NSCAA 12 - Rosters

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NSCAA 12 - Rosters

Postby NSCAA Basketball » Sun Feb 28, 2021 10:48 pm


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This thread is meant for ROSTERS for the NSCAA 12 competition. If you're planning to post something other than a roster for NSCAA 12, do not post in this thread.
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Postby Saint Kanye » Mon Mar 01, 2021 12:51 am

St. Kanye (STK) NSCAA Entries - Part I


Full school name: Kanyean Air Force Academy
Short school name: KAFA (kah-fah)
Nickname: Warhawks
Home court: The Hangar (capacity 12,000)
Style mod: +1

KAFA, located in the city of Kardash (not to be confused with St. Kanye's capital Kardashia), produces future pilots and other personnel for the Kanyean Air Force. They are a disciplined team, not very flashy, but still gets the job done.

Oh, and did we mention that they're the NSCAA 11 champions? The Warhawks went 22-6 in the Pink 15 Conference, fifth seed in the Ultra 64 tournament, and beat Coolville State University, Starksville Medical Institute, Chromatik State University and fellow Kanyean school Queensbridge University before downing Banija's University of Moravica 86-81 in the finals.




All players and staff are male. Bold means starter; asterisk (*) means key player.

Head coach:
Harvey Shelton

Assistant coach:
Charles Lopez

Point guards:
13 Luther Hamilton (6'2", 200, Jr) *
7 Zach Robinson (6'3", 194, Jr)
23 Marc Crawford (6'2", 183, Sr)

Shooting guards:
26 Dwight Davidson (6'5", 229, Sr)
43 Nick Fleming (6'6", 205, So)
4 Drew Watkins (6'6", 223, So)

Small forwards:
25 Jean Brady (6'7", 214, Sr) *
37 Ron Mulaney (6'8", 215, Fr)

Power forwards:
35 Troy James (6'10", 235, So)
15 Elmo Carpenter (6'9", 240, Fr)

16 Wendell O'Brien (6'11", 261, So) *
6 Eric Allen (6'10", 252, Sr)


Full school name: Frostvale Institute of Technology
Short school name: Frostvale Tech; FIT
Nickname: Frost Giants
Home court: GGtech Center (capacity 10,500)
Style mod: +4

Frostvale Tech is located in the city of Frostvale in north St. Kanye, just 65 miles from the Northwesterosi border. It is a laid back, modern campus which specializes in computer and art-related majors; graduates are often hired at tech companies and animation studios. However, it is a very costly school to get into. The Frost Giants use the run and gun style, preferring fast-paced, high-scoring games and often breaking the century mark when facing off against lesser opponents.

During NSCAA 11, the Frost Giants went a perfect 28-0 and captured the crown in the Mugisha II Memorial Conference. They were seeded first overall in Ultra 64, favored by many to come away with the title, but unfortunately, they stumbled in the Elite Eight, being beaten by rivals Queensbridge University 82-85. This season, they're up for another shot at the title, and even though stars Marlon Martinez and Alan Peterson have already graduated, they were able to pick up capable replacements in Steven Burton and Ace Williams - both top prospects, but come from rival high schools.




All players and staff are male. Bold means starter; asterisk (*) means key player.

Head coach:
Levi Bailey

Assistant coach:
Joel Arnold

Point guards:
9 Steven Burton (6'4", 208, Fr) *
21 Jordan Hall (6'2", 189, Sr)
1 Steve Reed (6'4", 199, So)

Shooting guards:
3 C.J. Carter (6'6", 220, Jr) *
14 Austin Knight (6'7", 215, Fr)

Small forwards:
16 Ace Williams (6'6", 217, Fr) *
29 Bradley Tucker (6'7", 212, So)

Power forwards:
41 Curtis Bridges (6'11", 259, Sr)
36 Kevin Gregory (6'9", 256, So)
00 Joshua Brock (6'9", 248, Jr)

33 Devin Ross (7'1", 269, Sr)
8 Jack Gardner (7'0", 268, Jr)


Full school name: Queensbridge University
Short school name: Queensbridge; QU
Nickname: Engineers
Home court: QU Arena (capacity 10,000)
Style mod: -4

Queensbridge University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in St. Kanye. It is located in the city of Claxton in the south. It has some of the best and brightest students in the country, and is notoriously hard to get into. Queensbridge's specialties are engineering, math and science majors. Their team, the Engineers, are known for their defense. They like to slow down the pace of the game and focus more on forcing turnovers and preventing the opponents from scoring.

With a 23-5 record and the Five Star Conference title during NSCAA 11, the Engineers entered the Ultra 64 tournament as the eighth seed. Four straight points by then-freshman point guard Arian Schmidt lifted them to an 85-82 victory over FIT in the Elite Eight, but they would then lose in the semis, 67-79, to the eventual champs KAFA.




All players and staff are male. Bold means starter; asterisk (*) means key player.

Head coach:
Buddy Shields

Assistant coach:
Alfie Morris

Point guards:
10 Dalton Parrish (6'1", 185, Sr) *
33 Kyle Barber (6'3", 208, Fr)
30 Arian Schmidt (6'1", 197, So)

Shooting guards:
88 Matt Murasaki (6'5", 216, Jr) *

32 Nathan Clement (6'6", 224, So)

Small forwards:
1 Ted Garcia (6'6", 218, Sr)
24 Trevin Adcox (6'5", 213, Fr)
2 J.D. Hartmann (6'4", 218, Fr)

Power forwards:
0 Neil Moore (6'9", 239, So)
55 Johan Chandler (6'9", 227, Fr)

12 Jareth Livingston (7'0", 266, Jr) *
17 Lance Tyler (6'10", 247, Sr)
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MAIN TIER: 3 Sage Caldwell | 18 Jeremiah Brooke (S9 Champ) | 46 Thea Alvarez (S10 Runner-up)
SECOND TIER: 19 Pyotr Lavrentiev | 20 Daryl Calhoun (S10 Runner-up)

IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)


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Postby Saint Kanye » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:29 am

St. Kanye (STK) NSCAA Entries - Part Deux


Full school name: South Union College
Short school name: South Union; SOUC (spelled out)
Nickname: Strongmen
Home court: Dominic Jennings Arena (capacity 9,000)
Style mod: -2

South Union is located in the city of Durbin. It is a small school, attended mostly by students from wealthy backgrounds, and specializes in the arts. However, despite being made up of rich kids, the team is not afraid to play physical, the advantage being that the defense is strong, but the disadvantage being foul trouble.

The Strongmen were last season's Baganda Peoples Conference champions with a 27-1 record. Despite being seeded second in the Ultra 64 tournament, they would only reach the Sweet Sixteen, losing a 75-78 heartbreaker to Brattleboro Tech. Four of the five starters remain for this season's campaign; only recently graduated shooting guard Nicky Harmon is gone, replaced by his brother Petey.




All players and staff are male. Bold means starter; asterisk (*) means key player.

Head coach:
Kelvin Rooney

Assistant coach:
Cyrus Dickerson

Point guards:
4 Cam Sheridan (6'1", 191, Sr) *
8 Ronan Whitfield (6'1", 186, So)
34 Glenn Ramsay (6'3", 191, Jr)

Shooting guards:
25 Petey Harmon (6'5", 214, Fr)
6 Reid Warner (6'5", 205, So)

Small forwards:
20 Zane Hoffman (6'8", 214, Jr) *
2 Axel Travers (6'6", 216, So)

Power forwards:
47 Jess Matthews (6'10", 257, So)
77 Aaron Rubin (6'9", 258, Jr)
30 Jonathan Lark (6'9", 250, Fr)

32 Casper Boone (7'0", 274, Sr) *
27 Colin Murdock (6'10", 269, Fr)


Full school name: University of Bompton
Short school name: Bompton; UB
Nickname: Redblues
Home court: Centre Rougebleu (capacity 13,500)
Style mod: +1

UB is located in the city of Bompton, perhaps better known as NSSCRA driver Jeremiah Brooke's birthplace. It is known as a "party school", while in academics, its specialties are biology, biochemistry and political subjects. The team's play style is flashy, with plenty of ball movement, dunks, and techniques influenced by street basketball.

The Redblues notched a 21-7 record in the Royal Conference last season, and were the fifteenth seed in Ultra 64, where they suffered a 78-79 second round exit at the hands of Brattleboro Tech. There were little changes to the roster, only replacing the graduated Todd Hill and Chris Berry by freshman Roman Kincaid and Queensbridge transferee Joshua Moss.




All players and staff are male. Bold means starter; asterisk (*) means key player.

Head coach:
Simon Cassidy Randall Romero

Assistant coach:
Randall Romero Darren Kingler

Point guards:
11 Scott Sparks (6'2", 198, Jr) *
19 Jeff Moffatt (6'3", 201, So)
7 Roman Kincaid (6'2", 193, Fr)

Shooting guards:
10 Bruce Coleman (6'5", 216, Sr) *
44 Isaiah Reinhart (6'6", 208, Jr)

Small forwards:
14 Von Fields (6'8", 223, Sr)
18 Nigel Wentworth (6'7", 214, So)
52 Joey Watson (6'7", 209, So)

Power forwards:
21 Jeremy Carson (6'8", 230, Jr)
13 Joshua Moss (6'10", 249, So)

5 Benjamin Hill (6'10", 280, Sr) *
51 Hercules Bongo (7'2", 294, So)


Full "school" name: Elmore Heights Correctional Facility
Short "school" name: Elmore Heights
Nickname: Madd Doggs
Home court: City Convention Center (capacity 16,500)
Style mod: 0

It is safe to say that the experiment that brought a team of inmates to NSCAA 11 was a huge success, seeing as Elmore Heights were able to capture the Newlands Conference crown with a 22-6 slate. Inspired by the Madd Doggs' success, more prisons have started basketball teams of their own, and a tournament was held to determine who would be the Kanyean prison system's representative for NSCAA 12. Elmore Heights would win against Strawberry Hill 101-74 in the final, despite missing several players from their NSCAA 11 roster. It was a good kind of absence though, as they have all been released for good behavior.

Note: No player in the team has been convicted of a violent crime, and guards are on standby in every game they play, away or at home. The Madd Doggs will play their home games at the City Convention Center in Rainsford, which is less than a mile away from the correctional facility. They just play for fun and exercise, so their play style may be unpredictable.




All players and staff are male. Bold means starter; asterisk (*) means key player. While their real names were given to the event organizers, only nicknames are displayed on their jerseys.

Head coach:
Wilson Simmons (prison guard)

Point guards:
90 Scooter (5'11", 186)
8 Lil Dragon (5'10", 177)

Shooting guards:
0 Phantom Zero (6'1", 181)
23 Scumbag Smith (6'0", 197)
10 Alfredo (6'0", 186)

Small forwards:
7 Skull (6'5", 200) *
22 Kobra Keith (6'5", 210)

Power forwards:
1 Chief G (6'8", 247, playing assistant coach) *
44 Da Duke (6'7", 228)
33 Meatball Eric (6'8", 236)

99 Big Blake (7'0", 292) *
12 Chuck Midnight (6'9", 257)
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MAIN TIER: 3 Sage Caldwell | 18 Jeremiah Brooke (S9 Champ) | 46 Thea Alvarez (S10 Runner-up)
SECOND TIER: 19 Pyotr Lavrentiev | 20 Daryl Calhoun (S10 Runner-up)

IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)


IBC 19

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Postby The NASCAR Cup Series » Mon Mar 01, 2021 5:31 am

Like Saint Kanye before us, this will be split up into 2 parts, sorted by the conferences the teams from these shores will play in.

Members of the Pink 15 Conference

Nickname: The Club
Short Name: ACTI
Home Arena: Auto Club Arena (12,000 capacity)
Style Modifier: +3


Point Guards
Joseph Matthews, #0
Brodie Harlan, #10

Shooting Guards
Jaymes Hampson, #2
Skyler Smythe, #14

Small Forwards
Hubert Wilkins, #42
Farrell Duke, #55
Geoffrey Thomson, #34

Power Forwards
Erik Foster, #2
Micheal Paris, #41
Wilkie Simpson, #21

Geoff Strudwick, #15
Rodney Bradley, #24

Members of the 5 Star Conference

Nickname: Big Red
Short Name: None
Home Arena: Jacobs Center (1,835 capacity)
Style Modifier: -4

Point Guards
Thurstan Poole, #51
Zane Tyson, #55

Shooting Guards
Burke Moon, #52
Brian Causer, #31
Mervin Stoddard, #40

Small Forwards
Robbie Tailor, #53
St John Devin, #54

Power Forwards
Brian Kendrick, #2
Rickey Fosse, #41

Myron Hawk, #15
Marley Knaggs, #23
Gabby Osborne, #24

Members of the Calania Conference

Nickname: The Mudslingers
Short Name: UE
Home Arena: Summer Mud Dome (3,427 capacity)
Style Modifier: -5

Point Guards
Carter Mullins, #1
St John Ellisson, #33
Brant Morriss, #22

Shooting Guards
Emmett Babcock, #2
Steve Thwaite, #53

Small Forwards
Jeremy Morce, #3
Celestine Jewel, #21
Ralphie Bloodworth, #24

Power Forwards
Issy Chaplin, #4
Shaun Fenn, #30

Matt Rogers, #5
Keegan Good, #00

Members of the Salamantica Conference

Nickname: The Dinosaurs
Short Name: HSU
Home Arena: Gordon Court (12,372 capacity)
Style Modifier: 0

Point Guards
Maximillian Pressley, #5
Hadley Armistead, #23

Shooting Guards
Shad Garner, #24
Jim Beverly, #55

Small Forwards
Dan Montague, #53
Korbin Bonney, #42

Power Forwards
Ayden Ramsey, #35
Ronnie Bonham, #31
Fraser Beverley, #00

Cavan Everill, #34
Ryder Peck, #32
Egbert Ewart, #11
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Postby Kohnhead » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:50 pm

Kohnhead (KHD) Entries

School Name: Kohnhead City University
Abbreviated: KCU
Colors: Gold and White
Nickname: Mighty Eagles
Style Mod: -5
Home Court: The Eagles Den (19,000)
Conference: Eternal Conference

Team Info: Just like when it comes to college football, Kohnhead City University is the best school and should be the most talented here when it comes to it. This is a team that likes hard defense no matter what, sticking to man of course, and runs a lot of press and is extremely good defensively forcing lots of turnovers. Offensively they are as old school as it gets with lots of passing, good spacing, not a lot of dribbling, and only occasional three point shooting. This team has a lot of grit and determination and will make any team work to get wins and points against us.

Starting V
PG: Rocky Hills (Junior)
SG: Sydney Weber (Senior)
SF: Cameron Graves (Freshman)
SF: Ethan Burks (Senior)
C: Elliot Gibson (Junior)

G: Niles Hart (Freshman)
G: Pierce Kernel (Sophmore)
F: Isabelle Garfield (Senior)
F: Iris Crosby (Sophmore)
C: Shana Nolan (Senior)
G/F: Thea Armstrong (Junior)
F/C: Eli Neale (Freshman)

School Name: Swisston City University
Abbreviated: SCU
Colors: Red and White
Nickname: Army Knives
Style Mod: +2
Home Court: Robert Cunningham Arena (12,500)
Conference: Sealion Conference

Team Info: Kohnhead City is almost always the number one in sports however Swisston City is normally a close second just like in NSCF as well as football/soccer. Swisston City guards are notorious for being some of the best dribblers in all of Kohnhead although shooting wise, they lack the three point percentage you are often looking for. This team almost always plays zone on defense and the offense centers around lots of dribbling to find openings as opposed to Kohnhead City's approach. In addition they don't really have one primary point guard with both guards running the offense in the same way.

Starting V
G: Alvin Hodges (Senior)
G: Eli Bull (Senior)
SF: Matisee Blair (Junior)
PF: Chance Roberts (Sophmore)
C: Kristen Landry (Sophmore)

G: Heather Barmon (Freshman)
G: Lee Chambers (Senior)
G: Tyler Bowers (Sophmore)
F: Lauren Spears (Senior)
F: Anna Conrad (Junior)
C: Sherri Hills (Sophmore)
C: Leah Duffy (Freshman)

School Name: University of Barnley Tech
Abbreviated: UBT
Colors: Purple and Yellow
Nickname: Purple Demons
Style Mod: -1
Home Court: Stevens Gymnasium (4,200)
Conference: Royal Conference

Team Info: Barnley are overall just a very well rounded team with limited stars however they have really good coaching and are all a cohesive unit. However most of that cohesiveness comes with experience meaning this team has a lot of upperclassmen. it will be interesting to see how they do in future years in the NSCAA with this being the final year that a lot of their players will be on the team.

Starting V
PG: Amy Sanders (Junior)
SG: Darnell Hayes (Senior)
SF: Addison Frasier (Senior)
PF: Jax Mullen (Junior)
C: Ty Moore (Sophmore)

G: Jamie Phillips (Junior)
G: Kendra Moore (Senior)
F: Meghan Freeman (Sophmore)
F: Ari Cox (Senior)
C: Mack Rowley (Junior)
C: Zach Johnson (Freshman)
G/F: Issac Pickett (Sophmore)

School Name: Castle College
Abbreviated: CAC
Colors: Red and Black
Nickname: Knights
Style Mod: +4.5
Home Court: Ellie's PIzza Arena (7,800)
Conference: Pink 15 Conference

Team Info: Castle College should have the best offense in Kohnhead with a modern offense notorious for its deep threes and isolation looks while also incorporating basic things like the pick and roll. This team clearly prioritizes those who play offense well more than its defense and style of play and the players reflect this with defense definitely coming behind offense in their mind. They also prioritize small ball offensively and don't really have a true center starting. If you can stop their offense you can stop Castle College pretty easily however that is a decently difficult ask.

Starting V
PG: Nelson Britton (Freshman)
SG: Nathaniel Reilly (Sophmore)
SF: Theo White (Senior)
PF: Devin Puckett (Junior)
C: Axel Cannon (Freshman)

G: Elizabeth Ward (Sophmore)
G: Freya Patrick (Senior)
F: Nolan Bailey (Senior)
F: Wayne Albert (Junior)
C: Mack Fry (Sophmore)
G/F: Charlie Soto (Freshman)
G/F: Clay Hudson (Junior)

School Name: University of Kohnface City
Abbreviated: UKC
Colors: Blue and Red
Nickname: Five Musketeers
Style Mod: 0
Home Court: Balandur (14,000)
Conference: Sky Blue Conference

Team Info: Kohnface City are overall an average team both in terms of talent and skill and in terms of the way they operate. They don't do anything too complex and are decent at both offense and defense especially underneat the basket. They don't go to the line much and don't send opponents to the line much defensively, again really average.

Starting V
PG: Stewart Hooper (Freshman)
SG: Bella Hirst (Sophmore)
SF: Jane Gray (Sophmore)
PF: Leon Daniels (Senior)
C: Tate Priest (Senior)

G: Edith Molly (Junior)
G: Patrick North (Freshman)
F: Gavin Montes (Sophmore)
F: Nathan Doyle (Senior)
C: Mindy Knots (Sophmore)
C: Karen Hurst (Junior)
G/F: Joe Ellison (Freshman)

School Name: Wangor State College
Abbreviated: WSC
Colors: Orange and White
Nickname: Dingos
Style Mod: +3.5
Home Court: Sodapark Arena (6,200)
Conference: Orange 16 Conference

Team Info: The second most offensive oriented team in Kohnhead after Castle College is Wangor State College with the Dingos being known as the best shooting team both from behind the arc and at the free throw line. Wangor however do not get many rebounds even at the defensive end which is a big part of their defensive struggles. Expect this team to be pretty difficult to stop especially if they got really hot from three but if they aren't shooting well which can happen they normally don't have a solution to this.

Starting V
PG: Dimitri Roberts (Senior)
SG: TJ Cantu (Sophmore)
SF: Christi Haley (Freshman)
PF: Henry Burns (Senior)
C: Duke Burton (Junior)

G: Patrick Morrison (Junior)
G: Clara Barr (Freshman)
F: Casey Palmer (Senior)
F: Jordan Davis (Senior)
C: Tobi Maddox (Sophmore)
G/F: Pablo Jarvis (Freshman)
F/C: Kai Dodd (Junior)

School Name: Northern-Parga State
Abbreviated: NPS
Colors: Green and White
Nickname: Ice Phoenixes
Style Mod: -1.5
Home Court: Koby Sheffield Gym (6,200)
Conference: Planetary Conference

Team Info: What happens when you put 12 freshman on a team and decide to start a four year experiment to see how they all turn out? That's what Northern-Parga State will be doing for this season and hopefully for the next few seasons as they try to grow this group of freshman. Not much is expected of them this season but maybe in future seasons they can improve.

Starting V
PG: Macy Doherty (Freshman)
SG: Blake Blackwell (Freshman)
SF: Zoey Davila (Freshman)
SF: Levi Goldman (Freshman)
C: Issac Driscoll (Freshman)

G: Harper Buck (Freshman)
G: Mark Hammond (Freshman)
F: Brad Novak (Freshman)
F: Brittany Glass (Freshman)
C: Nora Burnett (Freshman)
G/F: Dolly Lennon (Freshman)
F/C: Pepper Rose (Freshman)

School Name: Dawson Community College
Abbreviated: DCC
Colors: Purple and Blue
Nickname: Spiders
Style Mod: -4
Home Court: Dawson Community Center Courts (780)
Conference: Salamantica Conference

Dawson Community College is not a typical community college functioning just all normal colleges or universitites except for the fact that it is free and paid for by the local government. It isn't very large and academics are not the best but it is a four year college that is pretty normal besides the lack of tuition. The team itself is defensive minded and known to play bully ball get the ball to their bigs under the hoop, don't shoot threes, and get a lot of boards.

Starting V
PG: Luka Sears (Sophmore)
SG: Libby Shores (Junior)
SF: Mikayla Watt (Junior)
PF: Julia Costa (Freshman)
C: Owen Bridges (Junior)

G: Dexter Castro (Senior)
G: Lana Stone (Senior)
F: Evan Reyna (Freshman)
F: Hollie Mathis (Sophmore)
PF/C: Darnell Huff (Junior)
C: Charley Conley (Senior)
C: Milan Little (Sophmore)
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 61st
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 26th
Hockey: 29th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Mendez Bay Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Electrum Slam - Runner up (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

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Postby Valanora » Mon Mar 01, 2021 8:12 pm

Valanora Teams Rosters

Raynor University

PG: Julius Sjögren - 6'2" - 183 lbs - age 22 - Sr
PG: Mattis Danielsson - 5'9" - 171 lbs - age 21 - Sr
SG: Marcel Magnusson - 6'1" - 177 lbs - age 20 - Jr
SG: Manda Söderberg - 5'8" - 162 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
SG: Almir Bergström - 5'11" - 174 lbs - age 21 - Sr
C: Mostafa Mårtensson - 6'6" - 193 lbs - age 20 - Jr

F: Liam Persson - 6'4" - 189 lbs - age 21 - Sr
PF: Mika Samuelsson - 6'5" - 196 lbs - age 22 - Sr
SG: Linus Venås - 6'0" - 164 lbs - age 18 - Fr
C: Lucas Knutsen - 6'7" - 189 lbs - age 18 - Fr

Mar Sara Tech

PG: Filippa Ström - 5'9" - 174 lbs - age 21 - Sr (F)
SG: Manuel Hellström - 6'2" - 187 lbs - age 22 - Sr
PF: Mille Jansson - 6'5" - 202 lbs - age 21 - Sr

F: Timmy Holmberg - 6'6" -209 lbs - age 20 - Jr
C: Hedvig Holmberg - 6'4" - 189 lbs - age 22 - Sr (F)
PG: Nick Olsson - 6'1" - 189 lbs - age 20 - Jr
SG: Isra Holmgren - 5'8" - 167 lbs - age 19 - Jr (F)
C: Mattias Olofsson - 6'8" - 220 lbs - age 20 - Jr
F: Elsa Sundström - 6'3" - 194 lbs - age 21 - Sr (F)
SG: Leonora Lundberg - 6'0" - 176 lbs - age 21 - Sr

University of Hondo
SG: Rasmus Björk - 5'10" - 181 lbs - age 21 - Sr
PF: Freja Lundin - 6'2" - 189 lbs - age 21 - Sr (F)

C: Matilde Thorshaug - 6'5" - 188 lbs - age 18 - Fr (F)
SG: Razmus Arvidsson - 6'1" - 180 lbs - age 19 - Jr
PG: August Nikolaisen - 6'0" - 162 lbs - age 18 - So
F: Marwin Sjögren - 6'5" - 205 lbs - age 20 - Jr
SG: Maj Nyman - 5'9" - 171 lbs - age 21 - Sr (F)
SG: Deborah Lundström - 5'7" - 159 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
PG: Ricky Lindqvist - 6'0" - 186 lbs - age 20 - Jr
C: Ben Eliasson - 6'6" - 207 lbs - age 20 - Jr

Everlin University
PG: Mathias Johansen - 5'9" - 185 lbs - age 21 - Sr
SG: Mathilde Holmberg - 5'8" - 161 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
SG: Alexandra Bakke - 5'10" - 172 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
C: Selma Abrahamsen - 6'6" - 190 lbs - age 18 - Fr (F)
F: Tage Søndenå - 6'5" - 213 lbs - age 20 - Jr
PG: Olav Heggøy - 5'9" - 157 lbs - age 19 - So
SG: Samuel Bråthen - 6'2" - 197 lbs - age 21 - Sr

F: Astrid Melhus - 6'3" - 194 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
PF: Maren Skjærvik - 6'4" - 182 lbs - age 18 - Fr (F)
C: John Knudsen - 6'9" - 227 lbs - age 22 - Sr

Turbani Tech
PG: Signe Egeland - 5'9" - 154 lbs - age 18 - Fr (F)
PF: Gils Ketilsson - 6'9" - 235 lbs - age 21 - Sr
C: Dennis Alver - 6'9" - 227 lbs - age 19 - So
SG: Lara Hólmsteinsdóttir - 5'10" - 161 lbs - age 21 - Sr (F)
SG: Eggert Þorbergsson - 6'2" - 189 lbs - age 20 - Jr

C: Percy Hlöðvarsson - 6'9" - 227 lbs - age 22 - Sr
PG: Jónheiður Jóakimsdóttir - 5'8" - 154 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
PF: Júlíus Pétursson - 6'7" - 218 lbs - age 21 - Sr
F: Guðbrandur Þórmundsson- 6'5" - 220 lbs - age 20 - Jr
SG: Elise Aaserud - 6'0" - 161 lbs - age 18 - Fr (F)

Rinaldi Naval Academy
SG: Jürgen Bumgarner - 6'1" - 191 lbs - age 21 - Sr
SG: Birgit Kuester - 5'9" - 170 lbs - age 21 - Sr (F)
C: Leon Krueger - 6'8" - 226 lbs - age 21 - Sr
PG: Nicole Beich - 5'8" - 161 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
F: Mike Eberhart - 6'6" - 231 lbs - age 21 - Sr
PF: Marco Gottlieb - 6'5" - 224 lbs - age 21 - Sr

PG: Iselin Berg - 5'8" - 158 lbs - age 19 - So (F)
SG: Christina Finnøy - 5'11" - 181 lbs - age 19 - So (F)
SG: Markus Kohl - 6'2" - 191 lbs - age 20 - Jr
C: Martin Weiß - 6'7" - 241 lbs - age 21 - Sr

Sabinal State
PG: Marcial Olivo - 5'9" - 181 lbs - age 21 - Sr
PG: Ceferina Lomeli - 5'7" - 156 lbs - age 19 - Jr (F)
SG: Fermina Barela - 5'9" - 167 lbs - age 21 - Jr (F)
SG: Nicéforo Atencio - 5'11" - 173 lbs - age 21 - Sr

SG: Ruyan Zavala - 5'8" - 167 lbs - age 20 - Jr
SG: Bacchus Maestas - 6'1" - 176 lbs - age 18 - Fr
F: Cesáreo Cortez - 6'4" - 211 lbs - age 21 - Sr
F: Lelio Covas - 6'2" - 207 lbs - age 20 - Jr
C: Bricio Cepeda - 6'6" - 222 lbs - age 18 - Fr
C: Querían Zarate - 6'4" 194 lbs - age 20 - Jr

South Caddonia University
PG: Yanella Galindo - 5'9" - 168 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
PG: Lahuen Villagómez - 5'8" - 156 lbs - age 17 - Fr (F)
PG: Evelia Garica - 5'8" - 152 lbs - age 21 Sr (F)
SG: Koko Meraz - 6'0" - 174 lbs - age 17
SG: Lucio Carrero - 6'1" - 184 lbs - age 21 - Sr
SG: Olympia Solorio - 6'0" - 170 lbs - age 20 - Jr (F)
SG: Nolan Borrego - 6'1" - 179 lbs - age 20 - Jr
F: Nacho Barela - 6'3" - 191 lbs - age 21 - Sr

F: Elpidio Castillo - 6'5" - 211 lbs - age 17 - Fr
C: Romeo Olivares - 6'6" - 219 lbs - age 21 - Sr
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The NASCAR Cup Series
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Postby The NASCAR Cup Series » Tue Mar 02, 2021 6:12 am

This is Part 2 of the NCS's rosters for this season, the first half can be found above.


Members of the Eternal Conference

Nickname: The Duces
Short Name: PC
Home Arena: Rusty Tires Court (22,000 capacity)
Style Modifier: +2.2


Point Guards
Taegan Lee, #2
Jaydon Arthur, #24

Shooting Guards
Tristen Walter, #22
Bryson Jarrett, #53
Rafe Bond, #3

Small Forwards
Lonnie Smith, #12
Sigmund Winton, #1
Donnie Thwaite, #4

Power Forwards
Brant Bean, #33
Chadwick Gill, #5

Melville Daniel, #21
Shelton Underwood, #11

Members of the Flying Drawk Conference

Nickname: The Big Ones
Short Name: UoT
Home Arena: Alabama Superfieldhouse (30,000 capacity)
Style Modifier: +5

Point Guards
Bill Marlow, #1
Jax Faulkner, #11

Shooting Guards
Redd Best, #2
Harlan Isaacson, #12

Small Forwards
Rowland Wilkinson, #3
Greer Bannerman, #13

Power Forwards
Rafe Burns, #4
Duke Jeanes, #14
Goodwin Dodge, #21

Nelson Sims, #5
McKenzie Walmsley, #15
Wilmer Bagley, #22

Members of the Big 7 9

Nickname: The Action Team
Short Name: RRS
Home Arena: Richmond Oval (26,000 capacity)
Style Modifier: +4

Point Guards
Todd Carpenter, #1
Crew Carman, #11
Palmer Solomon, #21

Shooting Guards
Grier Sharman, #2
Randy Merchant, #12

Small Forwards
Hilary Alvin, #3
Kason Akerman, #13

Power Forwards
Legend Easton, #4
Chile Merritt, #14
Cosmo Close, #22

Kody Michaelson, #5
Ralph Richardson, #15

Members of the Orange 16 Conference

Nickname: The Kings
Short Name: PUoE
Home Arena: Entrepreneur Arena (14,243 capacity)
Style Modifier: +4.3

Point Guards
Ferdy Durant, #24
Osborne Belmont, #1

Shooting Guards
Hall Warner, #34
Cavan Snelling, #2

Small Forwards
Kris Forest, #42
Lyle Paulson, #3

Power Forwards
Clay Richards, #43
Nickolas Platt, #4
Regan Tifft, #5

Donny Brittain, #44
Quinlan Sidney, #10
Fulk Ingham, #11
The NASCAR Cup Series
Boogity Boogity Boogity on Green since 1948

Formerly the NASCAR Strictly Stock Series, the NASCAR Grand National Series, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

We miss you, Jimmie Johnson!

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Pratapgadh Schools - Rosters

Postby Pratapgadh » Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:31 pm

  • Will add some more information later.
Chittorgarh University IIIIII
Style Modifier: +2
Nickname: Fireflies
Acronym: CU
Home Court: CU Indoor Arena (Capacity:- 7,500)
Head Coach: Mohan Rathi
Assistant Coach: Avinash Jajodia
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (m)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#55Chinmay Mittal24PG1.78 m72.9 kg
#88Deepak Surana21SF1.98 m87.3 kg
#70Nilesh Niraniya19SG1.91 m82.1 kg
#51Raghu Singhal20C2.08 m99.7 kg
#64Vaibhav Maheshwari24PF2.05 m95.4 kg
#57Anil Thakur18SF1.96 m81.1 kg
#27Eshwar Swarnkar18SF1.94 m78.4 kg
#44Mandaar Vaid23C2.03 m89.9 kg
#60Mudit Jindal21PF1.99 m82.1 kg
#80Pawan Kumavat19SG1.92 m81.6 kg
#90Purshottam Thapliyal20PG1.83 m77.2 kg
#94Siddharth Chand18C2.01 m88.4 kg

University of Jaipur IIIIII
Style Modifier: -1
Nickname: Pillars
Acronym: UOJ
Home Court: Jaipur Sports Complex (Capacity:- 9,000)
Head Coach: Kapish Vajpai
Assistant Coach: Jagdip Kayal
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#28Bhargav Murarka25SG1.87 m75.4 kg
#72Gajanan Bagri21SF2.02 m89.1 kg
#23Kaushal Sureka23PF2.03 m82.9 kg
#18Moksh Birla21PG1.88 m82.2 kg
#95Punit Dwivedi22C2.09 m96.0 kg
#29Deeksha Biyani23PF1.97 m85.4 kg
#22Jeevan Ganeriwal21SF1.95 m86.6 kg
#49Kapeesh Bajla20PF2.00 m89.6 kg
#42Lalit Dubey24C2.05 m97.6 kg
#53Navneet Mehrotra21SG1.92 m81.6 kg
#92Raghvender Nigam19SF1.99 m92.2 kg
#46Raja Sewak22PG1.80 m77.3 kg

Takshashila City College IIIIII
Style Modifier: +1
Nickname: Rebels
Acronym: TCC
Home Court: Takshashila City College Arena (Capacity:- 4,000)
Head Coach: Rudrabhuti
Assistant Coach: Sabihe Azmat
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#79Dhvasanti23C2.07 m92.8 kg
#75Saulat Hashmi25SF1.98 m86.1 kg
#2Tamheed Yazdani24PF2.01 m88.4 kg
#37Vadanya25PG1.91 m80.9 kg
#96Visnuyashas24SG1.91 m81.3 kg
#74Jadil Tirmizi20C2.06 m92.1 kg
#61Kaniz Osmani20PF2.04 m90.6 kg
#29Ksanabhojin19SG1.86 m77.3 kg
#99Ksemavriddhi24SF1.90 m80.1 kg
#43Sameer Hassim19PG1.79 m71.9 kg
#44Somakirti22PF1.91 m80.5 kg
#82Tabeeb Hassim21C2.06 m92.8 kg

University of Suryapur IIIIII
Style Modifier: +1
Nickname: Hoopers
Acronym: UOS
Home Court: UOS Indoor Arena (Capacity:- 6,000)
Head Coach: Rupam Pathak
Assistant Coach: Patakin Desai
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#9Ishrit Kapadia24C2.10 m102.4 kg
#56Krishan Doshi25PG1.81 m73.4 kg
#45Sachit Bhansali20SG1.91 m81.0 kg
#6Trinath Trivedi23PF2.05 m91.3 kg
#66Varsh Dholakia18SF1.90 m82.2 kg
#71Agam Vyas18PG1.85 m70.8 kg
#92Ardakhoreh Zaradoshti19SG1.93 m82.4 kg
#19Balash Satpatiwala19C2.04 m90.7 kg
#14Dhruvin Visariya20SF1.96 m84.6 kg
#93Jagreet Tandel19PF2.03 m101.8 kg
#41Moorti Suthar20SG1.86 m83.7 kg
#57Rehan Hyderi23C2.04 m102.9 kg

Bundi University IIIIII
Style Modifier: 0
Nickname: Bulls
Acronym: BU
Home Court: Bundi University Arena (Capacity:- 5,000)
Head Coach: Ramavtar Bhutoria
Assistant Coach: Purshottam Yadav
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#90Avinash Garg23PF2.03 m90.0 kg
#52Darshan Khatri22SF1.95 m84.0 kg
#36Durgesh Singh22SG1.93 m82.4 kg
#16Manish Dhasmana25PG1.87 m81.3 kg
#74Pratik Mokati22C2.08 m93.6 kg
#84Amitesh Kaura21C2.06 m98.5 kg
#68Arman Trivedi21PF2.02 m83.7 kg
#12Devansh Somani22SF1.89 m79.4 kg
#53Kulsom Jafari20SG1.81 m72.1 kg
#6Mandaar Changedia18PG1.75 m70.5 kg
#82Mukesh Nigam20PG/SG1.89 m82.3 kg
#96Tadeen Hussain24SF/PF2.02 m94.9 kg

Karnavati College IIIIII
Style Modifier: 0
Nickname: Defenders
Acronym: KC
Home Court: Karnavati Sports Complex (Capacity:- 8,000)
Head Coach: Dharmim Kotecha
Assistant Coach: Karan Kamdar
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#60Aryan Harrison25PF2.01 m88.4 kg
#67Kamyar Dhannawala19SG1.93 m86.6 kg
#51Upesh Makavana20C2.06 m98.5 kg
#20Vaibhav Servaia24SF2.00 m87.6 kg
#56Zaber Farooqi19PG1.82 m76.8 kg
#7Chahit Kuchhadia25PG1.81 m72.1 kg
#71Dhrushn Kotak24SF1.99 m92.2 kg
#92Haseeb Qaisrani19SG1.95 m83.9 kg
#47Raphael McCarthy19C2.01 m94.0 kg
#42Sahaj Sanghavi24PF2.01 m84.7 kg
#35Soroush Ostevari20SF/PF1.98 m96.5 kg
#15Vasav Pathak231.83 m75.0 kg

Chandigarh Military Academy IIIIII
Style Modifier: -2
Nickname: Strong Hearts
Acronym: CMA
Home Court: CMA Gymnasium (Capacity:- 3,000)
Head Coach: Amar Bhanrar
Assistant Coach: Dharamjot Okhal
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#59Avmanjeevan Sarsar20PF2.00 m98.1 kg
#98Banjeet Dahloli22PG1.89 m83.1 kg
#11Jagdish Mehra18SG1.88 m82.2 kg
#35Lakhvir Kakran24C2.07 m99.6 kg
#23Swaranpal Mahir18SF1.98 m86.1 kg
#1Ajitpal Slaach18C2.05 m97.6 kg
#74Bishanpal Baryar19PF1.99 m87.0 kg
#19Gurbhagat Jondah20SF1.99 m92.2 kg
#86Jagpreet Jaswal19SG1.92 m81.6 kg
#4Mehartek Gahunia20PG1.82 m79.5 kg
#69Upender Nagri18PG1.79 m76.3 kg
#84Uttampal Jali23SG1.81 m75.9 kg

Kumbhalgarh City College IIIIIIIII
Style Modifier: 0
Nickname: Aces
Acronym: KCC
Home Court: Kumbhalgarh City College Arena (Capacity:- 3,500)
Head Coach: Nikhil Chaubey
Assistant Coach: Ronak Prahladka
Shirt Num.NameAgePositionHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Starting Lineup
#40Atish Gupta22SG1.93 m78.7 kg
#29Harsh Srivastav21PG1.84 m78.9 kg
#8Raghunath Srivastav24SF1.98 m86.1 kg
#83Rishi Agrawal22PF2.01 m88.4 kg
#63Varuni Bhagat19C2.06 m92.1 kg
#75Abhay Chopra23PG1.86 m77.1 kg
#19Ashutosh Sureka19SF1.94 m83.1 kg
#82Himanshu Joshi25SG1.95 m84.9 kg
#56Kailash Bansal20PF2.03 m90.0 kg
#51Keshav Goyal24C2.05 m91.3 kg
#34Namgyal Wangchuk18C2.00 m87.6 kg
#5Vaibhav Kapadia21SG1.90 m80.1 kg
Cricket Rankings
  • Test Cricket: 11th (out of 12)
  • ODI: 25th (out of 48)
  • T20I: 12th (out of 39)
Cricket Stats

Updated on 28 February, 2021 (15:51 NZT)
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Postby Barnettsville » Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:12 am


TEAM		Nampa State		Bayview State			Fair Haven State	Northern Dinagat State	Atlantic Christian	Tidewater State        	Southern Dinagat State	Susquehanna
NAME Broncos Hawks Blue Jays Panthers Crusaders Green Wave Rams Pioneers
COLORS Blue/Orange Maroon/White Blue/White/Gray Black/White Purple/White Teal/Green Green/White/Black Red/Blue
ARENA Flood City Arena Chesapeake Bank Arena Georgia Barnett Arena Seneca Casino Arena Boardwalk Arena Bayfront Arena Van Dam Arena Rootfight Casino Arena
CONFERENCE Big Seven Nine Flying Drawk Planetary Woodlands Eternal Royal Five Star Sky Blue

G 11 Justin Brown (RJR) 12 Allen Pacheco (RSR) 1 Edward Patel (RFR) 2 Ismail Kim (GT) 3 Owen Hubbard (SR) 4 Declan Holmes (JR) 5 Muhammad Gordon (RSR) 10 Warren Hill (GT)
G 13 Wayne Brooks (RFR) 14 Marcus Chan (SO) 15 Thomas Finch (RJR) 20 Marcel Blevins (FR) 21 Jon Schaefer (FR) 22 Lewis Gaines (JR) 23 Kevin Velez (FR) 24 Caleb O’ Connell (RSR)
F 30 Miles Eaton (SO) 32 Jose Rivers (RFR) 34 Jonah Woods (SR) 40 Keaton Cross (RJR) 41 Timothy Sears (RJR) 42 Ahmad Randall (RSR) 43 Travis Mueller (RSO) 44 Victor Becker (SR)
F 45 Leonard Gill (RJR) 31 Zack Massey (SR) 33 Felix Barron (JR) 35 Antonio Duffy (JR) 43 Harry Doyle (RSO) 43 Joseph McLean (RJR) 45 Keaton McCann (JR) 50 Alexander Case (JR)
C 0 Greg Christopher (SR) 00 Solomon Contreras (RFR) 50 Lloyd Wilcox (SO) 51 Oscar Conway (JR) 52 David Dillon (JR) 53 Craig Woodard (RJR) 54 Jamal Hale (RSR) 55 Omar Hubbard (SR)

G 25 Eugene Yoder (SO) 31 Abe Finley (FR) 33 Jasper Jordan (SR) 35 AJ Melton (RSO) 1 Archie Welch (SR) 2 Luis Beck (RSO) 3 Adam Rivera (RSO) 4 Anthony Fletcher (SO)
G 5 Adrian Berry (SR) 8 Conner Cardenas (JR) 8 Tom Boyle (SO) 10 Jack Thornton (RSR) 11 Philip Ayala (RSR) 12 Fred Sanders (RSO) 13 Danny Tanner (RSR) 14 Edwin Burnett (RSR)
G 15 Kyle Charles (FR) 20 Bradley Burgess (RFR) 21 Oliver Henry (RSO) 22 Hashim White (SO) 23 Sonny Crane (RJR) 24 Tony Bates (RJR) 25 Tom Ford (RJR) 30 Owen Baker (RJR)
F 32 Simon Cobb (FR) 34 Mitchell O’ Moore (SR) 40 Jeffrey Francis (RSR)42 Glenn Caldwell(SR) 44 Ray Petersen (JR) 51 Edgar Levy (RFR) 52 Luke Schwartz (JR) 53 Ian Kemp (JR)
F 54 Frank Kelly (SO) 55 Luke Mendoza (RJR) 00 Darren West (RJR) 0 Jimmy Dominguez (JR) 50 Tony Fulton (SR) 40 Matthew Bennett (RJR)50 Carl Randolph (SR) 34 Curtis Hart (SR)
F 34 Otto Curry (JR) 43 Frank Fletcher (FR) 45 Walter Mejia (FR) 55 Ryan Huber (SO) 55 Robert Bird (JR) 45 Nathan Rosales (JR) 55 Lucas Ortega (SO) 43 Lucas Daugherty (JR)
C 40 Isaac Keller (SO) 50 Andre Lewis (SO) 55 Abdullah Reed (SO) 50 Jesse Valentine (SO) 45 Josh McKay (FR) 55 Curtis Byrd (FR) 00 Shane Poole (SO) 0 Chester Berger (SO)

FR, SO, JR, SR : Self-explanatory. R denotes redshirt- whatever class. GT : Graduate Transfer (essentially a 6th year senior).

Green denotes starters.
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DROP IT DOWN!: The Future Starts Now!

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:08 pm

We all know what happened not that long ago - TJUN-ia's Basketball team, lead by Bao Zhou, somehow made the Semis of IBC31 despite all the trials and tribulation that team had to go through to even make the finals itself. With that team ageing by the day and others like it, the TJUN-ia College and University Athletic Association (or TCUAA) have divided the country up in order to see which regions will be sending schools to international competition, with all regions bar the NAU and AU allocated to this glorious sport, a sport of chaos and pure drama. That means we have 8 schools to introduce before play begins in all 13 conferences, so let's see what we have for our NSCAA debut!


Also Known As: M's, CPortside, CP
School Location: Portside, JagBase TJUN-ia
Stadium: Seaview Arena (12,000)
Home Colours: Blue/Green
Road Colours: White/Green
Mascot: Mariner Martin
Fight Song: "Off To Sea"
Conference: Pink 15

PG: Jennifer Reagan (Soph.)
SG: Peter Klivert (Snr.)
SF: Hernando Jotara (Jnr.)
PF: Dami Wong (Fre.)
C: Holden McGriffin (Jnr.)


Also Known As: UW-Wollongmatta Bay, UWWB, Wisdom On The Bay
School Location: Wollongmatta Bay, UO Zone
Stadium: UWWB Auditorium (11,000)
Home Colours: Yellow/Green
Road Colours: Green/Yellow
Mascot: Wally
Fight Song: "Waltzing Matilda"
Conference: Five Star

PG: Pohiva Nukuʻalofa (Soph.)
SG: Edmund Williamson (Snr.)
SF: Margaret Kngwarreye (Snr.)
PF: Epeli Malolo (Jnr.)
C: Leaupepe Saveasi'uleo (Fre.)


Also Known As: AHU, Al-Hilal
School Location: Al-Hilal, ArU Zone
Stadium: Royal Center (15,000)
Home Colours: Green/Black
Road Colours: Black/Green
Mascot: Mustafa the Defiant
Fight Song: "We Rise To Fight"
Conference: Calania

PG: Ail Jaffer (Jnr.)
SG: Issa Al Hayam (Fre.)
SF: Ahmed Al-Malood (Soph.)
PF: Mohammed Alawi (Jnr.)
C: Sayeed Abdulla (Soph.)


Also Known As: UC, UNCA
School Location: Carlandas, UAC Zone
Stadium: La Guarida (The Den) (18,000)
Home Colours: Blue/Red (Azul/Rojo)
Road Colours: Red/Blue (Rojo/Azul)
Mascot: El León de la UC
Fight Song: "El Rugido (The Roar)"
Conference: Eternal

PG: Gilberto Flores (Snr.)
SG: Jonathan Salvador (Soph.)
SF: Luis Lainez (Snr.)
PF: Kiana Robles (Jnr.)
C: Jimena Sierra (Snr.)


Also Known As: Pacifico, UP, UNPA
School Location: Rio Pacífico, UAS Zone
Stadium: Arena Tropical (17,000)
Home Colours: Blue/Pink (Azul/Rosa)
Road Colours: Pink/Blue (Rosa/Azul)
Mascot: Santos el Surfista
Fight Song: "Nosotros Montamos Las Olas (We Ride The Waves)"
Conference: Woodland

PG: Andrade Colón (Jnr.)
SG: Rafaelle (Soph.)
SF: Andressa Alves (Fre.)
PF: Pedro Alaves (Snr.)
C: Jucinara Benites (Jnr.)


Also Known As: UCarib-Port Town, UCPT, Port Town
School Location: Port Town/Portuaria, CU Zone
Stadium: Port Centre (13,000)
Home Colours: Green/White
Road Colours: White/Green/Black
Mascot: Flash Freddy
Fight Song: "We Strike For Us All"
Conference: Flying Drawk

PG: Layton Palmer (Jnr.)
SG: Kendra Braithwaite (Soph.)
SF: José Turrel (Snr.)
PF: Kofi Kollon (Fre.)
C: Martin Rudderford (Soph.)


Also Known As: CSU, Central State, CenSta
School Location: Szensky, CSTO Zone
Stadium: Arena Doblesti (22,000)
Home Colours: Red/White
Road Colours: White/Red/Blue
Mascot: Ivan the Bear
Fight Song: "To Arms For CSU!"
Conference: Big Seven Nine (B79)

PG: Matvei Dzhanayev (Snr.)
SG: Aleksei Zobnin (Jnr.)
SF: Alsu Smirnova (Fre.)
PF: Lina Chernomyrdina (Fre.)
C: Igor Kuchayev (Soph.)


Also Known As: HPU, Hongxai
School Location: Hongxai/Diamond City, CEA Zone
Stadium: People's Stadium (16,000)
Home Colours: Red/Yellow
Road Colours: Yellow/Red
Mascot: Lóngwáng (The Dragon King)
Fight Song: "Wèile Rénmín (For The People)"
Conference: Sealion

PG: Song Qingwei (Fre.)
SG: Yusuke Tokunaga (Soph.)
SF: Gu Ying (Fre.)
PF: Ma Rui (Fre.)
C: Chenrop Rueangthanarot (Jnr.)
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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The Rebound Cycle ...

Postby Drawkland » Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:23 pm


    NSCAA 12 Participants:
  1. Sadeg State Skyhawks
  2. Elmanden District College Mechanors
  3. Old Mountain University Northerners
  4. Cavsar University Gladiators
  5. Drawk Corps University
  6. Cemmendy Tech Cyberpunks
  7. Ducentu State University Eagles
  8. Corinth City University Chargers

Some things to note: In Drawkland, college usually lasts from age 20 to 25, and they're 5-year institutions (Fr, So, Jr, Sn, SS). Basketball fields mixed-gender teams. We're really tall. That's normal for our species. IC'ly the NSCAA is held every 3 or 4 years.



  • Territory: Iarocavet
  • Disctrict: Metro
  • City: Sadeg
  • Home Stadium: Spartan Valley Arena
  • Main Educational Focus: Medical
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Five Star

Head Coach: Aldus Pope 77
Asst. Coach: Jordan Albani 67
Asst. Coach: Gabriel Buck 79


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
3 C Stelius Stuart 8'1" Jr Male
18 F Amore O'Shea 7'11" SS Male
2 F Madelie Boncardi 8'5" SS Female
1 G Gary Boncardi 8'6" Sn Male
5 G Natalie Woodham 7'11" So Female


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
6 C Derrick Carran 8'4" Fr Male
14 F Duane Bull 8'6" Sn Female
4 F Atalanta Stavos 7'8" Jr Female
10 G Lazarro Derose 7'10" Fr Male
13 G Titania Timothy 8'7" Fr Female
Sadeg is one of Drawkland's most historic cities, and its namesake university is no exception. It is debatably one of the oldest constantly-running institutions of learning in all of Sonnel, depending on how you count the diversion between the University and the Spartan Academy. It has always been one to start off strong with winning sports when they first become popular, and basketball was perhaps the most prominent example of this. They've been a contending force since the inception of the collegiate league.

Without a doubt, Sadeg State University was the most dominant team in NSCAA 7. In the Gravity Conference, they attained a perfect record, swept the conference championship, and went on to be seeded #1 in all of the Ultra 64. They were on a hot streak, throwing down left and right, an unstoppable force. 31 consecutive wins, and they seemed like nobody could match them. Unless you were the University of Cenial. In the final game, the one that mattered most, Sadeg State lost 59-67 in the most disappointing loss of the entire NSCAA.

In NSCAA 8 the Skyhawks dropped to the 12th seed out of 64 in the final bracket. With something to prove from their disappointing drop of the title to Cenial, the Skyhawks easily advanced past the first round, only to crumble on a last-second flagrant foul which put their opponent Maris Technical up by a huge margin to end the Skyhawk's disappointing revenge run. Luckily, they were still avenged in the end ...

NSCAA 9 was also not kind to the Skyhawks. Making it to 10th in the seeding for the Ultra 64, Sadeg State was looking to prove that NSCAA 7 wasn't just a fluke. Unfortunately for them, their second round opponent were New Lakeland University. Yeah, the eventual champions of NSCAA 9.

After several seasons of disappointing results for the Skyhawks, NSCAA 10 was crucial to prove that the NSCAA 7 wasn't just a fluke, and that Sadeg State was still a true power in the NSCAA. This started off well, with Sadeg State taking control of the Sky Blue Conference and winning the conference championship. Ranked #5, they came into the Ultra 64 with a chip on their shoulder and a bracket where they could dominate. And dominate they did, all the way to the Final Four for the second time, and into the final for the second time. They may not have been undefeated at this point, but they were finally back to the promised land. At the time, only one school had ever been to the NSCAA final twice, that being Loudon Empire University from Newmanistan. They lost both those matchups. Sadeg State couldn't afford to fail again. So this time, they didn't. A five-point win over Banija's University of Moravica was enough to finally crown the Skyhawks champions, the second Drawkian team to do so.

NSCAA 11 may have been a bust for all Drawkian schools, but the last thing you want to do is underestimate the Skyhawks. They'll be back, and they'll be hungry for another title.



  • Territory: Kanyoet
  • Disctrict: Restemin
  • City: Elmanden
  • Home Stadium: Circuit City Park
  • Main Educational Focus: Information Technology, Engineering
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Sky Blue

Head Coach: Melissa Mayra 71
Asst. Coach: Orla Fatira 63
Asst. Coach: Val Christie 59


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
25 C Damian Cellar 8'6" Sn Male
3 F Jasper Boothman 8'5" Jr Male
9 F Jean Adrians 7'10" SS Female
11 G Charleigh Marina 7'11" Jr Female
5 G Matthew Strand 8'2" Jr Male


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
15 C Lilibet Langley 8'4" Fr Female
18 F Maggie Oakley 7'11" So Female
12 F Mac Beckham 8'4" Fr Male
10 G Sandra Kobus 8'3" So Female
7 G Joel Sweet 7'10" Fr Male
Elmanden is a city in southeastern Kanyoet, close to Ducentu and only a few miles away from Cemmendy. Elmanden District College is a school devoted to mainly the study of Information Technology and various types of Engineering, their programs are in the highest tiers of the nation's. Another part of the technological triumvirate in Drawkland's mideast, Elmanden is a destination for many on the physical side of computers and other such instruments.

In Drawkland, Elmanden has quickly risen to be a sort of mini-dynasty, winning the domestic tournament twice since the last NSCAA. Momentum is definitely on their side.

In NSCAA 7, Elmanden were ranked 5th overall in the bracket. Unfortunately, they lost 65-101 to the Instituto Universitario Politicnico de Carabobo, the 60th seed (who were walloped by our own Metropolon next round). The loss was absolutely humiliating and many pointed fingers at bad officiating, but it was too late. After such an embarrassment, Elmanden was determined to return with fire.

And that they did. In NSCAA 8, they grabbed the 2nd seed overall in the tournament, and got poetic justice by defeating their first-round opponent 100-65. They easily cruised through the tournament, and defeated Keisler College from Newmanistan in the Final Four to ensure an all-Drawkian NSCAA championship game. Against Old Mountain University, a sort of cinderella story (as far as Drawkians are concerned), Elmanden flexed their might once more and defeated the Mountaineers 95-76 to claim the NSCAA 8 title.

Unfortunately, the magic wouldn't stay on Elmanden's side. While they remained a powerful school, ranked 6th going into the tournament, they too would fall in the second round. Raynor University out of Valanora, the unlikely 38th seed, proved to be the giant killers (who would then be easily vanquished next round).

In NSCAA 10, Elmanden would dominate the Woodland Conference and go on to capture the #3 seed in the Ultra 64. On top of that, they proved that NSCAA 8 wasn't just a fluke by gaining their second Final Four berth. A chance to not only make the final again, but to possibly have an all-Drawkian championship. This wouldn't be on the cards though, and the University of Moravica would move on to the final. Thankfully Sadeg State won the game and took the spotlight off Elmanden's failure on a national level, but the Mechanor Faithful are still left wondering what could've been.

With crazy depth and a still-hungry squad though, Elmanden is an opponent you shouldn't discount yet.


NSCAA 8 Runners-Up

  • Territory: Iarocavet
  • Disctrict: Metro
  • City: Drawk City
  • Home Stadium: A.Y. Ditty Coliseum
  • Main Educational Focus: Communications, Technical Degrees
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Royal Conference

Head Coach: Ethel Denman 96
Asst. Coach: Maeghan Adam 83
Asst. Coach: Patrick Laron 69


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
24 C Sara Marston 8'11" So Female
3 F Kaden Zangari 7'8" SS Male
4 F Katina Garrido 8'2" Fr Female
17 G Mary Ann Atwater 7'9" Sn Female
15 G Mel Dotin 7'8" So Male


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
21 C Colin Power 8'4" So Male
10 F Allan Jeffrie 8'7" So Male
2 F Valeri Gladwin 7'8" Jr Female
6 G Tino Manley 8'1" Jr Male
7 G Ella Sharman 8'7" Jr Female
Old Mountain University is, well, an old university near a mountain. It's situated in the north of Drawk City (hence the Northerners nickname), technically in a suburb outside of the city but still claiming to be apart of the greater area (which is is). It's like that one college that everyone knows but forgets about. They have a wide assortment of degrees, but considering its size, location, and atmosphere, it's often described as "the community college that's not." It's a commuter university which is chill and renowned for its low rates, and not really hated by anyone.

Old Mountain didn't qualify for NSCAA 7, seeing as they're more of a laid-back program that doesn't really get much attention or success. After a wild upset qualification into NSCAA 8, they made the most of it, miraculously grabbing the 4th seed spot from the bracket and unloading points upon points on their opposition. Throughout the Ultra 64, they never allowed more than 70 points, and won by double-digit margins until the Final Four where they only beat Corinth City by 8 points. In their unprecedented run to the final, however, the magic ran out at the very end. They may have lost by 19 points to Elmanden in the most important game of their history, but they captured all of our hearts in the process.

As far as Drawkian schools in NSCAA 9 went, they went pretty well. A first round victory after grabbing the #15 rank was easy, a 9-point win. Unfortunately due to the bracket, they had to knock out Corinth City University the very next round, and in the Sweet Sixteen they fell by 10 to the 31st-ranked University of Tundra Falls. If you'd believe it, that was one of the better performances by a Drawkian school that cycle.

NSCAA 10 featured Old Mountain in the Five Star Conference, where they were bested at nearly every turn by Newmanistan's University of Tundra Falls but nobody else, both in the conference standings and the conference championship game. The "subpar" performance led to them only getting a 17th seed. They had one of the shoddier Ultra 64 performances, losing by one point on a buzzer-beater by Belle Haven State in the second round. Ducentu State may have avenged them in the next round, but they were still heading home earlier than they hoped.

Old Mountain is no longer a pushover or a cinderella school, though. They're one to contend with and they're here to stay.


  • Territory: Iarocavet
  • Disctrict: Metro
  • City: Drawk City
  • Home Stadium: Corps University Hub Arena
  • Main Educational Focus: General or Corps Role
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Pink 15

Head Coach: Tom Chalk 72
Asst. Coach: Perry O'Brian 64
Asst. Coach: Nancy Richard 79


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
25 C Joe Lileas 8'4" SS Male
14 F Jules Adelia 8'2" SS Female
24 F Kirsty Mullen 7'5" So Female
1 G Watt Wiley 8'6" Sn Male
16 G Charlotte Armida 8'4" So Female


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
22 C Ajax Mulligan 7'9" Fr Male
5 F Rich Robertson 7'9" So Male
3 F Jaylah Nelson 8'1" Fr Female
21 G Bryson Brannon 7'11" Fr Male
6 G Amberlynn Penner 8'0" Fr Female
Drawk Corps U is a university in Drawkland, the main campus of which is located in Drawk City, Drawkland's largest metropolitan area of several million people. It's owned and operated by the Drawk Corps, which is the main corps registered in the National Corps System of Drawkland. All of its students are members of the Drawk Corps. Since the Drawk Corps is a national organization, there are many supporters of the university nationwide, and some enrolled online or on other, smaller, campuses.

Drawk Corps also owns a club in the DBO of the same name, and the university team is mainly considered a "feeder" for it. However, both teams are very good, considered the best in the nation by many, within their respective leagues. Out of the many centuries of Drawkian university basketball play, the Drawk Corps University basketball team has currently racked up 107 national titles over its history.

In NSCAA 7, despite winning the Eternal Conference in the Regular Season and Conference Tournament, they inexplicably failed to overcome the University of Myana from Chromatika, a 72-93 loss in the first round of the tournament. It was a disappointed end to the season, but at least Myana were avenged when Metropolon City College took them out in the Sweet 16.

NSCAA 8 didn't feature much more success for the Corps. Being the worst-ranked Drawkian school (a lowly 16th out of 64), they still made a run for the Sweet 16. While pretty much all pundits expected them to be facing the #1 seed of the Endemian College at Whitehaven from Ceni, they were upset and instead the Sweet 16 matchup pitted DCU against Chromatik City College University, ranked 32nd. And then they lost by 11 points.

Once again, NSCAA 9 was expected to be a bust for the Drawk Corps U. And that it was, in a way. Despite having their best rank ever of 9th going into the tournament, they still could barely squeak into the Elite Eight, their best finish. There they got obliterated by the eventual runners-up, Farrer University, by 20 points. Even worse, this was the best finish of any Drawkian school in NSCAA 9.

Drawk Corps U may have won the Royal Conference regular season in NSCAA 10, but they fell short in the conference championship to defending NSCAA champions in New Lakeland University. It was still enough to get #9 in the tournament, but once again DCU had an abysmal Ultra 64 run, being dispatched in the second round to Concord Heights Beauty School. To be fair, CHBS made it to the Final Four and came close to beating Sadeg State, but that doesn't stop us from relentlessly clowning Drawk Corps fans.

At this point, Drawk Corps University has gone from being the team to fear inside Drawkland's borders to nearly a laughing stock everywhere else. Many Drawkian neutrals will laugh at the normally egotistical DCU fans being served a taste of their own medicine, but maybe that's what DCU needs to finally get over the hump.


  • Territory: Malicollet
  • Disctrict: Melo
  • City: Corinth City
  • Home Stadium: Chargers' Coliseum
  • Main Educational Focus: Sciences of many sorts
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Sealion Conference

Head Coach: Quenton Sev 82
Asst. Coach: Stuart Tosta 62
Asst. Coach: Gage Brooks 72


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
19 C Cletis Calisto 8'6" SS Male
22 F Natasha Jenkins 8'0" Sn Female
14 F Sharlene Snelling 7'9" Sn Female
11 G Eli Coatin 8'6" So Male
18 G David Santis 7'9" So Male


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
24 C Georgia Ganza 8'10" Jr Female
2 F Reagan Irving 7'9" Fr Female
10 F Harvey Dell 8'6" Fr Male
25 G Libby Delise 8'2" So Female
9 G Rory Emiel 7'11" So Male
Corinth City is the famed Drawkian city of scientific study. As such, Corinth City University is one of the largest and oldest colleges in Drawkland, which was originally built as a way to direct smart pupils into the Capital of Science in Drawkland, and it has served this purpose well. However, in the last bit of history, Corinth City Uni had an influx of less prominent students looking for a higher-class education, mainly brought on by the period of economic growth in Drawkland. This led to slightly more funding being put into the sports program, and an explosion of skill was underway.

While Corinth City's Chargers have yet to bring home a national championship, they've gotten agonizingly close these last few years, losing the last championship to Elmanden. Hopefully they'll be able to break out eventually.

In the NSCAA 7 regular season, Corinth City beasted in the Woodland Conference, nearly going undefeated save a few late season losses. They went on to be the #2 seeds in the overall tournament. Corinth became somewhat of a monster in the bracket. After defeating Cosumar's lone entry, Stoneshore College, in the first round, Corinth went on to face 3 consecutive Chromatik teams. This gained them the moniker "Chromatik Crushin' Corinth City Chargers," and they made it easily into the Final Four. Unfortunately, they couldn't make it into the Championship, and finally fell to 27th seeded University of Cenial in a massive upset, 69-99. Curse Cenial.

In NSCAA 8, they had a similar performance. As the 9th seed, the Chargers had a similar run where they beat all their opponents comfortably. Unfortunately, they didn't get to live up to their moniker of "Chromatik Crushin' Corinth City" until the Elite Eight, where they bested Chromatik City College. They then went on to the Final Four for the second consecutive time, the only semifinalist from NSCAA 7 to return to this stage. But once again, they bowed out against the competition, Old Mountain barely powering ahead. At least they didn't lose to a non-Drawkian school who would go on to win this time.

Unfortunately for Corinth City, their final four magic would not stay with them for NSCAA 9. After a solid victory in round one from the #18 seed, Corinth City would fall once again to Old Mountain, this time in round two. NSCAA 9's draw was not kind to Drawkland, and neither were the opponents.

NSCAA 10 featured Corinth City once again creaming their conference, this time being the United 15. They were the last team to be ranked in the Top 10 at #10, and hoped to achieve the success they had in previous editions. Things seemed to be going well as they cruised into the Sweet 16, but Baker Park's Coolville State beat them by one point to advance. At this point, Corinth City has seemed to be going backwards rather than forwards.

The back-to-back Final Four losses are still planted in the back of every Corinth City player's mind, however. And this time, they want it all.


  • Territory: Malicollet
  • Disctrict: Pitrawd
  • City: Ducentu
  • Home Stadium: Two River Court
  • Main Educational Focus: Data Science, Engineering
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Eternal Conference

Head Coach: Anton Irving 78
Asst. Coach: Leia St John 73
Asst. Coach: Ashling Moriarty 94


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
2 C Gabrielle Russel 8'5" SS Female
22 F Ruy Travers 7'8" SS Male
10 F Alexi Henrison 8'1" Jr Female
16 G Niel Florent 8'0" SS Male
20 G Louise Boothe 8'2" Sn Female


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
4 C Jordan Accardo 8'9" Jr Male
11 F Alex Romanago 7'10" Fr Male
19 F Tiana Blue 8'0" Jr Female
1 G Finn Santana 7'9" So Male
21 G Adelynn Leoni 8'5" So Female
Ducentu State University is the prestigious university out of Ducentu, the city wedged at the border of 3 territories - Malicollet, Kanyoet, and Ellzidanet. Like Elmanden and Cemmedy, it's a big member of the modern computing industry, the three cities form a sort of triumvirate as far as the IT business goes. Data science is the big major coming out of the college, but of course all types and manners of engineering are mainly studied here. For some reason, Law is also a common pursuance.

After missing NSCAA 7, Ducentu came to NSCAA 8 with the intention of making a big splash, and that they did. After easily cruising to the Sweet Sixteen, Ducentu were pitted against the ultimate evil known as the University of Cenial, the NSCAA 7 champions who brutally and horribly defeated the previously-undefeated Sadeg State in the final. Ducentu, while not being present in the tournament leading up to that loss, knew how important it was to slay the beast before it grew any bigger. A 78-94 win that absolutely flattened UCenial arose, and Ducentu were the Drawkian heroes for awhile longer. Then in the Elite Eight they came face to face with Elmanden District College, and you know how that turned out.

While being ranked #21 wasn't exactly Ducentu's intended way of recreating the success of NSCAA 8. However, their huge win over the University of Concord Heights was a good way to start. Unfortunately, they couldn't avoid the 9-point loss to eventual Final Four team Southport University in the second round, ending their NSCAA 9 run a little earlier than anyone hoped.

NSCAA 10 would be Ducentu State's breakout cycle. They went 27-1 in the Eternal Conference and won the conference tournament, the single loss easily being enough to net them the #1 seed for the Ultra 64. The title ambitions were unexpected, but the Eagles planned to capitalize on them as soon as possible. Things went smoothly, of course, until they reached Concord Heights Beauty School in the Elite Eight. It was only a matter of time until the dream came crashing down, and despite a surprisingly good season overall, it was impossible to not feel a tinge of regret.

NSCAA 11 notwithstanding, the NSCAA 10 performance for Ducentu is one they feel they can still replicate. This time though, they want it all.


  • Territory: Malicollet
  • Disctrict: Namorc
  • City: Cemmendy
  • Home Stadium: Fredo Picks Court
  • Main Educational Focus: Computer Science, Engineering
  • NSCAA 12 Conference: Calania

Head Coach: Margot Foss Park 76
Asst. Coach: Phyllis Potenza 76
Asst. Coach: Benjamin Park 76


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
9 C Rosine Varano 8'9" SS Female
17 F Jason Spini 8'1" Jr Male
10 F Liola Mooni 8'4" SS Female
0 G Patrick Ace 7'11" Sn Male
25 G Shevon Solvek 7'10" SS Female


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
16 C Margaret Dante 7'8" So Male
2 F Quintino Williams 7'9" Fr Male
12 F Gabby Meadows 7'10" Jr Female
23 G Cissy Philips 8'3" So Female
8 G Juan Fleming 7'10" So Male
Cemmendy Tech is a university devoted to the technological. Its students are some of the most well-versed in the computer realm as some of those who've created the machines in the first place. The mascot is the "Cyberpunks," one that was chosen by the students after the advent of advanced technology and the term for users of it arose.

For NSCAA 7, Cemmendy easily won their conference, a fantastic record and a great tournament showing granting them the 3rd seed out of all the Ultra 64. That, however, inexplicably did no good as they lost 84-85 in a heartbreaker to the unknown Shibusen School of Aji No Moto, who was unceremoniously dumped by a 19-point margin to a Vannish school. You better believe they wanted for revenge, even if Aji No Moto isn't back.

This revenge simply did not happen. They were ranked a lower 7th in NSCAA 8, but still had a great draw that they could go far with. But instead, they got smacked by Turbani Tech of Valanora, who dumped them out of the first round with a 70-81 scoreline.

So you think ... surely they can't get upset in the bracket 3 NSCAAs in a row?! Of course they didn't! In NSCAA 9 they were actually the lower seed, at #39, so when they lost to the Cenian Academy of Science and Technology in the first round, it wasn't technically an upset! Haha ... ha. It'd be funnier if Drawkland as a whole wasn't destroyed in NSCAA 9.

With all these losses, you'd expect Cemmendy Tech to make a change. At least with NSCAA 10, they rebounded from their shoddy conference stage in NSCAA 9, instead winning the Newlands Conference both in the regular season and the conference tournament. They even netted the #6 seed for the Ultra 64. You've heard this story before. Cemmendy were massively favored, facing a nobody in Nostsian University ... and they won. What?! Finally, the glass ceiling is broken! Cemmendy are going to make a run this year guys! This is it! This is it! Now they- oh shit, they lost in the next round to the University of Concord Heights. LOL. Cyberpunks gonna Cyberpunk.

In NSCAA 12 ... sure they'll make the bracket. They'll probably even net a high seed out of it. Try to convince your non-sport-informed friends at the office to put Cemmendy Tech as a deep run so you're guaranteed to beat them.


  • Territory: Iarocavet
  • Disctrict: Deleej
  • City: Cavsar
  • Home Stadium: Riverfront Arena
  • Main Educational Focus: Engineering, Sports Science, Accounting

Head Coach: Les Benson 74
Asst. Coach: Katrina Lilya 71
Asst. Coach: Steven Sanchez 66


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
18 C Monica Colquitt 8'7" Jr Female
5 F Julie Sigfried 8'0" Jr Female
9 F Zoe Sparks 8'0" SS Female
4 G Andrew Ramona 7'11" Sn Male
25 G Leon Claussen 8'3" Jr Male


# Pos. Player Height Year Sex
24 C Beth Sampson 8'0" Fr Female
21 F Miles Manson 8'3" Fr Male
1 F Arsenio Mools 7'10" Fr Male
16 G Kyleigh Van Donk 8'2" Fr Female
6 G Benny Gallo 8'6" So Male
Cavsar University is a school in the northwest of the Iarocavet territory. Cavsar isn't a huge city, it could be considered more of a college town near the coast, and thus Cavsar doesn't get much attention. In gridiron, the university is a formidable foe, but the basketball team has always been lacking until recently. In the times of old, Cavsar featured many combat sports between skilled athletes, hence why their nickname are the Gladiators.

Cavsar struggled with irrelevance in basketball until very recently, when coach Les Benson came and changed the program around for the better. Now the Gladiators aren't just another team to wish they could make the big dance, but instead are contenders for the title year after year. They, and DISC, hope this talent can transfer to the NSCAA.

Despite being a new addition to the Drawkland slate of NSCAA schools in NSCAA 10, Cavsar got to work proving their worth. They won the Pink 15 conference handily and got the #11 seed in the tournament. With the way the bracket was set up, they'd potentially have to deal with the first Drawkian-on-Drawkian matchup in the Sweet 16 (against Cemmendy Tech) if they made it that far. Cavsar held up their end of the bargain, but unfortunately Cemmendy lost to Concord Heights ... who in turn, defeated Cavsar as well on their way to finally being beaten by a Drawkian school in the Elite Eight.

Even with the downer ending, Cavsar still had a great showing for a first-time school. And now, bolstered by a larger fanbase especially thanks to their NSCF participation, the Gladiators are looking to improve even further.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Mar 03, 2021 10:52 pm

The Universities Athletic Coalition, Baker Park's collegiate sports governing body, submits their schools for this third opportunity of competing against the finest opposition in the multiverse on the hardwood.

Two schools will return for the second consecutive time, while one school will return after a one-season hiatus and one school will return for the third time in a row; in addition, there are four new competitors, including two of the nation's outstanding female squads.

In general, college basketball in Baker Park is fast paced, freewheeling and high scoring; with one notable exception that will be pointed out, you should expect these teams to look to run, employ quick passing offense and man to man defense.

Location: Clayton, West County, Baker Park state
Enrollment: 9,200 undergrad/336 post-grad
Founded: 1925
Nickname: Bobcats
Arena: Emily & Joyce Markham Athletic Center (4,600), also Belle Haven Arena (22,000)
Coach: Chris Meriweather, 14th season
Assistants: Nelson Bell, Sebastian Kay
Colors: Crimson & Sky Blue
Starters: Kenny Dayspring F (6'9” Jr., 16.7 ppg/8.4 rpg), Vincent Collins G (6'4” So., 17.5 ppg), Russell MacDonald C (6'11” Sr., 12.8 ppg/7.6 rpg), Floyd Wilson G (6'2” Sr., 10.4 ppg), Noah Badibaganda F (6'6” Jr., 9.5 ppg/6.2 rpg)

Belle Haven State were the defending UAC National Champions the last time they entered NSCAA, and proved their mettle, going to the Pink 15 Conference Championship game and the Sweet 16, where they lost to number 1 ranked Ducentu.
This time there is an entirely different cast, although veteran coach Chris Meriweather remembers how to guide a team through the rigorous competition. They were 22-8 last domestic season, falling in the Metro semis but making the National Tournament, where they were bounced in the 1st Round by NSCAA newcomers Kellerville State. Meriweather will be looking to get the offense back to where it was in edition 10, when the Bobcats averaged over 83 ppg.

Location: State University Borough, Osheana
Enrollment: 20,681 undergrad/ 1,185 post-grad
Founded: 1903
Nickname: Falcons
Arena: Leonard Jenkins Center (13,600)
Coach: Bob McDonald, 12th season
Assistants: Cris Agosto, Quincy Wallis, Sr.
Colors: Orange & Brown
Starters: Justin Callaghan C (6'9" Sr., 13.8 ppg/7.2 rpg), Simon Ross F (6'7" Sr., 11.7 ppg/6.3 rpg), Peter Sorianno G (6'0 Jr., 8.7 ppg/4.8 apg), Craig Hartman G (6'2” So.,12,0 ppg), Liam Hobart F (6'6” Jr., 15.2 ppg/6 rpg)

O-State are back for the third time, and the expectation is for a season more like their first one, when they went 26-6, before slipping to 20-11 in NSCAA 11. They failed to make the UAC tourney, and are probably the weakest team on paper of the Commonwealth's octet, but they will be formidable at home.


Location: Shirley, St Leon
Enrollment: 22,603 undergrad/2,852 postgrad
Founded: 1906
Nickname: Red Raiders
Arena: Charles Corder Memorial Arena (12,200)
Coach: Donald Odom, 7th season
Assistants: Harris McMillan, Phil Gruber
Colors: Red, Black & White
Starters: Drew Atkinson G (6'1" Sr., 18.0 ppg), Troy Worley F (6'8" Jr., 14.0 ppg/8.0 rpg), Harris Stone C (6'9" Sr., 19.7 ppg/9.3 rpg), Gregory DeRosa F (6'6" Jr., 12.2 ppg/6.4 rpg) Will DeVries G (6'0” Jr., 9.2 ppg/6.0 apg)

USL were the surprise package last time out, going 21-11, which they parleyed into a Big 8 Conference title and a 2nd Round tourney appearance in the previous domestic season. Stone was the conference POY and is about 15 pounds heavier than when he was in NSCAA last season. The Raiders will put up points, make no mistake.

Location: University Park, Ezra
Enrollment: 29,910 undergrad/4,313 postgrad
Founded: 1894
Nickname: Bulls
Arena: CCB Center (16,000)
Coach: Kelvin Black, 8th season
Assistants: Mark Palmer, Dan Lohmeyer
Colors: Forest Green & White
Starters: Tony Figueroa F (6'7" Sr., 13.1 ppg/5.9 rpg), Reid Fitzpatrick G (6'2" Sr., 14.0 ppg), James Zimmerman C (6'8" Jr., 11.7 ppg/6.6 rpg), Eddie Benes G (6'3” So., 9.6 ppg), Mark Turnball F (6'9” Jr., 16.8 ppg/5.8 rpg)

The Bulls were another team that built upon their multiverse foray into a good UAC campaign. 22-11 was a bit of an eye-opener in their initial NSCAA experience, and the added experience among the front line helped to get Ezra into the tourney in spite of falling short in the EEUL Championship Final.


Location: Belle Haven, Baker Park state
Enrollment: 14,384 undergrad/717 post-grad
Founded: 1901
Nickname: Bullets
Arena: Perander Gymnasium (6,200), also Belle Haven Arena (22,000)
Coach: Tom Carpenter (9th season)
Assistants: Harris Robinson III, Don Millner
Colors: Red & Gray
Starters: Robert Rice G (6'2” Sr., 15.8 ppg), Mike Hewitt F (6'7” Jr., 12.4 ppg/5.2 rpg), Johnny Gonzales F (6'8” Sr., 14.4 ppg/6.1 rpg), Chad Flagler C (6'10” So., 11.0 ppg/7.0 rpg), Anton Laurens G (6'1” Jr., 17.3 ppg)

UBH and Belle Haven State played 3 games that were some of the best basketball seen over the course of the season, but the Bullets took two of them as well as the Metro tourney title for the first time in 5 years. An eight minute cold spell in the National semi-final against Oceana was probably the only thing that kept them from their 6th Championship in school history. They are quietly optimistic about their chances in the Big 7/9.


Location: Kellerville, Midalia
Enrollment: 6,853 undergrad/397 post-grad
Founded: 1955, gained 4 year degree status in 1969
Nickname: Rams
Arena: Paul Crawford Arena (5,200)
Coach: Jeff Sams (4th season)
Assistants: Ted McCafferty, Brent Stanley
Colors: Cornflower Blue & Yellow
Starters: Owen Campbell F (6'6” Jr., 13.6 ppg/6.9 rpg), Kurt Dahl G (6'0” Sr., 11.5 ppg) Stu Pellegrini G (6'1” Jr., 9.8 ppg), Eduardo Brown F (6'7” Jr., 12.1 ppg/6.0rpg), Seth Harper C (6'9” Jr., 10.4 ppg/5.8 rpg)

Now we come to the exception that proves the rule. Kellerville are the antithesis of how the game is usually performed--they like a physical, slow paced, defensive style, spread the court and milk the shot clock. Jeff Sams was the National Coach of the year for getting the Rams into the National Tourney for the first time in 14 years, as only St Leon's firepower prevented K-State from winning either of the Big 8 crowns. The worrying thing for opponents is that this team has actually come good a year early, as noted by their four juniors in the starting lineup. NSCAA is like playing with house money for this squad.


Location: Lima, Baker Park state
Enrollment: 17,127 undergrad/946 post-grad
Founded: 1919
Nickname: Lady Lions
Arena: Connover Physical Education Center (5,600)
Coach: Patricia Coleman (16th season)
Assistants: Diana Irvine, Bob Griffith
Colors: Hunter Green & Red
Starters: Hope Tomlinson G (5'11” Sr., 15.6 ppg), Jill Rosmeier F (6'4” Sr., 14.7 ppg/7.4 rpg), Gwen Nixon C (6'7” Jr., 13.3 ppg/8.9 rpg), Stevie Calabrese G (6'0” Sr., 15.0 ppg), Donna Edwards F (6'3” Jr., 12.8 ppg/5.4 rpg)

It's not been since the mid-1980's that the women's game has been at a competitive level with marquee coaches and strong inter-conference rivalries like that which Baker Park college basketball is in the midst of; Northern took the crown last year for the 5th time under Coleman's leadership, this time as the underdog to their sister school, University of Baker Park.
As for concerns about the Lions being undersized relative to other schools they will face, they are also vastly experienced, and mitigate their size difference with a stingy match-up zone. Underestimate Northern at your own peril.


Location: Endborough, Endover
Enrollment: 8,620 undergrad/231 post-grad
Founded: 1888
Nickname: Germans (unofficially 'Lady Germans')
Arena: Main Gymnasium (9,400), also CAPBANK Center (18,955)
Coach: Caren Hunter (19th season)
Assistants: Wendi Ambridge, Julia Slaney
Colors: Black, Gold & Red
Starters: Tamara Kelly F (6'5” Jr., 21.8 ppg/8/5 rpg), Alicia North G (6'1” Sr., 16.4 ppg), Maria Santiago G (6'0” Sr., 12.6 ppg), Beth Kennedy F (6'6” Sr., 15.1 ppg/7.0 rpg), Loretta Burnette C (6'8” Jr., 14.4 ppg/6.8 rpg)

Every nation has their iconic sports teams that everyone wonders if they'd ever be good enough to wear the shirt for; we come to the very first one that reached that status, at just the right time in history, and that has singularly represented women's sport in Baker Park.
The famous gold uniforms were said, by an opposing coach in the past, to be worth 6-8 points before they even had the center toss; the school played in the Final of 11 consecutive National Championship games between 1961-71, so maybe there's something to it.

Endborough College's Lady Germans (the gender differentiation was phased out--as it was at many universities--in the early 1990's) were portrayed as all iconic sports dynasties are, depending on your perspective--they were the very best talent, drilled to behave like automatons; they vacuumed up every good player to keep their competition from being able to recruit them--a fact that was considered laughable even in the 60's, as it was about as far from the truth that something could be--because they were afraid competition; or, on the other hand they were virtuous, intelligent young women excelling at the pinnacle of athletic competition at one of the most exclusive educational institutions in the Commonwealth. They hold the record for most games won in a row (103); they have the mark for the second, third, fourth and fifth longest streaks as well.

Oh one more factoid--Hunter has won 6 national championships since she took over as just the 3rd head coach of the team since 1948.
They lost in the semis to UBP, and their senior laden lineup will not be fazed by anyone they will play. There's a school legend that the Main Gym is haunted (it was built in 1933), but spirits or not, EC are nearly unbeatable there.

AOCAF LXII Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Savojarna’s NSCAA 12 entries

Basketball is a young sport in Savojarna and primarily done by amateurs. It has enjoyed some popularity for a while in the small urban communities of the country’s larger cities, along with other urban youth culture phenomena; however, they have rarely been organised and primarily played in informal games. Formal 5v5 basketball primarily gained traction in the Russian port cities - Savojagrad, Pawlograd, and Jaromirgrad - thanks to their cultural diversity. Especially Savojagrad’s Club Rushmori, fuelled by Donnaconan immigrants, has become an epicentre of Savojar basketball. Like in most Savojar amateur sports, universities are another core of the sport. University students often had more time to train than other people, meaning that student clubs often had success in the Savojar amateur scene.
However, there is no history of semi-professional university basketball (or any sport) in Savojarna. Prior to their entrance in NSCAA, the university athletes have not been competing among themselves, but as regular members of the Savojar Basketball Serien; an amateur league with no TV coverage and an average attendance of between 500 and 700 people that has often been inflated by CR Savojagrad. Universities typically don’t recruit based on sports, nor do they actively seek to build successful athletics teams; the teams are part of the regular university sports offering for the physical health of students. Most of them play in regular sports halls with some stands erected for the opportunity, although in case of high demand there are options to rent larger halls.

TU Pawlograd
Full name: Technicheskij Universitet Pawlograd / Technical University of Pawlograd
Short name: Pawlograd Tech
Colours: Black, white, silver
Founded: 1853 (as Imperial Polytechnikum Pawlograd)
Club name: Academic Sports Club TU Pawlograd

TU Pawlograd is one of the two most prestigious schools in the country (together with NUS). Its engineering, physics, and architecture departments are considered particularly strong, and they are famous for their involvement in the SVJ Racing World Grand Prix teams through their aerodynamics and engineering faculties. In terms of sports, the ASCTU is large in members, but not in success. Maybe this changes internationally?

Coach: Ilja Mijatov
PG #1 Lars Henlund
SG #2 Aleksander Popov
PG #3 Ljubomir Valerionov
SF #4 Joël Rivet
C #5 Johan Grönqvist
PF #6 Rikard Nyborg
C #7 Pavel Arjonov
SG #8 Ilari Vishchuk
SF #9 Mikhail Ijatovich
PF #10 Karel Najarev
PG #11 Patrik Andersson

NUS Sjoedrhavn
Full name: Nationellt Universitet Savojarna pa Sjoedrhavn / National University of Savojarna at Sjoedrhavn
Short name: NUS Sjoedrhavn
Colours: Navy, red, white, black
Founded: 1840 (union of previous colleges)
Club name: SSSC “Röd Stjerne”

Traditionally Savojarna’s most prestigious university; with its crowning jewel being the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics from which most of Savojarna’s past leaders graduated - including the legendary revolutionary theorists Perl Kruger and Daniel Engström. NUS also excels in some of the sciences, most notably chemistry and medicine, and has a fierce rivalry with its counterpart across the sea in Pawlograd. Layering old Russian vs. Savojarsk and sciences vs. humanities debates over each other, it’s a long-standing tradition to mock the other university. In sports, this is significantly less prevalent - a holdover of the fact that university sports don’t really interest anyone other than the players’ friends in Savojarna - but with international reputation on the line, this will probably change.

Coach: Lasse Crentz
PG #2 Viktor Ploey
C #4 Anders Klingberg
SF #5 Sven Rosenqvist
PG #6 Kimi Simonen
PF #7 Ole Rönngren
SG #8 Poul Svensson
SG #9 Nina Sundby
C #10 Kristian Haugen
SF #14 Atle Jorgensson
PF #15 Sergei Pavlov

RAS St. Andrei
Full name: Rossijskaja Akademija Savojarna / Russian Academy of Savojarna
Short name: RAS; the Russian (Academy)
Colours: Black, gold, white
Founded: 1572 (as The Holy Collegium of St. Michail)
Club name: SSC “Russian Eagle” St. Andrei

RAS has deep roots in the religious institutions of Russica, although it had been forced to accept non-Christian students during the Kristinian Reforms of the 1850s and had a secular curriculum imposed in the 1890s under the Liberal parliamentary governments of the time. In 1916, the last remnants of church control over RAS were removed together with the establishment of the Theological Seminar of St. Andrei. Nowadays, RAS is the prime university with education in Russian in Savojarna, and an important centre of Russian Nationalism. Many students here study Russian Literature, History, or Politics; just as many end up in one of the many separatist student clubs.

Coach: Oleg Narodin
SG #1 Valeri Pakhonov
SG #2 Ilja Khaburov
PG #3 Martin Jagrev
PG #4 Konstantin Sebchuk
SF #5 Roman Ukharin
SF #6 Igor Kotarov
SF #7 Vladimir Jernashevski
PF #8 Jaromir Petrov
PF #9 Vjacheslav Tolkov
C #10 Karol Shotakov
C #11 Miroslav Ursov

EU Storevik
Full name: Ejansk Universitet / Ejanan University
Short name: EU
Colours: Grey, blue, white
Founded: 1900
Club name: EU Storevik

EU Storevik has been founded during the Ejanan Renaissance period, when the Ejanan noble and Imperial Minister Arnulfur Heimdallsson had pushed his home region’s culture to be preserved and nourished. Under his tutelage, Professor Thorgeir Eiriksson became the first head of EU and established it as a vehicle to transport and research Ejanan culture and language. It still has a strong focus on humanities, although less strictly Ejanan; it is also known for its excellent geology and earth sciences department that supplies the knowledge needed for the region’s mining industry. EU sponsors a professional, second-division football team and a professional handball team; its basketball team, however, is part of the regular university sports.

Coach: Thorlakur Amonsson
PG #1 Vilmar Arngardsson
SG #2 Himri Thorbrandsson
SF #3 Arnfinnur Bjarnason
PF #4 Bjarnar Steinnsson
C #5 Eir Sigthorsson
PG #6 Freymar Ebbasson
SG #7 Jotan Sivarsson
SG #8 Kar Ottason
SF #9 Eythor Freyrsson
PF #10 Grimkell Gudmundsson
C #11 Pál Ruriksson

NIFB Virkaja
Full name: National Savojar Institute of Forestry and Biology [officially in English]
Short name: The Institute; Forestry School
Colours: Green, white
Founded: 1942
Club name: Virkaja Student Sports Union (VSSU)

The National Institute of Forestry and Biology was originally a trade school, but got its big upgrade in the 1940s under the Virkajan Commissioner for the Economy Lauri Heijanen, who noted the uncompetitiveness and backwardsness of Savojarna’s forestry sector. It got expanded to include a stronger focus on wider agriculture in the 1960s under its second director Prof. Markus Jyllymaa, and nowadays offers courses in life sciences more broadly, although its most prestigious programs remain biology and agricultural programs. As the only Savojar university, it offers its classes in English by default.

Coach: Calle Mortensson
PG #1 Lauri Hautamäki
SG #2 Petter Horth
SF #3 Valtteri Nieminen
PF #4 Henning Jauslason
C #5 Vasili Nemtsev
PG #6 Anton Lysdahl
SG #7 Erik Parttanen
SF #8 Frits Holmgren
PF #9 Ingmar Jatorov
C #10 Marc Slott
C #11 Joakim Thorvaldsson
MT socialist (mostly) island state - Cultural mixture of Scandinavia, Finland and Russia -Exports iron, steel, silver and wood - Low fantasy in terms of animal species - Sports-loving - 22.8 million inhabitants.

The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
I am a student of (European) politics, ice hockey fan, left-wing communist bordering on anarchy, and European federalist. Enjoy!

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School Name: Instituto de Tecnologia de Mandrid (IT Mandrid / ITM)
Nickname/Moniker: Cardenales Rojos (Red Cardinals)
Colors: Red and Gold
Conference: Eternal Conference (Valanora)
Head Coach: Eresenio Carrera Ortis, Male, 54
Arena: Gimnasio Arturo Vicenzio Martins (capacity 4,000)
Play style: Run and gun, slashing

*C - Clemente Loera Abarca, 16, Male, native of Mandrid - 2.01 m, 90.1 kg - Freshman
C - Nicolasa Esqueda Palencia, 18, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.89 m, 83.8 kg - Sophomore

Power Forwards
*PF - Benjame Alcalde Palma, 20, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.82 m, 79.3 kg - Senior
PF/C - Estafania Moye Rivera, 16, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.85 m, 92.6 kg - Freshman
PF/SF - Bernardino Pereira Pando, 19, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.75 m, 71.8 kg - Junior

Small Forwards
*SF/PF - Maximiano Vallez Concepcion, 19, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.71 m, 68.7 kg - Senior
SF - Ninah Rodrigo Linares, 16, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.65 m, 67.1 kg - Freshman

Shooting Guards
*SG/SF - Galeno Cisneros Durazo, 18, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.64 m, 64.3 kg - Junior
SG - Cefariana Alejos Avalos, 17, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.63 m, 57.7 kg - Sophomore
SG/PG - Gervasio Ramon Llano, 19, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.61 m, 63.2 kg - Junior

Point Guards
*PG - Marcela Picazo Medel, 20, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.52 m, 58.9 kg - Senior
PG/SG - Guilla Castellanos Adames, 20, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.59 m, 55.2 kg - Senior

School Name: Universidad de Hispinas (UH)
Nickname/Moniker: Genios Verdes (Green Geniuses)
Colors: Green and White
Conference: Woodland Conference (Valanora)
Head Coach: Adolfo Tamayo Montera, Male, 48
Arena: Gimnasio de UH (capacity 2,000)
Play style: Slow pace, three pointers

*C - Lucia Camargo Blas, 20, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.92 m, 90.5 kg - Senior
C/PF - Absalon Paramo Millan, 17, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.95 m, 88.4 kg - Sophomore

Power Forwards
*PF - Perfecta Colorado Hinojos, 17, Female, native of Piedramarilla - 1.82 m, 77.2 kg - Sophomore
PF - Delmar Cerro Valcarcel, 16, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.83 m, 74.8 kg - Freshman
PF/SF - Thera Villatoro Silverio, 16, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.75 m, 76.5 kg - Freshman

Small Forwards
*SF/PF - Toño Barillas Noyola, 18, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.7 m, 69.8 kg - Junior
SF - Edgardo Baron Ortego, 18, Male, native of Piedramarilla - 1.67 m, 65.6 kg - Sophomore
SF/SG - Josefina Pereira Galban, 20, Female, native of Piedramarilla - 1.65 m, 67.3 kg - Senior

Shooting Guards
*SG/PG - Beltran Abelardo Sanchez, 18, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.6 m, 61.5 kg - Junior
SG - Nardo Ferraz Rivas, 16, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.63 m, 68.1 kg - Freshman

Point Guards
*PG - Guillermina Benedicto Frances, 18, Female, native of Piedramarilla - 1.5 m, 54 kg - Sophomore
PG/SG - Omero Ovalles Garcia, 20, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.6 m, 60.2 kg - Senior

School Name: Colegio de Nuno Espirito Santo (CNES)
Nickname/Moniker: Fantasmas Morados (Purple Phantoms)
Colors: Purple and Black
Conference: Flying Drawk Conference (Drawkland)
Head Coach: Josefino Nuno Espirito Santo, Male, 47
Arena: Arena Nuno Espirito Santo (capacity 7,000)
Play style: Balanced

*C - Graciano Madruga Carabajal, 16, Male, native of Vigano - 2.08 m, 103.3 kg - Freshman
C/PF - Quixote Del Moral Borjas, 16, Male, native of Vigano - 1.95 m, 82.4 kg - Freshman

Power Forwards
*PF/SF - Xalvador Aguila Nieto, 20, Male, native of Malklan - 1.84 m, 86.5 kg - Senior
PF/SF - Saulo Otero Geronimo, 16, Male, native of Vigano - 1.75 m, 74.9 kg - Freshman
PF/SF - Candelas Claro Montejo, 20, Female, native of Vigano - 1.77 m, 75.1 kg - Senior

Small Forwards
*SF/SG - Floriana Barcenas Polo, 20, Female, native of Vigano - 1.64 m, 68.4 kg - Senior
SF/PF - Cristiano Basurto Mandes, 20, Male, native of Mascardo - 1.69 m, 69.9 kg - Senior
SF - Joaquin Salvo Santillan, 16, Male, native of Vigano - 1.68 m, 67 kg - Freshman

Shooting Guards
*SG - Maria Angeles Largo Villaflor, 20, Female, native of Malklan - 1.61 m, 60.9 kg - Senior
SG/PG - Emilio Rico Pinero, 16, Male, native of Mascardo - 1.62 m, 61.2 kg - Freshman

Point Guards
*PG - Alta Hernando Renteria, 20, Female, native of Vigano - 1.57 m, 59.1 kg - Senior
PG/SG - Sofronio Machin Varona, 18, Male, native of Vigano - 1.52 m, 55.5 kg - Sophomore

School Name: Basko Unibertsitatea (Basko)
Nickname/Moniker: Panterak (Panthers)
Colors: Orange and Blue
Conference: Royal Conference (Newmanistan)
Head Coach: Kepa Aguirrebeña Zamudio, Male, 58
Arena: Basko Unibertsitateko Kiroldegia (capacity 2,500)
Play style: Run and gun, three pointers

*C - Ixidor Bakaikoa Iruretagoyena, 17, Male, native of Vallezul - 2.00 m, 98.7 kg - Sophomore
C - Garaine Isturits Ugaldea, 17, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.91 m, 85.3 kg - Junior

Power Forwards
*PF/C - Marz Barrenengoa Garibay, 19, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.87 m, 82.8 kg - Senior
PF/SF - Txori Amasorrarain Ariztegi, 16, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.79 m, 72.3 kg - Freshman
PF/SF - Herensuge Arranz Osacar, 16, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.73 m, 69.6 kg - Freshman

Small Forwards
*SF/PF - Xanti Tellechea Etxeberria, 19, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.71 m, 68.8 kg - Senior
SF - Zabal Larraga Etxague, 19, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.66 m, 59.4 kg - Junior

Shooting Guards
*SG/PG - Maitane Antxustegi Paguaga, 18, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.59 m, 61.9 kg - Junior
SG - Frantziska Karrantza Arambide, 19, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.62 m, 62.6 kg - Junior
SG - Ikatz Padura Barreneche, 16, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.63 m, 60.3 kg - Freshman

Point Guards
*PG/SG - Frantzes Lascurain Senosiain, 18, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.57 m, 62.5 kg - Sophomore
PG - Yuli Etxeleku Azcarate, 19, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.52 m, 57.5 kg - Junior

School Name: Ipar-mendebaldeko Hispanako Unibertsitatea (ImHU)
Nickname/Moniker: Mendizaleak (Mountaineers)
Colors: Sky Blue and Green
Conference: Five Star Conference (Cassadaigua)
Head Coach: Pauli Arzamendia Retuerto, Female, 42
Arena: ImHU Kiroldegia (capacity 2,300)
Play style: Slow pace, slashing

*C - Kimetz Irigoyen Zalacain, 20, Male, native of Haranbehera - 2.10 m, 104.8 kg - Senior
C/PF - Asurdi Iruretagoyena Leceta, 18, Male, native of Seviguio - 1.93 m, 83.9 kg

Power Forwards
*PF/SF - Gutxi Larriategui Bikuña, 17, Male, native of Seviguio - 1.84 m, 84.8 kg - Sophomore
PF/SF - Urdin Zarate Iriarte, 19, Male, native of Seviguio - 1.73 m, 74.9 kg - Junior
PF/SF - Maritxu Capanaga Rementeria, 16, Female, native of Haranbehera - 1.73 m, 72.4 kg - Freshman

Small Forwards
*SF - Joxepa Allende Martitegui, 16, Female, native of Seviguio - 1.66 m, 64.1 kg - Freshman
SF/PF - Lete Lizaran Etxeleku, 16, Male, native of Haranbehera - 1.68 m, 68.5 kg - Freshman
SF/SG - Zelai Izaguirre Gereña, 20, Female, native of Seviguio - 1.64 m, 68.4 kg - Senior

Shooting Guards
*SG - Urki Aritza Hurtado De Saracho, 18, Male, native of Seviguio - 1.61 m, 66.1 kg - Sophomore
SG/PG - Amalur Zufiria Arcaya, 16, Female, native of Haranbehera - 1.62 m, 66.2 kg - Freshman

Point Guards
*PG/SG - Artzai Santisteban Muxica, 17, Male, native of Seviguio - 1.57 m, 59.7 kg - Sophomore
PG - Argi Luza Oronoz, 17, Male, native of Seviguio - 1.50 m, 50.2 kg - Freshman

School Name: Pamantasan ng Silangang Hispinas (PSH)
Nickname/Moniker: Mandaragat (Mariners)
Colors: Teal and Grey
Conference: Calania Conference (Quebec)
Head Coach: Gutierre Escoto Cantero, Male, 37
Arena: Gusaling Pampalakasan ng PSH (capacity 1,700)
Play style: Run and gun, slashing

*C/PF - Fons Quezada Landeros, 20, Male, native of Felipamerigo - 1.94 m, 93.7 kg - Senior
C/PF - Ezekyel Empestan Montenegro, 17, Male, native of Felipamerigo - 1.96 m, 95.2 kg - Freshman

Power Forwards
*PF - Picabia Quijas Puentes, 17, Female, native of Felipamerigo - 1.82 m, 76.3 kg - Sophomore
PF - Renaldo Buron Corzo, 16, Male, native of Mascardo - 1.83 m, 74.7 kg - Freshman
PF - Benedicto Artiga Del Valle, 16, Male, native of Felipamerigo - 1.82 m, 78.2 kg - Freshman

Small Forwards
*SF - Jemsa Leyva Sarmiento, 17, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.68 m, 59.7 kg - Sophomore
SF/SG - Yesenia Suero Puebla, 16, Female, native of Felipamerigo - 1.65 m, 60.5 kg - Freshman

Shooting Guards
*SG - Cesareo Deniz Otxoa, 18, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.64 m, 63.7 kg - Junior
SG - Ysabella Plaza Arboleda, 19, Female, native of Felipamerigo - 1.58 m, 62.2 kg - Junior
SG/PG - Isabel Sanabria Bustamante, 18, Female, native of Felipamerigo - 1.59 m, 82.3 kg - Sophomore

Point Guards
*PG - Felix Madruga Frias, 16, Male, native of Mascardo - 1.56 m, 56.7 kg - Freshman
PG - Quirt Urena Albuquerque, 16, Male, native of Mascardo - 1.55 m, 55.2 kg - Freshman

School Name: Unibersidad sa Cebuenas (UCeb)
Nickname/Moniker: Kabog (Bats)
Colors: Pink, Blue
Conference: Planetary Conference (Drawkland)
Head Coach: Gabriel Franqui Asis, Male, 52
Arena: Natad sa Unibersidad sa Cebuenas (capacity 2,600)
Play style: Balanced, slashing

*C - Fredericio Cobian Gaspar, 19, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.98 m, 93.6 kg - Junior
C - Marcita Camejo Capella, 19, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.91 m, 92.5 kg - Senior

Power Forwards
*PF - Maricruz Bartolome Escarr, 17, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.82 m, 74.1 kg - Sophomore
PF/SF - Isreal Guzman Alvear, 16, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.74 m, 74.6 kg - Freshman
PF - Maurizio Herrera Resto, 16, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.82 m, 81.3 kg - Freshman

Small Forwards
*SF/PF - Matios Ureno Guillermo, 20, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.69 m, 64.1 kg - Senior
SF - Luisina Verdugo Alegria, 19, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.67 m, 60.4 kg - Junior

Shooting Guards
*SG/PG - Celino Escajeda Quijada, 20, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.55 m, 59.5 kg - Senior
SG/PG - Fabiana Arquilla Trigueros, 18, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.56 m, 56.2 kg - Sophomore
SG - Fe Alegre Varona, 17, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.59 m, 65.2 kg - Freshman

Point Guards
*PG - Ignocio Valera Carlos, 17, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.51 m, 57 kg - Sophomore
PG - Cristina Trevino Fabela, 16, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.51 m, 52.1 kg - Freshman

School Name: Instituto de Azucena (IA)
Nickname/Moniker: Avispas (Wasps)
Colors: Gold and Black
Conference: Sky Blue Conference (Newmanistan)
Head Coach: Esteban Badilla Avena, Male, 45
Arena: Gimnasio de IA (capacity 2,000)
Play style: Slow pace, three pointers

*C - Salomon Mijares Carro, 17, Male, native of Lirio - 1.98 m, 93.3 kg - Sophomore
C - Fortunato Malon Gaspar, 17, Female, native of Lirio - 1.9 m, 84.5 kg - Freshman

Power Forwards
*PF/C - Apolonia Padron Salvador, 19, Female, native of Lirio - 1.88 m, 86.1 kg - Junior
PF/SF - Alfonso Vides Quintero, 20, Male, native of Murosur - 1.77 m, 76.3 kg - Senior
PF/SF - Zoilo Millan Correa, 16, Male, native of Lirio - 1.71 m, 70.6 kg - Freshman

Small Forwards
*SF/SG - Fausteno Mato De Valle, 19, Male, native of Murosur - 1.64 m, 61.7 kg - Junior
SF - Luvenia Moralez Cordova, 17, Female, native of Lirio - 1.67 m, 74.4 kg - Sophomore
SF/PF - Manolo Guadarrama Parco, 18, Male, native of Lirio - 1.71 m, 70.2 kg - Sophomore

Shooting Guards
*SG - Emeraldina Chirino Rada, 19, Female, native of Lirio - 1.59 m, 61.4 kg - Junior
SG/PG - Ginata Segura De la Torre, 19, Female, native of Lirio - 1.58 m, 62.6 kg - Junior

Point Guards
*PG - Jovita Rengel Montanez, 20, Female, native of Murosur - 1.53 m, 52.3 kg - Senior
PG/SG - Marcos Cabello Duarte, 16, Male, native of Lirio - 1.56 m, 69.1 kg - Freshman
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Postby Ranoria » Fri Mar 05, 2021 7:36 pm

Ranoria's Very Own:
NSCAA Rosters!

Permissions: Literally anything goes with these boyos, barring 'rona stuff.
Key: Top players starting, guys below them are their backup. Underlined players are considered to be above average
First up, the ones you're most familiar with...

School Name: Richardson University
Nickname: Governors
Colors: Red and White
Conference: Salamantica Conference - Quebec
Head Coach: Markus Volgelstein
Arena: Richardson Arena - 13,500

Claus Münchberg
Raoul Hoehman

Power Forwards:
Jannik Fittkau
Björn Harnisch

Small Forwards:
Gregor Grasshoff
Falko Heilmeier

Shooting Guards:
Viktor Bergius
Anton Steinmeyer

Point Guards:
Phillip Catherina
Jens Kranefuss

School Name: Cold Hill University
Nickname: Buffalo
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Conference: Flying Drawk Conference - Drawkland
Head Coach: Lennart Mayenburg
Arena: The Igloo - 14,000

Romey Köhler
Hardwin Baumann

Power Forwards:
Wilmar Ziegler
Dierk Roth

Small Forwards:
Adelmar Busch
Barthold Stroman

Shooting Guards:
Reiner Anneliese
Phillip Stark

Point Guards:
Dedrich Friedrich
Udo Gorman

The ones that have been mentioned in RPs before...

School Name: Ranoria State University
Nickname: Wolfhounds
Colors: Black and Blue
Conference: Planetary Conference - Drawkland
Head Coach: Randal Harrington
Arena: Heron's Dome - 24,500

Felix Harrington
Roderick Cullen

Power Forwards:
Werner Heffley
Tobias Koehne

Small Forwards:
Rowley Backmeyer
Adam Reimold

Shooting Guards:
Greg Klengel
Luca Fabiane

Point Guards:
Justin Sussman
Gabriel Carlson

School Name: Vricksinburg State University
Nickname: Pheasants
Colors: Brown and orange
Conference: Woodland Conference - Valanora
Head Coach: Tobias Wilkow
Arena: Vricksinburg State Arena - 13,022

Ole Glockenton
Carl Wernz

Power Forwards:
Manuel Thielemann
Adam Reimold

Small Forwards:
Eduard Schachner
Bruno Wehder

Shooting Guards:
Johan Dreyfus
Mike Schwartzman

Point Guards:
Bastion Frey
Tom Austerlitz

Aaaaand finally, the throw ins

School Name: University of Dietrich
Nickname: Snow Bears
Colors: Sky blue and white
Conference: Sealion Conference - Hispinas
Head Coach:
Arena: Heritage Arena - 6,301

Patrik Sternhell
Marius Weinstock

Power Forwards:
Jörn Lehning
Tillmann Freund

Small Forwards:
Timon Myers
Moritz Hergenröther

Shooting Guards:
Vinzenz Brugmann
Richard Berkel

Point Guards:
Yannik Wildner
Adam Goethe

School Name: Matthensville Polytechnic Institute
Nickname: Cryptokleptics
Colors: Orange
Conference: Big Seven Nine - Drawkland
Head Coach: Bochniak Ether
Arena: Moonshill Court - 9,400

Denis Algorand
Terry Lina

Power Forwards:
Michael Tezos
Hagendorn NuCypher

Small Forwards:
Corey Ripple
Kanan Theta

Shooting Guards:
Ezra Tether
Adonis Paid
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Postby Banija » Sat Mar 06, 2021 8:57 am

Country Information
Full Nation Name: Kingdom of Banija
Trigramme: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes(please specify the number of games that they will miss).
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes(please specify the amount of time that they will miss). However, Banijan players or fans will not be allowed to catch any pandemic for any reason. And you need my permission to kill anybody.
Godmod Other Events: Contact me for permission first

- All players are both Banijan and male unless otherwise specified
- By the Banijan calendar, the NSCAA occurs every 3rd year. In seasons that schools compete in the NSCAA, they do not compete in domestic basketball. In NSCAA years, domestic basketball continues, just without the NSCAA schools. So the last 10 years has looked like this. So Year 8 records shown are 2 seasons before NSCAA 11, and Year 9 is record in season prior to NSCAA 11.
Year 1: NSCAA 9
Year 2: Everyone competes domestically
Year 3: Everyone competes domestically
Year 4: NSCAA 10
Year 5: Everyone competes domestically
Year 6: Everyone competes domestically
Year 7: NSCAA 11
Year 8: Everyone competes domestically
Year 9: Everyone competes domestically
Year 10: NSCAA 12
- BCSG stands for Banijan Collegiate Sports Group. It is the Banijan equivalent of Division I of the NCAA. There are 59 member institutions of this group.
- Banijan domestic regular season has 28 games, consisting of 8-12 non-conference games and 16-20 conference games, depending on conference champions. 16 out of 59 total teams make the tournament, seeded 1-16. The 9 conference champions(there are no conference tournaments),and 7 at-large sides as picked by a selection committee. The first 2 rounds are Best of 3, all occurring at the home court of the higher seed. 3rd round is Best of 5(2-2-1 format), and Championship series is Best of 7(2-2-1-1-1 format).
- The BCSG's automatic qualifiers are anyone who made the national semifinals in Year 8 or 9. That made for 6 automatic qualifiers. While the BCSG would normally enter the NSCAA with just those six schools, with the country's two biggest brands, Northern Moravica and Loyola-Istria both missing out on AQ status, they were both controversially voted in as schools 7 & 8.
- All people mentioned are of Banija nationality and are male unless otherwise specified.

Kizza I College Cubs men's basketball team
School Profile
Full Name: Kizza I College
Nickname: Cubs
Location: Busukuma, National Capitol Region
Type: Public, Research, Urban, Sun Grant- mostly a commuter campus, unique among the Banijan NSCAA entries this year. Around 20% of students live on campus.
Enrollment: 22,737
School President: Jamaal Hali. 58 years old.
Athletic Director: Elijah Abdallah(Busoga Islands). 74 years old.
Last NSCAA Appearance: NSCAA 11
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: Final 4, NSCAA 11
Year 8 Record: 26-2(national champions, beat University of Moravica 4-2 in the national championship series)
Year 9 Record: 25-3(national runners-up, lost to University of Moravica 4-0 in the national championship series)
Rivals: Loyola-Busukuma
Colors: Maroon & White
Domestic Conference: Southern Shango Conference

Head Coach: Idirissa Sanneh. 6th season as head coach. Alumnus. 58 years old.
Defense: Man to man
Starting Lineup
PG #3 Jibril Kakay. 6'1. Redshirt Junior(Graduate Transfer)
SG #4 Bunama Soley. 6'4. Sophomore.
SF #14 Adeline Rose(Equestria). 6'3. Female. Freshman. Team's best perimeter player.
PF #21 Daba Bah. 6'11. Senior.
C #11 Sarjo Manneh. 7'0. Senior. Captain. Team's best player, four year starter.
PF #13 Jereh Kujabi. 6'9. Sophomore.
SF #7 Birom Faye. 6'7. Junior.
SG #2 Ilman Suso. 6'3. Freshman.
PG #24 Sama Baldeg. 6'0. Junior.
C #18 Kausu Kaba. 6'10. Freshman.

Home Stadium is the King's Court. Capacity of 14,500. Located in Busukuma, National Capitol Region.

Northern Moravica Cougars Men's Basketball Team
School Profile
Full Name: Northern Moravica University
Nickname: Cougars
Location: Herzegovina City, Moravica
Type: Public, Research, Urban, Space Grant.
Enrollment: 37,928
School President: Abbas Bajo. 62 years old. 1st year on the job.
Athletic Director: Horace Browning(Cosumar).
Last NSCAA Appearance: NSCAA 11
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: Sweet 16(NSCAA 10 & NSCAA 11)
Year 5 Record: 19-9(lost 3-0 in national quarterfinal series with University of Moravica)
Year 6 Record: 18-10(lost 3-0 in Round of 16 to Loyola-Busukuma)
Rivals: Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown), University of Moravica
Colors: Red & white
Domestic Conference: Northern 9 Conference

Colors: Red & white
Head Coach: Momodou Mendy. 1st year as head coach, last coach fired after first round domestic sweep to the lesser institution of their archrival.
Defense: 3-2 zone(half-court trap)

The team's two best players are far and away Joof & Coleman... Their team is built around giving their two guards offensive chances. Behind them are lots of hustle guys.

Starting 5
PG #0 Ebrahima Joof. 6'0. Senior.
SG #2 Tycho Coleman(Equestria). 6'5. Sophomore. Team's best perimeter player, offense largely goes through him.
SF #15 Tijan Mendy. 6'6. Freshman.
PF #4 Assan Diawara. 6'9. Junior.
C #99 Habib Jatta. 7'0. Senior. Fourth year at the school.
PG #11 Ya Mboob. 6'1. Freshman.
SG #20 Madi Marenah. 6'4. Sophomore.
C #99 Burama Guiss. 6'11. Junior.
PF #14 Alifa Sillah. 6'8. Freshman.
SF #13 Karefa Keita. 6'5. Senior.

Home stadium is O'Berry Arena. Capacity of 14,500. Located in Herzegovina City, Moravica.

University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder men's basketball team
School Profile
Full Name: Loyola University @ Istria
Nickname: Blue Thunder
Location: Istria, Moravica
Type: Private(Mormon), Research, Urban
Enrollment: 41,566
School President: Dr. Ruhamah Odede. 61 years old. First year on the job. First ever female President of Loyola University, and first ever non-clergy member to serve as the University's President.
Athletic Director: Patrick Zervos. 56 years old.
Last NSCAA Appearance: NSCAA 11
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: Sweet 16(NSCAA 11)
Year 8 Record: 14-14, did not make the playoffs.
Year 9 Record: 20-8, lost in the Round of 16 to Bunyoro A&M.
Rivals: Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown), Loyola-Busukuma
Domestic Conference: Upper Coastal Conference

Colors: Blue & White
Head Coach: Faraba Savaneh. Former national team star, IBC 24-26. First time as a head coach. Old coach fired after taking Loyola-Istria through the indignity of losing to a regional campus of their own institution.
Defense: 1-2-2 zone
Offense plays through their big men.

Starting Lineup
PG #11 Naveed Holt(Equestrian/Banijan dual-national). 6'1. Freshman.
SG #14 Assan Guissé. 6'4. Senior.
SF #00 Bubacar Gaye. 6'6. Freshman.
PF #12 Sherrif Touray. 6'11. Senior.
C #10 Lalo Sesay. 6'11. Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Loyola-Jinja after beating them in the previous year's postseason.
PF #6 Tombong Kambi. 6'9. Senior.
SF #20 Ablanjaye Jawara. 6'7. Sophomore.
PG #1 Ilman Kaba. 6'0. Junior.
SG #21 Jereh Fatty. 6'3. Senior.
C #2 Saikou Sillah. 6'11. Freshman.

They play at Franklin Indoor Stadium. Capacity of 11,000. Located in Istria, Moravica.

University of Moravica Golden Bears Men's Basketball Team
School Profile
Full Name: University of Moravica
Nickname: Golden Bears
Location: Slobochia, Moravica
Type: Public, Land-Grant, Rural
Enrollment: 7,738
School President: Issa Koman. 70 years old.
Athletic Director: Tabia Kuende. 44 years old.
Last NSCAA Appearance: NSCAA 11
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: Championship Game Loss(NSCAA 10 & NSCAA 11)
Year 8 Record: 24-4(national runners-up, lost to Kizza I College 2-4 in the national championship series)
Year 9 Record: 26-2(national champions, swept Kizza I College 4-0 in the national championship series)
Rivals: Northern Moravica
Domestic Conference: Valley Interior Conference, Loyola-Jinja

Colors: Black and Gold
Head Coach: George Lampda. 12th season as head coach.
Defense: 2-3 zone

PG #12 Kekoto Daramy. 6'1. Senior.
SG #13 Suma Darboe. 6'4. Sophomore.
SF #3 Sheriff Keita. 6'7. Junior. Team's star player.
PF #9 Ciril McAlister(Equestria/Crystal Empire dual-national). 6'9. Freshman.
C #10 Jereh Jatta. 6'11. Freshman.
PG #30 Jalang Salyang. 6'2. Senior.
SG #11 Dembo Sonko. 6'4. Junior.
SF/PF #14 Kemo Singhateh. 6'8. Senior.
PF/C #18 Nfansu Coote. 6'11. Freshman.
PG #5 Julianne Waters(Equestria). 5'7. Freshman. Female.

They play at The Bear's Den, in Slobochia, Moravica- capacity of 6,700.

Bunyoro A&M University
School Profile
Full Name: Bunyoro Agricultural & Mechanical University
Nickname: Waterbucks
Location: Byakado, Bunyoro
Type: Public, Land Grant.
Enrollment: 9,181
School President: Dr. Ramiah Akinyi. 61 years old. 6th year at the school.
Athletic Director: Ishmael Ndiege. 68 years old. 5th year at the school.
Last NSCAA Appearance: Never
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: N/A
Year 8 Record: 13-15, did not make the playoffs.
Year 9 Record: 23-5, swept 3-0 by Kizza I College in the national semifinals
Rivals: Sankt Adelheid
Domestic Conference: Southern Shango Conference

Head Coach: Aloysius Kabula. 54 years old, 4th year at school.
Defense: Man-To-Man.

Starting Lineup
PG #7 Kristian Lane(Equestria). 5'9, Freshman.
SG #4 Odwar Otieno. 6'4, Senior.
SF #0 Odongo Lukwiya. 6'6, Senior.
PF #19 Janani Amolo. 6'9, Junior.
C #10 Wanyanga Obong'o. 7'0, Senior.
PF #26 Rufus Okungu. 6'1, Freshman.
SF #30 Janoah Okinyo. 6'6, Sophomore.
PG #15 Eli Mumbo. 6'1, Senior.
SG #21 Amittai Adondi. 6'3, Senior.
C #2 Ahio Omuga. 6'9, Freshman.

They play at Obama Fieldhouse on campus, with a capacity of 11,202

Sankt Adelheid University
School Profile
Full Name: Sankt Adelheid University
Nickname: Sea Eagles
Location: Bwubanza, Bunyoro
Type: Private, Teus Catholic
Enrollment: 4,289
School President: Fr. Isaak Friedl phD. 61 years old. 6th year at the school.
Athletic Director: Hazael Okombo. 48 years old. 4th year at the school.
Last NSCAA Appearance: Never
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: N/A
Year 8 Record: 16-12, did not make the playoffs.
Year 9 Record: 24-4, beat 3-1 by the University of Moravica in the national semifinals
Rivals: Bunyoro A&M, Thabiso University
Domestic Conference: Southern Shango Conference

Head Coach: Chike Ogbonnia. 51 years old, 3rd season at school.
Defense: Man to Man.

Starting Lineup
PG #1 Ogak Opondo. 6'1, Senior.
SG #17 Odwar Akoth. 6'4, Senior.
SF #10 Adonijah Obonyo. 6'7, Sophomore.
PF #19 Ethan Oronge. 6'8, Redshirt Sophomore.
C #10 Immanuel Apondo. 7'1, Senior.
PG #15 Timo Klement(Equestria/New Clousdale). 5'11, Freshman.
PF #26 Fwaya Odero. 6'7, Junior.
SF #2 Britta Kendrick(Equestria). 6'1, Freshman. Female.
SG #27 Osogo Ochanda. 6'4, Sophomore.
C #14 Wanyanga Owuor. 7'3, Senior.

They play at the Eagle's Nest on campus, with a capacity of 9,291

Heshima & Usian University
School Profile
Full Name: Heshima & Usian University. H&U for short. Name translates to "Honor and Wisdom" in English.
Nickname: Guardian Angels
Location: Hawabark, Buganda.
Type: Private, Mormon. Not connected in any way to Loyola University system.
Enrollment: 7,101
School President: Dr. Johannan Awuor. 51 years old. 2nd year at the school.
Athletic Director: Okello Kowa. 72 years old. 14th year at the school.
Last NSCAA Appearance: Never
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: N/A
Year 8 Record: 21-7, lost to University of Moravica 3-0 in the national semifinals
Year 9 Record: 19-9, lost 2-0 in Round of 16 to University of Moravica
Rivals: Ankole College for Creative Studies
Domestic Conference: Sun Valley Conference

Head Coach: Raphael Jalang'o. 47 years old, 4th season at the school.
Defense: Man to Man.

Starting Lineup
PG #10 Oprah Ogot. 6'1, Redshirt Senior. Female. Graduate transfer from Hangaza Tech.
SG #11 Akoko Awuor. 6'4, Junior. Female.
SF #4 Okeyo Onyango. 6'6, Junior.
PF #7 Raira Were. 6'8, Sophomore.
C #10 Omondo Otunnu. 6'11, Redshirt Freshman.
C #14 Ari Ngata(Freeport). 6'10, Sophomore.
PF #28 Nicholas Agina. 6'11, Senior.
SF #2 Justus Ahenda. 6'9, Freshman.
PG #15 Gilead Akoth. 6'1, Sophomore.
SG #9 Jelani Chinedu. 6'4, Senior.

They play at Paradise Valley on campus, with a capacity of 10,963

North Ankole University
School Profile
Full Name: North Ankole University.
Nickname: Headhunting Sloughis. Their mascot is an actual live Sloughi, named "Zakia."
Location: Kwadama, Ankole
Type: Public, Land Grant.
Enrollment: 11,382
School President: Dr. Raila Aoko. 41 years old. 1st year at the school.
Athletic Director: Timothy Abonyo. 62 years old. 3rd year at the school.
Last NSCAA Appearance: Never
Best NSCAA Ultra 64 Tournament Run: N/A
Year 8 Record: 26-2, lost to Kizza I College 3-2 in the national semifinals
Year 9 Record: 14-14, did not make the tournament
Rivals: University of Ankole
Domestic Conference: Southern Shango Conference

Head Coach: Gorom Obasie. 42 years old, 1st season at school. First woman to coach a men's basketball team in BCSG history.
Defense: Man to Man.

Starting Lineup
PG #1 Phoebe Rawo. 5'11, Freshman. Female.
SG #17 Onyango Odiwuor. 6'4, Senior.
SF #10 Olara Achola. 6'7, Senior.
PF #19 Asiel Omire. 6'9, Freshman. Female.
C #10 Micah Ajwang. 7'0, Redshirt Junior.
PF #26 Ismachiah Rawo. 6'8, Junior.
SF #2 Aina Deering(Crystal Empire). 6'0, Freshman. Female.
PG #15 Absalom Oneko. 6'1, Redshirt Sophomore.
SG #27 Eleazar Sialo. 6'4, Junior.
C #14 Dodavah Owuor. 6'11, Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Central Kitara University.

They play at Owuor Hall, with a capacity of 12,919
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Mar 06, 2021 4:03 pm

Cassadaigua won NSCAA 3 (Grande Mountain University), NSCAA 5 (University of Concord Heights), and NSCAA 9 (New Lakeland University)

Note: I roleplay this as happening once every year, so seniors this year were juniors in NSCAA 11 sophomores in 10, etc.

School: New Lakeland University (NLU) (NSCAA 9 Champions)
Colors: Green and Gold
Record In Cassadagan Season: 27-3
Finish In Cassadagan Season: Final Four

Coach: Kelsey Stratton (44)

PG: Danica McDowell (6'0"- Senior) Major: Rushmori Finance, GPA: 3.4
SG: Nicole Riley (6'4"- Junior) Major: Accounting, GPA: 3.0
C: Kelsey Turnbull (7'0"- Senior) Major: Taxation, GPA: 4.0
SF: Rachel Moreno (6’6”- Freshman) Major: Business Law, GPA: 3.3
PF: Kiley Chavis (6'11"- Soph.) Major: International Finance, GPA: 2.6

G: Samantha Roselli (6'5"- Junior.) Major: Financial Ethics, GPA: 2.1
G: Irma Velez (6'3"- Senior) Major: Accounting, GPA: 2.6
C: Stacie Latimer (6'7"- Senior) Major: Political Science, GPA: 4.0
F: Allison Rhodes (6'9"- Soph.) Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 2.8
F: Kimmie Graves (6’8”- Freshman) Major: Business Ethics, GPA: 3.3
F/C: Laurie Kira (6'6"- Junior) Major: Small Business Finance GPA: 3.5

School: University Of Concord Heights (UCH) (NSCAA 5 Champions)
Colors: Pink and Black
Record In Cassadagan Season: 27-3
Finish In Cassadagan Season: National Champion

Coach: Nicole Phillips (42)

PG: Courtney Larkin (6’4”- Freshman) Major: Rushmori History GPA: 2.7
SG: Destiny Gomez (6'2"- Senior) Major: Business Administration GPA: 3.5
C: Kylie Holmstrom (6'8"- Junior) Major: Computer Science, GPA: 3.7
SF: Katie Miller (6'8"- Senior) Major: Rushmori Studies GPA: 3.2
PF: Tara Cohen (6'11"- Junior) Major: Economics GPA: 3.7

G: Joanna Rooney (5'10"- Soph.) Major: Royal History GPA: 4.0
G: Gabriella Rodriguez (6'4"- Senior) Major: Restaurant Management GPA: 3.7
C: Maura Fontenot (6'10"- Soph) Major: Foreign Affairs GPA: 2.7
F: Brianna Donwood (6’7”- Freshman) Major: Royal History GPA: 3.0
F: Caitlin Connors (6’5”- Freshman) Major: Philosophy GPA: 2.8
F/C: Cassidy Eastwood (6'5"- Soph) Major: Theater, GPA: 4.0

School: Grande Mountain University (GMU) (NSCAA 3 Champions)
Colors: Green and White
Record In Cassadagan Season: 26-4
Finish In Cassadagan Season: Runner Up

Coach: Sarah Edwards (53)

PG: Brittney Mahoney (6'2"- Junior) Major: Political Science, GPA: 2.8
SG: Tara Hopkins (5'11"- Soph.) Major: Calculus, GPA: 3.3
C: Julia Santana (7'0"- Junior.) Major: Hotel Management, GPA: 3.2
SF: Ashley Landover (6’5”- Freshman) Major: Undecided, GPA: 2.2
PF: Hailey Bachman (7'1"- Junior) Major: Calculus, GPA: 3.8

G: Connie Jansen (6'8"- Senior) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 2.6
G: Natalie Lubrano (6'2"- Freshman) Major: Hotel Management, GPA: 3.2
C: Shannon Simpson (6'10"- Soph.) Major: Psychology, GPA: 2.8
F: Jennifer Berube (6'10"- Junior) Major: Literature, GPA 3.2
F: Latoya Washington (6'8"- Junior) Major: Accounting, GPA 3.3
F/C: Kristie Meyers (6’5”- Freshman) Major: Journalism, GPA: 3.2

School: Concord Heights Beauty School (CHBS)
Colors: Pink and Gold
Record In Cassadagan Season: 26-5
Finish In Cassadagan Season: Elite Eight

Coach: Cate Hesson (40)

PG: Makenzie Stratton (5'11"- Junior) Major: Fashion Technology, GPA: 3.5
SG: Emily Rader (6'2"- Senior) Major: Handbag Trends, GPA: 3.3
C: Isabella Whelan (6'4"- Senior) Major: Modern Lingerie Trends, GPA: 4.0
SF: Courtney Easton (6'9"- Soph) Major: Fashion Marketing, GPA: 3.2
PF: Meghann Castan (6'10"- Senior) Major: Advanced Cosmetology, GPA: 4.0

G: Tara Ellison (6’2”- Freshman), Major: Makeup Application, GPA: 4.0
G: Taylor Finnegan (6’4”- Freshman), Major: Senior Citizen Styles, GPA: 3.2
C: Madison Regan (6'10"- Soph) Major: Modern Clubbing Trends, GPA: 2.9
F: Zoey Novak (6'3"- Senior) Major: Rushmori Fashion, GPA: 3.4
F: Sarah Fransen (6'6"- Soph.) Major: Footwear, GPA: 3.5
F/C: Alexa Clouston (6'6"- Junior.) Major: Jewelry & Accessories GPA: 3.5

School: Brattleboro (Brat) Tech (BTU)
Colors: Blue and White
Record In Cassadagan Season: 25-6
Finish In Cassadagan Season: Final Four

Coach: Rachel Thorpe (49)

PG: Tiffany Morrisson (6’2”- Freshman) Major: Financial Security Services, GPA: 3.1
SG: Rachel St. Clair (6'6"- Junior) Major: Counter Hacking Services, GPA: 4.0
C: Shannon Stefanelli (7'1"- Junior) Major: Social Media Administration, GPA: 2.3
SF: Jennifer Couture (6'9"- Senior) Major: Advanced Programming, GPA: 3.2
PF: Joanna Vilarde (6’7”- Freshman) Major: Graphic Design, GPA: 2.6

G: Linda Albritton (5'9"- Senior), Major: Internet Security, GPA: 2.0
G: Genny Tomlinson (6'7"- Junior) Major: Search Engine Optimization, GPA: 2.3
C: Kaitlyn Wayne (6'9"- Senior) Major: Website Management, GPA: 3.8
F: Violette Parris (6'9"- Junior.) Major: Video Game Coding, GPA: 3.6
F: Stacie Carrier (6’6”- Freshman) Major: Mobile Technology, GPA: 3.0
F/C: Rachel Kirkpatrick (6'8"- Soph.) Major: Cyber Forensics, GPA: 4.0

School: Seth Johnson University (SJU) (All-male school)
Colors: Blue and red
Record In Cassadagan Season: 23-9
Finish In Cassadagan Season: Upset in first round of tourney

Coach: Grant DeBlasio (69)

PG: Pedro Alvarez (5'11"- Junior) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 3.5
SG: Preston Suttra (5'8"- Senior) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 3.1
C: Terry Keetley (6'10"- Soph.) Major- Men’s Studies, GPA: 2.8
SF: Connor Shadrick (6'5"- Soph.) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 2.4
PF: Kyle Germain (6'6"- Junior) Major: Men’s Studies, GPA: 3.6

G: Ryan Haddox (5’11”- Freshman) Major: Men’s Studies, GPA: 2.2
G: Chase Browning (5’10”- Freshman) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 3.4
C: Tyler Newington (6’8”- Freshman) Major: Undecided, GPA: 2.5
F: Hunter Bennett (6'5"- Junior) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 3.4
F: Paul Greene (6'6"- Junior.) Major: Men’s Studies, GPA: 3.9
F/C: Sean LaPlant (6'9"- Senior) Major: Liberal Arts, GPA: 2.8

School: Starksville Medical Institute (SMI)
Colors: Red and White
Record in Cassadagan Season: 24-7
Finish in Cassadagan Season: Sweet Sixteen

Coach: Cassie Rinaldi (47)

PG: Rachel Hamby (6'1"- Junior.) Major: Medical Coding, GPA: 3.5
SG: Cassie Goodman (6'4"- Junior) Major: Nursing, GPA: 3.5
C: Lauren Katzmeier (7’1”- Freshman) Major: Sports Medicine, GPA: 3.2
SF: Meghan Calhoun (6'8"- Senior) Major- Sports Medicine, GPA: 4.0
PF: Stacey Pickett (6'6"- Senior) Major- Medical Education, GPA: 3.6

G: Chelsea Palmero (6'5"- Soph.) Major: Medical Insurance Ethics, GPA: 2.1
G: Stephanie Burton (6'2"- Soph.) Major: Anesthesia, GPA: 2.5
C: Lisa Nichols (6’11”- Freshman) Major: Infectious Diseases, GPA: 3.4
F: Hannah Richardson (6’8”- Freshman) Major: Medical Research, GPA: 3.8
F: Danielle Fitchberg (6'6"- Senior) Major: Nursing, GPA: 3.1
F/C: Heather Glover (6'6"- Soph.) Major: Pharmacy, GPA: 2.3

School: University of Victoriaville
Colors: Purple and Gold
Record in Cassadagan Season: 23-8
Finish in Cassadagan Season: Elite Eight

Coach: Shannon Beckett (51)

PG: Macie Fogle (6’4”- Soph.), Major: Biology, GPA: 2.6
SG: Maura Skyberg (6’2”- Soph.), Major: Business Law, GPA: 2.3
C: Hannah Tolliver (6’10”- Junior), Major: Literature, GPA: 2.7
SF: Brittney Presser (6’8”- Freshman), Major: Physics, GPA: 2.0
PF: Kenzie Jones (6’7”- Soph.), Major: Rushmori History, GPA: 3.1

G: Kristin Picone (5’10”- Freshman), Major: Modern Art, GPA: 2.1
G: Emma Riedel (6’7”- Senior), Major: Childhood Education, GPA: 3.6
C: Emily Brayton (6’11- Senior), Major: Biology, GPA: 3.5
F: Whitney Chapman (6’5”- Soph.), Major: Computer Science, GPA: 2.3
F: Ellie Emerson (6’3”- Junior), Major: World Assembly Studies, GPA: 2.5
F/C: Zoie Zussman (6’1”- Junior), Major: Literature, GPA: 3.4
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-86.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Sun Mar 07, 2021 7:07 pm

OOC: First 4 rosters up. The remaining 4 will be added in few hours.

Location: Ottawa, Outaouais
Home Arena: Ravens' Crib (Est. 2019, Cap: 14,600)

Coach              Position            Age     Year  Sex   Hometown
Shim Jae-Hak Head Coach (M) 69 28th M Ottawa, Outaouais
Diane Gilmore Assistant Coach 46 17th F London, Ontario
Park Tae-Heon Assistant Coach 32 3rd M Sept-Iles, Nord-Est
Marc Larochelle Statistician 34 4th M St-Antoine, Gilliganie

#   Pos.  Player             Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 G Hong Dong-Chae 1.92m 197 lb JR M Prince Eric, Manitoba
03 G Kevin Enomoto-Buh 1.82m 180 lb FR M Niagara, Ontario
04 F/C Owen Melchior 2.06m 249 lb SO M Montréal, Montréal
06 SG* Owen Kunimi 1.79m 193 lb SR M Halifax, Acadie
10 SF* Joel Wild-Cartal 1.98m 207 lb JR M Gatineau, Outaouais
15 PG* Yim Hyeong-Seok 1.87m 180 lb SR M Montréal, Montréal
17 PF Jean-Paul Meilleur 2.04m 227 lb JR M Val d'Or, Abitibi-Temiscamingue
26 PG* David Irniq 1.83m 188 lb SO M Igloolik, Nunavut
33 G/F Roderick Cha 1.97m 201 lb FR M Kingston, Frontenac
42 F Leon Hong-Larochelle 2.01m 212 lb SR M Ottawa, Outaouais
55 C* Pierre Guetta Lee 2.12m 240 lb JR M California City, Manitoba
71 PF* Paolo Fonseca 2.01m 231 lb SO M Winnipeg, Manitoba

Location: Bathurst, Acadie
Home Arena: Norman Williams Arena (Est. 1998, Cap: 12,130)

Coach                   Position            Age    Year  Sex   Hometown
Jane Greiner Head Coach 59 11th F Centralis, Electrum
Scott Williams Assistant Coach 47 9th M Bathurst, Acadie
Delphine Park Assistant Coach 36 3rd F Magog, Estrie
Noah-Antoine McMillan Statistician 34 2nd M Baja Calania, Manitoba

#   Pos.  Player             Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 SG* Marco Cervantes 1.96m 197 lb FR M Goose Bay, Labrador
02 PG* Patrick Dumulong 1.91m 189 lb SR M Chicoutimi, Saguenay
03 C Orlando Parsche 2.06m 216 lb SO M Halifax, Acadie
04 PG Jean-Jacques Beland 1.80m 181 lb SO M Sudbury, Ontario
05 SF* Lester Schatz Jr 1.93m 192 lb JR M St. John's-West, Newfoudland
06 SF Francis Yamada III 2.02m 201 lb FR M Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
08 F Chae Byeong-Geun 2.01m 216 lb FR M Winnipeg, Manitoba
10 C* Marc-André Galgundec 2.11m 230 lb SR M New Richmond, Gaspesie
13 G Lorenzo Tarantino 1.91m 186 lb FR M California City, Manitoba
15 F/C Basile Lutomski 2.08m 226 lb SO M Hamilton, Ontario
17 PF* Jang Hyeon-Myeong 2.01m 211 lb JR M Hampden, Gaspesie
20 SG Michael Hong 1.91m 192 lb SO M California City, Manitoba

Location: California City, Manitoba
Home Arena: California City Veterans' Coliseum (Est. 1968, Cap: 15,640)

Coach              Position            Age    Year  Sex   Hometown
Henry Dunnan-Sung Head Coach 47 12th M Prince Eric, Manitoba
Edgar McNamara Assistant Coach 38 7th M Yarmouth, Acadie
Shane Nakogee Assistant Coach 35 3rd M Kaschewan, Northwest
Eric Kim Statistician 58 25th M California City, Manitoba

#   Pos.  Player             Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 SF Irvin Hong 1.96m 199 lb FR M California City, Manitoba
02 PG* Maurice Cavins III 1.79m 170 lb SO M Baja Calania, Manitoba
04 SG* Avalon Holiday Jr 1.93m 193 lb SR M California City, Manitoba
05 G Chase Bae-Meunier 1.81m 186 FR SO M Prince Eric, Manitoba
06 SF* Antoine-Marc Chenier 1.97m 201 lb JR M Montreal, Montreal
08 C Anatoli Podznyshev 2.06m 217 lb SR M Ottawa, Outaouais
12 F Hamed Sediri 2.09m 208 lb FR M Winnipeg, Manitoba
13 PF* Gustave Lange 2.02m 211 lb JR M Monmouth, Nord-Est
15 C* Mohamed Sediri 2.13m 221 lb SO M Winnipeg, Manitoba
16 F Yi Nam-Joong 1.98m 203 lb FR M Inverness, Acadie
18 SG* Min-Soo Woodcarver 1.91m 187 lb SR M Prince Raoul Islands, Manitoba
23 G Lester Soh 1.93m 179 lb JR M Habpo, Acadie

Location: St. Croix, Capitale-Nationale
Home Arena: Stanislav Dontsov Arena (Est. 2021, Cap: 17,890)

Coach                Position        Age    Year  Sex  Hometown
Keith Burns Head Coach 38 4th M Moongyeong, Saguenay
Jeon Gye-Weon Assistant Coach 45 4th F Levis, Capitale-Nationale
Marc-Andre Lulika Assistant Coach 36 6th M Sarnia, Ontario
Diana Cudby-Blum Statistician 31 7th F Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 SG* Hannah Miciak 1.77m 168 lb JR F Nain, Labrador
03 PG* Erin Bessette-Wolf 1.91m 181 lb SR F St. Croix, Capitale-Nationale
04 G/F Yim Hye-Jin 1.82m 171 lb FR F Halifax, Acadie
05 PG Sara-Anne Park 1.73m 161 lb FR F Montreal, Montreal
07 G Bahng Ye-Sin 1.77m 167 lb FR F Levis, Capitale-Nationale
08 PF* Noh Ye-Rim 1.86m 180 lb SO F Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
09 SF* Arianna Segismundo 1.86m 186 lb JR F Kingston, Frontenac
10 G Anastasidis Christopoulos 1.77m 167 lb SR F Moosonee, Northwest
11 F/C Johanne Diaby-Villeneuve 1.92m 189 lb SO F Sangju, Saguenay
12 C* Tamara Ellerslie 1.96m 193 lb SR F Antigonish, Acadie
14 F Phoebe-Leanne Vallee 1.93m 181 lb JR F Labrador City, Labrador
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Postby BohemiaIV » Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:26 pm

Team: University of Boxford
Nickname: Galacticos
Colors: White and Gold
Arena: San Poc Ring(16565)
Style Modifier: -5


G Rais MacBeth(20)
G Yarik Tucker(19)
F Constantin Barton(21)
F Jamey Kertzmann(19)
C Howard Stamm(19)


G Arnold Ledner(18)
G Neal Fritsch(21)
F Wayne Kerr(19)
F Allen McKenzie(17)
F Spencer Sherman(21)
C Jeremy Armstrong(17)

Team: University of Bassachusetts
Nickname: Honey Badgers
Colors: Black and Gold
Arena: Leysland Arena(2800)
Style Modifier: +5


G Keven Cole(17)
G Fausto Williamson(21)
F Joaquin Dietrich(20)
F Brice Daniel(17)
C Xander Murray(18)


G Garett Johnston(19)
G Isaac Ziemann(21)
F Ernest Crooks(21)
F Coby Kertzmann(20)
F Ezequiel Kohler (20)
C Lamar Yundt(20)

Team: Barvard University
Nickname: Wolverines
Colors: White and Black
Arena: Grand Barvenbourne Center(13400)
Style Modifier: 0


G Dominic Wisozk(21)
G Zachariah Walker(21)
F Tyrique Langworth(19)
F Randy Cole(19)
C Frederic Schoen(21)


G Ewald Ortiz(17)
G Salvatore Schamberger(18)
F Bartholome Nikolaus(19)
F Wallace Brown(20)
F Roman Cronin(18)
C Lamont Kohler(21)

Team: Bamford Military Academy
Nickname: Dragons
Colors: Black and Orange
Arena: Phurka Ring(22650)
Style Modifier: -4


G Darrel Green(17)
G Omer Goldner(17)
F Austin Powlowski(21)
F Mohammed Hamill(17)
C Virgil Boyer(20)


G Raheem Lind(21)
G Geoffrey Gutmann(17)
F Bradley Stroman(18)
F Darien Carter(20)
F Billy Carter(18)
C Winston Christiansen(19)

Team: Buke University
Nickname: Serpent
Colors: White and Red
Arena: Saint Thamesr Arena(15475)
Style Modifier: 2


G Chesley Bailey(21)
G Cole Emery(19)
F Deshaun Wisoky(18)
F Freddy Hermann(20)
C David Marquardt(18)


G Michale Osinski(21)
G Jessie Braun(18)
F Jimmie Stracke(17)
F Connor Douglas(21)
F Gennaro Streich(19)
C Jean Barton(19)

Team: University of Baris
Nickname: Eagles
Colors: Pink and Black
Arena: Prince Mainere Stadion(24900)
Style Modifier: -4


G Theodore Windler(17)
G Timmothy Raynor(21)
F Nathanael Effertz(18)
F Rahul Wolf(18)
C Harley Waelchi(17)


G Chad Stroman(19)
G Maxwell Webern(17)
F Austen Schiller(18)
F Brook Gutkowski(20)
F Jordyn Jones(21)
C David Doyle(19)

Team: University of Bientiane
Nickname: Barbarians
Colors: Yellow and Black
Arena: Shoproyd Center(10183)
Style Modifier: 3


G Marco Hill(19)
G Tito Renner(17)
F Emmitt Prohaska(17)
F Ricky Lakin(20)
C Harmon Dickinson(20)


G Hans Schroeder(19)
G Brennon Williamson(17)
F Rex Effertz(19)
F Maximilian Krajcik(20)
F Noble Zemlak(18)
C Mathias Wuckert(17)

Team: Univeristy de Bornell
Nickname: Vikings
Colors: Blue and White
Arena: La Relk Ring(24900)
Style Modifier: 2


G Dameon Fisher(21)
G Sonny Altenwerth(17)
F Brett Halvorson(18)
F Abdullah Fisher(18)
C Rodrigo Hammes(18)


G Cornelius Walker(21)
G Narciso Wilderman(18)
F Florian Bayer(18)
F Barry Windler(19)
F Jaquan Rolfson(18)
C Demarcus Smitham(18)
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Postby Raspotochje » Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:41 am


UBAR sends a list of players representing their universities in Raspotochje.

University Kotiga (RAS)
Vedrana Ljutić
Niko Lušanić
Zhong Wu
Adrian Ljubanić
Kenan Kurspahić
Dragan Budisavljević
Lidija Ščepina
Miro Delić
Ornela Tušić

University Svemira (RAS)
Ignacio Rodriguez
Vedat Krasnichi
Stanislava Jovanovska
Toše Karanfilovski
Pero Rašić
Andrey Mostovoy
Horuca Petrescu
Ana Mešić
Aida Suljić

Univerity of Višnjevac (RAS)
Viktor Kirilenko
Denis Sadreev
Kosta Kosovski
Dubravka Marković
Martina Bukovec
Goran Tešić
Tatjana Žepić
Leonid Imar
Amar Tufekčić

University of Diplomacy (RAS)
Toyoko Fujimori
Elsabet Wurth
Gorgina Thompson
Vladimir Tiričić
Tomislav Kuprešak
Wilma Hops
Hui Hui Wei
Gordan Turković
Anastasia Efimova
Sanja Gorastovska

Fabula de Forma University (RAS)
Zoran Koturović
Vyecheslav Umitov
Jana Habulan
Dijana Jukić
Vita Pavlova
Sanjin Kešić
Bor Prevc
Rita Križaj
Keung Min Park

Delvatija Gornja Universitiy (RAS)
Hongbo Su
Shuai Wu
Helmuth Ziege
Nikola Rupešak
Brigita Rataj
Hrvoje Dubravčić
Ante Cijanović
Antun Zavad
Julija Susić

University of Vukojevac (RAS)
Martina Hrebić
Tijana Vukičević
Tomislav Ćetković
Luka Šutić
Isolde Brignone
Martia Himenez Sanchez
Atrri Sudottirr
Pajo Rakočević
Konstantin Kornilov
Marija Terpakina

Bakina Stijena University (RAS)
Gina Gramatikopolou
Vesna Antić
Bojan Kušić
Danir Mujezinović
Zdeslav Alilović
Mirko Hus
Duje Markovinović
Ilarija Dubić
Tanja Bobovčan
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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Mar 10, 2021 3:43 pm

University of Tundra Falls (UTF)- Reigning National Champion

PF: #33- Brandon Campbell (6’5”, Sophomore)
SF: #34- Marcus Simms (6’8”, Freshman)
C: #50- Angelo Hyman (6’10”, Senior)
PG: #3- Kelvin McPhee (6’2”, Senior)
SG: #21- Chris Parker (6’5”, Junior) -- Top Threat

F- #32- Dino Anderson (6’8”, Junior)
F- #42- Mason Jansen (6’6”, Sophomore)
F/C- #52- Darrell Clark (6’9”, Freshman)
C- #53- Seth Williamson (6’9”, Senior)
G- #11- Chase Kelsey (6’1”, Sophomore)
G- #22- Larry Quackenbush (6’3), Sophomore)

Coach- Michael Allen (49)
Style of Play- Balanced, able to be offensive one day, defensive the next.
Academic Prestige Of School- 80/100

Southport University (SU)

PF: #44- Lamont Hartsfield (6’5”, Senior)
SF #35- Dennis Prince (6’7”, Junior)
C: #50- Max Bayless (7’1”, Senior) -- Top Threat
PG: #14- Mark Castillo (6’5”, Senior)
SG: #13- Jordan McSorley (6’1”, Freshman)

F- #30- DeAndre Jackson (6’9”, Freshman)
F- #40- Robert Cain (6’6”, Freshman)
F/C- #54- Scott Kirkwood (6’11”, Sophomore)
C- #55- Steven Mack (6’8”, Junior)
G- #10- Andy Johnston (5’10”, Junior)
G- #20- Chandler Levine (6’3”, Freshman)

Coach- Pete Larkin (73)
Style of Play- Up-tempo. Aggressive from three-point land.
Academic Prestige Of School- 75/100

Pocono City Tech (PCT)

PF: #33- Josh Boyle (6’4”- Junior)-- Top Threat
SF: #32- Phil Huntley (6’5”- Sophomore)
C: #55- Javon Mantz (6’10”- Senior)
PG: #11- Christian Williams (5’10”- Senior)
SG: #23- Tony Kearse (6’0”- Junior)

F- #42- Rashad Bridgewater (6’2”- Senior)
F- #44- Byron Wesley (6’6”- Freshman)
F/C- #43- Justin Peterson (6’10”- Freshman)
C- #51- Hassan Brown (6’8”- Junior)
G- #1- Kevin Mills (6’5”- Sophomore)
G- #2- Trent Phillips (6’2”- Junior)

Coach- Daniel Powers (51)
Style of Play- Methodical, very slow paced.
Academic Prestige Of School- 95/100

Loudon Empire University (LEU)

PF: #30- Jalen Gross (6’11”- Sophomore)
SF: #45- Ezekiel Oliver (6’5”- Freshman)
C: #52- Eddie Little (6’11”- Junior)
PG: #23- Tanner Larsen (6’6”- Freshman)
SG: #21- Willie Hoyett (6’4”- Sophomore) -- Top Threat

F- #33- Dedrick Whitehead (6’7”- Junior)
F- #31- Marlon Haynes (6’5”- Senior)
F/C- #55- Tyler Boykin (6’10”- Freshman)
C- #50- Greg Bryant (6’10”- Senior)
G- #25- Adam Koch (6’4”- Sophomore)
G- #15- Bernie Peters (6’2”- Junior)

Coach- Bruce Welch (44)
Style of Play- Physical, and enjoys making the pretty play.
Academic Prestige Of School- 20/100

Keisler College (KSC)

PF: #35- Donte Hill (6’5”- Junior)
SF: #33- Russell Bowser (6’9”- Junior)
C: #52- Matt Taylor (7’4”- Sophomore)
PG: #12- T.J. Zylstra (5’11”- Senior)-- Top Threat
SG: #3- Todd Andrews (6’1”- Freshman)

F- #34- Charles Duncan (6’2”- Sophomore)
F- #44- Jaylinn Thomas (6’7”- Freshman)
F/C- #45- Justin Burns (7’1”- Senior)
C- #54- Sterling Washington (6’11”- Sophomore)
G- #4- Hayden Franklin (5’8”- Junior)
G- #25- Grady Manhertz (6’3”- Sophomore)

Coach- Damian Ellis (49)
Style of Play- Threes, threes, threes, and more threes.
Academic Prestige Of School- 60/100

Empress Jessica I University (EJU)

PF: #44- Greg Carrier (6’7”- Sophomore)
SF: #34- Thomas Forte (6’3”- Senior)-- Top Threat
C: #55- Neil Cain (7’0”- Senior)
PG: #1- Harrison Burris (6’7”- Junior)
SG: #4- Omar Colon (6’4”- Freshman)

F- #30- Stephen Cantrell (6’2”- Freshman)
F- #32- Reggie Cannon (6’6”- Junior)
F/C- #50- Ventell Board (6’10”- Junior)
C- #52- Darian Queen (6’10”- Freshman)
G- #11- Joe Dobbins (5’11”- Sophomore)
G- #20- Jack Ward (6’2”- Senior)

Coach- Teddy Currie (55)
Style of Play- Whatever it takes, but good on the boards.
Academic Prestige Of School- 65/100

College of Centralia (COC)

PF: #33- Julio King (6’2”- Senior)
SF: #34- Chris Ricci (6’5”- Junior)
C: #54- Alex Darboh (6’9”- Junior)
PG: #23- Michael Paradis (6’4”- Junior) -- Top Threat
SG: #13- Dominic Tucker (6’2”- Senior)

F- #32- Sal Ricard (6’7”- Senior)
F- #44- Chase Tomlinson (6’5”- Sophomore)
F/C- #43- William Pride (6’2”- Freshman)
C- #52- Kyle Dorsey (6’9”- Sophomore)
G- #10- Dale Reed (6’3”- Freshman)
G- #24- Kaleb Ehringer (6’5”- Sophomore)

Coach- Willie Townsend (46)
Style of Play- Defense first and foremost.
Academic Prestige Of School- 85/100

Olympia Empire University (OEU)

PF: #43- Sherrod Stanley (6’7”- Junior)
SF: #45- Leroy Chandler (6’6”- Freshman)
C: #55- Brian Schofield (6’11”- Sophomore)
PG: #2- Kalvin Samuel (6’4”- Senior)
SG: #3- Kirk Duvernay (6’1”- Senior) -- Top Threat

F- #44- Brad Averett (6’5”- Sophomore)
F- #41- Matt RIchards (6’7”- Senior)
F/C- #40- Kendall Reid (6’8”- Senior)
C- #50- Michael Ellinger (6’10”- Junior)
G- #1- Mickey Charlton (6’2”- Freshman)
G- #4- Laquon Ferguson (5’11”- Freshman)

Coach- Jacob Rivers
Style of Play- Wide open, likes to take chances. Foul prone.
Academic Prestige Of School- 25/100
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4, 5, & 29; CE 26; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, 14, & 45; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Sat Mar 13, 2021 8:17 pm

And the rest of Quebecois rosters are up!

Location: Montréal, Montréal
Home Arena: Dion Shand-McConnell Arena (Est. 1959, Cap: 14,580)

Coach                Position            Age    Year  Sex   Hometown
Leo Dunne Head Coach 42 5th M Cochrane, Northwest
Valentin Loktionov Assistant Coach 41 10th M Montréal, Montréal
Daphne Michaud Assistant Coach 47 4th F Malatic, Abitibi-Temiscamingue
Hamish Ray-Yeom Assistant Coach 25 2nd M Hamilton, Ontario
Joseph Hwang Statistician 30 1st M Goose Bay, Labrador

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 SG* Laurent Dehaney-Brodeur 1.87m 190 lb SR M Laval, Montréal
02 F Horace Pataki-Park 1.98m 201 lb SO M Montebello, Outaouais
03 G Niall Armstrong 1.89m 182 lb FR M Montréal, Montréal
05 PG Alfred Mance 1.83m 186 lb RS FR M Montréal, Montréal
06 F/C Wang Ji-Seung 2.09m 226 lb FR M Salford, Newfoundland
07 PG* Andrej Jakoubek 1.98m 217 lb JR M Val d'Or, Abitibi-Temiscamingue
10 PF* Alphonse-Luc Melancon 2.04m 219 lb RS SO M Kuujjuaq, Labrador
13 SF Jeremie Dubeau-Lang 1.94m 201 lb SO M Belleville, Frontenac
17 SF* Georges-Alexandre Umiaktorviq 2.08m 226 lb SR M Winnipeg, Manitoba
21 SG Hong Gyeong-Man 1.96m 197 lb GR M Moncton, Acadie
27 G Norman Artega-Blackwood 1.91m 193 lb FR M California City, Manitoba
34 C* Kenneth Wang 2.19m 243 lb JR M Ottawa, Outaouais

Location: Prince Eric, Manitoba
Home Arena: Thunderbird Arena (Est. 1963, Cap: 22,193)

Coach                Position            Age    Year  Sex   Hometown
Shane Woo Head Coach 45 8th M Prince Eric, Manitoba
Ellen Woo Assistant Coach 43 8th F Halifax, Acadie
Chelsea Lee Barnard Assistant Coach 31 3rd F Osborne House, Ontario
Leo Firlotte Statistician 23 1st M Abbotsand, Manitoba

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
03 PG* Laurence Bueckers-Watson 1.84m 180 lb JR F Petakawagan, Manitoba
04 SG* Naomi Binaisa 1.80m 176 lb SO F South Bend, Saguenay
05 C* Yi Yim-Seon 1.93m 192 lb JR F Barrie, Frontenac
06 SG Temira Bakhtiari 1.81m 179 lb SR F Lévis, Capitale-Nationale
08 SF Maria Arrado Galvez 1.88m 188 lb SO F Winnipeg, Manitoba
09 F Mara McGovern 1.86m 183 lb SR F Montréal, Montréal
10 SF* Choe Gyeong-Ja 1.84m 175 lb GR F Habpo, Acadie
11 G Dana Kim 1.72m 168 lb FR F Flin Flon, Manitoba
14 PG Ariana Rossi 1.83m 179 lb JR F California City, Manitoba
16 PF* Kiara Woo 1.87m 185 lb SR F Prince Eric, Manitoba
19 G/F Park Seung-Yeon 1.82m 183 lb SO F Gander, Newfoundland
27 C Helene Dion 1.91m 190 lb SO F Jeongju, Abitibi
51 F/C Jenny Meyerson-Han 1.90m 193 lb FR F Kenora, Ontario

Location : South Bend, Saguenay
Home Arena : Ryu-Kweon Pavilion at the Letourneau-Jourdenay Centre (Est. 1969, Cap: 11,450)

Coach                 Position            Age     Year  Sex   Hometown
Elodie Binaisa Head Coach 65 13rd F Istria City, Banija
Annie Thériault Assistant Coach 37 4th F Sangju, Saguenay
Mario Koo-Kweon Assistant Coach 43 14th M Saint John, Acadie
Hannah Ray-Yeom Assistant Coach 28 2nd F Hamilton, Ontario
Marcel Binaisa Statistician 31 6th M South Bend, Saguenay

#   Pos.  Player                    Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 SG* Jodie Mah 1.76m 165 lb JR F South Bend, Saguenay
03 G Noh Joo-Hye 1.73m 170 lb FR F Chicoutimi, Saguenay
06 C Clarisse Rees-Matakevich 1.93m 196 lb RS FR F Otter Lake, Manitoba
10 F/G Temira Bakhtiari 1.85m 181 lb FR F Lévis, Capitale-Nationale
11 PF* Elora Kluivert-Chainey 1.88m 186 lb SR F Montréal, Montréal
12 F/C Josephine Montcrief 1.91m 191 lb SO F Montréal, Montréal
13 F Gyeong Se-Ra 1.86m 181 lb RS SO F Yongpyeong, Labrador
14 PG* Tatiana Ray-Yeom 1.81m 168 lb SO F Hamilton, Ontario
15 C* Mariah Duncan 1.91m 190 lb SR F Hampden, Acadie
18 SG Jeanne-Sara Thériault 1.82m 176 lb JR F Ava-le-Pepignan, Saguenay
21 SF* Cassidy O'Mara 1.85m 184 lb JR F Chicoutimi, Saguenay
27 PG Sara Dunleavy-Rios 1.83m 180 lb FR F Halifax, Acadie

Location: Sarnia, Ontario
Home Arena: Alumni Gym (Est. 1948, Cap: 13,215)

Coach                Position            Age    Year  Sex   Hometown
Mateusz Idzikowski Head Coach 38 3rd M Winnipeg, Manitoba
Louis K. Starmer Assistant Coach 27 3rd M Longeuil, Montréal
Hong Gyeong-Rok Assistant Coach 49 5th M Kingston, Frontenac
Naomi-Elle Barnard Assistant Coach 45 3rd F Osborne House, Ontario
Hong Gyeong-Yik Statistician 26 1st M Iqaluit, Manitoba

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Weight  Year  Sex   Hometown
01 C* Tadeusz Ponikarowski 2.11m 226 lb GR M Kingston, Frontenac
03 PF* Wang Hyeon-Seung 2.06m 217 lb SR M Salford, Newfoundland
04 PG Gord Bethea 1.96m 194 lb SO M Fort Lowe, Manitoba
06 SG* Jean-Paul Baptiste 1.93m 199 lb SR M London, Ontario
08 G Robert Gabbert-Masson 1.81m 190 lb FR M Senkawa, Capitale-Nationale
10 G/F Billy Larochelle 1.99m 207 lb SO M Sudbury, Ontario
11 PG* Vince Barnes-MacDougall 1.81m 186 lb RS FR M Sarnia, Ontario
12 F Hamidou Diop 2.10m 203 lb FR M Oshawa, Frontenac
13 SF* Yi Geun-Seok 2.07m 206 lb RS JR M Beolgyo, Ontario
18 SG Rudy Wang 2.03m 204 lb SO M Ottawa, Outaouais
25 F/C Ruud van Den Vries 2.14m 222 lb FR M Beolgyo, Ontario
29 SF Hamish Anthopoulos 1.96m 199 lb SO M Winnipeg, Manitoba
WORK IN PROGRESS: The Wanderer's Guide To Somewhere: Megathread!

Happy 420 Friends!

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