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Free Movement Programme

Postby Gadalland and Aspern » Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:27 pm

The Sertian Union, as well as the Six Unions of Gadalland and Aspern is currently seeking members for the Free Movement Programme with those countries and regions who believe in the right to free, inexpensive migration across a wide range of cultures, laws and societies. An alliance in the Free Movement Programme guarantees basic rights of movement and human rights.

Free Movement Programme
Nations participating in the FMP will:

- Have an indefinite alliance with the Sertian Union and Six Unions of Gadalland and Aspern (SU/SUGA) as well as any other participating nations or regions.
- Be granted full, unrestricted movement within the FMP participating countries
- Become full citizens of the Sertian Union. In other words, if a nation would like to relocate to the Sertian Union they will not need to obtain a visa.
- Citizens of FMP participating countries will live a free, non-oppressed lifestyle.
- Be given 'reasonable exception' to their nation's or region's personal crises. In other words, a team of diplomats will solve your international problems for you. You may choose to solve them yourself.

-You must be willing to grant citizenship to members of all FMP participating countries at their request.
- At this time, there are no other requirements. Please fill out the survey for more information, which will be open for 180 days.
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