Naval Bomber Competition (1940 Tech)

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Naval Bomber Competition (1940 Tech)

Postby Gronsted » Sun May 09, 2021 5:27 am

If you have a Good Blueprint for a Naval Bomber and are interrested in selling useage, contact us!
(Note: Use the Muster of our Equimpent -> Factbook -> Logistics and Equipment)
(Please be Formal)

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Postby The Selkie » Sun May 09, 2021 5:58 am

Hello and welcome to the forums - you might want this one to be moved to GE&T, as NationStates is not (primarily ; ))for trade deals.

To: Gronstedian Wehrmacht High Command, Office for Procurement of Equipment (or equivalent).

Return Adress: Liam Banassa of the Tribe of Monaghan, Múrphictiúr House, Forfar, Free Lands of the Selkie.
Sunday, 9th of May, 1940.

Dear Sirs and/or Ma'ams,
to introduce myself, I am Liam Cé of the Tribe of Monaghan of the Monarcha Aircraft Factories Limited. We here in Forfar heard of your request for proposals in regards to a new naval bomber.
I wish to offer you the Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber, a small, long-ranged, carrier-capable Naval Bomber in service with our own Armed Forces for three years now.
All necessary information can be found below.

With kind regards and hoping for a quick reply,
Liam Banassa of the Tribe of Monaghan,
CEO, Monarcha Aircraft Factories Limited.

P.S.: In your formatting, that would be M-16 Giodróg / Torpedo Bomber / see here / Monarcha Aircraft Factories Limited.

Technical Data
Length: 10.3 m
Wingspan: 15.55 m
Height: 3.7 m
Wing Area: 37.8 m²
Empty Weight: 2,300 kg
Loaded Weight: 3,850 kg
    1x Neart 14-cylinder radial engine,
    750 kW/1,000 hp
Maximum Speed: 380 km/h
Range: 2,000 km
Service Ceiling: 8,000 m
Rate of Climb: 6.4 m/s
Crew: 3
    Pilot, Navigator, Backgunner/Radio Operator
    2x machine guns in wings,
    1x machine gun in rear dorsal position,
    1x 450mm torpedo or 800 kg of bombs
The Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber is the standard torpedo bomber of the SDF. Cleared for carrier take offs and landings, the Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber is not used in this capacity by the SDF-Navy Aviation Command, but as a land-based torpedo bomber.
With the first flight in 1937, the production contract was awarded shortly later and production is in full swing.

Giodróg means minx.

The Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber is an all-metal, low-wing constructed aircraft powered by a single Monarcha Gaoth Engine, a two row, 14-cylinder air cooled radial engine. It is a highly reliable aircraft, easy to maintain and to operate.
Self-sealing fuel tanks assure, that the Giodróg doe not burst into flames at the slightest hit – a highly important factor for a relatively lightly armored aircraft such as this, fast and capable of outrunning enemy fighters with ease. She is highly maneuverable due to Fowler Flaps and constant speed propellers. A retractable carriage assures, that the maneuverability of the Giodróg is not marred, while an arrestor hook enables landings on small airstrips or carriers. For easier storage, the wings can be folded up.
The pilot has a free and nearly unhindered look at the world around him and especially in front of him, looking from a closed cockpit forwards with the navigator directly behind him, back to back.
Armed with two forward firing machine guns and one machine gun in dorsal position, the Giodróg can defend itself if necessary, but we recommend not making it necessary in the first place. The aircraft can also be used as a ground-attack aircraft, capable of carrying either a torpedo or 800 kg of bombs or, as we are currently testing, a certain amount of rockets.

One squadron of 10 Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bombers, including spare parts for six months of combat service: 1,000,000 NSD.
I play PT, MT and a bit FT. I am into character-RPs.
My people are called the Selkie, the nation is usually called the Free Lands in MT-settings. Thanks.

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