Meeting at the Castarcian Chancellery (Atmora and ACS only)

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Meeting at the Castarcian Chancellery (Atmora and ACS only)

Postby Atmora » Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:45 pm

Chancellor jkvr. Lysithea van Hresvelg
Castarcian Chancellery, Castarcia

27 May 2016

Lysithea had just arrived in Castarcia just an hour ago from her nearly six-hour flight from Alexandria to the Castarcian capital to meet with the Castarcian Chancellor Aurelia MacDonald. Two of the youngest sitting heads of government in Halkeginian history along with both sharing political views. The young Atmoran Chancellor wished to use their similarities in politics and perhaps even the closeness the High Queen has to the Castarcian royal family as leverage to strike a deal with the Golden Chancellor. After all Chancellor Hresvelg had greater political aspirations to unite the Halkeginian states into an economic and political union to stamp out Aravean influence into the west.

The Chancellor looked outside the window in her SUV to see the skyline of the Castarcian capital passing by as she neared the Castarcian Chancellery. When they reached their destination the driver had informed Chancellor Hresvelg, Lysithea acknowledge and thanked the driver. Before she stepped out of the SUV she took a good look at the Chancellery but was interrupted when one of her Marchaussee Secret Service agents had opened the door for her. Stepping out of her SUV she looked around to greet one of the Chancellor's staff sent to greet her.

Lysithea stepped forward to give the person a handshake "Greetings, thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing Chancellor MacDonald I have had many great things about her."
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