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Postby Pyazhnaya » Sun May 09, 2021 9:54 am


Atlantis Buraskva
Nickname: Tridents
Derogatory nickname(s): Subbies
Head coach: Polina Zefirova (42)
Ground: Atlantis Arena (26,000), located in Buraskva
Major rivals: Admiral Tverinsk, Taiga Tverinsk
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 18th place
Best position: 9th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Lev Shevelyov
LB Victor Myagkov
CB Nadenka Golova
CB Boris Faizullin
RB Natalya Votyakova
LM Timur Zolotov
CM Daniil Vasin
CM Anastasiya Fadeyeva
RM Victoria Yershova
FW Inna Novichkova
FW Lada Arefyeva

Background: Located in the northern part of the island of Lesnoy Ostrov (Forest Island), Atlantis is the lone representative of the Buran Province in the Prizhnaya Pervaya Liga. Despite the nautical name and the city's location on the coast, the club's roots are in the logging industry that has been the main employer of the province.

Previous season: Finishing last in four of the last six seasons, Atlantis is coming off the second-worst result of their history, lacking in every department offensively and defensively with only Yarkuta within striking distance, which was very little consolation

Outlook: The club is in complete turnover mode, trying to stem the flood of negative results and young new coach Polina Zefirova, coming straight from the academy, will be getting the time she needs to mold the very much changed line-up into a team to compete for at least a midfield spot.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Tue May 18, 2021 7:07 pm

FK Yarkuta
Nickname: Lions
Derogatory nickname(s): Kitties
Head coach: Maksim Kasyanov (57)
Ground: Khunzar Stadium (22,000), located in Yarkuta
Major rivals: Mazhny Park Severoyarsk, Dinamo Krasnograd
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 17th place
Best position: 12th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Anoushka Tikhokhoda
LB Gavriil Vasnev
CB Anoushka Tukhachevskya
CB Kirill Lobanov
RB Nikolai Ovechkin
LM Oleg Semyonov
CM Ivanka Bukina
CM Fyodor Zubarev
RM Rodion Pushkin
FW Artem Gagolin
FW Galina Golubtsova

Background: One of two clubs from the Severoyarsk Province, Yarkuta is the largest city Khunzar Island, located southeast of the mainland. It has notoriously been one of the league's poorest clubs and has been in the lower third of the table ever since the league started. Their fans are fervent despite the chronically bad results, but they have long resigned to the fact that Yarkuta might forever be in the shadows.

Previous season: When a 12th position is the best a team has managed in an 18-team league, the lines between 14th, 17th or 18th blur. So in a way it was business as usual, even though being six points removed from 16th shows that not being last is the only achievement that is kind of worth mentioning.

Outlook: Fielding a very young team more out of necessity than club philosophy, fans, coach and management alike hope year in, year out that some gemstones will emerge and help the club to at least a top 10 result. Overall Maksim Kasyanov's position is one of the most unenviable in the league.

Dinamo Krasnograd
Nickname: Hex
Derogatory nickname(s): Devils
Head coach: Alyona Dmitriyev (45)
Ground: Dinamo Stadium (36,000), located in Krasnograd
Major rivals: FK Yarkuta, Torpedo Krasnograd
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 16th place
Best position: 12th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Fedor Ivashin
LB Anton Kondyurin
CB Maria Kuimova
CB Konstantin Gorbachyov
RB Pyotr Kadtsyn
LM Arina Rubashkina
CM Inna Sayankina
CM Vasily Kartashyov
RM Rodion Terekhov
FW Elena Grachyova
FW Vsevolod Bogolyubsky

Background: Dinamo have been the ugly duckling of Krasnograd, being completely overshadowed by Torpedo and FCK. Similar to FK Yarkuta they have been perpetual bottom dwellers in the league, just with the exception that they are not the only team of the region. Not unlike Yarkuta, though, their fan base is extremely loyal and manages to drown out fans of FK Krasnograd in their derbies with frightening ease.

Previous season: Hampered by a horrible defense that conceded 103 goals (third most in PPL history), the Hex were constantly trying in catch up mode up front, which did not help the team's morale. The only upside of the season was the emergence of some promising young players that fans hope can continue their evolution.

Outlook: 19-year old striker Vsevolod Bogolyubsky is the player that most fans are putting their hopes on to finally overcome the goal deficit for Dinamo. Together with goal keeper Fedor Ivashin, who joined the club from FK Yarkuta of all teams, management is looking for a more stable defense and more offensive output. Coach Alyona Dmitriyev definitely has his work cut out for himself.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:23 pm

Shakhter Khilyovsk
Nickname: Miners
Derogatory nickname(s): Diggers
Head coach: Katya Bebneva (54)
Ground: Shakhter Stadion (38,500), located in Khilyovsk
Major rivals: Mazhny Park Severoyarsk
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 15th place
Best position: 10th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Maksimilian Chupov
LB Elena Poltanova
CB Polina Loshchilova
CB Vasily Krayevsky
RB Sonya Fedulova
LM Yana Nezhdanova
CM Boris Skumin
CM Maria Shabolina
RM Inna Parshikova
FW Karina Gruzinskya
FW Mikhail Klimushin

Background: The capital of the Khilya Province, Shakhter has no local competition in the PPL, so the whole province firmly stands behind the club that has its origins on the minin industry that has been Khilya's (and Khilyovsk's) main source of income.

Previous season: Repeating the 15th place finish of the season before, the main consolation for Khilyovsk was the fact that they scored seven points more than last year, hoping that they can build some sort of momentum and eye a spot within the top ten for just the third time in their history.

Outlook: The average age of the squad is under 24, with the three veterans Nezhdanova, Skumin and Klimushin trying to lead the crop of youngsters, the most promising of which has already made it into the starting line-up of the national team with 21-year old right midfielder Inna Parshikova, while just 18-year young goalkeeper Maksimilian Chupov just made the team as well as one of the back-ups. If they can get their dismal goals against under control, they might have a chance to move on to greener pastures.

Molniya Sarokhovo
Nickname: Lightning
Derogatory nickname(s): Sparklers
Head coach: Gavriil Zadorozhny (46)
Ground: Nagarakhil Arena (27,000), located in Sarokhovo
Major rivals: Golubaya Zvezda Ochuromorsk, Mazhny Park Severoyarsk
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 14th place
Best position: 5th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Timur Yefremov
LB Maria Shikalova
CB Rodion Melekhov
CB Kirill Chuprov
RB Anastasiya Barkova
LM Vladimir Krutin
CM Lada Mikhaylova
CM Vladimir Baskin
RM Artyom Lebedintsev
FW Pyotr Omelnitskiy
FW Vladislav Prokhorov

Background: The smaller of the two clubs in the Umatra Province (the other being Golubaya Zvezda Ochuromorsk) has not been able to finish a season above their arch rivals in twelve years, instead hitting a four-year last-place streak. There have been some concerted efforts to revive the team and at the very least get clsoer to Golubaya Zvezda, but it seems to be quite the long-term project.

Previous season: Ten points more than the previous season and two spots higher. If this is considered the success worth mentioning, it is pretty clear that the bar is pretty low. It was the next in a long string of non-descript seasons that have had fans of the Lightning so anything but sparkle with excitement.

Outlook: Young centre back Rodion Melekhov is considered one of the league's brightest defensive talents and midfielder Vladimir Baskin even is within the national team's pool, so management and coach Gavriil Zadorozhny are hopeful that they will be able to build a good team around these two players and head for higher midfield positions.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Wed Jun 16, 2021 9:57 am

Sila Saykonur
Nickname: Supermen
Derogatory nickname(s): Flabs
Head coach: Pyotr Yuditsky (35)
Ground: Gennadiy Astrokhov Stadium (28,000), located in Saykonur
Major rivals: FK Vselitamak, Legion Vostrakhan
Major honours: Champions season 4
Pundits' prediction: 13th place
Best position: 1st place

Starting Lineup:
GK Vadim Bondarchuk
LB Timur Grekov
CB Anoushka Dorokhina
CB Mila Babaeva
RB Timur Terekhov
LM Misha Balandina
CM Vsevolod Garipov
CM Taisiya Maslaka
RM Vladimir Serpionov
FW Denis Chubarov
FW Vsevolod Butylin

Background: Located in the far southeastern province of Tamir, Sila Saykonur used to be one of the top teams in the early years of the league, even snatching one championship in season 4, but in the past few years have definitely fallen on hard times, having managed a one-digit table finish once in the last six seasons.

Previous season: It was an odd season for Sila, starting out well, giving people hope, but then witnessing an absolutely inexplicable nosedive, only managing to avoid completely crashing towards the end of the season, finishing up in 13th in the end. Consequently former centre back Pyotr Yuditsky took over the coaching role as someone knowing the club inside and out, having played in every PPL season up to that point, in the hope that he can breathe life into this team once more.

Outlook: The squad is one of the oldest in the league and its best player, Timur Terekhov, is 33 this season. Sila really have to hope that some of the young players like Anoushka Dorokhina or Vsevolod Butylin have breakout years, otherwise the Tamirians might be in for another rough season.

Admiral Tverinsk
Nickname: Admirals
Derogatory nickname(s): Seamen
Head coach: Yevgeny Shchegolikhin (42)
Ground: Voyenno-Morskoy Stadium (57,000), located in Tverinsk
Major rivals: Taiga Tverinsk, Atlantis Buraskva
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 12th place
Best position: 8th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Lyudmila Umanova
LB Kirill Smolin
CB Denis Kandinsky
CB Yekaterina Pshenichnikova
RB Adelina Spanova
LM Marat Listratov
CM Mikhail Maysak
CM Tatyana Karavayeva
RM Marat Mirny
FW Rodion Drugov
FW Svetlana Ananyeva

Background: Firmly rooted in the Pyazhnayan army, Admiral Tverinsk is a very proud, if barely moderately successful club. Only twice in the history of the league have they managed to finish higher than local rival Taiga Tverinsk and it stings. This, however, has not changed the fans' almost fanatical support of the team, leading to maybe the fiercest derby in Pyazhnayan football.

Previous season: Some call it stagnation, some call it consistency. 13th, 13th, 12th, but the points gap to the two teams ahead of them has shrunk. This is what fans and management are clinging to, trying to conjure up an upwards trajectory.

Outlook: It is going to be yet another challenging season for Admiral, led by veteran national team striker Svetlana Ananyeva, who will be heavily relied upon not only for the scoring of goals, which has not been the main issue of the team's game, but also in providing guidance to budding stars such as Yekaterina Pshenichnikova or Marat Mirny, but overall the balance within the team is not very good.

Kompas Livropol
Nickname: Navigators
Derogatory nickname(s): The Lost
Head coach: Yulia Nikishina (51)
Ground: Kompas Arena (28,500), located in Livropol
Major rivals: Dinamo Krasnograd, Prizrachnaya Brigada Cherniy Zamok
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 11th place
Best position: 7th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Pavel Polishchuk
LB Sofia Trufanova
CB Semyon Yusupov
CB Lev Lyagushov
RB Vsevolod Anasenko
LM Lev Baburin
CM Lyudmila Statnika
CM Elena Krasotkina
RM Roman Kalganov
FW Sergey Arzamastsev
FW Anna Teplyashina

Background: Located upriver from the capital Krasnograd, Livropol languishes on both sides of the Naramunz River, constantly trying to step out of the shadow of Krasnograd, but mostly unsuccessfully. Dinamo Krasnograd has been the only team they have been able to eclipse, but sometimes it is the small things.

Previous season: Despite only dropping one position compared to the previous two seasons, season 15 has seen a sharp drop in won points, which does give reason for concern, so does the goal difference getting worse over the last three seasons. Never a flashy side, fans' discontent did grow towards the end of the season, calling for a sack of the coach.

Outlook: The fans did get what they wanted, with Yulia Nikishina new on the helm of the Kompas vessel. The outlook for a better season, however, is not great as there only is one bonafide star in the squad with 23-year old midfielder Lyudmila Statnika and a fairly big drop in quality beyond her with only Vsevolod Anasenko being remotely near her level.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:42 pm

Golubaya Zvezda Ochuromorsk
Nickname: Shooting Stars
Derogatory nickname(s): Black Holes
Head coach: Yekaterina Smirnitskaya (51)
Ground: Nebosvod (34,000), located in Ochuromorsk
Major rivals: Molniya Sakharovo
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 10th place
Best position: 6th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Zakhar Vyalitsyn
LB Yulia Tikhomirova
CB Vsevolod Golubtsov
CB Irina Babkina
RB Zakhar Silayev
LM Daniil Boldyrev
CM Andrey Guslyakov
CM Mila Venediktova
RM Daria Pelevina
FW Vanya Voskoboynikova
FW Grigory Bugayev

Background: Their rivalry with provincial neighbours Molniya Sarakhovo has been Golubaya Zvezda's main driving force as, not unlike them, league successes have been (very) few and (very) far between. Four years ago they managed to hit sixth place, their best result ever, before sliding back into mediocrity. Originally founded as an army club as Krasnaya Zvezda, they renamed themselves into Golubaya Zvezda (for the uninitated from Red Star to Blue Star), severing all connections to the army, even though in the eyes of most fans (and opponents) they still are the army club.

Previous season: The Shooting Stars were stuck in no man's land, not strong enough to challenge for a better position, but too good to really be mired at the bottom. They did manage to curb the goals against by a fair amount, unfortunately in turn the goals scored also suffered, but there are hopes that the club is on the right track as they finished the season strong.

Outlook: Yekaterina Smirnitskaya is a wily tactician who has managed to get the best out of the team after taking over halfway through the season. And with Vsvolod Golubtsov and Andrey Guslyakov she has two of Pyazhnaya's greatest young talents in her squad that could be the beginning of a maybe not golden, but definitely brighter future!

Taiga Tverinsk
Nickname: Wolves
Derogatory nickname(s): Shrubs
Head coach: Vladislav Glinin (68)
Ground: Raissa Zhivkova Stadion (24,000), located in Tverinsk
Major rivals: Admiral Tverinsk, Atlantis Buraskva
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 9th place
Best position: 3rd place

Starting Lineup:
GK Vladimir Makhmudov
LB Daniil Vetochkin
CB Artem Katerinochkin
CB Raisa Yeltsova
RB Yekaterina Patrusheva
LM Ksenia Smirnova
CM Polina Soboleva
CM Semyon Tagaev
RM Grigory Yurenev
FW Andrey Shkuratov
FW Boris Yelizarov

Background: The originally second team of Tverinsk has turned out to be the first team throughout the last 15 years, beating out Admiral more often than not. Whereas Admiral has strong navy ties, Taiga has always been the club of the people, where the "rest" of the people could join and play. The most consistent thing about Taiga is that they are the least consistent, almost constantly jumping up and down the standings, but they do have a positive goal difference in the all-time table, showing that they have been doing things at least mostly right.

Previous season: They were the "worst" of the good teams, sitting seven points ahead of Golubaya Zvezda and at the same time eight behind an IFCF qualification spot. They lack of consistency also threaded through the season, where they constantly seemed to either streak or slump, much to the chagrin of management. Still Vladislav Glinin's tried and tested approach in the end landed them in the top half of the standings.

Outlook: Taiga has a very balanced team with some weaker spots, but with the likes of Daniil Vetochkin, Ksenia Smirnova or Raisa Yeltsova there is quite some quality in this squad that should give Taiga an opportunity to look rather up than down.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Thu Jun 17, 2021 9:26 am

Mazhny Park Severoyarsk
Nickname: Gulls
Derogatory nickname(s): none
Head coach: Lyudmila Siyanova (37)
Ground: Khundab Stadion (59,000), located in Severoyarsk
Major rivals: FK Yarkuta, Shakhter Khilyovsk, Molniya Sarakhovo
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 8th place
Best position: 5th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Doroteya Sizya
LB Vladislav Suprunov
CB Valentin Annenkov
CB Valentin Vagin
RB Galina Marinkina
LM Alyona Chernyshyova
CM Doroteya Tetereva
CM Alyona Usilova
RM Gennady Loskutov
FW Irina Usenko
FW Vsevolod Tsvetayev

Background: The capital of the Severoyarsk province is the home of Mazhny Park, named after a historic district at the heart of Severoyarsk. Despite being without a championship win, they are currently in the best streak of their league career and with provincial rivals Molniya Sarakhovo consistently far behind, MP have been setting their sites wider throughout the nation

Previous season: A slight drop-off from the previous season, they still were in the mix of things for one of the top spots for most of the season. With one of the best defenses of the league, they were struggling a bit offensively, which many saw as the key not to having managed a higher position

Outlook: With young centre backs Valentin Annenkov and Valentin Vagin only 21 and 18 years old, defense seems to be a staple for the next few season, while the offense still is point of worry with neither Usenko nor Tsvetayev really certified scorers and also on the aging side.

Legion Vostrakhan
Nickname: Legionnaires
Derogatory nickname(s): Mercenaries
Head coach: Kirill Sigalov (55)
Ground: Oruzheynaya (44,000), located in Vostrakhan
Major rivals: Torpedo Krasnograd, FK Krasnograd
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 7th place
Best position: 2nd place

Starting Lineup:
GK Anya Gorokhova
LB Fedor Putilov
CB Valentin Pakhomov
CB Artem Uvarov
RB Nikolai Trifonov
LM Artyom Kazak
CM Matvey Epinger
CM Yegor Tsyganov
RM Valentin Chilayev
FW Maksimilian Golov
FW Elena Loskutnikova

Background: Located just across the Naramunz River from Krasnograd, Vostrakhan has been having a decade long battle for supremacy against the capital teams. Despite the name there has not been any army connection, but rather is a leftover of the rebellion against the communist regime, where Vostrakhan had been one of the biggest strongholds. After a slump a few years ago they seem to be back on the up and up, much to the delight of their fervent fanbase.

Previous season: Only six points with what would have amounted to an IFCF qualification spot, Legion have had a strong showing, driven by the best defense in the league, but unfortunately also the second worst offense. They lost some tight contests that did make the difference in their table position.

Outlook: Some fairly heavy investment into the frontline has brought youngsters Maksimilian Golov and Elena Loskutnikova to Vostrakhan in a clear attempt to break the mould and take the step forward. Despite Kirill Sigalov's "defense first" approach, having some more offensive firepower could make all the difference this season.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Thu Jun 17, 2021 10:22 am

FK Armaskoye
Nickname: Lions
Derogatory nickname(s): Kittens
Head coach: Ivan Bespalov (61)
Ground: Azhrak Arena (26,000), located in Armaskoye
Major rivals: Admiral Tverinsk, Taiga Tverinsk
Major honours: none
Pundits' prediction: 6th place
Best position: 4th place

Starting Lineup:
GK Rodion Mamykin
LB Fedor Chernykh
CB Konstantin Nemtsov
CB Sasha Dorokhin
RB Maksimilian Trukhin
LM Daria Severova
CM Elena Bugaychuka
CM Vera Vasneva
RM Daria Malinina
FW Lyudmila Sharova
FW Vasily Shchedrin

Background: Tucked away in the north of the Azhrak Province, Armaskoye always has been the forgotten little brother of Tverinsk in the south, but ironically enough local FK has been ahead of both Taiga and Admiral Tverinsk for pretty much the whole history of the PPL. With no apparent historical associations, FKA is seen as just a regular football club, as extraordinary as that may be these days.

Previous season: They have been consistently floating between fourth and sixth for the past six seasons with just one outlier to eighth, having been unlucky on more than one occasion this season where a match just went thr wrong way. Ivan Bespalov's team is playing a very entertaining offense-minded football that has won them many fans outside of Armaskoye as well.

Outlook: With a remarkably balanced team, they have top players in every part of the team with Maskimilian Trukhin and Lyudmila Sharova the most notable as both are mainstays in the Pyazhnayan national team where Fedor Chernykh also is part of the pool, FKA is one of the hardest to predict clubs in the league as they can excel in every area. Many feel that they are ready to take a step up and contend for the first IFCF spots up for grabs in the history of Pyazhnaya.

Prizrachnaya Brigada Cherniy Zamok
Nickname: Black Guard
Derogatory nickname(s): Spooks
Head coach: Kira Slavskya (34)
Ground: Krepost (39,000), located in Cherniy Zamok
Major rivals: Kompas Livropol, Torpedo Krasnograd
Major honours: Champions in seasons 2, 3 and 6
Pundits' prediction: 5th place
Best position: 1st place

Starting Lineup:
GK Vanya Koshechkina
LB Anatoly Kosomov
CB Svetlana Beriya
CB Artyom Ostrovsky
RB Yaroslav Shchavelsky
LM Gennady Burtsov
CM Victor Sharshin
CM Vitaly Osipov
RM Aleksandr Engelhardt
FW Artem Teplyashin
FW Mila Antipina

Background: Tucked away in the far northeastern province of Chernyye Ostrova (Black Islands), Cherniy Zamok is a club like no other. Located on a small island off the coast off one of the smaller islands of the archipelago, the city is dominated by a black basalt castle, which is the namesake of the town, and the Ghost Brigade has the complete and undivided support of the whole province, even abroad. Three championships in the early years of the league had made them a powerhouse in the league and to this date an eighth place has been the worst ever position for the team.

Previous season: Under the aegis of new, young, coach Kira Slavskya, the Ghost Brigade has been attacking and immensely fast paced. This lead to them run out of steam towards the end of the season, but they were one of the most exciting teams in the league.

Outlook: Ostrovsky, Shchavelsky, Burtsov, Antipina, Cherny Zamok is brimming with talent in all parts of the team and with a full season and pre-season of conditioning fans' expectations are high and many pundits feel that they are absolutely deservedly so.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:32 pm

FK Krasnograd
Nickname: Diamonds
Derogatory nickname(s): Pebbles
Head coach: Agrafena Sabitova (48)
Ground: Noshakyov Arena (33,000), located in Krasnograd
Major rivals: Torpedo Krasnograd, Legion Vostrakhan, Armada Sovran
Major honours: Champions in seasons 10, 11 and 14
Pundits' prediction: 4th place
Best position: 1st place

Starting Lineup:
GK Konstantin Pasternak
LB Konstantin Bondarchuk
CB Anna Boykova
CB Daniil Puzakov
RB Stanislav Tankov
LM Vasily Shchepkin
CM Alyosha Meledina
CM Boris Bykov
RM Ivanka Pivovarova
FW Alyosha Nechayeva
FW Valentin Talalikhin

Background: The middle child in the siblinghood of Krasnogradian football is the FK Krasnograd. Three times champions they have been one of the top teams in recent seasons and until last season's surprise win of Vselitamak had been alternating titles with local rivals Torpedo. FK is the club of the regular people, uniting all that did not have any ties to the navy or army, and that independent spirit has stuck with them and their fans.

Previous season: Going from first to fourth was a bit of a rough awakening for the FKD, one that cost coach Nikolai Bondaryuk his job at the end of the season. They suffered twice the amount of defeats and also saw the goals against go up, surefire signs of a winning formula having gone sour.

Outlook: With new coach Agrafena Sabitova drafted in, hopes are high for a reversal of luck for FK. However with the notable exception of national team midfielder Alyosha Meledina the team does not seem quite up to par with the lofty plans of management, but maybe the new coach will work wonders on the team.

Armada Sovran
Nickname: Armada
Derogatory nickname(s): Fishermen
Head coach: Anastasiya Trusova (57)
Ground: Sovranskaya Bukhta Stadion (61,000), located in Sovran
Major rivals: Torpedo Krasnograd, FK Krasnograd
Major honours: Champions in season 1
Pundits' prediction: 3rd place
Best position: 1st place

Starting Lineup:
GK Nikolai Rozanov
LB Adelina Poda
CB Vera Zolotova
CB Marina Naumenkova
RB Fyodor Firsov
LM Konstantin Zverev
CM Lyubov Smagina
CM Gavriil Siyanov
RM Yaroslav Zolotov
FW Larisa Aspidova
FW Sonya Luzhkova

Background: Armada Sovran was the first ever champion of the PPL and never managed to recapture that glory. They are, however, still third in the all-time table and overall have the lowest average table position of all teams across the 15 seasons so far. As the name entails, the club sprung from the offensive arm of the Pyazhnayan Navy and this also shows in their footballing style.

Previous season: Coming in third, they tied their best outing in the last eleven years, even surpassing their point total from three years ago. Banking on a good balance between offense and defense coach Anastasiya Trusova has forged a tight unit that will not let some lemons thrown by footballing life deter it.

Outlook: The fact that Armada does not have any clear standout players is a strong sign for the mentioned team character, but still players like Vera Zolotova, Lyubov Smagina or Sonya Luzhkova cound among the best Pyazhnayan football has to offer and many Pyazhnayans expect Sovran to be a title contender once more.
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Postby Pyazhnaya » Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:51 pm

Torpedo Krasnograd
Nickname: Subs
Derogatory nickname(s): Subs
Head coach: Ivanka Dryomova (34)
Ground: Krasnograd Dome (61,000), located in Krasnograd
Major rivals: FK Krasnograd, FK Vselitamak, Armada Sovran
Major honours: Champions in seasons 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13
Pundits' prediction: 2nd place
Best position: 1st place

Starting Lineup:
GK Nadenka Snegiryova
LB Vasily Fanin
CB Irina Koryavina
CB Ivan Pechkin
RB Matvey Grafov
LM Larisa Solomonova
CM Anastasiya Mednikova
CM Anoushka Filipova
RM Galina Berezina
FW Daria Astafyeva
FW Valery Chernov

Background: Torpedo Krasnograd is without a doubt the big dog in Pyazhnayan football with six championship in 15 seasons and in the last twelve of them with a fourth position as worst. Rooted in the Navy, like several other teams across the country, Torpedo are loved, hated and feared at the same time, but that is exactly how they like it.

Previous season: To say that Vselitamak surprised them last season is an understatement. For the longest time of the season they led the pack, but then found themselves overrun by an incredible run by the FKV to find them in second, 13 points adrift. Management was not happy and subsequently coach Larisa Ovchinnikova was given the marching orders.

Outlook: In came Ivanka Dryomova, a former Torpedo player, very tight on discipline and apparently exactly what management figured this team needed. And looking at names like Nadenka Snegiryova, Vasily Fanin, Irina Koryavina or Galina Berezina it becomes clear that the quality is there, they just need someone to harness it and Vselitamak will be very hard pressed to repeat their surprise championship.

FK Vselitamak
Nickname: Flying V
Derogatory nickname(s): Albatrosses
Head coach: Vasily Tikhokhod (38)
Ground: Tamir Stadion (43,000), located in Vselitamak
Major rivals: Torpedo Krasnograd, Sila Saykonur
Major honours: Champions in season 15
Pundits' prediction: 1st place
Best position: 1st place

Starting Lineup:
GK Yekaterina Tatarova
LB Lyudmila Tvardovskya
CB Leonid Shibalov
CB Ulyona Khomkolova
RB Roman Voskresensky
LM Katya Klimtsova
CM Yelizaveta Udoma
CM Semyon Boreyev
RM Grigory Chichikov
FW Inna Blinova
FW Andrey Kuklin

Background: Hailing from the very southeastern province of Tamir, FK Vselitamak is a club that refuses to conform to the regular rules of football business. Completely fan owned, it is ruled like a democracy, where members have an actual say in the day to day decisions, which can lead to some odd outcomes, but looking at team's success, they seem to be doing something right!

Previous season: Even though last season's PPL title was the first one in Vselitamak's history, many people saw it as an inevitable thing at one point, because the dogged stubbornness to stick to their guns had to pay off at one point and it wonderfully did, distancing much favoured Torpedo Krasnograd by 13 points, racking up the most goals and second least goals.

Outlook: Now that they have reached the top of the mountain, defending it is a completely different story. Breakthrough coach Vasily Tikhokhod is positive, though, that he will be able to maintain the momentum going forward, aided by players like Leonid Shibalov, Katya Klimtsova and Ulyana Khomkolova, who stand out in a strong collective that proved last season that the sum of all parts definitely is bigger than the single parts would indicate.
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