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Your Governmental type

Postby Ancapimania » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:22 am

What is your national government type? Is it a autocracy? Monarchy? Or is it some fake type of government that you have made that has some sense?
For example,my government type is a ghotarchcy which is a democratic government ruled by six people with a main leader(yes I did make it up). Explain the government type and explain why your nation is that type,but make it short.
OOC:I got this idea from another government type thread,but that was regional not national.
The nation of Ancapimania is a free,democratic Nation with guns
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Postby Bigpipstan » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:27 am

Anocracy ( decentralized monarchy)

The nation was first settled as a near absolute monarchy, however as the nation expanded, this form of centralized power became less effective. Hence the power was more decetralized and a balance betwen the common person and authority was reached, hence adopting the title ( Anocratic empire)
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Postby Ancapimania » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:29 am

Bigpipstan wrote:Anocracy ( decentralized autocracy)

Explain why your nation is that type,but otherwise great
The nation of Ancapimania is a free,democratic Nation with guns
officially a British ancap
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Great Algerstonia
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Postby Great Algerstonia » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:33 am

My government is an authoritarian corporate stratocracy, with a neverending power struggle between the military and corporations that is almost designed to be continuous instead of end in victory for any side. We're also very traditionalist and isolationist.
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The Imagination Animals
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Postby The Imagination Animals » Sat Jun 26, 2021 8:44 am

Crossoveria is a Unitary Republic, with elements of presidential democracy and a system of government that works like the USA. However, the most power is held in the hands of the Supreme Leader, the Head of State, who has the final say in laws and decrees. Crossoveria is a hybrid regime, mostly leaning towards authoritarianism, but the people have political and religious freedoms.
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Postby Zhouran » Sat Jun 26, 2021 6:08 pm

The People's Republic of Zhouran is a Yuhukekang Stratocracy. With the PRZ being a socialist state, the country is direct-democratic as Zhouran is the only nation in the world where labor unions & labor-union federations (Zhouran having the highest labor unionization in the world and largest number of labor unions) have actual political influence, thus providing social mobility and protection to all workers. Political representation from any labor union/s and/or labor-union federation/s dominates the local politics of towns and cities in Zhouran, minus the national capital Ouyang since the capital only matters at national-level politics, thus empowering the proletarians of the nation and providing them power & influence over the bourgeoisie. This direct workers' democracy means that the ordinary Zhouranese is extremely politically-conscious and actually has say in political matters, a huge contrast to western liberal representative 'democracies' were voters pretend to have say in politics through representation from bureaucrats but in reality the lobbyists and bourgeoisie actually have true power and only use representatives as a distraction for the politically-unconscious voters.
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Postby Bakalcalyu » Sat Jun 26, 2021 7:26 pm

Basically, A City Council (Republic) that rents their foreign policy out to a neighboring Empire in exchange for military protection.
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Postby Legatra » Sat Jun 26, 2021 8:39 pm

Legatra is a centralized unitary parliamentary democracy. This was chosen by the people during the foundation of Legatra as the most representative and free government choice.

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Postby Zartobania » Sat Jun 26, 2021 8:52 pm

Zartobania is a unitary single-party semi-presidential republic (de jure) under an authoritarian dictatorship (de facto) ever since the nation's independence from Maxtopia.
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Postby Meretica » Sat Jun 26, 2021 9:02 pm

My nation does not have a constitution but instead has laws that govern the different branches of government.

The Monarchy has little real power, though of late it has been given more ability to express opinions freely and give more political speeches. Monarchs have also been given the duty to call for snap elections. Monarchs are elected from within the Imperial Family by the nation. Elected monarchs must have the consent of half the Senate to govern, be at least 16 years of age, and they hold the ability to have unlimited terms.

The President is the true executive of the Meretican government. Recently, laws were passed so that the President does not have to be a member of the Senate; this made it possible for people to directly elect the president. The president holds these rights:
    right to veto
    the right to create their foreign policy
    the right to appoint and remove judges
    the right to fill Senate vacancies
    the right to provide immediate aid to other nations
    the right to call for a draft
    the right to further divide the nation into additional states
    the right to call for snap elections
    the right to assist in the formation of a government
    the right to negotiate treaties or assign representatives to negotiate treaties
    the right to assign representatives to the WA and other global alliances
    the right to build economic and diplomatic treaties/alliances
    the right to sign bills into laws
    the right to call for military tribunals
    the right to object to how delegates vote at the WA
    the right to request use of the death penalty
    and the duty to give a "State of the Nation" address bi-annually

The Senate is the unicameral legislature of Meretica. The nation is divided into 2275 districts; there are currently no vacancies. These districts use Ranked Choice Voting to determine who is elected to each Senate seat. Though the Labour-Liberal Party (formerly the Loyal Fedrilican Party) typically wins a majority of seats in the Senate (as it had for nearly a hundred years), it failed to do so in the last election. As such, a centrist government focused on reducing carbon emissions, decreasing automation, building a free-silver economy, and increasing the number of jobs was created as there was a need to form a government. The Senate does the following:
    forms a government (if necessary)
    passes and debates laws
    approves nominated judges
    approves treaties
    recommends nationally recognized figures to be given noble titles or appointments to the Royal Advisory Board
    gives ultimatums to foreign nations (with support of the Queen and President)
    impeach the president
    impeach the monarch
    the right to change economic policies
    the right to reform the government without holding elections
    the right to provide business subsidies
    and much more.

The judicial system is mostly civil and criminal; political law is left to the government to discuss.
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Authoritarian Democracy

Postby Soveiniesberg » Sat Jun 26, 2021 9:30 pm

Soveiniesberg is kind of this odd dictatorship, where there are two main people who have power, but the second person has less power than the first. so kinda like there's two leaders, a main leader and a secondary leader, but lately the people do not seem to like this.
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Postby Evergar » Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:23 pm

My nation, the Holy Folkish Order of Evergar, is a Germanic Pagan theocratic dictatorship that is an isolationist ethnostate for the descendants of the Efergaisa tribe. Economically, it has a mixed market-driven system. It also is a one-party Traditionalist regime governed by the Ultranationalists, whose politics extend from Right-Wing Populism to the Far-Right wing of the spectrum.
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Postby Auzkhia » Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:44 pm

The German Realm is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy since the Emperor of Auzkhia is also the President of the German Confederation, while technically separate positions, they are nonetheless the one and the same, making us either still an elective monarchy or a crowned republic. Most states in the realm are subnational monarchies, even if they share the same sovereign, though the city states are republics with a mayor and senate comprising the executive.

The Head of State is the Emperor and Federal Presidium, while the Head of Government is the federal chancellor, who is typically the senior party head in the governing coalition in the people's assembly, the lower house of the imperial parliament (Reichstag), there is also the federal council (Bundesrat) the upper house, which has state appointment senators who advise both the Chancellor and Federal Assembly, and lead joint parliamentary sessions, such as to confirm the federal presidential power onto the Emperor who is also inaugurated as the Emperor of Auzkhia.

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Gachimuchi Union: Government

Postby Gosudartsvo Gachimuchi Rus » Sat Jun 26, 2021 11:02 pm

The Gachimuchi Union operates under a unitary central(ized) one-party totalitarian dictatorship that is firmly grounded upon the principles of Anikism, an ideology that recalls the Fairy Philosophy, a sanshin, or set of three principles influenced by the soramimi of dialogues between Billy Herrington and Danny Lee wrestling against each other, from the film Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3. With the Gachimuchi Union being an authoritarian socialist state reminiscent of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People's Republic of China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, it is not at all democratic since the Supreme Paramount Ruler has ultimate and unrestrained and universal authority over the nation and its peoples.

The Supreme Paramount Leader (Russian: Верховный и первостепенный правитель, Verkhovnyy i pervostepennyy pravitel'; Chinese: 最高领袖, Zuìgāo lǐngxiù; Japanese: 偉大な最高指導者, Idaina saikōshidō-sha; German: Großartiger oberster Herrscher) is both the Union's, three-steps further above and further beyond, supreme head of state and government and the nation-state's final authority. This position is tied to its first, only, incumbent holder, Billy Herrington, a former adult film actor whose status as an internet meme, propagated by MAD remixes and parodies of his videos (Naked Muscle 3, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3 and Lords of the Lockerroom) firstly throughout Japanese video sharing websites 2channel and Nico Nico Douga as well as Russia's VKontakte helped to solidify Gachimuchi—an internet meme and subculture of adult movies that involve muscular males wrestling in a homoerotic manner— as the nation's prevailing norm since the 2040s. The position is primarily connected with the Union's victory over the post-Putin authoritarian democratic establishment in the 2020s and 2030s and also with its victory in World War III, over NATO and the European Union.

The President of the Gachimuchi Union (Russian: Президент Союза Гачимучи, Prezident Soyuza Gachimuchi; Chinese: 肌肉男性工会主席, Jīròu nánxìng gōnghuì zhǔxí; Japanese: ガチムチ連合会長, Gachimuchi Rengō kaichō; German: Präsident der Gachimuchi Union), currently Van Darkholme, a preeminent war hero and victor of the Battle of Brussels, is the Union's de jure and quasi-ceremonial head of government and highest-ranking official. The President is appointed directly by the Paramount Supreme Ruler and is expected to carry out official decrees and answers only to the Paramount Supreme Ruler and to the Paramount Supreme Ruler alone, who is also the country's de facto head of government. Unlike the executive in other countries, the President does not have real control over the government, which is ultimately under the control of the Paramount Supreme Ruler. Prior to the passing of the Paramount Supreme Ruler, the President is named as its successor and is more likely to become the next Paramount Supreme Ruler himself. Under the direction of the Paramount Supreme Ruler, the President can, at the former's will, declare war, appoint officers (exclusively from the ruling party), dissolve the Supreme Soviet, negotiate treaties, etc. Otherwise, if the President acts in a way that is displeasing to the Paramount Supreme Ruler himself, only the latter could dismiss the President and thus abolish the position of President of the Gachimuchi Union.
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The Union of British North America
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Postby The Union of British North America » Sat Jun 26, 2021 11:33 pm

The NAU is a federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy with aspects of asymmetric federalism. There are 49 provinces, 4 Indigenous Federalised Territories (native territories with large numbers of a titular indigenous nation and are functionally the same as Provinces per Crown-Native treaty), and 14 Dependencies (one of which is inhabited with a rather large number of people). Some provinces are federal and have semi-sovereign Districts or some other entity that act as their constituent entity of the provincial federation, others have autonomous regions (commonly called Land Grants) for First Nations that are in a federacy with the provincial government, and some are just centralized unitary governments. The Kingdom of Hawaii is an associated state of the NAU.

The head of state is the King of the North American Union, and the NAU is in personal union with several other Nations designated to share the same monarch (i.e., the King of Great Britain). He is represented by the hereditary and permanent Viceroy, a derivative princely cadet house of the British Crown, and first among equals of the provincial governors. The Viceroy is equivalent to the Governors-General of the other Nations of the UBC but does have the honor of being the first among equals of the viceregal representatives of the Crown, though that is in competition with the Prince Regent of India (because the King is also Emperor of India, and that title was kept to ensure parity among the other imperial states of the world).

The head of government is the Prime Minister of the North American Union. He or she is nominated (by exhaustive ballot) by the Grand Council (the de facto and de jure unicameral legislature) and appointed by the Viceroy via the Office of General Treasurer (per the British tradition of the Prime Minister also being the First Lord of the Treasury). The NAU premiership and Grand Council follow a de facto quasi-constructive vote of no confidence method with quasi-fixed parliamentary terms. It is possible to dissolve the Grand Council early and have snap elections if either the Grand Council consents to the Viceroy's suggestion or if the rare case of "direct dissolution" from an order of the Crown comes down, which has never happened in North American history. This method has also given stability to the general government and made the premiership somewhat more powerful than the collective governance of the Cabinet.

The Grand Council is the legislative body. It is de jure unicameral because it is the only body powered to pass laws. De facto as well, because the General Council of State that is nominally the executive advisory council to the Viceroy is also the upper house/house of review for legislation. It can only really delay most legislation, and it may propose legislation but this ultimately requires Grand Council approval. As such, it is seen to have emergent legislative powers but nothing really officially granted.

The judiciary consists of the General Court of Appeal for the Union: 11 justices, a Chief Justice and 10 Pusine Justices, who interpret federal law and provincial law, and are the court of last resort and give legal judgment on electoral petitions (with the result being new writs if there were discrepancies found). There are also General Courts of Appeal for regions of the NAU based on the Established Provincial Regions (groupings of provinces for administrative and some fiscal/regulatory matters), and finally, the General Judicial District Court that are the lowest level of federal court in the Union. Provinces and IFTs also have their own court systems.

The Dependency of San Andres, in the Caribbean, is unique in being the only Dependency that is inhabited with a large population, around 70,000. It has three observer/non-voting seats in the Grand Council, just like the Kingdom of Hawaii, who all generally have the right to participate in committees, debate, and even propose bills but not actually vote to pass or reject bills and resolutions. It has a General Commissioner as a territorial executive and local home rule but subject to direct North American general government jurisdiction.
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Postby Destyntine » Sun Jun 27, 2021 2:39 am

The Destynic government could best be described as a Semi-Constitutional Technocratic Monarchy with Democratic aspects. While the current ruling hereditary Queen has a large amount of free political power to finalize any national law or veto any judicial ruling, a constitution is still in place to protect the traditions and nationalist nature of the nation.

The nation is split up into 12 districts, not counting the unofficial 13th owned by the protected native lands or any of the 136 districts belonging to the space colonies. Substantial power is devoted to the Jarl of the district, allowing for a district to amend it's own laws in coordination of the constitution. These laws are decided through a direct democracy of the people living within that district. The Jarl's council is responsible for collecting opinions from the citizens, and taking the most prevalent issues to the district Jarl to be sorted through. A Jarl is allowed a term of up to 20 years, with re-election every 4 years.

During the preparation of the Queen's heir, the next Queen is to be educated heavily in the most scientifically advancing field along with her family values, making her specialized in a field that can grow strong relations with the Monarchy, allowing for proper scientific discussion to further that field and knowledge of what to subsidize. The first daughter of the current Queen will take lead of the nation at the age of 25, and the cycle continues.

When dealing with other nations, Destyntine is mostly isolationist, with minimal conflict being preferable. If threatened or attacked though, the use of WMDs will be permitted. The Queen has full authorization of the military and would be the one to give the order for any declaration of war or mass destruction. Relations are strong with other European nations, with many of them looking to Destyntine as a massive form of protection from undocumented immigration at the border of Europe.
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Dod Nersialand
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Postby Dod Nersialand » Sun Jun 27, 2021 2:44 am


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Postby Chuying » Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:34 am

Parliamentary Republic, although we do have a Prime Minister they are directly appointed by the majority party or coalition that is elected to our National Assembly. In our elections a two-round system is utilized, wherein the first it is determined how many seats each party gets, and the second determines which MPs will be chosen to represent our 284 constituencies through instant-runoff voting.

In practice, this means that Chuying is effectively governed by our unicameral legislature and our Prime Minister is simply a ceremonial figure and spearheads into action what our National Assembly wishes to accomplish in their term. Our executive and legislative branches are one joint branch, although we do have a judicial branch that exists primarily to ensure that our government operates in a ethical and legal manner, as well as to handle issues that have not been addressed by the parliament or have been deemed to have been handled unconstitutionally.
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Postby Gandoor » Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:06 pm

The Democratic Republic of Gandoor is a unitary parliamentary republic, albeit one with a combined head of state and head of government that is (partially) separate from the legislature, similar to South Africa.

The head of state and head of government of the Democratic Republic is the Prime Minister, who is also head of the Cabinet, the Domestic Council, the Security Council, and Commander-in-Chief of the National Military. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Forum and is, by tradition, the leader of the largest party in the Forum following a National Election. There is no legal requirement that the PM be the party leader, however, with the only specific requirement being that 'they are a Member of the Forum at the time of appointment'. The Prime Minister is required to resign from their seat in the legislature while serving and has been term-limited since 1958, with them only being able to serve for two six-year terms. The Prime Minister is still responsible to the legislature and the Forum can call for a motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister and their Government once every three months which, if successful, results in the Forum removing the Prime Minister from office and appointing the Head of the Forum as the new Prime Minister.

The legislature of the Democratic Republic is the Forum, a unicameral legislature consisting of 1000 seats. Each of our eight administrative divisions sends 125 Members to the Forum. Constituencies are multi-member (containing between two and ten seats) and elections utilize the d'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation. Other than the appointment (or removal) of the Prime Minister, the Forum is responsible for the creation of all legislation in the Democratic Republic, among various other duties that are assigned to it under the Constitution.

The High Court is the last court of appeal in our nation. It consists of fifteen judges who are appointed by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Forum (there is no legal requirement that the PM follows these recommendations, but they most often do) and serve fifteen year terms with no term limits. The High Court has both original and appellate jurisdiction and holds the power of judicial review over the Forum and can declare a law null and void if they find it in violation of the Constitution. It also has the authority to interpret the Constitution itself and can therefore shape Gandoorese law beyond merely declaring laws unconstitutional.
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Dyrrhonian Isles
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Postby Dyrrhonian Isles » Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:56 pm

A merchant republic. The leader is titled "duke", but it is a popularly-elected position and is otherwise completely identical with other presidential republics.
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Postby Irinaea » Mon Jun 28, 2021 9:18 am

Irinaea is a unitary parliamentary republic. Its head of state is the President, who is elected to a six year term by the Legislative Assembly, and has mostly symbolic duties, such as signing bills into law, approving treaties, and representing the country in international events. However, the President also has the power to dissolve the Legislative Assembly and has final say over all appointments to the cabinet. He can also refuse to approve a law passed by the Assembly, however this veto can be overturned by a 2/3 majority vote, which could lead to the President being forced to resign. There are no term limits for Irinaean Presidents, however it is customary to step down at the end of the second term.

The National Legislative Assembly is the unicameral parliament of Irinaea, consisting of 300 members, each representing a geographical constituency, and elected via instant-runoff ranked choice voting. The Assembly must approve any legislation proposed by the government, and can force the resignation of governments through a ‘vote of no confidence’, which, if passed by a 2/3 majority, can trigger a snap general election.

Governments are formed by the dominant party or coalition in the Legislative Assembly. The President appoints a Prime Minister (by convention the leader of the largest party), who in turn forms a cabinet, all of whose members must be approved by a simple majority in the Assembly. Once a government is sworn in (usually around a week after being elected), they have a mandate to run the country for the next three years – this is the maximum amount of time that a Parliament is allowed to sit, after which it is automatically dissolved and a general election must be held. However, elections can be called earlier than this if a snap election is called for by the Prime Minister, which must be approved by 2/3 of the Assembly before it is officially dissolved by the President. Following a snap election, whatever government is formed will have a fresh, three-year mandate.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Irinaea is the country’s highest court of appeal. It is chaired by 12 judges appointed by the President, who serve for life. It has the power to alter or overturn any law it rules as unconstitutional, and its decisions are final. Nonetheless, any Supreme Court ruling can be overturned by a later ruling.

Irinaea’s system of government is founded on the Constitution of 1982, which defines the country as a “democratic, social and egalitarian republic of the whole People”.

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Postby Daniel-Franklin » Mon Jun 28, 2021 10:15 pm

Highly centralized unitary theocratic military dictatorship.
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Hua Lian
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Hua Lian » Mon Jun 28, 2021 10:25 pm

From the initial social imperial dictatorship to the current social constitutional monarchy
Hua LianEmpire is a centralized country.

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Antaviana Maiana
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Postby Antaviana Maiana » Tue Jun 29, 2021 3:01 am

Parliamentary Monarchy.
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Syndic Australia
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Postby Syndic Australia » Tue Jun 29, 2021 4:39 am

Australia is a Federal Parliamentary Syndicalist Republic:

The nation is divided into 14 states and 2 territories, all subordinate to a Federal government though with constitutionally guaranteed autonomy to varying degrees. As well as local/communal governments, states/territories and the federal government are afforded or proscribed from various legislative areas via the national constitution. The nation as a whole is referred to as the Commonwealth.

Being a nation of Britannic heritage, Australia inherited a Parliamentary system of representative democracy. The federal parliament is bicameral - it has an upper and lower house.

  • For the Upper House (the Senate), each state is apportioned 12 seats, and each territory 4 seats - an additional 2 seats are apportioned to New Guinea for a total of 178. Voting for the Senate utilises a preferential proportional system.
  • For the Lower House (the House of Representatives), the nation is divided into communes of approximately equal population - 356 communes, each with a population of approximately 100,000 (±12,500). Communal Representatives are elected utilising a single-member preferential system.

As a Republic, Australia's heads of state and government are both elected democratically.

  • The Prime Minister is Australia's Head of Government. The leader of the party/coalition with the majority in the House of Representatives is the Prime Minister.
  • The position of Head of State is actually held by multiple people, simultaneously. It is drawn from the Senate to the effect that it is constituted from the leaders of parties/coalitions within the senate representing collectively (and sequentially) at least 66% of communes, being comprised of an odd number of (and at least 3) Senators. As such, Australia could be classified as a Directorial Republic.

Being a Syndicalist nation differs Australia from otherwise similar nations. The most obvious difference is that, rather than being appointed by the Parliament, the Executive (excepting the Prime Minister) is semi-democratically elected, utilising a method known as council democracy (or 'soviet' democracy).

  • Members in the Syndicates are elected from within their workplaces (almost all workplaces are operated as workers' cooperatives) at the local level. These local syndicates will then elect one of their members to represent them at the state level - this process repeats for the federal level. A workplace can recall and replace their representative at any time, as opposed to the generally fixed tenure of the legislature.
  • At the state and federal level, similar occupations are consolidated into broader syndicates (i.e. plumbers and carpenters might be consolidated into a construction syndicate). Within these broader syndicates, committees are formed to focus on specialist issues (i.e. plumbers would be organised to focus on regulating piping in the state).
  • At the federal level, the Federal Consolidated Syndicates elect from within themselves a representative to sit in the Federal Cabinet (the Prime Minister's leadership council).
  • The Federal Consolidated Syndicates reserve the ability to veto government legislation should it fall outside of the government's declared agenda at the previous federal election, and is in charge of regulation.

A more detailed explanation can be found Here.
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January 27° - The 2025 Federal Election season has begun! Initial three-party preferred polls put the I.S.P. ahead at 37%, followed by the Country Party at 34%, then Labor at 29%.

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