Melody of Crimson and Snow [IC, Feyrisshire Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Melody of Crimson and Snow [IC, Feyrisshire Only]

Postby Sengoku Americas » Mon Mar 08, 2021 11:47 pm

2054, August 3rd

Rays of light orange pierced through the curtains as late afternoon arrived in Pomona, bringing warmth and illuminating classroom 4-A's interior as their politics teacher continued to write on the old blackboard. About twenty uniformed students sat in their seats, some of them sitting properly and more attentive and others with their head close to the desk, either lying on textbooks or their own hands. Turning away from the blackboard for a moment, the teacher continued: "And therefore, the tradition of wearing white shirts and red scarfs became widespread within almost all communes within California." Then, he posed a question for his class: "Who here knows the meaning of the Children Union's red scarfs?"

Towards the back of the class a single hand shot up, its owner having been one of few students who hadn't yet succumbed to the cozy climate in classroom 4-A.

"Please answer, class president."

Upon receiving permission she stood up fully behind her desk, bowing lightly before responding to the question. "The red scarf embodies the spirit of our Children's Union, which every member should carry with them at all times. When we see the crimson billowing in front of our chest, we remember those sacrifices made by our predecessors and fellow comrades. We cherish all who have come and gone before us in defense of those ideals, and recite the oath we made to carry on their legacy and maintain our position of 'always ready!'"

Having finished her answer, she made to sit back down but was soon halted halfway by the teacher.

"A textbook definition, Hyeja" he said, neither giving approval nor disapproval as he surveyed the half-asleep class before him. "Can you elaborate more on what is the meaning of 'sacrifices of our predecessors' and give your own opinion on sacrifice?"

Nodding solemnly, she replied with just one phrase, for she thought it to be sufficient. "Yes, I can." And memories of two winters ago came flooding back into her mind, as fresh as the day when they had been created.

2052, January 27th

Suhyeon Park looked at her watch and then glanced at the entrance to her daughter's room, which remained stubbornly closed.

"Hurry now, Hyeja!" she called impatiently though not unkindly. Even though she knew it was unlikely for someone of Hyeja's disposition to actually be late, she still couldn't hold back from her usual workplace attitude. After all, one didn't become commune manager just by waiting for things do be done or accepting delays.

"I'm coming, mother!" Not one minute later, Hyeja appeared, dressed neatly in her winter season school uniform with another down jacket on top. "Do I have to wear this outer layer too?" she complained. "It makes me look like some sort of insect inside a cocoon, not to mention it's so warm inside."

"You most certainly may not. It's cold outside, and you can't afford to skip any more days of school after that week you spent sleeping at home."


"Hyeja, you'll thank me later when you don't catch a respiratory illness. It's either this or drinking ginger honey tea. Now come on, or we'll miss the next tram!"

Begrudgingly, she followed her mother out the door, stepping out into the snow covered ground and shivering a little as she felt the frigid winter breeze on her way to the tram station. Secretly she was quite glad she had listened to her mother's advice, but fortunately she didn't have to dwell on that for too long as the light chime of bells signaled their tram's arrival. She took careful steps before standing near the doorway, watching the snowflakes fall gently onto the ground.

"You never tire of looking at the snow, do you?"

Hyeja laughed at her mother's question, shaking her head eagerly. "How could I? Snow is so magical, and whenever the snow falls it feels as if I'm enveloped in a world of pure innocence and wonder. Especially when it comes down softly like cherry blossoms.." Her voice faded away as she turned her gaze back to the snow, which was still steadily piling up on the sides of tracks and below trees.

Suhyeon could understand her daughter's excitement, for just a few years ago even seeing snow at this time of year was nearly impossible where they lived. But the sand in the hourglass of time is relentless, and with its passage came changes far and wide, including their own city's weather patterns. Gone were those days of hot winters and mild winters, and in their place came four seasons. Though of course, Hyeja was too young to remember those days before climate change. She looked wistfully at Hyeja's excited expression and sighed softly before deciding to look out a side window herself.

Eventually the landscape passing by them changed from residential to rural, signaling their stop had arrived.

"Thank you, Mr. Tram-driver!" Hyeja waved goodbye as doors opened, once again exposing her to the harsh winter snowfall of central California. Then she followed her mother in the long road leading uphill, her snowboots leaving imprints in the frozen ground that became filled again with fresh snow moments later. At last, she trudged her way to arrive at the hilltop monument where her mother was waiting.

"You brought the roses, didn't you?"

Hyeja nodded silently before presenting one of two bundles to her mother, who turned to face the monument.

"Mother, what is this monument for?" She looked closely at the unfamiliar sculpture towering above her, for it was her first time coming to this place. It had the appearance of two people side by side with determined expressions, one of them holding a torch and the other grasping tightly a calligraphic brush. Though she was familiar with the symbols- the same appeared on the united communal government's seal, representing the need for all people to study both practical and theoretical revolutionary practices - she found herself drawn to the barely visible face of the calligraphy figure. There was something about the posture or structure that seemed distinctly different that suggested it wasn't quite human. What was more, even the writing on the monument's base was not any language she had seen before. Though of course that couldn't be possible, right?

Her mother gestured to writing, saying something. Hyeja realised her mother was reading it, saying something in a language that seemed almost songlike. "In Eternal Gratitude to the Brave Feyrisshire Volunteers" Suhyeon translated for her daughter.

Hyeja remembered something vaguely from her studies, but her attention was caught by another plaque lower near the ground almost obscured by snow. It too was written in the foreign script, but more elegantly and in rows suggesting poetry. "And what does this one say, mother?"

Once again, the airy sounds came from her mother's mouth, and then her translation.

"Even the sun and heavens are outshone by the brilliance of heroes who lie here,
To love another nation as one's own is the greatest virtue.
To give one's life for another's motherland is the highest sacrifice,
Though their blood stains our soil, their spirits are back in their homeland, forever honoured in both places."

Satisfied, Hyeja fell silent once more.

"Bow" her mother said, and they did so thrice before placing their flowers at the monument's base. The crimson-red of roses contrasted sharply with the pure white snow for a second as if they were droplets of blood, but were soon swallowed up by the unrelenting storm.

"It's time to return, Hyeja" her mother called, but Hyeja had one more question for her mother.

"Mother, did you know any of the...Feyrisshire comrades?"

A lump grew in Suhyeon's throat and a tear trickled from her eye, freezing almost immediately near her lashes.

"Yes I did," she said softly. And as they began the long descend downhill towards the tram station, she began to tell Hyeja her story. A story about those from Feyrisshire she had been able to call fellow soldiers, comrades, and best of friends.
Five nations, one continent.
"Let everyone put forth their full effort for the reconstruction of our wonderful garden!"

Empress Park and Premier Kato's new collaboration album: Journey of Melody
Song in Praise of Feyrisshire Princess Reishi Yuri
The author does not in any way condone war crimes including carpet bombing, chemical warfare, biological attacks, and nuclear strikes
May the light of peace prevail always
大蛙都줄기 내려 아름다운 내 나라
公主님 높이 모신 歓呼声 울려 가네
先祖의 大業 継承者 民族의 領導者
万歳! 万歳! 레이시유리公主

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Postby Feyrisshire » Fri Mar 12, 2021 8:39 am

A New Beginning Dawns, A New Day Begins?


Hyeja's mother Suhyeon then proceeded to tell her daughter a magnanimous and colorful story of valiant valors and exploits by the Feyris soldier heroines in the days of yesteryear. Hyeja listened carefully to her mother as she told her of various fights, battles and the sacrifices made by the Feyris fallen.

What Hyeja Park thought happened in the years before:

Background music song: Eternal Flame

Hyeja's imagination flared up as in her mind she saw battlefields full of strewn corpses - the sadness and sorrow of lots of fallen heroines. The valiant sacrifices made by the Communist Feyris soldiers against the forces of reaction - the blood that hath spilled. Her mental images saw vivid captures of Mil Mi-6 helicopters, obsolete BTR-60 APCs, Russian T-90 tanks, landing crafts on the beach shore, and Feyris catgirl soldiers clad in standard-issue armor armed with AK-47s running over rugged terrain - with their tails and ears moving to the rhythms of the contraptions of war.

At least, that's what how she imagined it happened about.

Background music song: Eternal Flame abruptly ends...

What actually happened in the years before:

A girl was sleeping in the bed. Her name is Risa. Why has she fallen so deep into slumber? Could it be because she had done something that she shouldn't have? Or simply terribly tired by another marathon of video games, anime and hentai?

The green frog alarm clock played on the coffee bedside table - it played a song!

She then reached out to snooze it off, but what waked her up more was not the cheery tone of the alarm clock, but the sight of a nude girl on her bedside! The nude girl said "Hey, Risa, why don't we have a morning...." Risa threw off the girl and rejected her advance!

Then she then went into the bathroom to take a bath! The nude girl was still there! Risa threw her off the window!

Oh no! It's late already! She canceled her bath, dressed up in her schoolgirl uniform-like government uniform, put a bread toast in her mouth, and hurriedly run!

Risa then opened the door in her day-to-day office to see a disparate and disheveled bunch as messy and chaotic as her morning wakeup. A bunch of girls are sitting and slouching in cedar chairs, a box of pizza still hot is lying in the center wooden table, and two catgirls are dancing in a Dance Dance Revolution machine!

Background music song: Despacito


The catgirls are dancing however, unfortunately to the tune of Despacito earning the perpetual ire and excommunicatory condemnation of those who had the misfortune of accidentally listening to it.

Just as the song of Despacito haunted the souls of everyone from the background, two catgirls in a maid uniform arrived immediately after Risa entered the room. One was carrying two briefcases in both of her hands, while another was carrying a projector.

The catgirl maids laid the briefcases and the projector on the wooden center table, and a girl then laid another set of manila folders and papers on it. A blonde girl sporting a twintails hairstyle then looked at it one by one, while another opened the projector and connected it on a laptop.

Raika Marina greeted the room: "Good morning everyone!", and her cheery face disappeared as she looked over the two catgirls dancing Despacito.

She threw her plastic coffee cup on the two catgirls and said "Out!".

The putrid sound of Despacito in the air ended as Raika spoke: "As you have heard in the news today... political polarization in Amerikka (thats how it spelt) has not yet ended after the victory of the Joe Biden administration. We can expect more radical waves of fascist thought among the Amerikkan petty-bourgouis class."

A pink-haired girl sporting a bunny accessory in her hair added: "We are still going to support the CPP-NDF in the Philippines despite the pleas of the fascist Rodrigo Duterte to end it. We are going to have to deliever foreign aid to the DPRK and give Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jo Yong a free Covid vaccine."

Risa asked Aschera, the pink-haired girl to clarify it: "Are we going to give Kim Jong Un and her younger sister two vaccines?"

Aschera angrily replied: "No we are going to give it to the whole country. 50,000 doses of Furrycures vaccine are to be sent to the DPRK this month."

A brown-haired girl with wavy hair and a flower crown replied: "And we are going to change the name to Reifinvacs! The name "Furrycures" sounds suspect and atrocious!". Laughing voices were heard in the background thereafter.

As hard to believe it, this is not a highschool activities club or a group of hobbyist teenage girls, but the central office of the Hall of Proletariat Internationalism under the Council of Foreign Relations, which governs the sending of Feyris foreign aid to other countries as well as support to leftist movements worldwide. Risa, and the other girls (and to sheer horror, presumably also the two catgirls dancing to Despacito) are indeed, powerful government officials in charge of foreign aid and clandestine operations.

Raika then went over a communique reportedly from a Maoist group from California. She read over it:

    "To: Feyrisshire Hall of Proletariat Internationalism Council of Foreign Relations....

    We ask for aid in the socialist revolution that we are going to start in the U$ State of California. Fascists and the oppressor nation have begun organizing, and we implore you to help organize the leftist and socialist revolutionary movement..."

Raika then ended her and laughed.

Risa asked her "What's the matter?". Raika then said "There would be no socialist revolution in Amerikka comrade, the lands are full of petty-bourgeoisie and if any revolutionary group exists it's going to be from lumpen class. At this point since the main groups are fascist and reactionary, any talk of revolution would just be counter-productive and support imperialism."

Risa then said: "There are leftists in Amerikka, there are the Black Panthers for instance!". Raika then said: "If you are so willing to help a socialist revolution in Amerikka, why don't you talk to one lumpen revolutionary yourself? Any talk of secession or revolution would just be of the Ron Paul libertarian type and it would have to be discussed later on."

Raika then brushed the letter off and continued: "Now, the role of Hezbollah in Israel during the Covid pandemic....."

Hours later, Risa pondered on the previous exchange and contacted a Black person from California who claims to be a "Maoist revolutionary".

BGM: Phone dialing sound

Just as the call started, the tune of Despacito plays!

BGM: Despacito again!

Incensed, Risa throws her off phone in a random carpet.
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2033, March 18th
California, Los Angeles City, University Commune

BGM: Look at Us!

"Our bayonets gleam brilliantly and our footsteps thunder out,
We are the general's army,
With steel-like discipline and fierce fighting skills,
There are none who can defeat us!"

Suhyeon's final class of the day had just ended, and KPOP (the Northern kind) sounded through her earbuds as she rushed towards her usual meeting spot. Soon she saw three of her friends who had also just been freed from class. Together, they headed towards the hilltop dining hall from their university. On the way, they discussed recent updates from the conflict California had been having with what was left of the US government and some of its fragmented successor states.

"I heard some bombers penetrated our airspace yesterday," one of them said. Her name was Eriko, and she was a third-year student from the physics department whose main defining characteristic was being completely ordinary. She had become friends with Suhyeon after they met in the university soufflé cooking club together.

"Is that so? Shouldn't your air force be stronger than that?" Alexandria, the Yugoslavian exchange student asked, but Eriko shook her head. "Unfortunately, we've taken heavy losses since 2027 and haven't replaced all of them. If I'm not wrong, there are only about 100 Mig-29s left in our entire inventory." She was going to say more, but they had reached the dining hall's doors so discussion would have to end for now.

Finished getting their food, all four of them grouped up again at their table. Eriko and and Suhyeon's roommate Maria had arrived first, with the queue for sandwiches being quite short. Suhyeon and Alexandria had taken longer since noodles were popular today. Nevertheless, they also soon sat down across from their friends and the conversation began again in earnest. This time though, the topic was Maria's recent trip to her native Spain. They listened eagerly to her story, all of them too engaged by tales of that faraway European land to actually eat anything.

"What is more, I've also brought this!" Maria added as her story was about to finish. With dramatic flourish, she picked her bag from the seat next to her and drew a familiar looking little red book.

"Is that?" Alexandria asked, her excitement hardly contained as she leaned over to look.

Maria nodded. "That's right. My mother's family gave me this: a first-print edition of Quotations of Chairman Mao in Spanish!" She beamed proudly at the group.

"Hurrah! Khrushchevism is finished!" Alexandria cried gleefully, clapping loudly. Some onlookers were attracted by her commotion, with some giving looks of approval and others moving away slightly from this fourth year student who seemed to harbour particular disgust for revisionism and corn planting addicts.

Her storytelling over at last, Maria returned to eating her sandwich. Her sandwich was filled with barely edible chicken and had wilted lettuce (and soggy bread, the horror!), so she silently cursed at the disgusting abomination called UCLA Dining Services. Still upset, she reached over and placed her fork in Alexandria's stir fried udon only to be swatted away immediately.

"Come on, just let me have a little taste, please?" She looked at Alexandria pleadingly, but the stoic Yugoslavian was having none of it.

"Stand in line next time." Alexandria's expression didn't change at all when she mercilessly rejected Maria's attempt to enjoy udon together.

"You're so serious..."

"Mooching off others like this, are you a mosquito or landlord? Seriously, even someone like you ought to have more life skills than just eating other's food."

"Please, please? I won't ask for any more if you just give me some this one time."

"Fine, but only because you forced me too. I didn't want to, so this is called coercion, you know. It's a crime!" She looked away coldly while pushing the plate towards Maria.

"You two really get long quite well." Eriko chimed in, listening in to their humorous exchange.

"We don't get along well at all!" the two of them said simultaneously.

Ignoring their playful antics, Suhyeon was busy looking at a website on her phone. "Hmm, there's a link here promising military funding, but looks rather suspicious." she commented, finding a form with the words "Powerful Nation of a Beautiful People" written up top.

Eriko leaned across the table to look at Suhyeon's phone. "Ah, I wouldn't apply if I were you. They're from Nagano," she declared.

"Do you want to explain or...?"

"They're from Nagano," Eriko repeated, as if she had explained everything. "Nagano," she emphasised once more for a good measure, before turning her attention back to the sandwich in her hands.

But despite her friend's advice, Suhyeon still decided to send the link to California's communal foreign relations department so some government intern can turn in their application. Of course, some of the questions had been rather strange and personal like "what is your blood type?" and "what is your opinion on catgirls?", but she didn't think too much of it. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

2033, March 19th
Northeastern Federation, New York Province, New York City

Ona Kato was busy drying off her daughter after her daily bath when their apartment's front door was unlocked and her husband walked in. Since they lived in a simple two room rental, it was a short walk for him from entrance to the washroom where Ona was.

"I'm back home," he announced as he set down his carrying case on the ground. "How was little Caroline today? Did she behave alright?"

"She did very well," Ona announced as she helped Caroline into her socks. "She practiced some arithmetic questions, and she finished all the addition and subtraction questions we found for her yesterday."

"Caroline's abilities never cease to amaze me. Yes, we've definitely raised a genius child, I have to say."

"I'm certainly glad she didn't take after your intelligence then, my dear..."

For that one moment, parents and child were all smiles as they temporarily found reprieve from their worldly troubles of overwork, rent, and low pay. Little did they know that in just two weeks...

2033, March 31st
California, Los Angeles City, University Commune

BGM: What is Love?

The honestly mediocre singing voice of Maria combined with instrumentals was serenading Suhyeon. Laying back on the couch, she sighed softly and poured another shotglass of pear soju into her mouth to chase down
three shots she had already taken. Finding her soju bottle to be nearly empty, she flipped open the menu and pressed the service button on her table. "This is room 13B. I want to order one medium- actually, large- bowl of spicy ramyeon and also one plate of fried honey chicken. Also add two bottles of soju, one pear flavoured and one strawberry flavoured."

"One large bowl of spicy ramyeon, one plate of honey fried chicken, one bottle of pear flavoured soju and one bottle of strawberry flavoured soju to room 13B, is that correct? Please wait a few minutes while we prepare your order." Satisfied, Suhyeon sat back in the sofa and picked the last piece of gochujang fried chicken in front of her. The taste was neither extremely delicious nor terrible; in other words, it was exactly on mark for food from medium priced karaoke places.

"Come on Suhyeon, it's your turn!" Maria called, and at her and Eriko's encouragement she finally stood up and received the microphone.

"Eriko, can you select 'What is Love' for me?"

"The TWICE song? Sure, no problem."

And now it was time for Maria to take a seat and her mediocre singing voice to be replaced with Suhyeon's (not much better) karaoke performance of TWICE.

"I want to know, know, know, know:
What is love? What does love feel like?

While Suhyeon and friends were enjoying karaoke, the Feyrisshire deputy Risa was dialing on her phone frantically. Twice already she had had the wrong number and been forced to listen to the song-which-shall-not-be-named. On the third try, she had dialed this number from the Californian People's Government but only received the "this number is unavailable" message. Unfortunately, it seemed the intern responsible for receiving those calls was already going home! About to give up, she finally tried one last phone line: the backup number written on the second page.

Unlike the despicable song from before, Risa now heard a pleasant tune. The holding music sounded something like this, and she found it much better than Despacito.

Just when she was about finished the second chorus, Suhyeon's phone starting vibrating in her pocket. She gave the microphone to Eriko for the rest of the song and stepped outside into the hallways where there was less noise, but then went back in with a stern message.

"Don't touch my ramyeon or chicken, alright?"

Then she stepped out once more and answered the phone, whose caller had dared interrupt her karaoke session.

"Hello, Suhyeon speaking. Who are you?"
Five nations, one continent.
"Let everyone put forth their full effort for the reconstruction of our wonderful garden!"

Empress Park and Premier Kato's new collaboration album: Journey of Melody
Song in Praise of Feyrisshire Princess Reishi Yuri
The author does not in any way condone war crimes including carpet bombing, chemical warfare, biological attacks, and nuclear strikes
May the light of peace prevail always
大蛙都줄기 내려 아름다운 내 나라
公主님 높이 모신 歓呼声 울려 가네
先祖의 大業 継承者 民族의 領導者
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Postby Feyrisshire » Wed Mar 24, 2021 2:45 pm

Risa wearing a schoolgirl uniform (her government attire actually it just looks like a school uniform) entered a room.

She found the room, laden in its mediaeval stone walls to have lots of tiny speckles of dust flying throughout the room, which she was able to see due to the illumination of sunlight streaking from the big window. The corners of the ceilings are also laden with cobwebs, and a black big spider in one corner is making a new silk web. All of this point out to a room that fell into disuse over the ages.

Catgirl maids entered the room, to clean it. Immediately they went on killing the black big spider, but it jumped onto one, and a catgirl maid shouted "Eek!".

Two catgirl maids were dragging away from the room a rusty and old Dance Dance Revolution machine, they asked Risa what to do with it. "Throw it away" Risa monotonously answered to the two maidens.

Another maid then approached Risa and informed her "This is a letter from the Hall of International Proletarianism".

Risa's eyes brightened up in the anticipation of what kind of news it would bring. In haste she opened the scroll and began to read it, it said "You are not going to be promoted, you are retained for your current position girl, Signed, Raika Marina."

Equal to the immediacy she displayed at opening and reading the letter was at how she crumpled and threw it off the window.

Hours later, all the catgirl maids had finished their work, and the room, once looking like a prop set in an American horror film had suddenly began to resemble like a government office.

Risa was now seated in a wooden chair drinking a coffee in a cup whilst glancing at an old computer monitor that the office seems to have retained along with a bunch of government documents, two catgirls stood on her side.

"Are you telling me that some bunch of people are making government websites pretending to come from us and making people signing up and then promising "military funding" or whatever shit it is? We did not make this, we did not make any of this!"

A girl sporting a blonde twintails hairstyle, Raika Marina concurred and saying "At best this is made by a bunch of trolls or people making a joke, moderately bad is the possibility of scammers or a white-collar criminal scheme, at worst this is a spook entrapment by the FBI or CIA designed to catch out those who would want to help Feyrisshire."

Risa then looked at the questions " "What is your blood type?" it asks. Mein Gotts, this is definitely not made by a self-respecting Feyris citizen, a Japanese spook probably. "What do you think about catgirls?" See, the questions are just as ridiculous. Also, what is "Nagano" "?

A girl from the corner answered "A prefecture from Japan, it's Nagano".

Risa was more confused by a vague answer and asked "and why is that important?"

"Don't know, it's where Gensokyo is, probably." the girl then vaguely answered once more.

Risa, ever more befuddled by such an exchanged tried to clarify "and what's that?". The girl frustrated cut it off "It's only a reference that women of culture can only understand."

Risa seemed to have ignored that denigratory remark (who cares about "Gensokyou" anyways?) and added "these people don't know anything about opsec. No onions, no https, didn't even bother to encrypt the answers sent, if you're going to communicate in the Internet you're going to have use Tor on the Dark Web with onion, but hey, no one does that, because everyone knows it's a way to find a spook. And the superimposition of the national motto on this background makes it look like fash or sumthing."

She added "This is made by the CIA. Do you think that someone actually bothered to submit links to this?".

Risa said to a long pink-haired girl wearing a pink sweater and pink headband named Anela, "It's your job."

Anela and her other aides tried to hack the website to find out the source and which people tried to ask questions. She was surprised that the website doesn't even use HTTPS protocol to the point that they can easily intercept the information other people have sent. They were able to track the IP address of the server the website is located and *drumbeat rolls*, it's in Phoenix, Arizona! At this point it's obvious that it's definitely not made by any self-respecting Feyris citizen by now (but the question about blood type gave it up more obviously)!

At this point, Anela gave up as for her, it's obvious now that this was made by an American spook rather than a domestic Feyris scam operation. She told the other girls in charge of "enhanced open-source intelligence" (a.k.a hacking websites and people's computers) "Our job here is finished here for the day, I'd go out to get myself a drink, you girls see the profiles and extract info from people who sent answers to this site."

A girl with wavy brown-haired girl with catgirl headbands named Irina however was a bit of an inquisitive and curious girl, and was the type who viewed orders as "guidelines" anyway, so she just ignored that order and told her friend to snoop on the people who answered forms to the website.

Irina looked at one form that came from one named "Suhyeon". She asked Miya, who was near her "Do you think this girl is Korean or something?". "Oh, like they come from K-Pop, Korea? Miya then answered. Irina continued snooping over her form and said "Her full name is Suhyeon Park, who do you think this girl is?" Miya, just as crazy and weird as her, had an idea. "Let's look at her social media accounts to find out" while grinning.

They then searched Suhyeon Park's Instagram account. "Ooh, this Korean lady is just so sexy and hot!" Miya remarked creepily. "Hey, Irina, look at her skin, and her hair, and her ooh, so thi...". Irina then showed off to Miya "hey, she also gave her phone number as well! Miya, would you like to call this cute girl for yourself?". Miya refused "Why don't you call her with your phone?". "You're ogling over her so enthusiastically yet you can't call her for yourself" Irina retorted. She then had another weird idea for their daily mischief "Why don't we use Risa's phone to phone her?".

Risa was in a video call with a Marxist-Leninist group from California. She muttered to herself that this might not be a serious revolutionary group considering the lack of opsec and how they are making a "Marxist theory discussion" on Zoom. She was only there for ceremony, to greet the group for "internationalist participation" and only show off for a few minutes. It's like the US government already knows what's they're up to anyway.

A Black man who is a Marxist-Leninist and who looks like Will Smith named Henry Parker was driving in a car and he was listening to "Despacito". "Kendri, you know how Luis Fonsi's my favorite artist, I like the music from Puerto Rico, man" he bragged to his friend. Kendri then answered back "Your taste in music is awful, pop stars like Doja Cat are better, man."

He then joined the "Marxist theory discussion call".

Miya and Irina having successfully stolen Risa's phone from the room tried to call Suhyeon using the number they got from the form she submitted.

Then Suhyeon stepped out once more and answered the phone, whose caller had dared interrupt her karaoke session.

"Hello, Suhyeon speaking. Who are you?"

"Hey girl, I just wanted to say how big your .... I'm Irina, nice to meet you, don't worry I'm a cute and sexy girl as well.."

Risa overheard it and unintentionally looked to Miya and Irina, not knowing that she's still in a video call angrily saying "Who the fuck is Suhyeon?"

Henry Parker recognizing Suhyeon from Marxist and Maoist movements answered Risa "Suhyeon, I know her."
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Postby Sengoku Americas » Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:17 am

2033, March 31st
California, Los Angeles City, University Commune

"Hey girl, I just wanted to say how big your .... I'm Irina, nice to meet you, don't worry I'm a cute and sexy girl as well.."

An incredibly suspicious and rather creepy voice came from Suhyeon's phone speakers. The voice was soon joined by another: "And I'm Irina's friend, I'm Miya, I'm a catgirl on weekends." Spam callers nowadays are really getting insane, Suhyeon thought. Although, fortunately they've grown quite terrible at being convincing. Suhyeon frowned as she prepared to end the call, but just as she was about to press down on the "end call" button, a more familiar sound could be heard in the background.

It was the faint voice of colleague Henry from the UCLA Offering Critical Support to Maoism Club. He described the situation: Suhyeon knew Henry from the first club meeting several years ago, but had quickly left the group after the club schism due to everyone calling each other a revisionist. As a result of name-calling, the UCLA Offering Critical Support to Maoism Club split into two, forming two factions in the Student Self-Governed Association for the Propagation of Marxist-Leninist Maoism Ideology and their rivals the Offering Critical Support to and Appreciation of Maoism with Santa Monica Characteristics Club. In fact, Suhyeon had even started her own group due to disputes over the colour of Gorbachev's birthmark (I say it was purple! No, it was actually darkish red! Who cares, it's really ugly just like his face!), creating the Anarcho-Maoist Group of Los Angeles and San Francisco. But in fact in reality all three groups still operated somewhat closely to one another. Fish can't leave the water, or so they say.

Through the earpiece Suhyeon heard the sound of pen on paper as both Irina and Miya on phone and Risa on web call listened with interest, intently scribbling down notes on how fractured the leftist movement was in California even after it was de facto independent from the United States. Then she heard a loud scream which sounded suspiciously like a meow followed by the bang of something like a shoe being thrown. Footsteps also became audible as more people seemed to be entering the room frantically in panic.

"Spider," Risa explained nonchalantly. Something in her tone told Suhyeon this was definitely not the first time it had happened, maybe not even the first time today. This isn't what I meant what I said I would be willing to serve the people. At least let me work in fields or something, somewhere with better ventilation. Risa made the mental note to request a promotion out of this ministry as soon as possible. In addition to aforementioned spiders and god-awful sound of Despacito, the room was really too old and daft for her liking. Even the sunlight trickling in through the room seemed to do more harm than good, showing just how decrepit it really was. Maybe I should ask for a transfer for McDonalds. The worker badges are really shiny, the benefits are good, and I heard if you're a good worker they even let you take home a portrait of Ronald Lenin on the wall!

Nevertheless, she still paid attention to the call, going back and forth between the "Marxist Discussion Group" and that girl named Suhyeon. Suhyeon also listened carefully. She knew the future of Socialism with Californian Characteristics rested upon foreign aid, for if conflict was to break out in full California would be unable to fully resist by itself. "International proletarianism", "supporting revolutionary actions abroad", "weakening the position of enemies of Feyrisshire", she tried every single phrase she thought would be persuasive. But even so, she was still unable to receive a commitment of any sort from Risa about the Feyrisshire People's Government's support for their movement.

"A group of specialists and volunteers can go to California of their own will, but there is no room for further aid."

This is really unfortunate for us, isn't it? Only volunteers? If the Northeastern Federation invades us tomorrow, we're not just toast...we're sandwich fillings too! Not just lambs to the slaughter, but to the meat-processing facilities as well!

2034, October 9th
California, Los Angeles City, Army Commune, Shock Infantry Training School

BGM: Careless Whiskers

Suhyeon, out of breath and rather exhausted after a long practise run, was returning to her army barracks. Like her close friends from uni, she had volunteered to enter the California People's Army as soon as she had graduated from university. Eriko had joined the Naval Preparatory Academy, while Maria had decided to undergo training in nursing school. And Alexandria- denouncing all forms of mechanised warfare as "revisionist" - had ended up alongside Suhyeon in the Shock Infantry Training School. She had placed relatively well on the officer competency exam- though her score on the political section was rather poor- allowing her to receive special officer training as Deputy Lieutenant, and was now only a few weeks away from graduation and final placement.

She was ready to re-enter her barracks and wash up for the morning when someone standing in front of the door caught her eye.

It was the most beautiful girl - catgirl?- Suhyeon had ever seen in her life. She was wearing a lovely looking fall coat on top of her Feyrisshire Ground Militia uniform, and her hair blew gently in the breeze yet remained relatively neat, something which made her quite envious. As Suhyeon moved closer, Suhyeon saw a fierce look in the girl's eyes filled with determination as well as the stripes on her uniform denoting she was in fact her division's political officer.

Suhyeon reactively straightened her body, moving her arm into a quick salute. "Comrade Political Officer!"

"There's no need to be so formal, Comrade Deputy Lieutenant Park" she said, motioning for her to relax. "As you prepare to exit the formal training, you and your fellow soldiers will be under my command." The political officer took some steps forward towards Suhyeon, and now Suhyeon could read her nametag: Political Officer Lily Mariya.

"Good to meet you, Comrade Mariya" Suhyeon said courteously, to which the girl only nodded.

"Oh, one more thing," she added, speaking curtly. "Although by all appearances I might seem female and I am called such in Feyrisshire society, I'm actually what your people might call a male."

"Wait one second!" Hyeja's surprised voice called out, and her mother paused for a moment, her fingers still on pointing to that picture in the photo album.

"Hmm?" Suhyeon turned towards her daughter, whose face was as shocked as one would be. "Is there something wrong, Hyeja?"

"That's hardly the problem. You see, well..." Hyeja took a moment to collect her questions, and asked the first one which came to her mind: "You said my father's name was Lily, which is strange enough...but is that a picture of my father?"

Suhyeon nodded somewhat nostalgically. "Yes, that was- or rather, is- your father. Political Officer of the Feyrisshire Volunteer Army's Second Division Lily Mariya, the one and only."

"My father...looks like a girl." Hyeja said, seemingly defeated.

"Only sometimes" Suhyeon laughed before replying. "He definitely didn't look like one when his clothes were off," she added, and Hyeja's cheeks turned red as fall maple leaves in Kyoto while she looked away in embarrassment.

"Anyways, if your question has been answered... shall we continue?"

Hyeja nodded, her face still feeling warmer than before. And Suhyeon continued telling her daughter her tale of how her love for Lily had grown in flames of conflict and struggles of revolutionary battle.

2034, October 16th
California, Los Angeles City, Navy Commune, Naval Preparatory Academy

30 kilometres away from Suhyeon, Eriko was also anxious, though her heart was pumping not from love but from hope. For over a year now she had been in Naval Preparatory Academy, learning about theoretical and practical curriculum ranging from targeting enemy anti-shipping missiles to preparing the perfect naval curry (beef, potatoes, and onions stewed in medium-hot honey curry over rice), and last week she had taken her final graduation exams. Her score would determine her placement on one of the Californian Navy's ships, and she was confident she had done well. Now, standing in front of the announcement board where everyone's ship assignment would be posted, her heart started racing as she went over her answers once more:

Questions 1 through 10 were easy, questions 11 and 12 were somewhat difficult but it should have been hard for everyone, question 13 wasn't too bad, question 14 was....

A resounding cheer in the crowd meant the scores were finally being posted. Jostling with the crowded masses all trying to move closer to the board, Eriko scanned the screen for any signs of her name.

It would be really nice if I could serve onboard Paris or Moscow, the refurbished battleships. No...doesn't seem I'm assigned to those. How about any of the aircraft carriers or cruisers? My name isn't under California, or Los Angeles....nor am I under Victorious or Triumphant.

Her heart fell as she finally spotted the words "First Officer: Eriko Kunimitsu" near the bottom under the "Destroyer: CPAN-75 Paektu."

No...this can't be. It must be a mistake. I'm sure I did better than that on the be assigned to only a lowly destroyer?

But sure enough, the name was still there even after she looked away. She wanted to curse herself, or the Academy, or someone, or anything for this fate she didn't deserve.

I was born to serve as captain of a battleship- or at least a cruiser!- not whatever this is...At least this day can't get any worse, I suppose.

Eriko sighed deeply as a defeated expression manifested itself on her face. As it seemed her disbelief and disappointment was about to get the better of her, she suddenly felt a soft touch on her shoulder. Turning around to see the stranger's identity, she came face to face with a strange-looking girl with cat ears wearing a "I love Feyrisshire" t-shirt and a weird looking ushanka.

"You're First Officer Eriko Kunimitsu of the Paektu, right? I'm your Captain, I'm a girl from Feyrisshire! Please to meet you~ ❤ We're going to get along really well, yes! "

Eriko, you really, really need to stop jinxing yourself.
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2034, September 27th
Somewhere in Feyrisshire


A bunch of catgirls and other normal girls (normal in the sense that they do not don catgirl ears and catgirl tails, but still look like anime girls) can be found standing in a nondescript beachhead in the rural countryside of Feyrisshire.

The coastline here seems untraversed, with the line between the land and the seashore growing with grass, the crystal clear waters below full of seaweed, and the coast dotted with long towering pine trees, rocks scattered ashore and shrubs of varying types and sizes. The place is bereft of civilization, with no development made either for tourism or general civilian purposes.

However, it is not bereft of civilization at least today, for it is bustling with activity. "Activity" in the sense of girls throwing out rocks and making a clearing, and carrying random crates and wooden tables in the middle of nowhere.

"Heeve ho heeve ho!" the catgirls said while carrying a crate.

The activity was already suspicious and people from the Feyris Militia and the Feyris Rural Staff need to investigate. If it is a smuggling operation, they at least need to pay a bribe to the catgirl.

The Militia officers then saw the full extent of the tomfoolery. In the middle there was a girl with long flowing hair with red ribbon carrying the national flag of Feyrisshire, and lots of catgirl soldiers donning camouflage suits saluted the flag. "Hansa nante!" they said! Lots of catgirls are carrying crates full of various firearms and weapons, such as AK-47s, Makarov pistols, ammunition.

"Good morning girl! It's a nice day today, and the warm searing sun today feels like summer!" the officer saluted a girl who is wearing a casual jacket and green ponytail hair. "You do have a lot of equipment here and you seem to had a hold in a lot of surplus weaponry and ammo but these weapons look old. We were not informed of this "logistical" operation, and of course the need to pay "logistical fees" ".

The girl in green ponytail simply went into absurd silence. It seems that making up rationales and justifications is not her forte.

Then suddenly a black 4x4 wheeler arrived on the scene, and along with it came a tall girl wearing a white headband and has a long black hime cut hairstyle.

"Risa-chan, how long have you been!" greets the Feyris Militia officer.

"Hi, Anera!" she answers. Anera then doubles up "What's up! What's you doing here?". "I might ask you instead what's you also doing here?" says Risa.

"We came to investigate a smuggling operation" said Anera. "That's right, this smuggling operation is actually under government approval and is an official operation. The weapons to be given here are to be consigned to random nondescript seaports, and to be given as foreign aid overseas. We are going to port them from random places to stray off the paper trail."

Anera the Feyris miltia officer was befuddled by the official explanation, but seeing that Risa is "in-the-know" from the Council of Foreign Relations she can't decide whether the explanation was satisfactory or not.

Risa then explained to Irina the official walkthrough "This is not under government sanction! This is not an official government operation! We had to do this because we have to contend with the anarchist catgirls!"

Irina, confused asks "The anarchist catgirls!"

Risa then explains the full story and a flashback plays on her mind and lets Risa do the explanation.

"It didn't took a while before news of the government contacts with Socialist California spread like wildfire among leftist groups in Feyrisshire. Before you know it, everyone knew it through news reports, media and other accounts.

One girl read about it on some paper. The other girl heard about it on the news. The other heard about word of mouth.


Of course the anarchist catgirls would also hear it, among with other adventurist leftist groups such as Maoists. These are the girls who are the first to know and get involved among leftist adventurist pursuits, such as for example the Rojava, even if the Feyris Communist Party had already condemned it as revisionist and not socialist, these are the people who sent volunteers. They are present in Hezbollah, they are present in CPP-NDF in Philippines and Naxalites, they are present in Palestine, they are present among the Zapatistas. Anywhere."

"Now of course a bunch of leftist adventurist groups got a hold of the news in the leftist revolution in Socialist California. And now they clamored to the Communist Party that they want to send "volunteers" and military aid. Don't get wrong about it, the Communist Party would eventually give aid later on, but these groups are just the first to meddle in the quagmire. The Communist Party appreciates it though cause' they can use them it as a tool, but often times they just get messy and don't often get the job done."

Irina seemed to have understood all of that, and she asked "And these girls carrying crates of guns are one of those groups?".

Risa said "No, they're not, they're gravure models for JAV" sarcastically kidding. Going back to the serious topic, she says "Anyway our job for now is to use this group and let them give limited military aid to Cali' or whatever they call Cali' until the Communist Party gets its things done and gives more real aid at least that it can muster. These groups want to volunteer and give military equipment, but we should at least limit them to not let stuff too messy. Also, we at least need plausible deniability so that things don't get obvious."

Irina pointed out to Risa "Look, now more Feyris Militia officers have come and are stopping the weapons operation!". "Haha, let them and let's see who would win" Risa answered.

The catgirls have just finished carrying off the crates of firearms and assorted weaponry to the boats, or at least whatever ramshackle or makeshift water transports they can carry off.

4wD vehicles owned by the Feyris Rural Staff arrived on the beach and said to the "adventurist" catgirls "Stop the smuggling operation now, this is an unauthorized smuggling operation. This is an illegal operation". The Feyris Militia girls then brandished their handguns and morning stars to the catgirls, some carrying handguns, some carrying morning stars. The catgirls then all ran to their boats carrying off the other crates. In her haste, one slipped off, one fell at the table, while one slipped while running in shallow waters and had her face get wet deep in the seabed, the shallow part at least.

One Feyris Militia girl got closer and closer to a catgirl and she pointed her handgun closer and closer to the catgirl's face. Tension builds up.

BGM: Action music

The catgirl made a move and grabbed her pistol using her two hands. The Militia girl looked tense and gave up her guard. She grabbed her arm at her wrist, twisted her arm and disarmed her handgun. She then hit her in her thigh with a strong kick! But the girl seems not much affected by this and seems to have felt little pain and she was unnerved!

The Militia girl then grabbed her tail with a strong grip to try to tie her up in one place! But this was not enough to tie her up and she escaped her grip and ran to a nearby area with many trees.

They then both chased each other and both ran fast. The catgirl ran fast and her heart began to beat fast and she began to pant. The Militia girl caught up with her quickly when she stood in one place and was there again near with her just after two minutes. The Militia girl once again approached the catgirl.

The catgirl tried to punch the Militia girl with a quick and a strong hit, but it failed to land and the Militia girl just as vigorously blocked it with her right hand!

The Militia girl tried to kick the catgirl's butt, but she evaded it quickly in a split second! The Militia girl then tried to hit her tail with a night baton stick, but the catgirl grasped her tail to direct it away to evade the stick's blows!

The catgirl then immediately attempted to strike an uppercut on the Militia girl, but she was able to evade it either in a quick action!

The catgirl stopped fighting with her and ran away and tried to get far from the Militia girl as much as she could. She run, jumped and leaped on the nearby sea on the front of them. While hastily swimming she saw a white run-down big boat that looks more like a poor man's fishing yacht than anything, and she swam fast towards its direction.

*BGM music ends*

The crew of the big boat seems to have spotted her also and the Militia girl onlooking on the distance, and changed its direction to steer and catch up with the tired swimming catgirl.

The exhausted and swimming catgirl then was able to reach the big boat on account of it changing its direction to meet here. She then boarded it and arms up deck helped her to board up to the vessel, due to her being tired so much from all that running and a folly fight. On the boat is a strange-looking girl with cat girl ears wearing a "I love Feyrisshire t-shirt" and a weird looking ushanka. She said "What did you bother doing that for?".

2034, October 15th
Los Angeles City, California

In a nondescript small and dimly light night club in California that seems poorly visited and run by a sole proprietor, few people are dancing tonight and getting drinks it seem. Nightclub music that blurs too much to the background and the night ambience can be heard, perhaps it is the hit song "Say So" by the artist Doja Cat, perhaps not. Whatever the exact song or music played, and while basking in the relaxing ambience of the moment - the whole scene was disturbed by the entree of a bunch of goofy catgirls carrying wooden crates and boxes. The appearance of the group does not certainly belong in with much of the atmosphere and the people who frequent this place too much.

Henry Parker was there, and he was surprised to see a strange-looking girl with cat ears wearing a "I love Feyrisshire" t-shirt and a weird looking ushanka. Behind her are a lot of girls carrying wooden boxes and crates which seem too heavy for the girls to carry. One of the girls' faces for example, obviously shows a certain expression which points to a difficulty and too much a burden from all the weight she has to bear, which asks questions what exactly is it they are carrying that has too much weight.

The question is answered when the wooden cover of the crates and the boxes are opened up, and from all of the boxes shined a wide array of firearms and weaponry, even if old and well-used, but certainly well-used enough to show much practicality and utility on them. The firearms are of a dazzling variety - assault rifles such as timeless Russian AK-47s, AK-101s, AN-94s, AK-107s, antiquated pistols such as Makarov handguns and curiously, weaponry manufactured in the US and the West as well such as AR-15s, M4 Carbines, Glock 9 pistols, Beretta shotguns and handguns and Heckler and Koch assault rifles. Thrown in in the mix are assorted ammunition and magazines of all kinds, grenades thrown in on boxes as if they are fruits of pineapple and the occasional RPGs, the only pieces of weaponry that seems to stand out and not belong in the mix.

The strange-looking girl with cat ears wearing an "I love Feyrisshire" t-shirt plus an ushanka then looked directly on the eyes of the black man who looked like the actor Will Smith, one of the people who was watching and participating in this strange event and was also already looking at them earlier on. She said to him to at least distribute all the weaponry to "all the people that they know".
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Postby Sengoku Americas » Tue May 04, 2021 11:13 pm

2034, October 24th
California, Los Angeles City, Navy Commune, CPAN Paektu

While the smuggling operation being overseen by the Feyris militia officer was being undertaken complete with tomfoolery, playing around, and enough comic relief to fill a B-tier Hollywood film (well, before Hollywood studios was replaced with a corn farm), a slightly more serious exchange was going on onboard the California People's Army Navy destroyer Paektu. Deputy Captain Erika Kunimitsu was sitting in her chair on the command bridge, staring intently with a laserlike gaze at her superior, the captain from Feyrisshire who was yet to give her name. Not only had she arrived late yesterday because she had been 'delivering weapons', but now she was contently eating a mint parfait in contrary to all regulations.

Of course, serious is relative, and what is serious for one person may certainly be humorous for another. It must have been the latter for the catgirl captain, who was seemingly without a care in the world as she lifted one leg into the air and leaned back on her chair.

"Aren't you going to help me with these navigation maps, captain?" Deputy Captain Kunimitsu asked, making sure to purposefully inflect the word captain in a slightly cold manner. If I-love-Feyrisshire-tshirt captain noticed Erika's disrespect, she didn't show any signs of it. Instead she placed another spoonful of parfait into her mouth, and then another. The awkward silence punctuated only by the soft clinking of silverware on glass cup persisted all the way until the catgirl finished eating the parfait.

And then, instead of answering Erika's question, Captain Catgirl left the bridge without explaining where and why she was departing from her post.

"Hey captain, don't just leave like that!"

She paid Erika's request no heed, leaving her alone on the bridge with her emotions stewing.

But Feyrisshire officers are known for doing whatever they want to do. Just like she had a few days earlier.

2034, October 15th
California, Los Angeles City, Santa Monica

There appeared to be a large mountain moving far off in the middle of the Pacific.

The crowd at Santa Monica was used to seeing strange people and sights. After all, Santa Monica beach was a vacation destination where crazy tourists - the smoking strange substances kind, the selfie stick and stop for pictures every two minutes kind, and even the neoliberal kind- came from all over the world. But they certainly had to rub their eyes a few times to make sense of the scene before them.

As the mountain came closer, they could see it was not actually a mountain but rather a cargo ship coming directly towards them. It was piled up high with containers and sat low in the waterline, and had the words "Forever Midori" painted upon the sides, which grew larger and larger with no signs of stopping.

By the time Forever Midori was about a kilometre from striking, beachgoers finally began to scatter in all directions, running away from this clearly rampant ship. A man selling beach chairs was the last to evacuate, scampering away just before Forever Midori's bow slammed into the sand, firmly securing itself in place.

"We've arrived" said a Feyrisshire catgirl wearing cat ears and ushanka and also an "I love Feyrisshire" t-shirt.

"I still don't think hijacking a Taipei flagged ship was the best idea," another catgirl told the first. "What if they decide to persecute us?"

"Come on, the people there believe Kuomintang propaganda and watch CNN of all things, so they're almost as stupid as the Americans. If anything they're not going to realise their ship is gone for another twenty years."

"Fair point."

And with that, the catgirls started unloading their cargo of illicit weapons before an understandably shocked Santa Monica crowd, who looked on speechless as crate after crate of goods were sent down from the Forever Midori.

One of them, of course, was an understandably befuddled Henry Parker. That wouldn't be the last time he saw the Feyrisshire catgirl wearing her patriotic tourist t-shirt, of course.

2034, October 15th
California, Los Angeles City, Santa Monica

The air was thick with a combination of unpleasantries: sweat, cigarette smoke, and cheap liquor.

Very soon, it was filled with surprise as well. Henry saw the same catgirl from earlier, who was still wearing the "I love Feyrisshire" t-shirt and same ushanka as earlier even though she had been soaked from detachable ears to tail after leaping down from the cargo ship.

Do people from Feyrisshire ever change their clothes? This was the philosophical question which popped up in Henry's mind. But he didn't have time to dwell further, as the girl walked up to him, leading her compatriots who were shouting heave-ho under great burden as they carried forward the boxes almost larger than themselves.

"Ano-ne!" T-shirt girl grabbed his attention and dramatically opened up the cover on one box, showing the treasure trove of weapons inside. Pistols, SMG, machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, rounds and rounds of ammunition coiled about like big pythons, and even some RPGs were inside.

"This one was used to shoot down an American helicopter in Korea eighty years ago", t-shirt girl gestured towards one RPG with the words "Death to America" written in crimson font, her hands on her hips as she smiled brightly. "Pretty based, right?"

"Based on what?"

"The immortal science of Marxist-Leninism, of course!" t-shirt catgirl replied, and Henry rolled his eyes but they shared a laugh together.

"Want a smoke?" Henry asked, offering her a cheap menthol.

"I'm good. I like having healthy pancreas."

With that she turned tail and left with her friends the way she came, leaving only one word for Henry: "Distribute these weapons well, will you?"

She didn't give any time to respond before she headed towards her next assignment onboard the CPAN Paektu.

2034, October 26th
Somewhere in former Nevada

Smoke filled the air as a small convoy of missile carrying trucks painted with the American flag advanced along what was left of the former expressway here. Back then, this place had been just another part of the seemingly endless dystopian nightmare known as pre-war American suburbia. Now, there was nothing left of those rows and rows of ticky-tacky little boxes housing save for ashes and wooden cinders. The roads, too, were completely destroyed, having been melted before during the first North American Conflict that had left millions dead.

The commander of the convoy, dressed in her American army uniform, looked at the post apocalyptic like landscape and wondered if this land of nothingness was an improvement. She pondered for just a moment as she remembered those news reports from Faux News: missiles being fired here and there as the government desperately tried to grasp itself back to controlling the United States. It had done so successfully for the most part, even though California and Washington had become independent and much of the central and southern US uninhabitable.

And now, she had been given commands by the American government to start yet another war, and she shuddered at the thought of it.

Another war, another conflict, another hundred battles. How many times are you going to keep following orders from the American fascists like this, Kim Sihyeon? How many times have your actions caused bloodshed and sadness, how many children have you made orphans and families mourn their daughters and sons?

"Major Sihyeon, we have reached the launch site. Our preparation will take ten minutes, and then we'll launch on your command." Still deep in her own thoughts, Sihyeon could hardly make out what her second in command was saying, but she nodded nonetheless.

As Sihyeon continued her deliberations, the convoy halted in place and each truck began to erect their missiles, pointing them ever skywards. And as the missiles drew closer and closer to the launching position, Sihyeon felt her heart beat faster and faster.

Is what I'm doing really right? I know that we must pacify the Californians for the good of the United States so we may restore world peace, but should I really be justifying the slaughter of innocents?

"Major Sihyeon." The voice of her second command sounded once more as they returned to the command cabin, offering a brief salute before informing her on the ongoings. "The launch preparations are complete. All twenty missiles may be fired when you give the order, Major."

"Lieutenant, do you really think what we're doing is right? I wonder sometimes if we ought to be targeting innocent people, even if our cause is good."

The lieutenant paused, for they had never heard Major Sihyeon hesitate before, and especially not as such an important moment. Finally, they spoke.

"Major Sihyeon, if you don't do it someone else will."

"That's never an excuse to do something. I'm sure that if I refuse, they will reevaluate the situation and maybe..." Sihyeon knew she was grasping at straws, but continued speaking nonetheless, even as lieutenant laughed at her.

"California and its people are designated as foreign agents with terroristic intents against the government of the United States of America. Our bastard politicians haven't hesitated to massacre their own civilians. What makes you think they'll spare people they see as foreigners?"

Sihyeon sighed in defeat before nodding, her body having accepted the lamentable truth before having made up her mind.

"Very well. Together, then."

Saying so, she drew a silver coloured key- one of two- from her chest pocket, and slid it into the control panel, where it fit perfectly without so much as a sound. Next to her, lieutenant did the same.


Major Sihyeon shivered from a strange energy coursing through her veins- was it regret? fear? or something else entirely?- as she and lieutenant simultaneously turned the keys and pressed the launch button before them. There was no turning back now, and all they could do was watch as fire erupted from the missiles and engulfed the desert with dust and flames.

When the roaring sound had faded away and the window was clear again, Sihyeon aimed her gaze skywards but the missiles were already receding quickly out of sight. A few flashes were still visible for some seconds, but that was all before they disappeared into the cloudtops. Even their smoke trails had already been dissipated by the wind, as if nature itself wanted her to forget what had happened.

But Sihyeon knew what she had done, and in her sorrow collapsed on the floor of the command centre, sobbing. All lieutenant could do was stay be her side, occasionally murmuring some words of support. But they do were devastated by their decision.

War never changes. Where conflict comes, death and destruction are sure to follow. Hard earned glory is replaced by sorrow. Legacies are tainted with bloodshed.

2034, October 26th
California, Los Angeles City, University Commune

The opening notes of the Internationale played over the university loudspeakers, grabbing Suhyeon's attention as she stopped midway on her path to the local Starbucks.

"Attention! This is Voice of California. The provisional government of the United Communes of California has an important announcement to citizens. Today, the 26th of October, the imperialistic United States government, without declaration of war nor provocation of any kind, attacked our nation's civilians. The cities of San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and San Diego were targeted with missile bombardment. A declaration of war is expected to follow soon. Citizens of California, let us defend our homeland against the American invaders!"

She had barely processed the information- I hate the Americans so much, why do they have to ruin my weekend again- before a bright flash appeared far off in the horizon.

The first bomb had struck, and war had begun.
Five nations, one continent.
"Let everyone put forth their full effort for the reconstruction of our wonderful garden!"

Empress Park and Premier Kato's new collaboration album: Journey of Melody
Song in Praise of Feyrisshire Princess Reishi Yuri
The author does not in any way condone war crimes including carpet bombing, chemical warfare, biological attacks, and nuclear strikes
May the light of peace prevail always
大蛙都줄기 내려 아름다운 내 나라
公主님 높이 모신 歓呼声 울려 가네
先祖의 大業 継承者 民族의 領導者
万歳! 万歳! 레이시유리公主


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