CoH80 - The Even Frostier Cup: Everything Thread

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CoH80 - The Even Frostier Cup: Everything Thread

Postby Krytenia » Mon May 31, 2021 2:56 pm

Welcome to Græntfjall and Krytenia!
Please mind the ice and the political fallout respectively.

A "Warm" Welcome
This is the thread for Rosters and RPs relating to the eightieth Cup of Harmony competition, being held in Græntfjall and Krytenia. Participation is by invite only; if you have received an invite, please confirm your participation by posting your roster in this thread. Please also pack both summer and winter clothing, as whilst both countries will have temperatures in the twenties or thirties, that'll be Fahrenheit in Græntfjall and Celsius in Krytenia.

Competition Format
  • Sixteen groups of four, leading to a 32 team single elimination (+3PPO) bracket.
  • The bracket will be structured such that all teams stay in the same country for the play-in round through to the semi-finals. Second placed teams will move nations between the group stage and knockout stage, and obviously for the final (to be held in Krytenia) and 3PPO (to be held in Græntfjall).
  • One MD every 48 hours.
  • The tournament will run concurrent with the World Cup proper, with scorination staggered to off-days (e.g. if NSWC is on Monday, CoH is on Tuesday, NSWC on Wednesday, etc.).
  • NSFS, additive mods ± 5.
  • RP bonus available every cutoff, plus a roster bonus.
  • Tiebreakers: points, GD, H2H results, H2H GD, IC coin-flip [OOC scorinated game]
  • Co-hosts scorinate each other’s games (inc. puppets). Should host-controlled nations meet at any point in the knockout phase, a third party will scorinate that match.

Groups A-H are in Krytenia, I-P are in Græntfjall. Full details on host cities etc. are in the next two posts.

Draw: June 6, 2230 UTC (immediately before World Cup draw)
Group phase, MD1: June 10 - 1v4, 2v3
Group phase, MD2: June 12 - 2v1, 4v3
Group phase, MD3: June 14 - 3v1, 2v4
Round of 32: June 16
Round of 16: June 18
Quarter-finals: June 20
Semi-finals: June 22
3PPO & Final: June 24

Link to Knockout Bracket Wallchart

Cutoff times:
Cutoff for both sides of the tournament will be in the window of 2100-2300 UTC (1700-1900 EDT, 2200-0000 BST/WEDT, 2300-0100 CEDT) on the dates stated above. Any deviations from this, should they occur, will be posted with as much notice as is practicable.

That Little Bit Extra
At the end of a long WC campaign, many people are tired and their RP ideas spent, so to provide additional inspiration a small optional prompt will be posted each day. On the Græntfjaller side, we have chosen to interpret the "Harmony" theme somewhat literally and the prompts will be of a musical nature e.g. "Blues: what is the lowest point in your NT history?". These are to stress optional and max RP bonus is still available for those who ignore them and RP their own stuff.

Finally, there will be a tournament-long Goal of the Tournament competition, ending before the semifinals (reaching the semifinals is reward enough!). Each user can submit one goal, however they interpret that: a snippet of radio commentary, a description from a match report, a fan's eye account, the scorer of said goal's emotions as it goes in. A shortlist will be selected and a voting element included to decide it. Again, those choosing to refrain from participating in this will not be penalized and full RP bonus is otherwise available.

Rostering - Don't Forget The Box!
Please post this with your roster and answer the questions. It helps nations playing against you understand what they're allowed and not allowed to do when roleplaying about their game against you.
Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]
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Postby Graintfjall » Mon May 31, 2021 2:57 pm

Welcome to the White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall.

Football is traditionally a summer sport in Græntfjall, which makes it unfortunate that this tournament is being hosted in the deepest depths of winter. Expect snow in the air, snow on the ground, snow on the streets, snow on the roofs, snow getting everywhere. Græntfjall lies on the northern side of a peninsula in Rushmori, but despite lying on the temperate meridian, the combination of the fierce winds coming off the Komodo Channel and the tall Græntfjaller Alps, forming a natural protective border, have created a localized climate of truly frigid proportions.

Græntfjallers are hardy Nords, descended (in their mythic lore) from Viking age sackers and salvagers. The country has recently emerged from decades of communist oppression, but has entered the 21st century with a surging economy, rising social freedoms, and new, if slightly complex, democratic politics. The royal family was reinstalled and Queen Júlíana sits on the throne, reigning in a mostly ceremonial role, while real power is located in the Thing, the national parliament whose composition will be deteremined by a fierce election now reaching its dramatic climax.

Græntfjall is famous for continuing whaling long after most other countries had abandoned the barbaric practice, but in reality whale meat is a rare commodity in modern Græntfjall and tourists are far more likely to encounter imitation products like lab-grown “Incomprehensible Whaleburger” or purely synthetic “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blubber!”. Otherwise, the diet tends towards plain, hearty fare. Strong spices and fresh fruits are available, but can be expensive as they are almost wholly dependent on imports. Græntfjallers have a strong tradition of beer drinking; for hard liquors, various clear grain alcohols are the general preference. Smoking is permitted but not widely practised; marijuana is legal.

Græntfjaller society can be quite conservative, especially outside of the major cities. Generally speaking, the further west one travels, the more sympathies to life under the old communist regime you will find expressed; to the east, more virulent anti-communism prevails. The state religion is Roman Catholicism. The vast majority of Græntfjallers are Catholic, though folk traditions incorporating Norse mythology are also common. Homosexuality is legal and homophobic hate crimes both strictly policed and thankfully rare. Rigid gender norms prevail in some strata of society (especially in the south) and are no more obvious than in the country’s naming traditions, which are strictly patronymic: -son surnames for men, -dóttir for women, -bur for gender-neutral persons.

Græntfjallers can be perceived as a bit mercenary. The country has a long history of merchant trading (and an intermittent history of ruthless piracy) and you will generally find that the smiles of your hosts extend only as far as the króna in your pocket. While color-based racism is rare, anti-Islamic sentiment is strong, and there is a bristling tide of anti-immigrant agitation in some working class districts of the major cities, with the nativist National Democratic Front mounting a major challenge in the most recent elections. Freedom of expression is enshrined in the constitution but in practice there are some restrictions, two of the most notable being a ban on the public display of swastikas, hammers-and-sickles, and other such extremist political imagery; and a prohibition on face coverings widely interpreted as a ‘burqa ban’.

Football is the most popular sport in the country. The fiercest domestic rivalry is between the North Háttmark clubs Gunzlach and Steinaux, who regularly vie for the title in the Græntfaller Premier League, although there are also challenges from Altendalur and Molding. Græntfaller fans are generally fairly welcoming of foreign teams and tend to be appreciative of skills that their own rather leaden players (often stereotyped, more or less fondly, as “Big Fucking Græntfallers”) are incapable of. Græntfall does not have a tradition of football hooliganism or firms, and crowd control at games will be strict to prevent any such trouble. Moderate alcohol consumption is permitted in most stadiums.


All numbers are graded on a Græntfjaller curve. A 10/10 stadium here probably wouldn't pass 5 or 6 in a major footballing nation. 10/10 friendliness to foreigners doesn't mean they won't try to gouge you on hotel rates. These numbers also reflect the adaptation to winter conditions: the top-rated stadiums feature retractable dome roofs to keep snow off and under-pitch heating to ensure clear playing surfaces; the bottom-rated stadiums employ a couple of grumpy chainsmokers to shovel the pitches clear at a leisurely pace on match day.

Florus Stadion [non-commercial name: Altendalur Stadion]
Altendalur is a northwest port city and cultural hub of the West, a region that generally feels under the political thrall of the dominant East. It was built on whaling: the stadium is literally built on whaling, as a massive whale spine ornaments the main entrance gate. Home of one of the top GPL sides, nicknamed the Chessmen, the seats are in alternate black and white check patterns.
Stadium quality: 9/10
Friendliness to foreigners: 1/10
  • MD1: Group L, 2v3 (Eshialand v North Japan)
  • MD2: Group P, 2v1 (Baggieland v Græntfjall)
  • MD3: Group N, 2v4 (Zwangzug v Garbelia)
Fjistjing Stadion
Home to Hintersfjörður, who are routinely one of the strongest sub-GPL teams and yet seem to constantly miss out on promotion to the big time. The Fjistjing Stadion is relatively new to hosting international football and did not feature during the Copa Rushmori rotation, debuting instead at the Baptism of Fire. It is well suited to winter conditions, with a fully retractable roof. Hintersfjörður lies in the suburbs of Altendalur and has a generally similar cultural disposition, with entrenched hostility to Eastern elites and little interest in outsiders.
Stadium quality: 9
Friendliness to foreigners: 2
  • MD1: Group N, 1v4 (Sharktail v Garbelia)
  • MD2: Group O, 4v3 (Srednjaci v Murphtannia)
  • MD3: Group P, 2v4 (Baggieland v Barunia)
Fjlarkfjall Arena
Þingsnitz, another strong Division 1 side seeming to miss that key ingredient for a step up to GPL level, play their home games at Fjlarkfjall. Þingsnitz is a small coastal city a few miles east of Altendalur, on the other side of the other side of the Bay of Blood. The two enjoy a healthy rivalry in matters football and otherwise. The Fjlarkfjall Arena also made its debut hosting international football at the Baptism of Fire; despite its small size and lack of roof, it’s otherwise well appointed for a Division 1 side’s home arena, clearly reflecting its owners’ desires to win promotion. Culturally, the fishing port is much more amenable to visitors than their cross-bay neighbors.
Stadium quality: 6
Friendliness to foreigners: 5
  • MD1: Group O, 2v3 (Sargossa v Murphtannia)
  • MD2: Group I, 2v1 (Indusse v Montaña Verde)
  • MD3: Group K, 2v4 (Sylestone v Pemecutan)
OptiFone Arena [non-commercial name: Folte Arena]
Folte is a market town that lies just south of Aigsvinger, the city that sits at the fork of the Odinsfluss River. Much like the city, Folte is a town that embodies traditions of both the East and West: the market bringing fresh produce from the West, the commuter hub going to middle class jobs in the East. The popular local team, the Striders, are one of the most internationally mixed. A huge Catholic church dominates the skyline and on clear days service bells can be heard during matches.
Stadium quality: 4
Friendliness to foreigners: 9
  • MD1: Group J, 2v3 (Electrum v Legalese)
  • MD2: Group N, 4v3 (Garbelia v Eastfield Lodge)
  • MD3: Group I, 2v4 (Indusse v Oberour Ar Moro)
Mühlrich is the club that's most representative of the conservative alpine traditions of the country. Based in the suburbs of Kyrkdorf, the "last city before the mountains", it's an old, traditional club, and the slightly fusty stadium reflects that. Lots of (now fairly dusty, as the Turtles have seen better days) trophies in the cabinet, hard seats, and smoking still permitted in certain areas. Interestingly, the stadium itself isn't that old as it has burned down four times. Smoking remains stubbornly permitted. The Turtle Ultras are the most radical Ultras in the country. Racist chanting has mostly been stamped out, but it's not a place to go for provoking intellectual discourse.
Stadium quality: 3
Friendliness to foreigners: 1
  • MD1: Group K, 1v4 (The Grearish Union v Pemecutan)
  • MD2: Group M, 2v1 (Garifunya v San Ortelio)
  • MD3: Group O, 2v4 (Sargossa v Srednjaci)
VG Arena [non-commercial name: Maigburg Arena]
One of the bigger arenas, in fact the third largest after the GNA/GIA. The Maigburg club is based in the suburbs of Waltenberg, the biggest university city, and reflects its academic traditions, middle-class professions, and fierce anti-communism. The "Catbear" ultras are ferociously loyal (and occasionally ferociously xenophobic). The stadium is big but old and run-down. A multi-purpose arena, it hosts many sports including athletics, notably the final lap of the Waltenberg Marathon.
Stadium quality: 3
Friendliness to foreigners: 1
  • MD1: Group M, 1v4 (San Ortelio v Adab)
  • MD2: Group L, 4v3 (Kandorith v North Japan)
  • MD3: Group J, 2v4 (Electrum v Saltstead)
Grand National Arena
The main national stadium, the 50,000 seater used to be the country's only international-level sports facility. It is the most famous stadium in the country and home of multiple time champions Gunzlach, "the Gunners". The name reflects their origins in the old military arsenal stationed there. On the north side of Háttmark, the GNA is built in what remains a fairly conservative, working-class district, with rumblings of disquiet over recent immigrant arrivals and rapid house price rises in the wake of gentrification.
Stadium quality: 10
Friendliness to foreigners: 6
  • MD1: Group I, 2v3 (Indusse v TJUN-ia)
  • MD2: Group J, 2v1 (Electrum v Pratapgadh)
  • MD3: Group P, 3v1 (Bollonich v Græntfjall)
Another Háttmark arena, but this time based in the south. Háttmark is the capital city of Græntfjall, a bustling port city. The south is more residential than the mainly industrial north. Architecturally, it bore the brunt of the violence that engulfed the tail end of the communist regime: sadly, a lot of the buildings you'll see are very new, but that also testifies to the major economic boom the city is undergoing. This hasn't extended to Korsbach's frankly decrepit arena.
Stadium quality: 3
Friendliness to foreigners: 4
  • MD1: Group M, 2v3 (Garifunya v Siovanija & Teusland)
  • MD2: Group K, 2v1 (Sylestone v The Grearish Union)
  • MD3: Group L, 2v4 (Eshialand v Kandorith)
GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro
The new home of GT Molding, "the Gold Shrews", and Korsbach's south Háttmark rivals. Built by Tequiloan multinational Grupo Taxhavn and unpronouncable to the locals, the stadium is by far the biggest in the country (which a capacity of close to 70,000) and will be making its international debut at this competition. Lush, well appointed – is “chintzy” pushing it too far?
Stadium quality: 9
Friendliness to foreigners: 8
  • MD1: Group P, 1v4 (Græntfjall v Barunia)
  • MD2: Group N, 2v1 (Zwangzug v Sharktail)
  • MD3: Group M, 3v1 (Siovanija & Teusland v San Ortelio)
Grander International Arena
The recently built 50,001 seater is home of Steinaux, "the Sausages". Their name is rooted in the working class meat processing and dock warehouse district, which has undergone substantial renovation. Unlike rivals Gunzlach across the river, Steinaux is now located in an upmarket neighborhood with tech and pharma jobs booming. The club’s fortunes are similarly on the upswing, winning repeat GPL titles.
Stadium quality: 10.001
Friendliness to foreigners: 8
  • MD1: Group O, 1v4 (Squidroidia v Srednjaci)
  • MD2: Group P, 4v3 (Barunia v Bollonich)
  • MD3: Group L, 3v1 (North Japan v Abanhfleft)
Hagejoki Play Park
A large but uninspiring stadium, the Play Park is home to the Harlequins, perennially bouncing between Division 1 and the GPL. Hagejoki is another Háttmark suburb, this one located north of the river. It lies on the coast at the far eastern edge of the city limits. Home of the main housing blocks of the University of Háttmark, it has a large student population. It hasn’t undergone the urban renovation of nearby Steinaux – frankly, it’s something of a dump – but it has a lively nightlife.
Stadium quality: 3
Friendliness to foreigners: 10
  • MD1: Group K, 2v3 (Sylestone v Vdara)
  • MD2: Group L, 2v1 (Eshialand v Abanhfleft)
  • MD3: Group J, 3v1 (Legalese v Pratapgadh)
Kuodorf MSK Football Arena
Kuodorf is a suburb of Háttmark, the capital, located to the south east. Unlike the north of the river industrial suburbs it’s always been affluent. The Kuodorf MSK has purpose-built arenas for individual sports; the Football Arena is small but well-appointed. Set amid quaint villas and with a housing density that would make an urban planner sit down and weep, it’s one of the more pleasant group stage settings.
Stadium quality: 7
Friendliness to foreigners: 6
  • MD1: Group L, 1v4 (Abanhfleft v Kandorith)
  • MD2: Group O, 2v1 (Sargossa v Squidroidia)
  • MD3: Group K, 3v1 (Vdara v The Grearish Union)
Frei Stadion
Located in the southwest city of Búðarberg, the capital of Fliserboding a broad, flat agricultural plain that is geographically and at times culturally at odds with the rest of Græntfjall. Perceived as the home of a rump pro-communist minority by the rest of the country. The local club, Fliserboding, is chiefly notable for their tradition of throwing cabbages on the field before each game. The stadium, while pretty, smells terrible as a result.
Stadium quality: 2
Friendliness to foreigners: 9
  • MD1: Group N, 2v3 (Zwangzug v Eastfield Lodge)
  • MD2: Group K, 4v3 (Pemecutan v Vdara)
  • MD3: Group I, 3v1 (TJUN-ia v Montaña Verde)
New Skoðarhüb [non-commercial name: Hartburg New Park]
Located in Hartburg, the gateway to Lake Viljan. Bypassing the Alps, which dominate the southern half of the country, requires going through the Estdal Gate, once a turnpike, now one of the busiest commercial bridges in the country, connecting the industrial heartlands with the Rushmori interior. That name lives on in the Ducks, the team whose sponsors Skoðar Optik have invested heavily in foreign managers, players, and now a new stadium. Not state of the art by international standards, but some of the lifts actually work and the coffee machine does cappucinos! Witchcraft!!
Stadium quality: 9
Friendliness to foreigners: 7
  • MD1: Group P, 2v3 (Baggieland v Bollonich)
  • MD2: Group I, 4v3 (Oberour Ar Moro v TJUN-ia)
  • MD3: Group O, 3v1 (Murphtannia v Squidroidia)
PR-1070 Platz
Located in Hartburg, the gateway city to the interior. Its home team, Oost-Hartburg, fared much less well than Estdal in the recent GPL, though, so the locals are thirsting for some good football action. It's the smallest stadium to be hosting games, but has good amenities thanks to its connections with prosperous local businesses.
Stadium quality: 5
Friendliness to foreigners: 7
  • MD1: Group I, 1v4 (Montaña Verde v Oberour Ar Moro)
  • MD2: Group J, 4v3 (Saltstead v Legalese)
  • MD3: Group M, 2v4 (Garifunya v Adab)
TQG Langvöllur Arena [non-commercial name: Langvöllur Arena]
The Langvöllur Arena (the second Arena is redundant as völlur means Arena in Græntfjaller, but the name persists for some reason) is in the exclave of Hofvinger, which lies the other side of the Komodo Channel to mainland Græntfjall. As such, the "Northern Wolves" of Hofvinger have always considered themselves a bit different (i.e. superior) to the soft southerners. It is absolutely freezing even in summer owing to the wind patterns. Teams will travel via ferry from Háttmark, assuming the sea isn't ice-locked.
Stadium quality: 7
Friendliness to foreigners: 0 (because negative numbers aren't allowed)
  • MD1: Group J, 1v4 (Pratapgadh v Saltstead)
  • MD2: Group M, 4v3 (Adab v Siovanija & Teusland)
  • MD3: Group N, 3v1 (Eastfield Lodge v Sharktail)

By team:

    Group I:
    Montaña Verde
    • MD1: v Oberour Ar Moro @ PR-1070 Platz, Hartburg
    • MD2: v Indusse @ Fjlarkfjall Arena, Þingsnitz
    • MD3: v TJUN-ia @ Frei Stadion, Búðarberg

    • MD1: v TJUN-ia @ Grand National Arena, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Montaña Verde @ Fjlarkfjall Arena, Þingsnitz
    • MD3: v Oberour Ar Moro @ OptiFone Arena, Folte

    • MD1: v Indusse @ Grand National Arena, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Oberour Ar Moro @ New Skoðarhüb, Hartburg
    • MD3: v Montaña Verde @ Frei Stadion, Búðarberg

    Oberour ar Moro
    • MD1: v Montaña Verde @ PR-1070 Platz, Hartburg
    • MD2: v TJUN-ia @ New Skoðarhüb, Hartburg
    • MD3: v Indusse @ OptiFone Arena, Folte

    Group J:
    • MD1: v Saltstead @ TQG Langvöllur Arena, Hofvinger Exclave
    • MD2: v Electrum @ Grand National Arena, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Legalese @ Hagejoki Play Park, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Legalese @ OptiFone Arena, Folte
    • MD2: v Pratapgadh @ Grand National Arena, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Saltstead @ VG Arena, Waltenberg

    • MD1: v Electrum @ OptiFone Arena, Folte
    • MD2: v Saltstead @ PR-1070 Platz, Hartburg
    • MD3: v Pratapgadh @ Hagejoki Play Park, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Pratapgadh @ TQG Langvöllur Arena, Hofvinger Exclave
    • MD2: v Legalese @ PR-1070 Platz, Hartburg
    • MD3: v Electrum @ VG Arena, Waltenberg

    Group K:
    The Grearish Union
    • MD1: v Pemecutan @ Laxenvöllur, Kyrkdorf
    • MD2: v Sylestone @ Sanktjakobvöllur, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Vdara @ Kuodorf MSK Football Arena, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Vdara @ Hagejoki Play Park, Háttmark
    • MD2: v The Grearish Union @ Sanktjakobvöllur, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Pemecutan @ Fjlarkfjall Arena, Þingsnitz

    • MD1: v Sylestone @ Hagejoki Play Park, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Pemecutan @ Frei Stadion, Búðarberg
    • MD3: v The Grearish Union @ Kuodorf MSK Football Arena, Háttmark

    • MD1: v The Grearish Union @ Laxenvöllur, Kyrkdorf
    • MD2: v Vdara @ Frei Stadion, Búðarberg
    • MD3: v Sylestone @ Fjlarkfjall Arena, Þingsnitz

    Group L:
    • MD1: v Kandorith @ Kuodorf MSK Football Arena, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Eshialand @ Hagejoki Play Park, Háttmark
    • MD3: v North Japan @ Grander International Arena, Háttmark

    • MD1: v North Japan @ Florus Stadion, Altendalur
    • MD2: v Abanhfleft @ Hagejoki Play Park, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Kandorith @ Sanktjakobvöllur, Háttmark

    North Japan
    • MD1: v Eshialand @ Florus Stadion, Altendalur
    • MD2: v Kandorith @ VG Arena, Waltenberg
    • MD3: v Abanhfleft @ Grander International Arena, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Abanhfleft @ Kuodorf MSK Football Arena, Háttmark
    • MD2: v North Japan @ VG Arena, Waltenberg
    • MD3: v Eshialand @ Sanktjakobvöllur, Háttmark

    Group M:
    San Ortelio
    • MD1: v Adab @ VG Arena, Waltenberg
    • MD2: v Garifunya @ Laxenvöllur, Kyrkdorf
    • MD3: v Siovanija & Teusland @ GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Siovanija & Teusland @ Sanktjakobvöllur, Háttmark
    • MD2: v San Ortelio @ Laxenvöllur, Kyrkdorf
    • MD3: Adab @ PR-1070 Platz, Hartburg

    Siovanija & Teusland
    • MD1: v Garifunya @ Sanktjakobvöllur, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Adab @ TQG Langvöllur Arena, Hofvinger Exclave
    • MD3: v San Ortelio @ GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro, Háttmark

    • MD1: v San Ortelio @ VG Arena, Waltenberg
    • MD2: v Siovanija & Teusland @ TQG Langvöllur Arena, Hofvinger Exclave
    • MD3: v Garifunya @ PR-1070 Platz, Hartburg

    Group N:
    • MD1: v Garbelia @ Fjistjing Stadion, Hintersfjörður
    • MD2: v Zwangzug @ GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Eastfield Lodge @ TQG Langvöllur Arena, Hofvinger Exclave

    • MD1: v Eastfield Lodge @ Frei Stadion, Búðarberg
    • MD2: v Sharktail @ GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Garbelia @ Florus Stadion, Altendalur

    Eastfield Lodge
    • MD1: v Zwangzug @ Frei Stadion, Búðarberg
    • MD2: v Garbelia @ OptiFone Arena, Folte
    • MD3: v Sharktail @ TQG Langvöllur Arena, Hofvinger Exclave

    • MD1: v Sharktail @ Fjistjing Stadion, Hintersfjörður
    • MD2: v Eastfield Lodge @ OptiFone Arena, Folte
    • MD3: v Zwangzug @ Florus Stadion, Altendalur

    Group O:
    • MD1: v Srednjaci @ Grander International Arena, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Sargossa @ Kuodorf MSK Football Arena, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Murphtannia @ New Skoðarhüb, Hartburg

    • MD1: v Murphtannia @ Fjlarkfjall Arena, Þingsnitz
    • MD2: v Squidroidia @ Kuodorf MSK Football Arena, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Srednjaci @ Laxenvöllur, Kyrkdorf

    • MD1: v Sargossa @ Fjlarkfjall Arena, Þingsnitz
    • MD2: v Sredjnaci @ Fjistjing Stadion, Hintersfjörður
    • MD3: v Squidroidia @ New Skoðarhüb, Hartburg

    • MD1: v Squidroidia @ Grander International Arena, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Murphtannia @ Fjistjing Stadion, Hintersfjörður
    • MD3: v Sargossa @ Laxenvöllur, Kyrkdorf

    Group P:
    • MD1: v Barunia @ GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Baggieland @ Florus Stadion, Altendalur
    • MD3: v Bollonich @ Grand National Arena, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Bollonich @ New Skoðarhüb, Hartburg
    • MD2: v Græntfjall @ Florus Stadion, Altendalur
    • MD3: v Barunia @ Fjistjing Stadion, Hintersfjörður

    • MD1: v Baggieland @ New Skoðarhüb, Hartburg
    • MD2: v Barunia @ Grander International Arena, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Græntfjall @ Grand National Arena, Háttmark

    • MD1: v Græntfjall @ GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro, Háttmark
    • MD2: v Bollonich @ Grander International Arena, Háttmark
    • MD3: v Baggieland @ Fjistjing Stadion, Hintersfjörður
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Postby Krytenia » Mon May 31, 2021 2:57 pm

Welcome To Krytenia!
Or welcome back, to the many of you who've visited these shores before. Krytenia is a modern, cosmopolitan nation, full of sights to see and things to do. The host cities have vibrant nightlife, and marijuana is legal (though strictly licenced, please buy from authorised stores). Curry is the national dish, and there are plenty of restaurants that specialise in the stuff; spicy desserts are not uncommon, blending the sweetness of chocolate or caramel with the spiciness of your main course. If you don't like spice, there are a glut of international restaurants, so you'll find something to your tastes. Prices are reasonable, especially with the current strong argental, and purchases of non-essential items include sales tax in the price, so no having to add 11% before getting to the till. Duty free stores operate at most major cities, and at all airport and ferry/sea terminals; on presentation of your passport and travel details, non-terminal stores will deliver to "pick-up points" at air or sea ports, so long as you purchase at least 24 hours before departure. The central cities, Emberton and Avidia, both contain large Hispanophonic communities, whilst the south of the country is almost entirely English-speaking. English is the only national language, but plenty of French and Spanish speakers abound.

Please note if hiring a car in Krytenia, smoking is not permitted in rental cars and we drive on the left. Emberton and Avidia have the best transport and road links around the country, but also have the most expensive hotels. You have been warned.

Mind The Political Fallout
As you may have noticed if you've been Paying Attention, Krytenia are signatories to the Foxchester Declaration, and members of NEATO and the Anaia region. If you live in Atlantian Oceania (excepting Valanora), or a nation that is part of the Common Rushmori Community, then your visa rights do not change, and you can enjoy visa-free travel around the nation. Visitors from other countries can apply for a special free tournament visa, which allows travel and accommadation within Krytenia between one week prior to the tournament and one week after.

The best way of approaching the Anaia situation to your average Krytenian is to not mention it. With the issues with Valanora, and to a letter extent Sarzonia, coupled with the government collapsing and the general election, there's a sense of jadedness about all the politics and most Krytenians just want to get on with life.

The Cities

First game listed in the schedule is played at the first stadium named for your group.

Stadium: Isserson Olympic Stadium, cap 191,340
Emberton is the place to be in Krytenia. The largest city, the Olympic host, and the "City of Nations". Almost all countries of the world can find a friend from their nation within this glittering metropolis. The stadium itself is the jewel in Krytenia's crown, and has hosted World Cup finals, and most famously, the VII Summer Olympics. It'll also host the Cup of Harmony final this time around.

Stadium: Tickford Park - 60,982
Located south of the capital, Ellisham is known for two things; being the home town of Jerome Jaffacake-Phillips, and being Emberton's chilled little brother. The city has built a reputation for being the centre of Krytenia's tech industry, and has a burgeoning hipster scene. Coffee shops abound, usually selling some overpriced concoction made from the finest Rejistanian blend.

Stadium: Cygnus Stadium, cap 105,013
When it was the capital of Nova Mercia, Bromham was famed for political debate. Now, it's skyscrapers and high technology, thanks to the Cygnus Corporation. They also sponsor Mercia Bromham's stadium, which was the original permanent home of the Cygnus Cup final. Honestly, at this point we'd suggest painting "Property of the Swann Family" on Sixth Street, but that'd just be giving them ideas.

Stadium: Knott Crescent, cap 50,552
A traditional city in the south-east, Tyfield built itself on the textile industry, and this is reflected in the modern boutiques that line the narrow streets of the Dawdles in the city centre. The stadium itself, meanwhile, is a modern creation of steel and glass that seems like almost an anachronism.

Stadium: Southern Arena, cap 91,093
Ousevale, the "University City", is jam-packed with students and cheap beer. It's also, statistically speaking, the sunniest city in Krytenia, which is why the Southern Arena has an unusually high roof.

Stadium: County Ground, cap 44,181
Dereapolis is one of the quieter cities in the quieter Nova Mercia region of the country. Traditionally big on the furniture industry, the city thrives on being the home of many of the nation's service companies - or at least containing a large call centre thereof.

Stadium: New City Stadium, cap 88,553
The Second City, and ancient capital, Avidia mixes ancient and modern. The famous Guildhall takes a Victorian meeting hall, and turns it into a concert and indoor sports venue of grand spectacle. The Spanish Quarter is excellent for shopping, and though the stadium (in the Avidia New City development) is outside the centre, the Avidia Metro provides good rail links.

Stadium: Bell Moor, cap 51,093
Hastings finds itself on the outskirts of the beautiful Yardley Forest National Park. Our recommendation is to rent a bicycle and take in the woodland scenery between games. Gained a small degree of noteriety recently as the city where the small cadré of Sarzonian military personnel stationed in the city expatriated.

Stadium: Munitis Stadium, cap 74,593
The "Northern Capital", Norton has a lot of influence from its northern neighbours in Mertagne. One thing that is decidedly Krytenian, however, is the Munitis Stadium, named after legendary goalkeeper Alan Munitis.

Stadium: Brecklands, cap 46,137
Set in the coniferous forests of the state of Northwood, Linford is most well known in football circles for being the temporary home of a rehomed Radyukevich team after the suspension of the CMSC league. Linford isn't exactly party city, but it's easy to get to the more interesting locations of Norton and Yraglac from here.

Stadium: Coalfields, cap 71,119
The "City of Smoke" from its position as the centre of Krytenia's coal refining and steelmaking industries. Indeed, the stadium here is built on a former spoil tip. Don't worry though, the industry isn't as big as it was - and possibly about to shrink further because of the fallout of Foxchester, so the pollution shouldn't be a problem. Probably.

Stadium: Walton Gardens, cap 55,208
The "Green City"; parkland and picturesque garden squares abound here. The Simpson Botanical Gardens moved to a new location many moons ago, and their former home is now home to Caledon Simpson at the stadium you'll be visiting.

Stadium: Draconium Arena, cap 66,592
Long considered a backwater of the nation, Caversham's star has risen in recent years thanks to them being the centre of the nation's glass and crystal manufacturing industry. The City of Glass is now a hive of activity...and yes, you can get some lovely crystal trinkets for the other half cheap here. Look out for the huge dragon mural in stained glass at the stadium, too.

Stadium: ArenaWest, cap 54,862
Aigburth may not be the swinging cosmopolitan centre, or the grand old gem, but they make up for this with a raft of import shopping. Placed on the coast of the Sea of Ayes, it is said that everything that Krytenia is passes through the Aigburth Docks. Visit Wavertree Bay, a few miles south, for the best beaches in the country, and enjoy the noise of the acoustically-engineered ArenaWest during the games here.

Stadium: Harbour Stadium, cap 60,622
Stanton's trade has long come from their position on the shores of Lake Bekk, known as the Beck by locals. Stanton's historic docks now house a bevy of interesting uses for former warehouses; a couple were demolished, though, to make room for the Harbour Stadium.

Stadium:Abbey Road, cap 47,260
Bradwell's main attraction is the massive and frankly gaudy cathedral in the city centre. Unusual, considering that Krytenia is a largely secular nation. There's a reason the team is called the Saints, after all.
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Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
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Postby Valentine Z » Mon May 31, 2021 3:15 pm

The Valentian International Football Association

The Valentians are back again, that is without a doubt. They had a bit of a shaky start in Baptism of Fire 72, followed by World Cup 85, but they are always the ones to take it in stride and not to get mad about it. Some might say that this was easy for them considering there were little to no stakes involved for them - no managers yelling at them, no budget shortages, and many other impossibilities of a football club that is made moot in Valentine Z's world of 2090. The Valentians were here to have fun first and foremost, though they certainly do not mind if a little luck comes their way and they won multiple games. After all, Anastasia recently won the Championship of NSSCRA 10, while Adriana had a great start on the first two Feature Races of WGP2 4. Will the Valentians get the same amount of luck that they were getting before? If World Cup 88 and WGP2 IV were anything to indicate, it is that Valentians tend to get polarizing results - extremely good or extremely bad, but they would still try their very best, like no one has ever tried before. Even in defeat in WC88, the Valentians have never given up and packed it away, opting to stand and put up a challenge for their opponents. The Valentians are now in their very first Cup of Harmony, also known as CoH 80, with some modifications from their WC88 roster.

Captain/Manager of the Team

Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing. Will be controlling a synthetic body to account for the fact that she is 117 meters tall, and she will not be joining the field for the most parts. Watches from the distance, she keeps a cool head for the most parts and ensures that her team simply has all the needs taken care of instead of simply winning over and over again. Though for this time, the Valentians are bringing in more offensive strategies to the table, while still making sure that their defensives are taken care of.

Composition of the Valentian Team – 4-4-2.

  • #10 - Holly Aurora Lapia Radiant Starlight. Chronologically 88. Physically 25. Technically a Valentian by all measures, belonging to Garden at 6th Mile Road. A little too shy, and would rather spend time in her dimensional garden tending her magical flowers. Made out of "cold lights" - a being made entirely out of light energy, but with FanT elements. Her body temperature measures a constant 40 Kelvins. WARNING: DO NOT touch her anywhere BUT her hands. Recent participant of NSSCRA 10, Holly has recently shown herself to be someone who is no longer shy to people around her.

  • #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha Harumi. Chronologically 93. Physically 24. A harmonious relationship between an emulated human consciousness with raw CPU/GPU power. Participant of both NSSCRA 8, 9, 10, she hopes to use the best of her abilities to score a few goals, with her being the only attacker and full-on offensive that the team has.
  • #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison Fate Eveline Oxton. Chronologically slated to be at least 1 x 104080 years old. Physically 26. If something happens in the Omniverse, she has a hand in it. Doesn’t seem to let smaller things happen on their own. Certainly not a cheater. Participant of NSSCRA 8, 9, 10, though the latter has not been very nice for her with lukewarm and mediocre finishes, without a win. Gwen figured that football might give her the relaxing edge that she need, though her definition of relax involving "competing against tens of professional teams" is definitely unorthodox.

  • #14 - Anastasia Freya Thida Myat Yadana Aye. Chronologically 73 years old, Physically 29 years old. Has quite a terrifyingly quick adoption rate to Modern Earth Sports. Tends to be a bit shy. Participant of NSSCRA 9, and a champion of NSSCRA 10.
  • #42 - Jacob Dalston Sullivan András Krisztián. Chronologically 109. Physically 25. He will not rip and tear his opponents apart, the Valentians can promise that. Has quite a lot of energy on himself, and determined to run and kick until a goal is scored.
  • #76 - Marcus Alan Ariel Baptiste Reynolds. Chronologically 113. Physically 27. Certainly not a pushover despite his calm and collected nature. Has quite an ending amount of stamina on him, being able to run circles around offensives and keep the football on him as much as he can.
  • #25 - Mandy Juliet Colette Diva Bertillon. Chronologically 105. Physically 28. A little bit on the excited side. Has adrenaline levels twice that of a normal person. Tends to get hungry quite a lot, and that includes the middle of a football match.

  • #99 - Augustine Lorenzo Terry Imparato. Chronologically 131. Physically 32. A rather imposing man by all accounts, though he doesn't seem to have that much of that Italian stereotype. A rather nice man, all things considered; just don't insult him and his drink.
  • #23 - Genki Matthieu Grenfeld Lee Zhuān Jiā. Chronologically 116. Physically 33. Was told not to bring martial arts into the field. He is willing to comply, of course, though of circumstances permit, he would not mind bringing a flying kick, or two.
  • #33 - Adrian Dominic Markus Henderson McKenzie. Chronologically 120. Physically 34. Recently promoted to be in the main team after an agreement with Donnie. Certainly feels right at home to be playing football.
  • #15 - Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Helen Ceeta Maximovna. Chronologically 114. Physically 27. A schoolteacher, a spy, and the Vice-President of a good chunk of Valentine Z. Participant of NSSCRA 8 and WGP2, though the latter met an unfortunate end for her. Still determined to make a name for herself with NSSCRA 10, and rising back up in the world of motorsports. All it takes now for her is to be able to see if she can take the heat of football yet again.


Technical Team


Technical and Medical:

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but for anything that is severe or puts them off for a few rounds, please DM/TG first. ^^;
Godmod Injuries to my players: Same as above.
Suspend my players: N
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y

Style modifier: -0.50

OOC: You can click on the names to learn about each of the characters. They all have their dedicated lore attached to them. The Stadium Information is from WC88, but the same thing applies.

Click here for a bigger image. Template source: Freepik.
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Postby Sylestone » Mon May 31, 2021 3:26 pm

Nickname: The Sentients
Style Modifier: -5
Formation: 5-4-1
RP allowances: Godmodding is allows. No more than two red cards or three yellows. Please note that the Sentients do not, under any circumstances, take part in foul play, doping or any other forms of cheating. They respect the game and the opposition.

Home Kit:

Away Kit:

Brick Wall
Position: Goalkeeper
About: The Brick Wall is quite literally a Brick Wall in the goals, stopping almost every shot. However, his dimensions are far off the dimensions of a soccer goal, so goals still go in as he shuffled around.
Dirty Tactics: Ramming into the occasional striker who dribbles the ball towards him instead of just shooting.

Ironing Board
Position: Defender
About: The Ironing Board is well known across Sylestone for his brilliant defence and his ability to stop almost every dribbling striker in their tracks.
Dirty Tactics: Used his flexible legs to stop the ball from passing through the defence and uses his iron to warn off opposing strikers with its heat.

Position: Defender
About: The Dishwasher is an interesting character in the Sylestonean defence. His large body stops a lot of balls from going into the goalmouth.
Dirty Tactics: Speed water everywhere in the defence, especially in the second half, which bogs the playing field, stopping many offensive moves in their tracks.

Tumble Dryer
Position: Striker
About: One of Sylestone’s main two strikers, the Tumble Dryer is a brilliant but inaccurate goal scorer for the Sylestonean side. One to watch.
Dirty Tactics: Spins the ball around in his Dryer and flings it at the goal. Also shuts the machine and carries the ball inside it.

Washing Machine
Position: Defender
About: Another large sentient object in the defence, the Washing Machine is once again, another player who stops many offensives with his large body.
Dirty Tactics: Is basically a combination of the Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Spews water everywhere and flings the ball out of himself at odd angles.

Position: Defender
About: Sylestone's defence is full of their largest sentient athletes and the Sofa is the largest of them. His defence has been the best all tournament and he runs the backline. A lot will be reliant on him if Sylestone are to get a respectable result this tournament.
Dirty Tactics: Can speak into the minds of opposition, giving them a feeling of wanting to sit down and relax.

Position: Midfielder
About: Another large object, but this time it is located in Sylestone's midfield. He is the king of dirty tactics and runs opponents down with his buff body. Easily the most laughable of all of the Sylestonean Appliances.
Dirty Tactics: Has many of them, most of which can't be named. His main one is shutting his door and running towards the goal with the ball inside. Others include his super-appliance jumping skills and cold breath.

Bar Stool
Position: Defensive Midfielder
About: If the Fridge is the dirtiest, the Bar Stool is the cheekiest. He doesn't have any of his own dirty tactics, but he "allies" with another object and uses them to perform his own. Definitely an unpredictable character and one to watch out for.
Dirty Tactics: One of his tactics is to be the one who kicks the ball inside the Fridge when he goes off on his run. He also stands on other objects to reach high balls.

Position: Defender
About: One of Sylestone's lesser defenders, the Drawer is quite a stationary object in the defence. He stands in your road and doesn't let you past and is more of a sweeper. Still, a force to be reckoned with, though.
Dirty Tactics: Keeps the ball in one of his chests when they are doing well so the opposition has a lesser chance of scoring.

Position: Midfielder
About: I always thought a Stove without pots and pans would be useless, but it isn't so. This stove has a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve and is certainly one of the Sylestonean players the opposition midfielders need to deal with sooner rather than later.
Dirty Tactics: Makes the air really hot around him, as opposed to the Fridge.

Position: Attacking Midfielder
About: Arguably Sylestone's most valuable player, the Mixer is a star dribbler and striker, while also moving back into an attacking midfielder role for the majority of the time. His goal scoring ratio isn't so great and that is mainly the Tumble Dryer's job, but he is the one that actually gets the ball to that point. However, he is quite unpredictable and sometimes his dribbling skills go horribly wrong, especially considering the ball is about the size of his body.
Dirty Tactics:
Weaves in and out of defenders with his tiny size and amazing dribbling skills. Gets unplugged a bit too often, though.

Table - Goalkeeper
Spiderwebs - Midfielder
Toilet - Defender
AC Vent - Striker
Nokia - Defender

Manager: Toilet
Coach: Toaster

National Team Stats:
All-time record: 69 wins, 44 draws, 97 losses
Largest Win: Sylestone 5-1 Megistos (pre CoH 77)
Largest Loss: Busoga Islands 5-1 Sylestone (CoH 77)
First Game: Sylestone 0-0 Pangurstan (BoF 72)
First Win: Sylestone 3-1 Floyssau (BoF 72)
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Postby Talamia » Mon May 31, 2021 3:30 pm

Talamia National Football Team

Nickname: The Hoopoes

Association: Talamia Sports' Summaka (TSS)

Head coach: Ensem Eio

Captain: Timo Fulatto

Most caps: Ansem Egemon (151)

Top scorer: Sanisla Pedalisismi (76)

Home stadium: Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium


First international
Image Talamia 6-2 Sörslúth Image
(Clinepalas, 30 November 1914)

Following the unification of the seven kingdoms, dating back to 1786, HoopoeBall was recognized as the Talamian national sport. It was therefore necessary to wait more than a century before football began to gain popularity. The first official document attesting a football match in Talamia dates back to 1890. Five years later, eight founding teams from all over Talamia created the Talamian Alfa League, which is still the top level of the Talamian football league system today.

The first ten years of Talamian football, not yet very popular at the time, saw only clubs as protagonists. In 1906, however, the seven regions of Talamia began to agree to organize an interregional internal tournament and establish their selections of best players. The Seven Kingdoms Tournament was born. It was held for nine editions, until 1914. The tournament was played with a double round-robin system. The teams played during breaks from the Talamia Alfa League, in summer and winter. The regional selection of Mentrenalio won five editions, Pento two and Uperinde and Epicesi one each. The tournament ceased to exist when TSS decided to found a single national representative.

The first game played by the national team dates back to 30 November 1914, when the sports federations of Talamia and Sörslúth decided to organize a friendly between the selections of the best players of the top leagues of the two nations, to encourage the quiet of a seething political climate. Played in the Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium of Clinepalas, the game gathered twenty thousand spectators and saw the Talamian national team triumph 6-2. The very first goal scored by the national team of Talamia was by Uptele Trakute, Ptoco's forward. At the behest of the tyrant of Sörslúth, who could not accept the defeat, the game was repeated a month later in the stadium of Eigobair, the capital of the fascist state. Talamia managed again to win 3-0. This prompted Talamia Sports' Summaka to invest in the national team, organizing a first friendly calendar. Epitede Arkha, then coach of Lampride, was appointed manager.
Sanisla Pedalisismi (center) in his farewell match to the
national team in 1979, wearing the traditional away kit.

Following the wave of club football, the national team stopped playing in 1966, after the failure of the Alfa League, to resume playing in 1974, thanks to Noto Plousi, owner of Fortis Epops, four years after the rebirth of the top league of Talamian football. The team began gaining popularity thanks to players of the caliber of Ensem Eio and Sanisla Pedalisismi, who is still today the top scorer.

After more than a century of international football played only on a friendly level, TSS decided to appoint Pedalisismi as manager in 2019, on the occasion of the team's first historic registration to an official tournament: 2019 ILFA. After weeks of hard preparation, the team was defeated in the qualification round, by an overall result of 4-3 against Lo Santano.

Despite the negative performance, this prompted TSS to include the team in the first edition of the NSLeft Association Football Tournament (NAFT). With no need for a qualifying match, Talamia advanced directly to the final stage, drawn in group D with the Democratic Republic of Cacusia, Maoux and Mon Silanies. Following this first experience, Talamia became one of the founding members of NSLeft Association Football Federation (NAFF). However, after winning all the group stage matches and the quarter-finals, the tournament stopped and the NAFF was dismantled. The Talamian national team found itself once again without official competitions in which to play.

On May 10 2020, it was announced that Talamia would take part to the eighty-fifth edition of the World Cup, being admitted to the qualifications after being accepted among the 197 participating teams. On the way to the World Cup, in its first pre-tournament friendly, Talamia defeated The Jovannic 2-1. Despite this being their first participation in the tournament, the Hoopoes made a great performance, placing fifth in a group that included 13 teams. Collecting 37 points, the team bravely faced the longest qualifiers in the World Cup history. After the excellent performance, Talamia entered the seventy-seventh Cup of Harmony, without being able to go beyond the group stage. With four points won, the Hoopoes at their first participation, however, managed to beat the historic national team of Chromatika.

In February 2021, TSS officially founded the DSA Football Federation, promoting the development of interest in football on the planet Delusia. Talamia hosted the first edition of the DSAFF Comrades Cup. The Hoopoes also entered for the second time in their history in the World Cup qualifiers, for the 88th edition. Despite the two hundred twenty-first position in the world ranking, the coach Sanisla Pedalisismi was asked to reach the play-offs to access the World Cup, and at the same time to overcome the group stage of the Comrades Cup. Talamia managed to go beyond all expectations and after winning group A in the first DSAFF tournament, finished third in group 10 of the World Cup qualifiers. The lack of access to the play-offs and the defeat against Arklanda in the quarter-finals, however, convinced the now 75-year-old Sanisla Pedalisismi to resign from the position of coach. At the same time, Ansem Egemon - record holder of appearances and unmovable captain - at 38 announced his retirement from the national team.

With the end of an era, a new one began: Ensem Eio, fresh winner of the Alfa League with his club Alla Fofokoy, was named the new manager, while defender Timo Fulatto was named the new captain.

Talamia's traditional home colours are red and black shirts, red or black shorts and white or black socks, incorporating all colours of the Talamian flag. The very first kit worn by Talamia national team in its debut match against Sörslúth was all-red. Therefore, over the years the team has re-proposed the historic design, wearing similar all-red jerseys. The national team wore white shorts only on the outfit used between 1977 and 1978. The uniform was so unpopular that it was replaced after just one season.

Even though Talamia's first away kits were total black, starting in 1974 - the year of the resumption of Talamian football - TSS decided that the team would wear simple white shirts in away matches, in order to cushion travel costs. From necessity, tradition was born and still today Talamia's traditional away colours are white shirts and shorts and black socks.

Talamia's third kit has always coincided with the goalkeeper's first kit, which colours are green shirts, shorts and socks - recalling the laurel on the national flag.

The badge of the Talamia national football team has a laurel crown, a symbol of peace introduced on the national flag in 1786, incorporating the letters "TFF" in its center. It was briefly replaced in the 90's by hoopoe's feathers, and restored in the 2000's.

In April 2021, after having firmly entered the professional football arena, the national team decided to forge a relationship with the technical sponsor Tahuatxi, from the nation of Txakhaxi. The agreement provides for a complete restyling of the national team badge and jerseys. The new uniforms and new jerseys made their debut in the eighty-eighth World Cup and in the inaugural edition of the Comrades Cup. Tahuatxi has completely modernized the badge, introducing the red and black colors typical of the national team and the image of a hoopoe, to recall its nickname. The new jerseys do not deviate much from tradition. The away shirt has a small novelty: a stylized red hoopoe on the left side. For the first time, however, a third shirt is designed, completely orange and with references to the plumage of the hoopoe.

The following 23 players were named to the squad for the 80th Cup of Harmony.

No.PositionPlayerDate of birth (age)CapsGoalsTeam
1GKAha Diepeir20/10/1991 (29)62-60Image Fortis Epops
2DFAfobos Iano26/3/1997 (24)00Image Ptoco
3DFEter Katek1/1/1992 (29)120Image Fortis Epops
4DFNeodom Zekeleos19/8/1993 (27)00Image Clinepalas United
5DFYante Skatezzo26/6/1994 (26)561Image Alla Fofokoy
6DFCalin Mestithemi7/8/1992 (28)191Image Clinepalas United
7MFPtirn Lagios23/5/1996 (24)318Image Alla Fofokoy
8MFArees Sus5/11/1992 (28)00Image Epacra Delphis
9FWStern A'apt30/10/1992 (28)7133Image KarpìStomà
10MFKata Dioiiké3/11/1991 (29)6710Image Fortis Epops
11FWArees Kenon9/10/1995 (25)00Image Fortis Epops
12GKLogospera Gonhandano14/7/1984 (36)00Image Clinepalas United
13DFTimo Fulatto19/3/1989 (32)852Image Alla Fofokoy
14MFFjössi Rooura5/3/1995 (26)322Image Clinepalas United
15DFAfobos Leimon17/1/1999 (22)00Image Ighli
16DFAnthonos Iereu4/7/1993 (24)00Image Fortis Epops
17MFAsulon Stemma Artemis2/1/1998 (23)00Image KarpìStomà
18FWLignus Fonè26/5/1997 (23)00Image Hellas Anen
19FWNeaniaõ19/4/2002 (19)72Image Clinepalas United
20MFUpe Bainika19/12/1990 (30)9715Image Epacra Delphis
21MFAna Lambàn21/08/1990 (30)81Image Hellas Anen
22MFThraskema Apopatos22/4/2002 (19)00Image Alla Fofokoy
23GKArees Zugon18/5/1999 (21)00Image KarpìStomà


#1 Aha Diapeir
198cm tall, Aha Diapeir arrived at his current club Fortis Epops in 2013, at the age of twenty-two. He is in the small group of players who managed to conquer the team's last three league titles. Solid goalkeeper, very safe between the posts, the exits are his weakness.

#5 Yante Skatezzo
Skatezzo can be considered the pupil of Fulatto, his ward companion. Born and raised in Fofokoy, he made the whole process of the youth team to land on the first team six years ago. Fresh from the Alfa League victory, he managed not to get a yellow card over the entire past season.

#13 Timo Fulatto (C)
Timo Fulatto is the most experienced defensive center in the whole national team. Next to 80 presence with the team, he is the mentor of his partner Skatezzo. He is a pure defensive wall with height, agility and great skill in head shots. He won the last season of the Alfa League as the captain of Alla Fofokoy and became the national team's captain after Ansem Egemon retired.

#15 Afobos Leimon
22-year-old Afobos Leimon is a flexible defender, who can play both the role of center-back and right-back. Leimon is one of the successful experiments in the management of the new coach of KarpìStomà Prosfato, at the time coach of Ighli, the team for which Leimon still plays today. His performance on the right wing during the 2021 Comrades Cup earned him the call-up for the Cup of Harmony as well. What he needs now is the final consecration.

Timo Fulatto celebrates Alla Fofokoy's 12th Alfa League title, in 2020.

#8 Arees Sus
The Epacra Delphis midfielder will have to bear a heavy weight on his shoulders: Sus has in fact decided to inherit the number 8 jersey of former captain Ansem Egemon. Low and agile, Sus is a midfielder with good feet, capable of setting up and orchestrating offensive maneuvers. A real midfield director. His specialties are long passes and through balls, with which he manages to unmark the attacking midfielders.

#14 Fjössi Rooura
Born in Eigobair, the capital of Sörslúth, Rooura is the only one to play for the team who was not born in Talamia. He emigrated with his family when he was only two years old, to escape the fascist regime of his native country. While his poor family sought refuge in Stamexo, the first major city he meets after crossing the Talamian borders, Fjössi began to grow and make his interests known. From an early age, his parents enrolled him in the local team's football school. He was known as the desert child, as coaches called him. Blond, short, blue eyes and an enchanted foot. Rooura already stood out for his skills in long passes, punishments and corner kicks.

Then, at the age of fourteen, something changed. Noticed by the scouts of Clinepalas United, he decided to move to the capital city. That age would never abandon him again: 14 is the number he still wears today. Making his national debut three years later. Certainly the difficulties did not abandon him. Such a frail physique and such a short stature did not help him in the growth path. He made his first team debut at twenty-one, after several Beta League loans - including a return to the Stamexo football club. It happened four years ago, and after a wonderful first season, Fjössi won his first Alfa League title and two years later the second. In the meantime, the first call-up to the national team had also arrived. As of today, he has played almost thirty times with the Talamian National Team.

Rooura is still young and seems to have a brilliant career ahead of him. His recent injury doesn't seem to have stopped him. Will something actually stop him? With all the hardships he has faced since childhood, we feel like answering "no".

#7 Ptirn Lagios
A fast career, just like him: Lagios is the wing that every team would dream of. At just 23 he has already scored 7 goals for the national team. His transfer from the Lampride club to the rivals of Clinepalas United was a scandal. Equipped with great dribbling and a speed out of the ordinary, however, he is very prone to injuries.

#20 Upe Bainika
Left wing, enviable technique. Bainika runs the entire band, from defense to attack. He is the pillar of his team, Epacra Delphis, of which he is also the top goalscorer. He was the undisputed star of the club's last two championship wins, in 2010 and 2013.

#22 Thraskema Apopatos
Thraskema Apopatos is just 19 years old. Due to the injury of Kata Dioiiké during the friendly against Chan Island played before the start of the 2021 Comrades Cup, he was suddenly called to replace the number 10 of the national team. His performance earned him a nomination as the best young player in the competition. Considered the protégé of Ensem Eio, who made him make the career leap from the youth sector to Alla Fofokoy's first team, he is gifted with great dribbling skills.

#18 Lignus Fonè
Lignus Fonè won the ranking of the best scorers of the last season of the Alfa League, scoring twenty-five goals in twenty-six games. Fixed point of Hellas Anen's attack, he managed to steal the starting place from Stern A'apt in the national team during Sanisla Pedalisismi's latest adventure on the bench. Fonè is a forward with an imposing physique and gifted with great header skills. The nose for a goal is his best weapon.

#9 Stern A'apt
Robust forward, skilled in the header and playing as a point of reference for the advanced midfield line, he is able to play shoulders behind the net to allow the wings to penetrate the opposing defense. Fifth in the all-time list, he scored two goals in today's friendly match against The Jovannic, reaching 29 goals in total.

Son of a poor family of workers from Stamexo, our favorite striker grew up right on the border with Sorsluth and took his first football steps in the hometown team. He made his debut in the Beta League at the age of 19 but we would have said everything at the time except that he would become the first choice for the National Team's attack in the starting lineup. Slightly overweight, he seemed to have only the commitment on his side. But it wasn't enough.

After two seasons in which he had collected more appearances in the stands than anything else, one day everything changed: it was 2013 and Stern had the opportunity to play in a championship game, due to the injury of the two main forwards. The team was doing badly, being close to the relegation zone. However, A'apt discovered how dangerous it could be on high balls. A hat trick. All goals on header. Stern became the hero of the day and the championship, dragging Stamexo to their first second place in the Beta League. The team then lost the playoffs but that was only the beginning for Stern. Purchased by Afestosja the following summer, he managed to drag an excellent team to an equally excellent second place in the Alfa League. Then came the first call-up to the national team, the first international goal. The teams were starting to get used to his way of playing, no longer the other way around.

Then, something changed last year, when A'apt, now a darling of Afestosja, decided to accept the large sum of money that the billionaire Amilla's team, KarpìStomà, offered to move to them. Some say that his poor young football-loving spirit has vanished forever. Yet the great commitment shown once again on the field led him to drag KarpìStomà to fourth place. Could this be an opportunity to show everyone once again that they are wrong?

Ensem Eio, native of Fofokoy, played his entire career in the team of his hometown, becoming a record holder and imposing himself as the best scorer in the history of the Alfa League. To date, his record has not yet been equaled. In nineteen years of career, he managed to score 212 goals. Eio is one of the players-symbol of the rebirth of Talamian football after the great crisis of the 1960s. His success also extended beyond his playing career. In the eighties he became the youngest coach in the history of the Alfa League, coaching Alla Fofokoy. In those years he managed to win the Alfa League three times. For a quarrel with the management, he left the bench of the Arceri in 1990, returning ten years later. He was coach of Alla Fofokoy for another twenty years, winning three more titles, basing his strategy completely on defense and giving life to the fearsome "FAS", the three-way defensive line starring Eletheu Atele (current team captain), Timo Fulatto and Yante Skatezzo.

Active with the national team from 1966 to 1981, he counts 110 caps and 17 goals for The Hoopoes. Appointed manager in 2021, this is his first run as the Hoopoes' coach.

The new Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium,
rebuilt in 2018.

Talamia's capital Clinepalas counts 10,029,416 inhabitants and it's the largest city in the country. Located on the mouth of the Drahma River, it overlooks the Herrebrugh Sea. Being the oldest city, it is also the one with the largest number of places of interest and monuments. The national body responsible for managing the Talamian cultural heritage is, and among others, one of the places it controls is the Ebdemar Au'tkora Stadium.

Initially built for HoopoeBall, the Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium has always been the home of our National Football Team, since its founding. Talamia played their first match at the stadium on November 30 1914 against Sörslúth, winning 6-2. The stadium has undergone many renovations over time, before being permanently closed and then demolished in 2015, in its hundredth birthday. For a period of three years, the team played their home games in various stadiums around Talamia as the Ebdemar Au'tokra was beaing completely rebuilt. The first match played in the new stadium that just reopened took place on 22 April 2018 and it was once again against Sörslúth. The stadium is today owned by the city of Clinepalas, being considered cultural heritage.

Today, the all-seater stadium has a capacity of 84,000, and it is protected from the elements by a sliding roof that does not completely enclose it. It also has a heated ground, four LED screens and an internal restaurant, called "ArgaleOpson". Located in the central Etairo Park of Talamia’s most important and big city, it is easily reachable by bus, underground (Stadion stop) and car. Equipped with ample outdoor parking, it is just twenty minutes from the mouth of the Drahma River and the port of Clinepalas. Stop at the typical street food kiosks inside the park before reaching the stadium to enjoy some typical Anthrax pancakes.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first and I will determine severity)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (but TG me first)
Godmod events: TG me first
Style modifier: +2
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon May 31, 2021 3:53 pm

Sarzonia Stars


Note: Home kits have a primarily navy colour scheme; away kits are primarily white; keeper kits are green. Kits designed by Starblaydia

If my opponent RP's first, they have permission to do the following:
Style: 1.75
Formation: 4-4-2
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (stuff like deciding who scores a PK, who passes to whom and how the goal's scored is cool. Weird shit is not.)
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (no more than one more than you do for your own team)
Yellow Card Players: Y (same rule as red cards)
Godmod Other Events: N

Interim Manager: Nathan Hanifer
The former manager of Sarzonia's Under 21 national team, Hanifer was the other finalist for the Stars managerial role. He assumed the assistancy at the request of Mentes and was named interim manager after Mentes was fired.
Interim Assistant Manager: Eric Dent
Dent will serve as a de facto defensive coordinator for the Stars, and will work primarily with the defence and the defensive midfielders.

HOME GROUND: Dave Wilson Stadium, Woodstock (105,690 capacity, natural grass field); alternate home ground i Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock (75,900 capacity)

Roster (Starters in bold)

1 Carlton Sandt, 22, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Lakiska SC, Banijan Soccer League)
Sandt is the younger brother of legendary Stars goalkeeper Horace Sandt. He won the starting job for the Wanderers as a true freshman and led a previously downtrodden side to the national semifinals. He has catlike reflexes and is quick off his line. Can get too aggressive.
33 Trent Woodson, 27, 5-foot-11, 170 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
Woodson becomes the backup while Paolo Gomes is recovering from a torn ACL. He has a decent mix of size and agility.

4 Charlie King, 28, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
King plays as a defensive-oriented fullback, often marking the opposing team's top striker. He relies more on positioning and reading his opponent's tendencies and body language to figure out where to run than on speed. He's not exactly a burner.
5 Tommy Benignati, 32, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (Wilmington FC)
The older brother of Marco Beningnati, Tommy plays a much more rugged style than Marco does. Can play sweeper in a three-back lineup.
7 Matt Taylor, 27, 6-feet, 185 pounds (Burlington Browns)
Taylor's speed lends itself to being a fullback, but he plays halfback for the Browns. He has a tendency to struggle with more physical forwards and offensive midfielders.
6 John Taylor, 22, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, Portsmouth University
The younger twin brother of Under 21 national team player Carlette Taylor, John plays a similar style to his sister's, although with much more speed.
18 Ben Russell, 33, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Rochester Renegades
In his first season as team captain of the Renegades, he led the team to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship, resulting in the team's promotion to the Cyanea League. If he's on the pitch in the event Howard gets subbed for, he will don the captain's armband. He is a reserve halfback for the Stars.
22 Carmela Bowen, 30, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds, Woodstock Justice
Brown plays fullback for the Justice, a Sarzonian women's football team, and typically marks whomever the playmaking midfielder is. Her stamina earned her a spot on the national team.
44 Pat Meyers, 24, 5-foot-8, 152 pounds, unaffiliated
Meyers won a lawsuit against the Portland Timbers third division affiliate when the team dismissed them after successfully proving the club released them due to their gender non-conforming status

8 Ernie Mabree, 28, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds (FC Corcorran)
Mabree has one of the better left-booted shots in the Sarzonian league structure and is one of the fastest players in Sarzonia. He'll play an important role in Sarzonia's offence.
10 Brady Reynolds, 30, 6-foot-2, 185 pounds (Portland Timbers
Donning the 10 shirt for the Stars, Reynolds can be very creative with the ball and will often take corner kicks and free kicks. Predominantly a right-booted player, but he's worked a lot during the offseason on improving with his left boot.
20 Clayton Wilson, 23, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, (Woodstock Wild) Captain
A grandson of legendary Stars forward Brian Wilson and great-grandson of coach Dave Wilson, Clayton is not just a fourth generation star among the Stars, he served as the playmaker for the Under 21 Stars and is a sterling wing player on the Wild.
18 Carlos dos Santos, 27, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
A right wing player, he will sometimes be called upon to take free kicks if Reynolds is unable to for some reason.
23 Jaxon Hennepin, 28, 5-foot-7, 155 pounds (Wilmington FC)
Hennepin earned a starting role as a playmaking midfielder for WIlmington, but also played half a season in defensive midfield when the team was beset with injuries.
30 Erik Swann, 25, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Swann's strength is being a late-match offensive substitute who can score in a pinch.

11 Cayden Aguirre, 34, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds (Nicksia Knights)
Aguirre is the creative forward on the squad with an ability to pinch hit as a playmaking midfielder in late-match situations in the event of defensive-minded substitutions.
21 Jake Campos, 23 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, (Portland Timbers)
Campos is a straight up target player in the front line. His leaping ability makes him a prime candidate for headers in the box off corner kicks and indirect free kicks. He played on the Junior Stars team that competed in the most recent AOCAF.
17 Mek'hi West, 35, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
West is similar in style to Campos, but with West 18 months removed from a torn ACL, he's still working toward being match fit for a full 90 minutes. He can give a good 45-50 minutes at a time before he has to be substituted for when he's a starter.
19 Holly Cambrio, 28, 5-foot-7, 145 pounds (Woodstock Justice)
Cambrio adds flair and ball movement skill and the ability to serve as a sparkplug off the bench, but would be a starter for a women's national team if that competition got resurrected.
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First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22; AOCAF XII and XXIX). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Kandorith » Mon May 31, 2021 3:53 pm

Kanyori Football Association:
National Football Team Roster Cup of Harmony 80

Nation Name: The Empire of Kandorith/Kanyori
Demonym: Kandorese
Team Nickname: Bushi Narehiko (Lotus Warriors)
First Qualifiers: World Cup 55
First Appearance: World Cup 67
Best Result: Winners CoH 77 & RO16 WC 71&73

(No current new kit)

Style Modifier +1,23
Formation: adaptive 4-3-3/5-3-2 (Total Football)

Manager: Akira Watanabe - Age 52
Assistant: Toshi Fujiwara - Age 38

#1. Michinori Tamatsuki - GK - Age 24 - Higashu Frontale
#28. Saburo Kazato - GK - Age 18 - Hayazawa Vissel
#12. Michiyo Shimamura - GK - Age 17 - Imakazawa Ravens

#6. Mori Takayama - LB - Age 21 - Imakazawa Ravens
#20. Kai Takai - CB - Age 20 - Hayazawa Vissel
#4. Kimi Hakimoto - CB - Age 21 - Imakazawa Ravens
#5. Kenji Ishida - RB - Age 24 - Imakazawa Ravens
#29. Masuhiro Nakata - CB - Age 17 - Ginza Victory
#13. Shinji Toyoda- LB - Age 18 - Higaku Antlers

#27. Hiroyuki Kaba - LM - Age 19 - Higaku Antlers
#7. Yoshihiro Matsumoto - CM - Age 21 - FC Tenkyo
#21. Harumi Hamada - CM - Age 19 - Imakazawa Ravens
#22. Miyazaki Eguchi - RM - Age 22 - Ginza Victory
#8. Shinji Matsunaga- AM/CM - Age 22 - Hayazawa Vissel
#9. Mitsuyori Takahashi - AM/CM - Age 24 - Imakazawa Ravens
#10. Takamoto Ishibashi - CM/CDM - Age 21 - Higaku Antlers
#17. Atsushi Yamada - CM/CAM/CDM - Age 23- FC Tenkyo

#11. Takeshi Honda - ST/CF - Age 21 - Higaku Antlers
#23. Yoburo Yoshida - LW/RW - Age 22 - Higashu Frontale
#15. Hiro Fujiwara - LW/RW - Age 19 - Hayazawa Vissel
#19. Yoshihiro Nakajima - LW/RW - Age 22 - Hayazawa Vissel
#18. Hideto Kanaga - LW/RW/ST - Age 21 - Higashu Frontale
#16. Kenji Totoro - ST/CF - Age 22 - Higaku Antlers

Captain: Yoshihiro Matsumoto
Penalty taker: Masada Katano
Corner kick taker: Harumi Hamada
Free kick taker: Takeshi Honda
Best players: Takeshi Honda, Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Yoburo Yoshida and Hiroyuki Kaba


Empress Masumi Stadium at night

The Kandorese team is looking to play a more aggressive football and rely a lot on quick, successive passes and counters. But, when in doubt the team will hold back to eventually mount a mass assault from the midfield positions. The midfield and attack are the engine of the team; this is where the most important and strongest players control the entire play. The strikers for Kandorith are something different, the team has no traditional style strikers but rather extremely fast and pacey runners; who will take their opportunity to run at the goal at any chance they get; while the midfield will close down the area behind them to ensure the team's dominance on the opponent's half.

The midfield is not only the engine behind the team, but also very capable at scoring goals. The forward three players are two wingers and a central forward who mostly plays the role of a false-9 rather than the traditional striker position, who are supported by a capable and pacey midfielders who all have a talent for finishing. In defence the Kandorese team is cautious and pressure absorbing. The entire team will do their very best to tire out opponents and strike when they are off-balanced with quick and long passes the Kandorese defence can switch to a full-out offence and get the ball in the opponent's half within a few effective passes. The Kandorese team has no real set position but plays an adaptive 4-3-3, which can transform to a 5-3-2 with ease because of the midfield being capable of joining the defence when needed. In a full out attack however, the Kandorese team will have the defence joining the attack with only three players staying behind to cover the back. Furthermore: the team plays a high defensive line with constant high pressure.

The home stadium for the Kandorese National Team is the Empress Masumi National Stadium, named after the current Empress in honour of her coronation. The rather new stadium is designed as a multi-purpose sports complex with the possibility of completely changing the venue's layout for almost any sport. When the stadium is not used for sports the large complex is used to host concerts, large events and even traditional markets. The Stadium is the home of the Kandorese first division team FC Tenkyo who are one of the "big four" teams of the nation. With a total capacity during football matches of 90,000 attendants the stadium is a symbol for a new era of the Kandorese nation and its people.

==RP Permissions==
Choose Scorers: [Y]
Godmod Goalscoring Events: [Y]
Injure Players: [Y]
Godmod Injury Events: [Y]
Godmod Cards: [Y] (If not outrageous naturally)
Godmod Other Events: [Y] (but make sure to send a TG first)

Great Empire of Kanyori | 大宮来国 | Dai Kanyori Teikoku

| Overview | Constitution | Anthem | Imperial Anthem | Armed Forces | Foreign Affairs | Emperor

Shinonome Kyoai Headlines:
BREAKING NEWS: DEVELOPING STORY Terrorist group threatens Hiyashi Corporation with 'consequences for their actions' as main building is engulfed in flames ● Fire reported in Hiyashi Building in central Tenkyo.

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Postby Ranoria » Mon May 31, 2021 4:00 pm

Style Modifier: -2


Competition Records | Goals For/Against:
Baptism of Fire74: 2-2-1 | 5/4
-Knockouts: 0-1 | 1/3
World Cup 87: 6-1-11 | 23/28 (-5)
Overall: 8-3-12
Overall Goals F/A: 29/35
Overall Goal Differential: -6

Football isn't a big thing in Ranoria (well, this version anyway) and frankly no one is expecting a huge run from this team. However, Ranorian soccer players also haven't gotten a ton of international exposure in terms of competition. With that said, we have no idea how good they are in comparison to other players around the world, we just know they're probably under appreciated at home!

Anyway, the most recognizable name here is Barry Chlorid. He's an NSCF championship winner with the Cold Hill Buffalo, served as Ranoria's world bowl kicker every year outside of a season ago (citing wanting to focus on preparing for the Baptism of Fire). He kicked four field goals in the Buffalo's NSCF XX victory over Northern Moravica, and he's a three time first team all pro already. He was actually a two time All Ranorian at Cold Hill as well in what Ranorians refer to as soccer, but he couldn't turn down the millions the RFL was offering. Anyway, here he is, a strong athlete with a god-gifted leg, hoping to help earn Ranoria some nice consolation points after falling just short of a playoff spot in the Word Cup proper.


Smith Field - Richardson, Ranoria
Capacity: 19,050

Meet the coaching staff!
HC: Mark Tilmann, who favors a just ever so slightly conservative to the game.
Assistant: Kevin Raeger, an aggressive youngster who's pretty good at communicating with his players
Assistant: Angela von Kuhn, sister to Tim and Wolfram von Kuhn, who compete at the professional level in baseball. She's got the size of her brothers, if not the athleticism, and is the eldest of the family by ten years. Retired soccer player herself

Roster/Depth Chart: Weight in pounds, height in feet and inches, starters listed in bold

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
1 Barry Chlorid 6-1 190 27 (Free Agent)
27 Felix Graf 6-5 220 24 RC Privateers
28 Tony Hamilton 6-3 180 31 Memphis Delta Blues

24 Julian Morris 5-9 160 26 Cold Hill Couriers
29 Dresden Crux 6-1 170 30 RC Privateers
26 Elmo Germann 6-2 165 28 Cleveland Curses

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
34 August Mueller 6-1 175 25 Memphis Delta Blues
36 Rayko Grossman 5-10 165 32 Cold Hill Couriers
38 Esther Simson 5-9 155 28 Richardson Revolt

33 Gregor Berger 6-1 170 25 Dietrich Dirks
40 Horace Forbes 6 165 27 Vricksinburg Thunder
35 Dirk Wetter 6 170 26 Vricksinburg Thunder

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
11 Eugene Rimold 6-1 170 26 Dietrich Dirks
13 Michael Bier 6 165 29 Vricksinburg Thunder
15 Chris Jenkins 6-2 175 25 Dietrich Dirks
41 Kris Reinhardt 6-2 175 22 New York Golems

17 Lioni Grendel 5-6 140 31 Vricksinburg Thunder
19 Sam Murphy 5-1 125 28 Cold Hill Couriers
21 Organa Philly 6-1 185 27 Richardson Revolt
44 Jules Annina 5-9 155 24 New York Golems

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
4 Vincent Emilia 6-2 215 24 Richardson Revolt
62 Karsten Leonore 6-3 180 22 New York Golems
6 Tony Berg 6-1 175 26 Cold Hill Couriers

Barry Chlorid: Chlorid is a highly decorated gridiron kicker, but he only went to the fake football "dark side" in order to pay for school, and later to make the kind of money that he never could have touched otherwise. Regardless, he's here, and plans on also serving as Ranoria's World Bowl kicker once again next season, as the Baptism of Fire will allow him a bit more leeway to train. NSCF XX champ, 3x all pro in the RFL, and he's been Ranoria's World Bowl kicker in all but one of his professional seasons. He was a two time all Ranorian in this sport in college and was a phenom in high school, despite playing two sports at both levels. Expect a fluid and talented if rusty athlete.

Felix Graf: Obviously larger for a soccer player, Graf is often asked why he's here, and not playing gridiron. He'd probably call you a meathead, but the guy has deceptive straight-line speed and obviously he's a physical presence on the field.

Rayko Grossman: An older player with an impressive resume, Grossman can be expected to sport solid fundamentals at any stage of the game, but he may have lost a step in the last few years. One of the better players in Ranoria's brief and unimpressive history in the sport.

Esther Simson: An agile and athletic player in the prime of his career, he's a perfect foil for Grossman, as he still has a tendency to be out of position from time to time. Together the two have developed synergy and can cover for each other's fallacies, Simson for Grossman's declining explosive ability and Grossman for Simson's mental errors.

Chris Jenkins: Jenkins exhibits a ton of potential and is an impressive athlete, but he isn't a top-notch player just yet, and his size can be a hinderance at times.

Kris Reinhardt: Reinhardt's been pushing this offseason to improve after only scarcely seeing playing time in World Cup 87 and the Baptism of Fire. She's now muscled her way into the starting lineup and doesn't look to be giving up that spot any time soon.

Vincent Emilia: A solid goalkeeper for the Revolt, he's got a few all pros under his belt at this point. Expect as good of play from him as you can expect from a Ranorian. That said, he's got Karsten Leonore, an up and comer, breathing down his neck.


Le Permissiones Box
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yuppers
Godmod scoring events: Yep!
RP injuries to my players: Consult me for anything serious, thanks!
Godmod injuries to my players: see above
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yez'm
Hand out red cards to my players: Yep
Godmod other events: Sure
Special Note: Nothing about COVID will be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se
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Postby Le Choix » Mon May 31, 2021 5:08 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, though Lavigne will score most of the goals.
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes; Max: 3
Hand out red cards to my players: No (TG me if you want to)
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: -4
Ligue Légère 40          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Croiser 36 19 12 5 23 8 +15 69 Champions
2 Chevalier 36 14 13 9 21 20 +1 55
3 Brillante 36 15 9 12 30 24 +6 54
4 Lumière 36 15 8 13 36 30 +6 53 Cup Champions
5 Glacée 36 15 5 16 19 20 −1 50
6 Étoile 36 14 7 15 15 17 −2 49
7 Aube 36 13 8 15 16 18 −2 47
8 Marquée 36 11 9 16 16 25 −9 42
9 Ailes 36 11 7 18 18 25 −7 40
10 Fidèle 36 12 4 20 25 32 −7 40
Coup des Élus 40
First Round
Aube 1-0 Fidèle
Marquée 2-1 Ailes

Croiser 2-0 Marquée
Chevalier 0-1 Aube
Brillante 0-1 Étoile
Lumière 3-1 Glacée

Croiser 2-1 Aube
Lumière 1-0 Étoile

Croiser (1-1) (1-1 AET, 4-5 pen.) Lumière

Botte Dorée: ST Gavin Lavigne, Lumière (20 Goals)
Gant Doré: GK Francine Pellier, Croiser (8 Goals)
Ballon d'Or: GK Francine Pellier, Croiser
Le Choix National Team
Nickname: Les Élus, Les Jaune et Noir
Home Venue: Sang des Martyrs (Cap. 20,100)

Management Staff
Manager: Hélène Monet, 39
Assistant Manager: Florence Dior, 47
Physio: Clarence Mardin, 41

Starting Lineup:
Goalkeeper: Francine Pellier, 30 Crosier, 6 ft 1 in Capitaine

Right Back: Isaac Morneau, 22, Brillante, 6 ft 3 in
Center Back: Adolphe Pleimelding, 23, Étoile, 6 ft
Center Back: Éloi Bouthillier, 21, Aube, 6 ft 8 in
Left Back: Béatrice Pueyrredón, 19, Marquée, 6 ft 1 in

Right Midfielder: Élise Lacan, 24, Brillante, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Léa Leloup, 20, Lumière, 6 ft 3 in
Attacking Midfielder: Aurélie Dior, 22, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Center Midfielder: Hervé Kaplan, 25, Croiser, 6 ft 2 in
Left Midfielder: Henry Grant, 27, Étoile, 6 ft 4 in

Striker: Gavin Lavigne, 23, Lumière, 6 ft 3 in

Goalkeeper: Marie-Françoise Benett, 23 Étoile, 6 ft 5 in
Goalkeeper: Davy Kléber, 21, Aube, 6 ft 4 in

Right Back: Flore Dembélé, 19, Aube, 6 ft
Center Back: Mathis Bertillon, 20, Marquée, 6 ft 1 in
Center Back: Ingrid Bureau , 23, Glacée, 6 ft 2 in
Left Back: Jérémy Marchal, 22, Ailes, 6 ft 6 in

Right Midfielder: Océane Manaudou, 24, Lumière, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Fabrice Bessette, 20, Croiser, 6 ft 5 in
Attacking Midfielder: Élie Rouzet, 22, Chevalier, 6 ft 8 in
Center Midfielder: Émeline Doisneau, 25, Glacée, 6 ft 4 in
Left Midfielder: Brice Vasseur, 22, Croiser. 6 ft 2 in

Striker: Rolande Peletier, 22, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Key Characters:

GK Francine Pellier
The eldest player on the team and two years ahead of retirement age for Chosen players, Pellier has been the best keeper in the Ligue Légère in the last five years. She debuted for Croiser in Saison 27, meaning this was her fourteenth season in the league. Early in her career, it was reflexes that saved her; now, she relies more on the extensive knowledge of situations and shots that she's faced in her long career. Having only conceded eight goals in thirty-six games, she's coming off her best season; can she lead les Élus to success on their first foray into world football?

CB Éloi Bouthillier
He may only be twenty-one and barely have three seasons of Ligue Légère under his belt, but he's being heralded by The Chosen media as one of the better defenders in the last decade. With a mean streak in him that results in brutal tackles and a good knowledge of the goings-on on the field, it's no wonder that he's been talked up so much. Possessing a very moldable personality and a willingness to learn, he's going to be the future of The Chosen for years to come.

LM Henry Grant
Henry Grant has been on his third team already in his tenth season for Les Élus, having played for Brillante and Ailes before settling with Étoile. He's good for at least one highlight of a bending goal every season. With The Chosen's 4-5-1, having players that can create scoring opportunities remain of paramount importance, and Grant will be called upon to contribute. He's one of the most vocal of the lot, having connections with both the Grand Bishop of the Church and the Grand Bishop of the Interior. He hasn't used the connections so far, but it'll be interesting to see what happens if the team struggles.

AM Aurélie Dior
Playing the spearhead part of the 4-5-1, Dior will be the other player to try to score the goals for Les Élus. With a quick burst and creativity to boot, she knows when to make a play on the goal and when to pass the ball off. A model citizen that takes the job of sports very seriously, she's a perfectionist who drives herself to live every day as a better example than the day before. With her best days still ahead, she'll be very important in this first cycle for Les Élus.

ST Gavin Lavigne
A four-time Gant Doré winner by age 23, Gavin Lavigne is one of the hottest players in Le Choix in the sport of football. Possessing a lethal arsenal of speed, awareness, vision, and killer instinct, he's known as l'éclair (the lightning) by the Chosen Media. A calm player who prefers to let his playing do most of the talking, he'll be at the forefront of the attack as part of La Phalange (The Phalanx).

CM Élie Rouzet
If The Chosen are behind late, they have the ability to replace one of their center midfielders for Élie Rouzet. She's more of the "Shoot first, ask questions later" type of player with a license to shoot. Thankfully, she's got decent range and a good follow-through.

MG Hélène Monet
The woman in charge that helped Chevaliers win Saison 39 after many seasons of futility, Monet is more of a facilitator than a tactician. With players coming from all the teams of the League coming together, her skills will be needed to put aside their egos and work together as a team.
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Pratapgadh Men's National Football Team - Cup of Harmony 80

Postby Pratapgadh » Mon May 31, 2021 5:32 pm

Pratapgadh National Football Team

The Pratapgadh men's national football team has been on a roll recently, winning the third edition of the All India Football Cup and finishing fifth in their World Cup Qualifying group. The Pratapgadh Football Association are also delighted at they achieved their goal of finishing in the top 5 of their qualifying group in the World Cup Qualifying Stage. The men's national football team, aka 'The Guns of Pratapgadh', has been rewarded for their exceptional performances in the World Cup Qualifying by inviting them to participate in Cup of Harmony 80 being held in Krytenia and Graintfjall. This was the PFA's second goal of getting an invitation to participate in the Cup of Harmony. There was no way the PFA would resist such an opportunity. No changes have been made to the squad that participated in the World Cup Qualifying. Youngsters such as Rahet Zardari have been included in starting eleven after replacing Dev Kamble, who would now sit on the bench and look for opportunities.
Ramesh Gadkari46MaleHead Coach
Kshitij Kolhe37MaleAssitant Coach
Bhupendra Chavan34MaleAssistant Coach
Venya Sanghavi28FemaleMedic
Devadas Joshi28MaleMedic
Gautam Sakarkar29MaleCaptain
Jagdip Rajawat31MaleVice-Captain
ATTENTION: The stats haven't been updated yet! Please be patient as we try our best to make sure the stats are up to date!
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionMatchesGoalsAssistsYellow Card(s)Red Card(s)
#4Abhisekh Patodia28Left Back40010
#15Atashban Aaryamehr29Centre Midfielder40000
#18Chetan Dandekar28Striker43000
#6Dev Kamble30Right Back40010
#9Dharamveer Wairar23Centre Back40000
#17Gautam Sakarkar29Left Wing41100
#3Jagdip Rajawat31Centre Back40000
#10Jaywant Kulkarni26Defensive Midfielder40000
#13Kaval Visariya27Defensive Midfielder40000
#16Lohit Dholakia24Centre Midfielder40000
#21Manas Kumavat23Striker40000
#7Neelamjeet Gulati20Left Back40000
#20Nimash Bhuta22Right Wing40000
#2Pratik Surana22Goalkeeper00000
#1Purshottama Mahanta28Goalkeeper40000
#5Rahet Zardari23Right Back40000
#11Ravi Upadhyay25Centre Midfielder40000
#19Shafe Ansari27Right Wing41100
#8Suman Gupte27Centre Back40000
#12Vijay Malhotra19Centre Midfielder00000
#14Washid Noorani21Left Wing00000
Starting Lineup & Formation
1. Chetan Dandekar ST
2. Shafe Ansari RW
3. Gautam Sakarkar LW (C)
4. Atashban Aaryamehr CM
5. Kaval Visariya DM
6. Ravi Upadhyay CM
7. Rahet Zardari RB
8. Jagdip Rajawat CB (VC)
9. Suman Gupte CB
10. Abhisekh Patodia LB
11. Purshottama Mahanta GK

12. Manas Kumavat ST
13. Washid Noorani LW
14. Lohit Dholakia CM
15. Jaywant Kulkarni DM
16. Pratik Surana GK
17. Dev Kamble RB
18. Dharamveer Wairar CB



To Be Announced
RP Permissions & Style Modifier
Style Modifier = +1

RP Permissions
My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
Cricket Rankings
  • Test Cricket: 11th (out of 12)
  • ODI: 25th (out of 48)
  • T20I: 12th (out of 39)
Cricket Stats

Updated on 28 February, 2021 (15:51 NZT)
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Postby Sharktail » Mon May 31, 2021 5:36 pm


First Official match:Sharktail 1-1 Krenorus (BoF 68)
First Official Win:Nuadh-Alba 1-2 Sharktail (BoF 68)
Biggest Win:Sharktail 8-1 Adsuri (WCQ 85)
Biggest Lose:Equestrian State 5-0 Sharktail (WCQ 81)
Team Record:(W-D-L)
Total Match:129 INT MATCH
Luis Philip:(6-6-10)

MANAGER:Carrol (42 years old)
Captain - Azaim
Vice Captain - Ahmad/Nik Akif
Free Kick Taker :
-short : Ilias Rezal
-long : Azaim
Corner Kick Taker:
-left : Irfan
-right : Harold
Penalty: Virman / Azaim

No.	Name		Age		Club		       POS

1 Ahmad 32 Leicester Village(MUR) gk
12 Maxter 28 Anara(ERM) gk
22 Fitri Salleh 29 Flower Town FC gk

2 Harold 29 Sarim Potato FC(PFA) lb
13 John 29 Athletic Club(HTK) lb
3 Hidawi 25 Kingsgrove(BRE) cb
4 Homer Harizul 25 Kota Lama FC cb
14 Syazwan Cahyo 23 FC Shark cb
15 Yusri Fiqal 31 Flower Town FC cb
5 Irfan Danial 29 Damaisari rb
16 Obbie 32 Lembah Gunung rb

6 Manaf Shahrul 31 FC Jordan ml
17 Chandra 30 Kota Jembal FC ml
7 Nik Akif 30 Kota Jembal FC mc
8 Azaim 25 Cazadores Cathair(AUD) mc
18 Badhri 29 Kota Lama FC mc
19 Azrul Fakhran 25 Tiger FC mc
9 Burhan 25 Lembah Gunung FC mr
20 Efendi Rami 25 FC Jordan mr

10 Ilias Rezal 25 Royal Daulapura(ERM) st
11 Haziq Badrol 25 FC Jordan st
21 Francis 30 Kota Sultan FC st
23 Win Aziz 23 FC Jordan st

age: 32 | NT caps: 41
app: 41 start | cs: 8
debut match: VS Routcher (BoF 68)-21 y.o

12. Maxter
age: 28 | NT caps: 8
U21 caps: 5 | app: 8 start
cs: 2
debut match: VS Baker Park (WCQ 85)-23 y.o

22. Fitri Salleh
age: 29 | NT caps: -
app: - | cs: -
debut match:

2. Harold
age: 29 | NT caps: 91
app: 90 start(1 sub) |
goal: 3 | assist: 6
debut match: VS Ziwana (MAC 4)-24 y.o
1st goal: VS Koniglich Wasserstein (WCQ 87)-27 y.o

13. John
age: 29 | NT caps: 3
app: 1 start(2 sub) |
debut match: VS Suimede (WCQ 88)-28 y.o

3. Hidawi
age: 25 | NT caps: 64
U21 caps: 5 | U18 caps: 3
app: 57 start(7 sub)
goal: 3 | assist: 1
debut match: VS Ziwana(sub m '58) (MAC 4)-20 y.o
1st goal: VS Pemecutan (MAC 5)-21 y.o

4. Homer Harizul
age: 25 | NT caps: 25
app: 19 start(6 sub)
debut match: VS Zwangzug (sub m 61) (WCQ 87)-23 y.o

14. Syazwan Cahyo
age: 23 | NT caps: -
debut match:

15. Yusri Fiqal
age: 31 | NT caps: 3
app: 3
debut match: VS Suimede (WCQ 88)-30 y.o

5. Irfan Danial
age: 29 | NT caps: 63
U21 caps: 5 | U18 caps: 7
app: 58 start(5 sub)
goal: 3 | assist: 8
debut match: VS Havynwilde (sub m '56) (MAC 4)-23 y.o
1st goal: VS Choudal (MAC 5)-24 y.o

16. Obbie
age: 32 | NT caps: 21
app: 20 start(1 sub)
goal: 1 | assist: 1
debut match: VS Nuadh Alba(sub m '67) (BoF 68)-21 y.o
1st goal: VS Penguinland (WCQ 81)-23 y.o

6. Manaf Shahrul
age: 31 | NT caps: 2
app: (2 sub)
debut match: VS Eraman (sub m '69) (CoH 77)-28 y.o
1st goal: VS Eraman (CoH 77)-28 y.o

17. Chandra
age: 30 | NT caps: 91
app: 88 start(3 sub)
goal: 6 | assist: 13
debut match: VS Ziwana (MAC 4)-25 y.o
1st goal: VS Mangasia (MAC 5)-26 y.o

7. Nik Akif
age: 30 | NT caps: 94
app: 85 start(9 sub)
goal: 19 | assist: 18
debut match: VS Lochario (sub m '67) (WCQ 81)-21 y.o
1st goal: VS Valladeras (WCQ 85)-25 y.o

8. Azaim
age: 25 | NT caps: 91
U21 caps: 5 | U18: 3
app: 88 start(3 sub)
goal: 20 | assist: 36
debut match: VS Khazajamal (WCQ 85)-20 y.o
1st goal: VS Khazajamal (WCQ 85)-20 y.o

18. Badhri
age: 29 | NT caps: 41
U18 caps: 10
app: 37 start(4 sub)
goal: 5 | assist: 12
debut match: VS Krenorus (BoF 68)-18 y.o
1st goal: VS Twicetagria (WCQ 85)-24 y.o

19. Azrul Fakhran
age: 25 | NT caps: -
app: [/b]
debut match: [/b]

9. Burhan
age: 25 | NT caps: -
U18: 2
debut match:

20. Efendi Rami
age: 25 | NT caps: -
debut match:

10. Ilias Rezal
age: 25 | NT caps: 17
app: 7 start(10 sub)
goal: 8
debut match: VS Mangasia (sub m '49) (MAC 5)-21 y.o
1st goal: VS Tanah Jaya (MAC 5)-21 y.o

11. Haziq Badrol
age: 25 | NT caps: 9
U21 caps: 5 | U18 caps: 3
app: 7 start(2 sub) | goal: 4
debut match: VS Zeta Reka (WCQ 88)-24 y.o
1st goal: VS Graintfall (WCQ 88)-24 y.o

21. Francis
age: 30 | NT caps: 1
U18 caps: 3
app: 1 start(9 sub)
assist: 1
debut match: VS Routcher (BoF 68)-19 y.o

23. Win Aziz
age: 23 | NT caps: 6
U21: 2
app: (6 sub)
goal: 3
debut match: VS Chartistan (sub m 74) (WCQ 87)-21 y.o
1st goal: VS Chartistan (WCQ 87)-21 y.o





My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y, absolutely
Godmod scoring events: Y.
RP injuries to my players: Y.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but no death ok.I can accept if you want to end my player journey in this tourney but not in his career.
Give red cards to my players: free to do it,but at least let me know.
Godmod other events: Y,but no virus.
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Postby Eshialand » Mon May 31, 2021 5:58 pm

The Eshialand Soccer Federation

Cup of Harmony 80 Roster

OOC: I apologize, I haven't rewritten any of the bios from WC 88, I haven't had the chance. Cap, goal, and clean sheet statistics are updated to after MD18 against the Squornshelan Remnant States, however.

EDIT 06.10.21: Lucas Meilling added to roster and all related changes made. All stats are also updated to include pre-CoH friendlies.

Nickname: the Owls.
Trigram: ESH.

Eshialand is a large nation of about 47,500,000 inhabitants which was never really known for soccer, but rather for ice hockey and baseball. That was, of course, until the 75th Baptism of Fire in Electrum and Reçueçn.

The king had decided that he wanted to field a soccer team, to show the country how much fun the beautiful game could be, and in the Baptism of Fire, the team certainly delivered, culminating in a miraculous championship win. They know they won't qualify for the World Cup, but all they really want to do is put on a good show and continue showing Eshialand just how much fun soccer can be.

First international: Aut-Ves-Nat 1-3 Eshialand (BoF 75)
Best win: Sendhang 0-4 Eshialand (WCQ 88), Eshialand 5-1 Qzvarkian Qaz (pre-CoH 80)
Worst loss/Most goals against: Eshialand 1-5 Sendhang (WCQ 88)
Most goals for: Eshialand 5-1 Qzvarkian Qaz (pre-CoH 80)
Highest-scoring match: Squornshelan Remnant States 4-4 Eshialand (WCQ 88)

Home Stadium: The Eshialand City SuperDome (Eshialand City, Ontario) (capacity: 75,000).
If you're playing in Eshialand City, expect to find a cosmopolitan city at the cutting edge of modern tech, with lots of culture to take in at the same time. Maybe you could go for a bite to eat at one of the many nice restaurants, or spend a nice day with a walk by the lakeshore. There are plenty of options for things to do, so the world is your oyster. The stadium itself is a very modern facility, having just been built in response to the Owls' incredible performance in the Baptism of Fire, with a retractable roof in case of nasty weather (but don't expect to use it much).

Kits (thanks Txakhaxi for the kits and the logo!):




Style modifier: +2.

Head Coach: Kenneth MORGAN (M, 43)
Short-tempered and aggressive, he should be on everyone's "Most Likely to get Ejected" list. He's also fiercely protective of his team, who he treats like family, so if you hurt any of Eshialand's players, expect Coach to retaliate.

Formation: 4-3-2-1

The Roster (starting XI as of the first match in bold):
      GK #1 Alexander KOLEK (M, 30)
      23 caps, 5 clean sheets
      GK #11 Christian MEERS (M, 26)
      11 caps, 3 clean sheets
      GK #13 Elizabeth MICHAELS (F, 21)
      1 cap
      LB #7 David GORMAN (M, 27)
      31 caps
      RB #8 Sarah SILVER (F, 29)
      31 caps
      CB #14 Carter LANGLEY (M, 24)
      5 caps
      LCB #20 Dominique LaPLANTE (F, 25)
      31 caps, 1 goal
      Spotlight on: Dominique LaPlante
      Not originally in the starting XI in the Baptism of Fire, LaPlante shocked everyone with her amazing defensive play after filling in for George Habisbrauer in the first game against Aut-Ves-Nat. Since then, she has been an indispensible part of the starting lineup, making some of the best plays out of everyone on the team. Will her performance keep up in the World Cup Qualifying, or will her stardom fizzle out like a comet?
      RCB #22 George HABISBRAUER (M, 25)
      28 caps, 3 goals
      Spotlight on: George Habisbrauer
      Despite an unfortunate incident that sidelined him for most of the Baptism of Fire's group stage, George Habisbrauer has proved himself an essential part of Eshialand's defensive line. As long as he can stay healthy, expect him to keep your attackers on their toes, no matter what.
      CB #23 Andrew TRAVERS (M, 24)
      1 cap
      LB #39 Kyle RIKERS (M, 22)
      2 caps
      CB #42 Evan STEVENS (M, 26)
      1 cap
      LM #4 Harriet COPELAND (F, 25)*
      4 caps, 1 goal
      Spotlight on: Harriet Copeland
      Harriet Copeland is perhaps the most aggressive player on the team, known for being a terrible ball hog and extremely violent when she wants to be. If Coach Morgan puts her in the starting XI for their next game, you know the Owls are going to pull some dirty, dirty tricks.
      RM #5 Michael HORNER (M, 25)
      1 cap
      RM #12 Melissa CAREY (F, 27, CAPTAIN)
      31 caps, 8 goals
      Spotlight on: Melissa Carey
      Melissa has played for Obrijak Wolves FC in Galdanulia (OOC: one of my many puppets) for the past three years, showing amazing talent in helping them win their first Galdanulian Premier League championship last year. She has been selected to be the Captain of the Eshian national team, in no small part because of her versatility on the pitch. Her performance in the Baptism of Fire was nothing short of amazing. Despite her unassuming statistics, she proved to be extremely versatile on the field, exactly as she was with her club. Will she repeat her performance in World Cup Qualifying?
      CM #15 James CALACE (M, 22)
      2 caps
      CM #16 Lysander MOORE (M, 28)
      28 caps, 3 goals
      CM/LM #19 Avery MacDOUGALL (F, 26)
      30 caps, 3 goals
      Spotlight on: Avery MacDougall
      Avery may not be someone who was originally expected to do much, but she's proven herself an amazing playmaker in the midfield. While she didn't score any goals in the Baptism of Fire, she did rack up plenty of assists and she scored the game-winning penalty kick against Marigred in the round of 16.
      LM #32 Lucas MEILLING (M, 18)
      3 caps, 2 goals
      Spotlight on: Lucas Meilling
      Originally called up to the national team to fill a roster slot during Harriet Copeland's 3-match suspension, Lucas was given a chance to start in three friendlies, home wins against Atheara, Cabo Azure, and Qzvarkian Qaz. After an absolutely incredible showing which included two goals, he was called up to the national team for the Cup of Harmony, and he's ready to prove that he can be a valuable member of the team for years to come.
    *Harriet Copeland only to be used in the event of an injury or suspension.
      LW #9 Alyssa LONGFIELD (F, 26)
      31 caps, 7 goals
      RW/ST #10 Jacob HARRAN (M, 23)
      25 caps, 14 goals
      Spotlight on: Jacob Harran
      A dynamic striker if there ever was one, Jacob dazzled fans in his rookie season with the Eshian Soccer League's Eshialand City Owls, with his on-pitch antics earning him the moniker "The King of Insanity". If anyone can be expected to make the play of the tournament for the Eshian team, it surely must be Jacob. However, an unfortunate incident in Eshialand's Baptism of Fire quarterfinal game against St. Trinian's has left him sidelined with a concussion for the first couple of qualifying games.
      RW #17 Steven LACHEY (M, 29)
      18 caps, 3 goals
      RW #21 Jonathan HARPER (M, 27)
      1 cap
      ST #24 Alice CARROLL (F, 22)
      20 caps, 12 goals
      Spotlight on: Alice Carroll
      One of the youngest members of the team, Alice Carroll was never originally intended to play for the team, only being there in case something went horribly, horribly wrong for Harran. At the end of Eshialand's quarterfinal match against St. Trinian's, however, something did go horribly, horribly wrong, and the "Wonder Girl" started the next two games for the team, scoring a goal in each, proving herself a valuable backup for Harran.
      LW #33 Cameron CROWLEY (M, 25)
      2 caps

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me to let me know how severe.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No.
Suspend my players: Yes, but no more than one match without my approval.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first.

If you wanna collaborate on a match, just TG me! I'm open to all collaboration!
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Postby Pemecutan » Mon May 31, 2021 6:05 pm



The Nation
Pemecutan or officially United Kingdom of Pemecutan is a mid-size country that located in the central part of Melayu Archipelago with a land are around 30,000 km2 and a population of 12.6 millions. Football have been one of the most popular sports in the country. The sport was introduced by British when the country was under their administration. Pemecutan itself was not established until 1966 when Giri Federation was merge with State of Kanginan. Pemecutan Football Association (PFA) was then established in 1968 by merging Giri Football Association and Kanginan Association of Football. Although their status are deemed equal under PFA, but the reality was different. PFA was only recognized Giri's football league as their clubs are considered more professional than that of Kanginan. This situation makes Kanginan's clubs were being left behind. The change is made in late 2019 as PFA decided to give Kanginan's clubs a chance. The previous PFA Eka League and the lower leagues are being merge with KAF Surya League to create Kasa League, the new Pemecutan top level domestic league. The 1780 Kasa League is the inaugural season of the new league with Pesetih Titih as the champion. Kanginan's club, Parsewi Mengwi is manage at fourth position, giving them a place in IFCF and CMFA competition. Entering the 1781 season, the league is change again with the addition of the new clubs from Soracana Islands after their finalization of annexation by Pemecutan.

At national level, Pemecutan joined their international competition at 3rd Melayu Archipelago Cup. In their first competition, they were managed to finished as semifinalist. They continued to go through final four in the next 3 editions. Their highest accomplishment was 2 times runner up in the 6th and 7th edition of Melayu Archipelago Cup. Their bad luck at crucial match makes them being dubbed as The Pemecutan Curse. In international stage, they were entering 73rd Baptism of Fire where they were stuck in the Group Stage. In two times their participation at World Cup, they were also finished in Group Stage. Although their last placement was better during the 87th edition (their second entry) rather then their first entry. Their luck is better in Games of XIV Olympiad, where they were defeated in Round of 16.


The National Team
Management Team
Manager: Agung Suryanantha
Head Coach: Surya Agung Pramana
Assistant Coach: Eka Putra Pradnyana
Goalkeeper Coach: Damar Wedanta
Medic Head: Dwi Natha Wijaya
Style Modifier: +3.17
Formation: 5-3-2


Senior Team Lineup
Coach Surya Agung Pramana is still keen to use the previous line up that they use when they were compete in 7th edition of Melayu Archipelago Cup. The change might be who's being selected for the starting line up. Rama Karyadi and Pandu Oka Jaya is back again to the starting line up as they are deemed success in their respective clubs. Their moved to a bigger clubs in the new season of Eramani Football League is also the reason why Coach Pramana reinstated both players into the starting line up. Another side note is Bayu Narmada. This young player from Pesetilan Petilan is recently being contract by another Eramani club, Soma. His performance there is being monitored by Coach Pramana.

Starting Line Up















The Jersey
Pemecutan continue to use their new jersey for this World Cup edition. The color selections are based on Pemecutan tricolor flag or Tridatu color, black, white and red. The color is a refers to the Tri Murthi, which is 3 Main Gods that is worship by majority Pemecutanian.

Home Jersey
Away Jersey
Goalkeeper Jersey


RP Permission
Opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (max. 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (max. 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

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Postby Eraman » Mon May 31, 2021 6:10 pm

Persatuan Sepakbola Eraman
Eraman Football Association


Eraman National Football Team
Trigramme: ERM
Demonym: Eramanian
Nickname: The Ebony Falcon


Eraman, officially the Kingdom of Eraman, is an island country in the Melayu Archipelago. The federal constitutional monarchy consists of seven kingdoms and two states. It shares a land border with Samudera Darussalam and a maritime border with Pemecutan, Sharktail, and Southern Palm Islands. Anara is the national capital and largest city while Daulapura is the royal seat of the monarch. The country's population is 14,753,910.

Eraman is ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse. About half of the population is ethnically Malay, with large minorities of Girian, Mandaran, and Palmyran. Malay and English are recognized as the official languages of Eraman. The economy is mainly fuelled by its natural resources but is expanding in the sectors of commerce, manufacturing, and tourism.

Football is considered the number one sport in the country. The local clubs and the national team are followed religiously by the citizens. Unfortunately, the national team currently sits lowly at 125th in the KPB ranking.

Staffs & Tactics

Head Coach: Ross Hearkener (Brenecia)

Ross Hearkener is the new head coach of Eraman national football team. He is the former player and head coach of Royal Puncakpura. Under his guidance, Royal Puncakpura managed to break the domination of Royal Daulapura and Anara in Liga Eraman. Ross Hearkener managed to lift the Liga Eraman trophy 2 seasons ago.

His appointment as the national team head coach caused a stir among the Royal Puncakpura fans. Royal Puncakpura was top of the league last season when the president of ERAFA who is also the owner of Royal Daulapura appointed Ross Hearkener as the national team head coach. Royal Puncakpura fans saw this as an attempt to weaken Royal Puncakpura. Royal Daulapura went on to win Liga Eraman last season.

Style Modifier : 2
Formation : 4-2-3-1

Ross Hearkener prefers his team to play with an attacking mindset and high pressing intensity. He prefers to utilize an attacking midfielder as the playmaker and the focal point of the build-up.

Starting Line Up in bold



GK: Dundang Bayan
Age: 36
Club: Royal Arupura

The veteran Royal Arupura goalkeeper is back to don the national team number 1 jersey since last year after 4 years of absence. He is widely acknowledged as the best goalkeeper in the country but was dropped from the national team due to a dispute with the national football association. With no domestic football for almost a year season, Ross Hearkener had no choice but to re-call Dundang Bayan and some of the best footballers in the country Tun Sengalang Petara banned almost 6 years ago.

GK, Yuyi Dunya, 28, Royal Cittapura
GK, Mikla Kala, 27, Royal Daulapura



DR: Lipas Kudung
Age: 30
Club: Royal Puncakpura

Lipas Kudung is a modern full-back who loves to get up and down the pitch for 90 minutes. His speed and ability to cross the ball are his main assets. Very good going forward but can be susceptible at the back. His eagerness to get forward sometimes left the back open.


DC: Badang Gangsa
Age: 35
Club: Anara

The Anara captain has shown his leadership qualities after leading his club side to a back-to-back league title. The center back was nicknamed Gorilla for his strength and aerial prowess. With promising young center-back emerging around the country, this is probably going to be the last time Badang lead the back four.


DC: Anton Mora
Age: 27
Club: Royal Daulapura

The mass exodus of national team players from Royal Daulapura 5 years ago forced the club to rely on foreign players and youngsters. One of the youngsters who benefited from the incident is Anton Mora. He stepped up to the first team with flying colors. Composed and plays defense breaking long balls often.


DL: Cicak Kudung
Age: 30
Club: Royal Puncakpura

Cicak Kudung is Lipas Kudung's twin brother. The abilities and playing style of Lipas and Cicak is as identical as their face. The only down point of it is they are both right-footed. Cicak Kudung always supports the attack down the left flank but frequently had to cut in onto his favored right foot to hoist crosses into the box.

DR, Feleti Arshis, 32, Damaisari
DL, Waka Sentri, 35, Royal Daulapura
DC, Isileli Hiva, 34, Damaisari
DC, Mahar Mina, 27, Royal Daulapura



MC: Putra Daulapura Suara Petara [CAPTAIN]
Age: 33
Club: Damaisari

The national team will be led in the midfield by the prince of Eraman himself. The third son of Maharaja Nila Petara caused half of the national team to be banned with his transfer move from his uncle's club, Royal Daulapura to Damaisari on a free transfer. In retaliation, his uncle who is the president of ERAFA banned him and his teammates from the national team. Left with no choice or better players, Tun Sengalang Petara decided to lift the ban last year and Suara Petara is now back with the captain armband since the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup.


MC: Rimau Belang
Age: 33
Club: Royal Puncakpura

Rimau Belang is another domestic club captain in the national team. He led Royal Puncakpura to various championships in the past. Rimau Belang is deployed as defending midfielder for his club but is expected to play a more advanced role for the national team.


AMC: Mano Bosa
Age: 35
Club: Anara

The veteran playmaker will be the main creative outlet for Eraman. The attack-minded center midfield has the most impressive passing range and passing accuracy in Liga Eraman for the past few seasons and is very deadly in a dead-ball situation. He is expected to be responsible for corner kicks, free kicks as well as penalty kicks.

MC, Milo Kaulawi, 25, Royal Daulapura
MC, Karipa Senawang, 26, Royal Daulapura
AMC, Serigala Rudra, 29, Royal Puncakpura



AMR - Kilat Saputra
Age: 31
Club: Anara

Kilat Saputra formed a deadly attack for Anara in the league alongside his twin brother Kudrat Saputra. His main ability is his pace. His speed will keep his opponents afraid as he is able to beat defenders in a footrace.


AML: Kudrat Saputra
Age: 31
Club: Anara

Kudrat Saputra, much like his twin brother is very quick. The left inside forward will use his pace and flair on the ball to beat opponents and create scoring opportunities. Very hard-working and have an eye for goals.


ST - Buisan Buayan
Age: 35
Club: Damaisari

Buisan Buayan will be the focal point of Eraman's attack. He has shown a surprising amount of upper-body strength in the league which allowed him to shove defenders aside, creating room for him to show his skills and make things happen. He also has the ability to get into a great goalscoring position with his movement.

AMR, Perda Nasar, 26, Royal Daulapura
AML, Era Hitam, 23, Royal Daulapura
ST, Putra Daulapura Wikra Petara, 23, Royal Daulapura






Sponsored by zsports, a major sports brand from Ziwana.

RP Permission

The opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (maximum 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (maximum of 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

Trigramme: ERM | Demonym: Eramanian | Population: 14,753,910
Info: Wiki | Sports: Liga Eraman

Daulapura Daily
- based in Daulapura, the royal capital
- government-owned and ruling party propaganda
- support Royal Daulapura FC
Eraman Journal
- based in Anara, the capital city
- by the peasants, for the peasants
- support Anara FC

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Postby Atheara » Mon May 31, 2021 6:51 pm


This is Atheara's Official Roster for the World Cup that is going to play in the 80th Edition of the Cup of Harmony. However, there are two additional players for the team.

Formation: 4 - 4 - 2 Central Diamond (a.k.a 4 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 or 4 - 4 - 2 Narrow)
Playstyle / Style Mod: -3,5
Trigramme: AHR

Home / Away / GK

The Team Record
First Debut: Baptism of Fire 75
First Match: Atheara vs Galeanna (0 - 0)
Best Win: Atheara vs Kannap (4 - 0)
Worst Loss: Atheara vs either Deniria, Eastfield Lodge, or Mytanija (1 - 3, both 2 - 0)

For Freekick/Corner/Penalty takers, every player except for the Defenders and Goalkeepers can take it, because adaptability and flexibility is the most important thing in Athearan sports.

Manager: Tobias Oslegard (48 Y/O)
Head Coach: Lyzen Oddenorf (43 Y/O)
Assistant Coaches:
Alexei Rugervich (38 Y/O)
Kyle East (37 Y/O)


23 Mugel Krygorf (Starter, 28 Y/O, Captain)
19 Krusser Isles (27 Y/O)
4 Joseph Highland (28 Y/O)

56 Jonathan Winger (Starter, 25 Y/O, RB)
87 Frederic Van Lieser (Starter, 27 Y/O, CB)
99 Alexei Murov (Starter, 26 Y/O, CB)
26 Kanton Oliver - Gruschev (Starter, 25 Y/O, LB)
34 Mikhael Linegard (28 Y/O, RB/CB)
45 Paul Barbados (29 Y/O, LB/CB)
10 Thames Krudisson (28 Y/O, CB)
8 Brendan Hilegicht - Umenan (27 Y/O, RB/LB)

50 Urusov Cantonian - Myords (Starter, 26 Y/O, AMF)
7 Evan Osterric Hugens (Starter, 27 Y/O, CM)
93 Zimmerman Brusteric (Starter, 29 Y/O, CM)
37 Ivan Yesterov - Rukovic (Starter, 28 Y/O, DMF)
29 Fabian Nagedortch (26 Y/O, AMF/CM)
63 Alexander Porovik (25 Y/O, DMF/CM)
2 Waiser Caroditch (26 Y/O, CM)
18 Bruno Gudderveltischko (27 Y/O, DMF/AMF)

1 Luis Frawning (Starter, 26 Y/O, CF)
70 Toriff Hicosia Algeer (Starter, 27 Y/O, CF)
95 Kevin Van Halfeerd (27 Y/O, CF)
52 Chris Leslen - Odwell (25 Y/O, CF)
9 Heiner Gunnavik Torfen (26 Y/O, CF)
15 Crosswell Van Oidnoor (26 Y/O, CF)

Roleplay Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing crazy.

Stadiums are the same ones used in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Banner/Seal/Logo made by Diarcesia, Kits made by Galeanna, thank you two!

Countryball made by Nooooooooooooooo

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Postby Legalese » Mon May 31, 2021 7:40 pm

Do you hear it coming? Can you handle the pressure?

That's right, folks, it's the LEGAL PRESS!

Presenting the Legalese National Team for Cup of Harmony 80

RP permission and other basics
If you RP the match first, your permissions are my permissions. Seriously, whatever you’re okay with folks doing to your team is what I grant you for mine. I reserve the right to make minor “corrections”/disagreements in my narrative when it comes to my team (like, say, “reports of Xavier Boyle’s death were mildly exaggerated -- he’ll miss the next match”), but otherwise, you do you. On the off chance that your permissions are also a mirror (the dreaded “Medusa situation”), pretty much do what you want to my team, noting the above.

Playing Style: +5, please

Other Notes:
1) When it comes to remembering past events, consider any narrative provided to be somewhat unreliable -- I didn’t keep a ton of records from the past around. Happy to retcon events/edit RPs for anything glaring -- just let me know.
2) For context, this is Legal Year 324 in Legalese, with ages updated from WCQ by a year. World Cups happen biennially in Legalese, so the national team calendar is somewhat compressed, and subsequently hand-waved away.[/box][/floatleft]

About Legalese

Legalese is a gargantuan, cultured nation in Anaia. It consists of two landmasses - the continential mainland and the adjoining Karin Islands - and is located on the eastern side of the Calanian continent, between Lake Bekk on the west, Audioslavia to the east, Starblaydia to the north, along with Krytenia further along the Bekkside. It has a proud history of participating in World Cups, dating back to World Cup 18, and hitting their high water mark in World Cup 69, finishing fourth. Legalese has also hosted two World Cups (22 and 68), along with a number of Cups of Harmony and Baptisms of Fire. This team comes in with a swagger to their steps, but will they be able to match it on the pitch?

Full Nation Name: The People and Government of Legalese
Short/Common Use Name: Legalese
Three-Letter Designation: LGL
Denonym: Legalite
Governing Body: The Federation of Assocation Football, simply referred to as The Federation

The Team
Order is shirt number and name, with surnames in ALL CAPS. Nicknames are optional.

1 "Retaning Wall" Ramon CLINCH, 23 (Coastal United)
22 Karter LINDAMOOD, 27 (Comunas Cougars)
23 Ty VANVOORHEES, 23 (Tyrellia Titans)

2 Malcom "Big Tree" OAKMAN, 26 (International)
3 Freddy "Approach with" CAUTHON, 25 (Minto Wombats)
4 Taurus "The Bull" CATANZANO, 25 (Wasola Town)
5 Court MONTELLE, 23 (Bob's Towing)
12 Frank VECELLIO, 26 (SBLS)
13 Andy PARMENTER, 22 (Myre Town)
14 Del ACKINS, 21 (Coastal United)

6 "Dangerous Dale" REE, 26 (Plainsview Panthers)
7 "Ruckus" Rafe SENECHAL, 25 (Sien Bay Pirates)
8 Melvin "My Opponents will be" WEHLING, 23 (Comunas Cougars)
10 Charlie "The Support" BRACKMAN, 21 (Bekknia FC)
15 JJ HONEYWELL, 27 (Bob's Towing)
16 Sanford RACHAL, 27 (Coastal United)
17 Mark GELABERT, 26 (Bekknia FC)
18 Moe HUGLEY, 21 (Tyrellia Titans)

9 Skyler MANDELLA, 25 (Comunas Cougars)
11 "Tremendous" Tim ERMINTANO, 24 (Comunas Cougars)
19 Fredrick CHARLOT, 26 (The Knights of Tiberia)
20 Bode CALDERSON, 24 (Draig Goch FC)
21 Marquise SHELDON, 23 (Francis City)

Manager: Myles Woodworth, "The Million-Decibel Man". Woodworth, hailing from Comunas, took over the national team side after World Cup 85, leading Legalese into the Cup of Harmony that cycle. This second Cup of Harmony remains another proving ground for the man with a loud mouth and a louder approach.

The Eleven/Playing Style
The lineup is flexible, but the closer to 1, the more likely a player is to start/see some time.

The Kits

Red velour tracksuits and sunglasses optional
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Winner of Cup of Harmony 55 and Jeremy Jaffacake Jamboree II
Host/Co-Host of:
World Cup XXII and LXVIII
Cup of Harmony XI and XIII
Baptism of Fire IX, XIV, XV, XVI, XLII, LII

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Postby Sendhang » Mon May 31, 2021 7:52 pm

Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Sendhang
All-Sendhang Football Association


Sendhang National Football Team
Trigramme: SDG
Demonym: Sendhangite
Nickname: The Rice Farmers


Sendhang or Federation of Sendhang is a a landlocked nation located in the Melayu Archipelago on the Melayu Mainland. It has a land border with Acastanha, Kayangan, Springmont, Havynwilde, Bachok and Samudera Darussalam. Sendhang consists of a federal territory and 4 states namely Lemah Banyu, Alamsunda, Putrasia, and Nainhá.

Football in Sendhang is governed by the newly-formed Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Sendhang (PS3). PS3 was officially formed in the sixth month of last year. Before the formation of PS3, football in Sendhang was governed separately by each of the state FAs. There was no Sendhang national team prior to the formation of PS3.

The formation of PS3 also paved the way for a new national league, the Liga Super Sendhang (LSS) which will kick off its inaugural season in the second month of this year. There was no national league before the introduction of LSS. Each of the state FAs organized their own league separately before this. The national team players were scouted and selected from these state leagues.

The 80th Cup of Harmony will be Sendhang's fourth competition and first-ever Cup of Harmony participation.

Sendhang made their competitive debut in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup in Pemecutan in the 12th month of last year. Sendhang was knocked out in the group stage of the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup after finishing fourth behind eventual champion, Southern Palm Islands, 2-times champion, Ziwana, and World Cup qualifier, Trolleborg.

Sendhang participated in their second tournament in the 75th Baptism of Fire in Recuecn and Electrum in the first month of this year where they were again knocked out in the group stage after finishing fourth again Marigred, Talkasa, and Gergary. Sendhang collected 4 points from 4 matches with a win, two draws, and a defeat.

Staffs & Tactics

Head Coach: Teuku Syarkawi

Teuku Syarkawi is the former head coach of KS Tapaklaboh, the champion of Divisi 1 Putrasia, the highest division in the state of Putrasia before the introduction of Liga Super Sendhang. His appointment as the first head coach of the Sendhang national team was made a week after PS3 was officially announced. It was an easy decision for the decision-makers in PS3 as Syarkawi is a very highly-rated head coach among football enthusiasts in Sendhang especially Putrasia.

He led Sendhang into its debut competition last month in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup in Pemecutan in which Sendhang won once, drew three times, and lost once. Sendhangite, especially the people in the corridors of power at PS3 Complex were generally happy with the performance of the national team in Pemecutan and put their faith in Syarkawi to continue leading the national team.

Assistant Head Coach: Teuku Irfan

Teuku Irfan was handpicked by Syarkawi to be the assistant head coach of the Sendhang national team. Irfan is a graduate of sports science from the Universiti Sendhang. He is a long-time friend of Syarkawi and was his assistant at KS Tapaklaboh. The two complement each other and have worked well together for years. Irfan will usually lead team training while Syarkawi spent most of his time monitoring the training from his office while analyzing data and formulating strategies.

Style Modifier : -2
Formation : 4-1-2-3 DM

Teuku Syarkawi is a defensive-minded counter-attacking coach. He prefers to play with a defensive midfielder to protect the back four and to start counter-attacks. This is accompanied by two quick wingers that will sit deep to help the defense when they don't have the ball and get in position to launch a counter-attack while in transition when they have just won the ball.

Syarkawi prefers his team to be very disciplined in defending. His team will sit deep and frustrate the opponent for 90 minutes if needed. He doesn't believe in possession football. He wants his team to be very direct and quick when attacking. As he said, "possession doesn't win games. Goal does. Keep it tight at the back and hit team on the break."

Starting Line Up in bold



GK: Albertus Wageo (CAPTAIN)
Age: 29
Club: KS Larantuka
9 Caps, 4 Clean Sheets

Albertus Wageo was the backbone of PS Oelmasi as he was their last defender. His prominence performance keeps the club at the top 4 in the last season of Liga Mese Nainhá. Wageo moved to KS Larantuka during the last transfer window after PS Oelmasi failed to qualify for the Liga Super Sendhang. His selection as the captain of the national team has been an honor for him. His leadership, integrity, influence, and high social skills are what the coach sees in him. Syarkawi believed that Wageo as a captain could unite the new squad which comprises players from all sorts of backgrounds.



GK: Monyet Pasuryan, 26 - Persejo Kratonredjo
Age: 26
Club: Persejo Kratonredjo
0 Cap

Monyet Pasuryan's ability in guarding the Persejo Kratonredjo goal last season deserved a thumbs up and earned him a call-up to the national team. The 25 years old Kratonredjo-born sweeper goalkeeper was ever-present for the club from the state capital of Lemah Banyu. He only conceded 25 times in the 28 matches that he played. This record led Persejo Kratonredjo to be the team that conceded the least goal in the Liga Lemah Banyu.

GK: Atep Ramadani, 23 - KS Danokota



DR: Teuku Hamzah
Age: 24
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Small and cunning, that is how the media described Teuku Hamzah. He is one of the four KS Tapakbaloh players called up by Syarkawi to the national team, their former head coach. His performance last season convinced Syarkawi to call him up for national duty. Sendhangite will be looking for him to use his speed and agility to open the space for Sendhang down the wing.


DC: Teuku Muhammad Bari
Age: 28
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Teuku Muhammad Bari is a strong and commanding center-back. He is very highly rated by Syarkawi who coached him at KS Tapaklaboh but Bari is not a player that football fans in Putrasia are interested in because of his temperament. While he is a regular player for his club, he is also a regular on the referee's notebook for the yellow and red cards. He is often seen kicking the opponent's leg, sometimes he is in trouble for it but sometimes he gets away with it. His disciplinary record is bad. But his ability to mark, tackle and close down opponents is enough for Syarkawi to call him up. He is also an asset when defending or attacking a set piece due to his heading ability and jumping reach.


DC: Putra Lumipada
Age: 28
Club: Persejo Kratonredjo
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Putra Lumipada consistently led the back four of Persejo Kratonredjo last season. His role for his club was irreplaceable. The ball-playing defender made 26 appearances in the league, missed 2 matches only due to suspension. The 28 years old Kratonredjo-born who is also the captain of Persejo Kratonredjo was very commanding throughout the season and kept his backline very disciplined.


DL: Nifo Kefalo
Age: 26
Club: KS Larantuka
9 Caps, 0 Goal

The 26 years old defender of KS Larantuka is the star player of his club helping the club retain their championship for the third time in a row in Liga Mese Nainhá which makes the club eligible to compete in Liga Super Sendhang next season. He is in his sixth year with KS Larantuka after his contract was extended for another 3 years during the off-season.

DR: Edo Rungao, 24 - FS Waingapu
DC: Kensiu Lanoh, 28 - Perseguput Gunung Putri
DC: Dadan Winata, 23 - KS Danokota
DL: Jahut Seletar, 24 - Perseguput Gunung Putri



DM: Josua Beripeda
Age: 27
Club: KS Larantuka
9 Caps, 0 Goal

The call-up of Beripeda last year was quite surprising. The regista was playing for PS Ruteng which is a middle-level club in Nainhá. The club never reached the top 4 but Beripeda's performance is catching the eye of the coach. His flexibility is amazing. Although originally a defensive midfielder, he could move forward to help the attack. He is also comfortable playing as a sweeper. This versatility makes Beripeda a unique addition to the national team. He signed for the champion of Nainhá, KS Larantuka during the off-season to challenge himself at the highest level in Sendhang football.


MC: Teuku Hassan Al Qari
Age: 30
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Teuku Hassan Al Qari is the captain of KS Tapaklaboh. He is very highly respected by his teammates. He spent his entire career with KS Tapaklaboh. The emergence of Teuku Herman this season, a KS Tapaklaboh academy graduate challenged Hassan's place in the starting eleven but Syarkawi is confident that Hassan can maintain his form and skills for the foreseeable future and deserved his place in the starting eleven of the national team. His main quality is his creativity, vision and passing ability. Hassan is another player that the national team can rely on to take the free kicks and corner kicks.


MC: Nanang Wirajuda
Age: 28
Club: KS Danokota
9 Caps, 1 Goal

Nanang Wirajuda was a key player for KS Danokota for the past few seasons in which they clinched the Liga Perdana Alamsunda title for the past 3 seasons. He is usually deployed as an advanced playmaker or a box-to-box midfielder at his club. Sendhangite will be looking to see Nanang replicate his club form for the national team especially with his composure, long-range passing, and high stamina. He is the deal-ball specialist for his club and the national team.

DM: Jorok Mendriq, 21 - Perseguput Gunung Putri
MC: Wedhus Geni, 24 - KS Gunung Kayasu
MC: Davi Awolu, 23 - Oebobo United



AMR - Temiar Kintak
Age: 27
Club: Perseguput Gunung Putri
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Temiar Kintak is not known for his goalscoring ability but he ticked all the box preferred by Syarkawi to fill this position. He is a very hardworking player who will help the defense, probably run on 3 lungs because he never gets tired and most importantly has the pace and trickery to launch a counter-attack when they won the ball.


AML: Keylar Samoi
Age: 27
Club: KS Gunung Kayasu
9 Caps, 1 Goal

Keylar Samoi is the main attacking threat for his club, KS Gunung Kayasu in Liga Lemah Banyu. The inside forward helped his club to a second-place finish, behind the champion only on goal difference. He mainly plays on the left-wing but is also comfortable playing as a striker. His main strength is his pace, dribbling, and long shot.


ST - Gusti Sing Nggawe
Age: 28
Club: Pesisir United
9 Caps, 7 Goals

Gusti Sing Nggawe is the star of the national team. He was the top goal scorer of Liga Lemah Banyu last season and helped Pesisir United to a third-place finish in the league, enough for them to earn a spot in the new Liga Super Sendhang this season. He gained national prominence last year after scoring 5 of the 7 goals for Sendhang in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup especially after scoring the winning goal against Trolleborg. He then went on to score both the goals for Sendhang in the 75th Baptism of Fire. He is a very good header of the ball, has good first touch, and very sharp in the penalty box.

AMR: Ramon Kalbasi, 24 - KS Larantuka
AML: Cezar Nowela, 23 - KS Larantuka
ST: Teuku Salahuddin, 20 - KS Tapaklaboh






The kits for the Sendhang national team are sponsored by Kapak, a local sports brand based in Tapaklaboh in the state of Putrasia.

The Sendhang national team is in its traditional blue kits which represent the lake in the middle of Sendhang that united the whole country and served as a water source for its inhabitants for centuries.

The secondary kit for the national team is mainly in green color that represents the staple food and main export of the country, rice as well as the tropical rainforest that covers the country.

RP Permission

The opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (maximum 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (maximum of 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

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Postby Xanneria » Mon May 31, 2021 8:06 pm

FAX - Xannerian Maroons

Nation: Xanneria
Short Name:: XAN
Head Coach: Myrone Rhule (Galaxy SC)
Style Mod:: +5
Format (F-M-D): 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3+GK



#2 Kyle Broadway (Hawthorne Kickers)
#13 Andrew Gasey (Pearlham SC)
#23 Carlton Brower (Austin City)
#24 Kyle Falcon (Wirr Tsi)Chromatika
#44 Bray Feltzer (Lohr)Chromatika

#45 Jessica Yarville (Hawthorne Kickers)

#5 Kevin Bryse (Newport United)South Newlandia OM
#9 Stefano Stepetti Meriador FC Tikariot OM
#10 Anton Vito Bayern-Allgaier Taeshan DM

#31 Xander Washington (Mercyhead Community College) OM/DM
#43 Franchesca Bonchek (Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#52 Lane Stegall (Castleford FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#90 Josh Sutton (Pearlham SC) OM
#91 Max Smith (Delano City SC) DM

#3 Dale Montgomery (Austin City)
#6 Nikolai Brown (Perce Town)Royal Kingdom of Quebec
#8 Trevor Hubble (Rome Beach)
#16 Bernardo Fransisco-De La Tomosa (St Warren City FC) Commonwealth of Baker Park
#35 Ian Turner (FC St Jakob)Siovanija and Teusland
#45 Liv Brownstreet (Bearden FC)
#91 Max Smith (Delano City SC)

#0 Markus Portsman (CAP) Valladares
#10 Evan Hall (Delano City SC)
#00 Mookie Danube (Dynamo Sjoedrhavn) Savojarna



Clash Uniform

XANAir National Stadium II:
XANAir II is a new state of the art Stadium in downtown Dominica City. Built after the original Stadium was demolished due to cracks forming int he foundation, this stadium is home to both Capital FC and the National Team. It will be a sight to behold as it will also be hosting playoff games.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (Within reason)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: n
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 80-23-59 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Adab » Mon May 31, 2021 8:20 pm

Note: In the Adabian timeline, the World Cup qualifiers take place in May 2033, the World Cup proper and Cup of Harmony in June. The months are the same as in RL, only the year has been changed. Age is as of June 1, 2033.

The Adabian National Football Team

In football, the worst things are excuses. Excuses mean you cannot grow or move forward.
-Pep Guardiola

Adab's appearance in the World Cup 88 qualifiers, their return to this competition in fourteen years, ended with a sixth-place finish in Group 4, but the team's performance was nevertheless regarded as a triumph, with the Adabians holding their own against and even beating superior teams such as Geektopia, Mytanija, Eastfield Lodge, and the Grearish Union. Certainly their performance was good enough in the eyes of the organizers of Cup of Harmony 80 to warrant an invitation to said competition. The Adab Football Association gladly accepted the invitation, seeing this as another opportunity to rise back through the rankings and give the national team - especially its younger players - more playing time.

Adab's journey through the qualifiers has given the outside world an impression on how the team operates. Midfielders Alulim Sinmuballit and Emma Arthur, two young prodigies of the game, are widely seen as the motor of the Adabian offense and instrumental to the team's success, providing much-valued assistance to 34-year-old Ephraim Orlev, who is beginning to show his age but is also still very much sharp, as they work to transport the ball from the back to the front. At the front itself, Jushur al-Kufa and Rebekah Yissakar are finding their footing in the team, with the young Yissakar in particular discovering the full extent of her attacking capabilities, but more often than not Adab's tactics still revolve around the man widely seen as the greatest Adabian to ever play the sport. At 34, Enlilbani Yargab was not as quick as he was in his twenties, but he was still a deadly goalscoring machine, his finishing touch second to none in the country. The young guns are coming into their own, but the veterans are not to be counted out just yet.

Manager Saad Kaykali has confirmed that he will be staying on with the national team until at least the end of the team's participation in the Cup of Harmony. Kaykali still insists on a one-match contract that he keeps re-signing after every match, but with the team doing well rumors are abound that Kaykali - who had previously led the national team during Independents Cup 5 and World Cup 81 - will finally agree on a more permanent contract to mark the culmination of his successful return to football. Kaykali himself has so far not committed himself to a long-term contract, noting that either of his assistant managers - Inimabakesh Thulus and Rashid Abbas - would be a better choice to take the team forward.

The national team's kits, designed by Ahmad Enlil (the first President of the Football Association) in 1907, are currently manufactured by Shining Sun Company, owned by Rahman Ashurbanipal, businessman and grandson of Emperor Tizqar III.

Manager: Saad KAYKALI - Male – born January 20, 1974 (age 59)
Manager Kaykali had to be coaxed to take a leave from his real estate company to once again manage the national team. However he does seem to be enjoying his return, and it is hoped that this will translate to a new, more permanent contract.

Assistant manager: Inimabakesh THULUS - Male – born March 28, 1967 (age 66)
A friend of Kaykali from their playing days at Baghdad City, Inimabakesh Thulus gladly returned once again to assist his friend in managing the team. However the two have grown distant and barely communicated during the thirteen-year hiatus, and who knows what effect this will have on their management of the team.

Assistant manager: Rashid ABBAS - Male – born February 15, 1987 (age 46)
Formerly a star player in the island country of Faraby, now an associated state of Adab, Abbas is determined to do all he can to help the team and prove that he has earned his position by merit, and not merely as a gesture of appeasement from the AFA to its Farabian counterpart.

General coach: Yitzhak BENNETT - Male – born September 20, 1976 (age 56)
Variously described as quiet, active, calm, and attentive, Bennett is very much respected by the players, who admire his work ethic, loyalty to the national team, and willingness to listen to them.

Goalkeeping coach: Faishal AR-RASHID - Male – born August 14, 1978 (age 54)
Regarded, much like Bennett, as a stabilizing influence in the national team, ar-Rashid is particularly close – thanks to his job - to goalkeeper Mohammed Marramzi and is understood to be one of the latter’s few confidants.

Physio: Hamza RIDHA - Male – born January 15, 1983 (age 50)
A longtime friend of both Kaykali and Thulus. Widely respected by fellow staff and players for the understated way by which he performs his job.

GK: 1 – Mohammed MARRAMZI - Male – born March 15, 1999 (age 34) - Baghdad City (C)
The Captain, as he is often called by the other players in the national team, is back at his post. He denies rumors that he is battling personal issues and continues to enjoy the full confidence of manager Kaykali and fellow members of the squad.

CB: 8 – Shania ENMERKAR - Female – born January 20, 2008 (age 25) - Baghdad City
Widely seen as one of the leaders of the “female wave” in Adabian football, observers nevertheless agree that Enmerkar has earned her place in the team by merit, rather than merely by virtue of her gender. The other female players in the squad look up to her as their leader and spokeswoman, and it is she who often goes to Kaykali to communicate the women’s concerns and opinions.

CB: 6 – Yousif ISSOU - Male – born September 27, 2004 (age 28) - Adab United
A reliable defender, what he lacks in star power he makes up for in tenacity, a seemingly endless energy reserve, and impressive performance on the pitch day in and day out.

LB: 3 – Tansu ALTUN - Female – born February 25, 2009 (age 24) - Mosul
Fondly called the "heart of the squad" by her teammates. Kind, polite, smiling, beautiful inside and out, she gets along easily with all the staff and players. Yet her soft exterior hides a hard, relentless, unyielding side to her, which shines through every time she is called to perform on the pitch.

RB: 4 – Taymour FRANGIEH - Male – born February 24, 2001 (age 32) - Adab United
The youngest of the remaining veterans from the World Cup 81 squad, Frangieh looks forward to mentoring the newer players and maintains good relations with them, but his relationship with captain Marramzi reportedly remains troubled as a result of his interreligious romance with Marramzi’s sister years ago.

CM: 2 – Alulim SINMUBALLIT - Male – born September 15, 2013 (age 19) - Adab United
The baby of the squad, and an undoubted prodigy of the game. Sinmuballit desires nothing more than to impress his teammates, and so far he has impressed them greatly.

LM: 5 – Emma ARTHUR - Female – born November 18, 2012 (age 20) - Adab United
A representative of the Anglo-Adabian community, the second-youngest member of the squad, and widely seen as a young prodigy on almost the same level as Sinmuballit. Also a stunning beauty who has been offered supermodel contracts, which has led to concerns that this will distract her too much from her job as a player, although Kaykali has dismissed those concerns.

RM: 7 – Ephraim ORLEV - Male – born April 18, 1999 (age 34) - Mosul
A veteran from World Cup 81, Orlev remains an integral part of the squad who can be relied upon to drive forward the team’s hallmark counterattacks, yet he is reportedly increasingly uncomfortable with what he perceives to be his status as the team’s token Jew, although this has been assuaged somewhat by the arrival of Rebekah Yissakar.

LW: 9 – Jushur AL-KUFA - Male – born August 27, 2003 (age 29) - Damascus Steelers
A star of the Adabian domestic leagues, the 29-year-old al-Kufa is glad that he has finally achieved his dream to play at the World Cup before it's too late. A consistently polite and unassuming man, he is respected by all of his teammates.

CF: 11 – Enlilbani YARGAB - Male – born April 21, 1999 (age 34) - Baghdad City (VC)
The greatest Adabian player of this generation, the backbone of the team, Yargab is not as fast as he used to be, yet remains as explosive a striker as ever. His love for football burns strong still and he is happy to be able to mentor the younger members of the squad, although he is sometimes taken aback by their reverence for him. But most of all he is glad to be back in the Cup of Harmony, where he hopes to once again prove his worth in front of the multiverse.

RW: 10 – Rebekah YISSAKAR - Female – born January 20, 2013 (age 21) - Adab United
Brash, funny, happy-go-lucky, all those words have been used to describe Rebekah Yissakar, but do not let her bubbly, excitable personality distract you from the fact that she is one of Adabian football’s rising talents, with a deadly finishing touch that secured her a place at the forefront of the national team. Widely tipped to be the “new Yargab” and his spiritual successor.

Adab City Stadium, the pride and joy of Adabian football, was completed in 1940. Located in the northern part of Adab City, the stadium was able to accommodate 40,000 people at the time of its opening. Renovations in 1978 made it an all-seater stadium and expanded its capacity to 55,350. Later it increased to 75,000 following upgrades in 2009-10 and then 76,500 after another upgrade in 2019. It is currently home to the Adabian national football team and Adab City FC.

The team will use 4-3-2-1, the "Christmas tree" formation, with an emphasis on attacking play and rapid passing from the back four to the front. Player positions are available here.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No, and I won’t injure your players either
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No, and I won’t give red cards to your players either
Godmod other events: Yes, just don't injure or kill my players or staff or prevent them from being present in the next match
Style mod: +2.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via TG or Discord!
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Postby Tumbra » Mon May 31, 2021 9:41 pm

The Black Eagles


IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: For all intents and purposes, this Tumbra that began contesting in WCQ87 is an entirely new nation. They have no recollection of their earlier exploits from WC70-80, because that simply didn't exist for this Tumbra. Any and all similarities to the nation of the similar name can and should be construed as glitches in the Multiverse. You may, however, make muted references to "having done this before" or something. For a detailed explanation of how this came to be, read these RPs.

The Tumbran National Football Team is Tumbra's main representative in all association football competitions for national associations. Making its debut at the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, the team currently ranks 72nd in the world. The team is controlled by the Tumbran Football Federation, which is also the governing body of football in Tumbra. Also known as the Black Eagles, or affectionately the Eagles, the team competes in the World Cup and its related competitions; it also participates in the Campionato Esportiva, also sends teams to the Di Bradini Cup for Under-21s, and the Under-18 World Cup, in which the team won its 13th such event.

The current manager of the team is one Marco Hemmings, who took charge of the team before the WC87 qualifying cycle. For decades, Tumbra suffered under a succession of coaches who preferred dour, boring defensive football — Hemmings has changed all that. Prioritising high-tempo, fluid, pressing and passing play, Tumbra's players are a joy to watch. Personal issues led to him temporarily stepping down before the second half of qualifiers, which led to assistant manager Peter Gabriel stepping in. Gabriel implemented a more defensive line of play, which overcame criticism to give Tumbra a late run at the playoff spot before losing out to Drawkland on the final day of the WCQ88 season.

Hemmings has returned, but has pledged to continue with the style of football that Gabriel introduced to the team, prioritising defence. Whether Hemmings secures a contract with the TFF after the CE30 depends heavily on how he does in the upcoming Cup of Harmony. The smart money, however, is on him staying — especially since the TFF board resigned, and the whole organisation is in flux. Hemmings' adaptability also makes him a great manager, tactical-wise.

Coaching Staff
Pos Staff Member Age Prev.Club
Manager Marco Hemmings 47 Fraser Valley FC
Asst. Manager Peter Gabriel 38 Straton FC
Coach (Atk) Gabriel Watson 53 Hesham FC
Coach (Def) John McGann 55 Delphi Lions
Coach (GK) Callum Randolph-Watts 43 Fraser Valley FC
Head Physio Lucy Reynolds 39 --
Physio Joseph Smith 65 --
Scout Viv Watson 58 Tavistock Athletic

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 GK John Lennon 30 22 0 Lakewood City FC
12 GK Louis Addison 31 25 0 Lakewood United FC
13 GK Nick Barker 25 2 0 FC Inter Nantwich

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club

2 LB Ryan Hughes 27 24 1 Lakewood City FC
18 LB Michael Campbell 27 7 0 Straton FC
4 CB Harry Henderson 25 45 1 Kingsbury United
5 CB Johnny Brown (c) 33 38 1 Lakewood United FC

14 CB Ian Ashburn 24 24 1 Lakewood City FC
20 CB Louis Paterson 27 8 0 Lakewood City FC
3 RB Russell White 28 39 0 Clyde Park
19 RB Chris Carter 22 14 1 Lakewood City FC

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club

6 CM Vincent Hicks 22 41 7 Hesham FC
8 CM Craig McGrath 25 34 5 Serrapince FC

10 CAM Adam Herlinger 31 27 6 Lakewood United FC
15 CDM Michael Aitken 32 11 1 Straton FC
16 CM Alan Morgan 25 27 1 Lakewood City FC
23 CAM Phil Cole 22 18 5 Lakewood City FC

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club

7 LW Neil Fraser 23 39 9 Clyde Park
17 LW Dylan van Heirolf 21 17 2 Miruan City FC [Tikariot]
9 RW Robin Vaughn (vc) 26 51 18 Lakewood City FC
21 RW Dean Cresswood 28 3 0 Clyde Park

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
11 ST Marcus Sheldon 30 28 15 Couno Rangers
22 ST Philip Cohen 26 27 13 Lakewood United FC

*Caps and Goals figure accurate to post-WC88 qualifiers, not including friendlies.

Bolded players denote starters, but pre-match XIs will be posted before every cutoff. If none are posted, feel free to pick and choose from this side, though do keep in mind a player with the number 14 is more likely to be picked than a player with the number 20.

With winds of change blowing throughout Tumbran sports, the CoH squad has remained remarkably stagnant, with only departures from the 33-man qualifying squad to form a streamlined 23-man tournament squad. Particular controversy was generated when Michael Aitken was selected for the squad above Tom Stansfield; though the fight to get into Tumbra's midfield is probably the hardest it'll ever be.


It's all winds of change here in the goalkeeping department, as Louis Addison was first dropped for John Lennon midway through the Campionato Esportiva, and Hemmings seems to be leaning towards the Lakewood City keeper as his number 1 for the upcoming qualifying cycle. Addison's performances with Lakewood United somewhat dropped off throughout the previous domestic season, possibly leading to this change. Both Lennon and Addison play in the same way, though Lennon is particularly skilled with his feet, and will prefer to use them when available; passing out to the defenders is his preferred way of beginning attacks, while Addison prefers to launch balls into midfield. Both are competent shot-stoppers, and both are particularly acrobatic. Of the two third-choice goalkeepers, Nick Barker made it into the tournament squad; the young, Inter Nantwich n.1 is a more traditional shot-stopper than the other two.


On the left wing, Ryan Hughes has locked down that left-back starting spot; the left has never looked more secure under his custodian-ship. Hughes is calm and composed on the ball, the defender preferring to pass along the wing or into the midfield to going on attacking runs. Michael Campbell comes in as the second choice left-back for the tournament; displacing Simon Hart. A change of the guard, perhaps; Campbell could be considered to be the more defensive of the two left backs.

The centre defence sees six defenders come in for the qualifiers; no doubt the usual defensive combination of Henderson/Brown looks set to continue, with Brown donning the fabled armband; but rumours abound that this could be his last cycle; after all, he is 33. Harry Henderson typically plays as the clean-shorts, passing defender, while Johnny Brown plays as the no-nonsense, hard tackler; yet somehow clean enough to avoid getting booked, most of the time. Of their understudies — Ian Ashburn and Louis Paterson, Wayne Forrest — Ashburn is the passer, while and Paterson is the tackler. Since the shift to a more defensive line, the defence has improved; they kept five clean sheets out of nine in the second half of qualifiers.

On the right, Russell White and Nigel Harris continue their roles as the custodians of the right-back spot; while both are experienced, LCFC right-back Chris Carter, often touted as a more attacking prospect, has entered the team as well; some suspect that Hemmings plans to gradually put Carter into the team, given his relative youth. Otherwise, White looks set to start; the more adventurous of the two wingbacks, White sometimes drifts into midfield to provide an additional man there in the offense.

Overall, the defenders have a high standard of passing and will look to begin attacks once they receive the ball; man-marking has largely been eschewed in favour of high-tempo pressing, dispossessing and pushing up field.


The 3-man midfield Tumbra utilises is unique in the sense that there are three fixed roles; it does not matter who plays where; merely that players that fulfill these three roles should be on the pitch for the Tumbran brand of football to be particularly effective. These three roles are the dynamo, the pacesetter, and the visionary. The dynamo typically plays deepest, and is the most defensive of the three; his role is to run around the pitch, helping to press attackers and dispossess them, while simultaneously beginning attacks by receiving the ball and cycling possession by passing it to either the pacemaker, visionary or the two wingers. The role involves a high degree of stamina; running around the pitch for 90 minutes does require that, and they often rack up a huge amount of kilometres ran per game. The pacesetter sets the tempo of the game, speeding up or slowing down the game as they deem fit, recycling possession or moving it onwards, and going on runs to appear on the edge of the box. The visionary typically plays highest up the pitch; typically defending the least (but still expected to chip in whenever possible), their main job is to splay balls into the final third, beginning runs into the box or otherwise.

Of the eight midfielders included in the squad, it's fairly evident who plays as what; Vincent Hicks and Michael Aitken typically fill in for the dynamo; Craig McGrath and Alan Morgan typically play as pacesetter, and Adam Herlinger and Phil Cole as visionary. These alignments aren't fixed, though; though the dynamos typically play as dynamos (due to how physically intensive the role itself is), all eight midfielders are at least somewhat competent at each role. Do note, however, that Herlinger and Cole wouldn't be seen dead as the dynamo, nor would Aitken at visionary; they do have their limits as players. The hard press exists here, too; Herlinger may be a little more loath to press, given his age; but he will do it, if somewhat half-heartedly.


Dan Galbraith no longer plays for this team; in his place, Robin Vaughn, the Lakewood City talisman and so far only person who has played in every one of Tumbra's 51 WCC-recognised matches so far. Vaughn plays as an inside forward, and has largely followed in the mold of the taciturn finisher that his national team mentor Galbraith taught him to play. Rarely media friendly, he prefers to let the football do the talking; but on the pitch Vaughn can be fiery, and his determination on pitch is second to none. His understudy, Dean Cresswood will most likely not challenge him for the starting spot; while competent, Vaughn is on a whole different level to the two. Cresswood takes on a similar, inside-forward role to Vaughn.

On the left, it's a whole 'nother story; two young wingers battling it out for the starting winger spot. Neil Fraser, bright young lad of the future, electric in pace and in the dribble, is the archetypical pick up the ball and cross it in winger; Dylan van Heirolf, the more moody winger who decided to venture overseas to Tikariot, who prefers cutting in than crossing.


Marcus Sheldon has taken over the mantle of Tumbra's starting striker, with his style of play fitting the team more than Philip Cohen; typically drops back deeper to receive the ball, and is a more calmer presence, being able to create chances of his own volition. A more complete player than Cohen, arguably, the striker enjoys being involved in the build-up play as much as the finish. Philip Cohen has dropped to second choice, but is still an immaculate finisher who is every bit a complete forward, he tries to dribble his way out of trouble and can finish from pretty much anywhere. Has a powerful shot. Does require a lot more service than his competitor, Sheldon, however, and can get pissed off if he's not shooting enough — others create chances for him, he finishes them off. It's worked so far for him and the team, though his recent drought does spark cause for worry.

Tactical Set-Up

As evinced in the earlier ten paragraphs, the team sets up in a solid 4-3-3 formation; the alternate formation is a 4-2-3-1 with a double pivot. Set-pieces are taken by whomever volunteers, as Hemmings himself doesn't place much emphasis on them; however, Adam Herlinger's free kicks are always to be taken with a lot of danger, especially on the edge of the box. The emphasis is on fast buildup and attacks; counter-pressing in defence.

Left Corner Taker				Neil Fraser
Right Corner Taker Robin Vaughn
Penalties Robin Vaughn
Direct FK Taker Adam Herlinger
Indirect FK Taker Neil Fraser
Most likely to foul/be booked Michael Campbell
Most likely to shoot Philip Cohen
Most likely to score from close-range Philip Cohen
Most likely to score from long-range Robin Vaughn
Most likely to be fouled Robin Vaughn
Most likely to attempt the spectacular Marcus Sheldon

Home Stadia

The other nine teams lucky enough to be in the same group as Tumbra will be hosted in the Tumbran National Stadium in Straton; with a capacity of 100,000, at least 25,000 tickets will be allocated for visiting fans.

Style Mod: -3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes*
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes*
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: Yes*

COVID-19 does not exist in Tumbra.

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.


Number of Players to have earned at least 1 Cap: 47
Most Caps
Robin Vaughn (51)
Harry Henderson (45)
Vincent Hicks (41)
Neil Fraser (39)
Russell White (39)
Most Goals
Robin Vaughn (18)
Marcus Sheldon (15)
Philip Cohen (13)
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Postby Indusse » Mon May 31, 2021 11:50 pm


^ Current Tournament : Cup of Harmony 80

Manager/Coach: Shane Newman (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18
Fanbase: The Flocking Blues

The Squad

GK 1 Steve leghourn
GK 34 Akbar ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala
DF 13 Mathias Paulson
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller
DF 86 George Horsehood
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson
MD 14 Djetson Hasle
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 10 Baskar H Kumar (c)
FD 7 Bechun butea
FD 11 Antonio Mersias
FD Kishen Rajpoot
MD 99 Rana Mrityunjai Singh
FD/MD 100 Goblin Grundjee
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson
Bolded Players are the Playing XI

About the Manager

Shane Newman is a Baker Park born, who took the chance to become the first NT boss for Havynwilde with an understanding that he would have time & resources to build from scratch. He was hounded by negative media coverage, the unrealisitc expectations of supporters & the governing body, and no investment to correct the dearth of talent in the domestic league. He was unceremoniously fired while out of the country on holiday. He'll consider his time there a learning experience. Was the chief defensive architect for the BPNT in the first three WC cycles.Aged 49 and married with three children--a boy and two girls--he will look to the domestic league for talent by focusing on technique, pace, and positional flexibility.

The Playing XI

#1 Steve Leghorn (Goalkeeper)
Steve Leghorn, that name when spoken in Indusse creates a legendary vibe. If anyone asks an Indussean who's your favourite goalkeeper, they would say without wasting a second that it's none other than Steve. Steve is well known due to his performance and his charitable trust. He's a well known figure in the nation who could be a political mastermind. He started his career in Trau de Mongers FC, a local football club in Southbay which soon died after his transfer. His quality performance in the club got him a direct ticket to Southbay Riveria FC B team and soon into the main team. He played for three seasons for Southbay and won the Golden Gloves award in all the seasons. His omnipresent performance got him into the national camp and get him into the best Goalkeeper the nation has ever seen. After this transfer from Southbay to Dhalopura FC, he's been winning all the Golden Gloves in the participated seasons without giving others a chance to snatch them. He's the real saviour of Indusse, saving the nation from the cannon ball like opponent goal shots.

#6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala (Defender)
The Aksinwalas are a well known wrestling clan in Sindvpore. They are those people out there who smash everyone down who stands against them. Sampath Singh Aksinwala could have followed his family customs and traditions and become a wrestling champion smashing all down like a rock. Well, he had started his sporting career as a wrestler back in his 13s but he slowly got interested in soccer and with his fit physique he was a perfect fit for a defender. At his early years, he always got red cards in his matches since he used to throw his opponents away thinking that he is wrestling. The Local Clubs still gave him chance to play and he slowly changed his wrestling in soccer into total defender football. He started to be known all over Sindvpore and he got another call from Sindvpore FC. He still plays for Sindvpore FC and played a major role in their Liga Prima Victory and FFI Cup Victory. He is now the vice captain of Sindvpore FC and is a really important member of the Indussean National Team.

#13 Mathias Paulson (Defender)
Mathias Paulson born to a wealthy Syrian Christian family in Southbay. He wasn't a soccer maniac or something, who would have started playing for clubs before teenage. He started playing at the age of fifteen for several local clubs including his school and college clubs. After this Sport Medicine graduation from Saint Louis Holiness College in Jawaruyah, he got a mail from the Jawaruyah XI FC for being a defence and fitness co trainer. With his outmost hardwork in the game, he soon won a lot of awards and got a call from Rockies International FC for being their defender. He soon left Jawaruyah for Rockies Islands, it was his perfect defending which let the club rise from Division to to Primary Division tournament Liga Prime. The Team reached top three of the primary division tournament after his arrival and he also received a lot of awards for his play. With his arrival in Liga Prime and as a successor to former Rockies Defender Maryland Bruno (Maryland is his nickname because he used to run a cookie brand called Maryland Food), he got into the radar of National team selectors. He later got the call of the selectors to join the national team camp which was the turnover in his career. He soon became a well known defender in the nation and the captain of Rockies International FC.

#4 Aaron McMuller (defender)
Aaron McMuller, born as Aaron Davis Miller is a thirty two year old defender who earned fame during the early transition period. He started playing for Malta FC at the age of Eighteen since his father was the owner of the club. Eventhough it's an unconstitutional admission to the club, he later got to be the key player of the team. His direct ticket to the club without any obstacles made his way to the national camp easy. His defensive analysis gameplay got famed through out Malta and it's neighborhood provinces of Sindvpore and Cheralam. With the fame rising and clubs waiting to get him to their home, the national team selectors caught on him and added him into the national team squad list. Everything was quick for him, the transition from a club player into a professional footballer. The transition from a rich kid into a really rich earning star. The transition from slow paced defense into quick defense and counter strikes... Everything. He is also known as the only defender in Indusse who has scored 100 goals in their domestic history.

#9 Alexis Budtedjson (Mid Fielder)
Alexis Budtedjson, that's the name of the all in all of pass gameplay. Budtedjson has been a major part of the team in every international match played. He has been scoring goals, defending goals and making ways for goals. A complete footballer they say, he's having the chance to be the next captain of Indusse if he doesn't retire. Alexis was born as a neighbor to Baskar Kumar and has been his childhood friend. Both of them started to chase their dreams together and it was Alexis who got into professional football first. Alexis started his professional career with New Hind City FC B team. His perfect play, in the B team got him into Dhalopura FC. His best career club ever, Dhalopura FC got him into fame and later Gav him the ticket to National Team. He scored his first international goal in his debut match and he says that it's his favourite memory. He later got transferred into Sindvpore FC and has been playing for the team. During the colonial era in Indusse, he started working for the national police force (NPF) and he got promoted into the assistant commissioner of Hind City. His wife, Samantha Budtedjson is a well known tennis player of Indusse. She's currently playing in the NSTT for Indusse.

#14 Djetson Hazle (Mid Fielder)
Born as Djetson Hazlett to Dr. Henry Hazlett and Maria Henry in Sindvpore, Djetson change his surname at the age of sixteen to Hazle for joining film industry since there was a prominent star "Philip Hazlett" existing. He couldn't do much in the film industry, which changed his route into football. He played for the national U-18 team due to his absolutely commendable performance for his club Sindvpore FC. His performance also brought him into the national team and got himself as.a key player. He still plays for Sindvpore FC and took part in the Championship of FFI. He is married to Katherine Hazlett, daughter of film star Philip Hazlett. Katherine is also a prominent film star in Indusse. Hazle also took part in futsal and also tried a hand in hockey. But he later realised that he was made for professional soccer.

#10 Baskar H Kumar (Forward)
The best footballer Indusse has seen, that's what Baskar Kumar is. "If Baskar isn't there then, indusse wouldn't play well anytime soon" says Joseph Moteudi.Baskar Kumar was born to District Magistrate Hariharan Kumar and Adv. Maya Devi in Hind City. He started his soccer experience at an age of twelve playing for his school team. He later graduated for Political Studies and played for the university team. His quality performance for the University got him selected for Hind City FC B team and later to Hind City FC. His performance got him a ticket to the national team and he is still one of the oldest players in the national team. He is the current captain of New Hind City FC and Indussean National Team. He is currently the only player in Indusse scoring five hundred goals and the highest goal scorer in Indussean history. At the time of colonial opression, he took part in the independence movement and became the first and current president (term two) of Indusse. He played a major role in changing indusse from "Demoarchal Kingdom" to "Al shayarid empire" to "Holy Patriarchal Union and Republic". He was invested with Bharatratna award given out by India for the best politician.

#7 Bechun Butea (Forward)
Once the best substitute to Baskar Kumar, now he faces a lot of competition from his fellow mates out there.Born to the family of footballers, Bechun didn't face any difficulty to choose his career. At the age of seven, his father admitted him to a local coaching center and with the basic skills got him into the Sindvpore Football Federation Training Center. Bechun's father was Takawilaka Butea, who got elected as the President of Sindvpore Football Federation. Bechun played his first professional match for Sindvpore FC and got transferred into Southbay Riveria FC. He later scored a lot of Goals opening his way to the national camp. He played as a captain substitute and vice captain of the national team and captain of Southbay Riveria FC until Baskar Kumar joined. He also played a major role in the Goblin Humanoid Project which created Goblin Grundjee, who's the first non human national player in Indusse. A football goblin was Bechun's idea. He also got the National Sports Academy Mentor post and is currently the cheif mentor of U-18 national team. His brother, Lalguvasara is the coach of Malta FC and his son Jackson Butea is playing for Sindvpore FC under 18 team.

#11 Antonio Mersiás (Forward)
The second youngest recruit in the camp, Antonio Mersiás is a well known youth idol in the nation. He was the captain of Indussean youth team in the Sporting World Cup. He led the team into the semi finals of the tournament till they lost to Starblaydia's young guns. He was born in Karadawadi, a county in Dhalopura to Francis Antony, who was a carpenter and Selina Francis. He lived as a poor kid going to the village school who wasn't so good at academics but bright in sports. His quality sporting skills caught the eyes of the headmaster there, who admitted him to the local football training sessions. The headmaster soon send him to the Jawal-Biesse the nearest city for his studies. He played for the Jawal-Biesse FC for three years and captained the team until he was called to play for the Dhalopura FC. He got selected to the U-18 team as soon as he played his first match for Dhalopura FC. His quality play in the club also got him promoted as the captain of the youth team. His awesome, historical performance for the youth team got him a quick ticket to the National Team Camp. He is currently an important part of the national team who cannot be replaced easily.

#100 Goblin Grundjee (Forward)
Goblin Grundjee who is the first ever non-human sportsperson from Indusse. The Grundjee's are one of the families of the Goblin species that was created by the scientists by DNA Modelling. The scientists created a new race of Goblins through gene editing and combining the DNAs of Humans with certain animals and Algae. The goblin species were divided into three families were Grundjees are one of the major part. The other two families are called Mithys and Auris. The current members of the grundjee family is Colonel Grundjee who is a Colonel in the royal army of Indusse. The gene of colonel Grundjee was created by merging the genes of three colonels of the army with the genes of a eagle and the green algae. The green algae plays a necessary role in getting the green Color of the skin. The other member is Goblin Grundjee who is currently playing for the juniors. His gene was created by merging the genes of David Bekem, a former football and of a wild horse. The green algae is also a necessary part of the composition. The grundjee family has the green composition of skins due to green algae. Whereas, Mithys has a brownish red skin due to the presence of Blue-green Algae with Iron sediments, Auris family has the skin Color of a normal human as there isn't any presence of algae. The skin textures and patterns of the goblins are same as the humans and the color is the only thing that can discriminate it with humans. The scientific community believe that the goblin race will create revolution in the world of science. The creation of Goblin Grundjee was overseen by fellow player Bechun Butea who also played a major role in bringing Grundjee as a experimental player. Well, Grundjee is currently one of the best strikers the nation has seen.

NT Kits

Image Image Image

The Kits have been designed by the Starblaydi Kitmakers Ediraf, special thanks to the Kitmakers and our sponsors for the support.


Style Modifier: +2

My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Sargossa » Tue Jun 01, 2021 1:19 am

Cup of Harmony 80

Sargossa - 'The Corsairs'

Head Coach

Brian McAllister (Tikariot)
It’s a little while now since Brian McAllister swapped the relative comfort of being a number two for the crucible of international head coachery. A key part of the backroom team that masterminded Tikariot’s highly impressive arrival onto the world stage, McAllister led Sargossa to fourth place at the Cup of Harmony 78 and a couple of quarter final places. The last World Cup was disappointing but it was a transitional side. This time around expectations will be higher.

Backroom Staff

Assistant Head Coach: Gregory Wallen (Tikariot)
Assistant Head Coach: Miguel Marí
Defensive Coach: Iker Conde
Attacking Coach: Jordi Suárez
Goalkeeping Coach: Dario Almirón
Fitness Coach: Luis Miguel Sacristán
Team Doctor: Dr Carla Segura


GK: 1. Alejandro Martínez (27) – Sportivo Soluca
GK: 13. Sergio Arrabal (27) – Alianza Jucaro
GK: 25. Tomás Gaos (36) – Sportivo Cordova

As a teenager Martínez was touted as a future star by no less a luminary as former Corsairs’ keeper and coach Martín Tejera. He’s know showing exactly why he earned that praise. Sergio Arrabal spent his formative years as a hugely talented understudy at Ciudad Soulca. He had to move to Alianza to finally prove he had what it takes to be a number one. Gaos provides a very experienced back-up option.

DR: 2. Tobías Figueroa (22) – El Nacional
DC: 5. Juan Esnáider (32) – Oriannor Mountaineers (Tikariot)
DC: 6. Raúl Dengra (27) – Alianza Jucaro
DL: 3. Alfonso Barrueco (23) – Ciudad Soluca
DLC: 12. Víctor Miralles (29) – El Nacional
DRC: 14. Máximo Moya (25) – Sporting San Marquez
DL: 19. Juan Manuel Martí (28) – Sportivo Soluca
DC: 21: Sebastián Cáceres (18) – Sporting San Marquez

At times during the last World Cup campaign the Corsairs were woeful at the back, conceded forty times in eighteen fixtures. A reversion to a back three seems to have stemmed the tide and the side looked much harder to break down at the Copa Rushmori in Eura. The experienced Juan Esnáider remains the leader at the back but the coaching staff have been searching around for real quality at centreback. Miralles and Dengra have the nod for now but Máximo Moya is waiting to step in. The youngster Cáceres looks to be an absolute gem dug from the barrios of San Marquez and could get some international experience under his belt. Figueroa and Barrueco are both comfortable ranging forward, potentially at the expense of their defensive duties.

DMC: 4. Esteban Pomar (30) – El Nacional
AMR: 7. Édgar Elvira (25) – Dínamo Maturín
MC: 8. Enrique González (25) – Ciudad Soluca
AML: 11. Esteban Leguizamo (30) – Blacklake Blues (Taeshan)
AMRC: 15. Agustín Soria (23) – Sportivo Soluca
MC: 16. Adrián Fonseca (33) – Ciudad Soluca
DMC: 18. Marcos Águila (24) – El Nacional
MC: 22. Juan Sebastián Varela (25) – Alianza Jucaro
AMLC: 24. Mauro Pereira (31) – Sportivo Cordova

If the wingbacks don’t push forward in support, there’s a danger in the midfield duo becoming overwhelmed. So a pairing with plenty of lung capacity is a must. Enrique González proved a revelation at the Copa and is likely to continue partnering Juan Sebastián Varela, with Marcos Águila pushing both hard for a starting berth. Fonseca remains a class act but probably now lacks the legs to compete for a full ninety minutes. He and midfield destroyer Esteban Pomar will likely see plenty of action from the bench. The initial delight shown by the wingers at the appointment of a coach who might actually use them in the preferred roles has worn off since the recent tactical tweak, having found themselves as plan Bs once again.

FLC: 9. Mauricio Sainz (28) – Ciudad Soluca
FRLC: 10. Diego Alejandro Costa (30) – Ciudad Soluca
FC: 17. Mateo Manzanares (22) – Dínamo Maturín
FRC: 20. Diego Cazalla (27) – Miruan City (Tikariot)
FL: 23. Alonzo Bienvenida (30) – Sportivo Cordova
FC: 26. Tomas Murillo (33) – Sportivo Soluca

No team in the group scored more than Sargossa in the last World Cup campaign so personnel in the offensive third are likely to remain largely unchanged. Mateo Manzanares has made the central striking role his own but Diego Alejandro Costa’s dip in form in the second half of qualifiers may have counted against him. Although an impressive Copa Rushmori should see him in the starting eleven. Mauricio Sainz provides a more agricultural option through the middle if necessary. Alonzo Bienvenida and Esteban Leguizamo are more conventional wide options and both have impressed when coming on from the bench.


Brian McAllister, alongside Stuart Ekstrom, implemented an attractive, fluid, attacking style on their Tikariot side. With a formation that was 4-3-3 in possession, 4-5-1 without it and plenty of movement, both on and off the ball. Swift, short passing and forwards switching positions to confuddle the opposition were also hallmarks of that Tikariot approach. The coach hasn’t quite been able to bring that tactical blueprint to bear in Sargossa. Unfortunately, while effective going forward, the Corsairs have been slightly woeful at the back. Which has led to something of a tactical rethink. In response McAllister has moved to meld a defensive form his charges are comfortable with, namely a back three, but still keeping the attacking flourish his own favoured system has displayed. Creating something akin to a hybrid 5-2-3.

The SuperLiga is quite a physical league so challenges can often be described as 'uncompromising' and cards are pretty common. Gamesmanship, while never encouraged, is also not entirely uncommon. But diving is considered particularly stigmatic so Sargossan players are unlikely to be found doing it.

Style Modifier = (+2)


Courtesy of ediraf

Image ImageImage

If my opponent RP's first they can:
Choose my goalscorers: Please do
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (within reason)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Just no killing anyone.
Champions: Cup of Harmony 41 / Di Bradini Cup 13 / Copa Rushmori V / Copa Rushmori XIV / Copa Rushmori XX
Sargossa at the Olympics

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Postby San Ortelio » Tue Jun 01, 2021 1:34 am

San Ortelio
"The Swordfishes / I Spada"


The Story

San Ortelio, your favorite minnow, stepped onto the international football scene a good three years ago as the San Ortelio Confederazione Calcio Extra-Regionale subscribed itself for the Di Bradini Cup 49. Against all expectations, the Young Swordfishes not only managed to stay afloat, but stunned all their opponents with a successful run. In the final, the formidable Graentfjall was beaten - a Cinderella story as there ever was one and this allowed the board to ignore that the manager they chose attempted to murder two players. Yeah, let’s forget about that part and focus on the silverware.

As such, it was with a bit more confidence that San Ortelio started their World Cup 87 qualifiers. Manager Renato Di Tane saw his selection stunt several times: Turori dominated the group by and far, but behind the mighty Eels, it were the Swordfishes that nicked the second spot. In the closing days of the qualifiers, opponents Juvencus, Qasden and Mercedini inched closer but with a one-point cushion, San Ortelio made it to the play-offs unranked. Baker Park, number nine in the world, easily disposed of I Spada but the first impression was made: San Ortelio was not here to be slaughtered.

It granted the Swordfishes a spot in the Cup of Harmony, where San Ortelio made it out of the group stage, but bowed their heads to a dominant Mriin on their goodbye tour. The Copa Rushmori, a few months later, is better forgotten: Pasarga and Yuezhou were just a class ab- oh, goddamned, now we’re thinking about it again. In the run-up to this World Cup, San Ortelio had their traditional friendlies: a (lost) duel against the regional rival Tikariot and a double-header vis-a-vis their favorite opponent Juvencus for the Coppa Odiol. The qualifiers themselves started off properly, vying for the second spot at the half-way point but a disappointing collapse saw the squad drop back to the fifth place. The hunger to redeem themselves in the Cup of Harmony is big, but with the original surprise element gone, there are good reasons to question if they can qualify for the second round.

Tournament                 Games    Win   Draw   Loss   GF   GA
Friendlies 3 0 2 1 7 8
World Cup 87 Qualifiers 20 10 5 5 26 17
Cup of Harmony 79 4 1 1 2 8 11
Copa Rushmori 37 3 0 1 2 3 8
Friendlies 3 1 0 2 1 4
World Cup 88 Qualifiers 18 8 4 6 20 20

Total 51 20 13 18 65 68

San Ortelio itself is a small, coastal country located in the heartland of Rushmore. Consisting of the land stretched around a bay, it is known for its fishermen, coastal tourism and tax evasion. The climate is mediterranean and the atmosphere is always on that intriguing balance between holiday-relaxed and ‘are they talking or fighting in the middle of the street’.

Football has been around for nearly half a century in San Ortelio, with each of the five constituting regions organising tournaments early on. For a decade and a half now, the best clubs are united in the Serie Nazionale, which sends its best clubs (usually the Big Three, Catrallo Calcio, FC Pesari and Virtus Redoccio) to the IFCF since a year or two.


The Selection

Manager Renato Di Tane, despite the frankly disappointing appearance in the Copa Rushmori, held on to his position and selected a pool of 34 players for the qualifying series. Di Tane opts for a fairly defensive 5-4-1 which usually sees the numbers 1 to 11 start.

Pos  Nr  Full Name              Club                    Age  Cap  G   A
GK 1 Enrico Lanzafame AFC Westpike (BRE) 27 46 0 0
GK 12 Serafino Evacuo Virtus Redoccio 31 5 0 0
GK 23 Walter Moro FC Pesari 23 -

No doubts about the starting goalkeeper, Enrico Lanzafame will be the man there. Despite a fairly uninspired nickname in the Wall, he is undoubtedly a key player in this selection and his performances in the WC87 qualifiers stood out, even in an overperforming team. Lanzafame plays for his second A-League squad and hopes to see Westpike stay afloat. If injury would strike - or we end up with a dead rubber near the end of the qualifiers - Serafino Evacuo will take his place. Whilst the Virtus goalie is a bit better vocally and in the box, he does not possess the catlike reflexes from Lanzafame. Behind this duo, youngster Moro may show himself on the training pitch and try to confirm his presence for the next campaign. A gentle giant, Moro showed promise in the DBC but lacks starting experience.

Pos  Nr  Full Name              Club                    Age  Cap  G   A
LD 21 Luca Curiale Virtus Redoccio 26 33 2 0
LD 2 Daniele Gagliano Soldarian FC (VAL) 22 27 0 0
CD 4 Pietro Mazziero FC Pesari 30 46 1 0
CD 5 Salvatore Moscati Esca Unione 35 45 2 0
CD 17 Gaetano Lucarelli Catrallo Calcio 33 24 0 0
CD 7 Orlando Castorani Port Tacassam FC (TKT) 25 42 0 0
RD 3 Alessio Rota FC Pesari 29 49 2 1
RD 19 Lorenzo Moreschini Catrallo Calcio 23 19 2 1

A back five is the usually employed tactic but still, Di Tane limits the depth in the selection - in part due to the lack of depth on these positions. On the left, 22-year old Gagliano developed into a starting position as part of the Blades. His speed also makes the line-up a bit less defensive than the numbers make you suspect, as Gagliano makes more infiltrations and crosses than his back-up Curiale. At the other wing, short and stocky Alessio Rota forms an enthused roadrunner who doesn’t ignore his defensive tasks. If the result requires, he can be replaced by the more attacking and very energetic Moreschini - more of a right-wing than a back after all.

The heart of the defense is formed by a rotating cast of four players, even if Lucarelli is used more sparingly lately. Veteran Salvatore Moscati slowed down a bit, but his tactical shrewdness puts him ahead of the very similar Lucarelli: physically strong, powerful header, no-nonsense attitude. Lucarelli has worse feet but a bit more speed but Orlando Castorani picks that up these days. The fresh, young Port Tacassam defender is a bit more modern in style and increasingly consistent. Third man Mazziero is easily overlooked but the most allround of the defenders and as such the one that can be juggled around positionally in this line-up. The average age of this portion of the pitch is a long-time worry.

Pos  Nr  Full Name              Club                    Age  Cap  G   A
DM 6 Fabrizio Confalonieri Virtus Redoccio 32 46 0 0
DM 8 Alessio Di Masi Catrallo Calcio 26 35 1 2
DM 16 Attilio Quintarelli FC Pesari 22 8 1 0
DM 18 Domenico Cappa Pro Stampano 24 21 0 2
CM 13 Diego Buglia Estdal (GRF) 30 19 2 1
AM 10 Gianmarco Del Prete Valnohar Rovers (TKT) 32 49 8 16
AM 11 Giacomo Favaro Miruan City FC (TKT) 25 37 5 9
AM 14 Emilio Salvatori Catrallo Calcio 30 29 2 4
AM 22 Lorenzo Tosi Fagli Cinquanta 25 1 0 0

The midfield block usually falls into two categories: two holding and two creative midfielders must ensure the balance from the system. So far, Fabrizio Confalonieri still is the face of that first group: he takes no prisoners and will do everything in his might to break your legs stop your progress. Counterpart Di Masi possesses a better infiltration and might pop up in front of goal at times. Still, they must fear the young generation, products of the successful DBC run: Quintarelli combines a sharp tackle with great vision, whilst Cappa can direct a team despite his young age, which puts him in the scales with Di Masi at times. If a goal is needed, Di Tane is inclined to add Buglia for one of the two starters. The Estdal box-to-box makes miles and war, offering an additional card in the deck.

Still, we believe he will hold on to a duo of attacking midfielders and there, the biggest question mark of Ortelian football takes place. In theory, there is no doubt about the starting position of Del Prete, a man who earned himself the nickname La Leggenda before joining the Rovers. Del Prete is the posterboy of the selection with his free kicks and exceptional vision guiding ditto passes. Additionally, he showed to rise to the occasion when needed. By his side, we will find either Favaro or Salvatori - with the former overtaking the latter lately. Giacomo Favaro is an industrious yet elegant player, whilst Emilio Salvatori is less flamboyant but makes sharp infiltrations. Being stuck behind this illustrious trio for a starting spot is a nearly impossible task and the presence of Tosi (who edged out the young Trillo and the capricious Sgarbi) is merely a reward for his excellent season with Fagli.

Pos  Nr  Full Name              Club                    Age  Cap  G   A
LW 15 Luca Cadili Sportiva Montelcampo 21 1 0 0
ST 20 Orazio Canova Rozelle United (BRE) 25 22 8 2
ST 9 Carmine Garofalo Catrallo Calcio 32 47 25 6

There is a lot that can be said and written about the starting striker - and trust us, Ortelian newspapers did their bit for that already - but as the statistics confirm, there is no getting around Carmine Garofalo. Il Buffalo does no mind being employed as a sole striker and makes the required space with his strength and speed. What he lacks in refinement, Garofalo easily makes up in power and the last few years, he approaches the ‘one goal per match’ statistic - in the Serie Nazionale, of course. The question remains who will be his back-up if things go awry. Orazio Canova has the advantage of age but his aspired breakthrough in Brenecia did not materialize - he’s acting in the B-League nowadays. On top of that, he’s a bit better in a system with two strikers whilst his adversary for the position, Romeo Gozzi, is more of a lonewolf. A peculiar character, known for escapades on and off the field, Gozzi is a real finisher and on his day, can take on the world. But he might also grab a red for insulting the referee, seduce a female fan or refuse to come off the bench cause he don’t want to. After all his stunts, Di Tane decided to leave him at home for the tournament – after which Gozzi vowed that he’ld never play for him again. To be continued. Either way, this opened up an opportunity for Cadili, a nifty winger who offers a chance to play 3-4-3, with Moreschini on the right wing - a rarity, but who knows.


The Administration


To be announced

All home games are held in 'Il Olimpico' (9000 seats)


RP Permissions

Thou shall praise the organizing FAs as if they were thee
Especially as they value our modifier as minus three
Thou shall choose our goalscorer as thou chooseth thine
And to godmod our scores will be considered fine
Thou can describe a players injury and hellish pain
But from ending their careers, I beg thou, refrain
Thou can allow the referee to show the yellow card
Accepting a red, up until two, I will not discard
Thou shall thank Tahuatxi for the shirts they provide
And for crying out loud, Spada, do not shoot wide
And if thou want to godmod, please be our guest
Don't hesitate to TG if we can assist thou quest
San Ortelio, your favorite pseudo-Italian, coastal microstate. Less than half a million inhabitants who stand for a rich culture, are governed
by an delicate yet marvellously balanced system and remain economically viable due to fishing and funky tax laws.
But enough about us. Come vai?

We're no international threat, so have our domestic thread.

Currently Active RPs
Football - World Cup Qualifiers 87
Tennis - ITT Season 7
Omni - Winter Olympics XV

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Postby Srednjaci » Tue Jun 01, 2021 2:16 am




Football Association Srednjaci proudly accepts the invitation to participate in the tournament.
Srednjaci are reporting a full roster for this upcoming tournament, which was also in the World Cup 88 qualifiers. Considering that five clubs from DR Srednjaci are playing in the qualifications for the IBA Champions league, it is important to have as large a roster of players as possible.



GK Jure Iveša - 26 y - NK Čelik Raduč

LB Danijela Majić - 23 y - NK Bistua Nuova
CB Ivan Kušić - 26 y - NK Dinamo Katanija
CB Franko Rušković - 27 y - NK Mladost Melarit - Captain
RB Zoran Šutić - 25 y - NK Archer Kula

CDM Heong Min Ho - 25 y- NK Dinamo Katanija

LW Davida Zimmer - 24 y - NK Bistua Nuova
RW Takanobu Tavano - 23 y- NK Dinamo Katanija

CF Ante Tomljanović - 25 y - NK Čelik Raduč

ST Isidor Matković - 24 y - NK Torpedo Melarit
ST Li Peng - 25 y - NK Mladost Melarit

FORMATION 4 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2

Attacking style of play that goes over the fast wings but also through the center of the field where Min Ho and Tomljanović are great. Min Ho plays defensive midfield but due to his technique and speed he often pulls the ball into the attack.


GK Jelena Jukić - 24y - NK Bistua Nova
GK Hrvoje Rendić - 19y - Traktor Vitreja
LB Konstantin Kozlević - 25y - NK Black Wings
LB Vitalija Orežan - 18y - NK Plava Laguna
CB Ivana Žimić - 25y- NK Dormatisi Blue Stars
CB Ninoslav Kutleša - 18 y NK Mladost Melarit
RB jakov Ivandić - 27y - NK Čelik Raduč
RCB Ivona Lužajić - 26y - NK Dormatisi Blue Stars
LCB Julija Stamatova - NK Kula

DMC Hrvoje Šetkić - 30y- NK Archer Kula
CM Olga Vuković - 25 y- NK King Stars Katanija
LW Matija Čežić - 18 y - NK Katanija Dalatia Bank
LM Valentino Rocca - 23y- NK Dinamo Katanija
RW Ivana Julišković - 17y - NK King Star Katanija
RM - Vjeran Tukić - 24y - NK Čelik Raduč
CAM Marko Štegotić - 26y - NK Torpedo Melarit

ST Perica Lozančić - 25y - NK Bistua Nuova
ST Tijana Mušarović 19 y- NK Plava Laguna
LS Elina Efimova - 26y - NK Kula
RS Ivan Županović - 23 - NK Torpedo Melarit

GK Jure Iveša - 26 y - NK Čelik Raduč
Jure Iveša was born in the town of Raduč ( 195 cm, 89 kg). Raduč is a town known for its steel mine and steel production. But it is also known for the automotive industry, the production of railway compositions as well as aircraft parts. At the age of 6, Iveša joined the football club Automobili Raduč. At the age of 10 he switched to athletics, high jump, but at the age of 11 he returned to football but to another club. He enrolled in the football club Čelik Raduč, where he has remained until now. He was named the best goalkeeper in the league.

LB Danijela Majić - 23 y - NK Bistua Nuova
Danijela Majić, 185 cm and 70 kg, was born in Bistua Nuova. She comes from a sports family. Hers mother was a handball player, today she is a coach and hers father was a football player and today he coaches a football club in which Danijela , NK Bistua Nuova, is also. Bistua Nuova won the DR Srednjaci championship in the women's competition and currently has no relevant opponent in the league. Danijela is adorned with great technique and speed, she often takes corners but also uses hers speed to penetrate to the attack.

CB Ivan Kušić - 26 y - NK Dinamo Katanija
Ivan Kušić ,186 cm and 75 kg, was born in the small town of Plava Laguna near Melarit. He made his first football steps in NK Plava Laguna. In high school he moved to Melarit to study. There he started playing for the home club, Mladost Melarit. With his games as an 18-year-old, he attracted the attention of major clubs and signed a contract with Dinamo Katanija. He won the championship and the cup with that club. Great pillar of the club's defense, with an overview of the game. He is strong in duels, fast, but his technique is also great.

CB Franko Rušković - 27 y - NK Mladost Melarit - Captain
Franko Rušković, 188 cm and 78 kg, an insurmountable pillar of defense. A very intelligent player with incredible agility and endurance. Strong and corpulent, they won duels in 92% of cases. He started playing football at the age of 10, before football he tried volleyball and tennis. He stayed in football and led his club NK Mladost Melarit to the second position in the league, but also to winning the cup. He was named the best football player in the league for last season, but also the best defensive player in the league.

RB Zoran Šutić - 25 y - NK Archer Kula
Zoran Šutić, 183 cm and 70 kg, he was born in the town of Kula. Despite his club fighting not to drop out of the league, Zoran is one of the bright spots of the drowning club. Zoran was brilliant in his position and Archery Kula will probably be left without its best player. There is talk of negotiations with Torpedo Melarit, a team that entered the first league from the second league.

CDM Heong Min Ho - 25 y- NK Dinamo Katanija
An amazing player, fast and always in the right place. The accuracy in the passes is amazing and the technique is amazing. He was born in Katanija and started playing football at the age of six. From the beginning, he was Dinamo Catania and with that club he is the champion of DR Srednjaci. He is 178 cm tall and weighs 68 kg.

LW Davida Zimmer - 24 y - NK Bistua Nuova
Davida Zimmer , 176 cm and 66 kg, a fast football player who creates problems on the left wing. A great football player who is an unsolvable enigma in the league. She was named the best football player in that position and she deserved an invitation to the national team with great statistics. 22 goals in the season, 18 assists and an accuracy of 87%. The speed in the sprint is amazing, 80 meters ran in 10.24 seconds. It has an excellent and precise shot from the edge of 16 meters and it is the most dangerous.

RW Takanobu Tavano - 23 y- NK Dinamo Katanija
The best player in that position and probably the best player in the league ever. The ceiling is 177 cm high and weighs 67 kilograms. Probably a fast player on the right wing is simply unstoppable. Because of his speed and technique, two players run into him in defense and sometimes three. This creates a surplus on the field and is very dangerous there. With one jerk he is able to add the ball with incredible precision. Its market price is dizzying. In the cup against Lokomotiva Raduč, a club from the second league, Tavano scored an incredible 6 goals. With Dinamo Katanija he is the league champion and he scored 18 goals and gave 33 assists.

CF Ante Tomljanović - 25 y - NK Čelik Raduč
Tomljanović is a unique player. He plays as an offensive midfielder, central foreward but can also play as a striker. A player who has almost everything. He is 182 cm tall, which is quite high for his position. But he is very agile, strong and technically great. He scored the most goals with his head from the corner, he can jump high and the defenders who should guard him are usually lower than him.

ST Isidor Matković - 24 y - NK Torpedo Melarit
Isidor Matković, 183 cm and 79 kg , the absolute star of the league. Torpedo Melarit entered the first from the second league and Matković is their best player, the club's top scorer, the top scorer of the second league and a player who has incredible skills. His sense of goal is the most pronounced of all the players in DR Srednjaci. Incredible shot, strong and technically refined. His turn and sprint are famous. It is difficult to keep him because he is constantly on the move and in addition to goals, he is often an assistant. He is the most talented player in the league and he will surely lead the battle with Tavan to be the best player in the league. Top scorer of national team on Baptism of Fire tournament.

ST Li Peng - 25 y - NK Mladost Melarit
Li Peng , 181 cm and 78 kg , the best striker of his club. He led Mladost Melarit to win the cup. In the final against Dinamo Katanija, he scored a hat trick and had one assist for the 4: 2 victory. Named the player of the match but also the top scorer for last season in the league with 41 goals.

Style Modifier: +-0

COACH : Hrvoje Vezmar
Coach Assistent : Dubravka Šoljić
GK Coach : Filip Jurčević
MD COACH: Goran Tvalić
WINGS Coach : Zoran Tadesić; Hedeharu Takamoto
CF Coach : Lidija Sterilić, Mirnes Dušebašić
ST Coach : Klaudija Rumenić; Vjekoslav Burić, Tomislav Galić
DF, CB Coach : Gordan Hretić, Silvija Šunjić, Hassan Al-Homeini
Doctor : Fran Kostolan, Henry Derman, Julija Kotyarova
Psyhioterapyst : Blagoje Raudić, Martina Steblić

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: ok, yes



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