Governmental Reforms

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Governmental Reforms

Postby Great Britain and Israel » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:00 am

Governmental Reforms

I, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Israel, do reform the government of the United Kingdom.
From now on we will be split into three sectors.

- North Sector - Containing Scotland and the North of England, will be controlled by the merger of their governments.
- South Sector - Containing the south of England and Wales, will be controlled by the merger of their governments.
- Israeli Sector - Containing the country of Israel. Will continue to be controlled by their government with a military base on standby.

We have committed these reforms to ensure the stability and to keep the system as simple and stable as possible.
Also, coming soon are military reforms as well to look out for.
We hope that these will work out well, and you can find out more information in our nation's factbook.

John Price, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Israel.
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