Current federal government approval or rejection

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Current federal government approval or rejection

Postby Union of Nobelia » Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:27 am

Parliament of the Union of Workers
Senior Prime Minister: Dr. Jacob Teutli Ferreni
Second Superior Minister: Dra. Itzpantli Tlacomulco Xochímitl
Third Superior Minister: Dr. Atheneso Vrolkil Lalalazo
Fourth Senior Minister: Dra.Sophie Mercury Marx

Democratic Congress of Parliamentary Power
Minister of International Relations: Dra. Leonore Augusta Loos Von Braun
Minister of Human Rights: Dr. Ebele Dafari Effiong Fagbure
Minister of Education: Dr. Damaskinos Lycurgus Mitsotakis Kyrkos

"Protests in many cities due to the fact that it was approved without seats and without the legislative power, the so-called freedom law entitled "The New Peace and Nobelian Harmony"; where they speak to reform the educational system and the media to show a different history of the nation, alluding to the censorship of genocides and recent and ancient historical events showing a side that had already been taking place for months, when the president has declared war on different nations of the world and financed more to the militarized force." -Enrique Solem Marquez. (2021). Is President Dr. Roshanak Storladen Wereny beginning to end political freedom?. Nobelians News Politic, pp 1.

The Parliament of the Union of Nobelia, summons the International and diplomats of their nations, to give their point of view and opinion about the incident that we have had during the last week.
President Roshanak Mahkameh Storladen Wereny, has approved arbitrarily and without the consent of the legislative and judicial powers of the nation for the approval of the same; She is about the law "The New Peace and Nobelian Harmony", where it is spoken to reform learning in different fields of education but more affected the fields of history, civics, ethics and philosophy. Where we are shown that Nobel history as such should be annulled and not taught is, however, this adjudicates that historical events, recent events and of a historical nature; They cannot be presented and studied to show a more heroic and out of reality side of history, making a historical novel to sell more than a history book on facts and events of the nation.
This not only damages the teaching of history, but also the media and individual guarantees. We refer to the fact that the media are prohibited from talking about these events within the policy and the newscasts in hours of special and ordinary programming, having control over what is published for approval; this deduces falling to authoritarianism and censorship. It also sentences the opinions of critics and civil society in digital media and cultural and social spheres, because social networks will be more controlled and censored in this type of publications or opinions of it.
The nobelian people have made protests (some very violent) to reject this arbitrary law that puts an authoritarian and fascist government at risk of falling, which has shown the population its economic and personal growth; but that has shown its most corrupt and nefarious side.
We admire the advances and benefits that the nation has today but the president's federal agenda has other more worrying points such as the abduction and raid (to the point of expropriation) of the media to be part of the State (press state) and not the citizen in common and society as such.
We ask the nations to give their approval and their point of view before this type of event.
Nation data
Official name: The Parlamentary Republic of the Union of Nobelia.
President Constitutional: Dra. Roshanak Mahkameh Storladen Wereny.
Form of Government:Constitutional Democratic Federal Parliamentary Republic.
Economic system: Liberal Democratic Socialism, Socialist Market.

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