The 30th Campionato Esportiva - Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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The 30th Campionato Esportiva - Everything Thread

Postby The Licentian Isles » Sun Jul 04, 2021 5:01 am

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Licentian Isles for the historic 30th edition of the Campionato Esportiva! Last time this tournament was contested in the nation of Hannasea, Nova Anglicana claimed their first regional title with an extra time victory over Newmanistan. Will they be able to defend their title? Will a previous winner return to the top step? Or will a new nation claim their place in Esportivan history? There's only one way to find out.

South Newlandia
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Nova Anglicana
The Licentian Isles
Fhulgamous Peninsula
Esportivan Darmen
The Grearish Union
Natanians and Nosts
Ceyne Isles
Le Choix
Starcom Racing
A Random Place
Copper Cuprum
Bongo Johnson
The Hinodejin Empire
Cyborg Holland
East Murbley
Har Yarok


Group A:
Nova Anglicana
Starcom Racing
Natanians and Nosts

Group B:
Cyborg Holland
Ceyne Isles

Group C:
A Random Place
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Fhulghamous Peninsula

Group D:
Bongo Johnson

Group E:
The Licentian Isles
The Hinodejin Empire

Group F:

Group G:
Har Yarok
Esportivan Darmen

Group H:
Le Choix
East Murbley

Group I:
Copper Cuprum
The Grearish Union
South Newlandia

Group Draw - Tuesday 6th July
Group Stage MD1 - Monday 12th July
Group Stage MD2 - Wednesday 14th July
Group Stage MD3 - Friday 16th July
Playoff Round - Monday 19th July
Round of 16 - Wednesday 21st July
Quarter Finals - Friday 23rd July
Semi Finals - Sunday 25th July
Third Place Playoff - Monday 26th July
Final - Tuesday 27th July

The RP cutoff will occur between 9pm and 11pm BST on the days mentioned above. This schedule is subject to change: if any changes are necessary, participants will be informed in both the sign-up/OOC thread and Esportiva's Discord server. The group draw will occur live in the #live channel of the NS Sports Discord server at 10pm BST on Tuesday.

When submitting your roster, please include a style modifier between -5 and +5 from most defensive to most attacking, along with a set of RP permissions to guide your opponents' RPs. Please read and respect the RP permissions of other nations. An example set is below, but you are welcome to customise to your liking.

Code: Select all
    [b]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:[/b]
    Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
    Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
    RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
    Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
    Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
    Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
    Godmod other events: Yes/No

In addition to the RP permissions of individual nations, no pandemics may be introduced to the host nation.

The group stage will consist of a single round robin format, made up of 9 groups of four. Tiebreakers in the group stage will be goal difference, head to head record, head to head goal difference, then an IC coin flip (OOC scorinated match). The nine group winners will automatically qualify for the Round of 16, with all second placed teams and the five best third placed teams qualifying for the Playoff Round, where the winners will qualify for the Round of 16. After this, the tournament will continue in a single-elimination knockout style until the final at the LTI Stadium in Montfort.

There will be small snippets of RP accompanying each cut-off for inspiration: these will focus largely around the region of Esportiva and the theme of unity. There will also be a team of the tournament based on RP from competing nations, selected by myself. If you wish to work out particular lines of RP that you believe would require my permission, please get in touch on Discord or by TG.
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The Licentian Isles
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Sun Jul 04, 2021 5:02 am

The Licentian Isles are a small nation in central Esportiva, home to around 13 million people who live on 6 major islands in the Licentian Channel. The nation is split into four parishes, each of which is named after its largest city: Montfort, Abingdon, Colesham, and St Bart’s. Each parish will play host to two groups in this edition of the Campionato Esportiva. The official languages of the Isles are English, Dutch, and Gaidhlig, with varying usage across the parishes.

The capital of the Licentian Isles, and the largest city, is Montfort, found on the east of the mainland, but it’s unlikely that fans and teams would arrive here directly. If arriving by air, the largest airport is the Abingdon International Aerodrome, just outside the second city of the nation, Abingdon. However, teams will be encouraged to travel to the Isles by sea where possible, with large ports found in Garton Bay, Port Arran, Kirkross, and St Bart’s. While travel will, at least initially, be limited by each group being contained in a single parish, transport by train or ferry will be provided between cities for teams that require it.

The Isles are filled with gorgeous, well-protected areas of environmental beauty, with even the largest cities containing large city parks, and you will never be too far from a forest, glen, or beach. Fans will be able to take advantage of the nation’s natural beauty when they aren’t watching their team of choice compete. That may be through outdoor activities, such as climbing, mountain biking, or watersports, or simply by hiking and taking in the scenery.

The Licentians are a generally friendly people, passionate but welcoming to visitors. When it comes to sports, a Licentian’s passion will show, with chants, flares, and large banners, but the large majority will be just as happy to share a pint of local cider with fans of opposing nations. Some areas are home to larger groups of “casuals” who are more likely to engage in violence, but that more often occurs by arrangement with hooligans from other nations. Wearing your club or country’s colours on a matchday is encouraged, as casuals will be less likely to accost those they consider to be the average fans.

Civil rights in the Licentian Isles are amongst the highest in the region, with many practices that would be illegal in other, more restrictive nations, being supported in the Isles. Alcohol and marijuana are legal for adults to consume, though the latter is discouraged in public places. Tobacco is available, but under much stricter restrictions, and none of the three can be advertised in view of children. Weapons, such as guns or knives, are forbidden, and the Isles are very safe for foreigners to visit. The economy of the Isles is largely built on renewable energy generation and distribution, along with pharmaceuticals, fishing, and tourism also major sectors.

Montfort Parish – hosting Groups A, B, and C:

Montfort Parish is the largest of the four parishes by population, a fact that largely results from the size of the capital of the Isles, Montfort. The capital is a friendly city of just over 2,000,000 people, and is home to a number of immigrant populations from across the region and the multiverse. As a result, this is the place that a fan would most likely find food and drinks from their home country. Outside of the capital, Montfort Parish is fairly rural, with much of the remaining 4 million people in the parish living in small towns and villages, except for population centres in Garton Bay, Port Arran, and Saltburn. Garton Bay in particular is famous for its yearly sailing regatta, while Port Arran is home to the Port Arran 7s tournament.

LTI Stadium, Montfort – 75,000 capacity
The national stadium of the Licentian Isles, also home to Montfort Wanderers. This stadium was originally named for Grand Duke Luke Thomas I, one of the last grand dukes of the Licentian Isles, though the branding of the stadium has been somewhat distanced from that fact since the dissolution of the monarchy. It is one of the only all-seater stadiums in the nation. It can be found in the centre of Montfort, built into a hillside, meaning that fans will enter at the stadium’s middle tier.

MD1 - Nova Anglicana vs Natanians and Nosts
MD2 - Nova Anglicana vs Starcom Racing
MD3 - Thalamascia vs Nova Anglicana
Playoff Round
Round of 16
Quarter Final
Semi Final

The Anchor, Garton Bay – 22,500 capacity
Home to Garton Bay Pirates. As if the name wasn’t enough, the original Anchor was originally built with one stand of the stadium being a ship berthed in the harbour of the town of Garton Bay. The name remained when the Pirates moved to a new stadium, though there are still considerations for the history of the area. Given the stadium’s perfect placing on the bay, the south stand is temporary during the football season, and is removed around the time of the Regatta so that the stadium can be used to view the sailing.

MD1 - Starcom Racing vs Thalamascia
MD2 - Natanians and Nosts vs Thalamascia
MD3 - Starcom Racing vs Natanians and Nosts

Adamson Park, Montfort – 55,000 capacity
Home to SC Montfort. The second largest stadium in the capital, this is a far different stadium to the bowl-like LTI. It’s a mish-mash of stands designed at different times as SC developed into a larger club, resulting in wildly different sizes for each stand, and a tunnel at one corner of the stadium (rare in the Isles. The stadium’s seating is royal blue, though different shades depending on how long each particular stand has been in existence

MD1 - Cyborg Holland vs Xanneria
MD2 - Ceyne Isles vs Xanneria
MD3 - Xanneria vs Tumbra
Playoff Round
Round of 16

South End Park, Tarbert – 21,000 capacity
Home to Tarbert United. Tarbert is often considered to be part of the extended Montfort area, and is usually where citizens of the capital go when they want to visit the beach. As such, it’s considered one of the more “hipster” coastal towns in the country, a statement that is often followed by knowing chuckles from people outside of the town. The club that plays at this stadium, Tarbert United, are aiming for promotion to the Premier League in the near future, and this new stadium is part of their future planning.

MD1 - Tumbra vs Ceyne Isles
MD2 - Tumbra vs Cyborg Holland
MD3 - Cyborg Holland vs Ceyne Isles

Grayson Stadium, Port Arran – 38,000 capacity
Home to Port Arran. While this stadium does host the football team from the Montfort Parish Senior League, it is more famous for hosting the rugby team from the town of Port Arran, along with the famous Port Arran 7s. It’s one of a number of multi-use stadiums that will be used to host the Campionato, and another in Montfort Parish found by a harbour, much like the Anchor in Garton Bay.

MD1 - A Random Place vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
MD2 - Fhulghamous Peninsula vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
MD3 - Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs Sangti
Round of 16

University Stadium, Montfort – 20,000 capacity
Home to Montfort University. The capital’s third venue to host games in the CE is found on the campus of the nation’s largest university, the University of Montfort. As a result, this stadium is built with a red brick exterior to match many of the older buildings used to educate the best and brightest in the Isles. Students will be a prominent neutral group of spectators for any game being held at the University Stadium, with a number dressed in the black and yellow stripes of the club that plays here.

MD1 - Sangti vs Fhulghamous Peninsula
MD2 - Sangti vs A Random Place
MD3 - A Random Place vs Fhulghamous Peninsula

Abingdon Parish – hosting Groups D and E:

Abingdon Parish is home to much of the strong Gaelic influence in the Isles. Places like Abingdon and Glenmount still have strong influence from the original settlers of the Isles, which has been greatly helped by the revival of the Gaidhlig language, seen in names of both people and places. This parish is also the most beautiful on the mainland, with the rolling hills around Glenmount and Mossybank, and the River Arran that runs through much of the parish before crossing into Montfort Parish.

Gardiner-Stewart Stadium, Abingdon – 62,000 capacity
Home to Abingdon Celtic. This stadium is named for legendary Celtic keeper Alex Gardiner-Stewart, when he was believed to be dead after a plane crash in the early stages of his career. It’s located in the heart of Abingdon’s trendy west end, though it is well connected to the centre of the city as well. The most notable feature of the stadium itself is the large sections of safe standing at each end of the ground: while this is common in the Isles, these are the largest in the nation.

MD1 - Montego vs Brenecia
MD2 - Brenecia vs Bongo Johnson
MD3 - Racing vs Brenecia
Playoff Round
Round of 16
Quarter Final
Semi Final
Third Place Playoff

Market Street, Glenmount – 19,500 capacity
Home to Glenmount Town. Found in the centre of the second largest town in Abingdon Parish, Glenmount, Market Street stadium is named for the street that it sits on, with the community hall next door playing host to one of the largest markets in the parish. Perhaps unsurprisingly given that we’re focussing on those facts, Glenmount is not a hugely interesting place. It’s most famous for the club that plays at Market Street, and for the mountains and glens that surround the town: of course, with those being outside the town, they don’t really count. I’m not helping Glenmount’s case.

MD1 - Racing vs Bongo Johnson
MD2 - Montego vs Racing
MD3 - Bongo Johnson vs Montego

Coliseum of the Gaels, Abingdon – 42,000 capacity
Home to Gaelic Club. The Coliseum, in the east end of Abingdon, is a stadium with a reputation for the rowdy crowd that support the Gaels. It is regularly filled with fans singing in Gaidhlig, waving banners, and lighting flares: during the Campionato, it will likely be slightly calmer than usual, which will be a strange sight for fans of Licentian football. It will still be a fantastic venue, as the shape of the stands is designed to echo crowd noise onto the pitch, so players will have a difficult time blocking out the opposition’s fans.

MD1 - Burgburgh vs The Licentian Isles
MD2 - The Hinodejin Empire vs The Licentian Isles
MD3 - The Licentian Isles vs Castlelobruxo
Playoff Round
Round of 16

Burnside, Stonehouse – 16,500 capacity
Home to Stonehouse Athletic. This is one of the smaller stadiums hosting matches in the Campionato, found in the town of Stonehouse not far from the border between Abingdon and Colesham. This stadium’s name, Burnside, is perhaps an understatement of the size of waterway that the ground sits alongside: the River Till runs through the town into Colesham Parish. As such, many fans will be able to enjoy a relaxing time either before or after the fixtures at this stadium.

MD1 - Castlelobruxo vs The Hinodejin Empire
MD2 - Castlelobruxo vs Burgburgh
MD3 - Burgburgh vs The Hinodejin Empire

Colesham Parish – hosting Groups F and G:

This is the more industrial, working class part of the Licentian Isles, and is the smallest parish (though only slightly smaller than St Bart’s Parish). That shouldn’t make you think that it’s less beautiful though. While the cities, like Colesham and Farnworth, are filled with pharmaceutical plants and seafood packing facilities, the rural areas (and there are many) are still filled with gorgeous natural beauty. As the smallest parish, Colesham will be hosting less games in this tournament than other parishes, but the welcome will be just as friendly.

Barton Software Arena, Colesham – 47,000 capacity
Home to Colesham Athletic. This is a stadium that was once incredibly modern, built with the support of Daniel Barton Sr and his tech company, but has aged, especially with Colesham Athletic spending an extended period in the second tier of Licentian football. Nonetheless, it is still the largest stadium in the parish, and the stadium nicknamed the “BS Arena” will host a number of different nations for the Campionato.

MD1 - Ethane vs Ancherion
MD2 - Ethane vs Damukuni
MD3 - Hannasea vs Ethane
Playoff Round
Round of 16
Quarter Final

Meadowhill, Waterford – 19,000 capacity
Home to Waterford United. This is another stadium that plays host to a second tier team that has been expanded in time for the Campionato. Not too long ago, Meadowhill had a single large stand, with smaller terraces on the three other sides of the stadium. Those three stadiums have been rebuilt larger than the main stand, resulting in a strange situation where the main stand is the smallest in the stadium.

MD1 - Damukuni vs Hannasea
MD2 - Ancherion vs Hannasea
MD3 - Damukuni vs Ancherion

Farnworth Municipal Stadium, Farnworth – 36,000 capacity
Home to AFC Farnworth. The Municipal Stadium was rebuilt at the height of Farnworth’s successes, and is now probably a bit too large for the club after they fell from grace. They are growing once again, but the stadium is still in its slightly aged state, though not nearly as aged as the Barton Software Arena. It has received a fresh lick of paint, but that won’t make up for the outdated concourses: fans will be waiting a while for their cider.

MD1 - Gergary vs Gouvanarch
MD2 - Gergary vs Har Yarok
MD3 - Esportivan Darmen vs Gergary

Old Colliery Road, Colesham – 21,000 capacity
Home to Colesham Rovers. The city of Colesham is one of the few places in the Licentian Isles where mining was ever conducted, and the city still remains very proud of that. This is reflected by the fact that a club nicknamed the Miners play at Old Colliery Road. This is a surprisingly modern stadium, surrounded by a neighbourhood which has become rather trendy, to the chagrin of many of the club’s traditional fans. It will probably be seen as a positive by visitors.

MD1 - Har Yarok vs Esportivan Darmen
MD2 - Gouvanarch vs Esportivan Darmen
MD3 - Har Yarok vs Gouvanarch

St Bart’s Parish – Hosting Groups H and I:

St Bart’s Parish is made up of the outlying islands of the nation, with the five major islands being St Bart’s, St Thomas, St Ninian’s, St Marnock’s, and Hessington. As you would perhaps expect, this is a rather diverse parish with one of the largest Dutch populations in the nation, and large cities like St Bart’s contrasted with sparsely populated islands like St Marnock’s. Fans will be watching matches on the three most westerly islands, but travel to the latter two, St Marnock’s and Hessington, will be encouraged, with fans able to take in the motorsport history of the Isles in the town of Buckhaven on Hessington.

St Bart’s Oval, St Bart’s – 50,500 capacity
Home to St Bart’s United. This is certainly one of the strangest stadiums on the Isles, as it was originally built as a cricket ground for the parish. As such, plenty of the seating will be a fair distance from the action, but for football a number of stands are installed on the outfield, and some of the further seating is covered over as the sightlines are blocked. Nonetheless, watching football from the slopes that surround the cricket ground is still a unique experience to St Bart’s.

MD1 - Sylestone vs Newmanistan
MD2 - Newmanistan vs East Murbley
MD3 - Le Choix vs Newmanistan
Playoff Round
Round of 16
Quarter Final

Recreation Ground, St Thomas – 20,250 capacity
Home to St Thomas. This ground has been greatly expanded to coincide with both the Campionato, and with St Thomas winning the Premier League for the first time in their history. The city of St Thomas is a confusing one, being on the island of St Thomas, but fans will not have to worry about visiting another city on the island, so they can remain in the city and take in many of its highly rated restaurants, along with enjoying the local ciders that are prominent here.

MD1 - Le Choix vs East Murbley
MD2 - Sylestone vs Le Choix
MD3 - East Murbley vs Sylestone

St Ninian’s Athletic Ground, Rafford – 39,000 capacity
Home to Rafford Town. Much like the Oval, the Athletic Ground was originally designed as a stadium for a different sport, as can be seen from the running track on the edge of the pitch. The second largest stadium in the parish, it also plays host to a second tier team, though they share it with St Ninian’s rugby club and Licentian Athletics, so it has been a focal point for the build up to the Olympics as well. The town of Rafford is close to Lake Rafford, one of the most popular tourism destinations in the nation.

MD1 - Copper Cuprum vs South Newlandia
MD2 - South Newlandia vs Kaldtfjell
MD3 - The Grearish Union vs South Newlandia
Playoff Round
Round of 16

Abbey Road, St Bart’s – 18,500 capacity
Home to St Bart’s Dutch. The second largest stadium in the parish capital, the neighbourhood that surrounds this stadium is the largest Dutch community in the city, and as such visiting fans are much more likely to hear that language than the English that is more prevalent throughout the Isles. The stadium itself is fairly standard in construction, but is another that is close to the coast, so players and fans will have to deal with a strong sea breeze during matches.

MD1 - The Grearish Union vs Kaldtfjell
MD2 - Copper Cuprum vs The Grearish Union
MD3 - Kaldtfjell vs Copper Cuprum

If you have any questions regarding IC information about the Licentian Isles, then don’t hesitate to message me on Discord or TG me.
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Postby Tumbra » Sun Jul 04, 2021 6:37 am

The Black Eagles


IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: For all intents and purposes, this Tumbra that began contesting in WCQ87 is an entirely new nation. They have no recollection of their earlier exploits from WC70-80, because that simply didn't exist for this Tumbra. Any and all similarities to the nation of the similar name can and should be construed as glitches in the Multiverse. You may, however, make muted references to "having done this before" or something. For a detailed explanation of how this came to be, read these RPs.

The Tumbran National Football Team is Tumbra's main representative in all association football competitions for national associations. Making its debut at the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, the team currently ranks 117th in the world. The team is controlled by the Tumbran Football Federation, which is also the governing body of football in Tumbra. Also known as the Black Eagles, or affectionately the Eagles, the team competes in the World Cup and its related competitions; it also participates in the Campionato Esportiva, also sends teams to the Di Bradini Cup for Under-21s, and the Under-18 World Cup, in which the team won it's 13th incarnation.

Still reeling from the shock of having finished bottom of their group in the Cup of Harmony, the team has been rocked by the departure of Marco Hemmings. Making it extremely clear that the decision was his — and not the FA's — Hemmings felt the time was right for him to go. Unable to reconcile his vision of attacking football with the defensive rigour needed — and indeed, clamoured for by Black Eagles supporters — he decided the easiest thing was to make a clean break.

The new manager, Yuan Zilai, hails from Yuezhou. Known for being defensively solid and utilising a midfield press, it's a new age for Tumbran football. And there are, as expected, shocks as the team moves into a new era. Whether this new era gives the Black Eagles a shot at silverware, nobody knows.

Style Mod: -3

Coaching Staff
Pos Staff Member Age Prev.Club
Manager YUAN Zilai (袁子来) 56 Yuezhou NT
Asst. Manager Peter Gabriel 39 Straton FC
Coach (Atk) Gabriel Watson 54 Hesham FC
Coach (Def) John McGann 56 Delphi Lions
Coach (GK) Callum Randolph-Watts 44 Fraser Valley FC
Head Physio Lucy Reynolds 40 --
Physio Joseph Smith 66 --
Scout Viv Watson 59 Tavistock Athletic

Yuan has kept most of the coaching team intact.

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 GK John Lennon 31 28 0 Lakewood City FC
12 GK Nick Barker 25 2 0 FC Inter Nantwich
13 GK Mike Hancy 25 2 0 West Couno United

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
2 LB Ryan Hughes 28 29 1 Lakewood City FC
18 LB Jacob Keene 24 0 0 Clyde Park
4 CB Ian Ashburn 23 28 1 Lakewood City FC
5 CB Johnny Brown [c] 34 43 1 Lakewood United FC

14 CB Raymond Perry 25 0 0 Columbia City
20 CB Wayne Forrest 25 4 0 Straton FC
3 RB Chris Carter 23 16 1 Lakewood City FC
19 RB Mike Sheppard 25 0 0 Straton FC

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
6 CM Alan Morgan 25 30 1 Lakewood City FC
8 CM Craig McGrath 26 38 5 Serrapince FC
10 CAM Phil Cole 23 23 6 Lakewood City FC

15 CM Leo Hooper 26 0 0 Straton FC
16 CDM Tom Stansfield 28 12 0 FC Inter Nantwich
23 CM David Burnet 23 0 0 Sturrey Athletic

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
7 LW Neil Fraser 24 45 9 Clyde Park
17 LW George Hilton 24 9 1 Serrapince FC
9 RW Robin Vaughn [vc] 27 57 18 Lakewood City FC
21 RW Tom Kinzinger 19 0 0 Kingsbury United

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
11 ST Marcus Sheldon 31 32 16 Couno Rangers
22 ST Nigel Erskine 26 0 0 Omnio [CMT]

*Caps and Goals figure accurate to post-COH80.

Bolded players denote starters, but pre-match XIs will be posted before every cutoff. If none are posted, feel free to pick and choose from this side, though do keep in mind a player with the number 14 is more likely to be picked than a player with the number 20.

It's the time of the season for changes to the roster, and several big names have been dropped; whether this is a sign that said dropped players should change clubs or whether the manager wants to experiment with new players is a conundrum. Nominal big names like Louis Addison, Harry Henderson, Nigel Harris, Vincent Hicks and Dylan van Heirolf have all been dropped; and usual second striker Philip Cohen, too, has been dropped. The new manager, too, hasn't gone for youth — names like Stephen Kerr, especially, haven't yet been called up to the team, perhaps with a view of letting him run free in the Di Bradini Cup.


If any proof was needed that Louis Addison has firmly, decisively been shoved off the Tumbran n.1 jersey, they need look no further. John Lennon, Lakewood City's custodian between the sticks, takes up the number 1 jersey again for this tournament. Strong with his feet especially, the number 1 prefers to distribute balls short; and his ice-cold composure lets him focus fully on the game. Can be a tad adventurous; has ventured out of the penalty box into the midfield before during the age of the High Line. Without that, however, such adventures look likely to cease.

Barker and Hancy return; both young goalkeepers with two caps each, Barker is a more traditional shot-stopper with a tendency to punch; while Hancy is considerably more athletic.


The main back four are sort-of unchanged; Ryan Hughes continues to rule the roost, as Tumbra comes to a reckoning on whether they have a dearth of fullback talent. Calm and composed on the ball, the defender prefers to pass along the wing or into the midfield to going on attacking runs. Jacob Keene of Clyde Park comes into the national team set-up for the first time; the left-back will be hoping to make an impression in the probable limited minutes he will get at the tournament.

Johnny Brown returns, the captain as defensively solid as ever; though there is a growing sense that this will be his farewell to the national team. Typically the no-nonsense, tackling defender, the veteran continues to approach national team duties as if he were five years younger. His leadership skills will be invaluable in the competition; and most defensive hopes will be on him to go far. With his traditional defensive partner Harry Henderson dropped, Ian Ashburn gets the nod to enter the first eleven as the more advanced, passing defender; the young Lakewood City stalwart already has 28 caps for the national team, and looks set to improve on that in the future.

Ray Perry enters the national team setup for the first time; as part of the reason why Columbia finished as well as they did in the previous domestic season. Typically seen as a jack-of-all-trades, him and Wayne Forrest will be subbed on, and often. Forrest is a more traditional tackler in the same mold as Brown; expect the two of them to be subbed for each other often, especially since Brown looks keen to conserve his stamina.

On the right, Russ White misses out; Chris Carter gets the nod as the starting right-back. A more attacking wingback, he was perhaps unfairly criticised for some of the more defensively suspect performances during the qualification cycle, though his presence does provide a nice balance to Hughes' defensive performances. Mike Sheppard, a more traditional defensive fullback, gets the nod ahead of Nigel Harris; much like Keene, he'll be looking to make an impact and force his way into the national team setup in the future.


By far the biggest shock was Vincent Hicks being dropped; that the announcement of the squad coincided with him making public his wish to leave Hesham was probably not a coincidence.

The 3-man midfield Tumbra utilises is unique in the sense that there are three fixed roles; it does not matter who plays where; merely that players that fulfill these three roles should be on the pitch for the Tumbran brand of football to be particularly effective. These three roles are the dynamo, the pacesetter, and the visionary. The dynamo typically plays deepest, and is the most defensive of the three; his role is to run around the pitch, helping to press attackers and dispossess them, while simultaneously beginning attacks by receiving the ball and cycling possession by passing it to either the pacemaker, visionary or the two wingers. The role involves a high degree of stamina; running around the pitch for 90 minutes does require that, and they often rack up a huge amount of kilometres ran per game. The pacesetter sets the tempo of the game, speeding up or slowing down the game as they deem fit, recycling possession or moving it onwards, and going on runs to appear on the edge of the box. The visionary typically plays highest up the pitch; typically defending the least (but still expected to chip in whenever possible), their main job is to splay balls into the final third, beginning runs into the box or otherwise.

Of the six, Morgan and new boy Burnet are the pacesetters; Cole and Hooper are the visionaries, and McGrath and Stansfield will fill in for the dynamo. Burnet's inclusion was a particular surprise, especially since he plays for the rather more unfancied Sturrey side; though this can be seen as a change and new options being explored.


Here, then, a bit more stability; you simply cannot drop the two titans on the wing, Neil Fraser and Robin Vaughn complement each other; Fraser plays out wide while Vaughn plays as an inside forward. Their backups, however, provide new options; Hilton drops deeper than a traditional winger, while Kinzinger is dynamic, youthful, and fast.


Marcus Sheldon returns for yet another tournament; he typically drops back deeper to receive the ball, and is a more calmer presence, being able to create chances of his own volition. The striker enjoys being involved in the build-up play as much as the finish. His understudy this time is Nigel Erskine, who made the jump out of Tumbra last season to play for Omnio in Chromatika; he performed extremely well, helping the team to stay up. This is his reward.

Tactical Set-Up


Left Corner Taker				Neil Fraser
Right Corner Taker Robin Vaughn
Penalties Robin Vaughn
Direct FK Taker Craig McGrath
Indirect FK Taker Neil Fraser
Most likely to foul/be booked Raymond Perry
Most likely to shoot Philip Cohen
Most likely to score from close-range Philip Cohen
Most likely to score from long-range Robin Vaughn
Most likely to be fouled Robin Vaughn
Most likely to attempt the spectacular Marcus Sheldon

Style Mod: -3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes*
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes*
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: Yes*

COVID-19 does not exist in Tumbra.

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.


Number of Players to have earned at least 1 Cap: 47
Most Caps
Robin Vaughn (57)
Harry Henderson (49)
Vincent Hicks (47)
Neil Fraser (45)
Russell White (43)
Johnny Brown (43)

All players under 40 caps not listed.

Most Goals
Robin Vaughn (18)
Marcus Sheldon (16)
Philip Cohen (13)

All players under 10 goals not listed.
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:01 am

Licentian National Football Team

The Cyan-and-Gold can’t really have any complaints about their first cycle back in international football. A run to the quarter finals in the Campionato Esportiva was followed by a very respectable World Cup qualifying campaign, and then finishing third place in the toughest group in the Cup of Harmony in Græntfjall and Krytenia. This success has left many fans hopeful of even more success, especially going into the first Campionato held in the Isles since the second edition of the tournament. On the other hand, some worry that the second cycle back will be far more difficult than the first.

Head Coach - Fabrizio Kaal
At first, people questioned the decision of the FALI to hire the title winning manager of Montfort Wanderers only one year into his term at the club. Nobody is questioning Fabrizio Kaal anymore. His change of style seems to have only benefitted a Licentian squad that relied on strong defence throughout their first cycle back on the big stage. Many people are wondering if Kaal will leave the Cyan-and-Gold as quickly as he left the Wanderers: currently, they’re just grateful to have him.

Formation - 4-5-1 (Skill Modifier: -2):
Kaal has dropped his style when managing Montfort Wanderers for a more traditional Licentian style; a 5 man midfield with a playmaking holding midfielder, pacey wingers and a lone striker with the ability to hold up the ball and prowess in the air. The wingers will often drop back alongside the central midfielders, especially in defence, occasionally encouraging overlaps from the full backs, and set pieces will be an important part of the game plan. It is hoped that this slightly defensive style will lead the Licentians further than an all-out attack against more experienced teams, as it has up to now under Kaal’s leadership.



Caitlin Fraser - 33 years - Glenmount Town – CAPTAIN
Sam Heijnis - 29 years - St Thomas
Leland Wood - 25 years - Montfort Wanderers

Caitlin Fraser, as expected, will captain the Licentian Isles at the 30th Campionato. Despite a rough season for her club, she is still the most well-regarded goalkeeper in the Isles, but that’s coming into question more and more. Sam Heijnis is one of many players who have benefitted from the massive improvements made by St Thomas, and Leland Wood still remains the third choice keeper.

Full Backs:

Cam Spijker - 31 years – Mipojoseon Image
Rowan Findlay - 26 years - Montfort Wanderers

Sarah Maartens – 25 years – St Thomas

Cam Spijker and Rowan Findlay are still expected to play at full back for the Cyan-and-Gold at this tournament, but Sarah Maartens is beginning to push them much harder. Maartens seems more likely to replace Findlay for the occasional game, especially given Spijker’s fantastic season in Quebec for Mipojoseon.

Centre Backs:

Lucia Allen - 28 years - Abingdon Celtic
Flora Watson - 30 years - St Thomas – VICE-CAPTAIN

Harris Shaw - 23 years – Waterfleet
Toby Ferguson – 23 years – Bul Khungur Miners Image

Lucia Allen and Flora Watson remain the first choices for Fabrizio Kaal at centre half, with Flora Watson being handed the vice-captain role on the back of her leadership for St Thomas for the last season. Allen is still expected to be a threat at set pieces. Harris Shaw and Toby Ferguson will both be hoping for opportunities at points in the Campionato, but will likely have to wait until friendly games or World Cup qualifying.

Holding Midfielders:

Saul van Duuren - 23 years – Waterfleet
Fiadh Buchan – 20 years – Saltburn Wanderers

With Ethan Smith and Alex Graham both missing out, the holding midfielders for the Campionato are a much younger bunch. Saul van Duuren has become the solid first choice at this position for the Isles, especially after another strong season for Waterfleet, while Fiadh Buchan, who plays for newly promoted Saltburn, narrowly beat out Charlie van den Heiligenberg of St Bart’s Dutch for the reserve place in the squad.

Centre Midfielders:

Arlo McGregor - 24 years - Montfort Wanderers
Arthur Mazereeuw – 21 years – St Thomas

Thomas Hughes – 21 years – Montfort Wanderers
Regan McMillan – 22 years – AFC Farnworth

With the retirement of Tom Johnston, the former captain, the central midfield is another place that has got significantly younger. Arlo McGregor is expected to play a major role in the attack for the Isles, and will be supported by Arthur Mazereeuw of St Thomas in the starting line-up. Thomas Hughes returns after missing out on the Cup of Harmony, while Regan McMillan joins his sister Casey in his first call-up to the national team.


Miles Henderson - 27 years - Abingdon Celtic
Wisse Tuininga - 25 years – SW Stahlberg Image

Scarlet McKenzie - 23 years – Mountainside Image
Casey McMillan – 22 years – AFC Farnworth

Miles Henderson and Wisse Tuininga will likely retain their places on the wings under Fabrizio Kaal for this campaign, though both are beginning to be pushed hard. Scarlet McKenzie has seen her stock greatly rise after her move to Eura, while Casey McMillan has proven herself to be a solid back-up in the last few squads called up by Kaal.

Centre Forwards:

Tiago Weiling - 30 years - St Thomas
Ruaridh Grant - 26 years - Gaelic Club
Anne-Linde van Oers - 22 years – Olympic Thessia Image

Centre forward is one of the few positions where experience wins out in the squad for the Campionato. Despite reaching his 30th birthday, Tiago Weiling was the top scorer for the champions in last season’s Licentian Premier League, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that he has been picked as first choice. Ruaridh Grant and Anne-Linde van Oers are both very strong back-ups with different skill sets to offer from the bench.

Kits - Created by Kirola Sports of Audioslavia:

Visitors to the Licentian Isles for international matches should note that there are a growing number of football hooligans, known on the Isles as “casuals”, who are always liable to cause disruption and possibly attack fans travelling to the Licentian Isles. Travelling supporters are advised to wear team colours wherever possible (as casuals will not attack fans wearing colours without provocation), and avoid areas of the Isles populated by violent casual groups, along with trying to avoid these groups at matches. Most casual groups will be easily identifiable by banners they carry or songs they sing. Groups to avoid (with associated club and parish) include:

Jolly Roger (Garton Bay Pirates, Montfort Parish)
Capital City Squad (Montfort North End, Montfort Parish)
Real Celts (Gaelic Club, Abingdon Parish)
Colliery Casual Crew (Colesham Rovers, Colesham Parish)
Island Riot Squad (St Bart’s United, St Bart’s Parish)
Licentian Border Squad (St Thomas, St Bart’s Parish)

Nations should also note that some casual or ultra groups may travel in force with the Licentian national team for international matches outside the Isles. Not all are violent, but most will carry flares and large banners, and make use of them to build up the atmosphere during a match. If your nation bans this kind of behaviour, please make the FALI aware so that we can warn fans travelling to your nation in advance.

For any more information on Licentian casuals, please contact the FALI (OOC - discuss by TG or Discord).

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Discuss by TG or Discord
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason, and I decide severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Suspend my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod suspension events: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod other events: Discuss by TG or Discord

Fair play and respect are important to Licentian players, and they should not be depicted as going outside the bounds of normal behaviour during a match without prior permission. I will also not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing thing to the Isles without prior permission. If you have another idea that you would like to RP I am happy to collaborate: hopefully it’s clear where to go by now.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Kaldtfjell » Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:05 am

Kaldtfjeller National Football Team

The nation of Kaldtfjell has existed for many years, hidden from the rest of Esportiva by the mountains and by its previous dictator, Steinar Torgnysson. Upon his death, the nation’s new leader, his son, has decided that the world should know a little more about this growing mountain nation. That starts with a national football team being sent to the Campionato Esportiva in the Licentian Isles.

Head Coach – Sverre Ericsson

Formation - 3-5-2 (Skill Modifier: +3):



Andor Baggisson – 21 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Tollak Einarsson – 34 years – FK Brumundal
Geir Erlingsson – 23 years – FK Svolborg

Centre Backs:

Oyvind Baldersson – 26 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Snorri Erlandsson – 33 years – FK Steinnkjer
Viggo Gudbrandsson – 20 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Randel Vidarsson – 30 years – Treborg Fotball
Halvard Stigrsson – 30 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Asbjorn Halsteinsson – 20 years – FK Hvitirseid

Holding Midfielders:

Odin Viggosson – 31 years – FK Brumundal
Amund Freyrsson – 19 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Centre Midfielders:

Elof Ingvarsson – 24 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Þorrarinn Gandalfsson – 26 years – FK Steinnkjer

Torvald Einarsson – 30 years – FK Hvitirseid
Dagfinn Kerrsson – 31 years – SFK Hornungsvagr


Sindri Beckettsson – 33 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Jarl Torkelsson – 28 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Torsten Hallbjornsson – 24 years – FK Steinnkjer
Alvar Torbjornsson – 24 years – FK Brumundal

Centre Forwards:

Havardr Osmondsson – 27 years – FK Brumundal
Bjarne Gustavsson – 21 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Egil Stigandrsson – 20 years – FK Ulsteinvik
Sigge Torleifsson – 24 years – FK Steinnkjer

Kits: Kaldtfjell’s home kit will be red and blue quarters, with the away kit being white with a red and blue horizontal stripe across the chest.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Discuss by TG or Discord
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason, and I decide severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Suspend my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod suspension events: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod other events: Discuss by TG or Discord

I will not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing thing to Kaldtfjell without prior permission. If you have another idea that you would like to RP I am happy to collaborate: hopefully it’s clear where to go by now.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Montego- » Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:33 am

The Royals

A small mountain duchy of a million and a half, ruled by a Duke, and home to the exiled Tumbran royal family. That's just a few of the mysteries that surround the small Duchy of Montego, surrounded by mountains and with pictures to die for. Welcome to Montego, who've decided to venture beyond their borders and into the wide world of football.

The manager for this tournament is Charles Le Goff, aa 47 year old football coach.

Style Mod: -5

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 GK Maurice Girard 25 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
12 GK Francis Moreau 32 0 0 Castlereigh Blackhawks
23 GK Thomas Lefevre 22 0 0 Portlethen Goshawks

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
2 LB Jean Brunet 25 0 0 Duke's Park Rangers
18 LB Michael Dumont 29 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
4 CB Rene Guillaume 24 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
5 CB Jean-Claude Fernandes 32 0 0 Castlereigh Blackhawks

13 CB Robert Chevalier 22 0 0 Portlethen Goshawks
20 CB Herve Renard 34 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
3 RB Nicolas Le Roux 27 0 0 Castlereigh Blackhawks
19 RB Andre Marchal 21 0 0 Portlethen Goshawks

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
6 CM Yves Millet 26 0 0 Duke's Park Rangers
8 CM Henri Grondin [c] 31 0 0 Bryankeld United

10 CM Charles Le Goff 27 0 0 Portlethen Goshawks
15 CM Ludovic Girard 28 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
16 CM Benjamin Berger 21 0 0 Castlereigh Blackhawks
17 CM Emmanuel Hamon 24 0 0 Castlereigh Blackhawks

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
7 LM Ivan Boiteux [vc] 30 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
14 LM Adam Rolland 21 0 0 Castlereigh Blackhawks
9 RM Jacques Lacroix 26 0 0 Duke's Park Rangers
21 RM Olivier Carpentier 20 0 0 Royal Mosjoen

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
11 ST Claude Lacroix 24 0 0 Royal Mosjoen
12 ST Nicolas Petit 31 0 0 Bryankeld United

The name of the game is defence, with a tight 4-4-2 focused on fighting through the centre and counterattacking football. Girard is good with his hands in goal, though he does tend to parry and punch rather than catch the ball; fingertip saves are his favourite.

On the wings, both Brunet and Le Roux are defensive fullbacks, while in the middle Guillaume is everywhere. J-C Fernandes is older, and tends not to run as much as Guillaume, but has excellent positioning and has a menacing tackle.

In the midfield, Millet is the main creative force on the team, while Grondin tends to stay back and shield the defence; he's not afraid of committing fouls, and has a knack for escaping being booked. On the wings, both Boiteux and Lacroix are competent; but the wings are by far the weakest part of the team by far.

Up top, Lacroix is the more advanced striker, eager to finish and good at it too; while Petit plays off Lacroix, in the "hole" between the midfield and the strike force.

Tactical Set-Up


Left Corner Taker				Henri Grondin
Right Corner Taker Henri Grondin
Penalties Claude Lacroix
Direct FK Taker Jean-Claude Fernandes
Indirect FK Taker Nicolas Le Roux
Most likely to foul/be booked Henri Grondin
Most likely to shoot Claude Lacroix
Most likely to score from close-range Nicolas Petit
Most likely to score from long-range Nicolas Le Roux
Most likely to be fouled Jacques Lacroix
Most likely to attempt the spectacular Charles Le Goff

Style Mod: -5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes*
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes*
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: Yes*

COVID-19 does not exist in Montego

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.
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Postby Sangti » Mon Jul 05, 2021 7:36 am

Nationalistic Entity Football Team

Nation Name: The Nationalistic Entity of Sangti
Trigramme: SGT
Style Modifier: +1.73

An Entity trying to find suitable land and budget to clean the mainland area of radiation

After the living supply at the underground ran out, almost all the people living underground were killed by the subsequent leak of radiation and the ensuing landslides there. Some people, including billionaire and owner of the rights of the names "Indios", "Agilang Dilaw", "Angas Sangti", "Globos Angas", and "Sangti", Mr. Marcos Romualdez, were aware of the large flaw and fled to the islands of Filindostan, which they kept on calling the Filindo Isles.

They struck a deal with current leader Dorigo Dutete to establish a base in San Rafael in Kabunuklan Island, where rebels who want to secede from the Filindo government are located in the remote areas of Sinukabang-Kambing, Tapia, and Birdinuguan. The entity plan to unite these rebels and get their sympathy, and convince Dutete to fund the cleansing of the mainland of radioactive residue, and sell the entire Filindostan to their entity and reestablish Sangti as a nation in Esportiva.

All players and staff of the team are from the Filis ethnic group of Filindostan, who are either natives of Kabunuklan Island, or those who are willing to switch allegiances from Filindostan to this entity. The players who committed to this national team will no longer be eligible for selection for the Filindostan national team should they decide to return to international competitions.

Manager: Ennica DOMAGOSO, aged 53, native of Tapia, Filindostan
Played for commercial side Fipocor FC, she took coaching at San Rafael Wardogs upon retirement, and was one of the coaches of the club upon appointment of the role. As no current Filindostani managers tried to take the role due to the possible conflict of interest over the nation, Domagoso took the chance to manage the team.

Assistant Manager: Esthery GOYING, aged 47, native of San Rafael, Filindostan
Former goalkeeper played for Fipocor FC, upon retirement, she went to San Lomar Cooperative to train their goalkeepers. Same circumstances as with Domagoso.

Playing Lineup

All players are FIlindostani unless noted, and have not played a single senior match for Filindostan. The captain of the team, Warren Jay Exciminiano is a former Under-21 standout but never made it to the national team.

=== PLAYERS ===
1 | GK | Kimberly TIU | F | 36 | Image San Lomar Cooperative, Former Filindo U18 player
13 | GK | Jaedick Jairus JARAVATA | M | 27 | Image Bagtasan Hi-Land
23 | GK | Claire Joan MACARAIG | F | 28 | Image Buenavista SC 90005

2 | RB | Amelyn Joy RAYMUNDO | F | 37 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
19 | RCB | Reyben ABANTAO | M | 32 | Image Bagtasan Hi-Land, Former Filindo U18 player
3 | LB | Ellijah Leif PILOTON | M | 24 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
17 | LCB | Dorothy Daniella BALERO | F | 30 | Image Kabanalan SC 90004

6 | CB | Kristoffer Hessen BUARON | M | 30 | Image San Lomar Cooperative, Former Filindo U21 player
5 | CB | Lakan PANSOY | M | 27 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U18 player
16 | CB | Theodore Romar PALAROAN | M | 28 | Image San Lomar Cooperative

7 | RCM | Warren Jay EXCIMINIANO | M | 38 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U21 player
14 | RCM | Cyrine Liezel CALUB | F | 29 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta
11 | LM | Carlitos CRUZEM | M | 31 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
12 | LM | Mikail QUELAPIO | M | 24 | Image San Rafael Wardogs

4 | CDM | Shereen ALBISO | F | 27 | Image Locomotiva San Marco, Former Filindo U18 player
8 | CM | Boy Eufracio BUGNA | M | 29 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
18 | CM | Arianne Marie MANZANO | F | 38 | Image San Lomar Cooperative

15 | FW | Barbara Arriane APOSTOL | F | 27 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
20 | FW | Bryan Art RIVERA | M | 28 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
10 | FW | Jeronimo Jovito APOLONIO | M | 26 | Image San Lomar Cooperative
22 | FW | Christoffer McDarvin DE CLARO | M | 26 | Image San Lomar Cooperative
9 | FW | Pol Harrier ALINSANGAN | M | 26 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U18 player

Provided by Libertad Sportswear



RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I'll determine the severity and duration on the sidelines
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Ancherion » Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:49 am

Ancherion's National Football Team


Main Formation is 4-3-3 with CMs and one DCM
Secondaries include: 4-3-3 with two CMs and one AMC, 4-2-3-1 with two CMs, 4-1-3-1 with one DCM or 4-4-2 with two CMs

Captain Order: Arts, De Longi, Hassen

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (Nothing Too Serious)
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y (Nothing too Serious)
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y (max 5 including double yellows)
Give Red Cards to my players: Y (No more than two players, max 2 match suspension)
Godmod other events: Y

Style Modifier: 2.4
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Postby Gouvanarch » Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:18 pm


Kevredigezh Gouvanarchais de Mell-Droad
Gouvanarch Football Federation

After decades of international dormancy the Kevredigezh Gouvanarchais de Mell-Droad has decided to bring Gouvanarchais football to the international stage. Football is the by far and wide biggest sport in Gouvanarch, yet there is no benchmark as to its strength. This is about to change. Tactically Gouvanarch is fairly conservative, sticking to a solid 4-4-2, but they are trying to learn from this tournament to potentially gain more tactical flexibility. They managed to get past the group stages of both Wonder Cup and Baptism of Fire, but both times failed to advance in the knock-out stages, but their performances in both tournaments have been taken note of by the international footballing community, which was continued on in the qualification stages of World Cup 87, where Gouvanarch finished a respectable 6th in the group.

Cadhoiarn de Rely - 48
Cadhoiarn de Rely interned at the academy of Tikariotian powerhouse Oriannor Mountaineers and has gained valuable insight into the inner workings of a strong team, trying to emulate this for the national team as well. While playing a 4-4-2 formation, he puts great emphasis on pressing the opponent, trying to force them into making mistakes in their own half, so far with varying success.

G Eudon Rocque - 22 - The Wolves Club (MUR) - 11 caps, 0 goals, 0 assists
Rocque is showing great potential, but still suffers from inexperience in most areas of his play. He possesses excellent reflexes and is using his height very well for high balls, but he still is insecure when coming out of the goal and sometimes still mistimes his jumps.
LB Judoc Tanet - 29 - AS Plourafel - 15 caps, 0 goals, 3 assists
One of the older players in the squad, Tanet is the calm rock in the Gouvanarchais defense. He does not play flashy and also does not contribute a whole lot to the offense, but he is extremely dependable against oncoming attackers and also does not lose his calm under pressure.
CB Alanig Quiviger - 24 - Morannon Athletic FC (TKT) - 14 caps, 0 goals, 1 assist
Quiviger has been likened to a terrier, following his opponents wherever they go and not letting go. While unnerving his opponent(s) and often preventing them from getting to the ball to begin with, he also concedes too many free kicks close to his own team's box and the coaches hope that some additional international experience will help him become calmer. His physical presence, however, already is impressive.
CB Guimand de la Verdure - 19 - Parakleion Firebirds FC (TKT) - 13 caps, 0 goals, 3 assists
A very modern defender, de la Verdure possesses surprising technique for a centre back, but he is capable of winning the ball and then immediately initiating the counter attack with great long passes into the other half, capable of seeking out offensive midfielders and strikers alike. He is quick, but is lacking aerial play, which requires him to have a strong, tall defender to complement.
RB Domard Prudhomme - 33 - Virtus Redoccio (SOR) - 14 caps, 0 goals, 1 assist
The oldest player in the starting lineup, Prudhomme is maybe the weakest point in the Gouvanarchais team, lacking speed and offensive contribution, even though he is a dogged contender in any challenge. The defensive right side is a problem area and some experts call Prudhomme the "least likely to commit a fatal mistake".
LM Jagu de Vandes - 20 - Nottingham County United (MUR) - 15 caps, 3 goals, 4 assists
Part of the championship winning team of FC Carnoël 84, de Vandes is one of the biggest raw diamonds in Gouvanarchais football. He has the speed, the technique and a good tactical acumen, but is severely lacking the physical robustness modern football requires and he also has to work on his decision making. His talent, however, is great and several international teams have already expressed interest in signing de Vandes in the upcoming offseason.
CM Jacut Desesprechin - 28 - Morannon Athletic FC (TKT) - 12 caps, 0 goals, 2 assists
Desesprechin is the central presence in Gouvanarch's defensive midfield and has speed, physicality and a mean streak when it comes to chasing down his opposition. A tireless worker he is known to get stuck in and do (almost) whatever it takes to capture the ball, often toeing the line of what is allowed in the rules, making him a potential red card risk in the more intense games. His freekicks are feared throughout Gouvanarch with some players refusing to go into the wall when he is ready to shoot.
CM Waleran Bracquaval - 28 - Dawson Diamonds (KHD) - 15 caps, 2 goals, 1 assist
Waleran Bracquaval is the midfield motor for Laorivoaré and hopefully also the national team. He is a virtual ball magnet that attracts it and he also has a great eye to redistribute it. The tendency for almost every attack going through him, however, also poses the risk of predictability, which is one thing coach de Rely is trying to instill into the team to avoid. He also possesses a great shot from a distance, making him one of the more dangerous midfielders in this sector as well.
RM Jodoc Gane - 18 - Vantanoch FC (TKT) - 15 caps, 5 goals, 1 assist
Another one of the unpolished gems, Gane played a surprisingly large role in Carnoël's road to the championship. He is all speed and offense, creating a sometimes dangerous vacuum between him and the extremely defensive Prudhomme, but his defensive play leaves a lot to be desired. He has strokes of brilliance that can open up the game, but also is still prone to horrendous mistakes, which then put his defensive teammates in trouble.
FW Adhémar Desreaulx - 25 - Morannon Athletic FC (TKT) - 15 caps, 13 goals, 4 assists
Tall and wide, Desreaulx is a very powerful, physical attacker, whose nickname "4x4" is program. He does not have the best technique, but once he gets rolling it is very hard for any defender to get him off the ball without committing a foul. Equipped with a powerful shot he is capable to tear down a defense on his own if he can survive the first touch that still has a tendency to bounce too far.
FW Barthelemy de la Cormeilles - 18 - Vilharady Owls FC (TKT) - 15 caps, 9 goals, 10 assists
Widely regarded as likely the biggest talent in Gouvanarchais football, Barthelemy de la Cormeilles already is playing for the Tikariot City FC Academy (on loan to the Vilharady Owls for the new season) and has all the tools to become a complete striker. He has speed, technique and a decent robustness which is the main point of criticism for now. He possesses a great scoring instinct, but still has to learn to have a better eye for his teammates as he has a tendency to try too much on his own.

GK - Conomor de la Ruelle - 25 - AS Plourafel
LB - Tilio de Lorraine - 17 - Yaton FC (TAE)
LB - Barnabaz d'Athenous - 19 - Port Tacassam (TKT)
CB - Agenet Boisivon - 32 - AS Plourafel
CB - Cedric Lefebvre - 21 - Stade Olympique Carhaix
CB - Alfonce Du Thuict - 23 - VZRH Matov-Uri (ZRH)
RB - Goneri Le Seigneur - 26 - Kyethas Rivermen FC (TKT)
RB - Sulwored Eude - 29 - Pyathora Mariners FC (TKT)
LM - Paol Damours - 21 - AS Plourafel
LM - Eudon Tournebulle - 22 - Ratzupalfu Rhinos (SNL)
CM - Gwenaël Decottignies - 27 - Pyathora Mariners FC (TKT)
CM - Nolwenn Le Houérou - 27 - AS Douarnac'h
CM - Remont Thomas - 19 - West Couno United (TMB)
RM - Tudon Bleuzen - 18 - US Deaclan-Gavorique
RM - Ambroas de Montgomery - 17 - North Chamberley (SYL)
CF - Duenerth Dufour - 26 - Urbitzo FC (ASG)
CF - Brocardo de Vymont - 18 - Anhedron Wanderers FC (TKT)
CF - Rimaël Postel - 24 - Montfort Wanderers (TLI)
CF - Padrig Péricard - 24 - Virtus Redoccio (SOR)
GK - Gervese Desmares - 22 - Olympique Sarantec


Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes-ish (TG me and I can give you the names, but we'll figure this out one way or another)
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal)
Godmod other events: Maybe? (Please TG in this case)

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Postby Castlelobruxo » Tue Jul 06, 2021 7:36 am

Castlelobruxo National Football Team

Ooooohhhhh, Football that's an interesting one but you see the history of football in Bruxo doesn’t have a similar history as it does in many other nations. Football as a sport was unknown in Castlelobruxo and still is. The first form of any type of football was played when Quidditch players tried to kick the Quaffle with their legs instead of catch it. This naturally made it basically impossible to score so they decided to remove the flying element from the game. And after multiple decades of the evolution of the sport we ended up at a sport similar to football. However in Castlelobruxo the sport of football is known as Pes Sphera (literally football in latin). The 15 players that shall be travelling to the Licentian Isles to take part in the thirtieth edition of the Campionato Esportiva is among the best Castlelobruxo players out there and they have taken on from their Quidditch playing counterparts and love to play rough and might be the cause of a few injuries and do get sent off often.

Starters (4-2-1-3)
#1 Wormsquawk Newtsmoke (GK) (Age - 32)
#2 Skullhiss Catreek (RB) (Age - 24)
#3 Dragonweed Shadowdrip (CB) (Age - 17)
#4 Boilfist Flamemoon (CB) (Age - 21)
#5 Fearbug Nightcape (LB) (Age - 31)
#6 Wartsnort Bloodsquawk (CM) (Age - 26)
#7 Blackcape Gristlesneer (CAM) (Age - 17)
#8 Swampstare Hellbug (CM) (Age - 19)
#9 Shadowgnash Startlesneer (RW) (Age - 28)
#10 Newtspoon Fearstench (CF) (Age - 30)
#11 Spidersquawk Blackscream (LW) (Age - 31)

#12 Hazelscare Startleburp (GK) (Age - 17)
#13 Gristlecast Feardrip (CB/RB/LB) (Age - 31)
#14 Wartbug Hensneer (CM/CAM) (Age - 20)
#15 Toadbite Hellreek (RW/LW/CF) (Age - 29)

Manager - Demontrot Bubblestare (Age - 52)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes (lemme know first)
RP injuries to my players: Yes but be aware that we magic can heal them instantaneously
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes but be reasonable
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes but again be reasonable
Godmod other events: Maybe (Let me know)

Style Mod : 5
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Postby Gergary » Tue Jul 06, 2021 11:15 am

Gergary National Football Team
Gergary Nationale Fußballmannschaft | Gergary Labdarúgó-válogatott

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: 140
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold

Coaching Staff
Manager: Heidemarie Frost | 58 | Female
Assistant Manager: Milos Tolvaj | 67 | Male
Coach: Gunther Leitz | 60 | Male
Assistant Coach: Zsofia Kiraly | 70 | Female
Doctor: Arthur Wieck | 69 | Male

Playing Squad
# | Ar | Pos | Name                            | Gender | Ag | Club
1 | GK | GK | Laci Kurthy | Male | 31 | Balogsi ETO
13 | GK | GK | Jozsi Apponyi | Male | 24 | VfR Steinigestrasse
23 | GK | GK | Bella Lajtha | Female | 22 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
2 | DF | RCB | Kati Eross | Female | 26 | VfR Steinigestrasse
19 | DF | RCB | Adel Heszlenyi | Female | 27 | Balogsi ETO
5 | DF | CB | Adulf Ludwig | Male | 24 | Balogsi ETO
6 | DF | CB | Oliver Egerszegi | Male | 21 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
16 | DF | CB | Ibolya Szilard | Female | 21 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
3 | DF | LB | Kevin Hauer | Male | 22 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
17 | DF | LCB | Wotan Alscher | Male | 24 | VfR Steinigestrasse
11 | MF | RM | Feri Kun | Male | 24 | Balogsi ETO
21 | MF | RCM | Csenge Kalocsai | Female | 24 | VfR Steinigestrasse
4 | MF | CM | Annabell Breisacher | Female | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
8 | MF | CM | Dorka Vargha | Female | 25 | Balogsi ETO
14 | MF | CM | Miki Bacsik | Male | 21 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
18 | MF | CM | Vanda Kenyeres | Female | 22 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
7 | MF | LCM | Emmeline Wegener | Female | 23 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
12 | MF | LM | Hubert Behrend | Male | 30 | VfR Steinigestrasse
--- FORWARDS ---
9 | FW | FW | Amalia Zsigmondy | Female | 28 | VfR Steinigestrasse
10 | FW | FW | Erik Bartos | Male | 26 | Balogsi ETO
15 | FW | FW | Petra Nemet | Female | 22 | Balogsi ETO
20 | FW | FW | Anja Hoffmann | Female | 27 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
22 | FW | FW | Ingeburg Armbruster | Female | 23 | SV Bauern Milchmaenner


Coming soon
Gergary's football kits will be supplied by Hispinas' Harrokeria.
Primary kit is Green and White - Secondary kit is Black and Gold.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the kits.

RP Permissions
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match N)
GodMod Injury Events N (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match Y)

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: N

Style Modifier: -2
Capital: Ingbert-Borbély | Trigram: GGY | Leader: Domonkos Virág | Sportswire
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Postby Xanneria » Tue Jul 06, 2021 10:11 pm


NATION: United Provinces of Xanneria, Xanneria, or XAN
FORMATION: 3-2-3-2


COACH: Myrone Rhule 48 y/o
ASSISTANT COACH: Even Jefferson 51 y/o
ASSISTANT COACH: Alex Beltoise 39 y/o
TRAINER: Garth Bennett 62 y/o


ST #21 Carlton Brower - Austin City 
ST #13 Andrew Gasey - Pearlham SC
LOM #5 Kelvin Bryse - (SNL)
CAM #4 Bray Feltzer - Free Agent
ROM #9 Stefano Stepetti - Meriador FC (TIK)
FLEX - Mid #31 Xander Washington - Free Agent
RDM #11 Max Smith - Delano City SC
LB #40 Lydia Guthrie - Winchester City (CDG)
CB #16 Bernardo Fransisco-De La Tomosa - St Warren City FC (CBP)
RB #6 Nikolai Brown - Perce Town (QUE)
GK #0 Even Jefferson Jr - East End


ST #24 Kyle Falcon - Free Agent
ST #33 Jessica Yarville - Hawthorne Kickers
ST #2 Kyle Broadway - Hawthorne Kickers
LOM #16 Theo Branson - Carelton Park Rangers
CAM #22 Alec Bon Air - Free Agent
ROM #10 Anton Vito - Austin City
LDM #9 Leon Del Fuentes - Galaxy SC
RDM #12 Patti Goncalves - Northbury SC (CDG)
LB #19 Tijuan Harrison - East End
CB #15 Liv Brownstreet - Bearden
RB #3 Dale Montgomery - Austin City
DF #40 Dario Sheffield - Grande Mountain (CDG)
GK #00 Laquan Price - Northbury SC (CDG)
GK #01 Hailey Rae Crawford - Rapido Burns
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Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 80-23-59 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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The Grearish Union
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Postby The Grearish Union » Tue Jul 06, 2021 10:45 pm


21-Player Squad


Nation Name: The Republic of The Grearish Union
Short Names: The Grearish Union, Grearish Union, Grearia
Demonyms: Grearish
Colours: Black, Gold and White
National Anthem: 'All Hearts for Grearia'
Capital City: Atheburn
Other Major Cities: Plibury, Forsho, Edgenorth

FA: Grearish Football Association
Highest Domestic League: None (All footballers are on central contracts.)
Nickname: The Black Lilies
Home Stadium: The Atheburn Park, in the capitcal city of Atheburn is the usual home stadium due to the high capacity and is therefore given greatest preference. This, however, does not mean that the GFA will host it's matches in one stadium only, and will rotate matches as and when needed.
Ultras Group: Grand Street Heroes
Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +2
Manager: Sigtryggur Brynjólfursson, 65, GRF Image Former manager of the Græntfjaller and Garbelian national teams.
Captain: Joanna Rodrigues, 28
Vice Captain: Avery McAuley, 23
Recent retirees: Alexander Allman, 39, who is now manager of Kinetic Islanders (SNL).
Recent call-ups: Linda Taylor, 16


Susanna Schaefer, 22, #1, Female, Goalkeeper
Umnama'kik-Inverness 1877, QUE Image

Schaefer is known around the country to be a prodigy in the Grearish football ranks, with what they call the safest hands in the entire land. Having grown up a few miles outside Plibury, the rural background meant that she had to do a lot of the heavy lifting (literally as well) for her family, being the eldest in her generation. Her performance will be heavily scrutinised in the 88th World Cup, with her position becoming increasingly more competitive.
Joanna Rodrigues, 28, #2, Female, Left Back, (Captain)
Cranequin City, NPH Image

Some say, that being named captain of the football side has worked in the favour of Grearish skipper Rodrigues, as the 24-year-old is expected to stand stall to defend the opposition's right wing attacks and overlaps, while making sure our own left-wing is well-fed with a regular supply of deliveries from the back four. A charismatic showing of leadership and an intelligent style of gameplay, coupled with impeccable vision and a sense of innate empathy justified her being adjudged the skipper of the Grearish national team. The entire nation is now rooting behind her.
Lydia Radcliffe, 24, #3, Female, Left Centre Back
EFS, EUR Image

Lydia has taken up responsibility of the Grearish backline ver since the retirement of the evergreen Alex Allman. A cool head under pressure, Radcliffe is known to be nifty on the ball but is strictly no-nonsense when it comes to dealing with the threats from the opposition. Keen eyes will be on her display.
Mateo Elliott, 25, #4, Male, Right Centre Back
Letson Town, ETN Image

The young Mateo Elliott was known to be a bit of a wonderkid ever since he burst on to the national scene when he stood immovable in front of his goal, defending to the end. This well-built right centre back will be one to watch out for, if the pundits are to be believed!
Callum Frank, 32, #5, Male, Right Back
Kinetik Islanders, SNL Image

Jersey number 5 goes to Callum Frank, who has transitioned from a bench-warmer to a proper starter these days. There will be room for like-for-like replacement, however, and Frank will have to earn his spot on the NT every match.
Fergus Sloan, 28, #6, Male, Left Wing
Shamrock Cathair, AUD Image

Sloan is undoubtedly one of the best left wingers for the national team, this cycle, as the Shamrock Cathair star has been making waves in the Audoslavian leagues for quite some time now. He will be indispensable in the national team plans going forward.
Chance Benton, 22, #7, Male, Central Midfielder
Marketville, EUR Image

Chance Benton, named by his parents after he was born in one of the most difficult times the family had seen in terms of financial and social stability, Chance has definitely taken every chance he could get up until this point to get the coveted central midfielder position in the fairly new Grearish national team. Ball distribution being one of his key assets, will have keen eyes overlooking it, as he tries to help his comrades out to work every inch of space available in the midfield, or wherever his team needs him.
Layla-Mae Potts, 21, #8, Female, Central Midfielder
Ming, CMT Image

Adding to what some might call the youthful boiling blood of the Grearish midfield, comes Layla-Mae Potts, renowned for her pinpoint passing precision, and ability to pick up teammate runs as they occur around her every second. A timid girl when not on the field, Potts shows the greatest of transformation to convert into the fierce central midfielder that Grearia has been blessed with.
Janet Daly, 20, #9, Female, Right Winger
AFC Whittorians, EOT Image

Completing the 4-player midfield formation is another young gun out of Bradwick in the south. Janet, otherwise completing her 10th standard examinations back in school, decided to try out for the Grearish national team when news spread that the BoF was upon us and the nation needed youngblood who were hungry for victory. This tactful right winger knows most tricks of the trade to fool her opposition, but a rather short-tempered teenage mentality might prove to be her greatest foe.
Avery McAuley, 23, #10, Female, Striker, (Vice-Captain)
GFA Central Contract

Number 10 and probably one of the most sought-after players for the Grearish NT, Mc Auley is also the vice captain for the national team we take such pride in. The Black Lilies' premier striker will be on the lookout for a prolific goal-scoring season as a poacher up front, relying on her immense shooting force and gargantuan willpower.
Willis Kline, 28, #11, Male, Striker
Dalaris City, PFA Image

We round off the starting eleven with the inclusion of Kline, the deep lying forward, who prevents the supply chain from the midfielders to McAuley from getting blocked up. Kline, however, is not expected to be rigid in his role, and that the Grearish public can expect to see a flurry of goals from him as well.


Summer-Rose Stuart, 28, #12, Female, Goalkeeper
Reedostown, XAN Image

The second goalkeeper of the 21-player squad is Summer-Rose Stuart, who despite being the elder of the two, finds herself on the bench. The gaffer seems to be quite firm about the first XI choices hat he makes, but one cannot rule out the possibility of a change in the guardian under the sticks once Grearia finds itself in a suitable position.
Jasmine Gardener, 29, #13, Female, Left Back
Steinaux, GRF Image

In what some pundits are claiming could be only a possibility under a major injury condition, Gardener is seen as an eclipsed player by the Grearish community, shadowed by the all-pervasive charisma of Rodrigues as the skipper. Preparing for the worst, Gardener may as well be blooming flowers of success for Grearia in times of grave crisis.
Linda Taylor, 16, #14, Female, Left Centre Back
GFA Central Contract

Being an ardent dog-lover hailing from the port city of Paethsmouth, Linda had to choose between rugby and football. We’re all blessed she chose the beautiful game, because the Black Lilies will depend on her in the near future.
Lilah Buchanan, 24, #15, Female, Right Back
GFA Central Contract

Buchanan's quick rise to the national scene was propelled by her blistering right leg, and her sturdy build, making her a fearsome barrier for most opposition wingers. The tall Grearish defender had caught the eyes of national team scouts in the wake of the announcement of the Grearish participation in the World Cup spectacle, and the performance of this young workhorse has never disappointed since.
Theia Golde, 21, #16, Female, Right Centre Back
GFA Central Contract

The 16-year-old wonder in Theia Golde sees herself on the bench accounting for her lack of domestic experience in inter-city clashes, and her injury proneness. The selection at a young age, however, shows some promising signs for the years to come!
Dionne Blackmore, 34, #17, Female, Right Wing
GFA Central Contract

The senior right winger will most likely not see action until some injury occurs, as there seems to be no valid reason to change two fact paced young guns for a player into her thirties. In the belief that she might be able to slow down the tempo of game with her intelligent passing, however, may be the deal maker if she does get a few minutes on the field.
Ruby Houghton, 25, #18, Female, Central Midfield
Burgess FC, EOT Image

Houghton is our reserve central midfielder for the cycle, with impressive performances in intra-Grearish levels. The youthful CM might as well have to see out a few matches for Grearia as the midfield job is predicted to be rather tough, and substitutions would not surprise a lot of people.
Cassandra Preston, 28, #19, Female, Left Winger
Morningstar, NPH Image

Fondly known to the public by the name of Cassandra "Pacey" Preston, the speedy left winger has a vicious left foot in her arsenal that has caught many eyes in the course of the selection process for the Grearish national team. The onus will be on her in the upcoming international season to prove her might, as she will face off against some of the best in the world in battles to assume control of the midfield.
Aaron Murphy, 24, #20, Male, Attacking Central Midfielder
Ratzupalfu Rhinos, SNL Image

The 20-year-old number 20 of the Grearish NT, Aaron Murphy is one-of-a-kind. With no other ACMs in the team and the gaffer preferring a rather traditional 4-4-2 approach, Murphy finds himself on the bench. However, if pundits are to be believed, a Murphy substitution in a game could turn it on its head and will thus be a key player for the side, tactically.
Gia Knott, 28, #21, Female, Striker
GFA Central Contract

Another prolific striker in the Grearish ranks, Knott is seen as an out-and-out striker, who is believed to be a perfect replacement for Kline who likes to play in a slightly withdrawn role, in case the gaffer wants to go on the attack mode with the pedal to the metal.



1 Susanna Schaefer 22 F GK
2 Joanna Rodrigues 28 F LB
3 Lydia Radcliffe 24 F LCB
4 Mateo Elliott 25 M RCB
5 Callum Frank 32 M RB
6 Fergus Sloan 28 M LW
7 Chance Benton 22 M CM
8 Layla-Mae Potts 21 F CM
9 Janet Daly 20 F RW
10 Avery McAuley 23 F ST
11 Willis Kline 28 M ST


12 Summer-Rose Stuart 28 F GK
13 Jasmine Gardener 29 F LB
14 Linda Taylor 16 F LCB
15 Lilah Buchanan 24 F RB
16 Theia Golde 21 F RCB
17 Dionne Blackmore 34 F RW
18 Ruby Houghton 25 F CM
19 Cassandra Preston 28 F LW
20 Aaron Murphy 24 M ACM
21 Gia Knott 28 F ST



The 4-4-2 is the most widely used formation in the highly nationalised Grearish academy structure for football, where most players grow up playing the 4-4-2, hardly wavering to any other formation.



Home - Away - GK
These fantastic kits were provided to us by the Donnaconan sportswear brand, Infinite. These will be worn with pride by the national football team of The Union for the foreseeable future.

I give my opponent the permission to:

Choose my goal-scorers: Yes
Godmod goal-scoring events: Yes
Injure players: Yes (For serious injuries, please reach out via TG or Discord.)
Godmod injury events: No
Red card players: Please reach out via TG or Discord.
Yellow card players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing that alters my nation.

Any violation of the above will meet the ignore cannon.
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IC Name: Grearia, The Grearish Union
Area: 655,436 km2 | Population: 88,636,071 | Pop. Density: 135.23 per km2
A proud member of Esportiva!
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Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Wed Jul 07, 2021 12:18 am


The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula (Full-Gah-Moose) was first established on 6 December 2008, when Fleftic explorers landed on what was then a previously undiscovered continent. These explorers landed on a large peninsula that they named Fhulghamous because of its rich and lush green forests. One of the explorers then fell into an old mine shaft while exploring the peninsula and discovered that the entire peninsula was lying on top of one of the biggest diamond deposits ever discovered by mankind. Once the explorers announced their discovery to the Fleftic government, the Democratic Republic Army Corps of Engineers was quickly dispatched to help speed up the establishment of the colony by helping in constructing settlements and assisting in constructing mining facilities to extract the diamonds within the land.

The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula was officially established as a colony of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft on 6 September 2010 following the signing of Democratic Republic Act No. 2340. The colony's capital would be Port Thimpodopoulos, named after Sergeant Major Pythagoras Thimpodopoulos of the Army Corps of Engineers, who tragically died of a heart attack during the construction of the settlement that would eventually bear his name. Today, Port Thimpodopoulos has a population of ten million, accounting for just under half of the total population of the colony. Other cities in the colony were Besanza, Tadoki, Haritzaga City and Thereisnogodabad, home of Multiverse Premier League club Thereisnogodistan FC.

The colony is under the leadership of Governor-General Petrarchos Kulbano, brother of Minister of Colonial Affairs Demetrios Kulbano. His rule saw the Fhulghamous Peninsula's ascent to being one of the most economically-productive colonies of the Democratic Republic, but due to the colony's distance from the mainland Governor Kulbano is slowly beginning to treat the colony as his own personal fiefdom. This was one of the reasons why he had decided to send forth a petition to send a national team to the Di Bradini Cup, the Multiverse's top under-21 football competition. Unfortunately due to some last-minute troubles, the Fhulghamous Peninsula's team was not allowed entry into the Di Bradini Cup, leaving many people in the colony a bit unfulfilled. But when another chance to send forth a national team revealed itself, Governor Kulbano was quick to submit his team's entry, and this time he made sure that the wouldn't miss out on another chance at participating in an international competition.

Name of Nation: The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula
Demonym: Fhulghamousian, Colonist
Team colors: Green and gray
Style modifier: +3.00 (Yet another very attacking side)
Manager: Antonis Papadimitriou (56 y/o, Fhulghamous Peninsula)

GK: Filippos Economatos (33 y/o, Palaeiologi, captain)
RB: Charalambos Kontides (34 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)
RCB: Sotirios Rapteas (31 y/o, Esquadrille White Rabbits)
LCB: Idas Gianopoulos (30 y/o, Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza)
LB: Ossama Abboud (31 y/o, OGC Nou Nicaea)
RM: Mutlaq el-Aboud (26 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
RCM: Karim Khouri (29 y/o, Sfaxspor)
LCM: Platon Metratos (33 y/o, Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza)
LM: Hossam Issa (31 y/o, Heliopolisspor, co-captain)
RS: Arturo San Martin (33 y/o, Deportivo Pequeña Mellila)
LS: Julian Elvira (25 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)

GK: Husani Safar (31 y/o, Palaeiologi)
GK: Oriol Rey (36 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
DF: Francisco Jose Juarez (33 y/o, Haritzaga Albion)
DF: Walid Joman (18 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)
DF: Eric Alferez (29 y/o, UD Nuevo Carthago)
MF: Abu Taleb Islam (26 y/o, CD Thereisnogodabad)
MF: Leander Biros (28 y/o, Charalambos FC)
MF: Hamad al-Majid (24 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
MF: Priamos Kontoulis (18 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
FW: Manuel Cueva (32 y/o, UD Nuevo Carthago)
FW: Pablo Gimenez (34 y/o, Emekasis Sportif)
FW: Gerasimos Mouratidis (17 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)

If the Fhulghamous is facing a higher-ranked opponent then Economatos is the captain.
If the Fhulghamous is facing a lower-ranked opponent then Issa is the captain.

KITS (by Adidulas)

Arena Marinos is the home ground of both FC Marinos Thimpodopoulos, which plays in Abanhfleft's Premier League (first level of the Fleftic football league system) and the Fhulghamous Peninsula national football team. It has a total capacity of 35,673 spectators. Now back in service after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake caused part of the stadium's roof to collapse and devastated the capital city of the colony, necessitating a lot of repairs.

Richard Dawkins Park has a capacity of 23,171 spectators. Following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that devastated Port Thimpodopoulos, all Fhulghamous Peninsula home matches were held in RDP in Thereisnogodabad while repairs were being made on Arena Marinos. With Arena Marinos now fixed, both the Fhulghamous Peninsula Football Association and Thereisnogodistan FC have reached an agreement in which RDP will serve as an alternate venue for national team games in recognition for the time that Richard Dawkins Park served as the home stadium of the national team following the earthquake.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I decide the severity and length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (only 1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first before posting anything)

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Postby Castlelobruxo » Wed Jul 07, 2021 5:26 am


Wizards and Witches to face hosts and a retired side
The Castlelobruxo National Pes Sphera team were in Monfort, Licentian Isles for the group draw of the upcoming Capionato Esportiva. Taking part in the Campionato for the first time, we were unranked and hence were placed in Pot 4 basically guaranteeing us very stiff opposition from the other teams. Bubblestare was at the National Concert Hall anxiously awaiting the faith of his team in the upcoming CE. Having been a very talented player in his time he had never gotten the chance the players were being given due to the seclusion of Castlelobruxo from the rest of the multiverse by the now overthrown, Ministry of Magic. Th overthrowing of the Ministry of Magic in Bruxo was followed by the establishment of the Democratic Magical Republic of Castlelobruxo. Bublestare has more often then not expressed his regret on his failure to represent Castlelobruxo at the international stage. But this, this was his opportunity. An opportunity to show the world his tactical brilliance. Drew Morton the FALI President was conducting the draw and a nervous Demontrot Bubblestare was clearly visible in the live telecast of the draw being shown on Castlelobruxo TV. And the moment we were drawn with the hosts Licentian Isles we knew right away that this would not be an easy exercise for us despite drawing two relatively easy opponents from the 2nd and 3rd pots. Burgburgh and The Hinodejin Empire joined us in Group E. The mostly inexperienced players of Castlelobruxo will be looking to make a mark on the world in this edition of the Campionatoby potentially causing a few upsets.

In other news - Pes Sphera players find playing with a different ball other than the Quaffle “weird”

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Esportivan Darmen
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Esportivan Darmen Football Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Football Association

Manager: Ralph Fried, 55
Assistant Manager: Rhisiart Howell, 63
Defensive Coach: Hartley Banks, 39

23 Player Roster
#  Pos Name                 Age Club                         Caps Goals
1 GK Junior Wheeler 26 Cairo United 51 1
2 LB Flynn Arnold 33 Cairo United 31 0
3 LCB Gruffydd Kitchen 23 Civil Service FC 31 1
4 RCB Noel White 25 St. Leonards Casuals FC 6 0
5 RB Sandy Larson 33 Earo United 40 1
6 LM Quinn Parent 28 Naitpyge United 28 2
7 LCM Aubrey Arnold 33 Cairo United 47 3
8 RCM Deforest Allan 29 Naitpyge United 51 6
9 RM Meade Arterbury 34 Earo United 51 3
10 LF Demyan Borisov 26 Chuckio FC (DAR) 48 32
11 RF Davie Underwood 27 Earo United 51 21

12 GK Johnny Coleman 30 Naitpyge United 0 0
13 LB Diederich Sonnen 28 Kaiserville BSC 39 1
14 LCB Wolf Aue 33 Aissurop United 21 1
15 RCB Yaroslav Gavrilyuk 32 Tanamera United 24 1
16 RB Bleddyn Llywelyn 28 Drury St. John's Drillers 19 0
17 LM Willoughby Patterson 27 PFC Sofia 9 0
18 LCM Grover Spooner 32 St. Leonards Casuals FC 26 3
19 RCM Graeme Simpson 29 St. Leonards Casuals FC 2 0
20 RM Chad Jepson 24 St. Leonards Casuals FC 2 0
21 LF Maldwyn Lloyd 30 Portsmouth FC 4 0
22 RF Isay Bogomolov 27 Tanamera United 5 1
23 GK Kaolin Forester 29 Earo United 0 0

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1.25

There's a ball. There's a goal. Get the ball in... the... goal.

Oh and stop the other team from doing that too.

When the team decides to be a little more sophisticated, counter-attacking is the name of the game.

Team Roles
Captain: Meade Arterbury
Vice-Captain: Sandy Larson
Left Corner: Flynn Arnold
Right Corner: Meade Arterbury
Penalties: Demyan Borisov
Free-kicks: Deforest Allan

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES! If you name your goal scorers, please also name mine.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason.
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Also, sending TG's to Darmen will probably be the quickest way to get in contact with me if necessary.
Esportivan Darmen
Regional President: Aston West (REP) | Capital: Cayo Costa | Population: 91,494 | Demonym: Esportivan Darmeni, Darmeni | Trigramme: ESD
Factbook (WIP)
Third: CE 12 (as Earo), CE 26 (as SEU), CE 28

Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union

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This is the nth time that Copper Cuprum will be participating in the Campionato Esportiva. Copper Cuprum had been long isolated from the international community since it is a small island archipelago located deep in the middle of the Lazarus Ocean, far from any regular shipping lanes since man first sailed ships. The nation was only discovered by the Fleftic Navy in 1914, when they were searching for the daughter of President Rufus Wole Mensah, whose ship was wrecked in the general vicinity of the islands. Arriving in the capital of the islands, they discovered that Chief Zed had made the President's daughter his queen, generating a sudden alliance between the two countries. And Copper Cuprum was also rich in copper, so that was a good thing for Abanhfleft too...

Name of nation:
The Chiefdom of Copper Cuprum
Demonym: Copperite
Kits: The Copper Cuprum national football team does not wear any kits as ordinary people know them. Instead they play wearing only white loincloths, studded shoes, shin guards. The keeper also has gloves along with the aforementioned kit.
Team colors: Black and white
Style modifier: +1.00 (A balanced team with a slight focus on offense)
Formation: 4-5-1
Head coach: Jefferson Kalangitan (66 y/o, Oontaz)
Note 1: It is Copperite tradition to slit the throat of a live chicken before a game and then spread the spilled blood on the field. However, after the Valladar authorities advised the Copperite Football Federation against performing this tradition after local audiences were shocked by this tradition, it has been decided that in place of this tradition, Copperite players will now cut off the head of a rubber chicken before a game and then toss the head around like a hot potato. This applies to football; in rugby matches, Copperites will still bring live chickens to their games as much as possible.
Note 2: Copperite names are arranged as clan name followed by personal name. If you have to refer to a specific Copperite then refer to them by the name that appears last, which is their personal name. Referring to a single Copperite person by their clan name is a common mistake for foreigners, but one which Copperites hope to correct them upon because doing such is considered offensive by Copperites. This rule does not apply to naturalized citizens, but they can choose to adopt the Copperite naming style if they so choose.

34 y/o, Athletic Wa Deg Image, co-captain

RB: Kuboto TUMOBA 31 y/o, Sub Deg Raiders A.F.C. Image

RCB: Tasedo KOREKE 25 y/o, South Ons Deg Rabbitohs A.F.C. Image

LCB: Bitulu OPELO 26 y/o, Vay Deg Eels A.F.C. Image

LB: Lakeyo TUNOKA 30 y/o, Mah Deg Diamonds Image

RM: Iroso ETUNAD 21 y/o, Atletico Bed Deg Image

RCM: Paul MAGINOO 33 y/o, General Santos F.C. Image (Sultanate of Oontaz), captain

LCM: Hamora ADUPU 29 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

LM: Martino BRUNNERBURG 27 y/o, Kesselburger Kickers Image (Pridnestrovia)

RS: Napono ZUREBE 27 y/o, Athletic Wa Deg Image

LS: Yoduti KARESHU 24 y/o, Rotor Dnistrosh Image (Pridnestrovia)

32 y/o, South Ons Deg Rabbitohs A.F.C. Image

GK: Konoyo ETULAP 35 y/o, Atletico Bed Deg Image

DEF: Ziketsy TUKUKU 35 y/o, Copper Cuprum Halal Commission Image

DEF: Odufu NAREFE 29 y/o, Sporting Ab Deg Image

DEF: Korawi VIFOTA 28 y/o, Ken Deg United Image

MID: Rezuvu RICARDO 32 y/o, General Santos F.C. Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

MID: Popidu DREYFUS 23 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

MID: Kagazu EDURVY 21 y/o, South Ons Deg Rabbitohs A.F.C. Image

MID: Timoko CHAZUQWE 24 y/o, Lokomotiv Novosverdlovsk Image (Pridnestrovia)

FW: Turesto OKODIL 21 y/o, Pawwazim Image (Abanhfleft)

FW: Vawanu TISOGET 26 y/o, Ken Deg United Image

FW: Depentey ALBERT 23 y/o, Thereisnogodistan Image (Abanhfleft)

FORMATION (Outdated)

Princess Hawana Stadium (capacity 57,104) is the new Copperite national football team's home stadium. Located in Bed Gon, the second largest city of Copper Cuprum, it is also the home ground of Atletico Bed Gon of the Copperite National League.

Anything except killing is fair game.
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The Chiefdom of Copper Cuprum
Leader: Chief Deg

Client state of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Chicken killers mad for rugby union, equally mad for rugby sevens, but so much madder for rugby league
Is Esportiva the place? Maybe it is.

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NATION:Kingdome of Starcom Racing
NICKNAME: Star Children


COACH: Rob Sangerson 45 y/o
ASSISTANT: Teddy Boston 38 y/o
ASSISTANT: Agnes Cartwright 40 y/o
TRAINER: Judd Heppersby 59 y/o

ST #3 Kyle Anderson - Samurai Cop AC
ST #23 Roby Pilaf - Big Dock Energy FC
LW #18 Mo Sa'alafala - Honolulu United
RW #6 June Jacoby - Mancodas Athletic FC - (PFA)

RW/LW #38 Ivan Carlsson - Big Dock Energy FC
OM #14 Mark Anderson - Inland Seafood FC
OM #33 Larry Dawson - Samurai Cop AC
OM #63 George-Andre Manuel - Castle Landon 247
OM/DM #19 Dominic Lassiter - Big Dock Energy FC
DM #7 Harry McGranger - East Rowe (XAN)
DM #11 Phillip Paulie - Castle Landon 247
DM #39 Trever-Sebastian Arnoux - Vanosdale (XAN)
CB #44 A.J Glasscock -Raitea Rowdies
CB #26 Brent Bowen - Samurai Cop AC
LB #21 David Searcy (Captain) - Alexandria City (XAN)

LB #99 Alfie Tari - Kyle's Town United
RB #8 Brandon Runtzer - Big Dock Energy FC
RB #98 David Lee Shane - - Samurai Cop AC
GK #1 Franklin O'Douhl - - Samurai Cop AC

GK #00 Thomas Burns - Raitea Rowdies
GK #90 Jerrit Smith - Royal Crown FC
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Postby Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva » Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:22 am


Nova Anglican Admin Zone Roster and Overview

Coming off of their first victory in the Campionato Esportiva, the Lions are ready to defend their title. Will they be able to replicate their shocking success or will this CE look like so many others with an early exit?


G #1 Jordan Hopkins, 30, FC Portus
G #22 Johnny Hodges, 30, Heartwood FC
G #23 Patrick Fisher, 25, Castellum FC

LB #5 Sean Reed, 30, Archbishop FC
CB #2 Jared Thayer, 32, Bridgewall City FC
CB #3 Matt Woods, 28, Springs FC
RB #4 Bradley Fuller, 30, Newfield Athletic
FB #12 Damian Hillman, 31, Archbishop FC
FB #13 Hayden Cochrane, 26, Kinjestad Soccer, South Newlandia
CB #14 Billy Brock, 26, Castellum FC
CB #15 Michel Robert, 25, Olympique Sept-Iles

DM #6 Will Bartholomew, 31, Bridgewall City FC
LM #7 Ced Hampton, 29, Newfield Athletic
AM #8 Colby Parker, 29, Sanctuary FC
RM #9 Luc Gagne, 27, Olympique Sept-Iles
M #16 Tanner Whitehead, 29, Bridgewall City FC
M #17 Buddy Ahrens, 30, Bridgewall City FC
M #18 Scott Banks, 26, Labrador United FC
M #19 Ryan Goodman, 24, Archbishop FC

F #10 Darren Williams, 32, Newfield Athletic
F #11 Freddy Beal, 29, Archbishop FC
F #20 Garrett Burke, 31, St David Wanderers, Kelssek
F #21 Aaron Stevenson, 31, FC Portus

Manager: Ross Hogan

Formation, Starting XI, and Style

Style Modifier= +2.5


(In order, home, away, and alternate, courtesy of NSI's Vulpine Sportif)


Home Stadium: Lighthouse Stadium, Rutupiae, NAAZE (cap. 40,000)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y - only if you TG me and ask first
Injure Players: N - TG me if the severity will be more than one game and I'll give the yea or nay
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y - no more than one every two games, so if my previous opponent has doled one out, tough luck
Yellow Card Players: Y - for every two you give my players, at least one must be given to your players
Godmod Other Events: N
Puppet of Nova Anglicana

Champions: CE29

Quarterfinals: CE13, CE16, CE17, CE18

Round of 16: CE10, CE15

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Postby Tumbra » Thu Jul 08, 2021 1:46 pm


Yue Coach Handed Unenviable Task Of Rebuilding Team At Campionato; Draw Reaction From Montfort, And More

STRATON — The Black Eagles today took their first steps to rebuilding after a shambolic showing at the 80th Cup of Harmony — by announcing the manager that will take the team into at least the next three cycles of World Cup qualification and beyond. Former Yuezhou manager Yuan Zilai has been given the unenviable task of taking the Black Eagles to the World Cup, and soon — but he has to bring the Black Eagles through a challenging Campionato Esportiva first.

Yuan, 56, managed the Dragons in their debut cycle in the World Cup, finishing a miraculous third as a ninth seed, beating countries like Northwest Kalactin and Eraman — before bringing Yuezhou to the quarterfinals of the Copa Rushmori 36. A difficult start to the World Cup 87 cycle saw him lose his job, however. Slated to take on the job at AC Valanari, visa issues meant he was never able to take on the job. Prior to his foray in international football, he also served as a coach for WNS Nangang.

Touted as a defensive manager, Yuan chose to set the Dragons up with five defenders during his time with them; but has already indicated his preference for playing with four at the back in Tumbra, though from the squadlist released a while back, is looking to play with a 4-2-3-1 in the Campionato instead of the traditional 4-3-3. When asked why, Yuan briefly replied with "It is how I choose to set up my squad. The results should and will come if we are all given the requisite backing. Not just me, but the players as well."

Yuan also named veteran defender Johnny Brown as the team captain, continuing the veteran defender's time at the helm; when asked whether he was close to hanging up his boots on the international stage, the Lakewood United defender was coy. Less coy was Yuan, both on the matter of squad selection and the matter of youth in the national team set-up. With several big names not making the squad — regulars Louis Addison, Harry Henderson, Vincent Hicks and Philip Cohen chief amongst the victims — Yuan said that he wanted to "expand the national pool as far as possible, and that includes bringing deserving names to tournaments." Amongst those in line for their first caps include Jacob Keene of Clyde Park, Raymond Perry of Columbia and Nigel Erskine of Omnio, who single handedly brought the club out of the relegation zone. On youth, including the ilk of Stephen Kerr and Trudy Harrison, Yuan confirmed he was "keeping an eye on the young blood of the country," but indicated his interest in letting the youth of the country progress through the national team's youth programme — which involves sending them to both the Under-18 World Cup and Di Bradini Cup.

A new era for the Black Eagles begins, then, when they face off against former Nepharim colony of the Ceyne Isles in Tarbert; much will be made off how the team plays there. The team will also face off against ex-regional powerhouses Cyborg Holland and far western nation Xanneria in their campaign to get beyond the round of 16 this time; with a unique playoff round, owing to the 36-nation Campionato, the team — ranked eighteenth in Esportiva, but sixteenth of the teams competing in the current iteration — will be hoping to improve on their second-round showing last cycle.

Starters: 1 - Lennon; 2 - Hughes, 14 - Perry, 5 - Brown, 3 - Carter; 6 - Morgan, 16 - Stansfield; 17 - Hilton, 10 - Cole, 9 - Vaughn; 11 - Sheldon
Subs: 12 - Barker, 13 - Hancy; 4 - Ashburn, 18 - Keene, 19 - Sheppard, 20 - Forrest; 8 - McGrath, 15 - Hooper, 23 - Burnet; 7 - Fraser, 21 - Kinzinger; 22 - Erskine

POLITICS: Six Is Not Enough
Could There Be Space For More Political Parties?

COUNO — Since 1996 six political parties have been represented in the two houses of the Federal Parliament. It does not take an expert of Tumbran politics to note what these six are — the big centre-left party, the big centre-right alliance, the centrists, the environmentalists, the further right and the socialists. Between them, they have won every seat in Parliament in every election since 1969 — and the biggest two have formed every government since 1882. A two-and-a-half party system; one that, through the electoral system the country uses, encourages voters to coalesce around the two big parties, under the one "they hate least."

The six presumably represent every part of the Tumbran political spectrum. Are you a centrist? Put '1' next to the yellow candidate. Don't like the government but still want to be socially liberal? Put '1' next to the green candidate. For every new voter, there is a quiz on the web to help people decide which of the six they should vote for. It is a self-perpetuating cycle.

But the upcoming Treaty of Montfort could change all that. Three of the six political parties — Labour, the Moderates, the Greens and about half of the Liberal caucus — have announced their support. The other three — the Conservatives, the Social Democrats and the other half of the Liberal caucus, including the Nationals — have announced their opposition to the Treaty. On political lines, this sets up two camps — pro and anti-Esportivan. But there is a huge amount of grey space in the middle — the third who have not indicated any support for or against any Union.

For such an important decision, however, — joining a union of nations, surrendering a bit of our sovereignty to reap the benefits of being in a greater whole — the public will not be consulted. The Treaty will be passed by two-thirds of Parliament; those in favour far outnumber those not, unreflective of the mood of the public. In a recent poll, merely 38% were at least some degree in favour of joining — 24% were to some degree against, and the rest were undecided.

The Everett government has not indicated whether it will submit the treaty — one that will signal the beginning of a new pan-Esportivan project — to a public vote; and even if it is, there is no guarantee that such a vote would be binding. Such a public vote would be a first in Tumbran history, if it did happen; and there is no precedent for this even happening. The Constitution merely protects the right for such referenda to be held; apart from referenda on constitutional amendments that Parliament does not pass, however, it does not set out any framework or issue that said referenda could be held.

Could this, then, see the rise of an anti-establishment wave? For a while now, such a current has boiled underneath the surface of Tumbran discourse, but Montfort may just provide the breaking point which unleashes it. The Conservatives have harnessed the small tide that arose during the election; it is, after all, how they reached 17 seats. But even then, there is a feeling that the Conservatives themselves are part of the Establishment, simply by virtue of them existing since 1945.

And what of the left? The tide of populism knows no boundaries. For a long time, now, youths have been discontent at Labour for not being as fully left-wing as they could. Those who remained there either fled to the Greens, the Social Democrats, or they accepted that to gain and stay in power, and have a chance of achieving their goals, it would be best to fit in. The left wing of the Labour party is far more moderate than the left wing of the Greens, and is routinely spat upon, ideologically, at least, by the Social Democrats.

Unfettered progressives, too, sick and tired of the lack of progress made on the front to reduce economic and racial inequities, have begun railing at Labour for not doing enough. They have become thorns in the sides of the well-oiled Everett machine, aggressively liberal-centrist, inoffensive and as milquetoast as it is, who prefers to run a tight ship. But when your caucus has 391 members, you cannot expect to control all of them.

The field of politics is ripe for new political parties — but it is immensely difficult to start one. Those wishing to paint themselves as anti-establishment will immediately be castigated if they split from established political parties — and yet that is the easiest way to gain traction. It has been observed in Krytenia, where an inexperienced government was swept out of office after one term. It will undoubtedly have been experienced elsewhere as well. The electoral system Tumbra utilises does not lend itself well to new parties as well.

Will we see new political parties? If the current political situation persists, the answer is unavoidable - yes. And the experienced players are far from ready to deal with it.
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Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 114 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
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President: Kelia Campbell (Labour) | Prime Minister: Kenneth Everett (Labour)
U-18 World Cup 13 Champions/Di Bradini Cup 51 Champions

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Postby Racing » Fri Jul 09, 2021 3:14 am

>+> National Team of Racing <+<


Nickname: Racers

Coach: King Fortythree

Style: +6!!! or maximum +

1. James Vasser

2. Allan Unser
3. Jack Villeneuve
4. Alexsandr Zanardi
5. Gilles Deferran

6. Juanita Montoya
7. Robert Rahal
8. Daniel Sullivan
9. S. Olivier Bourdais

10. Samuel Hornish
11. George Franchitti

12. Raymond Harroun
14. Anthony Foyt
17. Kenneth Brack
18. Richard Mears
20. James Rathmann
21. Maximus Papis


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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Postby The Licentian Isles » Fri Jul 09, 2021 8:38 am

Montfort Times

Colesham’s National-Liberal Coalition may put an end to union discussions

The federal system of government in the Licentian Isles may be facing one of its biggest ever challenges as discussions around involvement in an Esportivan Union come to a head at both the Federal Council and at Colesham’s Assembly.

When this system was introduced following the fall of the Licentian monarchy, there was much talk about what would happen in situations in which the parishes and their leaders could not agree on a particular issue. A huge amount of power was devolved to leaders in Montfort, Abingdon, Colesham, and St Bart’s, but in practice, that has seen very little disagreement, and not a huge amount of need for agreement, especially as the Isles spent over a century not being able to interact with foreign neighbours in Esportiva or further afield. With the return from isolation, that has of course changed.

The Licentian National Party, led by Alyssa Lamont, one of the party’s MAs in Colesham Parish, has taken the view that the nation should be cautious about reengaging with the rest of the region, so as not to damage order and security in the Isles. While there is much cynicism outside of the LNP about these concerns and the reason behind them, there’s no doubt that it has continued to hold water for the party’s supporters. In Colesham, the LNP are the leading group in a coalition with the Liberals, reflecting a recent resurgence for the centre right in the west of the mainland. As such, there are rumours that this National-Liberal coalition will attempt to block any accession to a regional bloc.

The discussions around the involvement of the Licentian Isles in any regional union began, strangely, with the East-West Cup, a cricket tournament hosted in the Grearish Union. There, as the Cyan-and-Gold T20 squad took on their hosts in Forsho, Annelise Boskamp, Councillor for St Bart’s, was seen in close conversation with a Grearish minister. Ever since, rumours have tied the Isles to discussions amongst other prominent nations, including the Grearish Union, Tumbra, and South Newlandia.

That of course comes into conflict with the National-led government of Colesham. While Councillor Lottie Boyle is officially no longer a member of the party, she is still very much aligned with the goals of Lamont and the rest of the LNP leadership. As a result, if it comes to a discussion at the Federal Council, it is unlikely to pass with unanimous support as these major decisions are required to do. It doesn’t matter how much the three former Greens, Boskamp, Aimee Edwards of Montfort, and Conor Hannah of Abingdon, protest and persuade: Boyle seems firm in her stance on the prospect of an Esportivan Union.

So what options does that leave for those in favour of such an endeavour? The Licentian Green Party are strongly in favour of regional cooperation, and leader Emma McCallum has proposed meetings with Lamont and other party leaders, including Juul Huisman of the Socialists and Sìne MacDonald of the Liberals. As yet, no-one has bitten on that suggestion, and McCallum has been limited to using her pulpit to extol the virtues of the idea of an Esportivan Union. Some Greens have proposed that the elections in Colesham in a year’s time are an opportunity for the party to increase their role in the parish and push for their own coalition, possibly as a junior to the Liberals in a role reversal of Abingdon’s government. However, that seems optimistic, especially when polls suggest that the Nationals are more likely to gain a majority in the ACP than to give up so much ground as to allow in a Liberal-Green coalition.

Others have suggested that the best solution for those in favour of Licentian involvement in the Esportivan Union would be to challenge the blockage in the courts. That would of course require there to be a discussion within the Council, but Edwards has said she intends to raise it next week. After Lottie Boyle inevitably blocks such a move, the suggestion would then be to raise a challenge in the Supreme Court. The major argument would be that one parish with under 15% of the nation’s population should not be able to block a policy that is supported by a majority in the other three parishes (along with a majority in the nation as a whole). Of course, the LNP would vehemently argue against that, but for now all we can do is speculate as to whether such a move would succeed. Licentians may want an Esportivan Union, but if Alyssa Lamont and the National Party have anything to say about it, the nation will remain somewhat isolated.

Green to be replaced with cyan at the Coliseum as Licentians drawn into Group E

The Licentian national team has been drawn into Group E for the Campionato Esportiva, meaning that they will play their games against Burgburgh, the Hinodejin Empire, and Castlebruxo at the Coliseum of the Gaels in Abingdon.

The Coliseum, of course, is known for its rowdy nature thanks to playing host to Gaelic Club, a team with one of the most prominent casual groups in the country. Games during the LPL season will see the Coliseum decked out in green and gold, in the form of shirts, flares, and banners, but many had suggested that things would be calmer with the visit of neutral nations to the East End. That proved not to be the case, as Andrew Morton, the Chair of the Football Association of the Licentian Isles, drew the Cyan-and-Gold into Group E as the top seeds. With the stadium now hosting the entirety of the group stage for the hosts, Abingdon Constabulary have prepared themselves for an increase in casual activity, with the Real Gaels expected to be out in force through much of the East End on matchdays.

Away from the casual activity though, Licentians can be excited by their group, which sees them face off against two time World Cup winners the Hinodejin Empire, as well as Burgburgh, veterans of recent Campionatos, and new competitors Castlelobruxo. Despite the pedigree of their opponents, the Cyan-and-Gold go into this group as the top seed, and fans will be hopeful that Fabrizio Kaal can lead his side even further than the surprising quarter final run at the last Campionato hosted in Hannasea. The thirty-six competing nations will all be competing for a place at the final at the LTI Stadium in the capital, with last time’s winners Nova Anglicana sure to be a favourite for a second, along with Brenecia, the five time Campionato winners.

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Postby Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva » Fri Jul 09, 2021 11:08 am

Under pressure, PM's office announces own mosque investigation

John McAvoy, Political Columnist, Londinium Courier

The mosque explosion in Londinium continues to dominate the news, and the pressure is mounting on the Office of the Prime Minister. With multiple investigations underway, but no resolution as of yet, the Office of the Prime Minister has announced that they will be conducting their own investigation alongside other authorities in an attempt to solve the case. PM Michael Ramsey appointed his chief of staff, Anthony Harrison, to lead the investigation. Harrison is a trained barrister and solicitor who primarily has experience in corporate law, but was in the office of the Noviomagus Crown Attorney for several years at the beginning of his career. He will be charged with using all available resources to collect information and aid local, provincial, and central law enforcement agencies in their respective efforts.

This now makes five open simultaneous investigations: the local one led by the Londinium police force, the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial one led by the Justice Minister and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, and the central government investigations led by the Interior Ministry (King Voss, National Party), the Justice Ministry (Edmund Baird, People's Party), and now, the Office of the Prime Minister. At this point, all we're missing is a parliamentary select committee on the issue, which, quite frankly, I'm shocked we haven't had yet. Ordinarily, politicians are eager to claim credit and be seen to be doing something about a key issue, but maybe Ramsey's influence or the fear of failure have prevented Parliament from conducting their own investigation.

There certainly has been no shortage of pressure on the Prime Minister and his government to do something about solving this case, from opposition politicians to the Muslim community and other interest groups. Opposition Leader Josephine Clark excoriated the government yesterday, saying, "The lack of progress on this issue is a clear failure of this government. Clearly they would rather be focused on gutting government benefits for the poorest rather than solving a major hate crime." King Voss didn't help matters earlier this week when he was caught on tape saying to an aide after talking to reporters about his ministry's investigation, "I wish we could hurry up and wrap up this whole mosque business so we can get this goddamned welfare reform done and then move on to other important issues." This isn't a good look when your ministry is responsible for domestic security and it looks like a terrorist attack has taken place. Welfare reform, in the meantime, has completely stalled. Opposition politicians have been employing delaying parliamentary tactics in committee, including attempting to deprive the Health and Welfare committee of a quorum, while other committees, such as the Budget committee, have been making noises about wanting to have their members mark up the bill as well.

While the PM may sympathise with his Interior Minister and coalition partner, he's been boxed in. This mosque explosion will continue to be a major headline and will swamp anything to do with welfare reform for the time being. His only hope is that one of the five open investigations will bear some kind of fruit and he can get the narrative back on track.

Police apprehend suspects in mosque bombing, believe right-wing militias to be culprit

Marisa Lavallier, Reporter, Londinium Courier

It has now been four weeks since the explosion in the Masjid ar-Rahman mosque in downtown Londinium, and Londinium police have announced that they have apprehended suspects in the alleged terrorist attack. Chief of Police Marty McGibney announced earlier today that they have three suspects in custody, but are looking for at least two more, with all Nova Anglicans asked to provide any information they can to local authorities. The three suspects, all men, were apprehended in a remote region of Labrador and were taken into custody immediately for processing and questioning. Chief McGibney has not released the names of the alleged terrorists, but has disclosed that they are believed to belong to the right-wing militia/terrorist group known as The Silent Brotherhood.

Right-wing militias are common in a number of parts of the multiverse, but until recently, most Nova Anglicans were unaware of these groups operating in the country. According to the Free Society Project, a think tank who catalogues hate groups and takes legal actions on behalf of marginalised groups, there are nine known right-wing militias or terrorist groups in Nova Anglicana, which together comprise fewer than twenty-five thousand individuals, though FSP sources warned that they do not have complete information on all potential groups or members. The Silent Brotherhood is one of them, with an estimated 1,578 members. The FSP describes the Silent Brotherhood as a "far-right, anti-Semitic, anti-Islam, anti-immigration organisation that hopes to establish an all-white or at the very least apartheid-like Nova Anglicana." Members of the group believe that left or liberal groups and political parties are conspiring with Jewish interests to replace white native Nova Anglicans with non-white immigrants and "mongrelise" the country so that the citizens can be controlled more easily. The FSP describes them as "one of the more extreme groups in Nova Anglicana".

Although the Office of the Prime Minister's, the Justice Ministry, and the Interior Ministry have open investigations and are deploying resources in search of suspects, Chief McGibney says that principal responsibility for the capture of the three suspects should primarily go to the Londinium police department and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, under the control of the provincial Ministry of Justice. "The apprehension of these suspects was the result of close collaboration between officers of our Londinium police force and the RNC. In fact, the RNC was instrumental in providing assistance once we had located the suspects in Labrador. We give thanks for the brave men and women of these two organisations and we will continue our co-operation with other agencies as we look for remaining suspects." This statement is sure to infuriate the central government, as their three open investigations have been involved in the process, though we are not privy to the extent of their assistance.

With the apprehension of three suspects, perhaps some closure is being brought to the case of the mosque explosion. The information from Chief McGibney indicates that they are still in pursuit of multiple other suspects, so the case isn't closed quite yet. However, this is a breakthrough and perhaps a wake-up call to the country about the threat posed by extremist political organisations. We will continue to follow this case closely to keep our readers updated with all the details.
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Postby Thalamascia » Fri Jul 09, 2021 8:29 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y

Thalamascia Knights

Modifier: -2

Home Away

Manager: Venizelos Miskides, age 41
Assistant: Prokopos Tolakis, age 37
Physio: Eftichis Leventeas, age 37
Scout: Lavrentis Rodiadis, age 40

GK: Thanos Politiadis, age 25, Titanes
GK: Akakios Gianakos, age 23, Taiyou-Niséllion
GK: Aimilios Athanidis, age 20, Panethokoi
LB: Sakis Roussallis, age 22, Panethokoi
LB: Tilemachos Vlahellis, age 26, AE Knaxii
CB: Dimitrios Ganou, age 27, Taiyou-Niséllion

CB: Minos Antonieas, age 24, Titanes
CB: Theofanis Sperellis, age 25, Hermeticus
CB: Omiros Ganallis, age 24, Taiyou-Niséllion
CB: Haris Galanellis, age 22, Pyrrica

CB: Michail Pipas, age 21, Hermeticus
RB: Konstantinos Moloulis, age 22, Titanes
RB: Nikolas Vlachellis, age 27, Niki Larissa
RW: Eleftherios Alanopoulos, age 20, Phoenixux
RW: Neofytos Anagnatos, age 24, Titanes
LW: Dionysios Vlahotis, age 22, Hermeticus

LW: Stathis Paulopoulos, age 20, Phoenixux
DMC: Alekos Galloulis, age 27, Panethokoi
DMC: Evangelos Tassoulis, age 23, Phoenixux
MC: Florentios Caleas, age 27, Pyrrica
MC: Epameinondas Mitriadis, age 20, Taiyou-Niséllion
ST: Nikos Athanilis, age 26, Titanes

ST: Antonis Metrakis, age 22, Phoenixux


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Postby Le Choix » Fri Jul 09, 2021 8:45 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, though Lavigne will score most of the goals.
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes; Max: 3
Hand out red cards to my players: No (TG me if you want to)
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: -4
Saison 41
Ligue Légère             Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Étoile 36 23 8 5 26 7 +19 77 Champions, IFCF CL, CEdC
2 Brillante 36 20 6 10 30 19 +11 66 Cup Champions, IFCF CC, CEdC, CWC
3 Glacée 36 18 6 12 20 16 +4 60 IFCF CC
4 Lumière 36 16 8 12 35 21 +14 56 IFCF CC

5 Fidèle 36 14 7 15 27 27 0 49
6 Croiser 36 11 9 16 15 20 −5 42
7 Marquée 36 11 9 16 19 27 −8 42
8 Ailes 36 10 9 17 20 30 −10 39
9 Aube 36 11 6 19 14 24 −10 39
10 Chevalier 36 6 12 18 16 31 −15 30
Coup des Élus 41
First Round
Marquée 0–0 Chevalier (0–0 AET) (4-3 pen.)
Ailes 1–0 Aube

Étoile 1–0 Ailes
Brillante 0–0 Marquée (2–0 AET)
Glacée 1–0 Croiser
Lumière 1–1 Fidèle (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)

Étoile 1–1 Lumière (1–1 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Brillante 0–0 Glacée (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)

Étoile 0–2 Brillante

Botte Dorée: ST Gwenaël Cazenave, Lumière
Gant Doré: GK Marie-Françoise Benett, Étoile
Ballon d'Or: CM Aurélie Dior, Brillante
Le Choix National Team for CE 30
Nickname: Les Élus, Les Jaune et Noir
Home Venue: Sang des Martyrs (Cap. 20,100)

Management Staff
Manager: Hélène Monet, 40
Assistant Manager: Florence Dior, 48
Physio: Clarence Mardin, 42

Starting Lineup:
Goalkeeper: Marie-Françoise Benett, 24 Étoile, 6 ft 5 in

Right Back: Isaac Morneau, 23, Brillante, 6 ft 3 in
Center Back: Adolphe Pleimelding, 24, Étoile, 6 ft
Center Back: Éloi Bouthillier, 22, Aube, 6 ft 8 in
Left Back: Béatrice Pueyrredón, 20, Étoile, 6 ft 1 in

Right Midfielder: Élise Lacan, 25, Brillante, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Léa Leloup, 21, Lumière, 6 ft 3 in
Attacking Midfielder: Aurélie Dior, 23, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Center Midfielder: Hervé Kaplan, 26, Croiser, 6 ft 2 in
Left Midfielder: Henry Grant, 28, Étoile, 6 ft 4 in CAPITAINE

Striker: Gwenaël Cazenave, 21, Lumière, 6 ft 1 in

Goalkeeper: Genevieve Porton, 23, Glacée, 6 ft 7 in
Goalkeeper: Davy Kléber, 22, Aube, 6 ft 4 in

Right Back: Flore Dembélé, 20, Aube, 6 ft
Center Back: Mathis Bertillon, 21, Marquée, 6 ft 1 in
Center Back: Ingrid Bureau, 24, Glacée, 6 ft 2 in
Left Back: Jérémy Marchal, 23, Ailes, 6 ft 6 in

Right Midfielder: Océane Manaudou, 25, Lumière, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Fabrice Bessette, 21, Croiser, 6 ft 5 in
Attacking Midfielder: Élie Rouzet, 23, Chevalier, 6 ft 8 in
Center Midfielder: Émeline Doisneau, 26, Glacée, 6 ft 4 in
Left Midfielder: Brice Vasseur, 23, Croiser. 6 ft 2 in

Striker: Rolande Peletier, 23, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Key Characters:

GK Marie-Françoise Benett
With the arrest of Francine Pellier for fraternization, Benett steps into the role of starting keeper for Les Élus, a role that requires much concentration and puts you in tremendous pressure. Coming off a career season, her unique combination of aggression, recognition of flow, reflexes, and cerebral acuity have the Chosen believing she could be as effective as Pellier, if not more. The stage is now hers.

CB Éloi Bouthillier
He may only be twenty-two and barely have four seasons of Ligue Légère under his belt, but he's being heralded by The Chosen media as one of the better defenders in the last decade. With a mean streak in him that results in brutal tackles and a good knowledge of the goings-on on the field, it's no wonder that he's been talked up so much. Possessing a very moldable personality and a willingness to learn, he's going to be the future of The Chosen for years to come.

LM Henry Grant
Henry Grant has been on his third team already in his tenth season for Les Élus, having played for Brillante and Ailes before settling with Étoile. He's good for at least one highlight of a bending goal every season. With The Chosen's 4-5-1, having players that can create scoring opportunities remain of paramount importance, and Grant will be called upon to contribute. He's one of the most vocal of the lot, having connections with both the Grand Bishop of the Church and the Grand Bishop of the Interior. He hasn't used the connections so far, but it'll be interesting to see what happens if the team struggles.

AM Aurélie Dior
Playing the spearhead part of the 4-5-1, Dior will be the other player to try to score the goals for Les Élus. With a quick burst and creativity to boot, she knows when to make a play on the goal and when to pass the ball off. A model citizen that takes the job of sports very seriously, she's a perfectionist who drives herself to live every day as a better example than the day before. With her best days still ahead, she'll continue to be very important for Les Élus. She won the Ballon d'Or the previous season as Brillante lifted the trophy.

ST Gwenaël Cazenave
[i]With Gavin Lavigne being arrested for fraternization, everyone wondered who would be the next striker to play the spearhead of their formation; enter one Gwenaël Cazenave, a dribbler, pacer, and short-range shooter that has an unending motor. His presence will likely work very well with the way that Dior can press with the ball.

CM Élie Rouzet
If The Chosen are behind late, they have the ability to replace one of their center midfielders for Élie Rouzet. She's more of the "Shoot first, ask questions later" type of player with a license to shoot. Thankfully, she's got decent range and a good follow-through.

MG Hélène Monet
The woman in charge that helped Chevaliers win Saison 39 after many seasons of futility, Monet is more of a facilitator than a tactician. With players coming from all the teams of the League coming together, her skills will be needed to put aside their egos and work together as a team.
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