Quidditch World Cup 11 - IC thread

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Quidditch World Cup 11 - IC thread

Postby Zwangzug » Mon Jun 14, 2021 5:39 pm

The Quidditch Union In Zwangzug welcomes you to the eleventh Quidditch World Cup!

Draw procedure: There were fifteen returning teams and thirteen new teams. Group D was designated to receive an extra new team. The returning teams, indicated with *, were distributed among the four groups, then the new teams. The order of teams in each group was then randomized.

Group A:
Alchemic Queendom
Quebec and Shingoryeo*
The Islamic Caliphate of the Balkans

Group B:
Bears Armed

Group C:
Western Fardelshufflestein*
Newlandian Dragon Island
Paradyce Lost

Group D:

All matches will be played in deserted wilderness areas which have been magically guarded so that no errant no-Maj tourists can access them; we assume your players and fans can Apparate as needed. However, in an effort to introduce you to our magical community, each group will have a "base camp" for their teams' lodging during the tournament.

Group A is based in Heart's Jaunt, Ildynia District, near the grand Warzenhund Academy. Students at Warzenhund traditionally matriculate at the age of twelve, and by their fourth year, choose to concentrate in either Wandless Theory, Wanded Theory, Wandless Praxis, or Wanded Praxis.

Group B is based in Surairo, Nevelis District. Mages in the southwestern rainforest tend to study with a pasagru or mentor for individual meditation. Desai Vendaki, probably Zwangzug's oldest wandmaking tradition, can be found here.

Group C is based in Giordano, Anchett District. Southeastern magicians tend to be apprenticed in a guild system, learning potion-making and alchemy for healing and profit.

Group D is based in Gifogodi Demyok, Yovell District. Gifogodi Demyok is the largest city on the Picksall Islands, an archipelago to the north of the mainland known for their obscure language. Like the southwesterners, Picksall Islanders tend to learn from apprentices, although they are more closely integrated into no-Maj society.

MD1: 1 bye, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5: June 19
MD2: 5 bye, 6v4, 7v3, 1v2: June 21
MD3: 2 bye, 3v1, 4v7, 5v6: June 23
MD4: 6 bye, 7v5, 1v4, 2v3: June 25
MD5: 3 bye, 4v2, 5v1, 6v7: June 27
MD6: 7 bye, 1v6, 2v5, 3v4: June 29
MD7: 4 bye, 5v3, 6v2, 7v1: July 1
Round of 16: July 3
Quarterfinals: July 5
Semifinals: July 7
Final and third-place playoff: July 9

Cutoff will be approximately 9 PM Eastern on the dates indicated. This may be early on the following day, depending on your time zone.

You are encouraged to post a roster to give information about your team: this should include players and positions, as well as any other backstory about your team you may wish to include. In addition, please consider giving your opponent some indication of what they may do if they RP first--can they decide your goalscorers? Roleplay fouls? Describe magical interference?

Any attempts to cause lasting harm in Zwangzug or to my characters (ie, events that would necessitate a serious, canonical response) will be met with immediate use of the ignoramus retconibus spell. If you have questions or an idea for collaborative RP, contact me by telegram, in Discord, or in the OOC thread.

Questions or comments should be directed to the OOC thread.
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Postby Darmen » Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:26 am

Darmeni National Quidditch Team
presented by the
Department of Magical Games and Sports of the Darmeni Ministry of Magic

Pos     # Name                 Age Club
Seeker 1 Bonifaz McCabe 31 Leo
Beater 11 Murray Morley 35 Aquarius Captain
Beater 42 Tore Wright 27 Cancer
Chaser 30 Primrose Mottershead 30 Libra
Chaser 21 Sherman Webb 36 Libra
Chaser 55 Laverne Hurst 19 Capricorn
Keeper 13 Ivar Skovgaard 26 Gemini
Seeker 71 Danya Bloodworth 27 Leo
Beater 72 Fillin Blue 30 Taurus
Chaser 52 Anaëlle Callahan 25 Capricorn
Keeper 64 Liliya Antov 21 Gemini
Quidditch in Darmen: A 13 team amateur league exists, known as the Darmeni Quidditch League. Players are assigned to clubs based on their birth date and the corresponding sign of the Zodiac (Darmeni wizarding astrology includes Ophiuchus as a 13th sign). Teams play a single round-robin season, with the team scoring the most points ⁠— and not necessarily having the most wins ⁠— at the end of the season being declared the champions. Darmeni domestic Quidditch matches are capped at two and a half hours, with no requirement that the Snitch be caught. Indeed, the Snitch can be caught multiple times in a match and nets the team that caught it five points. Additionally, goals are only worth one point. All other rules remain the same as the international standard.

Magic in Darmen: Darmeni wizards have lived openly in Darmen throughout its history, although the use of magic around Muggles is heavily legislated and discouraged. Nevertheless, Darmeni wizards will comply with the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy when traveling in countries where the statute (or another similar law) is in effect. As of the 2045 census, there were 2,143 wizards living in Darmen, representing 0.02% of the total population. The average lifespan of Darmeni wizards is 168.65 years.

RP Permissions: No killing, or other serious life altering events, otherwise, have fun!
The Republic of Darmen
President: Joshua Rademacher (LIB) | Capital: Scott City | Population: 8.6 mil | Demonym: Darmeni | Trigramme: DAR
Factbook (WIP) | Encylopedia | Domestic Sports Newswire
Champions: CoH 51, CR 13, GCF Test 9, WBC 25, QWC 7 Runners-up: CoH 53, CR 10, GCF Test 11, T20C 2, T20C 4, RLWC 10, WBC 42
Third: CR 20, T20C 10, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RUWC 18, RUWC 26, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Bollonich » Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:27 pm

Bollonischian National Quidditch Team

Bollonischian Association for the Welfare of the Magical People

Bollonich is a nation that was never accepting of magical people, mainly due to two reason which are the love Bollonischian Muggles have for science and it seemed to be a threat to their fundamental spiritualistic beliefs. These are the reasons which we as the Magical community faced thousands of years ago. Over a period of time the second reason has disappeared as most Bollonischians have converted to atheism and Bollonich as a whole has been through a religious revolution carefully removing the spiritualistic nature of the people. The first reason however is something that we still have deal with today. These were the main reasons as to why we had to delve into secrecy from the Non-Magical populace. And for the past 2054 years we have lived in complete secrecy from the general populace of Bollonich. The Bollonischian Association for the Welfare of the Magical People (BAWMP) is an organisation created following the magical people going into hiding. BAWMP is responsible for the maintenance of this secret stature of the people and also to see towards the welfare and development of all Magical People. Magical Students are educated in the finest schools in Bollonich of Witchcraft and Wizardry including the Bollonischian School of Magic and Franhoven. The headquarters of BAWMP is located at the magical city of Friftonino, located in the dense forests of Bollonich, near Akusha.
Quidditch is the national sport for the Bollonischian Magical people who greatly enjoy playing the game and even the brutality of it. Bollonischians are generally overtly aggressive in games of quidditch. Quidditch is often played between the teams of various schools and have often led to some unfortunate deaths in matches. The current winners of the Bollonischian Quidditch Cup is Franhoven. The Bollonischian National Quidditch team is very young consisting only of under 20 players as quidditch is barely played by older players.

Name                      Age    Role        School      
Callinicus De Lorenzo 19 Seeker BSM
Wikola McLain 17 Seeker Bretonneux
Anton Grósz 16 Seeker Franhoven
Albin Kozłow 18 Keeper Franhoven
Matilda Quijano 17 Keeper Yaozhuang
Adolf Manco 17 Keeper BSM
Thalia Hoxha 19 Beater Franhoven
Oanez Gunnarsen 18 Beater Viroqua

Horea Cho 19 Beater Franhoven
Filip Crawford 16 Beater BSM
Cyrille Garrido 18 Beater Brettoneux
Vitalis Zuiderduin 15 Beater Yaozhuang
Cèlia Toset 17 Chaser BSM
Verônica Campo 19 Chaser Franhoven

Pankaj Hämäläinen 18 Chaser Viroqua
Bruno Morello 19 Chaser Durrenroth
Zuzen Neimi 17 Chaser Schotz
Nadim Terzi 16 Chaser Basildon
Starters in italics

Coach - Drusa Wilk (Age 21)
Nurse & Team Doctor - Herekleitos Tamás (Age 43)

RP Permissions - Injury lengths will be decided by me and also ask me before godmodding
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Postby Kriegiersien » Tue Jun 15, 2021 2:31 pm


The tin foil hats were right.

Population of more than 18 Billion? Of course there can’t be so many. Certainly half of Kriegiersien is inhabited by mages, wizards and witches, who are a secret community among the muggles.

And the new Prime minister of the wizards before the tenth World Cup had big plans. Hearing that until now the muggle had claimed all participations at the prestigious Quidditch World Cup through rogue wizard mercenaries, that the last season even genuine muggles had participated, this time he wanted a team send from the Kriegiersien wizard world. And this team beat the Rogue Wizards team in an internal decider match and got their spot for the World Cup. Make Kriegiersien mages great again.
In Taeshan everything worked well until the quarter-final, then….dark magic took over.

In the end Western Fardelshufflestein and Abahnfleft were drawn to the final, with Fardelshufflestein winning the World Cup. Deserved. But the teams behind them on the medal places… Foul. Despicable.
The Wizards Community was outraged. The Kriegiersien team that was robbed by the dark forces of Random from winning the title now comes back again, training hard to win the most important trophy in the Wizard World.

Quidditch isn’t that popular in the magical world of Kriegiersien, contrary to Arena fights, magical hunts or Duels of all sorts between Wizards. It is normally only a school sport and so a team out of the best players from Wizard schools, Universities and Academies was established and built up and improved to face every opposition.

The Squad:

Baldur Gates
Mimimi Winthrop

Jack of all trades
Robinson Nazgul

Sansa Kirfenia
Bill Shazam
Lockheart Brad
Vanya Tutzelworm
Zacharia Zerg
Lisa Ward

Henry Richardson
Louis Clark
Amanda Butler
Kevin Kelly

Carolyn Martinez
Pamela Cox

Sam Mandrake
Jimmy Murphy

and further staff
technicians, medical staff, cooks, physios, therapists, fitness coaches, security


Having not much experience with the sport, a task force had to engineer a fitting broom for the new National team. They came up with the:

:evil: Wutzorn 1.3 :twisted:


Carved out of ancient angry evil magical trees, highly inflammable and inflatable. Very agile and pliable, hard to control. Can bring bad luck, but is very fast and makes bonus damage in ramming maneuvers.
First they wanted to put also a demon in it, but restricted it to evil spirits and restraining spells.
Can also, when used as melee weapon, easily crush things.

It was after the last World Championship updated and ist now, even though looking the same, version 1.777



Everything allowed that doesn't break the game and fun
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Postby Eshialand » Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:16 pm

"King William?"
"And who would you be?"
"Albert Lainsbury."
"I've never heard of you..."
"Of course you haven't, my town, Brightonsea, is very secluded, just a small fly-in community in northern Ontario."
"So what brings you here?"
"Well... I need you to keep this a secret, okay?"
"Absolutely, my lips are sealed!"
"You see, Brightonsea is... how you'd say... a magical community."
"Magical? Is there a certain atmosphere about the place that makes it so special? Should I encourage tourism?"
"No, I mean magical as in..." he checks to make sure the door is closed behind him, "...wizards and witches."
"I'm the Coach of the town's Quidditch team, and I'd like you to fund our travel to Zwangzug for the 11th edition of the Quidditch World Cup."

The king is just frozen hearing the words coming out of Mr. Lainsbury's mouth.

"I understand if you don't get it, if you want to stare at us and laugh... that's been the last couple hundred years for us, unfortunately. I was just hoping you'd understand... we've been following the soccer team, and we've seen the wonderful work you've done with them... sure, Quidditch doesn't quite have the mass appeal that soccer has, what with most of the nation being Muggles... but would you at least consider letting us follow our dreams?"
"Y'know what? Sure, why the heck not."

The Eshian National Quidditch Team

Robes: Black with Eshian Blue (#04c1e2) trim.

Starting VII in bold

#1 Kevin SERAKIS (M, 21)
#6 Emily BERVAN (F, 19)

#2 Henry CLAMIAN (M, 24)
#5 Barry LAINSBURY (M, 17)
#7 Josephine MARTINAULT (F, 21)
#10 Alexander ABDEN (M, 22)
#15 Gary LOGAN (M, 18)
#22 Riella SAFRI (F, 20)

#3 Lara BAYER (F, 24)
#8 Jason LUSANCE (M, 25)
#9 Louis MASTERSON (M, 22)
#21 Michaela FLERRY (F, 25)

#4 Steven MARAN (M, 18)
#11 Kiera LAWSON (F, 26)
#14 Douglas NASH (M, 25)

Coach: Albert LAINSBURY (M, 45)

RP Permissions: Just don't hurt my players without TGing me to make sure it's okay. Also, I'm always open to collaboration, so feel free to TG me about anything!
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Postby Mertagne » Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:02 am

The Witches & Wizards of Mertagne Present...

The Mertagnian "National" Quidditch Team

Mertagne is a new country, but lives on an old land. In secretive swamps and misty mountains, communities of magical folk have been practicing their art for generations, happy to hide in the shadows as the Mertagnian muggles draw all the attention away from them. How else would you explain why Mertagne has many old abandoned castles?

The magical community in Mertagne is, however, disparate. Seen as much of a 'wild west' by mages in Starblaydia, where many Mertagnian mages recieved their formal magical training, in Mertagne there is little organisation, and communities often operate independently of themselves. However, once per year, the Wizardsmoot is held on Mertagne's Horsehead Island, where many local magical community leaders, witches, warlocks, and wizards gather to discuss news and information. As such, there is no formal quidditch league, no formal magical education, and many users of magic tend to either blend in to muggle society or remove themselves from it all together. Typical stereotypes of Mertagnian magical folk range from the wetland bog witch to the wandslinging city slicker.

In a great push to gain a bit more international recognition after the Mertagnian muggle community put their own differences aside and reformed the government, the associated Witches and Wizards of Mertagne are fielding the following team to the 11th Quidditch World Cup. Further administrative staff are present but are not listed.

The Team:
Name Number Pos. Magical Specialisation Career
Matilda ROSSETER 1 Keeper Ancient Runes Muggle Translator
Hugogh VAKLEIF 2 Chaser Arithmancy Muggle Computer Programmer
Amada FIDDLESTICKS 3 Chaser Charms Hermit Witch (Mountains)
Henri "Jawbones" TIKMARSH 4 Chaser Hedge Magic Hermit Wizard (Marsh)
Stoate CRAWFYSH 5 Beater Divination Groundskeeper
Stugaron QUENTILLION 6 Beater Potions Muggle Doctor
Chezra MYST 7 Seeker History of Magic Bookseller

Name Number Pos. Magical Specialisation Career
Quentin SMYTHE 11 Keeper Astronomy Muggle Space Agency Director
Teena SHRIKE 10 Chaser Magical Creatures Owler
Shudley OCKS 9 Beater Charms Muggle Locksmith
Joseph DRUNT 8 Seeker Appirition Hermit Wizard (Mountains)

The Mertagnian Team play in robes representing the rural magical communities in the country. Robes are of a Swamp Green (#748500) main colour with Silver (#C0C0C0) trim and numbering, representing the nation's Marsh Wizards and Mountain Wizards respectively. If the colours of the opposing team would result in confusion when whizzing past the stands on a broom, the primary and secondary colours are reversed.

My opponent, should they RP first, has my permission to:
Do pretty much anything: Yes, but if you're planning something that will have big effects, send me a TG before you post so we're on the same page. Maybe we can collaborate? Also, try not to scare the muggles.
I reserve the right to use NEATO's Orbital Ignore Cannon (OIC) if you go too off the rails. This will be very hard to do given it's Quidditch, and thus some disbelief has already been suspended.
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Postby Starblaydia » Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:07 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose my Scorers
GodMod any Goalscoring or Snitch-catching Events
Call penalties on my Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod other events for humorous intent

Esteemed Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you of the squad that the Centre is again providing a team of the Quidditch World Cup. The world-famous team comes from the Starblaydi Quidditch Sunday League (known as the SQSL, or 'Squizzle') and, as such, are the finest exponents of the great 'sport of warlocks' known to us. Though we are, of course, hidden within Starblaydia we are, nonetheless, proud of the nation in which we live and the team will strive to match that pride with their sporting performances. Champions of the inaugural World Cup, the Starblaydi team are looking for a high-placed finish. Listed below are the players we are again sending forth to compete, as well as a brief description regarding each one, as well as the noble House they played for at the famous Percyvale Academy of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Starblaydia will play in the traditional predominantly-purple robes, also detailed below.

• Wearing the Number One cloak and keeping goals for Starblaydia will be Enrique Esposito, who plays for the Fox's Irregulars Quidditch Club. A highly-capable Keeper who played for Montfort House, he is an excellent Quaffle-stopper. He is also Starblaydia's Captain.

Harkon Vekkinen is the Chaser with the Number Two cloak, who plays for the ancient Jhani Cavalry side. A Montfort House Quidditch Captain in his time, he is an accomplished tackler.
• The only Witch on the team, Jennifer Havaland, wears the Number Three cloak. Formerly Head Girl of the Coraluna House, her passing is second to none in the entire land; a prized asset of the Neveheim Arsenal Witches side.
Rudyard Rumplebottom is oft-quoted as saying 'Rumplebottom's the name, goal-scoring's the game'. As such the bearer of our Number Four cloak is the Wizard most likely to be tallied on the scoring scroll. Formerly of House Leoric, he plays for Montepool County Quidditch Club.

• Bearing the Number Five cloak is Alfred Grompton, once of Qucksilver House, who's shots with Bludgers are as complex as they are devastating. Currently plays for the Beverington Hawksworth School Old Boys side, where he teaches Arithmancy.
George Huxtable, descended from the great Leoric Huxtable, is another Leoric House member with a keen eye for an accurate swing at a Bludger. Plays for the Penningworth County Quidditch Club and wears the Number Six cloak.

• Xantian The Eagle-Eyed, preferably known as Xantian will be the team's Seeker, wearing the Number Seven cloak. A Leoric House member if ever there was one, Xantian is eagle-eyed (figuratively rather than literally) and occasionally even reckless in his single-minded pursuit of the Golden Snitch. Caught every single snitch asked of him to take the World Championship in the 1st edition. Currently plays for Montepool County Quidditch Club.

A crude depiction (the most we could manage for this scroll, I'm afraid) of the Starblaydi team follows:


Should any replacements be required in between matches due to unfortunate 'incidents', they will be named and dispatched to the Percyvale Academy as and when appropriate.

- magically signed -

Cuthbert Cruickshanks
Master of Quidditch
Centre for the Magical Arts
Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Seven-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)

Crazinesss Encouraged - An Unofficial History of the NationStates World Cup

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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Jun 16, 2021 8:31 am

United Worlds of Ko-oren - Team for the 11th Quidditch World Cup

OOC: The Quidditch-playing Worlds of Ko-oren is not your typical "magic school, four houses, strange, quirky, whimsical people" setting. However, there is one big similarity: both settings are heavily secluded from the rest of society. In the case of the Worlds of Ko-oren, that's not by choice. Long ago* a group of people, travelling through an ancient and since-forgotten network of universes, lost ties with 'real' Ko-oren - you know, the one located in the one, actual, real, multiverse, with Anaia, and Atlantian Oceania, Rushmore, and Esportiva, and many others. That 'real' world is also called the Stem. One certainty the tribes do have is their connection to the Stem - a place that's odd in how it is both a World and a Link at the same time - from where every other World can (hypothetically) be reached. Normally, something is either a World or a Link, and something that's recorded in book** form, which is how these peoples have learned how to create, modify, and destroy Worlds as well as establish, maintain, and sever Links.

The stability of the Worlds, as well as the Links between them, are constantly threatened*** and require investigation, maintenance, monitoring, and sometimes even (controlled) destruction. Because of this, the various tribes that inhabit the Worlds have the resources to deal with a hypothetical isolation from the network, to either rebuild their ties to the network or carry on alone. Also, to make sure that every job gets done, every tribe has a more-or-less same system of Guilds, which are responsible for a handful of tasks each to make sure that the system doesn't collapse**** beyond repair*****.

The tribes have found some Worlds that are 1) more stable and 2) otherwise hard to live off of, which are used as neutral Worlds, for tribes to meet each other on, share knowledge and research, and (I guess) play what can be called Quidditch. One season teams are established on Guild basis. The next season, teams are comprised of players from the same tribe.

*Don't ask me when
**Why books?
***By whom? What causes the instability?
****or expand? Who knows
*****or control

1Tahdi ThukahtingenSeekerGuild of MessengersTeredahl
2Thoël JinondhenChaserGuild of ExplorersShanigun
3Ki'ini Dahlakith (f)ChaserGuild of MechanicsRazentahn
4Isokoh KisihidhChaserGuild of MasonsBehdigehl
5Zagehl SipohlinthenBeaterGuild of ProtectorsRozodhin
6Huros DharohtingunBeaterGuild of CarpentersTeredahl
7Pinahgu of PehsenthenKeeperGuild of HealersPehsenthen
(8)Nioni Tehthaudin (f)SeekerGuild of ExtractorsLurthesingun
(9)Dalugul NihrudinilChaserGuild of MessengersMaulahngan
(10)Raura Araudhin (f)ChaserGuild of MinersPehsenthen
(11)Menegos EgahtidahlBeaterGuild of ProtectorsTeredahl
(12)Bajo BithidohlBeaterGuild of StockersPehsenthen
(13)Jogen RahgelohKeeperGuild of HealersBahdorahth

National colours: blue, green, yellow (trim)
Team colours: purple, grey, black (trim), white (trim)

Seeing as the stability of the Stem is the one factor that allows the tribes to find each other, it's a good thing that Ko-oren's reality is a (meta)physically stable one...

RP Permissions: Yes
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships loser!

Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 4x World Bowl - 4x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x IBC - 2x T20 WC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x World Cup - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x WCoH - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC - 1x FHWC

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Postby Abanhfleft » Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:34 am

National Quidditch team

Abanhfleft will play in the Quidditch World Cup for the fifth time. Yes, there are witches and wizards in Abanhfleft. No, you cannot ask where they are at the moment but the identities of some will be revealed in due time. Also, for some reason, the Abanhfleft Quidditch team have actually managed to make it to the final of the previous QWC. They lost, of course, but the mere fact that they made it to the final seems to have been Obliviated from the collective memory of Fleftic wizardkind. No one knows why. One would think that such an achievement would be something that the Fleftics would be very proud of.

Name of nation
: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Official history: This will be Abanhfleft's first time playing in the Quidditch World Cup.
Team robes: Blue with orange and green trim
Style modifier (if applicable): +5. Abanhfleft's Quidditch style has always been about all-out attack and nothing else. It makes for lots of high-scoring games which the people always love.

Keeper: Bram Bentomado (34 y/o, male, captain)
Chaser: Kaley Castañas (28 y/o, female)
Chaser: Harold Babamado (38 y/o, male)
Chaser: Greg Santos (31 y/o, male)
Beater: Ursula Santayana (27 y/o, female)
Beater: Frances Dietz (26 y/o, female)
Seeker: Yuri Polyakov (29 y/o, male)

Keeper: Donald Olson (23 y/o, male)
Chaser: Bettina Bastin (32 y/o, female)
Beater: Helga Ordoñez (31 y/o, female)
Seeker: Thorgan Helmond (30 y/o, male)

RP Permissions
Anything except killing is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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Postby Bollonich » Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:41 pm

The Daily Magic

Bollonich Quidditch Team travel to Zwangzug ahead of Quidditch World Cup 11; Banija, Ko-oren and Eshialand in Group Stages

Bollonich’s magical people have been secluded for long enough, today we have branches out and started mending relations with other magical communities through the means of Quidditch. Our young national team shall be taking part in the 11th iteration of the Quidditch World Cup. We have a well established Quidditch League for the school children who are exposed to Quidditch, In the World Cup we have been drawn into Group D with Banija, Kriegiersien, Ko-oren and Eshialand among others. Banija, Kriegiersien and Ko-oren are teams in our group that have already appeared in previous Quidditch World Cup finals. An interesting team in our group is fellow new team Eshialand who are a team to watch out as their football team managed to make the Round of 32 in the Even Frostier Cup, something our very own team failed to do. Eshialand are known for their sporting prowess as they have performed very well in football even winning the 75th Baptism of Fire. Ko-oren is another team present in our group who shall pose a challenge to our team as they have both the experience and quality to perform well. In the end, if we wish to win we will have to play our natural game, be aggressive and try to win it anyhow possible.

Trans-Pavolan Railways route to disrupt magical settlement near Lagos

The new Trans-Pavolan railways which are to be built in Bollonich as a part of an interregional high speed railway network based in Crimsonhawke, Tikariot. This railway network would be reportedly pass through Lagos. On the way to Lagos the network is also supposedly to pass through a large magical settlement of Mertennex where the school of Bretonneux is based. This settlement has a 30,000 population of magical people meaning there shall be a displacement of at least of them. This could also threaten the discovery of the magical people as passing very close to it could have adverse effects on the necessary spells for maintaining secrecy.
The Bollonischian Association for the Welfare of the Magical People have issued a statement neither confirming nor denying the events and have promised that in case such events take place the necessary actions shall be taken by them to make sure of the resettlement of the people and students who shall be featured in the upcoming QWC 11.

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The Empire Returns

The Empire of Amenria returns to QWC yet again, still eager to flex it's technological superiority to the citizens of the Greater Omniverse. This season, the national team, with members drawn from the finest teams in the National Quidditch Championship, will face off against the national teams from Sylestone, Soldera, Valdiviola, Western Fardelshufflestein, Newlandian Dragon Island, and Paradyce Lost. Analysis from QASI (pronounced like Cassie), or the Quidditch Analytical System Intelligence, has warned the team about their opponents from Sylestone, another nation to have returned to WQC.

The Team


With the Seoul N-Forcers winning the nationals, two of it's members, charismatic captain Kim Minho and steadfast chaser Lee Jiwon, has been selected to represent the Empire in the championship, along with two other chasers, An Trung Nhân and Ai Minh Vuon from the heavily aggressive runner up team Saigon Snipers. Koga Krakens Beater Mizushima Isoshi joins them, with Xie Long amd Ravi Bhavalakar, MVPs from the Qingdao Mariners and Mumbai Mahouts respectively.

National colours: Black, White
Team colours: Elephant, White

1. With the exception of Ravi Bhavalakar, the players' surnames are before their given names. For example, Kim is his surname and Minho is his given name.
2. Ai Minh Vuon is a man. The only woman in the team is Lee Jiwon.
3. No killing, talk to me for serious, borderline permanent injuries. Besides that, surprise me.
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Postby Eshialand » Thu Jun 17, 2021 9:37 am

Let the Magic Begin

"Here we are, Gifogodi Demyok!" Coach Lainsbury exclaims.

For the Eshian Quidditch team, visiting the Picksall Islands was a defining experience. For the first time, they got to see a magical community outside of Brightonsea. They could be more than a few miles away from home and not have to hide their abilities... it was a truly freeing experience.

Of course, the team wouldn't be free for too long, as there was a tournament to be played, and soon. Their first matchup was going to be in only three days, so training would have to start almost immediately.

That first night in the Picksalls would be when chaser Barry Lainsbury would ask his father "So, who are we even playing?"

To answer this question, Coach Lainsbury would gather the whole team together and read from a scroll labelled "ESHIALAND - Quidditch World Cup 11 Schedule".

"Matchday 1: Ko-oren vs. Eshialand"

Lara Bayer: "Oh, I don't like the sound of that..."
Josephine Martinault: "Ko-oren is pretty experienced in the sporting world..."
Kevin Serakis: "I don't think anyone from Eshialand's played against a team from Anaia before!"
Coach: "Relax, everything should be fine. Consider that game a practice match, nothing more."
Barry: "In other words, we're gonna lose. Good to know..."

"Matchday 2 - Bye"

Barry: "Well, at least we can't lose that..."

"Matchday 3 - Eshialand vs. Malandrin"

Josephine: "They shouldn't be too much of a problem... who's next?"

"Matchday 4 - Hebitaka vs. Eshialand"

Jason Lusance: "Wait, that Hebitaka?"
Coach: "Yes, that one. Remember, just because the Eshian soccer team has a mixed record against them doesn't mean they have any Quidditch experience whatsoever. We can probably take them."

"Matchday 5 - Eshialand vs. Banija"

Kevin: "Aw nuts..."
Josephine: "I have to admit, Banija could be a major problem..."

"Matchday 6 - Kriegiersien vs. Eshialand"

Barry: "Who are they?"
Kevin: "I know... a problem. Sure, you may not have heard of them since they didn't have a World Cup 88 soccer team, but they're a major threat all the same."

"Matchday 7 - Eshialand vs. Bollonich"

Josephine: "I know they're relatively new to the sporting world as well, but a big yikes from me..."
Barry: "Every sport they touch seems to turn to gold!"
Coach: "But that isn't really what matters, is it? All that matters is that we have fun!"

"By the way, I just got our new robes sent in..." Coach hands out the robes, black with Eshian Blue trim.

"They're simple, but I quite like them. What do you all think?"
Henry Clamian: "Okay, these work..."
Josephine: "I could seem myself wearing this..."

Coach Lainsbury and the team members start going to their rooms, only for Coach to turn around and yell "Let's make Brightonsea proud!". The team members turn around and shout it back in unison before returning to their rooms.
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Postby Valdiviola » Thu Jun 17, 2021 12:15 pm

The humble PRINCIPALITY of VALDIVIOLA would like to introduce its National Quidditch Team, Nicknamed "The Volatori Viola" for entry to QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP XI!

The Valdiviolan Quidditch Team are back for the Eleventh Installment of the World Cup looking to improve upon the experiences of a tough, first round exit last time around. The spine of the team remains unchanged as the coach puts his faith in a group of players who have reached World Cup Quarter- and Semi-Finals in the past. There is no doubt there will be a great deal of hunger in this team to show their best and challenge some of the bigger nations taking part this year. Forza Viola!


STYLE – A strong belief that Quidditch is a sport to primarily entertain the masses watching in the stands, the style of gameplay in Valdiviola is an attacking and imaginative one. Quick-paced with tricks abound with even the Keeper joining the attack on occasion, the Quaffle-players and Beaters following play in unison, defending and attacking as a unit of 6. Skill over strength is often favoured in Chasers and so Beaters are physical and agile in equal measure to account for a potential lack of physicality in Quaffle-play.


KEEPER – Lorenzo NOBILE (Captain) - #1
Age: 33 Height: 6ft1
Description: NOBILE returns as captain for a fourth World Cup campaign. After another stellar season in front of the hoops, he has been vocal during the team's preparations about his expectations that this squad reach the knockout rounds. Nobile is probably now into his prime as a Keeper and will be an important factor in the team's chances of success both with his play and his leadership.

Age: 35 Height: 5ft10
Description: BURRASCA has been the exceptional Bludger-player in Valdiviola for the last decade. Whilst Burrasca may be past his best years, there is still nobody better at creating an opening for a Quaffle attack using the bat, and his Beater brain has only sharpened with age.

BEATER – Teodoro PELOSO - #3
Age: 28 Height: 6ft0
Description: PELOSO is finally adjudged to have "come of age" since the last World Cup and has finally taken Aurelia Fiore's place as a starting Beater. Peloso was seen as the heir to Burrasca's throne in his youth but hasn't quite lived up to that hype - could this be the stage he's been waiting for?

CHASER – Isabella LORETTO - #4
Age: 32 Height: 5ft9
Description: LORETTO may have passed 30 but remains the domestic league's most dangerous attacker. Loretto has scored more than 100 goals in World Cup competition and hasn't dropped from the top of the scoring charts in the domestic league despite regular injury woes. She describes her final Quidditching aim to be to score in a World Cup Final.

CHASER – Orlando STRAZZA - #5
Age: 25 Height: 5ft10
Description: STRAZZA was an inconsistent starter during the last World Cup but returns as one of the dominant forces with Valdiviolan domestic Quidditch. He isn't afraid to use his muscle and do the hard graft if it plays to the strengths of the team, but he is also more than capable in front of goal, and has scored more year-on-year in each of his last 3 seasons.

CHASER – Lola FEBBRAIO (Vice Captain) - #6
Age: 28 Height: 5ft2
Description: FEBBRAIO is the undisputed Quaffle-carrier of Valdiviolan Quidditch. She won't score as many as Loretto but she will gain just as many plaudits for her clever play and great eye for chance-creation. Leave Febbraio unmarked at your peril!

SEEKER – Simonetta NOCERINO - #7
Age: 17 Height: 5ft6
Description: NOCERINO is the next great hope for Valdiviolan Quidditch. As a rookie Seeker, Nocerino equalled the great Evangelina Falco's debut season Snitch record, and as such has ousted Tommaso Barozzi from a starting place at this World Cup. She shows all the hallmarks of a would-be superstar and coach Azzardo is certain that Nocerino will light up the tournament and be the key to his team's success.


KEEPER – Feliciano LIO
Age: 20 Height: 6ft7

Age: 21 Height: 5ft10

Age: 24 Height: 6ft0

Age: 30 Height: 5ft4

Age: 28 Height: 5ft11


I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:	
Choose My Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to my Players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

Yes to everything, but please, don't give career ending injuries or for that matter deaths,
and please don't get all my players banned!
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Postby Zwangzug » Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:27 pm

See here for a background on Zwangzug's magical community.

Keeper: #11, Thorsten Dubois (Nittany Narwhals). Concentrated in Wandless Theory at Warzenhund Academy. First QWC: 11

Chasers: #2, Rochelle Whitesun (Jofpubup Jabberknolls) Concentrated in Wanded Praxis at Warzenhund. First QWC: 9
#10, Susan Ashcont (Heart's Jaunt Hippocampi). Concentrated in Wandless Praxis at Warzenhund. First QWC: 10
#29: Mēfū Ōmhun (Gifogodi Demyok Pokuhindi). From the Picksall Islands and apprenticed to a mystic there. First QWC: 10

Beaters: #23, Enzo Bartali (Giordano Gheppi, captain). Trained as an apprentice potioneer in the southeastern Alchemist's Guild. First QWC: 8
#18, Timothy Frost-Hordal (Ridder Ravne). Concentrated in Wanded Theory at Warzenhund. First QWC: 9

Seeker: #17, Martha Quinocte (Dwayne Dugongs). Concentrated in Wandless Praxis at Warzenhund. First QWC: 11

If RPing first, feel free to do pretty much anything that doesn't cause lasting harm to my characters/in my nation. I would discourage godmoding in a literal sense. If you have questions, ask!
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Postby The Islamic Caliphate of the Balkans » Fri Jun 18, 2021 7:01 am

The Balkan Eagles asks for forgiveness due to having posted the roster information in the other forum regarding this QWC 11, and asks how one should know the date of their matches, we know our group, but the number system for teams seems quite difficult.

Nonetheless, as having been instructed to do so before, it does let everybody know their team here:

The Islamic Caliphate of the Balkans pleases itself in being able to present its national team, the Balkan Eagles, which will compete with the following field players:

The Sultanate of the Islamic Caliphate of the Balkans is proudly to present its team for the Quidditch World Cup at NS, so without further delay, hereby we present our national team:

1-Seeker: Hari Matovic-Called the Balkan Potter due his physical similarity with the British wizard, except having longer hair and a moustache, this seeker is known for his frequent "snitch simulations" in which he pretends to have seen the snitch, this not being true, and rapidly goes in the direction where that imagined snitch is, and in the last moment, changes his direction so either his rival crashes into the floor or either two players of the other team crash into each other.

2-Beaters: Lejla Islamovic, Bozena Janovic-This tall girls, pertaining respectively to the Muslim and Serbian Millet of our country, are
known for its tricks, jumps, and acrobacies when performing their duty in the team, that is, to beat the hell out of the other players with Bludgers and to stop the rival beaters of doing so with their team.

3-Goalkeeper: Bogumil Jovanovic-Known for using muggle style tactics to stop the other team from scoring, among them, doing ups and downs with his body inclined facing the floor instead just staying with arms open.

4-Chasers: Faina Islamovic, Soraya Abdulkadirovic, Filip Jurevic-Inseparable, a group which is imposible to separate even with a bludger, flying side by side always.

Reserves: Marija Abecassis, Omer Hartanovic, Saifuddin Telumovic, Isabelle Haric, Jusuf Barlamovic, Vladislav von Altersheim, Layla Bramovic.
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Postby Bears Armed » Fri Jun 18, 2021 5:05 pm

Bears Armed's national Quidditch team

The 'Bearrzards Bright'

Yes, this nation does have an organised community of wizards (in addtion to the famous, generally respected [although deeply mysterious], & very old individual wizard named 'Grimdark the Grey', who himself does not play this game) although their existence was only revealed to the general public a few years ago (on the day when I first received the relevant issue...): Prior to that their presence was basically a 'confidential' matter for those non-wizards with need-to-know i.e. various civil, military, & religious leaders... although rumours of individual wizards assisting the Confederal Army, under Grimdark's supervision, had already been current for quite a long while before that. The revealed details about their long history of service to the nation, non-involvement in governance, and effective self-policing, have helped to alleviate historic prejudice against Wizardry in general, which goes back to earlier ones' heavy involvement in running the tyrannical 'Purple Empire' regime during what outsiders would call the 8th-10th centuries AD, but there definitely are still problems in that respect. It is hoped that sending this team in the nation's name, with the possibility of this adding extra lustre to ourr international reputation, will also boost the good reputation of Wizardry back home.
All of the players and coaching staff, and those of the supporting personnel who are also wizards, are graduates of a specialised school called 'Hogwings Academy' which is located somewhere in this nation's 'Mainland' portion. (OOC, it's been on my private maps for several years but is not yet shown on any versions of those that I have made public...) The form of wizardry taught there, dependent primarily on using wands, is easier to teach than the styles favoured by the Purple Empire's leaders, but places more limits on its wielders' capabilities than those did: The latter fact has also been used in the recent PR campaigns. Wizarding talent occurs most frequently within certain [extended] bloodlines, mostly for reasons linked to the Purple Empire & the struggle against its rule, but can appear in members of other stocks as well due to intermarriage or for other reasons.
When it occurs in individuals without familial knowledge of the possibility, and is neither so weak that it isn't recognised as anything special nor so strong that Hogwings' talent scouts find the bearers while they are stil teachable, those people quite often go into careers for which the [rather more widespread] 'Mysticking' talent would also be suitable & whose practiconers more commonly possess that instead.
There are no professional Quiddich teams in Bears Armed -- so far -- but there is an established league of semi-pro teams, and all players & coaches used here are from that league... except for the head coach, , who is from Hogwings itself. For each of these, in addition to the sort of details that I would give for people involved in [for example] Football, this article eventually should include details about the source of their Talent, which of Hogwings' four 'Groves' they were in (i.e. 'SunBird', symbol = Phoenix-Eagle, emphasized virtue = daring; Heeyawh, Donkey, Persistence; Owlwise, Owl, Studiousnes; Uppreight, stylised ['stick-figure'] Human, Pragmatism... Note that the latter is not a "Slytherin" equivalent, as such, due to a long history of "weeding out" the sort of talented individuals who might otherwise have formed such a group: For somthing closer to that, see the wizards of 'The Hidden Paw' which was founded & is still run by self-proclaimed "heirs" of the Purple Empire...), and day-job.

All of the players & coaches, and most of the supporting personnel who are accompanying those here, are Ursines and Wizards: Wizarding talent does occur in occasional members of certain other native 'Peoples', to varying extent, but so far their physical differences from Ursines have kept them out of the 'League' teams.

Unfortunately both RL and the GA got in the way, so that I can't provide all of the desirable information here immediately: I hope to give more details for the listed individuals and to add some more people as well before the tournament finishes, either by updating this post or in RP ones.
EDIT (04.07.'21.): People's ages will not be given, as a matter of deliberate & long-held policy among our wizarding community.


Manager: Sermharn the Wanderer _ Ursine [outwardly, & of the 'Brown Bear' type, anyhows], male, not a member of any specifc Clan or other 'Body' but considered a member of the nation as a whole. Not actually a Wizard, but apparently even older than Grimdark and possesses certain unusual abilities (e.g. opening ways between different Realities; or "shutting-down" other people's magical abilities) at high levels of power. Has previously appeared in some of my other Sports RP, sometimes to protect the 'Bear-Belles' against hostile supernatural actions. can assume Human form if really necessary. Even-tempered and, despite his antiquity, appears usually as just middle-aged.
Manager's Assistant (Administrative): Errikha Whitbarr _ Ursine ['Brown Bear' type, but with very pale fur], from Clan WhiteBear; Hogwings 'glade' was Heeyawh, a civil servant, on loan from the national government's 'Bureau for Magick', whose minor wizarding talent has mostly been channelled into 'Truth-sense'. very patient with other people, unless she realizes that she is being deliberately stalled.
Chief Coach: Arri Krrunh _ Ursine ['Black Bear' type], male, from Clan WildWoods; Wizard, Hogwings 'glade' was Uppreight, also teaches Quidditch [& broom-riding in general] at Hogwings and is coach of that school's own Quidditch team; also a highly gifted & skilled linguist, but tends to be long-winded except in emergencies or when actually in action as a coach; strict but fair, tends to use sarcasm more than shouting when criticizing the players or other people; familiar is a Crow.
Chief Healer: Minnurrvha Barrister _ Ursine ['Brown Bear' type; fur greyish-brown intrinsically, due to ancestry, rather than just to her relatively advanced age], female, from Clan GreyBear; Wizard, Hogwings 'glade' was Owlwise, employed as Chief Healer at Hogwings; tends to be [usually unjustifiably] pessimistic; familiar = "Healing" Serpent.
(The above two characters are in a longstanding, but childless, relationship.)
Chief Physiotherapist: Krystal Bruin _ Ursine ['Brown Bear' type, & towards the more anthropomorphic end of the scale despite not being a wizard], female, from Clan WestWoods; non-Wizard; also worked as chief Physiotherapist for our football team the 'Bear-Belles' during their "recent" return to international competition (and, in fact, has [by her ex-husband Artorrios Brown] a daughter -- named 'Steffannee'-- who was/is a member of that team) and apparently then became Sermharn's ladyfriend.

(Players whose names are preceded by asterisks are usual starters, the others are potential replacements who are being sent along in case they are needed.)

* Urrsa-Charranna WidewindleSide _ ['Black Bear' type], female, from Clan WildWoods; glade was SunBird; team captain; day job is as an Army Air Corps scout, home team = 'Strike Witches'; familiar = Kestrel.
* Arri 'Not That One' Potter _ ['Brown Bear' type, although on the relatively small-ish size for this; fur intrinsically greyish-brown, due to ancestry], male, from Clan GreyBear; glade was Owlwise; day job is as an Army Air Corps scout, home team = 'Confederal Engineers'; familiar = AeroPig.
* Harro 'Hotshot' O Jherran ['Brown Bear' type, but with distinctly reddish-brown fur], male, from Clan Jherran Habbahr; glade was SunBird; day-job is as a broomstick test-pilot, home team = 'NonFerrous Aviation'; familiar = 'Northlands Blue' Parrot.
(The above two characters are rivals for Urrsa-Charranna's favours, and do not get on well with each other....)
Yorranth'hra Redwood-of-the-Glens _ ['Black Bear' type], female, from Clan Redwoods; younger than most of the others, and quite agile even by Human standards let alone by Ursine ones; glade was SunBird; day job is as a Sports teacher in a non-'wizarding' school, home team = 'SoutherVales Soarers'; familiar = Spotted Cat.

* Harron Brent _ ['Brown Bear' type], male, from Clan Redwood; glade was SunBird; day job is as a broomstick-builder, home team = 'NonFerrous Aviation'; familiar = AeroPig.
* Garron Brent _ as above; Harron & Garron are twins and, although "fraternal" rather than "identical" ones, are extremely similar in appearance & have a strong mental rapport.
Arrunn Wirrh'ingTon_ ['Brown Bear' type], male, from the Rohr-Ingherra Free Sept; glade was Owlwise; day job is as a radio/television engineer & broadcasting executive, home team = 'Old Yarrowvians'; a bit older than any of the team's other players, but very well-preserved and probably the most intelligent of them all; familiar = Green Jay.

* Marra True _ ['Brown Bear' type, with golden-brown fur], female, from the Sun Clan; glade was SunBird; day job is as a 'Wizard-Sniffer' [i.e. 'Auror'], home team is 'Solstcia Sunbolts'; familiar is Peregrine Falcon.
Arrmeorree Smith _ ['Brown Bear' type], female; day job is as in magical research [at an undisclosed location: "I could tell you, but then I'd have to Obliviate you..."], home team = 'Three Cities Fly-Rights'; one of the team's most intelligent members, tends to be very precise in her speech and is perhaps a bit obsessive-compulsive in nature; familiar = AeroPig.

* Birron O Wirrenne _ ['Brown Bear' type, with slightly reddish-brown fur], male, from Clan Herrchaum; glade was Heeyawh; day job is as a freelance 'magic item' repair-bear, home team = 'SoutherVales Soarers'; familiar = Malabran Giant Squirrel.
AurhBear Redstone _ ['Brown Bear' type, basically, but with bright orange-red fur; physically the largest of the players brought along], male, from Clan Redwood; glade was Uppreight; day job is as a smith/metal-sculptor, home team is 'SoutherVales Soarers'; familiar = House Marten.

Robes, which are sleeveless, banded -- to use "everybearry"'s colours -- from white at the top through red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and indigo, to violet at the lower end.
Broomsticks: standardized as 'Hawker HighRides', which are also the most common type used by Ursine wizards on military duty because they require relatively little field maintenance, except that Seekers use [slightly more manoueverable] 'SuperAerial SwiftSoarers' instead.


This team has been carefully selected to make a good impression [hopefully1] as well as to try winning. so they will not deliberately commit fouls -- except perhaps in angry retaliation for any obvious fouls committed against them that the referees seem to have ignored. It's possible that some of them aren't fully up to date on all the minor technicalities for how some rules are interpreted abroad, but please consult with me before RPing this.
Specify one of my players as doing something else that deserves a penalty? Maybe, but again please consult me first.
Presume that your own players cheat and do not get called on this by mine even if the referees initially miss it? Not without getting my permission in advance.
Injure my players? Yes, but not too many of them in any one game and not anything that would have effects lasting significantly beyond the game concerned unless you can get my permission in advance.
Choose my goal-scorers? Yes.
Godmode goals, in either direction? Yes, certainly.

Miscellaneous Notes

Some of you already have experience of my Bears, some do not. They are as intelligent as humans (on average), and no more "bestial" in their natures, with the 'wizarding' ones comparable to the general populace in those respects approximately as are wizards in Human societies.
They might be physically slightly less nimble than Humans, on average, although that would be more obvious in ground-based sports such as Football than it is when both groups are flying on broomsticks... and 'wizardly' Bears tend to be from groups belonging towards the more anthropomorphic end of the scale anyhows. They generally are physically a bit larger & tougher than humans of the same ages, though, so back home they play using heavier 'bludgers' than will be used in this tournament: Expect them to be less affected by bludger impacts than Humans would be, and their own Beaters to hit the bludgers hard...
Unless & until they are told credibly otherwise that it is okay not to do so, they will use enchanted items (called 'Periapts of Form') to appear outwardly Human when & where they know that they are likely to be seen by non-wizards here: This does not include during matches.
It is currently the Summer holidays at Hogwings, hence the availability of some of its staff for this event... and the fact that other staff, and even some students, may turn up among the spectators.
The team's working language is English, or more specifically the 'Urso-English' form, in which all personnel are fluent. They do not say "Mudbloods", or even "Muggles", to describe non-wizardly people: They say "Mainstreams" or maybeso "Mundanes" (or colloquially, maybeso, "Mundies"), instead.

Ursine wizards commonly revere one or all three of 'the Three Wise birds' (i.e. Owl, Eagle, and Raven) as their patron spirits. They do not use birds of those types as familiars, and rely on the nation's sapient Ravens' professional postal services.
One "unusual" type of animal that a lucky few of them keep as familiars is the 'AeroPig', a type of small pig [c.8"-16" long as an adult, with feathered wings in the same colour as their hair or skin] that is apparently almost sapient, can fly (although not at very high speeds), and may have inherent magical means for escaping problems. :)

"Mundane" news media personnel accompanying the team for this tournament include star reporter & broadcaster Bark 'Not a "survivor of the doomed planet Krapton", for true!' Brent, his wife the even more renowned reporter Florise Fane, and camerabear Jamms 'Jammy' Bearthorromew Urrsen (with his wife, Lurrsee Fane Urrsen, a former member of the 'Bear-Belles' who happens to be Florise's younger sister, and their young daughter ErrisaBear Urrsen... who herself has functional wings!). These have all travelled previously with the 'Bear-Belles'.
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Western Fardelshufflestein
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Postby Western Fardelshufflestein » Fri Jun 18, 2021 8:33 pm

Team Western Fardelshufflestein: The Western Fardelshufflestein Brown Bears

Team Roster

Coach: Johanna Mueller. Female, age 58.
#01--Albrecht Brandt, Chaser. Male, age 23. [Team Captain]
#02--Frieda Martin, Chaser. Female, age 26.
#03--Cameron Windhoffer, Chaser. Female, age 20.
#04--Johann DuPont, Beater. Male, age 32.
#05--Josef Blunt, Beater. Male, age 22.
#06--Henry Jagermeister, Keeper. Male, age 16.
#07--Leah Warner, Seeker. Female, age 28.

First Reserve Players

#08--Oren Ludwig, Reserve Chaser. Male, age 26.
#09--Alastair Roth, Reserve Chaser. Male, age 21.
#10--Lucas Schaffer, Reserve Chaser. Male, age 24.
#11--Maria Fitz, Reserve Chaser. Female, age 18.
#12--Brianna Hertz, Reserve Beater. Female, age 22.
#13--Kristoff Mendel, Reserve Beater. Male, age 25.
#14--Hannah Zimmer, Reserve Keeper. Female, age 23.
#15-- Rita Tanner, Reserve Keeper. Female, age 29.
#16--Richard Meltzer, Reserve Seeker. Male, age 42.
#17--Hamlet Sutter, Reserve Seeker. Male, age 15.

Second Reserve Players

#18--Francisco Gottlob, Reserve Chaser. Male, age 31.
#19--Ophelia Sims, Reserve Beater. Female, age 17.
#20--Hugh Kemper, Reserve Keeper. Male, age 45.
#21--Ronald Brunswick, Reserve Seeker. Male, age 22.

Changes from Last Year

  • Seeker Wilhelmina Smythe suffered career-ending injuries last Cup in the match against Starcom Racing; she has had to retire and is still in rehabilitation.
  • Reserve Keeper Ishmael Mohamed accepted a transfer to another team in Indonesia.
  • The team size has increased to 21 from last year's 12. Anticipating the event of matches that last twelve hours or more, the coordinators have added five more positions to the reserves, in addition to creating a second tier of reserves in case of extenuating circumstances.

Brief Overview

After emerging as the victors of Quidditch World Cup X, Team WF is more than ready to go once more into the breach. Tougher, stronger, ten times as fierce, and greater in number, the returning champions have cut no corners in training for this tournament. Complacence has no place here; only strategy, strength, endurance, and grit are permissible.


The robes of Team Western Fardelshufflestein are a deep blue to match the color of the Western Fardelshufflesteinan flag, with a [Strike]Liechtensteiner[/Strike ]Western Fardelshufflesteinian crown emblazoned on the left breast. The surname of the player is written in block letter on the back in gold, as is their number. The inside of the robe, as will as the player's tunic and pants, are a bright cardinal, while all the protective gear is leather brown.


Team Western Fardelshufflestein flies on the Nimbus 2021, imported from Great Britain; after last year's victory, the team has received much more funding and was able to upgrade nearly all of its equipment.

Other Things
1. While Team Western Fardelshufflestein's strategy is highly classified, it is known that the players hurl Shakespearean insults at their opponents.
2. Western Fardelshufflestein's most famous Quidditch commentator and renowned linguist, Sebastian Kent, is traveling with the team as a translator and correspondent. He will provide information about the pronunciation of Western Fardelshufflestein and other words.

Godmodding and Stuff

No killing or severely injuring my players. You can godmod their actions, as long as they are not playing dirty, and may describe our players interacting with one another. For romantic interactions, check in with me first via TG if you plan to write out conversation/response.
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Postby Mertagne » Sat Jun 19, 2021 12:27 am

The Krargsten Kelpie
The Premier Paper for Hedge Warlocks

A report by Shinsten Tik'arridan

In case you've been living under a rock for the last year (and hey, you might well have done around our parts), you may not have noticed some stirrings in the muggle community that our magical communities sit in the cracks of. It seems that after over fifty years of strife (which feels more like 7 to me, and I've done some learning in my time), the communities of that halcyon Muggle republic Mertagne have put their petty squabbles aside and united once more as a country. This is brilliant news for us, as it means that hopefully the muggles in Harridan province will finally stop snooping around our territories, and start parading around the other muggle provinces in Mertagne and hopefully the world, which in turn will make them leave us alone. I know that the Kelpie is read from here in Krargsten all the way to Neorudo, where you witches, wizards, and warlocks tend to integrate better with Muggle society, but there are some places that they just shouldn't poke their heads in, lest they get bitten off by a hippogriff.

All of that unity seems to have spread to the magical community as well, just in time for the Wizardsmoot that happened merely a few months ago. Magical leaders met up as they normally do and discussed the goings on of the world, and it seems that Mertagne's status as a Muggle country once again reminded (rather shockingly, it seems - something about Anaia) the Sarzonian Department of Health and Athletics to invite us to sign up to the Quidditch World Cup. After much deliberation, the invitation was accepted, and one of the hedge warlocks from Dannmarsh sent a battered owl over there with the simple message of "Why aye man, we'll itch some quids". I personally think they spent too much time in Vixceinion with talk like that, but we'll never know as they transfigured themselves into a frog and hopped into the swamp straight afterwards.

This cycle's Quidditch World Cup is the 11th, and it's being held in Zwangzug. We love Zwangzug, its mages are wonderful and diverse, they make these incredible sweets that fans of Quidditch will be lucky enough to sample should they make the trek to Surairo to attend. Bog warlocks will fit right in in the dense rainforest, and can hopefully look forward to making friends with some of Zwangzug's magical folk.

This cycle, Mertagne have been sorted into Group B, where they will play Gyatso-kai on Matchday 1, our funky frou-frou friends in Starblaydia on Matchday 2 (watch out for that one folks -- there will be mud), Bears Armed on Matchday 4 (see previous comment), Darmen on Matchday 5, Tikariot on Matchday 6, and Abanhfleft on Matchday 7. An absolutely explosive set of matches against some amazing Quidditch teams and beautiful nations. This is set to be one of the most interesting tournaments yet folks, and so if you have been living under a rock, you'll really need to crawl out of it and portkey over to watch the Quidditch World Cup. If you're integrated into Muggle society and can't book that much time off work (in which case, I'm sorry -- capitalism is the most unforgivable curse), simply enchant a 'television' and observe the games on that - this is not one you'll want to miss.
The Nation of Mertagne - Lime all the time!
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The Islamic Caliphate of the Balkans
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Alchemic Kingdom vs Balkan Eagles.

Postby The Islamic Caliphate of the Balkans » Sat Jun 19, 2021 3:47 am

After the morning prayers of the muslim players of the team, the whole squad has been reunited and heads to the field, where a sold-out stadium waits for them. It is built for the moment, that is, it will be cerimonially destroyed after the world cup ends, after the national anthems, and after the local minister of magic gives the command, the match starts, and both teams have really a lot of occasions to score goals, but nobody ends up profiting of that, until two bludgers thrown by Islamovic and Janovic make the chasers of the Alchemic Kingdom to lose their concentration and perform evasion manouvers, therefore, they lose the quaffle, which is catched by Filip Jurevic, that passes with style to Soraya Abdulkadirovic. Flanked by Jurevic and Faina Islamovic, she engages in an aerodynamic flying positions, with his whole body almost glued to the broom, and....


The Snitch appears but a crash between Jurevic and the Alchemic seeker makes everybody lose their concentration and it dissappears again, giving way to boos from the supporters of both teams.

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Postby Tikariot » Sat Jun 19, 2021 11:59 am

After years (decades? centuries?) of denial, the existence of several large citadels tucked away in the Xarkian and Khazaghian ranges has been confirmed, even though the general populace still is either in denial or kept in the dark. The Ministry for Magic and Magick has tried field several studies to see, if the Tikariotian population would view wizardry and witchcraft as something acceptable or outrageous, but managed to phrase carefully deliberated questionnaires so vague that the results left them as clueless as before. So Tikariot in general might very well be completely fine with this after all, we might just never know.

So under the (potentially unnecessary) veil of secrecy the Quidditch Association of Rural Tikariot (QuART) is sending its national team to Zwangzug to participate in its first ever Quidditch World Cup, mostly consisting of students of the Wizardry Institute of Northern Xark (WINX), sent out into the the wide world of the multiverse.

The Team
Keeper: Xander Gustafsson
Chaser: Xuxanna Norlander
Chaser: Xelma Henrichs
Chaser: Xtefan Morgarten
Beater: Ximeon "Bambam" Ranstein
Beater: Xarax Krogstad
Seeker: Ximona Danielsson

The Reserves
Keeper: Xeth Robertsheim
Chaser: Xofia Storvang
Beater: Xamuel Granquist
Seeker: Xebastian Morgarten

The team plays in black cloaks with orange trim and the Xarkian dragon emblazoned on the back.

RP Permissions: Yes. No killing, though, severe injuries please confirm first.
Tikariot - Rushmore - Trigramme: TKT
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Postby Darmen » Sat Jun 19, 2021 12:10 pm

Vroomstyx Unviels New VS102660!
New Broom To Be The Official Broom Of National Quidditch Team

The new VS102660, with its modern and muggle inspired design.
SCOTT CITY - Bernard Shrew, CEO of Vroomstyx, introduced the firms newest design, the VS102660 (pronounced as Vee-ess one-oh-two six-sixty). The broom is said to have a "Modern and muggle inspired design" which brings a freshness to an industry where design has often been dictated by tradition and therefore been rather stagnant.

Vroomstyx, Darmen's leading maker of quidditch, racing and general purpose brooms, has long had a working relationship with the Darmeni Quidditch League and the national team, providing all of the nation's teams with their brooms since the late 1800's. The one exception to this relationship was the 7th Quidditch World Cup, where the Darmeni brooms were bought at a discount via owl order from notorious criminal Spencer McCarthy. It did not end well.

In addition to the broom's fresh, new design, the broom also features increased speed, a newly patented braking charm and an anti-maintenance varnish which supposedly makes maintenance of broomsticks a thing of the past. According to Mr. Shrew, the broom has achieved speeds of 215 miles per hour during testing, although it is not known whether these speeds were achieved with a tail wind or not. We shall see when Darmen takes on Tikariot in the opening match of the current Quidditch World Cup.

While the national team has received the brooms for free and the Darmeni Quidditch League has bought them at a heavy discount, the general public will be able to order the brooms from Vroomstyx for the price of ʛ 1,400.

Other headlines
  • Tainted batch of Fluxweed Syrup seized by Department for Confiscated Items
  • Lloyd Ambarella and the Thirteen Slightly Tired and Very Angry Merpeople to begin concert tour on Friday
  • ASTROLOGY: The alignment of Titan and Apollo and what it means for next Wednesday's meeting of the Goblin Appreciation Society
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Postby Sarzonia » Sat Jun 19, 2021 12:38 pm

Choose my goalscorers? Yes
Godmod scoring events? No
RP injuries to my players? No
Eject players or coaches? Yes. They're not dirty, but they won't take any shit from anyone.
Godmod injuries to my players? No
Godmod other events? No

Chaser - #9, William Jansen (6-foot-1, 200 pounds, male)
Chaser - #18, Mike Reynolds (5-foot-10, 190 pounds, male)
Chaser - #13, Keri Rakers (5-foot-6, 145 pounds, female)
Keeper - #1, Edwin Nash (5-foot-11, 185 pounds, male)
Beater - #59, Elynn Davis (5-foot-10, 158 pounds, gender non-conforming)
Beater - #46, SaQuon Douglas (5-foot-10, 225 pounds, male)
Seeker - #32, Tommy Entwistle (6-foot-1, 190 pounds, male)

1st Reserve Team
Chaser/Seeker - #11, Louis Ross (5-foot-8, 160 pounds, male)
Chaser - #17, Joanne Barkley (5-foot-10, 155 pounds, female)
Keeper - #30, Angel Gonzalez (5-foot-5, 145 pounds, male)
Beater - #39, Matt Spencer (5-foot-11, 180 pounds, male)

Manager: Chris Entwistle
Assistant: Anthony Christensen
Keeper Coach: Erkki Taipale
Former WLC President. Member of the WBC Council, the IBO Committee and the WCoH Federation. He/him/his.
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Bears Armed
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Postby Bears Armed » Sat Jun 19, 2021 3:09 pm

It is night-time. In a clearing in the forest a few miles outside the town of Surairo, eight Ravens suddenly appear in mid-air from out of a rainbow-y burst of light. They fly around the area for a few minutes, and then seven of them perch on various branches -- apparently keeping watch out over the surrounding area -- while the eighth disappears back into another [smaller] burst of light.
Shortly after that a line of human-seeming figures in single file, most of them carrying some luggage and each of them except the foremost individual with one hand on a shoulder of the person in front, starts to appear from a point on the ground under that same patch of space: They spiral outwards, counter-clockwise, until sixty-four of them are present and the line ends: Then, they spiral clockwise into another area next to the one that they initially had occupied here. Throughout this process, none of them says a word. Finally, once the second spiral has formed -- and the eighth Raven has reappeared to join them -- they lift their hands off of each other's shoulders and then the person who had been at the head of the line (who is actually 'Sermharn the Wanderer'...) addresses the rest of them:
"Hokay, here we all are safe and sound. I can see that everybearry's 'Peripts of Form' are functioning properly. Split up into the groups previously agreed, hrremember your "cover stories" just in case, and let our Raven friends guide you to the pre-arranged accommodation."
The magically-disguised Ursines from Bears Armed's 'Quidditch' team & its supporting staff -- for that is, of course, who these people are -- follow his instructions, and seven groups of them set out through the forest along slightly different routes & times until only a handful of people remain around Sermharn. He is speaking, now, to the eighth Raven: "Hrright, here you are, please take this letter to the Starblaydi team's manager and wait for a rreply." He hands over a rolled & ribbon-tied scroll, which the Raven receives using the feathers at its right wing's tip & somehow tucks away into the empty air beneath its outstretched left wing.
"Got it, boss," says the Raven, who then flies up & away for a short distance before once again vanishing in a a small burst of light.
Sermharn shrugs, picks up a carryall that one of the other people had dropped off nearby before their group set out for town, and turns back to face his remaining companions.
Here we go, then," he says, quietly, and leads them town-wards himself...

(OOC: The message will be summarized in a TG to Starblaydia that I will be writing next...)
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Alchemic Queendom
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Postby Alchemic Queendom » Sat Jun 19, 2021 3:21 pm

In the Great Hall of the Phovkos School of Great Magickal Undertakings & Most Commendable Acts of Wizarding & All That, a merry feast was underway. Excited first years gorged themselves on candies and cakes, while sage second years demonstrated their maturity by holding back, knowing the best desserts were always saved for last. A group of fourth years were engaged in a contest to see who could fit the largest toffee apple into their mouth. No one was winning. Sixth-years were boastfully feigning extreme drunkenness as they sloshed their small tankards of butterbeer about, much to the amusement of the seventh-years, who knew it was a non-alcoholic version they were being served. Prefects stalked the aisles, haughtily imposing what tiny bit of authority their shiny badges permitted them. Owls flitted through the air, dropping off letters and harassing mice who had to scuttle quickly into their owners’ sleeves. The air was full of the buzz of conversation and laughter, yet fell to an instant hush as Professor Amos Woodchippings, Headmaster of the Phovkos School of Great Magickal Undertakings & Most Commendable Acts of Wizarding & All That, rose from the high table.

“Friends and colleagues,” began the lovably pompous Professor, his stentorian voice easily overcoming the sonic obstacles imposed by his vast network of whiskers. “There is one final bit of business to attend to before we break for the holidays. An announcement I know many of you have been keenly awaiting.” A low rumble of anticipation began. Cakes dropped from jam-smeared mouths and mice poked crumb-covered noses out from sleeves; chairs scraped as every face turned to look at the Headmaster. As one, the Great Hall held its breath. “The announcement of… the School Quidditch team, who have been given the great honour of representing not just the Phovkos School of Great Magickal Undertakings & Most Commendable Acts of Wizarding & All That, but the whole of the Alchemic Queendom at this year’s Quidditch World Cup!”

In the silence that followed, you could have heard an ingot drop. Sadly for little Eddie Fisher (3rd year), what everyone heard instead was the trickle of urine issuing down his leg as his bladder surrendered to the nerves. He fled, red-cheeked and teary-eyed, to be consoled in the bathrooms by the ghost of Whining Winnifred. On stage, seven special broomsticks – adorned, not with the usual house colours (for, like all reputable schools of great magickal undertaking & most commendable acts of wizarding & all that, Phovkos had four houses, named for three of its founders and some guy who donated a lot of money to rebuild the Astronomy Tower after The Badger Incident That Shall Never Be Spoken Of), but with the octarine colours of the Queendom. Each broom would be presented to a member of the team as they came up to collect it.

“I gather from Mr Fisher’s swift departure that I have already strained some of your attention spans to, ahem, bursting point,” simpered Professor Woodchippings. “So I shall keep you waiting no longer.” There was a sigh of relief. “But first.” There was a groan of un-relief. “A few words to those who have not been picked. There is no shame or dishonour in not making the final team. Difficult choices had to be made by myself and Miss Wormghast,” he explained, gesturing to the school games mistress. “Quidditch is a game, and an exciting one, but nothing more than a game. Whether in Herbology or Arithmancy, Speculative Astronomy or Underwater Bee-keeping, whether you end up working at the Bank of Persimmon or Perpendicule Alley, for the Daily Hubble-bubble or the Ministry of Magic, you shall all find many successes in your lives to come. Except for you, Roderick Peasworthy, of course. And now, without further ado…”

“As Keeper… Gunnar Guðhart!”

Whoops and cheers rang out as a tall, sturdy looking blonde sixth-year shrugged off the barrage of friendly punches thrown his way by his gang of friends from House Wildhammer. He wore an awkward look as he struggled to feign modest abashment, all the while his unalloyed delight clearly wanting to burst through in a massive grin. His handshake was firm enough to near rip the arthritic Headmaster’s arm off as he accepted his broom to massive cheers.

“Top drawer!”

“Pip pip!”

“Jolly good show!”

“As Chasers… Jessika Häkkinen!”

Excited shrieking ran out. Jessica, a tiny, snow-blonde fifth-year, turned a cartwheel of celebration as her House Nightsage friends shouted, danced, and vomited with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The Headmaster struggled to make himself heard over the din as he continued with the announcements.

“…Aurora Brookwhirl!…”

The cheers lessened. An owl, swooping by with a letter for Jessica, congratulating her and offering her sponsorship by Leonarda Lovewinkle’s Ladies Lingerie range of sports bras (news, and commercial endorsement opportunities, travelled fast), let out a mournful whooooooo that seemed to capture the general mood quite eloquently.

Shyly, a petite third-year – yes, a third-year, on the school team! – rose from her seat, where she had been hidden behind a massive leatherbound tome of arithmancy puzzles. She wore thick glasses which she had to push up her nose every few seconds. Members of House Panthereye hadn’t even realized she was one of theirs, but were the first to remember their manners and break out in a round of applause as the students realized that, whether they knew her personally or not, she must be a special player to have been chosen so young.

“What larks!”

“A corking good time!”


“…and our final Chaser, and team captain…”

Professor Woodchippings’s attempt to read the third name was drowned out by a roar of approval. Not that anyone needed to hear him say it:

“Jace Hunterdash!”

The strapping seventh-year looked older than some of the fresher faced teachers. He rose to an immense height as House Panthereye surrounded him with applause, back-claps, shoulder-punches, hand-shakes, and general fawning. Deputy Head Prefect, Quidditch captain, Deacon Scholar, lead baritone in the school choir, was there nothing good old Jace Hunterdash couldn’t do!? He affected modesty as he joined the two girls, both of whom stacked end-to-end might about have reached his midriff, but the twinkle in his green eyes betrayed his zeal for the games to come.

“Pip pip!”

“We love you Jace!”

“Top hole!”


“Next we have our two Beaters. This year, they should share a very good connection, because they are… Billy Brightbumbles! … and… Bailey Brightbumbles!”

Two dark-haired sixth-years rose in perfect unison. Bailey’s current tomboyish pixie-cut made the two twins even harder to tell apart: she was nearly as tall and almost as muscular as her brother. But, just as he’d been born 9 minutes before her, he made it up on stage first, even turning to offer a patronising hand to help her up. He received a flick to his earlobe in response.

“Go House Selkietail!”

“Cracking stuff!”

“Jolly good rumbles!”

“Parp parp!”


“And finally, we have our Seeker. It’s…Scumgore Hellscourge the Bloodfoul, Filthmage of the Night, Dreadslayer of the Vanquished Horde, Ravaging Prince of The Undying Terrorlands!”

More cheers rang out.

“Oh I say, good choice!”

“Top stuff old bean!”

“Pip pip!”

“Hurray for Scumgore!”

“A̶̯̹̩͇̥̱͍̫̬̩̦̻͛̒͊̂͌̒̑͐̿̕͜ͅĽ̵̟̠̰͖̜̾̀̽̋̑́̍͗͑̚͝Ļ̵̘͚͔̟̳̣̻̰̳̟͓͊̉̚̚͜ͅ ̷̡̡͕̱̬̦͓̖̼͖̤͋̏̍Ṣ̵̢̢̯̬͍̹̤͖̝̫͍́̓̍̒̏͜͝H̴̹̓̌̈́̑͘͠Ą̵͚̣̙̟̳͖̻̈L̷̛̛̹̝͙̬͉̣̠͍͖͙̓͑̈́̿́̆̊̈͛̋̚̕L̸̛̬͙̺̣̞̱̘̈́͑̄͂̽͐͒̽̀͝ ̴̡̖̱̄́̏̎̇͊͗͒̔̂͂͘P̸̛̳̖̖̭̫̘̺̿͐̑̈́̿͜͝Ę̸̝̦͇̝̻̘͎̠̱̇̉̀̈́̍͠R̷͔̤̱̂̓͗̐̿̑̐̎̊̅̓̐͘͜͝Ḯ̴͓̝̫́̐̎̅S̵̨͈͔̜̟̤̹̖̜̣̉̿̑͘͝H̶̢͉̺̖͙̼͕̘̟̬̃͛̾̈́̐́̃͛̒̊̀ͅ!”

Nation name: Alchemic Queendom
Demonym/adjective: Alchemic(s)
Kit: Octarine

Keeper: Gunnar Guðhart
Chasers: Jessika Häkkinen, Aurora Brookwhirl, Jace Hunterdash (c)
Beaters: Billy Brightbumbles, Bailey Brightbumbles
Seeker: Scumgore Hellscourge

Permissions: Please do not use photographs and say they represent my players. Anything else is permitted.

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Newlandian Dragon Island
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Postby Newlandian Dragon Island » Sat Jun 19, 2021 5:07 pm

Newlandian Dragon Island – Quidditch

I might elaborate on the Dragon Island later, but for now, all you need to know that the Dragon Island is politically a part of South Newlandia. It has about 50,000 total inhabitants, about 10% of which are wizards/witches. Quidditch has been brought in mostly by foreigners, and the Dragon Island has a bad team playing in gold and purple.

Jenny Magico, 27 – Can barely see without her glasses

Henry Wandman, 31 – Never learnt how to turn to the left
Michelle Matchstick, 23 – Is colour-blind and occasionally confuses teammates and opponents
Alan Fast, 26 – Always tries to score himself and barely ever passes

Jack Firekeeper, 32 – Is completely illiterate
Larry Scarecrow, 36 – Thinks Muggles are a conspiracy made up by the government

Hedwig Flowerholder, 24 – Takes this tournament way too seriously

Can fly a broom without immediately falling off:
Kiara Wonder, 26
Luisa Lawful, 19

RP permissions: Feel free to do whatever



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