The Duke(IC)

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The Duke(IC)

Postby Earth Allies » Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:13 am

Will you decide?

President HRM was sitting while waiting for Sophia was making food for today.
Sophia: Dukes are new here.¨
HRM: I know, the Government needs more jobs
Sophia Ok, thats is strange, why is there someone outside running?¨
The door busts open with someone with mail...
¨Hawaii gets to choose it´s duke!!!¨
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Earth-1: HRM is head of Starfleet
Earth-NS: NS Forum, HRM is President of Earth Allies

Chads Bizarre Adventure wrote:You always make the best RPs 8)
Valentine Z wrote:AAN: A bit more OOCly, you always have been one of the best persons around - you have a good mix of humor and seriousness, and you have been around for so long and sticking with the few of us though both good and bad. So for everything that's worth, thank you for being such a great friend. ♥ And also being a great writer and worldbuilder throughout, I am envious of your energy too!

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