A New Age- A Turn of the Century Roleplay( SIGNUP THREAD)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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A New Age- A Turn of the Century Roleplay( SIGNUP THREAD)

Postby Sword Island » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:04 am

The year is 1899, and the dawn of the 20th century is fast approaching, along with the sounds of the drums of war. Sword Island, a minor power in all respects, has just picked an unwinnable fight with its much more influential neighbor, the great empire of China, who had been the kingmakers of Asia and Oceania for time immemorial. The dispute is trivial, but the war is expected to cost millions their lives. One question remains: how will your nation react to this sudden turn of events in the Pacific? Who's side will you stand on, or will you sit on the sidelines and watch the chaos unfold? The choice is yours as we enter a New Age of globalization, technology, and warfare


Nation Name:
Leader( picture optional):

STRENGTHS( Max 8 Levels)
Patriotism( increases morale/ overall ability)
Lv. 1- Troops are less likely to desert in most situations
Lv. 2- Troops are far less likely to desert and will signup at a higher rate( +10000 troops per month)
Lv. 3- Troops will not desert and will signup at a rapidly higher rate( +20000 troops per month)
Lv. 4- Your nation's loyalty and fervent nationalism inspire your countrymen to signup by the thousands a day for the war( +40000 troops per

Scientific Progress
Lv. 1- Gain access to water-cooled machine guns and wireless technology
Lv. 2- Gain access to submarines and dreadnoughts
Lv. 3- Gain access to aerial surveillance

Lv. 1- Supplies are well maintained and shipped on time( +1 effectiveness)
Lv. 2- Supplies are well maintained and effectively used in addition to being shipped on schedule( +2 effectiveness)
Lv. 3- Coordination allows for your troops to effectively fight farther from a resupply station( +3 effectiveness)
Lv. 4- Able to intercept enemy shipments( -1 enemy effectiveness, +4 effectiveness)


Home Field Advantage
Economic Powerhouse
Bread Basket
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Postby New Jacobland » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:08 am

Nation name: German Empire
Leader: Wilhelm von Hohenzollern

Patriotism: 3
Science: 3
Logistics: 2
X-Factor: Economic Powerhouse
Link here

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Postby Sword Island » Wed Apr 14, 2021 10:43 am

"Why do you care what people think?
Are you hooked up to their leash?
You know anklebiters
Ate up your personality"- Paramore

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Postby Crimetopolis » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:47 pm

Nation Name: Republic of Kentucky{ROK].
Leader: Alexandria Coleman
Allies: German Empire, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Great Britain

X Factor: Economic Powerhouse.

ROK is a vast nation, It consists of Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.
Overseas colonies: Hawaii, South Africa, Midway Island, Cuba.
Colonial Revolt possibility: Due to humane treatment of the natives, unlikely.
Internal Revolt possibility: an Indian war ongoing in Oklahoma and Texas.
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OC: My military-all volunteer:

Postby Crimetopolis » Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:15 am

Landsturm; 12-70[both genders]
Uniform: Tropical
White copy of Imperial German pith helmet with both padded chip strap and neck guard.
purple-tinted ventilated welder's goggles.
White multi-pouch tunic long sleeve.
Knee length white shorts
Pull on Brahma walking-riding boots.
1 field hygiene kit
1 first aid kit
one bottle insect repellent.
1 canteen.
1 pocket knife, fork, spoon.

Melee' weapon: Qama double edge knife with 17 inch blade and steel knuckle handle. All trained and carry.
sidearm: c/96 Mauser. Ten shot 7.63x25mm soft nose ammunition. Stripper clip. All use and carry.
Are Grenades a thing yet?
Rifle: Mauser 1897. This uses a straight pull Mannlicher bolt on a Mauser action and stock. Uses a 5 round stripper clip. 6.5x55mm rimless. 20 inch barrel. Hooded front ramp sight. gripping groove.
Squad leaders get a .20 gauge lever action sawed off shotgun. 7 shots of 3 inch #4 buckshot brass shells. Additionally two c/96 pistols are carried.

Artillery: Hale Rocket Launcher.
Machinegun: Colt M1895 in 6.5x55mm rimless.
These are deployed with one machinegun on each side of each rocket launcher. Stone death on enemies.

Special weapon: Trained Doberman Pinscher dog with handler. They are issued an experimental c/96 carbine with a 20 round detachable box magazine. Most carry two Mauser pistols as back up. The Dobermans wear white studded leather armor. The Comanches despise them because traditional native American weaponry are totally ineffective against this same armor. Since dog handlers are tend towards Nazis SS-level fanaticism in defending both their dogs and fellow soldiers, and they are exceptionally feared by the Comanches, too.

Local Militias:
Furnish own clothing and supplies
1 Bowie knife with steel knuckle handle and 14 inch blade.
1 Marlin 1894 .44-40 WCF loop lever action smokeless powder 10 shot rifle.
1 1878 Colt .44-40 WCF smokeless powder double action revolver. Many also buy c/96 and Schwarlose 1898 pistols, too.

Artillery: Hale rocket launcher.
Rapid fire gun: Hotchkiss 37mm cannon with canister shot.

SPECIAL WEAPON TO BOTH: Ford War Truck. This is a kerosene-fueled miniature pick up truck with a Colt M1895 Potato digger mounted machinegun in its bed. Experiments are ongoing with mounting these on tracked vehicles.

Regular Army:
Aged 16-65
Volunteer: Both
Both genders:
See Landsturm for uniforms and equipment.
Spandau 1896
6.5x55mm water-cooled recoil operated[static]
fully automatic.

37mm Maxim 1889 Pom Pom automatic cannon.
75mm breechloading 1897.

The Protection Force: Mounted Landsturm but with 1895 Winchester carbine in 6.5x55mm instead of a Mauser.
The Amazons. Armored female hoplites whose modern weapons are two Mauser c/96 pistols.
Melee weapon: Sword. Xiphos handle with straight thirty inch Gladius double edged blade.
dagger: The above but with a 18 inch double edged blade.

Uniform: Steel open visor helmet with Orange dyed horse hair crest.
Muscle steel cuirass
pleated leather kilt with metal studs
Large round circular steel shield
Clydesdale war horse.

Psychological factor; Many Christian civilians are inspired by their presence to fight to the bitter end against enemies. Paradoxically, international outrage has occurred when civilians so frenzied have outright massacred entire Comanche tribes in battle.
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Northern Benin
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Postby Northern Benin » Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:08 am

Nation Name: Northern Benin
Leader( picture optional): Benis Francisco

Patriotism : 4
Scientific advancement : 3
Logistics : 1

Nation-X Factor : Economic Powerhouse ( IC and OOC )
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Postby Trenaka » Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:16 am

Nation Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Leader: Queen Victoria

Military stuff:
Patriotism: 3
Science: 3
Logistics: 2
X-Factor: Manpower
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Postby Hopal » Wed Apr 21, 2021 8:20 am

Nation Name: The Kingdom of Italy
Leader: King Umberto I

Patriotism 2
Scientific Progress 3
Logistics 3

X Factor: Location, Diplomacy, Innovation
A Nation in South America, comprised of indigenous tribes, immigrants, French and Portuguese settlers, and European Socialists. (To be Reviewed)
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