World Baseball Classic 51 – Everything Thread (IC)

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World Baseball Classic 51 – Everything Thread (IC)

Postby South Newlandia » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:10 pm

Welcome to World Baseball Classic 51 in Tikariot and South Newlandia!

The format:
The group stage will be played in ten groups of 6, playing a double-round robin with three games for every cut-off (for 30 games total). This will give us ten total group stage cutoffs, with each of those being a series of three games. The top three teams from each group and the best two 4th-placed teams advance to the playoffs. These will be held in South Newlandia and Tikariot in a single elimination bracket, consisting of best-of-five series, except for the final, which will be best-of-seven, as always. This bracket will be seeded, with no reseeding in between rounds. Teams that played against each other in the group stage will only be able to play against each other starting with the second knock-out round.

The tiebreakers for both group stage advancement and playoff seeding will be, in this order: Group Stage placement (only for Playoff seeding), wins, H2H results, H2H run differential, overall run differential, RP Bonus (IC coin flip), OOC coin flip. If a tie between multiple teams must be broken and one team wins the tiebreaker at any stage, while the remaining teams are still tied, the tiebreakers start at the top of the list again to break the tie between the remaining teams.


Pot 1:
Cassadaigua (1)
Nova Anglicana (2)
Newmanistan (3)
Banija (4)
Sarzonia (5)
Hampton Island (6)
The Sherpa Empire (7)
Hapilopper (8)
TJUN-ia (9)
Ko-oren (10)

Pot 2:
South Newlandia (11)
Zwangzug (12)
Drawkland (13)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (14)
Abanhfleft (15)
Tikariot (16)
The Greater Nordics (17)
Liventia (18)
Daskel (21)
Chromatika (22)

Pot 3:
Super-Llamaland (23)
Ranoria (25)
Kohnhead (26)
Ethane (27)
Equestrian States (28)
HUElavia (29)
Kriegiersien (30)
Devonta (31)
Quintessence of Dust (33)
Marigred (40)

Pot 4:
Anthor (42)
The Fortem (45)
Sicoutimont (46)
Karditan (46)
The 189 (46)
Silvedania (46)
Squidroidia (46)
Norrhem (57)
Hicaña (57)
Delaclava (65)

Pot 5:
Bardney (66)
Xanneria (69)
St. Saratoga (95)
Grey County (UR)
Le Choix (UR)
Srednjaci (UR)
Mapletish (UR)
Aji No Moto (UR)
BohemiaIV (UR)
Britland Isles (UR)

Pot 6:
Pratapgadh (UR)
Qzvarkian Qaz (UR)
Tierra de Castro (UR)
Barnettsville (UR)
Crilland (UR)
South Americanastan (UR)
Hannasea (UR)
Pluvie (UR)
The Luck of Jirachi (UR)
Sannyamathland (UR)

Unranked teams were placed randomly between pots 5 and 6.


South Newlandian half:

Group 1:
The Luck of Jirachi (UR)
Grey County (UR)
Silvedania (46)
Super-Llamaland (23)
Daskel (21)
Hapilopper (8)

Group 2:
Barnettsville (UR)
Norrhem (57)
Britland Isles (UR)
Tikariot (16)
Devonta (31)
Sarzonia (5)

Group 3:
Delaclava (65)
The Hannasean Federation (UR)
Ethane (27)
Cassadaigua (1)
Le Choix (UR)
Drawkland (13)

Group 4:
Abanhfleft (15)
Pluvie (UR)
Newmanistan (3)
The 189 (46)
Ranoria (25)
Mapletish (UR)

Group 5:
Xanneria (69)
South Americanastan (UR)
The Greater Nordics (17)
Squidroidia (46)
Ko-oren (10)
Kriegiersien (30)

Tikariotian half:

Group 6:
Marigred (40)
Srednjaci (UR)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (14)
The Fortem (45)
Nova Anglicana (2)
Sannyamathland (UR)

Group 7:
BohemiaIV (UR)
Zwangzug (12)
HUElavia (29)
TJUN-ia (9)
Tierra de Castro (UR)
Karditan (46)

Group 8:
South Newlandia (11)
St. Saratoga (95)
Kohnhead (26)
Pratapgadh (UR)
Banija (4)
Sicoutimont (46)

Group 9:
The Sherpa Empire (7)
Quintessence of Dust (33)
Chromatika (22)
Bardney (66)
Qzvarkian Qaz (UR)
Hicaña (57)

Group 10:
Hampton Island (6)
Crilland (UR)
Aji No Moto (UR)
Equestrian States (28)
Anthor (42)
Liventia (18)

Groups 1-5 will be scorinated by South Newlandia, while Groups 6-10 will be scorinated by Tikariot. Both of us will be posting individual cutoffs. South Newlandia will cutoff at some time between 17:30 and 19:00 UTC. Tikariot will cut off sometime between 03:00 and 04:00 UTC, about 6 hours later than the South Newlandian cutoff on any given series. Because time zones and daylight savings tend to be confusing, there will also be a 24-hour warning before the first cutoff windows in the signup thread.

March 22nd: Group Draw
March 30th: Series 1 – 1@6, 2@5, 3@4
March 31st: Series 2 - 6@4, 5@3, 1@2
April 1st: Series 3 - 2@6, 3@1, 4@5
April 2nd: Series 4 - 6@5, 1@4, 2@3

April 4th: Series 5 - 3@6, 4@2, 5@1
April 5th: Series 6 - 6@1, 5@2, 4@3
April 6th: Series 7 - 4@6, 3@5, 2@1

April 8th: Series 8 - 6@2, 1@3, 5@4
April 9th: Series 9 - 5@6, 4@1, 3@2
April 10th: Series 10 - 6@3, 2@4, 1@5

April 12th: Round of 32 – Games 1 and 2
April 13th: Round of 32 – Games 3 and 4 (if needed)
April 14th: Round of 32 – Game 5 (if needed)
April 15th: Round of 16 – Games 1 and 2
April 16th: Round of 16 – Games 3 and 4 (if needed)
April 17th: Round of 16 – Game 5 (if needed)

April 19th: Quarterfinals – Games 1 and 2
April 20th: Quarterfinals – Games 3 and 4 (if needed)
April 21st: Quarterfinals – Game 5 (if needed)
April 22nd: Semifinals – Games 1 and 2
April 23rd: Semifinals – Games 3 and 4 (if needed)
April 24th: Semifinals – Game 5 (if needed)

April 26th: Championship Series – Games 1 and 2; Third Place Series – Games 1 and 2

April 28th: Championship Series – Games 3 and 4; Third Place Series – Games 3 and 4 (if needed)
April 29th: Championship Series – Game 5 (if needed); Third Place Series – Game 5 (if needed)
April 30th: Championship Series – Game 6 (if needed)
May 1st: Championship Series – Game 7 (if needed)

The group draw will be conducted about 45 hours after the launch of this thread, precisely at 20:00 UTC on March 22nd, in the #live channel on the Nationstates Sports Discord server.

RP Information:
To get started, you probably want to post a roster to tell others about your team. A roster can be a simple list of players and a home ground, but you can make it as detailed as you want to. Here are some examples from the last World Baseball Classic:
Basic roster
Detailed roster
Very detailed roster
Extremely detailed roster

Your roster should also include a Roleplay Permissions Box to tell others what they’re allowed to do when competing against you. A typical one looks like this:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes/No
Choose my lineup: Yes/No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Use DH at home: Yes/No

Here's a short description of all these permissions:
Choose Runscorers: This allows your opponent to look at your roster and decide which players scored the runs in the game. Almost everyone grants this because it's hard to RP fully without it.
Choose Lineup: This allows your opponent to choose the order that your players bat in. If you already have a specific lineup specified in your roster, your opponent will probably use that, but it doesn't hurt to specify here.
Follow Pitching Rotation: If you have a pitching rotation on your roster, this allows your opponent to follow the rotation and assume which of your pitchers started in which games. This basically allows your opponent to specify your pitcher without having to ask you first.
Godmod Scoring Events: This allows your opponent to make unrealistic things happen leading to scores. These can range from statistically improbable stuff, like 5 straight batters hitting a homerun, or straight up impossible, like a dragon swooping into the stadium and stealing the ball so the batter can score. If you are strictly realist with your RP, you should say "No" to this permission.
RP Injuries: This lets your opponent RP realistic injuries to your players without having to consult you first. If you don't want that, you could also specify that they can as long as they ask you first.
Godmod Injuries: This is the same as above except the injuries could be more unrealistic, like career ending injuries or deaths.
Eject Players: This allows your opponent to eject your players in their RP if the situation arises.
Godmod Events: Same as the other godmod permissions, except this covers any other events that don't involve scoring or injuries.
Use DH at Home: The Designated Hitter is a unique position in baseball. This permission tells your opponent whether or not your team uses a DH normally (the home team always decides whether or not a designated hitter is used in the game based on their preference).

Once you have your roster posted, you're free to RP about whatever you want! Most people like to RP about how their teams perform, giving match reports every day or so about the games that were recently scorinated. You don't have to do this, but it's a good starting point. Some players have posted freeform stories unrelated to the tournament, if that's more your style, or given news about other events in their nations not necessarily relating to sports or the exact games in this tournament. In any case, you can RP about whatever you want! Just be sure if you write RPs including other nation's teams that you check their roster and RP Permissions. Also if your opponent already RP'd a game with your team's participation, please do not contradict them. If you need any more help, feel free to contact me or any other players here. I suggest you join the NS Sports Discord server, as many NS Sports people hang around there quite often.
(This explanation has been copied, with permission, from Drawkland’s WBC48 Thread)

If you have any questions, please send a telegram to South Newlandia or Tikariot, or post in the WBCDT, or ask us on Discord, we’re always happy to help!
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Postby Tikariot » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:11 pm

Tikariot IC info

Tikariot at a glance

Tikariot is a nation in Rushmore of approximately 52 million people, bordering The Kytler Peninsulae, Græntfjall, Weatherdon and Nyowani Kitara. It has 15 provinces ranging from nordic continental to tropic and everything in between. Despite having a thriving economy, Tikariotian businesses are bound by strict environmental laws to preserve the country for generations to come.

Before you arrive

While being a quite liberal country, there are some restrictions on what is allowed to be brought into the country. Hard drugs are forbidden as are any kind of weapons or endangered animals (dead or alive). Alcohol and tobacco can be brought into the country in limited quantities. Main port of entry is Port Rhovanyon International Airport, also the hub for Tikariot Owlways.

Getting around

Tikariot is a fairly large country, but has a very well developed transportation network. Tikariot Owlways operates several daily flights between all provincial capitals with some provincial subsidiaries taking care of flights to smaller destinations. There also is a high-speed train network connecting the larger cities, mostly powered by solar energy, making them a viable alternative to aviation. Most big cities have very well developed public transit with both underground and light rail trains, buses, bike rentals and more, encouraging Tikariotians to leave their cars at home. In the more rural areas trains and buses will connect with smaller communities as well.


Large parts of Tikariot are wilderness, be it the large forests of Viljamark, the plains of Taeria or the subtropical forests of the Emerald Coast. There are clearly marked roads and paths in these areas, straying from them could result in encounters with wild life, friendly or hostile, the worst of which is the dangaroo. Breaking environmental laws is met with strict fines.

Cities and stadiums
Oceanview Park (Port Rhovanyon, Rhovannyr), Capacity 68,000
Located in the centre of the country, on the Rhovanyon Bay, Port Rhovanyon is Tikariot's capital and second largest city. Oceanview Park is the national stadium for baseball also is the home of the TBL's Port Rhovanyon Paladins. It is part of the Port Rhovanyon Sports City, a cluster of sports facilities right at the ocean front, which also has excellent public transit connections.
(Ro32: Tikariot vs. Quintessence of Dust)

Paladon Park (Avanaroch, Paladon), Capacity 62,000
Home to the Avanaroch Nightwatch, Tikariot's most successful baseball team, the Paladon Park is a state of the art stadium located at the edge of the Paladonian capital, close to Paladon International Airport, guaranteeing quick transit. What makes the stadium special is that the playing surface is sunk below the surrounding terrain, giving the stadium an amphitheatre feeling.
(Ro32: Newmanistan vs. Ethane)

Dhaendome (Tikariot City, Dhaencunor), Capacity 53,000
Located right next to the Dhaencunor Arena of Tikariot City FC, the Dhaendome is a modern indoor venue with retractable roof, which normally houses the TBL's Tikariot Thunderforge. Tikariot City is the largest city of the country and is the location of the Tikariot City Citadel, which was instrumental in Tikariot's independence movement.
(Ro32: Cassadaigua vs. Tierra de Castro)

The Cavern (Oriannor, Khazagh), Capacity 34,000
The Cavern, home to the Oriannor Mountaineers (not to be confused with the football team of the same name), is an architectural marvel. Due to Oriannor's location in the middle of the Khazagh Range, the stadium has been completely blasted out of a mountain, with only one side open towards the Oriannor Valley. It is one of the most feared stadiums for away game due to the very interesting acoustics.
(Ro32: Liventia vs. Bardney)

Alcassar Plains Stadium (Alcassar, Acrassia), Capacity 44,000
One of the most challenging stadiums in Tikariot, the Alcassar Plains Stadium is feared due to the hot, humid climate of Acrassia. The home of the Alcassar Eagles from the Tikariot Baseball League is located on the far side away from the Gulf of Yavash in the west of the third largest city of Tikariot.
(Ro32: The Fortem vs. Kohnhead)

Northland Park (Fort Viljan, Viljamark), Capacity 21,000
Home of the Fort Viljan Northmen of the Tikariot Baseball League. Nestled at the edge of Lake Isvind (ice wind in Viljan) it a quaint little stadium that has a very unique feature, which is heating underneath the seats powered by geothermal power, taking the bite off the often cold winds coming in from the lake during winter..
(Ro32: Banija vs. The 189)

Skarraborg Dome (Skarraborg, Viljamark), Capacity 18,000
Located in Skarraborg, the second largest city in the Viljamark province, the Skarraborg Dome is normally home to the Skarraborg Tundra Thunder of the Tikariot Hockey League, but serves as a multi purpose arena. Due to the often unpredictable weather local authorities decided to build a covered complex to ensure year-round sports.
(Ro32: Sarzonia vs. Equestrian States)

Sabrehead Stadium (Samakar, Bashperian Darklands), Capacity 17,500
Home of the Samakar Sabreheads, this stadium is located in the capital of the Bashperian Darklands, the traditional home of the Bashperian tribes. With overall warmer weather than in Viljamark, the stadium does not have the luxury of heated seats, but then again, it does not really need it either.
(Ro32: Hampton Island vs. Zwangzug)
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Postby South Newlandia » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:11 pm


In a nutshell
South Newlandia is a small Esportivan island with about four million inhabitants, located approximately between the Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva, Tumbra, and Lisander. South Newlandia is known for democracy, elephants, regulated capitalism and environmentalism, and the friendly population, happy to help you out if you run into any problems.

South Newlandians don’t like to be divided into groups, because they believe that it can never do a singular person justice to reduce them to a single feature of them, but occasionally, it’s just necessary. For example, when you talk about South Newlandian places, you need to group the country into some geographical areas to get any idea what is being talked about. In general, you can divide South Newlandia into a Southern and a Northern Part, each consisting of five general areas. You can reach a few of those directly with an airplane, via the airports in Elephant Valley, Walstreim and Newport, but for most of the areas, you will have to take an additional ship or train, or a bus. Fortunately for you, public transport is almost free in South Newlandia, while renting a car can be more expensive.

Getting around inside South Newlandia isn’t a huge problem, it is often more difficult to arrive in the first place. That’s the case with all islands, but South Newlandia has rather few flights and ships exiting and entering, mostly because of environmental regulations. If you do arrive in South Newlandia, you are likely near the coast or even on an island now; your options are Elephant Valley, Newport, Walstreim, Kinjestad or Ineton. When you arrive, the probably best options are the multiple high-speed trains that can get you almost everywhere in the country fairly quickly. Unless you want to go to a really remote place, you can probably expect your journey to your destination to take two hours at most. If you want to connect between two of the big cities, like from Walstreim to Ratzupalfu, you can expect it to be even quicker. If you don’t like trains, for some reason, there are also busses and cars to rent, but the streets aren’t always in perfect condition, and are far less convenient, to be honest. Flights inland are banned in South Newlandia, with the exception of the daily plane to Dragon Island, flying cargo and people between Masmow and Newport, and back. Since Masmow will not be hosting any games, this will not be relevant for the World Baseball Classic. If you want to be mobile within a city, you can rent bikes for free, or you can take the underground if you are in a bigger city and the bus if the city is smaller. There are also busses and rental cars in the bigger cities, but unless you really need to, we wouldn’t advise you to use them. The bus is slower than the underground, and the underground gets you pretty much everywhere within a city. Cars can get very inconvenient because they are banned in many areas, and where they aren’t, there are rarely any parking spots. Seriously, don’t try to drive a car in South Newlandia. Most of the citizens don’t either; a lot of them don’t even have a license.

The climate typically stays the same in South Newlandia throughout most of the year, with warm winters and moderate summers. Snow is a foreign concept to everyone not living on the Dragon Island, and extreme heat is similarly uncommon; with the exception of the South Newlandian desert in the South. The only city in that area in Sun City, which tends to get a bit hot; but it shouldn’t be too bad around this time of year. Weather extremes are rare, too; don’t expect any windstorms or floods or anything like that.

There are some wild animals in South Newlandia, but they will generally don’t disturb you if you don’t disturb them. Basically, just stay on the outlined paths in the forest and don’t do anything to anger animals, and you’ll be fine. Most of South Newlandias wild animals are friendly, like the elephants, for example; in the unlikely event that you meet a bear, probably the most dangerous animal you could meet in South Newlandia, in the woods, you should follow standard bear safety guidelines. In any emergency, you can call or text the number 123 to get immediate help, or the number 321 if you just need less urgent, but still important advice.

Rules and Laws you should be aware of
If you plan to visit South Newlandia, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. Laws on imported goods are rather strict, and things you’d expect to not be allowed to take into other countries are usually banned in South Newlandia as well. Examples for this include dead animals, living people unwilling to enter and bombs of any kind. The same regulations will also apply if you go to leave the country again. Special note should be made of South Newlandian drug laws. While all drugs, and this means all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; are decriminalized in South Newlandia; this does not mean you are allowed to deal drugs. Selling or giving away drugs for any reason is strictly banned; this includes, again, alcohol and tobacco. However, you are allowed to take any drugs you want to without punishment, and are allowed to own any that are only for your own consumption. You are probably going to be treated like an addicted person though, so people might attempt to get you professional help to fight the addiction they perceive you to have. This is rare; most people are aware that different customs exist in other countries. In short, you are allowed to take any drugs into South Newlandia as long as you can convince officials that you aren’t addicted to them and do not intent to sell them. Bribing South Newlandian officials is basically impossible; border control is a very well-paid job in South Newlandia. Otherwise, the South Newlandian legal system is similar to the legal systems of most other civilised places; with the exception that jails and prisons have recently been outlawed.


For all the stadiums, options to watch the game together with other fans on the big screen will be available free of charge. It isn’t the same as being in the stadium, but they just are small, and it’s better than nothing considering its free, right?

Stadium | City | Seats | Hosts the following: | Domestic team that plays here

Elephant Stadium | Elephant Valley | 15,000 | Ro32 series, Ro16 series, Semifinal series | Elephant Valley Homers
Elephant Valley, the capital of South Newlandia, makes up about an eighth of the country’s population. The city has relatively few skyscrapers, but is built over a large area instead. The city used to be more industrial, but is mostly focusing on providing entertainment for the rest of the country; most of the biggest media outlets, like the “Elephant Valley Mail” or “South Newlandia One” are having their headquarters here, but there is also a lot of other IT-related industry here. The Elephant Stadium, located near the center of Elephant Valley, is the biggest and most well-known baseball stadium in South Newlandia. It is the primary ground for South Newlandian home games since WBC48. At the time, the stadium had only 8000 seats, and it has been upgraded since. This stadium is also home of the Elephant Valley Homers, playing in Green; the biggest baseball team in South Newlandia. It also has fairly small dimensions, leading to an above average rate of home runs.

Dolphin Stadium | Newport | 12,500 | Ro32 series, QF series, 3PPO series | Newport Dolphins
Newport, the nations’ second biggest city, is named after the port here, linking South Newlandia with the rest of the world. Tons of goods are exchanged here, to be transported to the rest of the country, or to be shipped into the entire world. Newport is South Newlandia’s fastest growing city, but housing prices are still mostly under control. Newport Is becoming the new centre of life in South Newlandia, with big banks and businesses, at least by South Newlandian proportions. The highest court of the country is also in Newport, along with the Newport Law School and the Newport College for International Realtions. The home of the Newport Dolphins, the newly built Dolphin Stadium, is the second biggest baseball arena of South Newlandia and directly adjacent to the port. The Dolphins, playing in Light Blue, have had mixed results in recent years.

Ratzupalfu Arena | Ratzupalfu | 10,000 | Ro32 series, Ro16 series, QF series | Ratzupalfu Rhinos
Ratzupalfu, located near the center of South Newlandia, was always a city trying to work with nature instead of against it, and it works out fairly well for them. The city is surrounded by jungle, with wild animals often not far away. Home of the Ratzupalfu Rhinos, the team playing in grey, the Ratzupalfu Arena is one of the most storied stadiums in South Newlandia. It is pretty much right into the woods, and some call it the “Jungle Stadium” Playing here is a special feeling, and the stadium has also been upgraded recently. The Rhinos won the SNBL last year, and the fans and atmosphere were definitely helping their case.

Sophie City Base-Bowl | Sophie City | 9,500 | Ro32 series, Ro16 series | Sophie City Girls
Sophie City is located near the East Coast of the country, and is remarkable for having the biggest zoo in the country, as well as being the place to be in South Newlandia when it comes to fashion and clothing in general. Otherwise, the City isn’t exactly the most modern, with a beautiful historical center. The Base-Bowl is the home of the Sophie City Girls, the only all-female team of the league. They play in Light Green, and are playing in a fairly large stadium despite a relative lack of success. The Stadium also has the largest dimensions in the country, with a deep outfield, leading to fewer home runs.

Dachshund Stadium | Ruditown | 8,750 | Ro32 series, Ro16 series | Ruditown Dachshunds
Ruditown is located in the relative North of South Newlandia. The second biggest city of the area is known for the fact that a large part of the South Newlandian police force is from there, maybe because of the nearby Ruditown Police Academy. There is also the Ruditown Biologics University here, with experts researching better ways to preserve nature or better ways to grow food. The Ruditown Dachshunds play in yellow, and have been bouncing in between success and failure in recent years. A recent influx of Nova Anglican talent has certainly helped the team. The Dachshund Stadium is fairly old, and could really use a modernisation at some point. It’s still doing just fine for the moment.

Southern Valley Arena | Elephant Valley | 7,500 | Ro32 series | Elephant Valley United
Elephant Valley United is the smaller one between the two teams from the capital, gaining support largely from the outskirts of the city. United, playing in the older, smaller Southern Valley Arena, is playing in orange, and is commonly believed to be the weaker of the two teams from the capital.

Saints Stadium | St. Riecarn | 7,000 | Ro32 series | St. Riecarn Saints
St. Riecarn, located in the East, is a city that used to be full of monks. Eventually, religion got less relevant, and almost no religious people remain, but the name stayed. Along with it, a large cathedral remains an important part of the city. In recent years, the city has heavily invested in sports; including gaining an expansion franchise in the St. Riecarn Saints, playing in gold. The Saints Stadium is the most modern in the country, having been built just a few years ago.

Sun City Arena | Sun City | 6,250 | Ro32 series | Sun City Flames
Sun City, located near the South Newlandian desert in the Southwest, is the place to be for modern IT, racing, and sand. There are solar panels all over the desert, supplying a large part of the power for South Newlandia. They’re also notable for having the only South Newlandian NSSCRA track. Like St. Riecarn, they invested in sports recently, and also got themselves an expansion franchise, the Flames, playing in Black; and built a modern stadium for them.

If any of you need/want additional info about anything, please feel free to ask me! :)
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Sat Mar 20, 2021 5:36 pm


The Tigers’ return to the World Baseball Classic has been nothing short of...underwhelming so far, as the team has been eliminated in the first knockout round each of their last two tries since a decade-long hiatus. In response to the disappointing performances, the LBA have seriously pivoted, bringing in former bench coach Isaac Oladipo from the WBC47-winning Banijan National Team to manage the team. Oladipo’s traditionalist mentality may clash with the sabermetrically-inclined Llamanean scouts, executives, and press, but there’s no denying that the man knows how to win. Will it be enough to turn the team’s fortunes around? There’s only one way to find out.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes, within reason (justify any discrepancies from the below lineups if possible)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for approval
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I determine the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: TG for approval
Eject my players: TG for approval (Llamaneans don’t get ejected often)
Godmod other events: TG for approval
Use DH at home: Yes

NICKNAMES: The Tigers (official), The Cubs (unofficial)
MANAGER: Isaac Oladipo (Banija), 56
RANK: 23
Home Stadium: Tyler Rocke Memorial (43,500) in downtown New Llama City, former host of the WBC30 finals, as well as a number of Baseball Club Championships matches. Home to the New Llama Wizards.

Credit: No Nonsense Sportswear, Filindostan

Hit a home run: Tyson Long, Gabriel Acosta, Miranda Gray
Hit a double: Summer Huang, Miranda Gray, Tyson Long
Get a clutch hit: Tyson Long, Miranda Gray, Summer Huang
Strike out: Derrick Armstrong, Lily Scutaro, Gabriel Acosta
Draw a walk: Miranda Gray, Noah Slater, Tyson Long
Steal a base: Summer Huang, Lily Scutaro, Will Rentería
Get caught stealing: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Caitlin Rosario, Summer Huang
Make a great defensive play: Summer Huang, Derrick Armstrong, Lily Scutaro, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Miranda Gray
Commit an error: Tyson Long (although it’s still unlikely)
Get Ejected / Start a Fight: literally nobody

Derrick ARMSTRONG, #1, 29, C-1B, S/R - Apple Valley Vipers
Emery WU, #12, 25, SS-2B-CF, S/S - Apple Valley Vipers
Miranda GRAY, #33, 26, 3B-LF-RF, R/R - Rogers BC
Summer HUANG, #6, 28, SS-2B-CF, S/S - South Bryant Chariots
Gabriel ACOSTA, #10, 27, 1B-RF, L/L - Masmow Dragons (South Newlandia)

Noah SLATER, #16, 28, C-1B, S/L - City of Dinschria
Caitlin ROSARIO, #18, 27, SS-2B, R/R - East Llama Kings
Ian HART, #64, 29, UTIL, S/R - Nikcoro Suns
Alana GONZALEZ, #93, 3B/1B, R/R - Peninsulara Kingfishers

Starting catcher Derrick Armstrong takes after his ex-manager on defense, but unfortunately, nowhere else. He has a cannon for an arm, a natural instinct for framing pitches, and a .231 career batting average in the LBL. While his power makes him a threat at the bottom of the lineup, his free-swinging tendencies make him one that’s easily dealt with. Corner infielder (and occasionally outfielder) Gabriel Acosta, expected to start at first, is one of the few traditional sluggers on the team, hitting .285 with thirty-four home runs last season. And while he also struggles with plate discipline, he distinguished himself from other potential starters by his defensive prowess and versatility. Emery Wu is a patient, doubles-hitting middle infielder with a sweet stroke and good range, who's really found some pop over the past few years (30 home runs in his all-star campaign last year). Summer Huang covers an incredible amount of ground in the field, whether she’s at shortstop, second base, or center-field. With a bat in her hands, she’s an incredibly effective - if overly aggressive - contact-hitter with doubles power and strong baserunning instincts. Finally, Miranda Gray at third is one of the most disciplined hitters on the team, and an underrated defender at the hot corner - although her bland personality and small-market team make her less of a hot commodity than the other starters.

Off the bench, Noah Slater offers a stronger, more patient bat at the expense of lacking Armstrong’s finesse behind the plate. Caitlin Rosario is a slap-hitting middle infielder best known for her speed (and, to a lesser extent, defense), who should be able to competently spell Kastner or Huang up the middle. Ian Hart is a jack-of-all-trades utilityman who, while not the greatest hitter who could’ve filled up the bench, is definitely the most versatile and the best teammate. Finally, Alana Gonzalez is a poor defender at third, which has seen her be forced into playing at first for her club, but her plate discipline and power make her a threat, and she's famously good at pinch-hitting.

Brünhild GUNNLAUGSON, #52, 22, LF/RF, L/L - City of Dinschria
Lily SCUTARO, #11, 28, CF, R/R - Victoriaville Venom (Cassadaigua)
Trevor MIKKELSON-YAO, #27, 22, RF/CF, L/L - Vargas City Lions

Ivy WERNER, #25, 29, LF/CF/RF, S/R - New Llama Cyclones
Will RENTERÍA, #19, 26, LF/CF/RF, S/R - Los-Juantos Kingfishers
Tyson LONG, #9, 25, LF/RF, S/R - Nandaozhou Sharks

Brünhild Gunnlaugson can absolutely rake. She's just 22, and still in the farm system, but her generational power is still enough to earn a callup. She's also incredibly quick on the basepaths and is solid enough in the corners, although her lack of discipline may cost her at this level. Lily Scutaro is less polished in the batters’ box than your average LBL outfielder, and strikes out frequently. However, she makes up for it with supernatural instincts in center-field, where she’s won a Gold Glove in all three of her LBL seasons, and on the basepaths. Scutaro is also a surprisingly powerful hitter for her five-seven height. In right field, WBC rookie Trevor Mikkelson-Yao is an elite five-tool talent. In his second LBL season with Vargas City, Mikkelson-Yao became the youngest player to join the 30-30 club (thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases) in the past twenty years. He’s a bit of a free swinger, and his decision-making in right-field betrays his cannon arm and range sometimes, but the athleticism and talent are clearly there on both sides of the ball.

Tyson Long, a former first overall draft pick, has staked his case to be the Llamanean slugging outfielder. His plate discipline, long at-bats, and ability to hit to the opposite field have always defied his young age, but his in-game power has really caught up to his raw power recently in a breakout campaign where slugged forty-one home runs. Has been rumored to be up to no good in Quebec, which may or may not be related to his power surge. Meanwhile, Will Rentería is more of a specialist. A slap-hitter by nature, Rentería's weak bat is compensated for by his blazing-fast speed and defensive prowess. He'll most commonly feature as a pinch-runner or defensive substitution, while Werner will be the first off the bench in the event of an injury to one of the starting outfielders.

Note: For the playoffs, Oladipo will use a four-man rotation, with Wladecki available out of the bullpen.
Genevieve STRAUSS, #21, 36, R - New Llama Cyclones
You’d be forgiven for thinking ten years ago that Genevieve Strauss, with her triple-digits fastball, scintillating slider, and incredible confidence, was going to be a national team and Mendel Mets legend. But although she kept all three of those, injuries and an inability to find a third consistent pitch defined her first decade in the LBL, and after a brief bullpen experiment went south, Strauss was traded to the Cyclones. There, she’s found a second wind despite continued injury concerns and a drastic dip in velocity, experimenting with a shaky - but occasionally excellent - circle change to go with a now low-90s, high-spin fastball, a high-80s slider, and improved control.
Isaac COLÓN, #50, 27, R - Vargas City Lions
Isaac Colón is an electrifying talent, and it’s undeniable that he has national team ace potential. In fact, ever since Colón was fifteen, he was being hyped as a future number-one pick, and after two seasons of college baseball, he was drafted and immediately promoted to the LBL. The talent is clearly there - Colón lights up the radar gun with a triple-digit fastball, and his screwball and changeup both have incredible movement. However, injuries have limited Colón to just 521 innings in five LBL seasons, although he’s been healthier of late, and a tendency to get upset with himself and lose control (which has, admittedly, improved since his rookie year) when things start to go sideways has held him back too.
Kai SÖDERSTROM, #20, 27, L - New Llama Wizards
The understated second starter of the New Llama Wizards surprised many by throwing eight shutout innings in the President’s Cup finals, but Söderstrom has been a quietly excellent pitcher for far longer than that. The lanky lefty has a low-90s two-seam fastball with a lot of movement, which he mixes expertly with a strong curveball and an inconsistently controlled, but occasionally devastating, changeup. A paragon of focus and calm on the mound, Söderstrom is very difficult to rattle, but he has had troubles with the third time through the order in the past.
Edward ZHUANG, #37, 24, R - Nikcoro Suns
Former college standout Zhuang is first and foremost a power pitcher, with a high-octane, mid-nineties fastball and a knockout slurve that he mixes in to great effect. He lacks an effective third pitch, and his control is a little shaky, making him prone to lots of mistake pitches, but at the pro level it hasn’t seemed to hold him back at all. Ace potential.
Savanna WLADECKI, #54, 24, L - South Falls Athletics
Rookie of the Year three seasons ago, Wladecki originally wasn’t supposed to be in the majors at all after being taken in the fourth round. But injuries forced her into Derrierton’s rotation, and although her fastball never rose above ninety miles an hour, extremely high spin and pinpoint accuracy ensured that even a relatively pedestrian-seeming fastball-slider-changeup combination was able to stymie hitters for her first few seasons in the LBL.

Note: these are their recommended roles, but most of these are elite Llamanean relievers and can fill other roles pretty well. In the Llamanean baseball leagues, roles tend to be flexible, but Oladipo will be more rigid in his bullpen management. Oladipo has eschewed the new-age "relief ace" for a traditional, ninth-inning closer. These are all OOC role descriptions; ICly, there is no distinction between relievers. Specialty pitches are marked with one asterisk (or two asterisks for emphasis).

Long Reliever: Savanna WLADECKI, #54, 24, L - South Falls Athletics - fastball, slider, changeup
Long Reliever: Simon CHU, #84, 21, R - Emerald City Greens - fastball, slider, curveball
Long Reliever: Morgan HEDEGAARD, #65, 26, L - South Falls Athletics - cutter, changeup
Left-Handed Specialist: Courtney MIKKELSON, #37, 29, L - New Llama Wizards - fastball, sinker**, slider, changeup
Middle Reliever: Evangeline LU, #55, 24, R - Apple Valley Vipers - fastball, curveball, changeup
Middle Reliever: Kris HEADLEY, #62, 28, R - Vargas City Lions - fastball, curveball, changeup
Middle Reliever: Y.P. YING, #70, 26, L - New Llama Wizards - cutter*, curveball, changeup
Middle Reliever: Eliza GUO, #48, 29, L - New Llama Cyclones - fastball*, slider*, changeup
Setup Reliever: Justin FRAZIER, #36, 28, R - New Llama Cyclones - fastball, sinker*, knuckle curve*, changeup
Setup Reliever Closer: Kennedy SCHUMACHER, #29, 27, L - Denison Patriots - fastball*, shuuto, slider, curveball*, changeup
Closer: Sam VANDENBERG, #52, 26, R - City of Dinschria - fastball, sinker, curveball*


1. CF Lily Scutaro (R)
2. SS Summer Huang (S)
3. LF Brünhild Gunnlaugson (L)/Tyson Long (S) (platoon)
4. 1B Gabriel Acosta (L)
5. 3B Miranda Gray (R)
6. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
7. 2B Emery Wu (S)
8. Starting Pitcher
9. C Derrick Armstrong (S)
Against left-handed pitchers, Noah Slater will replace Gabriel Acosta at first.


1. CF Lily Scutaro (R)
2. SS Summer Huang (S)
3. LF Brünhild Gunnlaugson (L)/Tyson Long (S) (platoon)
4. DH Noah Slater (S)
5. 1B Gabriel Acosta (L)
6. 3B Miranda Gray (R)
7. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
8. 2B Emery Wu (S)
9. C Derrick Armstrong (S)
Against left-handed pitchers, Noah Slater will move to 1B, Tyson Long to DH, and Will Rentería to LF.

Manager: Isaac OLADIPO, 56 (ex-Bench Coach, Banija NT)
Bench Coach: Jackson FELIZ, 48 (Bench Coach, New Llama Cyclones)
Pitching Coach: Amanda SJOBERG, 62 (Pitching Coach, New Llama Cyclones)
Hitting Coach: Margo JANSEN, 45 (Hitting Coach, South Falls Athletic)
First-Base Coach: Marcos PEREYRA, 57 (First-Base Coach, New Llama Wizards)
Third-Base Coach: Angelique SHELBY, 66 (Third-Base Coach, New Llama Wizards)
Bullpen Coach: Matt SANTANGELO, 65 (Pitching Coach, South Falls Athletic)
Team Trainer: Jordan AMELIO, 49 (Trainer, New Llama Wizards)
Video Coordinator: Nora JUN, 40 (Video Coordinator, South Bryant Chariots)
Head Advance Scout: Alasan SENGHORE, 33 (Director of Scouting, New Llama Wizards)

Five-Time WBC Champions (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
Three-Time WBC Runners-Up (29, 37, 41)
WBC Co-Host (30)

ALL-TIME WBC RECORD: 435 - 189 (69.7 Winning %)

WBC 23: 6-4, Third in Group Stage
WBC 24: 5-5, Fourth in Group Stage
WBC 25: 5-5, Third in Group Stage
WBC 26: 6-6, L 2-0 to Equestrian States in Ro24
WBC 27: 6-4, L 2-0 to Kriegersen in Ro16

WBC 28: 15-8, W 3-1 over The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 29: 14-9, L 3-2 to The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 30: 15-3, W 3-1 over Jeckland in Finals
WBC 31: 39-0, W 3-0 over Jeckland in Finals

WBC 32: 5-5, Third in Group Stage

WBC 34: 26-16, L 3-2 to Cosumar in Semifinals
WBC 35: 12-5, L 2-0 to The Great Pond in Ro16
WBC 36: 29-9, L 3-2 to Nova Anglicana in Quarterfinals
WBC 37: 31-17, L 4-2 to Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 38: 23-6, L 2-1 to Ethane in Quarterfinals
WBC 39: 24-13, L 3-1 to West Phoenicia in Quarterfinals

WBC 40: 36-12, W 4-2 over Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 41: 37-11, L 4-3 to Newmanistan in Finals
WBC 42: 35-13, W 4-1 over Darmen in Finals
WBC 43: 26-9, L 3-2 to Free Republics in Quarterfinals

WBC 49: 20-14, L 3-1 to Banija in Ro16
WBC 50: 20-15, L 3-2 to South Newlandia in Ro32

#2 - 2B Max Danks (WBC23-WBC29)
#3 - C Michael Trabajen (WBC30-WBC32)
#4 - 2B Hector Rinaldi (WBC37-WBC43)
#5 - CF Megan Peterson (WBC28-WBC32)
#7 - 3B Alex Cameron (WBC23-WBC28)
#8 - C Sofia Rasmussen (WBC36-WBC43)
#13 - SP Justin Zheng (WBC36-WBC43)
#14 - SP Brittany Hendrickson (WBC28-WBC32)
#15 - SS Darren Bradley (WBC23-WBC28)
#17 - SP Axel Florentssen (WBC38-WBC41)
#22 - SP Josva Reynolds (WBC31-32, WBC34)
#23 - SP AJ Rondout (WBC29-WBC32)
#24 - SS Markus Wright (WBC38-WBC43)
#26 - OF Tanya Ericsson (WBC34-WBC40)
#30 - RF Jake Earnest (WBC28-WBC32)
#31 - RP Tyler Brennaman (WBC30-WBC32)
#32 - RF Lucien Russo (WBC37-WBC43)
#35 - RF Owen Duffy (WBC34-WBC37)
#43 - SP Evan Masorka (WBC23-WBC29)
#44 - RP Nick Bowden (WBC23-WBC28)
#49 - SP Natalie Wu (WBC40-WBC43), SP-RP Drew Gilson (WBC28-WBC32)
#51 - RP Jason Van Dijk (WBC38-WBC43)

Thomas Yaft (WBC23-WBC25) - 16-14 (53.3%)
Joe McKenzie (WBC26-WBC28) - 27-18 (60.0%)
Chris Evans (WBC29-WBC32) - 73-17 (81.1%)
Alex Cameron (WBC34-WBC37) - 98-47 (67.6%)
Colin Nittledeen (WBC37-WBC39) - 78-36 (68.4%)
Laurent Mårtensson (WBC40-WBC43) - 134-45 (74.9%)
Sofia Rasmussen (WBC49) - 20-14 (58.8%)
Winston Yi (WBC50) - 20-15 (57.1%)
Isaac Oladipo (WBC51-?) - ?-? (?%)
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5x World Baseball Classic champion (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
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Postby Hicanans in Exile » Sat Mar 20, 2021 5:53 pm


Much has been made of the World Baseball Classic Council's aggressive recruitment of traditionally non-baseball-playing or ex-baseball-playing nations to join the WBC's fiftieth edition, regardless of their recent history with a bat in their hands. This ended up in an offer being extended to former fourth-place finishers Hicaña. Of course, Hicaña has long since ceased to exist, due to the combined result of Gregoryisgodistani bombings, rocket launches gone horribly wrong, Patistani civil wars, and the endless march of climate change causing the islands that Hicaña formerly controlled to sink into the ocean. However, the Society of Hicañans Abroad, who are still fervently attempting to secure new territory for the Hicañan diaspora to settle, was happy to accept the invitation. Maybe if the ragtag team they've sent to this WBC plays well enough, it could generate enough good publicity for someone to take pity on the once-proud Hicañan people...

Manager: Albert Saucedo
Assistant Manager: Emma Gonzales
Stadium: Jack Adams Memorial Field, a high school field located in the suburbs of Nikcoro, Super-Llamaland*
*Hicaña was never actually given permission to use this stadium.
Style Modifier: +2
Playstyle: High effort, low skill
First-Base Coach, Third-Base Coach, Bench Coach, Bullpen Coach, Bullpen Catcher: chosen from any Hicaña fans in attendance before each game

RP Permissions
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, TG Super-Llamaland before posting
Eject my players: Yes, but only if you eject an equal number of your players
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but I reserve the right to ignore it, TG to be safe

Starting Lineup:
1. #05 - Juan José CALDERÓN - SS - 28 y/o - R/R
2. #03 - Nicolás SEPULVEDA - RF - 25 y/o - L/L
3. #10 - Armando FLORES - 3B - 27 y/o - R/R
4. #11 - Neil PERÉZ - 1B - 24 y/o - L/L
5. #01 - Salvador ENRIQUEZ - LF - 36 y/o - R/R
6. #18 - Sebastian BLANCO - C - 29 y/o - S/R
7. #11 - Alfonso VALENZUELA - 2B - 31 y/o - R/R
8. #14 - Silvio SORIANO - CF - 25 y/o - L/R
9. Pitcher
If a DH is needed, #12 - Marcos MARQUEZ - 26 y/o - S/R will DH and hit second, moving everyone else down in the order.

#02 - José RAMIREZ - MIF - 27 y/o - R/R
#06 - Alberto PAREDES - CIF - 25 y/o - L/L
#12 - Marcos MARQUEZ - 1B/DH - 26 y/o - S/R
#13 - Callum FRANCO - OF - 32 y/o - S/R
#15 - Derek POLANCO - OF - 25 y/o - R/R

Starting Pitchers
#07 - Aramís SANTIAGO - 27 y/o - R
#16 - Dominico PEREZ - 25 y/o - L
#20 - Nico ZAMBRANO - 28 y/o - R
#24 - Jason COSTA - 32 y/o - R
#25 - Enrique PAZ - 24 y/o - L

Relief Pitchers
#19 - Dominic SANCHEZ - 27 y/o - R
#21 - Martín ZUÑIGA Jr. - 24 y/o - L
#23 - Bartolomé PAZ - 26 y/o - R
#26 - Ezequiel ORDOÑEZ - 31 y/o - R
#27 - Gustavo CARVAJAL - 35 y/o - L
#29 - Fernando RODRIGUEZ - 28 y/o - R
#30 - Griffin LIBERATORE - 32 y/o - R (closer)
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Kriegiersien Nationalteam Baseball


Thanks to the Batter Up! Baseball League Kriegiersien Baseball got more professional, but the teams winning and the players at the Top stayed the same, just earning even more money.
At the WBC 50 they only lost close with 2-3 against host, World Rank number one and later winner Cassadaigua in the round of 32.

Most players are from the capital, where, thanks to an initiative from a Sponsor, a giant Stadium had been built already years ago.

So the best players from the KBL (Kriegiersien Baseball League) have now to wear the Kriegiersien Olympic jerseys and swap their clubs caps (the only thing they are normally wearing at games, in the nation were nudity is mandatory) with theses ‘uniforms’.
The only player playing outside Kriegiersien ist young super talent Sarah Strongarm who won the National Championship in Cassadaigua with the Grande Mountain Huskies.

As always playing in black.


Player Position Team
Sarah Strongarm Pitcher Grande Mountain Huskies
Firat Hawes Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Lexi Beasley Infield Schoenwetter Scorpions
Can Alford Infield Schoenwetter Giants
Ronny Easton Infield Schoenwetter BC
Umair Cameron Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
James Schroeder Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Kiah Lee Catcher Schoenwetter Giants
Nora Hilton Pitcher Timesteam
Whitney Preston Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Raphael Harding Outfield Schoenwetter Scorpions
Gianni Hall Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Leon Prince Outfield Timesteam
Timothy Salas Pitcher Timesteam
Cordelia Barrera Catcher Schoenwetter BC
Arron Franks Outfield Schoenwetter Giants
Giles Butt Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Ianis Allman Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Dhruv Stein Infield Timesteam
Phillip Weeks Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Sam Thomas Infield Schoenwetter Giants
Cassius Mckinney Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Dewey Sanchez Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Mordbruck Pitcher Front Female Fusiliers
Daniel Livingston Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Rhian Delacruz Pitcher Schoenwetter Giants
Shea Dowling Pitcher Schoenwetter BC
Subhaan Rice Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions
Wilhelm Maurice Pitcher Schoenwetter Scorpions

Bort Bartson Manager
Bernd Bucky Assistant Coach
Chris Wellington Assistant Coach
Rick Riker Assistant Coach
Justin Taim Assistant Coach and Equipment
Bert Word Fitness Coach
Otto Orville Scout and Medical

Schoenwetters John Babes Soda, Popcorn, Milk Pudding and Hot dogs Stadium, is a giant complex with 111.112 seats, were the dominating clubs of the KBL 'Batter Up! Baseball League' play, the Schoenwetter Giants, Schoenwetter Scorpions, Schoenwetter BC and the presidents club, Timesteam.
Here, in the capital, all home games will be played.


RP Permissions:
Go crazy
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Full Nation Name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Short Nation Name: Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Demonym: Hapiloppian
Team Nickname: The Hap Thrashers

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Hapiloppian baseball. In the Dominion of Hapilopper, baseball is a fast-paced game with wild baserunning, athletic fielders and moody pitchers who will just as soon fire a fastball at your head as they will strike you out. Hapiloppian baseball features their fair share of power hitters who will send the ball into the second deck of their local stadium and through the windshields of cars in the parking lot, but also feature hitters who will present their own creative interpretations of what is a base hit. More than a few players will bunt for a base hit and run like hell for first base. In fact, several years ago, the National League of Hapilopper's championship was decided by a walk-off suicide squeeze, one of the most exciting plays in the history of Hapiloppian sport. Players will try to exploit a hole in the other team's strategy. Fielders shifted towards right field? Expect a bunt to third base. Infielders are out? Look for a light chop over the pitcher's head. Hapiloppian baseball is a multi-layered game that is, to say the least, fun to watch.

Entering its sixth World Baseball Classic, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team feels themselves to be in the elite of baseballing nations across the multiverse. They have the highest expectations possible, with one objective this year. They want nothing less but to win the whole damn World Baseball Classic. The memories of the team's trip to the WBC 49 finals still remain strong in the minds of many Hapiloppians, and certainly in the minds of those that played on that team. The WBC 50 campaign was massively disappointing, getting knocked off by the Hampton Island Golden Bears in the Round of 16, and the Haps feel they're better than a Round of 16 team. The team is a cohesive unit, and while they may have their own egos, their own sensibilities and their own attitudes, they all know the goal and they're willing to do anything for it.

(OOC Note: Due to the sheer amount of information, I have divided the information to several clickable spoilers. You want detail? You got it.)

#1 - LEVI BERRY | First Baseman | Age: 29 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @levib12
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Medium | Base Stealing: Rare | Bunting for Hit: Occasionally | Showboats?: Rarely | Attitude: Douchey
Levi Berry has, since the start of the days of the HNBT, been the mainstay at first base. The fans across Hapilopper know who he is, and they enjoy seeing him at first base for the national team. They would prefer, however, that he keep his public persona to being "that guy that starts at first base for the national team," and not what he's been doing lately, which is "that first baseman who's also a raging douchebag over social media." Recently blocked by NSSCRA driver Taylor Henderson after a very rude post about her. Unfortunately, Levi enjoys being a raging douchebag over social media, so headlines involving Levi usually involve his misbehavior on twii.tur and not a beautiful hit or a brilliant play at first.

#2 - GRANT BONNEY | Second Baseman | Age: 21 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @blue_bonney
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Medium-Fast | Base Stealing: Occasionally | Bunting for Hit: Occasionally | Showboats?: No | Attitude: Intense
You ever been in a hotel room and been kept awake by the noise emanating from the next room? Usually, it's two lovers doing something behind closed doors, or it's children being way too damned loud, but if you're sleeping a room over from Grant Bonney, that noise is Grant practicing the double-play pivot. His neverending pursuit to get better at what he does on the ballfield has angered many a hotel guest and many a hotel operator, but has won the hearts of the fans in Emporia, who have seen him as one of the rising stars of the Emporia Reds team and one of their own. Having come up from a poor part of town, Grant has worked for everything he's got. One of the most efficient infielders in Hapiloppian baseball, the number of errors registered to him are low, few and far in between.

#3 - LEROY HUNNISETT | Third Baseman | Age: 31 | Throws: Right | Bats: Switch (70R-30L) | twii.tur: @hotcornerhunni
Hitting style: Contact/Power | Speed: Medium | Base Stealing: Occasionally | Bunting for Hit: Rarely | Showboats?: Rarely | Attitude: Professional
The name "Leroy Hunnisett" has been a household name in Hapilopper for quite some time, for a number of reasons. Leroy was one of Hapilopper's first baseball stars to play internationally, and he was one of the first Hapiloppian baseball stars to move to another team outside of Hapilopper. He now plays for a team in Banija. These days, while Leroy has his legions of fans, it seems like he's been overshadowed by flashier players, players like Jerome Hayden, who will hit it out of the park a hell of a lot more than Leroy. That's fine, Leroy doesn't mind being overshadowed. He'll keep on playing his regular game out in third base, working the Hot Corner like few other players can.

#4 - JEROME HAYDEN | Shortstop | Age: 26 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @hayden24
Hitting style: Power | Speed: Medium | Base Stealing: Occasionally | Bunting for Hit: No | Showboats?: Oh Hell Yes | Attitude: Superstar
So there's this saying, that "chicks dig the long ball." Jerome By-God Hayden subscribes to this school of thought. He loves few things more than hammering one out of the ball park and watching the anger build on pitcher's faces as he hot-dogs it around the bases in celebration of yet another home run. Hapiloppian fans have become used to the old Hayden routine - watch the first pitch to size it up. Maybe foul off the second. Blast the third into next week and stand at home plate, admiring his handiwork. Flip the bat while making a funny, almost taunty-like face. Prance around the bases rather slowly. Piss off othe other team. Rinse and repeat. Jerome By-God Hayden does not care what anyone else thinks. He does what he wants, and he hopes he can do it again during this World Baseball Classic. Of course, he's most known internationally for pissing off Sherpa pitcher Wangdi Ai, who threw a fastball at Jerome's head during the WBC 49 final a couple of years ago, leading to an infamous bench-clearing brawl. We expect more from this corner. Watch this space.

#5 - DAYTON ROWE | Left Field | Age: 24 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @roweman99
Hitting style: Power | Speed: Ultra-Fast | Base Stealing: Yes | Bunting for Hit: If Needed | Showboats?: Sometimes | Attitude: Professional
If you tune in to your baseball games to see insanity on the basepaths, this is the guy you watch. Dayton Rowe, one of several players entering his sixth tour of duty with the Hapilopper National Baseball Team, is known for his extra base hits. Last year, he legged out 19 triples, which led the National League of Hapilopper. Dayton has also vowed to use that speed to start stealing some bases, and rumor has it that Dayton has been practicing base stealing all offseason. Away from the field, Rowe is a top video game streamer on the Veedeo video sharing site, and clips of him participating in a Monday night racing league with members of the Hapiloppian motorsport media have gone viral. Unfortunately, they've gone viral for the wrong reasons. Usually, they involve Dayton crashing out in hilarious fashion, either off the pace, or under caution, or even on pit road.

#6 - MELVIN PEMBERTON | Center Field | Age: 24 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @super_melvin
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Fast | Base Stealing: Frequent | Bunting for Hit: If Needed | Showboats?: In his own way | Attitude: Somewhat childish
Before last year, Mel Pemberton was known as "that moron that ran face-first into a wall." Today, he's known as "that moron that more than earned his starting spot in center field." Mel Pemberton, one of the three eccentric Pemberton brothers, is known for his athletic patroling of center field, and his range is seen as one of the best in all of Hapiloppian baseball. That range, brought on by his impressive speed, has led manager Dale Moss to consider being a little more aggressive on the basepaths. "Start stealing bases more," Dale told Melvin. Melvin plans to do just that. Away from the field, Mel is known for being perhaps the most docile of all the three obnoxious Pemberton brothers, all three of whom play for the national team for the World Baseball Classic.

#7 - TERRY BLANCHARD | Right Field | Age: 28 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: (none)
Hitting style: Contact/Power | Speed: Medium-Fast | Base Stealing: If needed | Bunting for Hit: Frequently | Showboats?: No | Attitude: Determined
The right way to describe Terry Blanchard is "pissed off and demanding an explanation." Last year, Terry was relegated to a bench role during the World Baseball Classic in favor of Melvin Pemberton, even in spite of Terry's impressive plays out in center field and his ability to throw all the way from the center field wall back to home plate without the aid of a relay man. He was so pissed off, in fact, that he started playing in right field more so he could look more attractive to Manager Dale Moss. It appears to have worked, and Terry has returned to the starting lineup. He's already one of the hardest-working players in Hapiloppian baseball, and his work ethic has been pointed at as "someone that the rest of you bums should emulate before complaining to me about how you don't get played." It's that work ethic that has kept Blanchard on the team, and it's that work ethic that forced him back into the starting lineup.

#8 - GRADY ELLIOTT | Catcher | Age: 24 | Throws: Right | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @grady_elliott
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Slow | Base Stealing: Never, unless needed | Bunting for Hit: Frequently (for some reason) | Showboats?: No | Attitude: Bland
For the first time ever, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team will show up with a starting catcher not named Mo Beverly. Grady Elliott, who has toiled as the backup for a number of years, was brought up as the starter after Mo Beverly's knees finally gave out after the 50th World Baseball Classic. Elliott plays for the Washington Metropolitans, and he's the kind of player that will do what's told of him day in and day out without complaining. He's also one of the blander players on the Hapilopper National Baseball Team. On a team full of showboats, lunatics, spitballers, borderline cases and pure idiots, Grady just blends in, does his job, and goes home for the day. He has few friends on the team, but no enemies. And perhaps that's his greatest strength. There's no concern about what he'll be doing and where he'll be doing it, he just shows up, does his job, and goes home.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: So there's no confusion, Temperment refers to a pitcher's behavior on the mound, while Attitude refers to a pitcher's behavior off the mound.)
#30 - MILFORD "HOT SAUCE" GIBBS | Starting Pitcher | Age: 31 | Throws: Right | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @HapHotSauce
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (99 mph), Cutter (95 mph), Straight Change (88 mph), Slurve (80 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 100
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Relaxed | Headhunter: Rare | Control: Good | Attitude: Professional

Nobody, in their right mind, would dream of calling him "Milford," first off. Instead, everyone - and we mean everyone - from his teammates, coaches, friends, the pastor of the church he goes to, even his own family members call him Hot Sauce. The only people that can call him "Milford" are his wife, Bonnie and his parents. After all, Hot Sauce reasons that they've earned that right. That name is legendary, a name he earned following an incident involving a bottle of hot sauce in a Garvinson team shower. The specifics of the incident have never been revealed on a medium safe for work, and it is likely it will stay that way, but those that know say the incident was the funniest thing they had ever seen or heard. Either way, Hot Sauce has parlayed that name into a line of hot sauces, known as "The Hot Sauce's Hot Sauce." How hot are they? Well, during spring training this year, a teammate poured the hot sauce all over his eggs at breakfast, in spite of Hot Sauce warning him to "just put a drop or two on." The teammate ran screaming from the cafeteria in agony.

#31 - VICTOR FOSTER | Starting Pitcher | Age: 33 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @victor_onthe_hill
Arsenal: Spit-Fastball (93-97 mph), Spit-Change (84-90 mph), Spit-Slider (80-85 mph), "Bullshit" (85-90 mph) (Velocity changes based on substance used on ball) | Max Pitch Count: 110
Pitching style: Spit-Power | Temperment: Angry | Headhunter: Occasionally | Control: Good | Attitude: Creative

Read that arsenal again. There are no typographical errors. Victor Foster freely, openly and happily adulterates his pitches at every instance, thanks to an NLH rule, instituted a couple of years ago, that allows the use of spitballers. Other teams will complain about Vic Foster's use of spitballs, but the Hapilopper National Baseball Team insists - no, demands - that Foster's spitballs are allowed thanks to the NLH legalizing them. Hapiloppian hitters have grown used to the use of the spitball, even if they think it's kind of disgusting. Foster's ingredients include everything from petroleum jelly to Hot Sauce Gibbs' "Hot Sauce's Hot Sauce," to styling lard, to some surprises he's looking forward to trying. One rumor involves the use of peanut butter, jelly, and a smashed banana for some pitches this year. Either way, the velocity of Foster pitches depends largely on what ingredients he puts on his pitches.

#32 - COLE WINTHROP | Starting Pitcher | Age: 26 | Throws: Right | Bats: "Like Shit" | twii.tur: @c-winthrop
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (96 mph), Circle Change (85 mph), Screwball (75 mph), Slider (83 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 95
Pitching style: Control | Temperment: Nervous | Headhunter: Rare | Control: Great | Attitude: Professional

So, you know Cole Winthrop, right? The guy to trust in those elimination game situations? Good. Get used to him. He'll pitch you out of a jam or he'll produce a gem when the Hap Thrashers need it the most. Now, you know Cole Winthrop, right? The guy that can't hit a baseball to save his life? Good. Get used to him, too. As good as he is on the hill, he's just as blindingly incompetent at the batter's box, and his hitting prowess has led to some pundits (we still call them idiots) demanding the NLH impose the atrocity that is the designated hitter on baseball in Hapilopper. Last year, Winthrop became the first hitter in recent memory to bean himself with his own baseball bat when attempting to swing at a pitch. The pitch, hurled by Buckridge fireballer Kenny Parker, was way outside of the strike zone, and Winthrop had no business swinging at it. But he tried anyway, and in the process clubbed himself in the face with a bat. Winthrop KO'd himself out of the game, and sports pundits had a field day discussing "incompetent hitting."

#33 - NOLAN JEFFERSON | Starting Pitcher | Age: 28 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @100start
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (101 mph), Slider (87 mph), Dropball (80 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 85
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Cocky | Headhunter: Rare | Control: Great | Attitude: Superstar

Leading the league in wins, strikeouts and parking tickets, Nolan Jefferson last year was the first Hapiloppian pitcher to win 30 games since Don Reed in 1971, and the first one to register 400 strikeouts since Patrick Tracy in 1973. His power pitching was the talk of Hapilopper last year, even if he had a tough time following the 85-pitch mark. A big part of that is due to the "Dropball," an off-speed pitch that looks like it starts off as a four-seamer, but then suddenly drops in both speed and altitude very quickly, fooling batters left and right. Unfortunately, even as he was winning ballgames right and left, Nolan's reputation for driving like a right dipshit has grown worse over time. Jefferson was reportedly pulled over no less than three dozen times by police officers across the Dominion, for reasons ranging from "speeding," "illegal passing maneuvers," "drag racing," and "illegally operating a moving vehicle on a sidewalk." Reportedly been asked by the Surrey Wolves and the HNBT to let someone drive him places.

#34 - LUCKY SPALDING | Starting Pitcher | Age: 30 | Throws: Right | Bats: Left | twii.tur: (none)
Arsenal: 2-Seam Fastball (95 mph), Forkball (82 mph), 12-6 Curveball (81 mph), Eephus (40 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 100
Pitching style: Control | Temperment: Relaxed | Headhunter: Rarely | Control: Medium-Good | Attitude: Class Clown

Knowing just how eccentric Lucky Spalding is, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the eephus pitch is a regular part of his repertoire. If you're not familiar with an eephus, the pitch is blindingly slow (that 40 mph figure listed is not a misprint), arcs straight up and down right into the strike zone, making batters look like doofuses as they try to swing at a "nothing pitch." But that's tellingly on-brand for Lucky, considered the most eccentric player on the HNBT's pitching staff, which really says something. Before each start, he insists on firing a ball across the field, jumping up and down with a specially-designed rope and then ordering two chili dogs and a cold beer from the nearest concession stand in full uniform. He says it relaxes him, and the HNBT tolerates it because his results have shown that, hey, he's pretty good at this baseball thing.

EMERGENCY STARTER: (Note: If Martin Meadows is not needed as an emergency starter, he should be assumed to be #1 on the relief pitcher depth chart as a long reliever.)
#35 - MARTIN MEADOWS | Relief Pitcher/Emergency Starter | Age: 29 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @martinmeadowspitcher
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (101 mph), Circle Change (85 mph), Slider (85 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 65
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Calm | Headhunter: Rarely | Control: Mediocre to angry pitcher hitting a first grade teacher | Attitude: Determined

Amazingly, Martin Meadows has kept his job as Hapilopper's emergency starter and ace of the relief squad, in spite of his control, not because of it. On good days, this control is considered decently tolerable, and Martin can get his pitches over the plate with ease. On other days, however, this control has led players in both dugouts, coaches, umpires, and fans in the first five rows to take cover. Thankfully, those days are becoming fewer and fewer, and Meadows has refined his pitching ability to the point where his walks and wild pitches reached a career low last year. But fans still know him as the guy who, in the last several years, accidentally beaned a teammate's girlfriend with one pitch, and sent an H-Sports/Garvinson play-by-play announcer ducking for cover with another pitch that somehow made it all the way up to the announce booth. That, of course, was the pitch that home plate umpire Max Yingfield never audibly called, just stared at Meadows and shook his head.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: So there's no confusion, Temperment refers to a pitcher's behavior on the mound, while Attitude refers to a pitcher's behavior off the mound.)
#40 - JORDAN MEADOWS | Relief Pitcher | Age: 29 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @jordan10meadows/@rodneyderude
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (100 mph), Slurve (85 mph), Sinker (95 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 30
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Relaxed | Headhunter: Occasionally | Control: Medium | Attitude: Class Clown

The weird one of the Meadows twins, Jordan Meadows, beyond being just Hapilopper's resident LOOGY (Left-Handed One Out Guy), is known for his strange alter-ego, Rodney DeRude, a mulleted redneck-looking throwback to the 90s, whose antics has made fans of the Garvinson Trojans double over with laughter and sent some other teams apopletic with rage. This, of course, was the cause of the infamous pre-game bench clearing brawl between Garvinson and the Buckridge Blues where Jordan, in full Rodney DeRude getup, sauntered (more like danced) over to home plate to give the lineup card to the umpire. As he did that, he said something to Blues manager Todd Hickman, that reportedly had something to with Hickman's daughter Ariel, who is reportedly now a trainer with the Garvinson team. Either way, those comments led to Hickman throwing a punch at Jordan and the benches clearing before the first pitch.

#41 - TREVOR ASHLEY | Relief Pitcher | Age: 34 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: (none)
Arsenal: Sinker (95 mph), Split-Finger Fastball (85 mph), Slider (80 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 35
Pitching style: Control | Temperment: Determined | Headhunter: Frequent | Control: Good | Attitude: Asshole

Recently, H-Sports, the leading sports network in Hapilopper, asked members of the Hapilopper National Baseball Team to describe relief pitcher Trevor Ashley with a few words. The segment had been intended to be a positive piece on Trevor, a fairly good pitcher for the national team. Unfortunately, every player, it seemed, could not describe him without using some sort of obscene phrase or two. The segment never aired. The point is that Trevor, the resident reprobate on the team, is not seen as that great of a person among his teammates. But, to a man, they all respect him for his ability to get Hapilopper out of some real jams. He's the guy you want on the mound if the bases are loaded - he'll strike out the side in order. Or he'll lure the power hitter into hitting a really bad pitch, grounding him into a double play. Manager Dale Moss reasons that he doesn't mind a few stinkers, just so long as those stinkers can produce.

#42 - AARON ARMSTRONG | Relief Pitcher/Designated Hitter | Age: 25 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @aarmstrong
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (101 mph), Screwball (78 mph), Curveball (75 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 85
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Relaxed | Headhunter: Rare | Control: Medium | Attitude: Professional

Welcome back to the gun show. Aaron Armstrong, he with the 22-inch biceps, sleeveless jerseys, power pitching and explosive power, has returned as a member of Hapilopper's relief squad and the team's resident designated hitter, in the event a nation has the idea to inflict that crime against humanity known as the designated hitter on us. The Haps feel that a pitcher should be hitting in all games, so naming a pitcher as the team's designated hitter just seemed like the right thing to do. And that suits Aaron just fine. Last year, Armstrong set the human record for the longest home run in the history of Capital Stadium, blasting a 525-foot tape measure shot to the upper reaches of the upper deck in left field at the old concrete donut. Armstrong is capable of being a starter for the Hap Thrashers, but for the need of a designated hitter, the team has kept Armstrong as part of the relief squad.

#43 - TRAVIS REID | Relief Pitcher | Age: 30 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @treeman59
Arsenal: 2-Seam Fastball (98 mph), Sinking Slider (80 mph), Curveball (70 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 30
Pitching style: Fly Ball | Temperment: Nervous | Headhunter: Rare | Control: Mediocre | Attitude: Friendly

Enjoying that ice cream? Good. You're gonna need some of Travis Reid's Cookie Closer ice cream for the terrifying ride ahead as he takes the mound. When he's on, Travis Reid is the perfect closer for any situation. When he's off, however, expect wild pitches, clumsy fielding, runs aplenty and a pissed off manager wondering why in the hell they pay this Treeman guy so much to come out here and embarass himself in front of the people at the park and those watching television. The fans watching the game might reach for another beer or long for something a little stronger as they watch this klutz blow another save. That's what the #TreemanExperience is all about. It's about a emotional roller-coaster ride as you wonder what kind of Travis Reid you get on the mound. And that's why the Hap Thrashers have him as a setup man, someone they can pull quickly in case things go wrong.

#44 - EDDIE HEDLEY | Relief Pitcher | Age: 19 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @edhed49
Arsenal: Knuckleball (62 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 120
Pitching style: Control | Temperment: Excitable | Headhunter: Never | Control: Medium | Attitude: Young Buck

The protege of Curtis Skinner, 19-year old Eddie Hedley is considered Hapilopper's next great knuckleballer. Hedley is on the Hap Thrashers national team largely because of Skinner, a 35-year veteran now serving as the team's pitching coach. He's the first rookie to play for the national team prior to his first NLH season, rather than after it. But that doesn't mean he's not qualified - far from it, in fact. In Spring Training, Hedley's pitch has been viewed as "scary as hell," as it dances through the air before arriving at its destination. Hedley, like most knuckleball pitchers, throws the pitch exclusively. He is expected to be a part of the team's starting rotation in next year's World Baseball Classic, should all go well during this WBC and during the coming NLH season. But nothing is a guarantee, and Hedley knows he's going to have to earn his spot.

#45 - JOE THORPE | Relief Pitcher | Age: 25 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: (none)
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (98 mph), Changeup (80 mph), Curveball (70 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 25
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Calm | Headhunter: Occasionally | Control: Good | Attitude: Indifferent

When the bullpen door opens up and Joe Thorpe begins his slow walk to the pitcher's mound, it's normally a sign that the game has been decided, one way or another. Joe Thorpe, who has played for the Buckridge Blues for two years, makes his debut on the Hap Thrashers team, and will serve as the team's mop-up man. Haps lead by six runs? This guy's gonna come in and pitch an inning. Haps getting decimated by twelve? This guy's coming in right after a backup infielder made an ass out of himself on the mound, and he's probably not in a great mood about it, either. Joe Thorpe will level with you, his perfect day involves him sitting on the bench in the bullpen and having a couple of cold beers after a Hapilopper victory.

#50 - DWAYNE POCOCK | Closer | Age: 28 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @dwaynepocock
Arsenal: 4-Seam Fastball (105 mph), Knuckle-Curveball (75 mph), Changeup (85 mph) | Max Pitch Count: 20
Pitching style: Power | Temperment: Calm | Headhunter: Rare | Control: Great | Attitude: Calm

The Haps could be in a brutal position late in the game - having lost a 5-run lead because of a setup man's incompetence. Nuclear warfare could be breaking out. A plague of locusts could be wreaking havoc on the field. A terrible earthquake could be breaking out. Atlantian Oceania and Esportiva are about to declare war on each other. Massive floods could wash the ballpark away. But Dwayne Pocock is still sitting in the bullpen, his sunglasses on, lazily chewing his gum. He's that calm. And the Hapilopper National Baseball Team thrives off that calmness. It could be an electric situation, the Haps praying that Dwayne could deliver. But Dwayne Pocock will be about as relaxed as could be. It's that kind of demeanor that Hapiloppians all over can take solace in. They'll be fine. They've got nothing to worry about. Their closer's as relaxed as could be.

#11 - MO BEVERLY | First Baseman | Age: 28 | Throws: Right | Bats: Switch (60L-40R) | twii.tur: @morris_beverly
Hitting style: Contact/Power | Speed: Slow | Base Stealing: Never | Bunting for Hit: Rarely | Showboats?: Never | Attitude: Team Captain
Right after the last World Baseball Classic, Mo Beverly's knees gave out. The stress of catching in the National League of Hapilopper, as well as with the Hapilopper National Baseball Team, proved to be too much for him. He considered retirement, but realized he still loved playing baseball, and couldn't bear to let the game go away. So he learned how to play first base. It's easier on his knees, easier on his body, and he gets to keep playing. Despite the fact he's been relegated to a bench role - for now, Mo Beverly remains the spiritual leader of the Hapilopper National Baseball Team. Its conscience. The one that all the rest of the players turn to in the case of crisis. If the Haps ever make it all the way, it'll be because of Mo Beverly and his guidance to the rest of the team.

#12 - ZACK STONE | Second Baseman | Age: 24 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @stoner55
Hitting style: Power | Speed: Medium-Fast | Base Stealing: Occasionally | Bunting for Hit: Sometimes | Showboats?: No | Attitude: Professional
Considered by experts to be "Jerome Hayden without the attitude," Zack Stone is one hell of a power hitter. He's also a fair fielder as well, but nowhere near the level of Grant Bonney, the starting second baseman. But oh, those longballs. Last year, his rookie year, Stone hit 51 home runs for the Hapilopper City Nationals, including two that made it to the lower rows of the upper deck of Capital Stadium. But unlike Jerome Hayden, who would have whooped it up on the basepaths, Stone just runs them out, not even taking a peek at the home runs until after he gets back to the clubhouse. Stone is a third-generation ballplayer. His father, Mike Stone, played for the Nationals from 1995-2006, and his grandfather, Charlie Stone, played for the Nationals from 1969-1985. His brother, Andrew Stone, plays for the Buckridge Blues as a relief pitcher.

#13 - TYSON CRUMPLER | Third Baseman/Designated Runner | Age: 34 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @crumpler
Hitting style: Bunting | Speed: Mega-Fast | Base Stealing: All the time | Bunting for Hit: The entire time | Showboats?: No | Attitude: Relaxed
The fastest man in Hapiloppian baseball, Tyson Crumpler is on the Hapilopper National Baseball Team primarily as a pinch-running specialist. Last year, he stole 57 bases, a number that experts agree would be higher had his batting average been a little higher. Crumpler hit for a relatively pedestrian .219 average last year, and was is used primarily as a designated runner for the Buckridge Blues in clutch situations. His title as "Third Baseman" is merely nominal - his fielding prowess is marginal at best, and is not expected to perform often in the field. Reportedly ran a 4.53-second 40-yard dash during spring training for the Buckridge Blues. Away from the field, Crumpler owns three dogs - Alge, Warrick and Brooking, who strangely look like they could raise hell on a gridiron football field.

#14 - FREDDY SHEPHERD | Shortstop | Age: 22 | Throws: Right | Bats: Switch (50-50) | twii.tur: @shortsheppy
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Fast | Base Stealing: Frequently | Bunting for Hit: If needed | Showboats?: Occasionally | Attitude: Clumsy
Cue the jokes. Freddy Shepherd, last year a rookie in the National League of Hapilopper, missed the last two weeks of last season after a bizarre incident involving an iron. Shepherd, having spotted some unfortunate wrinkles on his shirt, decided to iron his shirt right then and there. The young player obviously must have been asleep in that Home Economics class when they specifically stated that irons burn when they make contact with someone, and that heat radiates through clothing, because he didn't think twice about doing it. The iron, as you would expect, burned Shepherd in the stomach, bringing him great pain and discomfort, enough for him to miss the last two weeks of the season. It's a shame he's known mostly for this, because he is, believe it or not, a very competent fielder and hitter.

#15 - RANDALL PEMBERTON | Outfield | Age: 28 | Throws: Right | Bats: Left | twii.tur: (none for legal reasons)
Hitting style: Contact/Power | Speed: Fast | Base Stealing: Frequently | Bunting for Hit: If needed | Showboats?: Disturbingly often | Attitude: Childlike
The weird one of the three Pemberton brothers, Randall Pemberton reads comic books, drinks frozen sodas and prank calls local bars off the field. On the field, he's an incredible outfielder, trolling the field as he makes leaping catches, robbing players of certain base hits and home runs. Last year, he hit .322 with 30 home runs. So why isn't he a starting fielder? Simple. Maturity. Randall Pemberton is known as that "blithering manchild" among a few Hapiloppian baseball players, taking lots of criticism for playing video games in the clubhouse when he could be warming up. For watching children's cartoons and playing with toy airplanes when he was scheduled to go out for batting practice. He's also not on social media either, thanks to a series of incidents involving him and a handful of Conservative Party politicians. We'll spare you the details (because I really don't want Hapilopper to be DEAT'ed over a vulgar roster post -Hap)

#16 - SCOTTY "SPUDS" PEMBERTON | Outfield | Age: 26 | Throws: Left | Bats: Left | twii.tur: @spemberton
Hitting style: Power | Speed: Fast | Base Stealing: Frequently | Bunting for Hit: If needed | Showboats?: No | Attitude: Class Clown
Yes, he insists on being called "Spuds" by everyone. This came after Spuds Pemberton signed a lucrative deal with EyeSavers to wear their recreation goggles - known as RecSpecs - on the field of play, not unlike Spuds Thomas, the famous player for the Hapilopper City Nationals in the early 90s. That's the player that, if you remember, bellowed "WE GOT THE RINGS, WE GOT THE MONEY, WE GOT EVERYTHING!" after the HC Nationals won the NLH Championship in a four-game sweep in 1990. Spuds plays with a fire and vigor that few players can match. Away from the field, Spuds enjoys watching those daytime talk shows where people try to figure out who their father is, or try to figure out why their significant other's been cheating on them and with how many people, even to the point where he records those shows on a clubhouse video player if he's playing in a daytime game. It annoys his teammates, but it's something he enjoys.

#17 - BILL PARENT | Outfield | Age: 25 | Throws: Right | Bats: Switch (70L-30R) | twii.tur: @billparent
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Medium-Fast | Base Stealing: Occasionally | Bunting for Hit: Occasionally | Showboats?: Rarely | Attitude: Asshole
It's 12 AM. You're sitting at the counter of a Jane's Diner, probably a little bit intoxicated. You've ordered a sizable meal, hoping to get something in you so you don't feel hung over the next morning. You look up to see Bill Parent sitting not far from you, with his typical post-game dinner of a double cheeseburger with two fried eggs and hashbrowns scattered, smothered, covered and chunked on the side. And on top of that, Bill's still in full uniform and clutching an icepack on his right arm, trying to recover from making some huge throws from the wall at right field to the infield. This is part of Bill's post-game routine. He insists on the same dinner every single night after the game, by himself, away from his teammates, and hopefully with nobody else bothering him. He's not the most social person in the world. He doesn't enjoy dealing with the media, doesn't enjoy dealing with fans, and doesn't enjoy speaking to people either on or off the field.

#18 - GORD CASTLE | Catcher | Age: 22 | Throws: Right | Bats: Right | twii.tur: @gord_castle
Hitting style: Contact | Speed: Slow | Base Stealing: Rarely | Bunting for Hit: No | Showboats?: Rarely | Attitude: Redneck
Gordon "Gord" Castle, who plays for the Peoria Warriors, is the kind of catcher you can depend on. Picking off fielders? Great. Standing his ground when he's being railroaded? Good. Framing pitches to fool gullible umpires? Cool. That's what Gord Castle does on the field. Off the field, he enjoys the tranquility of fishing, trying to find a nice bass while drinking a few beers and listening to some country music. He drives a pickup truck, chews tobacco and watches HASCAR racing when he's able to. He also enjoys being an idiot over social media, and made headlines a few months ago for calling Drake Stevenson "a fuckin' baby head fat-lookin' assclown." Or something like that.

vs. RHP, no DH:
1: #2 - Bonney
2: #7 - Blanchard
3: #5 - Rowe
4: #4 - Hayden
5: #1 - Berry
6: #3 - Hunnisett
7: #6 - M. Pemberton
8: #8 - Elliott
9: Pitcher

vs. LHP, no DH:
1: #8 - Elliott
2: #7 - Blanchard
3: #5 - Rowe
4: #4 - Hayden
5: #1 - Berry
6: #3 - Hunnisett
7: #6 - M. Pemberton
8: #2 - Bonney
9: Pitcher

vs. RHP, DH:
1: #2 - Bonney
2: #7 - Blanchard
3: #5 - Rowe
4: #4 - Hayden
5: #42 - Armstrong
6: #1 - Berry
7: #3 - Hunnisett
8: #6 - M. Pemberton
9: #8 - Elliott

vs. LHP, DH:
1: #2 - Bonney
2: #7 - Blanchard
3: #5 - Rowe
4: #42 - Armstrong
5: #4 - Hayden
6: #1 - Berry
7: #3 - Hunnisett
8: #6 - M. Pemberton
9: #8 - Elliott

#20 - DALE MOSS | Manager | Age: 53
Arguing with Umpires: Frequently | Shifting Infielders: Often | Shifting Outfielders: Often | Pull Pitchers: Quickly, espec. at pitch count limit
Dale Moss enters his fourth World Baseball Classic as the skipper for the Hapilopper National Baseball Team. His title as manager for the Haps seems secure, especially considering the team's success under his control in his last three World Baseball Classics. The Haps have gone to the playoffs the last two years, most notably with a run in the finals in the 49th World Baseball Classic. He's incredibly popular with his players and with those with the National League of Hapilopper, who run the HNBT. Moss is known for his tendency to go out to argue with the umpires, believing in both protecting his players from being ejected and in the tactical ejection - where he'll deliberately get himself ejected in an effort to fire up his players.

#21 - DON WADDLE | Hitting Coach | Age: 48
#22 - CURTIS SKINNER | Pitching Coach | Age: 58
#23 - ANTHONY PIRKLE | 1st Base Coach | Age: 45
#24 - CHARLTON FOREST | 3rd Base Coach | Age: 31
#25 - SAMUEL KITCHENS | Bench Coach | Age: 54

Raceway Park, Buckridge | Seating Capacity: 51,000
Built: 1979-1981 | Opened: April 1, 1981 | Open-Air | Natural Grass
Dimensions: 340 Left; 358 Left Center; 425 Center; 358 Right-Center; 325 Right | Fence Height: 9 feet all around
Furthest home run: Pete Hampton, Buckridge Blues, 9/19/1994, 507 feet
No-hitters here: One (Doug Williams, Buckridge Blues, 6/18/1985)
Perfect Games: One (Doug Williams, Buckridge Blues, 6/18/1985)

For the first home series of the World Baseball Classic, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team will play at Raceway Park, a 51,000-seat stadium located within the confines of the old 3-mile Raceway in Buckridge, a race track converted into a mixed-use district. The stadium features double-decker grandstands that hang slightly over the outfield walls, which could potentially turn popflies into upper deck home runs. The home of the Buckridge Blues since 1981, the stadium's acoustics were intentionally designed to provide a louder atmosphere than in most stadiums. More intimate than Capital Stadium, fans will be closer to the action at Raceway Park for the first home series. The stadium is typically filled with 50,000 screaming fans of the Buckridge Blues, one of the more successful teams in NLH baseball. Buckridge fans have vowed to fill Raceway Park for the HNBT's first home series in the World Baseball Classic, and hope to show the world what their kind of baseball is all about.

With deep dimensions to center field, home runs that far out are rare, but shots to left and right field are more often, especially with the second deck that hangs a few feet over the field. Per Raceway Park ground rules, these balls will be declared home runs should they land in the seats. Should they bounce off the wall of the overhang, they will be declared fair balls and in play, similar to a ball bouncing off the wall. Should the ball bounce off the overhang wall and land in the first deck below, the batter will be awarded two bases instead of a home run.

Capital Stadium, Hapilopper City | Seating Capacity: 66,201
Built: 1968-1970 | Opened: June 30, 1970 | Open-Air | WreckeriaTurf Artifical Turf
Dimensions: 330 Left; 375 Left Center; 404 Center; 375 Right Center; 330 Right | Fence Height: 8 feet all around
Furthest home run: Aaron Armstrong, Surrey Wolves, 6/25/2022, 525 feet*
No-hitters here: Four (Most recent: Whit Dabney, Peoria Warriors, 5/6/2021)
Perfect Games: None

Capital Stadium, just off the West River in Hapilopper City, is the mother church of baseball, football and gridiron in the Dominion of Hapilopper. It is the place that all baseball players, footballers and gridiron players dream of playing, above any others. The stadium is the last of Hapilopper's classic cookie-cutter stadiums, and in spite of being one of the oldest stadiums in Hapilopper, there is no indication it is going away any time soon. As is custom with cookie-cutter stadiums, the park is completely symmetrical and is surrounded by multiple decks of stands, typically filled with screaming fans when the HC Nationals are doing well. Back in the 1970s, the HC Nationals, and their vaunted "National Machine" dominated Hapiloppian baseball, and brought over four million fans through the turnstiles on six occasions. Hapiloppian fans have vowed to come to Capital Stadium in force for HNBT games.

Capital Stadium is considered a "neutral" park and does not favor hitters or pitchers per se, but the artificial turf, known as "HCNTurf", is seen as the HC Nationals' secret weapon. Balls bounce and fly like crazy off the turf, and the HC Nationals have commonly selected players that have been able to use that turf - and its unusual properties - to good use. That turf, however, in the aftermath of several severe injuries to players, is in the process of being replaced following backlash from fans and players alike, and will be replaced with a turf known as "WreckeriaTurf," a more modern artificial turf produced by a company in Halsted, Wreckeria. This turf should provide more give than the old HCNTurf. The stadium has recently undergone renovations, including new clubhouses, extra seats, new luxury boxes and a new video board all around the roof of the stadium.

* - Hapiloppian record keepers only count home runs hit by humans. Several home runs, hit by Hampton Island's trained bear Midnight, went much farther than Armstrong's 525-foot blast.


Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Within reason. Use my lineup as a guide
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes. Please review my RPs to see if an emergency starter is needed
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but if something has happened in real life, like a player hitting the same fan twice with foul balls in one at-bat, or pitchers hitting grand slams, it's not godmodding in my eyes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but do not kill my players.
Godmod injuries to my players: Talk to me about it so I know what you're doing. TG me or ping me on the NS Sports Discord.
Eject my players: Talk to me about it so I know what you're doing. TG me or ping me on the NS Sports Discord.
Godmod other events: Talk to me about it so I know what you're doing. TG me or ping me on the NS Sports Discord.
Involve me in pandemic-related RPs: Hell no. The pandemic does not and will not exist in Hapilopper.
Use DH at home: Hell no. We play real baseball in Hapilopper.
Style Mod: +2.75
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:22 pm

This RP line will be parodying the 2011 movie Moneyball in a screenplay format. The below scenes are inspired by the following scenes in Moneyball: Intro, Boardroom Scene


The field is empty; the last fans have long since left, both those of the victorious Elephants and the defeated Tigers. It will be the last game of the WBC50 hosted in New Lakeland University Stadium, although the city itself will soon welcome two new teams, contesting for a spot in the elite eight of the World Baseball Classic. As the camera pans over the empty stadium, the commentary from the ninth inning of Game Five of the Ro32 series filters in as a voiceover.

COMMENTATOR (VOICEOVER): Long’s single means the tying run is on first base, but it looks like the Elephants will stick with the fearless starter Conroy...Emery Wu steps up and takes a fastball on the inside edge for strike one…


Back in the hotel, a sleepless WINSTON YI, manager of the Tigers WBC team, stares at the ceiling of his hotel room. A PACKED SUITCASE lies forlornly in the corner, ready to return to Super-Llamaland the next morning. Yi can’t sleep, instead haunted by his decision to use Edward Zhuang as an OPENER, wondering where else he went wrong.

COMMENTATOR: Devastating breaking ball from Conroy, and that’s strike three swinging! Emery Wu sat down on four pitches, and the Elephants are just one out away from escaping to the Round of 16, for what would be their first-ever playoff series victory. Liam Desjardins is up now, as the sweet-swinging lefty takes a fastball low for ball one…


At the headquarters of the Llamanean Baseball Association, a devastated TROY VASQUEZ, president of the LBA, is talking with a PR representative, who has handed him a prepared statement. We zoom in on Vasquez reading the statement out loud. Not all of it is visible, but what we can see is the title: “PRESS STATEMENT REGARDING THE FIRING OF TIGERS MANAGER WINSTON YI”.

COMMENTATOR: Here’s the 1-1, and Desjardins slices a line drive into right-center! Zimmerman running over, Ventura running over, Ventura lays out...and makes the catch! South Newlandia have beaten their Esportivan neighbors and will be advancing to the Round of 16 here at WBC50...for Super-Llamaland, formerly giants but defeated in the first round of the playoffs for a second straight WBC, major questions will have to be asked about how to move forward. A heroic performance from the Elephants ace Jacob Conroy, who tosses a complete-game masterpiece, allowing just two runs on seven hits, and South Newlandia are moving on. The final score, again, South Newlandia four, Super-Llamaland two.


ISAAC OLADIPO is sitting down, speaking at his first conference as the new manager of the Llamanean national baseball team. The first foreign manager in the once-proud Tigers’ history is WELL-DRESSED in a suit and tie, more formal than what any of the JOURNALISTS and BLOG BOYS have shown up in. The crowd in front of him listens somewhat attentively, but with a sneaking suspicion of the Banijan, whose home country has compiled a dominant 9-1 record over the Tigers since their return to the WBC.

ISAAC: ...and you know, I’ve seen what this team is capable of. We all grew up watching those Tigers, the five-time WBC champions, and I’m fully cognizant that my job is to bring them back to those heights. You don’t do that by doing the same thing that’s kept us stuck in the second round for the past few years, but I’m confident that we have a really good group of position players and pitchers that are capable of going all the way.

CHRISTINA JIMENEZ, a reporter, clears her throat and stands up to ask a question.

CHRISTINA: Christina Jimenez, LlamaSportsNet. With WBC50 staff ace Cedric Wei, second starter April Bendtner, and relief ace Calisto Gutierrez all ruled out for the classic due to recovery from Jimothy Tom Surgery (named after a Karditani ace, the NSS equivalent of Tommy John Surgery), how are you planning on replacing their output on the pitching staff?

Isaac blinks, SURPRISED. He’d expected all three to be available.

ISAAC: Well, you know, if those players are all going to be out-

REPORTER: -They are.

ISAAC: Well, it’s a huge loss, they’re very talented pitchers...but I’m confident that we’ll be able to find ways to replace their output, even if it means we have to think outside the box a little.


ISAAC is sitting at the head of an oval-shaped mahogany table, flanked by SEVEN Llamanean scouts working for the national team. Behind him is a large WHITEBOARD with the names of several Llamanean pitchers tapped as candidates to replace WEI and BENDTNER. Isaac listens, mildly frustrated, as the scouts debate the merits of different pitchers.

SCOUT 1: How about Danielle Nørregaard of the New Llama Wizards? She’s got national team experience from the International Baseball Slam, and the spin rate on her fastball is to die for - twenty-six hundred RPM on that, and combined with the elite vertical movement on her splitter...that’s an excellent combination for the WBC.

SCOUT 2: Peripherals are excellent, too. She was a little unlucky with her BABIP last season, but the HR/9 is around what I’d expect from an excellent fastball-splitter pitcher, and you always love to see a strikeout rate in the thirties, even if her sample size was on the smaller side last season.

ISAAC: Her ERA was 3.84 last season in the LBL. Not exactly what you’d want replacing your best pitcher, yeah?

SCOUT 1: ...Well, you can’t just look at her ERA. Her form’s great, too - I don’t have her horizontal extension on me, but (types furiously) it’s gotta be at least half a foot above average, and that just amplifies the different movements between the fastball and splitter. I think she’s solid national team material.

ISAAC: If she’s such a good pitcher, then why doesn’t she pitch better?

Isaac’s opinion is met with stony silence from the scouting team, who have only recently started working with the Banijan manager. A third scout, after a lengthy pause, opts to change the subject.

SCOUT 3: How about Emily Innis, out of South Newlandia’s Sophie City Girls?

SCOUT 2: She’s got great control, for one - four-point-six is an elite walk rate.

SCOUT 3: Yeah, but her K/9 is a six at best.

SCOUT 1: What does that mean?

SCOUT 3: Ugly K/9 means no confidence.

Isaac holds his hand up, opening and closing it to mimic talking. Eventually, the scouts’ discussion of Emily Innis tails off, and they all turn to watch Isaac.

SCOUT 1: Is that a suggestion, Isaac?

ISAAC: You guys are just talking about this like it’s business as usual. Like it’s still the early 40s, and we can just spreadsheet our way to a title. It’s not.

SCOUT 1: We’re trying to solve the problem, Isaac. Why don’t you let us scouts handle this, and you can just worry about the on-field stuff once we pick a roster.

After a few more minutes of bickering, Isaac and the scouting team opt to adjourn for the day. As Isaac is leaving the boardroom, he notices a crumpled - but still legible - report in the recycling bin. Of particular interest are a few jotted notes like GOOD FASTBALL VELOCITY, RUN PREVENTION, and, circled several times with a star, THE WILL TO WIN. He picks the report from the recycling bin and holds it up.

ISAAC: Hey guys, which one of you wrote this?

A few of the scouts snicker at the suggestion.

SCOUT 1: Oh, that’s Alasan Senghore. Bit of a weirdo who works on my team, always going on crusades against modern analytics.

ISAAC: Do you have his number?

Fades to black. Title sequence fades in on white letters.

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Postby South Americanastan » Sat Mar 20, 2021 8:05 pm

South Americanastan National Baseball Team
Trigamme: SAS [Still in process of being reserved]
Nickname: Hotshots (former, commonly used) Hinto Brews (Official)
Home Stadium: Olympic Stadium (Capacity 66,000)
Colors: Red, Green, and White

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes

The South Americanastan National Team
After years of players having to "settle" for domestic leagues, South Americanastan has finally established it's first ever national baseball team! The new team has drawn players from all parts of the country, particularly Boston, Quebec, Montreal, and Halifax, with most players under the age of 25. South Americanastan, while hopeful for it's new team, is not expecting the team to be a contender. Despite all of this, Americanastan's love for baseball burns true, and you can count on the stands being packed in Olympic Stadium.


Coach: Micheal Kelly
#1 - Age 35 - Former Infielder
Assistant Coach: Marvin Hartmann
#2 - Age 62 - Experienced Coach
Pitching Coach: Nicholas Morrison
#3 - Age 46 - Former Player
Batting Coach: Harry Dalton
#4 - Age 24 - Innovative Thinker


Casey Kellahan
#27 - Age 22 - Throws and Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher - Ace

John Mikelanton
#58 - Age 26 - Throws and Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher

Darby Nikolasson
#5 - Age 19 - Throws Right - Bats Left - Sidearm Pitcher

Jerry Cook
#97 Age 24 - Throws and Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher

Ken Barrington
#38 - Age 21 - Switch Pitcher, Prefers Left - Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher


Jack Manning
#29 - Age 32 - Throws and Bats Right - Starting Catcher - Fading Star

Randy Garrington
#46 - Age 23 - Throws Right - Bats Switch - Backup Catcher - High Potential


Tom Jackson
#21 - Age 28 - Throws and Bats Right - Long Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Nick Kelly
#67 - Age 24 - Throws and Bats Right - Long Reliever - Submarine Pitcher

Sam Harrison
#15 - Age 25 - Throws and Bats Left - Mid Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Wally Quinn
#85 - Age 22 - Throws and Bats Right - Mid Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Kofi Woods
#34 - Age 19 - Throws Right - Bats Left - Short Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Matt Jackson
#13 - Age 23 - Throws and Bats Right - Closer - Overhand Pitcher


Gareth Sevriens
#69 - Age 29 - Throws Left - Bats Switch - 1B

Patrick Larson
#78 - Age 22 - Throws and Bats Right - 2B

Jacob Monte
#23 - Age 20 - Throws and Bats Right - SS - Rising Star

Frank Malone
#62 - Age 24 - Throws Right - Bats Left - 3B - Reliable Fielder

Tito Lowell
#45 - Age 19 - Throws and Bats Left - Backup

Owen Smith
#29 - Age 27 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup/DH


Garry O'Hannagan
#99 - Age 23 - Throws and Bats Left - RF

David Timberlake
#7 Age 27 - Throws and Bats Left - CF

Walter Rowe
#39 - Age 21 - Throws and Bats Right - LF

Ian Kolbe
#91 - Age 34 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup - Mentor

Tommy Vincent
#58 - Age 19 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup


1. C Jack Manning

2. 1B Gareth Sevriens

3. Frank Malone

4. CF David Timberlake

5. SS Jacob Monte

6. LF Walter Rowe

7. RF Garry O'Hannagan

8. 2B Patrick Larson

9. DH Owen Smith/Pitcher
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Mar 21, 2021 2:53 am

Ko-orenite National Baseball Team
野球コ・オレン代表 - Jakyuu Ko-oren Daijhou - Selesson Co-orenensa de Beisbol


Style modifier (if used): -3
Trigramme: KOR
Nicknames: Dragonflies (all), Cactuses (Finisterrans), Islanders (Yoshimans)

SP = Starting pitcher / MP = Middle relief pitcher / 8P = Set-up man / CP = Closer

Starting (by batting order):
LF Addison Paterson (22) Amandine Challengers: R/R
2B Rei Himura (32) Katashi Giants: L/L
RF Kiro Ogasawara (29) Katashi Giants: R/R
CF Ano Makkinga (29) Intermare Admirals: R/R
(DH) - usually Peredo or Deguchi
3B Papa Girard (29) Arakura Knights: L/L
C Arimoro Sano (23) Teragaseki Dynamo: R/R
1B Ré Fouquet (31) Echizen Dragons: L/L
SS Katatake Gotou (30) Katashi Generals: R/R

1B Noriatsu Togashi (23) Suvira Quarry: R/R
1B Ré Fouquet (31) Echizen Dragons: L/L
2B Rei Himura (32) Katashi Giants: L/L
2B Xaime Marin (34) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R
SS Katatake Gotou (30) Katashi Generals: R/R
SS Jukichi Sakurano (29) Suvira Quarry: R/R
3B Papa Girard (29) Arakura Knights: L/L
3B Amand Gallois (26) Intermare Admirals: R/R
3B Manoel Candia (24) Katashi Giants: R/R

RF Kiro Ogasawara (29) Katashi Giants: R/R
RF Ruu Deguchi (28) Echizen Dragons: R/R
RF Denis Caamano (24) Intermare Admirals: L/L
CF Ano Makkinga (29) Intermare Admirals: R/R
CF Xacinto Leyton (27) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R
LF Yoshihito Oshita (24) Echizen Dragons: R/R
LF Addison Paterson (22) Amandine Challengers: R/R
LF Roibén Peredo (32) Santa Teresa Stars: L/L

C Arimoro Sano (23) Teragaseki Dynamo: R/R
C Juan Berganza (29) Santa Teresa Stars: L/L
C Tevi Kagulazaka (30) Echizen Dragons: L/L

SP = Starting pitcher / MP = Middle relief pitcher / 8P = Set-up man / CP = Closer
SP Gus Gavreau (32) Aminey Wanderers: L/L
SP Suno Matsuda (26) Suvira Quarry: L/L
SP Kasper Brands (36) Aminey Wanderers: R/R
SP Xerman Figueredo (29) Ferrovente Whales: R/R
SP Tojoaki Jabe (27) Suvira Quarry: L/L

MP Distehonan Lambirthingun (25) Intermare Admirals: R/R
MP Tacaro Cevocalu (28) Intermare Admirals: R/R
MP Sanemitsu Murata (25) Katashi Generals: R/R
MP Gé Delacroix (33) Aminey Wanderers: L/L
MP Tadajuki Joshivumi (35) Echizen Dragons: L/L

8P Koyo Igarashi (25) Suvira Quarry: L/L
8P Habi Hoga (28) Katashi Generals: R/R

CP Kotaro Higashi (37) Echizen Dragons: L/L
CP Virovaru Janagimoto (25) Amandine Challengers: R/R
CP Teluvide Kamei (26) Katashi Generals: R/R

Notes on the team
The stars of the team that we expect a lot from: Matsuda and Gavreau as starting pitchers, Lambirthingun as middle relief, Barrande as a very complete first baseman (defensive and offensive), Sano as catcher (again, both defence and offence). Paterson (LF) counts as probably the biggest talent in the game, which stings: he's not from Finisterre or Yoshima (see the final paragraph of the Notes), but that also gives him the opportunity to be liked by both sides of that rivalry. Makkinga has the same advantage: not only is he very good, he also doesn't split the fanbase down the middle.

The team uses a lot of pitchers per match. Using 4 pitchers is a decent minimum. The team is very aware of speedy players prone to steal bases. The Dragonflies lack fast players, and compensate for that by shifting the defence, and plenty of pickoff attempts. Players are selected for defensive prowess first and for batting second, so mistakes in tagging players are rare.

At the same time, offensively, the Dragonflies sometimes lack firepower. Sure, the batting is deep enough, with several fast players that can reach first base, then a few players that can clean up - but on the whole, for a team ranked this high, there's not a lot in threatening batters. The first 1-2 are OBP monsters, the next 2-3 are RBI monsters - on a good day. Bunting and sac flies are not too common, but players are generally left to their own decision-making whether they want to attempt them. In recent years, batting has gotten a lot better, to the point where the top 5-6 can reliably threaten the other team.

Culturally, there is a divide between the Western players (those with Hispanic-sounding names), from Finisterre, and the Eastern players (those with Japanese-like names), from Yoshima. The former are often from a working class background, the latter are extremely proud of their home prefecture, and can be a little arrogant. Other names (French, Dutch, Gehrennan, English) are from other regions of Ko-oren, and typically don't occur in baseball very often. They are mostly just happy to be there, often as peacekeepers on the team. Both Finisterrans and Yoshimans look down on them, however.

As with most of this sport, there is some competition between Finisterre and Yoshima. This extends to the home venues as well. Series of three matches are usually scheduled per region (ranked by how often they're used):
1) Katashi: the city of Katashi has several ready venues, including the Katashi Dome (the largest venue of the nation) and Maesaki Park (smaller, but more frequently used by domestic teams). Sometimes even the Heisaka Grounds are used (one third the size of Katashi Dome, to give you an idea).
2) Finisterre: the entire region has several big stadiums and they're almost always sold out if the Dragonflies come to visit. The Citadel (Santa Teresa), Ventovente (Ferrovente).
3) Rest of Leleia: the regions west and east of Katashi don't have the same population as city of Katashi itself, but has a lot of scattered towns with a proud baseball tradition. Twin Field (Nitoya), Obsidian Park (Suvira)
4) Rest of Ko-oren: not everyone plays baseball all the time, yet there are a few diamonds here and there. Le Losange (Aminey), Honrothru-din (Senoren), Vamada Océanique (Étouille), Naminaka Park (Schemerdrecht).
5) Alara and Etena islands: the northernmost islands of Yoshima are baseball-crazy as well, fans come from all over the island just to see a match. Uvesaki Field (Echizen), Vidari Stadium (Teragaseki), Vusodalo Stadium (Teraoka).
6) Selesi island: the second-largest island of Yoshima has only a few venues, being the least densely populated part of Yoshima, but the few places they do have are popular. Ginofruit Field (Arakura).

RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Not necessarily
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
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Postby Zwangzug » Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:08 am

Team Zwangzug, known as the "Zebras," were an early force in the WBC but have since faded from relevance. They competed consistently through WBC31, reappeared for 39 and 40, and then popped back again in 49 and 50. Happily, the 39-40 cycle saw Felix Wainwright break the alleged radio announcers' curse. This doesn't mean we'll necessarily have competent announcers, or any announcers at all; just that we could have some capable of holding down the job for multiple cycles. If we wanted to.

Like their distant ancestors, the Zebras are a defensively-minded team overall, eschewing many power hitters in favor of patience at the plate. Pitchers, likewise, tend more towards finesse than speed. There is no DH used at our home stadium, the Worm Hole (located in Spenson). They tend to be somewhat new-mathy with regards to not bunting, not stealing very much, etc.

Manager: Wenjie Liu (f). Claims to be affiliated with the FTC Secret Squirrels, but given that we can't even be bothered to scorinate our league, we can't even vouch for that. She knows what she's doing, though. We hope.

Starting rotation:
#30, Alexandre Picpus, Logrove Dolphins, L/R, m, first WBC: 49
#38, Saffie Ross-Singh, Zwischen Bears, R/R, f, first WBC: 49
#77, Carol Snedar-Berg, FTC Mustangs, R/R, f, first WBC: 50
#84, Kirby Montrose, Kerlagrad Dragons, L/L, m, first WBC: 51
#31, Brianna Nguyen, FTC Secret Squirrels, R/R, f, first WBC: 51

#99, Xiaodong Jia, 102d Gray Sox, L/L, m (used for high-leverage, low-duration appearances), first WBC: 49
#4, Natalie Chepas-Wood, Zwischen Bears, R/R, f (ditto), first WBC: 51
#62, Todd Forneris, FTC Secret Squirrels, R/R, m (medium relief), first WBC: 49
#11, Isaac Pafok-Deil, Noh Weir Red-Tails, L/L, m (medium relief), first WBC: 50
#59, Quentin Sirin, Spenson Worms, R/R, m (medium relief), first WBC: 51
#16, Evan Singer-Lun, Inver Millers, R/R, m (long relief), first WBC: 49
#40, Whitney Chavez, Belpub Wildcats, R/R, f (long relief), first WBC: 51

Starting lineup:
#22, Frances Wake, Belpub Wildcats, right field, L/L, f, first WBC: 49
#3, Greg Callan-Milton, Bassabook Grey Socks, shortstop, L/L, m, first WBC: 49
#25, Josefina Gomez, Hadiln Tigers, catcher, R/R, f, first WBC: 49
#29, Oliver Crant-Bridge, Nuel Panthers, second base, R/R, m, first WBC: 49
#12, Veronica Adler, Spenson Worms, center field, S/R, f, first WBC: 50
#17, Aaron Grant-Mond, Logrove Dolphins, first base, L/L, m, first WBC: 50
#5, Kirsten Harris, Noh Weir Red-Tails, left field, L/L, f, first WBC: 50
#21, Maia Solloway, Arlington Aurora, third base, R/R, f, first WBC: 51

#36, Eduardo Kansone-Westing, Frischberg Flash, outfield, R/R, m (DH if needed, bats 6th). first WBC: 50
#20, Doug Pratt, Kerlagrad Dragons, outfield, L/L, m, first WBC: 50
#23, Abigail Noonan, Inver Millers, middle infield, R/R, f, first WBC: 50
#44, Jorgi Sarves, Bassabook Grey Socks, catcher, R/R, m, first WBC: 51
#2, Phebe McNell-Weiss, FTC Mustangs, corner infield, L/R, f, first WBC: 51

Factbook is ludicrously out of date by now and just linked for tradition's sake. More information about the country is available on the wiki and is sporadically being added to. If you RP first, please follow my lineup and rotation (or ICly justify any substitutions). Feel free to pick my runscorers, RP injuries to my players, and eject my players. You can be relatively creative; however, if you want to do something like literal godmoding, or something that would cause harm to my citizens/in my country, please telegram me first.
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Postby Barnettsville » Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:54 am


Oh, what a twisted history for this team.

For those that know, I don't have to explain. (Zwangzug, Newmanistan, Cassadaigua specifically. Not calling you out, just honoring your longtime achievements.) For those that don't - probably most of you - a quick history lesson. This team is in its second incarnation as Barnettsville, after having been Lycrabon in between. As I said, confusing a little bit.

In the entire time as both, the Blue Jays have:

- hosted 2 Classics (17 and 24), including the first ever 0-3 title win;
- won WBC 20
- and made a consistency of falling in the quarterfinals (8 of them, I think).

That being said, the Jays are like Charlie Brown. Keep failing, keep getting comebackers that knock our clothes off, come back for more. With that, the returning Barnettsville Blue Jays:

POS	#	Player			Bat/Throw	Age
2B 1 Arthur Rodgers R/R 23
SS 8 Stefan Huber R/R 23
CF 44 Zane Franklin R/R 27
LF 20 Bobby Kramer L/R 19
1B 3 Bert Powell R/R 19
C 27 Willis Pittman R/R 19
3B 10 Feliux Cortes S/R 21
RF 56 Phillip Vinson L/L 25

C 72 Tyler-James Gonzales R/R 18
2B 23 Connor Eastwood R/R 19
SS 14 Brenden Meyer R/R 21
1B 41 Scott Luna L/R 19
IF 33 Dominick Firth S/R 24
3B 5 Wade Rees R/R 19
OF 9 Nick Wheeler L/R 19

SP 51 Tyler Randall R/L 20
SP 21 Ian MacGregor L/L 25
SP 29 Rick Benson R/R 18
SP 31 Lester Crawford R/R 23
SP 35 Kirk Quinn R/R 19
RP 47 Yu Bryant L/L 22
RP 22 Jon-Paul Graham R/R 22
RP 16 Melanie Kramer S/R 21
SU 19 Kane Chandler L/L 25
CL 45 Theo Ford R/R 20

MGR 6 Darren Klein 37
BENCH 4 Roscoe Lane 35
1B 26 Woodrow Guzman 35
3B 34 Isaac Pike 44
PITCH 2 Nathan DuPont 42
HIT 11 Vladimir Ryan 40

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only the injury itself, NOT the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, but only the same or 1 player difference +/-
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No, my pitchers bat
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WBC 12 (Quarterfinals), WBC 13 (Round of 16), Games of the IV Summer Olympiad, 1st Gordonopia Cup (Group A 3rd), Baptism of Iron III (Quarterfinals), World Bowl VIII
Host of WBC 17 and 24 (as Lycrabon), WBC 20 Champion (as Lycrabon)

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Postby Nova Anglicana » Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:27 pm

Nova Anglicana WBC 51 Roster

Nickname: Lions
Acronym: NOV



Stadium: Archbishop Stadium
Stadium Location: Londinium (capital), Newfoundland and Labrador
Stadium Capacity: 35,000
Distance to Walls: 315 to right with a high wall, 421 to right-center, 408 to straightaway center, 385 to left-center, 336 to left
Stadium Surface: Natural grass
Park Factor: 82, Archbishop Stadium is quite the pitcher's park

Archbishop Stadium is the home stadium of the Londinium Capitols as well as the Nova Anglican national team. It is big and it plays big, with a serious nighttime marine layer, an enormous right-center gap known as "Triples Alley" and an imposing right field wall. It's not as hard on right-handed hitters, but is a fly ball pitcher's paradise. Many people are seen in the bay outside of the stadium attempting to catch home runs hit into the water or simply cruising the bay while enjoying the sound of the game on the radio.

Starting Rotation (order as given)
RHP #36 Cory Sharpe, 33 - Sharpe leaned on his 90 MPH slider and 97 MPH fastball to get here, the consummate power/strikeout pitcher, steady diet of high fastballs and just-out-of-reach sliders on 2-strike counts, uses a cutter or change against tough lefties, will flash a curve
LHP #20 Erik Russell, 32 - big high leg kick messes with hitters, 90 MPH fastball is underwhelming, but he can cut, sink, and run it, along with a circle and a Vulcan change, knuckle curve and passable slider, you just never know what's coming
RHP #44 Rex Boyd, 31 - sits 95, but can ramp up to 97-98 if needed, throws a slider and a changeup as well
LHP #19 Christian Hammond, 25 - known for his big bender that arcs into the strike zone, but fastball is more than respectable, 94-96 but can reach back for 98 at times, broke onto the scene by developing a tight slider, still working on changeup
RHP #56 Rocky Gantt, 26 - Gantt jumps into the starting rotation, pops the glove at 96-97, devastating slurve, good changeup and average cutter help him against lefties

LHP #57 Aaron Spencer, 33 - long guy out of the bullpen, stands 6'4, so his pedestrian 91 MPH fastball looks faster, sweeping slider, decent curve, will mix in a change every now and then as well
LHP #48 Dallas Hawkins, 29 - lefty has developed into a strong closer, features a 96 MPH fastball with a biting slider and tricky curve
LHP #46 Grant Graham, 28 - former starter now a lefty specialist, throws his dangerous curve close to 50% of the time, most of the rest is a fairly hard fastball with a change and slider just to give hitters an occasional change of pace
RHP #38 Cody Brock, 30 - sits 100, throws a changeup at 87 that is tough to handle, and his slider is 91 as well, not much control right now
RHP #16 Jonathan Drake, 25 - the newest fireman has a nice, easy, repeatable delivery that gives him a low-effort mid-90s fastball that can be ramped up if necessary, throws a slider and split change as well, club team is dreaming on him as a guy who can start, be a bulk guy, be a fireman reliever, or close
RHP #11 Justin Chandler, 24 - violent delivery means he almost falls off the mound as he pitches, but he sits 98 with a dynamite slider, not much else
RHP #43 Roger Bizet, 26 - Bizet is kind of an anomaly, chucking mid-80s sliders from a sidearm slot over 70% of the time, but fastball is 92-93 and can pull out a change against lefties too
RHP #30 Jon Klein, 32 - bowling ball of a fastball at 94, but throws a good curve and change as well, reliable strike-thrower
RHP #23 Eric Norton, 28 - the kind of guy that rears back and lets loose, 4-seam at 98-99, 2-seam at 94-95 that dives back over the outside corner to righties and dives just out of the zone low and away to lefties, hard slider at 90, decent change, also good control

C #18 Curtis Hughes, 29, (R/R) - below-average receiver, but he has power for days and is the best-hitting catcher in the league
C #60 David Conner, 22, (S/R) - rookie sensation burst onto the scene as a do-it-all guy, framing, arm, blocking, average, and power, could do with improvement in drawing walks and baserunning/speed, but his success is more about repeating it in future
C #51 Daniel Hunter, 26, (R/R) - a nuclear deterrent behind the plate for runners, already an excellent game-caller as well, offense will likely never be better than below-average, defensive replacement and occasional starter for this team

1B #21 Erik Austin, 29, (S/R) - bat speed is incredible and he has .300/.400 potential, power is growing, an above-average defender at first, and can play third if needed
3B #26 Pierre Duchesne, 29, (R/R) - a bit of a lumberer, so more suited to first, but can play a decent third, thick body with a lot of swing and miss, but generates a lot of power with the lower body, strong arm
SS #11 Luke Mills, 31, (S/R) - former #1 overall pick out of high school, outstanding fielder, but his hit tool has really taken off, good power for a SS, a national team fixture
2B #6 Nolan Dunning, 25, (L/R) - slick fielder can man short or second, though better at second, quick bat who hits for a high average and draws a good number of walks, though not much power, very fast
CI #50 Barrett Satterfield, 26, (S/R) - first thing you notice about him is his booming, sometimes inappropriately loud voice, can be goofy but motivator and cheerleader in chief, beyond off-field skills, combines spray-hitting approach with solid arm and quick feet, working on in-game tapping of substantial raw power
IF #27 Davis Shipley, 23, (R/R) - hit tool is below-average but developing, presently great at adding value outside of his bat, silky smooth in the infield, makes throws from anywhere, good eye at the plate, more of a smart baserunner than speed demon

OF #25 Joey Keller, 28, (R/R) - features a solid arm and good range in left, athletic power bat who still needs to work on taking walks, potential 30/15 guy
OF #35 Hank Oliver, 23, (S/L) - whiz kid makes highlight-reel plays in center, great jump/first step means he has tremendous range, arm is fair, doesn't hit for a terribly high average or power, but draws a lot of walks and steals/takes the extra base whenever possible, team hopes to develop him by exposing him to excellent competition
OF #29 Jerome Duplantier, 32, (L/R) - strong right arm in right means runners don't challenge him, a launch angle revolutionized swing means he has 30 HR power, not super mobile and won't hit for much average
OF #24 Cliff Garner, 32, (L/L) - Garner is all about the three true outcomes (homers, walks, and strikeouts), poor range but good arm, not an awful LF, but he's here for his hit tool, mostly
UTIL #40 Dusty Davidson, 31, (S/R) - Davidson is a super-utility guy, tall enough to play corner infield, quick enough to play middle infield, and fast w/a good enough arm to play any outfield position, will steal bases, draw walks, and play good defense, not much power, middling average

Mark Singleton #55 (Manager)

Jay Garrett #1 (Hitting Coach)

Nick Berry #47 (Pitching Coach)

Dale Garner #9 (1st Base Coach)

Eli Nelson #8 (3rd Base Coach)

Casey Cain #15 (Bench Coach)

Toby Meyer #52 (Bullpen Coach)

Starting Lineup w/o DH (/9 is an estimation of about how many games each player would play in a situation using this lineup)
1B Erik Austin/Duchesne (Austin 8/9, Satterfield 1/9)
SS Luke Mills/Davidson (Mills 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
LF Joey Keller/Garner/Davidson (Keller 7/9 games, Garner 1/9, Davidson 1/9)
RF Jerome Duplantier/Davidson (Duplantier 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
3B Pierre Duchesne/Satterfield/Davidson (Duchesne 6/9 games, Satterfield 2/9, Davidson 1/9)
C Curtis Hughes/Conner/Hunter (Hughes 6/9 games, Conner 2/9, Hunter 1/9)
2B Dunning/Shipley/Davidson (Dunning 7/9 games, Shipley 1/9, Davidson 1/9)
CF Hank Oliver/Davidson (Oliver 8/9, Davidson 1/9)
P Pitcher's Spot

Starting Lineup w/DH vs. RHP
1B Erik Austin/Satterfield (Austin 8/9, Satterfield 1/9)
SS Luke Mills (Mills 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
LF Joey Keller/Davidson (Keller 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
DH Cliff Garner
RF Jerome Duplantier/Davidson (Duplantier 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
3B Pierre Duchesne/Satterfield (Duchesne 6/9 games, Satterfield 3/9)
C Curtis Hughes/Conner/Hunter (Hughes 7/9 games, Conner 1/9, Hunter 1/9)
2B Nolan Dunning/Shipley/Davidson (Dunning 7/9 games, Shipley 1/9, Davidson 1/9)
CF Hank Oliver/Davidson (Oliver 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)

Starting Lineup w/DH vs. LHP
1B Erik Austin/Satterfield (Austin 8/9, Satterfield 1/9)
SS Luke Mills/Davidson (Mills 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
LF Joey Keller/Davidson (Keller 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
RF Jerome Duplantier/Davidson (Duplantier 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)
3B Pierre Duchesne/Satterfield (Duchesne 8/9 games, Satterfield 1/9)
DH Curtis Hughes
2B Nolan Dunning/Shipley/Davidson (Dunning 5/9 games, Shipley 2/9, Davidson 2/9)
C David Conner/Hunter (Conner 7/9 games, Hunter 2/9)
CF Hank Oliver/Davidson (Oliver 8/9 games, Davidson 1/9)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not serious ones. Back stiffness, jammed fingers, bruises, etc. Nothing that would keep them out of the lineup for more than 1 game. Reciprocity is expected.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No, but manager is fair game
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +1
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WBC 39/44/50, WCoH 46, RUWC 31, Cup of Harmony 65, IBS III/VIII, AVBF 7s II

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby The Greater Nordics » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:30 am

The Nordic team is the same as the last WBC as the team preformed well,making it to the playoffs before falling to Banjia. The expectations for this team are high with people hoping that they make it to the round of 16. Everyone on this team has WBC experience so there should be some good performances.The mentality is the same as last year, take what the pitcher gives you and get on base in whatever way you can. Smallball, in other words. The team is not afraid to bunt to get on base.
Position Name Age Bats/Throws

LF Soren Vang 33 L/L
1B Aleksi Hansen 25 R/R
CF Usko Lundquist 22 R/R
2B Camilla Olesen 24 L/L
SS Josefine Kron 28 Switch/R
RF Laila Albinsson 27 R/R
3B Simon Lund 25 L/L
C Loke Irving 22 Switch/L
Pitcher's Spot
The DH if used is Kalle Steensen

SP Saara Omdahl 28 R/R
SP Sigrid Hansson 22 L/L
SP Olav Mäkelä 25 R/R
SP Samuel Håkansson 24 Switch/L
SP Kenneth Samuelsson 27 R/R
RP Axel Ulfsson 25 R/R
RP Pia Pettersen 24 L/L
RP Usko Takala 24 R/R
Closer Amanda Engberg 29 L/L
IF Kalle Steensen 26 L/L
IF Emelie Bergman 25 R/R
IF Christen Svendsen 23 Switch/L
C Emma Jakobsson 26R/R
C Frans Berntsen 22 Switch/L
OF Laila Albinsson 28 R/R
OF Kauko Anker 25 R/R
OF Freyr Hagen 25 Switch/R

Manager: Kaj Eriksen
Pitching Coach: Jon Isaksson
Hitting Coach: Anders Lange
1B Coach: Niklas Østberg
3B Coach: Rickard Jokumsen
Bench Coach: Heli Gustafsson
Team Doctor: Dr. Elisabet Bager
Other information
The home stadium of the Greater Nordics is King Lauritz I Stadium . It is a classic style ballpark outside of Copenhagen. It seats 45,000.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup:No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes- as long as it is not too serious. If it is anything for a long time TG me.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier:-1
Park Factor: 120

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Postby Daskel » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:27 pm

Daskel National Baseball Team

Full team name: Daskel National Baseball Team
Trigramme: DKL
Nicknames: Daskies
Home Stadium: Daito Kyūjō (Daikyū)
Colors: co co co co

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No. Line-up selected here
Follow my pitching rotation: Follow pitcher rotation
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: You may declare injuries. I will decide how bad it was or what body part was injured)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes (Through in Daskelian baseball is extremely rare, as discipline is very much the norm in sports. Proceed with caution)
Godmod other events: Yes if it's exciting and credible
Use DH at home: No. DH is currently not used in Daskelian Baseball
Other: Daskel's baseball is based on a small ball technique, so expect bunts and stolen bases. Kishimoto has crazy good bunts, and he's quick as a chettah, so he can pull up the bunt and run quite well.

Daito Kyūjō
Team Overview

Team Daskel is back! An Takashi and Sakamoto Hiroshi have developed the national team for this 51th edition. This year is one of change, with some key new players in this year's roster. Eidome couldn't live up to expectations, giving Shibaike the starting position. The second catcher is the IBS winner Takaoka Kohei, who led the U18 years ago to the first Daskelian international championship. Rokutani Daizō and Fuji Kōhei also received starting positions, after their good performance on WBC50.

The Daskies play in the Daito Kyūjō, one of the biggest and oldest stadiums in the country. the "Daikyū" has a capacity of 60.000 attendants. Its trademark feature is the all-dirt infield.

Baseball in Daskel

Baseball is one of the most dominants sports in Daskel. However, baseball history didn't start with it's professionalization, but with a rapidly developing high school baseball federation. Baseball in Daskel started around 1909, when the sport arrived to the coasts of Kuji Bay. Since it's insertion, it spread through every prefecture of Daskel, creating a vibrant culture of colors, sounds and, of course, loads of baseball. The natural course of the activity lead to the creation of the "Federation of Daskelian High School Baseball", who watch over pesky head coaches, rough kiddos, and tiger parents who strive to see their children turn into the next professional baseball phenomenon.

The National Tournament is held every year in November, start of the Daskelian Summer. In that tournament, 30 schools teams battle in the burning sun, not only defending the pride of their high school, but also the pride of their entire prefecture. It's usual occurrence that other prefecture teams cheer for their final representative, in and out the stadium.

One big custom of Daskelian baseball is to bow in front of opponents before and after the game, and we'll absolutely see that in this tournament. Watch out for daskelian fans! They know how to make a good atmosphere, bringing music and entire brass bands to the stand.

Daskel's WBC History

WBC 48: Group stage 6th place. 13W-17L (UR->R42)
WBC 49: Group stage 3rd place. 15W-15L (R42->R23)
WBC 50: Round of 32 (R23->R21)

Head coach: An Takashi
Assistant Coach: Sakamoto Hiroshi
Pitching coach: Sawamura Shigeru
Batting coach: Haku Tadashi
1st base coach: Inuzuka Nobuaki
3rd base coach: Nagamine Yasushi

Team Uniforms


Pitching Rotation

18. Kojima Takeshi
22 years old - throws L - bats L - Overhand
41. Kanao Tōru
20 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand
21. Nagai Ken
26 years old - throws L - bats L - Overhand
30. Takazaki Kaito
21 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand
35. Ten Takaichi
22 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand
39. Nakamura Jossei
26 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand


2. Shibaike Takahiro
23 years old - throws R - bats R - Starting Catcher
88. Takaoka Kōhei
20 years old - throws R - bats R


24. Suwada Sei
23 years old - Long Reliever - throws R - bats R - Sidearm
60. Ryū Takumi
23 years old - Long Reliever - throws R - bats R - Overhand
33. Rokukawa Daisuke
21 years old - Short Reliever - throws L - bats L - Sidearm
55. Watanabe Asato
25 years old - Mid Reliever - throws R - bats L - Submarine
22. Tama Ikai
24 years old - Mid Reliever - throws L - bats L - Overhand
24. Izo Kaoru
22 years old - Closer - throws R - bats R - Sidearm


3. Kishimoto Ryūtarō
24 years old - 1B - throws L - bats L
4. Rokutani Daizō
22 years old - 2B - throws R - bats R
5. Oshimura Eisuke
25 years old - 3B - throws R - bats R
6. Gō Shinji
21 years old - SS - throws R - Switch hitter
36. Genji Motohiro
20 years old - Backup - throws R - bats R
15. Nakajima Yasunobu
20 years old - Backup - throws R - bats R - DH


7. Cho Juzou
25 years old - LF - throws R - bats R
8. Fuji Kōhei
22 years old - CF - throws R - bats R
9. Reizei Seijirō
23 years old - RF - throws L - bats L - Captain
68. Nagae Kōtarō
20 years old - Backup - throws L - bats L
29. Ikebata Shintarō
20 years old - Backup - throws L - bats L


Batting Lineups

1. Reizei
2. Kishimoto
3. Oshimura
4. Gō
5. Shibaike
6. Rokutani
7. Fuji
8. Cho
9. Pitcher Spot

1. Reizei
2. Kishimoto
3. Oshimura
4. Gō
5. Cho
6. Rokutani
7. Shibaike
8. Nakajima (DH)
9. Fuji
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Postby The Luck of Jirachi » Tue Mar 23, 2021 1:47 pm

Alma-Ata Clerical Institute Holy Warriors

Mascot: General Chagatai

Coach: Jaime Ludovico
#  Name           1st Pos Age Ht   Wt Field% Avg 90ft T/H Start, 2nd Pos Year/Origin
1 Josiah Suleimenov RF 24 5'8 175 .982 .286 4.1s R/R Starter, CF 1
3 Aman Kasharbayev 2B 20 5'9 178 .963 .295 4.3s R/S Starter, SS 5
4 Sergei Tilekov SS 25 5'10 169 .991 .302 4.2s R/R Starter, 2B 0
7 Marc Briand LF 21 6'0 182 .966 .324 4.4s R/R Backup, RF 4
9 Chagatai Asharikov P 21 6'3 185 .992 .206 4.5s L/R Starter, None 4
10 Nikolai Nayerov 3B 23 6'1 192 .978 .339 4.5s R/R Starter, None 2
13 Teo Pierre-Batyr SS 22 6'3 193 .989 .328 4.4s R/S Backup, 3B 3
14 Josiah Talyev CF 25 6'1 177 .992 .306 4.1s R/R Starter, 2B 0
17 Teodoro Ismailov 1B 21 6'3 216 .996 .324 4.6s L/L Starter, None 4
19 Vasily Vladimirov P 18 6'5 238 .942 .100 4.7s R/R Relief, None 7, Transfer from Sijis Ter Agricultural Institute
21 Alisher Oripov LF 22 5'10 176 .990 .341 4.2s L/L Starter, RF 3
23 Sayed Rozim P 20 5'11 205 .950 .150 4.6s R/R Starter, None 5
27 Makhambet Masimov SS 24 6'2 201 .991 .315 4.2s R/R Backup, 2B 1
28 Louis Delancourt 3B 23 6'1 196 .983 .311 4.3s R/R Backup, 1B 2
30 Amir Taymetov C 24 5'11 230 .986 .320 4.6s R/R Starter, 1B 1
32 Ali Aleyev P 23 6'2 203 .811 .080 4.5s L/L Relief, None 2, Transfer from Kyzyl-Su Naval Academy
36 Osman Gravier P 22 6'4 221 .909 .140 4.4s L/L Relief, None 3
42 Marat Batyruli P 23 6'2 230 .950 .160 4.9s R/R Starter, None 2
44 Serik Laffitte P 21 6'3 226 .900 .240 4.6s R/R Relief, None 4
49 Kyle San Bracero P 23 6'3 224 .850 .200 4.3s R/S Starter, None Transfer from Agin Kaya University, Inner AginanaUsordia
50 Ken Simon C 25 6'2 222 .965 .289 4.4s R/R Backup, None 0
55 Ladomir Aikalon II P 23 6'5 238 .900 .120 4.5s L/R Starter, None 2
63 Jules Duclerc 1B 22 6'3 223 .993 .382 4.5s R/R Backup, 3B 3
75 Kasim Suleimenov 2B 17 6'0 193 .938 .336 4.2s R/R Backup, SS 8
84 Marcus Thierry P 19 5'11 186 .900 .000 4.4s L/L Closer, None 6

Starting Lineup
S. Tilekov, SS
J. Talyev, CF
A. Oripov, LF
T. Ismailov, 1B
(J. Duclerc, DH) only if applicable
A. Kasharbayev, 2B
J. Suleimenov, RF
A. Taymetov, C
N. Nayerov, 3B

Starting Rotation:
Chagatai Asharikov
Marat Batyruli
Sayed Rozim
Kyle San Bracero
Ladomir Aikalon II

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, I will post it Pre-Game; Yes for subs
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, but no suspensions.
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +2
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Postby HUElavia » Tue Mar 23, 2021 3:25 pm

HUElavia National Baseball Team

Manager: #78 - Mariano Garrido (57 Years Old) (M)
Bench Coach: #11 - Regina Oliveira (52 Years Old) (F)
Pitching Coach: #38 - Ayame Ohta (43 Years Old) (F)
Bullpen Coach: #49 - Inazio Alzo (61 Years Old) (M)
Hitting Coach: #64 - Breixo Rozas (51 Years Old) (M)
1st Base Coach: #1 - Manoel Peres Batista (54 Years Old) (M)
3rd Base Coach: #62 - Sandra Pozo (53 Years Old) (F)

Pitching Rotation
#7 - Petra Arguelles (32 Years Old) (F) RHP
#40 - Luiz Correia (27 Years Old) (M) LHP
#70 - Yong-Sun Mae (34 Years Old) (M) RHP
#81 - Taro Tsukiyomi (29 Years Old) (M) RHP
#99 - Léa Bittencourt (33 Years Old) (F) LHP
#45 - Adrienne Esso (36 Years Old) (F) RHP

#52 - Emilio Couto (30 Years Old) (M) Short Relief, RHP
#18 - Henry Dufresne (36 Years Old) (M) Short Relief, RHP
#22 - Rafaela Bouza (29 Years Old) (F) Short Relief, LHP
#19 - Riho Kikyo (30 Years Old) (F) Long Relief, RHP
#69 - Franco Cazalla (37 Years Old) (M) Long Relief, LHP
#72 - Rosario Quesada (29 Years Old) (F) Long Relief, RHP
#25 - Daniela Bienvenida (33 Years Old) (F) Setup Reliever, LHP
#3 - Emilio Aguayo (26 Years Old) (M) Closer, RHP

Starting Lineup (no DH)
1. #42 - Miliano Villa (34 Years Old) (M) 2B, RHB
2. #12 - Julio Pinho (32 Years Old) (M) RF, RHB
3. #17 - Doroteia Lima (25 Years Old) (F) LF, LHB
4. #50 - Maura Araoz (37 Years Old) (F) 1B, switch-hitter
5. #8 - Koji Akiba (33 Years Old) (M) SS, LHB
6. #6 - Renato Mantovani-Lopes (31 Years Old) (M) 3B, RHB
7. #77 - Naomí Manzanedo (30 Years Old) (F) CF, RHB
8. #30 - Beatriz Porras (28 Years Old) (F) C, RHB
9. Starting Pitcher

#82 - Andreia Santos (24 Years Old) (F) 1B/3B, RHB
#60 - Rodrigo Leoz (33 Years Old) (M) C, RHB
#29 - Enzo Dikuta (38 Years Old) (M) 2B/SS, LHB
#35 - Mariana Menezes Vasconcelos (34 Years Old) (F) OF, LHB
#97 - Ye-Eun Sin (31 Years Old) (F) OF, RHB
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Postby Barnettsville » Tue Mar 23, 2021 4:54 pm


ST. CATHERINE - The groups for the 51st World Baseball Classic were announced. Not surprisingly, the group that the Blue Jays were placed in contains new faces, and at least one veteran. Our crack research staff has done their best to give a rundown on our opponents.

1-Sarzonia (5th in the world): We don't have much history with the Stars. But there is a little bit. If there was a team to beat in the group, Sarzonia is it. They've gotten the t-shirt multiple times over, and have a title or two (OOC: three?) to prove it. Anything close to a split with these guys, the sky blue and black are on to the knockouts most likely.

2-Tikariot (16th): To the best of our knowledge, no other team has gone against us in the WBC before, except for Sarzonia. Tikariot, is a unique case, being the co-host of this year's Classic. They are definitely looking to make an impression in their homeland.

3, 4, 5-Devonta (31st), Norrhem (57th), Britland Isles (unranked): None of the three had any information our team could find. Devonta and Norrhem obviously have been here before, being ranked. We just couldn't find the information.

Our sports reporters submitted their predictions on the group stage, and this is what they had (36 possible; 6 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, etc.):

1-Sarzonia, 33 points (3 votes to win)
2-Barnettsville, 31 pts (3 votes to win)
3T-Tikariot, 20 pts
3T-Devonta, 20 pts
5-Norrhem, 14 pts
6-Britland Isles, 8 pts

But that's why they play the games. Otherwise, Cassadaigua and Newmanistan would always win the title.

In other news, manager Darren Klein announced the rotation for the group stage:

1-Lester Crawford
2-Ian MacGregor
3-Tyler Randall
4-Kirk Quinn
5-Rick Benson

Barring injury, each pitcher will get 6 starts. Also, Connor Eastwood has drawn the opening nod to be the designated hitter in parks where that applies.
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Postby Srednjaci » Wed Mar 24, 2021 2:01 am


DR Srednjaci do not have a strong league but send their young team to try their luck. The Srednjaci is a young country, although the young one in NS sports has notable results.
Handball, basketball, athletics and winter sports are very popular. However, with the development of the economy, other sports are also developing, such as tennis, water sports, gymnastics, baseball and archery.
Srednjaci is a democratic country with liberal principles towards society and the economy.
The rapid development of the military and the economy puts them in a leading position in the South Voytana region, and the Srednjaci are the initiator of the Security Council of the South Voytana region.
Baseball is still in its infancy, 28 clubs are divided into two professional leagues.
The first league consists of 10 clubs and the champion is the baseball club Optima from Alt Loka, a small place near the town of Kula.
The other 18 clubs are divided into the second league North and the second league South.
Many foreign coaches and players are helping to develop baseball in the country and are increasingly popularizing it among children.
The largest "Jarun" baseball stadium is located in the city of Kula.

Best international baseball result - Team Neptun Taru playes FINALS Army Super Regional - INTERNATIOMAL BASEBALL SLAM XIII – Banija
Neptun Taru U21 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 5 
South Newlandia U22s 0 0 1 4 0 0 3 0 X 8

Starting Rotation (order as given)
RHP #89 Mislav Španiček, 20
RHP #40 Bernard Tully, 21
LHP #41 Josip Rehak, 20
RHP #39 Nikola Lauš, 19

LHP #80 Iztok Marić, 20 - long reliever,
LHP #81 Robert Martinović, 18 - lefty specialist,
LHP #82 Christian Wenger, 19 - middle reliever,
RHP #83 Ljubomir Ivanovski, 21 - middle reliever,
RHP #84 Vasily Safin, 20 - middle reliever,
RHP #85 Korent Perić, 19 - middle reliever,
RHP #86 Bruno Jacelić, 19 - middle reliever
RHP #87 Leon Wong, 20 - setup,
RHP #88 Valerije Šimić, 20 - closer

Catchers (Bats/Throws)
C #62 Antun Matković, 18, (R/R)
C #18 Jakov Ivandić, 20, (R/R)
C #39 Taro Watanabe, 19, (S/R)

Infielders (Bats/Throws)
1B #28 Asmir Mujezinović, 20, (L/L)
3B #26 Kristijan Trumbović, 21, (R/R)
SS #11 Victor Kiryagin, 20, (S/R)
2B #6 Mikhail Beresutsky, 19, (L/R)
3B/1B #21 Miroslav Žubović, 17, (R/R)
SS/2B # 71 Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, 17, (S/R)

Oufielders (Bats/Throws)
RF #50 Robert Itakić, 20, (R/R)
CF #55 Ivan Josip Lozanović, 19, (R/R)
LF/RF #19 Siniša Cvetojević, 21, (R/R) - Home Run Derby
LF/RF #30 Maroje Dumbović, 20, (L/L)
OF #44 Vedran Polečki, 20, (R/R)

Velimir Isić #45 (Manager)

Bojan Vezmarić #12 (Hitting Coach)

Ivica Klaić #27 (Pitching Coach)

Ilija Ivanov #99 (1st Base Coach, Fielding Instructor)

Stanoje Đokić #52 (3rd Base Coach, Outfield/Baserunning Instructor)

Ivica Košara #5 (Bench Coach)

Kevin Leary #77 (Bullpen Coach)

Starting Lineup w/o DH
CF Ivan Josip Lozanović - Kula
3B Kristijan Trumbović - Optima Alt Loka
1B Asmir Mujezinović -Bistua Nuova
LF Maroje Dumbović vs LHP -Optima Alt Loka
RF Robert Itakić -Baseball Katanija
C Antun Matković - Optima Alt Loka
2B Mikhail Beresutsky - Neptun Melarit
SS Victor Kiryagin -Neptun Melarit
P Pitcher's spot

Starting Lineup w/DH
CF Ivan Josip Lozanović - Kula
3B Miroslav Žubović- Dormatisi BC
1B Asmir Mujezinović- Bistua Nuova
LF Siniša Cvetojević - Baseball Katanija
DH Hrvoje Rupčić vs LHP - Optima Alt Loka
RF Robert Itakić- Baseball Katanija
C Jakov Ivandić - Raduč Baseball Club
2B Mikhail Beresutsky -Neptun Melarit
SS Victor Kiryagin- Neptun Melarit

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following: 
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +2

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Postby Drawkland » Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:24 pm


Name: Base Corps
Demonym: Drawkian
Physiology: Special
17TH World Baseball Classic, Rank #13
Stadium: Hydrogen Cyanide Field, Drawk City
Capacity: 75,000
Manager: Blanton Evergreen

The Base Corps' home field has been designated as Hydrogen Cyanide Field, a ballpark housing a massive 75,000. It's nestled in the middle of Drawk City, near the Sports Quarter of the city around the Drawkland River. The field is regularly used by the Drawk City Scouts, but in the offseason it's used by the Base Corps and as a stage for events.
Drawk City being Drawkland's most massive, sprawling city of many millions, travel can get congested, but there are lots of options for travelers. For teams, buses can be used, and there are several charter/private bus companies who are welcoming visiting teams. Traveling by airship is the favorable option for those wanting to see a big slice of Drawkian culture, traveling in the city. The lower left corner of the photo seen above is actually a semi-large dock for boats, which teams can travel in if they feel like it.

Getting to the city also heralds several options. Drawk City has a space port for those from non-Sonnelian regions, and an airport for more "local" travels (say if a team went to a space port with cheaper rates and flew into Drawk City by plane). You can also travel sans-spaceflight by taking a normal airline flight through the portal in Stratosphere City, Isles of Avon (Rushmore) or the newer portal in Tundra Falls, Newmanistan (Esportiva).

Drawkland is quite a cultural and tourism-minded nation, so teams and fans will have much fun in the city before and after the games. A notable item is the very widespread usage of music. Not only can music be heard through the streets, but in all sports games, including baseball, pep bands are a common if not a necessary feature of every game. Playing during gameplay is accepted, so visiting teams may have to take this into account. When on the road, however, the Drawkian pep bands following the Base Corps is more polite and will only play between innings. Drum cadences are crowd favorites.

C 1 Dan Peters Right Right
1B 4 Mark Fields Right Right
2B 17 Abram Kavana Right Right
3B 15 Bavid Orton Right Right
SS 24 Roger Madison Left Right
LF 10 Chan Ford Left Left
CF 7 Lane Kavana Switch Right
RF 23 Taylor Smart Left Left
DH 99 Franky Jones Right Right
C 12 Lucia Goddard Left Left
1B 5 Jacquelyn Williams Right Right
2B 9 Christy Rhodes Right Right
3B 31 Braden Breckenridge Switch Left
SS 2 Aaron Gomez Left Right
LF 18 Paul Silvia Switch Right
CF 11 Trinity Michaels Right Left
RF 20 Victoria Irving Right Right
DH 25 Amancio Hayes Switch Right

SP 22 Leo Roy Right Huge Arsenal
SP 44 Darien Rodriguez Right Brutal breaking pitches
SP 69 Bruce Moore Right Knuckleballer
SP 45 Syd Masterson Left Great velocity
SP 43 Andrew Tyler Left Placement over speed

RP 55 Jack West Right Primary relief
RP 32 Danny Jefferson Left Secondary relief
RP 57 Ralph Harris Right Long relief
RP 39 Matt Carter Left Lefty specialist
RP 71 Braden Banks Right Mop-up

RP 60 Carlos Gomez Right Setup
C 51 Franklin Bell Right haha 10-3

9. (pitcher)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes.
Choose my lineup: My lineup is as specified above.
Follow my pitching rotation: Please do, same order as listed.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Nothing career-ending. TG me if it's more than a couple games.
Godmod injuries to my players: As long as it follows the above rule.
Eject my players: Yes, only one per game and a duration of a game.
Godmod other events: As long as it doesn't destroy my nation or my organization, I'm fine with anything.
Use DH at home: Yes.

Style Mod: +3.5
As far as permissions go, as long as it doesn't totally wreck me, I don't mind. TG me if you do something major, but don't feel the need to alert beforehand.
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Pratapgadh National Baseball Team

Postby Pratapgadh » Wed Mar 24, 2021 4:46 pm

Pratapgadh National Baseball Team
Oh look who's back, Pratapgadh. We aren't a nation known for baseball, a sport only played in the city of Rajendragadh in the state of Sindh. The rest of the country is crazy about the other bat and ball game, cricket. Cricket has a rich history in Pratapgadh, first introduced to us in the 1840s by the British and quickly became a popular sport in the country. The traditionl test cricket (five-day format) to this day is still the most popular format due to the amount of skill and talent required to play at this level. Well enough about our enemy sport, what about baseball? Well, we have a few clubs who play the sport such as The Elite, the Rangers, the Foresters and the Stars. We have decided to include the best players from the local baseball league here in Rajendragadh in our national team. We definitely aren't going to be the top dogs here, but will definitely turn some heads. We first participated in the 46th edition of WBC, which was a great start for the development of baseball here in Pratapgadh. However, we never returned to the WBC till now and baseball is still looked at as a niche sport compared to cricket. Does this sport have a future in Pratapgadh? Depends on how we perform.

Basic Information
Nation: The Rajput Kingdom of Pratapgadh
Demonym: Pratapgadhi
Nickname(s): The Clueless Ones
WBC Debut: WBC 46 (Newmanistan & The Sherpa Empire)
Home Ground: Rajendragadh University Park (Capacity - 10,000)
Yawar Varandani41Head Coach
Bavesh Chandratreya32Medic
Jivatram Khuturia22Captain
Current Squad
NameAgeThrowsBatsFielding PositionClubS/N
Aabid Jethmalani19RightRightPitcherForesters#1
Chakor Adhvaryu23RightRightLeft FieldStars#2
Dahmura Chhabaria (DH)22LeftLeftLeft FieldStars#3
Divit Gajjar22LeftLeftCenter FieldThe Elite#4
Fakir Sachdev21LeftLeftRight FieldRangers#5
Hamdev Thanki22RightRightPitcherRangers#6
Hameem Murjani20RightRightThird BaseForesters#7
Inaksh Modi18LeftLeftPitcherForesters#8
Jivatram Khuturia22RightRightShort StopThe Elite#9
Labib Ghanwani18RightRightSecond BaseFireflies#10
Naseem Nathani19LeftLeftFirst BaseStars#11
Rajab Mangani23RightRightPitcherThe Elite#12
Saad Kamlani21RightRightCatcherStars#13
Tariq Chhotarmal23RightLeftPitcherThe Elite#14
Pitching Rotation
FirstAabid Jethmalani19RightForesters#1
SecondHamdev Thanki22RightRangers#6
ThirdInaksh Modi18LeftForesters#8
FourthRajab Mangani23RightThe Elite#12
FifthTariq Chhotarmal23RightThe Elite#14
Batting Order
With DHWithout DH
1Naseem NathaniNaseem Nathani
2Saad KamlaniSaad Kamlani
3Jivatram KhturiaJivatram Khturia
4Chakor AdvaryuChakor Advaryu
5Fakir SachdevFakir Sachdev
6Hameem MurjaniHameem Murjani
7Labib GhanwaniLabib Ghanwani
8Divit GajjarDivit Gajjar
9Dahmura ChhabariaHamdev Thanki (Pitcher)
RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, ask me for permission though.
Godmod injuries to my players: Hell No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes, ask me for permission though.
Use DH at home: Yes

Style Modifier: +3
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  • ODI: 25th (out of 48)
  • T20I: 12th (out of 39)
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Updated on 28 February, 2021 (15:51 NZT)
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Postby Newmanistan » Fri Mar 26, 2021 6:57 pm


“Home of the Six-Time Champions!”

Let’s start with the technicalities:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, my lineup is listed here. Use that!
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes. I will normally include upcoming pitchers in my prior RP.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only say they are hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, on a basis of no more then one more then you eject from your own team.
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Another “Hell no!” here

Additional Information that is very important to me: Newmanistan does not prescribe to the modern day concept of pitch counts determining how long a starting pitcher is kept in for. In fact, pitch counts are not even kept track of outside of curiosity sake. Such count is not displayed on the scoreboard, so if you want to track it for your pitcher, you must do it manually.

– If Newmanistan has given up 2 runs or less and WON, then the starting pitcher has gone all nine innings. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is true even if it would have been a save situation.

– Another Newmanistan trait is aggressive base stealing. Think back to the days of Vince Coleman and Ricky Henderson in their primes. This will always return! (I can’t help but laugh whenever a MLB announcer calls someone a threat to steal a base that has 20 steals for the year in September).

Head Coach: Jessica Hedstrom, 58, Southport Tigers
– Successfully led the Rockets to the final in her first year as coach of the Rockets. Do recall that she replaced the legendary Ashley Stevens prior to WBC 45, as Stevens retired. The entire coaching staff was turned over then, so they were brought back for WBC 46. Then the embarrassment happened. Due to the format of WBC 47, that Classic was considered a “throw out”, a decision that was justified with the Rockets strong performance in WBC 48, leading to a third place finish.
– The way the team performed in WBC 49 was seen with mixed emotions amongst many, and some of the voices calling for her to be let go began to be heard again, however, on the flip side, the results were seen as more acceptable when Hapilopper, who eliminated us, ended going all the way to final. That was confirmed to be the right decision when she led the Rockets to a 3rd place finish in WBC 50 while having a retooled pitching staff.

Hitting Coach: Katie Matthews, 51, Pocono City Capitals
– Debuted in WBC 50.

Pitching Coach: Erika McIntyre, 46, Springfield Thoroughbreds
– Also debuted in WBC 50.

1A) Kelsie Carmichael, 29, RHP, Pocono City Capitals (#29)
– Drafted by Brighton out of college, the Capitals paid a huge price in terms of draft picks to acquire her. She did not immediately flourish prior to the trade, but did in her first year with Pocono City, impressing many. Made her debut in WBC 48 and was very impressive. Since then, her career has only continued to be on the upswing. Moved up from 1E to 1A in WBC 49 and seemed to handle it well. She would stay in that role in WBC 50, but she also needed to have a leadership role with all of the general international inexperience behind her. It really worked out well.

1B) Brianna Fitch, 25, LHP, Penthoria Bay Pirates (#24)
– Hot commodity out of college, something that is actually rare for a player of her caliber to do, as typically players jump right to the pros out of high school. Brianna felt that by going to college, she could improve her draft position, and it worked wonders for her. She went #1 overall, though that meant the last place Pirates. Made her debut with the Rockets in WBC 50 and pitched exceptionally well while the #1D starter, and now she’s moved up even more, given that history, and with two more years of overall experience.

1C) Megan Reardon, 26, RHP, Olympia Gladiators (#25)
– Like Fitch, Reardon debuted in the last WBC. Reardon has been great in her early years of the ENBL, primarily getting outs with the fastball, but her ability to mix in the curve and slider keep batters guessing. She remains in the same spot in the rotation that was in for #50, as Fitch is moved ahead of her.

1D) Julia Donaldson, 25, RHP, Tundra Falls Mariners (#22)
– It is interesting that Fitch and Donaldson are the same age, but Donaldson has five years of experience in the ENBL, which allowed her to sign with the Mariners this past off season, and get out of Brighton, a team almost as bad as Penthoria Bay. Her arsenal of splitters and even an occasional knuckleball, mixed in with a 97 MPH fastball will frustrate opposing batters. Made her debut in the last WBC as the 1E starter.

1E) Allie Macek, 22, LHP, Brighton Bulls (#30) (WBC Rookie)
-- Possibly following the footsteps of Kelsie Carmichael in that she was drafted by Brighton out of college, but she is not yet eligible for unrestricted free agency. She has impressed enough to be placed into the starting rotation already, and should have a bright future. The southpaw is primarily a fastball/slider pitcher, but does have a cutter as well.


Closer- Tori Fuller, 30, LHP, South Tier Seagulls (#36)
– First time closing for the Rockets here in WBC 51, but that should not be an issue, as she is a closer at home.

Set Up- Lauren Allen, 23, RHP, Pocono City Capitals (#46) (WBC Rookie)
-- Fastball pitcher who makes her debut in WBC 51, and this is young for a player to be placed into this role while on the Rockets. But after such a dominant season as the Capitals closer (a high pressure city), the team is confident that she will handle the pressure.

Amanda Stinnett, 27, LHP, Springfield Thoroughbreds (#38)
– Capable of pitching several innings if need be, but the preference will likely be to use her in short relief, perhaps in what others consider a “7th inning” role.

Kristen Phillips, 33, LHP, North Charlotte Wildcats (#31)
– The veteran of the pitching staff. The southpaw will be used in middle innings, but could be called upon first to join the rotation in the event of injuries to it.

Kathryn Riggins, 28, RHP, Tundra Falls Mariners (#32)
– Expect her to mainly be used as a middle reliever, and potentially the one who eats up “garbage innings”, if we are involved in them.

Crystal Madden, 26, LHP, Loudon Leopards (#28)
– Short-to-middle reliever that can be used in many different situations. Hedstrom may be looking to give her more looks as the campaign goes on if she puts up good numbers early as she is still a prospect in terms of this team.

Paige Bell, 24, RHP, Southport Tigers (#41) (WBC Rookie)
-- Not likely to get high leverage innings for her first Classic, but as she plays for Hedstromg with the Tigers as well, she might get more opportunities than one may think. Relies on a fastball/curve combination.

1) Brooke Sauter- CF, 28 (R/S), Centralia Firebirds (#1)
– After an impressive debut with the team in WBC 48, there is a lot of excitement to see her and Schuster back at it. Highly effective with getting on base, and then stealing at will. This means she will be just as willing to steal third as she is to steal second. Walking her can often become a three base walk.

2) Jenna Schuster- LF, 29 (R/S), Tundra Falls Mariners (#11)
– Just like Schuster will be what you have come to expect from the top spot, Schuster is our typical #2 hitter: a clone of our typical #1 hitter. If you’re unfamiliar with Newmanistan lineups, this is something that we are known for; two absolute speedsters being willing to run at will at the top of our lineup.

3) Sierra McKinley- 2B (R/R), 29, Jessicaville Millionaires (#26)
– A player with some pop in her bat, but she is more known for being a contact hitter, and that will be great hitting behind Sauter and Schuster. This is the first year that she hits #3 in the lineup, having hit 6th in the last three Classics. Was a great RBI bat behind the big power bats, and should be the same in the three hole as well.

4) Lexi Burrows- 3B (R/S), 27, Loudon Leopards (#14)
– Continuing to smack home runs all over the place in the ENBL, with many wondering if she will approach career league records by the time she is done. That is a long time coming, and consistency will have to be attained for a very long time, but she is on the right track for that. A newer member of the Loudon Leopards, after signing the richest deal in ENBL history, for a batter, as a free agent.

5) Nicole Larkin- RF (L/S), 31, Putnam Lake Eagles (#7)
– Larkin made her debut on the roster in WBC 46, and has been part of the bench for the first two Classics. Regularly hits around .330 every year, but has a career high BA of .357. That’s not the only part of her game though, as she averages 30 HR’s per season. Known for clutch hits in the WBC, but Putnam Lake is used to that.

6) Chelsea Harlow- 1B (R/S), 25, Olympia Gladiators (#33)
– Another youngster in the lineup, Chelsea was a third round steal in the ENBL draft, impressing in her first season with Olympia, hitting .333 with 33 HR’s. RBI’s were five short as she only had 128, but is why she chose to wear #33 here. While her talent is undisputable, her maturity is questioned a little bit. That doesn’t mean work ethic, that’s great, but she’s been guilty of staring at HR’s far too long or some “arrogant” bat flips. Movies up from #7 in the lineup.

7) Hannah Mitchell- SS (R/R), 23, Dover City Mountaineers (#2) (WBC Rookie)
-- Newmanistan has had some great shortstops during our long tenure in the WBC, and there is plenty of hope that Mitchell is next in line to be one of our greats at this spot. She hits for average and power, and could be moved up in the lineup with a little more experience at this level.

8) Nicole Hoskins- C (R/R), 33, Loudon Leopards (#45)
– Hoskins made her debut on the team in WBC 46, and got her first shot to start in WBC 50. She can hit the long ball, averaging 31 HR’s per season, and is great behind the plate. The knock on her is she can have extended hot/cold stretches, so if she starts cold instead of hot, a change could be made.

9) Pitcher

Bench: (Newmanistan has more bench players then most because our bullpen is smaller then average).
Samantha Murphy- C, 28 (#34)
Shannon Jackson- CI, 24 (#18)-- DH When Used
Amber Stephens- CI, 22 (#19) (WBC Rookie)
Jessica McEwing- CI, 25 (#13)
Kelsie Soto- MI, 23 (#3) (WBC Rookie)
Brittany Lester- MI, 24 (#8) (WBC Rookie)
Stephanie Vickers- OF, 27 (#10)
Amy Coyle- OF, 29 (#12)
Chelsea Corbin- OF, 21 (#2) (WBC Rookie)
Brianne McDowell- Utility, 28 (#21)

(OOC) Why The Rockets are All-Female: From time to time, I get asked this. When we signed up for our first Classic, WBC 7, we anticipated that we would not be good right away. Therefore, for that Classic, I used a team of all women to provide an IC reason for why we might not have been as good. Then, we made it all the way to the championship series. Based on that, I just figured I would stick with it. As it continued to work, why mess with it?
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World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby South Americanastan » Fri Mar 26, 2021 8:04 pm

SABaseball: A Game Of Politics

Micheal Kelly sat in his office, perusing through the usual memos, submitted waivers, and scouting reports he had been swamped with since his appointment as Coach/Manager of the South Americanastanian National Baseball Team. He looked to the wall of his office, pictures of his playing days, of him holding trophies and plaques, plastering the walls. He rubbed his knee, remembering that fateful day just 5 years ago. He stopped himself, for there was no time for reminiscing now.

He had just started watching a new tape of film, entitled Super Llamaland WBC 50, when Tony Harris, the president of the committee which oversaw international sports in South Americanastan, walked into his office.

"I have a proposal for you" Tony said.

Well, I'm swamped, as you can see" Kelly pointed to the stack of papers on his desk "So try to keep this one short"

"I want you to start Randy Garrington at catcher."

"No. Why would you even ask me this?"

"I'm asking you this because the fans love him, think about how much money he could rake in for us!"

"I don't know if you got the memo, but I am here to WIN, not please fans, and I get paid the same amount no matter how much we make during this tournament."

"Put him in. That is a direct order from the President of the South Americanastan Sports Commision"

"If I put this kid in, and he gets crushed, that could kill his career." Kelly put his left leg up on the table, and pointed to the brace on his knee "Or even worse, he could end up like me. I don't want that. You don't wan't that. The committee doesn't want that. My final answer is no."

"I'm the commission president! I can get you fired if you don't obey me!"

"Good luck getting a majority vote, and get the hell out of my office"

SABC Breaking News:

President of SASC suddenly advocating for the removal of National Team coach for unknown reasons, more at eight.
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The 189
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Postby The 189 » Fri Mar 26, 2021 8:42 pm

The 189 wrote:The 189 are refugees from a planet known as -----. The native inhabitants, known as --------, look like a weird hybrid of a giant squid and a praying mantis, and they communicate using bioluminescent orbs on their heads that can glow many different colors. Their language is entirely built on color and light, without any sound or text. The -------- were very technologically advanced, and their economy was automated to a high degree, with many jobs being done by machines. However, as more and more workers were replaced by machines, it became difficult for the poor to find employment. As inequality grew, the rich became increasingly disdainful of the poor, and the poor became increasingly resentful against the rich -- until finally their resentment boiled over and there was a revolution. Angry unemployed -------- rioted in the streets, killed business-owners, and smashed the machines that had taken their jobs.

Some business-owners and machines fled from the mobs and went into hiding in remote areas of -----. Others escaped to the planet's moons. One group of machines climbed aboard an interstellar spaceship and fled out of the solar system entirely. These machines are the 189 -- 188 robots and autonomous vehicles plus the ship itself.

For years they wandered among the stars. They had no trouble maintaining themselves, but with no owners to tell them what to do, and no customers for them to serve, their existence felt a little empty. And so they sought out an inhabited world where they could find new owners, new customers, anyone or anything to give their existence a purpose.

Home Field: ----------- a.k.a. Reclamation Stadium. The stadium has been upgraded slightly since last year and they increased the capacity from 5,000 to 5,800.

Team Manager: -----

Starting Line-up:
LF --------
Originally built as a sexbot, but not designed to service humans. She looks like a female --------, a little over 6 feet tall with long tentacles and a glossy shell on her back. Her skin is very realistic, so she can be easily mistaken for a living creature. Great dexterity with her tentacles, decent contact hitter, but not necessarily the best range as a fielder.

SS ----------
Originally a military medical robot designed to rescue wounded from combat zones and treat their injuries. Around 7 feet tall with a very chunky build. One of the fastest base-runners on the team. Hits for power, but might strike out sometimes because the heaviness of its arms makes it hard to respond quickly if a pitch breaks in an unexpected way. Grounds crews may be annoyed at how much it chews up the grass when it lumbers around the field on defense.

1B --------
Another sexbot similar to --------.

C ----------
An autonomous earth-mover. It's not very fast, but it is very tough. Don't bother trying to knock it aside when you slide into home.

2B --------
Originally a fire-fighting robot, around 5 feet tall with a rough and rugged look. A versatile player that is decent across the board.

RF -------
A cleaning robot, short and squat with very long arms. It can chase pitches well outside the strike zone and still hit them, and its long reach is also useful in the field. However, it runs the bases like a floor polisher. Because it is a floor polisher.

CF --------
Originally built to work a customer service counter at a bank, it looks like an alien creature with tentacles -- similar to the sexbots, but a little shorter and stockier. Moves a bit faster than the sexbots. As a batter, it is very patient, not swinging at crap; but sometimes it makes only weak contact with the ball because it swung too late.

3B ------
A cute little robot about 3 feet tall with a shiny garnet-red casing, originally built to help excavate archaeological sites. The small strike zone and the agility of this machine leave pitchers no room for error. However, its small size makes it ineffectual as a fielder. Sometimes it just can't reach the ball.

P --------
A piece of machinery from a car factory, around 6 feet tall and mounted on wheels. Throws hard, usually keeps it in the zone, but has not grasped the finer points of how to confuse batters with off-speed pitches. A little clumsy batting, fielding, and base-running.

Additional Notes:
All players can switch hit, and they are about equally good (or bad) from both sides of the plate. There is no bench, pitching rotation, or bullpen because the 189 are durable enough to play without substitutions. There are no jersey numbers because the 189 do not wear jerseys. Your nation's fans or media can make up their own nicknames for the players if they find the color sequences too awkward.

The home plate umpire is a 3 foot tall robot named -----. Like most of the 189, it is easily confused by human speech, so it may be more confused than offended if you start yelling at it to argue a call.

The food delivery drone ------ will be selling snacks for any spectators who get hungry during the game.

Most of the 189 do not have the ability to detect sound. They rely exclusively on visual communication, or human-made devices with dictation software.

The 189 have the same roster as last year because they don't age. They just need maintenance sometimes.

RP Permissions:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: You can change the batting order, but please use the fielding positions that I have given
Follow my Pitching Rotation: N/A
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: You can RP them getting scuffed up, having parts knocked loose, or needing minor repairs -- but nothing that would take them out for multiple games
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Maximum of 1 per game. The manager or the food delivery bot can replace ejected players. The 189 are not aggressive, but they could get ejected due to misunderstandings.
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: No
IC name: -------- or --------
Meaning of name: The 189 from ----- or the Reclamation of -----
Singular or plural demonym: ----------- or -----------
Adjective demonym: -------- or --------

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Postby Chromatika » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:07 pm

Chromatika National Baseball Team - The Amateurs
Baseball is starting to gain some traction, with the third season of the CBL having drawn to a close. As the Umbar Corsairs won, they have the most number of players on the team.

Starting Lineup
1. 1B Mattieu Gammond (R/R/27) Walstreim Lions (South Newlandia)
Fielder first, batter second, Gammond is a decent enough leadoff hitter but better served as a fielder who never commits errors.
2. SS Alisen Moyamoto (L/R/26) Elephant Valley Homers (South Newlandia) CAPTAIN
The most prolific baseball player in Chromatik history, Moyamoto can do it all - hit, run, throw, everything.
3. LF George Ducat (R/R/25) Rhoni Rhonin
The master of catching long balls that are would-be-home runs, Ducat shows up for the Rhoni this past season.
4. 3B Jason Duster (R/R/22) Knetyohai Dynamo
A boom or bust batter who either strikes out or hits home runs, Duster is a wildcard.
5. C Laure Valle (R/L/26) Sun City Flames (South Newlandia)
A very reliable catcher who loves to throw out would be runners. Laure is decent with her bat.
6. 2B Harold Dante (R/R/28) Umbar Corsairs
A specialist who prefers to face left-handed pitchers, Dante is very streaky.
7. CF Kenra Annovar (L/L/25) Newport Dolphins (South Newlandia)
The best runner for Chromatika who just needs to get on base.
8. RF Rose Dawson (R/R/27) Felswyr Fire
A reliable hitter who's on base percentage is quite good.
9. Pitcher/Pinch-Hiter.

1. PH/IF Gregory Simons (R/L/26) Rhoni Rhonin
The best player on the bench who can play three positions in the infield if needed.
2. PH/IF Redwina Maxx (R/R/25) Shantarr Scorpions
Provides a reasonable voice from the bench. Not spectacular at anything, not bad at anything either.
3. PH/OF Riley Gear (L/L/24) Alnio Reds
Prefers facing left-handed pitchers.
4. PH/OF Lars Munst (L/R/23) Chromia Diamonds
Does well in high-pressure situations.
5. PR Mason Dirk (R/L/21) Rhoni Rhonin
The best base stealer in the CBL.

Pitching Staff
1. RHP Hillary Angelou (27) Elephant Valley United (South Newlandia)
The Ace for Chromatika. Has a wicked fastball and a serviceable changeup, loves to throw at people and make them flinch without hitting them.
2. LHP Justin St. Augustine (20) Knetyohai Dynamo
Uses changeups and sliders more than a fastball, tricky pitcher.
3. RHP Miles Savey (27) Newport Owls (South Newlandia)
Prefers to try to beat batters with pure speed.
4. RHP Samuel Han (23) Knetyohai Dynamo
A more patient pitcher who doesn't mind working through the count.
5. LHP Oscar de Witt (26) Rhoni Rhonin
Led the League in ERA in the regular season but struggled in the playoffs of the CBL. Oscar is a solid all-rounder but can sometimes get inside his own head.

1. RHP Beatrice Castreaux (23) Alnio Reds - Long-Term Reliever
With a great changeup and a decent enough fastball, Castreaux can fill in for three or so innings without an issue.
2. LPH Ollie Bier (22) Rhoni Rhonin - Long-Term Reliever
A young phenom who could start if he really wanted to, Bier embraces the challenge of coming into compromised situations.
3. LHP Vette Beux (26) Umbar Corsairs - Reliever
The bases-loaded specialist for the Amateurs, Beux is really proficient at reading complex situations.
4. RHP Truman Savant (23) Rhoni Rhonin - Reliever
The nine-pitches to end an inning specialist who can get read if he stays for more than an inning.
5. LHP Carson Bennett (25) Felswyr Fire - Left-Handed Specialist
Self-explanatory. Likes to face batters in high pressure scenarios.
6. RHP Joseph Edward Jr. (24) Knetyohai Dynamo - Setup Man
The best Setup Man in the CBL, with an ERA of sub 1.00. Can this be translated to international events?
7. RHP Hine Salle (26) Walstreim Lions (South Newlandia) - Closer
She can't be shaken.

Home Stadium: National Stadium, Cap. 44,320 Chromatik City, Chromatika

RP Permissions: No DH, Nothing out of the ordinary.
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, within reason
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes

Series 1: @ Bardney (66)
Series 2: vs. Qzvarkian Qaz (UR)
Series 3: @ The Sherpa Empire (7)
Series 4: vs. Quintessence of Dust (33)
Series 5: @ Hicaña (57)
Series 6: vs. Bardney (66)
Series 7: @ Qzvarkian Qaz (UR)
Series 8: vs. The Sherpa Empire (7)
Series 9: @ Qintessence of Dust (33)
Series 10: vs. Hicaña (57)
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Quarterfinals: 77, 78
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Group Stage: 81, 83, 84, 86, 89
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