Type 2015 Yamaguchi (CLOSED)

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Type 2015 Yamaguchi (CLOSED)

Postby New Aeyariss » Tue Mar 09, 2021 4:13 am




- Combat Weight: 22 tons basic, 24 tons upgraded.

- Length: 7.7 meters

- Width: 2.6 meters

- Height: 2.3 meters

- Power Pack: 500 hp water cooled turbo diesel.

- Armament: 1x 32x175mm autocannon, two AT missiles and a single 5.7x45mm LMG.

- Crew: 3+8

- Suspension: Independent

- Ground Clearance: 600mm

- Operational Range: 800

- Top Speed: 100 km/h on land / 10km/h in water

- Turning radius: <8 meters

- Obstacle: 70 cm

Price (Unit): N$D 2 100 000

Price (DPR): TG New Aeyariss

Medium Wheeled Vehicle Type 2015 project was realized by multiple defense contractors from all around SACTO nations in response to changing situation in the ground vehicles market, initiated by the Imperial Nifonese army in realization that Type 1985 series of military vehicles will soon reach obsoloency. In response to that Murakami defense industries gathered a number of interested sub-contractors. Their final product was a cheap, simple and easy to operate 8x8 military vehicle that could be easily procured and operated by multiple states.

Due to use in wide array of nations, "Yamaguchi" possesses plenty of domestic designations, which nevertheless concern roughly the same vehicle.

This series of vehicles is named after the current inspector-general of the armed forces and hero of the Red Monsoon, Grn. Yamaguchi Kaien.

- Type 2015 incorporates a fully modular design. The vehicle is centred around "mission modules" that perform a certain function.

- Available modules: IFV, command vehicle, mortar carrier, transport, medical evacuation. More modules can be incorporated per client's request, including weapons and designs known across Murakami defense industries.

- A module can be changed under one hour within field conditions using a specialized workshop.

- Driver sits on the left, power pack located on the right with the engine located at the front, where the armor is thickest. Commander and driver sit at the left, behind the driver.

- Crew exits through rear power operated ramp, or two hatches at the roof. In addition to that, commander, driver and gunner have their own separate hatch.

- Infantry carrier module has soldiers sit at the middle, in mine - protected seats. They face outward, with five gun-points located on the side, permitting the crew to lay fire from inside of the vehicle.

- Commercial, off-the shelf technologies are used to reduce costs of acquisition and maintenance.

- The vehicle follows 8x8 configuration with eight 16.0R20 wheels.

- Independent suspension.

- 500 HP Kojima KO-985 engine being an upgrade of Kojima KO-981.

- Power assisted steering on four front wheels.

- 2 water jets for in-water mobility permitting the vehicle to move in water at speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

- Anti-locking brake system, run-flat tyres and a central tyre inflation system (CTIS) permitting the vehicle to adjust the tire pressure depending on terrain and thus increase off-road performance.

- Air transportability by tactical air lifters.


- Infantry carrier variant includes an unmanned, non-hull penetrating turret located at the end of the mission module designated "T-33".

- Main armament of IFV version is composed of a single Type 2-4 32x175mm autocannon. This weapon weights 120kg on it's own and is capable of effectively engaging targets at range range of 2000 kilometers. The canon is belt fed and gas operated, requiring additional power source. The gunner has possibility to select between slow firing rate (200-300 rpm) and high firing rate (600-800 rpm).

Ammunition choices include APFSDS-T, HE-T APBC-T, HE-I and APDS rounds in various variants. Yamaguchi carries 400 rounds.

- A single 5.7x45mm LMG slaved to the top sensor serves as a secondary armament.

- 2 ATGMs incorporated at the left side of the turret.

- Weapons mounted in a dual-axis stabilized turret capable of firing both on move and when stationary. The turret does not penetrate the hull, therefore not taking space in the infantry compartment.

- There is an option to manually rotate the turret via a joystick located underneath at reduced efficiency.

+ Other turrets and weapon options can be included at client's request.

- All around basic protection against 14.5mm HMG ammunition.

- Frontal protection against 25mm, 30mm with add-on armor.

- Capable of withstanding 10kg of TNT under the hull.

- Capable of withstanding an explosion of 155mmm artillery shell at 30 meters.

- V shaped hull made of high hardness monocoque steel + "Kusari" modular armor.

+ Possible additional options include:

- 2Ku77 bar armor system is a cage armor designed to protect the vehicle from the threat of rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). The entire body has been built from aluminum and optimized for this vehicle.

- "Kitsune" multi spectral camouflage system is a revolutionary vehicle camouflage system designed to protect this vehicle against various threats. "Kitsune" comes in form of camouflage net adapted to local terrain that breaks the shape of the vehicle, greatly reduces the IR signature and protects against radar recoanissance and target seeking on band from 1 to 100 GHz. Optional elements include a system designed to reduce vehicle's IR signature in tropical or warm climates. It has to be noted that "Kitsune" may be attached either through tapes or be directly integrated on the modular armor plates (specify with order). All vehicles feature standard IR suppressing paint.

- Washi WS - 27 - a soft kill active defense system designed to counter IR and SACLOS based anti - tank guided missiles, being an electro-optical jammer. Major components are two dazzlers, each mounted by the sides of T48 cannon designed to blind Infra-red seeking warheads of ATGMs, a laser warning system, heavily automated control panel with both manual and automatic launch functions combined with own microprocessor, as well as 12 aerosol spray grenades that cover the IFV in a beam dispersing smoke, which additionally allow the vehicle to retreat to a safe place.


- Washi W-04GW optronic sights system designed to engage the enemy at any time of the day, in any weather conditions, as well as when the vehicle is on the move. W-04GW features 3rd generation thermal camera, CCTV camera with multiple zoom options and high resolutions as well as integrated laser rangefinder completely safe for users. This system is fully integrated with fire control systems and battle management systems, displaying status of the weaponry as well as automatically detecting potential targets via their shape. Two such units are mounted on this vehicle - one of them co-axial, second linked to main sensor slaved armament (MSSA), giving it not just hunter - killer, but a true killer - killer capability, allowing the commander to search for potential threats and engage them at will while the gunner covers the infantry.

- Washi G-809 gunner's sight located at the turret front.

- "Yamaguchi" has been equipped with collapsible driver's cupola hidden under a piece of armour. Made from bulletproof glass, this cupola can provide sufficient visibility for the driver. When entering combat, the driver has an option to retract the cupola back under the armour, hence limiting visibility but increasing protection.

- Washi CC4 situational awareness system processing data from all others, automatically detecting & tracking targets

- Washi l71 laser warning system

- Washi V48 control handle and V50 video processing unit.

- 360* observation system linked to a display in the crew compartment allowing the infantry to get a clear view of the situation around them.

- The mortar carrier variant is fitted with a 120mm mortar + all necessary electronics. The mortar is fitted on a rotating platform, thus allowing the crew to quickly adjust it. Fitted with a single 7.41 LMG for protection.

- The command vehicle variant offers all necessary systems and carriers two man crew + 8 officers. Fitted with a single 7.41 LMG for protection.

- The armored recovery variant is fitted with a hydraulic operated crane mounted inside the vehicle for purpose of armored recovery. Carries 5 personnel (driver, gunner commander and 2 technicians). Fitted with a single 7.41 LMG for protection.

- Medical evacuation vehicle carries driver, commander and 2x medic with stretchers and place for 4 seated casualities or 8 casualities without stretchers.
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