16th World Junior Hockey Championship - Everything Thread

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16th World Junior Hockey Championship - Everything Thread

Postby Delaclava » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:06 pm


The Delaclava Hockey Federation welcomes you to the 16th edition of the World Junior Hockey Championships!
We are excited to welcome the world's best and brightest young hockey stars, most of whom will be competing on the international stage for the first time - and we're sure many will continue to represent your nations for years to come.

This thread will be where you can post your rosters and roleplay posts, and where I will post the results of the tournament. Please keep reading for further details on the format and mechanics of the competition - and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Participants and Group Draw

32 teams have signed up to participate in this tournament, and have all been given a starting point value for the purposes of seeding and group draws. The point values for each team are a weighted average of WJHC 15 performance, WJHC 14 performance, and modified WCoH rankings. The pots are as follows:

Pot 1: Siovanija and Teusland, Anthor, Fluvannia, Kelssek
Pot 2: Savojarna, Banija, Nova Anglicana, Sarzonia
Pot 3: NPC West Florida, Quebec, New Waldensia, Abanhfleft
Pot 4: HUElavia, Græntfjall, Flekkefjord, Sannyamathland
Pot 5: St. Saratoga, Delaclava, Gergary, Quakmybush
Pot 6*: Crystalline Caverns, BohemiaIV, Srednjaci, Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes, Grey County, Hebitaka, Atheara, Suimede, Saint-Domingues, Mapletish, Croblade, Sainterris

* Pot 6 teams are currently unranked in the WCoH rankings and have not participated in either of the last two editions of the WJHC.

One team from each pot (and three teams from Pot 6) has be drawn into the four groups, each of which are played in one primary city/region. After the teams have been drawn, the listed order of the groups has been randomised. Delaclava was placed, from Pot 5 according to their rating, in Slot 1 of Group A at the beginning of the draw.

Group A - Kalinin (North/Valhalla)
New Waldensia

Group B - Novick (Northeast)
Grey County
Crystalline Caverns

Group C - Firinsymnia (East)
Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes
Siovanija and Teusland
NPC West Florida

Group D - Spaulding (Southwest)
Nova Anglicana
St. Saratoga

Competition Format

Each eight-team group will play a single round-robin for a total of seven games. Teams will earn two points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. If games are tied after sixty minutes of regulation, a five-minute, sudden-death 3-on-3 overtime period will be played. If the game is tied after the five minutes, the game is over and the result is a draw.

At the conclusion of the group stage, teams will be sorted by points, wins, overall goal difference, head-to-head points, head-to-head wins, head-to-head goal difference. A three-way tie or more is deemed broken when at least one team has been separated by a criterion; if a tie still exists, the tiebreakers will be applied in their entirety to that new tie. (Some may refer to this as "restarting" or "cycling back".)

The top three teams in each group will advance directly to the Round of 16; group winners will be seeded 1 to 4 based on their performance (using the same criteria as above); runners-up, seeded 5 to 8; third-place teams, 9 to 12. The fourth- (seeded 13 to 16) and fifth-place (17 to 20) teams will advance to the Play-in Round, where they will be matched according to seed for a one-game playoff, the winners of which advance to the Round of 16 against the group winners.

Play-in Round and Round of 16 games will be rearranged as necessary to avoid group-stage rematches. Once the matchups have been determined for the Round of 16, the bracket is set and no further re-pairings or re-seeding will take place. The bracket is single-elimination and will be played through until the champion is determined. A third-place playoff will precede the final.

Scorination, Rosters, and Roleplay

Scores will be generated with xkoranate 0.3.3, with the SQIS no-shootout formula and additive style modifiers. As part of your roster, you may provide a style modifier ranging from +5 (most offensive/aggressive) and -5 (most defensive/conservative); this choice will not affect the win/loss result or the margin of victory, simply how high- or low-scoring your games tend to be. You may change this style modifier one time during the tournament, by sending me a telegram.

Your roster can be as detailed or thorough as you would like, but should at a minimum contain a list of players and their positions. The purpose of a roster is not only to provide a foundation for your own roleplay, but also to assist your fellow roleplayers when they write about the games they will play against you. To that end, you are encouraged to provide the following list with your preferences indicated:

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes/No
Choose Scoring Events: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No
Style Modifier: (can range from -5 to +5)

Roleplays can be written in a variety of styles - the main characteristics of a successful RP are clarity, thoughtfulness/effort, successful collaboration/respect for other RPers, and presentation. While each team is assigned their starting skill value, the RP bonuses will be generous and determine the majority of the RP+rank value.

Tournament Schedule

Cutoffs will occur at 7:00 AM US Pacific time (10:00 AM US Eastern time, 1500 UTC time. This website may help you determine when this occurs in your timezone.)

Friday, March 5 - Day 1: 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5
Saturday, March 6 - Day 2: 8 v 5, 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 1 v 2
Sunday, March 7 - Day 3: 2 v 8, 3 v 1, 4 v 7, 5 v 6
Monday, March 8 - Day 4: 8 v 6, 7 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
Tuesday, March 9 - Day 5: 3 v 8, 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 7
Wednesday, March 10 - Day 6: 8 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
Thursday, March 11 - Day 7: 4 v 8, 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1

OFF DAY: Friday, March 12

Saturday, March 13 - Play-in Games (Fourth- and fifth-place teams)
Sunday, March 14 - Round of 16
Monday, March 15 - Quarterfinals
Tuesday, March 16 - Semifinals
Wednesday, March 17 - Third Place Playoff and Final

Quick Links

WJHC16 OOC Thread (formerly Signups)
Delaclava WJHC16 Host Bid
Wikipedia article on Ice Hockey
Wikipedia article on RL World U20 Championship
NS International Hockey Discussion Thread
Guide to Sports Roleplaying

Please reach out to me with any questions, and let's get started! Best of luck to all competitors!
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3rd: World Cup of Hockey 16, World Bowl 41, Di Bradini Cup 15, AO Basketball Championship 6
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, and 39; IBC 7 & 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Delaclava » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:06 pm

WJHC16 Guide to Delaclava


Welcome to the United Republic of Delaclava! We are a large, diverse nation located in southeast Atlantian Oceania, and we pride ourselves on education and scientific development, culture and music, a well-developed public transportation system, and active lifestyles with an emphasis on recreation and sport. Internationally, we are particularly notable for our book publishing and basket weaving industries; advanced education and research; high quality of living due to low tax rates, greater than average disposable income, and strong community and family structures; and vibrant music and nightlife from the larger cities to the smaller niches. In the sports world, one of Delaclava's greatest claims to fame is the National Athletic Complex, situated in Catherina, the former national capital and to this day an entertainment hotspot. The Complex has hosted a portion of every major championship that Delaclava has organized, across multiple sports.

Some of your basketball and gridiron players may have recently come to Delaclava, seen the bigger cities like Catherina, Manchester, and Quinniville - and that's great! But with the hosting of this World Junior Hockey Championship, we will showcase some of the less renowned locales which represent the lifeblood of Delaclav hockey - a program which has made a world semifinal and a regional final in its history, and is hungry for more. Hockey is well and truly alive here, and this is where you'll find it at its best.

As a general note, for each group there are listed Venue 1, Venue 2, Venue 3, and Venue 4. These correspond to the fixture lists posted in the tournament schedule above. For example, on Day 1, Venue 1 will host 1v8, Venue 2 will host 2v7, Venue 3 will host 3v6, and Venue 4 will host 4v5. The venues for each group vary in size, but each team should get to visit each of their group's venues at least once.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me, Delaclava, a telegram and I will answer as best as I can!

Group A - Kalinin/Breton Valley

Located on the northern mega-island of Valhalla, Kalinin and Breton Valley are two cities located approximately 100 kilometers apart - and characteristic of the completeness of Delaclav public transportation, a non-stop express line as well as several other trains connect the two cities. Kalinin is an older and larger city, which in fact has hosted a handful of international gridiron games, while Breton Valley is a newer and more recently developed city, notable for its baseball team Breton Valley Bangers, the defending Delaclava baseball league champions. The economy of the region is driven by fishing, forestry, mining, and cattle farming. While you are here, you will clearly notice the colorful architecture, the distinctive pillars, towers, and domes, as well as cute, brightly colored animal figurines and statues along the roads and walking paths.

When it comes to hockey, the region is defined by a speedy yet deliberate playing style. Players and teams are quick and well-conditioned, and masters of space; at some levels of the game, there is a preference for wider and longer rinks, and players often stay on for shifts of 2-3 minutes, even longer in some extreme cases. The Breton Valley Panthers and the Kalinin Silver Knights both play in Delaclava's premier hockey league, the United SuperLeague. The cities are a major talent center for the Valhalla Junior Hockey League and the Valhalla University's intramural league - itself a highly competitive collegiate league - as well as the Valhalla University varsity team itself, and Breton Valley High School is also one of the best dynasties in the high school state association. Breton Valley is home to current Delaclav goaltender star Tom Sutton and national team goaltender coach Roland Haase, who himself played on the Phoenixes who reached the semifinals of the 16th World Cup of Hockey; Kalinin is home to legends such as center Jody Viesel and winger Jarkko Temmonen.

Venue 1 - Domara Square (25,000), Kalinin
Venue 2 - Panthers Arena (16,387), Breton Valley
Venue 3 - Lake Mansell (~7,000), Kalinin
Venue 4 - Shogun Ice Park (4,500), Breton Valley

Group B - Novick

Novick, the capital of the province of the same name, is the largest city that will be hosting WJHC group stage games, but some of the suburbs - Worthington, Glimwale, and Brisque - will also be afforded the opportunity to host. The area is notable for its forestry and shipyards, as well as being a thriving financial and business center, a hub for insurance and banking, as well a historically pioneering city of Delaclav aviation. Culturally, Novick is most notable for its vibrant public art, and wide variety of museums including art and music, sports, natural history, and military and aviation history.

Novick hockey is all defensive, all the time; offensive advances are cautious and measures, and focused more on possession, and defensemen are workhorses who will often play more than half the hour. The Novick Wranglers are the professional team of the city and province, and Novick is also the administrative center of the North Delaclava Junior Hockey League, which unites the youth and junior programs of the numerous small cities and towns in north Delaclava. Unsurprisingly, Novick's finest hockey sons are the twin defensemen Jordan and Mike Resnar, who served as top-pair defensemen and on the first power-play unit of the Delaclava national team for more than a decade; two-way center Mark Ramsey also hails from Worthington, one of the larger suburbs. For today's national game, Alex Coburn and Evan Sexton are two elite top-six forwards who excel on both ends of the ice and are proud to call Novick home.

Venue 1 - Novy Stadium (18,000), Novick
Venue 2 - Tundra Park (11,000), Worthington
Venue 3 - Fallow Rink (4,000), Glimvale
Venue 4 - Mosaic Arts Garden (3,500), Brisque

Group C - Firinsymnia

As Delaclava fell into social and political turmoil around sixty years ago, some refugees emigrated to a large series of eastern islands, founding the Kingdom of Firinsymnia. The philosophy and culture of Firinsymnia is centered around a sense of community, brotherhood, and family; peace and quiet contemplation; yet cut from a similar cloth as the Delaclava mainland, emphasizes quality public education and healthcare - its medical schools are some of the finest in the United Republic. Firinsymnia is characterized by its year-round mild weather, simple wood and brick housing, as well as fishing, agriculture, and cattle farming industries, and a fondness for the creation and consumption of wine and cheese.

Hockey, often called "haca" in Firinsymnia, was introduced in a modified adaptation by pioneer Rowan O'Shea in the city of Stockton, and as the game grew, St. Ivor and Ravala also become hotspots for the game. The playing style is informed by smaller playing spaces and less sophisticated technology, and so is defined by high-volume shooting, offensive and defensive pressure, short sprint shifts, and powerful skating and checking. As Firinsymnia is officially an "affiliated territory" rather than a fully incorporated province, Firinsymnia has an independently active league system that operates at the junior, collegiate, and senior levels; the best teams then are promoted and continue on to the mainland competitions. As such, the Stockton Snipers and the St. Ivor Blades participate in the USL. Current national team members, center Edan Bullard and top defenseman Antoine Clement, hail from Firinsymnia.

Venue 1 - Stockton Haca Park (12,000), Stockton
Venue 2 - St. Ivor Haca Center (9,000), St. Ivor
Venue 3 - The Althea (6,000), Ravala
Venue 4 - O'Shea's Garden (8,500), Stockton

Group D - Spaulding

Spaulding, in southwest Delaclava, has undergone an intriguing evolution from a fishing town of about six hundred people to one of the larger cities in the country. Its economic, social, and population growth and development while retaining a commitment to community values was emblematic of the improvements that the entire nation made during its isolation era. In addition to the fishing and farming industries which are both self-sustaining and provide resources throughout the country, the area around Spaulding, especially the nearby seaside town of Rilke-Duino, is also noted for its basket weaving, woodworking, and furniture. As a society, the city of Spaulding and the surrounding region invests in the young and old, with strong education and recreation programs, health care, and senior living facilities which not only provide a high quality of assistance but also foster community and belonging for the city's elder population. While the education prepares Spaulding's young people for opportunities anywhere, they are proud to call Spaulding home and to eventually return.

The birth of not only hockey, but the city itself can be attributed to Arthur Lemaire, a former national team player who intended to retire young to the small town of Spaulding after a lengthy career as a history professor. Instead, Lemaire became a driving force in developing the game of hockey as well as the parks, recreation programs, and a community that was increasingly invested in happiness, playfulness, and quality of life. Lemaire now serves as the national team's head coach, and the coach of the USL team Spaulding Sabres. In addition to the Sabres, the active parks and recreation department provides equipment and practice for young kids for a nominal fee; Spaulding therefore has the largest youth league system for the age divisions 12 and under in the country. Spaulding hockey is tough and gritty, with a relentless work ethic and preoccupation with forechecking and winning the middle third; sometimes, just frustrating the hell out of a team is the path to victory. In addition to Lemaire, national team forwards Nicolas Mahut and Michael Garrard play for the Sabres and live in Spaulding.

Venue 1 - Lemaire Dome (13,451), Spaulding
Venue 2 - Lake Pesca (~6,000), Rilke-Duino
Venue 3 - Spaulding Harbor Community Center (4,500), Spaulding
Venue 4 - Adriangelo (5,500), Rilke-Duino

Knockout Round - Valhalla

Some games will continue to be played in Breton Valley and Kalinin, described above, but all roads in this tournament lead to Valhalla. Valhalla is the largest city in the province of the same name, one of four provinces on the mega-island also of the same name. As such, it is perhaps a more conventional metropolis, yet defined by the same cultural morals of compassion, loyalty, self-reliance and accountability, and wisdom. Additionally, it is widely regarded as the greenest major city in Delaclava, as is necessary to support a robust economy - centered around mining, fishing, hydropower and solar power, engineering, and technology - in the tundra region. Valhalla also serves as a economic and transportation hub between the Delaclava mainland and many parts of the world, including northern Atlantian Oceania, and it is an ideal place for all of it to come together, Delaclavs and visitors, for the finals of this tournament.

Valhalla hockey is powerful and graceful, combining a physical imposing presence with superior technical finesse. The Valhalla Kamikaze Yeti are the USL team of the city itself, while many other teams, including the Panthers and Silver Knights described above, also hail from the Valhalla region. Hockey is so integral to the culture that competitive opportunities can be found at any level, beginning of course with the youth and junior system - the Valhalla Junior Hockey League contains a comprehensive, multi-tiered promotion system within each age group starting from the age of 12. The best players will continue on to the professional leagues, but many others will subsequently attend Valhalla University, for which the intramural league alone is as competitive as many full-fledged varsity conferences on the mainland. Therefore, it would be no surprise that Valhalla University's own varsity team has enjoyed historical dominance of Delaclava University Sport Association (DUSA) competition; even as the mainland programs have started to catch up, the Valhalla Warriors have won four of the last six national championships. Finally, even adults who continue to more traditional vocations can find playing opportunities in the adult recreation leagues, and it is not unheard of for a player to continue to hone their skills there and eventually enjoy a professional breakthrough. Past legends from Valhalla include Ezekiel Faroza, Greg Amselik, Serena Holvlen, and Deunoro and Alfonso Zerza; current national team players include Timur Fedorov and Radovan Němec; and six players on the Delaclava WJHC squad hail from the VJHL.

Round of 20 - Lake Mansell (7,500), Kalinin; Vespers Yard (9,000), Breton Valley
Round of 16 - Danzig Game Hall (65,000), Solveheim; Nexus Nordlige (30,000), Arctica; Lepotuoli (25,000), Narkyla; Domara Square (25,000), Kalinin; Panthers Arena (16,387), Breton Valley
Quarterfinals - Ovalmechty (70,000), Kalinin; Hejtursallur (40,000), Valhalla
Semifinals, Third Place Playoff - Utfordrerehall (60,000), Valhalla
Championship - Meistarahall (120,000), Valhalla
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3rd: World Cup of Hockey 16, World Bowl 41, Di Bradini Cup 15, AO Basketball Championship 6
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

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Postby Atheara » Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:07 am

Athearan U-20 Junior Hockey Team

Atheara officially joins the 16th WJHC. The Athearan Team consists of 22 Players, with 4 being reserves. Athearan Hockey players are usually more defensive, meaning that the Athearan Team applies a -2 Strategy. This is the first time a Hockey Team is formed for International levels, since Atheara had been too focused on other sports for Hockey, but now Atheara has the time to from a Hockey Team, while this being the 2nd time Atheara competes in an International Tournament, the 1st being the Garvida Chess Championships, where Athearan participant Carlos Devyn lost in the group bracket at 3rd place. Here is the roster:

Forwards (Top is Left, Mid is Center, Bot is Right):
22 Michael Harris (Starter, 18 y/o)
56 Erik Gledden (Starter, 19 y/o)
31 Alexander Kurov (Starter, 17 y/o)

95 Kladin Hannaris (19 y/o)
11 Carla Koshinori (18 y/o)
7 Gruber Holben (17 y/o)

83 Andrew Santosa-Calliard (18 y/o)
24 Farid Nueberg (19 y/o)
98 Derran Horrinal-Sycran (17 y/o)

Defenders (Top is Left, Bot is Right):
37 Tohan Harilyawski (Starter, Captain, 18 y/o)
66 Corros Von Alekheer (Starter, 17 y/o)

39 Korshova Anida (18 y/o)
2 Erick Norms (19 y/o)

40 Joshua Hannover (18 y/o)
51 Ward Bevon-Roshan (18 y/o)

64 Kyle Westhall (Reserve, 19 y/o)
9 Basilika Hannis (Reserve, 18 y/o)

1 Richofen Graf Spleisher (Starter, 18 y/o)
54 Osteran Korrovshire (19 y/o)
32 Anderssen Reiner (19 y/o)
1 Cold Sylenord (Reserve, 17 y/o)
70 Anthony Karpovian (Reserve, 18 y/o)

Official Team Nickname: Northern Guards
Kit: Athearan Blue and Black on Top, White and Black on Bottom / Black and White on Top, Blue and Black on Bottom.
Demonym: Athearan, may vary depending on where the players are born.

Major Note:
All Players can be assigned to a diffrent role of the same Category. A LW can play as a Center, and vise versa. Flexibility is a key for Athearan sport players.

Coach: Sczornav Krawilyawski
Assistants: Kevin Duras, Andorrov Heughen

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: TG first.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: TG first.
Godmod Other Events: TG first.
Style Modifier: -3,5

About Fights: Athearans generally avoid fights, they only start one if their pride or country is offended. They are ruthless in fights, due to mostly the fact that Athearan Hockey is based on a balance of speed and strength. Fights in Atheara only happen around 2/10 matches, and most fights are minor with little injuries.

About Penalties: Athearans like to get one in and not get one in. Athearans hit penalties in Hockey at a rate of 6,5/10. They are also very accurate with their shots. When they are forced to be taken a penalty, Athearans are decisive, they commit to their position and at the shot, they block it with pure strength.

About Players: Some players are female due to the fact that hockey is actually less popular for males but they have better skill, while it is more popular for females but they have little bit of less skill in the sport. Atheara includes females due to not wanting to let them out as they are the best female hockey players in Atheara.
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Postby Graintfjall » Sun Feb 28, 2021 3:50 am

Team name: Græntfjall
TLA: GRÆ [GRF when not available]
Demonym: Græntfjaller
Team nickname: Ice Wolves [for this tournament, Junior Ice Wolves]

Kit: White with blue detail and blue socks; alternate is the reverse. Because all Græntfjaller names are patronymic, players typically have their first name on the backs of their shirts.

Coach: Finn Ilíasson
Assistants: Thomas Ingemarsson, Guðleikur Petersson

Finn Ilíasson keeps his job despite the poor performance at the previous tournament because he was perceived as improving player discipline. His main brief has been to acclimatize players to international rules and get good performances from youngsters who don’t see a lot of regular GHL ice in many cases.

Squad: A 23-man squad has been named for the tournament.
  • The Græntfjaller Hockey League (GHL) is a small league, but rivals the GPL (football) for popularity in terms of the national sport.
  • Græntfjaller players tend to be on the bigger side by [human] standards, and very physical, fore-checking and back-checking with equal vigor. But this means trading off for speed and most are not skilled puck-handlers by international standards. They hit a lot of one-timers.
  • GHL rules are laxer on charging, cross-checking, and shots to the head than international rules.
  • Fighting is a basically unknown phenomenon in the GHL.

1. Njáll Þórarinnsson – G
2. Júlíus Lukasson – D
4. Kristófer Óðinnsson – D
5. Róbert Grímúlfursson – D
6. Jason Bensson – D
7. Bjarni Davíðsson – D
8. Ben Espensson – D [A]
9. Benedikt Aðalsteinnsson – D
11. Nicklas Sunesson – F
12. Hálfdan Akselsson – F
15. Jóhannes Viktorsson – F
18. Zacharias Jónbjörnsson – F
19. Jarl Sindrisson – F [A]
20. Erling Vígþórsson – F
21. Bjarki Hrafnsson – F
22. Alexander Steinsson – F
23. Víkingur Gunnólfursson – F
24. Christian Sofusson – F [C]
25. Ólafur Stefánsson – F
26. Lukas Jalmarisson – F
27. Pétur Hjálmarsson – F
29. Baldur Dagursson – G
30. Tíbor Ørjansson – G

Lines will be flexible and adjusted over the course of the tournament but provisionally:

GK1: Njáll

D1: Bjarni – Ben
D2: Jason – Kristófer
D3: Róbert – Benedikt
7th: Júlíus

L1 (L – C – R): Hálfdan – Lukas – Erling
L2: Christian - Alexander – Ólafur
L3: Pétur – Jóhannes – Jarl
L4: Zacharias – Bjarki – Víkingur
UT: Nicklas

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Maybe, ask first if you have something unusual planned
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but let me determine the severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Maybe, ask first and let me determine the severity
Godmod Other Events: Maybe, ask first
Assign penalties: Yes, be reasonable

A note on penalties: Græntfjallers will probably be perceived as dirty players by international standards, but they are not intentionally out to inflict cheap shots, but rather used to league rules that are laxer on checking. Most could not even spell ‘concussion protocol’.

A note on fighting: Græntfjallers will not initiate fights. Please do not RP my players initiating fights, ever. That said, if someone else starts a fight, they may respond. Most should be physically able to handle themselves; I don’t object to you RPing your players ‘winning’ fights but don’t have them mop the ice with mine.

A note on pictures: Please do not use unphotoshopped photographs of RL people/teams and say they are my players/team without asking.

Style Modifier: 0
Solo: IBC30, WCoH42
Co-host: CR36, BoF74
Champions: BoF73
Runners-up: DBC49
The White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall
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Grey County Roster Announcement and Details

Postby Grey County » Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:58 am

Grey County Roster Announcement and Details
Grey County for the first time ever will be going to the world junior ice hockey championship. They have announced that they will be televising every Grey County match and that this is the schedule. They will open up the tournament the exact same way as the arena football team By taking on HUElavia
March 5th: V.S HUElavia
March 6th: V.S Fluvannia
March 7th: V.S Crystalline Caverns
March 8th: V.S Mapletish
March 9th: V.S Abanhfleft
March 10th: V.S Quakmybush
March 11th: V.S Banija

Head Coach: Apollo Danhiel
Assistant Coach: Vijaya Savio
Assistant Coach: Goga Daley
Trainer: Kavi Quintinus
Assistant Trainer: Priapus Isma'il
General Manager: Abel Trask

ROSTER (age)
Starter: Domitanus Curry 31 (19)
Backup: Prashant Matthieu 30 (18)
Third Goalie/Not Dressed: Werther McGowan 1 (17)

Left Wingers
First Line LW: Zacharie Resnik 14 (19)
Second Line LW: Angel Ven 77 (19) Assistant Captain
Third Line LW: Avishaii Beck 57 (18)
Fourth Line LW: Domitius Knutson 23 (17)
Not Dressed LW: Brontes Peeters 80 (16)

First Line Center: Samuel Bond 12 (19) Captain
Second Line Center: Gigi Abiatti 43 (19)
Third Line Center: Mishka McCune 29 (18)
Fourth Line Centre: Kumara Barbier 5 (17)
Other Forward DRESSED: Einar Busch 88 (16)

Right Winger
First Line RW: Petru Bonnay 16 (19)
Second Line RW: Elmar Moses 84 (18)
Third Line RW: Rohit Sergeant 79 (19)
Fourth Line RW: Alex Gaspar 2 (17)
Not Dressed RW: Petro McCafee 90 (16)

Right Defencemen
First Line RD: Quim Burger 63 (19) Assistant Captain
Second Line RD: Lir McNail 14 (19)
Third Line RD: Kanta Botello 88 (18)
Not Dressed RD: Andy Connell 19(16)

Left Defensemen:
First Line LD: Dan Kolbe 3 (19)
Second Line LD: Marcus O'Hearn 72 (19)
Third Line LD: Vikrama Hornik 11 (18)
7th D: Khaliq McKee

The Team will arrive in Declava Later today.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Maybe, Ask Me
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes but let me determine type and severity please
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Maybe, Ask me
Style Modifier: +3
NOTE on Penalties: Two and 4 minutes you can put but please no dirty penalties. My team will be generally clean
Note On Fights: My Players like to fight and are physically competent. I have no issue with ur guy winning the fight but I do have an issue with him mopping the fllor with my guy
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Postby Gergary » Sun Feb 28, 2021 8:21 am

Gergary National Under-20 Ice Hockey Team
Gergary U-20 Nationales Eishockey-Team | Gergary 20 ev alatti Nemzeti Jegkorong Csapat

National Information
Region: Esportiva
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold

Coaching Staff
Manager: Doma Orczy | 47 | Male
Assistant Manager: Burkhardt Fuerst | 51 | Male
Coach: Eszter Bacsik | 42 | Female
Assistant Coach: Erzsebet Kato | 40 | Male
Doctor: Sonja Rose | 28 | Female

Playing Squad
1 | GK | Izabella Kun | 19 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
32 | GK | Ramin Unterbrink | 20 | Male | EC Oeler Oeldepot
66 | GK | Kalman Gaal | 18 | Male | EC Adler Steinigestrasse

1st Line
2 | LD | Erzsebet Buday | 17 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
99 | RD | Benedict Fuchs | 18 | Male | EC Gruene Fluegel Blauwelle

2nd Line
73 | LD | Cecilia Laurenz | 20 | Female | EC Pinguine Milchmaenner
52 | RD | Katja Fuerst | 19 | Female | EC Adler Steinigestrasse

3rd Line
3 | LD | Rolf Tobias | 18 | Male | EC Eisbaeren Ingbert
33 | RD | Lucie Dreher | 18 | Female | JK Szilagyi Asz

1st Line
54 | LF | Elise Reiher | 20 | Female | EC Adler Steinigestrasse
88 | C | Hanna Koszegi | 19 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
9 | RF | Henrik Karpati | 19 | Male | JK Suranyi Solymok

2nd Line
90 | LF | Pandora Bartos | 18 | Female | JK Suranyi Solymok
71 | C | Armin Fenstermacher | 17 | Male | EC Eisbaeren Ingbert
60 | RF | Kata Csizmadia | 19 | Female | JK Balogsi Szarvasok

3rd Line
4 | LF | Leoni Lehmann | 20 | Female | JK Borbelyi Fovarosok
80 | C | Mechthild Raskob | 18 | Female | JK Szilagyi Asz
34 | RF | Elia Werner | 20 | Male | EC Kavaliere Wiesenblume

5 | C | Ines Glas | 17 | Female | EC Oeler Oeldepot
92 | C | Muzsa Voross | 20 | Female | JK Szekelyi Hejak
20 | W | Wilma Baum | 16 | Female | EC Kavaliere Wiesenblume
22 | W | Mercedesz Csere | 17 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
38 | W | Daniel Hauer | 20 | Male | JK Borbelyi Fovarosok
68 | D | Hermann Hummel | 19 | Male | EC Gruene Fluegel Blauwelle
44 | D | Doma Filep | 20 | Male | JK Suranyi Solymok
77 | D | Angelika Disztl | 18 | Female | JK Szekelyi Hejak

Gergary's ice hockey jerseys are supplied by Filindostan's No Nonsense Sportswear.
Primary jersey is Green and White with Green helmets - Secondary jersey is Black and Gold with Gold helmets.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the jerseys.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (I'll determine the severity and length; no career ending injuries)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (If you eject my players, eject at least one of yours too)
Godmod Other Events: No

Style Modifier: -4
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Team Mapletish for World Junior Hockey Championship 16

Postby Mapletish » Sun Feb 28, 2021 7:10 pm

Nation Name: The Mapletia Unida of Mapletish
Demonym: Maplish/Mapletian
Team Nickname: The Dragons/The Minnows
The Supporters: The Fierykop

Image Image

Rosfield Arena - 25,000
Image Image Image

The Buio'Dzz
Before every match, the team members (including the designated substitutes for the match) will perform a traditional ritual, called the Buio'Dzz on the pitch just before play begins. The Buio'Dzz performed by the Maplish sports teams are from the Mapli-ane, one of the largest aboriginal groups in Mapletish. The Buio'Dzz originated from the sun god, Inaka, a Mapli-ane creation. To celebrate the birth of his son Arone, Inaka broke into a dance while humming a poem to celebrate the occasion. This continued to be the foundation of all tribe dances done by the Maplish aboriginals. The Buio'Dzz is just one of the many tribe war dances from the aboriginals of Mapletish. It is meant to awe and to challenge their opponents in the sports context today. This is similar to the [RL] New Zealanders' haka before their matches. It is performed by a group of people, with intensity and vigour. Actions are performed rhythmically including foot-stamping, tongue protrusions, rhythmic body slapping, clapping of the hands, and an accompaniment of shouting in the aboriginal dialect, which may represent tribal poems passed down from the ancestors of the particular tribe, or a poem that marks the events of a particular tribe. This ceremonial dance ritual also fulfills social functions such as weddings, funerals and celebration of great achievements, occasions, other than the anticipation of war from its earlier intentions. This would be performed unless the hosts of the match in question object to the ritual.

The entrance to the 16th WJHC celebrates the Dragons' return to mutliverse hockey, following a relatively long absence from the ice-hockey scene. Although the national team hasn't yet been set to play any time soon, the young Dragons seemed all that comfortable to be the ones to be who will bring some multiverse ice-hockey entertainment as the Maplish delegation travels to Delaclava once again. The previous delegation who made their way over to Delaclava was the Maplish basketball team who made their mark in the recently completed International Basketball Championships with a respectable 17th place finish. This entrance to the WJHC will also mark the young Dragons debut in the premier youth competition in the multiverse. Following the dispute between the nationalsports organsiations and the Mapletish Board of Sports Organisations (MBSO), the professional ice hockey clubs or the Big Twenty Sports Club were unwilling to release their youth players to participate in this edition of the 16th WJHC. It is not known whether this boycott will end anytime soon but judging from the state of affairs, it will be unlikely that any professional team will release their players anytime soon to keep with the boycott. As such head coach, Darryl Richardson is tasked to bring his Men's ice-hockey squad from the recently completed XV Olympic Winter Games to Delaclava. This squad of 18 players are all part of the U21 development team for ice-hockey. In the recent completed XV Olympic Winter Games in Kelssek, the young Dragons were defeated 3-2 in the Round of 16 match against Unified Panjuven Team, ending their Winter Games dream short.

Head Coach: Darryl Richardson, 42
Assistant Coach: Keith King, 40

Line 1
G: Robert Armstrong
LD: Leroy Salazar
RD: Malcolm Hawkins
LW: Curtis Singleton
C: Rodolfo Shaw
RW: Trevor Hunt

Line 2
G: Darrin Spencer
LD: Gabriel Cox
RD: Jeremiah Estrada
LW: Guy Hanson
C: Enrique Watkins
RW: Jerome Bailey

Line 3
G: Carlos Ferguson
LD: Anthony Mendez
RD: Jose Brady
LW: Ken Bowers
C: Maurice Rios
RW: Brandon Perez

Style Modifier: -5

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes
The Minuscule Nation Mapletish
Pop. 65,000,000 | Capital: Struggait City| Demonym: Maplish/Mapletian| Trigramme: MAP
First - WLC 24, DBC 43 Second - WCoH 22, RUWC 23, CR 24 Third- BoF 44, HWC 11, WCoH 20, WCoH 21, DBC 49 Fourth - U15WC9, RLWC12
Qualified for WC 64, 66
Proudly contributing my triumph's to the glorification of the greater whole!

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Suimeder Men's Youth (U-20) National Ice Hockey Team

Postby Suimede » Sun Feb 28, 2021 8:02 pm

Isshockey Suimede Eměvt Nasional am-Bloge
Equipo Nacional Juvenil de Hockey Masculino de Suimede
Equipa Nacional de Hóquei para a Juventude Masculina Suimedês
للرجال الشباب الوطنية للهوكي الجليد الفريق السويدية

Team Nickname: Eneshęge am-Gieloge (Ice Jaguars)

In the world of hockey, Sumiede has generally been considered a "sleeping giant" in terms of hockey quality. Despite its grand population, Suimede has always been generally ignorant to the game due to its largely warm weather and its affinity to other sports. However, there's been a recent uptick in hockey popularity in the past ~15 years due to increased funding, broadcasting of several international leagues, the opening of multiple indoor and artificial hockey arenas, and the start of a national league (known as the H-Liga). Now with Suimede's entry into the 16th WJHC, the country finally gets to see the results of a generation that has actually grown up with the sport against traditional powerhouses, growing nations like ourselves, and valiant minnows.

Coaching Staff
Manager: Tania Měsel II (F, age 45)
Assistant Manager: Pondriv Luiss (M, age 28)
Coach: Feliks Heshejl (M, age 39)
Assistant Coach: Temis Calakh (MtF, age 34)

- Home (front/back)
- Away (front/back)
Afif Kanien : No. 30 [Alternate Captain], age 20
Eres am-Ivau : No. 1, age 19
Noej Mogfede : No. 40, 20

1st Line
Gabe Stuį : LD : No. 16, age 18
Toni Brofǒde : RD : No. 54, age 19

2nd Line
Efraín Bustos : LD : No. 3, age 20
Kapuej Sechǎ : RD : No. 27, age 19

3rd Line
Nicolo Tlefokh : LD : No. 44, age 20
Alej Směle : RD : No. 28, age 20

Jawad al-Najjar : LD : No. 5, age 17
Ciung Alamaą : RD : No. 39, age 18

1st Line
Rashto am-Apana : LW : No. 17, age 19
Kapuej am-Ofamlok : C : No. 93 [Captain], age 16
Jonatan Ujakede : RW : No. 24, age 20

2nd Line
Farrah Qadir : LW : No. 18, age 20
Capolel Měsel : C : No. 50, age 19
Luis Ángel Ventura : No. 19, age 18

3rd Line
Antuan Espąn : LW : No. 89, age 20
Jage Gouf : C : No. 9, age 19
Eresi Leshprąm : RW : No. 36, age 18

Cesar Fuikh : LW : No. 70, age 19
Mikejl Cie : C : No. 22, age 19
Matheus Nogueira : RW : No. 43, age 20


- Team captain Kapuej am-Ofamlok has, for awhile now it seems, been touted as the next great hope in not only Suimeder hockey, but Suimeder sports in general. Can the 16-year-old Sąu Agustin HC centre live up to expectation?
- Farrah Qadir has become the first woman to feature in a Suimeder men's national team (above the U-18 level), shortly after becoming the first Muslim woman to debut in a professional men's sporting event in Suimeder history, when she started for Club Dadęm 2 years ago. Can Qadir crush societal norms and prove her worth in this tournament?
- Gabe Stuį, son of Suimeder political commentator Stefani Stuį, has seen his recent performances in the H-Liga rewarded with U-20 caps in the past couple of international breaks. However, critics claim that the only reason he's with the YNT to begin with is because of the fame (and at times infamy) of his mother. Can the Londres-born defenceman shine, or will he prove the critics right?

Style Modifier: +1

RPing Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes (keep within reason)
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes (keep within reason)
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Population: 132.5 million | Capital: Sąu Agustin | Largest City: Capolel | Demonym: Suimeder | Trigram: SMD

pronounced swee-MADE, /swiˈmeɪːd/ in English, [sw̃imʲɛ̂ðʝ] in Suimeder.

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Postby Sannyamathland » Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:51 am

Sannyamathland National Junior Hockey Team

1.Viktor Keryashin(19)
2.Mikhail Karnilov(20)


First Line
33.Alexei Kasparov(20)(captain)
47.David Carter(18)

Second Line
12.Myakuv Fadeyadov(19)
36.Dmitry Milteresev(18)

Third Line
13.Isaac Ishadov(18)
27.Vladimir Mikhailov(20)'

Reserves:Mikhail Charlencko(20),Viktor Zedvedov(18)


First Line
9.Xavier Zinchencko(18)(Vice Captain)
11.Sergey Petrodov(20)
8.Nikita Zenchuck(19)

Second Line
10.Park Jong Ho(20)(3rd Captain)
35.Danil Kucherov(16)
15.Nikita Vassilevetich(18)

Third Line
16.Alexander Chevosky(17)
99.Viktor Bukhov(18)
52.Vladislav Adrodonov(18)

Reserves:Max Malkin(19),Danil Pudovsky(18),Boris Milonov(17)

Coaching Team
Head Coach:Vyacheslav Bragin(38)
Assistant Coach(es): Alexander Sandrakovitch(42),Ivan Anisimov(35)
and others.....

RP Permissions
Do anything,but just don't f@#king kill the f@#king players.No career ending injury please,these are kids(and I love kids).

Note:If you want any of these players to play for a league of your country,just TG me.As it is,the condition of Soviet Hockey League is pathetic,with no big sponsors,and clubs lacking in fund.All the money just goes into football in this country.Just TG me,and I will surely agree.
A Communist Republic located near RL Russia,inhabited by about 500 million 'comrades'.Military superpower,largest military budget in the world,permanent member of UNSC.Member of LITA.An enthusiastic sporting nation.
NS Stats are not canon(See factbook for more info). More often than not, I fail to predict the outcomes of issue, so issue results are (mostly) not canon either.
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:47 pm

Code: Select all
If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Injure my players: Yes, but nothing more than missing the rest of the game
Godmod injuries: No
Penalise my players: Within reason. Without my specified goon, this is not a team that will rack up penalty minutes. Bear that in mind.
Eject my players: Yes, as long as you eject the same number of your players
Godmod other events: No

Sarzonia Junior Stars

Style modifier: 0

Coach Martin Pelleur, age 50
Pelleur was tapped to manage the Junior Stars based on his work developing the coaching programme for Sarzonian junior hockey. Sarzonia's Incorporated Ice Hockey Federation realises the team would likely be behind the eight ball compared with other teams, so they lean on Pelleur's patience with what they expect to be a lengthy process. Pelleur's pedigree is working with offence.

Assistant Coach Brett Tanguay, Sr. Age 42
The team's defence-minded assistant coach will handle the defencemen and defensive forwards even though his son Brett, Jr. is an offensive forward on the team.

Goaltending Coach Todd Ranford, age 47
Ranford spent four years after his retirement as a goalie working as a studio analyst for Sarzonian Hockey Channel broadcasts, but is itching for a chance to go behind the bench. This is his first coaching experience.

Trainer/Team Physician Clayre Bennett, age 48
Bennett earned a medical degree after her five-year playing career in a women's hockey league in Delaclava ended. She is eager to play her trade with a competitive sport team.

ROSTER (Starters/first line in BOLD)

31 Carter Liut, 19, 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
Liut employs a butterfly style and relies heavily on his reflexes to make up for his lack of experience in goal. Needs work on his puck handling skills.
35 Connor Whalen, 20, 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
Tends toward the butterfly style of play. He has some puck handling skills, but is just coming back from an extended absence due to a torn knee ligament.

2 Joel Roessel, 20, 6-foot-1, 205 pounds
Makes up for relative lack of size with agility and a sixth sense of knowing where and when to play the puck. Can deliver terrifying checks.
3 Mike Stevens, 20, 6-foot, 200 pounds
Also not the biggest guy, nut is blindingly fast and reads the situation on ice very well. He has strong chemistry with Roessel.
13 Hunter Abrams, 19, 6-foot-4, 235 pounds
Abrams has the size and just enough speed to deliver powerful checks. He doesn't like getting into fights, but won't hesitate to in order to defend himself or a teammate.
19 Larry Rollins, 18, 6-foot 2, 200 pounds
He doesn't have the size of his defensive partner, but has more speed. They are roommates and get on well, though they are learning to play together.
25 Ashleigh Whitfield, 20, 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
Whitfield has been playing hockey almost her entire life and uses positioning and her ability to read the tendencies of her opponents to overcome her lack of size. She won't hesitate to mix it up in the corner or drop the gloves if necessary.
27 Christian Channing, 20, 6-foot-4, 225 pounds
Another heavy checker and aggressive presence on ice, he is quick to defend Whitfield or any teammate if needed.
36 Cal Isaacs, 20, 6-foot, 205 pounds
He's there to provide depth for the defence and could be an emergency goalie if all three goalies were unable to suit up or play.

[b]Left Winger 18 Yves St. Louis
, 19, 5-foot-10, 185 pounds
He has a laser of a lefty shot from the point and scored 26 goals in an abbreviated 50-game schedule for his junior league.
Centre 8 George Anderson, 19, 6-foot-1, 195 pounds
He wins faceoff and distributes the puck extremely well and is a key presence on the power play. He can be deceptive with his shot and score goals.
Right Winger 10 Josh Evans, 20 5-foot-11, 175 pounds
He's the guy who plays every shift as if his family's honour depended on it. He's frequently mucking up in the corner scrums and can score on occasion. Moving over from left wing to take the spot in the lineup vacated by Brett Tanguay, Jr.
12 LW Jamie Preston, 20, 5-foot-8, 170 pounds
He spends a lot of time in the weight room when he isn't focused on hockey. He has some defensive skills and will work shorthanded shifts.
14 C Joyce Bradley, 18, 5-foot-4, 145 pounds
She uses speed and positioning to make up for lack of size. She can pinpoint passes right on the tape of just about any Junior Stars player.
17 RW Nate Tyson, 17, 6-foot-5, 218 pounds
He's an imposing presence, especially on the penalty kill, even though he's as gentle as they come off the ice. He has good puck handling and shooting skills.
20 C Xavier Healey, 20, 6-foot, 197 pounds
He's likely to be called upon in late game situations in the event the Stars need to win a faceoff in a close match. At the very least, he can provide backup if the main faceoff centre gets kicked out of the dot.
21 RW Alan Wilkins, 19, 6-foot-1, 205 pounds
Wilkins is a regular presence on his team's penalty kill unit and is one of Sarzonia's best defensive forwards.
28 C Frank Teague, 19, 6-foot-1, 210 pounds
He is also a checking line player, but more because of his defensive prowess.
29 RW Dave Johns, 18, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds
He's a defensive forward who has surprisingly deft touch with the puck and can be a surprisingly strong threat to score.
World Lacrosse Council President. Member of the WBC Council. the IBO Committee, and the WCoH Federation. He/him/his.
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First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22; AOCAF XII and XXIX). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Srednjaci » Tue Mar 02, 2021 5:22 am


The Hockey Federation Srednjaci (HFS) sends a list of players for the junior hockey championship.

Team name: Srednjaci
Team nickname: Ice Cubs

Head Coach: Tatjana Đureković
Assistant Coach: Andrey Korokin
Assistant Coach: Ivo Tatomirović
Trainer: Oleg Treputsky
Assistant Trainer: Iztok Puc
General Manager: Nikola Serderović
Doctor : Ljubomir Perasović
Doctor Assistant : Mia Ljubičić
physiotherapist : Katarina Tarasović

ROSTER (age)
Starter: Dominik Patković (18)
Backup: Ivana Jkobušić (18)
Third Goalie: Elibora Tatarovska (17)

Left Wingers
First Line LW: Zhuo Wei (19)
Second Line LW: Jelena Ivezić (17)
Third Line LW: Zoran Hlebić (18)
Fourth Line LW: Željko Žic (17)
Not Dressed LW: Branko Otegović (16)

First Line Center: Goran Tuđman (19)
Second Line Center: Ai Toyotama (17)
Third Line Center: Danijela Vrgorac (18)
Fourth Line Centre: Ilya Menkov (17)
Other Forward DRESSED: Eva Hulikova (16)

Right Winger
First Line RW: Petra Jurešić (18) Assistan Captain
Second Line RW: Mirko Buvač (18)
Third Line RW: Ozren Tirić (16)
Fourth Line RW: Julija Hretušić 2(17)
Not Dressed RW: Donald Otto Preus (18)

Right Defencemen
First Line RD: Marija Velić (19)
Second Line RD: Ivan Turešić (17)
Third Line RD: Valentina de Grazi (18)
Not Dressed RD: Viktor Jutre (17)

Left Defensemen:
First Line LD: Jakov Kotreški (19) Captain
Second Line LD: Ivona Filipović (19)
Third Line LD: Su Weiling (18)
Not Dressed : Jana Ušić (16)

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injure my players: No
Godmod injuries: No
Penalise my players: Yes
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: No

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Postby Sainterris » Tue Mar 02, 2021 5:13 pm

❁ Blossoming Empire of Sainterris ❁ | ❁ Ntaitora Toemma / National Team ❁ | ❁ Current Year: 1969 ❁

Player                                  #          Pos         Ht          Wt          Born          Birthplace                    G/D/F
Autianna Zunalkara Doe Good Inaa 14 X 5’11 185 1950-08-20 Dosse Seprere Mue Isa G
Muratbek Bradgene̊ 4 X 6’3 176 1952-10-23 Nitre Mopre Mue Imasso G
Zalie Puda Soguere 52 X 6’5 207 1950-02-04 Punomå Luo D
Jakius Quatsurekuri 57 X 5’11 195 1951-09-04 Bideso Luer D
Emle̊ Lua Poor Belua Doe Lagunazuno 84 X 5’9 174 1953-12-27 Bideso Luer D
Jonaya Kunetrese 55 X 6’1 204 1952-09-04 Samerella Nso Ima D
Elmārs Kugo Rodao 37 X 6’0 208 1950-01-10 Nitre Mopre Mue Isa D
Tanvi Be̊ch Areso 68 X 6’2 210 1952-02-15 Punomå Luo D
Unk Brivaletona 72 X 6’2 210 1952-02-11 Dossene Tone Doisa D
Etlena Nao 48 X 6’6 205 1951–11-10 Spira Buso-ia D
Ramario Clarachi de Leo 76 X 6’0 195 1949-11-09 Purito Eye D
Romane Ride (C) 73 C 6’1 195 1950-06-09 Nitre Mopre Mue Imasso F
Juhi Soa Doe Lua Buge̊ 1 LW 6’0 197 1950-05-28 Kuppaor F
Martguerita Puareto̊ Doe Zunatoa Kuza 31 C 6’3 213 1952-10-31 Purito Eye F
Janile̊ Brilloe Doe Ijosia 47 LW 6’0 194 1951-03-16 Nato Balisia Luo Imasso F
Dyara Zugeuririo 82 RW 6’0 190 1952-02-22 Dosse Seprere Mue Isa F
Daijour Dayune̊ 64 C 6’0 188 1951-09-04 Dossene Tone Doisa F
Ceri Braplumsa 38 C 5’10 190 1949-04-06 Kunosbatuna Quira Toe Musa F
Nogues Luna Guario 25 C 6’2 213 1948-12-11 Cuno Toberia Luso F
Selayah Rubono (A) 36 LW 5’9 181 1949-08-22 Dossene Tone Doisa F
Tyronzia Theme 81 C 6’0 194 1950-07-16 Dane Truisa F
Eracle Zranisa Doe Munaznao 88 RW 6’0 194 1950-08-08 Kuppaor F
Hendry Murakura 12 LW 6’2 230 1948-01-26 Samerella Nso Ima F
Mackenize Ngo Yule̊r Doe Måni 21 C 6’0 206 1949-04-27 Hamna Sele Buso-A F
Izotena Fusan Ola Bouezio 32 C 6’1 171 1951–11-12 Bubi Daroa F
Shanicqua Spuniso̊ Dolle-ya 41 RW 6’0 197 1950-08-06 Dane Truisa F

Style M: +1.49

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Go all out!
Injure my players: You can certainly injure or kill these players if you want to, a replacement will be made instantly.
Godmod injuries: Yes.
Penalise my players: No more than five penalties.
Eject my players: Yes.
Godmod other events: Yes, as long as it’s interesting.

#36 Selayah Rubono
#73 Romane Ride
#84 Emle̊ Lua Poor Belua Doe Lagunazuno
#64 Daijour Dayune̊
#12 Hendry Murakura
#1 Juhi Soa Doe Lua Buge̊
#52 Zalie Puda Soguere
#31 Martguerita Puareto̊ Doe Zunatoa Kuza
#47 Janile̊ Brilloe Doe Ijosia
#11 Ulrico Kunnessine Toso (R)
#82 Dyara Zugeuririo
#25 Nogues Luna Guario
#55 Jonaya Kunetrese
#37 Elmārs Kugo Rodao
#68 Tanvi Be̊ch Areso
#4 Muratbek Bradgene̊
#32 Izotena Fusan Ola Bouezio
#41 Shanicqua Spuniso̊ Dolle-ya
#76 Ramario Clarachi de Leo
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Postby Delaclava » Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:10 pm

Delaclava national under-20 hockey team
World Junior Hockey Championship 16

The senior team has achieved 3rd Place, World Cup of Hockey 16, and 2nd Place, Atlantian Oceania Hockey Championship 7. This is the international debut of the U20 team, and enters as Hosts of WJHC 16.


Nation: The United Republic of Delaclava
Demonym: Delaclav
Trigramme: DEL
Team Name: Phoenixes (this is the same as national teams at the senior levels. Junior teams are occasionally called "Baby Phoenixes", "Hatchlings", or "Ashlings")
Kit: Primary, gold with red sleeves and numbering and white trim; Secondary, white with red sleeves and numbering and gold trim.

The junior Phoenixes are quick, offensive-minded bordering on impatient, and experts of puck movement and space. While they lack for size and physical development, the main separation between the junior Phoenixes and their senior compatriots, the junior Phoenixes are accustomed to giving up size and strength and possess the toughness and maturity to focus on beating bigger teams with speed.


Head Coach: Jacob Hines, 35, Santa Lourdes Lancers (USL)
Assistant Coach: Jill Bentley, 31, Worthington Whitecaps (NDJHL)
Assistant Coach: Stefan Joaquin, 53, Cleopatrana West Beach Club (SJHL)
Goaltending Coach: Petr Konta, Salvile Athletic (VJHL)
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Melly Wright, 34, Santa Lourdes Lancers (USL)

# Pos Name Age Height Weight Shoots Current Team
42 C Tomas Bondra 17 5-11 180 L Breton Valley Panthers (USL)
41 RW Zoltan Bondra 17 5-9 145 R Breton Valley Panthers (USL)
25 LW Liam Bullard 18 5-10 150 L Stockton U18 Snipers (FHJ)
52 D Derrick Carter 20 6-1 170 L Tomo U20 Tempest (VDH)
19 RW Marcus Coburn 19 5-10 165 R Worthington Whitecaps (NDJHL)
18 LW Michael Coburn 19 5-10 165 L Worthington Whitecaps (NDJHL)
2 D Grayson Condon 18 6-3 175 L Novick Wranglers (USL)
38 LW Patrick Domenici 20 6-4 195 R Rilke-Duino Castles (SJHL)
5 C Haley Harris 20 6-2 170 R Kitsuartat Chieftesses (DUSA)
23 LW Kai Kimmich 20 5-8 155 R Kalinin District 5 Oremen (VJHL)
4 D Bohdan Kirilenko 18 6-6 205 R Hveranes JHC (VJHL)
30 G Bradley Konta 19 6-3 180 R Salvile Athletic (VJHL)
20 D Adam Kodály 20 5-11 185 R Breton Valley District 3 Cubs (VJHL)
28 D Ambrose Parra 18 6-3 190 R Cleopatrana West Beach Club (SJHL)
36 RW Johnny Parra 18 5-11 170 L Cleopatrana West Beach Club (SJHL)
34 C Peter Požgaj 19 6-1 180 R Hveranes JHC (VJHL)
50 D Ross Robinson 20 6-2 180 L St. James Eagles (DUSA)
13 RW Maxim Sevanov 17 6-1 170 L Finran Polytechnic Sharks (DUSA)
17 C Bretty Sexton 19 6-3 195 L Worthington Whitecaps (NDJHL)
31 G Stjepan Suša 18 6-2 170 R Stakenes JHC (VJHL)
12 F Megan Bryant 20 5-8 145 R Athens Athena Red (AYHL)
24 D Francis Falla 17 5-11 175 L Ojstiz North Bay Hurricanes (SJHL)
35 G David Hauser 16 6-1 155 R Spaulding U18 Sabres (SJHL)
9 F Kate Hughes 20 5-10 150 R Salem Black Crows (AYHL)
6 F Martin Hughes 16 5-10 180 L Stockton U17 Snipers (FHJ)
15 D Bela Kazan 19 6-4 180 L St. Ivor U20 Blades (FHJ)
70 G Jannik Nissen 17 6-3 175 L Stockton U18 Snipers (FHJ)
32 D Christian Quentin18 6-4 170 R Ojstiz North Bay Hurricanes (SJHL)
11 F Ruggero Tevez 17 5-6 145 R Cleopatrana West Beach Club (SJHL)
---Non-playing "Mentors"---
94 F Edan Bullard* 20 5-9 160 R Stockton Snipers (USL)
93 F Dominick Neal* 20 6-3 180 L Cleopatrana Owls (USL)

Roster Notes:
- Leagues:
  • AYHL = Atalanta Youth Hockey League (girls' junior league)
  • DUSA = Delaclava University Sport Association
  • FHJ = Firinsymnia Haca Juniors
  • NDJHL = North Delaclava Junior Hockey League
  • SJHL = Southwestern Junior Hockey League
  • USL = United Super League (premier professional league)
  • VDH = Verceola Development Hockey
  • VJHL = Valhalla Junior Hockey League
- Edan Bullard and Dominick Neal are included as non-playing "mentors" or captains, and are fully professional players with national team experience. However, they are also age-eligible to play in case of emergency.
- The Bondra, Coburn, and Parra brothers are all twins, while the Hughes and the Bullards are also each siblings.
- The Coburn twins are the younger brothers of national team player Alex Coburn; Grayson Condon, of Brock Condon; Bretty Sexton, of Evan Sexton.
- Bradley Konta is the son of goaltending coach Petr Konta.


Forward Lines
1) Mi. Coburn -- Sexton -- Ma. Coburn
2) L. Bullard -- T. Bondra -- Z. Bondra
3) Domenici -- Požgaj -- Sevanov
4) Kimmich -- Harris -- J. Parra

Defensive Pairings
1) Kirilenko -- A. Parra
2) Carter -- Condon
3) Robinson -- Kodály

Goaltender Depth Chart
1) Konta
2) Suša
(3) Nissen)

Power Play 1: Mi. Coburn, L. Bullard, Ma. Coburn; Kirilenko, Sexton
Power Play 2: Sevanov, T. Bondra, Z. Bondra; A. Parra, Condon
Penalty Kill 1: Požgaj, J. Parra, Kirilenko, A. Parra (omit J. Parra for 5v3 or 4v3)
Penalty Kill 2: Domenici, T. Bondra, Carter, Kodály (omit T. Bondra for 5v3 or 4v3)

Hero Line 1: Mi. Coburn, Sexton, Ma. Coburn; Kirilenko, Condon

Extra Skaters: Z. Bondra, Sevanov

RP Permissions, Other Info

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Message first
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Message first
Godmod Other Events: Message first
Style Modifier: +4
Other Notes: Delaclava junior hockey system have a zero-tolerance policy on fighting; under no circumstances will players drop the gloves during the competition, and any attempt an opponent makes to fight a Phoenix is only going to return in a two-minute instigator penalty - grow up and go to the box. Similarly, Phoenixes will not commit reckless or excessive penalties, although they certainly will pick up the usual penalties like hooking, holding, tripping, etc. as a part of genuine attempts to defend the play.
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3rd: World Cup of Hockey 16, World Bowl 41, Di Bradini Cup 15, AO Basketball Championship 6
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, and 39; IBC 7 & 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Delaclava » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:15 am Hockey

WJHC16 Preview: Mailbag, Day 1
Junior hockey is coming to Delaclava! We answer your most pressing questions

Well, it's been a series of surprises in the Delaclav hockey world the past several months. First, the Delaclav Hockey Federation announced that they were assembling a team to compete at the World Junior Hockey Championships. The Phoenixes have never attended this competition, nor had the DHF even assembled a U20 team previously. But fair play, and certainly reflective of the increased focus on unifying the vibrant locally-grown junior hockey communities.

But then, a host bid from the same DHF? The Phoenixes had never even entered the competition - now they were set to organize their own debut? But the demand was there, the infrastructure of the nation is such that cities and venues are always ready to host a major event, and DOC-sponsored bids have often succeeded in drumming up homegrown interest for the national team. What better way for the fans of Delaclava to support their young hockey players than to watch them in their own backyard?

So here we are - action in WJHC 16 starts in a matter of days, with the Phoenixes set to take on the likes of defending runners-up Anthor, and neighbors and longtime hockey stalwarts Sarzonia; Delaclava will play their first game at Domara Square in Kalinin, a familiar venue for the senior national team as well as any Kalinin Silver Knights players or opponents. Thirty-one (a strange number, we'll address that later) players have assembled under Santa Lourdes Lancers coach Jacob Hines to take on the competition, and before play starts, we wanted to take reader questions about the team so you could get them to know better. Upon seeing this roster, many of our international readers asked the same thing:

Why are there three sets of twins on this roster? How is that possible?

It's not exactly something a Delaclav would necessarily raise their brow at, but we get that it's an unfamiliar concept outside our borders, so let us explain:

There are three main factors at play here. First of all, Delaclava as a whole has an especially high multiple birth rate. According to the latest census figures, 68 out of 1000 live births are multiple births, with some provinces having a rate as high as 100 out of 1000 - yes, that's right, a one in ten multiple birth rate. Triplet births take place in approximately 7 out of 1000 live births, and quadruplets or more in approximately 1 in 10,000 pregnancies. So what's the cause of these unusually high numbers? Well, statistically, it's a matter of sample size. Despite the seemingly increased fertility of Delaclav women, culturally Delaclav families do not strive for large numbers of children; if a family has two or more children on their first go-round, they'll probably be calling it a day on procreating, therefore decreasing the possible number of pregnancies. The denominator goes down, the numerator goes up. That's really the most logical reason at hand, although it is also thought that the societal emphasis on general wellness and healthcare, particularly for expecting and new mothers, comes into play. A population of prospective mothers with adequate exercise, nutrition, climate, and work-life balance will have greater prospects at successfully conceiving multiple children and carrying them to term. As far as some of the more fertile regions, particularly Valhalla and Firinsymnia, the communal lore swears by a diet high in nuts and seeds, and fruits and tubers, which contain the substances necessary to make beautiful, healthy babies. The scientific community as a whole is certainly curious about these claims, but thus far are skeptical.

Pivoting off the general national trends, the second factor at play is the more fertile regions themselves. Hockey is played most commonly in Valhalla, Firinsymnia, and rural northern Delaclava, as well as many smaller coastal towns. Which areas of Delaclava have the higher rates of multiple births? Valhalla, Firinsymnia, rural northern Delaclava, and numerous smaller coastal towns, particularly on the east and west coasts. So, if you've got a family raising two little kids at once, they're more likely to hail from these regions, and when they're a few years old, they're more likely to be picking up hockey sticks than handeggs. And some of those kids are eventually going to make it to the upper echelon of the game. For example: it is estimated that in the Valhalla Junior Hockey League, as many as 20% of the players have a twin - and in many cases, that twin is also in the league and a part of that 20%.

The final and perhaps most significant aspect is the family- and community-run nature of hockey in Delaclava. Many of Delaclava's national sports are built from the top down; hockey is built from the ground up, driven by the youth and junior teams that provide the talent for the professional and international teams. It's why, at least in our opinion, hockey has the best potential for long-term success in Delaclava. If the national federation ever fell apart again, a suitable national team could be thrown together at the drop of a hat - much like what's happened here. But with the Delaclava Football Association in shambles as it is, it could be decades until the football Phoenixes are once again an elite program. But that's a separate discussion... the point is, the players in a certain area and region play with and against each other from when they are toddlers to when they are nearly adults. Even as levels of talent begin to separate, the cream of the crop never migrate to a particular area or league. Programs usually remain localized, and while the elite players and teams will have opportunity to go against like teams from around the nation, they will play the bulk of their games in the same provincial or metropolitan association. So when a pair of twins rise through the age levels to elite status, they will remain in the same hockey community for the entirety of their adolescence - and usually on the same team. Even if one or both isn't cut out for higher competition, there are lower leagues and other options so that the less talented players will remain in the same hockey atmosphere. Plus, when talent scouting takes place for a U20 national team, a collegiate team, a professional team - they'll often look at keeping old teammates together. And what better choice than a pair of teammates who have learned to skate in the same backyard and played on the same team for 15 years?

So there you have it - that's why you see so many twins in Delaclav hockey, and why there are three pairs on this team alone. And it's a great crop too; wingers Marcus and Michael Coburn come from the Worthington Whitecaps, and have been offensive standouts in a region more notable for its defensive prowess. Their older brother is none other than Novick Wranglers star Alex Coburn - and much as Coburn plays on a line, with the Wranglers and the Phoenixes, with his childhood best friend Evan Sexton, the Coburn twins will play on either side of Evan's little brother Bretty. There's another forward pairing - the Bondras out of Breton Valley, Tomas and Zoltan, who have already made the jump to the United SuperLeague in the Breton Valley Panthers' practice squad, and are well-disciplined in the speedy, pass-heavy style of this U20 team. Then there are the Parra boys - fraternal twins Ambrose, the towering defenseman, and Johnny, the small yet scrapping checking-line winger. They embrace a grittier, more hard-nosed style, and will bring a lot of heart to a team that is rich with talent but will be looking to put it all together, and fast.

So thanks for that question, especially to our foreign DSGN readers, and we'll tackle another one tomorrow!
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Postby Kelssek » Wed Mar 03, 2021 6:32 am


Aumann         Rathais     Hakemi
O'Shea Chandler Hwong
Mueller McCann Ibanez
Sullivan Jokoei Howard

McLeod Loudain
Bart Bray
Horwath McIlroy

Jeanne Hakemi (RW) - CH Outineau
Rachel O'Shea (LW) - Novonaya Rangers
Fabian Chandler (C) - Kirkenes Rangers
Scott Hwong (RW) - Burnaby Ravens
Aidan Mueller (LW) - Breton Emeralds
Sarah Rathais (C) - Faucons de St-Rémy
Parnell Ibanez (RW) - CH Outineau
Maxime Aumann (LW/RW) - 1949 Beaujoire
Olivier Jokoei (C) - Vickery Vikings
Meredith McCann (C) - Watermeet
Jack Howard (RW) - Olympique Laneux
Dermot Sullivan (LW) - Grand Falls Haligonian

Anton McLeod (LD) - Red Star Clayquot
Mandy Bart (LD) - Kirkenes Dragons
Ben Loudain (RD) - Internationale
Luke Horwath (LD) - Neorvins Wolves
Julie Bray (RD) - Olympique Langlois
Alex McIlroy (RD) - Vickery Vikings

Eunan Miyamoto (G) - Escadron Dorval
Miles Lemelin (G) - Burnaby Ravens
Cassie Gilchrist (G) - Kirkenes Rangers

You may choose scorers, RP events, and minor penalties as you wish.
Please consult before RPing fights - telegram is the best way to reach me.

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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:19 am

The Sarzonian Under 20 national hockey team have long since shed the label of unknowns in this tournament.

Not after right wing Brett Tanguay, Jr. set the 14th edition on fire with his goalscoring prowess before being chosen by Donnaconan supporters as the player of the tournament. Not after the Junior Stars qualified for the knockout rounds in consecutive tournaments and found themselves ranked 10th in the multiverse prior to the current edition, being hosted by southern neighbours Delaclava.

So now, Junior Stars manager Martin Pelleur confronts something he isn't quite used to without one of the team's biggest weapons in its arsenal. Expectations.

The Junior Stars are looked upon as a favourite and a team expected to challenge in the knockout rounds with the idea of bringing home the first ice hockey trophy in Sarzonian history at any level. If they accomplish that, they will have to do so without Tanguay, who has aged out of the team. Pelleur said his team will bring more of a grinder's mentality without their biggest star.

"We can't just wait around for Brett to score goals or check somebody into the boards," he said. "We need to be a well-rounded team and we need to be a team that gets contributions from up and down its roster."

Pelleur also acknowledges that his team will be without two other important elements to its roster, as previous starting goaltender Owen Franks and enforcer Quinn Hadley both have also aged out of eligibility. Pelleur expressed confidence that Carter Liut would step in ably for Franks, but added that he would have to make "adjustments" to the team's approach without Hadley, who forced some teams to start some players and scratch others due to his intimidating presence and his willingness to drop the gloves.

"We can't be as willing to put players in the sin bin," Pelleur said. "We don't have that one player who's going to go in and scare the bejeebers out of someone, so we have to be disciplined on both ends of the ice."

Sarzonia's group opponents include Delaclava, marking yet another tournament that pits the Cyanea neighbours against each other. Pelleur's club will start off facing BohemiaIV at Panthers Arena in Breton Valley before they face off against the Phoenixes. Pelleur already warned his team against looking past their unranked opening opponents to the Delaclava match.

"Some of these teams we've never faced and never heard of," Pelleur said. "That doesn't matter. They can sneak up on people like we did a couple tournaments ago. We accept that there will be a massive challenge in facing Delaclava and that will get fans interested on both sides of the border, but we have six other group stage matches to play. We can't treat one single match like it's the Cup or we'll end up disappointed."
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Postby Srednjaci » Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:58 am



This will be a very important championship for DR Srednjaci.
DR Srednjaci did not have national teams at the XV Olympic Games in Kelssek.
A young nation that at that time had only 4 active hockey clubs. Today the first league has 6 clubs and the second league has the same 6 clubs.
Infrastructure is being built all over the country and we hope that the results of this championship will encourage young people to become more active in this wonderful sport.
The big hockey fields are coming to an end, some of them are already open, such as in the city of Dormatisi, but also the national winter center in Katanija.
We are playing the first match against Quebec and we hope for a good result for our young girls and young boys.


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Grey County has arrived

Postby Grey County » Thu Mar 04, 2021 10:11 am

Grey County's national U20 Team has arrived in Declava. The team will start their campaign tommorow and they would love to start it off right.
Check back tommorow for a game preview

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Postby Nova Anglicana » Thu Mar 04, 2021 12:40 pm

Nova Anglicana U-20 World Junior Hockey Championship Roster

Head Coach: Tom Benson
Style Modifier: -0.5
Captain: Stephen Barnett
Assistant Captains: Cedric Caldwell, Darren Gordon

1st Line
RW Cedric Caldwell, 20, St. Stephen's University - a sniper, incredibly fast with a good body
C Peter Frazier, 20, University of Prince Edward Island - somewhat of a late bloomer, passes well, speedy with an eye for finding holes in the defense
LW Aaron Shelton, 20, Mount Allison University - completes the fast first line, quick with his legs and his shot

2nd Line
RW Clement Freitas, 20, St. Francis Xavier - Freitas is a bit of a wild man, but his upside knows no bounds, could be a great goalscorer
C Pascal Clevenger, 20, St. Stephen's University - Clevenger is supposed to keep his two wild and woolly wings under control, Benson thinks he could be future top-line guy
LW Armand Calderon, 20, Universite de Sept-Iles - an unparalleled athlete, but needs to work on his technical game, prone to fighting more than you'd expect

3rd Line
RW Ricky McCoy, 18, University of King's College - he does everything hard (party, study, play hockey), but is possessed of a lot of raw talent too, needs to grow into his body
C Sean Harper, 18, Memorial University - steady, firm, even-keeled, potentially a future leader, but his on-ice abilities in passing and shooting are excellent too
LW Andre Messier, 18, University of New Brunswick - sharp-tongued Acadien chirps at his opponents, but silences them with his wicked shot and skating abilities

4th Line
RW Garrett Brock, 19, St. Thomas University - hustles, plays good defense, not afraid to lay a lick, there to wear people out
C Jean-Marc Belanger, 19, Universite de Moncton - passes well, moves well, not a scorer, but has good intangibles
LW Alain Marchand, 19, St. Francis Xavier - small and speedy, tough to keep up with, big part of this hustle line, decent shooter

Pair 1
Stephen Barnett, 20, Memorial University - Barnett is a big body, but not as slow as he looks, has a heavy shot, not afraid to defend his teammates, has become a leader
Patrick Drake, 20, Dalhousie University - not a big guy, but pretty quick, heads up player with a positive disposition and excellent stick checking abilities

Pair 2
Joshua McBride, 20, University of Reginorum - athletic player, bulked up a lot recently, hits hard, pretty good shooter for a d-man
Marc Broussard, 18, Universite de Sept-Iles - Broussard is an incredible talent, a two-way player who is at home on both ends of the ice, needs to improve teamwork

Pair 3
Daniel Ford, 18, Acadia University - Ford is a hulking bruiser who can take your head off with a shot or with a check, but not particularly fast or skilled
Chris Kelley, 18, St. Francis Xavier - Kelley is also a physical specimen, will fight if necessary, blocks plenty of shots

Darren Gordon, 19, St. Stephen's University - wise beyond his years, technically sound but athleticism isn't top-tier
Joey Perry, 18, Universite de Moncton - first-year starter is a big body, blocks the net well, but can be beaten by skiled players

Penalty Lines

Power Play 1: 1st line+Pair 2
Power Play 2: 2nd line+Pair 1
Penalty Kill 1: 1st line+Pair 2
Penalty Kill 2: 4th line+Pair 3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes, but limited, this is an ICly disciplined team good on the penalty kill, more likely to be outplayed than commit a bunch of penalites
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Atheara » Thu Mar 04, 2021 5:16 pm

Athearan Junior Hockey Team Arrives In Delaclava

The Athearan Junior Hockey team has just arrived in Delaclava for the World Junior Hockey Championships (WJHC) 16th Edition. This is the 1st time Atheara has participated in an International Team Tournament. We are hoping for the best from our players, hoping for the Championship or at least to get into the Upper Bracket.

Although located in the Northern Hemisphere, for a while the Country had limited sport funding ever since 2018 due to The Incident during the World Cup that was held in Russia. But after the bans were lifted, funding became imminent and many Corporations and Organizations sponsored the rebuilding of Professional Sport leagues in Atheara starting in 2035. In our world, the World Cup is actually not for one sport, but for several at once. Most popular ones in Atheara are Football, Ice Hockey, and Badminton (Duo). Most popular sports that require only one player in Atheara are Chess, Archery, and Tennis (Solo).

For the first match, Atheara will be facing the Junior Hockey Team from Anthur, which is yet to be announced.
Hoping for the best from our Northern Guards, the news broadcast is signing out.

Stay tuned for Matchday 1.
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Postby HUElavia » Thu Mar 04, 2021 7:51 pm

HUElavia National U-20 Hockey Team

#1: Inka Caipa Mayhuasca (18 Years Old)
#23: Diego Ramos (17 Years Old)
#30: Vitomir Levin Petrovich (16 Years Old)

#4: Robert Brousseau (20 Years Old)
#8: Sergey Tokarev (17 Years Old)
#25: Armando Bitencourt Ventura (19 Years Old)
#38: Yana Paucar Maygua (16 Years Old)
#50: Maximo Schmidt (18 Years Old)
#67: Frederic Morissette (17 Years Old)
#80: Okafo Obee (20 Years Old)

#7: Vítor Castilho de Salles (16 Years Old)
#18: William Bourgeois (20 Years Old)
#21: Khuyak Michi Ccahuantico (19 Years Old)
#31: Sun-Woo Kim (17 Years Old)
#45: Pablo Tarragona (16 Years Old)
#55: Heitor Rios Hamada (19 Years Old)
#69: Ogbonna Nwabudike (19 Years Old)
#77: Vincent Dubois (18 Years Old)
#87: Angel Mazzi (17 Years Old)
#97: Pyotr Gachev (20 Years Old)

Head Coach:
Luka Gorshkov (39 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Richard Flandin (35 Years Old), Heitor Queiroz (38 Years Old)

Goaltender Lineup:

Defenders Lineup:
Brousseau, Obee
(Tokarev, Paucar)
(Morissette, Schmidt/Bitencourt)

Attackers Lineup:
Castilho, Bourgeois, Gachev
(Mazzi, Nwabudike, Michi)
(Dubois, Kim/Rios, Tarragona)

Captain: Bourgeois
Alternative Captains: Brousseau, Gachev
Style Modifier: +1.5
RP Permissions: Anything goes, except giving career-ending injuries or death.

Official Factbook
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Postby Delaclava » Thu Mar 04, 2021 7:52 pm Hockey

WJHC16 Preview: Ice Breakers
We get to know the Phoenix Ashlings with a series of either-or questions

The 16th World Junior Hockey Championship, held right here in Delaclava, is nearly upon us! The players are hard at work preparing for their international debut against Sainterris. It'll be a tough out, but the Ashlings will have the backing of around 25,000 fans at Domara Square in Kalinin - and there are worse ways to play for your country for the first time. But we're happy that the players took some time to talk with us, relax, and take part in a fun poll - just some simple questions to get to know better the team as a whole.

Thirty-one players - the twenty expected to dress, the nine reserves, and the two non-playing "mentors" Edan Bullard and Dominick Neal - answered each question, and the totals are below:

Let's start with an easy one: are you left- or right-handed? Not your hockey dominant side, but the hand you write with.
Right - 24. Michael Coburn, left wing: "Marcus and I are both right-handed. When we were growing up, I'd line up on the left side and hold the stick that way, so that's what I got used to. Anything else, I'm useless with my left hand."
Left - 7. Jannik Nissen, goaltender: "My father says it makes me lucky. My mother insists it means the devil's in me. Why can't they both be right?"

Next question: how do you start your day? Coffee or tea?
Coffee - 28. Ruggero Tevez, forward: "My parents say I'm probably stunted at 5 foot 6. Worth it though."
Tea - 3. Martin Hughes, forward: "I get really hot and sweaty if I drink any coffee. Plus, it makes my asthma kick in if I get too excitable."

And a follow-up to the 28: espresso or cold brew?
Espresso - 11. Johnny Parra, right wing: "I've got school, practice, a social life - you think I have time to carry a whole cup of coffee around? And why do you care that I'm rubbing my nose?"
Cold brew - 17. Bohdan Kirilenko, defense: "Here in Valhalla, you just put the cold brew outside and it gets made. Too easy."

How about later in the day - tequila or rose vif?
Tequila - 15. Parra: "Were you not listening the last time?"
Rose vif - 16. Megan Bryant, forward: "It makes me feel really bubbly and giggly. It's nice!"

Dogs or cats?
Dogs - 22. Ambrose Parra, defense: "Cats are dicks. Enough said."
Cats - 9. Bela Kazan, defense: "Cats have magic powers. I really shouldn't have to explain this."

Let's talk a little hockey. Cardio or weights?
Cardio - 23. Zoltan Bondra, right wing: "Skating, skiing, running - it's what you do here. Why get big when you can get good?"
Weights - 4. Kirilenko: "I like to hit guys. Strength training helps me do that."
Neither - 4. All four goalies refused to pick. Bradley Konta, goaltender: "They both suck, why do I have to choose? I picked goalie so I wouldn't have to."

Take a look at the official logo for this tournament. What do you think? Cute or creepy?
Cute - 25. Liam Bullard, left wing: "He looks really comforting, like a great listener, and a great cuddler. Why are you asking about my daddy issues?"
Creepy - 6. Haley Harris, center: "Nope, I don't trust those beady little eyes."

Keeping on with other sports: women's tennis is currently dominated by the "Big 3" of Mary Chilton, Isolde Godfrey, and Fang Xinya. Whom do you prefer?
Chilton - 4. A. Parra: "She's just really classy as a player. Tall and powerful. Like me, I guess."
Godfrey - 24. Patrick Domenici: "She's just hot. Like an ice queen, you know what I'm saying?"
Xinya - 3. Hughes: "She's the only one who doesn't scare me."

The Delaclava national basketball team just came off a run to the final of the International Basketball Championship, and the national football team may be on its way to similar success in the World Bowl. So which sport do you like more?
Basketball - 29. Peter Požgaj, center: "Basketball is a lot more creative and flowing, so it's more fun to watch. Football is just hockey but they have to take more breaks because they get tired."
Football - 2. Tevez: "Basketball is annoying because I always get my shot blocked. At least in football I can run around better."

Let's pivot to pop culture. Whom do you support in the current feud between pop artists Damian de Falla and Katie Knight?
Damian - 19. Kate Hughes, forward: "He's just so dark-haired, pale and dreamy. I could get lost in his eyes. I bet he'd take really good care of me. Why are you asking about my daddy issues?"
Katie - 12. Adam Kodály, defense: "She's probably a bitch, let's be honest, but her music is more fun. And that Damian dude is fake as hell."

Pick one of the four major Delaclav biomes - living, vacationing, however you want to answer. Mountain, beach, forest, tundra. Go!
Mountain - 1. Dominick Neal, forward: "I may be selling out on Cleopatrana, but the area around Catherina is just so cool. The views are incredible. Gotta love it."
Beach - 6. Johnny Parra: "Girls don't wear so many clothes when it's hot."
Forest - 4. Marcus Coburn: "It's easiest to smoke weed there."
Tundra - 20. Stjepan Suša, goaltender: "We're hockey players. What do you think most of us will say?"

And finally, can we get a prediction for tomorrow? Delaclava or Sainterris?
Delaclava - 30. Bretty Sexton, center: "We're so ready to go. It's going to be awesome."
Sainterris - 1. Kazan: "All of their last names end in vowels. Not a good omen for us. We'll try our best, of course."
Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Quidditch World Cup 2, Baptism of Iron 2
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championship 16, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5
3rd: World Cup of Hockey 16, World Bowl 41, Di Bradini Cup 15, AO Basketball Championship 6
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, and 39; IBC 7 & 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:40 pm


Siovanija & Teusland National U20 Hockey Team

World Junior Hockey Championship 14 Champions


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teuslander/Teus
Governing Body: Hockey Siovanija and Teusland
Colours: Blue, gold, white
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Highest Junior Leagues: Siovanijan Hockey League (SHL), Teus Major Junior Hockey League (TMJHL)
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +2.5

Coach: Simon Ehrenfest (Reinbronn Generals)

Simon Ehrenfest is no stranger to the World Juniors, having been an assistant on the gold-medal winning team at WJHC 14 in Stelburg. The Generals coach has turned his TMJHL club into one of the league’s best offensive teams, and Ehrenfest maintains strong links with Hockey Siovanija & Teusland’s ‘Program of Excellence,’ a new creation dedicated to building and maintaining success at the World Junior level. Thus, Ehrenfest has been able to see these players in camps in the spring, summer and winter before picking his final squad, and had time to impart his style on them as well. The team have also played some exhibition games against SHL and TMJHL teams to gain cohesion. Ehrenfest favours, naturally, a fast-moving style that seeks to maintain puck possession, but also works hard, especially on the forecheck, and doesn’t give opponents any time in the neutral zone. Defensively, he likes mobile defenceman, but there is still room on this team for a big presence in front of the net.

Forward Line 1

RW -- Frantisek Kraus -- 19y/o -- #22 -- Pomorie Jr. Admirals (Trkev)
C -- Volodimir Pozhidanov -- 18y/o -- #9 -- Borograd Bulls (Draft Eligible)
LW -- Radim Krejci -- 18y/o -- #14 -- Borograd Bulls (Draft Eligible)

The all-SHL line, and this trio are currently 1-2-3 in that league’s scoring. Volodimir Pozhidanov leads the way on that front, and the dynamic centre is the expected #1 pick in the upcoming Ehrenliga draft. He and Radim Krejci have formed a remarkable duo, each feeding off the other’s skills, Krejci a strong playmaker and Pozhidanov with an insatiable eye for the goal. Pozhidanov has caused some controversy back home, however, due to his brash personality - to those who follow Siovanija & Teusland football, he’s more of a Denis Dezelac than a Thorsten Kramer, and to those who do not, well, let’s just say the man is not afraid to share his opinion. And as the most followed young hockey player in the nation, that’s a reputation that could spell either good or bad depending on how he performs at this tournament. Frantisek Kraus returns from WJHC 15, and is a hard-nosed scorer who should compliment this line well.

Forward Line 2

RW -- Richard Hecke -- 19y/o -- #16 -- Stelburg Edelweiss (Eisbaren)
C -- Radoslav Kubacek -- 19y/o -- #20 -- Kostinbrod Aces (Stavropol)
LW -- Sebastian Mazal -- 18y/o -- #12 -- Vlaikograd Lakers (Draft Eligible)

Another high-scoring trio found here, and it’s a line Simon Ehrenfest was quite happy with during the exhibition games. Radoslav Kubacek was the #5 overall pick last season to Orlovi Stavropol, the highest drafted player on this roster, and he’ll be expected to be part of an important 1-2 punch with 1C Pozhidanov. Richard Hecke is the TMJHL’s leading goalscorer at the moment, and the duo of he and Kubacek are incredibly quick and will prove trouble for any defender. Sebastian Mazal, meanwhile, is a smart playmaker who isn’t afraid to make riskier plays with the puck - something that Kubacek’s ability to play both ways can cover for in the rare case of a misstep.

Forward Line 3

RW -- Joachim Laar -- 18y/o -- #26 -- Reinbronn Generals (Draft Eligible)
C -- Mario Schulberg -- 18y/o -- #27 -- Reinbronn Generals (Draft Eligible)
LW -- Fietje Wirz -- 18y/o -- #21 -- Reinbronn Generals (Draft Eligible)

The outcry when this line was named - the Reinbronn Generals coach selecting a line made up entirely of his team’s players - was off the charts, but any questions of bias settled down as soon as this trio hit the ice together. The draft eligible group for the Generals have dominated for them in the TMJHL this season as the club sit 2nd in the league at the holiday break, and they looked just as good in their country colours as Mario Schulberg had 5 points through 3 exhibition games. They fit each other with a ridiculous level of chemistry, Laar and Schulberg in particular having come up together since bantam, and Wirz adding a bit of physicality to the lineup. They can be counted on in all situations, too, which makes them a jack of all trades line for the team.

Forward Line 4

RW -- Lutz Altermann -- 19y/o -- #37 -- Felsenkirchen Red Wings (Rotmunde)
C -- Roman Hausild -- 19y/o -- #44 -- Venkovets Vipers (Kapitala Borograd)
LW -- Kristian Turek -- 18y/o -- #50 -- Borograd Bulls (Draft Eligible)

Not an out an out energy line, but most certainly the line that will be deployed in the most difficult circumstances or if the team needs a physical pick-me-up. Lutz Altermann is one of the most feared power forwards in national junior hockey at the moment, his hits on the highlight reel seemingly every night, while Roman Hausild has earned plenty of plaudits for his two-way play. Altermann’s big physical presence is matched by a powerful slap-shot, making him a dangerous foe to face on the power play. Kristian Turek is a strong winger who is very difficult to knock off the puck.

Defence Pair 1

D -- Vaclav Blazek -- 19y/o -- #2 -- Kostinbrod Aces (Vrnovo)
D -- Karl Lieblein -- 18y/o -- #3 -- Reinbronn Generals (Draft Eligible)

Vaclav Blazek, the #8 overall pick of the Vrnovo Islanders last season, returns to the blue line at WJHC 16. Skilled and fast, he bulked up a lot in his draft year and it has shown in D+1, with him becoming one of Kostinbrod’s most defensively-reliable players. Karl Lieblein has been the defensive star of the TMJHL this year, a strong puck-moving defenceman, and he’s the projected #2 overall pick this year. Some have questioned the decision to put two puck movers together, but both players are great skaters and in addition to their offensive awareness skilled in their own zone.

Defence Pair 2

D -- Alois Tesar -- 18y/o -- #4 -- Borograd Bulls (Draft Eligible)
D -- Ernst Platz -- 19y/o -- #6 -- Bainitz Flyers (Felsenkirchen)

You couldn’t create a more stereotypical defence pairing if you tried - the smaller Siovanijan puck-moving defenceman and the big, strong, Teus brute in front of the net. But these two really do look good together - Platz skilled enough to cover for Tesar’s mistakes and be an absolute force in front of the net, standing at 6’7, while Tesar has the bit of extra freedom to do what he does best and move up with the rush. Platz is also one of the better penalty killers on the team.

Defence Pair 3

D -- Hugo Spacek -- 19y/o -- #5 -- Pomorie Jr. Admirals (Borograd Bulls)
D -- Medard Komarek -- 18y/o -- #8 -- Stavropol Seagulls (Draft Eligible)

While Karl Lieblein is the most-discussed defensive prospect in this draft crop, Medard Komarek has flown a bit more under the radar. The Stavropol Seagulls man, however, probably deserves a bit more praise - he’s first in SHL points by defenceman, and is generally projected as a top 10 pick. He could be the quiet, break-out star of this group, and is a visionary passer. Beside him is Hugo Spacek, the bigger Admirals defender who has played an important role for the Bulls this season as a netfront bully. The much-debated netfront cross check is his specialty, and it will be interesting to see how the play is called in the international tournament. Depending on how it looks early, he may need to adjust his style.

Extra Skaters

C -- Wilhelm Sperber -- 17y/o -- #71 -- Stelburg Edelweiss (Draft Eligible in 2 seasons)
D -- Radomir Novak -- 18y/o -- #24 -- Piran Pirates (Draft Eligible)

Wilhelm Sperber is already being hyped up back home as a possible first-overall pick two drafts from now, and good performances at camp as well as a strong start to the year with the Edelweiss see him earn the spot as the 13th forward here. Incredibly quick, he’s being compared to Timo Schlager already at a young age - and while Sperber claims to be humble at being spoke in the same breath as arguably the best hockey player in the world today, it’s a very exciting time for prospect-watchers indeed. Radomir Novak is a strong defender who has been the Pirates’ MVP this season as they try to reach the playoffs, a big defender who is also a strong leader in the dressing room, experience that may alone be invaluable.


G -- Tristan Gollwitzer -- 19y/o -- #30 -- Felsenkirchen Red Wings (St. Jakob)
G -- Ludvik Stehlik -- 19y/o -- #31 -- Borograd Bulls (Chernovets)
G -- Ralph Proll -- 17y/o -- #29 -- Lensbruck Muskies (Draft Eligible in 2 seasons)

Tristan Gollwitzer has been unstoppable - er, well, in a good way for a goaltender - this season in the TMJHL for the Red Wings, posting the best GAA and SV% in the league at the halfway point. Excellent at tracking the puck, he’s a very consistent goaltender, and is thus perfect for playoff hockey. Ludvik Stehlik is the backup, also putting up great numbers in the SHL and is a more athletic shot-stopper. Stehlik will get his chance, and be a key part of the team, but there’s no real doubt about Gollwitzer as the number 1. Ralph Proll, the young phenom who has been excellent in his second year in the TMJHL with the Muskies comes along too. He likely won’t see any ice, but the experience of being part of the team will be huge for his future development, and give him a taste of what to expect when he, likely, finds himself between the pipes for the national junior team very soon.

Leadership Group

Captain: Frantisek Kraus
Alternates: Karl Lieblein, Radoslav Kubacek

Frantisek Kraus is the obvious choice here, captain of his own club as well as the only returning player who saw regular ice at WJHC 15. It’s tough to pick a leadership group on a team made up of players who wear the C or at least an A for their own clubs, but this is a solid group, and Karl Lieblein and Radoslav Kubacek are also strong choices as alternates. Kraus told RBC Sport that “It’s an honour to wear the ‘C’ on the national jersey, but it won’t mean much without a medal alongside it.”

Special Teams

PP1: Kraus - Pozhidanov - Krejci; Blazek - Lieblein
PP2: Hecke - Kubacek - Mazal; Altermann, Tesar
PK1: Schulberg - Wirz; Lieblein - Platz
PK2: Hauschild - Altermann; Spacek - Komarek

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game
Godmod Other Events: Yes, as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game


For the World Juniors, the national team will be wearing new jerseys designed by Donnaconan design company Infinite. The new jerseys are very similar to the old, but are a much sleeker look, the ‘Triple Edelweiss’ logo continuing to be front and centre. The writing ‘Siovanija and Teusland’ has been removed, and a black strip added to the bottom of the jerseys. The gold primary uniform will serve as the home jersey for this tournament, with the blue primary uniform serving as the away jersey. “We’re very pleased with the design, and we’d like to thank Infinite for their hard work on these,” said Hockey Siovanija & Teusland in a statement.

Group and Schedule

The Goldhorns have been drawn into Group C for the tournament, alongside several nations both new to international hockey and veterans of the scene. Gergary are a nation the Goldhorns have faced at the senior level, but there’s one matchup that every fan has their eyes on. Yes, that’s right, the Goldhorns and the Northlights of Savojarna will clash for the first time at the junior level. With this being arguably the best rivalry in international senior hockey at the moment, the teams playing playoff games in the last 3 World Cup of Hockey tournaments including 2 semifinals, the first meeting at the junior level is sure to be full of tension. Here is the full match schedule for the group stage:

Matchday 1: Gergary vs Siovanija & Teusland
Matchday 2: Siovanija & Teusland vs Suimede
Matchday 3: Sannyamathland vs Siovanija & Teusland
Matchday 4: Siovanija & Teusland vs Savojarna
Matchday 5: Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes vs Siovanija & Teusland
Matchday 6: NPC West Florida vs Siovanija & Teusland
Matchday 7: Siovanija & Teusland vs Saint Domingues

We’ll have full coverage from Delaclava as the young Goldhorns go for gold at the 16th World Junior Hockey Championships. The nation will have its eyes on this tournament, and will naturally place far too much pressure on the shoulders of these young men. Let’s go Goldhorns!
The United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland
Capital: Borograd | Population: 74,245,000 | Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus | Country Code: STL

World Cup of Hockey 40, 41 & 42 Champions ⋆ World Junior Hockey Championship 14 Champions

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Postby Fluvannia » Fri Mar 05, 2021 1:48 am


Colors: Fluvannia Blue (officially "Lacustrine", colloquially "FluBlu"), White, Gold (alt), Red (alt)
Coach: Joonas Karhujen
National Anthem: O Triune Realm
Trigram: FLV

## Name                   Pos.          Hometown        Age     Sex
95 Teimo Peräjärvi (C) Center Kaukauna 19 M
14 Bernard Cook Center Scottsville 19 M
19 Reiji Narusomo Center Cherry Cove 18 M
18 Joe Steele Center Henrietta 17 M
13 Curtis Morris Left Wing Carysbrook 19 M
12 Preston Sihvola Left Wing Omro 18 M
7 Itsuo Makihara Left Wing Palmyra 18 M
66 Bryan Wilkins Left Wing Rochester 19 M
44 Dennis Martau Right Wing Harrisonburg 18 M
51 Duane Osborne Right Wing Brighton 19 M
72 Irving Dixon (A) Right Wing Ruckersville 19 M
22 Rachel Vernon Right Wing Lake Anna 17 F
4 Claus Floretz Defense Lechstenstadt 18 M
55 Jeremiah Ellis Defense Manitowoc 19 M
33 Caleb Gill (A) Defense Palmyra 19 M
77 Johannes Rojola Defense Yttilä 18 M
25 Iehira Tanaka Defense Palmyra 18 M
88 Karl Hauer Defense Thalsdorf 17 M
30 Cody Pearson Goaltender Scottsville 19 M
40 Willy Bränt Goaltender Harrisonburg 18 M

Sam Reyes (#68, D, 19yo, M)
Reginald Pierce (#17, D, 19yo, M)
Sean Smith (#50, G, 19yo, M)
Alanna Langley (#24, C, 17yo, F)
Jeff Nichols (#65, LW/RW, 17yo, M)

Morris --- Peräjärvi --- Martau
Sihvola --- Cook --- Osborne
Makihara - Narusomo --- Dixon
Wilkins --- Steele --- Vernon

Floretz --- Ellis
Gill --- Rojola
Tanaka --- Hauer


STYLE: +1.5


Traditionally, Fluvannian hockey teams both wear "color" jerseys unless both clash, in which case the home team wears a white alternate.

Players to Watch:

Teimo Peräjärvi

Peräjärvi has earned himself two promotions based on previous play with the national team as well as the pre-tournament training camp. The power forward not only replaced Bernard Cook as the first-line center, he also saw himself promoted from alternate captain to full-on captain following Barry Flowers aging out of the U20 age bracket. Expect to see him doing a little bit of everything; while he's usually classified as a power forward based on size -- as you would expect for someone who's 191 cm and 104 kg and can beat you with both his speed and his checking -- he also is a noteworthy playmaker and can even backcheck well enough. He was one of the standout players in Fluvannia's silver-medal run in WJHC 15, but after falling in the gold medal game on Fluvannian ice, expect him to be even hungrier in his final outing at the junior level.

Ellis is a fantastic defender, particularly due to his ability to deliver a clean, devastating, old-school hip check. Opposing forwards going up the half-boards often find that, much like the fool and his money, they and the puck are soon parted. This is his last go-round at the junior level as well, so it's safe to presume the boards will be rattled even more often than they usually would be while he's on the ice. If that wasn't enough, at the other end of the ice Ellis is known for his ability to unleash a blistering slapshot from the blue line. Caveat portarius.

Since the increased activity in the realm of women's hockey, spurred on by the XV Winter Olympics in Kelssek, a few young female players have risen through the ranks -- and had the exposure -- to catch the eyes of the FHF. As the first young woman to earn a spot on either the junior or senior active roster, many eyes will be on Vernon to see whether moving towards mixed hockey -- or mixed sports in general -- may be in the best interests of both competitors and spectators. As is often the case, Vernon is not as large as most of her male comrades -- and being only 17 doesn't help -- but this simply means there is less mass to move, making her a rather explosive and agile skater. The speed and agility should give the fourth line more options and even out some of the scoring potential across all four lines. The agility will also be necessary for her to avoid a danger that some of the girls' hockey leagues around the country prohibit, but is legal here: full checking. We understand however that she has quickly gelled with her new teammates, and a few of them have explicitly stated they would take particular exception should any opponents attempt to target her -- so she may not be in much danger after all.

If my opponent posts first, they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Ask first
Injure my players: Yes if it is minor -- easiest to check with me to be safe
Godmod injuries: No
Penalise my players: Yes, as long as these are usual penalties for things like tripping, hooking, etc. Majors are acceptable as well, but this roster taking them would be rare as they play a fairly disciplined game. Fights are ok if you check with me first.
Eject my players: Ask first
Godmod other events: No
Former President, Republic of Conservative Nations | Recipient, Order of the Republic
Fmr. President, Federation of Conservative Nations
Pop. 19,415,000 | GDP $1.371 T | Area 485,237 sq. mi. (1,256,757 sq. km) | Demonym Fluvannian
Nat'l Structure Federated Principality | Gov't Type Executive Constitutional Monarchy | Monarch Crown Prince Michael
Sports Trigram FLV
A 16 civilization, according to this index. (Tech 6, Arcane 0, Influence 5)
"Greenness" Score: 0.0592
Int'l Hockey Ranks: T-19th (Sr.), 3rd (Jr.)
Silver Medal, World Jr. Hockey Championship 15
Host, WJHC 15
NS World Cup Rank: 156th

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St Saratoga "Junior Saints" Roster

Postby St Saratoga » Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:29 am

Saratogan National Hockey Team

Nation: St Saratoga
Region: New Coalition of Nations
Trigramme: SGA
Leader: Chancellor Jonathan Stewart
Currency: Kredit
Capital City: Rogerbei

Coaching Staff

Role                     Name               Age
Head Coach Connor Lindquist 52
Associate Coach Shawn Bosley 29
Assistant Coach Matteo Jonsson 38
Assistant Coach Kalman Eysteinsson 40
Goalie Coach Harry Bergland 42


Jordan Searles - Narvil South Bolts
Height - Weight: 6'5" - 237 lbs
Position: Left Wing/Center
Age: 17 yrs
Handed: Left

Jordan Searles is coming into the World Junior Championship absolutely red hot. He lead the Narvil South Bolts as top point getter with 76pts in 77 games, putting up 34 goals and 42 assists with a plus/minus of 36. The first overall pick in the Saratogan Junior League is looking to continue increase his draft stock as he heads into his final season in the junior league.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 77GP, 34G-42A-76P, 36+/-, 16PPP, 8 GWG, 865 FOW
Career: 159GP, 46G-54A-100P, 36+/-, 17PPP, 1350 FOW (55%)

Micheal Rice - Union Center Sailors
Height - Weight: 6'1" - 220 lbs
Position: Left Wing/Center
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Left

Center Micheal Rice is looking be make himself well-known within the hockey world. The Saratogan Junior League Top Goal Scorer, Top Point Earner, League and Playoff MVP captained the Farpoint City Conquistadors to a Saratogan Junior League Championship. Soon after hoisting the championships trophy Rice would get his name called 6th overall in the St Saratogan National Hockey League entry draft by the General Manager of the Union Center Sailors. Rice is coming to the World Junior Championship hoping to prove to his new team that he should be in the SSNHL line up on opening day.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 80GP, 41G-58A-99P, 33+/-, 22PPP, 7 GWG, 240 Hits, 93Tka, 161SB, 997FOW (60.9%)
Career: 155GP, 70G-108A-178P, 51+/-, 49PPP, 11GWG, 139Tka, 209SB,

Leon Lane - Winterfalls Direwolves
Height - Weight: 6'1" - 230 lbs
Position: Right Wing
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Right

Leon Lane is considered to be one of the most clutch up-and-coming players in St Saratoga. The right handed 18 year old has a knack for finding the net in critical moments with over 15 career game winning goals and over 63 power play points. Lane also bring a strong two-way defensive presence to any offense with 257 career hits and 197 shots blocked. Lane is considered by most coaches to be one of the most well-developed player in the SSNHL entry draft where he went 7th overall to the Winterfalls Direwolves. Helped lead the Alta Beach Zombies to a deep playoff run a few seasons in a row and was an MVP nominee in his final season.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 82GP, 40G-38A-78P, 37+/-, 23PPP, 7 GWG, 128 Hits, 138SB
Career: 246GP, 97G-102A-199P, 72+/-, 63PPP, 15GWG, 257 Hits, 197SB

Kurt Tester -
Height - Weight: 6'3" - 230 lbs
Position: Left/Right Wing
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Left

99th overall pick (SSNHL) Kurt Tester was delighted to be apart of the Saints National Juniors Team. Tester is a goal scoring specialist as described by his junior coach, "There is rarely an occasion where a pass to Kurt in the offensive zone doesn't result in a shot on goal. The kid can score some nasty goals."

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 76GP, 25G-20A-45P, -1+/-, 21PPP, 82GB
Career: 158GP, 51G-45A-96P, 11+/-, 23PPP, 182 Hits, 165SB

Bill Martin - Bergen Pioneers
Height - Weight: 6'2" - 222 lbs
Position: Left Wing/Center
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Left

Left Winger and Center Bill Martin is considered to be key utility offense-man coming to the Junior Saints. Martin was drafted 53rd overall in the SSNHL entry draft primarily on his ability to produce points play any role in an offense. If it's a checking 3rd line or a point producing 1st line Martin always plays up to the level needed for the team. Martin is currently fighting for a chance to make the SSNHL opening day rosters and escape the taxi squad. Martin played juniors with the Darlwood Bitch Pigeons.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 80GP, 19G-23A-42P, 3+/-, 20PPP, 5GWG, 700FOW
Career: 160GP, 40G-56A-96P, 6+/-, 34PPP, 1262FOW (55%), 145Hits, 122SB

John Luxton - Hockeytown Skaters
Height - Weight: 6'1" - 194 lbs
Position: Left Wing
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Left

Left Winger John Luxton is looking to use the 16th world Junior Hockey Championships as a chance to shake off his previous season slump. The point producing play-maker struggled in his final season in the Saratogan Junior League only putting up 40pts in 81 games. The General Manager of the Hockeytown Skaters spoke about his exceptional passing and skating, "John [Luxton] is a menace on the ice. With his wicked passing and speedy skating he is going to pair well with any scoring line making them a lethal unit." The GM also noted that for being smaller than most Saratogan-born hockey players Luxton can still play a physical game with 249 career hits.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 81GP, 16G-24A-40P, 27+/-, 8PPP, 6GWG
Career: 325GP, 92G-119A-211P, 19+/-, 53PPP, 16GWG, 342FOW (46%), 249Hits

Kevin Snoddy - Holmsstrom Greyhounds
Height - Weight: 6'2" - 218 lbs
Position: Left Wing
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Left

Snoddy is returning to the ice with the national junior team after an season ending Abdominal Muscle injury in his first few games with the Holmsstrom Greyhounds. With still being eligible for the junior team Snoddy is looking to return to his pre-injury form before the beginning of the national league season.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 71GP, 20G-23A-43P, 17+/-, 16PPP
Career: 197GP, 39G-43A-82P, -8+/-, 16PPP, 6 GWG

Maxine Gagnon - Palatavia Freedom Fighters
Height - Weight: 6'0" - 214 lbs
Position: Right/Left Wing and Center
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Right

Maxine Gagnon is one of the few Palatavians in the league. With the Saratogan conquest of Palatavia, Gagnon found his opportunity to play in a higher tier hockey league. Gagnon has always been an outspoke critic of the Saratogan government's treatment and hasn't hesitated from using his SSNHL status to magnify his message. Most recent scrutiny about his political statements resulted in him being traded to his native-nations only professional league team, the Palatavian Freedom Fighters. Drafted 118th overall in the SSNHL draft, the power-play specialist is looking to use the international stage to hopefully grow the Palatavian hockey community. Gagnon played juniors on the Paradise Diamond Dawgs.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 82GP, 25G-34A-59P, 17+/-, 22PPP, 6GWG
Career: 149GP, 32G-46A-78P, 8+/-, 31PPP, 6GWG

Kenny Fife - Narvil Naval Academy
Height - Weight: 6'3" - 202 lbs
Position: Right/Left Wing and Center
Age: 17 yrs
Handed: Left

St Saratoga has a proud history of operating one of the top navies in Delta. With St Saratoga being located in the colder, northern region of Delta hockey has become a nature pass-time for the navy and many of the armed forces. Hockey and military service become so intertwined that the Saratogan Junior League become home to a few of the military academy hockey teams. Kenny Fife, a radar technical at the Saratogan Naval Academy is the representative of the Saratogan Military on this international stage.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 82GP, 22G-36P-58P, 10+/-, 561FOW
Career: 164GP, 30G-53A-83P, -13+/-, 13PPP, 993FOW, 120 Hits, 80SB

Tyler McAslan - Kewaskum Lugnuts
Height - Weight: 5'11" - 210 lbs
Position: Right/Left Wing
Age: 17 yrs
Handed: Right

The Kewaskum Lugnuts Winger Tyler McAslan looking to return to the ice after missing most of the previous season with ankle injury. While injured, McAslan was a strong voice in the locker room and on the bench during practice that help push the junior league team to a championship. Drafted 19th overall in the junior entry level draft McAslan is looking to jump start his final season with a strong World Juniors performance.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
season: 81GP, 25G-29A-54P, 25+/-, 11PPP
Career: 119GP, 26G-33A-59P, 14+/-, 11PPP, 108 Hits

Kalevi Hämäläinen - Farpoint City Storm
Height - Weight: 6'5" - 233 lbs
Position: Right Wing
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Right

Winger Kalevi Hämäläinen is another power-play specialist addition to the Junior Saints. The physical offensivemen was drafted 49th overall who played his junior season in the tundra with the Camp Nun’ya Wild. Hämäläinen has a strong defensive game with 145 hits, 83 shots blocked and 74 takeaways. He is also lethal on the powerplay with 29 power play points in 81 games.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 82GP, 31G-40A-71P, 9+/-, 29PPP, 74Tka,145 Hits, 83SB
Career: 164GP, 36G-51A-87P, -16+/-, 31PPP, 6SHP, 145 Hits, 147GB

Adam Green - Long Beach Doggos
Height - Weight: 6'5" - 232 lbs
Position: Center
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Left

Center Adam Green is the Captain of the Long Beach Doggos and was one of the top faceoff players in the league. He has over 839 faceoff wins with 21 powerplay points. The hard checking, 6ft 5inches, 232 lb forward is known as a hard hitting center around the league. Green is looking to use the junior championship as a springboard his senior season within the SJL.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 80GP, 26G-30A-56P, 10+/-, 21PPP, FOW839 (63.8%)
Career: 162GP, 39G-36A-75P, -7+/-, 27PPP, 6 GWG, FOW1190 (61.1%), 79Hits

Randy Ellacott - Greycotts Warriors
Height - Weight: 6'5" - 236 lbs
Position: Right/Left Wing
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Left

The Junior Saints will be running hard checking 4th line lead by Randy Ellacott. The 6ft 5in, 236lbs forward smashed 101 hits in 163 games. Ellacott scored 104pts in 163 games with 41 career powerplay points and 20 game winning goals.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 82GP, 33G-43A-76P, 10+/-, 34PPP, 9GWG
Career: 163GP, 44G-60A-104P, -16+/-, 41PPP, 20GWG, 101Hits

Jason McDonald - Chisago Wildcats
Height - Weight: 6'0" - 217 lbs
Position: Right Defensemen
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Right

Selected 34th overall by the Chisago Wildcats (SSNHL), Defensemen Jason McDonald was brought aboard the Junior Saints as a offensive defensemen. MacDonald scored 40 goals, 105pts in 160 games with a plus minus of 38. MacDonald was also proficient on the powerplay with 31 power play points. McDonald was the top line defensemen with the Kemp Mill Rams.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Career: 160GP, 40G-65A-105Pts, 38+/-, 31PPP

Jeffery Broadhurst - Narvil Vikings
Height - Weight: 6'4" - 240 lbs
Position: Right/Left Defensemen
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Right

Forechecking Defensemen Jeffery Broadhurst was drafted 32nd overall by the Narvil Vikings. The defensemen lead the Rivton Oilers with 312 shots blocked and 188 hits while also puting up 60pts in 165 games.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 82GP, 14G-29A-43Pts
Career: 165GP, 19G-41A-60Pts, -20+/-, 12PPP, 5SHP, 188 Hits, 312SB

Steve Howard - Alta Beach Zombies
Height - Weight: 6'5" - 232 lbs
Position: Right/Left Defensemen
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Right

With 201 points in 299 games, Steve Howard is joining the Saints as a 1st line defensemen. Howard was the SJL Defenseman of the Year and has a league best plus-minus of +66. Last season, Howard has 61 assists with 23 power play points making him a lethal weapon to have on the junior team. Howards defensively, has a career 329 hits and 418 shot blocked. On the downside, Howard is coming off a practice injury of Ruptured Ulnar Collateral Ligament and a broken nose. The Team Physician believe he will be able to make an appearance late in the tournament tentatively.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 80GP, 17G-61A-78Pts, 66+/-, 23PPP, 5SHP, 80 Hits
Career: 299GP, 52G-149A-201Pts, 51+/-, 56PPP, 10SHP, 329 Hits, 418SB

Grégory Hermann - Tempe Rivermen
Height - Weight: 6'1" - 208 lbs
Position: Right/Left Defensemen
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Right

Defenseman Grégory Hermann is coming into the tournament off of a recent trade to the Tempe Riverman from the Alta Beach Zombies where he was drafted 51st overall. Hermann is another defensive juggernaut with the Junior Saints with a career 500 hits, 441 shots blocked. Offensively, Hermann has 46 goals and 92 assists for 138 points in 357 games.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Season: 76GP, 7G-29A-36Pts, -3+/-, 19PPP, 5GWG, 122 Hits, 105SB
Career: 357GB, 46G-92A-138Pts, 69+/-, 44 PPP, 500 Hits, 441 SB

Brian Scott - Kemi Crimson
Height - Weight: 6'2" - 232 lbs
Position: Right/Left Defensemen
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Right

Drafted 31st in the SSNHL entry draft, Brian Scott of the Kemi Crimson is another consistent defensemen with 164 hits, 98 takeawys and 419 shots blocked. Scott will be reunited with his brother Luke for the Junior Championships.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Career: 164GP, 16G-28A-44Pts, -17+/-, 6SHP, 164 Hits, 98Tka, 419SB

Luke Scott - Port Calloway Midshipmen
Height - Weight: 6'1" - 200 lbs
Position: Right/Left Defensemen
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Left

Brother of Defensemen Brian Scott, the 6ft 1inch, 224lbs defensemen bring even more physical prowess to the Junior Saints defense. With 268 hits in 81 games Luke will be keeping players heads up and causing chaos on any offense-men who challenge him.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Career: 81GP, 2G-14A-16Pts, -16+/-, 4PPP, 268 Hits, 83BS

Hal Creed - Pargas Lakers
Height - Weight: 6'2" - 208 lbs
Position: Goalie
Age: 18 yrs
Handed: Left

Goalie Hal Creed is expected to battle for the starting goalie job this tournament. Last season, Creed broke league records with with a 1.74 goal against average and .923 save percentage for 33 wins in 47 games. Creed was award the Goalie of the Year with the Union Center Punk Eagles.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Career: 47GP, 33W-11L-3T/OL, 13SO, 1.74 GAA, .928 SV%

Max Hedlund - Holmsstrom Greyhounds
Height - Weight: 6'2" - 212 lbs
Position: Goalie
Age: 19 yrs
Handed: Left

Goalie Max Hedlund is also expected to be battling for the starting goalie job with Hal Creed. The Holmsstrom South Screaming Eagle starting goalie had an excellent first season in the Saratogan Amateur League (SAL) posting a .921 save percentage, 2.13 goals against average with 26 wins and 8 shutouts in 47 games. Hedlund was also an SJL Champion in his final season in Juniors two years ago.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
SAL: 47GP, 26W - 18L -3T/OL, 8SO, 2.13 GAA, .921 SV%
SSNHL: 4GP, 3W - 1L, 1.75 GAA, .939 SV%
Career: 116GP, 66W - 35L - 7T/OL, 10SO, 2.59 GAA, 2.59 SV%

Vasily Ishenin - Rivton Oilers
Height - Weight: 6'4" - 192 lbs
Position: Goalie
Age: 17 yrs
Handed: Left

Rivton Oiler Goalie Vasily Ishenin is expected to the reserve goalie this tournament. The 17 year old who was drafted 181st overall in the SJL entry draft had 32 wins with a 1.99 GAA due to a .923 save percentage.

Saratogan Junior League Stats:
Career: 46GP, 32W - 11L - 3T/OL, 4SO, 1.99 GAA, .923 SV%

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