bennystania seeking long term allies

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bennystania seeking long term allies

Postby Bennystania » Thu Jun 17, 2021 6:41 pm

after bennystania was involved with two conflicts bennystania would like any nations who wish to be allies to sign an alliance with bennystania and the rest of the U.P.E, bennystania knows that it has allies such as the kings isle and her allies. but its time to make the alliance official.
"by signing this you show your trust in bennystania and the U.P.E and that it will protect you in a time of need. signing this also shows bennystania and the U.P.E that it can trust you to come to our aid as an ally and a friend in a situation where you are needed. this alliance not only benefits bennystania and the U.P.E but will benefit your nation as well."-bennystania's leader during a speech announcing the need for international allies

i will defend and support the U.P.E and bennystania when it is attacked as it would do the same for me.
i will allow bennystania to set up military bases in our lands in a situation our country is attacked bennystania can respond rapidly
i will not attack fellow allies of bennystania even if i disagree with their political ideology

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Postby Henna-Kassel » Sun Jun 27, 2021 8:19 am

Prime minister: Wilson Jimmy
King: King Wilhelm Richard IV
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