Di Bradini Cup 50/U21WC71 Everything Thread

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Di Bradini Cup 50/U21WC71 Everything Thread

Postby Valanora » Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:51 pm

Starblaydia wrote:OOC:For complete newcomers, please see the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. If you need to ask anything of the host or your opponents, arrange RP angles or generally chat about the goings-on, please use the World Cup Discussion Thread. Misspellings of 'Di Bradini' will be met with zero tolerance.

The Valanora Footballing Association presents

In association with the Starblaydia Football Association:

The Fiftieth Di Bradini Cup
The 71st Under-21 World Cup

The Valanora Footballing Association proudly presents the fiftieth edition of the Di Bradini Cup, the eighteenth edition of which to be held in the Valanora. Recognized as direct successor to the original Under-21 World Cup run by Total n Utter Insanity, this is also the 71st Under-21 World Cup.

This tournament is named after Starblaydia's most-famous player, the first person to score for Starblaydia's own Under-21s, currently the fifth-highest goalscorer in Starblaydia's history, World Cup Winner, member of the World Cup Hall of Fame and one-time President of the World Cup Committee: Simeone Di Bradini. We present, for your participation: The 50th Di Bradini Cup, a.k.a. The 71st Under-21 World Cup!

U21WC1. Audioslavia
U21WC2. Kingsford
U21WC3. Jeruselem
U21WC4. Bedistan
U21WC5. Rejistania
U21WC6. Bedistan
U21WC7. Vilita
U21WC8. Total n Utter Insanity
U21WC9. Jeruselem
U21WC10. Rejistania
U21WC11. Rejistania
U21WC12. Druida
U21WC13. Fmjphoenix
U21WC14. Starblaydia
U21WC15. Fmjphoenix
U21WC16. Nedalia
U21WC17. Hockey Canada
U21WC18. Spruitland
U21WC19. Fmjphoenix
U21WC20. Fmjphoenix
U21WC21. Haraki
U21WC22 (DBC1). Valanora
U21WC23 (DBC2). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC24 (DBC3). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC25 (DBC4). Newmanistan
U21WC26 (DBC5). Daehanjeiguk
U21WC27 (DBC6). Valanora
U21WC28 (DBC7). Secristan
U21WC29 (DBC8). Sarzonia
U21WC30 (DBC9). Kura-Pelland
U21WC31 (DBC10). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC32 (DBC11). Sorthern Northland
U21WC33 (DBC12). Sorthern Northland
U21WC34 (DBC13). Sargossa
U21WC35 (DBC14). Starblaydia
U21WC36 (DBC15). Cafundeu
U21WC37 (DBC16). Queer Poco el Mono Ara
U21WC38 (DBC17). Cafundeu
U21WC39 (DBC18). Cafundeu
U21WC40 (DBC19). Taeshan
U21WC41 (DBC20). Polar Islandstates
U21WC42 (DBC21). Bears Armed
U21WC43 (DBC22). Pasarga
U21WC44 (DBC23). High Heels
U21WC45 (DBC24). Kiryu-shi
U21WC46 (DBC25). Wight
U21WC47 (DBC26). Blouman Empire
U21WC48 (DBC27). Equestrian States
U21WC49 (DBC28). Free Republics
U21WC50 (DBC29). Northern Sunrise Islands
U21WC51 (DBC30). Farfadillis
U21WC52 (DBC31). Furellum
U21WC53 (DBC32). Mizuyuki
U21WC54 (DBC33). Schottia
U21WC55 (DBC34). DNF
U21WC56 (DBC35). Cosumar
U21WC57 (DBC36). Dainer
U21WC58 (DBC37). Pasarga
U21WC59 (DBC38). Ceni
U21WC60 (DBC39). Pasarga
U21WC61 (DBC40). Mytanar Region
U21WC62 (DBC41). Kita-Hinode
U21WC63 (DBC42). Pasarga
U21WC64 (DBC 43). Mapletish
U21WC65 (DBC 44). Cosumar
U21WC66 (DBC 45). Cosumar
U21WC67 (DBC 46). Bears Armed
U21WC68 (DBC 47). Banija
U21WC69 (DBC 48). Valladares
U21WC70 (DBC 49). San Ortelio

The Island of the Lost
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Vilita and Turori
San Ortelio
Baker Park
New Old Forest

Group A
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom

Venues: Aranfield Bridge, Duran Palace

Group B

Venues: Raynor Memorial, The Pitch

Group C
Vilita and Turori
Baker Park
San Ortelio

Venues: Turmondale Grounds, Rose Gardens

Group D
New Old Forest

Venues: Metropolis, The Tar Pit

Group E

Venues: Haramos Park, Castle de Mot

Group F

Venues: Lathal, Tiradir

Group G

Venues: River City Stadium, Caddo Park

Group H
Island of the Lost

Venues: Orange Gate Falls, Miner's Haven

MD1: 1v4, 2v3
MD2: 4v3, 1v2
MD3: 2v4, 3v1
Ro16: A1vD2, B1vC2, C1vB2, D1vA2, E1vH2, F1vG2, G1vF2, H1vE2
QFs: R1vR2, R3vR4, R5vR6, R7vR8
SFs: Q1vQ2, Q3vQ4
3PPo: L1vL2
Final: S1vS2

Apr 5: Draw
Apr 6: Bye
Apr 7: Bye
Apr 8: MD1
Apr 9: MD2
Apr 10: MD3
Apr 11: Ro16
Apr 12: QFs
Apr 13: SFs
Apr 14: Final/3PPo
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Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Valanora » Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:51 pm

Map of Valanora

Valanora Information
The most important thing to know about traveling through Valanora is that automobiles are banned except for government officials. A high tech railway system connects the entirety of the nation, with three most popular international airports in Raynor City, Gladerial, and Baysleef. A ferry from Rinaldi travels to and from the island of Capri every hour on the hour. The most distinguishing feature of Valanora is the prevalent amount of forests standing in many of the inner half of the nation, even in cities, with the elven attempts to live in harmony with nature. Vanorians are a polite if not a bit high on themselves, believing elvenkind to be superior to humans, though they show a respect for the potential their humanoid cousins have.


The Battleground
Capacity: 78,000
Location: Raynor City

Capacity: 74,000
Location: Mar Sara

Angelotic Temple
Capacity: 71,000
Location: Longview

The White Fortress
Capacity: 70,000
Location: Gladerial

Donna Cathedral
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Mar Sara

Hatire Memorial
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Capri

Sabinal Stadium
Capacity: 56,000
Location: Sabinal

Capacity: 54,000
Location: Raynor City

Aranfield Bridge
Capacity: 52,000
Location: Everlin

Duran Palace
Capacity: 51,000
Location: Valanari

Castle de Mot
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Wexax

Rose Gardens
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Kareen

The Pitch
Capacity: 46,000
Location: Turbani

Turmondale Grounds
Capacity: 43,000
Location: Raynor City

Haramos Park
Capacity: 43,000
Location: Cartmot

Caddo Park
Capacity: 42,000
Location: Caddo

Raynor Memorial
Capacity: 40,000
Location: Hondo

The Tar Pit
Capacity: 39,000
Location: Char Sara

Capacity: 39,00
Location: Ibini

Orange Gate Falls
Capacity: 39,000
Location: Monaven

Miner's Haven
Capacity: 36,000
Location: Goldsan

River City Stadium
Capacity: 35,000
Location: Bexar

Capacity: 31,000
Location: Gladerial

Capacity: 29,000
Location: Ianisle
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Sylestone » Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:57 pm

Sylestone’s Under-21 National Team is full of promising young stars, some of which have much potential in the future. Unfortunately, the side does not seem as strong as it was two years back, but you never know.

Timothy Jameson (20). Was a key part of Dodle’s rise to the Premiership. Has an excellent save rate against penalties. Possible great of the future.
Georgina Fuller (19). Was a bit of an unknown, playing for Emacuton United in the Championship. However, a brilliant season in a poor performance for her side showcased her name to the nation, and now is attempting to go a step further.

LB: Hugo Mornington (21). Is quite an experienced player, somewhat surprising considering his age. He is tall and very agile, so good luck getting past him.
CB: Mitchell Lynn (19). Looks younger than he is. Only 5’6 but extremely quick on his feet. Has a bright future with Pesfield Trees FC.
CB: Olivia Nambucca (21). Another unknown, but is starting to shape into a strong centre-back after a good last season playing with Avondale City.
RB: Jayden Clarke (21). Clarke is one of Sylestone’s only players who played in the 49th DBC. He has a bright future, and is arguably the best defender for his side Dunkirk Athletic.
LB/RB: Jesse Ross (17). A very big boy in the defence. Isn’t exactly the fastest but is very difficult to get past.
CB: Eleanor Rose (21). Rose is another up-and-coming defender, very quick and agile on her feet. Also plays for Pesfield Trees’ reserves.

LM: Amelia Stanton (20) (C). Stanton first played in the DBC as a 17-year-old tearaway, but is now famous for being a cool-headed player, a reason why she is captain. One of the most important players in this Sylestone side.
CM: Harry Love (17). Love also played last DBC, as a 15-year-old. He now plays with the reserves of Ethane’s best side South Saints, although he is knocking on the starters’ door. Has a bright future.
RM: Abigail Jones (20). Plays for Cleorough FC and is another brilliant young prospect. You really wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the national team in two years time.
LM/RM: Kate Fullers (20). Has a bit of a hot head and gets frustrated easily, but can easily turn a game on its head with a piece of brilliance.
CM: Callum Blair (21). Certainly an unknown player, and it is a mystery why he is in this team. I guess we’ll find out.

LW: Riley Strathfield (17). The first of two young wingers with his twin brother Evan, Riley Strathfield is yet another player with a supremely bright future. Is very fast and deadly accurate at corners and crosses.
RW: Kim Kearnes (19). Plays for Dunkirk Athletic and is a very reliable and consistent performer. Rarely has moment of brilliance, but rarely ever stuffs up.
CF: Harrison Gilchrist (21). Gilchrist is a gun forward, already in Sylestone’s human side. Has an excellent conversion rate when shooting.
LW/RW: Evan Strathfield (17). The second Strathfield brother, has all the traits Riley has. Plays for AFC Droves, too.
CF: Kieran Satis (21). The final player of this side, Kieran Satis isn’t the fastest but has superb ball control and skills alongside brilliant power. Handy player to have on the bench.

Manager: Augusto Rinaldi (Savigliane)

Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +1
RP Permissions: No killing, I get to decide the severity of injuries. Godmodding? Go for it.
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Postby New old Forest » Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:22 pm










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Postby Independent Athletes from Quebec » Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:12 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes (Please TG or contact me on Discord if you have questions)


The Grim Reapers Crest, designed by Kirola of Audioslavia. It is used internationally by all Quebecois national teams with the nickname Grim Reapers.

Quebec and Shingoryeo National Football Team - Di Bradini Cup 50

Basic Facts

Nation Name: Kingdom of Quebec and Shingoryeo
Short Names: Quebec, Q&S
Trigramme: QUE (Q&S will be fine, but please don't use RKQ. Thank you)
Demonyms: Quebecois (I'll be fine with use of Quebecers, but please don't use Quebecians. Thank you)
Colours: Red, Black and Blue
National Anthem: 'Ode to Thee, My Quebec'
Royal Anthem: 'Hymn to the Shingoryeo'
Capital City: Quebec City
Other Major Cities: Montreal, Halifax, Kingston, Chicoutimi, Winnipeg, Val d'Or

FA: Royal Quebecois Football Association
Highest Domestic League: Q-League
Nickname: The Grim Reapers
Home Stadium: The Reneegrad, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale, is the usual home stadium with top preference. That said, however, the Grim Reapers does have a tradition of hosting World Cup qualifying matches in a set of rotations.
Ultras Group: The Bubonic Plague
Style Modifier: +5
Predicted First XI : 4-2-4 - Middleton; Rohrmayer - Kim - An - Miller; Babin - Tannenbaum; Kweon - Woodcarver - Hong - Langlois-Zuluka
Manager: Tahmid James, 61 (PFA)
Captain: Sandra Middleton, 21
Vice Captain: Eloise Kweon, 21
Third Captain: Cedrick Rohrmayer, 19


Home and Away Kits, brought to you by Uni-Q of Qusmo


Manager: Tahmid James, 61 (PFA)
Assistant Manager: Robert McLelland, 48
Goalkeeping Coach: Jean-Michel Banos, 38
Defensive Coach: Chae Yeong-Rahn, 23
Midfields Coach: Hectore Mirembe, 31
Offensive Coach: Hwang Dong-Wook, 53

#1 Soo-Jeong Kravitz-Hyeon, 18, Montreal Koreana
#21 Sandra Middleton, 20, Hornchurch (EUR) - STARTER
#29 Henri Tangganga, 20, PLI Islanders


Starters (4)
#2 LB Cedrick Rohrmayer, 19, Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
#3 CB Hannah Kim, 18, Traal Athletic (SRS)
#20 CB An Seung-Mi, 19, Gunzlach (GRF)
#6 RB Pierre-Karl Miller, 16, Olympique de Rimouski

Backups (4)

#14 LB Austin St-Onge, 17, Iqaluit Red Army
#4 CB Chewbacca, 21, Hoima Warriors (BNJ)
#28 CB/LB Bastian-Luc St-Onge, 20, Mipojoseon
#41 RB/CB Rachael Perkins-Woo, 18, Daedonggang 3.26


Key Starters (2)
#8 Jean-Christophe Babin, 18, Montreal Koreana
#13 Leif Tannenbaum, 20, Gaelic Club (TLI)

In Rotation (3)
#77 Vegeta, 17, Cazadores Cathair (AUD)
#19 Bong Min-Joong, 18, Osarese Marcadia (AUD)
#29 Medea Morin-Antonoff, 21, Northandryun Rovers


Starters (4)
#11 LW Eloise Kweon, 21, Sabrefell Moths (NPH)
#9 ST Zinaida Woodcarver, 17, Montreal Koreana
#10 ST Hong Yeong-Sahm, 18, Tihon (CMT)
#7 RW Basile Langlois-Zuluka, 20, Busembe Timberwolves (BNJ)

Backups (3)
#8 LW/ST Kingsley-Roger Hertel, 15, CSKA Quebec
#21 LW/AM Tara Filan, 19, Usmer (EUR)
#19 RW/LW Anna Korniloff-Kouyaté, 18, Perce Town
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Postby Geektopia » Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:07 am

Geektopia Di BC Information ǂ Each WC cycle now seniors a Geektopian person by 300 years, instead of a ludicrous 3,000. The age limit is now 4,500. ǂ

Manager: Hylla (4,801 years)

DEBUTANT PLAYERS (+30) | [S] = Starting player, [i] = Injured, [LC] = Low Confidence, [RPaaS] = Regularly Plays as a Substitute, [R] = Reserve Team, [SA] = Statistical Anomaly [c] = Captain, [NP] = Notable Player, [Vc] = Vice Captain
• #83 Yata (Midfielder, 972 years) [R]
• #43 Wrinkle (Defender, 1221 years) [SA — Fifth player to reach fifty goals for his club in this millennium, the first to as a natural defender.]
• #73 Holdgrafer (Defender, 1043 years) [R]
• #66 Melko (Defender, 909 years) [S] [NP — Experienced on his own level and has been learning to slide tackle and stop shots with the help of his father Hildreth since 600 years, in Melko's 500's he got called up for an amateur team in Bashi, was capped once, and never went back again. Melko's defending is still shakily amateur and puts on display what one would expect from this level.]
• #71 Slivinsky (Midfielder, 1400 years) [RPaaS]
• #76 Altiery (Midfielder, 1265 years) [RPaaS] [SA — Scored a boring looking goal for Mordecai Wanderers B Team in U-1500 Premier League that had a unique statistic surrounding it; in the build-up play there were eighteen passes, the most for a goal in that division since two decades ago.]
• #52 Yellott (Defender, 1392 years) [S]
• #54 Kumbier (Goalkeeper, 1313 years) [R] [NP — Defensive ball-playing goalkeeper who's flexibility is a good thing to Hylla, but also a trait which is overshadowed by Mr. Hylla's hate for Kumbier's calmness and tendency to time waste in his final third.]
• #92 Frolov (Midfielder, 1055 years) [RPaaS]
• #80 Wernle (Midfielder, 1434 years) [RPaaS] [SA — First player to assist and score a goal for his club appearing no more than eight minutes on the pitch since sixteen years ago.]
• #74 Nyren (Forward, 1601 years) [RPaaS]
• #86 Mollicone (Midfielder, 965 years) [S] [NP — Has rubbed up to Hylla considerably since getting called up and is rewarded for this a starting position each time. It seems like nothing can come in between their short but formidably sturdy relationship!]
• #93 Burgermeister (Midfielder, 1381 years) [RPaaS] [Vc]
• #70 Kozell (Midfielder, 1206 years) [RPaaS] [LC]
• #91 Trautwein (Midfielder, 1289 years) [RPaaS]
• #15 Mex (Forward, 946 years) [S]
• #82 Idris (Defender, 1495 years) [R]
• #47 McCardle (Midfielder, 939 years) [RPaaS]
• #75 Aller (Midfielder, 1791 years) [RPaaS]
• #65 Looft (Midfielder, 1273 years) [RPaaS]
• #77 Cristoforo (Goalkeeper, 1618 years) [S]
• #51 Landuyt (Goalkeeper, 1244 years) [R]
• #24 Rebic (Defender, 1301 years) [S] [c] [i; extreme slash to the right eye, out for three days]
• #42 Treloar (Forward, 1238 years) [R]
• #34 Hendeson (Goalkeeper, 1042 years) [RPaaS]
• #87 Carrisalez (Forward, 1528 years) [R]
• #63 Lazzari (Forward, 1614 years) [RPaaS]
• #55 Nakata (Midfielder, 1047 years) [R]
• #39 Toti (Forward, 1340 years) [R]
• #3 Stillinger (Midfielder, 1383 years) [S]

Taking up a seat at Place of Valence
Moved from Chiseled Cheddar Bay, Isleshore, Geektopia to 6969 Cocaininho Way, Mukladrue, Geektopia
Owner: Foxi Bancorp and Intellectual Affairs
Record Attendance: N/A
Field Size: 105m x 70m
Surface: GrassForBall™
Goal Anthem: Alvvays - Adult Diversion (the bit in between fifty seven seconds and one minute oh five)
Built: June 19th, 6450
Style Modifier: +2.793

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Geektopia play an Attacking Pass Formation variant every two matchdays, which is a tactic that facilitates passing patterns so as to look limited to a 3x3 grid, resulting in an organized "pass and wait your turn for the ball" style of play.

Matchday 1

Matchday 2

Matchday 3

Taken from this, transformed with uni•q.
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Lacrosse: World Championships 28 (Group Stage), World Championships 33 (Group Stage)
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Pratapgadh U21 - Di Bradini Cup 50/U21WC71

Postby Pratapgadh » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:23 am

Pratapgadh U21 National Football Team

The Pratapgadh Football Association has decided to send their U18 team as the U21 team to compete in the Di Bradini Cup 50. This team has just competed in the RTC Under 18 World Cup, being eliminated in the group stage. The team ended up third on the table out of 5 countries competing in the group. They lost one game against Graintfjall by one goal, drew against Sanyamathland and group winners Grey County and defeated Baker Park 2-1. They managed to win only one game, but displayed their skills and played some quality football. They were a very competitive and competent team in the U18 World Cup, so it will be interesting to see if they can continue playing well in the Di Bradini Cup. The Pratapgadh Football Association is at the stage of rebuilding football in Pratapgadh, so it is important to find some youngsters with a huge amount of potential. You will probably see a few people from this U21 team playing for the national team soon. A few changes have been made in the team, such as Reesha Gaekwad and Musharraf Umrani replacing Mohini Seksaria and Ashish Birla in the starting eleven.
Raghav Mehta38MaleHead Coach
Pratik Surana22MaleAssitant Coach
Washid Noorani21MaleAssistant Coach
Geetha Trivedi29FemaleMedic
Arjun Nevatia28MaleMedic
Shirt Num.NameAgeSexRole
#50Anjali Khatmode17FemaleMidfielder
#34Anuradha Binjola16FemaleMidfielder
#75Ashish Birla18MaleGoalkeeper
#91Jasveer Sange16FemaleGoalkeeper
#21Kirin Dulhat17FemaleDefender
#43Mohini Seksaria18FemaleForward
#48Musharraf Umrani16MaleGoalkeeper
#10Navjot Phulsawal18MaleDefender
#97Praveen Nerurkar17MaleForward
#41Rakshit Puranmalka17MaleDefender
#94Reesha Gaekwad16FemaleForward
#68Reshmi Kapadia18FemaleMidfielder
#3Sahil Deshpande16MaleDefender
#11Sameed Abidi17MaleDefender
#57Shabana Mirza18FemaleDefender
#80Shiva Panchal18MaleMidfielder
#66Sunita Kulkarni17FemaleMidfielder
#58Vijender Bahniwal16MaleMidfielder
Starting Lineup
1. Reesha Gaekwad FWD
2. Praveen Nerurkar FWD
3. Anjali Khatmode MID (C)
4. Sunita Kulkarni MID
5. Reshmi Kapadia MID
6. Shiva Panchal MID
7. Sameed Abidi DEF
8. Kirin Dulhat DEF
9. Navjot Phulsawal DEF
10. Shabana Mirza DEF
11. Musharraf Umrani GK
12. Mohini Seksaria FWD
13. Anuradha Binjola MID
14. Vijender Bahniwal MID
15. Rakshit Puranmalka DEF
16. Sahil Deshpande DEF
17. Jasveer Sange GK
18. Ashish Birla GK
We are testing out these jersey designs for our main national team. A survey will be held of what the people of Pratapgadh think about the design. If we receive a positive reaction, this design will be used for our main national team. The kids are getting to test it out too, so that's cool!

RP Permissions & Style Modifier
Style Modifier = +1

RP Permissions
RP scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
Cricket Rankings
  • Test Cricket: 11th (out of 12)
  • ODI: 25th (out of 48)
  • T20I: 12th (out of 39)
Cricket Stats

Updated on 28 February, 2021 (15:51 NZT)
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Postby Tumbra » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:46 am

The Junior Eagles


There's a long tradition of youth football in Tumbra. Bleeding young stars into more established sides is one of the more prized parts of Tumbran culture; wonderkids are a prized commodity all around. Is this ageism? Perhaps, but the perhaps brutal footballing culture in Tumbra does mean there's a lot of stress on young players to succeed. And that especially doesn't change when these 23 lucky players pull on the black and gold of the Tumbran kit.

The manager for this tournament is Edmund Finnegan; after the somewhat debacle of the U-18 team that saw nine female players go to Zeta Reka and spark a conversation on whether women should be playing on the same field as men, in all sports. Since then, the TFF has...exercised greater control over the selection of the manager and the team for this tournament, much to Finnegan's dismay; he, the U-18 manager Barton and senior team manager Hemmings were expected to display a show of solidarity by nominating female players to the junior teams - in a bid to push for their inclusion at all levels in football.

Tactically, Finnegan should set up as the senior team does; this stems from the ethos of setting the entire national setup in the same way as Hemmings' senior team. As expected, the Junior Eagles' philosophy focuses more on how the team plays, rather than what the actual result was.

Style Modifier: +3

No Pos Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 GK David Ager 18 0 0 Lakewood City FC
12 GK Joe Bonner 18 0 0 Straton FC
13 GK Frank Johnson 21 0 0 Lakewood United FC
2 LB Marcus Ganley 20 0 0 Sturrey Athletic
19 LB Chris Finney 18 0 0 Ridgewell Rovers
4 CB Thomas Krabb 21 0 0 Kingsbury United
5 CB Almar Hussein 21 0 0 West Couno United

14 CB Albert Legget 20 0 0 Carter United
20 CB John Turnbull 20 0 0 Sturrey Athletic
3 RB Neil Crozier 19 0 0 Lakewood United FC
18 RB John Rouse 19 0 0 Ridgewell Rovers
6 CM Colin Kearney 18 0 0 Couno Rangers
8 CM Chris Tipple 20 0 0 Clyde Park
10 CM Kevin Dunstan 18 0 0 Straton FC

15 CDM Vince Cahill 18 0 0 Serrapince FC
16 CM John Lawrence 18 0 0 Straton FC
23 CDM Lucas McCormick 21 0 0 Clyde Park
7 LW Jack Reed 19 0 0 Lakewood City FC
9 RW Tom Kinzinger 18 0 0 Kingsbury United

17 LW Alistair McGarry 18 0 0 Glenmont AFC
21 RW Richard Baker 20 0 0 FC Inter Nantwich
11 ST Nick Riordan 19 0 0 Serrapince FC
22 ST Jason Pearce 19 0 0 Macarthur City

The team will set up in a 4-3-3 (flat midfield). While mostly chosen by a selection committee of the TFF (so as to avoid the same situation with the U-18 WC), the team still boasts players of an incredible calibre and are eager to show potential future employers (or their current clubs) their level of skill on an extremely prestigious stage - that of the Di Bradini Cup.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes*
RP injuries to my players: Yes. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes*
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*
Godmod other events: Yes*

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means? Telegram me or message me on Discord.
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##  Pos.    Name                 Age  Club                          
01 GK Semir Besak 19 Olympic Thessia
02 DL Vuk Bajalica 20 Miruan City [TKT]
03 DC/DMC Bigger Mbala-Ekakia 18 Atletik Thessia
04 DC Amar Kovacevic 19 East Railway [ASG]
05 DR Antun Spiridonovic 21 Litala ’93
06 DMC/MC Zijad Kurtcehajic 21 Litala ’93
07 MC Dusko Ocokoljic 21 Crvena Zvezda
08 MC Neven Hjik 21 Atletik Thessia
09 ST Damien Gannot 21 Atletik Thessia
10 AMC Alen Gvetadze 21 Liria Prizren
11 ST Lazar Prinelec 20 Olympic Thessia

12 GK Dragisa Lazarevic 20 Litala ’93
13 DL/C Matko Praznik 19 1896 Ebor
14 DC Rasim Yevstigneyev 20 FK Arsika
15 DC Jasar Abadzic 21 Olympic Thessia
16 DR/MC Julij Svensek 19 Atletik Thessia
17 DMC/DC Svetoslav Radosevic 19 Bakartirla Buccaneers [ASG]
18 MC Pierre Dresevic 20 Douanes [PRH]
19 MC Edin Aganovic 18 Directus [EUR]
20 AMC Pasha Secujac 19 FK Arsika
21 AMC Olivier Golodkovsky 20 Clichy-sous-Bois [PRH]
22 ST Dragisa Alagic 20 1896 Ebor
23 GK Jurica Botunac 20 Marianne [PRH]

GK: Semir Besak, 19, Olympic Thessia [MYT]
Winner of the Golden Glove award in this season just gone, Besak has an extremely impressive honours list for such a young goalkeeper. He was a part of the Olympic Thessia team which won the club its first ever league title two seasons ago, he has twice finished second in the running for Under-23 Player of the Season as well as a third place in the Golden Glove to go with his win in that this year. Besak can do a bit of everything, he's a brave shot-stopper and uses his height to good effect when coming out to claim high balls and crosses with confidence. The part of his game he may need to work on is his distribution, but that should come with time, he has a very bright future ahead of him.

GK: Dragisa Lazarevic, 20, Litala ’93 [MYT]
A part of the Litala ’93 which won promotion from the Druga Liga last season with the league's third best defence, Lazarevic is a goalkeeper who has plenty of experience for somebody so young and could grow into one of the best goalkeepers in Mytanija if he can continue on the upwards trajectory he is currently on. He's tall and rangy, with all the physical qualities of a good goalkeeper, but he also boasts strong command of his penalty area and it was very impressive to watch him bellowing at much more experienced players if they didn't follow his words to a tee last season.

GK: Jurica Botunac, 20, Marianne [PRH]
A slightly wildcard pick, Botunac's selection perhaps underlines that there aren't too many top young goalkeepers coming through outside of Besak and Lazarevic, he can't be too bad though given he has come through the youth system of Prahecq's most successful club. He is from the large Mytanar community in Jonzac and is expected to take over from Marianne's legendary goalkeeper Huon Lavallée ahead of the new season. Botunac isn't the tallest but he has been reported as being very able when it comes to pulling off dramatic saves, he probably won't be called upon too much in this tournament but national team coaches will hope he can work on the basics as well as the ones which look good for the cameras.

DL: Vuk Bajalica, 20, Miruan City [TKT]
Left-back is another problem position for Mytanija, but thankfully the large diaspora provides a helping hand with this and particularly this Tikariotian-born son of Mytanars Vuk Bajalica. He's come through the ranks at Miruan City and whilst not in their first team just yet there are high hopes for him among the national team coaching staff. This will be a big test for him, he's not played all that many games and he'll be tasked with raiding forward from left-back in the 4-3-1-2 formation Adem Fejzic will be employing. Fejzic will hope his faith is not misplaced.

DC/DMC: Bigger Mbala-Ekakia, 18, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
From one son of immigrants to another: Mbala-Ekakia is the son of Ketioulais migrants, born in the city of Thessia and is now expected to start for the club he supported as a child in the upcoming Top League season following the departure of Grigorij Savicevic. The production line in Thessia rolls on and Mbala-Ekakia is the next big thing off it, he is physically strong and pacy but he has a deftness of touch which means he could become a really strong ball-playing defender in the coming years. He came through the ranks as a defensive midfielder initially, perhaps illustrating his ability in possession that little bit more, he will be a starter here for Fejzic and people believe he could be fast-tracked into the senior national team soon enough too.

DC: Amar Kovacevic, 19, East Railway [ASG]
Amar Kovacevic is another member of the Mytanar diaspora abroad, playing 16 times last season for the team which finished 14th in the Taldo Lehan. He also scored two goals from centre-back, demonstrating his really strong aerial ability which can make him a factor in both penalty areas. Kovacevic perhaps benefits from coming through at one of Rumiatzi's more unfashionable teams, something which allows him to get more minutes at a crucial juncture in his development than he might elsewhere.

DR: Antun Spiridonovic, 21, Litala ’93 [MYT]
Spiridonovic is a player who there are very high hopes for both at Sokolovny and at the FSM. Many see him as the long-term replacement for Petr Isaev at right-back, although he's a player who has more potential to the attacking side of his game which could make him a right-sided version of Srdan Vukovic in the coming years. A really strong performer in Litala's promotion winning season he'll get the chance to challenge himself at the highest level of the domestic game next term. May end up being the next talented young player who moves abroad if he can continue with his development, although Atletik have apparently earmarked him as a future signing and given their transfer acumen in recent seasons it would be a surprise if they missed out if he's someone who really interests them.

DL/C: Matko Praznik, 19, 1896 Ebor [MYT]
Praznik may be hindered by being versatile in the future, he's got the physical qualities to be a centre-back but he grew up playing as a full-back before a late growth spurt and coaches at 1896 Ebor still seem to be stuck in two minds about which position suits him best. He may end up being the more defensive option in this under-21 squad, if Mytanija have a lead which needs to be defended Fejzic might call on him to add a more sturdy physical presence at left-back or indeed as an auxiliary centre-back.

DC: Rasim Yevstigneyev, 20, FK Arsika [MYT]
FK Magevskaya have produced some talented young players in recent years but due to their inability to hold on to their Top League status it seems like most of them are going to realise their potential elsewhere and Rasim Yevstigneyev is yet another one of these players. His undoubted potential was noticed by moneybags FK Arsika who brought him to western Nasto from Magevskaya this summer because they see him as a centre-back of the future. He's got good awareness and positioning for his age, but he does need to work on the physical side of his game as he is quite slight.

DC: Jasar Abadzic, 21, Olympic Thessia [MYT]
Abadzic has long been touted as a potential successor or future partner for Mojmir Anac at Olympic, but their summer signing Josko Omerovic may concern him ever so slightly as it means there are now two ahead of him for that role alongside the club captain. The good thing for Abadzic is that Emil Jefak is a manager who has long been prepared to put his trust in youth if he feels they are ready (see Besak and Prinelec), as well as the fact that he is a coach who develops defenders well and has an excellent track record with this.

DR/DMC/MC: Julij Svensek, 19, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
Svensek is an extremely versatile full-back who will endear himself to Lev Repin should he become the player many feel he can develop into, he's tactically astute and has experience playing in midfield which means he is ideal for the tactics the senior national team coach employs. He's a bit undersized but strength is something he can work on, although his lack of aerial ability is exacerbated by his lack of physical presence. What will make him a really appealling prospect is his ability in possession, Svensek has an eye for a pass and is also able to dribble past opponents and with the tactical shift towards full-backs as an additional playmaking option this could give him a role in the future of the Mytanar national team.

DMC/MC: Zijad Kurtcehajic, 21, Litala ’93 (on loan from Atletik Thessia) [MYT]
A member of the DBC team last time out Kurtcehajic now starts in the central role of the midfield three, he's a deep-lying playmaker who isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty and has perhaps learned from his club team mate Branko Brkljacic in that regard (who better to learn that role from than someone with over 50 caps for the national team?). He's going to be the eventual replacement for Brkljacic in that role with Atletik and he may be good enough to do the same with the national team. Atletik have loaned him out to promoted side Litala ’93 - perhaps a move engendered by the leftist political alliance between the two clubs - where he will cut his teeth in the upcoming Top League season. He's no stranger to a booking or two and may need to curb his aggression slightly, but that may come with experience.

MC: Dusko Ocokoljic, 21, Crvena Zvezda [MYT]
Dusko will perhaps always suffer from being his young brother, but he's also becoming a good player in his own right and was a major part of Crvena Zvezda's cup-winning campaign last season, even getting an assist in the final. He's very much a box-to-box midfielder rather than a playmaker but Adem Fejzic will hope that he can do the hard yards in midfield and also break into the final third and add to this team's goal scoring threat. He scored 5 goals in 25 appearances in the Top League last season, not bad for a young midfielder and he's already becoming a hero with his club side as he carries the legacy of his family's name on.

MC: Neven Hjik, 21, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
Talking of legendary names it is especially hard being Robin Hjik's son (especially so when he's the manager of your club side and the accusations of nepotism that brings, but Neven was there before Robin), given his place in the history of Mytanar football but Neven Hjik is developing into a decent player too. He'll likely never reach the levels of his father - a player who started for Atletik at the age of 16 - but if he can be even half as good he'll have a huge impact on Mytanar football. He's not quite as box-to-box as Dusko Ocokoljic alongside him, perhaps more in the Vilim Kupresak mould of an energetic playmaker than anything else and Adem Fejzic will hope he can provide some creativity in the centre of the pitch. Fejzic knows him well, he was manager of Atletik just as Neven got promoted to the first team.

AMC: Alen Gvetadze, 21, Liria Prizren [MYT]
After scoring 8 goals for CDSA last season Gvetadze has been rewarded with an NSD 800,000 move to Liria as Danek Badjkev looks to put together a title-winning team in Prizren. It is hoped that Gvetadze's directness can provide them with another source of goals, something he did ably without quite the same level of service at mid-table CDSA. He's a talented player and it is a move which could serve him well, but there are some doubts about his consistency and that could be a problem for him as he looks to make the jump to playing at international level over the coming years.

DMC/DC: Svetoslav Radosevic, 19, Bakartirla Buccaneers [ASG]
The second Astograthian based player in this DBC squad, Radosevic came through at the so-close-it's-almost-Mytanar Bakartirla Buccaneers and caught the eye with his 20 appearances last season. He's another blessed with the versatility of being able to play in either midfield or defence and will provide Fejzic with an option to shut games down with his no-nonsense approach. Has a rifle of a right foot which will either fire shots into the top corner or into row Z, it's a real lottery.

MC: Pierre Dresevic, 20, Douanes [PRH]
One of two central midfielders who have been selected for their creative ability, Dresevic is less all-action than Dusko Ocokoljic and Neven Hjik but he may well be the one who is called upon against particularly stubborn defences given his eye for a pass and knack for shimmying through tight spaces. Some Mytanija based central midfielders may feel that this is a slight against them, given that the Prahecqois Championnat is seen as a lesser competition when compared to the Top League but Dresevic could be a real talent and Mytanar clubs have been circling around him for a reason. He's another of the Prahecqois-born contingent in this squad.

MC: Edin Aganovic, 18, Directus [EUR]
Aganovic is very highly-rated in Mytanija and many at the FSM have been working to get him involved in the Mytanar national team set-up before the Eurans can get him involved with their national team. He's only 18 but he's expected to have a big future, particularly given he's come through the youth system at a club which finished 2nd in the Euraleague last season. Similarly to Dresevic he's more of a playmaker than anything else, he won't contribute too much to the defensive side of the game and Aganovic is much more like Tahir Fejzuli in that regard than anyone else in this DBC squad. That's a comparison which a player can be proud of though, given everything he has achieved over his career, Aganovic will hope his career takes a similar path.

AMC: Pasha Secujac, 19, FK Arsika [MYT]
A prototypical Mytanar number ten, he likes to contribute with goals and assists and he can be a general nuisance to opponents. Secujac impressed with FK Arsika last season, often loading the bullets for Juljana Chmela and Ava Linfield to shoot in front of him. It will be a dilemma for Adem Fejzic to decide who starts out of him and Alen Gvetadze and it may well lead to the new variation on the 4-6-0 with two attacking midfielders being employed more often during this DBC as a result. Secujac is very versatile tactically, having played in all manner of systems at club and international level (4-3-1-2/4-6-0/3-4-1-2/4-2-3-1), which makes him an attractive option.

AMC: Olivier Golodkovsky, 20, Clichy-sous-Bois [PRH]
The third and final Prahecqois-born member of this squad, Golodkovsky is the son of a Magev dissident who fought alongside the Otpor against Kalinina's forces and a Prahecqois mother, the FSM got in early again to ensure that he would represent Mytanija at international level. Golodkovsky is a product of the respected Clichy-sous-Bois youth system which has been the launch point for so many talented young players, including Jasno Odonelec - a player Golodkovsky names as his inspiration given he was in the first team just as Olivier was coming through the academy - amongst others from one of Prahecq's infamous banlieues. Golodkovsky is an attacking midfielder who plays like a young Jasno Odonelec, fond of setting-up and scoring goals and this DBC could be a breakthrough moment for him.

ST: Damien Gannot, 21, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
He was one of Mytanija's best players at the last DBC and this time around he will be one of the first names on the team sheet following a strong season at club level. Gannot is a striker who loves to drop deep into midfield and get involved in the build-up play, he's someone who has outstanding spatial awareness and his ability to create room for himself makes him a real danger to opposition defences. He's a confident finisher too, his 10 goals in 23 games in the league along with the 8 goals in 5 games he managed at the last DBC are very strong evidence of that. He will be one of the team's main dangermen and its fortunes could depend on his performances.

ST: Lazar Prinelec, 20, Olympic Thessia [MYT]
Prinelec might not be best pleased with his manager's signing of Anne-Linde van Oers over the summer, it will likely mean increased rotation of the Olympic strikers now that they have her, Prinelec and Adamo Fallaci. It is all designed to try and wrest back the Top League title from their local rivals Atletik though, whose strength in depth propelled them to the championship last season. Prinelec's scored 29 goals in 55 Top League games and is comfortable either running in behind or holding onto possession whilst waiting for support. He will provide the runs which will create space for the likes of Gannot, Gvetadze and Secujac and he will hope to get on the end of a good number of chances himself too.

ST: Dragisa Alagic, 20, 1896 Ebor [MYT]
Alagic has experience in the Mytanar lower leagues with Zeljeznicar and was good enough last season for 1896 Ebor to come in and buy him for NSD 200,000 (Andrija Cicak going in the other direction). He is a striker who has been likened to Nebojsa Aleksic down the years - not only because of his route to Top League football - with the way he plays being very similar, he likes to press opposition defenders and chases every ball. He's also quick and reasonably physically imposing too, Alagic will be a good secondary option for Adem Fejzic and should give opponents a different type of problem to the more diminutive Damien Gannot and Lazar Prinelec.

The base formation is a 4-3-1-2, so that is what the team will look like when they are out of possession against an opponent. Zijad Kurtcehajic will be in the centre of the midfield trio and they will try to occupy the space in front of the Mytanar defence to prevent the opposition from having time or space in the centre of the pitch and force them outside. The back four will remain narrow for the most part and try to defend the width of the penalty area. The attacking midfielder and strikers will press the opposition's defensive midfielder (if applicable) and defenders when they have the ball to try and force them into low percentage hurried passes or into giving up possession nearer to their own goal. When Mytanija regain possession the formation will morph from 4-3-1-2 into a 3-2-3-2, to do this Zijad Kurtcehajic (or whoever is in the centre of Mytanija's midfield three), will drop in between the centre backs to provide a little more defensive security against counter attacks; ahead of them will be the other two central midfielders; then the next three is the attacking midfielder trying to find space in the middle and the team's full-backs pushed high up the field, remaining very wide out on the touchline to provide width for the team to attack with; then finally the two strikers. The 4-3-1-2 is seen as a pretty attack minded formation in Mytanija, particularly due to the demand placed on the full-backs when going forward as they are the method in which the formation retains width and keeps the opponent stretched to an extent. Due to the fact the full-backs have to be high up the field this can leave space for the opponent to attack into down the flanks and this could provide a fruitful opportunity for teams to exploit, although the central midfielder dropping between the centre-halves is designed to mitigate against this.

Whilst Fejzic isn't as renowned for tactical innovation as Lev Repin is with the senior national team he will be using a variation of the 4-6-0 which has been used with the senior national team at times here. It won't involve wingers as Repin's version often does, but instead will operate with a defensive midfielder, two central midfielders, two attacking midfielders and a false nine (usually Damien Gannot). The team's full-backs will be tasked with supplying width and this will often mean that the defensive midfielder (mainly Kurtcehajic or Radosevic, although occasionally Svensek or Mbala-Ekakia) will drop in between the centre-backs to form a more sturdy back three when in possession. This is designed to defend against counter-attacks whilst the Mytanar full-backs are high up the pitch. The false nine will be tasked with dropping deep and taking up unusual positions to create overloads in central areas in front of the opposition's defence alongside one of the attacking midfielders, the other attacking midfielder will be instructed to run in behind the opposition defence or into wide areas to try to drag the opposition out of shape. This version of the 4-6-0 has not been used much at either senior or youth level so it is fairly experimental, but the DBC is seen as the perfect place to test it out.

Captaincy: It is a bit of a toss-up between Damien Gannot and Zijad Kurtcehajic for who will take the armband, the two are probably the best players in the squad, it will usually be Gannot but Kurtcehajic will take on captaincy duties should Gannot not be on the pitch. After that the responsibility will fall to Spiridonovic, Besak or Lazar Prinelec.
Penalties: Prinelec or Gannot will be the first-choice options. If they leave the pitch it will fall to Dusko Ocokoljic, Bigger Mbala-Ekakia and Zijad Kurtcehajic. Should none of them be available or in the event of a penalty shoot-out it will proceed down the order as follows: Spiridonovic, Alagic, Gvetadze, Secujac, Hjik, Kovacevic. After that pick whoever you want, we'd need better penalty takers.
Corners: Alen Gvetadze or Pasha Secujac will be first-choice dependent on which of them is on the pitch. Zijad Kurtcehajic, Olivier Golodkovsky or Pierre Dresevic after those two.
Short free kicks: Usually one of the attacking midfielders (Gvetadze, Secujac, Golodkovsky), depending on which are on the pitch or Svetoslav Radosevic if they want a slightly different approach.
Long free kicks: This will normally fall to one of the full-backs of Zijad Kurtcehajic to lump in if they want to put it into the penalty area, although they will tend to try and play it short and recycle possession unless time is running out.

Home - Away - Goalkeeper

Huge thanks to ediraf, the Official Sportswear Apparel Partner of the Mytanar national team.

• Adem Fejzic landed on his feet after losing his job as manager of Mytanija's largest club Atletik Thessia. The 57 year old jumped straight into the manager's seat with the under-21 national team and did reasonably well at the first time of asking, taking the side to the quarter finals of the 49th Di Bradini Cup. The hope is that he can take this group of players a little bit further, with some of the top players from last time returning for one last go at winning the highest honour in junior international football. Fejzic may not have got it right with Atletik but he has a reputation for developing young players which is almost a prerequisite for a junior national team management position. He prefers his teams to play a 4-3-1-2 formation which can be seen in his team selection here and isn't the most flexible tactically normally, although he has been mandated to be by the FSM due to the level of tactical flexibility Lev Repin is trying to instil in the senior national team. It is hoped that if Fejzic gets the players in the under-21 squad used to some degree of flexibility then the jump up to the full national side will not be quite as difficult for them.

• Mytanija has qualified to 11 World Cups, reaching the quarter finals in World Cup 68. Mytanija has won the Copa Rushmori once (XVII), to go with two victories in the Cup of Harmony (56 and 59); and a Di Bradini Cup win (DBC40). Some of these achievements were made under the names Mytannion/the Mytanar Region, Mytanija is ICly the exact same place.

• Mytanars are renowned for being passionate and therefore will not be afraid of confrontation if they feel they're on the end of a particularly rough tackle. At the same time Mytanars are not afraid of gamesmanship and may perform some questionable tackles of their own, along with tactical fouls to prevent the opponent from gaining momentum. Furthermore, diving, crowding referees and even intentional handballs (OOC: so Maradona's Hand of God and Suarez for Uruguay versus Ghana, that sort of stuff), to influence the game are not beyond Mytanar players. They will argue that winning is the most important thing and will do anything they can to achieve victory. Some might call it dirty, Mytanars don't, that won't stop them complaining when things go against them naturally.

• Mytanar fans are well-known for being hooligans, causing problems wherever they go and being prone to violence. They also make outstanding choreographies for their domestic sides and occasionally the national team (if they aren't fighting each other), so pyrotechnics, flags and lots of noise and alcohol are common place. Corteos (organised marches from a specific place to the stadium), are also common, these can lead to areas being shutdown as the sheer numbers of fans walking along roads block traffic and can lead to issues as police attempt to marshal supporters too. Given the ongoing political situation in Mytanija, whether ultra groups are able to put aside differences regarding politics, ethnicity etc for the national side is a pertinent question and the answer to it may change even from game to game.

If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, you may comment on severity although I shall have final say
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, Mytanars are notoriously passionate and prone to gamesmanship so may accumulate these at an extremely high rate
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, see above, although no more than two in one game please
Godmod other events: Y

Style modifier: +1.5
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

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The Freisan Farf Freitball Francitian hereby presents the Farf roster for the 50th Edition of the Di Bradini Cup
Nation Name: The Oulandish Lands of Farfadillis
Demonym: Farf (plural Farves)
Team Nickname: La Vherderoja
Honours: World Cup 84 and AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57 Winners

Provided by ediraf


Manager: Lele Manguele
Medic: Lele Manguele (uncertified)

Lele Manguele got his first legal job when he aced an interview with Royal Rumiatzi's management. An interview he hadn't signed up for. He had no credentials, but that didn't stop him from revolutionizing Astograthian football, with his Royal Rumiatzi squad breaking the record for most goals in a season. We say "revolutionizing" because that's what he says he did: in reality, he went trophyless in the three seasons he managed them, and the guy who replaced him after he got fired won Royal Rumiatzi the title playing very defensively. But hey, for a brief moment in time, he was dazzling Astograthians. Surely he can do a good job here, too, even if his squad selections can be a bit eccentric.

#1 - GK - Rogerio Defigueroa - Age 18 - Avenida Leal
#12 - GK - Lís Âllásí - Age 20 - Lonngeylin Coast
#23 - GK - Felragi Sasado - Age 21 - Eivora Athletic FC

Rodrigo Defigueroa is the stand-out star here. He's been one of his team's only good players lately. If he continues to grow at this rate, he'll be starting for the senior NT in no time. Second in line we have Lís Âllásí, who's proven quite reliable in goal for Lonngeylin Coast. Rogerio clearly can't become complacent, because Lís clearly will not pass up on an opportunity to surpass him. Third in line, we have Felragi Sasado, who doesn't start for his team and is mostly here because Manguele likes to have foreign-based players to "spice things up a bit".

#2 - LB - Éskïr Bêrndèvôî - Age 20 - Dí Maozöxê
#4 - CB - Blaise rue Cazade - Age 18 - René Skaé
#6 - RB - Timoteo Norat - Age 19 - Avenida Principal

#13 - LB - Rico Patino - Age 20 - Sororo City
#14 - CB - Êsêkïl Bûr - Age 19 - Kabakono City
#17 - RB - Agundí Tibanagogó - Age 19 - Ausharmuj Marusi

If you're an avid follower of the sport, one thing is bound to catch your eye here. So let's get that out of the way first: Blaise is not in any way related to Faragó; rue Cazade is actually a reasonably common surname in Szoirsia. This will not be terribly surprising, but defense is not where this squad shines. All of these players are reasonably good. A few of them will even become regular S-FPL starters, surely. It's just they aren't that great. Bêrndèvôî's great going forward and could be retooled by Dí Maozöxê to play as a winger, and rue Cazade really does have an imposing physique and remarkable technique on the ball, but the NT bench looks like the absolute ceiling for all of these players. But here goes a notable fact: two of these players, Rico Partino and Êsêkïl Bûr, have lived most of their lives in Banija as Farf refugees.

#3 - CM - Mbogo Nørgaard - Age 20 - Revolutionaries
#5 - CM - Theodor Thorsen - Age 20 - Flying Jellyfish
#7 - TK - Tè Xüwân - Age 17 - Rülândéá Kôstä
#8 - LW - Bogdan Vlaisavljević - Age 19 - Prostran I Forzuda
#10 - RW - Kolejes Marajis - Age 18 - Gortz United

#15 - CM - Ljes Ivić - Age 17 - Nómada Club
#16 - CM - Guy Reason - Age 21 - Royal Rumiatzi
#18 - TK - Lőrinc Subercaseaux - Age 20 - René Skaé
#19 - LW - Eurico Borguez - Age 21 - La Nueva Avenida
#21 - RW - Mâát Trlimándã Wôl - Age 21 - Mar Sara FC

None of the players on this list are finished products, but a few of them are very, very promising nonetheless. In center midfield, Mbogo Nørgaard's a Fröndti of Banijan descent (in the past, some people would move to Farfadillis!), and perhaps the most promising player in the entire squad. He's got great endurance, is very strong and is also super technical. He has it all, really, but he must work on his consistency. Partnering in center midfield we have Theodor Thorsen. He's a bit of an unknown quantity, what with Flying Jellyfish not playing professional football, but he's said to be a very talented playmaker. As a takilante (yes, that's still a thing; sue me) Tè Xüwân will hope to impress as much as he has impressed lately playing for Rülândéá Kôstä. He's an incredible dribbler and puts in more effort than the rest of the team combined. He's missing some selflessness, though. On the wings, little is known about Bogdan Vlaisavljević and Kolejes Marajis, although it is said that the former is one of the fastest players in Farfadillis while the latter is fast but much more on the technical side. All of the starters here could be future NTers, but only Mbogo looks like a sure thing. Regarding the bench... uh, who is Guy Reason? Also,

#9 - ST - Eötrenois Rigozsoldos - Age 16 - Rákospalotai
#11 - ST - Mâánéràtö Jíí - Age 18 - Antiguoko FC

#20 - ST - Pajikispo Elogosesurá - Age 21 - Veriasod Lakers FC
#22 - ST - Lajos Latheleanódi - Age 20 - René Skaé

Eötrenois Rigozsoldos, son of René Skaé legend Archard Rigozsoldos, caught most of Farfadillis (and Banija) by surprise last season by guiding his amateur team, Rákospalotai, to the S-FPL Cup semifinal. He is a machine: he can dribble, he can pass, he can score. However, he is also sixteen. Unsurprisingly, he's easy to muscle off the ball, and he's also a bit short, so won't be a threat in the air. For now, that is: both of his parents are quite tall, so some believe it's a matter of time... His partner up front will be Mâánéràtö Jíí. He used to play for Tüxòò Wçâs (yeah, me neither) before moving to Antiguoko recently. Some say Manguele has only called him up cause he plays in Astograth. The answer to that is "maybe", but rumor has it Antiguoko management is extremely pleased with their signing. He is said to be extremely selfish, by the way! On the bench, Elogosesurá is completely unknown, but Latheleanódi has made cameo appearances in the S-FPL and impressed. He's a pure goalscorer.

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Postby Pasarga » Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:25 am

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y


Pasarga Roster
Nickname: Young Wanderers

Image Image Image

Home Away Third
Modifier: +1

Manager: Meriadoc Griffiths Image, age 50
Assistant: Anna Kováts, age 48 (F)

GK: Dalma Kollár, age 21, Tanrısal (F)
GK: Szescx Tóth, age 20, Avidë
GK: Tomáš Přibyl, age 21, Royal Jam Image
Kollár gets to keep the number one kit after another sensational season with the Tani youth team as Tani won the ever competitive South Pargis Youth league. She had a fairly good tournament last time the Young Wanderers were in the Eternal Empire and Griffiths will be relying on another good performance from her this time around, though Přibyl is a good shot stopper in his own right should Dalma not be up to the same standard she made for herself in the last tournament. Tóth is a tall and agile keeper who can be used in a pinch if the other two more experienced keepers are not able to play for some reason, but is less refined than the others at this point in their careers.

LB: Deli Sinka, age 21, Tanrısal
LB: Jakub Svatoš, age 21, Mar Sara FC Image
CB: Szescõ Erôss, age 21, Bombarralense Image
CB: Mozes Szölôsi, age 21, Tanrısal
CB: Markus Vida, age 21, CA Paulinthal
CB: Sebestyen Sebök, age 18, Galatica
R/CB: Ompoly Sultisz, age 18, CA Paulinthal
RB: Freja Kristiansen, age 18, Lunas FC (F)
It should come as no surprise that Tani and CAP provide half of the defenders, with their youth teams being among the best in the country outside of Baskita's, especially with Vida and Sultisz being part of a CAP youth team that only gave up thirteen goals during the last youth league season. Erôss has been getting games in Audioslavia and that allows them to partner with the Tani defender in the middle, with the two hoping to build off of the partnership they had towards the end of the last edition of the tournament. With all of the defenders coming from teams that are naturally more attacking, every single one of them can be a threat going forward for set pieces, while both fullbacks are known for overlapping runs in support, making it an aggressive defensive unit, though one that can get caught out at times for pressing too far forward.

RW: Katinka Pálffy, age 21, Tanrısal (F)
RW: Rozalia Zsinka, age 20, Lunas FC (F)
A/MC: Mária Szánthó, age 21, New Bastion Image (F)
MC: Kíra Lörinc, age 21, Usmer Image (F)
MC: Jadranko Lončar, age 17, Hellinic Rouge
D/MC: Noel Orsós, age 21, Galatica
LW/RW: László Petô, age 21, Fligsive FC Image
AML/LW: Gillen Madrigal López, age 21, CA Paulinthal
This is a completely shuffled up unit from the one that last traveled to the Empire for the last edition, with only the wingers of López and Pálffy retaining a starting spot from the unit who started last edition. Griffiths will be hoping that a good domestic campaign for Orsós can translate well into the international arena and give the team a bit more consistency in the middle of the park that they have missed in the previous two editions to augment the talented wingers. Szánthó has an attacking flair about them that should in theory have her work well in a central partnership and provide an excellent transition from defense to attack or to play as the pivot and playmaker of the side. Both wingers will be expected to put in good crosses, something both have shown to be quite capable of during their time both with the Young Wanderers and their clubs, as well as cutting into the box for scoring chances on the occasion.

ST: Eustacio Corral Magana, age 21, CA Paulinthal
ST: Evangelino Pulido Castaneda, age 21, CA Paulinthal
ST: Péter Csorba, age 21, Baskita FC
ST: Deco Kocsis, age 21, Duke of the North
Magana has shown to be a natural goalscorer at this level in two previous trip to the Eternal Empire and with a bit of speed to burn, can provide probing runs to stretch defenses out when not leading the attack themselves. Kocsis has had two stellar seasons in the youth league, somehow having what is usually a very defensive unit be the leading youth league scoring team, and so their strong frame and scoring instinct gets a spot in the starting eleven. Csorba has been a bright spot for Baskita, bagging goals at the youth level and getting some playing time with the senior team, much like Castaneda for CAP, meaning either striker coming off the bench is quite capable of putting goals on the board if given good service.

Sultisz Erôss Szölôsi Sinka
Pálffy Szánthó Orsós López
Kocsis Magana

Captain: Mozes Szölôsi
Corner Taker: Gillen Madrigal López
Set Pieces: Mária Szánthó
Penalties: Eustacio Corral Magana

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Postby San Ortelio » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:08 pm

San Ortelio U21
"The Young Swordfishes"

GK  Luca Dolci            Catrallo Calcio        18   ST
GK Domenico Agnano US San Savola 21
GK Vincenzo Ioime Madonna Nottori 21

LD Ciro Sandri Catrallo Athletic 21
LD Livio Alessandri Virtus Redoccio 17 ST
CD Manuele Pilati Pro Stampano 19
CD Alberto Gioia FC Pesari 20 ST
CD Valerio Cattai Sportiva Montelcampo 21 ST
CD Ercole Labrazzi Catrallo Calcio 18
RD Carlo Qualla Pro Stampano 21 ST
RD Scotti Fusco Esca Unione 20

DM Attilio Quintarelli FC Pesari 21 ST & Capt
DM Luca Signorelli Inter Catrallo 20
CM Giovanni Letti US San Savola 20 ST
AM Davide Trillo Cadadale (ETN) 21 ST
AM Giorgio Maio Fagli Cinquanta 21
LW Nkechi Orjee SSD Borgonovo 21
LW Luca Cadili Sportiva Montelcampo 20 ST
RW Alex Simonetti Fagli Cinquanta 20

ST Dennis Spaviero FC Pesari 21 ST
ST Pier Luigi Vitali Haïtiens (TEQ) 19 ST
ST Federico Granocche Madonna Nottori 19
ST Angelo Cottilard Sportiva Montelcampo 19


Going home with the trophy should be a singular source of rejoice for the previous generation of the Young Swordfishes. But the murder attempt from manager Ernesto Siboni on Pier Luigi Vitali – with young goalkeeper Luca Dolci nearly as collateral – gave the title a pitch-black edge. Fortunately, Siboni currently resides in the Pesari Penitentiary Estate whilst the duo of players recovered well enough to return for their second DBC. They will partake under the management of Claudio Ricci – a man with a decent track record in youth football with FC Pesari. It can be read between the lines that Ricci considers this position as his chance to step up, being it within the FA or towards professional club football, so this is a litmus test for him as well as his youngsters. In a vain which aligns with the values of his house, Ricci stands for industrious yet fairly attacking football which statisticians describe as +2 on the international scale, with the line-up falling into two blocks. A choice which could lead to spectacular games, but might lack the solidity which saw the Young Swordfishes triumph two years ago.

Off the pitch, Ricci is known to be friendly and open towards his youngsters – if they put their best foot forward on the training pitch. Such a human approach had been considered as pedigree after the debacle last time. In a way, it is a miracle that between the sticks, Luca Dolci reappears. Lanky and still with an angelic face, Dolci has been touted as a huge talent for the future. It’s only logic that he’s no match for Lindt in the Catrallo goal – but some whisperers call it a bad sign he didn’t appear in the Cup. Still, with his reflexes, he’s still the best choice as goalkeeper: Ioime and Agnano warm a bench in the first tier but neither really showed international potential.

The back four seems to lack the raw talent of the previous batch: whilst names such as Moreschini, Gagliano and Crilese rose from the U21 to the selection of the actual Swordfishes, such a move seems far in the distance for the current quartet. If one could make it, it might be Carlo Qualla – surprisingly fast for a broad-shouldered lad, but a risktaker. Central duo Gioia and Cattai both are far more conservative, with the latter the more technical one of the duo. Still, they will have to click well to ensure a good line-up. Left-back is a bit of a weak spot in the first string, which allows Virtus prodigy Alessandri – vital in the youth title of his Primavera team - to slip into the starting four. The alternatives are mediocre (Pilati) or worse.

And so, the balance in the team might hinge heavily on Attilio Quintarelli. Already a defining member of the victorious DBC49 side, he will now act as the sole defending midfield. Contrary to the previous 4-2-2-2, Ricci tries for something which hints towards a 4-1-3-2. Quintarelli is one of those people who are grizzled before they’re young and is worthy of the captain’s ribbon. He dares to hack but usually has the timing to solve issues early – but can he do it with so little support as well? If someone assists him, it must be Giovanni Letti, the free kick/corner specialist. The San Savola linchpin has impeccable passing, overview and a first touch to die for… On his day. And he’s not too fast either. As such, the movement is left to a duo to be picked from a mixed bag from which only Davide Trillo seems a sure starter. After the DBC, he earned a spot in the Flame League as a crafty winger. Next to him we’ll see… Not sure. Maio has a dangerous infiltration (but needs someone to pass him the ball), Cadili likes to come off the wing (but misses return on investment), Orjee possesses speed (but could improve his crosses) and Simonetti scores (but only on lower levels). It might depend on the opponent.

However, will those midfielders need to score if the power couple up front finds their pace again? Denis Spaviero evolved from a national to an international sensation last time around by challenging for the top scorer role. He’s versatile without too many embellishments and very efficient in the box. On top of that, he has a good match on a personal level with Pier Luigi Vitali – a special case in all senses of the word. Renowned for his impeccable technique and mastery with his right foot but also for his carelessness and ability to ‘disappear’ from a game. The fact he made his debut for wealthy Tequilians Haitiens shows there are people who believe in him. If he fails to materialize his talent, there are two hungry alternatives: Granocche doesn’t play by the book but works hard whilst Cotillard is an elegant, stylish yet effective forward.


MD1 – Vilita and Turori vs San Ortelio @Turmondale Grounds
MD2 - San Ortelio vs Baker Park @ Turmondale Grounds
MD3 - Delaclava vs San Ortelio @ Turmondale Grounds

RP Permissions

Thou shall choose our goalscorer as thou chooseth thine
And to godmod their scores will be considered fine
Thou can describe a players injury and pain
But from ending their careers, please refrain
Thou can prefer the referee to grab the yellow card
Preferring a red, up until three, I will not discard
Thou shall describe as light blue our shorts and our socks
Thou will never covet thy neighbour's ox
And if thou want to godmod, please be our guest
Don't hesitate to TG if we can assist thou quest
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We're no international threat, so have our domestic thread.

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Postby Kriegiersien » Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:55 pm

Kriegiersien U21 Football Nationalteam

This is a new generation of players who are build up for the future. They are not playing in the domestic leagues, only together against selected regional opponents and in international tournaments.

After losing in the final of the regional Sumerset Cup of Balder, the same team also started simultaneously at the IAC 12, were they went out in the group stage and the RTC U 18 World Cup.
These players are also prepared long term for the next Olympics.

All players are from the youth centre of Kriegiersien national sokker champion Timesteam.

Kriegiersien always plays in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys they use for every sport.

If they can't play in black and neither nude, as nudity is mandatory in Kriegiersien, they try to steal the next best tricot as alternative for black.

Kriegiersien lineup for the Di Bradini Cup 50:

Assistant Manager
Riso Becker
Viveka Schweizer
Fitness Coach
Emanuel Lacusta
Hicham Bensoussan
Goalkeeper Coach
Deyvis Bryant Acori


Go crazy
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Postby Krytenia » Tue Apr 06, 2021 5:56 pm

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just TG me first if it's particularly insane and/or egregious. Also, anything COVID related can do one.

Modifier: +2.5


Manager – Gary BARTON, Age 45
Paul Davis' number two in the senior set-up takes the reins for the U21 side. Has improved his standing under Davis since being sacked as Mercia manager; will be hoping a good showing here gets him a managerial job somewhere on a permanent basis.

Goalkeeping Coach – Marcus WASHINGTON, Age 51
Defensive Coach – Robert FIELDS, Age 52
Offensive Coach – Selaphiel KENNEDY, Age 42
Physiotherapist – Stephen WILLIS, Age 43



Michael SVEYN
Age: 19
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Secklow

The teenager tried his damnedest to keep Penniton United up last season. It didn't quite pan out for the Pennies, but Sveyn's excellent shot-stopping abilities earned him a second chance in the Prem with Secklow.

Age: 20
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Avidia City

Six foot seven and with hands like frying pans, Vasha seems to take up the entire goalmouth. Tends to parry or punch rather than catch, which can be an issue at times.

Age: 20
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Neathill (on loan from Avidia United)

Cut his teeth on loan at AFC Linford last season. Impressed enough - especially in handling crosses - to turn the heads of newly promoted Neathill, who managed to snap him up for next season.


Age: 21
Position: Right-back
Club: Oustia

What price Price? Low enough for Oustia to snag him, apparently. Sturdy and relieable full-back, tends not to bomb forward too often.

Age: 21
Position: Left-back
Club: Stanton Town

The Dockers had the best defence in the league last season, and their young full-backs are part of the reason why. Atinari is full of running, and will work the channels all day long.

Age: 21
Position: Centre-back
Club: Emberton Reds

Mature beyond his tender years, Molinari is cool-headed; a rare trait amongst the choke-happy Reds team. Tends to back off rather than rush into the tackle.

Arthur CROSS
Age: 19
Position: Centre-back
Club: Bromham City

The yang to Molinari's yin. Cross' main attribute is his electric pace; however, on those occasions where he ends up behind the play, his tendency to put a foot in can often backfire.

Age: 20
Position: Right-back
Club: Stanton Town

More conservative than club team-mate Ryan Atinari, Hoover tends to concentrate more on his defensive duties than assisting the midfield. Excels at cutting off the cross.

Age: 19
Position: Left-back
Club: Beckton Supermarine

Speedy little firecracker, tends to get deployed as more of a wingback for the Mariners. Positioning skills could be a little better, though.

Age: 19
Position: Centre-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Has a header like a rocket-propelled grenade, and distributes the ball well. Not the best tackler, but makes up for this by more often than not getting to the ball first.

Age: 21
Position: Centre-back
Club: Royal Emberton

Silky ball-winning defender that can also work as a defensive midfielder. Tends to play up the pitch, which does leave him vulnerable to balls over the top.


Alexander ZIGIC
Age: 21
Position: Right midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Pint-size winger with a big engine. Will need it if Price, as expected, plays deeper in defence.

Age: 20
Position: Central midfield
Club: Bradwell Saints

Cultured midfielder with a sizeable box of tricks. So unpredictable, sometimes even his Saints team-mates are confused.

Graham STONE
Age: 21
Position: Left midfield
Club: Leston Town

Wide man with a penetrating cross. Must've had a tough paper round, as he looks closer to thirty than twenty-one.

Age: 21
Position: Left midfield
Club: Ousevale Borough

Selhurst like to cut inside, drawing full-backs out of the play and creating space for his team-mates. Has a tendency to hang on to the ball longer than is needed, though.

Age: 20
Position: Central midfield
Club: Beckton Supermarine

A surprise addition to the squad, Brunberg is solid if unspectacular. What he lacks in flair, he makes up for in tenacity and ability to win the ball.

Age: 21
Position: Right midfield
Club: Ashton Olympic

The thinking man's winger. Free-kick specialist who tends to whip it in early rather than combat the full-backs.


Fraser YOUNG
Age: 18
Position: Forward
Club: Mercia Bromham

If you're going to learn your trade, do it at the feet of the nation's best. Young plays off the shoulder of Alun Belmwr for his club, and loves lurking on the edge of the box for that second ball.

Age: 19
Position: Forward
Club: Emberton Hibernians

One of the main reasons that Hibs made it to the top flight is this young man's predatory instinct. A clinical finisher, give him a sight of goal and he'll more than likely score.

Age: 17
Position: Forward
Club: Avidia City

If City can hold on to the lad, they'll be doing well. Montalban could be the answer to Krytenia's left-side problem up front; right peg is for standing, mind.

Age: 19
Position: Forward
Club: Caversham

Your archetypal "big man", which works for Caversham's style of play. If Cambiasso is coming on, expect the ball to be played in the general direction of his noggin.

Age: 20
Position: Forward
Club: Beckton Supermarine

A more withdrawn forward, Madrigal likes to work between the midfield and the target man, stretching the defence and creating chances. That doesn't mean he's a slouch in front of goal, mind.

Freddie WYNN
Age: 20
Position: Forward
Club: Sandwell Rangers

Sandwell somehow managed a top half finish last season, and Wynn is a big part of that. Penetrating attacker who loves to run defenders ragged.

LIKELY STARTERS – Formation: 4-3-3 “System Ousevale”

THE KITS – courtesy of JMC

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Boot It!: Back In Valanora, Eh?

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:34 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Team: U-21s
Trigram: TJU
Football Association: FA-TJUN-ia
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Blue and Orange (commonly-used informal)/Young Jags (Team Specific)

Back in Valanora again once again? You all know what that means! Yes, after finishing in the Final 4 of the Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy, the Young Jags of TJUN-ia are back in the old stomping grounds for the 71st U21 World Cup overall and the 50th under the Di Bradini name. The senior set up has certainly become a bit of a force in recent times and as such, the pressure is on Philip van Oosterend to help develop the stars of tomorrow using the tools of the modern-day.

Hwang Syong-Ya and Petor Szektkovsky both graduated from the setup after the Mike Sarzo run, with Bruno Ronaldinaho Cervantes and Liken Allen replacing them in the starting 11, but the next few years will certainly be a big one for TJUN-ian youth football with 12 of the 23 man squad set the leave for the big time in between now and DBC51. At the end of their stand this time are some of the big names of this team's early history: Andrade Ñunezo, Kofi Marshall, Peter Ørberg, Vladzov Błaszczykowski and even substitute Kelo Ngwemanagawa. Those will be some big shoes to fill in the next few years and so, the race to develop the next few stars is certainly on. With 2 new women joining the fray for this tournament (Zelina Marquez from the UAC and Kendra Robertson of the UO), who knows how things will go down in this golden DBC!

Youth Manager: Philip van Oosterend (NAU, 25)
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Style Modifier: +2

STARTERS - Position: Name (Number, Age, Current Region of Residence, Academy or Club (if applicable))
GK: Sputnik Brykilawa (#13, 20, NAU, an unknown club in the Vilitan League, Vilita and Turori)
LB: Andrade Ñunezo (#14, 21, UAC, Burnley United, Murphtannia)
CB: Kofi Marshall (#16, 21, CU, Battleboro Westside, Cassadaigua)
CB: Bruno Ronaldinaho Cervantes (#15, 20, UAS, Nagoush FC, Tikariot)
RB: Peter Ørberg (#17, 21, NAU, Nagoush FC, Tikariot) (VC)
CDM: Vladzov Błaszczykowski (#6, 21, NAU, DD Porto Nowi, Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom)
CDM: Liken Allen (#18, 20, JB TJUN-ia, Battleboro Westside, Cassadaigua)
LM: Kim Choi-Ya (#20, 19, CEA, Athletic Club, Hebitaka)
CAM: Yomakaji Shimigatsu (#21, 20, CEA, Nagoush FC, Tikariot)
RM: Max van Oosterend (#10, 20, NAU, Marlesee 97, Siovanija and Tuesland) (C)
ST: Malhrani al-Kalhrani (#23, 20, ArU, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)

GK: Alex McVerner (#1, 19, JB TJUN-ia, Gangers, Hebitaka)
GK: Christian Wollatungi (#22, 17, UO, Hipopótamo-Joaxha, Tequilo)
LB: Chelsea Bluewood (#2, 16, CU, CU Academy)
CB: Zelina Marquez (#3, 16, UAC, UAC Academy)
CB: Sadio Mbwekala (#4, 18, AU, Gangers, Hebitaka)
RB: Vlakov Kolorovsky (#5, 16, CSTO, Hipopótamo-Joaxha, Tequilo)
CDM: Kendra Robertson (#7, 15, UO, UO Academy)
CDM: Kudluk Tootoo (#19, 20, NAU, an unknown club in the Vilitan League, Vilita and Turori)
LM: Frederico Jiminez (#8, 17, UAC, Xaviers, Hebitaka)
CAM: Jose Lozano de la Cruz (#9, 17, UAS, Xaviers, Hebitaka)
RM: Kelo Ngwemanagawa (#22, 21, AU, Herty Hat Tricks, Kohnhead)
ST: Jackson Smith-Scott (#11, 17, JB TJUN-ia, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

MD1: vs Kriegiersien - Lathal, Ianisle
MD2: vs Eura - Lathal, Ianisle
MD3: vs Prinz-Eugens-Land - Lathal, Ianisle
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42, DBC50
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Garbelery U21 Squad for the Di Bradini Cup 50

Postby Garbelia » Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:18 am

Garbelery U21 Team:
Manager: Miao Otterdottir
Style: -3
Formation: 4-2-4

Team: (Name ~ Age ~ Position ~ Style ~ Species
Loutre Avia ~ 19 ~ GK ~ Modern Goalkeeper ~ Human

Vid Otterra ~ 21 ~ LWB ~ Pacey Wingback ~ Otter
Nutria Huron ~ 20 ~ CB ~ Aerial Defender ~ Bird
Lutra Vydra ~ 17 ~ CB ~ Physical Defender ~ Cat
Otterata Otto ~ 20 ~ RWB ~ Defensive Fullback ~ Otter

L'utra Zeeotter ~ DMC ~ 19 ~ Otter
Konfiti Ota ~ MC ~ 20 ~ Ferret

Fet Ezoud ~ 18 ~ FL ~ Ferret
Udar Otti ~ 19 ~ FC ~ Human
Otte Vydra ~ 16 ~ FC ~ Otter
Steorian Barnes ~ 21 ~ FR ~ Cat

Lontra Gatto ~ 17 ~ GK
Furreto De Vydra ~ 19 ~ DC DL DR
Opspore Kawauso ~ 18 ~ MC
Otter McOtter ~ 21 ~ FC

Contrary to the first team Otters, the U-21 team play conservatively, pressuring aggressively while out of possession but sitting back in possession.

RP permissions-wise, just don't go crazy, but I'm fine with most things.

MD 1: Garbelia V Cassadaigua
MD 2: Island of the Lost V Garbelia
MD3: Garbelia V Kannap
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Postby Juvencus » Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:29 pm



Information about Juvencus:
Capital: Pomena
Demonym: Juven
Country Code: JUE
Football Association: JFA(Juven Football Association)
Nickname: Primavera
Football Philosophy: The football philosophy that is becoming ingrained in the youth of Juvencus is the art of simple, attacking football. A return to the past where defence is nearly forgotten and the attack is given particular focus. A high-press style of football known as "Pomenienze" firstly introduced by the ranks of AC Pomena in their golden age in the start of the modern campionato which was later put to national team level by legendary August Toset who manage to lead the team to 2 Cup of Harmony finals(winning one of them) and 2 World Cup Qualifications.
Tactics for the Di Bradini Cup: Knowing that not everyone in the team is a professional yet, fluidity might not be the best choice, which fearfully may not bring out the best of the professionals and best players, as they try to accomodate their less-skilled players of their age group who are playing in the different Primavera clubs around the nation. Also, the majority of the squad also played in the recent edition of the U18 World Cup and as such have experience together as a core, however bringing a group of teenagers that played together for 5 games might be a hassle. As such the standard Pomenienze will be utilised, giving focus to the players' youth and speediness as is typical of Juven players. A 3-4-3, with attacks through crosses as well as from the wings will be the way to go. Defensively, major focus on positioning and speed will be given, instead of physicality.

Starting XI:
GK:Fernando Lopez(Age 19)(S.S.C Vilan)
CB:Lucia Agnelli(Age 19)(Victoriaville City Image)
CB:Joaquim Santo(Age 19)(AC Serone Primavera)
CB:Dominica Aguero(Age 19)(FC Tiscan)
CDM:Josefina Portieri(Age 19)(Tihon Image)(Captain)
CDM:Gioachino Sgro(Age 19)(U.S Scudelli Primavera)
RM:Viorel Abascal(Age 19)(U.S Remeno Primavera)
LM:Ferdinando Da Costa(Age 19)(Canzaria FCImage)
RF:Giordano Acconci(Age 19)(USC Toro Primavera)
LF:Ignasi Aliprandi(Age 19)(FC Piluzzi)(Second Captain)
CF:Honoré Duchamps(Age 19)(Universidad de SamponaImage)

GK:Gianmarco De Luca(Age 19)(Toro Calcio Primavera)
GK:Humberto Padovan(Age 19)(USC Toro Primavera)
CB:Ceferino Filippi(Age 19)(AC Pomena Primavera)
CB:Faustino Innocenti(Age 19)(AC Pomena Primavera)
CDM:Ronaldo Obando(Age 19)(Odiol Vinceti Primavera)
CDM:Joel Tosell(Age 19)(S.S.C Tipoli Primavera)
RM:Romà Gagneux(Age 19)(Porcara FC Primavera)
RM:Luigi Legrand(Age 19)(AC Picilia Primavera)
LM:Glauco Ferrero(Age 19)(FC Piluzzi Primavera)
LM:Natale Courtemanche(Age 19)(FC Herone Youth)
RF:Jeremias Pesce(Age 19)(FC Herone Youth)
RF:Daniel Rais(Age 19)(Herona Calcio Primavera)
LF:Adamo Mancini(Age 19)(Picgliara Calcio Primavera)
LF:Gianpaolo Ortega(Age 19)(S.S.C Pacgliari Primavera)
CF:Ulisses Delacroix(Age 19)(AC Serone Primavera)
CF:Matilda Amatore(Age 19)(AC Pomena Primavera)

Coaching Staff:
Coach: Gian Landi
Assistant Coach: Bertrand Boticelli
Assistant Coach: Pau Lenglet



RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yea, of course you can, go crazy, make my goalkeeper temporarily blind while you guys are shooting at him or something.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game.(see below, if it's a 2nd yellow)
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per 2 games, with a preferred punishment of 1-3 matchdays during the qualifiers and just 1 during the world cup proper or cup of harmony.
Godmod other events: Yes, however in regards to the coronavirus or any plague-related RPs, the country just recently stopped an epidemic of grand levels of its own, so it'd be wise not to RP another one.
RP injuries to my players: Yea, but nothing too serious such as world cup-ending or career-ending. The max is 2-matchday long injuries.
Style Modifier: +5
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Kohnhead » Wed Apr 07, 2021 3:26 pm

Kohnhead U-21 Team

Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Shortened Name: Kohnhead
Nation Trigramme: KHD
Team Nickname: The Moderately Sized Brains
Achievements: 4th place at the 69th U-21 WC
Team Info: Two years ago the Moderately Sized Brains went on a miracle run to the semifinals of the Di Bradini Cup with many parts on the current National Team playing a key role. Last year we were drawn into a very hard group with HUElavia, Sarzonia, and Chromatika so it's no wonder we couldn't advance past the Group Stage. With the U18 team looking poor recently, the youth talent of Kohnhead might be diminishing just a bit.

Lorraine Barber (52) Veriasod Lakers FC (Tikariot) (F).
Barber was the front runner for the manager job of the National Team but ultimately didn't get it as MIchael White was named. She was reportedly furious with this but despite tense negotiations will remain the manager of the U-21 team after guiding them to the semifinals last time around. However she has taken a job with the Veriasod Lakers in Tikariot which is allowed and has done very well with them.

Starting XI
GK: Damon Chadwick (20) Real Barnley #1 (M)
RB: Georgia Manter (21) FC Kohnface City #24 (F)
CB: Lyla Booth (21) Barnley FC #21 (F)
CB: Allison Ruterford (20) Kohnhead City FC #71 (F)
LB: Wanda Warter (21) Real Dawson #23 (F)
CDM: Eric Ofofor (21) Nickelson FC #14 (M)
RM: Randall Gilmore (20) FC Kohnface City #20
(C) CM: Jeff Yunbet (21) Mancodas City (Poafmersia) #15 (M)
LM: Jordan Korkson (19) Real Dawson #22 (M)
RF: Rafa Santos (20) Swisston City FC #9 (M)
LF: Darien Robin (20) Olympique de Rimouski (Quebec and Shingoryeo) #13 (M)

Formation: 4-1-3-2
Captain: Jeff Yunbet
Penalties: Darien Robin
Free Kicks: Jordan Korkson
Corners: Randall Gilmore


GK: Luca Travis (19) Kohnhead City University #18 (M)
Def: Sophia Bertua (20) FC Wangor #25 (F)
Def: Brogan Broadsie (20) Northern FC #30 (M)
Def: Bobby Dillard (19) New Ballow United #17 (M)
Mid: Xavier Larson (20) Kohnface Union #16 (M)
Mid: Sharon Bullock (20) Real Dawson #21 (F)
Mid: Darin Thornton (21) FC Rockaton #6 (M)
For: Mindy Howells (19) Relton United #10 (F)
For: Jules Sandberg (20) Hamilton United #27 (F)
For: Cienna Wilkins (21) Real Barnley #9 (F)

Jerseys (Same as National Team)

Big shoutout to No Nonsense Sportswear and Filindostan for making the kits

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Style modifier: +2
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 61st
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 26th
Hockey: 29th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Mendez Bay Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Electrum Slam - Runner up (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

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Postby Pemecutan » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:06 pm



Management Team
Manager: Chandra Adiguna
Head Coach: Gede Satrya Wibawa
Assistant Coach: Putu Pande Juniartha
Goalkeeper Coach: Raka Hilmawan
Medic Head: Yudha Dwi Putra
Style Modifier: +2.54
Formation: 4-3-2-1

Team LineUp
Starting Line Up in Blue

NO   Pos.     Player                    Age     Club
17 GK Indra Hadi Putra 21 Pesepur Pemecutan Puri
1 GK Hari Chandra Gunawan 19 Pesetilan Petilan
23 GK Jandibala Aksagida 20 Nilayam United
2 LB Eka Putra Ananda 21 Pesetih Titih
3 CB Yuhacana Bansora 19 Calugida FC.
4 CB Septiandi Rai Putra 20 Pesub Ubung
5 RB Putu Eka Windyawan 19 Pesjem Jematang

12 LB Wahyu Putranto 20 Pesat Satria
13 CB Ihsan Triantono 21 Pesepoh Pohgading
14 CB Yudha Dewanantha 20 Pesepur Pemecutan Puri
21 RB Ilham Tresnajaya 20 Pesjem Jematang
6 LM Dwi Putra Ariana 19 Pesetih Titih
8 CM Hendri Yuwono 21 Pesepur Pemecutan Puri
7 RM Rangga Hadijaya 20 Pesepad Padangsambian

15 LM Komang Rai Antara 21 Pesub Ubung
16 CM Putu Indra Laksana 20 Parseman Kesiman
18 RM Heriawan Putra 21 Pesepad Padangsambian
9 AT Komang Trisna Mahayana 20 Pesub Ubung
10 CS Duwanibala Padurbansa 19 Nilayam United
11 CS Leo Olivando 21 Parseman Kesiman

19 AT Dewa Putu Mahardika 20 Peseguyang Peguyangan
20 CS Ngurah Artha Ardana 21 Pesetih Titih
22 CS Ketut Catur Adi Putra 19 Pesebal Balun


The Jersey
Home Jersey
Away Jersey
Goalkeeper Jersey

RP Permission
Opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (max. 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (max. 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

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Vilita & Turori Roster for DBC50

Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:32 pm


The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. The latest known members of the National Player Pool are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

STYLE: +3.14

Derizi Amatopa [ - Revolutionaries (EUR) - ]
GK ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 6 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 5 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )
Derizi was trained in the the goalkeeper program at the Eelandii Academy. While in Eelandii, the Youth Team qualified for the IFCF Youth Cup after finishing as Top Turorian Youth side in the Tropicorp Youth Cup. Performances for the Academy resulted in a contract with Sporta Eelandii Senior Squad but the Senior Squad was relegated from the Declasse automatically triggering a release clause for the young goalkeeping prospect. Instead of staying local, Derizi opted to take their talents to Eura joining Revolutionaries as they look to take their career to the next level overseas.

Zelkki Milake Jr. [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
GK ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )
Milake's domestic career wouldn't go as smoothly, however, and after spending 2 seasons in the Declasse after Lonngeylin Coast's relegation, the World Cup winner returned to his roots, re-signing for high-flying Eastal Lunar in Season 46. Offspring of famed Vilitan netminder Zelkki Milake, one of the youngest Starting netminders in history to win the World Cup Final (World Cup 68), Milake has followed in their fathers footsteps by taking on the Goalkeepers Gloves and now trains under their father at Eastal Lunar FC. While not expected to compete for a place on the Vilitan National Team anytime soon, the sky is the limit for the Astronaut Trainee who is also, quite literally, an Astronaut Trainee attending school at the Astronaut Academy at the nearby Vilitan Space Outpost.

Cocoabo #86 [ - Cocoabo Enrichment & Enhancement Program (CEEP) - ]
GK ( AGE: CCB :: [ NT CAPS: 15 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 5 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )

Inteali Koranjo [ - Cazadores Cathair (AUD) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 22 :: [ NT CAPS: 22 :: NT GOALS: 1 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 21 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: The National League (AUD) :
Koranjo was a product of the Jlinal Cove Academy before relocating to the Under-21 Squad training ground in Tivali City. The impressive prospect became one of the youngest defenders to start a Vilitan NT matchup when they made their debut against Vartugia during World Cup 83 Qualifying and would score their first career goal for the NT later that cycle in a 5-1 victory over Mattijana. With Jlinal Cove FC mired in the Declasse Division as they had been for much of their existence, and with the club retaining Koranjo’s rights in the Vilitan League, the player decided to seek an international transfer during the 26th Transfer Window. Koranjo would ultimately sign with Cazadores Cathair after being impressed with the teams performance in the 6th Vilitan Cove Invitational tournament which Cazadores shared a training ground with the Vilita & Turori Under-21 Squad. Koranjo got their Audioslavia based career off to a flying start helping Cazadores Cathair to the National League Title during the 3rd IFCF Cycle and finishing runner up to Istria City in the Atlantian Oceania Champions League.

Narri Sebapilo [ - Makosile United - ]
D C ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Sebapilo debuted for Makosile United at the age of 16 during Vilitan League 63 and made occasional appearances for the side. At the age of 17 Sebapilo became an important member of the Makosile United squad participating in over 50% of the matches during the Makos runner-up campaign that earned promotion to the Vilitan Stellar Division for Season 65. At age 18 Sebapilo would make their internationstatal debut for the Vilita & Turori regional side in the 63rd AOCAF competition in the knockout round defeat to Valanora.

Kamarela Dzzara [ - Yutzie Sorma - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 4 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Dzzara made their overall debut for Vilita & Turori during AOCAF 63 on Matchday 2 against the Xannerian Sunbelt Islands

Bvalis Amaanara [ - Eelandii Academy - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 5 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Injyua Klizlo [ - Riailia Village - ]
D C ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Karek Edgeli [ - FC Almintora - ]
D C ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Offspring of former Turori National Team and Vilita and Turori captain Tarek Edgeli.

Planio’o Nrujsa [ - - Transfer Listed - - ]
D C ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Trezisi Rokopolis [ - Jlinal Cove - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 5 :: NT GOALS: 3 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Trezisi Rokopolis was one of the youngest players in Vilitan Stellar Division history to play a full season for their club as a member of FC Almintora’s ill-fated side that won just two games during Season 63. After Almintora’s relegation to the Declasse, Rokopolis jumped ship to return to Vilita and join forces with Jlinal Cove FC, the side that had pipped FC Almintora to avoid relegation. With Jlinal Cove, Rokopolis helped lead the team to the Vilitan Cup Semi-Finals and scored their first career Stellar Division goal against the Kionao Locals. Rokopolis would get the call to the Vilitan National Team during the World Cup 87 Qualification Campaign and would make their debut against Tequilo. Rokopolis scored their first career goal for the National Team in just their second career appearance, netting the fifth goal in a 5-2 rout of Widaya

Khrusan Mlianko [ - Bastion (EUR) - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 1 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 24 :: V&T GOALS: 6 ] )
A Vilita-Turori Dual national; Mlianko was a member of the Vilita and Turori squad that finished as runners-up to Cosumer during the 45th Di Bradini Cup. Appeared in the 7th Cup of Champions competition for Vilita although as Vilita technically registered under the Vilita and Turorian association, the player did not sacrafice their eligibility to play for Turori. Joined Euran club Bastion during the 26th Transfer Window.

Naraiza Ruaplal [ - Broadview AFC (CBP) - ]
DM C ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 20 :: NT GOALS: 4 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 25 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
A Vilita-Turori Dual national; Ruaplal was a member of the Vilita and Turori squad that finished as runners-up to Cosumar during the 45th Di Bradini Cup. Appeared in the 7th Cup of Champions competition for Vilita although as Vilita technically registered under the Vilita and Turorian association, the player did not sacrafice their eligibility to play for Turori. Became the first Vilita & Turorian player to play domestically in Baker Park after signing with Broadview AFC during the 26th Transfer Window

Lentali Purama [ - Marine Coast United - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 22 :: [ NT CAPS: 24 :: NT GOALS: 2 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 25 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Cup :
Recruited by Rammsissil AFC at school age to train with the RammsBank Sissil Academy to be evaluated as a potential Rammsissil player in the future. Was a member of the Vilita and Turori squad that finished as runners-up to Cosumar during the 45th Di Bradini Cup. Purama transferred to Marine Coast United for Vilitan League Season 61 and helped the team to back to back appearances in the Vilitan Cup final at the Tivali Ring Stadium, winning the 62nd Vilitan Cup title.

Cuoabaza Orani’aoa [ - Inura Forests AFC - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 22 :: [ NT CAPS: 11 :: NT GOALS: 3 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 27 :: V&T GOALS: 4 ] )
Youth Starlet who signed a first team at their local club Inura Forests in Turori at the age of 16 years. Was a member of the Vilita and Turori squad that finished as runners-up to Cosumar during the 45th Di Bradini Cup.

Friika Diirotora [ - Kionao Locals - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 1 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Imauka Lkomorak [ - KT Moreazerua (AUD) - ]
M RC ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Lkomorak was scooped up by Audioslavia based club KT Moreazerua during the 30th transfer window in a package deal from the Turoki Academy along with Academy coach and Turorian National Team player Mbdiai Akarenaa. The Transfer helped to fund upgrades at the Turoki Academy and included a 25% future sell on clause due to the Turoki Academy should Moreazerua sell Lkomorak in the future. Made debut for Vilita & Turori during the opening matchday of AOCAF 63 against Gyatso-kai

Kinabo Telioa [ - - Transfer Listed - - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Clarana Refiami [ - Spartangrad (EUR) - ]
F C ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 13 :: NT GOALS: 3 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 23 :: V&T GOALS: 5 ] )
Made their internationstatal debut appearing in four matches during the 7th Cup of Champions competition for Vilita. Scored first career International Goal during against Kita-Hinode in 7th Cup of Champions Semi-Finals. Attracted interest from Eura league teams during AOCAF tournament and made transfer to Euran side Spartangrad prior to the 85th World Cup Cycle

Tyoasi Klipark [ - Marine Coast United - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 1 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Klipark began their career as a midfield trainee at the Ramzi Youth Academy in Crosaibi before being called to the Marine Coast United Senior squad to cover as a pacey youthful attacking substitute during Vilitan League Season 64.

Loala Inkabu [ - Turoki Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )

Lutara Makakio [ - Venom Youth Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Treasvo Tlikara [ - Obaobai Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )

Kunaro Tlikara [ - Obaobai Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )


I Give My Opponent Permission To:	
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y


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Postby Chromatika » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:53 pm

Chromatik U-21 Squad
The Junior Anomalies

Manager: Shani Hayashida, 61
Assistant Manager: Mikhail Dushov, 55
Physio: Anna-Maria Myers, 41
Formation: 3-4-3
Style Modifier: +2.5
U-21 Record: 18-7-17

The Roster
GK 1. Van Enax, 20, Sword (EUR) | 6 ft 7 in
GK 12. Loree Bautista, 20, Chromia Central College University | 6 ft 3 in
GK 23. Seung-Min Do, 21, Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology | 6 ft 1 in
GK Van Enax, 20 - Sword (EUR)
One of the few who have taken the extreme route of heading out of Chromatika straight out of high school, Enax has been a prodigy of sorts when it comes to instinctive goalkeeping and having a finger on the flow of things. After seeing the likes of Juxon Fillar and Cathryn Nio in front of him, it's finally his time to shine in one of the most brutal tournaments out there - the infamous Di Bradini Cup in which the Young Anomalies have struggled in for so long.

GK Loree Bautista, 20 - Chromia Central College University (CMT)
After Juxon Fillar left, the next keeper was going to be heavily scrutinized by anyone with a pulse on the CCFA. Loree Bautista is no Juxon Fillar. However, with a level head, great leaping skills, and a calm demeanor, Bautista is a solid addition to any locker room that he is a part of, and someone who's going to be in the Red League for a long time. If he lands somewhere that can help further develop his skills, who knows where he may end up in relation to the Chromatik National Team.

Seung-Min Do, 21 - Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology (CMT)
Though he fits the stereotypical Chromatik goalkeeper mold of being cerebral and not very aggression, Seung-Min Do has an additional asset to his game that sets him apart from his peers - his peripheral vision. When normally, keepers need to turn their heads to keep track of the ball, Do's excellent vision means that he is apt at faking out scorers by making them unaware of the fact that he was aware. With a career in the Chromatik Government as an Engineer ahead of him, he is mostly on this team for the experience and the honor, unless disaster strikes; he'll surely be ready if it does.

Defensive Backs
RB 2. Grayson Fillar, 19, Cazadores Cathair (Audioslavia) | 6 ft 3 in
CB 3. Cylie Nodis, 19, Alnio University of the Arts | 6 ft 1 in
LB 4. Ipati Aimée, 21, Southern Chromatik University | 6 ft 4 in
RB 13. Mickie Everson, 20, Eyrods Tech | 6 ft 5 in
CB 14. Klavida Régine, 21, University of the Islands | 5 ft 11 in
LB 15. Emy Kun, 21, Urrheddiao State University | 6 ft 7 in
RB Grayson Fillar, 19 - 1830 Cathair (AUD)
Second oldest by age but third in order of appearance to the national spotlight amongst the Fillar household, Grayson Fillar is a bullheaded, stubborn, physical right back will will outright impose his will on his opponents. Overshadowed by his younger sister, the electric Baillaire, Grayson was the one who actually chose to finish high school in Chromatika before making the move to Cazadores Cathair. Though he says that he's proud of his sister (and he probably is), there is a deeply competitive streak in him that demands that he also make a name for himself atop Chromatika's slew of Fillars. On the pitch, he knows how to use his size to its utmost advantage, almost appearing larger than he is at times. He also understands the importance of momentum and tone, leading to his not being shy to commit a foul if one is needed. He'll be asked to lead this defense.

CB Cylie Nodis, 19 - Alnio University of the Aarts (CMT)
Once on the U-18 squad and now a Meerkat, Cylie Nodis's claim to fame is being perhaps the most offensive center back in Chromatik history. With a nose for the ball on every set piece, some deep crosses and the ability to thread the needle using either foot, it's been stated that she should change to a Defensive Midfielder at times. She's set in her ways, though, and insists she should play at fullback. (Un)fortunately, she's proficient enough that nobody can really force her to do anything otherwise.

LB Ipati Aimée, 21 - Southern Chromatik University (CMT)
The tallest among the starters, Ipati is more of a traditional type who's quite good at clearing away headers, playing man-to-man, you name it. The issue with her is that she's almost too bland. She went unnoticed for so long before a local writer wrote a piece on her playing style about how she didn't lack much but also wasn't quite good at anything. That's fine at this level - Chromatika is quite thin at this position after all. That being said, she's hoping that this tournament will help her reach the next level.

RB Mickie Everson, 20 - Eyrods Tech (CMT)
Would be starting if it wasn't for Grayson Fillar. Everson is very nimble for a right back that can move up and down the field with ease. A clean tackler who knows how to avoid fouls, she does tend to over pursue at times, which can lead to some lowlights. That means that she just needs to figure out the mental side of the game - a perfect place to be while in university.

CB Klavida Régine, 21 - University of the Islands (CMT)
The shortest defender on the roster, Klavida makes up for it with having the busiest feet. Almost like a hound dog at times with how doggedly she pursues anyone that dare cross her, she has been noted to be annoying by her opponents time and time again. Part of the squad that won the CCFA the last time around, Klavida by all means could've been the starter. In the rare instances where Hayashida chooses to change to a 4-4-2 (more on that later), she may come in to help Cylie out.

LB Emy Kun, 21, Urrheddiao State University (CMT)
The tallest of the bunch, Emy's game is that of a stalker, which is a bit odd for a defender. She looks at the incoming traffic, picks out her man, and doesn't her target out of her sight, even if not as dogged in pursuit as Klavida. She can be a bit absent-minded at times, but that doesn't happen too often, thankfully.

RM 5. Martha Baum, 18, Academy of the Jungle | 5 ft 9 in
CM 6. Kaia Larriet-Cortes, 20, La Nueva Avenida (Farfadillis) | 6 ft 5 in - VICE-CAPTAIN
CM 7. Baillaire Fillar, 18, Cazadores Cathair (Audioslavia) | 6 ft 3 in - CAPTAIN
LM 8. Miranda Andersen, 20, Morannon Athletic FC (Tikariot) | 6 ft
RM 16. Valeri Verim, 21, University of Myana | 5 ft 10 in
CM 17. Amélie Ju, 21, Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology | 6 ft 4 in
CM 18. Tyoma Laurette, 21, Urrheddiao State University | 6 ft 2 in
LM 19. Lando Parlisien, 21, Alnio University of the Arts | 6 ft 8 in
RM Martha Baum, 18 - Academy of the Jungle (CMT)
Martha Baum has the entirety of the CCFA on notice to see where she'll go to, if she isn't whisked away abroad beforehand. She may be a bit short, but with precise passing skills and a flair of the dramatic, there's definitely potential there. She does prefer to be under the radar, though, which has been the only stumbling block on a promising early career. If she can get some confidence, though? Her stock would rise almost as fast as someone like Kuznetsov.

CM/DM Kaia Larriet-Cortes, 20 - La Nueva Avednida (FFD)
Third in a line of very capable defensive midfielders behind Enigma Armageddon and Kateryna Zuniga, Kaia Larriet-Cortes grabs the attention due to her last name. Niece to the late Franscesca Larriet-Cortes, Chromatika's first Manager and martyr in the Rainbow Revolution, Kaia is an even-keeled Defensive Midfielder who is best described as a younger, female Enigma Armageddon. Both of them are imposing, both of them lead on the pitch, and both of them know how to contribute offensively when needed. Where Enigma commands attention by physical presence, hers is more subtle, being in all the right places at right times. On this squad, she'll be the visionary.

CM/AM Baillaire Fillar, 18 - 1830 Cathair (AUD)
The flashiest of the Fillars, Baillaire subscribes to the Hermaeus Mora/Haley Hauser school of Attacking Midfielders, or, shoot first and ask questions later. With a creative and dramatic flair that doesn't really exist in other Chromatiks from the past, Baillaire is a playmaker through and through. After an AOCAF where she showed some moxy while filling in for Hauser in an injury, she's the reason why there's talk that Chromatik NT Manager Richard Valens and Assistant Manager Tim Landers might try to come up with a formation to field the combination of Kuznetsov, Hauser, and Baillaire Fillar. For this tournament, though? She's been given a License to Kill and shoot on sight.

LM/LW Miranda Andersen, 20 - Morannon Athletic (TKT)
Miranda Andersen is ambidextrous winger who has all the skills to be a great player but struggles with motivation and the killer instinct to properly take advantage. Her years in Tikariot have helped her a bit, but she's rather happy with deploying deep crosses and being an assist-focused player first. She can also play at winger as needed, which is interesting as Edith Fillar is a Left Winger who can also play at Left Midfield. How Hayashida looks to use that will be telling.

RM Valeri Verim, 21 - University of Myana (CMT)
Valeri Verim is a set piece specialist who loves to bend long shots in toward the net for his teammates to do the rest. In other aspects of his game, he's a bit more bland.

CM Amélie Ju, 21 - Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology (CMT)
The holding midfielder of the bunch who's here to help substitute in when Kaia needs help, Amélie prefers to play with the back four and clear the ball.

CM Tyoma Laurette, 21 - Urrhediao State University (CMT)
A well-rounded midfielder whose favorite thing to do is spin around people and leave them in the dust, the issue is that if they aren't fooled, he's probably done. Needs to work on patience.

LM Lando Parlisien, 21 - Alnio University of the Arts (CMT)
The crossing specialist of the bunch, Parlisien's left-footed bender can be deadly.

RW 9. Li Romane, 21, University of the Islands | 6 ft 7 in
ST 10. Karra Oveni, 18, Colonial Sile (Vilita) | 6 ft 5 in
LW 11. Edith Fillar, 15, Chromatik Central High School | 5 ft 7 in
RW 20. Gerry Hawtorne, 17, Lhor U-18s | 6 ft 2 in
ST 21. Hank Killian, 20, Oslograd Academy (Euran Oceania Territories) | 6 ft 4 in
LW 22. Sandra Jordan, 21, University of the Islands | 6 ft 1 in
RW Li Romane, 21 - University of the Islands (CMT)
A speedster who likes tap-ins and rebounds off of tap-ins, Li likes to be in front of the opposing side's net. She's clever, though, setting up the keeper for failure by probing the same zone over and over again before striking at a different angle and keeping them guessing. With her height, she cuts a figure.

ST Karra Oveni, 18 - Colonial Sile (VIL)
The model Chromatik striker of the new school, that is, the supportive striker, Oveni is someone who doesn't mind getting by on rebounds and letting other positions have a chance at goals. She can take over games by her persistent presence in front of the goal and her ability to work with other playmakers.

LW/LM Edith Fillar, 15 - Chromatik Central High School (CMT)
The youngest of the Fillars, Edith is the next coming of Megan Kelly, or the Chromatik winger who's short but can run circles around would-be defenders and take over the game due to where she is on the pitch. She may not be the quickest off the ball, but she has the relentlessness that has been present on many great Chromatik wingers. With the mindset of a drill sergeant who is definitely the strictest on herself, Edith's career is just beginning.

RW Gerry Hawthorne, 17 - Lhor U-18s (CMT)
A model citizen on and off the pitch whose demeanor is so disarming that he can catch opponents flat-footed. Possesses an assassin's mindset of deciding when the right moment to strike is and then making the most of the opportunity. Gerry does not intend to attend the CCFA after his Lhor U-18s career is over.

ST Hank Killian, 20 - Oslograd Academy (EOT)
Hank Killian plays bigger than he is, often times boxing out defenders on corners to be the one to head the ball in. Hank is not a conventional player, looking to do things over the top - sometimes too strange to amount to be anything, but at least it'll be entertaining.

LW Sandra Jordan, 21 - University of the Islands (CMT)
Another member of the Sailors squad that won the last CCFA, Jordan has become known in Chromatik Collegiate ranks as the winger who knows how to play defense best. She's not afraid of dropping back even if it means having to run more to catch up to the action, she's not afraid of fighting the opposing side's strikers for the ball, and she has the smarts to know when she has to turn around and jet back the other way.
Usual Starting Lineup:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Lineup: No. I will be listing the starting lineup for each match at the end of each RP. You can choose my subs, though.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 max.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 2 max. Please TG me.
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Delaclava » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:46 pm


Trigram: DEL | Nickname: Phoenixes or Ashlings | Style Modifier: +5

RP permissions: Yes, but be respectful and TG/DM if you're not sure or have ideas.

Manager: Edward Ekdal, 45, Steckholl United - Ekdal has consistently led the storied program of Steckholl United to top-3 and top-4 finishes in the United Football League, and gets his first test taking the helm of a Delaclav national squad. He's a calm yet focused presence who expects his players to put forth their best effort but also trusts them to take charge of the tactics in game situations and execute properly.


#1 GK Reginald Spencer - 20, 6-2, 160 - Ossiana FC: Spencer was a young man on a lovable old guys' team, and he didn't get a lot of fanfare of his own with all the other keepers to celebrate, but Spencer was sturdy and reliable as they come, and gets his own chance to shine here. Spencer takes a balanced, calculated approach to his game with few risks, and always seems to be in the right place at the right time - the question is how he'll adapt to the increased speed and skill of higher-level competition.

#16 GK Gahiji Nader - 21, 6-3, 175 - Parakeet FC: A longer and rangier athlete with a more flamboyant and fun style, Nader loves the cameras as much as he loves keeping balls out of the net. A solid performer if you can just get him to focus.

#21 GK Robert Alexander - 19, 6-0, 150 - Manchester: Hard-headed, fiery and aggressive, Alexander isn't afraid to mix it up in the air. He's happy to eat an elbow and throw one of his own to make a goal-saving play.


#2 CB Rahmonberdi Zhusupov - 21, 5-11, 145 - Ming (CMT): A particuarly aggressive center back who isn't afraid to push forward and meet the ball to take changes. He can often get away with it with his speed, but needs to develop more discipline. He looks to take his game to the next level in Chromatika and hopes a strong showing in Valanora will get him started on the right foot.

#4 LB Aleksandr Berezovskij - 20, 6-1, 170 - AC Espene: Berezovskij takes confidence as a UFL champion and as a defender who has been able to compensate for his team's offensive aggression when necessary. A sensible stay-at-home midfielder who pushes the action forward with the ball rather than joining in himself.

#6 RB Wen West - 20, 5-8, 135 - FC Novonaya (KSK): Formerly groomed to be the next right back of the national team, West has somewhat stagnated at South Harbor. The confidence is shot, but the physical speed and toughness is still there, and West figures to work himself back into the NT conversation if he can reboot his development. He's getting a fresh start in Kelssek, and now gets a starting spot on the U21 team to do with what he can.

#17 CB Isaac Baker - 21, 6-2, 185 - North Granby (CDG): A key member of a Sindsyge FC defense, Baker possesses height and strength, but is relatively cautious with his physicality. He can at times be overly tentative, but makes few costly mistakes or fouls and therefore has a high success rate when takes a chance to tackle.

#18 RB Sahar Langah - 21, 6-1, 155 - Holhot City (PFA): The 6-foot-1 rangy right back has worked his way to potentially being the future right back of the national team, a position at which he has plenty of good mentors. He likes to attack up the side and covers ground well, but his tackling tends to be a tad careless.

#23 LB Vladimir Tuhačevskij - 20, 6-1, 160 - Manchester Wolves: A hard-nosed bully of a defender who will be useful in locking down leads late in the game, or to shut down and annoy any particularly troublesome offensive talent.


#3 RM Jamarion Colon - 19, 5-7, 130 - Parakeet FC: Colon brings a colorful and enthusiastic personality to his game, and is active throughout the midfield in intercepting passes and takeaways to start counterattacks. It's a slightly risk-averse strategy that paid off in dividends for a Parakeet FC team that was tied for second in scoring defense. Short and slight, but lightning quick with enduring cardio.

#5 RDM Sanson Eisen - 19, 5-8, 130 - Waldster FC (FVA): Eisen benefited early in his career with the responsibility of keeping an under-talented team afloat, and earned his DPOY award while with First City, before joining Ossiana FC and leading them to a seventh-place finish. He is strongest through the middle of the field, both on the offensive and defensive ends, and rounds out a wing-heavy attack in Delaclav football.

#7 LDM Tibor Holič - 21, 6-1, 155 - Catherina FC: Holič is hard-working, versatile, and incredibly coachable, having transitioned to a center back role with Catherina FC in a time of need. He returns to a more familiar midfield position here and will look forward to being cut loose a bit more, but he can be depended on to attack sensibly and defend with an eye on the other end.

#8 LM Christian McGee - 21, 5-6, 130 - Athens: McGee was the diminutive workhorse of an Athens team who was widely expected to finish dead last, but instead fought to a 14th place finish out of 20. He's tough and scrappy, and a versatile two-way threat - and now he's looking to join a higher-level team to develop his game further. While he'll likely be staying home in Delaclava, this tournament is a good audition for a top team like Catherina FC or AC Espene.

#10 CM Drystan Tudor - 19, 6-1, 160 - Steckholl United: Tall, strong, rangy, fast, with smooth ball skills, distribution, and scoring ability - Tudor is perhaps the most complete player of all of Delaclava's young talent. He won't be headed abroad next season but looks forward to becoming the young face of the UFL. He's confident, embraces leadership opportunities and new challenges, and captains this U21 team who will hopefully have more success than the U18 squad he just left.

#12 CM Johan Bussler - 20, 6-0, 160 - Catherina FC: A strong and experienced center midfielder, who finds himself perhaps a bit unlucky to back up a star like Tudor - but he'll be ready to go in his own right when the situation calls. Bussler is somewhat more physically aggressive and attack-minded and could be inserted as a second center midfielder if the situation demands it.

#13 LM Mikota Sundečić - 19, 5-10, 155 - Manchester: Already a reliable depth player at left midfield who is considered an heir apparent to the position when his time comes. For now, he's hungry to keep improving while supporting his teammates. When his number is called, he's a typical Delaclav midfielder who attacks down the wing with ease, although he is somewhat less likely to attack the box himself.

#14 LDM Milan Andreasen - 20, 6-3, 170 - Valhalla Vikings: A defensive stalwart of the notoriously conservative Vikings, Andreasen embraces the less glamorous, less scoresheet-filling position. The tallest member of this team, he takes away a team's ability to attack the middle and the box through the air.

#15 RM Aleksandr Temirkanov - 21, 5-7, 135 - Kyethas Rivermen FC (TKT): A ferocious attacker on the right wing, Temirkanov will often take the ball to the net himself if he sees the right opportunity (or, to be honest, even if he doesn't) and likes to take risks and try to recover on defense later. His endurance is improving, but given his breakneck aggression, the last 15 minutes or so are still a challenge.

#19 RDM Tristan Chicoine - 20, 5-8, 145 - Cleopatrana SC: Chicoine made an immediate impact in his rookie year, as a brilliant and tenacious defensive midfielder who helped the Pharaohs continue their strong form with a second-place finish and a Cup victory. He is defensively oriented but appropriately opportunistic and has the field sense to take good offensive chances when he seems them.


#9 LW Odhrán O'Glissane - 20, 5-6, 135 - Port Tacassam FC (TKT): O'Glissane is just 5-foot-6 and slight and so can be pushed around easily, but he's a magician with the ball and in finding space to work. His early development has not entirely panned out as hoped, but his selection to start for the Ashlings is a reminder that he still has plenty of time to go.

#11 RW Sergej Gregorèiè - 20, 5-6, 140 - AC Espene: Gregorèiè benefited from the collaboration from a whole host of impressive youngster teammates as they won a league title with AC Espene. Next season, Gregorèiè will embrace the opportunity to step out of the shadows of Amaury Racette, Kent Lindblad, and Emil Mišalko, and will take this first opportunity to show what he can do.

#20 RW Dominik Tesár - 20, 5-6, 135 - Athens: A short yet deadly fast player who helped Athens defy last-place expectations with a 40-goal season, earning some votes for the Best XI and redeeming himself after a sophomore slump.

#22 LW Senen Woolf - 21, 5-7, 140 - Jasmine Island Peacocks: The giant of the Delaclav strikers isn't likely to see much action after a nightmare of a season with last-place Jasmine Island Peacocks, but the team survived the relegation playoff and perhaps Woolf will have mentally recovered as a result.

Formation: 3-5-2
Free Kicks: Tudor to score, McGee for placement to header/volley, Eisen from longer range
Corners: McGee or Colon
Penalties: Tudor, O'Glissane, Holič, Eisen (first one still in the game)


Note: The graphic is slightly outdated, and should switch McGee and Holič.
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DBC50 Preview : Vilita & Turori Players & Coach

Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:57 pm


Turmondale Grounds, Raynor City, Valanora :: Less than half of the Vilita & Turori roster for the 50th Di Bradini Cup have any prior experience in internationstatal competition with two players - 21 year old Clarana Refiami of Spartangrad in Eura and 21 year old Naraiza Ruaplal of Broadview AFC in Baker Park accounting for over half of the all-time matchday appearances among players on Vilita & Turori's Di Bradini Cup Roster. There are a number of players set to make their internationstatal debut for Vilita & Turori in the Di Bradini Cup including the twins Treasvo Tlikara and Kunaro Tlikara. The duo are rated as the most promising prospects to come out of the oft-overlooked Obaobai Academy in a generation and their call up to the Under-21 roster has already resulted in inquiries regarding the players availability during the 31st Transfer Window. While Kunaro Tlikara is generally regarded as the more skilled prospect, the Academy has no intention of splitting the siblings up and is only considering offers as a package deal for the duo.

A further four players made their debut for Vilita & Turori during the recently contested AOCAF Cup in Siovanija & Teusland including three defenders - Kamarella Dzzara, Bvalis Amaanara and Narri Sebapilo and one midfielder, Imauka Lkomorak of KT Moreazerua in Audioslavia.

Vilita and Turori got off to a strong start during AOCAF 63 with back to back four-star performances in victories over Gyatso-kai and the Xannerian Sunbelt Islands. Against Gyatso-kai the match winner was scored by 25 year old Lohani Riiyaaw but Naraiza Ruaplal was also on the scoresheet with the Baker Park based midfielder building up their potential candidacy or the captaincy of the Under-21 World Cup Roster. With Vilita & Turori set to square off against Baker Park in Group C of the Di Bradini Cup, it is also likely that Ruaplal's first hand experience playing within the league system in Baker Park could provided an added familiarity with the opposition the Vilita & Turori side will face.

Against the Xannerian Sunbelt Islands it was a similar story with Vilita & Turori once again finding a way to put four goals past their opponents. Two of the Eel-Cat Things Di-Bradini Cup participants would find their way onto the scoresheet in that match with Khrusan Mlianko opening the scoring for Vilita and Turori in the 18th minute while another Euran based player, Clarana Refiami, would net the game winner for their 5th career goal for the Eel-Cat Things.

 Vilita & Turori 4 - 1 Gyatso-kai	
Goals: :: 21' Lati'ala Giaoka:: 67' Lohani Riiyaaw:: 78' Naraiza Ruaplal:: 82' Tulaki Rauogba
Team: Striitca Virahat, Lohani Riiyaaw, Inteali Koranjo (Inbekira Ajhabekk 45'), Rojara Tiones, Imauka Lkomorak, Naraiza Ruaplal, Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, Tulaki Rauogba, Lati'ala Giaoka, Clarana Refiami (Turakia Diijelhma 70'), Kala'a Yuliizala (Enzoril Alabonni 76')

 Vilita & Turori 4 - 2 Xannerian Sunbelt Islands	
Goals: :: 18' Khrusan Mlianko:: 20' Enzoril Alabonni:: 32' Clarana Refiami:: 63' Enzoril Alabonni
Team: Derizi Amatopa, Kamarela Dzzara, Rojara Tiones, Lohani Riiyaaw, Khrusan Mlianko, Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, Lentali Purama (Lati'ala Giaoka 26'), Tulaki Rauogba, Trezisi Rokopolis (Kala'a Yuliizala 67'), Clarana Refiami (Nua'oma Aikiki 75'), Enzoril Alabonni

Having fired home eight goals in the opening two matches it seemed as if Vilita & Turori would be on cruise control heading into the knockout rounds but the Eel-Cat Things lost all their momentum in the second half of the group stage which included an off-day immediately preceeding the knockout rounds. The Hot Start for Vilita & Turori was replaced by an icy cool finish that saw the Eel-Cat Things post just a single goal over their final three matches including a 0-1 knockout round defeat at the hands of Valanora.

A very young Vilita & Turori side suffered a narrow 0-1 defeat to Ko-oren on Matchday 3 in a game that could set the bar of performance for the Vilita & Turori appearance in the 50th Di Bradini Cup. 7 of the 11 players on the pitch for the AOCAF match against Ko-oren will be on the Vilita & Turori Roster for the Under-21 World Cup including Turorian goalkeeper Derizi Amatopa.

With 3 starts in the five matches played by Vilita & Turori during AOCAF 63, Amatopa conceded four goals and suffered two defeats but was put against arguably the most difficult in opposition including Ko-oren and Valanora. The match against the Marauders in particular was a valuable experience for the Revolutionaries netminder gaining critical experience in important matches while earning the trust of the Vilita & Turori coaching staff. The knockout round defeat to Valanora would also mark the debut for another promising Under-21 player for Vilita & Turori, Makosile United defender Narri Sebapilo.

 Vilita & Turori 0 - 1 Ko-oren	
Team: Derizi Amatopa, Amakli Inuro'o, Inteali Koranjo, Kamarela Dzzara, Imauka Lkomorak (Khrusan Mlianko 66'), Trezisi Rokopolis, Naraiza Ruaplal (Lentali Purama 45'), Tulaki Rauogba, Cuoabaza Orani’aoa (Turakia Diijelhma 77'), Clarana Refiami, Kala'a Yuliizala

 Vilita & Turori 1 - 0 OT Sylestone	
Goals: :: 62' Kala'a Yuliizala
Team: Timaala Hualtia, Inteali Koranjo, Kamarela Dzzara, Amakli Inuro'o (Mbdiai Akarenaa 38'), Khrusan Mlianko, Naraiza Ruaplal, Lentali Purama (Tulaki Rauogba 71'), Imauka Lkomorak, Cuoabaza Orani’aoa (Turakia Diijelhma 77'), Kala'a Yuliizala, Nua'oma Aikiki

 Vilita & Turori 0 - 1 Valanora	
Team: Derizi Amatopa, Inteali Koranjo, Narri Sebapilo, Amakli Inuro'o, Lentali Purama, Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, Tulaki Rauogba, Trezisi Rokopolis, Lati'ala Giaoka, Clarana Refiami, Kala'a Yuliizala

The Vilita and Turori Under-21 Squad for the 50th Di Bradini Cup will be coached by former Vilitan National Team midfielder Purapal Eskiiy as the federation look to rekindle the magic that Eskiiy had with the team during the 45th Di Bradini Cup, a competition which Vilita & Turori appeared to be on cruise control until an upset defeat in the Final when Cosumar prevailed 2-1 in Extra Time leaving the Eel-Cat Things to settle for Runner-Up. Eskiiy will arguably have their work cut out for them with a slightly less experienced squad this time around but there should still be enough star power and raw talent that the Former Eastal Lunar midfielder can mold and shape into a championship caliber squad by the end of the competition.

HEAD COACH: Purapal Eskiiy
Eskiiy was lauded as an up and coming youngster who could trace a lineage back through Lake Bekk and Starblaydia and as a trainee was a member of the Vilita & Turori regional squad that won the AOCAF 42 Championship. The young Eskiiy then broke into the Vilitan lineup during World Cup 68 and started in the World Cup Final, scoring the goal that changed the momentum of the game in the Jungle Cats favor. Having reached what many would consider the pinnacle of their career in just their first season, Eskiiy would go on to have an uncommonly long career with the National Team. The midfielder would earn their Second World Cup Title during World Cup 77, their last as a regular starter for the Vilitan National Team. Eskiiy would remain with the National Team through their waning years as a veteran influence. Eskiiy's final start for the Vilitan National Team would be during the World Cup 81 Finals in the 2-3 defeat against Cassadaigua. It would be the only match the Jungle Cats would lose that campaign, however, making Eskiiy the first Vilitan player to have been on 3 World Cup winning squads. Eskiiy was an unused reserve player during the World Cup 82 cycle where they worked as an assistant to the staff. After officially hanging up the boots following World Cup 82, Purapal Eskiiy was named Assistant to Nili Ylimaiina for the Vilita and Turori Eel-Cat Things roster and in that role, Eskiiy was responsible for young player development including the Vilita & Turori Under-21 Squad. Eskiiy led the Vilita & Turori Under-21 squad to a runner-up performance during the 45th Di-Bradini Cup but shakeups in the up-and down Coaching staffs throughout the association temporarily disrupted prioritization among assignments. Eskiiy never relinquished their role as head of player development, however, and now returns behind the bench in an effort to lead their team through to finish the job they started prior to defeat by Cosumar during Di Bradini Cup 45.


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Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park


The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 128 full member clubs, 304 associate member clubs and approximately 23,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,200 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Style Mod--+2.1

Manager—Liam Sullivan
Assistant—Chris LaRue
Coaches—Fredrica Baptiste, Peter Harris
Physio—Chris White

1 Beth Rossi 20 Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC
21 Shelly Duffy 19 Meadowdale Ladies FC
24 Geoff Cotterill 19 University of Coolville
3 Dean Slater 21 University of Baker Park
2 Antoine Jones 20 University of St Leon
4 Joe Finnegan 20 Asbury Park FC
5 Heidi Jorgensen # 21 Osheana State University
19 Danny Todd 19 Jamestown City FC
15 Stacy Milner 20 St Warren State Univ.
17 Magda Kucera 19 Endborough College
14 Lucie Shanahan 21 University of Ezriquay
7 Carly Logan 21 Endborough College
11 Olivia Ryan 21 University of St Leon
8 Park Jae-sung 20 University of Baker Park
18 Edward Ogwumike 19 Hillsborough FC
6 Paul Vetter # 21 Ezra State University
16 Shonte Logan 19 University of Southern Baker Park
20 Grace Douglas 19 Westwood Sprites Ladies FC

10 Ben Moorman 21 University of Osheana
9 Shelby Engels 21 Northern Baker Park State Univ.
13 Fatima Khan 19 University of Belle Haven
22 Phan My Kieu 20 Linden Ladies FC
12 Peter Obulundi 20 Newmarket Saxons FC
23 David Coleman 19 St Warren City FC

# Co-Captains


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y duration of match only
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y TG in advance, pls
Godmod other events: Ask me
AOCAF LXII Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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U-21 National Football Team of Zeta Reka and Hügeltaldom
Fudbalska reprezentacija Zeta Reka i Hugeltaldom do 20 godina, Rekadom-hügeltaldom Fussballnationalmannschaft (U-21-Männer)
Di Bradini Cup 50
Overview and special informaion

01: Wlad Dušanić — 20 — 183.5cm — Ogroven Omladina/Vanguardi Jrs
12: Dalibor Iwanowić — 21 — 204.5cm — Ogroven Sportlich
23: Torsten Aljanfuhs — 20 — 199cm — AK Stanimir Jrs

04: Nikola Djordjewić (cpt.) — left — 21 — 180cm — DD Porto Nowi
02: Anubis Zlatkowić — center — 21 — 180cm — Bergsteiger FK
03: Yousef Iwanić — center — 18 — 196.25cm — DD Porto Nowi
05: Weljko Bartowić — right — 19 — 177cm — Port Rhovanyon AFC (Tikariot)

16: Jan Mayer — versatile — 20 — 176.25cm — DD Porto Nowi
13: Nikola Icowić — left — 21 — 180cm — VZRH Matov-Uri
14: Andrej Jehu — center — 20 — 185cm — Southern Hampton City (Ethane)
15: Zoran Tomić — right/center — 20 — 199cm — Aleiusia Riverside

06: Lazar Macek-Leibberman — defensive/holding — 20 — 175cm — Aleiusia Capital
10: Marko Opština — central — 20 — 183cm — Sanford Der Berg PREMIER FK
07: K.A. Stewanowić — central/attacking — 21 — 177.25cm — Winnipeg United (Quebec)

17: Marko Desimirić — defensive/holding — 19 — 177cm — Aleiusia Capital Jrs
18: Joshua Häberlin — central — 21 — 172cm — Ogroven Vanguardi FK
19: Aleksander-Tal Mirowić — central/attacking midfield & left forward — 21 — 183cm — Sanford Der Berg PREMIER FK

08: Konstantina Popowić — left — 19 — 148.66cm — Newmarket Ladies SC (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
09: Tagaginow Djordjić — center — 21 — 179.25cm — DD Porto Nowi
11: Marko Zurkowić — right/center — 21 — 172.75cm — Aleiusia Capital 2

21: Thorben Aleksander — left — 21 — 182cm — AK Stanimir
22: Iwan Bartsch — right/center — 20 — 172.33cm — Žitarice Union
20: Boris Krakan — center — 19 — 173cm — Kven FK

Head Coach: Joko Petarić — 43
Assistant Coach: Filip Dušanić — 38
Goalkeeping Coach: Janko Kovačević — 44

Formation and Tactics

Standard Starting XI
Dušanić — Djordjewić, Zlatkowić, Iwanić, Bartowić — Opština, Macek-Leibberman, Stewanowić — Popowić, Djordjić, Zurkowić

On Ball
  • Pass short and keep possession
  • Play out of the back by distributing to the center backs
  • Work upwards to not waste time
  • Overlaps and crosses welcome
  • Work the ball into the box and shoot close
  • Counter attack the other kids
  • Overcrowd the box during set pieces
Off Ball
  • Rough up the little starlets
  • Counter press
  • Defend with a high line ("The Keeper is a street sweeper")
  • Encourage distribution mistakes
  • Use offside traps


The preexisting partnership between the Federal Football Federation and domestically headquartered sportswear manufacturer Čast did not stipulate an under 21 kit, so the creation of another set of wears was unnecessary. The same football kits used in he 87th World Cup by the senior side were re-ordered for the 50th Di Bradini Cup.

Style: +1
If my opponent RPs first they may...
Choose goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Card my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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