[R] Trolling / Flamebaiting in NFL thread

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[R] Trolling / Flamebaiting in NFL thread

Postby Impaled Nazarene » Tue Apr 13, 2021 4:44 pm


CoraSpia wrote:
Idzequitch wrote:Considering that the man severely injured a child and nearly killed her, I don't think most of us particularly care what's easier for Britt Reid. Actions have consequences and it's time for him to face his. Comfort is not in his future, nor should it be.

Eh...DWI shouldn't even be a crime imho. Life comes with risks, and one of those is that some people might not be as careful as you.

Given that a child was nearly killed this is without a doubt inflammatory


CoraSpia wrote:
Ameriganastan wrote:...I severely hope you're joking right now.

I guess that broncos fans haven't given up on Drew Lock yet, so you're used to false hope. No, I am not.

Taking a reply asking if said person is joking and then making a joke about a football team to insult someone's intelligence.

CoraSpia's posts are entirely unnecessary and are more than a little upsetting to the people in the NFL thread
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Postby CoraSpia » Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:14 pm

As I said in the nearly identical report, I have long believed that the various laws that govern road use should not be crimes, inclusive of DUI and speeding laws. This is not a new opinion I have invented out of a strange desire to troll the nfl thread. When is a better time to discuss whether certain laws should or should not exist than when they have become newsworthy?
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