Public Holidays in YN

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Public Holidays in YN

Postby Costa Azurica » Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:14 am

What is a public holiday? According to Wikipedia, a public holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year.

In Costa Azurica, there are 8 holidays that are mandated by the government.

January 1 - New Year's Day हारि अनु बारो / Hari Anu Baro
New Year is a celebration marking the beginning of the year, and is commonly celebrated around the world.

March 23 - Leader's Birthday अनिबेर्सारिउ लिदेर / Anibersariu Lider
Celebrates the birth anniversary of Joshua Dela Cruz, the current leader of Costa Azurica. He was born on March 23, 1989. Before his leadership, the leader's birthday was celebrated every October 9 during Steve Burns' term in 1996–2002, and every March 1 during Donovan Patton's term in 2002–2019.

June - Pride Month मेस ओर्गुलिउ / Mes Orguliu
The month-long holiday is celebrated throughout the whole country in support of the LGBT+ community. This holiday was declared in 2020 by the leader, saying with the line: "No matter who we are, no matter who we love, and no matter who should be treated better, everyone must be proud of themselves."

August 6 - Anniversary of the Liberation of the East अनिबेर्सारिउ पाम्बाबासान तेमोर / Anibersariu Pambabasan Temor
The civil war between the Azurican government and the Azurican Free State broke out in 2006, following the control of the states of Upper Coast, Lower Coast (now Costa Azurica State), and Santomero by the Free State in 2007. Providing support for the Azurican Special Force Unit, Burgessia held control over the AFS-controlled states in April 2010 before handing back to Costa Azurica in August 6 at the same year. The AFS surrendered and immediately disbanded as a result.

September 8 - Foundation Day हारि फुन्दासाउ / Hari Fundasau
Costa Azurica was founded in September 8, 1996 when a proclamation signed by Angela Santomero and Traci Paige Johnson was approved by the Nickelodeon Associative Union, thus creating the nation.

November 11 - Constitution Day हारि कोन्स्तितुइसाउ / Hari Qonstituisau
Immediately after Joshua Dela Cruz's inauguration on that same day in 2019, a new constitution for Costa Azurica was declared after he promulgated the Constitutional Bill. This holiday marks the anniversary of the current Azurican constitution.

December 25 - Christmas Day हारि नाताल / Hari Natal
Despite the 82% of Azurican people that make up the Christian population, Christmas is being celebrated as a public holiday. It is a common holiday observed in most countries, celebrating the nativity of Jesus.

December 31 - New Year's Eve बेस्पेरा अनु बारो / Bespera Anu Baro
In preparation for New Year's Day, December 31 has been made a non-working holiday in Costa Azurica.
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Postby Esthe » Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:13 am

Mostly all holidays that the US celebrate, with a few exceptions:

February 20th: Independence Day

In my lore, this replaces the 4th Of July. Esthe historians have actually discovered that the day was February 19th, but tradition still celebrates this holiday, the anniversary of the end of the War Of Independence from some RL country that I haven’t decided yet.

October 31st; Deacon Christopher Day

This takes the place of Halloween. It celebrates the creator of Meriduve, the main religion of Esthe. Many Presidents of Esthe have tried to banish this religion from the country, most notably Franklin Turner, who performed a bloody coup in the middle of the Esthe Civil War in the 1950s, and held it for 2 years until General David Birch killed him in the pivotal Battle Of The Shingles, which brings us to…

November 30th: Remembrance Day
This remembers all of the fallen soldiers in the Esthe Civil War. Esthe’s flag is flown at half-staff on this day.
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Postby Batea del Nord » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:46 am

January 1st New Year's
January 6th: Victory day.
Easter Sunday: variable.
Next Monday.
May 1st workers day
May 8th freedom day. First free elections
Ascension 50 days after Easter.
Corpus Christi: variable.
June 24th: Batean National day.
July 15th: Independence Day.
August 15th Saint Mary's ascension.
September 1st: Constitution Day.
November 1st All Saints.
November 11th veterans day.
December 10th human rights day.
December 25th Christmas
December 26th Saint Stephen.
December 31th New years Eve.

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Postby The Imagination Animals » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:54 am

January 1st - Bahrisa Day (Day of Good Luck)
February 17 - Mandie Day (celebrating the official countryship of Mandie despite its overthrow)
March 20 - Nowruz
April 1 - God Day
April 22 - Earth Day
May 21 - Memorial Day
June 13 - Mobarak Day (Day of Happiness)
July 31 - Crossoveria Day (Day when the Constitution of 1954 was introduced)
August 26 - Lion's Day
October 31 - Hallow's Evening
November 23 - Family Day
December 25 - Day of Sacrifice
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Great Nortend
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Postby Great Nortend » Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:22 am

There are sixteen full holidays in Great Nortend :—

  • September 29th — Michaelmas Day (New Years' Day)
  • November 1st — All Hallows' Day
  • December 25th — Christmas Day
  • February 2nd — Candlemas Day
  • March 25th — Lady Day
  • May 3rd — Roodmas Day
  • June 24th — Midsummer Day (St. John Baptist's Day)
  • August 1st — Petermas Day
  • January 6th — Epiphany Day
  • Varies — Good Friday
  • Varies — Black Saturday
  • Varies — Easter Sunday
  • Varies — Easter Monday
  • Varies — Ascension Day
  • Varies — Whitsun Day (King's Birthday)
  • Varies — Whit Monday
This gives a maximum of a fortnight of holidays from work, as Easter Sunday and Whitsun Day are always on Sundays, which are holidays in any case. There are also twenty-eight (four weeks) of half holidays, upon which certain types of trade and commerce are forbidden.

  • October 18th — St. Luke's Day
  • October 28th — St. Simon and St. Jude's Day
  • November 2nd — All Souls' Day
  • December 8th — Conception of Mary
  • November 30th — St. Andrew's Day
  • December 21st — St. Thomas's Day
  • December 26th — St. Stephen's Day
  • December 27th — St. John Evangelist's Day
  • December 28th — Childermas Day
  • January 1st — Circumcision Day
  • February 24th — St. Matthias's Day
  • April 25th — St. Mark's Day
  • May 3rd — St. Philip and St. James's Day
  • June 11th — St. Barnabas's Day
  • June 29th — St. Peter and St. Paul's Day
  • July 2nd — Visitation of Mary
  • July 22nd — St. Mary Magdalen's Day
  • July 25th — St. James's Day
  • August 6th — Transfiguration Day
  • August 15th — Assumption of Mary
  • August 24th — St. Bartholomew's Day
  • September 8th — Nativity of Mary
  • September 21st — St. Matthew's Day
  • January 25th — Conversion of St. Paul Day
  • Varies — Maundy Thursday
  • Varies — Easter Tuesday
  • Varies — Whit Tuesday
  • Varies — Houselmas Day
In addition to these full and half holidays, there are twelve remaining red-letter “especial” days upon which divine service must be offered, but which lack any restrictions on trade. Often there are popular local folk customs on these days. There is one for every month of the year :—

  • October 25th — St. Crispin and St. Crispinian's Day
  • November 11th — St. Martin's Day
  • December 2nd — St. Edmund's Day
  • January 13th — St. Hilary's Day
  • February 3rd — St. Blaise's Day
  • March 12th — St. Gregory's Day
  • April 23rd — St. George's Day (Soldiers' Day)
  • May 14th — St. Christopher's Day
  • June 2nd — St. Elmo's Day (Sailors' Day)
  • July 28th — St. Samson's Day
  • August 10th — St. Laurence's Day
  • September 24th — St. Christopher's Day

In addition to the red letter days, there remain a large number of so-called “black letter days” in the Cardican Rite, so-called because they are customarily printed in the Calendar in black ink as they rank as mere simple feasts. Hence, though these days are marked liturgically, and with traditional customs, they are not recognised as days of rest, although there are many customs surrounding them. Popular black letter days include the feasts of St. Nicholas, St. Lucy, St. Anne, St. Alban, St. Silvester, St. Valentine, St. Ursula, St. Boniface, St. Elisabeth, St. Sebastian, St. Uncumber, St. Xavier and St. Dominic.
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Postby Gandoor » Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:22 am

The current system of public holidays in the Democratic Republic was established with the passage of the Public Holidays Law 1960, which replaced the previous holiday system that had been used since 1904.

There are presently twenty public holidays in Gandoor, with ten of them existing only as generic Public Holidays:
  • 1 January - New Year's Day - Celebrates the New Year
  • 17 February - Public Holiday
  • 3 March - Flag Day - Commemorates the meaning behind the Gandoorese flag, originally celebrated the adoption of the then-current flag on 3 March 1952
  • 13 April - Public Holiday
  • 22 April - Earth Day - Commemorates the environment and the environmental protection movement
  • 1 May - Labour Day - Celebrates and commemorates labourers and the working class
  • 10 May - Public Holiday
  • 5 June - Discovery Day - Contrary to the name, commemorates the establishment of the Gandoor Grand Council in 1587
  • 19 June - Children's Day - Celebrates children and their well-being
  • 28 July - Revolution Day - Commemorates the start of the Gandoor Revolution on 28 July 1900 and all who gave given their lives for Gandoor in her history
  • 6 August - Family Day - Celebrates families in Gandoor
  • 9 August - Public Holiday
  • 9 September - Public Holiday
  • 15 September - Public Holiday
  • 12 October - Founding Day - Commemorates the ratification of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor on 12 October 1904 and the establishment of the modern Democratic Republic
  • 31 October - Public Holiday
  • 5 November - Public Holiday
  • 2 December - Indigenous People's Day - Celebrates and commemorates the various native peoples of Gandoor and their contributions to Gandoorese culture and society
  • 25 December - Public Holiday
  • 31 December - Public Holiday

Under the provisions of the current law, all governmental services are closed on all twenty holidays and all non-governmental employees (excepting those in essential services) are guaranteed a day off on Labour Day and the ten Public Holidays. If a Public Holiday occurs on a weekend date, then it is moved to the next non-holiday workday.
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Postby Auzkhia » Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:44 am

Most of our holidays are religious in nature, though we have the secular holidays of the constitution, founding of the state, and international worker's day, and the ends of the calendar, which are the only public holidays. All workers have ample vacation time and holidays can vary by sect too.

Some examples of holidays:

1st of January: New Years Day
6th of January: Agonalia: Day of sacrifices and offerings to Mars.
21st of February: Feralia: Day of Remembrance
1st of March: Matronalia: Day of mothers, fathers, and parents
17th of March: Liberalia- Day of Growth and Maturity
20th of March: End of Winter: A day to end winter to prepare for spring.
21st of March: Ostara Equinox: The start of spring and new life
28th of March: Constitution Day
Early to mid April: Cerealia: First harvests and feasts
23rd of April: Vinalia: First wine harvest
1st of May: International Worker's Day
9th, 11th, and 13th of May: Lemuria: Days to ward of bad luck and evil spirits, weddings are never performed on these days.
15th of May: Mercuralia: Day of Generosity and Good Luck
9th-15th of June: Vestalia: Days of Hearth, Purity, and Light
21st of June: Midsummer Solistice: Summer solstice and one of the holiest days of the year especially for Sun Worshippers
12th of July: Empire Founding Day
23rd of July: Neptunalia: Day of the Ocean
1st of August: Lammas: Blessing of food
19th of August: Venus Vinalia: Summer wine and harvest festival
23rd of August: Vulcanalia: Day of Fire
25th of August: Opalia: Day of the storage of grain
21st of September: Harvest Equinox
13th of October: Fontinalia: Day of the eternal spring
19th of October: Armilustrium: Day of War and Peace
31st of October: All Spirits Eve
1st of November: All Spirits Day or Parentalia: Remembrance of Ancestor and Demigods.
21st of December: Yule Solstice
17th to 23rd of December: Saturnalia: Near the solstice, it is a festival celebrating with friends, lovers, and family, gifts are exchanged, and people party a lot, and can let their wild sides out.
23rd of December: Larentalia: the end of Saturnalia
25th of December: Sol Invictus: The Birthday of the Sun itself, a very holy day for sun worshippers.
31st of December: New Year's Eve
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Postby Andocara » Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:01 pm

New Year's Day: January 1st
New Year is on January 1st. People often have new years resolutions and try new things that they've never done in their lives, or stop doing things that are detrimental to their well-being.

Foundation Day: February 15th
Andocara was founded on February 15th, 1870. Every year on this date, a patriotic festival is held in the capital city, and in the evening, fireworks are launched. Most Andocarians watch the fireworks on a tv programme inside their homes, likely with immediate family. Often, games and drinks are included in the family occasion. The tv programme not only shows the fireworks but before then, goes into the history of the formation of Andocara, as well as trivial, less known facts about the country.

Commonwealth Day: Second Monday In March

Labor Day: First Monday in May
The day people take off and are appreciated for the work they've done.

Christmas: December 25th
A time of giving, and a time for kids to receive gifts. Traditions may widely vary depending on whose celebrating, due to Andocara's cultural diversity. Christians for instance, celebrate the birth of Christ.

Boxing Day: December 26th
A time when prices are lowered and any late Christmas presents are brought.

New Years Eve: December 31st
A time of reflecting on the year, and preparing for the next year. On the evening of this day, it isn't uncommon for there to be parties and drinking.

Widely known holidays non-federal

Halloween: October 31st

Inauguration Day: January 20th-21st (every leap year, ie 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024)

Federal Election Day: October 14th or 15th (happens every four years; 2019, 2015, 2011, 2007, 2003, 1999 etc, next one is in 2023)
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Postby Ludoslavia » Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:20 pm

9th-15th of Marzenna (February) - Weles Week
21st of Lada (March) - Jare Gody
30th of Perun (April) - Gajik
2nd-3rd of Żiwija (May) - Spring Forefathers' Eve
15th-16th of Żiwija (May) - Stadnica
21st-22nd of Jariło (June) - Kupala Night and Victory Day
20th of Swarogiż (July) - Perunica
22nd of Dażbog (September) - Dorżinki
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Postby The American Republican Union » Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:25 pm

January 1st: New Year’s Day
January 20th: AFC Day
January 22nd: Constitution Day
February 6th: Aaron Burr II’s Birthday
February 12th: Abraham Aaron Lincoln's Birthday
February 14th: Valentine's Day
February 20th: Martyrdom Day
February 22nd: George Washington's Birthday
March 1st: Welsh-American Pride Day
March 12th: Day of the Great Peace
April 1st: March on Philadelphia Day
May 1st: Isrealite-American Pride Day
June 1st: African-American Pride Day
July 4th: Liberty Day/Restoration Day
July 26th: Dutch-American Pride Day
August 14th: Willard Crawford’s Birthday
August 24th: Manifest Destiny Day
August 30th: Consolidation Day
September 3rd: English-American Pride Day
September 15th: German-American Pride Day
October 1st: Green Mountain Day
October 12th: Lief Erickson Day/Scandinavian-American Pride Day
October 31st: Thanksgiving
November 22nd: Veteran's Day
November 30th: Scottish-American Pride Day
December 5th: George Armstrong Custer’s Birthday
December 18th: Joseph Steele’s Birthday
December 25th: Patriot Saint's Day Eve/Remembrance Day
December 24th: Patriot Saint's Day
December 29th: Charles Goodyear I’s Birthday
December 31st: New Year’s Eve

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Postby Aikoland » Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:55 pm

In the Empire of Aikoland, there are currently sixteen public holidays that have been established by Acts of Parliament.
  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 4 March - Constitution Day - Commemorates the enactment of the fourth and current Aikolandais constitution in 1902
  • Movable - Good Friday
  • Movable - Easter Sunday
  • 17 April - Union Day - Commemorates the incorporation of the then-independent (but in personal union under the same monarch) Kingdoms of Aiko, Boullién, and Saun into the Kingdom of Aikoland in 1719.
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • 8 May - Victory in Europe Day
  • 3 June - Restoration of Sovereignty Day - Commemorates the return of Emperor Benoît II, the Royal Family, and the Aikolandais Government-in-Exile from London to Aikoland after the final surrender of the Axis Powers in Europe.
  • 15 July - Restoration of the Monarchy Day - Commemorates the restoration of the Aikolandais monarchy on 15 July 1815 following the final defeat of Napoléon, who had conquered Aikoland and deposed then-Emperor Auguste II in 1812.
  • 16 August - Democracy Day - Commemorates the establishment of the first Aikolandais constitution and the introduction of democracy to our nation in 1794.
  • 22 September - Day of the Personal Union - Commemorates the unification of the Kingdom of Aiko, the Kingdom of Boullién, and the Kingdom of Saun in personal union under Queen Marianne II of Aiko in 1303.
  • 11 November - Armistice Day
  • 16 November - The Empress's Birthday - Celebrates the birthday of Empress Élisabeth IV on 16 November 1963 (the date and name of this holiday change with each new Emperor or Empress)
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas
  • 31 December - New Year's Eve

Under Aikolandais law, all workers are guaranteed days off with full pay (excepting for those employed in essential services such as the police and emergency services) on Union Day (recognised as our nation's national day), Labour Day, Restoration of Sovereignty Day, Restoration of the Monarchy Day, and Democracy Day.
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Head of State: Empress Élisabeth IV
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mélodie Bélanger
Population: 5.9 million (2021 estimate)
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Current Year: 2022

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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:45 am

Public holidays are not working days, there is paid leave, unless you are an essencial worker. In case of working that day for any reason you get double pay. Also there are one month payed holidays.

Public Holidays list:
Also each town uses to have 2 local public days.

1st January: New Year.
5th January: **
6th January: Epifània or dia de Reis: (the arrival of the three Kings).
17th January: Independence Day, (1st Republic, 1641).
Movable: Palm Sunday
Movable: Holy Friday
Movable: Easter Sunday.
Movable: Easter Monday(the Monday after Easter).
1st May: workers Day.
8th of May: Victory Day 1945.
Movable: Ascension (celebrated on Sunday 6 weeks After Easter).
Movable: Monday after ascencion.
Movable: Corpus Christi in most populations.
7th June: Corpus de Sang (blood Corpus) or the revolt against the Spanish Crown.
23rd June: Sant Joan (Saint John's Eve.**)
24th June: Sant Joan (Saint John Baptist). Is considered the Nation's day.
The Nation's day is celebrated on September 12th in the occitan shires.
15th August: Our Dame of August.
11th September: Liberation day WW2
12th September: Occitan National day. Occitan Shires, only.
1st October: Democracy day (or the 1945 Referendum of abolition of the Monarchy)
1st November: All Saints.
11th November: the Armistice 1918.
24th December Christmas Eve**.
25th of December Christmas.
26th December: Sant Esteve or (boxing day).
31th December: New Years Eve**.

** working day, most working places give Eve free. After 19h.
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Postby Thermodolia » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:33 am

The Federal Holidays Act of 1971 is the current law governing all federally recognized holidays in Thermodolia.

Under the current law, there are twelve federally recognized holidays. All government services are closed on all twelve holidays and all non-government employees (except those in essential services) are guaranteed a day off on Labor Day and Election Day.

In addition to the Federal holidays provinces may have their own holidays.

  • 1 January - New Year's Day - Celebrates the New Year
  • 15 February - Presidents’ Day - Celebrates the Presidents of Thermodolia, set on the birthday of the first president of the National Republic of Thermodolia
  • 10 March - Remembrance Day - Remembers all of those who gave their lives in defense of Thermodolia
  • 4 April - Flag Day - Commemorates the flag of Thermodolia, 4 April 1899 was the day the current flag of Thermodolia was adopted.
  • 1 May - Labor Day - Celebrates and commemorates laborers and the working class.
  • 26 June - Unification Day - Celebrates the unification of Thermodolia and the establishment of the Thermodolian nation in 558.
  • 8 July - Constitution Day - Celebrates the ratification of the Constitution of the National Republic of Thermodolia on 8 July 1897.
  • 12 August - Election Day - Election Day (only held when elections happen)
  • 12 October - National Day - Celebrates the establishment of the National Republic of Thermodolia on 12 October 1898.
  • 20 October - Citizen Day - Similar to the US pledge of allegiance day and citizenship day, the Thermodolian Citizen Day celebrates citizens of Thermodolia and allegiance to Thermodolia. All people who become citizens are sworn in on this day.
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 31 December - New Years Eve - New Years Eve
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Postby -USA » Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:49 pm

  • New Year's Day - January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day - Third Monday in January
  • Presidents' Day - Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day - July 4
  • Labor Day - First Monday in September
  • Columbus Day - Second Monday in October
  • Veterans' Day - November 11
  • Thanksgiving - Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day - December 25
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Postby Vallermoore » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:40 pm

Vallermoore's National Holidays.

1st January-New Year's Day
A happy national holiday for all. Since a lot of people drank too much on New Year's Eve and drink driving can get prison or even the death penalty in some cases it is not fair to expect them to risk their lives to get to work. People rest and sleep off their hangovers. Only emergency services work on this day.

March 25th-Easter Day. The second national holiday of the year and it is a good time to feast on chocolate eggs.

April 1st-Not a holiday as such but a time for silly pranks. Even the press and TV joins in.

July 8th-Queen Yocasta's birthday and the third national holiday of the year. There are large numbers of fireworks set off officially and otherwise.

October 31st-Hallowe'en/Nightmare Night

Not a holiday as such and unpopular with many people because of pranks such as tyre slashing and other such things. Trick or treating is banned as people are either too young or too old for it but it still happens. Every year a few people get arrested doing illegal stuff on this night.

December 25th-Christmas Day

The fourth national holiday of the year and a time for feasting, opening presents and enjoying oneself as much as you can.

December 26-Boxing Day

The fifth national holiday of the year and a time to rest and enjoy yourself. Also a traditional time to watch boxing matches on the TV.

December 31st-New Year's Eve

The sixth national holiday of the year and a time to set off fireworks at midnight, jump into the New Year and kiss your loved one.

Some workers get up to a month of extra holidays and others have just the six national holidays guaranteed by law.

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Postby The Master Primotav » Fri Jun 11, 2021 5:58 pm

January 1- New Year's Day
February 14- Valentine's Day
March 12- God's Day
March 16- Nhoj Day
March 17- King's Day
April 1- April Fools Day
May 17- Kire Day
June 10- Alliance Appreciation Day
July 1- Independence Day
July 10- Arual Day
July 4- Empire Day
August 10- Oppression Remembrance Day
October 6- Darnoc Day/ Savior Day
November 25- Together Day
December 25- Giving Day
December 31- New Years Eve
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Postby Radiatia » Fri Jun 11, 2021 10:56 pm

Federal public holidays in Radiatia:

Date: Official Name:Details:
January 1st New Year's DayCelebrates the beginning of the new year according to the Noctur Calendar, as well as the Aquilan Calendar and Gregorian Calendar. Sometimes colloquially referred to by Radiatians as "hangover day" due to the tradition of heavy alcohol consumption the night before.
February 7th - 14th (floating)Traiyan Silviu DayCelebrated on the first Monday in this period to honour Traiyan Silviu, the founding father and first President of the Radiatian Federation, whose birthday was on February 7th.
April 13thVictims of Communism Memorial DayHeld on the anniversary of the April 13th Black Friday massacre, when the Radiatian People's Liberation Army opened fire on a group of pro-democracy protesters in Exegrad, killing approximately 1000. The day also commemorates the approximately 10 million people killed in communist-era purges. Flags are flown at half-mast on this day.
May 28th - June 4th (floating)Capitalism DayCelebrated on the first Monday in this period. Was known as "Workers Day" during the communist era, but was changed to Capitalism Day by the Radiatian Federal Parliament "as a joke" after the fall of communism and never changed back. Many Radiatians consider this to mark the unofficial beginning of summer.
September 15thFederation DayKnown in some states as "Constitution Day", and formerly as "Union Day". Marks the signing of the second constitution of the Radiatian Federation (although this was replaced by the third and current constitution 15 years later) and coincidentally marks the date that the "Original Seven Republics" united to form the short-lived "Radiatian Union" over a century ago.
October 1stAnniversary of the Fall of the Radiatian People's Socialist UnionUsually referred to as just "The First of October" and occasionally as "Radiatia Day". Celebrates the anniversary of the collapse of the communist regime and founding of the modern, democratic Radiatian Federation.
December 6th - December 12th (floating)Victory WeekendHeld on the first Friday in this period and is actually an amalgamation of three former holidays into one - "Democracy Day" on December 6th celebrated the anniversary first free and fair elections in Radiatian history, "Veteran's Day" on December 7th was a commemoration of Radiatian war veterans during the communist era and "Victory Day" on December 9th commemorates Radiatia's victory over Rivenka during the Isthmus War. As there is a good chance that the holiday will land on one of the three days, it is usually referred to as "Victory Weekend" and is generally considered to be a time to honour the military.
December 31stNew Year's EveCelebrates the end of the year, although trading doesn't usually cease on this day. However a peculiar thing about this holiday is that it is illegal for any federal or state authority to charge excise or sales tax on liquor on this day, which makes liquor cheaper and encourages heavy drinking on the final night of the year. Many states also temporarily lift restrictions on sales of alcohol to minors on this day, if they have age limits in place.

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Postby Syndic Australia » Sun Jun 13, 2021 4:47 am

Federal Public Holidays
Federal Public Holidays are holidays that are observed uniformly throughout the Commonwealth. All citizens, except for emergency responders, are exempt from work during public holidays, with the syndicates organising distribution for those days beforehand or accepting volunteer workers at a significant bonus - emergency responders also receive such bonuses. The practice of 'mondayisation', where a public holiday is observed on the following Monday (or preceding Friday) if it would normally fall on a Saturday or Sunday, is not practiced in the Commonwealth.

The following days are observed as Federal Public Holidays;

New Year's Day - Jan 1°
The celebration of the New Year, according to the modern Gregorian calendar.

Treaty Day - Feb 6°
Also known as Waitangi Day in New Zealand, this day celebrates the treaties and cooperation between those of immigrant descent and those of native descent, as well as commemorating the imperialist atrocities inflicted by the past colonial institutions.

Anzac Day - Apr 25°
Also known as Veterans' Day, this day comemmorates the disastrous Gallipoli landing of the Great War, and by extension the sacrifice of all past and present who have given or risked their lives for the defence of the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Week - Apr 26°-30°
The five days between Anzac Day and Labor Day, celebrating the lead up to the Labor Day Revolution.

Labor Day - May 1°
Celebrating the global Labor Day, as well as the 1923 Labor Day Revolution.

Promulgation Day - September 19°
Celebrating the promulgation of the current constitution.

Stockade Day - Dec 3°
Commemorating the 1854 Eureka Rebellion.

Christmas Eve - Dec 24° (1/3 day public holiday)
The afternoon before Christmas is considered a public holiday to allow all to be home earlier.

Christmas Day - Dec 25°
Celebrating Christmas, the most celebrated Christian festive day, also celebrated secularly as a day of gift-giving.

Boxing Day - Dec 26°
A traditional Anglo-Gaelic observation, where those with leftover Christmas food would pay visit to the less fortunate and give them their leftovers as alms. Nowadays celebrated as a day to honour civic service, and the day that many movies debut in cinemas.

New Year's Eve Dec 31° (1/3 day public holiday)
As most New Year's celebrations begin on the eve, the afternoon is considered a public holiday.

Other Holidays

In addition to Federal Public Holidays, each state and capital city also celebrate a public holiday for their respective foundings, bringing the total up to 14 2/3 public holidays a year - two weeks, plus two evenings.

Easter and Ramadan, as holidays of variable date, are also both considered public holidays, with a duration of three days each, though the practice regarding business hours differ depending on the state. Other religious holidays can be celebrated by the faithful as holidays, with certification from a recognised faith practitioner (i.e. bishop, imam, etc...) and not subtract from the annual leave allotment of said worker - such allotment differs depending on one's occupation, with jobs with fewer work hours typically having less annual leave, and vice versa.

State governments are free to declare new public holidays, either as singular or recurrent observations, whereas Federal Public Holidays have actually been written into the Commonwealth Constitution, and thus can only be modified via a national referendum - it is very unlikely, however, that a new public holiday would ever be refused, or an existing one repealed.
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Postby Vanderlands » Sun Jun 13, 2021 5:15 am

January 1st - New Year's Day
New Year is a celebration marking the beginning of the year, and is commonly celebrated around the world.

March 21st - Spring Day
Celebrates the beginning of spring. It is often a day for families to spend their free time together. There is a festival held in Grootland Gardens where lots of Vanderlanian musicians perform songs and bring the nation together in harmony.

May - Great Friday
Every last Friday of the month in May is known as Great Friday , is a day of celebration of all things that make our wonderful country 'Great' , in all it's glory , people of all backgrounds be it sexualities , genders or ethnic background we celebrate the true diversity of the republic.

June 21st - Summer Solstice
It is the first day of summer during the summer solstice

September 24th - Liberation Day
A day where The Vanderlands celebrates the liberation from the communist union which our ancestors fought for their lives to liberate us from it.

November 6th - Thanksgiving
A day for people to be thankful for what they have and to spend time with their loved ones.

December 25th - Christmas Day
A day of celebration of Christ.

December 31st - New Years Eve
Celebrating to end of the year with celebrations and fireworks.

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Postby Democratic Baolei » Sun Jun 13, 2021 7:02 am

According to the Common Network of Awakened Cliques, there is no public holiday as everyday to them is a day to "further build the path towards ultimate self-obliteration of the world."
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Democratic Baolei is basically an enigmatic politically-superhardline pseudo-state confederation of autonomous communes made up of Deranged Cosmic-Worshipping Racial-Supremacist Esoteric Death Occultists who engage in batshit-insane apocalyptic accelerationism. Currently contained by a massive perimeter zone that encloses all of the North American wasteland that is infested with extraterrestrial nightmare abominations from another dimension.
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Postby Transmaura » Mon Jun 14, 2021 4:12 am

There are 2 more local public days. and 2 public days than can be issued yearly by the monarch as public days. Normally it's Birthday and coronations day.
January 1st. Año nuevo.
January 6th: Reyes.
March 19th. Father's day.
April 1st: Dia de la paz y la justicia.
movable easter thursday
easter Friday
easter Sunday
May the 1st dia del trabajo.
May the 3rd: Dia de los caios, martires por la patria.
may 15th: Saint patron day.
Movable: ascension.
July 17th Kings birthday day*
July 18th dia de la guerra de restauracion.
9th August: coronation day.
October: 12th Day of our race pride.
october 13th National day.
November 1st All saints.
November 9th Constitution.
december 8th Annunciation.
December 24th Christmas eve.
December 25th Christmas
december 31th Eve years eve.

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Postby Slaver Pirates of Vaas » Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:42 pm

September 14: Occupation Day/Pirate's Day

September 14 marks the anniversary of the declaration of the Pirate State shortly after the invasion of Saint Lucia in 1941. The holiday is largely a military one, with military parades or marches of some form occurring all across the island. Castries, the capital of the Pirate State, is the site of the island's largest parade during the celebrations.

Some prisoners captured during any revolts occurring over the year are held in custody until this holiday, in which they are brought to Castries. After the military parade, their executions are publicly broadcasted in the center of the city, with military officers playing games to decide how the prisoners should be executed. The method of execution varies widely and is largely decided by the games the officers play.

In 1968, 63 prisoners were executed at the center of Castries during this holiday, the most in the Pirate State's history. The execution methods were very diverse during this year's celebrations, with one notable example being when 10 of the prisoners were stripped naked and forced to fight each other in a makeshift ring. The fighters were each given weapons commonly seen in wrestling circles like the WWE, such as steel chairs, baseball bats, tables, and ladders. All weapons were very much real. The only fighter left was treated to alcohol, drugs, and a sex slave before being put in a plane and flown about 5000 feet above the island. He was then thrown out of the plane without a parachute. His mangled body was found about a week later.

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Postby Naxera » Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:10 am

1st January: New Year
6th January: Epifany
8th March: Women's day
19th March: Constitution day. 1935 women get voting rights.
Movable Easter. Palms Sunday, Easter Friday and Ressurrection Sunday are public Holidays
1st May: international Workers day
Movable: Ascension and Corpus Christi are public Holidays.
23rd June: independence day.
3rd July: Emancipation day. End of slavery.
15th August. Victory day.
12th October Columbus day also the last Spanish fortress was captured that day.
1st November: All Saints
24th December Christmas Eve.
25th December Nativity/Christmas
31th December

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Postby Countesia » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:32 am

By definition, A Federal Holiday is a celebration to commemorate or remember a significant event, person or group in Countesian history. Outside of critical services, federal holidays are a non-working day. There are currently nine federally recognised holidays.

1st of January - New Years Day
A day off to celebrate the new year.

13th of February - Day of Remembrance
An opportunity to commemorate and recognise the sacrifices made by soldiers and emergency workers in the name of Countesias freedom and security.

20th of March - Earth Day
Earth day takes place on the very first day of spring, and is an opportunity to celebrate the environment, nature and the preservation of both for future generations.

1st of May - Labour Day
In recognition of the Countesian workforce and their daily contribution to the nations strength, the first day of summer is given to the people as a nation-wide day off.

1st of June - Pride Day
The first day of June is a federal holiday to recognise the contributions of the LGBT+ community in Countesia

8th of July - Unification Day
Unification day is a celebration of founding of the old Kingdom of Countesia under King Blake the 1st, as a result of the ceasefire between the Craxx Empire and the Counts Alliance

10th of August - Founders Day
The birthday of the first king of Countesia, King Blake the 1st. Although another federal holiday celebrates the ousting of the Monarchy, Founders day is still observed as one of the most popular federal holidays largely in part due Blakes leadership being viewed as instrumental to holding off the war machine of the Craxx Empire long enough to broker a ceasefire.

9th of September - Federation Day
Federation Day marks the date of the ousting of the monarchy and Countesias transition to a wholly democratic federal republic.

25th of December - Christmas Day
Although the Countesian constitution is secular, December 25th, considered to be the birth of Jesus in the Christian Bible, is celebrated as a federal holiday as an opportunity for people to exchange gifts with family and loved ones.
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Postby Filipinn » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:45 am

January 1 - New Years Day

March 1- Earth Day

May 1 - Labour Day

June 1 - Pride Day
A day of celebration for the LGBTQ+ community in Filipinn.

October 19 - National Day
The day of remembrance for Filipinn's separation from Sulasburg.

November 1 - No Nut Day
Yes, President Peterson celebrates this.
A Class 1.4 Civilization according to this thing.

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