Conklandi Note Corporation (CNC)

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Conklandi Note Corporation (CNC)

Postby Conklandi » Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:22 am

Conklandi Note Corporation
Do you want a way to win a war but you don’t have the forces to fight with?
Do you just want to have an easy way to bring victory without plunging your nation into war?
Do you wish for a way to cripple economies without facing consequences?

Well, the Conklandi Note Corporation has got you covered with its expertise in economic warfare helping you to achieve victory without bloodshed.

History and Techniques
Since 1950, where some of the most esteemed forgers and collectors put their expertise to form the CNC, we had provided the Conklandi Government with the skills and techniques needed to wreak havoc on its enemies.

For starters, the CNC is able to counterfeit any currency that is desired by its clients as through many years, it has amassed one of the greatest coin and note collections in the world with over 100,000 complete sets of currencies available to clients. This is due to the CNC having great relationships with the numismatics community, providing them with materials about the various properties of some of the major currencies and services to verify the authenticity of collections in return for sets being lent to it.

As a result, with the help of the Conklandi Engineering Institute and the fledgling Conklandi Information Technology Team, the CNC has developed a printer that is able to help it to achieve the ease and effectiveness that it had given the government from 1950 onwards.

This printer, known as the CONK45, has the ability to create a template and ready itself for printing within 90 minutes from a copy of an actual note. This is due to the CONK45 implementing a series of techniques that remain classified that allow the machine to replicate every detail.

The CONK45 has the ability to produce 500,000 banknotes per hour as its production facilities are able to adjust their templates to ensure that the desired notes are produced accurately.

Here, CNC has the ability to replicate every security feature that is available on currencies today but some features may increase the price more than others.

Factors to consider based on prices
This is the list of pathways that clients can take to disseminate their cash through a target’s economy and the grade required for an impact to be made:

Informal markets
These notes are suitable for the informal sector of the economy.

This is the sector where sellers are neither monitored nor taxed by the government, which means that fake notes can be released into circulation via this sector without suspicion being raised. This allows a lot of damage to be waged on an economy over a long timescale before detection happens, leading to inflation destroying any and all value.

Since sellers and buyers are often unable to detect fakes due to often not having the equipment and motivation to verify them, there is greater leeway in the quality of banknotes as long as there are no major defects with them.

The grade required for this pathway is C or higher

Formal markets
These notes are suitable for the formal sector of the economy.

This is the sector where sellers are taxed and monitored by the government, which is where a bit more discretion is required for the release of notes.
Here, sellers tend to be more aware of any mass scale operations you may do due to being incentivized and able to spot and report fakes to authorities. This is due to tools like detection pens being more available and sought after as sellers bear the brunt of wide-scale counterfeiting via reduced profits.
Therefore, the following notes in this grade are of higher quality than that of informal sectors in order to bypass greater scrutiny. This means more time may have to be spent on ensuring that notes aren't suspicious via quality control.

The grade required for this pathway is B or higher.
Financial Institutions
Finally, these grades of notes are made for the financial institutions.

These institutions pose the greatest resistance to a nation's counterfeiting operation as they often the first to notify the government in the case of forgeries.
This is because they often have direct communications with those who have the authority to remove notes from circulation and they often have more sophisticated methods of detection than that of the previous two grades. If the operation aims to be a success in the long term, these notes have to pass under the scrutiny of the banks.

This may include even more stringent quality control, often to the point of replicating that of an actual production facility. This will result in higher prices and longer delays to ensure that they are able to pass by the suspicions of banks easily.

The grade required for this pathway is A+ and above.

The CNC Guarantee
All CNC banknotes will pass the following tests:
Ultraviolet test: Where the note in question is subjected to UV light. If the note is genuine, marks will show up, verifying its legitimacy.

Infrared test: Where the banknote is subjected to infrared light. If the note is genuine, the note will either glow or become dark due to inks within the note reacting to the light.

Size detection: This is when the note’s dimensions are measured to check if they conform to precise standards.

Magnetic detection: This is where the note in question is put next to a magnetic device that verifies the notes in question by scanning for patterns that are in the note.

Spectrum analysis: This is where the note is scanned for an unique pattern of coloured inks on the surface.

These grades concern the chances of a CNC note being detected by the most complex counterfeit detection systems available on the market:

A Grade
This grade provides the greatest chances of your operation going off with a success, with a chance of detection estimated to be only 0.000000008% or a 1 every 20000000 notes. These notes are treated with a secret process that artificially ages the notes to ensure maximum secrecy. The result will lead to a product that feels like the original product.

The prices will be around the range of NS$0.50 per note in batches of 2000.

B Grade
The next grade has a chance of 0.00000008% of detection or 1 every 2000000 notes.

These notes are the type of notes you would expect from a collector’s set: barely any wear and tear but it has signs of aging. This condition may often come from notes that had been lying around in a vault or tin for a decent while.

The prices will be around the range of NS$0.30 per note at batches of 2000.

C Grade
This grade has a 0.00008% or 1 every 2000000 notes.

These notes are the type that you would see comes fresh off the printer; they have no blemishes, aging, or any other artifact you would expect with used notes. This means that they are often scrutinized by citizens due to their nature.

The prices will be around the range of NS$0.20 per note for batches of 2000.

Terms and Conditions
1. The CNC won’t do any requests for Conklandi Cowries and any attempt to do so will lead to the aforementioned nation’s currency being counterfeited.

2. The CNC will not be responsible for the actions of any of its customers regarding the use of its notes: any damages incurred lie under the responsibility of the customer.

3.The CNC won’t distribute the fake cash on its own, but it will instead ferry the fake cash to the location you want it to arrive in. Any damages incurred during the journey will not lie with CNC itself but the courier who transported it. Thus, the customer should seek damages from the courier.
Order Form
Code: Select all
Name of Nation:
Place of Delivery:
No. of batches required:
Currency Required:
Grades required:
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Postby Jestar Falls » Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:23 am

Wait...that's illegal
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Postby Drew Durrnil » Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:26 am

why would you want to do this
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Postby Countesia » Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:29 am

Sike, the Countesian Credit isn't backed by a banknotes anymore.

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Postby Romextly » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:45 pm

This is based. Keep up the good work!

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Postby Crookfur » Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:06 pm

content deleted on request
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