The Quest For Lebensraum[Closed][Matured]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Quest For Lebensraum[Closed][Matured]

Postby Kawalanda » Mon Apr 19, 2021 7:55 am

Some parts of this RP contain some violence(no gore) and passing reference to rape(nothing in details), and thus this RP might not be suitable for certein viewers. Although, it will be strictly within the PG-13 rating, as is specified in the NS rules and will, hopefully, not violate any of the sites rules. Therefore, some users might get hurt by this RP, so be warned before reading. Moreover, before reporting me in the moderation, read the above carefully for sometime before ding so.Thank you.

Part 1: The Invasion of Grederland

3rd April, 2021,Saturday

The Wolf's Lair, Georgia, Third Reich of Kawalanda
It was 8 pm in the evening. Thousands of soldiers from the Waffen-SS surrounded and guarded the Wolf's Lair, with their automatic rifles. On an average day, no more than 300 soldiers guarded this complex. But today was different. Several high-ranking military generals and top level party officials have gathered here to attend an emergency meeting called by the Fuhrer himself. All of them sat in the hall room, smoking and talking with each other. A long table was there in the center. It was a large, highly decorated room, which had a large picture of the Fuhrer which hung in the central wall. Usually, no one except the Fuhrer and his family members, are allowed to smoke inside the complex of his residence, but today he has made an exception to the rule and has declared that all the attendees may smoke in his absence. Suddenly, a servant came to the hall-room and informed the guests that the Fuhrer is on his way. Immediately everyone threw away the cigarettes and ceased talking.
After 5 or 6 minutes, Fuhrer Kalvin Sanmuels entered the room, along with his personal secretary, Helen Schlinder. He was wearing his military uniform. Many medals decorated the left side of his uniform, while the symbol of the flying eagle,with the Nazi Cross(Nazi swastika has been replaced by the cross to maintain the site etiquettes of NS).All the attendees stood up, threw their right arm in the air, did the Nazi salute and shouted: "Heil Kalvin!" The Fuhrer stopped short, raised his right arm in the air for a few seconds, implying that he acknowledged their greeting, and then walked to the end of the long table with his hands in his back. He studied all of their faces, his eyes going from one face to another intently. Then he raised both his hands in the air, motioned for them to sit down and said: "Please sit down." All of them did as ordered. Fuhrer Kalvin sat down in the chair, while Helen stood by his side. He cleared his throat before speaking: "Good evening gentlemen, it's nice to have you here. I have something very urgent to discuss with all of you, and that is precisely why I called this meeting today. Well, it has to do with our neighboring country, the Kingdom Grederland. I feel that we must bring the people of Grederland under our generous rule and to do so, we must take over the country and overthrow their weak democratic government. It has dual benefits: First, for the Third Reich to survive, we must continuously increase and expand our borders, as is specified in the noble ideology of Lebensraum. Moreover, it will be beneficial for the people of Grederland too.
Secondly, it will give us access to the mineral rich region of Whineland, located to the Southern parts of Grederland. We are currently running short on coal, according to the latest reports, and our industries are suffering as a result. Securing Whineland might help us in such a situation. In short, I am planning to declare war against Grederland. Any questions ? "
Right, so this was what the urgent meeting was about. An invasion. There was pindrop silence in the room. All the attendees looked at each other will dull eyes, but nobody dared to say anything. Finally, Otto Von Hoffman, the Reichsfuhrer of SS, raised his hand.
"Yes Mr.Hoffman, you may speak" said Kalvin
"My fuhrer....." Said Hoffman as he stood up, his eyes cast downwards, not daring to look at the Fuhrer in the eyes. He continued: "My Fuhrer, I was thinking about the international reaction. How will the international community react to such an act of aggression by us, especially because this is an invasion without any..." he struggled to find the right words, "...any...uh.....'apparent' reason."
Fuhrer Kalvin's face twisted into a half smile. He said:"I knew that this question will come up. Legitimate question. Well, as you might be aware of, a large number of German speaking ethnic Kawalandians reside in the Northern parts of Grederland. We will send in the Gestapo, kill some of those ethnic Kawalandians, will blame it on the Grederish authorities and will then intervene on the pretext of protecting the Kawalandians."
The hall bursted into applause and shouts of "Heil Kalvin!"
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