Raditian Legislative Election 2021 [REWORKED]

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Poll ended at Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:05 am

Liberal Democratic Alliance
Raditian Labour Party
National Unity Party
Christian Democratic Party - Agrarian Union
Green Party
Progressive Party
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Raditian Legislative Election 2021 [REWORKED]

Postby Radimostan » Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:05 am

Prokop Šrámek, the newly elected President of the Republic of Raditia has called for a new legislative election. This move was expected long before the Presidential election, as the Šrámek's Labour Party does not have a majority either in the National Assembly or the Senate.

Both the National Assembly and one-third of the Senate is up for grabs. A minimum of 5% national vote is required.

more info here
Note: Major parties may have they vote more weighted.

(centre to centre-right)

The LDA has been the dominant political party since the 2010 snap election. It is built on the principles of a limited national government, free-market economics and support of individual rights and liberties. It is in favour of 'workfare' programs as opposed to traditional welfare programs. It also pursues favourable terms towards the small and medium enterprise.

Its program includes the following items:
-Negotiate a creation of the Kryvian customs union
-Maintain neutrality on the international stage
-Oppose any tax increases
-Protect the ability of the local government to sort their own affairss
-Promote digitalization of government affairs to eliminate needless bureaucracy
-Promote nuclear power as the main energy source

(centre-left to left-wing)

The RLP came to broadly represent the left-wing views in the post-communist Raditia. Economically they are solidly social democrats, ranging from third-way to traditional. When it comes to social issues, the RLP was for a long time divided, but when the generally socially conservative RLP government collapsed in 2010, the progressive wing of the party soon became dominant.

The RLP program includes:
-Implement a national universal basic income funded by a new 40% tax on income above 1 000 000 NSD
-Create a 'bank insurance' scheme that would force major financial institutions to set aside reserve capital in case of another financial crisis
-Issue a series of new grants aimed towards education, healthcare, housing and transportation
-Support liberal regimes and movements across Kryvia
-Maintain the current trade policy
-Purse stricter environmental laws and regulations

(centre-right to far-right)

The NUP is a relatively young party and is a splinter group of the Christian Democrats. Despite their novelty, they have been able to overtake the CDP in popularity. The NUP'S platform is based around the ideals of further centralization, and protection of traditional values. Outside of that, they also support a corporatist economic model and a variety of protectionist policies.

The tenets of the NUP's program are following:
-Amend Constitution to protect marriage as a union of a man and a woman
-Implement a total ban on abortion in all cases
-Declare Catholic Christianity as the state religion
-Strictly limit the ability of unions to strike
-Adopt a flat income tax instead of the current weighted model
-Triple the current import tariffs to protect domestic industry
-Initiate a massive investment towards arms manufacturing industry


(centre-right to right-wing)

The CDP is what the NUP was born from. Following the NUP's success, the CDP's electorate completely collapsed, forcing the unite with Raditian Agrarian Union. While somewhat more moderate, the CDP-AU still opposes gay marriage and wishes to further restrict abortion. Nevertheless, the CDP is much more centrist on economic issues, where it supports a welfare capitalist state. Also unlike the NUP (which is strictly Catholic), the CDP's members are more of a mix between both Protestants and Catholics.

(centre-left to far-left)

The Green Party is a big tent party representing various ecological movements left of the centre, including some border-line socialist ones. It favours a 'radical action' against global warming, which includes opposition to nuclear and fossil energy, harsh environmental laws and elimination of personal vehicle travel as much as possible. They are also quite 'progressive' party when it comes to social issues.

(centre to centre-left)

The Progressive party is quite young. They style themselves as a big tent 'centrist' progressive coalition, meaning they are centrist (but still quite left-leaning) on the economic issues, while overwhelmingly progressive when it comes to social issues. Currently, they are campaign for the recognization of gay marriage nationwide.
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Postby Radimostan » Sun Apr 11, 2021 1:36 pm

/bump reworked

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Postby Tocan Isle » Sun Apr 11, 2021 2:05 pm

Tocan Isle endorses the Raditian Labour Party and the Green Party.
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Postby Goviria » Sun Apr 11, 2021 2:30 pm

Raditian expatriates have endorsed the Progressive Party. As such, a vote has been placed in that party's favour.
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Postby Syndic Australia » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:36 am

The Commonwealth of Syndic Australia
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From the Federal Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Syndic Australia, April 12° 2024

The Commonwealth, to reiterate the stance established during the recently concluded presidential campaign, will not endorse any one party. We will, however, applaud the legislative agendas espoused by the Labour Party (in particular its UBI plans, which we have previously spoken on). We would encourage the Labour party to consider a banking act similar to our own and the Glass-Steagall act once passed in the United States, in which commercial banking is forcibly separated from speculative banking (thus preventing banks from gambling with the people's savings) and prioritising a nationalised bank, though bank insurance is better than allowing the financial oligarchies of the world from running entirely free. The Green Party, too, we applaud for its efforts to replace private vehicle usage with other methods (such as public transport and more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly infrastructure). Lastly, we support the Progressive Party's push for greater social equity and the legalisation of marriage for peoples of all sexualities.

Once again, we congratulate Raditia on its robust and healthy democratic institutions, and implore all Radiatics to not only exercise their democratic right to vote, but to also engage as deeply as they can with the democratic system at all levels - democracy starts at home, in the workplace, and in your community, after all.
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