Independent Associations Championship 12 [IC]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Independent Associations Championship 12 [IC]

Postby Almuzahara » Sat Mar 20, 2021 9:47 pm

Welcome to Muralos and Almuzahara for the twelfth edition of the Independent Associations Championship! Forty-eight teams will come to Muralos and Almuzahara and be drawn into eight groups of six. The top two teams from each group, after a single round-robin, will advance to a single-elimination knockout round to determine the IAC12 champion.
Signups ThreadDiscussion ThreadHost BidIAC11Guide to NSS Roleplaying

Anyone confirmed as participating in IAC12 may begin to participate on this thread. However, please keep strictly OOC communications to the signups and discussion threads; repeated OOC posting on this thread may result in penalties to RP bonus. The best way to get started is to post your team’s roster, which will consist of at least eleven players that will be representing your country, but may also include IC information about your country, your team’s playstyle, the strengths and weaknesses of your players, and more.

Please also include a list of RP Permissions in your roster, so that your fellow participants will know what they can write about your team. A basic list of RP Permissions is below, although this can be added to.

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Additionally, the following RP Permissions apply to the hosts: no RPing any pandemic or effects of a pandemic on our nations, and no RPing terrorism, stadium collapses, or other tragedies in our nations. Failure to follow these permissions may affect your RP bonus.

1. Drawkland
2. Poafmersia
3. Space
4. Omerica
5. Squornshelan Remnant States
6. Squornshelous (SRS)
7. HUElavia
8. Reçueçn
9. Almuzahara
10. Tequilo
11. Indusse
12. Treekidistan (Indusse)
13. Silver Beach
14. Abanhfleft
15. Quintessence of Dust
16. Montaña Verde (QoD)
17. TJUN-ia
18. New Lusitania and the Algarves
19. Garbelia
20. Juvencus
21. Squidroidia
22. Kriegiersien
23. Hebitaka
24. Ginadjkrum
25. Kohnhead
26. Central Shaneville
27. Adab
28. Oscioru (Juvencus)
29. Lorrana
30. Trolleborg
31. United States of Devonta
32. Britland Isles
33. Sannyamathland
34. Fujai
35. Hot Skitty on Wailord Action (Omerica)
36. Grey County
37. United Pink States
38. Britonisea
39. Muralos
40. Galimencia
41. North Alezia
42. Sajnur
43. Al Wadiya (Sannyamathland)
44. Srednjaci
45. Murphtannia
46. Picksall Islands
47. Gadhavi
48. Bunkaiia

Pot 1
Muralos (5.778, hosts)
Almuzahara (4.444, hosts)
Poafmersia (18.147)
HUElavia (15.46)
New Lusitania and the Algarves (14.908)
Tequilo (12.5)
Squidroidia (11.417)
Drawkland (8.266)
Pot 2
Trolleborg (7.901)
TJUN-ia (7.393)
Reçueçn (7.164)
Squornshelous (6.82)
Omerica (5.907)
Kohnhead (5.611)
Space (5.373)
Squornshelan Remnant States (4.596)
Pot 3
Abanhfleft (4.27)
Juvencus (4.203)
Hebitaka (4)
Silver Beach (3.953)
Devonta (3.716)
Indusse (3.366)
Sajnur (3.226)
Quintessence of Dust (2.667)
Pot 4
Central Shaneville (2.667)
Murphtannia (2.255)
Treekidistan (2.203)
Kriegiersien (1.857)
Fujai (1.821)
Sannyamathland (1.778)
Lorrana (1.437)
Ginadjkrum (1.333)
Pot 5
Garbelia (1.041)
Hot Skitty on Wailord Action (0.75)
United Pink States (0.667)
North Alezia (0.387)
Bunkaiia (0.38)
Montaña Verde (0)
Adab (0)
Oscioru (0)
Pot 6
Britland Isles (0)
Grey County (0)
Britonisea (0)
Galimencia (0)
Al Wadiya (0)
Srednjaci (0)
Picksall Islands (0)
Gadhavi (0)



Cutoffs will be at 15:00-16:00 Hawaiian Time (01:00 - 02:00 UTC) for those in Groups A-D and 22:00-23:00 Mountain Time (04:00 - 05:00 UTC) for those in Groups E-H. Groups A-D will IC-ly be held in Almuzahara and OOC-ly scored by Muralos, while E-H will be held in Muralos and scored by Almuzahara

Group Stage
Group Draw: March 21
MD1 (1v6, 2v5, 3v4): March 25
MD2 (5v1, 4v6, 3v2): March 27
MD3 (1v4, 5v3, 6v2): March 29
MD4 (3v1, 2v4, 6v5): March 31
MD5 (1v2, 3v6, 4v5): April 2
Knockout Stage
Ro16: April 4
Quarterfinals: April 6
Semifinals: April 8
3PPO: April 9
Final: April 10

The Ro16 matches will be contested as follows: A1 v B2, C1 v D2, B1 v A2, D1 v C2 (in Almuzahara, scored by Muralos); E1 v F2, G1 v H2, F1 v E2, H1 v G2 (in Muralos, scored by Almuzahara).
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Postby Muralos » Sat Mar 20, 2021 9:47 pm

Muralos (Esperanto: La Unuiĝintaj Insuloj de Muralos) is a cosmopolitan collection of islands located in the corner of the Far East. Despite having been the center of many geopolitical struggles between China, Russia, and Japan-- motivated by its wealth of resources and because of historic territorial claims-- the country enjoys relative stability today. Despite being rather industrialized and urbanized, there is still much that has remained untouched on this island, and there is a certain beauty even to the cities themselves.

(Orange indicates land under Muralosian control.)

Note: A number of groups are arguing against the renaming of many cities from their former Russian names into their current, rather prosaic names in Esperanto. This guide to Muralos does not assume any stance on this issue; it only lists the names of cities as they are officially known within the nation and abroad, as well as their former names (for reference).

Muralos is divided into two main provinces: Sahaleno and Kurilo. All but one of the cities listed below, however, are located on the large, most populated island province of Sahaleno.

Urbego (formerly known as Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and before that, Toyohara)- the capital and largest city of Muralos (lit. "big city" in Esperanto)
Havenurbo (formerly Korsakov)- the southern seaport connecting Muralos with the island of Hokkaido in Japan (lit. "seaport" in Esperanto)
Novikovo - another seaport in the south of Muralos
Saĥalena-Urbeto (formerly Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky)- the town where the noted writer Anton Chekhov stayed (lit. "Sakhalin Town" in Esperanto)
Chekhov- a nearby town named after Chekhov.
Tomari - A beach city on the west of Muralos. Its name comes from an Ainu word translated as "harbor" or "on the bay."
Okcidenta-Havenurbo (formerly Kholmsk)- the western seaport connecting Muralos with Russia
Poronaysk- a city in the northeast of Sahaleno. It is named after the Poronay River, which flows into the city and sustains its organic farming enterprises.
Gastello - a city named after the Soviet pilot and war hero Nikolai Gastello, who fought in World War II against Nazi Germany. It is near Poronaysk and Makarov.
Makarov - a city with a well-established biotech industry. Its location– at once by the Sea of Okhotsk, the Makarov River, and the Western Sakhalin Mountains– makes it a popular base for surfing, rafting, and backpacking.
Oleo (formerly Okha)- the northernmost city and the coldest city on average of Muralos. Oleo (lit. "oil" in Esperanto") is still commonly called "Okha" and will re-assume that name in May 2021. The name "Okha" comes from an Ainu word meaning "bad water."
Kurila-Urbo (formerly Yuzhno-Kurilsk)- a remote city located on Kunashira Insulo, a tiny, but populated island of the Kurilo province. For those adventurous travelers who make it there, the weather is invariably rainy or snowy, but the geography and scenery are infinitely rewarding.

(Sunset at Kurilo)

The first listed stadium will host the first listed match of each MD, the second listed stadium will host the second listed match, and the third stadium will host the third match. Travel time is capped at 5 minutes by Hyperloop (a form of high-speed maglev transport) and 15 minutes by railway.

GROUP E (South Region)
- Komcatt Arena Urbego (38,838), Urbego Zemlinsky National Stadium (35,829), and Dynamo Stadium Nord-Urbo (22,039).
- These stadia are connected by Hyperloop and light rail.

GROUP F (South Coast Region)
- City Stadium of Havenurbo (20,728), Ĉemara Arena of Havenurbo (22,000), and Novikovo Stadium (28,000)
- These stadia are connected by Hyperloop and high-speed rail.

GROUP G (West Region)
- Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky Arena (21,484), Tomari Stadium (18,500) and Spartak Stadium Okcidenta-Havenurbo (27,800)
- These stadia are connected by Hyperloop and high-speed rail.

GROUP H (Northeast Region)
- City Stadium of Poronaysk (23,000), Gastello Giants Indoor Park (18,000) and Dynamo Stadium Makarov (29,970)
- These stadia are connected by high-speed rail.

Prior to the settlement of Russian, Japanese, etc., present-day Muralos was inhabited by a number of indigenous tribes, most notably the Ainu and Nivkh.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the island (then called Sakhalin) was fought over in back-and-forth fashion by Russia and Japan, who governed the territory's southern portion. Chinese settlements had also been established on the island, and the land was indeed ceded from Imperial China to Russia in the early days of China's formation; however, due to mounting internal issues, China did not make any concerted attempts to conquer the island after its cession, and has not ever since.
(A guard stands at the border between Russian and Japanese Sakhalin.)

In 1945, the Soviet Union gained complete control over Sakhalin, designating it as an oblast of Russia; however, it backed down two decades later due to widespread lack of support for its administration, particularly the government's treatment of the oblast as a "lesser territory." A brief, but bloody Muralosian Civil War also discouraged outside powers from intervening in the island. The residents of the island collectively decided to form the country now known as Muralos-- the name is a corruption of the Esperanto word for "walls." The new nation was recognized by the World Assembly in 1963. (N.B. Despite having been ejected from the WA in 2014, Muralos retains rather great international respect.)

Note: The Muralosian currency, the stelo, is worth approximately 0.26 US dollars. When inverted, 1 US dollar is equal to about 3.8 steloj ["STE-loy"].
(Muralosian steloj from 1959)

The presence of the various groups on the island and the delicate issue of handling the divisions between them was of top concern to the newly established government after independence. In the early 1950s, it was voted to adopt Esperanto as the official language of the country. So as a result, Esperanto is the predominant language. While it is certainly not taken very seriously anywhere else in the world-- at least, not on a national level-- within this country the people have certainly achieved Zamenhof's ideal of uniting people of different cultures.
However, English is taught widely, and Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian are all heard around the island. Muralos' powerhouse education system dictates that citizens learn a foreign language outside of Esperanto and their "ancestral" tongues.

Get in:

It is fairly easy to travel to Muralos. Citizens of countries who are members of the Asian Archipelago are able to travel to Muralos with no visa restrictions, and so can long-time residents of countries in the IAC. Muralos also maintains friendly relations with most Western and Asian countries, as well as countries in embassy regions of the Asian Archipelago.

By plane- This is the best bet. There is little reason to travel in any other way. Muralos' "Presidential International Airport" in Urbego (formerly "Capital International Airport," but renamed to avoid confusion with the airport in Beijing) is one of the busiest, with nonstop flights from almost every major airport imaginable. (Most flights with one or more stops make landings in Tokyo or in Vladivostok.)

By boat- Travel by boat is not especially practical unless you are some kind of hardcore enthusiast or are travelling as part of a comprehensive tour. You will most likely also need proficiency in Russian or Japanese.

Ferry services from Wakkanai, Hokkaido in Japan to Havenurbo are fairly organized, though; they run daily. So do services from Vanino in Russia (accessible by rail from Vladivostok) to Okcidenta-Havenurbo.

(Eins Soya, the ferry running from Japan to Muralos)

(Presidential International Airport)

Get around:
Muralos has well maintained roads, even out of the major cities, as well as public transport.

By car:
(A stretch of the Muralosian K1 road)
Rental car services are available at almost all major airports in the country. Driving is not hard: traffic is not often congested, roads and lanes are exceptionally wide, and drivers are rarely aggressive. Cities use the grid system whenever they can, which makes places incredibly easy to find.

- K1 is the major highway that connects Urbego from Urbo, with its western terminus at Okcidenta-Havenurbo. It is one of the largest and grandest highway projects in Muralos, and arguably the world.
(N.B. the three most major highways are all called "K1," with certain prefixes attached to them to signify their direction.)
- SN-K1 is the major north-south highway which connects Havenurbo to Oleo.
- M-K1 connects Okcidenta-Havenurbo to Oleo, and is fairly scenic on the way, being both a coastal and mountainous route.

By rail:
Muralos is astonishingly well-connected by rail, thanks to the efforts of the Russians and Japanese who had previously occupied the islands. One can travel easily from city to city.

Light rail:
Well-developed subway systems (many are double or even triple-deckers) exist to connect most cities, and stops are built specially to be near tourist attractions. In Urbo, a suburb of Urbego, there is also a monorail that connects even to residential neighborhoods. It deserves checking out in itself.

(The Blue Line of the Urbo Monorail, which is unique for its hanging cars. It follows the course of the Krasnoselsky River, which runs from Urbego to Urbo. The inspiration for the Blue Line came from the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal, Germany, whose cars also follow the path of a river.)

By Hyperloop:
Hyperloop is a fast-growing option in the big cities of Muralos (it first rolled out in Urbego). A distance that would normally take 10 or 20 minutes by car would take merely 30 seconds by Hyperloop. As the method of transportation is still new, though, and some people may not find traveling at such speeds very comfortable, many people are wary of Hyperloop. Still, it is undeniably convenient and while it takes you to other tourist attractions, it serves as a tourist attraction in itself in a way- much like the monorail in Urbo.

A map of Muralos' Hyperloop routes.

(St. Mary's Cathedral, Urbego)
(Yes, there is a notable Gothic-style cathedral in a historically Russian Orthodox city!)

(Whale watching on a tour organized by the Muralosian Maritime Association. Prices for whale watching are 100 steloj for adults and 80 steloj for children, seniors, and members of the Muralosian military.)

(View of Zhdanko Ridge from a helicopter; image courtesy of Zamenhof National Tours. 1000 steloj)

(Esperanto restaurant, Urbego)

In Urbego

La Krokodilo - A cheap, but amazingly clean restaurant that specializes in selling Chinese "steamed buns" (baozi) usually filled with ground meat, vegetables, mushrooms, and even truffles. It has been awarded an "Archipelago Star," which are usually given to much more upscale restaurants. Its takeout lines are just as long as the lines to reserve dining seats. The menus and packaging are especially interesting: one could read them over and over and still find things they've missed. But most importantly, the steamed buns are too savory and delicious to describe. Prices range from 12-30 steloj.

Esperanto - A casual, but pricey diner with cuisine from various nationalities, as its name may suggest. Some goods to try are the shabu-shabu with curry-flavored broth, as well as the "breakfast ramen" – ham and American cheese melted in the traditional Japanese noodles. Prices range from 40-80 steloj.


Granda Muralano - a very well-maintained hotel in the center of Urbego. While its furnishings are quite lavish, an extended stay here will not necessarily break your bank. 800 steloj/night.
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Muralos (inspired by Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands; flag is that of Okha, Sakhalin Oblast)
Founder of the Asian Archipelago
82nd Cup of Harmony - Round of 32
12th Independent Associations Championship - Round of 16, co-hosts with Almuzahara
74th Baptism of Fire Tournament - Round of 16
11th Independent Associations Championship - Eighth-finalists (round of 16)
2nd International Football Cup - Champions
Asian Archipelago Embassy Cup - Quarterfinalists
Asian Archipelago Soccer Cup - Champions

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Postby Almuzahara » Sat Mar 20, 2021 9:48 pm

Welcome to The Holy Republic of Almuzahara!
مرحبا بكم فيجمهورية لمزهرة المقدسة

Almuzahara has a millennium-long history of football dating back to “futbol”, a sacred game played by natives that may or may not have been introduced to the jungle by Juan Tzimisces, and this legacy has become inextricably linked with the nation’s history and culture. Today, since our independence and later liberation in 1956, we have become a haven of Islam, socialism, and football in southwestern Sonnel, and are excited to open our arms to the international community during IAC12. Almuzahara itself is a tropical, pious, democratic socialist nation located in Sonnel, bordered to the west by Sevendia and to the northwest by Juvencus. While relatively small in population, with most of the nation’s twenty-nine million concentrated in the northern coastal regions rather than the interior jungle, the nation boasts a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions, and Almuzahara punches above its weight in regional and international competition.

Fast Facts
Currency: Dirham
Population: 29.2 million
Language: Arabic
Capital: Al-Fayit
Religion: Ibadi Islam
Denonym: Almuzaharan
Climate: ranges from “hot and dry” to “warm and humid”
Trigramme: AMH
Driving Side: Right

Almuzahara was initially settled in the mid-sixteenth century, largely by religious and ethnic minorities expelled from a faraway caliphate. Initially colonial for its first few centuries of existence, ties weakened over time due to political unrest back home, and the collapse of the caliphate saw a wave of refugees that drastically altered the nation’s demographics and geopolitics, something that caused great tension in Almuzahara. After decades of turmoil, a republic that rapidly descended into a military dictatorship was established. More recently, a religious socialist militia led by Said Benhaddou overthrew the government and established an Islamic republic which has held strong to this day. Politically, Almuzahara is known for the combination of socialist economic policies, including a universal basic income, and adherence to Islamic traditionalist views.

The country is majority Ibadi, with other sects of Islam and Sufi mysticism also enjoying relative freedom of religion, and Arabic-speaking, although some regions do emphasize their Iberian ethnic roots stronger than others. While the government is strongly religious and socially conservative, they subscribe to a relatively moderate belief system; for instance, while LGBTQ+ rights are virtually nonexistent, women have enjoyed greater de jure rights (although not defended particularly zealously, especially in the nation’s interior) compared to previous regimes. This also means that while alcohol will be incredibly difficult to procure or consume publicly, it is not strictly illegal in Almuzahara and customs will likely look the other way if fans or players try to bring their own. Geographically, the hotter, drier coastal plains rapidly give way to the dense, humid forest interior as one moves to the south, although significant deforestation since the initial settlement has opened up significant amounts of space for agriculture.

Recent investment projects to prepare for the IAC have resulted in surprisingly strong infrastructure and public transportation in the four host cities, all of which boast state-of-the-art subway lines and airports (although international flights outside of Al-Fayit will require a connection in Al-Fayit’s Said Benhaddou International Airport). However, suspicion of foreigners is high outside of the capital of Al-Fayit, and visitors will need to be careful to avoid being scammed, shortchanged, or generally judged as they explore Almuzahara.

Each of the four groups Almuzahara is hosting will be hosted in a major city, which will provide two stadia and host teams in the group, and a nearby minor city, which will provide one stadium, in order to host all matches in a group simultaneously. During the group stage, travel between cities will be capped at 30 miles. Below, information about each host city is listed in the form

Group: MAJOR CITY / minor city
Stadia: major 1, major 2, minor 1

The first listed stadium will host the first listed match of each MD, the second listed stadium will host the second listed match, and the third stadium will host the third match.

Group A: AL-FAYIT / Althuwar
Stadia: Stadium of the Vanguard (cap. 40,000), Said Benhaddou National Arena (cap. 33,000), Stadium of the Revival (cap. 32,500)
Description: The political and economic center of the Holy Republic of Almuzahara, Al-Fayit is a shining beacon of modernity in an otherwise still-developing nation. As one might expect, its football teams and infrastructure are world-class as a result, with Al-Fayit and Al-Watanin using expensive new signings to take home seven of the last eight league titles in shiny new stadiums. Despite all this spending, Al-Fayit has remained true to its religious, revolutionary origins, albeit at the cost of rampant ecological devastation in the surrounding area. Visitors to the partially-planned capital will be fascinated by the juxtaposition of a wide array of night markets, elaborate mosques, sprawling commercial districts, and fiercely socialist government areas.

Group B: BINSAKULA / Conceição
Stadia: Hassan Conceição Memorial Field (cap. 31,600), Binsakula Workers’ Stadium (cap. 28,300), Conceição National Sporting Center (cap. 26,000)
Description: Often endearingly referred to as the “Birthplace of the Revolution”, the inland city and former capital of Binsakula is known for the natural beauty of the surrounding rainforests and wetlands, which provide an interesting backdrop for the stark, industrial architecture. Although it’s a bit of a backwater, visiting teams will hope to conquer the nation in the same way how Said Benhaddou’s socialist militia conquered Almuzahara, or how Dinamu Binsakula conquered the Almuzaharan league in 1983 (the only time a Binsakula team has won). Binsakula was referred to as “Almuzahara’s city of the future” in the 1970s before being replaced by Al-Fayit, and the architecture, aesthetics, and ambiance generally reflect this. Visitors will definitely enjoy the revolutionary history museums and various monuments to socialist leaders, which in no way will seem dated or tacky.

Group C: ALFIRA / Kulun
Stadia: Estadio Los Leones (cap. 35,000), Alfira International (cap. 29,000), Kulun Stadium (cap. 25,000)
Description: The cultural and historical center of Almuzahara, Alfira (or Elvira, for Hispanohablante residents) lies just five miles from the first colonial settlement on the coast of Almuzahara, and is also close to the landing site of famed explorer Yahya Leonidas del Toro. As a result of its early-colonial nature, it is the most openly European of the four host cities, something Al-Fayit has recently tried to suppress. This tension manifests in a fierce derby between the city’s two top-flight teams, the more European Léonidas and the openly state-backed Atlas Alfira. Visitors to Alfira can revel in the historic sites and the wide array of cultural communities.

Group D: KURITIBAH / Marrakaybu
Stadia: Moonlight Coliseum (cap. 28,000), Liberation Field (cap. 23,000), Stadium of the Woodlands (cap. 26,000)
Description: Nestled deep in the heart of Almuzahara, Kuritibah is by far the least accessible and most remote of the four host cities. Yet its distant nature has left it largely untouched by the political and religious turmoil of the past, and its colonial-era architecture, Sufi mosques, and lush rainforest preserves make it a popular destination for regional tourists. While not traditionally a footballing powerhouse, teams from this southern region of Almuzahara, such as Alqamar and Kuritibah Athletic Club, are renowned for their fearless, attacking style of play - perhaps something visiting teams can draw inspiration from. Visitors to Kuritibah will be enchanted by the mysticism of the mosques and entranced by the beautifully dense rainforest that surrounds the former logging center - although they’re much more dangerous and deep than those of Binsakula.
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elite ama

Postby Drawkland » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:16 pm


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: none
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age
7 GK Septimus Xander ??
10 LB Elias Keys ??
8 CB Nicholas Kingston ??
16 RB Craig Bakker ??
22 LM Trevor Garnet ??
0 CM Dominic Southers ??
2 RM Richard Hanson ??
17 LF Roger Apollo ??
11 WF Mike Rodney ??
1 RF Jaxon Madison ??
5 CF Ross Hunter ??

  1. It doesn't matter, they're all good at shooting.
  2. Just choose 5 at random.


This is the official roster, featuring the Elite Eleven, an independent squad of Drawkians who have played all sports at a professional level for a confusingly long time. The old Kick Corps has been essentially removed, the players let go, and replaced by this squad of ridiculously skilled, annoyingly arrogant, and possibly immortal sportsmen. Nobody knows where they came from, or why DISC decided to replace the Kick Corps with them, but here they are. Just don't ask the baseball fans about them.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the Eleven are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere. Despite the fact that usually soccer is a female-only sport in Drawkland, the Elite Eleven have overturned that caveat as the higher-ups deemed them a suitable replacement in the interim as the real Kick Corps hides away for a few cycles and gets their shit back together.

WC Sanctioned: 118-43-47
Non-WCC: 56-26-23

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Ko-oren (0-0 AET) (1-3 pen.)
Best Win: Drawkland 5-0 Sharktail
Worst Loss: Farfadillis 6-1 Drawkland
Most Important: Drawkland 2-2 Omerica (2-2 AET) [4-3 PKs]
Best End Result: 1st Place (Independents Cup 6)
Here is a quick list of the tournaments Drawkland has been in, their group stage record and goal differential, and their final result.

Global Cup of Soccer 1: 1-2-0, +2, Third Place loss to Free Republics
Independents Cup 1: 1-0-2, -4, Round of 16 loss to Flardania
Baptism of Fire 64: 1-2-0, +3, Third Placed win over Great Caledonia and North Hybernia
World Cup 77 Qualifying: 11-5-2, +14, Qualified
World Cup 77: 0-1-2, -3, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 2: 2-1-0, +6, Quarterfinal loss to Flardania
World Cup 78 Qualifying: 11-2-3, +16, Qualified
World Cup 78: 1-0-2, -8, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 3: 2-0-1, +3, Round of 16 loss to Kel Assuk
World Cup 79: 1-1-1, -1, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 4: 2-0-1, +2, Final loss to Free Republics
World Cup 80 Qualifying: 11-4-3, +16, Qualified
World Cup 80: 0-2-1, -1, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 5: 3-1-0, +6, Final loss to Mercedini
World Cup 81 Qualifying: 14-1-3, +39, Playoff loss to Saltstead
Independents Cup 6: 2-1-0, +9, Final win over Omerica
World Cup 82 Qualifying: 8-6-4, +7, Did Not Qualify
Cup of Harmony 74: 3-0-0, +8, QF loss to Ko-oren
Independents Cup 7: 3-0-0, +8, Final loss to Omerica
World Cup Qualifiers 83: 5-4-3, +6, Did Not Qualify
Cup of Harmony 75: 3-1-0, +8, Ro16 loss to Port Ember
Independents Cup 8: 4-1-0, +13, 3PPO loss to Squornshelan Remnant States
World Cup Qualifiers 84: 13-4-3, +17, Qualified
World Cup 84: 0-0-3, -5, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup 9: 2-1-0, +3, Ro16 loss to Poafmersia
World Cup Qualifiers 85: 14-3-7, +13, Qualified
World Cup 85: 1-0-2, -2, Group Stage Elimination
Independents Cup X: 3-1-0, +6, QF loss to Tequilo
World Cup 86: 1-2-0, +2, Ro16 loss to Vilita
Independents Cup 11: 2-1-1, Ro16 loss to TJUN-ia
World Cup 87: disgusting garbage

Beautifully Crafted by ediraf.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending. Red cards should be limited to late knockout stages, and I'd probably think that there should be no more than 2 players red carded per tournament.
The Elite Eleven are sorta oddballs. I mean, they're a group of 11 dudebros, but they're supposedly immortal or something. Keep that in mind.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Postby Ginadjkrum » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:28 pm

Ginadjkrum Football Team

Player Roster

08 - Kodiak "k0dAk" Orlov - also serves as player-coach
47 - Valeriy "biAz" Sorokin
52 - Veniamin "Studz Up" Kiselev
01 - Sergei "TopGun" Kuzmin
0 - Thorben "HARSH" Leth
14 - Jorgen "mArgAret" Syverson
7 - Oddvar "S3b3n" Fridell
58 - Arle "xSPOT" Grahn
03 - Joen "Mad0ka" Langerup
13 - Valdemar "Mi1kt3A" Erikson
99 - Stepan "bullet" Alexeev
11 - Vitaliy "viTalz" Zaytsev
43 - Viktor "T4cKL3" Gusev
96 - Duygu "mAjESTiK" Karadere
85 - Emanuel "EmanTzy" Santos
91 - Stig "STICKMAN" Posse
25 - Vilhelm "wagon" Wallin

The above players do not have set positions. Anyone can be at goal, preferably "wagon", "HARSH", or "biAz".
Ginadjkrum are made up of online players, the entire squad are professional e-sport football players so they have some knowledge of the game. Although since they sit on the computer much of the time, they do not play much physically and rely on long balls like what they do in their games. They also play various games in their free time, though they have the tendency of not reacting well to unfavorable calls.

RP Permissions: Anything's fair game except killing.
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Postby Indusse » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:33 pm

IAC 12 Squad

Manager/Coach: Joseph Mouteudi
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18
Fanbase: The Flocking Blues

GK 1 Steve leghourn *
GK 34 Akbar ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala *
DF 13 Mathias Paulson *
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller *
DF 86 George Horsehood
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson *
MD 14 Djetson Hasle*
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 10 Baskar H Kumar (c) *
FD 7 Bechun butea *
FD 11 Antonio Mersias *
FD Kishen Rajpoot
MD 99 Rana Mrityunjai Singh
FD/MD 100 Goblin Grundjee *
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson

* An Asterisk indicates the playing 11.

Image Image Image

The Kits have been designed by the Starblaydi Kitmakers Ediraf, special thanks to the Kitmakers and our sponsors for the support.

My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

• The Indussean National Team is looking for more sponsors to support the team's ventures. Interested candidates can contact me via telegrams or Discord.
• The Indussean National Team is looking for Fitness Coaches and other Coaching Staffs.

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Postby Treekidistan » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:37 pm

Image Treekidistan Football Federation
Independent Association Cup 12

FA Name: Treekidistan Football Federation (TFF)
Sponsors: EcoHerb™: “Make your nation green!”

Goal Keepers (GK)

#1 Melix Henmann
#2 Auphis Trevor
#97 Jaganath Sharma
Defenders (DF)

#4 Henry Stillstone
#5 Koral Neumann
#11 Mahesh Kishanraj
#17 Ahmad Aziz
#19 Joseph Ali Ahmed
#66 Benny Helmut
#88 Mathias Schneider

Mid Fielders (MF)

#9 Shahid Nawaz
#33 Sryne Goorder
#15 Kishore Das
#12 Benjamin Elvis
#100 Kirtidas Vitridas
#26 Ashok Pyarelal
Strikers/Forward (FW)

#7 Kristy Johnson
#50 Henry Dallas
#24 Krishna das Patel
#10 David Henry Gonzales

Blue Colour indicates the Playing Eleven.


Special Thanks to Uni.q Sportswear of Qusmo for creating the Kits for Treekidistan.

My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Sannyamathland » Sun Mar 21, 2021 12:03 am

Team Info
Head Coach: Sergey Kramnik(interim)
Assistant Coach: Nicholas Donsekty
Captain: Vladimir Ivyich(V.I.) Mount
Trigram: USR
Nickname: Lions,White Lions
Sponsors: Magnung Mobiles(principal sponsors),Owayo Sports(kit sponsors) and several others

23 Men Squad for IAC 12
1.David Santos Jr(28),club:Sanderburry City FC Sannyamathland(Vice Captain)
4.Ivan Zinchencko(23),club:Howardsburg Athletic Club Sannyamathland(debutant)
3.Dmitry Karjvodov(29),club:Brownwidth FC Sannyamathland

5.Jeff Chalov(26),club:Hepley United FC Sannyamathland
3.Leon Vladinovich(25),club:East Rowling FC Sannyamathland
2.Savreck Javcherenko(34),club:East Rowling FC Sannyamathland
74.Charles Bloomberg(21),club;Hepley United FCSannyamathland
13.Alexander Ostrovksy(21),club:Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland (debutant)
33.Mikhail Karpov(28),club:Oldcastle United FCSannyamathland
2.Vladimir Ivashkov(33),club:Brownwidth FCSannyamathland

11.Vladimir Savchencko(25),club:Lommardy FC Sannyamathland
23.Stephan Chubukov(28),club:East Rowling FC Sannyamathland
15.Lev Petrosian(30),club:Howardsburg Athletic Club Sannyamathland
19.Ansu Mbiki(24),club:West Rowling Albion Sannyamathland
22.Gary Bronstein(23),club:Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland
13.Joe Leck-Ngidi(19),club:Wilkes Wonderers FC Sannyamathland
17.Danil Cheryshyev(27),club:Greter Grad Sporting Club Sannyamathland

19.V.I.Mount (27),club:Hepley United FC Sannyamathland (captain)
10.Peter Philips(18),club:West Rowling Albion Sannyamathland
9.Fydor Tchaivok(23),club:Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland
7.Max Asov(28),club:Howardsburg Athletic Club Sannyamathland
12.Ivan Sandiev(21),club:Oljestaden IF Audioslavia
8.Anton Marynovich(23),club:Damas FCSannyamathland(debutant)

Starting 11
GK:David Santos Jr
LB:Jeff Chalov
CB:Leon Vladinovich
CB:Savreck Javcherenko
RB:Mikhail Karpov
CM:Stephan Chubukov
CM:Ansu Mbik
CM:Danil Cheryshyev
LW:Ivan Sandiev
RW:Peter Philips

Style Modifier: +1



RP Permissions:Anything,just don't kill the players.Do not cause any career ending injuries.
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NS Stats are not canon(See factbook for more info). Nation does not represent RL views. IC Name for all other RPs: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. IC Name for NS Sports ONLY: Sannyamathland. Currently undergoing major restructuring. So factbooks and other settings may change.
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Postby North Alezia » Sun Mar 21, 2021 1:49 am

Each row has six dots. Representing what North Alezia loves to talk about the most, the six regions of it. The dots created a sail that represents how North Alezia will go everywhere it wants and can go to, to play football. But North Alezians are known for their heritage of making old galleys that can shoot cannonballs far away. Something the world might need to look out for.

Be ready, world.

Country: Federation of North Alezia
Manager: Mazaqli Al-Sharifqa
Coach: Muhammad Sa'adarim
Team Nickname: The Galleys, Al-Aliziyyat, Northern Crescent
Home Stadium: National Stadium, Zafizamarrah Metro, ZF


No.Pos.NameAgeHome Club
01GKQuetos San Rousvalais28FC San Quelta
16LBTazmal Daqqadaynul26Al Hizma Nuur Hiqmaza FC
07LCBEzhmal Shamaima27FC Shekata
04RCBMuhammad Hafidzi-Darim27Mazala Al-Mtabbah FC
12RBUsman Hasyimazul-Daqqamatzul25Kencana Permata Damai FC
08CMImran Kazada28Basna Kota FC
15LCMTazal Pameshkovich27Krasnayaburg FC
11RCMMaqqa Razadaqqi25Arleston City FC
22LWZa'aqari Sharifuddin26Tel Hadiv Hashemites FC
20RWKhalid Ali'amaqqi28Quelsaba FC
17CFMichael Saratov (Captain)30Luxton FC

Substitute Players:
1. Shekov Daraeim (GK)
2. Amiruddin Hasan-Hafidzi (LB)
3. Yubliq Dawridan (CB)
4. Aziz Samaruddin (CB)
5. Iqlab Khalifaruddin (RB)
6. Habliq Dammah (CM)
7. Madelov Navasevich (CM)
8. Ifthar Amaruddin (LW/RW)
9. Maqqa Dafqatayn (LW/RW)
10. Tobias Geraldson (CF)
11. Fernandou Rislevanais (CF)


Style: +1
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (only minor injuries)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, TG me first
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (nothing involving anything dangerous)
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Postby HUElavia » Sun Mar 21, 2021 3:37 am

HUElavia National Football Team

Style: +1.5

#1: Ana Ramos (31 Years Old) (1.78 m)
#12: Gabriel Vannier (26 Years Old) (1.86 m)
#23: Marta Marin (22 Years Old) (1.78 m)

#2: Manuel Mendieta (28 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#3: Giuseppe D'Aquila (32 Years Old) (1.84 m) (CB)
#4: Elenor Mariño (31 Years Old) (1.63 m) (LB-RB)
#5: Ismael Lieberman (25 years Old) (1.78 m) (RB-LB)
#12: Chiyun Pae (25 Years Old) (1.65 m) (LB-RB)
#15: Gabriella Grünberg (23 Years Old) (1.73 m) (CB)
#18: Helena Muller (28 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB)
#22: Yang Shao (21 Years Old) (1.85 m) (RB-LB)

#6: Mathieu Guilbert (25 Years Old) (1.78 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#8: Emilia Gagne-Leblanc (30 Years Old) (1.60 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#10: Aurora Conti-Esposito (31 Years Old) (1.76 m) (DM-CM)
#14: Liana Mantovani-Jardim (24 Years Old) (1.70 m) (DM-CM)
#16: Napoleone Torrisi (23 Years Old) (1.79 m) (CM-AM)
#19: Diogo Nazario (20 Years Old) (1.75 m) (DM-CM)

#7: Marc Navarro (30 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW)
#9: Ayuka Hamada-Navarro (29 Years Old) (1.57 m) (ST-CF)
#11: Woo-Jin Sol (22 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)
#17: Rafael Savedra (25 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LW-RW)
#20: Bruno Moutinho-Figo (28 Years Old) (1.88 m) (ST-CF)
#21: Gabriela Tiong Belleza (26 Years Old) (1.54 m) (RW-LW)

Head Coach:
Rafael Salgado Lacerda (59 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Francisco Moreira Correia (54 Years Old), Jorge Alarcón (56 Years Old)

Starting XI:
1 Ramos
5 Lieberman, 18 Muller, 2 Mendieta, 4 Mariño
10 Conti-Esposito, 8 Gagne-Leblanc
11 Sol, 6 Guilbert, 7 Navarro
9 Hamada-Navarro

Captain: Navarro
Vice-Captains: Conti-Esposito, Mariño
Free-Kicks: Conti-Esposito, Guilbert, Navarro
Penalties: Navarro, Hamada-Navarro
Corners: Conti-Esposito, Gagne-Leblanc

RP Permissions
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Suspend my players: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Bunkaiia » Sun Mar 21, 2021 8:17 am

Bunkaiian National Team

Nation's English Name: The Gohulian Republic of Bunkaiia
Nation's Native Name: Repobilika Gohulei là Bàñkaïa
Logo: Image
Official Team Name: SHKB (Sàxetimàn Hàmeidilei Kàlicoi là Bàñkaïa / United Football Organization of Bunkaiia)
Team Nickname: "The Watermelons", "The Seahorse Defense"
Home Stadium: Roa Tekiti Stadium (Watermelon Path Stadium)
Coach: Guriman Hàmošegaki

Play Style: -5, Very Defensive
Lineup: 4-2-2-2 (Magic Rectangle)




My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason
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Postby Almuzahara » Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:36 am


Manager: Yusuf ALAOUI - 58
Style Mod: +2.5
Formation: 4-3-3
Penalty Takers (in order of likelihood): Ahmed Fernandez, Ali Al-Qushayri, Tariq Ben Labrat, Youssef Blanco, Khalid Elias
Free Kick Taker: Ali Al-Qushayri
Corner-Kick Takers: Ahmed Fernandez (L), Amir Alami (R)
Nickname: The Panthers
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for Permission
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, TG for Permission if more than one
Godmod other events: TG for Permission


Starting Eleven

The Panthers are famed for their constant energy. Without possession, they aggressively press, closing out on poor passers and players in vulnerable positions - especially on the flanks - as soon as the ball is lost. When the ball is won back, they push forwards, emphasizing verticality, quick movement, and teamwork over individual flair. It's an attractive style of football, but it is also a bit naïve, as they tend to wear down late in games and are a bit sloppy in the back.

The key players in the system are Tariq Ben Labrat, not a big goalscorer but a dynamite presser with a deft touch, and Khalid Elias, whose endless stamina will make him the team's defensive anchor, especially late in matches. However, playmaker Ali Al-Qushayri and incisive winger Ahmed Fernandez also stood out during the team's 7NC semifinal run, scoring seven and nine goals respectively. There isn't much of an emphasis on width, enabling Fernandez and Blanco to cut inside and make plays in the box - most of Almuzahara's goals will come from one devastating long-ball right after regaining possession, followed by a series of deft interplays in the box to stymie the defense with rapid passing before a shot opens up.


GK - 01. Abdel BEKKAYE - 26 - Al-Fayit - 14 caps, 4 clean sheets
LB - 02. Ibrahim DELGADO - 29 - Al-Watanin - 15 caps, 2 goals
CB - 07. Yussuf BENDAHAN (C) - 33 - Al-Fayit - 15 caps, 3 goals
CB - 03. Abbas OSMAN - 28 - Al-Watanin - 14 caps, 1 goal
RB - 17. Ilyas YOUSSEF - 20 - Al-Watanin - 7 caps, 0 goals
CM - 05. Rashid AVERROES - 25 - US San Savola (San Ortelio) - 15 caps, 1 goal
DM - 08. Khalid ELIAS (VC) - 33 - Al-Fayit - 12 caps, 2 goals
CM/AM - 10. Ali AL-QUSHAYRI - 30 - Isipongo Flash (Banija) - 14 caps, 10 goals
LW - 06. Ahmed FERNANDEZ (VC) - 31 - Léonidas - 13 caps, 12 goals
ST - 09. Tariq BEN LABRAT - 28 - Al-Fayit - 15 caps, 5 goals
FW - 23. Youssef BLANCO - 24 - KAC - 6 caps, 5 goals


GK - 12. Said ABDULRAHMAN - 23 - Alqamar - 0 caps, 0 clean sheets
GK - 13. Mohamed AL-HARRAK - 25 - Al-Watanin - 2 caps, 0 clean sheets
LB - 14. Mohamed TAMAZIYT - 32 - Dinamu Binsakula - 4 caps, 0 goals
CB - 15. Abdul AIT - 28 - Atlas Alfira - 3 caps, 0 goals
CB - 16. Rafik TOLOSA - 27 - Al-Watanin - 5 caps, 1 goal
RB - 04. Hassan BOUMEDIENE - 27 - Atlas Alfira - 13 caps, 0 goals
CM - 18. Saad BENNANI - 31 - Al-Fayit - 10 caps, 1 goal
DM - 19. Abu MANSUR - 23 - Al-Watanin - 9 caps, 1 goal
AM - 20. Cyril ELNENY - 27 - Huqulmajura - 3 caps, 2 goals
LW/RW - 21. Araz FERNANDEZ - 28 - Busukuma Force (Banija) - 5 caps, 2 goals
ST - 22. Omar TILIMSAN - 26 - KAC - 4 caps, 3 goals
RW - 11. Amir ALAMI - 26 - Al-Fayit - 11 caps, 4 goals
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Postby Kriegiersien » Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:51 am

Kriegiersien Football Nationalteam

While playing in the long-dated UBFA, for the regional Sumerset Cup of Balder, the same team also starts simultaneously at the IAC 12.
These are young players who are also scheduled to participate in the Youth World Cups and are prepared long term for the next Olympics.

All players are from the youth centre of Kriegiersien national sokker champion Timesteam.

Kriegiersien always plays in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys they use for every sport.

If they can't play in black and neither nude, as nudity is mandatory in Kriegiersien, they try to steal the next best tricot as alternative for black.

Kriegiersien lineup for the IAC 12:

Assistant Manager
Riso Becker
Viveka Schweizer
Fitness Coach
Emanuel Lacusta
Hicham Bensoussan
Goalkeeper Coach
Deyvis Bryant Acori


Go crazy
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Postby United Pink States » Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:51 am

United Pink States Roster

Location- SE Sonnel
Trigramme- UPS (if it's used by someone else, I'll alter it in an applicable tournament)
Denonym for Citizens- Pinksters
Sports Team Nickname- The Couriers

About the Nation- Despite the nation's name, and the user behind the nation's master nation, the UPS is a normal nation with traditional gender roles. It should not be considered as equivalent to Cassadaigua in that regard.

Starters In Green
Subs In Blue
Reserves in Red

Manager- Oliver Campagna (48)

#1- Logan Hughes (26)
#20-Sophia Murray (27)
#21- Noah Bell (24)

#2- Alex Casler (30)
#3- Brian Tucker (27)
#4- Lyle McGrady (26)
#5- Ashley Crossman (28)

#22- Hannah Girard (23)
#23- Kelsie Kingman (27)

#24- Stevie McCord (26)
#25- Javier Cervantes (29)

#6- Donnie Price (31)
#7- Ellis Spiers (24)
#8- Jose Nieves (30)
#9- Jason Kinzey (24)

#13- Missy Palmer (29)
#14-Amy Palmer (27)

#16- Wilson Vanora (22)
#19- Kylie Donaldson (22)

#10- Byron Smith (29) ***CAPTAIN***
#11- Jordan Irvine (24)

#12- Ava Brookdale (24)
#15- Caitlyn Snyder (25)

#17- Erica Sizemore (27)
#18- Daisee Santana (28)

Team Info:
Style Mod: +1
Formation: 4-4-2

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but only say they hurt
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more then one
Godmod other events: TG idea first. If it fits the theme of my team, I probably will allow it.
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Muralos National Soccer Team Roster

Postby Muralos » Sun Mar 21, 2021 12:16 pm

About Muralos
Muralos is a cosmopolitan collection of islands located in the corner of the Far East: RL’s Sakhalin and Kuril Islands. It is home to a population of Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and indigenous (Ainu and Nivkh) origins. The official language of Muralos is Esperanto- a language designed to be universal and easy to learn- but the population is exceptionally multilingual, with each citizen knowing an average of 4 languages.

The Muralosian National Soccer Team
(also known as the Hawks, after Muralos’ national animal, the Muralosian Hawk)

The Muralosian national soccer team represents Muralos in association football (or soccer, as Muralosians call it). It is controlled by the Muralosian Soccer Association, the governing body for soccer in Muralos. Muralos' home ground is the Komcatt Arena in the capital city of Urbego, and its current coach is Jozefo Koltakov, former striker for CSKA Urbego and later Muralosian national team captain. Hina Kageyama and Pavel Li serve as assistant coaches.

Unusually, the Muralosian national soccer team elects to use one kit with the national colors of Muralos.

Diagram of player positions for reference

The Muralosian roster has not changed in the past four years, save for the addition of reserves. The starting players were quite young when they joined the roster in 2016. Now, they are tried-and-true forces, having won the Second International Football Cup in Squidroidia in 2020 after 4 years of not facing competition, and having reached the knockout stages of two other tournaments: the 11th Independent Associations Championship and the 74th Baptism of Fire.

Starting Lineup of the Muralosian National Soccer Team
  • #1 Rodion Markov - Goalkeeper - as part of the U-20 Muralosian squad, he was nicknamed "the Prophet" for his formidable accuracy in guessing the direction of penalty kicks and capability to pass very wide, "seeing beyond" any obstacles.
  • #2 Ryo Takeda - Right back - the only team member with Ainu ancestry and hailed as a symbol of Muralosian diversity and Esperantism. (Of course, he is also a great player in his own right.)
  • #4 Aleksandro Kim - Center back - born in Kurilo of Korean descent, Kim moved to Urbego at the age of 13 to attend Urbego's Zamenhof High School and was part of the team that won the FIS, Muralos' premier high school championship, in 2008.
  • #5 Rikardo Lei - Center back - his grandparents were Fengjieans who were doctors during the Muralosian Civil War. (Unfortunately, the nation of Fengjie ceased to exist.) Exceptionally strong defender who played a very large role in the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup, most notably in the match against Elbaron in which the Hawks won 2-1.
  • #3 Koralo Petrov - Left back - another player who rose to fame through an FIS championship. Makes very wide passes and is regarded as a good team player.
  • #6 Mikhail Zheng - Left midfield - part of the same FIS-winning team as Aleksandro Kim. Had a brief stint playing in the Premier League of Li Qing (now the Confederation of Australian States) before returning to become a member of the Hawks.
  • #7 Johano Abramovich - Center midfield - Formidable dribbling skills, also the leader in assists during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Jokingly dubbed "the creative type" by coach Koltakov, Abramovich is known for his long-range, curved shots, which proved useful in Muralos' 7-4 victory against Li Qing in early 2016.
  • #8 Nikolaj Granda - Center midfield - No relation to Walter Granda, who represents Muralos in professional tennis. Despite what his last name may suggest, Granda is a rather petite player. At only 5'7", his shorter stature allows him to be more agile and less injury-prone compared to taller opponents.
  • #11 Vilhelmo Lumin - Right midfield - a cum laude graduate of Urbego National University, where he played in the Muralosian University League, Lumin made his first international appearance as a substitute player during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Following the retirement of veteran Klaus Sverov, however, he joined the starting lineup in Muralos' match against New Zhengguo in the Embassy Cup.
  • #9 Rui - Striker - Born Rui Zhang, he changed his name legally to Rui in July 2014. Remarkably fast and shoots penalties with good accuracy. One of the more underrated members of the team.
  • #10 Adamo Brava - Striker - the 29-year-old team captain (not 25 as previously stated!), widely considered to be the star player of the Muralosian team and an answer to some premier overseas soccer players. Despite his status, however, he is also known for his maturity and humility, often representing the Muralosian team in interviews and awards ceremonies.

Reserves of the Muralosian National Soccer Team
The reserves of the Muralosian national soccer team are newer to the team, most of them having joined in the summer of this year or in the last few weeks, as the Muralosian Soccer Association consolidated the men's and women's national teams into one co-ed team. This list of players will be updated in due time.
  • #18 Tanya Lubimova - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for the former Muralosian woman's national soccer team, Lubimova's performance has long been regarded as equal to Rodion Markov's. Her role in the 74th Baptism of Fire tournament, in which she substituted often for Markov, has proven that further.
  • #17 - Ji-yong Park - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for FC Havenurbo, a top-tier team in the men's Muralosian Premier League, usually second to CSKA Urbego. The 24 year-old Park uses "he" and "they" pronouns interchangeably, and they are one of Muralos' most notable non-binary athletes.
  • #28 Rebeka Mori - Left back - played for Nord-Urbo High School and now studies microbiology at the University of Oleo, where she plays for their University League team and works in the biology department's Permafrost Research Center.
  • #29 Aminda Mori - Right back - Rebeka's fraternal twin sister, she plays for the University League team at the University of Havenurbo, where she studies digital art and design. The women's teams of U. Havenurbo and U. Oleo have a long-lasting rivalry, and recently faced each other in the June 2020 women's soccer University League final. (U. Oleo won 1 - 0.)
  • #30 Daniel "Lerta" Donaldson - Left midfield - played for Zamenhof High School and made major contributions to their semifinal and runner-up finishes in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In 2019, he enrolled at the Havenurbo Institute of Technology, where he studies mathematics and plays for the soccer team – reigning University League men's soccer champions. In the summer of 2020, he was invited to practice with the Muralosian national team, becoming the second African-Muralosian player in the team's history and the youngest player on the current squad.
  • #32 - Yonghua Liang - Center midfield - a starting midfielder for the Nogliki Wolves and a former winger for the Muralosian women's national soccer team. Liang grew up learning the clarinet and was adamant about learning a sport that didn't require much arm movement, for fear that she injure an arm and be unable to play clarinet. (This is why she started soccer.) She reached the University League final with the University of Oleo's women's soccer team, and was also in the concert band that performed Muralos' anthem at the match.
  • #21 Georgo Zhong - Center midfield - a current teammate of Lerta Donaldson at Havenurbo Tech and an economics major there. While a student at Nord-Urbo High School, he scored a hat-trick against Urbego High School, securing Nord-Urbo's first FIS qualification in 10 years.
  • #23 Galina Shchedrina - Right midfield - a recent graduate of Urbego National University like starting midfielder Vilhelmo Lumin, Shchedrina has made a splash with her debut in the 74th Baptism of Fire. She is known to play well in high-pressure situations, making accurate passes even when surrounded by opposing midfielders and defenders.
  • #20 Valora Lin - Striker - a starter for the former Muralosian woman's national soccer team, Lin's presence on the new co-ed team is a boon for Muralos' efforts in international competition. She is sure to hold her own against starting strikers Adamo Brava and Rui, and Coach Jozefo Koltakov has considered playing her as a third striker on the field.
  • #22 Daniil Lee - Striker - formerly a defender and sometime striker for Nord-Urbo High School, Lee transferred to Urbego High School this year due to its more forgiving academic calendar. Now-national team coach Pavel Li noticed the 15 year-old Lee's ability last December at a U-20 national team tryout; after the Hawks' exit from the Baptism of Fire, Lee was granted a spot on the reserves as a striker.

Style Modifier and RP Permissions
Style modifier: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: No
- RP injuries to my players: Yes
- Godmod injuries to my players: No
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: Telegram first. (This Muralosian squad isn’t infallible, but they have been pretty sportsmanlike through the years.)
- Godmod other events: No
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82nd Cup of Harmony - Round of 32
12th Independent Associations Championship - Round of 16, co-hosts with Almuzahara
74th Baptism of Fire Tournament - Round of 16
11th Independent Associations Championship - Eighth-finalists (round of 16)
2nd International Football Cup - Champions
Asian Archipelago Embassy Cup - Quarterfinalists
Asian Archipelago Soccer Cup - Champions

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Postby Adab » Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:53 pm

The Adabian National Football Team

I was born for soccer, just as Beethoven was born for music.

The Adabian national team is back from the brink again. Lazarus would be proud of us.

At the end of the World Cup 81 cycle, the future seemed bright for Adabian football. Although the national team did not make it past the World Cup group stage, and despite a lackluster performance in the Cup of Harmony 73, the team could nevertheless take pride in the fact that they managed to make it to the quarterfinals of the Independents Cup 5, and in the World Cup group stage they performed impressively against football giants Starblaydia and Audioslavia. In the process they rose in the rankings from 260th to 97th. The team was still very young and green; with a little bit more polish and training, it was not unreasonable to expect that they would go far in multiversal football.

But that never happened. What actually happened?

Shortly after the end of that cycle, the country was hit by a recession, which soon deteriorated into a depression. This story is surely familiar even to those with a rudimentary understanding of economics: millions lost their jobs and were soon forced out of their homes and into the streets. In these trying times, the government’s priorities changed; projects and organizations were established to assist the unemployed and generous financial aid distributed to the people. This, however, meant that arts and sports became sidelined, and Adab’s international footballing dreams fell victim to the circumstances. Although the national league system still operated, the government decided not to send Adab to foreign tournaments, including the Independents Cup and the World Cup, citing the “unnecessary expenses” involved. The national team was dissolved for the time being, with the hope that they would come back after one World Cup cycle or two. Or they could maybe come back to the Independents Cup while abstaining from the World Cup.

One cycle became two, two became three, and the Adabian team never did come back. The country’s players, the heroes of Independents Cup 5 and World Cup 81, did go on to achieve success domestically, but dreams of coming back to foreign fields became increasingly distant. Until now.

Fourteen years had passed since Adab’s Independents Cup 5 adventures. With the economy now back to its pre-crisis strength and a bull market in the country, the government felt that the time had come for the Adabian banner to once again be carried in international tournaments. The Adab Football Association (AFA), which had hitherto busied itself with supervising and settling disputes in the domestic game, was ordered to begin preparations for an Independents Cup campaign, hoping to at least “do well” and “make the country proud”. Adab was actually in a far better position now than it was before Independents Cup 5. Adab went into the latter tournament straight out of a ten-year suspension of footballing activities, the national league system essentially long-defunct, the hastily-assembled national team consisting entirely of teenagers and young adults selected in a nationwide trial. Now, however, there was no suspension and the league system had kept on operation, providing the country’s talent with regular opportunities to harness their skills and keep themselves fit.

Squad-wise, this was the perfect time for Adab to come back to the Independents Cup; the heroes of Independents Cup 5 and World Cup 81 were now entering their early-to-mid thirties, and the AFA desired to give that hallowed group, whose participation in international tournaments was so abruptly ended, one last hurrah before they moved aside for the next generation. The AFA, too, was determined to have the next generation represented in the squad. They were also determined that the new squad would more properly reflect the country’s diversity. And finally, the recent admission of the island country of Faraby into the realm of Adab as an “associated state” brought some pressure to include at least one Farabian on the national team. All this resulted in the squad being a mixture of men and women, one Farabian, no less than three religious faiths, a few star players from the older generation as well as young guns who had made their names in the Adabian leagues.

The staff came back, too; manager Saad Kaykali, assistant manager Inimabakesh Thulus, general coach Yitzhak Bennett, goalkeeping coach Faisal ar-Rashid, and physio Hamza Ridha all answered the nation’s call, older, aged, and in some ways world-weary but no less enthusiastic to take the new Adabian squad forward. But there is one addition: legendary Faraby player Rashid Abbas was appointed by the AFA as a second assistant manager. The Farabian government denied that it pressured Adab City into hiring Abbas. While Abbas is widely respected as a player, he has little experience in management, and only time will tell if he can make an effective contributon to the Adabian team.

The national team's kits, designed by Ahmad Enlil (the first President of the Football Association) in 1907, are currently manufactured by Shining Sun Company, owned by Rahman Ashurbanipal, businessman and grandson of Emperor Tizqar III.

Manager: Saad KAYKALI (Male – 58)
Assistant manager: Inimabakesh THULUS (Male – 65)
Assistant manager: Rashid ABBAS (Male – 45)
General coach: Yitzhak BENNETT (Male – 55)
Goalkeeping coach: Faishal AR-RASHID (Male – 53)
Physio: Hamza RIDHA (Male – 49)

GK: 1 – Mohammed MARRAMZI (Male – 33) (C)
CB: 8 – Shania ENMERKAR (Female – 24)
CB: 6 – Yousif ISSOU (Male – 27)
LB: 3 – Tansu ALTUN (Female – 23)
RB: 4 – Taymour FRANGIEH (Male – 31)
CM: 2 – Alulim SINMUBALLIT (Male – 18)
LM: 5 – Emma ARTHUR (Female – 19)
RM: 7 – Ephraim ORLEV (Male – 33)
LW: 9 – Jushur AL-KUFA (Male – 28)
CF: 11 – Enlilbani YARGAB (Male – 33)
RW: 10 – Rebekah YISSAKAR (Female – 20)

Adab City Stadium, the pride and joy of Adabian football, was completed in 1940. Located in the northern part of Adab City, the stadium was able to accommodate 40,000 people at the time of its opening. Renovations in 1978 made it an all-seater stadium and expanded its capacity to 55,350. Later it increased to 75,000 following upgrades in 2009-10 and then 76,500 after another upgrade in 2019. It is currently home to the Adabian national football team and Adab City FC.

The team will use 4-3-2-1, the "Christmas tree" formation, with an emphasis on attacking play and rapid passing from the back four to the front. Player positions are available here. Style mod +3.

(OOC: While I enjoy watching football, I cannot say that I am an expert in football tactics and formation. I apologize in advance if I end up RPing something weird.)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No, and I won’t injure your players either
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No, and I won’t give red cards to your players either
Godmod other events: Yes, just don't injure or kill my players or staff or prevent them from being present in the next match
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Postby Srednjaci » Mon Mar 22, 2021 4:35 am


The Srednjaci football league is divided into four strong groups in the men's and women's leagues.

The leagues are separate (men's and women's) but All Star matches are played between the North and the South in which there are mixed teams.

The First League is made up of 12 clubs in the men’s league and 10 in the women’s league. From this season, the women's league will also get + 2 clubs. In the men's league, matches are played one at home and one away. After that first part, the league is divided into 6 clubs for the champion and 6 for survival in the league. The last club is eliminated from the league and the penultimate one plays with the second-placed team from the second league. In the women’s league, last season, the rule was to play everyone with every two games away and two at home. There is no division of the league, the best club wins the League and becomes the champion. The last club is relegated to the second league and the penultimate one plays with the second-placed team from the second league.

The champion in the men's league is Dinamo Katanija. In the women’s league, Bistua Nuova was the champion.

The Srednjaci are taking part in a major football competition for the first time. Srednjaci did not participate in the regional competition because we were'nt internationally recognized as a nation. A nation that did not have a league could not compete. Today, the Srednjaci have a large prosperous professional league (League 1, League 2, Division A and Division B). The Amateur League, which is also played, is modeled on the North and South Amateur Handball League.

Srednjaci players are in Group D together with TJUN-ia, Kriegiersien, Sajnur, Squidroidia, [nation]Montaña Verde[/nation]


GK Jure Iveša - 26 y - NK Čelik Raduč

LB Danijela Majić - 23 y - NK Bistua Nuova
CB Ivan Kušić - 26 y - NK Dinamo Katanija
CB Franko Rušković - 27 y - NK Mladost Melarit - Captain
RB Zoran Šutić - 25 y - NK Archer Kula

CDM Heong Min Ho - 25 y- NK Dinamo Katanija

LW Davida Zimmer - 24 y - NK Bistua Nuova
RW Takanobu Tavano - 23 y- NK Dinamo Katanija

CF Ante Tomljanović - 25 y - NK Čelik Raduč

ST Isidor Matković - 24 y - NK Torpedo Melarit
ST Li Peng - 25 y - NK Mladost Melarit

FORMATION 4 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2

Attacking style of play that goes over the fast wings but also through the center of the field where Min Ho and Tomljanović are great. Min Ho plays defensive midfield but due to his technique and speed he often pulls the ball into the attack.


GK Jelena Jukić - 24y - NK Bistua Nova
LB Konstantin Kozlević - 25y - NK Black Wings
CB Ivana Žimić - 25y- NK Dormatisi Blue Stars
RB jakov Ivandić - 27y - NK Čelik Raduč
RCB Ivona Lužajić - 26y - NK Dormatisi Blue Stars
LCB Julija Stamatova - NK Kula

DMC Hrvoje Šetkić - 30y- NK Archer Kula
CM Olga Vuković - 25 y- NK King Stars Katanija
LM Valentino Rocca - 23y- NK Dinamo Katanija
RM - Vjeran Tukić - 24y - NK Čelik Raduč
CAM Marko Štegotić - 26y - NK Torpedo Melarit

ST Perica Lozančić - 25y - NK Bistua Nuova
LS Elina Efimova - 26y - NK Kula
RS Ivan Županović - 23 - NK Torpedo Melarit

Style Modifier and RP Permissions
Style modifier: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: Yes
- RP injuries to my players: No
- Godmod injuries to my players: No
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: No
- Godmod other events: Yes

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Lorrana Official Roster for IAC12

Postby Lorrana » Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:42 am

Basic Info

Trigram: LRN
KPB Rank: 3.78
Style mod: +2
Starting XI (formation 4-1-2-1-2)
Manager: Ikot Anop

GK 1 Lizi Lruiktu
LB 3 Irti Ramük
CB 14 Andeani Cara'a
CB 5 Olisati
RB 6 Maor Po'qi
DM 4 Em'du Em'kava
LM 8 Vess Vador
RM 15 Azi Baddim
AM 10 Kiyon
LF 9 Berd Ravilu
RF 11 Sidar va Daledi


GK 13 Pe'sa Miak
GK 21 Lalip Kasal
LB 19 Eviso Ilod
CB 2 Miti'ik Lera
RB 16 Pamdio
DM 20 Poro Almodi
LM 7 Merzi Sazio
RM 22 Movimor Imep
AM 17 Enrip Kasal
LF 12 Ri'sed Nolda
CF 99 Loduli Olvi
RF 18 Zolar Kedi
Play Style

Lorrana tends to play a fast-build up, with attacking midfielder Kiyon playing a central role in creating opportunities. The defensive side is focused on constant pressure to tire out the other team.
Home Kit:

Away Kit:

Keeper Kit:
All group stage matches take place at 9:00pm Lorrana Standard Time, located in Muralos.

March 25: Lorrana - United Pink States
March 27: Lorrana - Juvencus
March 29: Galimencia - Lorrana
March 31: Lorrana - Squornshelous Remnant States
April 2: Lorrana - Drawkland
RP Permissions

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (no dying tho)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but TG me to confirm first
Godmod other events: No
NS Stats are sometimes right, but sometimes wrong. TG me if you have questions, but the most important thing to know is that Lorrana is capitalist, even though the stats show otherwise
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Postby HUElavia » Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:42 pm

HUElavia Arrives to the IAC Chasing the Eluding Title!

For the 5th consecutive edition of the Independent Associations Championship, HUElavia participates in the well known regional competition. For the 12th edition of the Independent Associations Championship, the tournament will be co-hosted for the second time by the nations of Almuzahara and Muralos. Almuzahara is part of the region of Sonnel, having a culture and society similar to HUElavia's small minority of the Quhah people. Muralos on the other hand is part of the region known as the Asian Archipelago, having a mix of cultures and people similar to the Rus, Yamoto, Guang Tzu and Jeong of HUElavia. Despite both nations being in part of two different dimensions, the HUElavian National Football Team and its supporters have no issue traveling to either dimension and regions to participate in.

While in previous editions the IAC would be met with much excitement from the team and fans alike, this time around, there is a solemnness among the squad. This comes from the fact that the team has made it to the IAC Final for the past four consecutive editions, only to fall short in the Final Match. Even more so after losing the last two editions to Poafmersia, where the IAC 11 Final should have been won by Los Amarillos/Os Amarelos. Regardless, the past is the past, and the team must trudge forward into this new tournament. For this edition of the IAC, the best Sport Psychologists from around HUElavia have been contracted by the HUElavian Football Association and the HUElavian Government to give support and motivation to the squad for this tournament. The past World Cup cycle was immensely abysmal, coming off a 4 losses in 5 games (including 3 consecutive losses) in the opening matches of the World Cup Qualifiers, and ending up with a 3rd place finish in their group, eliminating them from the tournament. In the Cup of Harmony, HUElavia had much promise, having a perfect 3-0-0 Group Stage record, which was a first for the team in it's history, and they had much optimism to make a deep run. This optimism was short-lived as they got horribly eliminated in the Round-of-32 by Darmen, 4-1. The qualification woes and the early exit in the CoH resulted in Los Amarillos/Os Amarelos to go into Freefall in the rankings, going from 29th to 45th in a span of 2 years. Even worse was the fact that 3 managers were used throughout this period, with the manager that brought HUElavian Football to glory, Rafael Salgado Lacerda, being brought back to manage the team. The team will be in a guarded training facility and lodge, where they will be training, studying film, and enjoying some amenities while they play in the IAC.

HUElavia comes into IAC 12 as the #2 team of the IAC Rankings, being a heavy favorite to win it all once again. In this expanded tournament of 48 teams, there are 8 groups of 6 teams playing. HUElavia (2), was placed in Group G with the likes of Omerica (17), Devonta (31), Hot Skitty on Wailord Action (69), Al Wadiya (UR), and Central Shaneville (42). Due to being in the latter half of the Group Stage, HUElavia will play its matches in Muralos for this tournament. Group G will be playing in the West Region, in the following places: Alexandrovosk-Sakhalinsky Arena (21,484), in Saĥalena-Urbeto; Tomari Stadium (18,500) in Tomari; and Spartak Stadium Okcidenta-Havenurbo (27,800) in Okcidenta-Havenurbo. The matches for HUElavia will be as follows: Hot Skitty on Wailord Action vs HUElavia, HUElavia vs Central Shaneville, Omerica vs HUElavia, Devonta vs HUElavia, and HUElavia vs Al Wadiya. The Top 2 of each group will advance to the Round-of-16.

For the opening match vs Hot Skitty on Wailord Action, the Main Xi will be playing, with Ramos serving as the first official female goalkeeper to be a starter, and Navarro being the Captain for the team. The Away Alternative will be worn by the team for this match.

The fans come in flocking to Muralos to support the team, as is HUElavian tradition, and the fans do intend on being mindful of not causing man-provoked earthquakes from their jumping and screaming each time HUElavia scores a goal. The fans are preparing for this cold weather of the country, packing plenty of clothes, jackets, scarves, and mittens, of which has become much popular in HUElavia, due to the ever expanding and innovating Retail and Fashion Industry of HUElavia. The fans also are enjoying the new uniforms brought out by the HFA, which is one of the most popular designs brought out in some time. Fans are looking forward to attending the matches, exploring the locations in Muralos, and having a nice time with the fans.

This is a must-win tournament for HUElavia, especially with the possible changes coming in the future for the National Football Team. The Independent Associations Championship is a tournament that Los Amarillos/Os Amarelos are keen and determined to win, no matter how difficult it is to achieve. After all, this is our destiny: To be Champions of the Independent Associations Championship!

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IAC-12 Roster

Postby Tequilo » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:03 am

Independent Associations Championship 12
Tequilo National Team
Tournament Squad

Attacking Modifier: +3.3

'Cycle 87' Team kits by Natty kit.
Home - agave blue shirts with charcoal & white trim; agave blue shorts; white socks
Away - 'kirola vintage' style white shirts with agave blue fractal; white shorts; charcoal socks

Often referred to by the nicknames Agave-Blues on account of their kit or Los Pitxileros [Transl. The Footballers], the Tequilo national team set-up approaches it's third IAC after the 87th cycle of the World Cup with some moderately impressive showings at all age groups but no real honours on the board as yet. Third-placed finishes in Baptism of Fire 72 and runners-up at the last under-18 World Cup are the pinnacle of achievements so far, with a fourth-placed finish in their debut IAC also signalling some promise. The feeling is it may be time to start delivering on that promise for fear of settling in the bracket of good-ish, but not great or even simply never quite good enough - something most Tequiloa, a very relaxed kind of people, would be perfectly happy with but the Tequiloan FA, the Unión, having made such a fuss over the last few years and publishing so much about their great plans for world dominance, could not settle for, politically speaking.

A Brief History of Los Pitxileros

Blighted by the Kipolalia virus at the last IAC, causing a national scandal and the death of a young star, there was great debate about whether to enter for the following tournament - especially with news that at least one nation infected with the auto-gibberish disease, Hot Skitty, was on the bidding list, and the bid delivery team from Squidroidia also seemed to display symptoms during their presentation to the IAC-OC and prospective voting associations. Fortunately The Unión have been reassured by the two host nations that there is no pandemic of any kind [emphasis theirs] in their countries and consequently, Los Pitxileros will appear at their third consecutive IAC hoping to remain good and healthy throughout.

The Unión has historically preferred to send it's under-23 head coach and team to the IAC, and indeed this is again their preferred under-23 team but for this tournament only, it will be new full national team head coach Juan Manuel Botín who takes the lead for this tournament, settling into his job after taking over from emergency stand-in August Toset, of Juvencus, who is the Assistant Director of the national team back home at the City of Football, the national team HQ. Despite this being a younger squad, since retroactively awarding caps after the fact following an impressive debut in IAC-X, the Unión considers these full internationals so it does present a chance for some younger players to get on the international listings.


Team Director: Ooóoos Skeuri (AUD), 59;
Former star defender at Tenth Star Hasiera, KT Moreazerua and Raynor City United and 3-cap Audioslavia international, Ooóoos had a successful post-football career in mask-making whilst unknowingly rising to god-like status in Tequilo without even visiting the country. Many still don't believe the real Ooóoos Skeuri is even still alive, rather preferring that he is a wight in the Shambolic Pantheon, and the Man In The Mask at the Unión is an imposter.

Assistant Director: August Toset (JUV), age unknown;
Won a Cup of Harmony as the first manager of the Juvencus national team and took the nation to a second final as runner-up. Employed to further develop the Unión's plan to create multiversally-dominating pitxi tactics, and given temporary charge as head coach for the last Cup of Harmony to see if he could emulate his success with his home nation. He couldn't: Los Pitxileros bowed out at the round of 32 for the third tournament in a row.

Head Coach: Juan Manuel Botín, 40;
Former player for Motozintla, learned his coaching trade with former national team coaches Isaac Martí (resigned) and Luka Entenza (retired through ill-health), apparently destined for moderately good things. Coached the under-18 national team to 3rd and 2nd place finishes in the youth world cup, and temporarily replaces Luka as the under-23 head coach. He also succeeds to the top job as national team head coach.

Assistant Head Coach: Genaro Rodis, 51;
Assistant to Ramiro Paredo at The Whistlers, a quiet man who was instrumental in developing and bringing through so many young talents at the club. Whilst Paredo's time as national team coach was not deemed a success, in fact something of a failure, Genaro is well liked by senior players, and has been instrumental in securing a place in this squad for some of the younger talents.

Coach: Haize Apeiztegui, 36;
A professor of the game and brilliant defender coming to the last of his playing days at Unuiĝinta, recently retired from playing for the national team as a supporter’s favourite, and one of Tequilo’s most-capped players (60 caps, 4th on the all time list). Temporarily assistant to Juan Manuel with the under-23s, he is favourite to land the job permanently after this tournament.

Team Captain: Oscar Bienvenida, GK, 22;
Recently completed a record-breaking run of consecutive caps for his country, starting 30 games in a row for Los Pitxileros - the young goalkeeper has years ahead of him but is already a mature and experienced figure around the national camp. Also captains his club team, Motozintla, where he signed for a then record domestic transfer fee of ₸3.75m from Tumuloa Xico.

Vice Captain: Tol Chicote, DC, 22
A natural leader who has come through the youth team at Fábrica and concurrent to that has captained at every level of the national team juniors, winning a bronze medal for third place in the 11th under-18 World Cup. With 25 caps already, he has been a regular 'stand-in' and looks to be a long term bet for cementing one of the back four places in the national team; he will hope to use this tournament to impress new head coach Juan Manuel, though it won't be hard - he was the coach's captain for the under-18s back in the day.


New head coach Juan Manuel Botín will take this tournament to lay down a marker for his future thinking by leading an under-23 team in the IAC, as is becoming standard practice; as he will be in charge of the next World Cup campaign, this is a chance for plenty of young hopefuls to impress with at least two new debutants in the starting XI. Ochoa Abril, plying his trade in the Tikariot top flight with Wanderers and impressing the locals with his defensive prowess, is joined by long-time national junior team player and new graduate Tsttnauayui (pronounced zzz-annoy-you), a fine young winger who is cutting a furrow at Atlás. Jaïr Iscla, a junior predicted for great things who has had a journey to the bottom and back in his short career, gets an opportunity to show he most definitely is back, while Pedro Rôa, something of a cult figure at Altendalur in Græntfjall, has a chance to his modest haul of 3 caps so far. There is plenty of experience in the starting XI though - it's not just green rookies with Oscar Bienvenida, Ixtub Tün, Niño Pinto and Alexandro Calvoecheaga holding more than 200 caps between them and keeper Oscar hoping to surpass superstar striker Tlacolotl as the nation's most capped player, presently standing at the latter's 80 caps. The striker does not appear at this tournament after a magnificent season with champions Pitxi-Pitxi 77, considered a graduate of the IAC development team at 23 - the more inexperienced José Tavia and Milan Lucio the oldest, at 23 themselves, in this team and looking to gain vital exposure before World Cup selection. Among the new call-ups, having bypassed the younger national team age groups, are Resplendiente's characterful defender Mó Reverté, and Florentino's left winger Aiker Têa - the young man following in the footsteps of the late Kipolalia victim Esä Neá both for club and country in that wide position. He has really impressed in Liga-TQ this season and looks to carry that form into the national team.

Starting XI

# Name Pos. Age Cps/Gls Av.R Club Paeips

1.(C) Oscar Bienvenida GK 22 76/23* 7.11 Motozintla Leader
2. Ostando Bertendona DL 22 15/- 7.30 CF Frantxizko-A Reliable
3. José Tavia DR 23 16/1 6.98 Atlás Ciuredor Laid back
4.(VC) Tol Chicote DC 22 25/1 7.03 Fábrica Tapalupé Leader
5. Ochoa Abril DC 22 - - Anhedron Wanderers FC (TKT) Resilient
6. Ixtub Tün DMC 21 59/2 7.10 Olympia Borograd (SLT) Beast
7. Jaïr Iscla AML 21 1/- 7.30 Peru Urzagui Stylish
8. Niño Pinto AMC 21 46/16 7.19 Indigo Huayna Predatory
9. Pedro Rôa ST 21 3/- 8.43 Altendalur (GRF) Laid Back
10.(+c) Alexandro Calvoecheaga ST 22 29/10 7.48 CF Frantxizko-A Professor
11. Tsttnauayui MR 21 - - Atlás Ciuredor Unpredictable

Team sheets are usually published between cut-offs; otherwise default to this line-up


12. Jatsu Cañaverri DL 22 4/1 7.23 Acacoyagua Beast
13. Emmanuel París DR 19 3/- 8.37 Hornchurch (EUR) Unpredictable
14. Diogo Junco DC 19 - - Atlás Ciuredor Predatory
15. Mó Reverté DC 21 - - Resplendiente Outspoken
16. Lorenzo Pero DMC 22 2/- 9.00 CF Frantxizko-A Athletic
17. Aiker Têa ML 19 - - Florentino Beast
18. Çenturion AMC 20 27/11 7.31 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 Stylish
19. Macedoni Altés ST 21 - - Acacoyagua Mercurial
20. Mani Quita ST 20 - - Motozintla Eccentric
21. Abas Juanarena GK 20 - - Haïtiens Predatory
22. Urbano Noboa AMR 19 1/- 7.10 SC Pedregal Stylish
23. Retired
24.(+c) Milan Lucio AMC/ST 23 5/1 6.96 SC Pedregal Dynamo
25. Hector Hurtado AMC 20 1/- 9.90 Haïtiens Determined
31. Minermo Ocamica GK 19 - - Atlás Ciuredor Flamboyant

(C) Captain / (VC) Vice Captain / (+c) additional captains / (*) clean sheets


Have fun. Maybe don't kill everyone. At least not all at once.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Do Absolutely Anything: Y*

*RRR: the Right to Reciprocity Reserved

The ‘Paeips’ (‘peeps’) system - as noted in the squad listing - is there to assist your RP, if you need it. Full description ‘Personality As Expressed In Playing Style’, it uses a single word to sum up how the person plays, and/or how they are off the ball, off the field, off the clock and off piste… feel free to interpret that one word how you wish, or ignore it.

Most likely to get…

Poacher's tap in: Pedro Rôa
20-metre screamer: Çenturion
Applauded for fancy panenka: Jaïr Iscla
Laughed at for bungled panenka: Macedoni Altés
Drilled down the middle: Ostando Bertendona
Jeered for over-exuberant celebrations: Minermo Ocamica
First minute booking: Milan Lucio
Last minute winner: Niño Pinto
Early bath for handbags: Tsttnauayui
Stretcher to the tunnel: José Tavia
Blood-covered rag around head: Ixtub Tün
Tackle of the season: Tol Chicote
Book of tactics for extra-curricular homework: Alexandro Calvoecheaga
A packet of sweets, a pat on the head, and excused from doing his homework for the night: Emmanuel París
Early nomination for legend status: Mó Reverté

The average Tequiloan has an exceedingly high SQ (shambolic quotient) meaning they are really very good at creating and thriving in chaos… they generally get things done in a very roundabout and often nonsensical way, usually with an unbelievably high portion of luck (either good or bad). They are happy to lose, and prefer it in chaotic fashion - it's all about the journey, not the result. 0-7 is much more interesting than 0-1. Apparently.

For the purpose of media marketing, the PR company attached to the UPT has decided the national team will take the nickname Los Pitxileros - the imaginative epithet translates as ’The Footballers’ - although the press and fans mostly prefer to use ’the agave-blues’ on account of their shirt colour.

OOC: Always happy to collaborate - drop me a TG or call me out in RP (but maybe still drop me a TG in case I miss it…)
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Postby Al Wadiya » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:30 am


Before we announce our team,we would like to expresses our deepest gratitude to our protector,guide,philosopher,father(not literally),Beloved Oppressor,Supreme Leader Admiral General Aladeen,for giving us this golden opportunity to represent the Glorious Republic of Wadiya in the World stage.To express our gratitude,this message will be followed by one minutes of silence...

And now,here is the official Wadiyan Squad for IAC12:

Head Coach: Sergey Ivanchuck(USR)
Assistant Coach: Habib Abbas
18 men squad:

1.Adib Kankhava,age:32,club;Taeshan Tigers
2.Kyrgyz Nuzemetiozhodov(known simply as Nuze),age:26,club;Hautim Rebels
3.Nasir Khan,age:26,club:Gresgdar FC

4.Mohammed Ali,age:29,club:Bomsuk FC(Sannyamathland) {captain}
5.Khabib Abdedov,age:25,club:Taeshan Tigers
6.Azer Medvedev,age:30,club:Gregsdar FC
27.Adil Khan,age:32,club:Wellington Rangers FC
8.Azamat Hadreydov,age:23,club:Wahabbia FC

11.Rashid Aladov,age:28,club:Oldcastle United(Sannyamathland)
23.Mahmud Khan,age:27,club:Wellington Rangers FC
18.Rahim Sheydayev,age:22,club:Taeshan Tigers
7.Edinson,age:31,club:Hautim Rebels
16.Magob Jamalov,age:35,club;Gomaraen Glory FC
18.Mikhail Bedrodov,age:27,club:Jarrister City FC(Sannyamathland)
19.Wazir Ali,age:32,club:Jawalbagh City FC

10.Khabib Mameyadov,age:26,club:Hepley United FC( Sannyamathland)
9.Faisal Ahmed,age:24,club:Waahabi FC
29.Bezhado Bergydov,age:29,club:Taeshan Tigers

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No we have our official flag,but what is the need of one,really ? Our Beloved Opressor is the embodiment of Al Wadiya.He is the God of Wadiya.

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Postby Abanhfleft » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:53 am


Abanhfleft's always trying to go back to the same level of relevancy to the greater multiverse of football that they had back in the 70s (of World Cups, that is). Here's yet another attempt to do it, but before doing all that, there's the Independent Associations Championship to help the ladies tune up and get used to the feeling of losing all over again.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3.00
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Manager: Ginny Katesmar (53 y/o, North Prarie)

GK: Bronwyn CHURCHILL 27 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Women Image
Bronwyn is the daughter of Rosenpfelblatz City's new manager Joseph "Joe" Churchill, one of the most decorated managers in the sport within the Fleftic sphere of influence. Bronwyn came with her dad to Rosenpfelblatz and immediately settled in well with the Lady Sky Blues' academy. She is a traditional keeper who prefers to keep close to goal and catch or slap away shots from that position, although she is learning to become a more athletic keeper now that she's training with the likes of Yannie Redborne, Marfa Kirilenko, and Blaze Chrzanowska. She's been elevated to starting goalie because Stephanie Bryan is off playing for the over-35 national team in the World Cup of Masters in Sarzonia.

RB: Colleen ADAMS 31 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Women Image
There was a time when people wondered what Colleen can offer to the national side. Seven years on and now we know what it is: defensive solidity in the back four. What more can a team ask for then? Well, maybe less yellow and red cards from Colleen. She's had her fair share of those at club level and the SFA is not really keen on her starting up a new account with the referees at the Independents Cup.

RCB: Christy SHEPLEY 28 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Women Image
At 6 feet 2 inches, Christy is already one of the tallest 17-year-old Fleftic central defenders ever in the Democratic Republic and its sphere of influence. Coupled with a supernatural defensive ability, it's a wonder why she's still on the bench and not starting, until one realizes that Christy is quite the thin and willowy girl. She's a good defender and good in aerial and dead-ball situations, there's no doubt about that, but it's still very much child's play to get her off of the ball, and applying the slightest amount of pressure turns Christy into a headless chicken.

LCB: Miranda SULLINS 31 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Women Image
There's a reason why Sporting Ceneisis were interested in keeping Miranda Sullins in their academy and eventually their team, and that's the fact that she's just a rock-solid ball-playing defender. Miranda could have gone anywhere else she wanted, but she chose to stick it out with the Blues, and they repaid her with a place in their starting eleven. Regular call-ups to the national team also didn't hurt her stock one bit.

LB: Georgine BAUM 27 y/o, Pascal Mashu Image (Kita-Hinode)
Another player with foreign roots playing for the Democratic Republic. This time, Georgine's parents are immigrants, or rather expats, from Pridnestrovia, who escaped the country after her father said a few things that were not to President Field Marshal Stepan Stepanenko's liking. For a long time she was forced to play on the right but now she's back to her preferred left back position after some years being hung out to dry by the SFA. Surprisingly enough, her time playing in right back hasn't turned her into an ambidextrous threat. Maybe it was never meant to be.

RM: Trinidad KLEIST 29 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies Image
Trinnie Kleist was always tipped to become a hard, no-nonsense midfielder who doesn't let the opposition get past her, and for once she actually developed into one such player. She's also matured to the point where she now times her tackles wisely and does them only when necessary. Still doesn't stop some referees whipping out the cards on Trinnie just because her reputation precedes her.

LM: Cecily SEGOVIA 29 y/o, Riuwiee United Women Image
CeCe Segovia is the creative foil to Trinnie Kleist's defensive midfielder. The Oontaz-born central midfielder is the creative outlet for the midfield, setting up passes and long balls to initiate the attack. But that doesn't mean she shirks from her defensive responsibilities. Still, like Trinnie, CeCe is still a bit enthusiastic with the sliding tackles and will get her name on the referee's notebook a fair few times.

RW: Elene LINER 27 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Ladies Image
Even at her young age, Elene already has the look of a future fantastic keeper. Well, what else can be said about the Sarvusdalamoive Football Academy, which has turned out great Fleftic keepers like Maksim Varamoninov and Victoria Carter? Unfortunately, she's slipped down the pecking order, but only because Brook Arzate deserves the chance to start this time. She had a lot to make up for after that emotionally devastating penalty shootout loss against Schottia in the 9th Under-15 World Cup and she ended up not having the mental strength to get over the disappointment of the shootout so she decided to become a striker instead. This way she hopes to emulate some of Abanhfleft's star forwards like Matthew Cave and Ruud Akinfenyor who started off as goalkeepers and then decided to make the move up to the top of the pitch.

CAM: Prudence WOODWARD 27 y/o, Duhblakk Aztecs Image
Prudence Woodward is the third and final player of Panemian descent to represent the blue, orange, and green for the Sporting World Cup after Guildenstern Cardew and Poppaea Fleet-Street. Prudence has a taste for clever through-balls and occupying pockets of space in which she could create chances and even score a few goals herself. She became a mother after a one-night stand with fellow under-18 teammate Prince William Luckless, but she wants to emulate her fellow single mother footballer in Claudine Samaniego in having both a stable family and a good football career.

LW: Amelie RUSEV 27 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies Image
Amelie Rusev is definitely the complete winger package now. Not only is she both quick and light on her feet and strong in the air and during challenges, she is ambidextrous, able to use both feet to send in long balls and crosses into the box when she wants. With that added crossing ability, Amelie has already cemented her place in the first team of Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies. As for being the next Miss Ludogorets though, for some reason the fans are reluctant to give her that unofficial title. Who knows why?

ST: Kelly McGINNIS 27 y/o, Hoventon & Corlington Town Image (Mercedini)
Kelly McGinnis could very well be the next Chelsea Stuart, and not just because she's become the starting striker for the Fleftic women's national football team. Kelly moved abroad to Mercedini's Hoventon & Corlington Town to continue her development as a striker, but almost a decade later and she's not won much with the Mercedinian side. She wants more, and if moving away from Hoventon & Corlington Town is the way to get it, then she'll just have to make the move.

GK: Deanna HERRING 19 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Women Image
Abanhfleft and Ginny Katesmar are taking a risk bringing two under-23 goalkeepers for this tournament as backup to Bronwyn Churchill, but then again, this is supposed to be a bunch of tune-up games after all. Deanna was rated enough by Kate Bernanos to be the starting goalkeeper for what could be Abanhfleft's last Di Bradini Cup for a while, but for the Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy she's only good enough to warm the bench for Rona Churchill.

GK: Mihaela HRISTOVA 19 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Women Image
Mihaela was the third-string goalkeeper for the under-21 side in Di Bradini Cup 49 for Abanhfleft. She's still third-string here in Muralos, but now it's for the senior women's team itself. It's like a promotion but also not really one.

RB: Queen YARNALL 24 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Women Image
A quiet and sturdy defender who for her age is already making waves not only in the youth leagues but also in her handful of appearances for the Admiral Porcusces Women senior team. Still needs some work obviously but she could have a very high ceiling indeed.

CB: Brooke AUGUSTYN 28 y/o, Dinamo Bender Women Image (Pridnestrovia)
Augustyn didn't exactly become one of the best fullbacks to come out of Abanhfleft, but at least her career wasn't sidelined by too many injuries either. After a decent showing with Eielo Sunlight Women, she made the leap to Pridnestrovia and Dinamo Bender Women where she did well enough to make her way back to the national team.

CB: Tiera WALRATH 26 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
One quarter of the Ogovlich backline that won them the Youth Premier League title this season. Like Wilton Kaba beside her in the under-18 team, Tiera's main purpose is to win balls inside the box and then kick it right out of the danger area. Accuracy needs a bit of work though.

LB: Tien GOODLETT 25 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
The second quarter of the Ogovlich backline that won the Youth Premier League. Tien is more of an attacking fullback who likes to maraud further up the pitch and assist in the attack. She still gets back in defense more times than not but a particularly quick counterattack could still leave her stranded where she can be of no help to her fellow defenders.

RM: SIBUSIZWE Kiggwancha 25 y/o, Athletic Motonou Image
SIbusizwe's greatest strength lies in the fact that she can win the ball in midfield more times than not. Of course, most of this is against girls and boys on or nearly the same age as she is, but when she turned out for Athletic Motonou's senior side in the last few matchdays of the Ladies' Third Division season (with the title already wrapped up for Motonou) Sibusizwe looked capable of doing much the same thing against players who were much older and much more experienced than her. Now, she may be older but she's still no closer to being able to show this side of her game regularly because of manager philosophies and better players becoming available for call-up to the national team.

CM: Poppaea FLEET-STREET 28 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image
Poppaea is a rock-solid midfielder with decent ball distribution skills but still has a tendency to go all in on tackles, especially sliding ones. She came out as a lesbian at a young age and has been a pillar in the local LGBTQ sporting community, so when she got dropped from the national team for other midfielders who are better at playing in midfield than her, there was an outcry. The situation calmed down through the years though, and now she's back in the national setup.

LM: Charlene WILLIAMSON 28 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Women Image
Charlene Williamson is the overlooked twin sister of Gareth Williamson. The reasons why she's been overlooked is because her main assets in football are mostly pace, acceleration, physicality, and a good long ball. Charlene can also run with the ball or chase it for 90 minutes and anyone stupid enough to try to take the ball away from her would find themselves on the ground almost immediately. Strangely though, Charlene's physicality tends to vanish during set pieces and Charlene could now count herself lucky if she doesn't end up kissing the grass while trying to get a touch on a corner or a free kick. Perhaps that's why Sporting Ceneisis allowed her to go to their provincial rivals Admiral Porcusces. Now that's one transfer the Blues regretted deeply.

RW: Sohaila MAGOMEDOVA 29 y/o, Exiles FK Image (Pridnestrovia)
Sohaila is one of Heinrich Wurzmann's latest finds from the Alternative Football Program. Her idols growing up were tricky players like Finn Jameson, Ruud Akinfenyor, and Matthew Cave, and Sohaila certainly has the feet to emulate them. She has indeed turned into one of the best right wingers Abanhfleft has to offer, but her decision to move to lower league Pridnestrovian side Exiles FK has cost her many a call-up with the national team. Until now, that is.

LW: Claudia ROOS 28 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Women Image
Claudia finally made the move from left back to left winger, a move that worked out well in the end for her, what with her pace, crossing ability, and incisive runs into the box. However, injuries have plagued her career and forced her out of contention for a call-up for much of what should have been the best years of her career, but now it looks like she's about to turn the whole thing around and become a late bloomer along the lines of a certain Tristan Lee.

FW: Hiroko KELLERMAN 21 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Women Image
Kellerman won the Golden Boot in the Fleftic Premier Development League 1 with a 23-goal haul in the 2028-29 season, earning her a promotion up to the senior women's team where she continued her goalscoring form with 21 goals for 2029-30, making her the highest goalscorer of the Citizens that season. She earned a call-up to the under-21 team for the 48th Di Bradini Cup, where she was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise disastrous campaign which once again convinced the SFA to boycott the Di Bradini Cup for real and permanently this time.

KITS (by Adidulas)


RP Permissions
Everything except killing players or staff is fine by me, but please send a TG first or reach me via Discord.

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The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby Kohnhead » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:50 pm


Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Shorter Name: Kohnhead
Nation Trigramme: KND
Record: 57-23-37 (W-D-L)
WCC Record: 39-17-28 (W-D-L)
Inaugural Match: Kohnhead 2 - 2 Riena
Biggest Win: Kohnhead 5 - 0 Al Qurija
Biggest Loss: Kohnhead 0 - 4 Eura
Achievements: First Place at the 2nd Wonder Cup, Round of 16 at the 72nd Baptism of Fire, 5th place in group 2 of WC85 qualfiers, Round of 16 at the 77th Cup of Harmony, Round of 16 at the 10th IAC, Round of 32 at the 78th Cup of Harmony, Round of 24 at the 11th IAC, 4th place in group 10 of WC87 qualifiers, Round of 32 at the 79th Cup of Harmony
Top Scorer: Aaron Korkson (55)
Most Assists: Linus Rallyton (36)
Most Caps: Charles Laker (116)

Team Info: The Brains surpassed all expectations and turned many heads at their original attempt at qualifying as we came in 6th in our group but that doesn't tell the whole story. We were in it until the second to last match where Drawkland eliminated us by winning 5-4. We have also impressed in virtually every other competition we have been in except for last qualifiers where we did extremely poorly (but don't talk about it). The Michael White era has started off pretty well for Kohnhead with good results at the Twicetagria Football Invitational, however subpar results at the 11th IAC had many wondering if we could truly mount a challenge in qualifiers. With a new formation, a new mindset, and some new players we came in 4th of the Group and even managed to win the UWC belt to carry it into the Cup of Harmony where we finished 2nd in our group before suffereing a humiliating 5-1 loss to Mercedini in the Round of 32 once again. Expectations for this IAC are a run to the quarterfinals at minimum and I think we can definitely do this considering we return the same team from the Cup of Harmony and World Cup Qualifiers.

The official roster of the KNFT consists of the following players for the Cup of Harmony. It has players from the KFA (Kohnhead Football Association), as well as some who play on teams abroad.

Starting XI
(C) Right Forward: Aaron Korkson #91 (M) Age: 25 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 111 Goals: 55 Assists: 24
The 25 year old captain played very well at the Baptism of Fire before their loss in the round of 16. He also was one of the main reasons they were able to do so well in the World Cup 85 qualifiers. He's a strong leader and is able to score goals pretty easily. He and Maltos are the stars on Kohnhead City FC and on national team. He will be entering his prime soon and leads the squad in goals by a pretty large amount. Korkson followed an awful campaign in WC 86 Qualifying with his best in WC 87 Qualifying leading the team in goals and showing why he's considered the top striker.

Left Forward: Erin Maltos #10 (F) Age: 25 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 111 Goals: 45 Assists: 24
Erin Maltos is very good. While Korkson may have 1o more goals, the impact she has on the game when she's plays cannot be understated and although there are times and there are some games where she may disappear into the shadow of other stars, she has the best footwork on the team and a deadly shot. She like Korkson will be reaching her prime soon and it will be good to see, Maltos like Korkson had a bounce back campaign last cycle which was huge.

Right Midfielder: Al Torgan #21 (M) Age: 29 Team: Capital FC (Sylestone)
Caps: 61 Goals: 9 Assists: 7
He was the top mid off the bench in the last qualifiers and Michael White is exceptionally high on him for good reason and with a legendary season with Capital FC in Sylestone winning the league, MVP, and Golden Boot he may have earned the top sub spot back. While the plan was for him to appear as a sub in most games in place of Ida Cogginter, Torgan just outplayed every expectation and added on to Cogginter's struggles his resurgence in his late 20s has given him a starting spot for the first time which he has kept and built on at the Cup of Harmony. While we do not know how much longer he can keep this spot as we have a talented, young midfield and Thomas Stratford has been trying to prove why he should be a starting striker Torgan is the starter for now.

Central Midfielder: Sophie Johnson #7 (F) Age: 21 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 39 Goals: 5 Assists: 8
While Sophie Johnson was buried on the depth chart at the Cup of Harmony 78 a great run of form in the KFA Premier League scoring five goals for second place Kohnhead City FC as well as Michael White's approval during training earned her this spot away from Audrey Henderson. It was bold move however especially given the talent at the position but Johnson more than justified her starting spot during the cycle and she fit right in for the offense. Her starting spot isn't going anywhere and she's just another example of why this team can be so good in the future.

Central Midfielder: Linus Rallyton #11 (M) Age: 27 Team: FC Yassaca (Squornshelean Remnant States)
Caps: 110 Goals: 19 Assists: 36
It didn't take long for Linus Rallyton to show that he was the best player in Kohnhead and it happened during our Baptism of Fire as he looked dominant. He is our all time leader in assists with 26 and he controls the game from the center of the field as that guy. Last offseason he completed a massive move to FC Yassaca in the Squornshelan Remnant States and they finished in second place after failing to get a victory in their final match which would have sealed it. Despite this it was a great season being named the second best signing, the fourth best midfielder, and the fourth best foreign player. He followed it up by being named to the Team of the Season in his second campaign although Yasacca only qualified for the Challengers Cup and has now been named team captain. Internationally he has been brilliant and leads the team in assists a mark that no one is anywhere close to.

Left Midfielder: Charles Laker #54 (M) Age: 22 Team: Barnley FC
Caps: 116 Goals: 26 Assists: 18
In the two years since our Baptism of Fire we have seen the emergence of Charles Laker on the left side of this midfield. His talent, skills, and maturity level have grown exponentially and he will keep getting better in the years ahead. Laker has played in all but one game in Kohnhead's brief history, and he has played every minute of every game showing just how much of an ironman he has been. Laker has slowly been ascending to stardom as one could say and we will get to witness him continue to grow.

Right Back: Taylor Rodar #15 (F) Age: 22 Team: New Capetown Falcons (Taeshan)
Caps: 41 Goals: 1 Assists: 2
Rodar after leaving Bingham City was called up to the National team as possibly the second center back off of the bench behind Porsha. Rodar didn't play too well at the DBC and Bingham City were awful during their relegation year however she was given a shot at the Cup of Harmony and played well, Michael White really likes her skill set. She currently is the starter at right back for Taeshan side New Capetown Falcons who just came in third of that higher level league. Rodar has been a defensive liability however the hope is that she can continue to step up and has outplayed Callie Porsha although Porsha wants the starting role back.

Center Back: Miranda Atkinson #51 (F) Age: 21 Barnley FC
Caps: 100 Goals: 3 Assists: 7
Miranda Atkinson has been the second best player on the defense since she became a starter midway through the Baptism of Fire, two years ago. Since then she has improved, just reached, 20, and not to mention won the MVP with Barnley FC in season 1 of the KFA Premier League. While the following seasons haven't been as good she still has been one of the best defenders in the league and will continue to be so as she grows and develops. She like a lot of this team has her best days ahead of her and will be the starter for a long time.

Center Back: Claire Corton #24 (F) Age: 28 Team: Swisston City FC
Caps: 91 Goals: 3 Assists: 6
Corton had a rough start to the BoF, with some saying her and Vargas were the major problem with the team. She stepped it up a bit later in the tournament but overall had a rough BOF. Since then she has been a real redemption story playing extremely well, a lot better than when Callie Porsha had to step in as her replacement. Corton is still in the prime of her career, but she was injured midway through last 85's qualifiers causing her to miss the entire Cup of Harmony. She really has put those questions behind her and has been very solid in the back but will have to keep looking over her shoulder if she wants to keep this spot.

Left Back: Nicholas Radison #14 (M) Age: 26 Team: Port Tacassam FC (Tikariot)
Caps: 115 Goals: 9 Assists: 6
Radison has been the best defender by far. He has the pace to run up and down the wings which is something you always look for in a wing back. Radison has consistently been the lone saving grace of the defense but now the defense is much improved which will take the burden off of his back especially with the emergence of Atkinson, from Claire Corton. Radison is just entering his prime at age 25. He has also been asked to play more of a role in the offense with his speed down the wings. Last offseason he completed a transfer from FC Kohnface City to Tikariotan side Port Tacassam FC
who are surprisingly in a title race sitting in second with just three matches left that Radison has played a part in with three goals and great contributions to the second best defensive team (only one goal out of first).

Goalkeeper: Bertha Sanders #1 Age: 23 (F) Team: Sindvpore FC (Indusse)
Caps: 65 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
After starting for Kohnhead at the most recent U-21 World Cup/DBC, Sanders in a surprise move was named the National Team starter over Madison Richards for the IAC. Richards continued to be on the bench as Sanders who looked good at the DBC took over for the legend that was Jackson Newcastle. Newcastle has also returned to and will be a member of the coaching staff and will especially be helping Sanders. It appears as if Coach Kohnhead made another smart move as she looked great at the IAC and could be the starter for the next 15 years. Qualifiers were more difficult for her but she should bounce back here at the CoH. White is keeping her as the starter after a good Cup of Harmony, and IAC. Sanders recently completed a big money move to Sindvpore FC the reigning champions in Indusse where she will continue to get better.


Formation: 4-4-2

Captain: Korkson
Left Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Corner: Rallyton
Left Corner: Rallyton
Penalties: Korkson

Coach: Michael White (M) (South Newlandia)

Forward: Thomas Stratford #12 (M) Age: 22 Nickelson FC
Caps: 19 Goals: 5 Assists: 5
Stratford has barely played for the National team but with Griffin Pheonix-Anderson retiring and Harry Richman getting on with age he has moved up to the first choice striker on the bench. He recently graduated from University and succesfully returned to his club of Nickelson to pair with GPA and Madison Richards helping lead them to a second place finish in the league which he followed up with a third place last season. He played quite well in Twicetagria starting a couple of games and played pretty good off the bench at the last IAC, qualifiers, and Cup of Harmony. Stratford while he isn't going to supplant Korkson and Maltos could pressure Michael White into switching formations to a 4-3-3 with him in for Al Torgan.

Forward: Harry Richman #77 (M) Age: 34 Team: Barnley FC
Caps: 51 Goals: 16 Assists: 5
Harry Richman has come in clutch for this team. He plays 65 minutes a game when he starts yet is ready to come off the bench and give this team a spark whenever necessary. He has come off the bench before and performed extremely well when needed however he has now moved below Stratford on the depth chart. He still enjoys domestic success though as this was a very successful performance in the Challenger's Cup by Barnley making it to the Group Stage and captured his second KFA title two years ago.

Forward: John Smith #19 (M) Age: 23 South Saints (Ethane)
Caps: 3 Goals: 1 Assists: 0
Smith played for Barnley in season one but transferred to the reigning champs of Ethane (The South Saints) in that offseason where he helped them reach third place in the league to go back to IFCF competitions. The following season he helped them win the league in dominant fashion cementing his place on the squad. He will be replacing Griffin Phoenix-Anderson and while he might not be as good he's young like the majority of the team and played quite well last season and with Harry Richman quite close to hanging up the boots John Smith should be looking to pass him.

Midfielder: Audrey Henderson #9 (F) Age: 24 FC Kohnface City
Caps: 67 Goals: 13 Assists: 10
For the longest time, Henderson was our top sub off of the bench especially in the midfield and she stepped up big time when Cogginter went down early on during the qualifiers at World Cup 85. Despite this it seemed that the young Henderson may never be given a spot to start until finally before our inaugural IAC, Coach Kohnhead decided to give her the starting spot in for Hannah Horsford as we transitioned to a 4-3-1-2. Henderson played extremely well at said IAC but struggled in both the 86 qualifiers as well as the following Cup of Harmony prompting a benching as Michael White made his first big move. Henderson is no longer even a top two option off the bench and it looks like she just hasn't reached her high potential looking poor for FC Kohnface City and always looking invsibile for the National Team.

Midfielder: Suzanna Barter #60 (F) Age: 20 Team: Kingston FC (Quebec and Shingoryeo)
Caps: 2 Goals: 2 Assists: 3
Barter replaced Balmer on the squad as they like the upside that Barter offers more than they like Balmer's as Barter is only 19. Suzanna really emerged in season 1 of the the KFL on a surprise Real Dawson squad that made the Challengers. Barter got her only cap (it was a start) in the match against Delaclava which was a friendly and she record an assist. Sophie Johnson was named the starter and she is climbing on a loaded midfield depth chart, as the new Kingston FC player who moved there for a massive 4.75 million dollars (second most expensive Kohnheadian player ever after Rallyton) last summer continues her climb.

Midfielder: Ida Cogginter #41 (F) Age: 30 Team: Alexandria City (Xanneria)
Caps: 80 Goals: 13 Assists: 13
Two years ago before our BOF many thought Audrey Henderson the then young 21 year old would have her spot. Cogginter proved those doubters wrong and had a fantastic tournament. She really is a big part in the flow of the offense and has great skills as a passer. Cogginter plays second fiddle on Kohnhead City to Korkson and Maltos but she really played well in the BOF and some claim her injury was the reason Kohnhead didn't make it to the quarters. Despite her injury troubles in the qualifiers for World Cup 85 she has returned as good as ever in the Cup of Harmony and in the IAC. It was a bold move to give her the starting spot originally and it was a bold move to give it back to her upon her return to injury but she has deserved it both times. Age and injury unfortunately have just taken a toll on her and while she is still good and had a good season for 2nd place Alexandria City in the FLOX she continues to slide down the pecking chart.

Defensive Midfielder: Rodriguez Sporet #2 (M) Age: 33 FC Rüsselsheim (South Newlandia)
Caps: 4 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Sporet replaced the forgettable Hannah Horsford during his debut call-up to the National Team in the World Cup 87 Qualifiers. While he is 33 and never once impressed in the KFA playing for the Dawson Diamonds in season 1 (again there were seasons before this) a free transfer to FC Rüsselsheim in South Newlandia changed his career. He was arguably their best player and was named the second best defender in South Newlandia helping them avoid relegation and make it to the Challenger's Cup by way of the Cup. While he probably won't play much and was a surprise call-up it's good to see Michael White using his South Newlandian connections.

Back: Callie Porsha #42 (F) Age: 21 FC Kohnface City
Caps: 59 Goals: 2 Assists: 3
Porsha following CPL's well documented struggles took over the starting right back spot as Coach White eventually benched her in favor of Taylor Rodar. She recently graduate to join FC Kohnface City and is currently the top defender off of the bench. She played a big part in FC Kohnface's turnaround last season and is only 21 so even though she lost her starting job there is definitely time for her to win it back.

Back: Arnold Donaldson #23 (M) Age: 25 Team: Vidal Alchemists (Mriin)
Caps: 3 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Donaldson was the third new player added to the roster for the last IAC after a good debut season in Mriin playing for the Vidal Alcehmists. While he's by no means the best player on the team, Mriin teams are a lot better than Kohnheadian teams and the fact that he's starting says a lot. He is replacing Vargas but is probably the last or second to last defender on the depth chart. Despite reports that he would play ahead of CPL at the qualifiers this was untrue as he only appeared in one game however it is pretty much official that he is ahead of Prius-Leonard when it comes to the depth chart.

Back: Caroline Prius-Lenoard #76 (F) Age: 34 Team: Sporting Kohnhead City
Caps: 66 Goals: 1 Assists: 5
Prius-Leonard didn't start out too well as the entire defense struggled during our Baptism of Fire but since then she has been a constant at right back and has really turned her game around. CPL is getting up there in age and while she has missed only three games as part of the team she has a bad injury history and at 34 many people are worried how much longer she can keep playing at a high level as she has publicly flirted with retiring before last domestic league season and is now on a new team in SKC. CPL looked old, slow, and fatigued during 86 qualifiers which resulted in her being benched for the first time. Donaldson is now ahead of her on the depth chart as is Porsha.

Goalkeeper: Madison Richards #72 (F) Age: 33 Nickelson FC
Caps: 5 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Richards proved to be a suitable backup in the 3 games that she started last time in place of Jackson Newcastle as she despite some nerves in the first one settled down. At age 32, she will probably remain the backup for the rest of her career as Bertha Sanders has looked very good so far. Richards had another good domestic season and helped Nickelson have a top two defense and finish third just short of the title once again.

Goalkeeper: Amber Washington #25 (F) Age: 23 Porter City
Caps: 0 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Washington is the third string keeper on the team and will probably take over the backup role once Richards retires. Washington is coming off of a season in which she won the Golden Boot and was named to the KFA First Team for the winning Porter City. She was the only callup to the squad for the World Cup Qualifiers because White wanted a third keeper and will be staying here for that reason, she's young and will probably pass Richards for the position of backup at some point.


Massive shoutout to Filindostan and No Nonsense Sportswear for making these awesome kits

Style Mod: -1
RP Permissions: Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (don't overdo it but you can give them full tournament injuries however nothing longer than this)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Just TG me to let me know what it is. I will probably allow almost all.
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football: 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Juvencus » Tue Mar 23, 2021 1:14 pm

Squadra Nazionale di Juvencus

Special thanks to Qusmo for taking the time to edit a silver star, signifying the team's Cup of Harmony victory, on top of the crest

Information about Juvencus:
Population: 130,656,702
Demonym: Juven
Country Code: JUE
Football Association: JFA (Juven Football Association)
Nicknames: Gli attacanti(The attackers), La Squadra(The team)
Football philosophy: Despite the nickname the team has gotten so famous for, Juven football philosophy domestically has been dominated by a lot of concrete walls they call backlines with very disciplined players and the focus has always been on getting attackers that are effective, rather than bombardiers. First national team coach August Toset tried to instill the traditional Juven style of play in the national team which worked into getting the team getting established as a mid-table side, which didn't serve its purposes all that well. Domestically, side AC Pomena was starting to dominate the Campionato with a tactic that hasn't been used by many other teams before, a tactic that uses its speed to counter-attack, start off its engines on its own if there's a stalemate but also play a distinguishably annoying style of possessive football if a lead of at least 2 or 3 goals is met. This has been coined by the fans as "Pomenienze" and its something Toset brought on to his players alongside a fiery mentality of not brining themselves down, it might've not initially helped the team qualify to the world cup, but it gave the team its first -and so far only- trophy in its collection, the Cup of Harmony. Ever since then this style of aggressive football has been used with big effect against most sides and has since then slipped on to even more teams domestically and even in the youth system.
Tactics this Independent Associations Cup: Mauro De Casio's sudden disappearance from the Cup of Harmony has come as a surprise to many, mostly because his rebuilding efforts last cycle had brought the team together and were developing a strong core for future cycles. Former international Dudu Madeiros has taken the team's full control at the moment and he will be using his predecessor's philosophy of aiming towards the re-establishment of a strong attacking side however by grooming younger players towards a future goal, resting more mature internationals in preparation for their own domestic seasons and only keeping a few that voluntarily joined in as 3rd-choice substitutions in case things go south. Using a side whose average age range is between 19 and 22, and with the team being placed at pot 3, Madeiros' ambitions will be looking towards scouting young talents' strengths and weaknesses for better future usage, a qualification to the knockouts much like last time and giving playing time to players who did not get a lot of it in the World Cup Qualifiers and Cup of Harmony. The 3-4-3 classical "Pomenienze" system is operated, however with less of a focus on pressing to the point of forgetting how to defend or whatever happened with De Casio on the wheel, with a lot of covering and switching between the formations. This will be less fluid and more positioning-focused, much like Toset's lineups in the 'glorious' past, more so resembling a hybrid AC Picilia side on a more aggressive day and AC Pomena's more "defensive" format.

Starting XI:
GK:Juan Carlos Ungaro(Age 19)(U.S Scudelli)
CB:Carlo Callejon(Age 22)(AC Pomena)
CB:Pau Puig(Age 19)(AC Serone)
CB:Leandro Domingues(Age 21)(S.S.C Tipoli)
CDM:Félix Sissoko(Age 19)(USC Toro)
CDM:Piere-Didier Kouyaté(Age 22)(U.S Scudelli)
RM:Chimo Quaranta(Age 22)(AC Serone)
LM:Lucien Cavallo(Age 22)(AC Pomena)
RF:Joao Pereyra(Age 20)(U.S Remeno)
LF:Edu Coste(Age 19)(AC Pomena)
CF:Julio Campana(Age 19)(Ituraitz VictoryImage)

GK:Iago Asputti(Age 20)(AS Aguajú)
CB:Sebastian Solano(Age 23)(Odiol Vinceti)
CB:Carlos Coste(Age 18)(FC Tiscan)
CDM:Giuseppe Conte(Age 20)(AC Serone)
CDM:Josefina Portieri(Age 19)(Internazionale Serone)
RM:Simon Oliveira(Age 19)(FC Tiscan)
RM:Júlien Cantù(Age 27)(Bul Khungur Miners FCImage)
LM:Pietro Alberte(Age 20)(U.S Remeno)
LM:Michelangelo Santini(Age 24)(Baraldhur AFCImage)
LF:Ganymede Garcia(Age 21)(S.S.C Vilan)
LF:Martin Rocher(Age 29)(S.S.C Tipoli)
RF:Maria Zambrotta(Age 20)(FC Herone)
RF:Matias Nespoli(Age 23)(VillaImage)
CF:Leon Dostescu(Age 22)(FC Demene)
CF:Brunella Tafani(Age 28)(Twin SaintsImage)

Main Coach:Dudu Madeiros
Assistant Coach:Calixto Conti
Assistant Coach:Sebastian Galletti
Team Doctor:Carlo Micheli
Team Physician:Mathis Rotolo


Current kits created by uni·q of Qusmo and used in solidarity towards our former Cup of Harmony rivals!

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yea, of course you can, go crazy, make my goalkeeper temporarily blind while you guys are shooting at him or something.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game.(see below, if it's a 2nd yellow)
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes, 1 per 2 games, with a preferred punishment of 1-3 matchdays during the qualifiers and just 1 during the world cup proper or cup of harmony.
Godmod other events: Yes, however in regards to the coronavirus or any plague-related RPs, the country just recently stopped an epidemic of grand levels of its own, so it'd be wise not to RP another one.
RP injuries to my players: Yea, but nothing too serious such as world cup-ending or career-ending. The max is 2-matchday long injuries.
Style Modifier: +3
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

Sonnel is my home<3
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Postby Central Shaneville » Tue Mar 23, 2021 2:56 pm

Is it third times a charm for Central Shaneville as they head into their third Independents Cup campaign and this time things are a little bit different for the island nation following the firing of controversial manager Jay Bucks - the man at the for-front of Central Shaneville and became a very iconic manager within the borders of Central Shaneville. His replacement is former Assistant manager - Cam Meister who promises to take Central Shaneville to places that Bucks couldn't take them to with Meister saying in an interview "We are looking ahead to our time in Muralos, we always look forward to the Independents Cup so we hope we can bring some high energy football to our group."

The Team

GK - James Penford
LB - Tommy Vance
CB - Danny Weaire
CB - Anthony Wessels
RB - Brandon Ekins
CAM - Danny Staniar
CAM - Shane Wray
LW - Spencer Owen
RW - Sam Wray
ST - David Vujanic
ST - Josh Smith

GK - Jordan Berry
D - Lewis Young
D - Luke Graham
M - Daniel Cutting
M - Olly Kenyon
M - Jeff Shreeves
F - Taylor Anderson

Cam Meister's first act as manager was to demote Luke Graham and put Tommy Vance in the team saying that "Previously our young defense has been too leaky we need more experience in that back 4 hense the change as I believe too many winnable games slip through our fingers each tourrnament."

The iconic Central Shaneville starting strike force of David Vujanic and Josh Smith return - nations that faced Central Shaneville in the World Cup qualifying were always cautious when facing these two men as their attacks can be devastating to an opponent, Smith is known for his long shots whilst Vujanic prefers a more technical approach this variety is good but can lead to a few arguments sometimes between attackers and defenders - the bench also houses reserve forward Taylor Anderson who also some international goals to his name in previous Independents Cups.

There is also news that Central Shaneville could be trying to revitalize its domestic football leagues with manager Cam Meister saying "Whilst teams may see the same players over and over again right now, at the next tournament that might not be the case with the Shaneville Super League restarting in the near future."

Choose My Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.

13th Winter Olympics - Men's Giant Slalom - Gold Medalists
Melayu Archipelago Games I - Women's Sepaktakraw - Gold Medalists



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