The 1st Technocratic Council (Open for Discussion)

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The 1st Technocratic Council (Open for Discussion)

Postby Cavirfi » Mon Apr 12, 2021 7:45 pm

Hello, fellow NSers, it's me again, Cavirfi. This is the thread for Cavirfi's 1st Parliament; The 1st Technocratic Council. This is the 3rd of 4 steps to making laws in Cavirfi, the first being the Chancellor or the people writing a resolution, then 2nd is the Great Tribunal's approval.

Now, this is the 3rd step; The approval of the Technocratic Council, the Technocratic Council is made up of 80 representatives of the 8 municipalities of Cavirfi, 10 representatives per each municipality. They are all appointed by the Wolf Pack, and not elected by the people (for reasons). If the Great Tribunal has to rule the law based on the Constitution, the Technocratic Council has to rule the law based on belief. Basically

Great Tribunal = Constitution
Technocratic Council = Opinion.

For today, I will only hold the opening ceremony of the 1st TechCo, and then tomorrow, I will hold the 1st Order of Business.

You can freely post here for as long as the posts are relevant to the topic.

The Man Behind Tortune

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Postby Cavirfi » Tue Apr 13, 2021 7:27 pm


The Opening Ceremony of the First Technocratic Council of Cavirfi

Gray = The Great Farmer
Blue = The Chancellor
Green = Parliament
Purple = Chancellor and Parliament
Red = Ceremonial Guard
Bold Black = Everyone

As the Parliament waits for the arrivals of those invited, Margeaux Tortune arrives and as usual; The Ceremonial Guards greet her.

Let everyone greet and welcome Her Excellency, She The Right Honorable, and Her Sire, Margeaux Tortune.

In which Margeaux comes and greets every soldier.

It's an honor to be with you tonight, gentlemen *shakes hand* 20x

In which she walks up to the Chamber of the TechCo building and sits down on the high throne (which is the seat of the Great Farmer in the Technocratic Council).

Then, Emily Santis comes.

Emily Santis, the Right Honorable Chancellor of Cavirfi.

In which Emily walks down to the Chamber and gets greeted by Margeaux.

What's up, comrade, how's it going?

It's going great, just ate lunch, just decided to continue a chapter on that book we were writing, and lastly, I am here.

Aye, that's great, now we wait for the MPs.

In which, the MPs arrive.

Let us now welcome, the various representatives of the various municipalities of the Free Land

In which, in a peaceful but disorderly fashion, the MPs arrive, and walk up to the Chamber and sit down. Margeaux meanwhile prepares for the ceremonial speech, grabs the paper from back in the Wolf Pack's Barn.

She slowly runs back to Parliament with the papers and the Ceremonial Guard then says.


Paer de Freda Nadione. (For the Free Land)
De Freda Nadione Caverfaen. (The Free Cavirfite Land)
Havaek spadaen da gintoen. (Wield the golden sword)
Paer de moralaen. (For morality)
Paer de Freda. (For Freedom)
Paer de taosmae (For the people)
De Statismae (For the leadership).
Tapoesionen nichtmaelakdionen (End abuse).
Havaek buken da puraen (Wield the untorn book)
Paer mael unden pasae (For love and peace).

A struggle, a mighty struggle.
Lasting 500 years.
To end tyranny
To end cruelty
In the home and state.
We are united, in our fight against hate.
Hateful division sows;
against the seeds of love.

So we reap what we sow.
We need to plant a new crop
A new crop that's peaceful and meek
Meek but still tough
Tough against evil
Evil that spreads it's roots.

Its roots is what harms us;
and what harms us, harms others.
So how do we spread peace and the benign?
When we cannot fight this root.
So fight this root, for the meek
For the meek, that is our free land
The free land for the heroic


Everyone except the Great Farmer can now take their seats, the Great Farmer shall make her opening remarks.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

Margeaux then opens a folded paper and reads what it says.

To the members of the First Technocratic Council of the Free Land of Cavirfi,

It is of pleasure, honor, and dignity, that we are with you tonight. You have come so far with your ability, but you have stalled in your accomplishments in a world of uncertainty, mischief, and unbalance. Now that you are here, please take the time to recognize, that you are on the journey, the journey to creating a better world, a better world you once thought was just a dream.

With the Great Tribunal, they shall serve the people who are wronged. With you on the other hand, you shall create recovery and reversal from the wrongdoings that they, the good but wronged people have recieved. But, you shall do it while obeying the Constitution, its principles, and its values.

In other words, you shall uphold the Constitution, uphold the law, uphold our values, uphold the people who will protect them, and most importantly, uphold the reversals of the nightmare that they, the people, have recieved, and the reversal of the problems that caused the obligatory creation of our values.

Thank you and the ceremony shall begin.

Everyone claps.


The Rights and Responsibilities for the New Land of Love.


We, the Wolf Pack and the new people solemnly swear to create a new land that will expand the realm of value, in a world where that kind of opportunity is continuously being rotten under the banner of "progress".


The article in which the creation of this land is ratified is divided into 7 amendments and 25 articles, the amendments of this article are meant to act as sub articles pertaining to the certain rights and responsibilities of the government, the people, and the military, as well as the values that Cavirfi as a nation is built upon.


The foundation of this new nation is based on the 4 key rotting principles: Chivalry, Loyalty, Love, and Peace.

Article I - Chivalry

Chivalry, in which the medieval military orders were built on has changed over the years, as the saying goes: Chivalry Is Dead!

But with the creation of this new land, chivalry shall be revived, it's definition remodeled, and it's usage institutionalized.

Now, with the creation of Cavirfi. 17 Key Rules must be followed in order for chivalry to be valued:

1. A man must respect women, as he would respect other men.
2. A man must recognize that women, like him, are human beings. With a great sense of autonomy in thinking, sociability, and behavior.
3. A man must respect the decisions of women.
4. A man must respect other men, as he would respect women.
5. A man must recognize that other men, like him, are human beings. With a great sense of autonomy in thinking, sociability, and behavior.
6. A man must respect the decisions of other men.
7. A woman must respect men, as she would respect other women.
8. A woman must recognize that men, like her, are human beings. With a great sense of autonomy in thinking, sociability, and behavior.
9. A woman must respect the decisions of men.
10. A woman must respect other women, as she would respect men.
11. A woman must recognize that other women, like her, are human beings. With a great sense of autonomy in thinking, sociability, and behavior.
12. A woman must respect the decisions of other women.
13. A man must protect women
14. A man must protect other men
15. A women must protect men
16. A woman must protect other women.
17. Everyone shall see each other indifferently on the basis of the color of their skin, the gender they prefer most romantically, the language they speak, and lastly the gender they identify with. Everyone must see each other differently on the basis of the content of their character and must act accordingly so.

One must follow the rules of chivalry to call themselves men or women in Cavirfi, otherwise they can call themselves boys and girls instead.

Article II - Loyalty

Loyalty, be it, an essential value, crucial to diplomacy. It is the second value that Cavirfi must stand by.

For one to be worthy of calling themselves loyal they must follow 7 rules

1. One shall not betray their friends, family, and people they hold dear by accusing them of misdemeanors or felonies they never committed.
2. A man in love with a woman shall not be with another.
3. A man in love with another man shall not be with another
4. A woman in love with a man shall not be with another
5. A woman in love with another woman shall not be with another.
6. One shall not help others with the intent of reward, only to harm them (others) when such reward is failed to be presented to them (one).
7. One shall practice Chivalry while they practice Loyalty.

These rules must be followed in order for one to call themselves loyal, otherwise they can call themselves naive.

Article III - Love

Love, it is an underrated value, it moves bridges, it builds societies, it brings peace. Yet with societies that shall not be named abusing such value, no wonder they have descended into chaos.

In order for stability to remain in the new land, 4 rules.

1. One shall love his neighbor, as they would love their family, friends, and other people they hold dear.
2. One shall not hate another person as a human being, but rather one shall hate another person as a wrongdoer.
3. One shall help others in times of need, regardless of the benefits they will receive.
4. One shall practice Chivalry and Loyalty as they would practice Love.

The individual shall follow these 4 rules to call themselves a loving person, otherwise they can call themselves a poser instead.

Article IV - Peace

Peace, the fourth value, it is what builds society, without it, the average life a person would be cut short. The world and the multiverse recognizes the importance of peace.

In order for one to call themselves peaceful they must follow 4 rules

1. One shall not enter into dispute, if they are in a position where that isn't necessary. If one needs dispute to live life, they must either solve it or agree-to-disagree.
2. One in a dispute, shall solve it with words rather than fists.
3. In fact, one shall not use their fists against another, unless the other directly threatens their life. This is the right to self defense.
4. One shall practice Chivalry, Loyalty, and Love while practicing peace.

One must follow all 4 rules, to call themselves peaceful, otherwise they are in a state of neutrality.

Now that the 4 values of Cavirfi have been defined, this constution shall conclude the 1st Amendment, and begin the 2nd Amendment

Amendment II - The Rights of the State

Article V - The Rights of the Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack shall be recognized and legitimized as the true and sole government of Cavirfi. They have powers that they can use to manage the country, the Wolf Pack shall not be recogonized as FALSE, as for this government has founded this new land, and therefore has the first Rights to use and control it.

The Rights of the Wolf Pack are as follows:

  • The Right to have total control of the land in times of crisis
  • The Right to approve or veto bills passed by the Technocratic Council and/or petitioned by the people.
  • The Right to declare Martial Law without Technocratic Council approval.
  • The Right to monitor suspicious assemblies for suspicions of terrorism and/or organized crime.
  • The Right to set up regulations without Technocratic Council Approval.
  • The Right to control government spending

These rights are permanent and can only be changed if more than three-forths of the the Technocratic Council and more than one-half of the Great Tribunal wishes so.

Article VI - The Rights of the Great Farmer

The Great Farmer shall be recognized as the sole head of state of Cavirfi. No one can identify as head of state but the Great Farmer. Any claims otherwise are FALSE, for the Great Farmer is also the leader of the Wolf Pack, and therefore has every right to it.

The Great Farmer's position can only be appointed by the Wolf Pack and any other modes are not legitimate.

The Rights of the Great Farmer are as follows:
  • The Right to block proposals for the Technocratic Council if it contradicts their vision for what Cavirfi should be.
  • The Right to dissolve the Great Tribunal
  • The Right to appoint Juries to the Great Tribunal
  • The Right to appoint the Chancellor
  • The Right to appoint the Commander-In-Chief of the military
  • The Right to merge and create administrative divisions.

These right are permanent, and can only be changed by approval of more than 3/4 of the Technocratic Council, more than 1/2 of the Great Tribunal, and the approval of the Chancellor.

Article VII - The Rights of the Chancellor

The Chancellor shall be recognized as the Head of Government of Cavirfi, they shall be in charge of the ministries and domestic affairs of the nation.

The Chancellor is appointed by the Technocratic Council and approved by the Chancellor.

The Chancellor is also the leader of the Technocratic Council, therefore the position of Chancellor is also the position of House Speaker.

The rights of the Chancellor are:

  • The right to appoint and dissolve Technocratic Council members
  • The right to open and close Technocratic Council sessions
  • The right to make proposals for the Technocratic Council
  • The right to appoint the various ministers of the government
  • The right to approve and veto petitions

These rights are permanent and require the approval of more than 1/2 of the Parliament, 1/2 of the Federal Tribunal, and approval by the Wolf Pack for modification.

Article VIII - The Rights of the Technocratic Council

The Technocratic Council shall be recognized as the legitimate legislature of Cavirfi. As they are led by the Wolf Pack and as the Wolf Pack makes the law, the Technocratic Council shall represent them in making the laws of the land.

The Technocratic Council shall have 80 members, 10 for each municipality established in the charter code for this land. They shall be appointed by the Wolf Pack and approved by the Great Tribunal.

The rights are as follow:
  • The right to make proposals
  • The right to veto laws made by the Wolf Pack
  • The right to pass petitions on the people's behalf
  • The right to appoint and depose the Chancellor
  • The right to appoint and depose the municipal governments.

These rights are permanent and can only be changed with a unanimous decision of the Great Tribunal and more than 1/2 of the approval of the Wolf Pack.

Article IX - The Rights of the Great Tribunal

The Great Tribunal shall be recognized as the highest judiciary in all of the land. As they shall review each and every law and resolution, to see if it is in accordance to this Constitution. The Great Tribunal shall not represent the Wolf Pack or the people, but the articles in which they have written.

The Great Tribunal shall have 8 members, 1 for each municipality recognized under the charter code. The Great Tribunal shall be appointed by the Wolf Pack and approved by the Minister of Justice.

The rights of the Great Tribunal are as follows:

  • The right to veto laws passed by the Great Tribunal or the Wolf Pack, if they deem it unconstitutional.
  • The right to cancel depositions if they sense any bias.
  • The right to cancel Martial Law if declared during peacetimes.
  • The right to appoint the Minister of Justice (who shall be approved by the Chancellor)
  • The right to carry out penalties for crimes committed during war times. (Like genocide or killing medics)

These rights are only permanent and must be approved for modification by a unanimous decision by the Technocratic Council and more than 1/2 of the Wolf Pack.

Now that all 3 branches of the government's rights have been clarified, we declare the 2nd Amendment Legitimate.

Amendment III - The Rights of the People

The people of Cavirfi, like the state, shall have inalienable rights. That, just like the state's rights, must be respected in all due regards (see: Article I - Chivalry).

Article X - The Right to Free Speech

The people of Cavirfi shall have the right to criticize the government, as well as criticize each other's opinions, freely. Without interference from the state. For as long, as it doesn't incite violence directly against a certain group. Speech critical of certain communities or identities or speech in support of said communities and identities, shall be protected by the State.

Article XI - The Right to Free Press

The people shall have the right to report on anything they deem important, without state approval. Whether that be exposing the flaws of the state, creating propoganda for the state, or even sharing the stories of other people. Anything that doesn't infringe on the rights of others, can be reported, without interference of the state.

Article XII - The Right to Free Assembly

The people of Cavirfi shall have the right to form their own groups whether political or apolitical without government interference, for as long as it respects the values of Cavirfi.

Article XIII - The Right to Identity

The people have the right to identify with any ethnic group, political ideology, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Without discrimination from the state in terms of benefits, punishments for crimes, or taxation rates.

Article XIV - The Right to Petition

The people shall have the inalienable right to make their own suggestions for laws of the land. In which if the movement is large enough, the Technocratic Council shall look into such proposal.

The rights of the people have been ratified and therefore concluding the 3rd Amendment

Amendment IV - The Rights of the Military

The fourth amendment shall recognize that the military and its members are individuals like the people as well. Therefore, deserving of rights and a say in how the society functions as well.

Article XV - The Right to a Coup

The military has the right to use force against the civilian government, should they feel that the State isn't obeying by both the Constitution and Cavirfi's value. Therefore, recognizing that the Military has the right to legally initiate a coup d'etat if the government is abusing their power and is on the verge of becoming what it sought to not become.

Article XVI - The Right to Conscientious Objection

A soldier, a squad, a corps, or even the whole military have the right to oppose serving in war if they reason that the goal of such a war is either against the core values of Cavirfi or forcefully pushing Cavirfi to commit war crimes (which in itself is against the core values of Cavirfi).

The Rights of the Military have been ratified, therefore concluding the fourth Amendment

Amendment V - The Duties of the State

The Government, as it has rights, also has responsibilities, responsibilities they must follow to consider themselves "Constitutional".

Article XVII - The Duty of Respecting the Constitution

The state shall recognize that, though they might have power, those powers have limits, and such limits need to be respected in order for a healthy balance between Authority and Freedom is observed.

Article XVIII - The Duty of Upholding the Law

As with great power, comes great responsibility. The state shall recognize that with their power, they must create and enforce law that act as the driver of society, otherwise it shall be recognized as Anarchy rather than Meritocracy.

Article XIX - The Duty of Respecting the Rights of the People and the Military

As with having power not upheld by the people or the military, the state shall respect the rights given to the people and the military, by this constitution.

The duties of the State have now been ratified, concluding the 5th Amendment

Amendment VI - The Duties of the People

The people, like the state, shall have duties that exist with their rights. Duties they must follow to claim a foothold in deserving their rights.

Article XX - The Duty of Paying Taxes

The people shall give the state whatever taxation it requests, no matter the rate (for so long as the State can promise a return). Refusal to do such will result in punishment (in which the form depends on the scale of the tax evasion).

Article XXI - The Duty of Obeying Law

The people shall follow whatever law or resolution in which the State enforces, refusal to do so will lead to dependable punishments.

Article XXII - The Duty of Upholding the Cavirfite Values

The people shall follow, observe, and believe in the 4 Cavirfite Values, as for they have come here, they shall follow our values.

The duties of the people have been ratified, therefore concluding the sixth Amendment

Amendment VII - The Duties of the Military

With the military having the right to initiate a coup and the right to conscientiously object. The duties they have are only fair.

Article XXIII - The Duty of Defending the Country

In times of war, the military shall have the right to refuse offensive strikes, however they must be prepared to initiate defensive strikes. Refusal will lead to punishments ranging from corporal punishment to the deposition of all officers.

Article XXIV - The Duty of Upholding the Cavirfite Values

The military shall strike against the enemy if the cause is upholding the Cavirfite Values, for which they must defend at all costs. Refusal will lead to punishments ranging from corporal punishment to the deposition of all officers.

Article XXV - The Duty of Leading the Country in times of Martial Law

The military shall be in charged of advising the Wolf Pack during times of Martial Law and Political Instability, to help the country get back to a fully-civil state. For it is their purpose to defend the land from exterior forces and defend the land from interior forces.

With the duties of the military ratified, Amendment Seven has now been concluded.

With the values of the land, the responsibilities and rights of the state, people, and military now ratified. The New Constitution shall now be concluded, and the Free Land of Cavirfi, now, a sovereign state.

Now that the Constitution has been read to you, the Great Farmer shall now ask...

...what is your 1st Right?

The right to make proposals.

Your 2nd Right?

The right to veto laws made by the Wolf Pack.

Your 3rd?

The right to pass petitions on the people's behalf.


The right to appoint and depose the Chancellor


The right to appoint and depose the municipal governments.

Now, Ms. Santis, what is your 1st Right as Chancellor of Cavirfi/

The right to appoint and dissolve Technocratic Council members

Your 2nd Right?

The right to open and close Technocratic Council sessions


The right to make proposals for the Technocratic Council


The right to appoint the various ministers of the government

And the last?[color]

[color=blue]The right to approve and veto petitions


In which after a brief pause.


I will now make the pronouncements.

Emily Santis, do you recognize that you shall exercise your rights?

I do.

Do you recognize that you shall perform your duties as the 1st Chancellor of the Free Land of Cavirfi and the Speaker of the 1st Technocratic Council?

I do.

Then, Emily Santis, I now pronounce you, Chancellor of Cavirfi.

Parliament claps

All the representatives of the various municipalities!


Do you recognize that you shall exercise your rights?


Do you recognize that you shall perform your duties as the 1st Technocratic Council?


Then I pronounce you all, The 1st Technocratic Council of the Free Land of Cavirfi.

Everyone claps intensely.

With everyone now pronounced with respective positions, I hereby declare the 1st Technocratic Council, Existent

Everyone claps and the ceremony ends.

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Postby Cavirfi » Wed Apr 14, 2021 4:24 am

OOC: For simplicity purposes, the debate will consist of 1 opening remark, 3 rebuttals, and 1 closing remark, then voting will continue on from there. Sorry, if it seems bland.


The 1st Order of Business

Blue = Chancellor
Brown = Parliament
Green = Yay
Yellow = Abstain
Red = Nay

As the Technocratic Council waits for any discussion of law, the Chancellor arrives to the Chamber and makes her announcements.



Time for the 1st Order of Business, I have my proposal ready, I shall now read it, and the debates will begin from there

Chancellery Resolution #1 - Cavirfi with Europe

We, Cavirfi, have seen the importance of international diplomacy, in maintaining peace. Therefore, Cavirfi shall seek peace through seeking diplomacy.

The Free Land of Cavirfi, upon enactment of this Resolution, will seek to apply, non-member non-applicant observer status to the European Union:

  • Defining the European Union as a regional trade union of 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Defining Non-Member Non-Applicant Observer Status (NMNAOS) as a status where one nation is allowed to attend Parliamentary sessions in the European Union with being able to propose laws for the European Union but not have the ability to vote in such issues, as well as being a status where one isn't interested to become a full fledged member of the European Union.
  • Recognizing that having NMNAOS can affect Cavirfi economically through the trade regulations that the European Union passes.
  • Recognizing that Cavirfi won't be affected politically or socially compared to members of the European External Community.
  • Recognizing that having NMNAOS will only affect Cavirfi's relationship with the European Union as an entity and not its members.
  • Recognizing that NMNAOS won't affect Caviri's relationship with current NMNAOS holders.

Hereby, applying for NMNAOS, upon the enactment of this resolution.

Hereby, enforcing Resolution #1 upon approval.

Hereby, concluding Chancellery Resolution #1

Now, time for the debates to begin *strikes mallet*

MP#69 from Bornesandgrave, Amirah Benson votes yay

MP#26 from Ostry, Leen Carr votes Abstain

MP#58 from Bleshe, Charly Downs votes Nay

Okay, can we have the opening arguments?

Yes, Ms. Chancellor

He then stands up and makes his opening remarks

I believe that the European Union has done well for other nations economically and that considering the economic nature of Cavirfi as a nation, it is best to say that already existing but improved versions of various regulations, will help Cavirfi propser more as a nation.

He then officializes his vote.

The abstain MP then stands up.

Yes, Ms. Chancellor. I am abstaining because I believe that a diplomatic connection between Cavirfi and Europe would be a fine proposal, however I believe that Europe's slightly ineffective legislation may cause regulation to be enforced that ignores the nature of Cavirfi's economy, hereby, I declare that I am abstaining from this issue.

He then officializes his vote. 2 other MPs vote alongside him

The opposition then stands up

Well, Ms. Chancellor. I believe Cavirfi should be neutral at all times and not favour the EU or CIN economically and that we should pursue instead our own economic policy and not rely on EU or CIN policy to get by. Hereby, I oppose

Okay, everyone.


We will now begin the rebuttals *strikes mallet*, Yay side you make the first rebuttals.

Thank you, Ms. Chancellor

He then clears his throat

First and foremost, the neutrality doctrine that Cavirfi follows is military-based, Cavirfi does need not follow this neutrality economically. Secondly, Cavirfi is already having a mixture of EU policy, what adverse effects would the Cavirfite Economy experience from EU Observership when our Independent policy is already similar?

4 MPs vote yay.

So what if our policy is similar, it's SIMILAR, NOT SAME. The EU has more capitalistic policy when most of our businesses are state-owned, STATE-OWNED. How do you think a bunch of private entrepreneurs slash politicians will know better of the nature of our state-owned economy? Also, The EU tends to favour economic aid to nations which are more socially liberal, and I don't think Cavirfi will match those standards. I mean, look at our laws at hypergamy, polygamy, and adultery? You think the EU would accept that? Just look at Poland; the EU has really slowed down their aid to Poland since Andrzej Duda won Polish elections back in 2017. Do you really think Cavirfi would be different?

6 MPs vote Nay.

Okay, but Cavirfi won't even apply for membership under this law, also like what happened in the Great Tribunal, it's not like the EU would spend money at all. Do they spend on Estima? No, Do they spend money on Lebanon? Not a chance, Israel? I don't think; they are all NMNAOS nations, like us, at least if this law goes underway.

4 MPs vote yay.

That is because all of those nations are socially conservative as well, like us. You fu-


I'm sorry for my unparliamentary behaviour, Ms. Chancellor

1 MP votes yay


Order! I just said 'order' a while ago, BEHAVE!

3 MPs vote nay.

Anyways, back to what I was saying, so what if it matters if the EU doesn't provide to money to us. We are already prospering on our own, with the EU, that prosperity may be faster.

4 MPs vote Yay

Well, don't you know the consequences of over excessively rapid growth?

No, please tell me.

The rich will get richer, and the poor will stay poor, because with massive growth, the money will be too much to handle, and the proper allocations of funds will be wasted, corruption will rise, crime will rise, and we will just be another bad boy society. I thought we were supposed to be the reversal of the disasters that led to the obligatory creation of this nation, NOT THE REENACTMENT of such disasters.

2 MPs vote Yay

Fair enough!

The debates continue until all MPs have voted their stance on the resolution.

Okay, this has been a rowdy debate, for the 1st resolution, however now that every MP has voted their stance on the issue, I would like to hear the closing remarks from the debating gentlemen for tonight.

With an advantage of economic prosperity, better diplomatic connections which ultimately lead to peace, and no adverse affects on the political process. I hereby declare my support for CR#1, Cavirfi with Europe.

With the disadvantage of potentially unprepared poverty, violation of the neutrality doctrine, and favoritism for social liberalism by the European Union. I hereby declare my opposition for CR#1, Cavirfi with Europe.

Okay, now we shall see the decisions of everyone else.

Official Decidings:

Yay = 45
Abstain = 3
Nay = 32

It seems that the TechCo has ruled for CR#1, YAY, CR#1 has now passed and shall be ready for signing by the Wolf Pack, thank you ladies and gentlemen for being with us, tonight

CR#1 is now decided, passed, therefore closing the 1st session of Parliament for Cavirfi Political Season 2020-2021.
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Postby Cavirfi » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:01 pm


Chancellery Resolution No 2 - Privatise and Revamp: The Cavirfite Bone China Company.

Blue = Chancellor
Brown = Parliament
Green = Yay
Red = Nay
Yellow = Abstain

The members of parliament slowly assemble and wait for the Chancellor to arrive. A few hours pass by and hastily, the Chancellor walks to her podium and proposes her new law.

Ladies and Gentlemen?


I shall now make my proposal for the 2nd Resolution.

The Chancellor opens her draft.

Chancellery Resolution No. 2 - Privatise and Revamp the Cavirfite Bone China Company

We, the Wolf Pack, have recognized the failures and shortcomings of the Cavirfite Bone China Company over the past month, and we wish to increase competition with privatisation and revamping.

1. DEFINING The Cavirfite Bone China Company as a state-owned enterprise that is in charge of the production of tea, silk, and porcelain in Cavirfi.

2. DEFINING Tea as a herb from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis that is used for drinking purposes.

3. DEFINING Silk as the protein fibers of the Bombyx Mori, an agricultural worm. Used for the making of various textiles

4. DEFINING Porcelain as a ceramic material from the clay, Kaolinite. As well as bone ash and feldspathic material. Used for pottery.

5. DEFINING Privatisation as the removal of state influences in the decision making of a company owned by said state.

6. DEFINING Revamping as the closure and reopening of a company in which during the closure period, said company shall improve.

7. ACCEPTING that upon the enactment of this bill that The Cavirfite Bone China company shall be Privatised and Revamped. But under the condition that they will sell SOLELY tea, silk, and porcelain.

8. RECOGNIZING that The Cavirfite Bone China Company being owned by The Great Farmer, being Privatised will result in the loss of the ownership of The Great Farmer over the company.

9. ACCEPTING a transfer from 100% ownership of the funding of The Cavirfite Bone China Company to a 1% stake in the Cavirfite GDP will be granted to the Chancellor.

10. ACCEPTING that The Great Tribunal and The Technocratic Council will carry the infinite rights to set up a committee for inspection to show that the Great Farmer isn't abusing their newly acquired wealth.

Hereby concluding: Chancellery Resolution No. 2 - Privatise and Revamp the Cavirfite Bone China Company

She continues.

I will now allow a yay, a nay, and a no vote. I will allow the no vote side to make 1 opening argument and finish from there, I will allow the yay and nay side to debate with 1 opening statement, 5 rebuttals, and 1 closing statement, then I will allow the voting to begin.

She strikes her gavel.

MP#16 Saul Bradford from Edgebol makes the first Yay

MP# 62 Hisham Mahoney from Ntwich makes the first No Vote

MP# 77 Duan Riddle from Dsormere makes the first Nay

Okay, we have now got our first votes, let us hear the opening statements of each side.

Saul Bradford stands up.

Yes, thank you Ms. Chancellor, on behalf of the people that support the switching of financial assets to the Great Farmer, from 100% of the Bone China Company to 1% of the Government Treasury overall will be a good idea, because not only will the Great Farmer have more money overall, but she will use that money to invest in Cavirfi and ultimately lead to more growth. Hereby I vote Yay.

Alright, thank you Honorable Bradford of Edgebol, can we now hear from the Honorable Gentleman from Ntwich, about why he decided No Vote?

The Chancellor strikes her gavel.

Alright, first I would like to give my gratitude to The Right Honorable Chancellor for giving me the time to speak tonight, now. First of all, I understand the gentleman of Edgebol's words that the Great Farmer has invested so much money into growing this country's economy. However, I doubt any economic change if the Great Farmer were to have a sudden boost to her net worth, will improve anything in this country. I also don't understand why we need to privatise a state-owned company that has already reeked in a lot of money but is considered a failure for having only a few customers. I just don't understand the need to improve an already profitable venture.

Because of the confusion I am in, I will have to declare that I will abstain from voting on this issue at hand.

2 MPs abstain from this issue alongside him.

Okay thank you, gentleman, for giving us your opening statement, can we now hear from the Opposition.

The Gentleman of Dsormere stands up

Thank you, Ms. Chancellor. Now, like the Gentleman of Ntwich said, why do we need to improve an already profitable company? I mean; we are reeking in lots of profit, isn't that good enough? We have sold tons and tons of tea and porcelain to a few customers over the last month, yet the FEW customers are the reasoning behind declaring "failure" of the company. I know the true intent of this law which is to expand the powers of the Great Farmer, who not only support the idea of allowing 3 misogynistic groups to exist, but also support the idea of abolishing a Parliamentary institution that might disagree with her and laws she might make. Ms. Chancellor, the acts of the Great Farmer are borderline unconstitutional, and therefore I support her.

Hereby, I vote NAY.

Hear hear!

A mild clap and cheering rages.

Order, the Council shall have order.

The Chancellor then continues.

With the allowance of 5 rebuttals from each side, I hereby open the debate.

She strikes her gavel

Alright, now, in response to the Opposition. Where did you get this conclusion? Because it seems like the only place you got that conclusion is from advocates, foreign advocates, who wish our nation destroyed. Even then, if the Great Farmer wants power, she can have it, she was the first power to think of the idea of this country, why are you in opposition to her having the first powers over it?

Lastly, the switching of financial assets is mainly compensation for the privatisation of this company and also compensation for the change of powers between her and us, if you think she deserves no compensation, then I don't understand you.

Hear hear hear!


Fine, well like I said, I don't support privatising a good venture, and my conclusions come from the recent policies to require parental licensing for new parents and the banning of adultery, sure that is considerate of our values, but how about...polygamists? Because it says here in the adultery law that polygamy is also illegal, so there is that.

Now back to the topic at hand, what benefits would come from privatising and making the Bone China Company a monopoly? In an economy that is already dominated by the state?

That is the point of privatisation, the Bone China Company will now be free from the influences of the state and this will encourage foreign investors and competitors to actually interact with the company rather than say "Oh, this company is a state-owned one, and therefore the quality will be bad." How about instead of using arguments like "we are already profitable", instead we should use arguments like "Are we a good company and not a shitty one?"







Parliament then goes silent.

Honorable Bradford, you have been caught doing unparliamentary behaviour.

What did I do?

You said a curse word, I said in the previous meeting, not to say any curse words, quoted or not.

Sorry Madam, I withdraw.

That's alright, you may continue.

I am actually done with my 2nd rebuttal, I think the gentleman of Dsormere may speak now.

Thank you Honorable Bradford.

He stands up and clears his throat

Now, I understand that we have quite the low quality of our products, however instead of expanding our realm to foreign critics, how about we create an internal committee to criticize our products, and like our government, I think we should appoint this committee technocratically, because think about it people who know the area and it's produce better should be the ones criticizing our quality, right?

You have a good point, and that idea would theoretically work, however practically, I don't think that will. Because local critics tend to be more arrogant in their criticisms and hide under the banner of "We know this place". To get away with monopolizing their products.

Good point, but like this Parliament, and like I said, we appoint these critics technocratically, and then we reassess them every year, that we can avoid preconcieved biases.

Okay, I get what you are saying now, and I sort of agree with you.

Okay then, thanks for taking the time to debate on this floor.

Parliament claps and cheers intensely.


The clapping and cheering stops

Mr. Support, Mr. Opposition. You have now used up your 5 rebuttals and I now request you to make your closing statements.

As the 6th Member of Parliament for Edgebol. I, Saul Bradford, hereby declare my support for CR#2

As 7th Member of Parliament for Dsormere. I declare my opposition to CR#2.

Okay then, the debate has ended, and the voting process will now begin. Everyone, please think thoroughly for your vote, as once you cast it, you cannot change it...

...this is a 39-minute vote.

She strikes her gavel, and the voting begins.

39 minutes pass and the Chancellor now closes the voting session.

Alright, the voting process now ended, we will not get our vote and tally.

A low ding sounds showing the vote and tally table.

YAY 73

It's 73 Yays, 6 No Votes, and 1 Nay. By a supermajority of the Council, I hereby pass, Chancellery Resolution No. 2 - Privatise and Revamp: The Cavirfite Bone China Company.

Everyone claps, the Chancellor dismisses Parliament, and the session ends.
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Postby Cavirfi » Sat May 01, 2021 1:38 am


Chancellery Resolution No. 3 - Leave: The Leftist International Treaty Alliance (LITA)

As the Parliamentary meeting is about to begin, the MPs start assembling and sit down in their seats, while waiting, they start a Parliamentary forum regarding the recent protests in Crabaiaia, they dismiss it as Crabaiaia isn't their issue, it's LITA. The Chancellor arrives, and everyone grabs their mini-flags and wave it.

Hear Hear!

The Chancellor goes to her podium and sits down.


Parliament quickly hushes, and the Chancellor opens up her proposal.

Chancellery Resolution No. 3 - Leave: The Leftist International Treaty Alliance (LITA)

We Cavirfi, have recognized the inactivity of LITA, and our cause which is based on neutrality, requires us that we need to attack and start secession from The Leftist International Treaty Alliance.

1. DEFINING the Leftist International Treaty Alliance as an alliance of welfare states and socialist nations that are united in defending each other

2. DEFINING secession as either getting rid of national involvement in an alliance or trade union.

3. ACCEPTING that Cavirfi's military is based on the doctrines of neutrality

4. DEFINING neutrality as avoidance to commit to an alliance or union in accordance with maintaining peace.

5. ENFORCING that Cavirfi shall now seek secession from the Leftist International Treaty Alliance.

Hereby concluding, Chancellery Resolution No. 3 - Leave: The Leftist International Treaty Alliance

Okay, can we now have a support, an abstinence, and an opposition?

MP#20 Abbey Randolph from Edgebol bids to be the support

MP#68 T-Jay Vasquez from Ntwich bids to be the abstinence

MP#78 Ayoub Truong from Dsormere bids to be the opposition.

Okay, can we now here the opening statements?

The support stands up.

Ms. Chancellor. I support this bill because LITA requires military commitment and our doctrine is based on diplomatic neutrality. I think it would be hypocritical and even a bit of ironic for Cavirfi to state their neutrality and then join LITA in the first place, actually, it is hypocritical to join LITA in the first place, I thought we were to support everyone, not just a certain part of the political spectrum.



The abstinence stands up

Thank you for letting me speak this afternoon, I may support the idea of neutrality, but I honestly think that our military is too small to just go solo, and that LITA can just destroy us if they wanted to, of course, that is highly unlikely, but as the saying goes: The Chances are low but never zero.

The opposition stands up

Now, the abstinence is correct, we cannot just go leave alliances because "oh, it's for neutrality", no, we cannot accept that. It is simply incomprehensible, also neutrality is impossible. We will have some form of preconcieved biases towards other nations and other ideologies in general, and that is okay, it is part of the nature of politics, I do not understand why; neutrality is such a big deal; also it leads to conscription, which is pretty much military slavery, so no, I won't accept it.


Order order order!

The Chancellor strikes her gavel 2 times.

I now grant the Ladies speaking, 5 rebuttals before they can make their closing statements, I hereby open up the debate for this Resolution.

Thank you, Miss Chancellor

The support stands up

We can have preconceived biases while still staying neutral as possible, it may be hard I know, but we can still look back at Switzerland, they avoided two wars, how? By staying neutral, by not minding the ideologies of others, by catering to everyone, and this is our vision for Cavirfi, to stay neutral, to be the best for everyone, not just for us.

True, but do you know how Switzerland stays alive? Through conscription and I thought Cavirfi was against that!

You have a great point; and you know I hope we can create a Parliamentary forum to address this issue if our secession happens, because there is no constitutional provision that allows the military to draft, that is a fact, that is a fact. So, do you wish to make a Parliamentary forum regarding this should the debate not go your way?

Absolutely, do I think that a Parliamentary forum is necessary.

Now, Miss Chancellor, quick question, does our agreement to a Parliamentary forum count as a rebuttal?

Can you recount the debate, I will grant both as an consensus rather than a rebuttal, if that is what you wish.

I am talking about rebuttal transcripts "C" and "D", do those count?

The Chancellor reviews the transcripts.

They would legally count as rebuttals, but I can consider them as a consensus if that is your request.

I request that the Chancellor shall make Transcripts "C" and "D", a consensus and not a rebuttal.

So, Honorable Randolph, I want you to answer three questions before we can proceed with the concession.

Okay, Madam.

Question 1: Is this an agreement rather than dispute between both parties?

Yes, it is.

Question 2: Is this a request regarding non-legislative concerns?

Partially, our consensus, as you have read from the review, is regarding a Parliamentary forum for concessions should the Resolution be approved by this Council, the Tribunal, and the Cabinet.

Question 3: Are you in anyway trying to extend the debate to an extent that was not granted under my authority?

My intent is to go back to the debate.

If your intent was to continue the debate, why did you make the request rather than let the transcripts be rebuttals and continue as normal?

I- I- I-



Well, as I said, the transcripts were obviously in agreement, and also if I couldn't extend the debate to make the requests for these concessions, how could I make the requests in the first place?

You have a good point and I am sorry if I sounded harsh and condescending. I will make the 2nd reviews now.

Thank you, Miss Chancellor.

The Chancellor makes a 2nd review of the transcripts and gives out the concession.

With the transcripts following both rules of the definition, I hereby declare Transcripts "C" and "D" and I hereby resume the debate, we are now in the 2nd rebuttal, and I hereby declare the turn is on the support's side.

Thank you, Miss Chancellor.

So? What if Switzerland conscripts? We can have mercenaries! We are more populated and richer than most conscription countries, so why can't we be neutral AND keep a voluntary military service system at the same time; also if the mercenaries are slaves? We free them, we only hire voluntary mercenaries; everything here is voluntary here, so how about how we do things with other countries war-wise?

Fair fair, but how much would it costs us? The Great Farmer has just deregulated the economy, we might have lost a lot in treasury spending. Do we treat mercenary hiring like regular shopping?

Sure sure, I mean, we can use our negotiating skills to convince a 50/50 pay between the contractor, and also we have trillions of Knabundas sitting in the treasury and you want us to waste that on airports and planes, while we are left defenseless, and susceptible to invasions, and susceptible to the end, the end of goodness, the end of us. We are a dying breed Honorable Truong, we need only defend ourselves, EVERYONE IS A BACKSTABBER in International Diplomacy, I cannot trust LITA, and I hope YOU don't as well.

For as long as LITA hasn't had an internal schism, we can trust them, and I will ALWAYS trust them, because they have avoided war like us, compared to our current doctrine that aggresses countries that dare grant free will to anyone to say the word "no", to say the word to reject anything they are uncomfortable with, under the banner of "Goodness", under the banner of "Saving our dying breed". Nurture vs Nature everyone, it's a thing, we can go through, a dark sky, I don't care if we have to go through this sky, if we can never go through this sky, we will never be free as the good people of this world, the last good people, it's LITA or death situation now, I hope the support realises that.



Alright, then. You support LITA, the same nation that allies CRABAIAIA, that criminal empire, that kleptocratic hellhole, you support the SAME alliance that intervenes in wars they may never be involved in. Where's the peace? Where's the peace?!

Oh right, it is in a non-existent black-hole of "progress", our constitution literally says that values are rotten under the banner of "progress". It is true, because you are seeing it with your own eyes right now, domestic violence is in the rise in Crabaiaia, drug and alcohol abuse is in the rise in Estima, there are literal wars in both countries, the people are tired. Why can't you accept that?! How many times must we speak out, how many wars must we fight? HOW MUCH BLOOD MUST BE SPILLED FROM THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD FOR THIS PLACE TO BETTER?! By staying in an alliance that goes against our doctrines, we will prolong that fight and we will be silent, that is why I still support leaving this alliance, I have for a long time. Please, I don't wish for you to agree, I just wish for you to understand.



Okay then, if people die for a cause, they live in a democracy, AND the government refuses to listen; can you maybe think that they are actually the minority and that the country won't continue to listen to them until the movement is large enough.

Well, the state is clearly using propaganda to convince the public to vote against what is good for them, you have clearly seen this with the simulatory society by the psychologist Sigmund Freud, with the Id, if your superego is not large enough, your Id will takeover and this will lead for your ego to make decisions against what is good for you.

Next, so what if they are a minority? Are you saying minorities don't deserve rights? Are you justifying racism? Sexism? Homophobia? Among other things? No, right? So why would you even say that.

The good are the majority, but those who choose what is good for them IS the minority, and that is what we should defend, we should defend good, that is the basis of our nation, I hope you understand.

I understand now.

Alright, you have used up your 5 rebuttals, can we now hear the closing statements.

As the 10th Member of Parliament representing Edgebol, I declare my support for CR No. 3

As the 7th Member of Parliament representing Dsormere, I declare my opposition to CR No. 3

Okay, I hereby close the debate for the 3rd Chancellery Resolution and will now open the bill for voting...

...this is a 40-minute vote.

40 minutes pass and the votes are cast.

I hereby close the voting session and will now open the tally table and see the results, WILL IT GO OR NO?

The Chancellor sees the tally


With 53 YAYS and 21 NAYS, by a majority, I hereby declare Chancellery Resolution No. 3 - Leave: The Leftist International Treaty Alliance, passed.


They wave their flags and the session ends.

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Postby Cavirfi » Fri May 14, 2021 2:33 am


Chancellery Resolution No 4 - Health for Working Cavirfites

Parliament once again assembles inside the TechCo chamber when the Chancellor arrives. As always they do a welcoming pledge to her, and she puts her dispatch on the podium.

We shall now assemble on May 14th of 2021 to do a reading and debate of my 4th Resolution. I shall now begin the hearing immediately at 18:07 on this day, the reading is now open

She picks the next dispatch and begins the hearing of the proposal.

Chancellery Resolution No 4 - Health for Working Cavirfites

We, the Cavirfite Government have recognized that healthcare in Cavirfi, left uncheck, will lead to it becoming inaccessible to the majority of the working class.

1. DEFINING Healthcare as the personal access to medicine for therapeutical purposes.

2. DEFINING Health Insurance as a service that helps pay for access to Healthcare.

3. RECOGNIZING that several of Cavirfi's working class doesn't have access to health insurance.

4. ENFORCING that all private businesses in Cavirfi shall grant employees access to Health Insurance.

5. ENFORCING that all public businesses in Cavirfi shall cover all of the expenses of every employees' medical care.

Hereby, Concluding Chancellery Resolution No. 4 - Health For Working Cavirfites

I shall now close the reading and will now begin the opening statements. May I request a support, an opposition, and an abstinence, if such sides are available to speak upon this chamber?

MP# 22 Arvin Rennie from Ostry stands up to be the support

MP# 13 Sheikh Chapman from Edgebol stands up to be the abstinence

MP# 68 T-Jay Vasquez from Ntwich stands up to be the opposition

Okay, it seems that we have all 3 sides occupied, may we now hear the opening statements from each one

The support rises.

Ms. Chancellor, I rise in support of the resolution, because we have seen days, where access to healthcare is blocked has led to the deaths of many, and we Cavirfites are supposed to be against basic problems, and frequent death IS a basic problem, so let us stop arguing about the basic right to healthcare, and offer working Cavirfites a chance to get it.

Hear hear!

ORDER! Can we hear from the abstinence?

The abstinence rises

I rise neither in support nor in opposition of the resolution. Mainly, because I agree with the support, but at the same time, why should working Cavirfites be the only people to get a chance to affording healthcare, when we are seeing the rise of unemployment during these trying times of the re-privatization of the economy? It's mainly unfair and I believe Cavirfi shouldn't be unfair, everyone should get an equal right to healthcare, everyone shall get equal rights in general, and no one deserves to die because they can't pay some bills.

The chamber claps

The opposition rises

WAIT! Did I permit you to make your statements?

No, Ma'am, you did not.

Okay, I permit the opposition to speak.

Thank you Ma'am,

We have seen the rise of illness across the worlds, we have seen the potential dangers of not only discriminating certain health protocols, but doing so based on their financial stability. What this resolution is doing is opening up that danger, opening up that inequality amongst our citizens, and I would like to quote a fellow member of this house, particularly my good friend, the Honorable Randolph from Edgebol.

"It's all or nothing."

We need to adapt this mentality, we need to accept that we are crabs in a bucket, that we are all in this together. We need to understand that the lack of a Crab mentality led to the collapse of the United States, it led to the collapse of Estima, and most importantly, it led to the collapse of our rival Crabaiaia. I hope, this doesn't upset anyone because honestly I can understand why everyone is worried this will lead to the dissolution of individualism and I am worried too. But for as long as we cannot trust the other, we will never be able to serve the other, and this is basically against the principles that Cavirfi was built on, and I believe that is simply unacceptable. Whoever thinks this is can either come here in this chamber and speak their mind and start a conversation or they can go pack their backs and move to somewhere like Crabaiaia or the United States.

The Chamber claps intensely


The opening statements are now closed. I shall now recognize the support and the opposition for 5 rebuttals, thus I hereby open the debate.

The Chancellor strikes her gavel 5 times.

The support rises once again.

Well then;

You bring up some very fair and interesting points there, Honorable Vasquez. However, what you need to understand is, we cannot just directly go from lacking universal healthcare to having it full circle, and that such policy would require transitional law. I believe that this resolution would set a good framework for if the Great Farmer actually enforces universal heatlhcare. But then again, you may bring up this point;

"What if the Great Farmer NEVER enforces universal healthcare?"

Well, that is a good question, putting an answer to this question is a difficult task I must admit. But whether or not the Great Farmer enforces universal healthcare, does it matter? If she wants to save money on healthcare, she can save money on healthcare, that is not my problem, that is hers. However, yes, it would be an unfair disadvantage for those unemployed and uneducated, that is ultimately at the end of the day, not within our constitutional rights as members of this council to exercise such authoritative power.

That is true Honorable Rennie BUT like I said; we need to operate Cavirfi like it's crabs in a bucket, we need to be together, we need to live together. If not everyone can get health insurance, then no one should.

But of course you might say: "Regardless if this passes or not, those who can afford, WILL get health insurance."

That is a fair point but for as long as I can remember, the Crab mentality doesn't apply to the individual purchasing of commodities, but it still applies to legislation. Please remember, this is LEGISLATION, not the market. We need to apply a collective mentality when making such decisions, it is within the constitution that we must act together and not separated when making our decisions, Honorable Rennie.

I know that some of you may never get the point but why do you think we met TOGETHER in this chamber? Because we have this mindset, we are REQUIRED to have such mindset. So adapt it and do not give it up, that is how we operate here in Cavirfi...

He then points at the shield that hangs above the Chancellor's wall. that a clover? a velvet ribbon? A BALD EAGLE? The simple answer is NO, that is the SHEILD OF HEARTS, the coat of arms of this Free Land. We should operate as such, we should operate like it's the last days of the last of the good ones, we should operate like we will all die at the hands of some evil empire led by some illegalists merchant kleptocrats. Okay? Stop taking this as a joke, there is genocide of the good people of this world EVERYWHERE right now and all you care about is not allowing healthcare to some people all because they don't have a job? ...

He bangs his podium with his index finger are ALL exactly like the kleptocrats...

ORDER! CRABAIAIA AND ESTIMA who have become scroundels to their people...


...and look what they've done, they've killed good people, they have encouraged the possession of mental illness, and most importantly they have committed cultural suici-

The Chancellor mutes the opposition's microphone.

Can the gentlemen from Ntwich please be silent now?!

He hushes himself.

Honorable Vasquez, the way in which you address the other members of this council is disrespectful, you are hurling insults at them, you are yelling repetitive rhetoric, that I have heard every time I open a session in this chamber. This should apply to everyone, I will speak;

Stop bringing other countries into this, I am only allowed by the constitution to bring up domestic affairs, I cannot handle the speeches you make about; "Ooohhhh Crabaiaia bad Cavirfi good bla bla bla" just speak about the issue itself and STOP assuming everyone in this countries are kleptocrats, STOP assuming they have the intellectual quotient of the number five, and START assuming that the people of these countries are humans like us and can fix their mistakes, as much as I like to ramble personally about how these countries have a trash sense of morality, let us not forget, they used to be like us, until they adapted the most common mistake a good society can commit; Democracy, allowing for hateful negligible people to vote for things that surpass their superego and enters id territory. Okay?

Honorable Vasquez, please withdraw your stateme-

Honorable Vasquez makes an offensive gesture at the Chancellor

Very well, Honorable Vasquez, you have recieved a LOW-LEVEL WARNING, if you dare commit that offense again I will raise the level of such warning and said warning will apply to you in the next meeting, commit that offense twice again in this session and I will have to kick you out of this session and I will have to ban you from the session after that.

The support rises again

Well, Miss Chancellor, as you can see with the offenses the opposition has just commited, I request the debate to be closed.

Very well, as there have been an offense commited in this session, I shall now close the debate...

With the closure of this debate, I shall now open the voting section of this meeting, please vote wisely and honestly because you can only vote once.

This is an 8-minute vote.

The votes are cast

Okay, now that the voting section has ended, we shall now get the tally.


With 19 yays and 14 nays, I hereby declare CR# 4 passed by the Council and the proposal shall now pass to the Wolf Pack, thank you for being with us ladies and gentlemen.

Parliament claps and the session ends

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