[DRAFT] Alert! Missing person reported.

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[DRAFT] Alert! Missing person reported.

Postby Lippoy » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:18 am

Hello everyone :) ,

I recently had an idea about an issue that I would like to share with you before submitting it.

Here it is:

Title: Alert! Missing person reported.

Description: After the famous serial kidnapper Allan Stealings was arrested with eighteen people in his attic, much of the population would like to set up nationwide disappearance notices broadcasted on television, radio and on social medias.

Validity: Invalid for nations that don't have prisons, computers, Internet, judiciary.

1. "What are these stories, [leader] ??" tells [randomnamefemale] with popcorn crumbs stuck in her fingers and a tee from a famous series. "These kidnapped stories don't concern me. I pay [name] enough [currency] to be interrupted in my movies, while listening to the radio or scrolling my phone !! Also, ban all advertisements and announcements! "For all nationsyou have to use forbidden TV channels to see your favorite ad.
2. "You can't ban ads with the snap of a finger," retorts [randomname], CEO of CrunchyCrunchy, a controversial chocolate brand. "You should instead ask companies to make partnerships with the families of the missing, just to make these warnings less annoying and boost our economy!".Invalid for nations that don't have capitalismdeodorants have the face of someone that is missing for more than five minutes printed.
3. Your Missing Affairs Minister [randomname] comes through a back door and whispers to you, "Yes, I think that's a great idea ... The more people hear kidnapping alerts, the more [name] will be a safe place ...". [he] continues to speak to you, hiding behind the plant on your desk. “I even propose to ask the painters of [capital] city to make frescoes with the face of the kidnapped. "For all nationsStreet art is sometimes considered as national alerts.
4. “TV ads, why not. Says kidnapper Allan Stealings, who speaks to the press one last time before going to jail. “It's true that with all these kidnapping stories, one wonders how we could have helped find the missing. The problem is, I don't want to hear these stories. [name] should ask people of age if they want to be notified of kidnapping alerts. I'm justing saying."Invalid for nations that don't have judiciary.people that don't have TVs don't know if their loved ones goes missing.

What do you think! Thanks for your time,

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Postby Swedish-Norwegian Kingdoms » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:24 am

Could you have a more interesting title?

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Postby Australian rePublic » Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:32 pm

Option 2- wait what? What would happen here is that the government would pay for advertising slot, along with every other company. No money is being lost
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