zarnicovian novan currency worth increases

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zarnicovian novan currency worth increases

Postby Zarnicovia nova » Sat Feb 27, 2021 12:02 pm

recently the zarnicovian novan currency's worth has been increasing rapidly. This is due to a lack of inflation caused by the end of the zarnicovian novan governments controlled money printing. (controlled to prevent massive-inflation. must enough that the currency stayed the same and they could pay the bills). This stop in the printing of money is due to "tax-season" for the middle and poor calsses in January. worth 3 trillion NSD, causing in the 1 trillion national debt to be paid off and the national deficit to be able to be paid resulting in the government no longer needing printed money to pay the bills. The currency is currently going up at around .006 NSD in worth per day.

current currency worth: 1.7685 NSD

how do you participate and make money? well, there are two options. convert your currency into ZN currency then convert back (has one issue. If you want ZN government conversions there is a tax. And well if your not your selling to someone else with your same currency. If you are the only country with your currency there are only ZN government conversions) or buy ZN government bonds. Which can also only be bought with ZN currency but they have an interest and can be converted back into a currency of your choice without tax. It will be converted at the conversion rate at the time which you are taking it out. (The only downside is that it's giving ZN government money. the gov. will return your money when you ask.)
bond price is currently: 8.90 NSD with 2.3% interest per month.

buy currency:
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buy bonds:
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name of buyer(May only be a person. organizations may not buy):
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price (In NSD)
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