WorldVision Song Contest 91 | OOC | Open Until Jun 14

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WorldVision Song Contest 91 | OOC | Open Until Jun 14

Postby WorldVision Committee » Wed May 26, 2021 3:03 pm

WorldVision & WHF Discord Chat
(currently active, tbh we live on here)

Host and WVC Voting Open - 7th June, 20:00 BST
Sign Ups Close; Host Voting Close, IC Thread Up - 14th June, 20:00 BST
Deadline for Entries; Voting Begins - 28th June, 20:00 BST
Voting Closes - 5th July, 20:00 BST


Welcome to the WorldVision Song Contest, based on the Eurovision Song Contest, aiming to provide and unite nations from different parts of the World through music. The WorldVision Song contest is an outlet to showcase the popular or native music of your nation. As with every contest, there are a few simple rules and regulations that you'll need to follow. If you're new, continue on to the FAQ/Guide To WorldVision! If you are simply looking for the rules, look no further than the box below:

How It Works

  • Each nation will rank the other nations out of 10. Each number below 4 adds a scaled negative score whereas each number above 4 adds a scaled positive score (4 provides a neutral value). The complete score of each nation will be the total sum of the positive and negative scores. At this point, any nation with a negative score or 0 will be considered to have 0 televote points (only the bottom few nations might receive this). The rest of the nations with a positive score will have this score then multiplied until the total scores are equal to the amount of points distributed through the points on the IC thread (this from now is the IC "Juries").
  • This multiplied number will then be the televote score for each nation.
  • Unlike in the test-run, the committee will assume responsibility for the televote, that is its recording and maintenance. This info will be given to the host when all nations have voted on the IC thread or when the deadline passes. This will allow the vote to not be influenced by the host, and to make sure the formula used is accurate.
  • The committee will also be responsible for publishing the complete voting result overview at the end of the voting, including the individual votes of nations, as well as the overall voting breakdown.
  • If the percentage of nations receiving 0 points in the televote exceeds 10% of the total competing nations that edition, the committee will reserve the right to change these percentages so that the percentage of nations receiving 0 points falls under 10% once again, as long as the nation's raw televote score is above -10. In this case, weightings changes will be done so that it does not affect any position in the top 3.
  • The host will be free to announce these results how they see fit, with the committee's strong recommendation to reveal them in the style of either of lowest to highest in the televote, or according to current standings after the jury vote.
  • In the event of a tie, the jury vote takes precedence.

Televote Instructions

  • In addition to the standard 12-1 points that we all post on the IC thread (which remains the same) there will also be an additional requirement. Each contestant must also submit a response to a google form in which they will rate each song from 1-10 (out of a maximum of 10) - with 1 to a song which they hated and 10 to a song they loved (and everything in between).
  • There are no restrictions on televoting - You can allocate scores in the televote however you wish, and you do not need this to be the same metric by which you measure your "jury" scores. Some suggestions may be to split your scores according to the Music/Lyrics/RP etc., but this is optional. We will still check for invalid votes, for example every nation being ranked the same, or in a specific "pattern", but this won't be an issue if one votes fairly.
  • You can give your puppet a maximum of 6 out of 10 in the televote and vice-versa to the main nation. If you have a puppet you will have to submit a second set of televoting points - however, you can submit a single set of points and include the ranking for both your main nation and puppet nation in the same form. You must inform the committee if you wish to do this in advance.
  • If you do not submit a televote, you will receive a 25% penalty on your original televote score (which will then be redistributed among the rest of the nations according to their televoting score). It is strongly recommended that you submit a televote score, but if you don't submit one, you don't have to worry about being disqualified.

As it was introduced prior to the start of '79, the same strike system for punishments will be in effect, where players breaking certain contest rules will receive strikes depending on the severity.

    • One Strike: No immediate consequences;
    • Two Strikes: One-contest ban;
    • Three Strikes: Two-contest ban.
  • Strikes expire after five editions; however, a strike expiring during a ban does not edit or shorten it.
  • Bans stack; that is, a nation reaching three strikes within one edition is immediately banned for the following three editions.
  • Bans erase strikes once they are completed.

    Here are the following issues that can net you a strike:

    One strike:
    • Not voting in the contest (will also disqualify a contestant from competing)
    • Changing votes without Worldvision Committee supervision.
    • Posting halftime results when not the host or WVC & refusing to remove results (which also results in disqualification)
    • Posting an incomplete entry.
    • Not declaring a new puppet, or when transferring ownership of a puppet.

    Two strikes:
    • Engaging in tactical voting.
    • Intentionally refusing to vote.
    • Attempts to evade a ban.
    • Entering more than one puppet in the contest.

FAQ / Guide To WorldVision

I'm new here, how does this all work?

Welcome! Here at WorldVision, we write our own lyrics to existing songs, then vote on them! Many of us write performances and background information on the performer as well. This contest is based heavily on the Eurovision Song Contest, so it helps a lot if you're familiar with it! One major difference from it is that the winner doesn't host the next contest- here we have people bid each edition to host the next contest.

That sounds fun! How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple! You can fill out and post the application below, or simply state your interest in joining. If you do use the application, you don't need to fill everything in.

Code: Select all
[b]Nation Name:[/b] Your nation's name goes here.
[b]Official Broadcaster:[/b] Your official broadcaster for WV goes here.
[b]Song Title:[/b] The IC Song title goes here.
[b]Artist(s) Name(s):[/b] The name of your act goes here.

[b]Tune:[/b] The real-life tune you're basing your song on goes here.

This is all so exciting! I want to host!

In order to host, you need to have fully participated once, especially to get the feel of how the contest runs. While you wait, you can look at current bids to learn how good bids look like. If you've signed up before host voting has begun, then you can vote for the host! Once you've finished a contest, you can bid for host, as long as you don't vote for your own.

How do I write an entry?

Writing an entry is just a bit more work than Alexander Rybak makes it seem. Most of us use an existing song as a tune, which we usually link through YouTube, and rewrite the lyrics so that they are original- which means that we wrote them ourselves and did not copy the real lyrics (at least 80% should be your own, which is generally easy if you write your own). Translating real lyrics does not count!

To do well, it's best to write a performance and choose a tune that hasn't been used before - don't be afraid to ask us if you're unsure! In addition, it's always good to look at past contests and learn from the winners and highest placed entries.

If you do post a reservation/placeholder post for your entry, please make sure that you finish it with a completed set of lyrics. If you don't finish, or if you don't withdraw on the OOC thread, you will receive a strike, which is explained in the spoiler below this section.

The entry deadline passed, and there's a mistake in my entry! Can't I just fix it?

Please let the Committee know first! If it's a big edit, you'll need to ask for permission. If you're just fixing spelling, formatting, or a link, then it's fine! But if you make a big edit without permission, like finishing lyrics or adding more RP, you might get disqualified.

So what comes next? Voting?

Yes, that's right! After the entry deadline, you cannot edit your entry without permission from the Committee. After the host posts the interval act and opens voting, you may post your votes. Just like in Eurovision, you give 12 points to your favourite entry, then 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1 point to your next favourite. Please vote on time!! The host may choose to close voting after the deadline, but if you do not vote on time you will be disqualified.

Next, you do the televote. Here, it means that you open the form that is linked by the host, and rank each entry from 1 to 10, with 1 being worst and 10 being best. Ever since the official implementation of the televote in WV83, everyone's televotes will be revealed by the Committee, so you can see the full breakdown after the contest ends. We use a weighting system to calculate the televotes - this will be changed at the discretion of the committee if the number of 0's exceeds 10% of participating nations (this will be done only for those nations with a score of above -10).

This sounds awesome! I want to enter a puppet nation and write more entries!

You can do that! You may enter a second nation, but make sure you confirm that it is yours in the signups! However with great power comes great responsibility: you can only give a maximum of 5 points to yourself in the jury vote, and only a maximum score of 6 in the televote, and together with your main nation you can only give a maximum of 14 jury points to another nation.

I do not feel safe or welcome here. What do I do?

If you are bullied, harassed, intimidated/etc by someone within the contest, please contact the Committee or one of its members, and we will ensure confidentiality and analyze the situation. We will deal with punishment as deemed appropriate depending on the severity of the offence.

I have more questions! Who do I ask?

If you have more questions you can ask in the thread, join the Discord server linked at the top of this post, or TG the WorldVision Committee. The Discord server is probably where you are going to get the fastest reply.

So basically, be original, try to be fair, don't be a jerk, and have fun. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to TG the Committee - it helps if you add the Committee's individual member names (Elejamie, Scotatrova, Malta Comino Gozo, Nekoni, Todlichebujoku) in the "To:" box along with "WorldVision Committee" for a faster response. DM on Discord also works!

Even if you've missed the deadline or aren't participating, feel free to discuss the contest in this thread or post commentary in the IC. You'll find that we all greatly appreciate some good commentary.

With all that said, welcome to WorldVision!

Confirmed Nations (45)

  • Achaean Republic
  • Adab
  • Alezian Union
  • Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
  • Amuaplye
  • Antahbrantahstan
  • Auphelia
  • Axuva
  • Beepee
  • Belgaam
  • Carrelie
    - New Douria
  • Darkmania
    - Vartugia
  • Elejamie
    - Placely Placington
  • Ertzei Kishim
  • Estogium
  • Ethane
  • Greater Korean Juche Republic
  • Hafamarimët
  • Izmedu
  • Independent South Africa
  • Joija
  • Kalosia
    - Saviera
  • Kergle
  • Llalta
  • Malta Comino Gozo
    - Crustyland
  • Mister X
  • Molotovsk
  • Nekoni
  • Pemecutan
  • Polkopia
  • Rhim Flavezztowland
  • Saperetia
  • Scotatrova
  • Scottish Socialists
  • South Batako
    - Vandalusia
  • Spiritual Republic of Caryton
    - Zamboodle
  • South Batoko
    - Vandalusia
  • Syrche
  • Tödlichebujoku
  • Tylastrona
  • Waisnor

Have you been left out by mistake? Just TG us!

National Finals (3)

Host Bids (3)

Disqualified Nations (0)

    If you have any questions regarding the strike system, please contact the Worldvision Committee and we can assist you.

    Committee Elections

    It's time again for the committee elections! If you participated in the most recent WorldVision, the 90th contest, you are eligible to run for the committee. As always, there are five spots on the committee which we are electing for. Typically, users will write a manifesto of the things they'd like to do/change/achieve if they are elected to the position. We can also arrange some Q&A sessions like last time if people are interested to find out more about the candidates. Voting details will be revealed when voting opens, likely to remain as the original average rank method used in the election that took place during the WV86 sign up. Also, committee candidates will still be able to vote, but they cannot rank themselves among their votes.

    Committee Candidates (6)
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    Postby WorldVision Committee » Wed May 26, 2021 3:03 pm


    Over the last few months, we have been drawing up plans for what Special Edition the WorldVision community would like to see and the results are officially in. Of the 24 votes given, we have a clear top 2 for the choice of edition, and despite the decent stack of 17 votes of agreement for the Secret Santa special, 22/24 have plumped for the first ever RetroVision Song Contest!

    Now, we also decided to ask how you'd like to see said RetroVision done, and there was a clear winner there as well, with the 1980s taking a clear preference with 17 of the 24 voters opting for it. Therefore, this means that this Special Edition shall be...

    1980s RETROVISION!!

    Yes, we toyed with the concept back in WorldVision 80, but the spirit of the 80s will be in full force in our special edition contest! There are, of course, some things of note to include in this:

    - For the hosting, it shall be open to any nation that has successfully taken part in at least ONE WorldVision Song Contest.

    - For what actually classes as an entry, the WV Committee will take an inclusive approach, in that entries that use base songs outside of the 1980-1989 year boundary will be allowed if they are done in the spirit of the sounds of the 1980s. This will be done on a case-by-case basis, and as with the orchestral versions of the World Hit Festival, any entrants unsure of their entry's suitability may send the Committee their idea to see if it sufficiently fits the criteria. Naturally, any song specifically released within the boundaries of 1980 and 1989 will be accepted without further qualification.

    - The use of an orchestra, as in the style of 1980s Eurovision Song Contests will not be mandatory, and their inclusion will be dependent on the host nation.

    Special Edition Host Voting Open - 31st May, 20:00 BST
    Sign Ups Close; Host Voting Close, IC Thread Up - 7th June, 20:00 BST
    Deadline for Entries; Voting Begins - 14th June, 20:00 BST
    Voting Closes - 21st June, 20:00 BST

    As always, the WorldVision Community wishes you all good luck with turning back the clock, and bonne chance!

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    WorldVision Song Contest Committee
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    Postby Carrelie » Wed May 26, 2021 3:09 pm

    CarrelieOne presents...
    With the co-operation of Radio Dourie...
    Welcome to the very first Carrelie Melodifestival!
    We're coming to you live from the Arena of Vanirstaw in Warsaw, Vanirstaw! 11 countries from around Carrelie have sent artists to represent them in the contest, but only 1 can win! After Celestyna won last time, it's been made clear that this contest is anyone's game! So without further ado, here are our entries!

    Song number one, representing Douria, it's Florianne!

    Tune: Louie Zong ft. Brian David Gilbert - Thumbnail

    Lâche-moi vers ceux qui,
    M'a jamais fait du tort dans ma vie,
    Je n' suis pas là maintenant,
    Alors lâche-moi et j'irai.

    Tune: The Duck of Mischief - Dave Found His Old Synthesizer

    Give me all your love and I will give mine,
    I've not had enough if you have the time,
    I work night and day and yeah, you know it,
    I'd give ev'rything and you won't show it.

    Tune: Mitski - Nobody

    I'm stuck here and know that,
    You couldn't show up now, I know that,
    But I have no fear, no qualms 'bout that.

    Tune: Doce - Bem bom

    Rano w Polsce, yeah!
    Morning, when the morning comes,
    We're all here waiting for your flight,

    Tune: Jasmin Wagner - Gold

    Kiss - I want your kiss,
    Only the taste of your lips.
    Kiss - Give me your kiss,
    Every day I long for it.

    Tune: Laka - Pokušaj

    I'd give it up if you could give me your love, even in the morning,
    I'd give it up if you love was true and this truth I am supporting...

    Tune: Hoshi - Allez là

    Tryllestav, I need a miracle son,
    I want it before it's gone,
    Selling out, like my pride, and I can't hold on.

    Tune: Pitsj - Den du veit

    And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I love you so,
    Expressions in the wind ain't going slow,
    I'll love you from this day 'til when I die,
    Beacause I know that you are mine.

    Tune: Clara Luciani - Le reste

    Because I dance, I'm always dancin', oh,
    And I will dance forevermore,
    I dance, I'm always dancin', oh,
    I'll dance until the day is done.

    Tune: Carolina Deslandes - Por um Triz

    Now I'm here, lonely, alone, holding onto dreams,
    Wishing I was someone to you and your breaking seams...


    Now as I'm told,
    Nothing is free here,
    But ev'rything bought,
    Expiry date's near...


    And those are our entries! This time, you'll be required to send 2 sets of scores, one giving the songs 10, then 8-1 points, and the other rating songs from 1 to 5! Voting closes on the 3rd of June at 8pm BST! Happy voting!
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    Postby Malta Comino Gozo » Wed May 26, 2021 3:18 pm

    Malta Comino Gozo champions!



    Tune: Falling
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    Postby Izmedu » Wed May 26, 2021 3:18 pm

    Izmedu signs up

    Gonna send what was supposed to be my 89 entry. We're entering with Nuestra sićanja - Parting Ways (Tune: Supper Moment & Survive Said The Prophet - To Whom)
    WorldVision Song Contest - World Hit Festival

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    Postby Elejamie » Wed May 26, 2021 3:31 pm

    Nation Name: Elejamie
    Official Broadcaster: ETV ONE
    Song Title: Come On/Join Us
    Artist(s) Name(s): The Humanoids

    Tune: Age of Consent - Heartbreak

    Also I'm pre-confirming Placely Placington, I'll take part in that 1980s RetroVision, I'm not going to bid to host WV91 or the special edition and I'm not going to run for Committee (because barring one or two incidents I was quite pleased with the outgoing one).
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    Postby Amuaplye » Wed May 26, 2021 3:44 pm

    I'm signing up for Retrovision
    I'm a dude.
    Also, call me Amuaplye, not Amuapyle, or Amu.

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    Postby Malta Comino Gozo » Wed May 26, 2021 3:51 pm


    Malta Comino Gozo For Committee

    If you don't know me I am Malta Comino Gozo but you can call me MCG or just Malta, any is fine. :) I have been a part of WV since WV76, hosting two successful competitions in WV78 and WV85. I feel Worldvision is a fantastic opportunity for people such as myself to participate in showcasing their talent at writing and roleplaying. In the fifteen editions, I have been here I have made a huge impact. It's a great place to make friends, learn and grow. I am a valued member and I have made a lot of friends here. I am a positive hard working individual and inspire to put a lot of effort into things as can be seen by my two hosting's and my 3 Worldvision wins.

    Having been on the committee for the first time from 86-90 I can honestly say it has been a blast. I could not have picked a better group of people to work with. When we made mistakes we fixed them and learnt from them too. I can truly say I wish they all get elected again! Everyone pulled their weight and was a great asset to our group. We did tons but the biggest was that we made some changes by lowering the number of points given by a nation and their puppet from 18-14 to allow fairer results. We dealt with DSQ which was not fun and we set up the next special contest.

    As a member of the committee, I did my fair share of posts, often posting the threads and also announcements when my fellow members were busy etc.
    I also regularly update the OP. I put together the iiwiki page after the nswiki broke, to help archive all old contests, and kept it up to date alongside other players who help keep it updated. I helped a lot of individuals who contacted me, by taking their concerns raised to me to the committee to be talked about. I was constantly active and always making my points heard. I also kept the WV directory up to date, something that often gets forgotten about.

    I have helped players old and new gain an understanding of how the contest works, and also aided some Host bids by helping create graphics.

    I am a team player and consistently make an effort. I as mentioned before I have experience with this in my real-life work, as I was Chairman of my local workplace for 6 years. This involved me planning/ attending meetings, conference calls, working with others locally and nationally as well as time planning and communicating to others feedback and information. I am a great listener as well. I feel these are worthy skills to have to continue being on the committee.

    I feel that Worldvision is a great community to be a part of. There are so many amazing people from so many walks of life.

    Whilst the televote remains a polar topic I do feel it brings so much life to the contest and brings people together I for one LOVE the excitement and build-up of the televote and feel it adds a sense of fun and joy to the competition. I would vote to keep the televote if elected into the committee.

    It was a priority before and shall remain a priority that there needs to be more communication between discord and the forums so people who don't use discord don't feel left out of any important decisions. I made sure before the forums were updated often but we can still try harder to get these people into discord. The OOC needs to be kept active in order to attract more new players, we must make sure this is constantly attended to and kept up to date. I shall continue with this if I am re-elected.

    Overall I want this to remain a friendly environment, yes we all have different opinions, some love the televote some don't but this is a place to come together and share our love of Eurovision/ songwriting and roleplaying and it should remain that way. Harsh comments do happen but as Committee members we can help these individuals work matters out. Recently we have seen some high profile members leave the discord due to matters involving the WV community. People should not feel like they have to leave because of others people. This community should remain a place of respect and have a level of maturity, as even I have noticed some jokes can go too far and to some people on the sidelines who are not familiar with this think these jokes can come across as offensive. I am not trying to police anyone by saying "Do this!" Don't do that!" But just think before you say stuff sometimes because it can have a negative impact on others.

    I hope you re-elect me for the committee as I promise to continue running the contest, and maintaining an active presence in the group, by taking any action deemed appropriate against issues between players etc, by continuing to make sure announcements are posted on the forums and people are up to date and last but not least providing a welcoming, and homey environment for both new players and new WVC members.

    I look forward to working with all the others elected too!
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    Postby Hafamarimyht » Wed May 26, 2021 3:59 pm

    Nation Name: Hafamarimët
    Official Broadcaster: TVH
    Song Title: tba
    Artist(s) Name(s): tba

    Tune: tba

    just signing up for regular wv, i don't think i'll have the time for retrovision
    WV19: 23rd (27pts)
    WV24: 34th (9pts)
    WV26: 34th (28 pts)
    WV27: 31st (27 pts)
    WV28: 28th (21 pts)
    WV30: 18th (39 pts)
    WV34: DQ
    WV82: 24th (18 pts)
    WV86: 21st (99pts)
    WV87: 9th (160pts)
    WV88: 19th (121pts)
    WV90: 26th (81pts)

    WHF5: 8th (16pts)
    WHF11: 22nd (3pts)
    WHF13: 24th (5pts)
    WHF56: 20th (6pts)
    WHF57: 8th (18pts)

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    Postby Ertzei Kishim » Wed May 26, 2021 4:07 pm

    Maybe, maybe not

    Better to keep a track of it any case

    (consider it a sign-up)
    Ertzei Kishim in the WorldVision Song Contest
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    Postby Alezian Union » Wed May 26, 2021 4:53 pm

    The Alezian Union is returning after a very satisfactory 10th place!


    Why? Because the ABA is going to experiment on a system where all four regions will get a turn on sending their best song for the whole union for the Worldvision Song Contest. After South Alezia's victory in Alma last season, this time, ABA North Alezia has been internally selected to sing first, then Mosin-Nagan, then South Alezia, then Pantabang Islands, before doing a National Alma.

    The Alezian Broadcasting Authority would've picked Sourire Allievais who got third in Alma, however she has refused the offer, saying that she has a lot to learn before returning to the competition. So, the ABA opt to pick the newly made band called FIRE with the song of the same name.


    Tune : Umsuura - Moksogollor
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    Postby Ertzei Kishim » Wed May 26, 2021 5:00 pm


    Kishraeli Representatives for WV91 - Listen to the song here
    Ertzei Kishim in the WorldVision Song Contest
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    Postby Pemecutan » Wed May 26, 2021 6:06 pm

    Nation Name: Pemecutan (PCU)
    Official Broadcaster: Giri Broadcasting Company (GBC)
    Song Title: TBA
    Artist(s) Name(s): Agustinus Setiawan ft. Dek Yuli

    Tune: Jussie Smollet ft. Alicia Keys - Powerful (Empire TV Series)

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    Postby Adab » Wed May 26, 2021 6:22 pm

    Adab signs up. Tune is Wicked - What Is This Feeling?

    (I'm not entering Faraby this edition as I've already got RetroVision to deal with along with the regular edition.)
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    Postby Placely Placington » Wed May 26, 2021 6:29 pm

    Elejamie wrote:Also I'm pre-confirming Placely Placington

    Yes. Placely Placington isn't running for Committee or bidding either.

    Nation Name: Placely Placington
    Official Broadcaster: Wait, We Have A Broadcaster?
    Song Title: Placely's on the Field!
    Artist(s) Name(s): Sports Bloke and a Bunch of Test Subjects

    Tune: Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band - Hulkster's in the House
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    Rhim Flavezztowland
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    Postby Rhim Flavezztowland » Wed May 26, 2021 7:53 pm

    Rhim Flavezztowland's provisionally signing up for WV91 :) ! Just so you know, I'm planning to do an NF for this edition, and I'm also thinking about signing up for RetroVision (not to mention that I hope to fully participate this time without withdrawing at the last minute like last time :p ).
    Last edited by Rhim Flavezztowland on Wed May 26, 2021 7:54 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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    Postby Kalosia » Wed May 26, 2021 8:30 pm

    Kalosia confirms! FKK post to come soon.

    Also pre-confirming Saviera.
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    Spiritual Republic of Caryton
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    Postby Spiritual Republic of Caryton » Wed May 26, 2021 9:40 pm

    Caryton Confirmation Post
    The Spiritual Republic of Caryton - The FIRST pet tribute nation
    In tribute to my childhood Golden Retriever, Cary. She lived 11 years of joy and love.
    A rural 80s-90s tech agrarian restorationist christian nation with no separation between church and state. The de jure head of state is Cary the Golden Retriever, famed for so-called prophetic abilities.
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    Spiritual Republic of Caryton
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    Postby Spiritual Republic of Caryton » Wed May 26, 2021 9:41 pm

    Committee Bid for the Spiritual Republic of Caryton


    Hi everybody! I'm Cary! I've been participating in WorldVision for more than a dozen editions! I'm still relatively new in the WV game, but I try as hard as possible to acquaint myself to the WV community and share my life with them! If you don't know me, feel free to drop a "hi" in my discord (islet#3156)! I may not be the "highest-scoring" participant, but a nation's score should never be a "qualification" for leadership. Similarly, seniority is as only as useful as the leaders are honest. Allow me to present my platform!

    1. Conduct

    In the spirit of honesty, the current clime of WorldVision has tendencies to be elitist and emotionally charged. The tone of complete and utter condescension, especially towards newer or less popular members, is unacceptable. Just because somebody uses flamboyant and sugar-coated words like "hon" or "sis" doesn't mean the scathing statement that typically follows is made less offensive. The behavior of some of WorldVision's members seriously needs to be regulated, especially when referring to the Discord server. If elected, I will ensure that every member is treated with respect and no member will be affected by matters of personal bias. I appreciate the actions of the current committee in reaching out towards the members, but there is always more work to be done because people aren't perfect and it's not their fault if disagreements spiral.

    2. Representation

    If elected I will represent the voices of all members regardless of their standing in the community. Every person is equal in worth regardless of their history, and that sentiment will carry over to everything from suggestions to moderation. I will work to improve the standards of the community and the editions that will follow. If there happens to be an issue of mistreatment, come to me and I will do everything in my power to rectify it.

    3. Contest Mechanics

    I firmly believe that debuting nations should be allowed to place a host and committee election bid. I think the rule forbidding debuting nations from making a bid is pointless and archaic. If an entry presents good points or if a bid is appealing in all regards, then the entering nation by logic should be allowed to host or run. Surely, if the system were merit-based then bad bids or ignorant committee campaigns would be caught before they even got in- and if the bidding nation were serious about their entry then they would ask for help with posting and mechanics. The rule forbidding new nation participation effectively restricts creative inspiration and will invariably result in attrition of activity and interest. As a rule of thumb, initial interest in something is initially grand, and typically decays over time. Why not take advantage of the fresh blood which is apparently in such short supply?

    On the televote, I believe any deliberation on the subject has run its course dry. A decision has been made and several editions have passed, so attempting to cancel the televote system is nothing short of a belligerent filibuster, a statement of spite. The same applies for the subject of which method of communication is best for the WorldVision community.

    I am staunchly against the alternative discord server, and if elected I will put my full two cents in if that branch of the community isn't already gone.

    4. Conclusion

    As this community grows, I would like to grow with it. I want to present a platform of honesty, friendship, and simple ethics. I've seen time and time again that for some members, restraint doesn't come easily. With your help, we can be better to each other. With your help, we can make sure our efforts do not go in vain. It is not hard to lift one another up. I love how members of the WorldVision community are so quick to compliment each other. I love how members offer advice on song-writing or graphic design, and take the time to help each other put their best foot forward. We can maintain this atmosphere of support for each other.

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Last edited by Spiritual Republic of Caryton on Thu May 27, 2021 11:24 pm, edited 3 times in total.
    The Spiritual Republic of Caryton - The FIRST pet tribute nation
    In tribute to my childhood Golden Retriever, Cary. She lived 11 years of joy and love.
    A rural 80s-90s tech agrarian restorationist christian nation with no separation between church and state. The de jure head of state is Cary the Golden Retriever, famed for so-called prophetic abilities.
    TBNC: [6-7-2021] Caryton celebrates one year of successful COVID mitigation, maintaining less than 1,000 cases at a time since June 7, 2020. Vaccine successfully delivered to 85% of population. Caryton fully opens its borders to tourism effective June 28th if conditions allow.
    18 y/o Latter-day Saint boy in Arizona. Openly gay HS grad. Agrarian Localist CivNat.

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    Postby Beepee » Thu May 27, 2021 2:10 am

    Signing up details to follow

    Nation Name: Beepee
    Official Broadcaster: Beepeean Occasional News Corporation
    Song Title:
    Artist(s) Name(s): Kiki

    Tune: 'Bra Vibrationer' - Kikki Danielsson
    Last edited by Beepee on Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:37 am, edited 3 times in total.

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    Achaean Republic
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    Civil Rights Lovefest

    Postby Achaean Republic » Thu May 27, 2021 3:25 am

    No WorldVision: La Final this time! Achaean drag sensation P.P. Galore will return to represent the Achaean Republic in this edition!

    Nation Name: Achaean Republic
    Official Broadcaster: AS1
    Song Title: Sonar
    Artist(s) Name(s): P.P. Galore (Tomás Pérez Jiménez)


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    Postby Tylastrona » Thu May 27, 2021 3:39 am

    Nation Name: Tylastrona
    Official Broadcaster: Tylastrona National Radio & TV (TNRTV)
    Song Title: Smil, kjære
    Artist(s) Name(s): Einar Aalefjær

    Tune: (Eiichi Ohtaki - Kimiwa Tennenshoku)
    Last edited by Tylastrona on Thu May 27, 2021 5:23 am, edited 1 time in total.

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    Postby Traden » Thu May 27, 2021 5:27 am

    Nation Name: Traden
    Official Broadcaster: TradicVision
    Song Title: Murderer's Paradise
    Artist(s) Name(s): Blood's Jester

    Tune: Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
    Last edited by Traden on Fri May 28, 2021 6:04 am, edited 1 time in total.
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    Postby Antahbrantahstan » Thu May 27, 2021 6:17 am


    entrant and tune is same as last edition
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    Scottish Socialists
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    Postby Scottish Socialists » Thu May 27, 2021 6:49 am

    If yous want good tunes with shite lyrics and decent graphics, I’m your guy.

    Oh, by the way, we’re actually back this time - completely forgot about my ‘return’ back in October that never materialised.
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