E-02 6x6 wheeled Light Protected Transport

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E-02 6x6 wheeled Light Protected Transport

Postby Valkiir » Fri Feb 26, 2021 12:58 pm

E-02-40 Light Protected Transport
Originally designed for urban transport and security work, but suitable for work in rural, or off-road settings the E-02 is intended to transport a single squad, light cargo, or supplies through potentially dangerous regions with significant protection. It is Protected from small arms, heavy machineguns, and mines. Fitted with a heavy machinegun and belt-fed Grenade launcher in a high visibility turret. Lots of storage bins and access hatches. The outer shell is lightly armored, However, the passenger area and driver's cab are heavily protected by an inner armored bulkhead to either side, and a blast resistant floor is installed. Hybrid Diesel-electric motors, fuel, and battery packs are on the sides of the vehicle outside the interior box.

Its armor is a lightweight composite of steel, polymers, and ballistic fabrics designed to deal with the most common threats and reduce spalling and after armor effects should a penetration of its armor occur. To deal with non-conventional threats It is fully heated and air-conditioned with filters and seals to keep out chemical and radiological contaminants.

Crew: driver, and commander/gunner
Passengers: 6-8
Power: Multifuel diesel elelctric
Suspension: Fully independent 6x6, with run-flat tires
Speed: 50 KPH highway, 35 Kph Offroad
Armor: crew protected from 14.5mm front sides and rear, engine and power train protected from .50 caliber
Weapons: Heavy machinegun, and grenade launcher.
Optics: Day night vision for the driver, Day night thermal optics on the gun mount
electronics: GPS, Voice/data capable, encrypted radios, and data network links.

Cost: 250,000 NSD

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