[R] Trolling/genocide apologism in the Egypt thread

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[R] Trolling/genocide apologism in the Egypt thread

Postby Caribbean Confederation » Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:23 am


Sannyamathland wrote:You are an American,if I am not wrong.Well...I support the 2nd reason,and no matter in what bullshit way CNN or BBC has presented this thing to you,I whole heartedly support this 'genocide'(another term invented by the Western media outlets,it is probably fake news too,but since no matter what I say,Americans will not agree with me,I am 'assuming' that there a genocide is indeed happening in that place.) because it is FUCKING effective and necessary.Do not forget,that an incident like 9/11 occured in the US and not in China.Infact,not a SINGLE incident of religious violence has occured in China during after the CCP took power.Is it harsh,yes definetely....but is it neccesary,yes quiet it effective,hell yes....Religion should never...ever be allowed to mix with the State,and if it requires brutality to ensure this,then let there is no harm in being brutual.
And American government is no not forget....

Is this allowed?
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