IRIS Broadcasting World Wide Views (Open)

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IRIS Broadcasting World Wide Views (Open)

Postby Purglend » Fri Jun 18, 2021 1:07 pm

((OOC)feel free to comment anything along the lines of "(your nations name) Civilians viewed the broadcasting through the dark web" or any method your citizen can view this broadcasting)

Cameras begin rolling, viewers can hear the Purglend captives screaming with their mouths taped shut. a Man with a beard in the typical IRIS fashion, appears behind the captives who are bounded together in a long line with rope. the man begins walking, as the camera gets a view of all the captives faces. He then reaches the last captives and starts speaking.

"Each and everyone of these captives, are Purglend government officials. They represent the form of government that has been controlling our land for ages. They also represent government officials all across the world who help keep the power of nations all across in the world in the hands of government leaders in every nation in this world."

he holds up a machete as he continues his speech...

"This machete represents the power that IRIS holds, that back and fourth motion as i behead these government officials represents your inner contemplation of whether you should pledge your allegiance to IRIS or not, the head being removed from the Government official's body represents the separation of your government from your people, and the death of the government official represents new life under IRIS Rule as we remain standing, with a New World Order, that is better for everyone civilian who feels oppressed by their government and their society"

The Executioner begins Beheading each Government Worker, and the other IRIS Soldiers step in to help

"Destroy your government by destroying the society IT has created, and destroy the society that has given its power to your government, get rid of the weakness then go after the Government by destroying and annihilating those who work for it"

as the main Executioner beheads the last captive he utters the words "pledge your allegiance to IRIS!!!!" as many IRIS soldiers shout the cameras and the broadcasting/recording cuts off, with a message appearing stating "Presented by your founding fathers of the New World Order"

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