Spaincoan National Information Thread (DO NOT POST)

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Spaincoan National Information Thread (DO NOT POST)

Postby Spaincio » Tue May 04, 2021 9:33 am

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The Federal Republic of Spaincio is a large and economically successful nation in the Inverse Earth. Situated in the Continent East Auverse, in the south of it. Surrounded to the East by Anglonsaxon, to the East by Portog and Portogo and to the north by New Welsh, New Brandon and Thebea. With a burgeoning population of 1,257,930,308 people, it has a large modern economy, with it prioritizing economy over all else.

Classification: Federal Republic

Full name: The Federal Republic of Spaincio

Short name: Spaincio

Population: 1,257,930,308

Land size:7,741,220 km

Density:162 p/km

Leader: Federal President Luis

Major Exports: Medicine, Computer technology, cars, airplanes, clean energy

Major Imports: Military armaments, food, cheap products.
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