and savvy movement in the pocket. Downsides include her somewhat smaller frame and lack of a cannon of an arm, but she's got enough heat to take advantage of an attack that relies on aggressive play action in the passing game.

HB Elliot Roach: Roach was the 2nd highest rated recruit in Kohnhead two seasons ago, and he showed why after taking the reigns as Richardson's top back. Roach ended up rushing for more than thirteen hundred yards in domestic play as the workhorse of this offense. One of two 2nd team All-Ranoria players on the offense along with guard Jacob Silva.

DE Gideon Kearse: One of the better recruits Ranoria has seen in recent years (up there with Abram Fairbans), Kearse is a monstrosity. Coming in at a strong 270 pounds, he moves better than one would think and is a force against the run or pass with a disruptive playing style. He can occasionally get caught out of position, but he more than makes up for it by blowing up gameplans and making veteran players question what the hell they're doing. Freshman of the Year honors in the Northeast Conference.

DE Kaspar Ulvestad: Every power rusher needs a foil. Ulvestad is stronger than he looks at 215 pounds, but his main traits are speed and a relentless motor. Occasionally drops back into coverage, more often allowed to pin his ears back and do his thing. With big Gudbrand Taurus pushing the pocket in the middle, quarterbacks often being unable to step up in the pocket has really allowed Ulvestad to make an impact as a freshman.

OLB Kaiser Belfort: A bit of an underrated prospect, Belfort is a mauler of linebacker. While he's a bit lean at 225, the kid is a twitchy athlete with a ton of power, as displayed by his 3 knockouts in sanctioned MMA bouts. Yup. You heard that right, he's a fighter. It took a bit of convincing to get him to play college football, and he's absolutely clueless (possibly intentionally) when it comes to coverage, but if the ball carrier happens to occupy a space of open field in front of him, he'll make them pay.

OT Brian Shipman: Out of Cassaidaigua, Shipman is a big, strong recruit who new he could use some good coaching coming out. Fortunately, Richardson is just the place for that on the offensive line. He isn't getting a ton of snaps as a freshman, but the Governors are expecting big things out of Shipman in years to come.

OT Travis Handon: The 7th ranked recruit in Ranoria hasn't seen much playing time either, but with a big long frame that he's beginning to grow into, the team anticipates that he - along with Shipman and Uzziah Amondi out of Banija, will be the force behind one hell of an offensive line.

G/C Uzziah Amondi: Amondi, out of Banija, certainly needs to pack on some size, but he's already up five pounds from his high school days, and he's an athletic beast at guard. While his pass blocking could use some work, he's got a whole season to fine tune his craft and hey, worst comes to worst - the Governors have always preferred to run right down their opponents' throats.

Week 1: @ Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles; L 3-24
Week 2: vs Swisston City University Army Knives: W 19-7
Week 3: @ Green Mountain State Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides; W 30-23 (OT)
Week 4: @ Cold Hill University Buffalo; L 20-33
Week 5: vs Rajendragadh College Brawlers
Week 6: vs Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Week 7: @ Swisston City University Army Knives
Week 8: vs Green Mountain State Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides
Week 9: vs Cold Hill University Buffalo
Week 10: @ Rajendragadh College Brawlers

Non-conference games:

Week 11: vs Hoofstra University Pride
Week 12: @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors
Week 13: @ University of Loyola Istria Blue Thunder (Rebel's Cannon Bowl)

QB Astrid Verona: 94/133, 1,024 yards, 5 TD, 3 INT, 19 carries, 89 yards, 1 TD
QB Angelo Rosin: 3/5, 28 yards
HB Elliot Roach: 89 carries, 426 yards, 6 TD, 12 receptions, 81 yards
HB Julio Fitzpatrick: 26 carries, 107 yards, 1 TD, 4 receptions, 22 yards
WR Dustin Devlin: 24 receptions, 295 yards, 2 TD
WR Quan Mullins: 21 receptions, 241 yards, 1 TD
WR Elon Forbes: 19 receptions, 231 yards, 1 TD
TE Jarius Greene: 22 receptions, 159 yards,1 TD

ILB Clancy Gluber: 49 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 INT, 1 sack
DE Gideon Kearse: 20 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 3 TFL, 1 PDef
DE Kasper Ulvested: 13 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 TFL
DE Felix Henderson: 8 tackles, 1.5 sack
DT Gudbrand Taurus: 13 tackles, 2 TFL, 3 sacks
DT Dragus Hall: 4 tackles
OLB Kaiser Belfort: 23 tackles
CB Makang Secka: 15 tackles, 2 PDef, 2 INT
CB Kade Witt: 11 tackles
SS Jordan Holt: 13 tackles
FS Connor Corrin: 11 tackles

Cold Hill University Buffalo
Team Roster and Information

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Chris Dale, 49
Defensive Coordinator: Daniel Booker, 35
Offensive Coordinator: Connor Hellsing, 44
Special Teams Coach: Elliot Schmitt, 36
Quarterbacks Coach: Orton Smith, 40
Wide Receivers Coach: Randy Prior, 33
Tight Ends Coach: Gary Dennier, 35
Offensive Line Coach: Joe Sapp, 42
Defensive Line Coach: Reggie Gregory, 49
Linebackers Coach: Harrison Thomas, 50
Defensive Backs Coach: Charlie Steel, 33

*Denotes 1st year in role

Team Success
Titles: 3x Big 8 Champions, NSCF 20 & 22 Champions, NSCF 21 Runners-Up, NSCF 18 & 19 Semifinalists

Conference Record: 51-19
Out of Conference Record: 18-3
Post Season Record: 12-4
Overall Record: 81-26

Home Stadium:
The Tundra, often snow covered, in Cold Hill was constructed in 1999, and can hold up to 85,000 people.

Team Philosophy:

At its core, the team's game plan, generally, is to rack up points and then make opposing quarterbacks uncomfortable when they try to catch up.

Offensive Style: Cold Hill is a pass-first, air raid, quarterback centric team offensively. Generally run the offense out of the shotgun in 10 or 11 personnel. (1 running back, no tight ends, or 1 running back, 1 tight end). As long as it's working, they see no reason to slow down scoring and give other teams a chance to get back into the game. Power style run game, tight ends and backs are usually plus pass protectors if they're starting. Expect a lot of chipping and double teams in pass protection.

With Aurel Strathos at quarterback, expect complete and unmitigated aggression from the quarterback position. Aurel has an ego that reeks of narcissism, and an arm to back it up, but if he throws twenty interceptions, no one would be surprised. Tendency to take deep shots at teams' best corners just to show that he can. As a result of his poor decision making, HB Brannon Hillis has taken a leading role not often seen by Buffalo running backs.

Defensive Style: Base 3-4 Defense. In essence, make a bunch of plays and cause enough disruption to stop the offense. Outside linebackers serve primarily as edge rushers with very rare drop backs into coverage, while big defensive linemen clog up the interior. Heavy emphasis on pass rush. Scheme features a lot of blitzing, particularly from cornerbacks, and relies on linebackers to soak up tackles while the front men key on the passer. In the run game, expect a contain and bounce inside approach, to force runners straight into the linebacking core. Generally at least one playmaking safety, currently both Proko and Agnor Viridian are employed as weapons on the defensive side.

Depth Chart

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
1 Aurel Strathos soph 6-4 225 Ranoria
3 Austin Golden sen 6-3 235 Ranoria
19 Pierre Truman jun 6-2 205 Ranoria
12 Hannah Young frsh 6-1 170 Ranoria

Running Backs
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
3 Brannon Hillis jun 5-11 205 Ranoria
29 Alexander Østby frsh 5-9 190 Valanora
25 Pierre Hall soph 5-10 190 Ranoria
28 Deion James sen 5-9 200 Ranoria

Wide Receivers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
88 Rai Swift jun 6-3 190 Ranoria
11 Nikolas Isaksen frsh 6-4 205 Valanora
17 Cooper Canis jun 6 190 Ranoria
14 Heath Heinz soph 5-10 190 Ranoria
12 Felix Hamilton jun 5-9 180 Ranoria

Tight Ends
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
49 Trent Conner sen 6-5 250
88 Tucker Golman soph 6-6 240
81 Austin Timmins frsh 6-6 235

Left Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
78 Moses Busara jun 6-6 330 Banija
69 Corey Mullins frsh 6-4 285 Ranoria

Left Gaurds
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
70 Johnathan Robinson soph 6-7 310 Northwest Kalactin

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
64 Martin Grace sen 6-5 310 Ranoria
61 Kalen Heimdall frsh 6-3 290 Ranoria

Right Guards
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
65 Yajirobe Fulchs jun 6-5 300 Ranoria

Right Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
61 Bernier Simpson jun 6-7 315 Ranoria
68 April Fullochs jun 6-8 320 Ranoria

Edge Rushers (Outside Linebackers)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
44 Candace Ferrett soph 6-2 200 Chromatika
59 Corrin Silva jun 6-7 260 Ranoria
58 Hughe Brown sen 6-5 235 Ranoria
58 Brock Golden sen 6-4 240 Ranoria
51 Travis Jenner sen 6-3 225 Ranoria

Interior Defensive Linemen (Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
94 Barney Federer(DT) sen 6-7 325 Ranoria
95 Elmer Terrence(DT) sen 6-6 305 Ranoria
93 Patrick Gerrin(DT) jun 6-6 300 Ranoria
96 Josh Snell(DE) sen 6-6 290 Ranoria
91 Greg Winchester(DE) jun 6-4 290 Ranoria
90 Tony Heidelberg(DE) frsh 6-3 270 Ranoria

Inside Linebackers (off ball)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
58 Robert Lewan sen 6 240 Ranoria
56 Trent Grimes sen 6-1 235 Ranoria
57 Carl Moses sen 6 240 Ranoria
55 Esse Torrin jun 5-10 225 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
20 Koman Tabor soph 6-3 205 Banija
27 Victoria Mio soph 6-8 215 Chromatika
22 Emil Johnson sen 6-1 200 Ranoria
24 Kale Reinberger jun 6-1 190 Ranoria
21 Tony Tanner jun 5-11 195 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
25 Agnor Viridian jun 6-1 190(FS) Ranoria
44 Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers frsh 6-10 250(SS) Drawland
40 Cooper Hart sen 6 215(SS) Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#2 Bo-Ah Jang frsh 6-1 178 Chromatika
#4 Harry Swift soph 6 179 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#1 Tommy Berto jun 6-1 185 Ranoria

Kick and Punt Returns
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
12 Felix Hamilton jun 5-9 180 Ranoria
88 Rai Swift jun 6-3 190 Ranoria
22 Emil Johnson sen 6-1 200 Ranoria
20 Koman Tabor soph 6-3 205 Banija

Key Losses:
QB Deondre "Diamond" Rhine: Rhine was by far and away the best college quarterback Ranoria has ever seen, shattering both domestic and Ranorian NSCF records by the handful and seemingly at will. Played in a whopping total of 5 championship games in 8 seasons between domestic and NSCF competition, going 3-2 in those contests, and put Cold Hill on the pedestal of college football. Unfortunately he was unable to make it to a fourth straight NSCF title game after coming back from injury, and the team slipped a bit in NSCF 23. Rhine may not have been a great piece for the culture of the locker room, but damn if the squad doesn't miss his arm.

LT Vince Vermillion: Already projected to be a World Bowl starter, Vermillion was Rhine's steadfast protector on offense. Fortunately Moses Busara is more than capable of stepping up, along with Jonathan Peterson, to keep the Buffalo line formidable, but there is a hole without the All-Ranoria caliber player.

DE Haze Herbert: Not as much a loss as the other two, but Herbert was a consistent force on the inside for the Buffalo, at the very least pushing the pocket and occasionally able to make a play or two for himself. The team has his spot covered with Josh Snell waiting in the wings, but Snell can't quite match up to Herbert's talent.

Player bios:
S Agnor Viridian: One of many talented playmakers in the secondary, Viridian is the heartbeat of one of, if not the, best defenses the Buffalo have ever fielded. The coaching staff has given him full freedom to abandon his assignment to go make a play if he sees it, and Viridian has taken plenty of chances to better his team's odds.

OLB Brock Golden: Golden emerged as a solid pass rusher as a freshman, notching ten sacks in NSCF 21, but has been relatively quiet since. He has the talent to do better...but he hasn't. Candace Ferrett and Corrin Silva are now entrenched starters, leaving Golden as a relief pitcher at best.

OLB Corrin Silva: Silva is a freak at 6'7". Now clocking in at 260 pounds, he's the clear starter opposite Candace Ferrett, and 2nd on the team in sacks during domestic play. Expect very few drop backs into coverage at his size.

ILB Robert Lewan: Lewan is a nasty, hard hitting linebacker who soaks up tackles in the middle. Cold Hill loves him, and running backs hate him.

Receiving Corps: This group is led by Nikolas Isaksen out of Valanora. The jump ball specialist has more than enough size to make most secondaries pay, and provided a spark as a pass target that Cold Hill had been lacking in the last couple seasons. No offense to a trio of juniors in Rai Swift, Cooper Canis, and Felix Hamilton, but none of them can be called a true #1. Swift is just that, a burner with good size, but his route running is poor and his hands inconsistent. Canis is a volume guy without a ton of speed, but he's quick out of his breaks and has solid hands. Hamilton is easily the most athletic of the bunch, and has true sub 4.3 speed, but he's inconsistent as a receiver. Thanks to Isaksen's arrival, he's been able to focus on special teams work, where he can really make an impact.

And then of course, there's Heinz. Talented, excellent route runner, but not much motor. It's clear on film that Heinz shows much more effort on plays where he's the top target, or when he's in the red zone. As such, expect a disproportionate amount of touchdowns to reception volume. But when this guy's on, he's on.

OLB Candace Ferrett: The #10 recruit out of Chromatika two years ago, Ferrett is the team's premier pass rusher. After bursting onto the scene in NSCF 23 after having not seen a ton of playing time in the prior domestic season, she's firmly established herself as a threat, racking up a dozen quarterback takedowns in domestic play. Opposite her is Corrin Silva, who's about as beefy as any Cold Hill edge rusher has been in years, to pick up on the rare occasion that she can't get to the quarterback.

CB Victoria Mio: The #2 recruit out of Chromatika two seasons ago now, Mio is a tall and instinctive corner. Whatever "it" is, she's got it, consistently making plays for the Buffalo, whether she's out-muscling even bigger wideouts or screaming off the edge on a blitz. Rarely out of position, very much a film nut. Second team All-Ranoria honors.

CB Koman Tabor: One of a sophomore duo at corner for Cold Hill, Tabor was Banija's top recruit two seasons ago. At 6'3" and over 200 pounds, he's a lengthy corner, but of course he doesn't have the length of his running mate. Tabor tends to be more technically sound than Mio but draw more targets due to his still formidable but not quite freakish size. Honorable mention All-Ranoria honors.

QB Aurel Strathos: The heir apparent to Diamond Rhine, Aurel is possibly the most arrogant quarterback to ever grace the campus. When the coaching staff recommended he take a redshirt year, to preserve eligibility with Rhine as the cemented starter, he objected on grounds that he would only be here for a couple of years, anyway. Strathos finished with a statline of 3,749 yards, 36 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions domestically in a championship campaign for the Buffalo. He's willing to and enthusiastic about attacking the strengths of an opposing defense to "break their spirit." He has the arm talent to do so if he picks the right time - after all, there's no defense for a perfect throw, but more often than not it's ended with his padding the stats of adept defensive backs.

SS/OW Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers: Rooijakkers, often called "Proko" for short, is likely the most talented player on this roster. Coming in at 6'10", he's often employed as a box safety while getting most starting snaps in that role, though the Buffalo have no problem dropping him back deep to make x's and o's type coaches throw their clipboards when attempting a deep ball. Proko is more than athletic enough to play offense, and has been employed out wide, in the slot, at tight end, and even at running back a couple times.

In the title game against Richardson when the Buffalo simply couldn't overcome the Governors' front on the goal line, Proko was thrown in at quarterback, and simply leaned over the shoulder of an offensive lineman to reach over the defenders to cross the ball over the plane like an older brother picking on his siblings.

Week 1: vs Rajendragadh College Brawlers: W 24-14
Week 2: vs Green Mountain State Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides: W 37-26
Week 3: @ Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles: L 63-30
Week 4: vs Richardson University Governors: W 33-20
Week 5: @ Swisston City University Army Knives
Week 6: vs Rajendragadh College Brawlers
Week 7: @ Green Mountain State Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides
Week 8: vs Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Week 9: @ Richardson University Governors
Week 10: vs Swisston City University Army Knives

Non-conference games:

Week 11: vs Felswyr State Firehawks
Week 12: @ Trent State University Feathercaps
Week 13: vs Green Coast University Bullfrogs

QB Aurel Strathos: 78/122, 831 yards, 5 TD, 10 INT, 5 carries, 13 yards, 1/1 Fumbles/Lost
Austin Golden: 51/76, 675 yards, 6 TD, 1 INT
HB Brannon Hillis: 90 carries, 412 yards, 4 TD, 28 receptions, 251 yards, 2 TD, 1/0 Fumbles/Lost
HB Alexander Østby: 38 carries, 169 yards, 6 receptions, 57 yards, 1 TD
WR Nikolas Isaksen: 26 receptions, 488 yards, 5 TD
WR Rai Swift: 14 receptions, 201 yards
WR Cooper Canis: 20 receptions, 173 yards
WR Felix Hamilton: 2 reception, 25 yards, 1 PR touchdown (61 yards)
WR Heath Heinz: 17 receptions, 233 yards, 3 TD
TE Trent Conner: 13 receptions, 59 yards

ILB Robert Lewan: 42 tackles,1 TFL
EDGE Hughe Brown: 9 tackles, 1 TFL
EDGE Corrin Silva: 20 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 TFL
EDGE Candace Ferrett: 19 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 TFL, 1 FF/1FR
EDGE Brock Golden: 5 tackles, .5 sacks
DE Josh Snell: 8 tackles
CB Koman Tabor: 18 tackles, 2 PDef, 1 INT
CB Victoria Mio: 22 tackles, 1 PDef, 2 INT
FS Agnor Viridian: 25 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT
SS/OW Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers: 23 tackles, 5 PDef, 1 rush, 7 yards, 1 TFL
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My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the numbers of games that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the amount of time that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is.
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Plese don't kill anybody.

Northern Moravica University Cougars
Six-time champions of the Celestia Conference

School Info
Full Name: Northern Moravica University
Nickname: Cougars
Location: Herzegovina City, Moravica
Enrollment: 37,928
School President: Abbas Bajo. 62 years old. 4th year on the job.
Athletic Director: Horace Browning(Cosumar). 6th year on the job.
Style Modifier: +1.5

Mugisha II Memorial Stadium
Maximum capacity of 87,000, expandable to 93,500 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF Season XXIV

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.
All players are Banijan unless their nationality is otherwise specified.


Vallienté Wagner-Young(Ranoria). #15, Junior. 6'5, 220 pounds. Top-ranked recruit out of Ranoria in NSCF XXI.
Bubacar Jagne. #3, Senior. 6'5, 220 pounds. 4 star recruit out of Banija in NSCF 20.
Yakuba Ndour. #4, Sophomore. 6'2, 205 pounds. Three star recruit.

Apollo Esther(Ranoria). #33, Sophomore. 6'3, 233 pounds. #7 overall recruit out of Ranoria.
Fabba Guiss. #24, Senior. 6'1, 200 pounds.
Jebel Marenah. #21, Freshman. 6'0, 190 pounds.
Alasan Nyang. #28, Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Loyola-Jinja.

Musa Baldeh. #34, Sophomore. 6'4, 245 pounds.

Wide Receivers.
Mark Lett(Chromatika).. #1. Senior. Transfer from Chromia Central in Chromatika. 6'4.
Jung Singateh. #11, Senior. 6'1, 200 pounds.
Wassa Sillah. #88, Senior. 5'9, 187 pounds. Slot receiver.
Yaya Badjie. #13, Sophomore. 6'2, 203 pounds.
Thomas Drach(Siovanija & Teusland). #80, Freshman. 6'1, 185 pounds. From Marlesee, Siovanija & Teusland

Tight Ends.
Zachary Lewis(Kohnhead). #87. Sophomore. 6'5, 245 pounds.
Lama Kama. #89, Freshman. 6'6, 255 pounds.
Kabiru Ngum. #86, Freshman. 6'4, 243 pounds.

Left Tackle.
Ôskâr dí Rívânká(Farfadillis/Banija dual-national). #62, Freshman. 6'6, 301 pounds. Farf refugee, recruited out of Busukuma.
Kausu Soso. #65, Freshman. 6'7, 302 pounds.

Left Guard.
Alanso Kandeh. #64, Sophomore. 6'4, 301 pounds. 4 star recruit from Mynda, Aksum, Banija.
Wandy Sene. #60, Freshman. 6'2, 310 pounds.

Jacob Engelhaft(Ranoria). #50, Freshman. #9 overall recruit out of Ranoria.
Bunama Daramy. #57, Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Wild Valley University.

Right Guard.
Malick Touray. #68, Junior. 6'7, 323 pounds.
Alifa Marenah. #61, Redshirt Sophomore. 6'4, 311 pounds. Transfer from Bunyoro A&M.

Right Tackle..
Eric Modin(Ranoria). #71, Junior. 6'8, 305 pounds. #3 overall recruit out of Ranoria in NSCF XXI. Only returning starter on the Offensive LIne.
Jonkong Touray. #73, Sophomore. 6'4, 278 pounds.

Defense 4-3.

Left Defensive End.
Wassa Ouattara. #93, Senior. 6'4, 265 pounds.
Isaka Mansaré. #91, Sophomore. 6'4, 277 pounds.

Right Defensive End.
Birom Ogunsola. #92, Junior. 6'3, 271 pounds. Five star recruit out of Banija.
Muña Manneh. #96, Sophomore. 6'4, 282 pounds.

Defensive Tackle.
Essa Marong. #95. Junior. 6'3, 299 pounds.
Urk McCauley(Quebec). #99. Freshman.
Karl Sande(Valanora). #90. Freshman. 6'2, 218 pounds.
Malick Kolley. #98, Sophomore. 6'6, 302 pounds.

Strong Side Outside Linebacker.
Samuel Kim(Chromatika). #41, Senior. 6'7. Recruited from Kynxe, Chromatika. Samuel is a black belt in judo who has an eye for the ball. A natural leader who loves to inspire others via example or words, he can be a little outspoken but can be an asset if used properly. A strong side linebacker by trade, but with Morgan-Horne already on the strong side, they put him at the weak side for 3 years. With Morgan-Horne's graduation however, he is now back to his natural position at strong side outside linebacker. Captain.
Bango Uster. #55, Sophomore. 6'1, 215 pounds. 6'1, 215 pounds.

Middle Linebacker.
Bailo Guissé. #56, Junior. 6'0, 217 pounds.
Klaus Achterberg(Geisenfred). #51, Freshman. 6'1, 223 pounds.
Jato Sey. #54, Redshirt Junior. 6'3, 230 pounds. Transfer from Loyola-Busukuma.

Weak Side Outside Linebacker.
Ailo Børve(Valanora). #94, Sophomore. 5'11, 190 pounds. He is a hybrid DE/EDGE linebacker, known for getting after the quarterback.
Ilman Tiyana. #49, Senior. 6'3, 224 pounds.

Edrissa Coulibaly. #39, Senior. 6'0, 199 pounds.
Mamadi Kaba. #22, Junior. 5'11, 182 pounds.
Ole Bakker(Valanora). #20, Freshman. 5'10, 177 pounds. Recruited from Valanora. Primary nickel back.
Boro Baldeh. #2, Junior. 5'10, 196 pounds.
Uzoma Obasi. #31, Sophomore. 6'0, 191 pounds.

Strong Safety.
Sean Gonzalez(Northwest Kalactin). #26, Sophomore. 6'1, 200 pounds.
Yakuba Saidykhan. #29, Freshman. 6'0, 195 pounds.

Free Safety.
Drew Lia(Chromatika). #19, Sophomore. 6'1,
Madou Okparra. #36, Sophomore. 5'11, 190 pounds.

For clarity's sake- My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does normal kickoffs while my kicker does onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Hazael Aero. #67, Junior.

Kick/Punt Returner.
Uzoma Obasi. #31, Sophomore. 6'0, 191 pounds. Deep depth chart cornerback.
Yakuba Saidykhan. #29, Freshman. 6'0, 195 pounds. Backup safety.

Babou Guiss. #3, Junior.

Xavier Fran(Chromatika). #2. Senior. 5'8. A trick shot artist with a football, Fran is a perfectionist.

Head Coach: Lance Kabuye. 64 years old. The Head Coach is in his sixth season at Northern Moravica. Being hired in what many would describe as an 'awkward situation' in the beginning- the previous coach, himself fired, who then maneuvered his own way to being Athletic Director, and picking his own successor. Many coaches would not have done that, but they have a great AD-head coach relationship, and the results cannot be argued with. In each of Kabuye's first two seasons, they went to the NSCF Championship Game, with the school defeating Richardson University of Ranoria in the NSCF 19 Championship Game, and getting back to the title game in his second season as they fell to Cold Hill University in NSCF XX. After two seasons away, last season he made his third championship game appearance in five seasons as head coach, solidifying himself in one of the toughest coaching jobs in the NSCF.

Kabuye was the head coach of Wild Valley University, a smaller school in the eastern part of the Moravica region, for 6 years. He is innovating offensively- with former offensive coordinator Kawsu Banuma deciding to take a head coaching position at Kizza I College domestically, Kabuye is looking to ratchet away from the spread. They've always been traditionally more of a pro style school, but with Kabuye's comfort with the air raid, alongside Chae Heung-Kim, they innovated the offensive around their star quarterback. Now they will look to be a more traditional Northern team and build from the trenches. But with another star quarterback in Wagner-Young, he is looking to innovate the offense around him again, opening it up and letting his squad air it out, as they look to go one step further than NSCF 23.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Idirissa Ouattara. 67 years old. Kind of an out there hire. He was quarterbacks coach at Northern Moravica in NSCF 12 and NSCF 13 under Horace Browning, before he was offered an offensive coordinator position at the University of Ankole in domestic play. He was coordinator there for five seasons (domestic equivalents of NSCF 14-18) before becoming a head coach at Hangaza Tech. His head coaching career was disastrous- he was a poor culture fit, and was fired after just two seasons. He has always been big on the zone read running scheme, and Horace Browning suggested the hire to Kabuye shortly after the old offensive coordinator decided to go be a head coach on his own. This is his 4th year in the program.

Other Offensive Coaches
Quarterbacks Coach: Corban Akomo. 53 years old. 4th year at Northern.
Offensive Line Coach: Rueben Ooro. 39 years old. 4th year at Northern.
Tight Ends Coach: Euphrates Okinyo. 35 years old. 4th year at Northern.
Wide Receivers Coach: Onyango Ouko. 43 years old. 3rd year at Northern.
Runnings Back Coach: Oneka Osano. 32 years old. 2nd year at Northern, former offensive analyst for the Herzegovina City Cobras in Banija's professional gridiron league.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Chike Halim. 46 years old. He is entering his second season as the defensive coordinator. Chike Halim will take the job here. After having left for a few years to take the same job at the University of Moravica, he came back home when the job opened up. He's an up and coming future head coach, so it is unlikely he is long for Herzegovina City.

Other Defensive Coaches
Defensive Line Coach: Raila Abiero. 31 years old. 2nd season at Northern, came with Halim from U of M.
Linebackers Coach: Obuya Okech. 44 years old. 2nd season at Northern, was a local high school head coach who had connections to Halim.
Cornerbacks Coach: Yakim Abonyo. 53 years old. 2nd season at Northern, recently fired as Hangaza Tech's defensive coordinator.
Safeties Coach: Saul Orengo. 33 years old. 2nd season at Northern, he is an alumnus of Northern Moravica.

Special Teams Coordinator: Edrissa Niang. 72 years old. 6th year as Special Teams Coordinator.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Odikinyi Achuka. 43 years old. 2nd season as Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 2: @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Week 3: vs. Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia)
Week 4: @ The Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 5: vs. Green Coast University(Beaverriver)
Week 6: @ Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 7: vs. University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Week 8: @ Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia)
Week 9: vs. The Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 10: @ Green Coast University(Beaverriver)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: vs, Raynor University(Valanora). This game is Senior Day.
Week 12: @ New Lakeland(Cassadaigua).
Week 13: vs. Université St. Croix(Quebec). Game to be played at the Stadium of the Restoration in Busukuma, National Capitol Region, Banija

Retired numbers: #4 Pelias Patras. Set the national collegiate record for passing touchdowns in a career(95), and school record for passing yards in a career(9,977). Is the only quarterback in school history to start every single game for 4 years. First quarterback in school history to beat archrivals Loyola University-Istria 3 times in a row(coinciding NSCF 1, 2,3). Went to three straight national championship games(coinciding NSCF 1, 2, and 3) and won two national championships(coinciding NSCF 1 & 3).

Rivals: Currently the biggest rival of Northern Moravica University is the University of Loyola-Istria, who the Cougars have played at least once a season the last 60 seasons. They have played each other 20 times in NSCF competition, with Northern being 12-8 overall against their archrivals to the South. They've beaten Loyola at least once every season in the NSCF, including sweeping Loyola both in NSCF 13 and NSCF 22. This includes the two teams splitting their playoff matchups. These two teams have long been seen as the top two college football teams in Banija, and indeed, their stranglehold over Banijan college sports has continued, as they dominate not only in football, the biggest collegiate sport, but most other sports as well. When it was discussed for which team should debut Banija on the world stage for college football, it ultimately came down to these two, and after heating exchanges of words between both Athletic Directors and School Presidents in public, and the Mayors of Istria & Herzegovina City, the Banijan College Sports Group(BCSG) decided on a 11-8 vote to send Northern. The two schools played a thriller in the NSCF 18 quarterfinals, a matchup won by the Blue Thunder. With Loyola's incredible postseason runs in the NSCF, they finally regained the upper hand in this rivalry when they downed Loyola-Istria at the Istria Lightning Yard in the NSCF 19 semifinals, en route to their first ever NSCF title. Northern is currently carrying a 3 game winning streak in the rivalry, beating Loyola in their second matchup in NSCF 21 and sweeping both games in NSCF 22.

A former NSCF rival is Vietussia Academy. They have played a number of games against Vietussia Academy when both schools were members of the Celestia Conference. The two former conference rivals play each other for the Golden Axe. When Vietussia Academy returned to the NSCF for NSCF 18 as part of a different conference, the two teams played each other on the final game of the season in United Vietussia. Northern Moravica took the golden axe back to Herzegovina City with a 20-14 road victory, to improve to 2-3 all-time against their rivals. There are presently discussions between the two schools to renew the rivalry in Herzegovina City in Week 13 for this season, although "no i's have been dotted nor t's have been crossed."

Their new foreign NSCF rival are the Salamantic Universities. The Salamantic Universities and Northern Moravica split the season series in NSCF 19-21, but the Salamantic Universities swept Northern in NSCF 22(in fact, they swept both Banijan schools). With them competing in the Celestia Conference, the rivalry continues to grow more heated between the schools every year. The official name of the trophy between the two schools is the 'Felinology Trophy', although students from both sides have unofficially named the trophy the 'Trophy of the Ancients' since the matchup is Cougars versus Professors. While Northern Moravica administrators were clear to say that was not the rivalry trophy's official name, with the lack of an official name, that has been the name tossed around by various outlets discussing the new rivalry. Northern Moravica has an all-time record of 3-5 against the Salamantics.

The University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park is also considered a major foreign rival of Northern Moravica. These two teams have played every single season since UC-Baker Park joined the NSCF. The only season they did not schedule each other was NSCF 21, but the fates decided the two would play anyways, in the first round of the playoffs. UC-Baker Park won the sole playoff matchup between the two schools, 27-21. Northern Moravica has an all-time record of 2-3 against UC-Baker Park. There is no name nor trophy for this rivalry- but it is considered a scheduling priority for both schools every single year. This season, they are in the same conference for the first time, only upping the ante and the stakes of the rivalry.

Entrance: There is a unique stadium entrance at home games for the Cougars football team. A starting senior on each side of the football stands outside the tunnel, each one holding the school flag. They stand opposite each other with the flags lowered, and then raise the flags and let the entire team run through. After the team and staff runs through, those two starters run to the middle of the field and each plant their flag on the logo, signifying that this is their home field, and that they will fight to defend home field.

Championships: Northern Moravica has five Celestia Conference championships in 9 NSCF seasons, winning the conference title in NSCF 12, NSCF 13, NSCF 17, NSCF 18, and NSCF 19. They won their first ever NSCF championship in NSCF 19. They finished as runner-ups in NSCF 20.

All-Time NSCF Record
WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record811981.00%
Non-Conference Record171356.67%
Playoff Record9852.94%
Overall Record1074072.79%

Cheer Northern Moravica

Tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song

Rally Northern! Sing today
Defend our glory, honor our fame!
Raise her red and white
And sing out with great delight
Rah Rah for NMU!
Our men will fight in every game
True to the North worthy of her name!
Loyal up to the end
Her honor we must defend

Cheer Northern Moravica!
Like Cougars we roar singing her name!
Praise to our great God on high
Because our rivals we will defy!
On this day Loyola will fall
Northern with victory over all
While we score a touchdown
And bring glory to NMU! (x2)

Loyola University Blue Thunder
Two-Time Defending Celestia Conference Champions and defending NSCF Champion

School Info
Full Name: Loyola University @ Istria
Nickname: Blue Thunder
Location: Istria, Moravica
Type: Private, Mormon
Enrollment: 41,828
School President: Dr. Ruhamah Odede. 61 years old. Second year on the job. First ever female President of Loyola University, and first ever non-clergy member to serve as the University's President.
Athletic Director: Patrick Zervos(14th year on the job). 58 years old.
Style Modifier: +5

Alastair Jobs Field @ The Istria Lightning Yard
Maximum capacity of 98,000 expandable to 100,233 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF XXIV

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.
All players are Banijan unless their nationality is otherwise specified.

Ebou Hairte. #5, Redshirt Sophomore. 6'2, 215 pounds.
Kassa Einku. #12, Redshirt Senior. 6'4, 220 pounds.
Bunama Diawara. #17, Freshman. 6'6, 233 pounds.

Eric van Geel(Ranoria). #26, Junior. 6'1, 205 pounds.
Gotthard Koulibaly(Siovanija & Teusland). #20. Junior. Played on Siovanija & Teusland Olympic team. 6'0, 233 pounds. Power back.
Hatabu Jobe. #21, Senior 5'10, 199 pounds.

Tight End
Dustin Andreas Jerome IV. #87, Senior. 6'2. Recruited from Felswyr, Chromatika. A national champion(Chromatika) wrestler in high school, Dustin is a blocking first tight end who has nimble hands for someone of his bulk. Selfless and hard-working, he is driven and easy to coach.
Russell Farmer(Ranoria). #85, Freshman. 6'6, 245 pounds.
Odero Okomo. #88, Sophomore. 6'1, 244 pounds.

Wide Receiver.
Lafi Senghore. #83, Junior. 6'2, 190 pounds.
Rachel Emerson(Cassadaigua). #1, Freshman. 6'4. First ever woman to play gridiron at Loyola-Istria.
Boy Secka. #80, Senior. 6'0, 185 pounds. Slot Receiver.
Baboucar Camara. #89, Junior. 6'1, 196 pounds
Lama Jatta. #82, Junior. 6'4, 205 pounds.
Faraba Condeh. #81, Freshman. 6'0, 212 pounds.

Left Tackle.
Sama Biri. #76, Senior. 6'6, 298 pounds. Returning as starter. Captain.
Ogwang Owiti. #70, Sophomore. 6'4, 281 pounds.

Left Guard.
Malick Ngum. #64, Junior. 6'4, 301 pounds. Returning starter.
Boy Sowe. #65, Junior. 6'3, 297 pounds.

Bouba Danso. #61, Senior. First year as starter. 6'3, 290 pounds.
Mindika Oduol. #50, Sophomore. 6'1, 301 pounds.

Right Guard.
Demba Diouf. #63, Senior. 6'1, 300 pounds. First Year as starter.
Ned Dott(Chromatika). #60, Freshman. 6'3, 252 pounds.

Right Tackle.
Idi Coulibaly. #68, Junior. 6'3, 306 pounds. First year as starter.
Maximilien Fuerst(Geisenfred). #77, Freshman. 6'4, 281 pounds.

Play a 3-4 defense

Left Defensive End
Faraba Ndiaye. #72, Junior. 6'3, 295 pounds.
Bora Manneh. #90, Freshman. 6'2, 266 pounds.

Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle..
Sajo Biri. #95, Junior. 6'4, 300 pounds.
Mindiwo Adika. #99, Sophomore. 6'0, 288 pounds.
Suntukung Mendy. #91, Freshman. 6'2, 277 pounds.

Right Defensive End.
Justin Peterson(Northwest Kalactin). #97, Sophomore. 6'6, 286 pounds. #1 overall recruit out of Northwest Kalactin.
Basri Efendi(Busoga Islands). #98, Freshman. 6'2, 257 pounds.

Left Outside Linebacker. - This is the EDGE, pass rushing focused linebacker.
Abram Fairbanks(Ranoria). #54, Sophomore. 6'5, 225 pounds. Former #1 overall recruit out of Ranoria.
Oliechi Okombo. #45, Freshman. 6'2, 217 pounds.

Middle Linebacker
Demba Diouf. #49, Senior. 6'4, 240 pounds. Captain.
Marcus Sandoval(Kohnhead). #35, Sophomore. 6'5, 251 pounds.
Atatafi Atikem. #51, Senior. 6'3, 244 pounds.
Sheriff Gaye. #43, Junior. 6'1, 248 pounds.

Right Outside Linebacker
Baturu Singhateh. #46, Junior. 6'2, 233 pounds.
Barnabas Ouko. #34, Redshirt Senior. 6'5, 248 pounds. Graduate transfer from Loyola-Busukuma.

Martin de Lafayette(Chromatika). #31, Senior. 6'7. Recruited from Myana, Chromatika. A tall, lanky lad with long reach, Lafayette grew up playing fullback in soccer but got tired of being carded for fouls, always being driven toward the more violent brand of football. A sure tackler, he has a tendency to go for the big hit, making him susceptible to more nimble players who make it to the second level. Excellent in run support by the line of scrimmage.
Wilhelm Ouattara-Fischer(Siovanija & Teusland). #24, Junior. 5'10, 180 pounds. Played on Siovanija & Teusland's Olympic gridiron team. Edrissa Jassey. #26, Senior. 5'11, 197 pounds. Team's primary nickel back.
Emmitt Krell(Chromatika). #14, Sophomore. 6'4.
Faraba Ndiaye. #19, Junior. 5'11, 180 pounds.
Immanuel Otiende. #5, Freshman. 5'10, 177 pounds.

Strong Safety
Adama Ceesay. #12, Junior. 6'1, 190 pounds.
Calamus Orombi. #22, Freshman. 5'11, 199 pounds.

Free Safety
Alexander Ackermann(Ranoria). #27, Junior. 6'1, 195 pounds. Starting cornerback as a freshman, moved to free safety last season to try and take advantage of his rangy, aggressive skillset. Coaches liked the experiment, so they will keep him at free safety for this season.
Israel Aero. #16, Freshman. 6'0, 184 pounds.

For clarity's sake- My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does normal kickoffs while my kicker does onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Janani Magero. #67, Senior.

Sainey Kabbah. #3, Junior.

Wanyanga Nyaoro. #19, Freshman.

Wilhelm Ouattara-Fischer(Siovanija & Teusland). #24, Junior. Primary position is cornerback.
Alexander Ackermann(Ranoria). #27, Junior. Primary position is free safety.

Head Coach: Alanso Isa is the 69 year old alumnus from this school, now in his seventh season at Loyola-Istria. He was tasked to fill the shoes of legend Alastair Jobs, who won the NSCF 14 and NSCF 17 championships, alongside a NSCF 14 Celestia Conference title, who had an 8-0 all-time postseason record in the NSCF. While he had the impossible shoes to fill of a head coach who literally never lost a NSCF playoff game, Alanso Isa has done a fine job filling the shoes of the man who the stadium is named after. In five seasons at Loyola, he has kept the school strong and even has his own championship in NSCF 21. While they find themselves in an unfamiliar position- outside the top 10- many believe he's capable of taking Loyola back to where they feel they belong, which is the top 5 and in championship discussions.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: The 38 year old Dennis Zervos is beginning his eigth season as offensive coordinator. The OC led the school to a NSCF 14 Title when he was the NSCF's Most Outstanding Player, and led the team to national championship (coinciding with NSCF 15). When he went pro early, he suffered a pair of ACL injuries in his rookie year, and injured both ACLs again to start his second season, effectively ending his professional career. In his first season as the offensive coordinator, he led Loyola-Istria to having the #1 ranked offense in all of the NSCF last season, and is known as a rising star as an assistant coach. With his living legend status at the school, considering he has a ring, a MOP trophy, and his father is the AD, he has some particular job security. Many are thinking this is the former young hotshot's last season as an offensive coordinator, as head coaching opportunities are bound to open for him around the country, and maybe beyond as well.

Other Offensive Coaches
Quarterbacks Coach: Jeriah Apondo. 47 years old. 2nd season at Loyola-Istria. Came from equivalent position at Loyola-Jinja.
Running Backs Coach: Abner Awuor. 73 years old. 6th season at Loyola-Istria.
Wide Receivers Coach: Korah Okatch. 38 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria.
Tight Ends Coach: Jaazaniah Osumba. 57 years old. 5th season at Loyola-Istria.
Offensive Line Coach: Zebedee Okongo. 34 years old. 2nd season at Loyola-Istria. Recently fired as Offensive Coordinator from Loyola-Busukuma.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: The 76 year old Joseph Lukwago is in his 14th season as the defensive coordinator, running a 3-4 defense. He is a long-time defensive coordinator who loves his role, and the school. However, the old man was expected to retire at the end of last season, although he has stuck around one more year. Is this it for the veteran coordinator?

Other Defensive Coaches
Defenisve Line Coach: Nehemiah Rawo. 40 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria.
Linebackers Coach: Moshe Opiyo. 39 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria.
Cornerbacks Coach: Ochola Bigombe. 64 years old. 6th season at Loyola-Istria.
Safeties Coach: Julian Odede. 54 years old. 4th season at Loyola-Istria.

Special Teams Coordinator: The 70 year old Isaac Lutaboke is in his 12th season as the special teams coordinator.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Jericho Awino. 43 years old. 4th season at Loyola-Istria.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: @ Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 2: @ Green Coast University(Beaverriver)
Week 3: vs. University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Week 4: @ Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia)
Week 5: vs. The Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 6: vs. Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 7: vs. Green Coast University(Beaverriver)
Week 8: @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Week 9: vs. Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia)
Week 10: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: vs. Kohnhead City. Senior Day.
Week 12: @ Felswyr State University(Chromatika)
Week 13: vs. Richardson University(Ranoria). Played at Ruwani Motor Speedway(cap. 150,000) in Ruwani, Hangaza Region, Banija.

Championships: The Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder have an incredible NSCF postseason record, being 18-3 all-time in the postseason in this competition, including a ridiculous 16-3 in playoff games and 2-0 in bowl games. In NSCF 13, they won the Pioneer Bowl, and in NSCF 14 and NSCF 17, they won the NSCF championship, posting a 3-0 and 4-0 record in those two postseasons, respectively. In NSCF 18, they made a run to the NSCF title game, only to fall to Mar Sara Tech. In both NSCF 19 and NSCF 20, they lost semifinals on their home field, falling to Northern Moravica at home in NSCF 19 and falling to Cold Hill at home in NSCF 20. They redeemed themselves in NSCF 21, defeating Cold Hill in the championship game. They have three Celestia conference championships, winning in NSCF 14, NSCF 20, and NSCF 21. Last season was the first time they did not make the playoffs since their inaugural season in NSCF 13, but it still ended on a high note by defeating UC-Baker Park in the Karmin-Falce Auto Bowl.

Individual Accolades: They have racked up individual accolades during their time as a member of the NSCF. Dennis Zervos, their offensive coordinator, was the NSCF's most outstanding player in NSCF 14, and their current quarterback, Isaka Jawara, was the NSCF 17 Offensive Player of the Year en route to their championship run, and the NSCF 18 Most Outstanding Player, and he won the NSCF 19 Offensive Player of the Year award in his senior season. Corrin Fairless, a starting cornerback and their special teams star, won the NSCF 18 Special Teams Player of the Year Award.

Rivalries: North v. South Showdown against Northern Moravica. See Cougar History and Traditions for more.

Their big foreign rival is Richardson University of Ranoria, whom they play annually in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl. The young rivalry has developed quickly, as the teams compete for recruits off the field and championships on it. In NSCF 17, Loyola-Istria travelled to Richardson University for the first game of this rivalry, and lost a very close battle. But in the return in NSCF 18, Richardson University came to Busukuma, and defeated the Blue Thunder at the Stadium of the Restoration. The return was another close battle between the two schools, losing an instant classic in overtime in Ranoria. This rivalry is called the Rebel's Cannon Bowl, and is traditionally contested on the final weekend of the regular season. This season will be the seventh edition of the game. The first four of the games of the series have been won by the home side, with Richardson winning in NSCF 17 and NSCF 19, while Loyola-Istria emerged victorious in NSCF 18 and NSCF 20. However, in the last two seasons, the road team triumphed. Loyola-Istria triumphed in NSCF 21 en route to their third NSCF championship, while in NSCF 22 it would be Richardson University that would down the Blue Thunder by a score of 16-7. So the series is tied at 3 games a piece. It is a fierce rivalry held in high regard by both schools, and it has quickly become one of the NSCF's must see international rivalries.

Their other domestic rival are their Celestia conference rivals, the Salamantic Universities of Ko-oren. In NSCF 19, Loyola swept the series, while in NSCF 20 and 21, the two AO schools split the series. In NSCF 22, however, the Salamantic Universities swept both Banijan schools, and won the Celestia for the first time. Which was seen as revenge for Loyola's elimination of the Salamantics. Now, there's no name, nor trophy, nor anything like that for this rivalry- it's just two conference rivals, who do not like each other, and play twice a season. Teams that could not be more polar opposites- the Professors, dedicated to defensive excellence, and the Blue Thunder, who thrive on offense.

All-Time NSCF Record

WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record741682.22%
Non-Conference Record171062.96%
Bowl Game Record20100%
Playoff Record16480%
Overall Record1093078.42%

The Blue Thunder Shall Strike Today

Set to the Tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The Blue Thunder shall strike today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll send Northern back on their way
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
Istria City will all turn out
And we'll all have joy when Loyola wins today!
And we’ll all have joy with our victory today!

The Blue Thunder shall strike today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
A champion be crowned today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Our rivals all tremble with fear
They know Loyola's win is near
And we’ll all have joy when Loyola wins today!
And we’ll all have joy with our victory today!
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija.
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30 & 31. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Valanora » Tue Jul 13, 2021 4:47 pm

Mar Sara Tech Roster


Image Image

Image Image

Modifier: +3

Home Stadium: Lathalein Celestial Stadium (60,000)

Head Coach: Sander Ivarsson, age 47
Assistant: Muhammed Gunnarsson, age 51
Assistant: Thim Nilsson, age 48
Offensive Coordinator: Ture Holm, age 47
Defensive Coordinator: Roger Holmgren, age 53
Special Teams: Amadeus Håkansson, age 51

Base Offense: Ace(Single-back) Formation

12 QB Marco Lindholm, age 19, SO
10 QB Arquímedes Concepción, age 20, JR
17 QB Marius Thoresen, age 18, FR
20 RB Oliver Dahl, age 18, FR
27 RB Baudilio Muñiz, age 20, JR
29 WR/RB Image Ty Gardner, age 18, FR
26 FB Conrad Espe, age 20, JR
33 FB Isak Vik, age 18, FR
42 TE Milo Nyström, age 19, SO
81 TE Leander Finstad, age 20, JR
44 TE Lukas Midtbø, age 21, SR
87 TE Anthon Lundin, age 19, SO
11 WR Mateusz Svendsen, age 22, SR (RS)
15 WR Noel Björklund, age 19, SO
88 WR Edward Sanches, age 19, JR
80 WR Image Kawsu Gaye, age 19, SO
18 WR Sigurd Reiersen, age 21, SR
19 WR Valfredo Beltrán, age 20, JR
89 WR Sander Gunnarsson, age 19, SO
76 LT Image Jelani Emeka, age 19, SO
79 LT Oliver Sandberg, age 20, JR
70 LG Walid Nordin, age 20, JR
68 LG Hans Dahlberg, age 19, SO
60 C Lars Lindholm, age 19, SO
63 C Ludwig Samuelsson, age 20, JR
69 C Image Samson Konji, age 18, FR
71 RG Levi Carlsson, age 19, SO
72 RG Roni Bergström, age 20, JR
77 RT Dino Hedlund, age 19, SO
75 RT Valter Hellström, age 20, JR

Base Defense: 4-2-5

62 LE Maximus Jönsson, age 20, JR
61 LE Jonas Lundberg, age 20, JR
73 RE Willy Åström, age 19, JR
92 RE Oskar Eriksen, age 18, FR
90 DT Image Matthias Gunderson, age 18, FR
92 DT Freddie Holmgren, age 20, JR
96 DT Loke Jönsson, age 19, JR
99 DT Julius Holmberg, age 20, JR
52 LOLB Noel Engström, age 19, SO
54 LOLB Gustaf Eriksson, age 20, JR
57 ROLB Björn Ek, age 19, JR
59 ROLB Mauritz Petersson, age 20, JR
50 MLB Amir Bengtsson, age 20, JR
51 MLB Mikkel Moe, age 21, SR
58 MLB Lucas Mjøs, age 22, SR (RS)
55 MLB Anthon Bergqvist, age 20, JR
23 CB Youssef Lindström, age 19, SO
24 CB Tintin Åkesson, age 19, SO
37 CB Image Adoree Natali, age 18, FR
34 CB Valentino Carlsson, age 20, JR

44 CB Image Patrick Sand, age 18, FR
47 CB Amar Björk, age 20, JR
49 CB Johannes Horn, age 18, FR
41 FS Alessandro Ström, age 20, JR
46 FS Tore Bengtsson, age 20, JR
32 SS Norman Ornelas, age 19, JR
30 SS Casper Hanssen, age 22, SR (RS)

3 P Edvard Söderberg, age 20, JR
7 K Bernard Stokke, age 18, FR

KOS: Edvard Söderberg
LS: Ludwig Samuelsson
KR: Kawsu Gaye & Tintin Åkesson
PR: Kawsu Gaye

Raynor University Roster


Image Image

Image Image

Modifier: +5

Home Stadium: Vahalla Falls (54,000)

Head Coach: Andy Magnusson, age 44
Assistant: Tim Sandström, age 57
Assistant: Holger Hedlund, age 49
Offense: Justin Axelsson, age 44
Defense: Rufus Carlsson, age 51
Special Teams: Manuel Jakobsson, age 44

Base Offense: Normal Shotgun

8 QB Nicon Mercado, age 20, JR
10 QB Tobias Moen, age 20, JR
7 QB Håkon Schau, age 22, SR (RS)
20 RB Hidalgo Mondragón, age 20, JR
22 RB Image Duke Beckett, age 19, SO
21 RB Noa Sommer, age 20, JR
40 FB Carlos Eklund, age 19, SO
42 FB William Gulliksen, age 20, JR
18 WR Emil Gundersen, age 22, SR (RS)
16 WR Toshi Sánchez, age 19, JR

81 WR Arian Sjöberg, age 19, SO
82 WR Image Oscar Apolo, age 18, FR
84 WR Image Demetrius St. Pierre, age 18, FR
80 WR Max Simensen, age 21, SR
88 WR Fredrik Ness, age 20, JR
85 TE Maximilian Bakke, age 19, JR
86 TE Agaton Nordin, age 19, SO
87 TE Eirik Iqbal, age 20, JR
50 LT Kristian Jacobsen, age 20, JR

52 LT Sebastian Olofsson, age 19, SO
51 LG Brede Larsen, age 21, SR
53 LG Jonas Nilsen, age 20, JR
55 C Elias Fredheim, age 21, SR
56 C Christian Skjærvik, age 20, JR
59 C Caspar Jakobsson, age 19, SO
57 RG Askil Christensen, age 20, JR
58 RG Daniel Pedersen, age 18, FR
48 RT Martin Økland, age 20, JR
59 RT Alfred Haukås, age 21, SR

Base Formation: Dime

61 LE Jon Martinsen, age 22, SR (RS)
60 LE Ådne Friis, age 20, JR
99 DT Hassan Rønning, age 20, JR
98 DT Image Colin Morris, age 18, FR
97 DT Noah Bakken, age 22, SR (RS)
93 DT Wiktor Haakonsen, age 20, JR
62 RE Joakim Bull, age 20, JR
64 RE Ole Rydningen, age 18, FR
41 ROLB David Iversen, age 21, SR
42 ROLB Sindre Nysæter, age 20, JR
45 MLB Jonathan Sætre, age 22, SR (RS)
46 MLB Mika Lein, age 20, JR
48 LOLB Jonathan Wallin, age 20, JR
44 LOLB Image Andrei Mikhail Probrazhensky, age 18, FR
30 CB Oscar Berge, age 21, SR
31 CB Nicolai Østebø, age 20, JR
33 CB Brage Hansen, age 21, SR
32 CB Elias Fremstad, age 18, FR
35 CB Adrian Sandnes, age 22, SR (RS)
36 CB Aleksander Welde, age 21, SR

39 CB Daniel Heggem, age 20, JR
38 CB Lars Børsheim, age 20, JR
37 CB Sander Remøy, age 18, FR
40 FS Jacob Kalstad, age 20, JR
47 FS Elias Nevland, age 22, SR (RS)
45 FS Colin Hagen, age 20, JR
43 SS Birk Hansen, age 20, JR
49 SS Nicolas Berg, age 19, SO

90 P Mohamad Ström, age 19, SO
99 K Fredrik Mundal, age 20, JR

KOS: Fredrik Mundal
LS: Christian Skjærvik
KR: Oscar Apolo, Toshi Sánchez
PR: Oscar Apolo
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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NSFB: 7-7 In Mineral, But What Will The Zephyr Bring?

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:36 am


Nation Name: TJUN-ia
Nation Trigram: TJU
National Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
National Collegiate Organisation: TJUN-ia College and University Athletic Association (TCUAA)
School Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Home Colours: Green/Red
Road Colours: Brown/Green
Mascot: Robby the Feathercap
Fight Song: "Robin's Men Go Off To Fight"
Main Slogan/Chant: "We Are! Trent State!"
Last Season's Record: 7-7
All-Time Record: 7-7

Well then...welcome back to Trent State University and its Feathercaps, a team who certainly took some names on debut with a 7-7 record and a bowl appearance in hand. Johnny Bridgeford and his merry men certainly did very well for a debut team and with little turnover from the last season, things are certainly looking good in time for our 2nd season of NSCF the Zephyr?! Yes, the Mineral is no more as a few of its schools aren't back for this season and as such, TSU has been moved to the Zephyr Conference and the home of schools such as the Ceneisis Naval Academy, Thereisnogodistan Community College, Raynor University and, most importantly of all, Mar Sara Tech, the team we upset at home in non-conference play last season. With 5 of the Top 25 playing in this conference and the odd one out, Mancodas, being a debutant, no one really knows how things will go here in the Zephyr but you'd better believe that everyone in Notts will be up for this new challenge!

Notts, as a city, is heavily influenced by the birthplace of the Secretary-General himself and Trent State is like that as well, based in the heart of the city and easily connected to suburbs via tram link. As an institution, they focus on trying to get the best out of their students in all aspects of life - a fact that is reflected by the multi-racial sports teams that reflect not only the city itself but the NAU and TJUN-ia as a whole. Johnny Bridgeford's team run a scheme different to the one employed by the National Team, preferring a Pro-Set offence and 4-4 defence over Gus McKerrin's Shotgun and 3-4. With names to make and education to balance, it will be very interesting to see how these young men and women do against some of the big boys of the sport and of the new conference. WE ARE! TRENT STATE!

Head Coach: Johnny Bridgeford (36)
Offensive Coordinator: Pierre Grandestois (30)
Defensive Coordinator: Alehandro Martinez (32)
Special Teams Coach: Frederic von Habsburg (29)

Formation: Pro-Set
QB: #1 Gareth Baldwin (Snr.)
HB: #2 Pyrros Papanikolaou (Jnr.)
FB: #3 Kendra Jackson (Jnr.)
WR: #22 Fremont Whitehorse (Soph.)
WR: #23 Victor Que-et-Vous (Jnr.)
LT: #71 Karl Bjanasson (Snr.)
LG: #60 Frederik Carlton (Soph.)
C: #50 Alexa Blessington (Jnr.)
RG: #61 Valentino Brochetti (Jnr.)
RT: #70 Jackie Hullmond (Jnr.)
TE: #80 Nia Jaxon-Fuller (Snr.)

Formation: Base 4-4
DT: #91 Heldon Culter (Snr.)
DT: #92 Derrick Barrow (Snr.)
DE: #65 Karl von Liechten (Snr.)
DE: #66 Helen Hucknall (Jnr.)
LB: #69 Julius Helvetica (Soph.)
LB: #45 Fernando Jorge (Snr.)
LB: #46 Hubert Aubais (Jnr.)
LB: #47 Hannah Bulwell (Jnr.)
CB: #77 Jake Northridge (Jnr.)
CB: #76 Graham Tees (Snr.)
FS: #16 Jessica Farron (Soph.)

These can use starting players from both offences (block) and defence (tackle) and backup players during ST plays.
K: #7 Clayton McGee (Snr.)
H: #8 Jason Waterford (Snr.)
P: #9 Kelly Maine (Soph.)
LS: #10 Denise Santanique (Jnr.)
KR: #11 Roger Hawthorn (Soph.)
PR: #12 Kayla Richmond (Jnr.)

BACKUPS (Can be used for Special Teams plays if required)
QB: #4 Leon Gallas (Soph.)
HB/FB: #5 Candice Fay (Fre.)
WR: #24 Ivan Borosić (Soph./REDSHIRT)
WR: #25 Peter Borosić (Soph./REDSHIRT)
L/RT: #72 Xu Ting Wei (Fre.)
L/RT: #73 Sophie Haladay (Jnr.)
L/RG: #62 Alfurd Orgonson (Jnr.)
L/RG: #63 Cristiano Periera (Soph.)
C: #51 Kylan Makedon (Soph.)
TE: #99 Jordan Culter (Snr./REDSHIRT)
DT: #93 Maxime Rolland (Fre.)
DT: #94 Raihan Dragonisky (Jnr.)
DE: #67 Marnie Kelleher (Jnr.)
DE: #68 Callie Rufford (Soph.)
LB: #48 Marie Rufford (Soph.)
LB: #49 Owen Parkinson (Soph.)
LB: #41 Jorge Hernan (Soph.)
LB: #42 Josephine York (Fre./REDSHIRT)
CB: #75 Caiomin O'Donegal (Jnr.)
CB: #33 Jason Tyrell (Soph./REDSHIRT)
FS: #18 Heather Jakobson (Jnr.)
K: #13 Xander Tiovannen (Soph.)
P: #14 Yuji Idekanti (Fre./REDSHIRT)

Name: Sherwood Field
Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Capacity: 32,000

Known affectionately as "The Horseshoe" to locals and to many across TJUN-ia, Sherwood Field combines the raucous atmosphere of a college game with the surrounding local scenery that the region is known for. The big patch of grass in front of the scoreboard is accessible to fans, allowing for a unique viewpoint for the game we all love. While it certainly isn't the biggest venue in all of TJUN-ia, not just the NSCF, its warm and close-up atmosphere can certainly make the difference come game time...

SCHEDULE (ZEPHYR Conference + 3 Non-Conf)
Week 1: vs Ceneisis Naval Academy (AFT)
Week 2: vs Mar Sara Tech (VAL)
Week 3: @Raynor U (VAL)
Week 4: vs Mancodas (PFA)
Week 5: @TCC (NGD)
Week 6: @Ceneisis Naval Academy (AFT)
Week 7: @Mar Sara Tech (VAL)
Week 8: vs Raynor U (VAL)
Week 9: @Mancodas (PFA)
Week 10: vs TCC (NGD)
Week 11: vs Elephant Valley (SNL)
Week 12: vs Cold Hill (RAN)
Week 13: @Swisston City (KND)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style of Play: -1
3rd: ARWC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12, 7WC6
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (1 Win)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Beaverriver » Wed Jul 14, 2021 9:53 pm

Green Coast Bullfrogs Roster and Team Information
Team Information
University Name: Green Coast University
Location: Oldport, Vereen
Nickname: Bullfrogs
Colors: Green and Gold
Conference: Celestia Conference
Previous Season in NSCF: Season 7
All-Time Record: 3-21

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Joi McInnes
Offensive Coordinator: Rut Foster
Defensive Coordinator:Percy Quincy

Depth Chart
Bold are Starters
Chase Madison (Senior)
Ellis Jackson (Sophomore)
Merlyn Jack (Freshman (RS))

Running Back
Vasco Macaulay (Senior)
Brynne Teel (Senior)
Kennard Engberg (Junior)
Delight Dennis (Sophomore)
Coty Kersey (Freshman)

Wide Receiver
Onofre Odell (Junior)
Caden Haggard (Senior)
Andreas Strom (Junior)

Jannette Spears (Sophomore)
Juliana Loyola (Junior)
Julian Ruff (Freshman)
Nathan Albertsen (Sophomore)
Kestrel Kendell (Freshman)
Heidi Samuel (Freshman (RS))

Tight End
Mari Glass (Senior)
Gaston Dane (Junior)
Mervyn Coombs (Freshman)
Faith Perez (Freshman (RS)

Offensive Tackles
Kyler Duffy (Senior)
Redd Cotterill (Junior)

Baard Dennell (Sophomore)
Fritiof Simonson (Sophomore)

Offensive Guard
Star Reyes (Junior)
Sidsel Plaskett (Junior)

Ryann Morin (Sophomore)
Josslyn Bonney (Junior)
Allegra Morris (Freshman (RS))

Lea Steffen (Senior)
Gosta Dannel (Sophomore)
Darwin Breckinridge (Freshman (RS))

Defensive Ends
Caleb Poole (Senior)
Kam Niles (Junior)

Osvald Adam (Senior)
Abbi Ramsey (Freshman)
Elvin Milburn (Frshman (RS))

Defensive Tackles
Marco Finch (Junior)
Jorgen Munson (Senior)

Bertil Trueman (Sophomore)
Jake Jenkins (Junior)
Andreas Mathiasen (Freshman)

Outside Linebackers
Lelle Jenkins (Junior)
Kenneth Bruce (Sophomore)

Eden Carrasci (Junior)
Babs Archer (Freshman)
Xavier Waters (Freshman (RS))

Middle Linebackers
Elsdon Bond (Senior)
Yamila Wiley (Senior)
Adrian Bisset (Sophomore)
Rufino Mattsson (Freshman)

Kristina Lyndon (Junior)
Eirwien Garret (Senior)

Erika Alamilla (Sophomore)
Glory Scriven (Freshman)
John Penn (Sophomore)
Kay Dendre (Freshman)
Ripley Fransson (Freshman (RS))

Ollie Ness (Junior)
Jeanine Niles (Ssenior)

Gerhard Narrelson (Sophomore)
Scot Hall (Junior)
Christina Sinclair (Sophomore)
Callie Kelly (Freshman)

Dorthy Thorsen (Senior)
Severiano Remington (Freshman)

Jerk Dawson (Sophomore)
Dorthy Thorsen (Senior)

Long Snapper
Gosta Dannel (Sophomore)

Kick Returner
Juliana Loyola (Junior)

The Green Coast Marching Band
Band Director: Jaylinn Traves
Drum Majors: Lise Whitehead, Kiristin Henriksen, and Curtis Laninga
The Spirit and Sound of Green Coast supports the Green Coast football team at every home game and post-season game. They are celebrating their 15th season as a marching band for the university and have won various accolades such as the Beaver River College Marching Band Association(BRCMBA) best halftime show in their 8th season. Most recently, the Corvan Gazette has called them the "Best Band In The Dam Land." The marching band consists of 250 auditioned members majoring in Computer Science, Natural Resource Management, Music and many more.

Schneider Field (33,300 Capacity)

Week 1: @ Elephant Valley Red Elephants (South Newlandia) 6-47
Week 2: Vs. Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (Banija) 17-47
Week 3: @ Salamantic Professors (Ko-oren)
Week 4: Vs. UCBP Warriors (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
Week 5: @ Northern Moravica Cougars (Banija)
Week 6: Vs. Elephant Valley Red Elephants (South Newlandia)
Week 7: @ Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (Banija)
Week 8: Vs. Salamantic Professors (Ko-oren)
Week 9: @ UCBP Warriors (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
Week 10: Vs. Northern Moravica Cougars (Banija)
Week 11: Vs. University of Mancodas (Poafmersia)
Week 12: Vs. Hoofstra Pride (Karditan)
Week 13: @ Cold Hill Buffalo (Ranoria)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, just TG or DM me on discord before you post
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, just TG or DM me on discord before you post
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: +1
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri Jul 16, 2021 6:51 pm

University of the Commonwealth Fact File


Location: College Hill--Belle Haven, State of Baker Park
Founded: 1899
2021 enrollment: 37,908 undergraduate/4,226 post graduate
Nickname: Warriors
School Colors: Black and Gold
Chancellor: Dr Robert L Delgado, PhD.
Athletic Director: Melissa Sweeney-Allen
Affiliation: Baker Park Universities Athletic Coalition, Metropolitan College Athletic Conference
Stadium: Jacob F Gleason Field
capacity/surface: 47,306/Fuzzy Field Turf
Head Coach: Ryan Benton (3rd season at UC [25-13], career record [12 years] 95-52-2)
Assistant Coaches: Peter Syzmanski, Isaiah Townsend, Allan Oxley, Kyle Jordan, Lee Taylor, Cary Morris, Joe Drummond
Trainer: Hal Kinley

Domestic Results (11-2, 4-0 conference, 2nd Nationally)
@ Endover State University 38-17
Baker Park A&M 35-10
@ University of Ezra 30-36
Lynchana University 49-26
@ Osheana Capital University 31-9
@ Commonwealth Methodist University 28-22
Osheana A&T University 36-20
@ University of Baker Park 27-24
University of Belle Haven 34-16
@ St Warren State University 40-21
Osheana State University 30-14
University of Southern Baker Park 42-13

Northern Baker Park State University 24-34
(at BBP Stadium, Belle Haven—National Championship playoff)

University of the Commonwealth are coming off one their best domestic seasons in the last 10 years, reaching the Championship before falling to the unbeaten Lions from Northern Baker Park.

Senior QB Donald Key was the Metro Offensive Player of the Year, and the 1st Team UAC All-Star selection, accounting for over 3,800 yards of total offense and being responsible for 28 TD's.

On the other side of the ball, everything started up front with Mo Youngblood dominating the inside and Albie Vergol on the outside helping the Warriors register the 5th best defense in the nation, as both players were on the 1st All-Star list as well, with Youngblood snatching up D-Lineman of the year in the process.

UC reclaimed the Mineral Conference title last season and made the playoffs, but one of those things will be impossible to repeat and the other will get much harder; a smaller than normal field has led to a shuffling of the NSCF conference alignment, and the Warriors drew the Joker from the pack, as they have been assigned to the Celestia, making it four teams among the top 12 competing for right to take the automatic bid.
The Mineral was often derided as a weak conference but the Celestia is an entirely different kettle of fish—Salamantic University's Professors have managed to barge their way through the Banijan duopoly of Northern Moravica and Loyola-Istria, so with UC's addition, it should become an even harder row to hoe on a weekly basis.

On the non-conference scheduling front, losing the annual NMU game is tempered by the fact that now there will two games between the schools, and to fill the Cougars vacancy, Valanora's Mar Sara Tech will be the week 11 foe, as Richardson's Governors return to their traditional week 12 slot. A week 13 opponent has yet to be announced, although it's expected to be either an up & coming team in the vein of Kohnhead City University or even the Squidroidia AFA, or a relative newcomer to the competition.


Offensive philosophy--UC have finally gotten the spread formation fully integrated and the right people in the right places. Henry Bunomaske ran for over 1,300 yards, with Donald Key chipping in another 900; Devone Page & Desmond McKenzie as the deep threats, with Cameron Corbett & Deyron Turner underneath became the first quartet of receivers to each haul in at least 50 catches in school history, along with another 30 from Grant Engel.
OOC: Benton has evolved a good deal from his original run-heavy spread attack--Auburn/Michigan under RichRod--to much more of a balanced approach: 60/40 run/pass play calling with 52/48 pass/run yardage result.

Defensive philosophy--As mentioned, the line was the Warrior's definite strength during the UAC campaign, continuing a long tradition of fielding some of the best talent in Baker Park in their four-man front. Mo Youngblood was a unanimous choice on the Metro Conference 1st Team, and as mentioned above, was the Defensive Lineman of the Year in the Commonwealth. Vergol has gone from strength to strength in his two seasons at College Hill; playing almost exclusively on the right side during his frosh UAC/NSCF experience, he lined up at both DE spots alternating with the underrated Donald Evans (Metro 2nd Team), and even showed his improving football instincts with an interception in coverage against Comm Methodist.
Steven Oliver anchored the junior dominated linebacking corps, with 67 solo/45 assisted tackles, six forced fumbles and 2 INT's. In the secondary, another junior dominated group played well beyond what was expected of them, with FS Pat Voorhees making the Metro 1st team)
OOC: UC play a fairly typical style of defense that is prevalent in college football in Baker Park--four down linemen and 3 defensive backs (2CB, FS) are the central foundation, but the number of ILB/OLB/extra DBs is highly situational. Some use 3DL instead of four, but for the most part, the only real difference from one school to the next is where they fall on a mix/match, aggressive/read & react spectrum. It's probably fair to say UC's base formation is a 4-3.

2 Jesse Taylor DB 6-0 195 JR
4 Gary Scheper K 5-10 175 SR
6 Luke Smith DB 5-11 210 JR
7 Michael Nunez RB 6-0 180 SO
8 Donald Key QB 6-3 200 SR
9 Desmond McKenzie WR 6-1 170 SR
10 Mick Doolittle WR 6-1 185 JR
11 Devon Stubbs QB 6-2 210 SO.
12 Marquis Zimmerman WR 6-0 196 SO
15 Danny Angeloni RB 6-1 185 SO
18 Isaiah Smith WR 6-1 185 SO
22 Austin Porter RB 5-9 225 JR
25 Pat Voorhees DB 6-0 190 JR
26 Craig Radford RB 5-9 215 JR
27 Colton Brooks RB 5-10 190 SO
30 Henry Bunomaske RB 6-0 180 JR
34 Andy Friemark DB 5-11 170 JR
35 Bobby Holmes DB 6-0 185 SR
38 Ty Applebaum LB 6-1 225 JR
41 Jayson Hayes LB 6-1 230 SO
42 Teonne Porter DB 6-0 205 SO
43 Jared Sommers LB 6-2 220 SR
44 Steven Oliver LB 6-2 230 SR
45 Tom Zachary LB 6-0 215 JR
46 Isaiah Kanemabo LB 6-1 205 JR
51 Lucas Smith DL 6-3 285 SO
52 Justin Bond LB 6-0 228 SR
53 Arnold Jefferson OL 6-5 280 SR
54 Derion Green OL 6-2 280 SR
55 Albatross Vergol DL 6-6 275 SO (RAN)
61 Michael Rourke OL 6-7 295 SR
63 Calvin Moreland OL 6-3 275 JR
65 Gregory Montoya OL 6-2 280 SR
67 Donald Evans DL 6-5 275 JR
71 Paul Baker OL 6-2 275 SO
72 Mo Youngblood DL 6-3 295 SR
74 Rob Leasure OL 6-4 300 SO
75 Austin Conway OL 6-1 280 SO.
78 Richie Bouchard OL 6-2 270 JR
81 Devone Page WR 6-1 195 SR
83 Fred O'Connor TE 6-3 230 JR
85 Cameron Corbett WR 5-10 190 SR
88 Deyron Turner WR 5-11 180 SR
89 Grant Engle TE 6-1 238 SR
95 Kevin Oliver DL 6-2 290 SO

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style of Play: +2.33
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Postby Chromatika » Sat Jul 17, 2021 7:10 pm

Felswyr State University Firehawks
Stadium: Firehawks' Roost (Cap. 38,000), Felswyr, Mountain District, Chromatika
Offensive Base Formation: 5 OL, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 QB
Defensive Base Formation: 3 DL, 4 LB, 1 SS, 1 FS, 2 CB

Head Coach: Misha Florentine, 43
Born and raised in Felswyr, Forentine has been one of the biggest proponents of Gridiron Football in Chromatika for years. He was a successful businessperson under the Chromatik Party, but dissolved his state-run factory during the Rainbow Revolution, using the funds to create Chromatika's first Gridiron Football academy. A charismatic visionary, Florentine is someone who likes to delegate the actual football duties (he was never a player but loves the game) while being the front office manager. The fact that he has landed Felswyr State University a spot in the NSCF is a huge victory to both him and to Chromatik Gridiron Football as a whole. With Felswyr State's success in its first two years, his efforts have made him the hero of all gridiron fans in Chromatika.

Offensive Coordinator: Naia Curentino, 36
Who is Naia Curentino? She played football semiprofessionally in the Regional Leagues for a few years before calling her career quits and going all in on Florentine's plan. An avid fan of the NSCF (her favorite team until Felswyr State entered the competition was University of Loyola-Istria, she's revealed in a few interviews), she's the mad scientist of the Coaching Staff. Why use a 3-3-5? Her answer is that the personnel that the team has isn't suited to have any backs at all, and that speed and possessing the ball will do the job. She's very animated, very forward, and very driven. Someone that the team needs if they're going to make a name for themselves. The innovative offense seemed to cause fits in opposing defenses in FSU's first season. Now, Curentino needs to prove that she can be a step ahead of the opposition with a year's worth of tape available for their opponents. She now has some additional pieces to work with as new wrinkles in the system.

Defensive Coordinator: Isidora Noles, 42
With Kasen Harrowitz leaving for Richardson University, Isidora Noles steps in as Defensive Coordinator, promoted from her Secondary Coach position. She's been highly instrumental in how the team's come together defensively. She'll be using a 3-4-4 instead of the 3-3-5, which will mean that the team will be a bit more stout through the middle. As a disciplinarian and shrewd tactician who knows her personnel by heart, the Firehawks are hoping to not miss a beat.

Special Teams Coordinator: Vera James, 31
A savant of trick plays and taking risks, James is the youngest member of the staff by far. She views every instance of special teams impacting the match as an opportunity to hit it big, and will always look for players who can do more than they are supposed to. A tricky, catty individual, she's willing to do almost anything to win. McAllister and Katt were huge parts of the team's identity, and will likely continue to be so.

Head Physio: Marius Benne, 37
The younger brother of Zoe "Z" Benne, the Chromatik National Football Team's physio, Marius is the more serious of the two, all business all the time. He's pretty good at his job.

Usual Starters in Italics
* Indicates New Starter
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#03 Sarai Gwenderyn 21 Jr L 6 ft 1 in Z'ai'ai Composed, Consistent, Quick OFFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#08 Isaac Kasterman 21 Jr R 5 ft 10 in Myana Speedy, Streaky, Nimble
#15 Jonas Odden 18 Fr R 6 ft 1 in Raynor City Accurate, Fast, Exciting - Valanora

Wide Receivers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#18 Otto Mitchell 19 Fr R 7 ft 5 in Zelbon Speedy, Self-Assured, Precise - Drawkland*
#83 Stan Devlin 18 Fr R 5 ft 10 in Porter Fast, Injury Prone, High Floor - Kohnhead*
#16 Micky Jottle 22 Sr L 6 ft 3 in Lanar Quick, Flashy, Kick Returner

#81 Carson Mettre 21 Jr L 6 ft 2 in Felswyr Sure-Handed, Soft-Spoken, Punt Returner
#80 Anne Clementine 22 Sr R 6 ft 7 in Hanai Route Runner, Decent Speed, Consistent

Position Players
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#18 Nyata Antonucci 20 So B 6 ft 2 in Lhor Versatile, Leader, Run through Contact
#11 Xanderick Spendlove 19 Fr R 7 ft Kalan Huk Willowy Build, Enthusiastic, Quick Learner - The Desiccant States

Tight Ends
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#88 Niles Gwivern 22 Sr L 6 ft 5 in Chromia Blocker, Receiver, Team Leader
#87 Isabella Pont 21 Jr R 6 ft 2 in Rhoni Blocker, Sturdy, Initiates Contact

#49 Amos Pine 22 Sr L 6 ft 7 in Urrheddiao Route Runner, Receiver, Crafty

Offensive Tackles
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#66 Ezekiel Lamia 22 Sr L 6 ft 2 in Egren Tough, Mower, Run Blocker
#62 Ilman Losaki 23 Sr R 6 ft 6 in Istria Strong, Aggressive, Relentless - Banija

#76 Julian Watt 18 Fr R 6 ft 6 in Kohnhead City Quick Reactions, Good Feet, Run Blocker - Kohnhead
#77 Jericho Kitt 21 Jr R 6 ft 3 in Z'ai'ai Pass Blocker, Smart, Reserved
#78 Min-Gu Kim 21 Jr R 6 ft 4 in Wirr Tsi Well-Rounded, Smart, Quick
#70 Isaac Kaston 20 So R 6 ft 8 in Brisara Large, Imposing, Smart

Offensive Guards
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#72 James Perry 22 Sr L 6 ft 3 in Pelar Pass Blocker, Frisky, Fiery
#73 Cade Gott 21 Jr R 5 ft 9 in Pria Pass Blocker, Strong, Driven*

#61 Dwight King 22 Sr L 6 ft 8 in Pùr Run Blocker, Nimble, Quiet
#63 William Megalon 21 Jr R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Well-Rounded, Smart, Quick

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#71 Mikel Kingston 21 Jr L 6 ft 3 in Inon Solid, Leader, Mighty
#52 Kaia James 22 Sr L 6 ft 7 in Lhor Long Snapper, Versatile, Strong
#62 Anniva Ria 21 Jr R 6 ft 6 in Shantarr Run Blocker, Nimble, Careful
QB Sarai Gwenderyn

In her first two seasons, Gwenderyn has been more of a facilitator, making sure there is just enough points scored for the defense's work to count. Now that she's a junior, she's being set loose. Recently also named the starter for the Chromatik Iron Legion, Gwenderyn now has pieces to allow her to take over games more often. With her unique blend of a rocket arm, quickness in the pocket, and presence outside of it, she's ready to take over as the face of the team.

WR Otto Mitchell

Tired of having to deal with Drawkian corner backs four times a year, FSU went out and recruited Otto Mitchell from Drawkland. Though he may not be as tall as other Drawkians, he's the tallest target that Gwenderyn has ever had; with his height and jumping skills, the Firehawks will be able to air things out more than ever before.

PP Nyata Antonucci

Antonucci makes it here because she is the closest thing the Firehawks have to a traditional running back. She's expected to take the snap directly in most short-yardage situations, and it's been rumored that she's been working on her passing skills so that teams can't overcommit to the run when she's on the field. The creativity of FSU's staff when having her will be interesting to see. Now in her second year, Antonucci and newcomer Spendlove have been deemed "Position Player", or players who will fit in the formation as the Offensive Coordinator sees fit.

TE Niles Gwivern

Often Gwenderyn's security blanket, Gwivern has sure hands, great route-running skills, and is a stable leader on the field. He was responsible for over a third of the team's third down conversions where Gwenderyn threw. As an upperclassman, he's come more into his own as a leader. Now in his final year with FSU, he's hoping to leave with the title.

C Mikel Kingston

The Center is the unquestionable leader of the line, and calls out defensive assignments on most plays. Cerebral while having the basics needed to excel in the position, Kingston is a paramount player.
Offensive Philosophy

How does this team play with no backs? There is always a medium route runner, a short route runner, and a deep route runner, with one tight end blocking and another running an intermediate route. At times, Devlin and Jottle come around on end-arounds, while Gwenderyn does pretty well on quarterback draws and designed keepers. It is customary for total rushing yards to be around fifty, while the quarterback will attempt around forty pass attempts. Though they do throw the ball all the time, they still huddle up most of the time and run the clock down to around 20 seconds or so. It is a tempo-based throwing scheme with most plays designed to have no more then five-second-dropbacks. Mitchell is the best deep threat, Devlin the speedster, while Jottle is the possession receiver. Niles Gwivern is the wild card - lining up almost anywhere around and capable of running any route or blocking, while Pont is the primary blocking tight end on most plays. Pont does leak out if nobody comes on blitzes. Now with Antonucci, the team has a short yardage "back" of sorts, while Spendlove can do anything.
Usual Starters in Italics
Defensive Ends
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#60 Jill Lia 22 Sr L 6 ft 5 in Kynxe Endless Motor, Speedy, Shines Under the Spotlight
#65 Lara Jun 21 Jr R 6 ft 4 in Knetyohai Deflects Passes, Sizeable, Cheerful

#64 Raia Urstein 21 Jr B 5 ft 11 in D'rea Run Stopper, Ambidextrous, Powerful
#51 Amie Rix 22 Sr R 5 ft 8 in Crix Cutthroat, Enforcer, Serious

Defensive Tackles
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#43 Konstantin Vollmacht 20 So R 6 ft 6 in Wisconsin High-Motor, Powerful, Leader - Ranoria
#75 Victoria Mai 21 Jr R 6 ft 2 in Cheonju Swift, Free-Spirited, Stoic

Outside Linebackers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#42 Amber Li 22 Sr R 5 ft 11 in Qet Coverage Linebacker, Instinctive, Edgy
#54 Nicole Manstrom 19 Fr R 6 ft 1 in Tor Blitz Specialist, Versatile, Quick off the Edge*

#53 Bo-Geum Park 21 Jr R 5 ft 10 in Larhai Coverage Linebacker, Sure-Handed, Deflector
#50 Josephine Hereault 20 So B 5 ft 8 in Staramara Speedster, Sure Tackler, Thrives on Contact

Middle Linebackers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#59 Mi-Hyeon Park 21 Jr R 6 ft 6 in Chromia Tackling Machine, Leader, Driven DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#44 Carrie Hye 22 Sr L 5 ft 7 in Myana Special Team Specialist, Coverage Linebacker, Nimble*

#55 Andrei Morales 22 Sr B 6 ft 5 in Lorentine Understudy, Great Basics, Strong

Strong Safeties
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#21 Sage Sterling 20 So R 6 ft 1 in Philadelphia Versatile, Hard-hitting, Dedicated - Ranoria
#30 Magnus Lindhjem 18 Fr B 6 ft 2 in Raynor City Balanced, Field Vision, Dependable - Valanora

Free Safeties
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#25 Ozioma Mazzi 20 So L 6 ft 0 in Herzegovina City Quick, Aggressive, Confident - Banija
#38 Marrione Otis 22 Jr L 6 ft 2 in Eyrods Run Stopper, Tackler, Aggressive
#29 Tara Langlois-Zuluka 18 Fr R 6 ft 1 in Winnipeg Explosive, Coverage Specialist, Impulsive - Quebec and Shingoryeo

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#29 Paul Mattieu 21 Jr R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Sure Tackler, Agile, Sideline Hugger
#33 Usmer Gialla 22 Sr R 6 ft 9 in Pria Nickel Back, Coverage Specialist, Tackler

#49 Brianna Oglesby 19 Fr R 6 ft 4 in Brattleboro Fast, Instinctive, Model Student - Cassadaigua
#48 Katie Sawyer 20 So R 6 ft 5 in Dawson Versatile, High-Ceiling, Instinctive - Kohnhead
#23 Gavin Merth 21 Jr L 6 ft 7 in Myana Coverage Specialist, Nimble, Energetic
#45 Alia Havenant 21 Jr R 6 ft 5 in Alnio Young, Tackler, Strong
DE Jill Lia

Lia is a big time rusher who uses speed to overwhelm the opposition. She was a huge part of the team's defense last time around, and will do the same this time, too.

DT Konstantin Vollmacht

Konstantin Vollmacht, all 6 ft 6 of him, plugs the hole and let the speed of the rest catch up while trying to take the attention of a few of the offensive line. With his stature, that shouldn't be a problem.

OLB Amber Li

Amber Li, in her final year, is a bit more of a coverage backer than a speedy one, but aptitude for coverage should allow some of the defensive backs to go on the attack.

MLB Mi-Hyeon Park

Now an upper classman, Park unquestioned leader of the defense. She's a sure tackling machine with high football IQ.

MLB Carrie Hye

With Noles stepping in, Hye will now start alongside Park. She's more of a coverage linebacker who is quite nimble off the line of scrimmage. Her presence should also allow Park the space she needs to work.

SS Sage "Bricks" Sterling

Li's presence will allow Bricks to come across on blitzes more often. He's someone who can do a bit of everything, so his versatility will be showcased.

CB Paul Mattieu

Mattieu is the #1 corner. He is the epitome of a Chromatik shutdown corner, hugging the sideline, deflecting balls, and making sure tackling is done.

CB Katie Sawyer

Sawyer will be on the field wherever the team pleases. Don't be surprised to see her lined up at outside linebacker, either safety, or any of the cornerback positions.
Defensive Philosophy

A 3-3-5 means that the Nickel Back is on the field for 100% of the time, and plays the effect of a third safety or a fourth linebacker. Mattieu and Gialla are asked to be on islands a lot of the time, and Nia-Kald often helps, with Gerard helping out, too. This allows Segwick and Park to play more aggressively. Expect Sawyer and Mazzi to help out often, and for Bricks Sterling to be given free reign over the middle of the field.
Usual Starters in Italics
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#06 Sara McAllister 20 Jr R 6 ft 2 in Felswyr Clutch, Composed, Intelligent SPECIAL TEAMS CAPTAIN
#03 Michelle Breille 19 Fr L 6 ft 5 in Sanar Passionate, Strong Leg, Emotional

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#12 Nellie Katt 21 Jr L 6 ft 7 in Randan Directional Punter, Easy-Going, Strategic
K Sara McAllister

She's the emotional leader of the squad, but... After a stroke, it's questionable whether or not she'll be available for the whole season.

K Michelle Breille

If, all forbid, McAllister can't make it, Breille will take kicks. She has a longer leg but is highly passionate and emotional - she could learn a thing or two about high pressure situations from Sara McAllister.

P Nellie Katt

Ever the Coffin Corner Specialist, Katt was brilliant with the directional punts, and wasn't really called upon to do any long kicks.
Special Teams Philosophy

A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. Nellie Katt is a surprisingly good thrower.
Season Schedule
Week 1: @ Adirondack University Mountaineers (SAS)
Week 2: vs. Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week 3: @ Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK)
Week 4: @ Hoofstra University Pride (KRD)
Week 5: vs. Anasb Central University Eagles (STR)
Week 6: vs. Adirondack University Mountaineers (SAS)
Week 7: @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week 8: vs. Cavasar University Gladiators (DRK)
Week 9: vs. Hoofstra University Pride (KRD)
Week 10: @ Anasb Central University Eagles (STR)
Week 11: @ Cold Hill University (RAN)
Week 12: vs. University of Loyola-Istria (BNJ)
Week 13: @ Kohnhead City University (KND)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: No.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: No.
Style Modifier: -2
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Postby Banija » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:49 am


Week 1 North v. South Showdown gives new setting for Banija's biggest sporting rivalry

HERZEGOVINA CITY, MORAVICA- Northern Moravica and Loyola-Istria have been playing each other in football every single year for basically the entirety of everybody's living memory. The two schools have been rivals in more ways than one- public v. private, the two anchor cities in the Moravica region, both the country's two oldest schools and the country's two largest institutions. They have played in all sorts of venues and times. Once a year. Twice a year. In the playoffs. For national championships. Anywhere across the country.

But what is the one thing they have never done? Played in Week 1. In the long history of this illustrious rivalry, these two schools have never before opened the season against each other. And there's generally a reason for that. When the Celestia was mostly a 'big 3' of Northern, Loyola-Istria, and the Salamantics, none of those 'big 3' schools would ever play each other in Week 1. The NSCF schedulers knew that as well- week 1 in this conference would be so everybody could get their feet wet, and get those early season nerves out for the big games to start in Week 2.

But with the shrink down of the NSCF from 36 to 30 teams, all that was thrown out of the window. 5 time Mineral Conference champions, UC-Baker Park, were found without a conference- and now call this conference home. An intriguing pair of newcomer schools as well, with Elephant Valley from South Newlandia and Green Coast University from Beaverriver to join the three normal Celestia Conference powers in Loyola-Istria, Northern Moravica, and the Salamantics. No way to avoid big games in week 1- hell, at this point, basically every week is a big game in what is now indisputably the NSCF's toughest conference.

And that means the North v. South Showdown will be the game in Week 1. What an introduction to the rivalry for the third year blue chip sophomore Ebou Hairte, right? The highly touted recruit was redshirted his freshman year, and lost a QB competition last season to the 5th year senior Amadi Ikenna. But now, it is finally his chance to take the reigns. Can he follow in the footsteps of Isaka Jawara, Dennis Zervos, and Chibzuo, the last three 3 year starters for the Blue Thunder? All highly touted prospects, they all eventually brought home a NSCF championship to Banija's Olympic City. But can Hairte?

Alanso Isa said his lack of experience would not be a problem. "Would you have preferred for Hairte to make his first career start on the road against our hated domestic rival? Of course not." Alanso Isa said. "But Hairte has all the tools, physically. Considering the depth of this conference this year, the biggest tests for him are going to be mental. Can he handle the grind? Can he deal with being the big man on campus? There's no doubt about it, our trip to Herzegovina City is our toughest road trip each season, for obvious reasons. Can he handle the noise? Everyone has a bad stretch against NMU at some point- is he capable of putting bad throws behind him and keeping isolated mistakes, well, isolated? This crowd will get on top of him- but I'm confident this youngster will not hold back."

The week 1 aspect of this game has changed everything. Northern Moravica, of course, went to the NSCF title game down in Busukuma, falling to Sadeg State with a golden chance to win their second ever title gone. Beat Loyola week is always an entertaining week to be on campus. But this season, Beat Loyola week coincides with move in, as classes usually don't start until the Monday following week 1. So with no classes for the kids, Beat Loyola week is on overdrive.

Northern's bringing everybody back. Former players. General alumni. All sorts of events. Fraternity houses playing darts with pictures of Chibuzo in his Loyola uniform. 27-17 banners being made- the score NMU beat them by at the Istria Lightning Yard last year, for NMU's third straight rivalry win at Loyola's home stadium. NMU campus is alive and full of energy, and most certainly ready for this football game.

The game is promised to be a little bit sloppy, and very entertaining. Coaches have talked about how having the Week 1 rivalry game helps players focus in the Summer- everybody wants to open the season with a win against a rival. And nobody wants to start with a loss against a rival. But it should be a great one. Nobody really has any current film on the other- just relying on last season's film. Coaches an entire offseason to switch things up. And nobody's seen Ebou Hairte, so a whole bunch of wild cards for the game.

Which of the Banijan schools will jump off to a fast start? And which will get behind the 8 ball? We'll find out soon enough from Saturday night's main event in Herzegovina City.
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Postby South Newlandia » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:23 am


South Newlandia (SNL)
Home colours: Red, Black
Road colours: Grey, White
Style mod: -2.186
Home stadium: EVU Field (3,000)
Conference: Celestia

Week One: vs. Green Coast University Bullfrogs (BVR)
Week Two: vs. Salamantic Universities Professors (KOR)
Week Three: @Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ)
Week Four: vs. University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ)
Week Five: @University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors (CBP)
Week Six: @Green Coast University Bullfrogs (BVR)
Week Seven: @Salamantic Universities Professors (KOR)
Week Eight: vs. Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ)
Week Nine: @University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ)
Week Ten: vs. University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors (CBP)

Week Eleven: @Trent State University Feathercaps (TJU)
Week Twelve: @Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week Thirteen: @Atheburn National University Ravens (GRU)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
Suspend my players: Probably, but please do message me beforehand.
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.

Coaching staff:

Head coach:
Addo Uster (Banija), 42
The young coordinator spent a few years being the linebackers coach for the Lwanga Rhinos in the GFLB, before ascending to run the Banijan national team defense at World Bowl XL & XLI. Running a 3-4 defense that meshed with Ranorian HC Thomas Hall, Hall brought him on because he thought Uster would be a great culture fit. A promising GFLB career that was cut short by an ACL tear at age 25, and then a MCL tear on the same knee at age 27, he brings with him a ferocious intensity and a high amount of energy. He values man to man physical defense, and getting pressure on the quarterback. He is known to be a very aggressive playcaller. After coordinating elite defenses under a defensive minded head coach at the last two World Bowls, he looks to take the reigns as a head man his very first time at Elephant Valley University.

Offensive coordinator:
Oliver Russo, 36
Defensive coordinator:
Christopher Chavez, 38
Special Teams coordinator:
Vernon Sykes, 40

OFFENSE (starters in bold)

QB1: #7 Jacob Herron (Chromatika) (freshman) Major: Economics
QB2: #4 Alexander Lott (freshman) Major: History
QB3: #16 Jamal English (freshman) Major: Political Science
Herron is a pocket passer who isn't very good outside of it, but has decent field vision. The Chromatik freshman is asked to take charge from week one, mostly due to a lack of other strong quarterbacks in EVU.

Running Backs:
RB1: #1 Gauge Lawson (Ranoria) (sophomore) Major: Engineering (also Ass-kicking)
RB2: #83 Marco Jones (Chromatika) (sophomore) Major: Physics
RB3: #12 Thomas Gerhart (Delaclava) (freshman) Major: Government
Lawson, a sophomore that used to play for North Haven, is the number one Running Back on a team that will likely run the ball a lot. The power back has support from Jones, one of many players from Chromatika, a bulldozing running back with size who likes to run through tackles, and Delaclav freshman Gerhart, a power back who is versatile for all situations but is best suited for third down and goal line runs.

FB1: #8 Lapij-Zorno Wyt (Qusmo) (senior) Major: Art
FB2: #89 Apisaloma Toleafoa (Tikariot) (sophomore) Major: Business Administration
At Fullback, the Red Elephants start Wyt, one of the Qusmi players, before Tikariotian sophomore Toleafoa. Like the other Tikariotians on this roster, he’s from the Cardannon Archipelago, and can also be used as a fourth running back.

Tight Ends:
TE1: #82 Jin-Sung Kim (Chromatika) (senior) Major: Civil Engineering
TE2: #86 Isaako Tonumaipe'a (Tikariot) (senior) Major: International Affairs
TE3: #80 Kevin Nissen (Delaclava) (freshman) Major: Sports Medicine
Kim, a Chromatik locking tight end who can leak out to catch passes in the flat, will start for the Red Elephants before Tikariotian senior Tonumaipe'a and Delaclav freshman Nissen. Nissen played high school primarily as a wide receiver but recruited as a tight end as his strength exceeds his speed. He’s got good hands, but has much room for improvement as a blocker.

Wide Receiver:
WR1: #19 Juliette de Laramie (Chromatika) (junior) Major: Esportivan Politics
WR2: #11 Niko Pulefaasisina (Tikariot) (junior) Major: Marketing
WR3: #14 Rachelle Klein (senior) Major: Criminal Justice
WR4: #9 Aron Schapiro (Ha'Yarok) (sophomore) Major: Economics
WR5: #18 Adam Parker (freshman) Major: Business
For the Wide Receiver room, the Red Elephants have Chromatik junior de Laramie, a precise route runner with great jumping skills, a good deep threat, Tikariotian Pulefaasisina, Klein, who is mostly a slot receiver, Schapiro, the only student on EVU from Ha’Yarok, and Parker, a young freshman that can be used as a deep threat.

C1: #63 Ben Yakisama (Chromatika) (sophomore) Major: Linguistics
C2: #71 Gabriel McGowan (junior) Major: Business
Yakisama, yet another Chromatik starter, will play at center. He’s a fairly mobile lineman who can pull out to be in front of runners and likes to bulldoze people. McGowan is going to be his replacement, as well as be used as a long snapper.

LG1: #66 Vlont-Brelk Fox (Qusmo) (junior) Major: Philosophy
LG2: #64 Ricky Carr (freshman) Major: Political Science
RG1: #73 Riddick Foster (Delaclava) (senior) Major: Chemical Engineering
RG2: #62 Dan Tucker (sophomore) Major: Education
The starting guards in the O-Line will be Fox and Foster, the latter being an experienced Delaclav senior who transferred from McGuire Technical. He’s been a two-year starter there, with great technique and field vision but a bit lacking in agility.

LT1: #77 Silas Robles (junior) Major: Law and Justice
LT2: #79 Lonnie Moran (freshman) Major: Sports Management
RT1: #61 Marvin Owens (sophomore) Major: Social Work
RT2: #70 Bryan McKenzie (sophomore) Major: Sports and Exercise
The two tackle spots are the only position where the Red Elephants do not have any foreign players, and it shows. Both Robles and Owens lack the experience and strength to complete the strong pocket that Herron needs.

DEFENSE (starters in bold)

Defensive Ends:
LE1: #93 Karen Hooper (Kohnhead) (freshman) Major: Economics
LE2: #96 German Newton (senior) Major: Political Science
RE1: #90 Jeshuah Akongo (Mlima Kijani) (junior) Major: Engineering
RE2: #95 Leroy Ali (freshman) Major: Psychology
Karen Hooper is a Kohnheadian recruit who missed all of her senior season with an ACL Tear suffered in practice which caused her to slide. If she can put injury concerns behind and show she still has a quick first step she can be really good. At Right End, the team will start Akongo, a junior from Mlima Kijani.

Defensive Tackles:
DT1: #99 Ne'igalomeatiga Esera (Tikariot) (sophomore) Major: Law
DT2: #65 Wesley Wright (senior) Major: Social Work
DT3: #98 Robby Waller (senior) Major: Sociology
Esera, a Tikariotian sophomore, will start for the Red Elephants, who will be running a 3-4 defense, just like the national team does.

LOLB1: #55 Sharon Jones-Beckett (Chromatika) (freshman) Major: Mathematics
LOLB2: #52 Vernon Schwartz (sophomore) Major: Geography
ROLB1: #48 Violet Daniels (sophomore) Major: Social Work
ROLB2: #57 Noah Kemp (freshman) Major: Education
Chromatik freshman Jones-Beckett, sure tackler who is very good in run support, but could use experience in coverage, will start alongside Daniels, a young South Newlandian sophomore who wants to be the first female player on the South Newlandian World Bowl team one day. She’s certainly got the talent to pull that off.

ILB1: #54 Sylax-Kresp Den (Qusmo) (freshman) Major: History
ILB2: #59 Karl Hutmacher (Zeta Reka and Hügeltaldom) (sophomore) Major: Linguistics
ILB3: #47 Sean Manning (Nova Anglicana) (freshman) Major: Undecided
ILB4: #44 Aputi Ala'ilima (Tikariot) (freshman) Major: Computer Science
At Inside Linebacker, the team has four young, inexperienced players. Den, a strong Qusmi freshman, and Hutmacher, who last played for the Sarkewaka School and was the defensive player of the season in the not so famous Zeta Reka Scholastic League. A lot of rotation can be expected here, with Manning, a former rugby player who decided to try out for the gridiron team, and Tikariotian freshman Ala’ilima certain to get some snaps as well. The Red Elephants could really use an experienced player here.

CB1: #33 Samuel Mines (Chromatika) (junior) Major: Esportivan History
CB2: #31 Jackie Bell (Delaclava) (junior) Major: Criminal Justice
CB3: #43 Carolyn Bray (senior) Major: Sociology
CB4: #39 Valentin Pruitt (junior) Major: History
CB5: #37 Bill Coy (freshman) Major: Business
At corner, EVU has Mines, a physical corner who does better tackling after the catch than preventing the catch, and Bell, a Delaclav junior, who transferred from UB Manchester. Bell’s a solid containing cornerback who reads routes well, but does not take a lot of risks to make big plays

SS1: #29 Dawson Grey, Jr. (Chromatika) (senior) Major: Computer Science Engineering
SS2: #38 Joshua Cox (Hannasea) (freshman) Major: Biology
FS1: #22 Mateus Parrish (Delaclava) (junior) Major: Education
FS2: #49 Conrad House (freshman) Major: Communications
Grey Jr. will start at Strong Safety for the Red Elephants. The experienced Chromatik is a well-rounded safety who shows up in key situations. At Free Safety, the team will start Parrish, who transferred from Arana State. He likes to go for deflections and picks up the middle, but can be burned by faster downfield threats.


K: #3 Mindy Jackson (Chromatika) (freshman) Major: Journalism
Jackson is an accurate kicker who has decent range but is most reliable within forty-five yards.

P: #6 Jonas Middleton (Chromatika) (freshman) Major: Chemistry
Middleton is a booming punter who isn't the best in directional punts but can really get the ball to the other side of the field.

K/P: #15 Donny Branagan (Delaclava) (freshman) Major: Public Health
Branagan, who used to be a high school striker, has a lot of distance and power but is still working on control. However, he maintains the same level of accuracy in high-pressure situations.

RB1: Gauge Lawson (Ranoria)

Long snapper:
C2: Gabriel McGowan

QB3: Jamal English
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Celestia and Zephyr Conference - MD1 Cutoff!

Celestia Conference
Elephant Valley University Red Elephants (SNL) 47–6 Green Coast University Bullfrogs (BVR)
Salamantic Universities Professors (KOR) 26–13 University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors (CBP)
Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ) 31–27 University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ)

P Celestia Conference                                          Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Elephant Valley University Red Elephants 1 1 0 47 6 +41
2 Salamantic Universities Professors 1 1 0 26 13 +13
3 Northern Moravica University Cougars 1 1 0 31 27 +4
4 University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder 1 0 1 27 31 −4
5 University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors 1 0 1 13 26 −13
6 Green Coast University Bullfrogs 1 0 1 6 47 −41

Zephyr Conference
Trent State University Feathercaps (TJU) 47–17 Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns (AFT)
Mar Sara Tech Raiders (VAL) 75–27 Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists (NGD)
Raynor University Rockets (VAL) 30–26 University of Mancodas Mammoths (PFA)

P Zephyr Conference                                            Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Mar Sara Tech Raiders 1 1 0 75 27 +48
2 Trent State University Feathercaps 1 1 0 47 17 +30
3 Raynor University Rockets 1 1 0 30 26 +4
4 University of Mancodas Mammoths 1 0 1 26 30 −4
5 Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns 1 0 1 17 47 −30
6 Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists 1 0 1 27 75 −48
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Université St. Croix : A Factfile.

Motto: '成人材之未就 均風俗之不齊'
Established: 1643
Type: Public research university
Location: Québec City, Capitale-Nationale, Québec and Shingoryeo
Religious affiliation: Non-denominational
Endowment: Q£ 21.3 billion (2041)
Chancellor: Armand Lee-Durkheim
Vice-Chancellor: Eleonore Davenport
Academic Staff: 4,765
Students: 22,363
Undergraduates: 13,115
Postgraduates: 9,248

It has taken a decade for Université St. Croix to come back to the NSCF after a decadelong absence, and the Bleu et Blanc are looking forward to keep up their ascent after their successful return two years ago. Being located at the St. Croix district, just ten minutes metro ride away from the renowned Quartier Calanien, the hub of student life, bistros and related academic establishments, St. Croix students, the faculty, the alumni and the Capitoliens all across the Multiverse welcome the fans across the Multiverse.

In terms of collegiate athletics, the Bleu et Blanc are consistently among the most successful in most sports the athletics department sponsor team/individual participation, with their particular strengths in gridiron, Women's basketball, both association footballs, Men's volleyball and fencing teams. Among them, most fans both home and abroad know the Bleu et Blanc football team the best, for they have not only won the second most number of national championships, but have made their mark as every capitolien's true blue in college football. This year was a yet solid year for the Bleu et Blanc program, with a couple of national championships won in Women's footy and an expected deep run for both fencing championships, and football did come close where they secured themselves another top 5 finish after a NY6 bowl win even after large graduation of its players.

As for the university itself, Université St. Croix is renowned for its particular strengths in most fields, but in particular the humanities and social sciences, which has been renowned for its bred and butter. Its Faculty of Arts and Sciences, especially fuelled by all of its eighteen colleges, is funded with consistency and high rates of trust and confidence by the Quebecois Government, who do take particular interest in the university and its students. It is perhaps destined from the university's origin into the 1640s (it is 2047 in Quebec right now), with St. Croix being the nation's only university for the first 120 years of the history. In 1648, the Quebecois Government had built the Seonggyoongwan, eventally the Seonggyoongwan Faculty of Arts and Science of the University itself, with both theological and practical trainings emphasised to prepare its students and alumni into civil service. Since then, as the university was renamed St. Croix in dedication of the St. Croix plains the university campus was built upon and took upon more imperial, comprehensive identity, the Université St. Croix has stood as the pinnacle of postsecondary education in not only Quebec and Shingoryeo, but also the Quebecois Commonwealth as well.

Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc

University: Université St. Croix
National Organisation : Québécois Intercollegiate Sports -
Conference: RSECQ
Athletic Director: Sir. Marcel Cody-Yi
Varsity Teams: 38
Location: St-Croix, Capitale-Nationale, Québec and Shingoryeo
Home Stadium: Stade St. Croix (Capacity: 86,430)
Mascot: Bipee the Snowman
Nickname: Bleu et Blanc
Fight Song: Alma Mater, Eternal Cross
Colours: Blue, White and Silver

Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator: Kweon Joon-Ho (2 years at St-Croix, 4 years as head coach)
Defensive Co-Ordinator: Henri Iyotake (2 years at St-Croix, 6 years as college DC)
Special Teams Coordinator: Hannah McKendry (7 years at St-Croix, 4 years as STC)
Style of Play: Smashmouth Offence with two backs / 4-3 Defence

Name               Role                                Place of Birth       Age Experience at Saguenay  Alma Mater       
Kweon Joon-Ho Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator Edmundston, Acadie 38 4 years St. Francis Xavier (2026)
Henri Iyotake Defensive Coordinator / LB Coach Jeongju, A-T 56 4 years Abitibi (2008)
Hannah McKendry Special Teams Coordinator Antigonish, Acadie 30 9 years Southern Manitoba (2034)
Jonathan Hammond Running Backs Coach Quebec City, C-N 46 7 years Hanyang College (2018)
Elle Mah-Gong Offensive Lines Coach Bongohdonggrad, MTB 34 3 years Nunavut State (2030)
Joh Se-Gyeong TE Coach and Academic Director Goose Bay, Labrador 42 1 year Goose Bay (2026)
Lionel Axelrod Defensive Backs Coach Sherbrooke, Estrie 26 2 years Northwestern (2043)
Kenneth Tshibangu Wide Receivers Coach Montreal, Montreal 26 4 years St. Gabriel Richard (2040)
Benedict Goh Head Athletic Trainer St-Croix, C-N 38 6 years Farrer (2028)
Allie Shim-McGrath Strength & Training Assistant Labrador City, Labrador 38 7 years Gyeongbuk A&M (2026)

Co-Offensive Captains: RB Vincent Faïnicka, SR; LT Nathalie Angers, SR
Co-Defensive Captains: LB Cavan Dalcourt, SR; SS Stephanie Obomsawin, JR
Special Teams Captain: K Sebastien Joo, SR
No  Name        Surname        Ht.     Wt.  Position            Experience    Hometown                          High School
02 Brendan McDonnell 6'4" 248 Defensive End Sophomore Prince Eric, Manitoba Prince Eric College
03 Eli Yienya 6'5" 218 Quarterback Freshman Busukuma, Banija Cass Technical HS
04 Najee-Luc Mutambara 5'11" 221 Running Back Senior Reneegrad, Capitale-Nationale ESC-Deoksoo
06 Julien-Gabriel Kessler 6'2" 226 Running Back Freshman Kingston, Frontenac Lang Park CI
07 Paul Davis-Moon 6'1" 238 Linebacker Sophomore Halifax, Acadie Gyeongnam CI
08 Gustave Campeau 5'10" 197 Quarterback Junior Montreal, Montreal ES Pimlico-Ouest
09 Leo Bourgault 5'9" 188 Cornerback Freshman Sept-Iles, Nord-Est Lycee-de-Sept-Iles
10 Helene McAslett-Thurgood 6'0" 217 Quarterback Senior Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale Ecole de la Capitale
11 Yvette Bergeron 6'1" 251 Defensive End Freshman Veronaville, Montreal Veronaville HS
12 Kendall Morissette-Choo 6'2" 188 Kicker/Punter Freshman Habpo, Acadie Kennebecasis SS
13 Marina Humberstone 6'2" 227 Linebacker Junior Baie-Comeau, Nord-Est ES-Jolene-Cumming Giverny-Ouest
14 Daelin Oh-Mitena 6'1" 203 Wide Receiver Junior Samseonryeong, Ontario Sudbury Commercial HS
16 Nathalie Faucher-Toniutti 6'0" 190 Nose Tackle Sophomore Rimouski, Saguenay ETS-Rimouski
17 Jana Kuczynska 6'4" 236 Tight End Senior Morrisville, Ontario Chatham Commercial HS
20 Julius Levin-Yi 5'11" 196 Cornerback Junior Walton, Manitoba Walton HS
21 Hamish Littler 6'2" 188 Cornerback Sophomore Goose Bay, Labrador Foothills Central SS
25 Sarah Kastrup 6'0" 193 Cornerback Senior Ottawa, Outaouais Lithgow CI
27 Omollo Ayange 6'1" 197 Cornerback Sophomore Suwara, Moravica Suwara East HS
31 Soo-Hyeon Yang 5'11" 188 Running Back Junior Val d'Or, Abitibi-Temiscamingue Western Quebec HS
32 Gennaro Giannelli 6'0" 212 Fullback Sophomore California City, Manitoba Cypress Heights HS
33 Roderick Ahn Jr 6'2" 240 Fullback Junior Goryeong, Saguenay Saguenay Grammar
38 Eric Kiefer-Moh 6'4" 217 Safety Junior Elsipogtog, Acadie Elsipogtog HS
39 Pascal McDonagh 5'9" 201 Punter Junior Avalon, Newfoundland Gwangmoo SS
41 Oswald Tak 6'0" 206 Safety Junior Levis, Capitale-Nationale Lycee-de-Levis
42 Tatiana Dec.-Skorobogatova 6'0" 213 Safety Sophomore Cornwall, Frontenac Ashcroft College St. Alban's
44 Malik Kiefer-Noh 6'2" 201 Safety Junior Manghyang, Mauricie Bugil Academy
45 Resego Kgotso 5'7" 173 Kicker/Punter Senior Sarnia, Ontario Sarnia Technical HS
48 Maurice Bedelia 6'4" 249 Linebacker Junior Montreal, Montreal Lycee-Koreana
50 Yeong-Se Byeon 6'1" 236 Linebacker Senior Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale Lycee-Frederick-Sullivan
51 Charles Aravossitas-Tamauskas III 6'6" 270 Defensive End Freshman California City, Manitoba Merriwa HS
55 Noemie Cadot-Thibus 6'1" 246 Linebacker Senior Chandler, Gaspesie Perce CI
56 David Ohguro 6'2" 229 Linebacker Senior Truro, Acadie Halifax Grammar
58 Harold Park 6'1" 246 Linebacker Junior Montreal, Montreal Veronaville HS
60 Celine Tiqrigannig 6'4" 286 Guard Senior Iqaluit, Nunavut Niaqunngut SS
61 Arnold Benteke 6'3" 291 Centre Senior Winnipeg, Manitoba Assiniboine Central HS
62 Emilie Sutliffe-Poirier 6'2" 306 Guard Sophomore Montreal, Montreal Lancaster College
63 J.T. Everhart 6'8" 315 Guard Senior Ranoria City, Ranoria Bill Clyde Smith HS
66 Konrad Asperup 6'4" 302 Guard Freshman Attawapiskat, Northwest Attawapiskat Commercial HS
68 Vassili Furman 6'1" 283 Guard Junior Fredericton, Acadie Fredericton Latin School
70 Wilfrid Benteke 6'3" 291 Tackle Sophomore Winnipeg, Manitoba Assiniboine Central HS
71 Nancy Toure-Boivin 6'2" 290 Tackle Freshman Ottawa, Outaouais Aldbury HS
74 Michael Ho 6'6" 326 Nose Tackle Freshman Beolgyo, Ontario St. Christopher's CHS
75 Lee Aravossitas-Tamauskas 6'5" 290 Nose Tackle Junior Prince Eric, Manitoba Prince Eric College
77 Felix Woo 6'9" 318 Tackle Senior St-Isidore, Capitale-Nationale Meiwa Collegiate
79 Arabella Park 6'6" 301 Tackle Junior Halifax, Acadie Gaeseong SS
81 Helene Dhavernas 6'2" 241 Tight End Freshman Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale Lycee-de-Levis
82 Monique Tangradi 5'10" 192 Wide Receiver Sophomore Alloa, Acadie Alloa District HS
83 Dong-Joon Hahm 5'9" 183 Wide Receiver Senior Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale Commonwealth Square CI
85 Antonin Corbeil-Tambov 6'1" 216 Wide Receiver Junior Saint John, Acadie Kennebecasis Collegiate
86 Raphael Bentinck 6'5" 256 Tight End Junior Thetford, Estrie Bugil Academy
87 Ashleigh Kim-Kutcher 5'11" 194 Wide Receiver Sophomore Sacheonpo, Gaspesie Mount Ester College School
88 Pierre-Luc Bonga 6'2" 191 Wide Receiver Freshman Levis, Capitale-Nationale Lycee-Soongdeok
93 Yeong-Myeong Hong 6'1" 258 Defensive End Junior Chicoutimi, Saguenay Gyeongbuk CI
94 Maureen Gavendan 6'2" 244 Linebacker Freshman California City, Manitoba Westlake School
95 Maeve Gavendan 6'5" 263 Defensive End Senior California City, Manitoba Westlake School
99 Theshendan Aravossitas-Tamauskas III 6'6" 270 Defensive End Senior California City, Manitoba Merriwa HS

Offensive Depth Chart
Quarterback Campeau (3) Yienya (1) McAslett-Thurgood (4)
Running Back Mutambara (4) Yang (3) Kessler (1)
Fullback Ahn Jr (3) Giannelli (2)
Wide Receiver X Kuczynska (4) Corbeil-Tambov (3) Tangradi (2)
Tight End Bentinck (3) B. Mbhense (4) Dhavernas (1)
Left Tackle Woo (4) Aravossitas-Tamauskas (1)
Left Guard Everhart (4) Kweon (2)
Centre Benteke (4) Baek (2) Asperup (1)
Right Guard Tiqrigannig (4) Asperup (1)
Right Tackle Park (3) Toure-Boivin (1) Benteke (2)
Wide Receiver Y Oh-Mitena (3) Bonga (1)
Wide Receiver Z Kim-Kutcher (2) D.J. Hahm (4)

Defensive Depth Chart            
Left Defensive End Y.M. Hong (3) McDonnell (2)
Nose Tackle Aravossitas-Tamauskas (4) Ho (1) Faucher-Toniutti (2)
Right Defensive End Arav.-Tamauskas III (4) Gavendan (4) Bergeron (1)
Strong Side LB (Sam) Ohguro (4) Davis-Moon (2) Gavendan (1)
Middle Linebacker Dalcourt (4) Humberstone (1) Y.S. Byeon (2)
Middle Linebacker Elk-Hong (3) Cadot-Thibus (2)
Weak Side LB (Rover) Park (3) Bedelia (3)
Right Cornerback Kastrup (4) Littler (2)
Left Cornerback Ayange (2) Levin-Yi (3) Bourgault (1)
Strong Safety Kiefer-Noh (3) Decarie-Skorobogatova (4)
Free Safety Tak (3) Ayange (2)

Special Teams Depth Chart
Kicker Kgotso (4) Morissette-Choo (1)
Punter McDonagh (3) Morissette-Choo (1)
Long Snapper Nadon (4)
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ANU Ravens


"Unassuming, but in flight!" reads the Ravens' banner on the entrance of the Atheburn National University in the national capital, and it is something that rubs off on everything that the institution does. The only Grearish university that plays gridiron football even in the absence of a national team needs some pluck to pull it all off. It is just the way that the Ravens are. International in spirit, proud from the heart!

University: Atheburn National University
Nationality: Grearish (GRU)
Location: Atheburn, Atheburn NCR, GU
Stadium: ANU Stadium (30,000)
Nickname: Ravens
Colours: Black-and-Silver
Style: +2.348
Conference: Woodlands
Previous Season: N/A
All-Time Record: N/A
Coach: Gabriel J. Pike (43) (QUE)
A 10-year professional veteran at QFL, Pike has coached successfully on high school level as HC and college level as assistant for another 11. He is now in charge of the Grearish ANU Ravens along with an unknown staff of mostly Grearish local talent beyond their heydays.

## Name Pos Age
01 Elizabeth Allison QB 19
02 Masud Anwar QB 18
03 Francis Armour QB 19
04 Ronald Beer QB 22
05 Monique Bernard QB 21
06 Norah Brady RB 22
07 Brenda Brown RB 21
08 Ashley Burn RB 17
09 Andrew Burnham RB 18
10 Christopher Cobb RB 19
11 Ronald Collins RB 20
12 Nicholas Cowl RB 18
13 Mark Cranmer RB 21
14 Michael Davies RB 18
15 Alan Edwards WR 22
16 Kevin Farrington WR 18
17 Adrian Fern WR 18
18 Carl Garn WR 17
19 Majorie Gates WR 18
20 Chris Hardick WR 21
21 Michael Holland WR 22
22 Henriette Holm WR 20
23 Ac Jenkins WR 18
24 Shaun Kearney WR 20
25 Ronald Lackey TE 21
26 Hin-Yan Liu TE 17
27 Graham Logan TE 20
28 Peter Mann TE 22
29 Sarah Meredith TE 22
30 Johanna Morgan TE 19
31 Stephen Mousley TE 22
32 Cynthia Parkinson G 17
33 Zubair Patel G 22
34 Henry Pavey OL 18
35 Gary Pearman OL 21
36 Arthur Powell OL 19
37 Theresa Preston OL 17
38 Jane Pritchett OL 22
39 Cornelius Rea OL 18
40 David Rodda OL 18
41 Brian Sargeant OL 19
42 Vikram Singh OL 21
43 Kenneth Stevens OL 18
44 Martyn Taylor OL 20
45 Gary Thompson OL 18
46 Michael Thorne OL 19
47 Peter Weston OL 22
48 Andrew Williams OT 22
49 Olusayo Williams OT 19
50 Steven Wood OT 22

## Name Pos Age
51 Haylee Arnold DL 22
52 John Arnold DL 19
53 Emily Ashton DL 19
54 Scott Austin DL 22
55 Jeff Bizzell DL 19
56 Michael Bragg DL 19
57 Isabelle Branson DL 17
58 Susan Bull DL 21
59 David Bullerwell DL 17
60 Gregor Connor DL 18
61 Deborah Croker DL 21
62 Debbie Davey DL 21
63 Luke Dunkley DE 21
64 James Evans DE 17
65 John Hall DE 17
66 Steve Han DT 17
67 James Hanrahan DT 22
68 Neil Harris LB 22
69 Anne Hartley LB 17
70 Lynn Hill LB 18
71 Andrew Howard LB 17
72 Marie-Elise Howells LB 17
73 Raymond Ip LB 20
74 Nina Johansen LB 21
75 Dani Jones CB 21
76 Kevin Kennedy CB 21
77 Paul Kerridge CB 18
78 Svend Kristensen CB 22
79 Holly Lawton CB 19
80 David Lloyd DB 22
81 Brett McConnell DB 22
82 Michael Meir DB 21
83 Rowena Mellor DB 21
84 Michael Mitchell DB 22
85 Justin Newitt DB 18
86 Jennifer Nolan DB 20
87 Graham Offord DB 22
88 Ian Oliver DB 18
89 Darren Patterson DB 21
90 David Pavey S 18
91 Christopher Peters S 22
92 John Ramsay S 22
93 Caroline Roche S 19

Special Teams
## Name Pos Age
94 Waldemar Siwek K 18
95 Ivan Vickers H 21
96 John Vieth P 22
97 Lubaina Vora LS 17
98 Margaret Whitfield KR 20
99 Angelica Wilson PR 22

Week One: vs. Tchust Fhergys University Blue Wolves (MAL)
Week Two: vs. Brattleboro Technical Institute Brats (CDG)
Week Three: @ New Lakeland University Tycoons (CDG)
Week Four: vs. Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (QUE)
Week Five: @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (QUE)
Week Six: @ Tchust Fhergys University Blue Wolves (MAL)
Week Seven: @ Brattleboro Technical Institute Brats (CDG)
Week Eight: vs. New Lakeland University Tycoons (CDG)
Week Nine: @ Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (QUE)
Week Ten: vs. Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (QUE)

Week Eleven: OPEN
Week Twelve: OPEN
Week Thirteen: vs. Elephant Valley University Red Elephants (SNL)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
Suspend my players: Probably, but please do message me beforehand.
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:21 am

New Lakeland University Tycoons

About New Lakeland University: The campus is located in the city of New Lakeland, which is in the Northwest portion of Cassadaigua. It is seen as one of the most prestigious academic schools to get into if you are looking for a career in business, finance, or marketing. As such, it is a difficult school to get into, and has some of the higher tuition costs within the Matriarchy. Despite its strong focus on academics, athletics have not taken a back seat at this institution. The administration is willing to offer scholarships to the biggest athletic talents and that has been rewarded with success on the basketball court when NLU won the NSCAA 9 championship.

Student-Athletes may opt for the more difficult curriculum that NLU offers if they wish to take advantage of the incredible academic opportunity that has been provided for them. However, if student-athletes do not wish to take this path and want to take easier courses so they can focus on their sport of choice, the school will not press the issue and does offer those easier majors.

The team plays at the Stephanie H. Wiseman Stadium which is located two blocks away from the main campus. It is named for one of the school’s most notable alumni, and seats 78,700 for football.

Team Colors: These would be green and gold. The home jersey is a dark green, with a gold vertical stripe going down each of the sides. Pants are the same green color with the same vertical gold stripe. The number is in white, trimmed in gold, as is the player name.

The away jersey white, with a vertical dark green stripe going down each side. The pants are gold, with a similar vertical stripe. Both the number and the name are in gold, trimmed in black.

The helmet is gold, with a dark green stripe going down the middle. On each side of the helmet, “NLU” is displayed, in dark green, in a diagonal, interlocking fashion, similar to how the “CD” interlocks on the flag.

The team:

Head Coach- Kelsey Brewer (48)
Offensive Coordinator- Brittney Hogan (46)
Defensive Coordinator- Emily McNamara (50)
Special Teams Coordinator- Shannon Carney (41)
Academic Liaison- Dr. Allison Gauvin (73)

Traditional Starters in Green
Traditional Reserves in Red
(Players are ordered in Depth Chart fashion on a basic offensive formation or a 4-3 defense).

QB: #5- Erika Traynor (Class: Sr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.9) (Offensive Captain)
QB: #4- Jenna Montgomery (Class: Jr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 2.8)
QB: #7- Steffie Buffington (Class: So. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.5)

HB: #24- Brice Bullard (Drawkland) (Class: Fr, Major: Rushmori Studies, GPA: 3.1
HB: #33- Allyson Tyner (Class: Jr Major: Taxation GPA: 4.0)
HB: #39- Danielle Weber (Class: Sr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 3.6)
HB- #36- Olivia Fisher (Class: So. Major: International Business Trends GPA:3.3)

FB: #40- Kacie Silverman (Class: Sr. Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 3.2)
FB: #38- Hannah Kabanek (Class: Fr. Major: Business Administration, GPA: 3.6)

TE: #88- Cassie Lyons (Class: Jr. Major: General Studies GPA: 3.4)
TE: #87- Madison Stilwell (Class: Jr. Major: Political Science GPA: 2.8)
TE: #86- Rachel Brinster (Class: So. Major: Taxation GPA: 2.5)
TE: #89- Vera Linares (Class: Fr. Major: Liability Management GPA: 2.2)

WR: #15- Stacey Maltzman (Class: Sr. Major: Liability Management GPA: 3.8)
WR: #16- Amber Blankenship (Class: So. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.5)

WR: #80- Jennifer Mauer (Class: Sr. Major: Rushmori Marketing GPA: 3.1)
WR: #84- Courtney O’Connor (Class: So. Major: Taxation GPA: 2.6)
WR: #18- Allie Stone (Class: Soph. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.6)
WR: #81- Clarissa Bekerman (Class: Soph. Major: Taxation GPA: 3.8)
WR: #17- Bethany Essex (Class: Fr., Major: Undecided, GPA: 2.4
WR: #19- Gabriella Agostino (Class: Fr., Major: International Business Trends GPA: 2.5)

LG: #63- Clifford Kimmich (Class: Jr. Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 4.0)
RG: #72- Jovan Folkes (Class: Sr. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 3.5)

OG: #68- Eddie Flint (Class: Jr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.7)
OG: #70- James Lorenz (Class: So. Major: Business Administration GPA: 3.4)
G/T: #73- Antonio Batista (Class: So. Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 3.9)
G/T: #79- Keyshawn Maza (Class: So. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.0)
G/C: #64- Dave Clouse (Class: Fr., Major: Asset Management, GPA: 2.7)
G/C: #76- Jonathan Grimes (Class: Fr., Major: Banking, GPA: 3.5)

LT: #69- Lawrence Branco (Class: Sr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 2.1)
RT: #71- Claude Richard (Class: Sr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 2.0)

OT: #75- Francois Paquin (Class: So. Major: Accounting GPA: 2.2)
OT: #77- Kyle Mills (Class: Fr., Major: Social Media Marketing., GPA: 3.5)
OT: #74- Stuart Scanlon (Class: Fr., Major: Financial Ethics, GPA: 2.0)

C: #66- Brett Pisculli (Class: Sr. Major: Taxation GPA: 3.8)
C: #60- Jimmy Stynes (Class: Jr. Major: General Studies GPA: 4.0)
C: #62- Nick Torres (Class: So, Major: Financial Security Services, GPA: 4.0)


LE: #94- Daniel Fleischmann (Class: Jr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 3.7)
RE: #91- Igor Soloviev (Class: Jr. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 4.0)

DE: #90- Donald Rogers (Class: Sr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 3.6)
DE: #92- Jason Kuhlman (Class: So. Major: Business Insurance,GPA: 3.5)
DE: #51- John Bingman (Class: Jr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.7)
DE: #52- Erika Lewis (Kohnhead) (Class: Fr., Major: General Studies, GPA: 3.2

LT: #99- Tyrone Ramos (Class: Sr. Major: Sports Economics GPA: 4.0)
RT: #96- Craig Menchaw (Class: So. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.3)

DT: #98- Chris Lazo (Class: Jr. Major: Restaurant Management GPA: 3.1)
DT: #93- Darnell James (Class: Jr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.5)
DT: #95- Jeremiah Zebulun (Banija) (Class: Fr., Major: Business Administration, GPA: 3.5)
DT: #97- Jordan Alexander (Class: Fr., Major: Accounting, GPA: 2.8)

ILB: #55- Alder King (Ranoria) (Class: Fr., Major: General Studies., GPA: 3.0)
OLB: #56- Sterling Meyer (Class: Jr. Major: Sports Economics GPA: 3.5)
MLB: #58- Tyreek Fox (Class: Sr. Major: Small Business Finance GPA: 3.1)

LB: #59- Preston Delano (Class: Sr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 2.6)
LB: #54- Parnell Donaldson (Class: Jr. Major: Business Education GPA: 3.4)
LB: #59- Preston Delano (Class: Sr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 2.4)
LB: #57- Jozef Sabolsky (Class: So. Major: International Business Trends GPA: 3.6)
LB: #53- Kenny Rapuano (Class: Fr., Major: Undecided, GPA: 3.1
LB: #73- Benjamin Cortez (Class: Fr., Major: Lobbying, GPA: 2.6

FS: #21- Hannah Bailey (Class: Sr. Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 4.0) (Defensive Captain)
SS: #23- Jasmine Detweiler (Chromatika) (Class: Fr., Major: Rushmori Studies, GPA: 3.3)
LCB: #27- Gabriella Payne (Class: Sr. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 3.8)
RCB: #25- Meghan Quinn (Class: Jr Major: Sports Economics GPA: 4.0)

DB: #30- Lauren White (Class: Sr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.6)
DB: #28- Katie Burke (Class: Sr. Major: Liability Management GPA: 3.7)
DB: #26- Kristen McCleary (Class: So. Major: Social Media Marketing GPA: 3.4)
DB: #31- Paige Greco (Class: Jr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 3.5)
DB: #20- Sarah Wynter (Class: So. Major: Accounting GPA: 2.9)
DB: #22- Maddie Hopkins (Class: Fr., Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 3.2)

Special Teams:
K: #3- Bethany Yarwood (Class: Sr. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 4.0)
K: #9- Brianna Imbrogno (Class: So. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 2.0)

P: #6- Megan Marascio (Class: Jr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 3.7)
P: #8- Rachel Ritchie (Class: Fr. Major: Lobbying GPA: 3.1)


Main KR/PR: #18- Allie Stone
Backup KR/PR: #31- Paige Greco
Occasional KR/PR: #26- Kristen McCleary
Long Snapper: #60- Jimmy Stynes

Style Mod: +2.7

Brattleboro Technical Institute “Brats”

About Brattleboro Technical Institute: This is the leading technical and scientific university within Cassadaigua. It focuses mainly on technological innovation, but also has a strong emphasis on medical research. It is the most expensive school to get into in the country, but if these fields interest a student, they will get plenty of value out of their education. BTI is not as hard to get into as New Lakeland University, because of their variety of courses offered, but some programs within the school are more difficult to get into, than others. Due to that, BTI has a more vibrant social scene than NLU.

Home Stadium: Alumni Stadium, capacity 67,330. The stadium is not named for anyone or anything because they pride themselves on letting it be available for all students, past and present. It is not as state of the art as Five Star Mobile Stadium, which is also in Brattleboro, but is still maintained to a high level. Be advised that if you are coming here, cash is not accepted here. All payments must be made with a credit card or a contactless method.

Team Colors: Silver, white, and black. It’s a bit of a Las Vegas Raiders look.

QB: #2- Amanda Hourigan (Class: Sr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 3.5)
QB: #5- Leonardo Torrent (Ranoria) (Class: Fr. Major: Internet Security, GPA: 3.1)
QB: #4- Melanie Newton (Class: So. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 3.5)

HB: #28- Ashley Brown (Class: Sr. Major: Website Management GPA: 4.0)
HB: #27- Lauren Hughes (Class: So. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 2.5)
HB: #30- Morgan Ellis (Class: Sr. Major: Molecular Research GPA: 3.1)
HB: #33- Cortnie Prescott (Class: Fr. Major: Cyber Forensics, GPA: 4.0)

FB: #44- Tracie Classen (Class: Jr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 2.2)
FB: #42- Makayla Jarvis (Class: So. Major: Advanced Programming GPA: 2.6)

TE: #88- Kenzie Blankenship (Class: Sr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 3.4)
TE: #89- Autumn Phelps (Class: So. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 2.1)
TE: #80- Veronica Herrmann (Class: Jr. Major: Website Management GPA: 2.5)
TE: #87- Valerie McKee (Class: So. Major: Physics GPA: 2.7)

WR: #11- Danielle Bailey (Class: Jr. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 3.0)
WR: #15- Kristen Trippler (Class: Jr. Major: Internet Security, GPA: 2.9)

WR: #19- Chelsea LaBlanc (Class: Fr. Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 2.6)
WR: #16- Brittney Devore (Class: Fr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 3.7)
WR: #18- Madison Graves (Class: So. Major: Advanced Programming GPA: 2.4)
WR: #12- Lexi McCormick (Class: So. Major: Nanotechnology GPA: 4.0)
WR: #14- Macie Oliver (Class: Jr. Major: Video Game Coding, GPA: 3.6)
WR: #17- Hallie Greene (Class: Fr. Major: Genetic Engineering GPA: 2.8)

LG: #78- Scott Browning (Class: Jr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 3.4)
RG: #68- Darryl Richmond (Class: Sr. Major: Cyber Forensics, GPA: 3.1)

OG: #62- Jean-Pierre Talbot-Cameus (Quebec) (Class: Fr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 4.0)
OG: #65- Jacob Saunders (Class: Sr. Major: Nanotechnology GPA 2.5:)
G/T: #66- Mario Henderson (Class: Fr. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 2.7)
G/T: #69- Niko Kornelsen (Class: So. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 2.6)
G/C: #79- Daniel Farmer (Class: Jr. Major: Advanced Programming GPA 3.1:)
G/C: #75- Ryan Weston (Class: Jr. Major: Cyber Forensics, GPA: 3.0)

LT: #77- Nikolai Knudson (Valanora) (Class: Fr. Major: Nanotechnology GPA: 3.5)
RT: #76- Greg Callahan (Class: Sr. Major: Advanced Programming GPA: 2.5)

OT: #60- Hector Grimes (Class: So. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 2.0)
OT: #61- Jorge Espinoza (Class: Fr. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA 2.5)
OT: #64- Shawn Graham (Class: Fr. Major: Website Management GPA: 2.9)

C: #63- Benjamin Hazinger (Class: Sr. Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 4.0)
C: #67- Phillip Saunier (Class: Sr. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 3.9)
C: #68- Caspian Shaver (Class: So. Major: Physics GPA: 3.4)


LE: #90- Chester Pascarella (Class: So. Major: Genetic Engineering GPA: 2.3)
RE: #92- Terrence Mason (Class: So. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 2.5)

DE: #98- Kenneth Stadheim (Class: Sr. Major: Advanced Programming GPA: 2.1)
DE: #96 Salvatore Brunette (Class: Fr. Major: Internet Security, GPA: 2.5)
DE: #59- Aaron Patterson (Class: Jr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 2.2)
DE: #58- Derek Steele (Class: So. Major: Molecular Research GPA: 2.4)

DT: #99- Jann Heredia (Chromatika) (Class: Jr. Major: Internet Security, GPA: 3.1)
DT: #93- Chase Normandin (Class: Fr. Major: Video Game Coding, GPA: 2.5)

DT: #97- Dwight Willis (Class: Jr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 2.7)
DT: #95- William Harris (Class: Sr. Major: Genetic Engineering GPA: 3.1)
DT: #94- James Patenaude (Class: Sr. Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 3.3)
DT: #91- Giovanni Teasley (Class: Fr. Major: Nanotechnology GPA: 3.5)

ILB: #55- Cameron Garza (Class: Sr. Major: Internet Studies GPA: 2.2)
MLB: #53- Robert Webster (Class: Sr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 4.0)
OLB: #56- Wally Dickerson (Class: Sr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 2.4)

LB: #57- Caitlyn Harvey (Class: So. Major: Cyber Forensics, GPA: 3.5)
LB: #52- Emily Barnes (Class: Sr. Major: Physics GPA: 3.3)
LB: #54- Andrew Burdette (Class: Jr. Major: Nanotechnology GPA: 3.7)
LB: #51- Anderson Vahlkamp (Class:Fr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 2.4)
LB: #50- Alexandra DeFazio (Class: Fr. Major: Advanced Programming GPA: 4.0)
LB: #72- Benedict Racoma (Class: So. Major: Cyber Forensics, GPA: 2.4)

FS: #20- Sarah Cleveland (Class: Sr. Major: Internet Security, GPA: 2.6)
SS: #23- Kelsey Carter (Class: So. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 2.8)
LCB: #21- Lukas Prince (Drawkland) (Class: Fr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 3.4)
RCB: #29- Chloe Kinzett (Class: Jr. Major: Graphic Design GPA: 3.7)

DB: #22- Nicole McMahan (Class: Sr. Major: Internet Studies GPA: 2.5)
DB: #24- Macie Irwin (Class: Fr. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 2.6)
DB: #25- Peyton Scallion (Class: So. Major: Advanced Programming GPA: 3.4)
DB: #26- Emma Rizzo (Class: Jr. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 2.0)
DB: #37- Kaylee Burgess (Class: Fr. Major: Social Media Administration GPA: 2.5)
DB: #31- Julianna Katzman (Class: So. Major: Website Management GPA: 3.0)

Special Teams:
K: #3- Courtney Riley (Class: Jr. Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 3.8)
K: #6- Becca O’Bryan (Class: Fr. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 3.5)

P: #7- Shannon Wasserman (Class: So. Major: Counter Hacking Services GPA: 3.2)
P: #8- Stacey McCombs (Class: Fr. Major: Video Game Coding, GPA: 4.0)

Main KR/PR: #12- Lexi McCormick
Backup KR/PR: #19- Chelsea LaBlanc
Occasional KR/PR: #25- Peyton Scallion
Long Snapper: #67- Phillip Saunier

BTI Style Mod: +3.6

RP Permissions:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but just say they are hurt and I will take it from there.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Maybe. TG your idea first

If anyone objects to the listed majors for their player, send me a DM on discord or a TG.
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Jul 18, 2021 11:35 am

Salamantic Universities Professors

NSCF 22 Celestia Conference Champions

Rivalry record v Northern Moravica: 4-4
wk7 NMU 3-0 SU
wk2 SU 12-13 NMU
wk7 NMU 6–10 SU
wk2 SU 10–7 NMU
wk7 NMU 32–14 SU
wk2 SU 21–10 NMU
wk3 SU 0–12 NMU
wk8 NMU 3–6 SU

Rivalry record v Loyola: 3-6
wk8 SU 24-40 LU
wk3 LU 24-17 SU
wk8 SU 24–21 LU
wk3 LU 6–10 SU
SF: LU 20–17 SU
wk8 SU 20–17 LU
wk3 LU 39–14 SU
wk9 SU 6–17 LU
wk4 LU 24–17 SU

Playoff record: 2-3 Bowls not included in Playoff records
Welcome City Bowl: Salamantic Universities (KOR) 20–21 Bowerstone University (ATH)

1st Round: SU 20–41 Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak (SQR)
1st Round: Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK) 14–14 SU (17–21 OT)
Quarters: Stoneshore College Bruins (COS) 7–9 SU
SF: LU 20–17 SU
1st Round: Ramusok Capital University (COS) 27-22 SU
A team made up of recently graduated players who don't want to say the sport goodbye, but also aren't done with their academic careers. As they turn from undergrads to postgrads, they aren't allowed on the D-league (Development League) teams anymore - and that is where the Professors come in. The universities that host a D-league team have joined forces to allow their players to keep playing while pursuing their postgrads. Younger players are almost always given priority on this team, so most will be 21-22 years old. This is both because they are most likely to turn pro, and because the older players are more likely to concentrate fully on their studies.

A lot of gaps had to be filled, and the scouting apparatus was in full swing early on in the season. It's very hard to evaluate university players given there's no university-only league, and players are only expected to go professional after having played on the Professors (or not playing for the Professors at all), but the idea is that the roster is again full of players that aim to continue playing the sport after university.

Like every team that's made up of Ko-orenites from all over the country, this team is slightly defensive. The offence is somewhat experimental, with loads of unorthodox (and risky) formations. Nearly every play can be run from nearly every formation (at least, that's the philosophy), so plays and routes are remembered as a combination of [formation]+[pre-snap movement]+[post-snap play], making it all pretty flexible. There will be single wings, there will be lots of players lining up close to the offensive line. The backfield shouldn't be very crowded most of the time. The defence is tactical, intelligent, and are taught to be great communicators. Pressure can come from everywhere, linebackers are universally decent-to-good in coverage, so even safeties and corners can safely blitz every now and again.

In a new look Celestia Conference that nobody is really happy to be in - but is going to give the neutral fans some incredible games - we're back with the Banijan duo, as well as the University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park (a top 10 school), and new teams in the form of South Newlandia's Elephant Valley University and Beaverriver's Green Coast University. The Salamantics (as they're often called) will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing 23rd season, the first one in their existence that they did not make the playoffs. Since the 21st season (semifinal) it's been a unlucky and bumpy ride back down, which is hopefully halted this cycle with the addition of some new players. Fifteen players moved to the pros, which gives everyone on the bench a shot at the starters and leaves a lot of places for new recruits. Looking at the amount of asterisks (denoting almost graduating players), this is going to be a boom or bust season: after this, there'll be a lot of new faces and no more 'original' Professors.

Pos Nr Name - Degree @ University


QB 11 Dagunak Juldhauthaunden @ Greencaster Business University*
RB 21 Bailey Hunniford @ Social Science Institute of Amandine
TE 41 Chamchawdd yMaellceoff @ Prifysgol Llandy*
WR 31 Ivan Morquecho @ Universidade de Finisterre
WR 32 Chillarie Yowarie @ Institute of the Eleanor*
* One more skill position player (FB/TE/WR/RB)
LT 51 Nato Asselineau @ Université de la Côte Austral*
LG 52 Eelco Knoevert @ Economical University of Maynard
CE 53 Enieris Akailis @ Prifysgol Mawrystwyth*
RG 54 Nolan Morrissy @ Sudaefjolluniversitet*
RT 55 Japa Girault @ École de l'homme et de la Société*

DE 61 Aoromei Aosel @ Legal Institute of Greencaster*
DT 62 Tausurlun Hanalaunden @ Universiteit van Intermare*
DT 63 Haunpun Girbodhinden @ Academia de Belas-Artes
DE 64 Reuben Fitzgerald @ Leeshire Academy*
OB 71 Nanko Bruinink @ Uni of A&E of Grain- and Leeshire*
MB 72 Ryoko Yashima @ Teragaseki Daigaku*
OB 73 Rilirun Laneltinthen @ Maethoru National University
SS 91 Salemaun Mauzalterinden @ Academie de Droit d'Aminey*
FS 92 Tokichiro Chiba @ Université de la Côte Austral*
CB 81 Titurak Dengunden @ Gehrenna National University*
CB 82 Orne Hulzebosch @ Greencaster Technical University*

Special Teams
LS 59 Melchor Vina @ Escola Naval de Santa Teresa
K 1 Ellsworth Cameron @ Social Science Institute of Amandine
P 2 Eutelo Silveira @ Universidade de Finisterre*
R 9 Aoelea Arile @ Aerellenuniversitet*


QB 12 Aoritun Aesinare @ Alara Daigaku*
RB 22 Merlin Dart @ Legal Institute of Greencaster
RB 23 Ronoiparun Naurthoindhen @ Maethoru National University
RB 24 Nath Cailloux @ Université d'Économie Côtienne
FB 25 Evadia Ailin @ Aevanna Ecologiske Universitet
TE 42 Sachio Ichihara @ Katashi Yoshima Daigaku*
TE 43 Arimara Aefia @ Aerellenuniversitet
WR 33 Tetsu Serizawa @ Selesi Daigaku*
WR 34 Pasaurun Kasoldhinden @ Medical Institute of the Capitals
WR 35 Giles Costigan @ École de l'homme et de la Société*
OT 56 Polusend Bindanteringun @ Universiteit van Rozenvoorde
OT 58 Myer Wellard @ National University of Willowbourne
OT 44 Mungonna Chilkerney @ West Strand Riding University
OG 57 Leopold Beckham @ Leeshire Academy*
OG 59 Wilmer Vagerood @ Sudaefjolluniversitet
OG 45 Ye Jie @ Teragaseki Daigaku*
CE 60 Sylv Monteil @ Université de l'Amandine
CE 46 Jesulasu Tarontinden @ Sudaefjolluniversitet*

DE 65 Kjell Zandstroom @ Greencaster Technical University*
DE 67 Jage Leemkuil @ Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde*
DE 69 Aorielis Airesife @ Nordorenfjolluniversitet
DT 66 Gu Hong @ Teragaseki Daigaku
DT 68 Alden Macks @ Hazeluniversitet*
DT 70 Thalyermana Goonamana @ Institute of the Eleanor
OB 74 Pellchis yFfeorhan @ Prifysgol Llandy*
OB 76 Huneltasin Dhaurtaun @ Medical Institute of the Capitals*
OB 78 Arj Rutenfrans @ Sudaefjolluniversitet
OB 80 Denis Vieira @ Université de l'Amandine*
MB 75 Aireino Aetonila @ Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
MB 77 Binaulinaun Kaunsaunthen @ Linguistic Institute of Senoren
MB 79 Elwood Babington @ Prifysgol Mawrystwyth
S 93 Kong Zhihao @ Teragaseki Daigaku*
S 94 Twlraf yDdwrtag @ West Strand Riding University*
S 95 Bas Donkervoort @ Universiteit van Rozenvoorde
CB 83 William Walker @ Universiteit van Intermare*
CB 84 Qin Xue @ Teragaseki Daigaku
CB 85 Abel Butler @ École de l'homme et de la Société*
CB 86 Liuxian Sun @ Escola Naval de Santa Teresa
CB 87 Feng Xinyi @ Teragaseki Daigaku
CB 88 Charles Hopewell @ Willowbourne Technological Academy*

Special Teams
K 3 Bar Bescond @ Université de la Côte Austral
P 4 Marbaulau Tarthaunden @ Teragaseki Daigaku*
R 8 Tijuriskun Minguninden @ Linguistic Institute of Senoren*
R 5 Dunthinun Dheshaurdherinthen @ Maethoru School of Economics

*Could graduate after this season

Home venues (actual location before the slash. Nearby college cities after the slash).
Duivelsveld (23700) @ Laringen/Rozenvoorde & Schemerdrecht
Stade Fleurbourgoise (25000) @ Amillon
Yrirosso (15800) @ Esporro/Ferrovente
Nishikoli Dome (20500) @ Arakura/Furune
Parc des Lignes (22000) @ Granon/Étouille

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Liberal RP Permissions: send me a TG if it's so big that I should edit the roster.
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Postby Kohnhead » Sun Jul 18, 2021 11:42 am

KSPN - The Top 5 Games of the NSCF 23 Season

In this article we will be going over and choosing the five best games of the NSCF 23 Season using the CERPO Model devised by the KSPN staff. The CERPP model will take into account Context of the game and will be judged out of 10 points. This is to prevent games like the Akers-Lissmore game which while exciting didn't matter at the time for most schools or in the grand scheme of things. Excitement is just a measure of how exciting the game taking into account lead changes, big plays, good defense (looking at you Big Eight), and more. It will also be judged out of 10 points just like context. Rivalries will simply add three points to your score and for the purposes of the CERPO Model rivalries include any intra-nation battle or any defined annual rivalry such as the Rebel Cannon's Bowl or the Squidhead Cup. Playoff will add two points per every playoff team in the game so that matchups between higher quality schools are liked more. Overtime will give a one point edition to any game that went to OT. We recognize that this is clearly not a perfect Model or list and we hope to tweak the model in the future. In addition two of these categories require us to rate aspects of the match out of 10 again showing that our list could differ with yours.

With all that being said let's get started with #5
Week: 2
Felswyr State University (CMT) 16–16 Sadeg State University (DRK) (22–23 OT)
CERPO Score: 7.2 + 8.9 + 0 + 4 + 1 = 21.1

The major storyline from this game was about Sadeg State trying to get back on their feet about FSU came in their first season and went 10-0 going 2-0 against the aforementioned team from Drawkland before reaching the NSCF Championship Game. Sadeg State were determined to make the Chromatik's sophmore campaign much more difficult and they showed it right from the start. In terms of excitement this game had it all with big plays like Sarai Gwenderyn's highlight reel play where she broke a sack and then launched a rainbow down the field to senior Alessandra Mio who scored to give FSU their first lead in the second quarter. It also had good defense in the form of SSU shutting down Gwenderyn for most of the game and the notoriously stout Felswyr State defense doing all they could to keep Nick Parks & co out of the endzone. Speaking of Parks he wanted to make sure Gwenderyn didn't have the best play of the game as with the Skyhawks down 16-9 on a 3rd and 10 he kept it himself up the middle spinning around one defender before hurdling over another to reach the endzone for a 30 yard scramble that sent the game into overtime. You want a nailbiting finish too? Well this game certainly had that in overtime after FSU scored to make it a 23-22 game as SSU scored on their first possession. PATs against teams from Drawkland should never be taken as easy points but when you have Sarah McAllister who can blame you. A blocked kick later and the game was over and the Firehawks undefeated Horizon Conference record was over as well.

Week: 4
Mar Sara Tech Raiders (VAL) 34–31 Raynor University Rockets (VAL)
CERPO Score: 6.9 + 8.1 + 3 + 4 + 0 = 22.0

The first Battle of the Royal Saber of the year pitted two of the hottest teams in the NSCF against each other in Mar Sara Tech and Raynor University both from Valanora. Raynor were reigning semifinalists and despite having to travel to take on Mar Sara were heavy favorites against a team that many saw as a good Round of 12 or quarterfinalist candidate. At this point in time a 3-0 record in the Zephyr Conference didn't mean much but both schools would have to work in order to get that fourth win. You never know what can happen in rivalry games and it just so happens that Mar Sara managed to put the World on notice with an upset of Raynor 34-31 coming off of a game winning field goal in front of their fans. Despite massive overturn on the offensive side of the ball Mar Sara had started out the season looking like a top three team in the NSCF. While Raynor would end up running the table to take the Conference it was still a major upset for Mar Sara that showed their ascendence into the higher tiers of the NSCF.

Week: Championship
Sadeg State University (DRK) 34–24 Northern Moravica University (BNJ)
CERPO Score: 10 + 8.3 + 0 + 4 + 0 = 22.3

There is really no way you can rank the top five games of the season and not include the NSCF Championship Game and while this one wasn't an overtime thriller or a rivalry in the finals (the two programs had meant two times before this both had been blowouts) it is still the Championship. However this game receives a 10 in the context field just because of the fact that it's a Championship and there are certainly storylines that cannot be missed. Despite having a title to their name Northern Moravica are still to this day overshadowed by Loyola who have been more successful but a win for NMU would have meant that they would be only one title short of Loyola's mark of three. Sadeg State on the other hand had always been good not great more of a basketball school who many had thought were done winning the Horizon given FSU's dominance in 22. However they came back this season and then beat FSU in the Semifinals to get here further showing that the Horizon will be as competitive as they come for the future. Sadeg in addition became the first team to win both the NSCAA title and the NSCF title which one of the biggest storylines about the game. Overall the game was good as Nick Parks led his team to the win as he'd done all season to give Sadeg State their first NSCF title. While it's not a historically great Championship or anything it still comes in third on the list.

Week: 9
Cold Hill University 43–40 Kohnhead City University
CERPO Score: 9.5 + 9.9 + 0 + 4 + 0 = 23.4

It might not have been a playoff game but it certainly felt like one in the game that would determine the winner of the Big Eight Conference. Cold Hill and Kohnhead City both entered this game at 6-2 both having experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Earlier in the season while Cold Hill dealth with an outbreak of the flu Kohnhead City in front of their home fans absolutely dominated in the game Deondre Rhine went down in (for what we thought would be season ending) and won 43-6. Cold Hill had rattled off four straight since that moment and freshman phenom Aurel Strathos had looked so good in those games and was starting to get better. This game was just so good and being there at The Tundra in person to witness this made it all better. You had the big plays like Byron Joseph's 43 yard touchdown run that many consider to be the highlight of his collegiate career to give Kohnhead City a 14-7 lead. Or Strathos throwing a 91 yard touchdown pass to Rai Swift who absolutely burned Gill deep which sparked a Cold Hill comeback after going down 27-13 just before halftime. If you thought that was enough wait until you see Herman Whitworth tie the game up at 40 late in the fourth breaking six tackles on his way to the endzone to put another emphasis on an already brilliant season. And then if you wanted defense with 17 seconds left in the game down 43-40 at the Cold Hill 27, Donelly got agressive wanting to go for the win to clinch the Conference Championship called up a play action pass to who else but Kalu Alazar in the endzone. In an incredible show of athleticism Koman Tabor the freshman picked it off to seal the game and the Big Eight for Cold Hill. While this was the best game to watch in my opinion it loses points due to the fact that it's not a rivalry and that there was no overtime which is what sets the top game apart.

Week: 4
Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ) 30–30 University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ) (30–37 OT)
CERPO Score: 8.9 + 9.4 + 3 + 4 + 1 = 26.3

We have determined that the Banijan rivalry from week 4 between Loyola-Istria and Northern Moravica was the best game of the NSCF 23 season and it's pretty easy to see why. NSCF 22 had not been kind to Banija especially to the Champions of NSCF 21 in Loyola-Istria who went 8-6 and missed the playoffs for the first time since their debut season. NMU made the playoffs but didn't get far and now both schools were ready for revenge in NSCF 23. Both started 3-0 including wins over the previous season's conference champion in Salamantic Universities and now it was time for the first meeting between these two hated rivals with so much on the line. The game itself was great with everything you ask for in a football game as the two duked it out the entire time both really wanting the win. NMU had a chance to really put the game away up 23-17 with the ball in the fourth but an ill timed interception by Vallienté Wagner-Young opened the door for Loyola who scored and missed the PAT to tie it at 23. Loyola had a chance to take the lead and potentially win but Amadi Ikenna threw a pick six and suddenly NMU were up 30-23 with just two minutes left. However there's a reason this is ranked as the best game of the season as Ikenna responded by leading a brilliant drive down the field before hitting Khalil Hauptmann in the endzone with four seconds left to force overtime. The game would end with Loyola up 37-30 when Wagner-Young was hit by Abram Fairbanks on a third down and the ball bounced out and into the hands of Yisake Araya to clinch the win for Loyola and prove to the world of college football that Loyola-Istria were back and meant business.
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6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
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NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

World Lacrosse Championships XXXVII - 4th place

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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:07 pm

Pre-NSCF Conference Power Rankings

1) Celestia 16.589 (4/6 ranked)
Northern Moravica University 4.824
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park 4.059
Salamantic Universities 4.000
Loyola University at Istria 3.706
Elephant Valley & Green Coast UR
The Celestian Conference has the highest rank total - and that's with four out of six teams even having a rank. The unranked teams are from South Newlandia and Beaverriver, and especially from the former we expect they'll be able to get a decent organisation going in no time at all. From the little action we've seen in Green Coast they're no pushovers, either. For the ranked teams: it's the Banijan double, the Salamantic 'break the duopoly' roller coaster, and the stable Warriors from Baker Park - it shouldn't be a huge surprise why Celestia is first.

2) Big Eight 14.235 (4/6 ranked)
Cold Hill University 4.941
Richardson University 4.118
Kohnhead City University 3.294
Swisston City University 1.882
Rajendragadh & Green Mountain State UR
The Big Eight are a good bit behind Celestia, though they have some contenders as well. They are also dragged down by only having four ranked organisations, but there are three leading universities in here between the Ranorian duo and Kohnhead City. We expect Swisston to be up there with their local rivals, and we have good hope that both Rajendragadh and Green Mountain State can get to a respectable level before the end of the season - if they can, they could overtake Celestia as best Conference in the NSCF. This Conference is full of big ifs, however, and largely relies on the Ranorian teams to remain top of the line. Maybe this Conference deserves something extra for having both the Cold Hill Buffaloes and the Green Mountain State team of Buffalostan? Sometimes you have clashing nicknames... but a nickname clashing with a nation name is something new to us.

3) Zephyr 13.539 (5/6 ranked)
Raynor University 4.235
Mar Sara Tech 4.177
Ceneisis Naval Academy 2.068
Trent State University 1.647
Thereisnogodistan Community College 1.412
Mancodas UR
Only a tiny bit behind the number two, it's Zephyr. What helps their rank is that they're the only Conference with five ranked sides, but what hinders them is that just two of them are championship contenders: Mar Sara Tech and Raynor, from Valanora. The rest are all up-and-coming teams. From the situation right now, Zephyr really isn't as good through and through as Big Eight or especially Celestia, but as long as Ceneisis and Trent State keep getting results and sneak into the postseason conversation, this Conference has a higher upside than the Big Eight or Celestia.

4) Horizon 13.411 (4/6 ranked)
Sadeg State University 5.176
Felswyr State University 4.235
Cavsar University 3.059
Hoofstra University 0.941
Anasb Central & Adirondack UR
There is no Conference with a bigger difference between the top and the bottom as Horizon. Sadeg State are the biggest team in the NSCF right now. Felswyr is a top four organisation. Hoofstra is 29th, and two further teams are unranked. That puts this Conference, prohibitively, in fourth. Unfortunately, this Conference has little room to grow - Sadeg State and Felswyr are both already about as good as they can be given the ranking system - so if Cavsar stay stagnant, and Hoofstra, Anasb, or Adirondack won't show up during parts of the season, Horizon might just have the two best teams in NSCF with nothing else there to make the conversation interesting.

5) Woodlands 9.883 (3/6 ranked)
Université du Saguenay 3.765
Université St. Croix 3.294
New Lakeland University 2.824
Brattleboro & Atheburn & Tchust Fhergys UR
Only three ranked teams will do this to you. In fifth, and last: Woodlands. That's not to say there's nothing there: both Quebecois teams are solid, even if they have fallen behind the pinnacle of the NSCF like the Ranorian or Vanoran teams or the likes of Sadeg, Felswyr, Baker Park, or even the Salamantics. We have a lot of high expectations for the talent coming through in Cassadaigua, with New Lakeland already good and Brattleboro probably up there within the next two seasons. Atheburn will probably be fine, yet it remains to be seen what Tchust Fhergys can do.
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Postby Karditan » Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:05 pm

Hoofstra University Pride

Style: -4.3
Home Field: Ledbetter Field, Fillydelphia (34 500)
Choose my scorers: Y (comical reliance on defense and/or special teams encouraged)
Choose scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier: -4.3

Hoofstra University is an elite private university upstream on the Delamare river from Fillydelphia proper. Though the southern capital is still readily accessible by a short train ride. Founded by an eccentric pair of siblings of a local agricultural baron, it was the first university founded outside of the nation’s (then much smaller) urban centers. By effectively giving a new career outlet to the vast swathes of ponies living in more rural areas—one that featured dramatically higher upward mobility—Hoofstra quickly became a center for innovation by collating perspectives from more walks of life than ever before. In particular their economics department has had an outsized impact on the course of Karditani history for better and for worse. It was these hallowed halls where the seeds of their modern vision of Anarcho-Capitalism were sown.

As early practitioners of such inventive and aggressive business practices, the institution always had an outsized amount of funding to throw around and some of that inevitably found its way into the sports programs. The Pride aren’t the oldest existing collegiate gridiron team, but do have the longest contiguous history as other elder rivals had periods of budget constraints shuttering teams. In modern times, the competition—and profits—have tightened to the point that it’s difficult for any one uni to become truly dominant, but Hoofstra perennially remains a top contender and on the tip of the peoples’ tongues when bants commence. The student body is also renowned as being the queerest across Karditan.

Ledbetter Field, named after an alumni who provided a major contribution to its construction, is surrounded on three sides by farms used by Hoofstra’s agricultural department. The contents of the field can vary from archetypical practice crops like standard yields of wheat and barley when undergrads are learning the ropes, to extravagant experiments by grad students and professors such as radiation-enhanced megafruits. There’s only been the one accident of eviscertomatoes escaping containment and that was decades ago, so no reason for visiting fans to be alarmed by van-sized gourds. Concessions also serves remarkably healthy fare, though if you really want some deep fried burgers and a steady stream of beer you don’t need to look hard to find that as well. The fourth side faces the rest of Hoofstra’s athletic complex, featuring several baseball fields, soccer pitches, and a rally course.

(ep) = earth pony || (up) = unicorn || (pp) = pegasus || ** = noted talent
depth chart ordering is maintained within categories

Pos # YR Name

Offensive Starters
QB 07 SR Tzeench Eramarian
HB 54 SR Wensin Armidayo
WR 12 SR Brandon McVay
WR 59 SO Natalie Brookford
WR 05 FR Filigree Fox **
TE 16 SR Short Option (up) **
RT 86 SR Tatiana Drechsler
RG 15 SR Quail Breslaw
C 78 SR Lothar Matheus
LG 53 JR Brimstone Trident (ep) **
LT 87 FR Nails (ep) **

Expect to see Eramarian heavily leaning heavily to the left behind this line, especially with Option lined up alongside Nails. That strong-side pocket might just give him enough time to actually hit his targets! And Fox provides the first truly quality target the Pride can tout in a long while, combining a hot trot with a set of hot hands the side has been sorely lacking. Brookford has also shown substantial improvement since her freshman season—she might be positively competent nowadays! McVay is still mostly just taking up space.

They’ll likely be going to the well of handing Oberon (below) the ball and smashing in behind that strong left side any time they’re a yard or two short. Will it be predictable? Yes. Will it be hard to beat anyway? Maybe.

Offensive Alternates
QB 70 JR Johnny Montgomery
QB 79 SO Cauldron Bubbles (up)
HB 96 SO Lightning Bolt (pp)
FB 29 SO Frances Oberon **
FB 47 SR Gerald Stark
WR 25 JR Harmonius Salmon
WR 38 JR Ether McGregor
WR 67 SO Bell Air (pp)
TE 71 SR Kimberlyn Taggart
TE 84 SO Matthias Brown
XT 81 SO Sea Shanty (ep)
XT 36 JR Magnus Alonso
XG 48 FR Humberto Mertian
XG 06 FR Jordan Tennenbaum
C 11 SO Snip Snap (up)
C 27 SO Kevin Callis

Defensive Starters
RE 08 JR Diamond Hooves (ep)
DT 61 SR Jackie Lopez
DT 60 SR Monty Clement
LE 17 SR Emerald Will (ep)
RLB 75 JR Viktor Shaw **
MLB 22 SO Enrique Sokolov **
LLB 57 SR Azalea Lenin
CB 19 SO Rosalyn Knight
CB 64 SR Verdant Miasma (up) **
FS 02 SO Zahira Kestrel **
SS 39 JR Swifthoof (pp)

Under ideal circumstances, this defense should excel at shutting down the passing game between any but the most elite pair of QB and WRs. And even without any particular standout player on the defensive line, it’s a Karditani defensive line—they’re going to be good.

Defensive Subs
DT 58 JR Leatherhoof (ep)
DT 66 SO Niko Gallo
DT 13 FR Anya Morneau
XE 32 JR Alba Corrina
XE 52 SO Gunther Ricci
XE 74 FR Gunsmith Smith (ep) **
XLB 89 JR Zoey Fionne
XLB 21 FR Johan Santander
XLB 09 SO Patent Absurdity (up)
CB 01 JR Martin Clement
CB 34 FR Jermaine Mox
XS 04 SR Palmer Floyd
XS 72 JR Silk Touch (pp)

Special Teams
K 97 SO Airtime (pp) **
K 99 SR Nathaniel Winthrop
K 98 JR Jordan Foster
K 96 FR Amaranth (ep)
P 58 JR Mizzie Tomas
P 85 FR Jennifer Blevins
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Postby Chromatika » Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:18 pm

Introduction: Note from The Rebel
By: Jordan Lawless, Chief Editor

Dear esteemed readers and members of the Chromatik populace:

We at The Rebel are aware of the stresses that have been facing the population recently. Between the upcoming election, the recent murders and the challenges facing Chromatika as a whole, it's been a trying time to live in the country and to be a sports fan. We successfully hosted the most recent World Bowl; we then followed it up by co-hosting the recent World Cup with Cassadaigua. These successes have put Chromatika back on the map as stable alternatives for hosting sporting events; this goodwill will be put to the test in following years as the country continues to transition to free elections and democracy.

With the rise of popularity in Gridiron football - it is as popular as baseball and as notable as basketball these days - we at The Rebel have decided to give an opportunity to one of the brightest character journalists in Chromatika - Aimée de Pierre, a Felswyr State University alumni who spent over fifteen years writing for the (then) Chromatik City Courier (now Chromia Courier). Aimée comes highly recommended for biographical work: specializing in interviews, talking to references, and framing things in a way that helps the reader empathize with what the subject wishes to convey.

This is quite different from the usual work of The Rebel. Usually, we do matchday reports, columns on players, columns regarding strategy, or interviews with different people that shape the future of Chromatik sports. We will still be reporting on the NSCF in the similar way so that you, the reader, can follow the Firehawks in their journey for that elusive first title. This series will be an additional column, not something to replace regularly scheduled content on Felswyr State University nor the Chromatik Collegiate Gridiron Conference.

Now, a note on the subject matter at hand for the series that Aimée will be reporting on: Sarai Gwenderyn is, arguably, the most important gridiron player to play the sport in Chromatika. The signal caller for Felswyr State in both runs, first to the NSCF title game and the second to the NSCF semifinal game, Gwenderyn has recently been designated the Quarterback for the Chromatika Iron Legion team for the World Bowl squad as well. We will be looking at Gwenderyn's life in the following segments:

  • Prelude - Sarai Michelle Bradwyn Gwenderyn
  • Part 1 - Birth/Family
  • Part 2 - The Pigskin
  • Part 3 - Psychological Profile: What makes Sarai Sarai?
  • Part 4 - Felswyr State
  • Part 5 - Life Beyond Football
  • Part 6 - Ups and Downs (Wins and Losses)
  • Part 7 - Heroes and Role Models
  • Part 8 - On Alessandra and McAllister
  • Part 9 - From the Words of Friends...
  • Part 10 - To the Mounts of Wolves
  • Postlude - Sarai on Sarai, Words to the Public

Aimée de Pierre has promised that prior knowledge of gridiron football will not be a requirement to enjoying the series. "It's more a story about Sarai than about gridiron," she stated in an impromptu interview, "Readers who have intimate knowledge about Felswyr State, its rivals, and the games played or players involved will have an advantage in context, but I will explain things in a way so that even the reader with the most rudimentary knowledge in football will have a chance to follow along. This is more of a chance for people to meet the real Sarai, the Sarai beyond the player on the field. That is the primary motivation beyond this series."

Sarai Gwenderyn was reached out to for a comment. She expressed, "It was an honor to work with Aimée on this series. She did a wonderful job in making sure that my voice and my words were the ones being used, and was more of a proponent for my story being told rather than a journalist capitalizing on the best things for a story. There were times that I was afraid my story wasn't entertaining enough, but Aimée did a great job in asking the right questions and framing things in a way that flowed. I am very honored to have been given this opportunity."

Several other Chromatik athletes who have had extensive interview pieces done by The Rebel were invited to comment on the upcoming series as well. Keira Andisori, the Chromatik legend, stated that "Anything done by The Rebel that is more than three parts is worth a read", while Keira Anbient, the other Keira who recently did an interview with The Rebel commented that "The paper was very helpful in getting my opinions across. It isn't like any other paper that I've worked with."

We hope that this expose and explanation is enough to persuade you to give the upcoming series, Gwenderyn, a read. We understand if you choose not to - we will still be here for your matchday report and interview needs. As always, thank you so much for choosing The Rebel - your home for real Chromatiks speaking to real Chromatiks about the truth that they wish to reveal.
New Wide Receivers, New Formation on Defense Key Points to Watch
By: Kyoko Masani, Gridiron Correspondent

FELSWYR, MOUNTAIN DISTRICT, CHROMATIKA - As another NSCF season starts, the goal for Felswyr State is twofold: Gain control of the conference from Sadeg State University and win the elusive first title. Despite losing multiple seniors, including the best receiver the school has ever had in Alessandra Mio, Felswyr State have sufficiently retooled and seem capable for another deep run.

On the offensive side of the ball, things will run even more exclusively through Sarai Gwenderyn, who is now a Junior and also the signal caller for Chromatika's World Bowl squad. The mobile quarterback, whose skills outside of the pocket has improved drastically in the last two seasons, will have two new options at wide receiver - the tallest receiver she's ever thrown to in Otto Mitchell of Drawkland and the speedy yet inconsistent Stan Devlin from Kohnhead. With both players being freshmen who have to fit into FSU's complex system, she'll need to make up for the slack. Thankfully, she's up to the task.

Defensively, Isidora Noles is the new Defensive Coordinator after Kasen Harrowitz left for Richardson University. A disciplinarian who is very knowledgeable of defensive schemes, Noles has converted the system to a 3-4-4, allowing for Carrie Hye to start alongside Mi-Hyeon Park and provide another body in the box. Park will be allowed to roam more often in the new system, while also allowing for the safeties in Sage "Bricks" Sterling and Ozioma Mazzi to crash in or go for the sack as the system decrees. Felswyr State's defense wasn't as stout last season as it was the season prior, but it'll still be a calling card for the Firehawks.

Sara McAllister's health remains a huge concern for the Firehawks. The Kicker and emotional cornerstone for the squad suffered a brain aneurysm before the Semifinal match last season, and has made a remarkable recovery. Due to physician's orders, FSU has signed on a secondary kicker - Michelle Breille, who has a strong leg but isn't as reliable. Hopefully, they'll never have to use her, but maybe they should?

An interesting wrinkle that Felswyr State will continue to incorporate are Nyata Antonucci and Xanderick Spendlove. Antonucci is the closest thing to a running back on the roster, willing to take direct snaps in short yardage situations while also learning how to throw fades. Spendlove was a Quarterback for the Desiccant States, but is being asked to line up anywhere on the pitch. Likely, he will see his best plays in the slot, where he can catch a screen from behind the line of scrimmage and throw the ball to either Mitchell or Devlin.

Felswyr State will start their season on the road against the Adirondack University Mountaineers, a debutant in the NSCF. Felswyr State has never lost on the road in the first two seasons of existence, having lost five times at home last season, once at home in NSCF 22, and once in the NSCF 22 Final in a neutral venue. It'll be a good tune-up before they entertain the Skyhawks at the new stadium.
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A Very Brief Recap of the Ranorian College Football Season, With a Focus, of Course, On Your Friendly Neighborhood Buffalo and Governors

Ranorian College Football Week 1:
Richardson University Governors @ University of Dietrich Snow Bears

Carry by Jojo Huber for 13 yards, tackle made by Makang Secka

It wasn’t the first time they’d heard the crack of pads when the senior running back made contact with a corner who had no business going toe to toe with him. Richardson’s defensive line and Clancy Gluber were doing fine, but the Snow Bears had come in with the intent to run on the edges, using tight ends, fullbacks, and even second tackles to double team freshmen Gideon Kearse and Kasper Ulvested - thus forcing the Governor back seven to carry the load. It was working.

Kaiser Belfort paced up and down the sideline, fingers twitching, eyes locked on the running back that had been giving their defense hell all day. The running back that took the next two carries for nine yards before Clancy Gluber managed to bring him down for a loss on third down, and thank goodness - down 12-3, they needed the ball back and quickly.

His pacing stopped at the linebacker coach, Kai Hillis. “You need to put me in the game.” Hillis pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Kaiser, you’re a freshman, I can’t ju-”

“No, put him in.” Hillis whirled around, expecting the retort to have come from a player, and was stunned into silence for a moment when he saw it was their first year defensive coordinator, Kasen Harrowitz. “Gideon and Kasper are freshmen as well, and they’re doing just fine. Let’s see what this kid’s got.”

Kai threw his hands up, “Fine,” he turned, raising his voice significantly “Elden! You’re out! We’re gonna try Kaiser at linebacker.” Even if he liked the freshman linebacker, he sure as hell didn’t agree with this decision. That didn’t mean he could afford to show anything but solidarity with the rest of the coaching staff.

Elden took the benching in stride, and Kaiser didn’t even bother to strap on his helmet, snorting and cracking his neck as he watched the offense go to work.

Elliot Roach would take the handoff - as was to be expected - and finally, finally, he broke through. The offensive line was playing against a defensive front of similar talent, one could only expect them to have some trouble, but Roach was a big play waiting to happen. He shrugged off the first pair of tackles and had nothing but grass in front of him. Maybe he couldn’t accelerate with the best of them, but even Richardson’s sideline cringed when poor safety Leon Elliot took a wallop of a blow to bring down the power back forty yards downfield. Both players got up quickly, and three plays later, Roach would hammer in his first touchdown of the season opener.

That meant they were back in it, and Belfort took the field alongside Clancy Gluber.

“Why’d you want to put him in?” Kai inquired once Harrowitz got the playcall in, “Kid’s gonna get killed out there. He’s mean, but that Huber’s bigger and a lot older than he is.”

Horowitz shot Hillis a look, “Elden’s a perfect fit for the old scheme, he has a bit of trouble running our newer stuff.” Newer stuff, of course, referenced the schemes Harrowitz had brought with him, and Hillis shrugged.

“Alright, let’s see it.”

“Watch. Their offensive coordinator likes the shallow crossers to open the drive. Belfort’s got a little more speed, doesn’t have to show exactly what he’s doing before the snap, and…” The ball was snapped. Kaulu Luani, generally a conservative passer, never even saw Belfort coming - the linebacker was right there to snag the ball in the air...and instead he went for the hit on tight end Trent Agasiva.

Agasiva folded of course, but Hillis again pinched the bridge of his nose on the sideline, Harrowitz’s mouth open in a slight “oh” as Belfort stood up and stalked back to the rest of the defense. Kai Hillis looked at the coordinator out of the corner of his eye, “Yeah, I like the kid, but I’m still working with him on situational awareness.”

Harrowitz got the playcall in again as the team’s lined up for second down, and this time the Snow Bears ran right at Belfort, as if to punish him for the hit by charging their battering ram of a runner at him. Well, a bit lean or not, Belfort didn’t even consider backing down. With Kasper Ulvested occupying the tight end, he had a free shot at Huber, and he took it.

The two alpha males collided a yard past the line of scrimmage. Many expected Huber to put him in his place. No one but Belfort expected Huber to fall back and the ball to come out. Belfort did recover the fumble, but didn’t manage to get far.

On the sideline, Kai Hillis couldn’t help but snicker, “Alright, well I guess we know what he’s gonna do on the field now. Good call.”

With Dietrich’s running game grinding to a halt after Belfort was put in the game, Richardson was able to bring it back by the time the fourth quarter came around, Astrid Verona breaking the huddle at the seven yard line on third down with a chance for a game winner.

Down 15-13 now - thanks in part to a long field goal by Shirley Woo - she surveyed the defense. Only two defensive backs in the game - one being a surefire pro within a couple years, Leon Elliot.

Astrid knew she could probably make the throw. Highlight reel, game winner, all that. But she also knew those two were going to jump on the routes her team had called. So she audibled. “Kill kill! Saguenay! Saguenay!” Easy audible, simple run call, and Elliot Roach was good enough to make it work.

Her prediction rang true as a monstrous offensive line unit paved the way - all Roach had to do was leap over the line and get the ball across the plain to seal it.

Ranorian College Football Semifinals: “Pomegranate Bowl”
Ranoria State University Wolfhounds vs Cold Hill University Buffalo

”Warford is saacked! And that will do it! Candace Ferret secures the fourth down sack, and Ranoria State will have to sit and watch another year as we get our third matchup in the last four seasons of Richardson and Cold Hill in the championship!”

Ferret didn’t even bother to celebrate, reaching down to help the fallen quarterback to his feet as her offense took the field. She couldn’t speak for the rest of the defense, with fellow defensive linemen Josh Snell and Corrin Silva immediately rushing to celebrate the play, and Koman Tabor making sure to jaw just a little extra at his assigned receiver while he had a chance.

The Buffalo sideline was a ticking time bomb, waiting for the clock to strike double zeroes before they celebrated the victory. But even as Aurel Strathos took a knee, head coach Chris Dale was gathering his defensive core around him. Edge rushing duo Candace Ferrett and Corrin Silva, linebacker Robert Lewan, and the secondary consisting of Agnor Viridian, Koman Tabor, Victoria Mio, and Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers.

“Listen you lot of misfits, you’ve all been incredible this season. I’m sure you’re aware that this is the best defense the university has ever fielded by a good margin.”

Another whistle as Strathos took a second knee. Koman Tabor flashed a grin, “Ain’t no secret coach.”

“You lot are going to need to be at the top of your game in a week. Richardson is it, and we’re going to struggle to put up points on them. And you’re going to have to be at the top of your game after that, because the NSCF won’t be as forgiving as our domestic season.”

Tabor waggled his hand in a ‘hang loose’ sign, poor Proko almost looked a little daunted being asked to shoulder such responsibility as a freshman, and the rest? Well, just another week at the office, they knew what they’d have to do. The rest of the team rushed around them to celebrate on the field - they were heading for yet another championship.

Ranorian College Football Championship
Richardson University Governors vs Cold Hill University Buffalo

Astrid Verona struggled to her feet after taking yet another hit. She’d have never whispered it anywhere outside her own mind, but she knew she was playing behind the worst line Richardson had fielded in years. Still good players, but when matched up against that Cold Hill front, they were being humiliated.

She managed to shake those thoughts from her head though, strapping her helmet and refocusing on matters at hand - late in the third quarter, she had a chance to put this game away, up 7-6, with a touchdown. She thanked whatever gods existed though when their offensive coordinator called in a run play, and handed it off to the presumed All-Ranorian Elliot Roach.

For all his success this season though, there was nothing for him tonight. Defensive tackle Josh Snell tossed off his block and wrapped up the runner, who stayed upright just long enough for Robert Lewan to come crashing down and practically cut him in half with a hit. One yard loss. Roach got up like it was nothing, and they took the next play.

As close as they were to the red zone, Roach had been a monster so far this year, but on third down the numbers said their best shot was to throw, and that’s what they did. Astrid did everything right. Dropback was clean, eyes never looked to her target until the last second. So when she turned and pulled the trigger, tight end Jarius Greene was just coming out of his break. Perfect ball, right in stride. Until it wasn’t. Out of seemingly nowhere, Victoria Mio was in front of it, and before anyone knew what was going on she was making her way out of the end zone. Fortunately, she didn’t get far, but Astrid was baffled. Only her fourth interception of the season, and she’d never imagined it’d have happened there.

Mio stood and tossed the ball to the official, and Verona couldn’t help but ask, “How did you know where that ball was going?”

The 6’8” freak of a corner offered a shrug, “You almost never throw to to your first look, and you’re too smart to test Koman with one of your receivers in the red zone. So I made an educated guess.”

The two made their ways to their respective sidelines after that, and Astrid relished the water that was immediately available as Aurel “Golden Boy” Strathos and crew took the field.

Some time later, the Buffalo were in a similar situation, albeit with higher stakes, and right up against the goal line. Thanks to Shirley Woo’s leg, Richardson had taken a 10-6 lead in the 4th quarter, and the Buffalo were left holding the bag, with their own kicker having scored their only points of the game.

So, they’d had two shots at this already. The first time, Aurel Strathos’s pass had nearly been picked off by Makang Secka. Why did he throw at the best corner in the country? Maybe he trusted his top receiver, Nikolas Isaksen, a bit too much. Maybe he was arrogant. THe world will never know. The second time, Gudbrand Taurus had leveled Brannon Hillis for a loss, if only a minimal one. As talented as Hillis was, he was no goal-line hammer, and Taurus’s power was beyond anything he’d ever be able to match.

The third? Alexander Østby had gotten his shot on a pitch play. Unfortunately for them, Kasper Ulvested was fast enough to string the runner out, and Clancy Gluber was more than apt enough to make the play and give their season one more play of life.

So, the Buffalo got themselves an idea, and marched out the most highly touted recruit of last season: Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers. Like some sort of enigma, Rooijakkers lined up under center, practically collapsing his 6’10” frame just to get low enough to take the snap.

To the Governors’ credit, they managed to reset the line of scrimmage. Gudbrand Taurus and Gideon Kearse blasted their men back, Kasper Ulvested went fancy with a swim move to get right around his, and Clancy Gluber shot into the A gap while Kaiser Belfort went over the top, expecting a run.

All said, Rooijakkers had two Richardson defenders around his legs before he’d even managed to stand up. But as close as he was to the goal line, he place one hand on center Martin Grace’s shoulder, holding the ball in the other, leaned over like a toddler reaching for the cookie jar, and as he was being dragged down simply reached the ball over the line of scrimmage.

Makang Secka smacked it out of his hands, sure, but the signal had already gone up, and no one was in doubt that the ball had crossed the plane.

Ridiculous? Yes. Fair? Probably not. Legal? Yup.

The man dubbed “Proko” pumped a fist once the scoreboard displayed what was by now obvious - they’d put the go-ahead touchdown on the board. The Buffalo sideline erupted in applause while the Richardson defense was absolutely stunned. How the hell could they have defended against, or prepared for, that?

A PAT that was much less stressful for the Buffalo ever since the arrival of Bo-Ah Jang, a few incomplete deep shots from Astrid Verona, and the game was over. Two years in a row now, the Buffalo were the champions of Ranorian college football.
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Private First Class Tom Ehrlich was driving down the I-95½. The hood on his convertible was pulled back and if he’d had much hair, the sea-breeze would have been blowing through it. As it was, it largely bounced off his close-shaven dome. On the back seat was a bag containing all the possessions he owned in the world. It was not a large bag. He still wore his uniform, save for the Purple Heart, which he’d traded back in Vietwonam for a little hash. His hands were set at 10-and-2 – however progressive his college was, had been, he reminded himself, this was still a state where a black man driving on his own at night wanted to give no expenses to some hick rural sheriff.

Thankfully, the hick rural sheriffs were getting fewer in number, and the city lights multiplying, as before him, New Reykjavík, the greatest city on Earth, grew closer. Not that Tom had a solid plan for what he was going to do when he got there. 18 months ago, he’d been the hotshot rookie quarterback who’d led the Wildcats to a multiversal title. He’d barely had time to put down his glass toasting the victory, than see the draft notice slide under his door.

He wasn’t going to be home on shoreleave for long. The VietBong might have shot him up, but the Army had stitched him right back up too. The latter had hurt more. They’d told him he was home stateside for R&R but not for much longer than that: no third R, nor any other fancy letters. He might see if his name still bought him a drink, but he’d steer clear of the student radical bars. The Daily Anti-Foundationalist had run an article accusing him of betraying the university. All because he’d accepted his draft notice without complaint. Then again, after what that mortat had done to his knee, he wasn’t going to be running any trick plays any time soon – or running much at all. Even if he was, according to Army Medical, still fully cleared for service.

There’d been talk of ‘Vietwonamification’, letting them fight their own war – radical thought. Now a radical heresy. Dixon’s re-election and exoneration after he was exonerated by the Watergategate Committee was a vindication for the Silent Majority. Maybe he’d have a better chance of having a drink bought for him at some working-class white bar with a stars & stripes fluttering outside, Tom observed with a smirk.

Something on the radio broke his reverie. The weather warning. Temporal tornadoes. This far East? He’d grown up thinking of them as something that played hell with the South, way out West. But not something to fear in New Reykjavík, a city that just chugged on in its own timeline, content. There’d been times – when Tom had been a high school student protesting for his rights, having dogs set on him by truncheon-wielding pigs who dressed up in white robes on weekends, or was it they just dressed up as cops on weekends as a break from wearing robes – that he’d wished for a good temporal tornado to come hit and shake things up. But no dice.

Strange stories out of Ourkansas and Jokelahoma and Four-Dimensional Virginia, but this was the first he’d ever heard of temporal tornadoes on the road to New Reykjavík. He scoured the horizon and picked out a thin column in the far distance, zig-zagging across the landscape. He squinted. The column was getting thicker. And it wasn’t zig-zagging across the landscape any more: it was cutting a very, very straight line. Towards the road.

He floored it, heading for the bridge. Something told him that if he could get across the river, he’d be safe. The tornado was gathering ground and the air was growing heavy with cloud. The storms were playing crazy with the radio, which was fuzzing through static, then blurting out strange announcements in voices he’d never heard before.

…reports of a white man on the loose brought alarm to the peaceful community. General Secretary Alejandra Octavio-Chavez, celebrating her fourth term as First Secretary of the Steering Committee, urged him to turn himself into the People’s Commissars for retraining, ideological interrogation, and mandatory catgirlification…

Tom hit the bridge at high speed. The suspension seemed to buck and sway beneath him as the car screamed across it. He flashed his headlights wildly at an oncoming car, trying to warn them away, but succeeded only in illuminated the faces of a terrified white family who no doubt thought he was trying to run them off the road. He drove on, gasping in terror as he heard behind him the sound of their car being swept up into the tornado. Its temporal flames were burning the air around him close enough to single his nosehairs now.

…as soaring stock prices continue to coast along the high plateau. It’s a sunny 72 today, September 2, 1929. Speak to your broker today about great investment opportunities! And now, an address from President Rankin D. Fruityvelt, who criticized the President of Germania’s ongoing imprisonment of war hero Adolphus Schicklgruber…

The car actually leapt through the air off the bridge, hitting the road on the other side with such a crash that for a moment Tom worried the engine had blown. But when he gunned the accelerator, the car lurched into gear and took off once more at a roar. He risked a glance back: the bridge had been smashed, huge wood beams and iron girders tossed around like matchsticks in the wind. And the tornado – just kept coming. His mouth ran dry. Why had he thought crossing the bridge would help him?

...departure gate 27 for the Musky Boi Express to President Ronald Dump III Memorial Colony. Payment is accepted in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and all other officially recognized currencies. As a reminder, possession of controlled substances such as marijuana, psilocybin and lysergic acid is strictly required, with offenders facing not found in possession of regulation quantities subject to lengthy penalties. Will passengers visiting the Last Fishbar in the Galaxy please make for the Enceladus Shuttle, now boarding at gate 4π…

The temporal tornado hit. Chunks of tarmac were being ripped up in chunks as a roaring spiral of dust enveloped his place on the road, his car, him. He screamed but the sounds was lost in the overpowering sonic madness that surrounded him. Strange sights flew in front of his eyes, blinking machines he didn’t recognize; places on a map, once familiar, twisting and distorting out of all known proportion; humans, or something near humans, or that were once humans but no longer, dressed in furs with knobbly forehead ridges, or in skin-tight silver suits, except they didn’t even have skin any more, not on their mechanized arms or around the scanning red lights in their eyes.

The white noise grew unbearable around him until he felt the pressure was like to burst his ears. He breathed in and the air was strange, fetid and dank, then baked dry, then searing metal flames, the ash taste of poison, sea-salt, the sweetest crisp forest morning. He looked up and saw a night of star-studded purple-black, rockets roaring up, the moon wreathed in silver, tendrils of vapor as far out as Mars; he looked down and saw a verdant bank of mossy hillside up which lugged a vast beast, wide as a bus and twice as long, and the other side, smoking huts and painted men hardening arrows in the fire; he looked square on, just in time for a television broadcasting President Nick “Tricky” Dixon’s speech to smash straight into Tom’s head…

Tom woke in an alleyway. His head was spinning, his ears stung, his ears drummed. His mouth tasted like he’d spent the night gargling cat piss – spent the night, he thought, because it just about looked like dawn was breaking. The strange haze in the sky had to be morning sun. He picked himself slowly up, one limb at a time, gradually correcting his waking assumption that every bone in his body had been broken. One or two teeth felt loose and there was a dried crust of blood down his forehead, but nothing worse than that.

The car was gone. So was his bag, and with it his change of clothes. Army fatigues it was. He leaned on the wall and fumbled through his pockets: a few crumpled dollars, some cigarettes, a smushed Hershey bar. He ate the last ravenously – though he was so hungry he nearly wolfed down a couple of bucks, too – and picked the gooey goodness out of the corners of the wrapper while he looked around and tried to get his bearings. He didn’t recognize this part of the city. If it even was the city. Had the tornado – it was starting to come back to him – really picked him up and dropped him inside city limits? Maybe he was stuck out in some crummy hick town? Leaning on the reassuringly solid brick wall, he limped his way down the alley away from the stink of piss and trash and rats at the far end, and stepped out into –

A car nearly decapitated him. Tom dropped flat to the ground just in time to dodge it, and was left with a whistling in his ears. The car had been driving at head height. Was it even driving if its wheels didn’t touch the ground? Lying flat on his back, he risked opening his eyes. Above him, a tumult of ‘cars’ roared – except, they were nearly silent, which was why he hadn’t heard them in the alley. Some were small as motorbikes, some as big as double-decker buses. Some skimmed a few feet off the ground – he tried to sit up, then had to lie flat again, fast – while some where flying along as high as city blocks.

And it was city blocks, oh yes. Not some little town. He’d never realized how high the skyscrapers in this part of the city rose. Which part of the city? The one with skyscrapers so tall, they rose up into the clouds… And from the clouds, burst a black ball, about as large as the car he’d been driving. Acid white lights blasted him, followed by alternating screams of blue and white. A rasping ‘voice’ that was nothing human barked at him to identify himself.

Tom crawled back into the alley, breathing hard. A siren was rending the air, and getting closer. Fast. He picked himself up, and ran. That knee nearly buckled under him, but he willed himself through the pain. Nearly blind with tears of sheer terror, the blood vessels in his ears screaming blue murder at him, he pounded down the alley and turned into the adjacent street. He was dimly aware the sirens were now multiplying, and coming from different directions, though all seemed to gaining in on one very specific focus: him. At the next street he turned hard right into another alley, and was two thirds down it before he realized that this one didn’t open onto a new street. It just ended on a tall, impenetrable wall.

He slowed down, suddenly aware how hard he was breathing. He might have been an athlete, once, but he hadn’t run like that in a long time. Not in Vietwonam, certainly, where there simply wasn’t anywhere to run. The air burned his lungs: it tasted foul on his tongue, too. Metallic, unnatural. City pollution had never been this bad. The alley was flooded with light as two of the speeding black police cars found him and closed on, once again blurting out their shrieking injunctions for him to ‘raise his ID print for verification’. What!? Hesitantly, he raised his arms in surrender. He took a step towards them, accepting his fate, and put his foot down into yawning air as the drain cover beneath him was hauled away. He fell, with a scream.

The concrete he landed on was covered in mossy slime, which at least cushioned the blow slightly. From out of the inky dark, a dozen or more faces swarmed: white, black, Asian, something else he couldn’t quite place. Hands reached down to help him to his feet, and bore him on. Something exploded, a gas bomb of some kind, and one of them shoved a black metal object at his face. A weapon, he thought. Until he tasted a draft of sweet, clean air from its nozzle, and realized it was breathing apparatus. He clung to it gratefully, filling his despairing lungs deeply. His legs were moving, but he was being steered by the arms locked tight to his arms and back.

They ran on for what must have been a mile of twisting corridors of pipes. Down, down, deeper down, left, right. When they burst out into bright sun, it was a shock to realize that at some point they must have turned up. Breathing apparatus or no, Tom could run no more, and collapsed to his knees, heaving. His brow was slick with sweat and his pants, spattered to the knees with filth, clung to his skin like he’d just burst from the rainforest. The faces that had recognized him at least had the sense to give him space to let him breathe for a few moments, alternating between the apparatus, the air it gave so sweet it was cloying – he suspected it was pure oxygen – and the dirty, ashy bitterness of the city air, that somehow tasted more palatable.

“Don’t worry friend, you’re safe,” said a voice. “Any friend of the resistance is a friend to us.”

“Lost your rep-chip? You’ve got to get a new one.”

Tom looked up. His rescuers were no older than him, to judge by their faces: he couldn’t judge by their outfits, which were like nothing he’d ever seen. Not even on shore leave in Fran Sandisco. He squinted from one bemused, intrigued, but not unfriendly face to the next, and then to the end of this alleyway. And just as he was about to ask them: “Where am I?”, he saw it. On the distant horizon, an enormous neon sign was flickering, and he felt a wash of such immense relief as he read it that he might have passed out had some hands not hooked under his arms to catch him. The sign read, in huge, bold, colored lettering:

Welcome To
New Reykjavík

He was home. The sign had a strange bit of kerning with that unnecessary gap on the second line, but then he was no graphic designer. They helped him back up, supporting him as he wavered groggily on his feet, until he’d started laughing. He wiped a grimy hand across his eyes and handed back the breathing apparatus, whatever it was, to one of them. He realized that things had obviously changed in the city while he’d been aware, but this had turned out to be a fairly typical New Reykjavík day. Nearly run over by a car, chased by the cops, rescued by some hippies. And all the rest of it? Must have just been his head making him see things, still shaken up from the tornado. He glanced at the sign once more, just to check he really was home. The neon flickered, and suddenly another word burst into bright, colorful life, where that strange gap had been.

Welcome To
New New Reykjavík

Tom stopped laughing. He opened his mouth to ask. And the question that came out was not Where am I?”, but…

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Postby Karditan » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:27 pm

Referencing this RP from last cycle.

“So what exactly does ‘Adjusted Defence’ even mean?” Gunsmith snorted, pacing around the Ledbetter home locker room. They glanced over to Viktor, resident econ major and the only other player currently present, and tilted their head. “Seriously, I haven’t taken stat yet.”

“That’s… actually something I don’t get, either.” For once he was the one left with a puzzled expression. “Obviously it’s not an absolute measure—Felswyr let in less than us, as did both Banijan and Vanorian schools, Salamantic, Commonwealth…”

“A whole lot of teams had better defenses, yeah. That’s what’s got me confused!”

“But can you recognize the commonality between all those teams? They all share a very important trait.”

Gunsmith racked their brain. Shuffling aside stacks of memorized textbook passages on the casting process of tin, the pros and cons of various mixtures of steel, and photographic memories of the plants that can be foraged and ground into impromptu gunpowder… what could possibly tie these incredibly disparate schools together? “Is it that… they were all in AO at the time?”

“Tha—hrm. Well, that’s correct, despite the Anaian defections in the offseason, but it isn’t what I was angling for. The thing that ties all those teams together is that they’re not shit.”


“Aye, that’s my best guess. That the statistics are somehow normalized across records would lead to us, a shit team with a good defense, getting a huge boost and thrusting us into best in the league by that fairly arbitrary metric. That's a complete guess on my part though, who knows what those Banijan statisticians are smoking. But they said that’s why you can’t start?”

“Yeah, some bullshit about how “we’ve got a cohesive unit” and “we shouldn’t mess with something that’s working.” I wouldn’t have committed here if I knew they were going to mothball me for a year! I rip shit up out there!”

“You might still get your chance, rook.” Azalea strolled in, apparently having caught the entire conversation from the hallway. “Emerald’s been pulling up funky during sprints. You might get your starts yet if he gets worse, in spite our still-unnamed coach being a dipshit.”
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Postby Kohnhead » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:34 pm

Can Kohnhead City finally bring home the Big Eight?

Despite a win in the unofficial Conference Championship game, KCU once again finished 2nd in the Big Eight to Cold Hill

In year 1 we surprisingly went 2-0 against Richardson to finish 2nd in the Conference right ahead of them but a distance two games back from 9-1 Cold Hill who had beaten us twice in two blowouts. Last year however behind the best offense in College Football led by senior quarterback Byron Joseph and star running back Herman Whitworth we had a very good chance to take home the conference however suffered a heartbreaking 43-40 loss to Cold Hill in week 9 at The Tundra which ended our hopes and sent us back to second. It was still a good season don't get me wrong as consistently finishing above Richardson already is something that should be applauded but it really feels like a missed opportunity.

The main reason I consider it to be a missed opportunity is that last season Cold Hill dealt with numerous problems like star quarterback Deondre Rhine going down with an injury suffered against us and freshman Aurel Strathos having to step in midseason, a flu outbreak midseason that helped lead to a 43-6 loss againts us, and some turmoil in the locker room mostly starring Rhine and they still went 8-2. This year Strathos goes in having an offseason as the starter under his belt without the shadow of Rhine and poised for a big year. Kohnhead City on the other hand is transitioning from Joseph to freshman recruit Emilee Johansson out of Chromatika who has lots of potential but will surely be a downgrade for this season. In addition Herman Whitworth is not fully recovered from the ankle injury suffered against Akers in week 10 of last season after a tiring World Bowl campaign and we have no idea what form of him we will see. If fully healthy he will need to carry the load even more given Johansson being a freshman but if not Rowena Hastroff will have to play a much larger role than expected.

The receiving corps might not put up the same numbers they did last season given the QB transition but expect Kalu Alazar to continue his development as our #1 receiver and Jodi Lawrence to continue to stretch the field vertically. For an offense built on speed already Keith Gray operating in the slot will give defensive coordinators nightmares with his ability to turn anything into a touchdown and Blitz Taurus the freshman from Ranoria can line up pretty much anywhere to give this offense yet another weapon.

Kohnhead City likes to build through the trenches and our offensive line should be very good this season as per usual which will be a big help to the small framed Johansson. We return three of five starters and the two new starters were heavily touted recruits a year ago in Danielle Raynor and Nathan Long both of whom spent last season developing on the bench. Raynor will be protecting Johansson's blindside and we saw the time of them really taking time in practice to develop chemistry for the season. Gott started as a freshman excelling in run blocking but struggling a bit in pass protection which he has worked on over the offseason.

The lone bright spot on the defense last season was definitely the defensive line which was a nightmare for offenses the entire season while the rest of the defense couldn't stop a nosebleed. Devin River the junior transfer out of Richardson had an instant impact as our best pass rusher notching double digit sacks while Robert Lawrence a highly touted freshman on the other side managed a solid 7.5 sacks. Albie Snow a reserve on the World Bowl team returns ready to dominate on the interior while Dakota Cannon and Grant McManis two young Kohnheadians will rotate in the spot next to him.

The linebacking starters while the same as last season and the season prior did not impress constantly getting beat in coverage and doing very little in helping stop the run. Goodwin and Stafford have a minimal on this defense however and while we should expect some improvement from them the linebacking corps will remain an issue for the team.

In the secondary however we should expect improvement with Zion Irving now adapted to starting on the outside along with Harlen Gill and Finn Steele improving and reaching their second year as starters. The secondary is where we could see the biggest improvement with the defense as a change to strong safety could help revitalize Jonas Klein and Samuel Church is expected to make a large and instant impact at free safety.

To be honest I think this team misses the playoffs for the first time, the transition at quarterback and Whitworth's injury questions hurt the offense and while improved the defense still isn't good enough to help us slow down Strathos and Cold Hill. I think this team makes a 12 team playoff however with only 30 schools in NSCF 24 I think we miss the eight team playoff and have to play in a Bowl game for the first time. Overall I predict this team will finish 7-3 for the third straight season however this time it will not be enough to reach the playoffs. Hopefully I am wrong and we continue our dominance over RIchardson, Whitworth is fine, Johansson immediately steps in and performs well, and the cracks that were shown in Cold Hill last season widen.
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Volleyball: 3rd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

World Lacrosse Championships XXXVII - 4th place

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Postby Buffalostan » Sun Jul 18, 2021 8:54 pm

University: Green Mountain State
Nickname: Parastratiosphecomyia Stratiosphecomyioides
Colors: Green & Black
Home Stadium: President Elijah Q. Dumbass Memorial Field (86,736)

Head Coach: Evan James
Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach: Harley Bell
Recruiting Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach: Zach Turner
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach: Aaron White
Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach: Dexter Howard
Defensive Pass Game Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach: Bryson Ewart
Special Teams Coordinator: Matt Collins
Offensive Line Coach: Lee Chaney
Running Backs Coach: Walter Thompson
Tight Ends Coach: Lee Barton
Safeties Coach: Theo Foster
Performance Director: Logan Beaton
Scouting Director: William Lyle
Strength & Conditioning Director: Adrian Stewart
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Henry Moore
Defensive Analyst: Leo Marcus
Special Teams Analyst: Isaac Cohen


Other than specialists, players are listed in roughly decreasing order of likelihood of starting/playing minutes.


#19 Josh Moore
#5 CJ Keagan
#15 Jude Atkinson
#4 Joe Hlavacek
#10 Noah Katz

Running Backs

#23 D’Andre Leonard
#16 Gwindell Gordon
#14 Javion Brown
#31 Marcelo Bailey
#9 Dontrall Lee
#27 Carson Afoakwah
#8 Uzzia Abdul-Kareem
#26 Thiago Reeves (FB)

Wide Receivers

#1 Cash West
#3 Todd Cayson
#44 Shaun Mitchell
#83 Jake Stewart
#81 Shovon Walker
#24 Nate Point
#35 Geoffrey Mboge
#5 Matt Glen
#22 Lukas Glesner
#80 Caelan Mulroney
#23 Knox Diamond
#13 Nick Merritt
#11 Kevin Clark (KR)
#84 Calvin Woodward
#4 Colton King
#27 Jervonte Norris

Tight Ends

#17 Chris Nevin
#43 Elijah McDonald
#82 Jesse Wasielewski
#21 Cole Keen
#86 John Hayes
#88 Blake Jones
#22 Timothy Kalman (TE/FB)


#51 Triston Goff
#57 Dylan Marsh
#50 Chris Rogers
#55 Tom Butler


#68 Owen Hickman
#61 Zavier Christensen
#65 Westin McGee
#64 Alex Dean
#62 Luca Hart


#70 Jack Rickenbacker
#77 Will Bruckner
#79 Kayden Kane
#71 Conor Callahan
#75 Nick Soto
#74 Griffin Thatcher
#72 Mike Sosa
#73 Kadaris Baldwin

Defensive Tackles

#3 Zakari Robertson
#64 Dominique Byrd
#40 Quavean McClain
#95 Kemal Mustafa al-Noor
#91 DelVonte Pierce
#55 Danez McClain
#94 Deqavious Anthony
#98 Chinweuba Ngozi

Defensive Ends

#99 Mthunzi Mbete
#41 Jonathan Brooks
#96 Robert Nongalaza
#69 Zohn Mukamba
#97 Quadell Stewart
#99 Damarco Starks
#90 John Morgan Makeba
#30 Matthew Ndonga
#65 Voshon Simon


#6 Hayden Ayers
#34 James Houghton
#39 Matthew Tsvangirai
#48 Dashaun Blackwell
#10 Donovan Walker
#51 Matthew King
#31 Travone Roberts
#42 Jose Suarez
#49 Ryan Woods
#37 Frankie Gonzales
#29 Asher Sargeant
#35 Blake Davies
#46 Imad Zaid


#29 Joe Saunders
#28 Da’rion Bell
#29 Bradley Kitwana
#49 Liam Parry
#9 Jaboris Pope
#36 Alex Smith
#43 Josh Harper
#30 Zédarius Whitfield


#40 Qua’sean Bell
#33 Kincade Hinton
#10 Earnell Burns
#6 Rion Knox
#35 Ry’mone Lewis
#36 Chaylen Tillman
#12 Fedarius Johnson
#3 Jaimeson Williamson
#24 Denaris Horton (PR)
#14 Denton Holloway
#19 Isiah King

Long Snappers

#40 Dan Grant
#67 Louie Lawrence
#43 Scott Kelly


#15 Callum Ryan
#100 Madison Hill (female)


#6 Will Hurst
#19 Cesar Dominguez

RP permissions

Yes to absolutely everything except…

Please do not use photographs and say they’re my players.

Green Mountain State exists in the year 1999.
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