[DRAFT] From Ni hao to Yee haw

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[DRAFT] From Ni hao to Yee haw

Postby Zarulia » Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:31 pm

[title] From Ni hao to Yee haw

[desc] Recently a Daguan refugee went famous after he published his video speaking several @@DEMONYM@@ Regional accents from Urban @@CAPITAL@@ accent to Rural @@DEMONYM@@ southern accent. While some praise him, some have debated about Cultural Appropriation in the comment section of the video. Things went badly as this topic was forwarded to the TV@@NAME@@ TV channel, that hosted several heated debates about politics. You came back home from your office to rest and watch the latest TV@@NAME@@ DI ebate. In this debate however the famous Daguan refugee was invited along with one of the most famous cowboys from southern @@NAME@@

[option] "Ya knaw, I cayum to dees nay-tion to earn my fredaam" States the Daguan cowboy, @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@ "Ayen I apprey-ciayate dees nation ayen dat's why i want to be a cowboai, i appreciate yall's culture ayen everyone needs to apprey-ciate the culture too."
[effect] You can say "Bigwigs" as long as you look and act like a bigtopian

[option] "HOLE UP YALL JUST REFUGEES" says the southern cowboy, @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@ who's know for harassing illegal migrants and illegal border trespassers on the southern border. "Y'ALL JUST ACTING LIKE US AND JUST BECAUSE YOU DRESS AND ACT LIKE US DOESNT MEAN THAT YALL ARE US, IF DEES WOARLD IZ PERFECT YALL SHOULD JUST STICK TO YA OWN CULTURES AND WEIRD STUFF"
[effect] Foreigners and Immigrants alike can only appear in the media if they have a thick accent

[option] And your brother came to the living room, "what's this cultural appreciation and appropriation debate stuff really, why not just assimilate all those minorities?" states your brother.
[effect] it is weird that Bigtopians speaks perfect @@DEMONYM@@

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Postby USS Monitor » Mon Apr 19, 2021 11:05 am

This doesn't feel like a realistic depiction of how "cultural appropriation" debates actually work, and I think the redneck accents are a little overboard.

When you have characters speaking in dialect, you want to capture the flavor of the dialect while still keeping it as readable as possible. You've got some stuff like "DEES WOARLD IZ" that's needlessly hard to read.

On the topic of cultural appropriation, it's pretty common for white people to ask, "What about so and so appropriating our stuff?" -- but that's usually being used to argue that cultural appropriation is not such a big deal. It's not very common for the debate to START because a white person was offended by someone appropriating our stuff. Usually the debate started somewhere else, and the stuff about white cultures being appropriated gets brought in as a response. @@DEMONYM@@ culture is not explicitly white, but it is still the dominant culture in @@NAME@@, not an oppressed minority.

If you are particularly interested in the offensiveness of redneck stereotypes, I'd recommend focusing on that more narrowly and not conflating it with issues of race or nationality.
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Postby Australian rePublic » Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:48 pm

Would leader really care?
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