The Redemption of a People (MT, PMT)

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The Redemption of a People (MT, PMT)

Postby The Scandinvans » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:04 am

An Account on the Redemption of the Isle of Gersarn

The dres'nalar speaks of concepts such as justice, fairness, freedom. equality, equity, and democracy endlessly. They debauch these things to the point where any good that they might represent are warped beyond any righteousness. These are their rallying cries in an otherwise meaningless existence. They need them to rationalize their decadent behavior to give themselves succor in the place of the Almighty's eternal love that is denied to all the wicked non-believers. Scandin are raised to be above the baser impulses that govern the lands outside of Drana.

Even in the lands governed by the strict laws of the Church there exists a kernel of the depravity exhibited by the outside. The influence of the dres'nalar can even reach the lands governed by the dres'Erid underneath the rightly rule of the heirs of Erid. This demands the existence of the Inquisition which is given the authority to ensure the moral purity of the blessed people who are the chosen priesthood of the Almighty on this side of the veil of tears. Typically the Inquisition is able to adeptly fulfill all obligations. However, when the notions of the degenerate outside world are allowed to advance without ready opposition corruption can become deeply embedded within even the best of communities. Such situations require far stronger measures to correct as the majority of a population can come to embrace the lies offered by what are offered in the standard sinful regime typified by liberal democracies.

After the invasion of the Golden Throne some of the outlying islands of the Empire were left to their own devices, but were never occupied by enemy forces. In the absence of the authority of crown and Church most of these places had remained quite loyal to the laws of the land. They were given a fair degree of latitude when they were restored to their proper status after the war. In turn ensuring that they did not face the full wrath of the retribution of the theological and political establishment of the Glorious Empire. Not all of the islands welcomed the return of legitimate authority once the war was concluded however. Some of them had developed notions that they should become independent so that they could pursue a separate future where they were free to embrace the values of the dres'nalar.

The lion's share of these places were effectively isolated fishing villages which had any idea of secession thoroughly quashed with the deploying of military garrisons. After which the ringleaders would be paraded before the local denizens and made to repent of their sins. Thereafter they normally would be sentenced to just a year of hard labor due to the relatively small threat they posed. There was just one island which required a much stronger rebuke. From the city of Gersarn, on the island of the same name, had such a movement taken over governance. Calling themselves the "Children of Freedom" they had instituted a widespread reform program hoping to make a nation which would be a democracy that incarnated the liberal values which so often the norm outside of Gholgoth. None of the Children of Freedom maintained any desire to go to Drana proper to implement a revolutionary government for all Scandin. They merely wanted liberty for themselves and their neighbors. Regardless of their designs, the Scandinvan Empire would never be willing to accept such an outcome. A reality that they had come to ignore since in the two years following the war's end no attempts had been made to forcibly reintegrate them.

For those who rebelled the plans of the Almighty set themselves outside the mercy of humanity. Unlike the dres'nalar they were bound by the covenant of Erid, they knew better, and they had experienced the full benefits of the ordered society that awaited all those who lived underneath the the Scandinvan way. Justice to correct a community which had en masse turned their backs on divine truth needed to be harshly thorough if the seed of good was to be nurtured once more. Ever single leader would be killed, all those who preached the moral value of sin immolated, and every armed defender of the supposed revolution impaled. Only those who joined in the counterattack would be allowed to find redemption in this life through returning to the service of the house of Erid. All others would envy the position enjoyed by slaves who did toil on the rubbus plains or in the depths of the mines.

Even though the nominal authority of the throne had not been exercised in that time the agents of the Inquisition and the Shadows (the intelligence service of the throne meant to regulate secular affairs) had been actively cataloguing everything that had transpiring. These organizations had identified those individuals responsible for challenging orthodox religious practices, those who had denied the right of the Glorious Empire to rule, those who had taught vile foreign ideals, those had breached the theocratic laws of the Book of Erid, and countless other types of offenders who needed to embrace a Second Baptism. When everything was done over 12,500 people had been listed as needing to have their lease on life ended due to their heretical reason. This was about 3% of Gersarn's overall population. A relatively high number which reflected the sheer number amount of evil present in the population which would serve as a sharp rebuke for the sins of the rebellion.

However, even now despite all their wretched failings the living Apostle, Emperor Fenric, wanted to give them a chance to set aside their evil ways. This was the dawning time of a new Apostolic Age which demanded that mercy be at least offered to the offal of the world in the same fashion that the son of Man, Jesus Christ, extended to those who would follow him freely. Therefore a simple message was sent to them. One free of harsh conditions and stipulations. The transmitted message sent to all via electronic communications read," Atone."

Such a simple message caught the leadership of the Children of Freedom aback. They had assumed that it would be a complex matter which would see many of their own ranks ordered to present themselves for summary execution. Without the threat of a completely devastating response the seed of doubt had been sowed among the islanders. Now there was a chance for reintegration without mass immolation. The remaining Scandin religious leadership on the island who remained in contact with their superiors additionally began to stipulate that there would be no punishments for the faithful for whatever sins that they committed during the absence of proper order. That everyone merely needed to rebuke the rebellion and welcome the return of the Glorious Empire.

In the wake of this approach crowds of people began to gather in the streets chanting," Christus invictus". This was the typical proclamation among the religious that the will of the Almighty will prevail in such a way that the machinations of the devil could not overcome the faithful. Though a clear majority of the population of the island had indeed turned from the path of Erid a sizeable minority, slightly over a third, remained firmly loyal to the ways of their ancestors. All this represented a portion of the Scandinvan plan to regain which was an ancient tactic: divide and conquer.

The Children of Freedom though maintained an adamant position refusing to open any lines of communication with the Scandin leadership. Combined with the lack of a majority of the public engaging in penance created all the justification needed for the next step. Though the field agents of the faith and the crown made lists of those who had been attending protests using their access to the hidden digital surveillance software on things such as smartphones these personal employed computers to select those who had answered the call to atone. Using the data accumulated from this they concluded that a general strike would be the best method to diminish the ability of Gersarn to fight off the approaching invasion. This would be born from decreased industrial production, increased social tension, lower defense force cohesion, declining economic activity, and other aspects designed to weaken the isle.

Within a month of this occurring did the rapid degradation of the order within Gersarn. The society divided between those who remained adherents to the Children of Freedom and those who had renewed their loyal to the line of Erid. This was in accordance with the Scandin view of morality. The only real choice which existed was to live in accordance with divine law or in defiance by wallowing endlessly in sin. There was no real complex notions of morality. Obedience to the laws of scripture was right. Acting against those laws was evil.

Based upon this worldview the Scandinvans had constructed a direct view of the world. There was those who were dres'nalar, those who could abide by the laws of the civilized due to their nature, and the dres'Erid, those who lived underneath the auspices of the Scandinvan covenant. The people of Gersarn occupied a more hated realm than the dres'nalar though. Due to their rebellion they merited a response was much more harsh than what be experienced by peoples in newly occupied regions. Upon their island would come the full wrath that awaited traitorous apostates.

Any notions of defiance would have to be eradicated from their minds. All belief in alternatives to the righteous path would have to be driven out. The very prospect that sin can and should occur would be destroyed. The people of Gersarn would be saved and given the keys to paradise. Those who had led the people astray would perish. Those in the general populace who persisted in their allegiance to evil would burn.

The Glorious Empire will prevail against evil wherever took root in its holdings. No other option existed. For the mandate to be preserved corruption had to be burned away so utterly that the roots could never sustain a tree again. That would be the lesson given to Gersarn. That was what the laws of the Almighty demanded.

In order to fulfill their holy mission the Scandin leadership embarked on a widespread campaign to provoke the response that would meet their designs the best. After some deliberation it was decided that the most effective approach would be to draw out rallies in support of the Children of Freedom. The people there would have a nice surprise awaiting them provided by a few tactical bombers. Yet, that would merely be a nice introduction to their correction. The most important element was to slaughter the leadership who led them into degeneracy.

Without them the remaining dissenters would be more readily silenced. By killing them via public executions would the Scandinvan populace be reminded of the cost of heresy, apostasy, rebellion, and degeneracy. They all would again be taught a valuable. No sacrifice was too great. No trespass would escape notice.

The oncoming cleansing to remind the people that the wages of sin was always death would require individuals of the firmest conviction and absolute loyalty. Every single man would have to be utterly dedicated to the holy cause of Christus beyond any potential doubt. All in this world needed to be shown the future that awaited those who denied others the chance at redemption within the eternal embrace of the true faith. The will of the Almighty would reign supreme. Any who denied this prospect would be brought to account for their sins in this life rather than gaining the chance at awaiting judgement in the hereafter.

Sowing the seeds of the moment of the salvation of Gersarn had indeed taken a good bit of time and effort, but the hour had finally come. Judgement day had come for the heretics and liberation from the devil for those who had remained faithful. Justice would once more rule the land. Peace and order would be restored so that the Empire could be whole once more. The future depended on a singular vision that would bring humanity together as one in order to bring about the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Dreams of that scale would require bloody sacrifice and absolute unity. A people above division.

Then the hour had finally come for divine retribution to be enacted. No more planning, no more obtrusion, no more debate, and no more waiting. The order was given to all units and intelligence assets to begin preparations. That afternoon large scale rallies had been called so as to proclaim support for the Children of Freedom's rule as has happened in the month since the decree had been sent to Gersarn. There would be no peaceful conclusion to this event unlike the others however.

In the skies above an EMP bomb was detonated as the first stage of the attack that had a fairly limited effective range to make sure the pulse did not harm the Scandinvan fleet which had been setting a good distance off shore for a few months now. As it was an outlying region considered indefensible Gersarn had never seen its infrastructure hardened against such attacks. Within seconds the island was consumed in darkness in places untouched by the afternoon soon. At the same time, loyalists to the crown disabled the remaining anti-air defenses. These points were confirmed by the commander of the operation when he ordered a flight of low flying bombers dispatched.

The people of Gersarn who were protesting had gathered in a square surrounded by 500 yards of green on all sides which was in turn outlined by a wide canal. The great plaza was built as a type of fairgrounds and was considered the heart of civic life. It being the largest public place on a fairly cramped island made it the best choice for all large gatherings. This location though made it an ideal target for a white phosphorous which would was dispensed by the bombers in low yield targeted strikes. Thankfully, this did not cause much damage to any region outside the plaza where the faithful might be.

Within a minute of the bomber payload detonating came the second phase of the aerial assault. In the wake of this attack came waves of fighters unleashing precision missiles onto defensive targets such as militia barracks, troop garrisons, communications towers, defensive emplacements, and police stations. There were to be no means of organizing a reliable resistance once the air attack was over. Something which was readily achieved. For after the attacks all unified resistance had evaporated. No one knew what was going in and they had only their eyes to discern the situation.

The crowd in the plaza had reached 20,000 by the time of the white phosphorous strike and the bombs had hit densely packed portions of the group. This created high casualty scene which sowed terror in the populace. Additionally, the lack of communication prevented a unified medical response to the scene. 3000 thousand, at the least, had been killed and a slightly larger number had been directly exposed. In the face of such horror most of the crowd ran which results in dozens being trampled to death. Though the bombed out segments were largely avoided by the fleeing mass due to the lingering danger present. There was to be no respite though for Gersarn.

Now with the opening completed the other acts were to be introduced. Swarms of troop transport helicopters arrived within 10 minutes of the fighter strikes. They disembarked a half legion, 5000 men, onto the island in short order. These troops were black clothed wearing combat gas masks emblazoned with a blood red crosses. Some accounts additionally mention some gunenrs screaming "Get Some" whilst opening fire on the retreating crowd of profligates, but no reliable evidence of that has emerged. The target for them was to seize control of all beaches, bridges, places with concentrations of professional armed resistance, government buildings, and Churches. Order would be restored regardless of the blood cost to the folk of Gersarn.

These forces achieved their objectives quickly due to the understaffed, unprepared, and unorganized enemy they were facing. The resistance being offered was largely confined to a string of barricaded police stations, armories, and scattered barracks. This was readily amended by the ongoing support of warplanes employing the needed ordinance to level such place. As this was going on the people Gersarn were bewildered mostly. There was nothing to give them direction save half-true rumors as the events were unfolding at such a speed to make word of mouth unreliable to keep a proper picture of the assault.

Now came the naval landings where a full legion, 10,000 soldiers and their equipment, conducted landings on every open beach an hour after the other troops had landed. Lacking a united command structure prevented the Children of Freedom from mustering defensive lines. Thus causing them to lose the ability to create any parameters in which to contain the various troop dispatch points on the beach. Unit officers instead were forced to act alone and under the assumption that the battle was already almost over which it in reality was. In under two hours 90% of the island had been occupied or render devoid of armed resistance. Nothing could now stop the final phases of the operation from proceeding predictably.

The remaining holdouts however were not ones to surrender. They knew that the price of armed resistance was only death. Thereby creating a no win situation for them if they did surrender. The remaining forces of the Children of Freedom fought to their last man. However, the usage of air support levelled the remaining compounds that still had ended the fights in short succession.

Every piece had now placed onto the board and the battle was over. Gersarn had been returned to the rule of the dres'Erid. The streets were filled with the bodies traitorous heretics killed by the servants of divine justice, rebel fighters who had the audacity to fight on in the face of defeat had been exterminated in their holes like the vermin they truly were, and those had led the people of Gersarn into Satan's grip were being rounded. Judgement would soon be rendered in accordance with scripture. Any remaining notions of wicked ways would be driven from the minds of the people of the island in the upcoming purification campaign.

Gersarn had been brought back to the Glorious Empire. The Children of Freedom defeated. Christus invictus.

OOC: This post is part of a greater narrative being constructed.
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We are the Glorious Empire of the Scandinvans. Surrender or be destroyed. Your civilization has ended, your time is over. Your people will be assimilated into our Empire. Your technological distinctiveness shall be added to our own. Your culture shall be supplanted by our own. And your lands will be made into our lands.

"For five thousand years has our Empire endured. In war and peace we have thrived. Against overwhelming odds we evolved. No matter what we face we have always survived and grown. We shall always be triumphant." -Emperor Godfrey II

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Video from the Square of Correction, Gersarn

The feed from the video started focused on a crowd numbering around 6000. Then it zoomed in towards a central stage where 20 pyres were erected side by side to each. Strapped to each were 20 people whose faces were covered by crimson red bags and they were wearing flowing black robes which prevented any discernable feature from being seen. No noise could be discerned from them by the recording. They were hapless persons awaiting their execution.

Each of them was tied to a 20 foot tall pillar of dried cedar. At their feet was a mixture of blocks of white birch, willow branches, and dead oak leaves. These elements were chosen solely due to local accessibility and not ritualistic procedure. Though at the least the fires should be relatively quick. A mercy normally granted to the penitent in Scandinvan society. A sign that the assembled persons were not to be tormented for a prolonged period when compared to the option of a much slower burn seen in the unrepentant.

Going back and forth a few cameras the camera was brought to focus on a man wearing a bronze mask and wearing red clerical attire who was walking up to a podium. Once at the podium the man said," People of Gersarn. These men and women are the surviving leaders of the movement that called themselves the "Children of Freedom." Now they are broken. They have repented after enduring corrective procedures at the hands of my fellow Inquisitors. They have begged for mercy of the pyre so that the grace of the Baptism provided by the Holy Spirit might take root in their souls. By this penance shall their souls be lifted to heaven through the providence of the Almighty as it is written in scripture."

Coughing for a second he continued," They have agreed that their rebellion was a heinous sin and that all who continue to follow the example of the Children of Freedom must be met with death. They have embraced the need to be righteous in all that we do and the example of the dres'nalar is unworthy of the dres'Erid to follow. With that said, each of them has been given their last rites. Proceed with the Baptism by the Holy Spirit brothers!"

Saying that caused the kindling underneath to be set alit. The camera focused on all 20 stakes and did not zoom in on any particular one. The fires on each pyre were acting as if in unison. The blazes grew quickly as if accelerants had been placed atop the firewood piles. For the first time a few groans could be heard, but they were deeply muffled by something in each person's mouths. Though any obstructions to vocalizations could not seen due to the hoods on each person's head.

For 2 minutes the pyres had been burning before suddenly a loud mechanical noise could be heard and a metal road emerged from the central stake to be driven through each of the victims' hearts. With that done they all died in quite quickly and comparatively painlessly to the potential of being cooked to death. The camera at that point returned to the podium where the from earlier stated," Their mercy is a fast death. Their fate is paradise due to their resentence. Remember this lesson well my fellows. Christus invictus!"

With that line the camera suddenly shoot off and no more was recorded to document that event.
We are the Glorious Empire of the Scandinvans. Surrender or be destroyed. Your civilization has ended, your time is over. Your people will be assimilated into our Empire. Your technological distinctiveness shall be added to our own. Your culture shall be supplanted by our own. And your lands will be made into our lands.

"For five thousand years has our Empire endured. In war and peace we have thrived. Against overwhelming odds we evolved. No matter what we face we have always survived and grown. We shall always be triumphant." -Emperor Godfrey II

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