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EASY DRIVER SIGN UPS: fill in the following information in a post. All drivers will be free agents at the start of the season until signed by a team.
Driver Name:
Driver Nation:
Preferred Car Number (0, or 3-99):
Reliability (Between 2 and 5):
Aggression (Between 2 and 5):
Technique (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

SIGNUP THREAD for drivers, teams, circuits, and engine & tyre manufacturers

Welcome to season 4 of World Grand Prix Two, the second-tier championship below the World Grand Prix Championship, currently in the two-week opening signup phase. (Signups for drivers remain open through the season.)

Signups are open for drivers, teams (semi-open), circuits, engine manufacturers, and tyre suppliers. Team signups will be evaluated and teams will be offered entry based on various factors, including number of driver signups, number of team signups, and NS Sports RP history.

To sign up for the coming season, read the information below and fill in one of the signup forms. Everything you need to know is written below. Don't worry if you find anything confusing or unintuitive. You can ask us a question in the discussion thread if you need help.
Every user may sign up a maximum of FOUR drivers – no more than TWO per nation. Every driver starts off as a free agent, meaning they are not affiliated to any team. Drivers sign up to teams via roleplay in the RP thread, which will be created soon.

The more RPing you do with your driver, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the faster your driver is likely to be on the circuit, the safer they are likely to be on the circuit, and the more likely a team is to sign them.

To sign up a driver, fill in the following form:
Driver Name:
Name Trigram:
Nationality Trigram:
Preferred Car Number:
Second Choice Car Number:
Reliability (Between 2 and 5):
Aggression (Between 2 and 5):
Technique (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio:
Drivers do not need to be human, but should be humanoid or otherwise capable of driving a race car.
DRIVER NAME is the full name of the driver.
NAME TRIGRAM is the trigram that usually represents the driver's surname. A trigram is a set of three letters that represent a larger word. For example, a driver named Alexander Lund's trigram could be 'LUN' or 'LND', but probably not 'ALU' or 'ALN' because both of those examples use a letter from the driver's first name. It's the surname which is important. We’ll only allow you to use a letter from the driver’s first name if there are two drivers with the same surname, or if a driver typically goes by three names.
NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for your nation. It should be three letters. This is NOT the trigram for the driver's name.
PREFERRED CAR NUMBER is your driver's preferred car number. This can be any number between 3 and 99, as well as 0. 1 and 2 are reserved for the current WGP2 team champion, if they choose to use those numbers.
SECOND CHOICE CAR NUMBER is your second choice for your driver’s car number. In the event that two drivers choose the same number, the season host will assign car numbers.
RELIABILITY, AGGRESSION and TECHNIQUE: Aggressive drivers are better at overtaking, while technical drivers are better at traversing the multiverse's more difficult circuits. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 2 and 5 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of twelve.
BIO is a short biography of your driver. His/her/its age, experience, hopes and aspirations, driving style, favourite sandwich, things like that.

Driver signups (44 – updated 13 March)
Driver name			---	Nation			---	### (or ###)	R.RR	A.AA	T.TT
Adriana Kowalski Ela Lillian KOW Valentine Z VEZ #40 (or #76) 4.6 2.4 5.0
Batu Tüvshinbayar TUV TJUN-ia TJU # 7 (or # 9) 3.0 5.0 4.0
Elise Shaw SHW Krainin TKI #15 (or #16) 3.0 4.0 5.0
Joy Wingelaar WIN The Licentian Isles TLI #31 (or #32) 4.0 3.0 5.0
Aðalvíkingur Barðason BAR Triren TRI #54 (or #45) 4.3 3.0 4.7
Rod Gozum GOZ Filindostan FID #44 (or #46) 3.9 4.3 3.8
Ted Pressley PRE Tumbra TMB #88 (or #58) 4.8 3.2 4.0
Anola Melani MEL Chromatika CMT #11 (or #19) 4.25 3.5 4.25
Janne Laukkanen LAU Aboveland ABL #17 (or #19) 3.1 4.9 4.0
Ginny Trinket TRI Pluvie PLV #18 (or #19) 4.0 5.0 3.0
Athan Lille LIL Lisander LIS # 4 (or #44) 3.0 4.5 4.5
Anneliese Devereux DEV Lisander LIS # 7 (or #12) 3.5 3.5 5.0
Haru Jukkenna JKN Auruna AUR #18 (or #47) 5.0 4.0 3.0
Laura Haukanna HAU Auruna AUR #37 (or #39) 3.5 4.0 4.5
Astigar Armendaritze AMD Hispinas HSP #70 (or #78) 2.5 5.0 4.5
Harry Zoomtwat ZOO Featherstonehaugh FEC #66 (or #77) 2.0 5.0 5.0
Katie Edwards EDW Hannasea HAN #81 (or #97) 5.0 2.0 5.0
Alex Márquez MAR Montana Verde MVE #92 (or #19) 5.0 5.0 2.0
Lukas Fichter FIC Schutzenphalia and SWR #79 (or #64) 4.0 4.0 4.0
West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
Heinz-Otto Junker JUN Siovanija & Teusland STL #15 (or #45) 3.5 4.5 4.0
Wayne Kerr KER BohemiaIV BOH #69 (or #21) 4.0 4.0 4.0
Luc Deschamps DES Sommet de Lespor SDL #24 (or #72) 4.0 5.0 3.0
Jerome Mariot MRI Sierra Grand SIG # 6 (or #13) 4.0 2.0 4.0
Ringo Ando II AND Caleon CNE # 9 (or #94) 3.0 4.0 5.0
David Clarke CLA Sword Island SWO #17 (or #20) 2.0 5.0 5.0
Charyseine Valkyria VAL Twicetagria TWI #72 (or #36) 3.0 5.0 4.0
Taras Matviyenko MTV Pridnestrovia PDN #91 (or #21) 5.0 2.5 4.5
Adonis Fitzpatrick FIT Abanhfleft AFT #72 (or #90) 4.0 4.25 3.75
Jean-Jacques Villardier BIL Oberour Ar Moro OAM # 3 3.0 4.0 5.0
Sakinomi Rikikida RIK Kyoki Chudoku KYC # 4 (or #23) 3.0 5.0 4.0
Hoshikari Yume YUM Kyoki Chudoku KYC #69 (or #26) 3.0 4.0 5.0
Indra Vartak VAR Pratapgadh PRT #35 (or #12) 3.75 4.25 4.0
Ricardo Schmidt SCH Huayramarca HUA #26 (or #22) 4.0 3.0 5.0
Sakiteno Kuyara KUY Hodori HDR # 3 (or #19) 2.0 5.0 5.0
Chiruno Hakusoe HKS Hodori HDR #21 (or #66) 3.45 4.14 4.41
Ryan Schumacher RSC Smosh Games SMG # 7 (or #91) 2.0 5.0 5.0
Romain Constantine CON Smosh Games SMG #55 4.0 4.0 4.0
Nicole Semi SMI Emunickle Society ENS #66 (or #71) 4.0 5.0 2.0
Adeline Darlington-Whit ADW Laka Strolistandiler LST #12 (or #21) 4.0 3.0 5.0
Rick Addison ADD Xanneria XAN #59 4.0 5.0 3.0
Kole Sanderia SAN Poafmersia PFA #80 (or #54) 5.0 3.0 4.0
Jama'obo Pegasii PEG Vilita & Turori V&T #37 (or #87) 3.5 4.5 4.0
Skiia Vialiv VIA Vilita & Turori V&T #14 (or #41) 2.75 4.75 4.5
Pedro Carballal CAR Sahuarita SHR #13 (or #16) 3.0 5.0 4.0

Anyone is welcome to enter a team, although your team may not make the start line depending on various factors including demand. Your team begins with no drivers attached to it – you have to sign them from the pool of free agent drivers, and you can do so in the RP thread.

The more RPing you do with your team, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the better your team is likely to do on track, and the more likely a driver is to sign with them.

If you're new to WGP racing, don't worry about the fields below that say (optional) if you feel like this is too much information for you.

To sign up a team, fill in the following form:
Team Name:
Team Nation:
Nationality Trigram:
Team colour (in hex code):
Reliability (Between 4 and 5):
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5):
Turning (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Engine manufacturer (optional):
Tyre supplier (optional):
Team bio:

TEAM NAME is the full name of the team.
TEAM NATION is the nation the team is registered in. This may be more than one nation; if so, both nations should confirm this.
NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for the nation. It should be three letters.
TEAM COLOUR is the primary colour of the team, or its cars, in a six-figure alphanumerical hex code.
RELIABILITY/ACCELRATION/TURNING: These numbers define how good your team’s car is at certain things. The higher its Reliability, the better it is at not falling apart on track – sometimes literally – and the easier it is to drive; the higher its Acceleration, the better it is at getting up to high speeds quickly, making it more capable out of tight corners and on long straights and high-speed corners; the higher its Turning, the better it is at maintaining speed and stability while changing direction, making it better at moving through low- and mid-speed corners. For the purposes of this WGP2 season, all teams' reliability stat must be between 4 and 5, inclusive.
ENGINE MANUFACTURER (optional): If your team has an established presence on the WGPC circuit, or has a well-developed partnership back-story with an engine manufacturer, it may opt not to use the WGP2's spec engine in its chassis. Details on that should go here, including the name of the engine manufacturer (and of the engine itself, if different).
TYRE SUPPLIER (optional): If your team has an established presence on the WGPC circuit, or has a well-developed partnership back-story with a tyre supplier, it may opt not to use the WGP2's spec tyres on its cars. Details on that should go here, including the name of the tyre supplier.
TEAM BIO is a short biography of the team's history.

Team signups (22 – updated 11 March; end of signups)
Team name				Nation			---	Hex code	R.RR	A.AA	T.TT	Engine		Tyre
Equipo Telebuenas-BA Filindostan FID #0f197f 4.0 4.2 3.8 Badai Angin Spec
Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis Nykipiflugpuu NYK #ff0000 4.0 3.2 4.8 Spec Spec
Bitten Heroes Academy-MW Racing Lisander LIS #0f1f2f 4.0 5.0 3.0 Harlean Stellenbosch
VSK-Maarukanna Racing Auruna AUR #1065d4 4.0 3.5 4.5 VSK-Rotary Spec

Scuderia Orange Cow C'wealth of Baker Park CBP #ff8000 4.2 3.8 3.9 Spec Spec
Erkuns-Hohnschich-Furzeine-Motospiel Schutzenphalia and SWR #002366 5.0 3.5 3.5 Spec Spec
West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
Teussische Motoren Werke Siovanija & Teusland STL #eadd66 4.0 4.0 4.0 TMW Spec
Bada Bazprom Racing BohemiaIV BOH #004225 4.0 4.0 4.0 Spec Spec
Grand Prix Sport Chanceux Sommet de Lespoir SDL #ffe0e5 4.5 5.0 2.5 Spec Spec
Caleonian Auto Racing Motorsports Caleon CNE #11add5 5.0 5.0 2.0 Greater Cooper Rottweiler
Stevens Motorsports GP2 Sword Island SWO #b00f00 5.0 3.0 4.0 Stevens Spec
Adelphia Racing Twicetagria TWI #ccccff 5.0 3.5 3.5 Spec Spec
Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division Pridnestrovia PDN #008000 5.0 3.75 4.25 UrGa Spec
Pryfors Bilar-Viska/Air Kalactin Diarcesia DCS #e68523 4.1 3.6 4.3 Spec Phoenician Tires
Nexus Racing Former Citizens of NIM #c5deeb 4.0 5.0 3.0 Nexus Racing In Motion
the Nimbus System
Fireline Motorsports Ethane ETN #ffa447 4.7 3.4 3.9 Spec Spec

PrismRiver Racing Hodori HDR #ff007f 4.25 3.85 3.90 Spec Spec
Kaylan Racing Team Togonistan TGN #00ff22 4.0 5.0 3.0 Kaylan Spec
Krushing Golden Banana Smosh Games SMG #000000 4.0 3.0 5.0 Spec Spec
MontagneF1 Sierra Grand SIG #f0aa13 4.0 4.0 4.0 Spec Spec
National Armament Corporation Racing Laka Strolistandiler LST not specified 4.0 3.0 5.0 Spec Spec
Cunningham Grand Prix Xanneria XAN #ff0000 4.0 5.0 3.0 Spec Spec

The indication of non-spec engines or tyres above should not be taken to mean approval for their usage, merely that this is how the teams have signed up.
Teams in red are guaranteed one of the final team spots as user has prior team history in WGPC. These teams will be allowed to use non-spec
parts, at the same stats as the series spec parts.

The WGP2 will offer spec engines and tyres to all teams this season, with the same ratings for everyone, in order to cut down on costs for new teams. As such, engine manufacturers and tyre suppliers are invited to tender for the right to be the spec supplier this season.

To sign up an engine manufacturer, fill in the following form:
Engine manufacturer:
Engine name (if different):
Reliability (between -1 and 1):
Actuation (between -1 and 1):
Tare (between -1 and 1):

ENGINE MANUFACTURER is the name of the company that makes the engine.
ENGINE NAME is the name of the engine, if different from the name of the company.
R/A/T should add up to no more than 0.
Only one engine shall be chosen as the spec make; any other manufacturers that do not win the tender may provide for established teams, but may not differ in their stats from the spec engine.

To sign up a tyre supplier, fill in the following form:
Manufacturer Name:
Reliability (Between -1 and 1):
Traction (Between -1 and 1):
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.
MANUFACTURER NAME is the name of the company producing the tyres (e.g. Bridgestone, Michelin, etc).
RELIABILITY and TRACTION determine the characteristics of your tyre, how quickly it may degrade, and how much traction it provides a car. Each attribute must be a number between negative 1 and 1, and the two must add up to a maximum of zero.
Only one tyre supplier shall be chosen as the spec supplier; any other suppliers that do not win the tender may provide for established teams, but may not differ in their stats from the spec tyres.

Spec manufacturer tenders (updated 8 March; end of signups)
Engine manufacturer		Engine name		R.RR	A.AA	T.TT
Preston Autos Skychief V6 -0.5 1.00 -0.5
Greater Cooper Engineering 0.00 1.00 -1.0
Stevens Automotive GP2 Turbocharged Hybrid 0.25 -0.5 0.25
Tropicorp Engineering TE-G2.4 0.15 0.05 -0.2
Arada Motorsports VS/E340E -0.25 0.55 -0.3
UrGa 0.8 0.2 -1.0
Kaylan Kaieke 3 -1 0.5 0.5

Tyre manufacturer R.RR T.TT
Brústeinn -0.6 0.60
Rottweiler Tyres 0.00 0.00
Phoenician Tires -0.7 0.70
Tropicorp Racing Supply -0.14 0.14
Deyoze Tyres 0.35 -0.35
Stellenbosch 0.50 -0.50

Each user may sign up a maximum of TWO grand prix circuits, and no more than one per nation (meaning one circuit from your main nation and one from a puppet is fine). If signing up two circuits, the nation entering the second circuit must have previously participated in the WGPC or WGP2 with a driver, team, or circuit.

Signing up a circuit is not a guarantee that it will be used in the upcoming season. Spare circuits may be used for pre-season or in-season testing.

It is customary to provide an image of your circuit (no larger than 900 x 900 pixels, of course). Circuits with no image will not be considered for selection. Ovals and real-life circuits will not be considered for selection. Circuits should be no shorter than 3 km and no longer than 7 km, except where the circuit has previously been used in WGPC or WGP2.

To sign up a circuit, fill in the following form:
Circuit Name:
Race Name:
Track Image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): (min:ss.000)
Track Length (km):
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot):
Chance of rain (1%-20%):
Track aggressiveness (1-10):
Track technicality (1-10):
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult):
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous):
CIRCUIT NAME is the name of the track, e.g. Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, or Spa-Francorchamps. You don't have to use a full name.
RACE NAME is the name of the race, e.g. Grand Prix d'Île Saint-Joseph, WGP2 Race of the Hills, Nimban Deuxième Prix, or any local name
TRACK IMAGE is a link to an image of the track, hosted externally on photobucket or imgur or a similar service. Signups with no track image will be invalid.
LAP RECORD is the fastest lap recorded on the circuit in a WGPC (F1)-spec car. Please note that this lap time should be that set in a top-spec car, not a WGP2 car.
TRACK LENGTH is the length of one lap, in kilometres. Unless previously used for WGPC or WGP2, no circuits under 3 km or over 7 km will be entertained.
QUALIFYING TYPE: There are twochoices. TRADITIONAL: 90 minutes long, cars set up to 10 laps with the quickest lap counting. ONE-SHOT: Each car gets one lap, and no more, to set a time.
CHANCE OF RAIN: Percentage chance of an event being wet. This number should be between 1 and 20. 1 means there will be a 1% chance of a wet race and 1.5% chance of a 'changeable' race. 20% means there will be a 20% chance of a wet race and a 30% chance of a 'changeable' race. Use 5% as an average.
TRACK AGGRESSIVENESS/TECHNICALITY: Aggressive circuits are wide with plenty of opportunities to overtake. The second value is Technical Difficulty. A track with a high TD rating suits more technically skilled drivers, and the circuit may be more difficult to overtake on. The numbers should add up to ten.
OVERTAKING DIFFICULTY is how difficult it is for a driver to overtake another on the circuit. A 5 means overtaking is difficult, a 0.1 means overtaking is easy. 2.5 is about average.
MARGIN FOR ERROR denotes how severely mistakes can be punished. A 0.1 means the track is forgiving - a driver won’t lose too much time if they spin. A 5 means mistakes are punished more severely. 2 is average for a regular circuit. A true street circuit would be more technical.
INFO: Track information/description.

Circuit signups (19 – updated 15 March; end of signups)
Circuit name				Race name					WGPC record	Track length/Laps	Quali	Rain	A.AA	T.TT	OD	Error	Map
m:ss.000 km/ sprint/ feature

Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit Preston Autos Hapiloppian International Trophy 1:28.535 5.57/ 29/ 44 laps Trad 15% 6.00 4.00 1.5 4.0
Yogyakulta International Circuit WGP2 Ras Yogyakulta Puroll 1:32.000 5.94/ 27/ 41 laps Trad 10% 6.20 3.80 2.8 3.1 ... akulta.png
Toralmintii International circuit WGP2 Race at Lintulahti 1:16.004 4.303/ 38/ 56 laps O-S 7% 5.90 4.10 1.2 2.6
Iskohtirinkyy WGP2 Race of the Polestar 1:34.922 3.36/ 48/ 72 laps O-S 20% 5.00 5.00 1.0 5.0
Akresna Circuit WGP2 Race of the Hills 1:40.442 5.792/ 28/ 42 laps Trad 7% 3.00 7.00 3.5 4.0
Circuit de la Boisse WGP2 Grand Tour de Nékoni 1:10.264 4.357/ 37/ 56 laps Trad 4.5% 5.50 4.50 2.2 1.9
Stelburgring WGP2 Preis von Teusland 1:17.043 4.32/ 38/ 56 laps Trad 10% 6.50 3.50 2.3 2.8
Raichovskiy Circuit Raichovian Grand Prix of Twicetagria 1:41.265 6.082/ 27/ 40 laps Trad 2% 4.60 5.40 3.6 2.8
Crossbay Circuit Nimban Deuxième Prix 1:26.018 4.83/ 34/ 50 laps Trad 16% 6.30 3.70 1.2 3.9
Circuito Callejero de Cumbayá Gran Premio de Huayramarca 1:26.005 5.50/ 30/ 44 laps Trad 10% 7.00 3.00 1.0 4.0
Elbej Historic Site Circuit WGP2 Race of the Desert 1:11.880 4.41/ 37/ 55 laps O-S 1% 4.00 6.00 3.0 3.2
Gold Park Circuit WGP2 Neverend Challenge 1:38.411 5.98/ 27/ 41 laps O-S 20% 5.00 4.00 1.0 2.0
Yakumicha Circuit Yakumicha IZAYOI GP2 Challenge 1:26.973 5.257/ 31/ 46 laps Trad 20% 4.00 6.00 2.5 3.0
Hessington Island Grand Prix Course Grand Prix of the Licentian Isles 1:25.670 4.803/ 34/ 50 laps Trad 11.3% 3.50 6.50 2.8 3.8 ... sterra.png
Crystal Mountains Circuit WGP2 Race at Grand Falls 1:36.224 5.773/ 28/ 42 laps Trad 14% 2.00 8.00 4.0 4.0
Drummond Vale Race Circuit WGP2 Grand Prix of Baker Park 1:31.653 5.4/ 30/ 45 laps Trad 4% 3.70 6.30 2.8 1.5
Bearden Waterfront Circuit Middlebrook Grand Prix at Bearden Waterfront 1:38.290 4.35/ 37/ 56 laps Trad 7% 4.00 6.00 2.0 5.0
Alikki-Corra Street Course Streets of Alikki-Corra Grand Prix 1:34.000 4.61/ 35/ 53 laps O-S 14% 2.60 7.40 2.2 3.2
Cocoabo Park Circuit Cocoabo Preservation Grand Prix 1:41.000 6.63/ 25/ 37 laps O-S 17% 4.00 6.00 2.9 1.6 ... restgp.png

8 A-dominant, 1 A=T, 10 T-dominant

SEASON LENGTH: No more than 10 championship race events, up to six test events including non-championship races. Each championship race event will feature at least one qualifying session, one sprint race and one feature race. The intention is for practice and qualifying to always take place on Fridays, races on Saturdays and Sundays. If there are more than 28 drivers entered in the championship, there will be two sprint races of equal size where possible on Saturday from which the top 10 finishers in each will qualify for the feature race on Sunday. If there are 28 or fewer drivers entered in the championship, the feature race will take place on Saturday and the sprint on Sunday with all drivers involved.

QUALIFYING: Only traditional and one-shot qualifying will be offered. The 107% qualifying rule will be in use, with exemptions in case of bad weather. If there are more than 28 drivers, places for the two sprint races will be decided by odd and even qualifying positions. No points for pole position(s).

If two sprint races take place on the Saturday, starting positions for the feature race will be determined by the results of the top 10 sprint finishers in each race from Friday's qualifying.

If the feature race takes place on the Saturday, starting positions for the sprint race will be determined by the finishing order of the feature race, with the top half of the grid reversed.

RACE WEEKEND: At each race "weekend", there will be a practice session, a qualifying session, and at least two race sessions.

Each sprint race will be run to 160 km, and each feature race will be run to 240 km, both rounded up to the fullest complete lap.

CLASSIFICATION: Each driver must have completed 90% of the race winner's completed distance, rounded up to the fullest complete lap, to be classified as a race finisher and to earn points.

POINTS SYSTEM: If there are more than 28 drivers, the sprint races will offer points for all finishers (including classified finishers), with 20 for first place and each place down awarding one fewer point. Feature races will award points for the top 10: 25-18-14-11-8-6-4-3-2-1. One point for the fastest lap in reach race.

If there are 28 or fewer drivers, the feature race will award points for the top 8: 25-18-14-11-8-5-3-1; the sprint race will award points for the top 12: 15-13-11-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. One point for the fastest lap in each race.

The idea of awarding more drivers points in the sprint races is to allow lower-ranked drivers the chance to score points.

CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: Two official championships will be maintained, the WGP2 Drivers Championship and WGP2 Team Championship.

ROLEPLAYING: Roleplays will be capped at 1,250 words or a fair equivalent if audio- or graphic-based. The limit will apply twice each race weekend: max 1,250 words between Sunday race and practice/quali; max 1,250 words between practice/quali and Sunday race, including the Saturday race. RP bonus will be deprecating over time.
Size and shape
WGPC cars must be similar in size and shape to RL formula one cars. The definition of 'formula one car' is a vehicle that competed in RL Formula One any time after 1970.
Maximum length of a car is 5.3m
Maximum width of a car is 2.3m
Maximum height of a car is 1.2m (not including on-board camera)
Minimum weight is a car is 600kg

Electric engines are permitted.
Nuclear-powered engines are not permitted unless it can be proven (in safe conditions) that a catastrophic crash would not result in the circuit being unusable for the next four hundred thousand years.

Air may be used to aspirate engines, but the WGPC reserves the right to ban cars that attempt to use sails to take advantage of windy circuits.

Power may be provided by animals, but only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
They have been extinct for millions of years and have been turned into oil by natural processes.
The animal may not currently be on the WWF's list of endangered species.
The animal must not be harmed or stressed by the ordeal.
The animal must be on the inside of the car.

There must be at least 30 centimetres between the driver's feet and the front of the car.

The design of the car must ensure that, if it were to be put upside-down, the driver's head would not touch the floor. The inclusion of an air intake behind and above the driver, coupled with a strong fin on the bonnet of the car in front of the driver, should be enough to accomplish this. The driver's head must not be the tallest thing in the car (not including wings).

All cars must include a seat-belt. The seat-belt must be able to be easily removed by a driver within two seconds.

All cars must include a removable steering wheel. The driver should be able to remove it manually within two seconds.

Cars may include a "halo"-type safety device.

No part of the car may be wider than the wheelbase.

There must be no sharp objects on the outside of the car. Wings should be at least one centimetre thick.

There is no deadline to sign up your drivers. Engine/tyre spec bids/signups should be in by Monday, 8 March at 20:00 UTC. Team signups should be in by Thursday, 11 March at 20:00 UTC. Circuit signups should be in by Monday, 15 March at 20:00 UTC.

The RP thread will be posted on Thursday, 11 March, after the confirmation of the entered teams. The week-and-a-half of 11–21 March will be the preliminary free agent signing period, with the first pre-season tests from 22–31 March.

The estimated date of the first race weekend is 2–4 April.
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Postby Valentine Z » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:04 pm

Driver Name: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian. Short form: Adriana Kowalski Ela Lillian.
Name Trigram: AKS
Nationality Trigram: VEZ
Driver Nation: Valentine Z / De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z
Preferred Car Number: 40
Second Choice Car Number: 76 / 50 / 20 (in the order of preference).
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.6
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2.4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5.0
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Bio: Having been participated in both WGP2 III and WGPC 18, Adriana aims to bring her usual robotics and Valentian spirit into the world of Grand Prix once again with the future series. However, she also recently learned that Reliability and Techniques can only take one so far, and as a result, hoping that a little bit of an academy and learning would give her the edge she needs. While she saw some success in both WGPC and WGP2, it was only right that she further improve herself and as a result, joining the Academy with a hope that she can learn the ropes and actual techniques of the champions, rather than simply jumping on a car and relying on her data. Currently working as crew chief for NSSCRA 10's #55 Holly Starlight and #76 Jolyn Ceeta. Also recently went to Nexus' Academy to hone her skill, sacrificing a bit of Reliability for Aggression in her new tactics.

A slightly smaller robot that hails from the land of Poland, Adriana is a multi-purpose android that is now assisting and helping Clarissa alongside with her work. She always sees Clarissa as her big sister, while Clarissa herself was very excited to work with the younger and smaller robot. All of this is attributed to Adriana's bubbly and jovial nature, as well as being carefree, full of energy, and being curious. Still, standing at 11 feet, perhaps small is relative, since Clarissa defaults out to 20 feet (though at times, she could go as small as 8 feet, or even smaller).

When Clarissa is still in its infancy, or when there were little to no developments made, Adriana is developed as a clone for Clarissa, with on-board computers and storage devices that were supposed to fit many times of what Clarissa has. Given the lack of advancement of the Valentian technology compared to Clarissa, the Polish company has no choice but to make Adriana bigger in order to fit more data inside of her. As a result, specifications-wise, Adriana is nearly on the same spectrum as Clarissa, except that she is purposed in order to take heavier hits for her size, rather than going on the offensive nature like most of her peers. Adriana also has larger storage drives compared to Clarissa, although using Solid State Drives (SSD) means that Adriana will write and manipulate data slower compared to Clarissa, who operates on a hybrid of neurons and SSDs. Additionally, Adriana is equipped with a second empty slot such that in the event where there is a need for it, Clarissa can transfer herself into Adriana, for situations such as Clarissa's body being badly damaged, or she needing a smaller body in a whim, or whatever else happened along the way. During this state, Adriana will still take over her body, while Clarissa will not have the priority over Adriana’s body at any point in time, while Adriana herself cannot overwrite Clarissa’s directives. Both of these will ensure that neither of them can sabotage each other; though this is very unlikely, it was figured that they would put the failsafe just in case. On additional note, she is fitted with the latest AI system that Valentians can build and buy, and while not as flawless as Clarissa, Adriana accepts it wholeheartedly and Clarissa accepts her in turn, seeing each other as equals. The language processing in her system is still in a primitive state, so while she can speak, read, and write English flawlessly, Polish will be rather difficult for her, resulting in grammatically incorrect sentences akin to that of a machine translation from the Valentian's 1980s / IRL’s 2010s.

This would also make Adriana one of the characters for the Valentians that were built after the Cold War, and by the Valentians in Poland after a few years. As a result, Adriana has not experienced war during her lifetime before, only being told about the horrors of the war through videos, audio tapes, pictures, and text that were fed to her. Still, as preparation for self-defence, her body is made mainly out of reinforced titanium, as well as with carbon nanotubes at some parts. This was on top of regenerative cells on the surface, providing a healing rate that is just a little slower than the normal human on Earth. She is fitted with prism and light-based weapons, as well as solidifiers that are able to turn light into shields. The prism gun that she shoots gains energy from each successful shot, being able to be used as excess light energy and as a result, to manipulate and bend light into solid forms to provide shields for herself and for her allies around her when time is needed.

Portrait of Zastępca Surveillant Adriana. Credit: A webcomic called Sammy.

A more realistic body/depiction of Adriana. Credit: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft.
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Postby Hapilopper » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:21 pm


A spec engine proposal for the WGP2 Championship

Last season, Preston Autos entered into the world of Grand Prix racing with its stock block Skychief V6 and showed the world that you don’t necessarily need to break the bank or introduce all new technologies to be successful in the world of Grand Prix racing. The turbocharged, 3.43 liter Skychief V6 powered drivers Rudy Edwards and William Archer to three Grand Prix wins, one of them in a points-paying event, and to fourth in the Constructor’s standings. All told, the Skychief V6 program is estimated to cost a third of what a standard WGPC engine would have been.

In the WGP2 specification, Preston will present a turbocharged, 3-liter engine using slightly less boost than the WGPC specification engine. With the hiring of additional personnel and added resources over the last season, Preston is prepared to supply as many as 15 teams with an engine during the WGP2 season, although we understand that not every team will run the engine for the upcoming WGP2 series.

We believe our engine program, if you choose it, will allow teams to cut their engine budget to a third of what they would have expected. By utilizing the Skychief stock block, a team will be able to spend their budget on signing top-flight drivers or on producing a better race car, rather than having to worry about gaining an extra two or three horsepower. The engine is built from the block used for the Preston Skychief road car’s engine, and should produce in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower in WGP2 spec.

On top of that, Preston Autos, with an added staff hired for the WGP2 engine program, will be available to help your team get the Skychief V6 ready and mated to your race car while minimizing the possible teething problems associated with it. Should the WGPO select the Skychief V6 program for the upcoming WGP2 Championship, we will be available on call for all your engine needs.

Engine manufacturer: Preston Autos
Engine name (if different): Skychief V6
Reliability (between -1 and 1): -0.5
Actuation (between -1 and 1): 1
Tare (between -1 and 1): -0.5


Circuit Name: Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit
Grand Prix Name: The Preston Autos Hapiloppian International Trophy
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:28.535
Track Length (km): 5.57 km
Qualifying Type: Traditional
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 15%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6
Track technicality (1-10): 4
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 4

The Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit is located on the western outskirts of Hapilopper City, actually located in the nearby suburb of Paulson. The circuit was built back in the late 1990s in an effort to attract international road racing to the Dominion, and an estimated 120,000 fans are expected to fill the circuit grounds for a Grand Prix weekend, should the circuit be granted a Grand Prix. What kind of race the circuit will present depends on the weather. If Hapilopper's notoriously-finicky weather gets involved, mayhem could ensure. If not, many expect a fantastic race anyway with lots of passing opportunities and high speed ruling the day. Below is some information about the corners and portions of the track drivers will encounter.

Your lap starts with First Right, a flat-out right kink leading downhill to Downhill Pass. Typically, it is not considered wise to make a passing move here, unless the trailing car has picked up a huge draft off the leading car. Expect speeds to approach 210 mph past First Right, which should give fans on the pit straight a real thrill as they see cars haul ass at top speed towards Downhill Pass.

Your first real opportunity at passing comes at Downhill Pass, a downhill left hand corner, and a possible trouble spot throughout the race. Drivers in the Hapilopper Championship Series have been known for missing their braking point and hurtling right off the track and into the neighboring sand trap. Behind Downhill Pass, fans will congregate on a viewing area hill, known as "Spectator Hill," which gives fans a great view of Downhill Pass and the McLaughlin's complex. Drivers, marshals and photographers have told stories of watching smoke from barbecues on Spectator Hill wafting across the circuit and becoming momentarily distracted by the scent of barbecue chicken and ribs.

Named for former gentleman driver Peter McLaughlin, who competed in sports car racing across three decades in the Dominion, and the designer of this circuit, the McLaughlin's circuit consists of two uphill corners. The first one comes after a short straight following Downhill Pass, and gives drivers another opportunity to perform overtaking maneuvers. Maybe someone might want to repass whoever got by them at Downhill Pass. A short straight connects the two McLaughlin corners, which leads towards a small almost straight leading to Slidey Right.

This corner gained its name following a rainy day a few years ago when the corner, already slick from a car blowing an engine and oiling down the track, sent car after car off the track due to virtually no traction on the track. Slidey Right is a tough corner on a dry day, a pain in the ass on a rainy day, and a bold place to make a passing move for the braves of drivers. Look for a lot of action here.

An unofficial series of esses, Flat Left and Flat Right, as the name would suggest, are taken at full-throttle as drivers make their way to one of the most interestingly-named sections of the track. Don't expect a lot of passing on Flat Left and Right, unless the drivers involved in such a move are either a.) unspeakably brave or b.) terminally stupid. A handful of drivers have tried making passing moves either leading up to, or in the middle of, Flat Right, which have led to some horrific accidents in the past, most notably during a Hapilopper Championship Series race last season when Leroy Keegan ran over the left-rear of Blake Broadbent, sending him skyward, before tumbling all the way to Oh Crap There's A Wall.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the Hap City Grand Prix Circuit, "Oh Crap There's a Wall" is a sudden left-hand corner accompanied by an unforgiving concrete wall along the track surface. Top WGPC cars will take Flat Right at full-throttle before having to slam on the brakes for the relatively slow Oh Crap There's A Wall, taken at an estimated 80 mph. Drivers in the Hapilopper Championship Series have hit the outside wall on multiple occasions, wrecking their day and leading to increased discussions that maybe there should be a little bit of runoff just the racing surface. Either way, Oh Crap There's A Wall is a great place for a driver to make a balls-to-the-wall passing move on the braking from 180 to 80 - or less.

A number of road circuits across Hapilopper (and yes, they do exist) have named perhaps the most remote part of their circuit "Chicken Bone Alley" for the cheap seats typically located there. Chicken Bone Alley on the Hap City Grand Prix Circuit is the straight between Oh Crap There's A Wall and the Triple Diamond and features grandstands on either side. In last year's Hapilopper City 1000 kilometer race, a handful of drivers complained that fans sitting in these seats threw chicken bones at their cars midrace. No bones were found by corner workers, but the accusation still stands.

The Triple Diamond Complex, at one point, featured a long triple-apex corner leading onto the Final Straight. However, due to concerns that this corner could allow some of the top teams to run somewhere in the neighborhood of three kilometers plus at full throttle, officials with the Grand Prix circuit made the hard decision to install a chicane between the second and third apexes of Triple Diamond. The chicane - a slow right hander in the middle of apex two - slows cars down, and again for the left-right segment leading onto Final Straight.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:32 pm

Name: Batu Tüvshinbayar
Name Trigram: TUV
Nation: TJUN-ia (The International Community of TJUN-ia)
Nation Trigram: TJU
First Preference Car Number: #7
Second Preference Car Number: #9
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 3/5/4

Bio: The recent success of Galarian Lane Carter at the WGPC level have led to many people hoping that the future of open-wheel racing in TJUN-ia is just as bright as their counterparts in stock-car. The TJUN-ia-MRO spent a lot of resources on helping Carter reach the big time and while his successes have been prominent in WGPC18, the organisation is now beginning to focus on the next step - the next generation, the drivers who will follow in the footsteps of the Galarian towards the summit of the open-wheel world. Upon discovering an opportunity to send a driver to the Nexus System in order to race in a spec series held by Nexus Racing themselves, the MRO found someone that could fulfil the role of "the next generation" and could actually do very well indeed. His name was Batu Tüvshinbayar.

With a name meaning "Strong" and "Firm", you'd probably expect great things from this guy already. Batu is native Mongolian and comes from the city of Shinebaishin in the CEA, not far from the border with the CSTO. You don't really get a lot of people that are from Mongolic backgrounds participating in international competition, but his parents expected great things from him nonetheless with a name like that. They wanted him to a fighter, maybe in boxing or in one of the many martial arts, but he wasn't one to learn the complicated stances and moves of these sports. When fighting failed, they looked at sports where you have to be both aggressive and smart and once they discovered the wacky world of motor racing, there was no going back.

He entered karting at just 12 years old and tamed the art of the kart as if it were a horse. He was known for driving like a warrior at times, pushing his way through the field when required - but he's also known for being patient, only using his aggression when the situation demanded it. At age 16, he caught the attention of the MRO when he won a national series race from 16th on the grid, slicing his way through the field as if he had 20 years experience and not 5. Because of this and many other performances, the MRO decided that it would be Shinebaishin's own who would apply to travel to the Nimbus System to prove his strengths to a non-TJUN-ian audience. In the futuristic Crossbay Circuit, he would prove to be someone with potential - taking the 2nd race with a huge comeback drive and finishing 5th out of the 10 drivers on points. Unfortunately, it also exposed his weaknesses as proved by his inconsistency in on-track position at times - known for flying up or sinking down the grid with no in-between. Still, he took that experience to heart and, now a man under TJUN-ian law, he will certainly try to make his mark in whatever environment he ends up in.

As a driver, he is one that focuses on both his aggression and his technique. While his reliability lags behind his other attributes, he can be an absolute nightmare to drive against when he and his car work as one. He may sound aggressive and all-powerful as a driver but off-track, that's not the story at all. That's a lesson from what he learnt from his parents: just because he's supposed to be strong doesn't mean he can't be kind. Out of the car, he's a friendly person (a rarity in TJUN-ian motorsports it seems) and one who loves to talk to anyone he sees. He's almost like Maddison Riley-Jones in that regard - just without the shyness. If anyone finds joy in speaking to this 18-year-old from Shinebaishin, then they may have earnt a friend for life. This is Batu Tüvshinbayar, a young boyman with a heart that's warm out of the car and fiery within it.
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Postby Krainin » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:36 pm

I'm excited to join this after not participating in WGPC 18, due to personal stuff.

Driver Name: Elise Shaw
Name Trigram: SHW
Nationality Trigram: TKI
Preferred Car Number: 15
Second Choice Car Number: 16
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Elise Shaw was born 26 January 1995 in the small town of Lead Mine, Ashos. At a young age she proved to have some genuine talent, being very competitive on some local go-kart tracks. She has also shown to be a little unpredictable, sometimes crashing more than finishing.

When she turned 16, in 2011, she joined the FRS Formula 3 series driving for one of the best teams, Daimer Jones Motorsports. In 2012-2013 she got a few wins and was brought up the latter to the FRS Formula 2 series. She had struggled during the first season of the F2 series and apart of getting a lucky win, she racked up a few DNFs and a few torn up race cars. She had another bad year in 2015, where she got even more DNFs and no wins, which led to her being let go by Daimer Jones Motorsports.

Thinking her career was over at that point, she received a call from a new team called Monarch Racing that was set out to race the inaugural season of the FRS Formula 4 series, 2016. She excepted wanting to prove herself. Over the next four years she matured as a driver, finishing more races, not destroying cars, and even getting a handful of wins and two championships along the way.

At the end of 2019, she was let go, because of the age requirement in the Formula 4 series. She now races part time in the Formula 3 and Formula 2 series for Monarch Racing and has even signed up for the inaugural FRS Formula Electric series starting in November 2021. She's wanting to get more experience behind the wheel of an open-wheel car, so she's signing up for the WGP2 competition.

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Postby The Licentian Isles » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:52 pm

Driver Name: Joy Wingelaar
Name Trigram: WIN
Nationality Trigram: TLI
Preferred Car Number: 31
Second Choice Car Number: 32
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Joy Wingelaar is one of the most successful Licentian kart racers in history, having won the Licentian championship 3 years running. She was born on the island of St Thomas, part of St Bart’s Parish, and has come from humble beginnings, having grown up on her family’s farm. Driving her father’s tractors established a love of speed at an early age, and she has only grown from there. She won the junior series karting championships in her debut season, impressing the establishment before moving to the senior championship, where she took a little more time to develop and begin winning. However, it only took one season before she established her dominance there as well. She decided to switch to open wheel racing recently after three straight championship victories, but with limited opportunities within the Isles, she is looking to join a WGP2 team to develop her career and, possibly, become one of the best in the multiverse.
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Postby Triren » Mon Mar 01, 2021 2:43 pm

Driver Name: Aðalvíkingur Barðason
Name Trigram: BAÐ
Nationality Trigram: TRI
Preferred Car Number: 54
Second Choice Car Number: 45
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.0
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.7
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio:
Aðalvíkingur Barðason was born 10 June 1998 in the city of Kolvejøen, Triren. Barðason came from a humble beginnings as he was born into a fisherman's life. Even as he grew up at sea he loved racing and at the age of seven he took part in his first karting race. By the age of ten he had become a regular on the karting scene, consistently battling for the championship. By the age of 12 he had won the karting championship and the following year he moved into the Triren Junior Championship.

The Triren Junior Championship is an open wheeled championship made for young racers to develop and show off their talent in open wheeled racing. By the age of 17, Barðason had mastered the Junior Championship by winning it consecutively for the past three years, receiving enough recognition to promote him the the Triren Championship.

In 2016 he made his debut in the Triren Championship and finished a respectable tenth. Over the next four years Barðason quickly rose to glory as he finished 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and 1st. After the 2020 season, Barðason decided that he wanted to prove himself on the world stage and thus signed up for the 2021 World Grand Prix 2.

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Postby Filindostan » Mon Mar 01, 2021 7:08 pm

Name: Rod Gozum
Name Trigram: GOZ
Nation: Filindostan
Nation Trigram: FID
First Preference Car Number: 44
Second Preference Car Number: 46
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.9
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.3
Technique (Between 2 and 5):3.8
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Bio: Born to working class parents, Rod started racing go-karts at an age of 8. Realizing that their son has potential for a motorsports career in Filindostan, they encouraged him to pursue his dreams while sacrificing a lot of their money to enter him to Monghit's driver academy at the age of 15. It was seven years later that their rewards would be reaped with Rod winning the WGP3 Filindostan drivers' championship at the final round at Yogyakulta, and earn him a sponsorship contract with Badai Angin.

Gozum participated last season driving for Badai Angin-IGR, and finishing ahead of his rival, Barnabas Mate. With the Gergarian driver already trading his open wheel career for stock car racing, he will be the sole driver for the Badai Angin driver academy and will be next in line to the WGPC ascendancy once Rustom Ibuna leaves the sport.
Name: Equipo Telebuenas-BA
Nation: Filindostan
Nation Trigram: FID
Team Colour (Hex Code): #0f197f
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4.0
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 4.2
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 3.8
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Engine manufacturer (optional): Badai Angin

Bio: Equipo Telebuenas-Badai Angin (Equipo Telebuenas-BA) is a new team planned to enter the WGP2 competition to assume the spot left by Ibuna-Gambal Racing (IGR) after the latter and Badai Angin split at the end of the recently-concluded WGPC season. The team will be operated by domestic team Monghit Motorsport, who have reached a deal with Badai Angin to continue operations that IGR had prior to the split. Even though the team is owned and bankrolled by the Grupo Varadi conglomerate from Hispinas, the team will race under the Filindostan racing license and will represent Filindostan in WGP2. This was part of a deal where the identity of the WGPC team and home will be kept despite the Hispinians buying majority stake of the Badai Angin Tim Motorsport.

Rod Gozum is expected to be reunited with the Monghit crew which gave him the WGP3 Filindostan title, but the second seat will be up for grabs in a planned closed testing session during the off-season.
Circuit Name: Yogyakulta International Circuit
Race Name:WGP2 Ras Yogyakulta Puroll
Track Image: ... akulta.png
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car)(min:ss.000): 1:32.000
Track Length (km): 5.94 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Traditional
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 10%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6.2
Track technicality (1-10): 3.8
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2.8
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.1
Yogyakulta International Circuit is a permanent racing facility located in Yogyakulta, Pelita Raya, Filindostan. Owned by the local petroleum giant Petrofilindo, the 5.961 km circuit is a mixture of straights and bends that will put the engines of the racing cars to their test, and narrow corners that drivers must negotiate without making too much mistakes. The track itself is challenging - lots of gravel traps to alert the drivers from going too fast and shortage of run-off areas, which can punish drivers who are too aggresive. The width of the circuit is narrower than usual, making the circuit a little bit difficult to make overtakes.

The start/finish straight is a downhill with a 35 degree left turn, with full throttle going to the Kotyog Complex, which starts going uphill with a small degree turn 4, with foot on the throttle up to the first of the two Nordus Bends, then going full throttle going to the tightest corner of the circuit, The Hairpin. A series of downhill turns from Turn 7 to Turn 1 plus 1 (11) completes the second sector. From the second Nordus Bend, the track goes gradually uphill until the Unlucky Turn, which elevates steeply going to a flat Turn 14 and going abruptly downhill in the Petrofilindo Complex. Another steep uphill curve, the Yoggy Bend, sends the cars to the start/finish straight.

The track hosted a round of the WGPC during the 17th season where Terho Talvela won a controversy-filled race. Yogyakulta is in a contract with San Marco Street Circuit to rotate the WGPC and WGP2 events between team. Similar to last year's WGP2 race, the race at Yogyakulta should it be included in the final calendar, will be sponsored by Filindo industrial cleaning products giant Puroll.

Circuit Image
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Postby Tumbra » Mon Mar 01, 2021 9:58 pm

Driver Name: Ted Pressley
Name Trigram: PRE
Nationality Trigram: TMB
Preferred Car Number: 88
Second Choice Car Number: 58, 68
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.8
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.2
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.0
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio:

Born in Millsburgh, Grantfeldt, Pressley is the son of two mechanics, and in his youth got to know cars pretty much by living and working with them for his entire life. He showed an interest in karting at a young age, and was put through the junior formulae by his father financing him for the early stages, but managed to secure sponsorships from Tumbran companies while karting.

Moving on to open-wheeled racing, he won multiple state championships, where he gained a reputation for being extremely soft on his tires and being able to nurse his car through races even when something goes wrong with the car and is now looking to move on to multiversal racing to prove himself as one of the top young talents in it.
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Postby Chromatika » Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:41 pm

Driver Name: Anola "Wrench" Melani
Name Trigram: MNI
Nationality Trigram: CMT
Preferred Car Number: 11
Second Choice Car Number: 19, 31, and 47, in that order.
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.25
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.25
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Born to a pair of working-class parents (mother a teacher, father a mechanic) in the town of Alnio, Capital District, Chromatika, Anola "Wrench" Melani is a polite, well-kept personality. She grew up in her father's shop, earning the nickname of "Wrench" due to the amount of questions that she had about his work and the interest that she took in learning how all the parts worked. By age 16, she knew how to take apart a car and put it back together. This was how she discovered racing.

In Chromatika's fledgling motor racing circuit, she easily took multiple first placed finishes, never finishing below third. Her calling card is reliability and technical acumen, as she knows how the machine is supposed to work, and is not afraid of using the knowledge to her advantage. She is very calculating and soft-spoken, and can go unnoticed in a room if she doesn't speak.

Now, the twenty-three year old has been given the go-ahead by her parents and her country to try out the WGPC, the first Chromatik to officially be recognized as its driver in an international circuit. She'll approach this challenge like every other she's had in her life: with tact, calculated risks, and an amicable demeanor.
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Postby Aboveland » Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:26 am

Driver Name: Janne Laukkanen
Name Trigram: LAU
Nationality Trigram: ABL
Preferred Car Number: 17
Second Preference Car Number: 19
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 3.1/4.9/4

Bio: Though only 19 (and counting), Kylmajärvi-born Janne Laukkanen is preparing to tackle his third World Grand Prix 2 campaign in as many years, expecting to retain his seat at Nexus Racing despite a lackluster season 3 campaign. Spawned of the folkrace on ice events of western Aboveland, the ice-racer turned grand prix driver is hoping to prove he's properly ready to step up to WGPC--and that he's more than just a stand in after Terho Talvela's retirement.

The young Abovian, who'd have perhaps not shied away from the term prodigy at some earlier point in his career, instantly shone on the world stage in WGP2 season 2 by winning his debut race, much like his then mentor-to-be Talvela had done in the WGPO's top class years prior. Though success was instant, it would prove hard to maintain: Laukkanen managed to stay within touching distance of the season 2 title fight, finishing third in the championship, but failed to keep that momentum going into season 3. Between seasons, an unsuccessful campaign with The Garage Gunners of the Nimban WGP3 series' inaugural run left a dent in his morale. Going into WGP2 season 3, paired with an inexperienced teammate and at the wheel of a whimsical, yet uneffective, eight-wheeled concept race car--in addition to battling the internal demons which strike teens at any moment--just a few sporadic glimpses of pace were all he could manage to show throughout the season.

Having taken time off away from the Nimban realm, returning home and briefly strengthening ties with WGPC Constructors Champions Tropicorp Racing Ælund, Laukkanen managed to find the peace of mind and self-confidence that had dodged him throughout his previous WGP2 season, and has assured he's ready to kick his performances up a notch--perhaps by clinching the drivers' title at seasons' end.

Circuit Name: Toralmintii International Circuit
Race Name: WGP2 Race at Lintulahti
Track Image: Image
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:16.004
Track Length (km): 4.303
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): One-shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 7%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 7.6
Track technicality (1-10): 2.4
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1.2
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2.6
Info: Having been absent during WGPC18 owing to an extensive revamp project, Lintulahti International Circuit returns to Grand Prix racing with a new look and a new name, a homage to Terho Talvela's long-standing Turorian teammate iBen Toralmintii.

Located under 20km from the regional capital of Iskajärvi, Toralmintii International Circuit was initially conceived as Aboveland's premier international grade circuit for Grand Prix racing. However, with the small town of Lintulahti unprepared to handle the large amount of visitors during race weekends, and as home team Tropicorp Racing Ælund had earlier relocated their headquarters from Tyttebærsby before their inaugural season, the Abovian Motorsport Authority decided to move the WGPC circus to a new circuit in Avsidesliggendevuoret.

In the meantime, Lintulahti's quick but clunky layout was refined, and redesigned with vehicle development in mind to further assist Tropicorp Racing Ælund's off-season efforts between WGPC campaigns--along with a strengthening of key transport links to and from the circuit to facilitate access for spectators and teams alike. The circuit, now without its extra two layouts, combines a flat out first half with a technical, rocketing sprint up the valley of Lintulahti.

Though the fast nature of the track might inspire confidence, drivers must be weary of elevation changes and off-camber corners throughout the lap. The transition from grounded asphalt to the quick bridge section across the bay might pose a risk to cars should they be unsettled by the bumps on entry and exit, and though the sprint from turn 12 to turn 17 might seem like a point-and-squirt race to the finish, the track becomes an uphill rollercoaster, with blind crests hiding the tightening apexes and the circuit walls ready to catch out whoever might slip up by the slimmest of margins.
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Postby Vidaria » Tue Mar 02, 2021 6:12 am

Driver Name: Merilyn Acaya
Name Trigram: ACA
Nationality Trigram: VDR
Preferred Car Number: 44
Second Choice Car Number: 6
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: A scion of one of the most notable business families within the complex organs that make up the Vidarian state - the connection between Acaya Heavy Industries and the automotive sector of the country naturally makes someone from the conglomerate's leading family a strong candidate to enter the field of racing. The company had cornered the industry within its home country through a combination of technological innovation and careful political work behind the scenes to ensure that it was not only the most popular brand on the market, but the one that was backed by the power of the government. Acaya had big expectations being born into this company, but she would however show her talent through pursuing sport rather than an immediate business career. Taking center stage in the elite and closed off supercar scene in Vidaria, Acaya set her sights abroad with government permission after making it clear that sport can be just as valuable as traditional business.
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Postby Pluvie » Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:45 am

Driver Name: Ginny Trinket
Name Trigram: GTR
Nationality Trigram: PLV
Preferred Car Number: 18
Second Choice Car Number: 19
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
Driver's bio: Ginny, for many years, has watched racing from the pirated broadcasts she receives in Pluvie. Despite commentary in other languages and not knowing the rules, Ginny has always been entranced by the broadcasts, the fervor, the fire! For years, her dream has been to someday escape from Pluvie to participate in one of these races, and she would achieve this dream by any means possible. For years she's been working in illicit and dangerous businesses, saving up the money and the favors to be able to get off of Pluvie, an act that is barely achievable even by the richest of Pluvean citizens. In the meantime, she practices racing, and despite not having a racing car, she's managed to become quite good at driving. A blackmail deal with the president of the PSC (Pluvean Space Corps) and a lifetime of savings have earned her a trip off the planet and enough money to build herself a racing car. And while her car may not be top of the line, her passion and fervor more than makes up for it. WGP2 is a chance for to achieve her dream and to prove herself to the world as a competent racer and she is more than ready to take her shot.
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Postby Nykipiflugpuu » Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:16 pm

These two entries are in addition to the circuit entered in my original signup post under Aboveland.

Team Name: Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis
Team Nation: Nykipiflugpuu
Nationality Trigram: NYK
Team colour (in hex code): FF0000
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3.2
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4.8
Team bio: Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis, or Nykipik Junior Team, was the first attempt by the Nykipik Tourism and Sporting Board (NTSB) at breaking out into international sporting events, away from Aboveland's shadow and as an independently competing nation. The first bid for the Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis project, aimed at developing young grand prix hopefuls from home base in Timantirkas, was doomed from the start and ultimately stillborn: a complete lack of organization, planning and resources, despite an alleged alliance with Tropicorp Racing Ælund, saw their team slot revoked in favor of Polaris Racing from Nekoni, with media pundits claiming NN's concept WGP2 car was little more than a soapbox with shopping trolley wheels.

However, back in Aboveland, with Tropicorp Racing Ælund's Terho Talvela confirming his retirement at the end of the 18th season of WGPC alongside rumors iBen Toralmintii might do the same, the World Constructors' Champions found themselves on the back foot and entirely without a backup plan for the following season--as Aboveland's second grand prix racing prospect Janne Laukkanen finds himself already tied to Nexus Racing. Whereas TRÆ needed a stepping stone to funnel drivers into their main team, the NTSB required the technical and logistical support of anyone who could guarantee their second bid for Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis wouldn't be discarded as being merely a homebrew effort.

Thus, Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis was reestablished before WGP2 season four, based and run from the Nykipish capital Timantirkas with important public financial support, and with significant technical and logistical expertise and assistance from Tropicorp Racing Ælund's local, fully Abovian division. In contrast to their first bid, this time around Ælund Racing is fully responsible for the manufacture of the chassis, while the engine will be a spec unit from a soon to be confirmed supplier. Klara Rautiainen and Morten Kristiansen, respectively owner and team manager of the previous installment of Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis, were found guilty of money laundering shortly after the first bid fell through and subsequently perished while sentenced to hard labor. Therefore, WGP2 season four's iteration of NN is spearheaded by Nykipish ice racer Kaidi Enni Saino-Iakkyy

Circuit Name: Iskohtirinkyy
Grand Prix Name: WGP2 Race of the Polestar
Track Image:Image
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:34.922
Track Length (km): 3.36
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot): One-shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 20%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5
Track technicality (1-10): 5
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 5

Info: Iskohtirinkyy, located a few kilometers from the center of Külmäkutitõmbuvadipallyyt, Nykipiflugpuu, (pronounced: cool-mah-coo-tee-toim-bu-va-di-PAH-lit); literally, "Ball-shrivelingly cold place"), is a temporary, newly developed ice circuit bidding to be the first of its kind to feature in a World Grand Prix Organization championship. The layout of the circuit takes inspiration from existing folkrace ice tracks in Nykipiflugpuu and Aboveland, keeping with their flowing, curvy nature. To encourage organic overtakes and to maintain the flow of the circuit, the starting grid exists beyond the main circuit, while the pit-lane, paved with temporary asphalt for comfort and practicality, borders the starting straight. Despite its short length, Iskohtirinkyy produces lap times above the minute and a half by virtue of its loose surface. The track is rather wide, enough to fit almost four cars across throughout most of the circuit. Every single corner has been designed with overtaking and clean racing in mind, and though the lack of square or sharp corners might be concerning to asphalt racing purists, the nature of the dynamic racing line of an ice circuit negates the need for overtaking zones. The track limits, in true ice-racing fashion, are compacted snowbanks, firm enough to allow for drivers to lean on the snow to make a corner but potentially hazardous should drivers get too confident. The track surface, composed of compacted snow, solid ice, and a permafrost base, has been examined and treated to ensure its condition would remain acceptable throughout an entire Grand Prix race.

Owing to Nykipiflugpuu's location within the Arctic circle, the weather at Iskohtirinkyy would prove to be another challenge. For starters, the sun does not rise in the entirety of Nykipiflugpuu from late October to mid February; the NTSB has responded with the installation of portable lighting systems, powered by imported renewable energy from the mainland (but opening the bid to potential energy partners), to mitigate the inconvenience. As far as meteorological matters go, there is a high chance of precipitation and strong, gusty winds, particularly in the vicinity of Külmäkutitõimbuvalipallyyt. Drivers must be focused to adapt to the gusty, gale force winds, and remain aware of the chance of there being a sudden bout of solid precipitation, in the form of snow or sleet. Moreover, temperatures are expected to remain below or around freezing throughout the event, proving a challenge for both driver and machine; conscious of the multiversal nature of the event, the NTSB has invested heavily in providing heated hospitality suites and paddock facilities to ensure teams will be able to operate to their fullest potential despite the treacherous weather, and recommends teams forgo weight saving measures in favor of insulated racing equipment.

As the track has an ice surface, the Nykipiflugpuu Tourism and Sporting Board recommends tyre manufacturers provide studded tyres for the hypothetical Polar Grand Prix, otherwise offering a state sponsored service by private Abovian contractors to adapt existing rubber to the conditions. Alternatively, the fitting of tyre chains is allowed, and they are the minimum required modification for all competitors to be eligible to participate. Alternative, unorthodox methods of gripping to the track surface are permitted as well, and to a degree, encouraged. All-wheel drive, while perhaps impossible to implement on existing machines, might prove an advantage over front or rear wheel drive vehicles.
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Postby Lisander » Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:21 pm

Team Name: Bitten Heroes Academy engineered by MW Racing (if a name this size isn't allowed, stick with the bold part.)
Team Nation: Lisander
Nationality Trigram: LIS
Team colour (in hex code): #0D1F2F
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 4.6
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 3.4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Engine manufacturer (optional): Harlean
Tyre supplier (optional): Stellenbosch

Team bio: When Andrea Lanza-led Motorsport Lisander took control of the old Lisander Autosports Board, one of its shareholders, Marc Wiel, pulled the strings to be awarded a long-time license to WGP2. Officially running the team as a continuation of its son-in-law Bitten Heroes Academy/Superia Juniors Academy from the last seasons, he reduced a lot the importance of the name used by the WGPC Lisanderian Challenger, using its own trademarked name "Marc Wiel Racing". It is a rational move, after all the idea is to move away from previous poor results. It is expected that KS-04, for which several bodywork improvements have been made, will perform better than its predecessor, KS-03. To comply with the WGP2 Engine rules, the team plans to have the usual 3.4L turbocharged V6, renovated by Harlean, to comply with WGP2 specifications. Stellenbosch is also working with the WGP2 specifications to develop a special version of its Superia HS2.

Driver Name: Athan Lille
Name Trigram: LLE (to avoid confusions between LIL and LIS, trigram for Lisander.)
Nationality Trigram: LIS
Preferred Car Number: 4
Second Choice Car Number: 44
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Sidelined by TAS Alliance in the last WGPC season for not representing "the right engine manufacturer", Athan Lille has had a sabbatical season so far. After returning from a great season in Formula Endurance at Hodori, he has only competed in amateur GT categories and in Sim-Racing competitions, which have become a fever among professional drivers in recent times. He maintains a quiet personal life, avoiding the spotlight as much as possible, even when accompanying his girlfriend, Mor Holstein, to NSSCRA events.

Driver Name: Anneliese "Sissie" Devereux
Name Trigram: DEV
Nationality Trigram: LIS
Preferred Car Number: 7
Second Choice Car Number: 0
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: She was signed up by Motorsport Lisander, but is very unlikely that she will participate as a season driver. After all, she's preparing herself for her second season in WGPC. She's the KS-04 official tester, under contract from Harlean, and only will get some racing time if any of the MW Racing drivers gets injured.

Manufacturer Name: Stellenbosch
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): 0.5
Traction (Between -1 and 1): -0.5
R&T ratings should add up to no more than 0.

Going against tyres that seek more traction but at great cost to the reliability and safety of cars, Harlean comes up with something different. The HS2 Neo Project offers the best cost-benefit for the use of tyres, focusing on Reliability. With reinforced construction, the HS2 Neo is safer and lasts longer than its competitors.

Ok, now you may be asking yourself: BUT WHY THE HELL DO I WANT A TYRE THAT MAKES ME SLOWER?

There are a few possible answers:

The ability to run a race without having to stop for tyre changes (or at least with fewer changes) decreases the chance of annoying tyre change occurrences, as well as time lost in the Pit Lane.

Using fewer tyres during the race is more economical for the team, and not only in terms of tyre costs but in all aspects. Less fuel is needed and repair costs are also lower.

As a result, the Superia HS2 Neo can be used even for single-seaters in cheaper categories like the WGP3 Nationals, being a more durable, safer and cheaper solution in the long run.

At the cost of a little traction (choices have to be made), we offer the most reliable tyre for WGP2!
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Postby Auruna » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:16 am

Team Name: VSK-Maarukanna Racing (short: VSK Racing)
Team Nation: Auruna
Nationality Trigram: AUR
Team colour (in hex code): #1065d4
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Engine manufacturer (optional): VSK Motors - Rotary Engineering, as the only automotive company in Auruna to embrace the wankel rotary, they managed to see the full potential of the engine type, using the engines on their cars starting in 1982 and eventually ending up in VSK Racing's cars in every MNA racing series they competed in. Impressed with the performance of the engine and ditching Schkeska, the rotary department was eventually in a close partnership with VSK Racing as their sole engine supplier in the more experimental series like the AEC where they have significant successes which led to them having a new performance division for research and development of high performance parts for their rotary engines. In their modern rotaries, they were surprisingly reliable, not too reliable like Viska's or Schkeska's but reliable enough to win 4 Livonsk 24s back-to-back. If VSK was offered an option to use their RE engines, they would choose them.
Tyre supplier (optional): Spec Tyres

Team bio:
Aerospace company VSK's very own motorsports team, rivals with Schkeska and Viska, they are also known as the Kina or the Fox. Based in Sterlennau, Auruna, they are the last of the big three to start racing in 1970 where they already found a series to dominate in - the AEC, and having the strongest rivalry with Viska there, the beginning of the tale about the Fox and the Eagle. It also extends in AtMA with Schkeska and Viska, and in Rallying with Schkeska. Their strength is not with horsepower but with aerodynamics, carefully designed bodies, wings, and diffusers to provide a lot of downforce that was due to their experience in that department with most of the engineers being from the main VSK company. It's not all straight lines afterall. With many wins in the AEC and strong performances in AtMA, they were a worthy opponent to the other two.

After Viska's step up into WGPC, this left the WGP2 license open and VSK, the newly assigned team principal Raiko Meirokana with the partnership of Maarukanna took the chance and announced that they will be racing in WGP2 to Viska's surprise, pushing the rivalry into the international stage. The MNA International License Rule only lets one team to compete in a series and because of this, Viska had to look elsewhere to circumvent the rule. After winning the license, work started in their Sterlennau factory. Aiming to better the results of Viska in the previous WGP2 season. To avoid confusion with their rivals, their WGP2 team was officially named VSK-Maarukanna Racing with their normal VSK Racing serving as the shortened form.


Circuit Name: Akresna Circuit
Grand Prix Name: WGP2 Race of the Hills
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:40.442 (new estimate) | 1:42.211 (AtMA, 1997 - old version) | 1:32.970 (AEC, 2021)
Track Length (km): 5.792 km
Qualifying Type : Traditional
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 7%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 3
Track technicality (1-10): 7
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 4

Located at the Aurun hills, near the city of Akresna just north of Veratuna, is the most popular, successful, and challenging Akresna Circuit. With an altitude of about 1,350 m above sea level, the circuit is both challenging for both the drivers and cars. After the formation of the Mötoraaroitu Nazyonalla Auruna (MNA), this is one of the circuits that are now government owned and it was saved from closure by the MNA and it is one of the Viska Racing test tracks due to a partnership with Schkeska Motors. First built in 1956, the track features a wide variety of elevation changes and corners, also featuring the Akresna Tunnel that goes down though a hill (Although it is not used in the International Layout). With decent run-off areas and one of the best facilities in Auruna, the circuit is one of the best in Auruna and is a part of the Aurun Trinity Circuits.

Akresna Circuit was chosen to host a WGP2 race as it is one of the closest to the capital and the Veratuna Circuit has a busy schedule hosting AtMA, Endurance, and Time Attack events. This is the first time Auruna is hosting an international motorsport for decades. If the race is successful and proved to be popular, it may pave the way for Auruna hosting for the next season and potentially the next WGPC season.

Akresna starts off with the start/finish straight followed by a heavy braking zone to Turn 1, Valantov, then a fast Turn 2 that goes uphill. Turns 3 continues the uphill climb where Sector 2 starts at the exit of Turn 4. Sector 2, also called the "Hill Run", starts with a short straight to Turn 5 then followed by a slightly downhill then uphill Turn 6, where an old bunker is next to, then flowing nicely into Turn 7 which heads to the Akresna Sun section where most of the pictures of the track are taken, usually at sunset and during endurance races. At Turn 8, Politov, the Akresna Tunnel is located, it is unused in the international layout. What follows is a series of uphill-downhill corners ending with Turn 12, this is the most challenging part of the circuit where oversteer and understeer are prevalent and demands good throttle control by the drivers if they make a small mistake in this section, they will end up in the barriers. Still going downhill, a straight leads on to Turn 13, Veren Ukä, which starts Sector 3, the fastest sector. The fast corners and chicanes of Turns 15, 16, 17, and 18. Cars go though this section flat-out and at this area is where most of the grandstands are located. Drivers usually get caught out at Turns 17 and 18 where they can oversteer into the barriers and ending their race. A final heavy braking zone to the Turn 19, Kaulinta. Another fast straight followed by a fast Turn 20, Entenalla (Similar to Parabolica of Monza) that leads to the start/finish straight which then completes a lap.

After the success at the WGP2 with Viska's win here, the MNA decided to fund the circuits for the Aurun WGPC project. The MNA held a bid for the MNA International Circuit License where Akresna was chosen at the end over Livonsk and Veratuna. The MNA decided to stick with the International layout used in the WGP2 but there were rumours about using the AtMA or the K1 layouts. There were a lot of upgrades to the infrastructure of the circuit to better suit WGPC.

Soon after the WGPC race, work started on improvements in the International layout with the most significant change is replacing the T6 hairpin with a more flowing corner after criticisms about that certain corner being flow-breaking and not suiting the circuit. The end result proved to be popular with fans and drivers saying that it's much better than before and with that, Akresna is back.

Driver Name: Haru Jukkenna
Name Trigram: JKN
Nationality Trigram: AUR
Preferred Car Number: 18
Second Choice Car Number: 47
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio:
Haru Jukkenna is a respected driver on and off the track. A serious force on-track with his adaptive driving style but he's quite reserved off-track usually avoiding interviews and such. Born in Körvelinne but raised in Livonsk, living near the famous Livonsk Circuit and hearing the cars racing there sparked his interest for motorsport at a very young age.

With sufficient funding, he took up karting with the local Livonsk Karting Club. Driving well and showing of his skills behind the wheel, he moved up the ranks into the National Karting Championship. He finished fourth for two consecutive seasons. Not satisfied with that, he stayed for one more season to finish second in the championship. This grabbed the attention of Schkeska which took him in and trained him for Junior AtMA and Junior ARC.

At 15 years old, he drove for Schkeska in Junior AtMA for a season where he finished 3rd in the championship. He then competed in the Junior ARC after Schkeska Junior Eri Naikarenna suddenly left for VSK. Driving with them for two years, he managed to grab 6 wins although he lost the championship to his teammate Laura Haukanna.

Haru had to put his racing career on hold when he turned 18, he was conscripted into the Aurun Armed Forces and served for a year. After that, he returned to Schkeska to race in AtMA for one season. He finished 6th in the championship but was ahead of his teammate at the time. He applied a few things he learned during his conscription in racing which caused him to be better than before.

During the off-season, the announcement of the new MNA E-Series caught his attention. He asked the team for an opportunity to drive in the E-Series but was ignored. He left Schkeska out of frustration. Searching for an opportunity, he noticed a few new teams trying their hand on MNA racing which included the Kuyonnen team Krazivaran where he was offered a seat for the upcoming E-Series.

His season started off with two consecutive P3 finishes in Aruklaz and Novinaya which earned him an early lead in the championship. At the end of the third round in Sterlennau, he was a point ahead of Viska's Evan Kaukanna. This changed at Aluinta where he won the race and gained a 16-point lead in the championship and what followed is him consistently within the points, increasing his lead without even winning or finishing in the podium.

At the final race in Livonsk, he qualified P20 and had to work his way up. He couldn't break through P13 and finished a lap down with Viska's Kinu Ziuvin winning the race and the constructors' championship. Meanwhile, Haru was significantly ahead in that even Viska's win wasn't enough to get close to him resulting in him winning the drivers' championship.

A few months of silence and he was back for more, he had the opportunity of racing internationally when his team informed him about the upcoming WGP2 season. It is going to be difficult finding a team so he had to look deeper. VSK was a suggestion but he wasn't familiar with them yet and VIska's junior team is the most difficult one. Then he found Nexus Racing's driver academy series and it caught his attention. He's going to try his chances there before returning to the E-Series.

Then after proving his skill in Nexus Racing's Driver Academy series by finishing at the top, he's willing to step up into the main game at the international level - WGP2. He has been a force in every competition he enters but WGP2 in on another level, serving as a feeder series to WGPC. He will get his chance.

He might encounter an old friend along the way.

Driver Name: Laura Haukanna
Name Trigram: HAU
Nationality Trigram: AUR
Preferred Car Number: 37
Second Choice Car Number: 39
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio:
A young Aurun from Karalinne, Laura Haukanna is a natural born driver with parents who raced domestically which gave her a bit of a head start. She is skilled both on and off-road with several highlights coming from her rallying career. Her interest in racing started with watching famous Aurun rally drivers like Niko Kaukanna, Niko Kauma, and Lauri Vorlen. Witnessing their fearless and flatout driving through tight and winding gravel roads opened her eyes with excitement. Her parents did all they could to support her which then led her to take up karting at the age of 10.

It was a slow start with karting, while she was having a bit of difficulty, she managed to get ahead of her opponents. Slowly but surely she was developing her racecraft, imitating the drivers she admired - aggressive but precise. She was later recuited by Schkeska and trained by them for Junior ARC. It was finally happening.

Laura drove for Schkeska in Junior ARC alongside teammate Haru Jukkenna. The pair took win after win but Laura was ahead of Haru, eventually winning the championship then another one the next season. At the age of 18, she was promoted to Schkeska's primary ARC team and at her debut, she won the first rally in Artavena, 7 seconds ahead of her closest competitor. In her first season, she won the championship.

Things changed in 2018 where Schkeska Rally's management was hit hard after their team principal, Kuriko Lärennä left for Viska. With no one competent enough to hold the position, the team was pulled out of the ARC for two years, putting Laura in reserve and without a drive for two years. Laura's final year with Schkeska in 2020 ended badly. She was chosen by Schkeska to drive for them in the inaugural MNA E-Series that year, her chance to race again but poor management, the team only focusing on her teammate and a toxic environment caused her to announce her move to Viska near the end of the season.

Now with Viska, she wants to redeem herself after all those bad years with Schkeska. Thankfully, there's still a chance in WGP2 with a Viska-backed team a potential choice. She's sure to get back on track.

Note: I don't primarily use NS stats
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:21 am

Team Name: Scuderia Orange Cow
Team Nation: Commonwealth of Baker Park
Nationality Trigram: CBP
Team colour (in hex code): FF8000
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4.2
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3.8
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 3.9
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12. (11.9)

Team bio: The WGPC has a substantial following in Baker Park with TV ratings on par with the CHA hockey league and broadcasts of overseas soccer leagues. A consortium of investors have been brought together to see if open wheel motorsport has a viable future with the nation's first entry into WGP2.

There is widespread support within the automotive and aerospace industries in Baker Park to showcase the technological capabilities involved in chassis design for Grand Prix racing machines.
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Postby Hispinas » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:05 am

Signing up as a puppet of Filindostan.

Driver Name: Astigar Armendaritze
Name Trigram: ADZ
Nationality Trigram: HSP
Preferred Car Number: 0
Second Choice Car Number: 70
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5.0
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Driver's bio: Having been booted from their own team during his first season of NSSCRA stock car racing's second tier series, Astigar Armendaritze hopes to land a WGP2 drive for the upcoming edition. Heavily backed by his father's Itzal Automotives and Txerrikotxoa bank based in Vallezul, The Hispino, who is well known for his aggressive driving as well as a short-tempered behavior, will look to teams who have limited funding to be bankrolled by his personal sponsors.

Expect though to have an interpreter always by his side as he refuses to speak in other languages aside from his native Basko language.
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Postby Filindostan » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:10 am

Hispinas wrote:Signing up as a puppet of Filindostan.

Nation active only for Motorsports.
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Postby Nekoni » Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:03 am


Circuit Name: Circuit de la Boisse
Race Name: WGP2 Grand Tour de Nékoni
Lap Record: 1:10.264
Track Length: 4.357km (2.708 miles)
Qualifying Type: Trad
Chance of rain: 4.5
Track aggressiveness: 5.5
Track technicality: 4.5
Overtaking Difficulty: 2.2
Margin for error: 1.9
Info: The Nekoni circuit rejuventation program moves onto its next location, and this time we're moving to just outside the capital, Varea. The Boisse circuit has been a relative unknown in Nekoni, being created in 1987, yet not seeing any serious racing action for most of its life, despite a prime location so close to the biggest city in the country, thanks to its proximity to the city drastically limiting the amount of racing it can actually do, as well as its overall size being felt by some as being not quite big enough to hold the WGPC circus. Now, though, it's finally getting the recognition some believe it always deserved.

La Boisse has been virtually untouched since the first Tarmac was dropped onto the suburban grounds over three decades ago, save for an vastly needed update to the pit garages, and as a result, there's a feeling of the classics to it: there's a well planned mix of corners here, all designed to flow into each other, yet still some surprises to keep the wariest of drivers on their toes. The first part of the circuit is an 770 metre sprint eastwards, slightly descending into the first two turns, some simple constant radius rights. The driver needs to use the momentum of the turns into the following chicane, but it's not as difficult as it may look. It's wide enough that during qualifying, it almost can be taken as a single turn. In a race situation, on lap 1? Perhaps not.

The next turn is one of the two slow corners on the circuit, but carrying too much speed through the chicane shouldn't be too much of a problem for a good driver. Passing through the next right sweeper at turn 6 is vital to a good lap, as a long straight comes next. The first half has a slight banking to aid the driver with this, but care must be taken, as the banking disappears at the rather rude bend at turn 7. Mess it up, and the following near-kilometre straight is going to be a long, embarrassing time.

The 950m blast along the back sends drivers over a hill, with a lovely view of the capital being visible at around the two-thirds mark. There's a tiny bend to the run, but it's trivial. After all, the driver's eyes will be more intrigued on how to exit the next actual turn. It's the most difficult point on the circuit, turn eight, and for good reason. The entry is blind, a nasty little trick, which means the driver has to brake for it well before they'd usually think to. Hitting the apex right on 8 sets the car up sublimely for turn 9, and you'd need all of that momentum to carry you through the next part: Heartbreak Hill.

To the bird's eye view, the next section resembles merely some decently-flowed S-curves. However, there's elevation changes here. Positive camber on the lead in to 12. Negative camber on the lead out from 13. Many, many laps have come a cropper here, from drivers that haven't taken each curve individually and with the respect that the Hill demands, and to take the car to the hard right at 14 at speed without breaking flow takes a lot of skill, and a whole lot more balls. Sliding out isn't a physical danger, thanks to the decent amount of gravel, but you can easily kill a winning run here.

Once you're out of the slow right, you enter the stadium section to finish off the lap, a succession of simple mid-speed corners to calm the nerves down, allow you to pit if needs be, then cut the apex at 20 and blast it to start the next lap.
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Postby Featherstonehaugh Cholmondeley » Wed Mar 03, 2021 2:26 pm

Driver Name: Harry Zoomtwat
Name Trigram: ZOO
Nationality Trigram: FEC
Preferred Car Number: #66
Second Choice Car Number: #77
Reliability: 2
Aggression: 5
Technique: 5
Driver’s bio: Aristophanes Quintlebert Shadowfax Myrtleberry-Peregrine-Zoomtwat de Pfeffel was born in 1895, or, 27 years ago, third son to a Catholic Recusant family. His father was on a swing through the Raj as a colonial administrator at the time, and his mother was sickly and frequently bedridden; at first mainly raised by his amah, one of Harry’s first ever toys was a small car made for him by her husband. His mother died, and Harry followed his brothers in being shipped back home to attend boarding school. Unlike his head boy older brother and rugby captain middle brother, Harry did not take to the cloistered environment, and was sent down after getting a maid in trouble. Stints at two further boarding schools managed to get him through the entrance exams to Oxbridgeford, but failed to break his spirit: for all his natural talent, trouble always followed every classics recitation prize, every century for the First XI.

After a brief tour of the Alps and a spell as a ship-jumper in the Far East he went up to Oxbridgeford to read Greats. He earned a triple Blue in his first year and his tutors found him sharper than any two of his peers – but that was when they found him at all, preferring as he did to debate in the Union, drink, fight, and gamble. It was for the latter that he was on the verge of being sent down when war break up. He was first in line to sign up. He spent two years on the front lines as a junior officer, living through the horrors of trench warfare, the dread cry of “gas!”, receiving handfuls of medals and handfuls of injuries. During a convalescence spell he was approached about joining the nascent Army Air Corps, first as a spotter; but no one could keep Harry grounded long, and soon he was a pilot, first of balloons, then planes. He ended the war as a confirmed “ace”.

A return to Oxbridgeford beckoned, but suddenly the verses of long dead poets had lost their allure. Nor did he wish to labour to a gentleman’s third and some minor posting in the Treasury. So he dropped out and struck out on his own with nothing more than the shirt on his back, a few slim volumes of Catullus, a duelling sabre, the bushiest moustache west of the steppes, and a todger big enough to require a separate annex at the coming Disarmament Conference. In the four years since, Harry has been many things: sailor, soldier of fortune, trader, diplomat, gun-runner, pilot, lover, criminal, spy. He’s scaled the world’s highest mountains, crossed the vastest deserts, delved into the deepest jungles. Wanted in 27 countries, folk hero in another 25.

And a handy driver to boot. Harry’s always loved cars, ever since pushing that first toy around the malaria-net-swathed bedroom of his mother. Until managing to earn the enmity of the communists and anti-communists in equal measure he spent a time living out of a chateau, living on champagne and cigarettes, and competing in every city-to-city race he could find; after he was chased out, he took his talents to the world circuit, competing in desert endurance rallies and even crossing the pond to take part in the new racing circuit forming there.

As to how it is Harry comes to be looking to join a WGP2 team here in a year we can’t quite all agree on, but can probably agree is very much not 1922, well, there opinions vary. Some say he found a portal in an ancient temple deep in the Amazon, others say the temple was in the Far East. Some say it was no temple at all, but a natural phenomenon, at the North Pole – or was it South? Some even deny the portal, saying the whole thing is but an opium dream in the cabin of a South Seas junker, or the last dying lights of a mind irreparably damaged in a high-speed crash.

However you choose to interpret his presence here, you can find Harry propping up the corner of his club, looking for his latest adventure. Just don’t buy him a cup of tea: foul muck, blames the Empire’s decline on the stuff…
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Postby Hannasea » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:32 pm

Driver Name: Katie Edwards
Name Trigram: EDW
Nationality Trigram: HAN
Preferred Car Number: #81
Second Choice Car Number: #97
Reliability: 5
Aggression: 2
Technique: 5
Driver’s bio: Katherine Tilly Edwards is a 22 year old driver, an unusual career choice for Hannasean – given that cars are banned in the Guild Federation. Or at least, have been phased out: the statute may technically lay bare, but there’s been no desire to reintroduce automobiles given the Federation’s high quality public transport and the prevailing concern of Hannaseans for the natural environment of their country (they appear less concerned about the environment of the countries with which they trade, leading to charges the Council has simply off-shored its industrial pollution).

Katie caught the racing bug early. She grew up in a family involved in the spice trade (the Guild of Spicers is one of the oldest and most powerful in the Federation) and thus spent extensive amounts of time overseas, witnessing the many varied forms that automobiles took in foreign lands. Back home the best she could hope for was riding unpowered pedal karts, so at the age of 12 she took the brave decision to plead with her parents to live with distant family in Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland, a nation with a very different attitude to auto racing.

By 13 she was winning races in junior karting; at 15, she was offered a job as a test driver for the Ummi-Gummi team in Schutzenphalenformelvier, the Schutzenphalian Formula 4 equivalent level. Over the next two years she earned a starting driver’s job; then graduated to Formula 3 two years after that. She became the first non-Schutzenphalian to make the podium of Uberwienerschnitzelstadt Formula 3 Grand Prix, and finished on the podium six times, although did not win a race. Next season she won 3 races and finished in the top 10 overall.

Her decision to look to World GP2 rather than stay within the Schutzenphalian system is both because she herself is a Hannasean and knows her opportunities with the bigger teams will always be limited as a result, and out of a desire to compete in even one race whose name she can adequately pronounce without needing to pause for oxygen halfway through. Katie isn’t the most experienced or skilful, and her driving instincts are a little raw; she’s pretty conservative really, embodying “I just want to take part” in ways that at times frustrate her more competitive team principals.

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Postby Montana Verde » Wed Mar 03, 2021 4:03 pm

Driver Name: Alex Márquez
Name Trigram: MÁR
Nationality Trigram: MVE
Preferred Car Number: #92
Second Choice Car Number: #19
Reliability: 5
Aggression: 5
Technique: 2
Driver’s bio: Alejandra Maria Márquez Valverde is a 22 year old Verdean woman currently living in exile in Græntfjall, where she competes in the nascent Græntfjaller Formula 3 series. The choice to compete for a World GP2 spot didn’t require much thonking, as she is sick and miserable for having traded her beloved homeland (and its tropical climate) for the bitter, wintry, dubious delights of a rocky little promontory jutting into (allegedly) kraken-infested waters.

Alex grew up in a privileged existence as the daughter of one of the country’s highest ranking judges. A wild and rebellious girl, her parents permitted her to take part in go-kart racing, but that wasn’t enough to stop her running away from her elite private boarding school to compete in illegal late-night street-racing in Limana. A born petrolhead who turned up late for her quinceañera covered in engine grease, her life ambitions never sat well with her family.

It became a particularly bitter irony, then, that cars played a role in tearing her family apart: the assassination by car-bomb of her father by narco-traffickers, against whom he had just handed down a heavy sentence. Failing in her studies anyway at the Universidad de Montaña Verde, she had little reason to stay in a country in which her safety could no longer be guaranteed, and she fled to Græntfjall (a country whose special forces counter-narcotics operations are the source of much anguish in Verdean politics, and who thus felt a certain obligation towards her).

Abandoning any further studies, she turned to racing full-time, quickly rising up through the ranks of the (admittedly, talent-poor) Græntfjaller domestic racing series. She won the Formula 4 title, and has been similarly dominant at Formula 3 level, where her relentless aggression and slick handling have won her many fans. She is, of course, an unpolished gem and has yet to be seriously tested on a wide range of courses.

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Postby Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland » Wed Mar 03, 2021 4:21 pm

Team Name: Erkuns-Hohnschich-Furzeine-Motospiel
Team Nation: Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
Nationality Trigram: SWR
Team colour (in hex code): #002366
Reliability: 5
Acceleration: 3.5
Turning: 3.5
Team bio: One of the leading automobile manufacturers in Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland and the only motorsports team from the country with any international experience (though memories of the Nordic Rally Championship are now distant enough to forget they were not, entirely, successful). EHF have been dominant in the Schutzenphalian domestic scene for some time but are seeking to expand their market presence, with a return to international competition being one option.

Driver Name: Lukas Fichter
Name Trigram: FIC
Nationality Trigram: SWR
Preferred Car Number: #79
Second Choice Car Number: #64
Reliability: 4
Aggression: 4
Technique: 4
Driver’s bio: Lukas Fichter is a hotshot 21 year old driving prospect out of Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland. He was champion of the most recent Schutzenphalenformeldrei (equivalent to domestic Formula 3) and has been widely tipped to move up to Formula Two. Known for his meticulous race preparation and attention to detail (or he would be, if literally anyone had heard of him), he’s not the most exciting driver in terms of risky takeovers or aggressive racing lines, but is aiming to build a portfolio as a solid all-forms generalist.

Fichter was born in Uberwienerschnitzelstadt-am-Ruhntuhnkuhn to a middle class family (his father’s architecture drawings an early inspiration for his love of sleek racing designs, his mother’s lawyerly background influencing his thoughtful, methodical approach). Though his first love was fußball, he soon found his way to racing: cycle racing. Up to the age of 14 he was more interested in competing in cycle-cross than in motor racing, until a broken leg laid him up for a season. Exercising some frustrations through karting, he quickly discovered a natural ability, and was soon signed to the EHF Akademie. Since then his ascent through the driving ranks has been exceptionally rapid, but justified by weight of results.

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Postby Graintfjall » Wed Mar 03, 2021 4:25 pm

Tyre Manufacturer Name: Brústeinn
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): -0.60
Traction (Between -1 and 1): 0.60

Brústeinn is the tyre and rubber parts arm of Græntfaller Multinesian Extractive Holdings, one of the largest mining and materials extraction companies in the Græntfaller sphere of influence. Sourcing rubber from extensive plantations in Græntfaller Multinesia, they're the leading supplier of tyres for the Græntfaller domestic market, the Græntfaller armed forces, and have recently expanded into motorsports through becoming the official tyre supplier for the Græntfaller MotoGP series, and further making a deal to supply tyres to teams in WGP3 Grearia.


Irrespective of whether this tyre signup is accepted, this nation should be considered the primary nation for the following, all of whom are my puppets:
  • Featherstonehaugh Cholmondley
  • Hannasea
  • Montaña Verde
  • Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland

I believe submitting four drivers from four different nations complies with the letter of the rule as written (if not quite the spirit) but if considered to be taking the piss will remove the signups for Márquez and Fichter.
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