PWR-1400 'Haephestus' Pressurized Water Reactor

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PWR-1400 'Haephestus' Pressurized Water Reactor

Postby Allanea » Tue Apr 13, 2021 1:24 am


Serene Power Company PWR-1400 Haephestus Power Plant

Artist’s impression of a nuclear power plant with a concrete containment dome and coolant pools.

Reactor name: PWR-1400 Haephestus
Reactor type: Pressurized water reactor
Fuel type: Enriched uranium dioxide
Electric output: 1400 MWe
Heat output: 3,900 MW
Containment dome: Carbon-fiber enriched
Price: $4 billion per unit
DPR: $200 billion
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Background: Increased competition from other companies in the consumer electronics and aircraft market has caused the Serene Power Company to refocus on its core competency - the production of environmentally friendly, safe solutions for electric power. This has lead to the creation of a new series of atomic reactors.

One of the first designs to be offered on the international market is the PWR-1400 Haephestus Pressurized Water Reactor. Capable of substantial output and running on enriched uranium dioxide, the reactor has three important advantages to the world community.

First, it is based on a standardized design, which can be used to build a reactor from scratch rapidly going from first brick to start of use within 22 months.

Second, the reactor’s utility in the production of nuclear weapons is minimal (while it can be converted for nuclear fuel production, it would be extremely costly to the user and bring the reactor’s useful electricity output almost to zero).

Three, the reactor is entirely modular, and can be used in the creation of power plants utilizing two, three, or more reactors, supplying customers with vast amounts of electricity.

Safety: The PWR-1400 Haephestus includes all modern safety equipment that is expected in an atomic reactors, including all the usual emergency shutoff valves, four emergency operation generator systems, ensuring redundancy in case of an accident and a full computerized control suite.

The containment dome for the reactor is produced from carbon-fiber reinforced concrete, which both enables increased protection against hazards such as planestrike (due to carbon fiber reinforced concrete being stronger than regular concrete) and enables the sequestering for centuries, within the concrete, of many tons of carbon which would otherwise be polluting the atmosphere.

Legal disclaimer: All prices for the construction of the PWR-1400 Haephestus exclude local taxes, fees, imposts, and permit costs. The buyer shall shoulder all such expenses, and shall be responsible for handling the Serene Power Company’s legal matters in the country of construction in such a manner as to aid us in expediting construction. Any construction times listed in any contract shall not include delays due to regulatory actions and other delays that are not under the contractor’s control, e.g. natural disasters, war, etc.

Ordering: We remind you once again that the PWR-1400 Haephestus is fully configurable, and multiple PWR-1400 reactors can be incorporated in a single power plant (at this moment, for a range of reasons, we will incorporate no more than 10 reactors in a single power plantю

When the order is made, the Serene Power Company will send professionals and management teams to your country to build the necessary reactors and plants. For some of the work they’ll source local materials and contractors and train some personnel in operating the new reactor. All of this is covered in the above costs - what is not covered is taxes, permits, and various such fees (these vary from nation to nation, and therefore it has not been possible to include them in our

Construction time for each reactor is approximately 22 months, excluding any silliness that may occur in your nation such as employee strikes, military action, weather delays. This construction time is estimated ‘in vacuum’, and may need to be amended in special circumstances, such as reactors located in inaccessible locations, or groups of several reactors grouped together.

In making your order, please provide as much detail as possible. It would be ideal if you provided details about the organization ordering the reactors. Is it a national power authority? A public or private power company? A military organization seeking to power its long-range radar? Do the reactors need to be each in a separate plant or organized into a small number of plants? Details matter to our cooperation.

Domestic Production Rights: In general, we believe that buying production rights for the PWR-1400 Haephestus is not an economically desirable idea unless your nation is a very large one, or for whatever reason intends to build hundreds of reactors. If your organization does purchase DPR, this will include SPC representatives coming to your nation, sharing the relevant data with your nation, training people to build and operate a new reactor, and probably even helping them build two or three as prototypes. This is of very little use for a nation with a with a population of ten million people (your nation’s entire electricity consumption could be filled out by ten reactors of this type). But if you represent a nation with a population of hundreds of millions, or perhaps even dozens of billions, you might wish to consider DPR for this product.

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OOC: Many thanks to Spizania for helping me with the writeup.
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