The Wolf Pack (Open for Discussion)

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The Wolf Pack (Open for Discussion)

Postby Cavirfi » Thu Apr 15, 2021 2:47 am

Privyet, tovarischiy of NationStates, it is me once again Cavirfi...Oh you know what, screw this overtly crappy, overused intro. I am just gonna get straight to the point


The opening ceremony will be simple and secretive. First orders of business will be done on the same day.


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Opening Ceremony

Postby Cavirfi » Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:02 am


The Opening Ceremony

Everyone in the Wolf Pack: Margeaux Tortune, Emily Santis, Lola Enderein, Alicia Caljæn, Dominic Thomsen, and Martha Arcanghel. Go to a small room, everyone except Margeaux, sits down.

Margeaux grabs her laptop opens it, and then reads everything from there

"So, my guys, it's finally time, it's finally time to fully open the government of Cavirfi."

She then tells everyone the rights and responsibilities of the Wolf Pack

"Your rights are as follows:

The Right to have total control of the land in times of crisis

The Right to approve or veto bills passed by the Technocratic Council and/or petitioned by the people.

The Right to declare Martial Law without Technocratic Council approval.

The Right to monitor suspicious assemblies for suspicions of terrorism and/or organized crime.

The Right to set up regulations without Technocratic Council Approval.

The Right to control government spending."

"As for your duties, you shall serve the Great Tribunal and the Technocratic Council, for they also have to decide with us."

"Okay, everyone, do you recognize your rights?"


"Do you recognize your duties?"


"Then, the Wolf Pack, is formed."

Everyone slowly claps

The opening ceremony is over.

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1st Order of Business

Postby Cavirfi » Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:11 am

Emily then gets the paper for CR#1.

Chancellery Resolution #1 - Cavirfi with Europe

We, Cavirfi, have seen the importance of international diplomacy, in maintaining peace. Therefore, Cavirfi shall seek peace through seeking diplomacy.

The Free Land of Cavirfi, upon enactment of this Resolution, will seek to apply, non-member non-applicant observer status to the European Union:

  • Defining the European Union as a regional trade union of 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Defining Non-Member Non-Applicant Observer Status (NMNAOS) as a status where one nation is allowed to attend Parliamentary sessions in the European Union with being able to propose laws for the European Union but not have the ability to vote in such issues, as well as being a status where one isn't interested to become a full fledged member of the European Union.
  • Recognizing that having NMNAOS can affect Cavirfi economically through the trade regulations that the European Union passes.
  • Recognizing that Cavirfi won't be affected politically or socially compared to members of the European External Community.
  • Recognizing that having NMNAOS will only affect Cavirfi's relationship with the European Union as an entity and not its members.
  • Recognizing that NMNAOS won't affect Caviri's relationship with current NMNAOS holders.

Hereby, applying for NMNAOS, upon the enactment of this resolution.

Hereby, enforcing Resolution #1 upon approval.

Hereby, concluding Chancellery Resolution #1

"Okay, everyone, what do you think about this?" Emily then asks.

Emily Santis: Since I made this law... I AGREE

Margeaux Tortune: Since I authored the idea... I AGREE

Lola Enderein: I oppose nations who want to expand the EU's realm of power, because this will inevitably lead to what we don't want for Cavirfi as a nation, a bad boy society...I DISAGREE

Dominic Thomsen: I don't really care too much about EU politics...ABSTAIN

Alicia Caljæn: I side with Thomsen, however it would be great to have cultural sharings with Europe...I AGREE

Martha Archangel: I side with Thomsen...ABSTAIN

Emily Santis: Okay then 3 yay, 1 nay, 2 abstain. It's official CR#1 shall now go into effect, thanks for being with us tonight.

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2nd Order of Business

Postby Cavirfi » Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:16 pm

Chancellery Resolution No. 2 - Privatise and Revamp the Cavirfite Bone China Company

We, the Wolf Pack, have recognized the failures and shortcomings of the Cavirfite Bone China Company over the past month, and we wish to increase competition with privatisation and revamping.

1. DEFINING The Cavirfite Bone China Company as a state-owned enterprise that is in charge of the production of tea, silk, and porcelain in Cavirfi.

2. DEFINING Tea as a herb from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis that is used for drinking purposes.

3. DEFINING Silk as the protein fibers of the Bombyx Mori, an agricultural worm. Used for the making of various textiles

4. DEFINING Porcelain as a ceramic material from the clay, Kaolinite. As well as bone ash and feldspathic material. Used for pottery.

5. DEFINING Privatisation as the removal of state influences in the decision making of a company owned by said state.

6. DEFINING Revamping as the closure and reopening of a company in which during the closure period, said company shall improve.

7. ACCEPTING that upon the enactment of this bill that The Cavirfite Bone China company shall be Privatised and Revamped. But under the condition that they will sell SOLELY tea, silk, and porcelain.

8. RECOGNIZING that The Cavirfite Bone China Company being owned by The Great Farmer, being Privatised will result in the loss of the ownership of The Great Farmer over the company.

9. ACCEPTING a transfer from 100% ownership of the funding of The Cavirfite Bone China Company to a 1% stake in the Cavirfite GDP will be granted to the Chancellor.

10. ACCEPTING that The Great Tribunal and The Technocratic Council will carry the infinite rights to set up a committee for inspection to show that the Great Farmer isn't abusing their newly acquired wealth.

Hereby concluding: Chancellery Resolution No. 2 - Privatise and Revamp the Cavirfite Bone China Company

Margeaux: Since this will help me...I AGREE

Emily: Since I made this law...I AGREE

Lola: I think this law will give too much power to Tortune...DISAGREE

Alicia: This law is particularly of no concern and I think this will benefit not only the Great Farmer but Cavirfi as a whole as well...I AGREE

Martha: I agree with Lola, Margeaux is going overboard with this law...I DISAGREE

Dominic: I ABSTAIN

Emily: Okay, 3 agrees and 2 disagrees, this is it, Chancellery Resolution No. 2 is passed.
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Postby Cavirfi » Sat May 01, 2021 10:49 pm

By a 6-0 vote, CR#3 is now approved and will take into effect immediately.

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