NSCF 23 - Everything Thread

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NSCF 23 - Everything Thread

Postby NSCF » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:09 pm

NationStates College Football - Season 23


Breathe deep and take it all in as the tubas' rumbles reverberate through all the iconic campus stadia again. Each one, packed with generations of alumni returning to partake in the traditions of their beloved alma mater, is ready for that combustion of kinky action. The poppin' aromas of molly-popcorn and beer sift out through the bleachers full of marijuana smoke. The bright lights shine down on armoured teams battling under the night sky, school bragging rights and a gruelling summer of work on the line. Ah, yes. It's college football season. Glory, Drama, Pride.

The twenty-third edition of NationStates College Football is upon us. In this thread, you will post your team's roster and all in-character roleplays. These can be game reports, character dialogues, or really anything you like. Any out-of-character questions should be directed towards the discussion thread or telegram.

With numbers staying the same with 36, there will be six conferences and each will have six teams.
12 teams will make the Playoffs: the six conference champions, the next best four by OSPI and, finally, two wildcards selected by the NSCF Committee. These 12 teams will then be seeded in the bracket purely by OSPI. Higher seeds will have home advantage until the final, which will take place at a neutral venue. Any nation can put together a bid to host the NSCF Championship (IC only) before the start of Non-Conference week, when it will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee.

New and returning players alike are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the NSCF procedure here. The regular season will be double round-robin, for a total of 10 games. Games will be scorinated three times a week: on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scores will be posted in this thread at a time determined by each conference's designated scorer. After the ten-game conference schedule, there will be a "Non-Conference Week", with each team playing up to three games against opposition from other conferences. These games will not count toward conference championships, but WILL affect playoff seedings. All Non-Conference games must be arranged by the teams playing them (you can use the discussion thread for this). Once confirmed by BOTH parties, match-ups should be telegrammed to NSCF to be added to the schedule.


When checking times, this link might come in handy for converting to your local time.

BIG EIGHT Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champion: Cold Hill University [RAN]

Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles                   (+5.000)  - Kohnhead                       [KND]
Swisston City University Army Knives (+5.000) - Kohnhead [KND]

Richardson University Governors (+5.000) - Ranoria [RAN]
Cold Hill University Buffalo (+5.000) - Ranoria [RAN]

Akers University Capitals (+5.000) - Northwest Kalactin [NWK]
Lismore Christian College Panthers (+5.000) - Northwest Kalactin [NWK]

CELESTIA Conference (Scorinated by Quebec and Shingoryeo) (Cutoff Time: 22:30-23:30 EST)
Reigning Champions: Salamantic Universities [KOR]

Salamantic Universities Professors                       (-2.000)  - Ko-oren                        [KOR]
Northern Moravica University Cougars (-1.000) - Banija [BNJ]
University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (+4.000) - Banija [BNJ]

University of Waikoloa Village Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (-1.000) - United Volcano Isles [UVI]
Northern Dinagat State Panthers (+1.780) - Barnettsville [BAR]
Fair Haven State Blue Jays (+3.100) - Barnettsville [BAR]

HORIZON Conference (Scorinated by Northwest Kalactin) (Cutoff Time: 21:30 PST)
Reigning Champions: Felswyr State University [CMT]

Laneca University Lions                                  (+3.000)  - Grey County                    [GRC]
Rickendor Central University Ravens (+2.000) - Hebitaka [HTK]
Sadeg State University Skyhawks (+4.000) - Drawkland [DRK]
Cavsar University Gladiators (+5.000) - Drawkland [DRK]
Felswyr State University Firehawks (-3.500) - Chromatika [CMT]
Hoofstra University Pride (-4.300) - Karditan [KRD]

MINERAL Conference (Scorinated by Northwest Kalactin) (Cutoff Time: 21:30 PST)
Reigning Champions: Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy [SQR]

Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak              (+3.000)  - Squidroidia                    [SQR]
Vietussia Academy Vulcans (+2.000) - United Vietussia [UNV]
Trent State University Feathercaps (-1.000) - TJUN-ia [TJU]
Freedom's Altar University Flames (-4.000) - Yesopalitha [YSP]
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors (+2.500) - Commonwealth of Baker Park [CBP]
Syracuse State University Tundra (+2.000) - Crilland [CRL]

WOODLANDS Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: Université du Saguenay [QUE]

Universidad de Barvard Honey Badger                      (+3.000)  - BohemiaIV                      [BOH]
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (+4.380) - Quebec and Shingoryeo [QUE]
New Lakeland University Tycoons (+2.700) - Cassadaigua [CDG]
Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (-2.850) - Quebec and Shingoryeo [QUE
Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue (-3.000) - Xanneria [XAN]
New Springs University Tigers (+3.000) - Appalachian Nation [APY]

ZEPHYR Conference (Scorinated by Quebec and Shingoryeo) (Cutoff Time: 22:30-23:30 EST)
Reigning Champions: Raynor University [VAL]

Bowerstone University Bearcats                           (+3.000)  - Anthor                         [ATH]
Mar Sara Tech Raiders (+3.000) - Valanora [VAL]
Raynor University Rockets (+5.000) - Valanora [VAL]

Stevan Vaalburger Academy Shieldwall (-3.000) - Allamunnic States [ALS]
Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists (+3.500) - Thereisnogodistan [NGD]
Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns (-2.500) - Abanhfleft [AFT]

Schedule (Home Teams listed first)

MD1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
MD2 - 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
MD3 - 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
MD4 - 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
MD5 - 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
MD6 - 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
MD7 - 4v6, 3v5, 2v1
MD8 - 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
MD9 - 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
MD10 - 6v3, 2v4, 1v5

In addition to the playoffs, there also a few consolation bowl games for teams that do not reach the postseason. If your nation proposes a bowl game to host, you are responsible for inviting the teams yourself if it does not have automatic parameters for selection. The Pioneer Bowl is a traditional game for the two best newcomer teams not in the playoffs. After that, NSCF will not recognize any bowl game involving a team with an OSPI below 0.450.

Cannabiscorp PIONEER BOWL
to be played at Marijuana Island Gaol in Marijuana Island, Nunavut, Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Contested by: Top two newcomer teams not in the playoffs.

(RP bonus degrades by 50% of total after blue days, resets fully after green days)
Matchday one - March 4
Matchday two - March 7
Matchday three - March 9
Matchday four - March 11
Matchday five - March 14
Matchday six - March 16
Matchday seven - March 18
Matchday eight - March 21
Matchday nine - March 23
Matchday ten and Championship venue proposal deadline - March 25
Non-Conference week - March 28, March 30 and April 1
Playoff berth and Championship venue voting deadline - April 4
Bowl games and Playoffs First Round - April 6
Playoffs Quarterfinals - April 8
Playoffs Semifinals - April 11
Championship Game - April 13

Non-Conference Games

Games are only listed when confirmed by both parties. Only games listed here will be scorinated.
If both you and your opponent have confirmed a game, but it is not listed here, send a TG to NSCF.

Blue matchups denote a potential scheduling clash, and those games will need to be re-confirmed or rescheduled before the deadline, or they will not be included in scorination. Red matchups are those I have taken note of from the discussion thread, and require confirmation, but would otherwise be fine.

Non-Conference Week One:
Cavsar University @ Lismore Christian University
Cold Hill University @ Felswyr State University
Freedom's Altar University @ Hoofstra University
Loyola University at Istria @ Raynor University
Mar Sara Tech @ Trent State University
New Lakeland University @ Akers University
Northern Moravica University @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Sadeg State University @ Kohnhead City University
Salamantic Universities @ Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy
Université St. Croix @ Swisston City University
Vietussia Academy @ Northern Dinagat State
Richardson University @ Université du Saguenay

Non-Conference Week Two:
Akers University @ Raynor University
Cold Hill University @ Sadeg state University
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park @ Richardson University
Fair Haven State @ Vietussia Academy
Felswyr State University @ Loyola University at Istria
Freedom's Altar University @ Northern Dinagat State
Lismore Christian University @ Salamantic Universities
Northern Moravica University @ Université du Saguenay
Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy @ Kohnhead City University
Université St. Croix @ Mar Sara Tech
Swisston City University @ New Lakeland University
Trent State University @ Cavsar University

Non-Conference Week Three:
Akers University @ Freedom's Altar University
Ceneisis Naval Academy @ Northern Moravica University
Cold Hill University @ Université du Saguenay
Hoofstra University @ Lismore Christian University
Kohnhead City University @ Felswyr State University
Loyola University at Istria @ Richardson University
New Lakeland University @ Cavsar University
Northern Dinagat State @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Raynor University @ Salamantic Universities
Sadeg State University @ Mar Sara Tech
Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy @ Université St. Croix
Swisston City University @ Trent State University

At the end of the season, nominations are accepted for each of the NSCF Awards: Most Outstanding Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year. These awards will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee. Participants are encouraged to keep track of top performers throughout the season for these awards.
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Postby Ranoria » Fri Feb 26, 2021 11:31 pm

Country Name: Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN

College Name: Richardson University
College Name: Cold Hill University
Team Nickname: Buffalo
Home Stadium (Capacity): "The Tundra' (85,000)
Style of play: +5

Team Nickname: Governors
Home Stadium (Capacity):Dietrich Stadium (94,750)
Style of play: +5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep!
Godmod scoring events: Yep! Feel free to be creative with it!
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Suspend my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod other events: Sure, but get in touch with me for anything crazy.
Special note: Not that I'm going to tell you not to write it, but anything about the COVID/virus won't be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Richardson University Governors
Team Roster and Information


Coaching Staff
Richard Steinheil, Head Coach
Eric Dietrich, Defensive Coordinator
Eins Turner, Offensive Coordinator
Jakob Stark, Special Teams Coach
Ulrich Ray, QBs Coach
Markus Hillis, WRs Coach
John Corringer, OL Coach
Alton Kearse, DL Coach
-Justin Kearse, Pass Rush Consultant
Kai Hillis, LBs coach
Tim Shaw, DBs coach

Titles: Big 8 Champions (x5), NSCF 19 Runners-Up

Home Stadium
Dietrich Stadium, constructed in 2012, features a capacity of 94,750 attendees, and is one of the toughest places to visit in college football.

Team Philosophy

Offensive Style: Richardson tends to direct their plays from the I formation, only adopting a shotgun look if they have a lethal passer along with an obvious need to pass. They adjust personnel and schemes according to talent, but generally run 11 or 12 personnel (1 running back, 1 or 2 tight ends). The run game is done with a power concept (i.e lots of double teams), taking advantage of highly recruited, big, strong offensive linemen. These linemen will also be counted on to handle pass rushers one-on-one in most scenarios. The run is featured prominently, with the passing game featuring heavy play action, at 35-45% of passes, with a ton of deep shots opened up by the aforementioned run game.

Defensive Style: Richardson's base defense is a 4-3 cover 2 man look, generally running some sort of man coverage on the outside with safeties providing deep help. The team trusts its corners, who travel with wide receivers based on perceived talent, to erase or mitigate the damage. Defensive ends are edge rushers, outside linebackers are off the ball. The Governors will rarely blitz, electing to let a talented front four wreak havoc as they see fit. When they do blitz, it is often using the outside backers. More likely to blitz when they have top-notch safeties or linebackers available, a good example being Isaiah Bryce.

Depth Chart

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
1 Ezekiel Bantoba sen 6-3 235 Banija
12 Beacon Murray sen 6-2 225 Ranoria
10 Angelo Rosin jun 6-1 195 Ranoria
4 Tommy Hubert soph 6-3 220 Ranoria
3 Astrid Verona rdsh 6-2 180 Ranoria

Running Backs
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
29 Saul Thomas Sr soph 6-1 225 Ranoria
27 Elliot Roach frsh 6-3 233 Kohnhead
44 Julio Fitzpatrick soph 6-3 210 Ranoria

Wide Receivers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
19 Baraka Hali jun 6-5 230 Banija
89 Illiad Cullen sen 6-3 210 Ranoria
17 Dustin Devlin jun 5-10 195 Ranoria
17 Quan Mullins soph 6-1 200 Ranoria
13 Elon Forbes frsh 5-10 170 Ranoria
11 Garry Fulchs soph 5-11 195 Ranoria

Tight Ends
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
81 Blake Hawthorne sen 6-4 250 Ranoria
44 Jarius Greene jun 6-3 245 Ranoria
88 Daniel Madrid frsh 6-5 240 Ranoria
87 Zaire Hillis soph 6-6 240 Ranoria

Left Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
77 Howitzter 'Howie' Peters jun 6-7 340 Ranoria
68 Baron Halitz soph 6-5 325 Ranoria

Left Gaurds
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
79 Tucker Abraham sen 6-2 325 Ranoria
76 Spencer Sarai soph 6-4 315 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
60 Ryan Parker jun 6-3 315 Ranoria
54 Daniel Heinrich frsh 6-4 305 Ranoria

Right Guards
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
70 Friederich Klemens sen 6-4 320 Ranoria
71 Jacob Silva soph 6-4 310 Ranoria

Right Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
75 Thrane Valentine sen 6-6 345 Ranoria
57 Charlie Hershel soph 6-5 315 Ranoria

Edge Rushers (Defensive Ends)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
95 Robin James soph 6-4 250 Ranoria
99 Carlos Schmidt soph 6-5 270 Ranoria
97 Felix Henderson frsh 6-3 260 Ranoria

Interior Defensive Linemen (Defensive Tackles)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
98 Gudbrand Taurus soph 6-4 305 Ranoria
55 Dragus Hall jun 6-5 330 Ranoria
54 Hydren Stair jun 6-6 315 Ranoria
93 Willy Reese soph 6-6 315 Ranoria

Outside Linebackers (off ball)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
40 Carl Roman sen 6-3 235 Ranoria
43 Elden Sparta jun 6-2 245 Ranoria
47 Daniel Trojan soph 6-3 235 Ranoria

Inside Linebackers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
58 Clancy Gluber soph 6-1 228 Baker Park
41 Isaac Spire sen 6-2 240 Ranoria
59 Hubert Maginot soph 6-1 225 Ranoria
44 Jacob Turret jun 6 240 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
25 Makang Secka soph 6-2 205 Banija
5 Kade Witt jun 6 190 Ranoria
21 Karl Fortis frsh 6-1 185 Ranoria
2 Brandon Bettis jun 6 195 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
39 Jordan Holt sen 6 215 Ranoria
30 Connor Corrin jun 5-10 200 Ranoria
32 Anton Acker frsh 5-11 190 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
6 Paul Franks frsh 6-1 210 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
5 Bart Strong sen 6-2 215 Ranoria

Key Losses:
Kuenda Sello, HB: Sello just got done churning out the best season a Ranorian back has ever had in the NSCF. While Elliot Roach was brought in out of Kohnhead as a power back, and Saul Thomas Sr is a more than capable 3 down back, neither can nearly match the dominance of a runner who participated in a World Bowl team before he left school.

Malik Sherman, Edge: Malik Sherman was the man on this defense, a fast, big, hard hitting beast of a man who set the tone, and the edge. However, Richardson has strong players in Robin James and Carlos Schmidt to make up for his absence. That said, neither of those players are the talent that a prime Sherman was, and with Devin River also transferring, the edge unit has certainly taken a hit.

Spencer Crutchfield, DT: Crutchfield was a monster, racking up ten sacks a season ago as an interior defensive lineman, and serving as captain on this defense alongside Malik Sherman. Like Sherman, however, he has a capable replacement in Gudbrand Taurus. Dragus Hall, who started as a freshman before Taurus took his job, will move back into a starting role. The massive sack numbers posted by the first two are certainly out of reach this season.

Jabyess Hawkins, CB: What could have been a dominant 1-2 punch at corner was lost when Hawkins declared for the RFL draft. Makang Secka will take his place as the #1 corner, but the #2 spot will certainly be weaker. Overall, expect a defense that isn't nearly as potent, with safety Carter Coleman also graduating.

Jackson Austin, TE: Austin was a consistent threat, especially in the red zone, who had plus size and strength as well as being an excellent run blocker.

Player bios:
LT Howie Peters: Peters is one of the bookends for this Richardson offesnive line. Howitzer Peters fits the mold of HC Richard Steinheil's huge, powerful offensive lineman perfectly.

RT Thrane Valentine: Thrane is a story, walking on and somehow starting as a freshman opposite Howie Peters, the two have grown into their roles and are one of the meanest tackle duos in college football.

DE Carlos Schmidt: The #5 overall recruit in Ranoria two seasons ago, Schmidt was predicted by many to go and play internationally. Instead, he came to Richardson, where his power-style game complements the speed rushing of Robin James on the other side perfectly.

CB Makang Secka: The #2 rated recruit in Banija a couple seasons ago is an athletic freak and was a solid ballhawk of a #2 corner a year ago. Now, he's taken the top dog role, and he excelled there. Throwing the ball his way is more likely to result in a pick than a touchdown, and most quarterbacks would do well to avoid such a foolish measure.

ILB Clancy Gluber: The centerpiece of the defense! Gluber racked up a nice hundred tackles as the middle man for the Governors defense, and he'll look to continue playing strong football to maintain that dominance.

HB Saul Thomas Sr: A father, and Kuenda Sello's backup last season. Thomas Sr's goal is a simple one: Power through the opposition, dominate them to an extent that professional teams have no choice but to draft him, so that he can provide for his son.

QB Astrid Verona: Daughter of 5x all star QB Paul Verona and nephew of Ranorian World Baseball Classic pitcher Tommy Verona, Astrid has a polished, clean game that should translate well. She has some trouble with game speed and arm strength, and she's a bit undersized. That said, she quickly shot past Beacon Murray and Angelo Rosin, both having started 6+ games last NSCF and domestic season apiece, and serves as the team's scout team passer. She is a redshirt this year, as Ezekiel Bantoba came over ready to ball.

QB Ezekiel Bantoba: The Banijan transfer was a godsend for this Governor offense that needed a star. Clearing 3,500 yards and posting a 29-13 TD/INT ratio in the domestic season, he's a playmaker, and this team will lean on him offensively.

HB Elliot Roach: Roach was the 2nd highest rated recruit in Kohnhead a season ago, and he showed it, serving as a nice short yardage power back as a role player in this offense. Saul Thomas Sr, of course, is still the starter, but Roach is flashing the kind of ability Kuenda Sello did as a freshman, and we all know how that ended up.

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:

Non-conference games:

Week 11: W 40-21 @ Universite du Saguenay
Week 12: W 33-9 vs Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors
Week 13: W 40-33 vs Loyola Istria (Rebel Cannon Bowl, @ The Karmin-Falce Superdome

QB Ezekiel Bantoba: 342/490, 4,501 yards, 35 TD, 10 INT, 19 carries, 62 yards
HB Saul Thomas Sr: 320 carries, 1,422 yards, 15 TD, 36 receptions, 250 yards, 3 TD
HB Elliot Roach: 101 carries, 502 yards, 1/1 Fumbles/Lost, 4 TD, 14 receptions, 73 yards
WR Baraka Hali: 111 receptions, 1,646 yards, 14 TD, 1 carry, 0 yards, 1 TD
WR Illiad Cullen: 79 receptions, 1,202 yards, 8 TD
WR Dustin Devlin: 42 reception, 416 yards, 3 TD
WR Quan Mullins: 22 reception, 235 yards, 2 TD
WR Elon Forbes: 18 reception, 134 yards, 1 TD
TE Blake Hawthorne: 54 receptions, 566 yards, 7 TD
TE Jarius Greene: 22 receptions, 103 yards

ILB Clancy Gluber: 125 tackles, 8 TFL, 5 sacks, 2 PDef
DE Carlos Schmidt: 69 tackles, 13 TFL, 14.5 sacks
DE Robin James: 47 tackles, 5 TFL, 11.5 sacks, 1 FF/FR
DE Felix Henderson: 23 tackles, 1 TFL 5.5 sacks
DT Gudbrand Taurus: 45 tackles, 13 TFL, 10.5 sacks, 1 safety
DT Dragus Hall: 24 tackles, 2 TFL, 5 sacks
OLB Carl Roman: 56 tackles, 1 INT, 1 TD (pick 6)
OLB Elden Sparta: 46 tackles
CB Makang Secka: 43 tackles, 13 PDef, 7 INT, 1 TD (INT return)
CB Kade Witt: 45 tackles, 2 INT
SS Jordan Holt: 58 tackles
FS Connor Corrin: 49 tackles

Cold Hill University Buffalo
Team Roster and Information


Head Coach- Chris Dale
Offensive Coordinator- Daniel Booker
Defensive Coordinator- Connor Hellsing
QBs Coach- Elliot Schmitt
RBs Coach- Orton Smith
WRs Coach- Randy Pryor
TEs Coach- Gary Dennier
OL Coach- Joe Sapp
DL Coach- Reggie Gregory
LBs Coach- Harrison Thomas
DBs Coach- Charlie Steel

Titles: Big 8 Champions (x2); NSCF 18, 19 Semifinalists, NSCF 21 Runners-Up, NSCF 20 Champions, NSCF 22 Champions

Home Stadium:
The Tundra, often snow covered, in Cold Hill was constructed in 1999, and can hold up to 85,000 people.

Team Philosophy:

At its core, the team's game plan, generally, is to rack up points and then make opposing quarterbacks uncomfortable when they try to catch up.

Offensive Style: Cold Hill is a pass-first, air raid, quarterback centric team offensively. Generally run the offense out of the shotgun in 10 or 11 personnel. (1 running back, no tight ends, or 1 running back, 1 tight end). As long as it's working, they see no reason to slow down scoring and give other teams a chance to get back into the game. Power style run game, tight ends and backs are usually plus pass protectors if they're starting. Expect a lot of chipping and double teams in pass protection.

Defensive Style: Base 3-4 Defense. Outside linebackers serve primarily as edge rushers with very rare drop backs into coverage, while big defensive linemen clog up the interior. Heavy emphasis on pass rush. Scheme features a lot of blitzing, particularly from cornerbacks, and relies on linebackers to soak up tackles while the front men key on the passer. In the run game, expect a contain and bounce inside approach, to force runners straight into the linebacking core. The team generally has at least one playmaking safety that they'll use as a designated playmaker, using that safety to blitz or letting him roam the back end as he sees fit.

Depth Chart

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
18 Deondre Rhine sen 6-6 260 Ranoria
1 Aurel Strathos frsh 6-4 225 Ranoria
3 Austin Golden jun 6-3 235 Ranoria
19 Pierre Truman soph 6-2 205 Ranoria

Running Backs
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
3 Brannon Hillis soph 5-11 205 Ranoria
26 John Judge sen 5-10 225 Ranoria
25 Pierre Hall frsh 5-10 190 Ranoria
28 Deion James jun 5-9 200 Ranoria

Wide Receivers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
11 Adam Rickiott jun 6-2 205 Ranoria
88 Rai Swift soph 6-3 190 Ranoria
17 Cooper Canis soph 6 190 Ranoria
12 Felix Hamilton soph 5-9 180 Ranoria
14 Heath Heinz frsh 5-10 170 Ranoria

Tight Ends
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
86 Dorian Browne-Clarke jun 6-4 245
49 Trent Conner sen 6-5 250
88 Tucker Golman soph 6-6 230

Left Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#57 Vince Vermillion sen 6-6 330 Ranoria
#68 April Fullochs soph 6-8 320 Ranoria

Left Gaurds
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#70 Johnathan Robinson frsh 6-7 300 Northwest Kalactin

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#71 Tanner Highroad sen 6-3 325 Ranoria
#64 Martin Grace soph 6-5 310 Ranoria

Right Guards
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#77 Baron Bell sen 6-6 335 Ranoria
# 65 Yajirobe Fulchs soph 6-5 300 Ranoria

Right Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#78 Moses Busara soph 6-6 330 Ranoria
#52 Hillis Smith sen 6-5 320 Ranoria
#61 Bernier Simpson soph 6-7 315 Ranoria

Edge Rushers (Outside Linebackers)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
58 Hughe Brown jun 6-5 235 Ranoria
59 Corrin Silva soph 6-7 250 Ranoria
44 Candace Ferrett frsh 6-2 190 Chromatika
58 Brock Golden jun 6-4 240 Ranoria
51 Travis Jenner jun 6-3 225 Ranoria

Interior Defensive Linemen (Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
94 Barney Federer(DT) jun 6-7 325 Ranoria
95 Elmer Terrence(DT) jun 6-6 305 Ranoria
93 Patrick Gerrin(DT) soph 6-6 300 Ranoria
92 Haze Herbert(DE) sen 6-5 305 Ranoria
96 Josh Snell(DE) jun 6-6 290 Ranoria
91 Greg Winchester(DE) soph 6-4 290 Ranoria

Inside Linebackers (off ball)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
58 Robert Lewan jun 6 240 Ranoria
56 Trent Grimes jun 6-1 235 Ranoria
57 Carl Moses jun 6 240 Ranoria
55 Esse Torrin soph 5-10 225 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
20 Koman Tabor frsh 6-3 205 Banija
27 Victoria Mio frsh 6-8 215 Chromatika
22 Emil Johnson jun 6-1 200 Ranoria
24 Kale Reinberger soph 6-1 190 Ranoria
21 Tony Tanner soph 5-11 195 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#25 Agnor Viridian soph 6-1 190(FS) Ranoria
#40 Cooper Hart jun 6 215(SS) Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#4 Harry Swift frsh 6 179 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#1 Tommy Berto soph 6-1 185 Ranoria

Regular Season Statistics:

Key Losses:

Player bios:
Deondre Rhine: One of the best players in college football, period, Rhine has graced the cover of a video game and won two championships, one in the NSCF and one domestically. He's shattered every Ranorian NSCF passing record there is now, and he's coming for one more.

S Agnor Viridian: Beat out a senior for the starting safety spot as a freshman and has only improved since. Cold Hill likes to have a swiss army knife at safety, and he fills the role beautifully.

OLB Brock Golden: Golden emerged as a solid pass rusher as a freshman, notching ten sacks in NSCF 21, but has been relatively quiet since. He has the talent to do better...but he hasn't. Candace Ferrett consistently got more snaps as the team's go-to 3rd down rusher.

OLB Corrin Silva: Silva is a freak at 6'7", with deceptive strength for as thin as he is, at 250 pounds. Silva starts opposite Hughe Brown, and the two consistently got pressure for a domestic champion Buffalo squad.

ILB Robert Lewan: Lewan is a nasty, hard hitting linebacker who soaks up tackles in the middle. Cold Hill loves him, and running backs hate him.

OLB Candace Ferrett: The #10 recruit out of Chromatika a year ago, Ferrett is the program's second female player after Clara North. Ferrett impressed with her quickness and pure speed, coming in as an effective rusher in passing situations.

CB Victoria Mio: The #2 recruit out of Chromatika last season, Victoria Mio makes up half of an electrifying freshman duo at corner. At a stunning 6'8", she's going to be perfect for Cold Hill's much-anticipated matchup with the #2 ranked Sadeg State this season. Along with Ferrett and Koman Tabor, she looks to be part of the next core of Buffalo playmakers on a team that may be forced to be more defensive than it has been under Deondre Rhine and Thorn Davis.

CB Koman Tabor: One of a freshman duo at corner for Cold Hill, Tabor was Banija's top recruit a season ago. At 6'3" and over 200 pounds, he's a lengthy corner, but of course he doesn't have the length of his running mate. Tabor and Mio beat out two year starter Emil Johnson and drove off his own partner in crime, Katil Jackman, to the RFL draft.

QB Aurel Strathos: The heir apparent to Diamond Rhine, Aurel is possibly the most arrogant quarterback to ever grace the campus. When the coaching staff recommended he take a redshirt year, to preserve eligibility with Rhine as the cemented starter, he objected on grounds that he would only be here for a couple of years, anyway.

Week 1: v
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:

Non-conference games:

Week 11:
Week 12:
Week 13:

QB Deondre Rhine: 191/263, 2,470 yards, 21 TD, 7 INT, 15 carries, 101 yards, 1 TD
QB Aurel Strathos: 168/241, 2,132 yards, 18 TD, 9 INT, 6 carries, 2 yards, 1/1 fumbles/lost
QB Pierre Truman: 23/45, 192 yards, 3 INT, 2/2 fumbles/lost
HB Brannon Hillis: 259 carries, 1,152 yards, 11 TD, 68 receptions, 769 yards, 6 TD
HB John Judge: 23 carries, 95 yards, 2 TD, 12 receptions, 19 yards
WR Adam Rickiott: 61 receptions, 846 yards, 6 TD
WR Rai Swift: 52 receptions, 831 yards, 4 TD
WR Cooper Canis: 47 receptions, 552 yards, 3 TD
WR Felix Hamilton: 21 reception, 419 yards, 5 TD, 2 Punt return TD, 2 Kick return TD (101, 98)
WR Heath Heinz: 34 receptions, 310 yards, 7 TD
TE Dorian Browne-Clarke: 70 receptions, 955 yards, 9 TD
TE Trent Conner: 9 reception, 33 yards

ILB Robert Lewan: 112 tackles, 7 TFL, 1 PDef
ILB Trent Grimes: 55 tackles
EDGE Hughe Brown: 39 tackles, 2 TFL, 6.5 sacks
EDGE Corrin Silva: 47 tackles, 7 TFL, 9 sacks
EDGE Candace Ferrett: 38 tackles, 3 TFL, 10.5 sacks
EDGE Brock Golden: 38 tackles, 4.5 sacks
NT Barney Federer: 15 tackles, 3 TFL
DE Haze Herbert: 27 tackles, 4 TFL, 2.5 sacks
DE Josh Snell: 19 tackles, 1 TFL
CB Koman Tabor: 36 tackles, 7 Pdef, 1 sack, 5 INT
CB Victoria Mio: 38 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 FF/FR, 12 Pdef, 3 INT, 2 TD (pick 6)
CB Katil Jackman: 50 tackles, 2 Pdef, 1 INT
FS Agnor Viridian: 61 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 sacks, 5 Pdef, 5 INT
SS Cooper Hart: 47 tackles
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Postby Banija » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:57 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the numbers of games that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the amount of time that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is.
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Plese don't kill anybody.

Northern Moravica University Cougars
Five-time champions of the Celestia Conference


School Info
Full Name: Northern Moravica University
Nickname: Cougars
Location: Herzegovina City, Moravica
Enrollment: 37,928
School President: Abbas Bajo. 62 years old. 3rd year on the job.
Athletic Director: Horace Browning(Cosumar). 5th year on the job.
Style Modifier: -1

Mugisha II Memorial Stadium
Maximum capacity of 87,000, expandable to 93,500 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF Season XXIII

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.
All players are Banijan unless their nationality is otherwise specified.


Vallienté Wagner-Young(Ranoria). #15, Sophomore. 6'5, 220 pounds. Top-ranked recruit out of Ranoria in NSCF XXI.
Bubacar Jagne. #3, Junior. 6'5, 220 pounds. 4 star recruit out of Banija in NSCF 20.
Yakuba Ndour. #4, Freshman. 6'2, 205 pounds. Three star recruit.

Amanuel Tegene. #21, Senior. 6'3, 211 pounds.
Apollo Esther. #33, Freshman. 6'3, 233 pounds. #7 overall recruit out of Ranoria.
Israel Salem. #28, Senior. 5'11, 195 pounds.
Fabba Guiss. #24, Junior. 6'1, 200 pounds.

Musa Baldeh. #34, Freshman. 6'4, 245 pounds.

Wide Receivers.
Dominik Dvoracek(Siovanija & Teusland). #1. Redshirt Senior. 23 years old. 6'4, 211 pounds.
Jung Singateh. #11, Junior. 6'1, 200 pounds.
Wassa Sillah. #88, Junior. 5'9, 187 pounds. Slot receiver.
Yaya Badjie. #13, Freshman. 6'2, 203 pounds.
Badara Bajo. #80, Freshman. 6'4, 220 pounds.

Tight Ends.
Rada Menasse. #85, Senior. 6'4, 235 pounds. Primarily a receiving tight end.
Zachary Lewis(Kohnhead). #87. 6'5, 245 pounds. Primarily a blocking tight end for this season.
Gabra Bullo. #89, Senior. 6'6, 255 pounds.

Left Tackle.
Chioma Obyke. #62, Redshirt Senior. 6'4, 310 pounds.
Lema Brehane. #65, Senior. 6'4, 295 pounds.

Left Guard.
Addo Kargbo. #60, Redshirt Senior. 6'5, 291 pounds. Graduate transfer from the University of Moravica.
Alanso Kandeh. #64, Freshman. 6'4, 301 pounds. 4 star recruit from Mynda, Aksum, Banija.

Ethan Wilkins(Quebec). #50, Redshirt Senior. 6'4, 317 pounds. #3 overall recruit out of Quebec in NSCF 18.
Amanuel Debebe. #57, Senior. 6'3, 290 pounds.

Right Guard.
Jordan Karamba. #61, Senior. 6'4, 311 pounds.
Malick Touray. #68, Junior. 6'7, 323 pounds.

Right Tackle..
Eric Modin(Ranoria). #71, Sophomore. 6'8, 305 pounds. #3 overall recruit out of Ranoria in NSCF XXI..
Jonkong Touray. #73, Freshman. 6'4, 278 pounds.

Defense 4-3.

Left Defensive End.
Wassa Ouattara. #93, Junior. 6'4, 265 pounds.
Isaka Mansaré. #91, Freshman. 6'4, 277 pounds.

Right Defensive End.
Birom Ogunsola. #92, Sophomore. 6'3, 271 pounds. Five star recruit out of Banija.
Muña Manneh. #96, Freshman. 6'4, 282 pounds.

Defensive Tackle.
Edmund Harris(Ranoria). #90, 6'4, 287 pounds. Senior.
Bolong Kinteh. #99, Senior. 6'2, 318 pounds.
Essa Marong. #95. Sophomore. 6'3, 299 pounds.
Malick Kolley. #98, Freshman. 6'6, 302 pounds.

Strong Side Outside Linebacker.
Sean Morgan-Horne(Ranoria). #45, Senior. 6'2, 219 pounds. Captain.
Ailo Børve(Valanora). #94, Freshman. 5'11, 190 pounds. He is a hybrid DE/EDGE linebacker, known for getting after the quarterback.
Bango Uster. #55, Freshman. 6'1, 215 pounds. 6'1, 215 pounds.

Middle Linebacker.
Tamru Tadesse. #54, Senior. 6'3, 237 pounds.
Abdul Ayoub(Busoga Islands). #51, Senior. 6'2, 220 pounds.
Bailo Guissé. #56, Sophomore. 6'0, 217 pounds.

Weak Side Outside Linebacker.
Samuel Kim. #41, Junior. 6'7. Recruited from Kynxe, Chromatika. Samuel is a black belt in judo who has an eye for the ball. A natural leader who loves to inspire others via example or words, he can be a little outspoken but can be an asset if used properly. A strong side linebacker by trade, but with Morgan-Horne already on the strong side, they play him at the weak side linebacker poisiton.
Ilman Tiyana. #49, Junior. 6'3, 224 pounds.

Zere Chirkos. #20, Senior. 6'1, 210 pounds.
Edrissa Coulibaly. #39, Junior. 6'0, 199 pounds.
Gordon Kennedy(Eshan). #27, Senior. Primary nickel back. 5'10, 187 pounds.
Mamadi Kaba. #22, Sophomore. 5'11, 182 pounds.
Boro Baldeh. #2, Sophomore. 5'10, 196 pounds.
Uzoma Obasi. #31, Freshman. 6'0, 191 pounds.

Strong Safety.
Sean Gonzalez(Northwest Kalactin). #26, Freshman. 6'1, 200 pounds.
Ibeabuchi Chiemeka. #29, Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Lake Alexandre State University. 6'0, 195 pounds.

Free Safety.
Drew Lia(Chromatika). #19, Freshman. 6'1,
Madou Okparra. #36, Freshman. 5'11, 190 pounds.

For clarity's sake- My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does normal kickoffs while my kicker does onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Hazael Aero. #67, Sophomore.

Kick/Punt Returner.
Ibeabuchi Chiemeka. #29, Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Lake Alexandre State University. 6'0, 195 pounds. Backup strong safety.
Uzoma Obasi. #31, Freshman. 6'0, 191 pounds. Deep depth chart cornerback.

Babou Guiss. #3, Sophomore.

Xavier Fran(Chromatika). #2. Junior. 5'8. A trick shot artist with a football, Fran is a perfectionist.

Head Coach: Lance Kabuye. 62 years old. The Head Coach is in his fifth season at Northern Moravica. Being hired in what many would describe as an 'awkward situation' in the beginning- the previous coach, himself fired, who then maneuvered his own way to being Athletic Director, and picking his own successor. Many coaches would not have done that, but they have a great AD-head coach relationship, and the results cannot be argued with. In each of Kabuye's first two seasons, they went to the NSCF Championship Game, with the school defeating Richardson University of Ranoria in the NSCF 19 Championship Game, and getting back to the title game in his second season as they fell to Cold Hill University in NSCF XX.

Kabuye was the head coach of Wild Valley University, a smaller school in the eastern part of the Moravica region, for 6 years. He is innovating offensively- with former offensive coordinator Kawsu Banuma deciding to take a head coaching position at Kizza I College domestically, Kabuye is looking to ratchet away from the spread. They've always been traditionally more of a pro style school, but with Kabuye's comfort with the air raid, alongside Chae Heung-Kim, they innovated the offensive around their star quarterback. Now they will look to be a more traditional Northern team and build from the trenches. They've lost in the first round of the playoffs two seasons in a row, and will look to improve upon that. With a change at quarterback, they will look to get back to the NSCF title game and re-establish supremacy over Loyola.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Idirissa Ouattara. 65 years old. Kind of an out there hire. He was quarterbacks coach at Northern Moravica in NSCF 12 and NSCF 13 under Horace Browning, before he was offered an offensive coordinator position at the University of Ankole in domestic play. He was coordinator there for five seasons (domestic equivalents of NSCF 14-18) before becoming a head coach at Hangaza Tech. His head coaching career was disastrous- he was a poor culture fit, and was fired after just two seasons. He has always been big on the zone read running scheme, and Horace Browning suggested the hire to Kabuye shortly after the old offensive coordinator decided to go be a head coach on his own. This is his 3rd year in the program.

Other Offensive Coaches
Quarterbacks Coach: Corban Akomo. 51 years old. 3rd year at Northern.
Offensive Line Coach: Rueben Ooro. 37 years old. 3rd year at Northern.
Tight Ends Coach: Euphrates Okinyo. 33 years old. 3rd year at Northern.
Wide Receivers Coach: Onyango Ouko. 41 years old. 2nd year at Northern.
Runnings Back Coach: Oneka Osano. 30 years old. 1st year at Northern, former offensive analyst for the Herzegovina City Cobras in Banija's professional gridiron league.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Chike Halim. 44 years old. An interesting selection. Gassama left the school during the offseason to take the head coaching job at the Kabaka's Military College(aka Army), and that left a vacancy at defensive coordinator. Chike Halim will take the job here. He has been a member of this staff before, as a defensive line coach, and left two seasons ago to become the defensive coordinator at the University of Moravica. With the opening here, he came back to Northern Moravica to be the Defensive Coordinator here. He is an aggressive and energetic coach, and we'll see how he does.

Other Defensive Coaches
Defensive Line Coach: Raila Abiero. 31 years old. 1st season at Northern, came with Halim from U of M.
Linebackers Coach: Obuya Okech. 44 years old. 1st season at Northern, was a local high school head coach who had connections to Halim.
Cornerbacks Coach: Yakim Abonyo. 53 years old. 1st season at Northern, recently fired as Hangaza Tech's defensive coordinator.
Safeties Coach: Saul Orengo. 33 years old. 1st season at Northern, he is an alumnus of Northern Moravica.

Special Teams Coordinator: Edrissa Niang. 70 years old. 5th year as Special Teams Coordinator.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Odikinyi Achuka. 41 years old. 1st season as Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. Northern Dinagat State(Barnettsville)
Week 2: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 3: vs. Fair Haven State(Barnettsville)
Week 4: vs. Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 5: @ University of Waikoloa Village(United Volcano Isles)
Week 6: @ Northern Dinagat State(Barnettsville)
Week 7: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 8: @ Fair Haven State(Barnettsville)
Week 9: @ Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 10: vs. University of Waikoloa Village(United Volcano Isles)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Week 12: @ Université du Saguenay (Quebec)
Week 13: TBA

Retired numbers: #4 Pelias Patras. Set the national collegiate record for passing touchdowns in a career(95), and school record for passing yards in a career(9,977). Is the only quarterback in school history to start every single game for 4 years. First quarterback in school history to beat archrivals Loyola University-Istria 3 times in a row(coinciding NSCF 1, 2,3). Went to three straight national championship games(coinciding NSCF 1, 2, and 3) and won two national championships(coinciding NSCF 1 & 3).

Rivals: Currently the biggest rival of Northern Moravica University is the University of Loyola-Istria, who the Cougars have played at least once a season the last 60 seasons. They have played each other 20 times in NSCF competition, with Northern being 12-8 overall against their archrivals to the South. They've beaten Loyola at least once every season in the NSCF, including sweeping Loyola both in NSCF 13 and NSCF 22. This includes the two teams splitting their playoff matchups. These two teams have long been seen as the top two college football teams in Banija, and indeed, their stranglehold over Banijan college sports has continued, as they dominate not only in football, the biggest collegiate sport, but most other sports as well. When it was discussed for which team should debut Banija on the world stage for college football, it ultimately came down to these two, and after heating exchanges of words between both Athletic Directors and School Presidents in public, and the Mayors of Istria & Herzegovina City, the Banijan College Sports Group(BCSG) decided on a 11-8 vote to send Northern. The two schools played a thriller in the NSCF 18 quarterfinals, a matchup won by the Blue Thunder. With Loyola's incredible postseason runs in the NSCF, they finally regained the upper hand in this rivalry when they downed Loyola-Istria at the Istria Lightning Yard in the NSCF 19 semifinals, en route to their first ever NSCF title. Northern is currently carrying a 3 game winning streak in the rivalry, beating Loyola in their second matchup in NSCF 21 and sweeping both games in NSCF 22.

A former NSCF rival is Vietussia Academy. They have played a number of games against Vietussia Academy when both schools were members of the Celestia Conference. The two former conference rivals play each other for the Golden Axe. When Vietussia Academy returned to the NSCF for NSCF 18 as part of a different conference, the two teams played each other on the final game of the season in United Vietussia. Northern Moravica took the golden axe back to Herzegovina City with a 20-14 road victory, to improve to 2-3 all-time against their rivals. There are presently discussions between the two schools to renew the rivalry in Herzegovina City in Week 13 for this season, although "no i's have been dotted nor t's have been crossed."

Their new foreign NSCF rival are the Salamantic Universities. The Salamantic Universities and Northern Moravica split the season series in NSCF 19-21, but the Salamantic Universities swept Northern in NSCF 22(in fact, they swept both Banijan schools). With them competing in the Celestia Conference, the rivalry continues to grow more heated between the schools every year. The official name of the trophy between the two schools is the 'Felinology Trophy', although students from both sides have unofficially named the trophy the 'Trophy of the Ancients' since the matchup is Cougars versus Professors. While Northern Moravica administrators were clear to say that was not the rivalry trophy's official name, with the lack of an official name, that has been the name tossed around by various outlets discussing the new rivalry. Northern Moravica has an all-time record of 3-5 against the Salamantics.

The University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park is also considered a major foreign rival of Northern Moravica. These two teams have played every single season since UC-Baker Park joined the NSCF. The only season they did not schedule each other was NSCF 21, but the fates decided the two would play anyways, in the first round of the playoffs. UC-Baker Park won the sole playoff matchup between the two schools, 27-21. Northern Moravica has an all-time record of 2-3 against UC-Baker Park. There is no name nor trophy for this rivalry- but it is considered a scheduling priority for both schools every single year.

Entrance: There is a unique stadium entrance at home games for the Cougars football team. A starting senior on each side of the football stands outside the tunnel, each one holding the school flag. They stand opposite each other with the flags lowered, and then raise the flags and let the entire team run through. After the team and staff runs through, those two starters run to the middle of the field and each plant their flag on the logo, signifying that this is their home field, and that they will fight to defend home field.

Championships: Northern Moravica has five Celestia Conference championships in 9 NSCF seasons, winning the conference title in NSCF 12, NSCF 13, NSCF 17, NSCF 18, and NSCF 19. They won their first ever NSCF championship in NSCF 19. They finished as runner-ups in NSCF 20.

All-Time NSCF Record
WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record721880.00%
Non-Conference Record151255.56%
Playoff Record7750.00%
Overall Record943771.76%

Cheer Northern Moravica

Tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song

Rally Northern! Sing today
Defend our glory, honor our fame!
Raise her red and white
And sing out with great delight
Rah Rah for NMU!
Our men will fight in every game
True to the North worthy of her name!
Loyal up to the end
Her honor we must defend

Cheer Northern Moravica!
Like Cougars we roar singing her name!
Praise to our great God on high
Because our rivals we will defy!
On this day Loyola will fall
Northern with victory over all
While we score a touchdown
And bring glory to NMU! (x2)

Loyola University Blue Thunder
Two-Time Defending Celestia Conference Champions and defending NSCF Champion


School Info
Full Name: Loyola University @ Istria
Nickname: Blue Thunder
Location: Istria, Moravica
Type: Private, Mormon
Enrollment: 41,828
School President: Dr. Ruhamah Odede. 61 years old. First year on the job. First ever female President of Loyola University, and first ever non-clergy member to serve as the University's President.
Athletic Director: Patrick Zervos(13th year on the job). 56 years old.
Style Modifier: +4

Alastair Jobs Field @ The Istria Lightning Yard
Maximum capacity of 98,000 expandable to 100,233 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF XXIII

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.
All players are Banijan unless their nationality is otherwise specified.

Amadi Ikenna. #17, Redshirt Senior. 6'5, 225 pounds.
Ebou Hairte. #5, Redshirt Freshman. 6'2, 215 pounds.
Kassa Einku. #12, Redshirt Junior. 6'4, 220 pounds.

Eric van Geel(Ranoria). #26, Sophomore. 6'1, 205 pounds.
Gotthard Koulibaly(Siovanija & Teusland). #20. Sophomore. Played on Siovanija & Teusland Olympic team. 6'0, 233 pounds. Power back.
Hatabu Jobe. #21, Junior. 5'10, 199 pounds.

Tight End
Dustin Andreas Jerome IV. #87, Junior. 6'2. Recruited from Felswyr, Chromatika. A national champion(Chromatika) wrestler in high school, Dustin is a blocking first tight end who has nimble hands for someone of his bulk. Selfless and hard-working, he is driven and easy to coach.
Hasimou Kouyaté. #85, Sophomore. 6'0, 237 pounds.
Odero Okomo. #88, Freshman. 6'1, 244 pounds.

Wide Receiver.
Khalil Hauptmann(Ranoria) #8, Senior. 6'6, 219 pounds.
Lafi Senghore. #83, Sophomore. 6'2, 190 pounds.
Okonkwo Besrat. #82, Redshirt Senior. 5'10, 179 pounds.
Boy Secka. #80, Junior. 6'0, 185 pounds.
Baboucar Camara. #89, Sophomore. 6'1, 196 pounds
Lama Jatta. #82, Sophomore. 6'4, 205 pounds.

Left Tackle.
Sama Biri. #76, Junior. 6'6, 298 pounds. First season as starter.
Ogwang Owiti. #70, Freshman. 6'4, 281 pounds.

Left Guard.
Malick Ngum. #64, Sophomore. 6'4, 301 pounds. Returning starter.
Boy Sowe. #65, Sophomore. 6'3, 297 pounds.

Bouba Danso. #61, Junior. First year as starter. 6'3, 290 pounds.
Mindika Oduol. #50, Freshman. 6'1, 301 pounds.

Right Guard.
Bayou Awash. #60, Senior. Returning starter. 6'4, 310 pounds.
Demba Diouf. #63, Junior. 6'1, 300 pounds.

Right Tackle.
Amir Dessalegne. #77, Senior. Returning starter. 6'2, 304 pounds.
Idi Coulibaly. #68, Sophomore. 6'3, 306 pounds.

Play a 3-4 defense

Left Defensive End
Yared Getachew(Busoga Islands). #91, Senior. 6'4, 300 pounds.
Faraba Ndiaye. #72, Sophomore. 6'3, 295 pounds.

Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle..
Yisake Araya. #90, Senior. 6'2, 311 pounds.
Sajo Biri. #95, Sophomore. 6'4, 300 pounds.
Mindiwo Adika. #99, Freshman. 6'0, 288 pounds.

Right Defensive End.
Justin Peterson(Northwest Kalactin). #97, Freshman. 6'6, 286 pounds. #1 overall recruit out of Northwest Kalactin.
Hassan Obi(Busoga Islands). #98, Senior. 6'4, 275 pounds.

Left Outside Linebacker. - This is the EDGE, pass rushing focused linebacker.
Abram Fairbanks(Ranoria). #54, Freshman. 6'5, 225 pounds.
Bsrat Belayneh. #45, Senior. 6'2, 233 pounds.

Middle Linebacker
Demba Diouf. #49, Junior. 6'4, 240 pounds.
Marcus Sandoval(Kohnhead). #35, Freshman. 6'5, 251 pounds.
Atatafi Atikem. #51, Junior. 6'3, 244 pounds.
Sheriff Gaye. #43, Sophomore. 6'1, 248 pounds.

Right Outside Linebacker
Yessuf Bona. #34, Senior. 6'4, 248 pounds.
Baturu Singhateh. #46, Sophomore. 6'2, 233 pounds.

Martin de Lafayette(Chromatika). #31, Junior. 6'7. Recruited from Myana, Chromatika. A tall, lanky lad with long reach, Lafayette grew up playing fullback in soccer but got tired of being carded for fouls, always being driven toward the more violent brand of football. A sure tackler, he has a tendency to go for the big hit, making him susceptible to more nimble players who make it to the second level. Excellent in run support by the line of scrimmage.
Madue Uzoma. #5, Senior. 6'0, 200 pounds.
Wilhelm Ouattara-Fischer(Siovanija & Teusland). #24, Sophomore. 5'10, 180 pounds. Played on Siovanija & Teusland's Olympic gridiron team. Team's primary nickel back.
Emmitt Krell(Chromatika). #14, Freshman. 6'4.
Edrissa Jassey. #26, Junior. 5'11, 197 pounds.
Faraba Ndiaye. #19, Sophomore. 5'11, 180 pounds.

Strong Safety
Markos Mesay. #22, Senior. 6'2, 207 pounds.Captain.
Adama Ceesay. #12, Sophomore. 6'1, 190 pounds.

Free Safety
Alexander Ackermann(Ranoria). #27, Sophomore. 6'1, 195 pounds. Starting cornerback last season, moved to free safety this season to try and take advantage of his rangy, aggressive skillset.
Lepolesa Ogaile. #16, Senior. 6'0, 190 pounds.

For clarity's sake- My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does normal kickoffs while my kicker does onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Janani Magero. #67, Junior.

Sainey Kabbah. #3, Sophomore.

Teshale Roni. #19, Senior.

Wilhelm Ouattara-Fischer(Siovanija & Teusland). #24, Sophomore. Primary position is cornerback.
Alexander Ackermann(Ranoria). #27, Sophomore. Primary position is free safety.

Head Coach: Alanso Isa is the 67 year old alumnus from this school, now in his sixth season at Loyola-Istria. He was tasked to fill the shoes of legend Alastair Jobs, who won the NSCF 14 and NSCF 17 championships, alongside a NSCF 14 Celestia Conference title, who had an 8-0 all-time postseason record in the NSCF. While he had the impossible shoes to fill of a head coach who literally never lost a NSCF playoff game, Alanso Isa has done a fine job filling the shoes of the man who the stadium is named after. In five seasons at Loyola, he has kept the school strong and even has his own championship in NSCF 21. While last season they somewhat surprisingly did not make the playoffs, most people view it as a blip on the radar and that he'll be bringing this team back towards the top of the NSCF in no time at all.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: The 36 year old Dennis Zervos is beginning his seventh season as offensive coordinator. The OC led the school to a NSCF 14 Title when he was the NSCF's Most Outstanding Player, and led the team to national championship (coinciding with NSCF 15). When he went pro early, he suffered a pair of ACL injuries in his rookie year, and injured both ACLs again to start his second season, effectively ending his professional career. In his first season as the offensive coordinator, he led Loyola-Istria to having the #1 ranked offense in all of the NSCF last season, and is known as a rising star as an assistant coach. With his living legend status at the school, considering he has a ring, a MOP trophy, and his father is the AD, he has some particular job security. Many are thinking this is the former young hotshot's last season as an offensive coordinator, as head coaching opportunities are bound to open for him around the country, and maybe beyond as well.

Other Offensive Coaches
Quarterbacks Coach: Jeriah Apondo. 45 years old. 1st season at Loyola-Istria. Came from equivalent position at Loyola-Jinja.
Running Backs Coach: Abner Awuor. 71 years old. 5th season at Loyola-Istria.
Wide Receivers Coach: Korah Okatch. 36 years old. 2nd season at Loyola-Istria.
Tight Ends Coach: Jaazaniah Osumba. 55 years old. 4th season at Loyola-Istria.
Offensive Line Coach: Zebedee Okongo. 32 years old. 1st season at Loyola-Istria. Recently fired as Offensive Coordinator from Loyola-Busukuma.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: The 74 year old Joseph Lukwago is in his 13th season as the defensive coordinator, running a 3-4 defense. He is a long-time defensive coordinator who loves his role, and the school. However, the old man is expected by many to retire at the end of the season, although nobody has said anything about that yet. Lukwago was a holdover from the Alastair Jobs era, and he is an alumnus of the school himself.

Other Defensive Coaches
Defenisve Line Coach: Nehemiah Rawo. 38 years old. 2nd season at Loyola-Istria.
Linebackers Coach: Moshe Opiyo. 37 years old. 2nd season at Loyola-Istria.
Cornerbacks Coach: Ochola Bigombe. 62 years old. 5th season at Loyola-Istria.
Safeties Coach: Julian Odede. 52 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria.

Special Teams Coordinator: The 68 year old Isaac Lutaboke is in his 11th season as the special teams coordinator.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Jericho Awino. 41 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. University of Waikoloa Village(United Volcano Isles)
Week 2: @ Northern Dinagat State(Barnettsville)
Week 3: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 4: @ Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 5: vs. Fair Haven State(Barnettsville)
Week 6: @ University of Waikoloa Village(United Volcano Isles)
Week 7: vs. Northern Dinagat State(Barnettsville)
Week 8: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 9: vs. Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 10: @ Fair Haven State(Barnettsville)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: @ Raynor University (Valanora)
Week 12: v. Felswyr State University (Chromatika) - Senior Day
Week 13: @ Richardson University(Ranoria) in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl

Championships: The Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder have an incredible NSCF postseason record, being 18-3 all-time in the postseason in this competition, including a ridiculous 16-3 in playoff games and 2-0 in bowl games. In NSCF 13, they won the Pioneer Bowl, and in NSCF 14 and NSCF 17, they won the NSCF championship, posting a 3-0 and 4-0 record in those two postseasons, respectively. In NSCF 18, they made a run to the NSCF title game, only to fall to Mar Sara Tech. In both NSCF 19 and NSCF 20, they lost semifinals on their home field, falling to Northern Moravica at home in NSCF 19 and falling to Cold Hill at home in NSCF 20. They redeemed themselves in NSCF 21, defeating Cold Hill in the championship game. They have three Celestia conference championships, winning in NSCF 14, NSCF 20, and NSCF 21. Last season was the first time they did not make the playoffs since their inaugural season in NSCF 13, but it still ended on a high note by defeating UC-Baker Park in the Karmin-Falce Auto Bowl.

Individual Accolades: They have racked up individual accolades during their time as a member of the NSCF. Dennis Zervos, their offensive coordinator, was the NSCF's most outstanding player in NSCF 14, and their current quarterback, Isaka Jawara, was the NSCF 17 Offensive Player of the Year en route to their championship run, and the NSCF 18 Most Outstanding Player, and he won the NSCF 19 Offensive Player of the Year award in his senior season. Corrin Fairless, a starting cornerback and their special teams star, won the NSCF 18 Special Teams Player of the Year Award.

Rivalries: North v. South Showdown against Northern Moravica. See Cougar History and Traditions for more.

Their big foreign rival is Richardson University of Ranoria, whom they play annually in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl. The young rivalry has developed quickly, as the teams compete for recruits off the field and championships on it. In NSCF 17, Loyola-Istria travelled to Richardson University for the first game of this rivalry, and lost a very close battle. But in the return in NSCF 18, Richardson University came to Busukuma, and defeated the Blue Thunder at the Stadium of the Restoration. The return was another close battle between the two schools, losing an instant classic in overtime in Ranoria. This rivalry is called the Rebel's Cannon Bowl, and is traditionally contested on the final weekend of the regular season. This season will be the seventh edition of the game. The first four of the games of the series have been won by the home side, with Richardson winning in NSCF 17 and NSCF 19, while Loyola-Istria emerged victorious in NSCF 18 and NSCF 20. However, in the last two seasons, the road team triumphed. Loyola-Istria triumphed in NSCF 21 en route to their third NSCF championship, while in NSCF 22 it would be Richardson University that would down the Blue Thunder by a score of 16-7. So the series is tied at 3 games a piece. It is a fierce rivalry held in high regard by both schools, and it has quickly become one of the NSCF's must see international rivalries.

Their other domestic rival are their Celestia conference rivals, the Salamantic Universities of Ko-oren. In NSCF 19, Loyola swept the series, while in NSCF 20 and 21, the two AO schools split the series. In NSCF 22, however, the Salamantic Universities swept both Banijan schools, and won the Celestia for the first time. Which was seen as revenge for Loyola's elimination of the Salamantics. Now, there's no name, nor trophy, nor anything like that for this rivalry- it's just two conference rivals, who do not like each other, and play twice a season. Teams that could not be more polar opposites- the Professors, dedicated to defensive excellence, and the Blue Thunder, who thrive on offense.

All-Time NSCF Record

WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record651581.25%
Non-Conference Record16871.43%
Bowl Game Record20100%
Playoff Record16380%
Overall Record992679.20%

The Blue Thunder Shall Strike Today

Set to the Tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The Blue Thunder shall strike today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll send Northern back on their way
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
Istria City will all turn out
And we'll all have joy when Loyola wins today!
And we’ll all have joy with our victory today!

The Blue Thunder shall strike today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
A champion be crowned today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Our rivals all tremble with fear
They know Loyola's win is near
And we’ll all have joy when Loyola wins today!
And we’ll all have joy with our victory today!
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Postby Valanora » Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:44 pm

Mar Sara Tech Roster


Image Image

Image Image

Modifier: +3

Home Stadium: Lathalein Celestial Stadium (60,000)

Head Coach: Sander Ivarsson, age 46
Assistant: Muhammed Gunnarsson, age 50
Assistant: Thim Nilsson, age 47
Offensive Coordinator: Ture Holm, age 46
Defensive Coordinator: Roger Holmgren, age 52
Special Teams: Amadeus Håkansson, age 50

Base Offense: Ace(Single-back) Formation

12 QB Marco Lindholm, age 18 FR
10 QB Arquímedes Concepción, age 19 SO
17 QB Dexter Persson, age 22 SR (RS)
20 RB Image Kiggwe Chasima, age 22 SR (RS)
27 RB Baudilio Muñiz, age 19 SO
29 RB Arthur Tangen, age 22 SR (RS)
26 FB Conrad Espe, age 19 SO
33 FB Aksel Olsen, age 22 SR (RS)
42 TE Milo Nyström, age 18, FR
81 TE Leander Finstad, age 19 SO
44 TE Lukas Midtbø, age 20 JR
87 TE Anthon Lundin, age 18 FR
11 WR Mateusz Svendsen, age 21 JR (RS)
15 WR Noel Björklund, age 18 FR
88 WR Edward Sanches, age 18 SO
80 WR Image Kawsu Gaye, age 18 FR
18 WR Sigurd Reiersen, age 20 JR
19 WR Valfredo Beltrán, age 19 SO
89 WR Sander Gunnarsson, age 18 FR
76 LT Image Jelani Emeka, age 18 FR
79 LT Oliver Sandberg, age 19 SO
70 LG Walid Nordin, age 19 SO
68 LG Hans Dahlberg, age 18 FR
60 C Lars Lindholm, age 18 FR
63 C Ludwig Samuelsson, age 19 SO
69 C William Pedersen, age 22 SR (RS)
71 RG Levi Carlsson, age 18 FR
72 RG Roni Bergström, age 19 SO
77 RT Dino Hedlund, age 18 FR
75 RT Valter Hellström, age 19 SO

Base Defense: 4-2-5

62 LE Maximus Jönsson, age 19 SO
61 LE Jonas Lundberg, age 19 SO
73 RE Willy Åström, age 18 SO
92 RE Iver Phan, age 22 SR (RS)
90 DT Kristoffer Bye, age 22 SR (RS)

92 DT Freddie Holmgren, age 19 SO
96 DT Loke Jönsson, age 18 SO
99 DT Julius Holmberg, age 19 SO
52 LOLB Noel Engström, age 18 FR
54 LOLB Gustaf Eriksson, age 19 SO
57 ROLB Björn Ek, age 18 SO
59 ROLB Mauritz Petersson, age 19 SO
50 MLB Amir Bengtsson, age 19 SO
51 MLB Mikkel Moe, age 20 JR
58 MLB Lucas Mjøs, age 21 JR (RS)
55 MLB Anthon Bergqvist, age 19 SO
23 CB Youssef Lindström, age 18 FR
24 CB Tintin Åkesson, age 18 FR
37 CB Jeppe Skog, age 21 SR
34 CB Valentino Carlsson, age 19 SO

44 CB Teo Myhre, age 22 SR (RS)
47 CB Amar Björk, age 19 SO
49 CB Matias Amundsen, age 22 SR (RS)
41 FS Alessandro Ström, age 19 SO

46 FS Tore Bengtsson, age 19 SO
32 SS Norman Ornelas, age 18 SO
30 SS Casper Hanssen, age 21 JR (RS)

3 P Edvard Söderberg, age 19 SO
7 K Ulrik Bakke, age 21 SR

KOS: Ulrik Bakke
LS: William Pedersen
KR: Kawsu Gaye & Tintin Åkesson
PR: Kawsu Gaye

Raynor University Roster


Image Image

Image Image

Modifier: +5

Home Stadium: Vahalla Falls (54,000)

Head Coach: Andy Magnusson, age 43
Assistant: Tim Sandström, age 56
Assistant: Holger Hedlund, age 48
Offense: Justin Axelsson, age 43
Defense: Rufus Carlsson, age 50
Special Teams: Manuel Jakobsson, age 43

Base Offense: Normal Shotgun

8 QB Nicon Mercado, age 19 SO
10 QB Tobias Moen, age 19 SO
7 QB Håkon Schau, age 21 JR (RS)
20 RB Hidalgo Mondragón, age 19 SO

22 RB Image Duke Beckett, age 18, FR
21 RB Noa Sommer, age 19 SO
40 FB Carlos Eklund, age 18, FR
42 FB William Gulliksen, age 19 SO
18 WR Emil Gundersen, age 21 JR (RS)
16 WR Toshi Sánchez, age 18 SO
81 WR Arian Sjöberg, age 18 FR
82 WR Didrik Thu, age 21 SR
84 WR Image Chinweuba Jelan, age 22 SR (RS)

80 WR Max Simensen, age 20 JR
88 WR Fredrik Ness, age 19 SO
85 TE Maximilian Bakke, age 18 SO
86 TE Agaton Nordin, age 18 FR
87 TE Eirik Iqbal, age 19 SO
50 LT Kristian Jacobsen, age 19 SO

52 LT Sebastian Olofsson, age 18, FR
51 LG Brede Larsen, age 20 JR
53 LG Jonas Nilsen, age 19 SO
55 C Elias Fredheim, age 20 JR
56 C Christian Skjærvik, age 19 SO
59 C Caspar Jakobsson, age 18, FR
57 RG Askil Christensen, age 19 SO
58 RG Håvard Olsen, age 21 JR (RS)
48 RT Martin Økland, age 19 SO
59 RT Alfred Haukås, age 20 JR

Base Formation: Dime

61 LE Jon Martinsen, age 21 JR (RS)
60 LE Ådne Friis, age 19 SO
99 DT Hassan Rønning, age 19 SO
98 DT Noah Haavik, age 21 SR
97 DT Noah Bakken, age 21 JR (RS)

93 DT Wiktor Haakonsen, age 19 SO
62 RE Joakim Bull, age 19 SO
64 RE Lucas Johnsen, age 21 SR
41 ROLB David Iversen, age 20 JR
42 ROLB Sindre Nysæter, age 19 SO
45 MLB Jonathan Sætre, age 21 JR (RS)
46 MLB Mika Lein, age 19 SO
48 LOLB Jonathan Wallin, age 19 SO
44 LOLB Axel Løchen, age 22 SR (RS)
30 CB Oscar Berge, age 20 JR
31 CB Nicolai Østebø, age 19 SO
33 CB Brage Hansen, age 20 JR
32 CB Mathias Johannessen, age 21 SR
35 CB Adrian Sandnes, age 21 JR (RS)
36 CB Aleksander Welde, age 20 JR

39 CB Daniel Heggem, age 19 SO
38 CB Lars Børsheim, age 19 SO
37 CB Edvard Johansen, age 21 SR
40 FS Jacob Kalstad, age 19 SO
47 FS Elias Nevland, age 21 JR (RS)
45 FS Colin Hagen, age 19 SO
43 SS Birk Hansen, age 19 SO
49 SS Nicolas Berg, age 18, FR

90 P Mohamad Ström, age 18, FR
99 K Fredrik Mundal, age 19, SO

KOS: Fredrik Mundal
LS: Christian Skjærvik
KR: Chinweuba Jelan
PR: Chinweuba Jelan
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Sadeg State Skyhawks

Postby Drawkland » Sat Feb 27, 2021 9:14 pm


Name: Sadeg State University
Nickname: Skyhawks
Colors: Gold and Navy
Denonym: Drawkian
SEVENTH Season, Ranked 2nd
Stadium: Skyhawks' Gridiron Park
Capacity: 95,500
Head Coach: Brand Manlio
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Art Beckham
[D] Jarrett Schwartz
[ST] Joshua Redding




PS ## Name Year
QB 1 Nick Parks Senior
QB 7 Toby McKinley Junior

HB 27 Raymond Morgan Senior
HB 25 Augustus Velas Freshman
HB 20 Jeremy Gilmore Freshman
FB 44 Tom Adams Senior
FB 48 Dennis Grant Sophomore

WR 11 Abram Navis +Senior
WR 16 Brandon Brown Senior
WR 85 Tyrelle Patternson Senior
WR 13 Shane Jonas Junior
WR 81 Jim Tacoma Sophomore
WR 80 Elywn Pim Freshman
TE 87 Jay Gibson Senior
TE 84 Gordon Dallas Sophomore
TE 89 Gregory Seymour Freshman

C 51 Alphonso Lloyd +Senior
C 55 Brennan Palumbo Senior
C 50 Aris Quincy Freshman
G 64 Rafa Vince Senior
G 69 Cameron Labe Junior
G 62 Manuel Santos Freshman
T 70 Sammy Glover +Senior
T 77 Emmett Oswin Freshman
T 71 Craig Ramsey Freshman


PS ## Name Year
DT 95 Spike Hathaway +Senior
DT 75 Windsor Hathaway Senior
DT 92 Chris Favreau Sophomore
DT 99 Randall Hartford Freshman
DE 90 Bruce Barr +Senior
DE 91 Mike Mikari Senior
DE 96 Hyperion Hyde Junior

OLB 40 Godfrey Bonner Senior
OLB 41 Chris Boyd Senior
OLB 54 Ed Brooks Sophomore
OLB 43 Judd Maxwell Freshman
ILB 52 Nico Michaels Senior
ILB 42 Julius Martin Junior
ILB 45 Eddie McCrae Sophomore
ILB 52 Tobin McNeil Freshman

CB 36 Paul Gore +Senior
CB 33 Samson Abel Senior
CB 35 Rusty Fuller Sophomore
CB 39 Walter Danielson Junior
CB 22 Vlad Amato Freshman
CB 28 Jaden Brahm Freshman

S 32 Johnny McCray +Senior
S 23 Clifton Monroe Senior
S 34 Donnie McKee Sophomore
S 31 Patrick Rose Freshman


PS ## Name Year
C 50 Blake Tyson *
C 51 Alphonso Lloyd *

PR 0 Dewey Belrose Sophomore
PR 11 Abram Navis *
KR 0 Dewey Belrose *
KR 23 Clifton Monroe *

P 4 Fion Palmer Senior
K 5 Nat Knox Freshman

H 4 Fion Palmer *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Thus, players have up to 5 years of eligibility. 5th year players are denoted as "+Senior".

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +4

Like all Drawkians, especially international caliber ones, Sadeg State's players are a top notch group with much to offer skill-wise. The offense primarily operates out of the shotgun with a back lining up alongside the QB, but the most common under-center formation has to be the I. The pistol make a common appearance, and don't be surprised to see a Wildcat every once in awhile. The run/pass split is around a 55/45, but with Brand Manlio's preferred QB recruits, don't be surprised to see many designed passes ending up in scrambles for big chunks of yards. Drag routes, slants, mid-distance crosses, posts, and corner routes are the most common in SSU's playbook. Runs are often a generic pitch, runs up the gut, or - Coach Manlio's favorite - option plays. SSU is known for having massive talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the backfield, but also lining up wide. Watch for tight end passes for huge gains, they're a common target in this scheme.

And while the team is renowned for its offense, you can't discount the defense. Talented shutdown corners and DBs are the hallmark and the pass rush is fantastic, but pass defense in the middle of the field leaves a lot to be desired from the Linebackers. The biggest issue about the Skyhawk's secondary is that they go for the ball too much - while this results in lots of turnovers, a missed pick obviously results in an opposing receiver in the open field. Blitzes sit on top of the playbook at SSU, just like many Drawkian books. Don't expect to run a similar running play twice, the front 7 is likely to come up with a counter blitz on the fly and smack the back for a loss of yards. Man coverage is called about 70/30 versus Zone coverage, another reason why missed interceptions are dangerous. Cover 2 Man coverage with a 4-3 front is the most common play the defense will run.

Special teams is known for its trick plays, but they don't run them as often as, say, the Grid Corps would. The SSU offense would be much more likely to stay out in 4th and under 2 than bring out the special teams for a fake or a regular punt/kick. Speaking of punts/kicks, the return game for the Skyhawks is also fearsome, with massively fast and shifty players returning most balls, not to mention the regularity of laterals during returns (not that they do much of that outside of special teams though). As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy (good luck praying for a kick 6).

Also, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.

Home, Away, Home Alt, Away Alt


Conference Games
MD1 v Cavsar University
MD2 @ Felswyr State University
MD3 v Laneca University
MD4 @ Rickendor Central University
MD5 v Hoofstra University
MD6 @ Cavsar University
MD7 v Felswyr State University
MD8 @ Laneca University
MD9 v Rickendor Central University
MD10 @ Hoofstra University

Non-Conference Games
MD11 @ Kohnhead City University
MD12 v Cold Hill University
MD13 @ Mar Sara Tech

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Postby Ranoria » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:35 pm

Perhaps a bit early, here are this season's top 10 Ranorian recruits coming out of high school!

If you want more information on any of the recruits, feel free to hit me up! Recruits are going in descending order, so from worst to first

Gauge Lawson, HB, North Haven High
6'2", 225 lb
North Haven, Ranoria

To kick things off, why not continue Ranoria's tradition of shipping off traditional power backs?

Lawson may not quite have the size that Apollo Esther did coming out, but he's a big kid with room to pack on more on that frame, and at his (still impressive) size, he ripped off forty seven hundred yards over the past two seasons. Gauge also started every game in his junior and senior year at defensive end, where he flashed excellent spin and long arm moves...which seem to be a direct translation of his trademark stiff arm and spins as a runner.

Solid grades, at 3.35 cumulative, also won all-conference honors twice as a basketball player and competed with a good amount of success in the shotput.

#9: Jacob Engelhaft, C, Ranoria City High School
6'4", 265 lb
Ranoria City, Ranoria


We are well aware that 265 pounds is not "small" by any stretch. But for those of you looking at a highly-touted offensive line recruit, it may be a source of concern. But we have an explanation!

You see, Engelhaft is a more accomplished wrestler than he is a football player. He won the state championship in the heavyweight class three of his four years in high school, using leverage and the like to thoroughly dominate other strong opponents. That showed on the field, along with of course a walloping amount of strength, of course. Engelhaft typically clocked in around 280 pounds during the football season before cutting down for wrestling. He expressed a desire to compete in wrestling after high school, but said that, as football is a much more lucrative career, that's the path he's going down. Oh, and if you couldn't tell from the picture, he's got the size to pack on more mass. Get him in a college weight room for a full offseason, without a cut for wrestling, and you'll have a 310+ pound trademark Ranorian product ready to go! Bonus points: He's incredibly good at using that strength he'll gain due to his wrestling background!

#8: Travis Handon, OT, North Edmunton High
6'6", 310 lb
Edmunton, Ranoria


Can't ask for much better! While not quite the strength of one our guys further up the list, Handon has long arms, 35" as a matter of a fact. So any of those pesky defensive ends trying to get extension, good luck. Travis didn't allow a sack for three straight years in high school and was consistently used as the point man for his school's ground attack, spearheading a simplistic offense that ran straight behind him. More than athletic enough to pull if you really want to bring the punishment to an edge defender on the other side, too.

Maintains a GPA of around 3.4, so very solid, if not perfect. Travis, notably, only competed in shotput as his other sport, which does help to display some of his explosive capability.

#7: Alder King, ILB, Mooreville High School
6'3", 240 lb
Mooreville, Ranoria


King is your prototypical centerpiece of a defense. Well, for a Ranorian. You have to understand, most of our linebackers are still trying to find the word "coverage," and the phrase "drop into a zone," in the dictionary. While the college game seems to be advancing, the Ranorian Football League is still stuck in a run-first mentality outside of a few teams, and the high school level remains largely the same.

As such, when King, a small school, quiet kid began popping runners and forcing fumbles, he got onto a lot of recruiting whiteboards. King is also successful in baseball, particularly as a batter. If you really wanted to dig, you could say that means he has the hand-eye-coordination to be a savvy coverage guy. Err, maybe.

He's more of a hard-hitting, stuff the run backer. King forced a nice 19 fumbles in his last two seasons, serving as captain in each as well, and his defense allowed 1.1 yards per carry cumulatively in those years. His coach is quick to point out to recruiters that it's including an 81 yard score that occurred after King helped lead his team to a blowout win, and the freshman got on the field, only to allow that to happen. So, if you need some spice, some nastiness for your defense, he's here, and he comes with a rock-solid report card every semester to boot!

#6: Blitz Taurus, ATH, Fort Moss High School
6'1", 185 lb
Fort Moss, Ranoria


You read that right, ATH. Athlete. Look, we here at this generic paper company or website don't know where to put him either. He played quarterback, running back, wideout, both returners, gunner, even punter at one point. (It's on the highlight reel, at least).

Blitz is the younger brother of Richardson's stud defensive tackle, Gudbrand Taurus, and is the speed to his brother's strength. His parents may have some prophetic naming agility, his brother's name meaning "god's sword," and Blitz, obviously, referencing lightning. You may have guessed, the kid is as fast, agile, and slick as they come, and he could have easily earned a scholarship for basketball or baseball. Or track at any number of events. He's a freakshow, he's got great hands, rarely fumbles. On the field, very few issues between the whistle.

Problems, however, include a nasty temper like his brother, only without the massive brawn to back it up (was ejected from three games just as as senior), and poor grades. He is barely eligible to compete as a division one athlete in Ranoria, and foreign schools may have to look into that to assess whether he's worth that risk. He does seem to favor Richardson, although the program has mixed internal feelings on the kid based on his grades.

#5: Adoree Natali, CB, Ranoria City Cathedral Christian
6'1", 175 lb
Ranoria City, Ranoria


As much as we've boasted about pure athletic traits such as speed and strength on this list, that's not Jackson's game. He certainly is fast, enough to keep up with most recievers anyway, but his most dangerous qualities are reaction time, instincts, and a quick-twitch kind of explosiveness that's generated him 21 interceptions in high school as a corner that most teams wanted to avoid. That is, until his senior year, where he logged just one when he wasn't even targeted in nine of his teams eleven games.

Jackson is a press corner who prefers to play in a zone, feeling where his man is and keeping eyes locked on the quarterback on passing plays. Four of his interceptions, in fact, were nowhere near him, but he identified where the ball was going and was able to get across the field and make the play. This risky, interception boom-or-bust style got him burned a couple times as a freshman and a sophomore, and the same may happen again at the collegiate level, but hey, isn't getting that many more opportunities for your offense worth it?

The number 5 recruit maintains a nice 3.81 GPA, good enough for any program to be enthusiastic about him.

#4: Hector Storolfsson, OG, Cold Hill Central Catholic
6'7", 325 lb
Cold Hill, Ranoria


You want technique and leverage? Go after the number nine. You want raw, game-changing power? Here you are. Hector Storolfsson is an ungodly strong human being. You think the 1,000 pound total is good as a powerlifter? Cute, he was there as a freshman. A 6'4", long limbed freshman. Storolfsson was wormed his way into a couple of professional strongman events at the ripe age of 17, and is widely considered the strongest man in Ranoria's recruiting class this season.

Yeah, man. Not player. He's a man. He's more flexible at the hips than a man his size usually is, and he tends to use good, but not great, technique despite being able to fall back on his raw power. But his game is power. His game is a nasty streak. Storolfsson does have a temper, one that may need reigned in at the college level, but for a team in need of some offensive line help, it's well worth it.

Football was the only sport Hector competed in as a high schooler, preferring strongman meets to any other high school sanctioned sports, and was allowed to forego his team's lifting program in order to use his own trainer.

#3: Russell Farmer, TE, Mount Prism High School
6'6", 245 lb
Mount Prism, Ranoria


We get it, you missed out on bitcoin Johnny Farmer. So why not take a stab at dogecoin Russell? Russell might as well be his older brother come again. He flirted with most of his brother's high school records, and actually broke the touchdowns mark, which, according to him, is the only one that matters. He also had more sacks than his brother, as he played a good amount of defensive end. Could you be getting a two way player?

Anyway, also racked up obscene amounts of rebounds in his one year of high school basketball and was really good at the broad jump in track despite his size. Russell is a well rounded player, who frankly could be used as an edge rusher based on his solid production there, but he's at his best in the end zone. The younger Farmer would haul in 23 receiving touchdowns his senior year, with a dozen of those coming from inside the five yard line.

Willing and able blocker, clear understanding of leverages based on his solid wrestling background (played basketball for one year, as a junior), and was able to take even solid defensive linemen out of the game. Of course, he's a big man for a high schooler, and it will be interesting to see how he performs against bigger, stronger opposition in the collegiate game.

#2: Leonardo Torrent, QB, St. Joseph's High School
6'4", 225 lb
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ranoria


We're gonna start off with a brief history of the Ranorian Football League for you folks. The offensive side of the game hasn't really evolved to match the rest of the world, which is one reason, at least in theory, that quarterbacks who compete internationally in the NSCF do so well in Ranoria. It's a different game, a higher level of defense and scheming.

But there were two guys who broke that mold. Between 1998 and 2006, quarterbacks Luca Warren and Art Torrent would win six championships and six MVP awards, with both breaking the previously believed unobtainable 4,000 yard mark, Torrent with 4,007 yards and Warren with 4,010. Torrent would take home 4 championships and MVPs to Warren's 2 a piece, and is perceived as the better of the pair. Well, Torrent's son is just now coming of age, and he is one of three recruits in this class with strong ties to guys who were some of the best players in the RFL at the time of their playing. So, is Leo worth the hype?

There is a heated discussion among the recruiting community on this matter. Some say he only broke the top 100 because of his father's last name, that his production was due to the talent around him and low-level competition. To their point, he played schools half the size of his in four games between his junior and senior year. Against their point, he regularly faced large, if midling, football teams throughout the career.

Others argue that he's far and away the top recruit in the class. Three high school championships and one runner up, a captain for three years in that career, that's hard to argue. They'll also point to statistics, which can of course be misleading in high school, but come on now. Even as a freshman, in 15 games, he put up a whopping 3,600 yards and thirty touchdowns to twelve picks, bringing home a title. He only lost the championship game as a sophomore, but cleared the 4,400 yard mark in each of the next three seasons. He's shown incredible durability, shrugging off big hits and never missing a start, a big arm (threw a pass 54 yards in the air his junior year), and acuracy that was both superior and consistent.

However, he has three knocks on him. First, like his father, he isn't very athletic. To his credit, the kid seems to have a love for the weight room, but he just isn't fast. While he may be able to shrug off a sack, he isn't going to outrun many men. The other is an apparent apathy. At times, even in big moments, Leonardo wouldn't appear emotional, and some have attributed this to a lack of being challenged with defensive schemes. He may be in for a rude awakening come the college game...or perhaps that's what he's been waiting for. The third is more of a mediocrity, with his 3.0, flat, GPA. This may be an extension of his apathetic nature, just waiting to be challenged, on and off the field. He's flirting with the idea of Cold Hill, but with year's #2 recruit Aurel Strathos waiting in the wings of Deondre Rhine, and being a clearly capable starter, that's a tough ask.

#1: Gideon Kearse, Edge, Richardson South High School
6'5", 270 lb
Ranoria City, Wisconsin, Ranoria

***Committed to play for the Richardson University Governors***


Guess what, ladies and gentlemen? Time for another history lesson. Justin Kearse is the all-time leader in Ranorian history for sacks, be they in a career or a season, with 140 for the former and 20 for the latter. His son, Gideon, looks like the best damn prospect to come out of Ranorian high school since, well, actually, there have been a few good ones. But there's a debate to be had around this kid being better than last year's top dog, Abram Fairbanks.

Gideon was a beast of a wrestler, winning his state championship in his final year, showing his keen understanding of leverage and how to use his body, but of course, we're here for football. Toughness on the mat is great? What about the field?

Well, after shattering school, conference, and state pass rushing records galore, here he is. Gideon was rather pedestrian as a 170 pound freshman, but managed to reach 190, then 230, and finally 270 pounds the following years, showing significantly increased power in each. You might not expect great athleticism from such a weight room addict, but videos of his doing ladder drills (posted by a perhaps overbearing father), and his highlight reel will prove otherwise. Hell, he looks like a wideout doing some of those agility drills.

Gideon consistently showed the ability to beat, or really humiliate, linemen with speed, power, or simply faking them out at the line of scrimmage before he shot his gap. Because of this, he was used on a lot of stunt plays, be that as the big stick player or the knife.

That said, he's committed to Richardson University to play for the Governors on their vaunted defensive line, under his father, Justin Kearse, who just so happens to be the pass rush consultant.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:35 pm

Akers University
Helmet: Image
Nickname: Capitals
Conference Affiliations: Metro Athletic Conference (Domestic), Sequoia (Former), Big Eight (Current)
Number of Seasons: 4
Colors: Blue and Gold
Style Mod: +5
City: Gold Coast, Northwest Kalactin
Enrollment: 14,000
Offensive Scheme: Air Raid
Defensive Scheme: 4-3 with 3-4 Personnel

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Steve Watts
Offensive Coordinator: Andre Harvey
Defensive Coordinator: Brent Young
QB Coach: Clayton Lopez
RB Coach: Michael Snyder
Receivers Coach: Shannon Mitchell
O-Lineman Coach: Jesse Fernandez
DL Coach: Don Webster
LB Coach: Al Hughes
DB Coach: Mack Boyd
ST Coordinator: Raymond Brady

Starting Lineup
QB: John Foster, FR, Coffs Harbour, NWK. 4876 Pass Yards, 43 TD’s, 2 INT’s
RB: Oliver Brock, SR, Gold Coast, NWK. 829 Rush Yards, 5 TDs, 3 Fumbles
WR: Mack Boyd, Jr, Lismore, NWK. 1327 Rec Yards, 17 TDs, Offensive Captain
Kerry Copeland, Jr, Murwelldobah, NWK, 1229 Rec Yards, 7 TD’s
Isaak Rodriguez, FR, Ranoria, 1049 Rec Yards, 11 TD’s
TE: Clifton Price, JR, Gold Coast, NWK. 607 Rec Yards, 3 TDs
OL: Robert Bush, SR (LT), Coffs, NWK
Matthew Flores, SO (LG), Gold Coast, NWK
Marc Jenkins, SR (C), Coffs, NWK
Chris Frazier, SR (RG), Coffs, NWK
Horace Lynch, SO (RT), Kyater, NWK

DL: Raoul Saxton, SO (Edge), Ranoria. 7 Sacks
John Wilson, JR (DT), Lismore, NWK. 13 Sacks
Daniel Armstrong, FR (DT), Murwelldobah, NWK. 3 Sacks
Donald Miller, JR (Edge), Kempsey, NWK. 2.5 Sacks
LB: Scott Rivera, SR (WLB), Kyater, NWK, 129 Tackles, Defensive Captain
Edward Kelley, SO (MLB), Kempsey, NWK, 103 Tackles
Michael Wilson, FR (SLB), Kyater, NWK, 83 Tackles
CB: Mike Martinez, SR, Coffs, NWK, 11 INTs
Greg Flores, SR, Ballina, NWK, 4 INTs
Fredrick Johnson, JR, Gold Coast, NWK, 3 INTs
S: Joseph Nikovick, FR, Ballina, NWK, 4 INTs

K: Kerry Spencer, SO, Kempsey, NWK
P: Johnathan Dean, SR, Gold Coast, NWK

QB: Dominic Hall
Owen May
RB: Sherman Dixon
Loren Bush
Derrick Daniels
WR: Kenny Hunter
Ben Bates
Perry Morton
TE: Martin Perry
Brian Bryant
OL: Michael Matthews
Ronald Bennett
Jose Powell
Christopher Price
Jeffrey Wood
DL: Fred Ross
Benjamin Cox
Kenneth Richardson
Eugene Brown
George Campbell
LB: Harold Carter
Jeremy Jenkins
Daniel Sanchez
CB: Todd Howard
Joseph Davis
Carl Cooper
Ernest Young
S: Jimmy Mitchell
Clarence Sanders

Lismore Christian University Panthers
Nickname: Panthers
Conference Affiliations: Great South (Domestic), Big Eight (Current)
Colors: Blue and Gold
Style Mod: +5
City: Lismore, Northwest Kalactin
Enrollment: 9,000
Offensive Scheme: Run and Shoot
Defensive Scheme: 4-2-5

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Archie Holland
Offensive Coordinator: Harvey Riley
Defensive Coordinator: Tyler Scott
QB Coach/ST Coordinator: Callum Simpson
RB Coach: Tyler Armstrong
Receivers Coach: Chris Case
OL Coach: Jason Trevino
DL Coach: Emiliano Strong
LB Coach: Bentley Ashley
DB Coach: Carl Duran

QB: Kai Edwards, SO, Field General
RB: Andrew Chambers, SR, Recieving Back
WR: Zac Graham, SR, Physical
Corey Davis, JR, Speedster
Jack Brown, SR, Speedster
Gary Torres, FR, Red Zone Threat
OL: Leroy Brown (RT), SO
Jamari Fuentes (RG), SR
Dominick Durham (C), JR
Remington Cobb (LG), FR
Samuel Scott (LT), SO

DL: Adam Roberts, JR, Speed Rusher (Edge)
Sam Henderson, SO, Run Stopper (DT)
Jackson Gallagher, JR, Power Rusher (DT)
Jacob Cooper, SO, Pass Pressure (Edge)
LB: Billy Gray, FR, Tackling Machine (WLB)
Kingsley Frank, SR, Pass Rusher (SLB)
NB: Vicente Dejesus, SR, Man-To-Man
CB: Trace Francis, SO, Ballhawk
Ishaan Baxter, SR, Man-To-Man
S: Justin Haley, SR, Hard Hitter (SS)
Braxton Jones, SO, Chasedown Man (FS)

QB: Lucas Khan
Lucas Jones
RB: Freddie Rose
Max Duncan
Anthony Bradley
WR: Maximo Avery
Ronnie Salinas
Reuben Dale
Sebastian Brown
Francisco Hansen
Declan Chapman
TE: Blake Richards
Tommy Burton
Connor Scott
LT: Christopher Nicholson
Nathanael Mccall
LG: Keenan Hurst
Aidyn Green
C: Jett Berger
RG: Rylan Johns
Billy Fox
RT: Reece Hill
David Willis
LE: Michael Wallace
Kai Spencer
Seth Mitchell
RE: Orion Harmon
Mathew O'neal
DT: Alonso Rivers
Bridger Guy
Bradley Williamson
Blake Reynolds
SLB: Nicholas Morris
Dominic Hunter
MLB: David Harris
Trystan Holloway
WLB: Foster Conley
CB: Brayden Robbins
Nelson Ayers
Josiah Stark
Tom Young
SS: Henry Murphy
Kyle Black
FS: Joel James
K: Taylor Stevens
P: Garrett Byrd
AO Lacrosse Invitational 2 Champions
World Twenty20 Championship X Champion
RP population: 23 million
All India Cup 1
MAC 5&6
Gold Coast Basketball Tournament 1
World Lacrosse Championships XXXV
NSCF Mineral Conference
Coffs 7’s I
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Postby Squidroidia » Sun Feb 28, 2021 1:05 pm

The Squidroidian Armed Forces Academy

The Squidbreak

The Squidroidian Armed Forces Academy (SAFA, or just Squidroidia Army) is the top military institution in Squidroidia, and the Squidbreak, of course, is the name of its pioneering gridiron collegiate football team. Not to be confused with the SAF's association football team, the Squidroidia Squidbreak, At first an extracurricular team used to take on teams from the army's countless regimental sides that take part in the Squidroidia Bowl, the SAFA shifted into the world of NationStates College Football in Season 22, winning the Mineral Conference title and making the Playoff Quarter-Finals in their first season in the halls of honor, and will be hoping to stop UotC from stealing the title away from them.

Oh yeah and besides the coaches this team is entirely Inklings.

Expectation - Challenge for the Mineral Conference title

Head Coach - Colonel Kōta Koizumi
Offensive Coordinator - Colonel Kosuke Tachibana
Defensive Coordinator -Colonel Kei Nishimura
Special Teams Coach - Colonel Yuuta Abe

The starter is a senior at the Armed Forces Academy. 2nd string is a junior, 3rd string is a sophomore and the 4th string is a freshman. If there is a 5th string, that player will be a redshirted freshman, and won't be in the rotation until after this season.

Starters highlighted in bold
Quarterback - Ernesto Jankowski, Halil Erdős,
Halfback - Chris Landi, Bill Shepard
Fullback - Oscar Ruud, Christian Baines
Wide Reciever - Jonny Hermansson, Olek Herczog,, Jöran Nespola, Drogo Bengoetxea, Dirk Pope
Tight End - Kalidas MacDonald, Wenzel Haward, Eusébio Esteves
Left Tackle - Loren Mann, Dexter Yong
Right Tackle - Ivor Panders, Franciscus Mendoza
Left Guard - Gregor Allegro, Camilla Bernard
Right Guard - Declan Daviau, Lelio Randell
Center - Sumeet Harrell, Íngrid Ó hÍcidhe

Starters highlighted in bold
Left End - Laurentin Kayode, Garret Marchand
Right End - Urbain Frost, Les Gérard
Defensive Tackle - Dennis Bevan, Mark Mac Leòid, Lyndsea Loyola
Left Outside Linebacker - Dũng González, Pip Everill
Middle Linebacker - Alcides Bachman, Calum Weiss
Right Outside Linebacker - Conan Van Alphen, Sofron Dennell
Cornerback - Ingram Dioli, Aðalsteinn Landolfi, Thorbjørn Finn, Eliot Freud
Free Safety - Jakob Garrastazu, Jo Wolter
Strong Safety - Yaroslav Jerome, Liam Napoliello

Special Teams
Starters highlighted in bold
Kicker - Shea MacLean
Punter - Gualtiero Jardine
Longsnapper - Barthélémy Blackbourne, Christine Böhler
Holder - Tsubasa Villaverde, Fiete Lewerentz
Kick/Punt Returner - Wide Reciever Jonny Hermansson

Home: All red
Away: Mostly white with some black on the shoulders

Home Stadium

The Squidroidian Armed Forces Park is the only part of the Takanori Army Base that is open to outsiders. It plays host to numerous armed forces championships in many sports, including the famous Squidroidia Bowl which acts as the gridiron football championship of Squidroidia. Along with that it plays host to the FC Squidroidia Squidbreak association football team of the Squidroidian Super League, who won the 2021 league title. The stadium is mostly made up of bleachers, which are replaced every 5 years.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, TG me if you want it
RP injuries to my players: Yes, 1-2 games per player
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, no career-enders, TG me otherwise
Suspend my players: Yes, 1-2 games for 1 player
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, unless it's corona or death, these are collegiate Inklings you are playing against

Style - +3

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Cavsar University Gladiators

Postby Drawkland » Sun Feb 28, 2021 3:48 pm


Name: Cavsar University
Nickname: Gladiators
Colors: Crimson and Tan
Denonym: Drawkian
SECOND Season, Ranked #22
Stadium: Roy Memorial Stadium
Capacity: 148,777
Head Coach: Scott Linhart
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Mick Melville
[D] Austin Lewis
[ST] Lawrence Malloy



PS ## Name Year
QB 2 Seb Rosario +Senior
QB 8 Lane Proudfoot Sophomore

HB 40 Deon Beverly +Senior
HB 22 Mike Banks Sophomore
HB 21 Miles Taggart Freshman
FB 42 Angel Clemens Senior

WR 15 Joe Johan Senior
WR 85 Bennett Ruskel Junior
WR 19 Isaac Sanders Junior
WR 18 Ivan Scola Sophomore
WR 81 Crawford Reid Freshman
WR 10 Stas McKinney Freshman
TE 11 Jonathan Kimbrough Sophomore
TE 89 Graham Cornell +Senior
TE 87 Ryan Willaims Sophomore

C 50 Branden Perez +Senior
C 57 Derek Hammond Senior
C 58 Dwight Handel Freshman
G 60 Carl Cokes Senior
G 68 Romeo Purdue Junior
G 65 Xavier Moore Freshman
T 72 Franklin Whitmore +Senior
T 70 Luke Plipus Sophomore
T 79 Dennis Jeffries Freshman


PS ## Name Year
DT 91 Trey Beasley +Senior
DT 96 Steve Venner Senior
DT 97 Dmitri Venner Senior
DT 77 Arsenio Caspian Freshman
DE 95 Jarod Millard +Senior
DE 99 Martin Kay +Senior
DE 90 Duke Dawson Sophomore

OLB 45 Michael Emory +Senior
OLB 40 Al Thatcher Senior
OLB 41 Mars Georgeson Junior
OLB 47 Brenden Richard Freshman
ILB 51 Hadrian Jonker +Senior
ILB 56 Thomas Gordon Junior
ILB 46 Bill Romero Sophomore
ILB 55 Gil Cordell Freshman

CB 30 Kolton Land +Senior
CB 23 Art Bergerson Senior
CB 33 Paris Dane Junior
CB 25 Dan Waters Sophomore
CB 35 Cody Ricchetti Sophomore
CB 26 Jorah Holt Freshman

S 37 Sid Borgia +Senior
S 29 Tristan Wilks Senior
S 39 Bellamy Vernon Junior
S 20 Chandler Storm Freshman


PS ## Name Year
C 52 Remus Fairburn *
C 50 Branden Perez *

PR 0 Ozzy Otten Junior
PR 85 Bennett Ruskel *
KR 0 Ozzy Otten *
KR 29 Tristan Wilks *

K 1 Lenox Upton Senior
P 5 Cyrus Taverna +Senior

H 5 Cyrus Taverna *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Thus, players have up to 5 years of eligibility. 5th year players are denoted as "+Senior".

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +5

Similar to Sadeg State and other Drawkian teams that play on an international level, Cavsar University's roster has a lot to offer skill-wise. As far as tactics are concerned, Scott Linhart is an extremely balls-out style coach deserving of a +5 modifier. The spread offense is utilized most often, prioritizing space and the open field for the skill position players. Linhart exclusively recruits mobile quarterbacks, as he expects QBs to make plays with their feet (either designed or on the fly). Running backs are more likely to be quicker, lither guys than big bruisers, but there's usually one that can pack a punch if necessary (often the fullback). Vertical passing plays are quite common, and it's rare for passes to go to the flat or right past the line of scrimmage. Sadeg State is known for aiming at tight ends often, but Cavsar leans on them heavily. Thankfully, they nearly always net a Top 5 TE prospect every time they go for one, so it's not much of a weakness. The receivers, as you might guess, are quick and agile, but perhaps falter when it comes to catching in deep traffic. The playbook is probably 65/35 pass/rush, with shotgun formations being a vast majority of what you'll see.

The Cavsar defense is not known for being bruisers, save for the D-line. You can say that the Cavsar defense or secondary is their biggest weak spot, but their defensive line is always extremely exceptional. It's not uncommon for every starter on the D-line to come away with 1+ sacks on the game each. The secondary can leave some things to be desired, but they're good enough to keep the passing game at bay to allow the D-line to really work their magic. Like Sadeg State and many Drawkian defenses, man defense is often the default and will be what to expect. If you can beat man coverage, you'll have a way easier time against Cavsar, but don't count it as a win just yet. They probably blitz a little less than SSU, but they will still pepper them in often. After all, the D-line usually keeps the pressure happening just on their normal scheme. The defense defaults to nickel coverage most often, but any formation with 4 D-linemen can be expected.

The CU special teams are not renowned for a lot of trickeration, but you'll see something special every once in awhile. However, they are absolutely aggressive on 4th down, and will usually keep the offense on the field if it's under 3rd and 5. Also, the Gladiators go for two every time, and I mean every time, unless it's a late game situation where a PAT is specifically necessary to preserve or make a win. The punters and kickers don't get a whole lot of work, but the return game is something to fear as well. The blocking is very solid and the quick shifty returners can make a lot happen in the blink of an eye. As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy thanks to those long Drawkian legs.

Speaking of which, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.


Conference Games
MD1 @ Sadeg State University
MD2 @ Hoofstra University
MD3 v Felswyr State University
MD4 @ Laneca University
MD5 v Rickendor Central University
MD6 v Sadeg State University
MD7 v Hoofstra University
MD8 @ Felswyr State University
MD9 v Laneca University
MD10 @ Rickendor Central University

Non-Conference Games
MD11 @ Lismore Christian University
MD12 v Trent State University
MD13 v New Lakeland University
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Postby Chromatika » Sun Feb 28, 2021 5:59 pm

Felswyr State University Firehawks
Stadium: Reborn from Ashes (Cap. 14,000), Felswyr, Mountain District, Chromatika
Offensive Base Formation: 5 OL, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 QB
Defensive Base Formation: 3 DL, 3 LB, 1 SS, 1 FS, 3 CB

Head Coach: Misha Florentine, 42
Born and raised in Felswyr, Forentine has been one of the biggest proponents of Gridiron Football in Chromatika for years. He was a successful businessperson under the Chromatik Party, but dissolved his state-run factory during the Rainbow Revolution, using the funds to create Chromatika's first Gridiron Football academy. A charismatic visionary, Florentine is someone who likes to delegate the actual football duties (he was never a player but loves the game) while being the front office manager. The fact that he has landed Felswyr State University a spot in the NSCF is a huge victory to both him and to Chromatik Gridiron Football as a whole. With Felswyr State's success in its first year, his efforts have made him the hero of all gridiron fans in Chromatika.

Offensive Coordinator: Naia Curentino, 35
Who is Naia Curentino? She played football semiprofessionally in the Regional Leagues for a few years before calling her career quits and going all in on Florentine's plan. An avid fan of the NSCF (her favorite team until Felswyr State entered the competition was University of Loyola-Istria, she's revealed in a few interviews), she's the mad scientist of the Coaching Staff. Why use a 3-3-5? Her answer is that the personnel that the team has isn't suited to have any backs at all, and that speed and possessing the ball will do the job. She's very animated, very forward, and very driven. Someone that the team needs if they're going to make a name for themselves. The innovative offense seemed to cause fits in opposing defenses in FSU's first season. Now, Curentino needs to prove that she can be a step ahead of the opposition with a year's worth of tape available for their opponents.

Defensive Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, 39
A fullback for a number of seasons for the Deprí Sanar Vipers, Harrowitz is a recent convert to Gridiron football, but carries some of the regular football tendencies to his game. He stresses strong fundamentals in tackling and discipline, with an additional emphasis on tipping the ball at the line of scrimmage. Towering over many people at 6 ft 10 inches, he is imposing yet gentle, stern yet kind. FSU's defense was historic in its first season, but has lost a few of its stalwart seniors. Will the new blood brought on board from other countries make up for that loss?

Special Teams Coordinator: Vera James, 30
A savant of trick plays and taking risks, James is the youngest member of the staff by far. She views every instance of special teams impacting the match as an opportunity to hit it big, and will always look for players who can do more than they are supposed to. A tricky, catty individual, she's willing to do almost anything to win. McAllister and Katt were huge parts of the team's identity, and will likely continue to be so.

Head Physio: Marius Benne, 36
The younger brother of Zoe "Z" Benne, the Chromatik National Football Team's physio, Marius is the more serious of the two, all business all the time. He's pretty good at his job.

Usual Starters in Italics
* Indicates New Starter
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#03 Sarai Gwenderyn 20 So L 6 ft 1 in Z'ai'ai Composed, Consistent, Quick
#08 Isaac Kasterman 20 So R 5 ft 10 in Myana Speedy, Streaky, Nimble
#15 Juliana Mox 21 Jr R 5 ft 9 in Chromia Bulky, Tough, Quiet

Wide Receivers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#11 Alessandra Mio 22 Sr R 6 ft 5 in Omnio High Reach, Tough, Even-Keeled OFFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#16 Micky Jottle 21 Jr L 6 ft 3 in Deprí Lanar Quick, Flashy, Kick Returner
#81 Carson Mettre 20 So L 6 ft 2 in Felswyr Sure-Handed, Soft-Spoken, Punt Returner

#80 Anne Clementine 21 Jr R 6 ft 7 in Hanai Route Runner, Decent Speed, Consistents
#84 Mi-Yeon Kim 22 Sr R 6 ft 4 in Alnio Natural, Leader, Nimble
#18 Nyata Antonucci 19 Fr B 6 ft 2 in Lhor Versatile, Leader, Run through Contact

Tight Ends
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#88 Niles Gwivern 21 Jr L 6 ft 5 in Chromia Blocker, Receiver, Team Leader
#87 Isabella Pont 20 So R 6 ft 2 in Rhoni Blocker, Sturdy, Initiates Contact

#49 Amos Pine 21 Jr L 6 ft 7 in Urrheddiao Route Runner, Receiver, Crafty
#41 Mina Lott 22 Sr R 6 ft 8 in Eyrods Blocker, Large, Mean

Offensive Tackles
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#66 Ezekiel Lamia 21 Jr L 6 ft 2 in Egren Tough, Mower, Run Blocker
#77 Jericho Kitt 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Z'ai'ai Pass Blocker, Smart, Reserved*

#68 Mario Li 22 Sr L 6 ft 9 in Anfanhar Run Blocker, Sturdy, Fiery
#78 Min-Gu Kim 20 So R 6 ft 4 in Wirr Tsi Well-Rounded, Smart, Quick
#70 Isaac Kaston 19 Fr R 6 ft 8 in Brisara Large, Imposing, Smart

Offensive Guards
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#69 Pomeroy Lockhart 22 Sr R 6 ft 11 in Vitoron Leader, Strong, Visionary
#72 James Perry 21 Jr L 6 ft 3 in Deprí Pelar Pass Blocker, Frisky, Fiery

#73 Cade Gott 20 So R 5 ft 9 in Pria Pass Blocker, Strong, Driven
#61 Dwight King 21 Jr L 6 ft 8 in Pùr Run Blocker, Nimble, Quiet
#63 William Megalon 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Well-Rounded, Smart, Quick

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#71 Mikel Kingston 20 So L 6 ft 3 in Inon Solid, Leader, Mighty
#52 Kaia James 21 Jr L 6 ft 7 in Lhor Long Snapper, Versatile, Strong
#62 Anniva Ria 20 So R 6 ft 6 in Shantarr Run Blocker, Nimble, Careful
QB Sarai Gwenderyn

In her freshman season, Gwenderyn accounted for 19 passing touchdowns and 12 rushing touchdowns as the primary scorer for the Firehawks, even contending with a minor injury. There is talk of her being the Iron Legion's starter soon. She's quick, shifty, and has a surprisingly good rocket of an arm, excelling in shots down the field and some off-angle throws in intermediate range. She's getting better at reading the field before choosing to run, but can be a bit jumpy and decide to take off when she doesn't need to. Her development as a dual-thread quarterback will be key to FSU's success.

WR Alessandra Mio

FSU, and to a greater extent, Chromatika's, best deep threat heads into her senior year, more than anything disappointed by the fact that she only has a year left to play. She caught eleven of Gwenderyn's nineteen touchdowns last season, with most of them coming from passes that traveled more than thirty yards downfield. Armed with a great double-move and surprising burst that can get by most cornerbacks, if a team cannot stop Mio, they have a long day ahead of them.

WR Nyata Antonucci

One of the first freshmen to be on this list, Antonucci makes it here because she is the closest thing the Firehawks have to a traditional running back. She's expected to take the snap directly in most short-yardage situations, and it's been rumored that she's been working on her passing skills so that teams can't overcommit to the run when she's on the field. The creativity of FSU's staff when having her will be interesting to see.

TE Niles Gwivern

Often Gwenderyn's security blanket, Gwivern has sure hands, great route-running skills, and is a stable leader on the field. He only caught two touchdown passes last NCF season, but was responsible for over a third of the team's third down conversions where Gwenderyn threw. As an upperclassman, he's come more into his own as a leader.

Mikel Kingston

The Center is the unquestionable leader of the line, and calls out defensive assignments on most plays. Cerebral while having the basics needed to excel in the position, Kingston is a paramount player.
Offensive Philosophy

How does this team play with no backs? There is always a medium route runner, a short route runner, and a deep route runner, with one tight end blocking and another running an intermediate route. At times, Mio and Jottle come around on end-arounds, while Gwenderyn does pretty well on quarterback draws and designed keepers. It is customary for total rushing yards to be around fifty, while the quarterback will attempt around forty pass attempts. Though they do throw the ball all the time, they still huddle up most of the time and run the clock down to around 20 seconds or so. It is a tempo-based throwing scheme with most plays designed to have no more then five-second-dropbacks. Mio is the best deep threat, Jottle the speedster, while Mettre the possession receiver. Niles Gwivern is the wild card - lining up almost anywhere around and capable of running any route or blocking, while Pont is the primary blocking tight end on most plays. Pont does leak out if nobody comes on blitzes. Now with Antonucci, the team has a short yardage "back" of sorts.
Usual Starters in Italics
Defensive Ends
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#60 Jill Lia 21 Jr L 6 ft 5 in Kynxe Endless Motor, Speedy, Shines Under the Spotlight
#65 Lara Jun 20 So R 6 ft 4 in Knetyohai Deflects Passes, Sizeable, Cheerful

#64 Raia Urstein 20 So B 5 ft 11 in D'rea Run Stopper, Ambidextrous, Powerful
#51 Amie Rix 21 Jr R 5 ft 8 in Crix Cutthroat, Enforcer, Serious

Defensive Tackles
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#43 Konstantin Vollmacht 19 Fr R 6 ft 6 in Wisconsin High-Motor, Powerful, Leader - Ranoria*
#75 Victoria Mai 20 So R 6 ft 2 in Cheonju Swift, Free-Spirited, Stoic
#58 Cane Millon 22 Sr L 6 ft 1 in Ming Tough, Even-Footed, Intelligent

Outside Linebackers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#42 Amber Li 21 Jr R 5 ft 11 in Qet Coverage Linebacker, Instinctive, Edgy
#40 Matthew Segwick 22 Sr L 6 ft 3 in Limonte Run Stopper, Tackler, Special Team Specialist*

#53 Bo-Geum Park 20 So R 5 ft 10 in Larhai Coverage Linebacker, Sure-Handed, Deflector
#50 Josephine Hereault 19 Fr B 5 ft 8 in Staramara Speedster, Sure Tackler, Thrives on Contact

Middle Linebackers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#59 Mi-Hyeon Park 20 So R 6 ft 6 in Chromia Tackling Machine, Leader, Driven DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#44 Carrie Hye 21 Jr L 5 ft 7 in Myana Special Team Specialist, Coverage Linebacker, Nimble
#55 Andrei Morales 21 Jr B 6 ft 5 in Lorentine Understudy, Great Basics, Strong

Strong Safeties
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#21 Sage Sterling 19 Fr R 6 ft 1 in Philadelphia Versatile, Hard-hitting, Dedicated - Ranoria*
#22 Aria Konen 22 Sr R 6 ft 2 in Deprí Sanar Coverage Specialist, Quick, Even-Footed

Free Safeties
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#24 Vi Nia-Kaid 22 Sr R 6 ft 4 in Penat Long Reach, Coverage Specialist, Can Miss Tackles
#25 Ozioma Mazzi 19 Fr L 6 ft 0 in Herzegovina City Quick, Aggressive, Confident - Banija
#38 Marrione Otis 21 Jr L 6 ft 2 in Eyrods Run Stopper, Tackler, Aggressive

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#29 Paul Mattieu 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Sure Tackler, Agile, Sideline Hugger
#33 Usmer Gialla 21 Jr R 6 ft 9 in Pria Coverage Specialist, Great Vision, Tackler*
#37 Benjamin Gerard 22 Sr L 6 ft 8 in Rhoni Special Team Specialist, Quick, Long-Armed

#23 Gavin Merth 20 So L 6 ft 7 in Myana Coverage Specialist, Nimble, Energetic
#45 Alia Havenant 20 So R 6 ft 5 in Alnio Young, Tackler, Strong
#48 Katie Sawyer 19 Fr R 6 ft 5 in Dawson Versatile, High-Ceiling, Instinctive - Kohnhead
DE Jill Lia

Lia is a big time rusher who uses speed to overwhelm the opposition. She was a huge part of the team's defense last time around, and will do the same this time, too.

DT Konstantin Vollmacht

Parry Mioto is gone, and will be sorely missed. In his place comes Konstantin Vollmacht, all 6 ft 6 of him. He will plug the hole and let the speed of the rest catch up while trying to take the attention of a few of the offensive line. With his stature, that shouldn't be a problem.

OLB Amber Li

Cara Setri's absence will be felt. Now, it's Amber Li's show from the edge - she's a bit more of a coverage backer than a speedy one, though. Her aptitude for coverage should allow some of the defensive backs to go on the attack.

MLB Mi-Hyeon Park

Only a Sophomore, but the unquestioned leader of the defense. She's a sure tackling machine with high football IQ.

SS Sage "Bricks" Sterling

The other recruit that will start from day one, Li's presence will allow Bricks to come across on blitzes more often. He's someone who can do a bit of everything, so his versatility will be showcased.

CB Paul Mattieu

With Nikolai Dimitrov graduating, Mattieu becomes the #1 corner. He is the epitome of a Chromatik shutdown corner, hugging the sideline, deflecting balls, and making sure tackling is done.

CB Katie Sawyer

The last of the recruits this time around, Sawyer will be on the field wherever the team pleases. Don't be surprised to see her lined up at outside linebacker, either safety, or any of the cornerback positions.
Defensive Philosophy

A 3-3-5 means that the Nickel Back is on the field for 100% of the time, and plays the effect of a third safety or a fourth linebacker. Mattieu and Gialla are asked to be on islands a lot of the time, and Nia-Kald often helps, with Gerard helping out, too. This allows Segwick and Park to play more aggressively. Expect Sawyer and Mazzi to help out often, and for Bricks Sterling to be given free reign over the middle of the field.
Usual Starters in Italics
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#06 Sara McAllister 19 So R 6 ft 2 in Felswyr Clutch, Composed, Intelligent SPECIAL TEAMS CAPTAIN

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#12 Nellie Katt 20 So L 6 ft 7 in Randan Directional Punter, Easy-Going, Strategic
K Sara McAllister

She didn't miss a single kick. All thirty-three field goals worth, including two from over fifty yards. She really is Ms. Automatic.

P Nellie Katt

Ever the Coffin Corner Specialist, Katt was brilliant with the directional punts, and wasn't really called upon to do any long kicks.
Special Teams Philosophy

A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. Nellie Katt is a surprisingly good thrower.
Season Schedule
Week 1: @ Rickendor Central University (HTK)
Week 2: vs. Sadeg State University (DRK)
Week 3: @ Cavsar University (DRK)
Week 4: @ Hoofstra University (KRD)
Week 5: vs. Laneca Univesrity (GRC)
Week 6: vs. Rickendor Central University (HTK)
Week 7: @ Sadeg State University (DRK)
Week 8: vs. Cavsar University (DRK)
Week 9: vs. Hoofstra University (KRD)
Week 10: @ Laneca University (GRC)
Week 11: vs. Cold Hill University (RAN)
Week 12: @ University of Loyola-Istria (BNJ)
Week 13: vs. Kohnhead City University (KND)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: No.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: No.
Style Modifier: -3.5
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Postby Barnettsville » Mon Mar 01, 2021 5:23 pm

BOWL PROPOSAL (apologies if it doesn't belong here):

Site: Litchko Stadium, Fair Haven, Centralia, Barnettsville

Teams: Best non-qualifier from Celestia and Woodlands Conferences


Team: Panthers
Colors: Black/White
Stadium: Welcome City Stadium, Summersville (82,500 capacity) - domed stadium
Helmets: In the style of Clark Atlanta 2005

The Panthers run a smashmouth offense, preferring to use their bruising running backs to move the ball. On defense, NDSU runs a 4-3 with dime defense and corner blitzes.

The team looks to make an impression on the football world as they return to the world stage after an extremely long absence.

QB	18 Ricky Flores* (RSR)        	19 Roman Reese (FR)	3 Nicholas Wade (RSO)
WR 87 Felipe Harris* (JR) 86 Moses Pearson* (RFR) 84 Carlos Sullivan* (FR)82 Carson Landis (RSO) 89 Grayson Kline (RSO)
RB 42 Randall Webber* (RJR) 33 Marc Benson* (FR) 44 Ted Alexander (FR)
TE 88 Martin Harrington (JR) 85 Zach Morrison (SR) 83 Bradley King (FR)
G 53 Allan Keller (RJR)* 75 Randolph Hill* (RJR) 74 Cole Brevard (FR) 52 Jake Wilson (RFR) 51 Jake Pinegar (RFR)
C 79 Byron Gardner (RFR)* 78 Gregory Beck (FR) 57 Smith Vilbert (FR)
T 59 Ronnie Frank* (RSO) 62 Kenneth Oliver* (RSR)63 Anthony DaSilva (RSO)77 Judge Culpepper (RSO)55 Antonio Shelton (RSR)

CB 46 Timothy Johnson (RSO)* 44 Joseph Darkwa (RFR)* 34 Theo Johnson (RSR) 28 Zack Kuntz (RSO)
SS 20 Lance Adams* (SO) 27 Levi Forrest (RSO) 48 Ellison Jordan(RSO) 47 Tommy Friberg (RFR)
FS 43 Brenton Strange* (RJR) 29 Shane Simmons (RSO)
NT 99 Coziah Izzard (FR)* 97 PJ Mustipher (JR) 95 Amin Vanover (FR)
DE 98 Cameron Fletcher (RJR)* 96 Dan Vasey (RJR)* 92 Fred Hansard (RFR)
OLB 54 Rafael Checa* (FR) 94 Tyler Warren* (RJR) 93 Bryce Mostella (RFR)
ILB 91 Hakeem Beamon (RFR)* 90 Chris Stoll* (RSR) 70 LaMont Wade (RSO)

K 10 Ron Casey* (RFR)
P 11 Gary Quinn* (RSO) 13 Jordan Stout (RFR)
LS 49 Michael Wright* (RJR)


Team: Blue Jays
Colors: Blue/White/Gray
Stadium: George Litchko Stadium, Fair Haven, Centralia (73,452 capacity) - field turf, outdoors
Helmets: Plain White, Johns Hopkins Blue Jay

The Jays look to make like their moniker on offense, flinging the ball with abandon. On defense, they plan on primarily nickel defense, utilizing shutdown corners.

QB	14 Ben Reynolds* (RJR)      	7 Terrence Wheeler (RSO)	2 Tryone Ryan (FR)
RB 15 Doug Paul* (RSR) 17 Ross Hicks (SR) 24 Earnest Davis (SO) 31 Alvin Stewart (JR)
WR 6 Jeffrey McCarthy* (JR) 5 Kirk Underwood* (RJR) 11 Kent Douglas (RFR)* 85 Taylor Craig (SO)
G 50 Benny Parker* (RSO) 52 Vincent Padilla* (JR) 53 Eddie Mills (RSO) 51 Wilbur Patrick (FR)
T 62 Alfred Rodgers* (SR) 64 Roy Collins* (FR) 68 Jerome Colon (FR) 73 Scott McKenzie (FR)
C 55 Clay Guerrero* (SO) 77 Robin Bates (SR) 78 Matthew Olson (SR)
TE 12 Eric Clark* (RJR) 80 Dwight Bishop (SR) 81 Darren Garrett (FR)

DE 59 Paul Armstrong* (FR) 76 Fred Rhodes* (JR) 75 Sergio Patterson (SO) 94 Nicholas Wells (FR)
DL 51 Lloyd Mathis* (SR) 71 Rudy Carter* (SR) 93 Dale Maxwell (FR) 97 Pedro Hawkins (RJR)
ILB 13 Terrance Russell (RJR) 25 Ernest Gill (JR) 10 Sean West (RFR)
OLB 40 Brandon Alvarado*(JR) 54 Willie Delgado* (FR) 56 Anthony Jimenez (SR) 60 Josh Boyd (SR)
CB 20 Tom Stanley* (SR) 9 Ismael Cook* (FR) 44 Jerry Rodriguez (RSO) 32 Clifton Howell (JR)
SS 0 Stephen Higgins* (RJR) 3 Russell Webb (SO)* 23 Lamar Sutton (FR)
FS 1 David Chapman* (SR) 9 James Ortiz (FR) 12 Adam Moran (SO)

K 22 Tony Hart* (SO) 11 Todd Bass (RSO)
P 8 George Osborne* (SR) 4 Boyd Tran (JR)
LS 74 Allen Byrd* (SO) 66 Christopher Ortega (JR)

Each team's schedule has newcomers and old faces. Perennial power Loyola-Istria travels to Summersville in week two, and Fair Haven in week ten. The Panthers and Blue Jays travel there in week 7 and 5, respectively.

@ Northern Moravica 1 @ Salamantic
Loyola-Istria 2 @ Waikoloa Village
@ Waikoloa Village 3 @ Northern Moravica
@ Fair Haven State 4 Northern Dinagat State
Salamantic 5 @ Loyola-Istria
Northern Moravica 6 Salamantic
@ Loyola-Istria 7 Waikoloa Village
Waikoloa Village 8 Northern Moravica
Fair Haven State 9 @ Northern Dinagat State
@ Salamantic 10 Loyola-Istria
TBD 11-13 TBD
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Postby Kohnhead » Mon Mar 01, 2021 6:50 pm

Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KND
Name: Kohnhead City University
Nickname: The Mighty Eagles
Colors: Gold and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 2
Record: 10-5
Achievements: 1x Semifinalist
1x Squidhead Cup

Coaching Staff
HC: Milton Donnelly (50)
OC: Rickie Shah (53)
DC: Addison Lyons (38)
STC: Brad Suarez (66)
QB Coach: Jennie Villa (44)
RB Coach: Richie Bell (58)
WR Coach: Adriana Schroeder (63)
TE Coach: Genevieve Bennett (41)
OL Coach: Lara Goff (52)
DL Coach: Fiona Todd (54)
LB Coach: Sally Pace (63)
Secondary Coach: Clyde Richmond (35)

Offensive Scheme: This is an option offense at its finest, built on the speed and agility of the quarterback and the running backs. Shah and Donnelly have cooked up an offensive scheme that will pound the ball down your throat running the football but also has blistering speed all over the field. Donnelly is on record saying that the strong arm quarterback is one of the most overrated aspects in football. In terms of their passing offense; short, quick, and crisp passes are what is required and they like to get Joseph on the move a lot. While three receivers start, the team plays a lot of three back sets and Edwards is a hybrid receiver/back. This offense will score a lot in a loaded Big VIII conference offensively and we know we can stick with maybe everyone but Cold Hll in that regard.

Defensive Scheme: The defense runs a very aggressive 4-2-5 that is built on speed at all three levels in particular at the linebacking group. The defensive line is the most emphasized part of this in particular a big nose tackle in the middle is required. Generating pressure will take some of the load off of the linebackers shoulders who need to have quick instincts and be able to blitz if necessary. Coverage is also easier on the secondary as there are 5 of them. This is a an uncommon base defense but Addison Lyons has assured everyone that it will work at this level.

Depth Chart (starters in bold)
QB: (C) Byron Joseph (Senior)
Anthony Newhouse (Freshman)
Brooke Reese (Sophmore)

Byron Joseph is the star of the offense as the dual threat quarterback has earned his way onto the World Bowl team and has the raw athletisiscm to make anyone miss. Being a mobile quarterback his weaknesses come with him throwing the ball however Joseph spent much of the offseason improving his throwing mechanics in an attempt to become even harder to stop. The deep ball was virtually non existent last season but with a sub 4.3 receiver in Keith Gray now on the team it may become more of a thing. Anthony Newhouse is expected to be the starter next season assuming we fail to bring in anyone else, Newhouse doesn't have the same ability to dazzle outside of the pocket but he is fast, can make people miss, and is efficient in the air if nothing else.

RB: Herman Whitworth (Sophmore)
Rowena Hastroff (Freshman) - Chromatika
Jack Neville (Senior)
Jessie Holder (Sophmore)
Colton Nunez (Junior)

Herman Whitworth was the star of the offense before an untimely injury suffered late in his freshman campaign. After taking on a small role during the World Bowl he will be back and ready to once again be the featured back. Whitworth brings the thunder with his power although he's more than just a power back and he can contribute in the passing game although in a limited capacity. Last year it was Brandon Potter who brought the lightning with his speed as more of a third down back, now they have a more talented option in freshman Rowena Hastroff out of Chromatika. Hastroff's speed will be perfect to balance out the ground and pound style that Whitworth brings to the table and should make a great running team elite. Jack Neville is the power backup and will see a fair amount of action conisdering our offensive style, Jessie Holder has some all around talent but her path to playing time is very crowded to say the least with Whitworth and Hastroff the same year or younger than her.

WR: Kalu Alazar (Freshman) - Banija
Jodi Lawrence (Junior)
(C) Ezekiel Edwards (Senior)

Keith Gray (Freshman) - Northwest Kalactin
Anabelle Edmonds (Sophmore)
Martin Hurst (Sophmore)

While Albie Terry was a solid but unspectacular receiver last season who has found himself a spot on the World Bowl team, the receiver core as a whole was not the best. Now some of that is on Byron Joseph missing targets something he has worked on all offseason to get better at, we didn't have a true number one. Enter Kalu Alazar the top offensive recruit from Banija a powerhouse and their number two overall and you can start to see everything working. Alazar will be the number 1 with his ability to gain separation because of his phenomenal route running something that is highly coveted in this offense. Jodi Lawrence is a burner but she doesn't possess the speed that true burners do and while she will remain the top deep threat we got ourselves a true burner in Keith Gray out of Northwest Kalactin who's primary job this year will be returning punts and kicks. The plan for Gray is to get him on the field in specific packages to get the ball in hands but to have him take over as a full time starter for Ezekial Edwards who had a breakout Junior year in the slot next season.

TE: Benny Devlin (Sophmore)
Kevin Kerr (Junior)
Rudy Foreman (Senior)

The Tight End room is the only one that remains entire unchanged from last season returning all three of Benny Devlin, Kevin Kerr, and Rudy Foreman. Benny Devlin is a very athletic tight end with more speed than most at the position but his blocking leaves a lot to be desired. Kevin Kerr is your prototypical blocking tight end who struggles a lot in the passing game while Rudy Foreman is good depth and has a large frame that can be utilized in the red zone offense. Devlin can turn into something but he has yet to learn enough about blocking to succeed at the next level, and unfortunately has shown a lack of attentivity in learning this.

OT: (C) Gabriella Ross (Senior)
Deidre Gott (Freshman) - Chromatika

Danielle Raynor (Freshman)
Kate Humphries (Sophmore)

The loss of Peyton Whitely on Joseph's blindside will be the big thing hanging over this unit as Gabriella Ross who by all accounts had a fantastic season at right tackle will be moving to the left side. Deidre Gott the number three recruit out of Chromatika will be the second of that nationality on the offense and he will take over on the right side and projects to be a four year starter. With his size he wil be the lead blocker on a lot of runs to the right side the preferred side that we like running to but will not be a liabilty in the passing game looking ready to take the next stop as a pass blocker. Raynor was the only one of Kohnhead's top five recruits who committed to Kohnhead City and will most likely be a backup tackle as she lost a camp battle to Ross. However next year the blindside duties will most definitely fall to her and she will have big shoes to step into, Humphries has potential but will most likely remain a backup for her collegiate career.

OG: Kamal Bowman (Junior)
Lana Dotson (Senior)

Nathan Long (Freshman)
Liberty Frasier (Senior)

Both starters last year in Kamal Bowman and Lana Dotson will be returning to the team although Dotson is now a senior. Nathan Long was a top 10 recruit and committed here to Kohnhead City where he will sit for a year and is a projected starter for next year as a very raw yet extremely high potential beast. Liberty Frasier is most likely depth here however with two seniors and a junior we will probably be looking for more depth at the position in the coming seasons.

C: Briana Cleverland (Sophmore)
Kurt Clarke (Junior)

The two centers on the team last season will both be returning with Cleverland looking to follow a decent freshman season as a starter. Cleverland has a very good chance at being a four year starter and will only improve upon her true freshman season especially after putting on 15-20 pounds of weight in the offseason so she's no longer really undersized at the position. Clarke was a backup last season and will remain as such after appearing in a couple of games although overall playing minimal snaps.

DE: (C) Devin River (Junior) - Ranoria
Robert Lawrence (Freshman)

Brett Penta (Senior)
Mike Maldonado (Sophmore)
Taylor Coley (Freshman)

The defensive end group is changing a lot after graduating three members including two starters last season. However they have landed two big players who will hopefully be able to replace and potentially improve upon the performances of Travis and Middleton last season. Those two are transfer Devin River who will claim the captaincy and starting role on the defense as he enters his junior season. River couldn't find much playing time in a very crowded Richardson defensive line and will take his talents to Kohnhead City where he will pair with 7th ranked Kohnheadian recruit Robert Lawrence who will be the next big freshman starter.

DT: Albie Snow (Junior)
Lauren Beech (Senior)

Grant McManis (Freshman)
Fabien Power (Senior)

The defensive tackle position only last one player from last season and will be retaining Albie Snow who is a backup on the World Bowl team after a very good sophmore season. Lauren Beech will move to become a starter in her final season although Grant McManis is a decently touted recruit and will be looking to take the job away from her with some good performances. Power is just rotational depth as the fourth defensive tackle after serving in the same exact position last year.

LB: Steven Goodwin (Junior)
Brent Stafford (Sophmore)

Alexis Lord (Junior)
Roman Burch (Freshman)
Cameron Knowles (Sophmore)

The duo of Goodwin and Stafford were the main backers on our team last season and they played solid the entire season despite both being young starters. The two along with third string rotational piece Alexis Lord will be back this season and should build upon the chemistry devloped throughout last season. Roman Burch has joined the team and will slot in as the fourth linebacker in the depth chart right ahead of sophmore Cameron Knowles.

CB: Zion Irving (Junior)
Harlen Gill (Sophmore)
Finn Steele (Freshman)

Antoine Little (Junior)
Gregor McBride (Senior)
Ralph Villa (Freshman)

Last year Boyer and Preston were our top two cornerbacks and were both pretty good enough to land spots on the World Bowl team. However both were outperformed by the undersized slot corner Zion Irving who was a sophmore at the time. Irving had a dominant season in the slot but that is the slot and he will need to prove that he can play outside this season as our number 1 despite his small frame. Harlen Gill a backup freshman who excelled on special teams will start alongside and Finn Steele will take up the job in the slot.

S: Jonas Klein (Sophmore)
(C) Zachary Norman (Senior)

Dwayne Michael (Sophmore)
Brandon Wallace (Freshman)

The safety duo much like the backer duo will be returning fully with Jonas Klein looking to build off of a very good freshman season at free safety. Zachary Norman has been given a captain's patch for his senior season after playing well as a hard hitting safety. Dwayne Michael played sparingly as a freshman and will get some more touches this year as the third safety while Brandon Wallace will ride the bench most of the season barring injury.

K: Seth Potter (Sophmore)

P: Carter Wolf (Sophmore)

Returner: Keith Gray

1. Vs. Lismore Christian College (Northwest Kalactin) - Home Opener
2. Vs. Swisston City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Match
3. @ Richardson University (Ranoria)
4. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
5. @ Akers University (Northwest Kalactin)
6. @ Lismore Christian College (Northwest Kalactin)
7. @ Swisston City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Match
8. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria) - Homecoming
9. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
10. Vs. Akers University (Northwest Kalactin) - Final Conference Game
11. Vs. Sadeg State University (Drawkland)
12. Vs. Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak (Squidroidia) - Squidhead Cup/Senior Night
13. @ Felswyr State University (Chromatika)

Chicken King Stadium (57,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +5

Swisston City University Army Knives
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KND
Name: Swisston City University
Nickname: The Army Knives
Colors: Red and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 1
Record: 0-0
Achievements: N/A

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Callum Newman (44)
OC: Kirk Newman (52)
DC: Doris Fountain (62)
QB Coach: Erica Horton (39)
RB Coach: Penny Brooks (32)
WR Coach: Bailey Dickerson (56)
TE Coach: Terrance Gale (61)
OL Coach: Lincoln James (50)
DL Coach: Raymond Wicks (35)
LB Coach: Candice Parker (70)
DB Coach: Tyrus Rich (59)
STC: Pascal Albert (36)

Offensive Scheme: This is quite simply an air raid offense which is reliant on skilled receivers a quarterback who's accurate, smart, and has a strong arm and will pass 70% of the time approximately. While some may say it's a basic offensive appraoch it works the way it does and should allow especially in a high scoring Big VIII for Swisston City to consistently put points on the board. Running backs will have a job out of the backfield catching passes and will still get a decent amount of carries, we will carry tight ends on the roster however they will not start and will mostly be used in red zone packages.

Defensive Scheme: The defense will operate out of a base 4-3 formation and will utilize a lot of the common cover two defense. The linebackers need to know how to cover yet also need to know how to stop the run and blitz if necessary. The defensive line will as expected feature pass rushers and at Swisston City they are not really emphasized relying on schemes, blitzes, and finding weaknesses to get pressure as opposed to basic front four rushing. The corners will stick to a side of the field and not on a person although man defense is the base and the safties will each try to take away a half of the field deep without a roving strong safety that many teams use.

Depth Chart (Starters in Bold)

QB: (C) Diego Rodriguez (Sophmore)
Tracy Delgado (Senior)
John Singleton (Freshman)

RB: Aidan Nobles (Senior)
Tariq Robinson (Junior)
Henry Lake (Freshman)

WR: William Carey (Sophmore)
(C) Kristy Swift (Senior)
Audrey Cresswell (Junior)
Sophia Ball (Sophmore)

Don Wilson (Freshman)
Petra Beard (Junior)
Neil Sparrow (Sophmore)
Darrell Rhodes (Freshman)

TE: Silas Ballard (Senior)
Stefan Clay (Junior)

OT: (C) Erika Wolf (Senior)
Mason Coates (Sophmore)

Roger Manning (Freshman)
Connie Donald (Senior)

OG: Raul Barge (Freshman)
Fiona Sullivan (Junior)

William Dolan (Sophmore)
Chloe Austin (Junior)

C: Connor Chan (Senior)
Cooper Lamb (Freshman)

DE: Piper Newman (Sophmore)
Ian Carlton (Freshman)

Naomi Ayunli (Junior)
Tracy Powell (Sophmore)
Levi Bostock (Sophmore)

DT: Melanie Parry (Junior)
Nathan Cook (Sophmore)

Connor Moore (Senior)
Dale Holt (Senior)
Keane Cox (Junior)

LB: (C) Sid Carlson (Senior)
(C) David Decker (Senior)
Jemima Woolen (Senior)

Martin Combs (Sophmore)
Mitchell Carter (Junior)
Ellen Carter (Junior)

CB: Rachel Gordon (Junior)
Caris Brown (Senior)

Natalie Fuller (Freshman)
Jennifer Ridley (Junior)
Jay Yoder (Freshman)

S: (C) Barney North (Senior)
Pablo Burns (Freshman)

Teddy Knight (Junior)
Zacharias Pham (Junior)

K: Harry Wells (Junior)

P: Cody Shelbon (Junior)

Returner: Audrey Cresswell

1. Vs. Akers University (Northwest Kalactin) - Home Opener
2. @ Kohnhead City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Match
3. Vs. Lismore Christian College (Northwest Kalactin) - Homecoming
4. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria)
5. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
6. @ Akers Univesristy (Northwest Kalactin)
7. Vs. Kohnhead City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Match
8. @ Lismore Christian College (Northwest Kalacin)
9. @ Richardson University (Ranoria)
10. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria) - Final Conference Game
11. Vs. Université St. Croix (Quebec and Shingoryeo) - Senior Night
12. @ New Lakeland University (Cassadaigua)
13. @ Trent State University (TJUN-ia)

Patterson Oil Arena (57,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +5
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Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 61st
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 26th
Hockey: 29th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Mendez Bay Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Electrum Slam - Runner up (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

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Postby Yesopalitha » Mon Mar 01, 2021 9:16 pm

A Brief Guide to the Species of Yesopalitha, Their Strengths and Their Weaknesses

Yesopalithan Universities have long ago decided to allow all species of the Unbidden Free Republic to participate in sports, not just humans. Following is a brief guide about all the different species various teams are to face, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their tendencies. Don't worry, all species that eat/drink things that aren't normal food won't eat/drink from your players; they are sapient, sentient and very much in control of their facilities. Intimidation, though, is not avoidable at times. As a note, it's impossible to limit Yesopalithans to the ages of 19 to 22. Instead, they are limited by having four years of eligibility.

A Yesopalithan vampire is an interesting one; they resemble those of a classic vampire of lore, except they have completely mastered the need of human blood, and can subsist of animal blood. In medical emergencies, however, their bodies do prefer humanoid blood; there are a dozen blood drives a year where species donate their blood to the "Vampire Emergency Cache". They still detest sunlight, and can be blinded by it, but know how to tolerate it when need be. They possess superhuman speed and quickness, but are not very strong when reached. Vampires are solitary creatures in Yesopalitha, rarely living in groups of more than three; they prefer to work alone and be beholden to no one. In sports, they are best deployed in positions where speed and finesse are of the essence. Average Height: 6 ft Average Weight: 180 lbs
Strengths in gridiron football: Speed, quickness, elusiveness, footwork
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Tackling or any strength that involves more than immediate contact, teamwork

Dark Elf
Dark Elves, otherwise known as Night Elves or Drow, are akin to their more finer cousins, the Wood/Sun/Moon elves of Mystria. Their skin is a bit of a darker shade, and their eyes are of a dull shade of yellow from not seeing the sun during their years of banishment from the lands under the sun. They are slim but muscular, nimble yet strong, and taut as a bowstring. The years of imprisonment have instilled in them an attitude of us vs. the world, and they can be a bit testy to work with. They also tend to side on the side of logic instead of relying on their instincts, but are not shy to lay down their life for their people or their country. In sports, they are best deployed in positions where they don't need to coordinate much with others and make decisions on the fly. There is no longer any issue with light, but they don't prefer it. Average Height: 5 ft 9 in Average Weight: 150 lbs
Strengths in gridiron football: Tackling, positions where making decisions are important
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Teamwork, predictability

Wraiths, or shadows, are almost incorporeal beings that can phase in and out of existence. They resemble hooded figures in cloaks and float off the ground. They can be very hard to grab because of their shiftiness, but they can be grabbed by those with superior reflexes or perseverance. In sports, they've been known as almost cheaters with their phase shifts; not many know that no matter how much they phase shift, a part of them must remain in order to shift back, meaning it's still very possible to bring them down. They tend to be a little more open to teamwork, but don't talk much, and lack individuality. It's hard to tell one apart from the other because they look alike. Average Height: 6 ft Average Weight: 100 lbs
Strengths in gridiron football: Elusiveness, shiftiness, hard to distinguish/see
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Strength, ball grip, can be confused even by teammates

Yesopalithan Orcs are gargantuan in their size, averaging nine feet in height and over four hundred pounds in weight. They are feisty and love to fight, but are loyal and dependent soldiers. Although as a race they are not very smart, those who have been accepted to the University level academics are obviously very bright and capable students; otherwise, they wouldn't have been accepted, as there is no such thing as athletic scholarships in Yesopalitha. In gridiron, they are usually used as battering rams both in offense as running backs and fullbacks and occasionally as tight ends or linemen and on defense as any position that doesn't involve pure speed, like linebackers or linemen. Average Height: 9 ft Average Weight: 450 lbs
Strengths in gridiron football: Strength, endurance, hard-hitting
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Quickness, short tempered

Ghouls look like hunched-over humans with a demented face and an odd smell to them. They are distinguishable from their cousins, wraiths, because they can't phrase shift and are a bit more tangible. They can be a little mindless and monotonous, but whatever they are trained in, they do very well. In sports, they usually participate in target sports because of their accuracy in vision and their love of training. Tasks other species note as strenuous or tenuous ghouls find fun and routine. Average Height: 5 ft 6 in Average Weight: 130 lbs
Strengths in gridiron football: Positions that are monotonous
Weakness in gridiron football: Size

Shadow Rider
Shadow riders are humanoid beings that are a little taller and completely shrouded in darkness. The only light you'll see from them is from their eyes, which are usually green or blue and have a twinkle to them. Shadow riders are silent, fast, and deadly - they were originally used by assassins in the Dark Ages where Unbidden were neglected by rest of the World. The Riders are also muscular and possess remarkable instincts. In sports, they can play whatever they want because they have the physique for it. They are also natural leaders. Average Height: 6 ft 6 in Average Weight: 260 lbs
Strengths in gridiron football: Can play any position; strength, size, quickness, instinct, almost anything.
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Basically nothing.

Skeletons are... well, just that. Interestingly, skeletons are not made of corpses of other species in Yesopalitha; they are instead created from a mystical source of energy that scholars cannot explain. They resemble whichever species they are supposed to represent. In sports they can be very hard hitters because they are... bones. However, they are a bit brittle and can break. Average Height: Depends on species Average Weight: Depends on species
Strengths in gridiron football: Very hard hitting. It's like hitting a freaking wall.
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Brittle, lacks quickness.

Yesopalithan werewolves are true werewolves, beings that can change in and out of their form at will instead of just under the influence of the full moon. They do not fear the moon for they have mastered it; they have no need to bite humans because their offspring are werewolves. They are hulking beasts in their wolf form, with the quickness and instinct to boot; in their humanoid species form, they are a bit taller and bigger than the normal humanoid species. In sports, they usually compete in their wolf form, and rely on their instincts; if they need to play in a more cerebral position, they stay in their human form. Average Height: 6 ft 3 in (humanoid), 7 ft 6 in (wolf) Average Weight: 250 lbs (humanoid), 325 lbs (wolf)
Strengths in gridiron football: Instinct, speed, size, strength
Weaknesses in gridiron football: Lacks strategy, relies on instinct too much.
Freedom's Altar University Flames

Name: Freedom's Altar University
Nckname: Flames
Mascot: Sparky the Flame
Country: Yesopalitha
Trigramme: YSP
Style: -4
Home Venue: The Sacred Heart, Freedom's Altar, Yesopalitha (Cap. 144,000)
Offensive Formation: Split Backs
Defensive Formation: 4-3, cover 2
RP Permissions: No godmodding of any kind, very minor injuries. Otherwise, follow the guidelines and have fun with my unconventional roster!

Head Coach: Mneskyorhai, Male Wraith, 630
Offensive Coordinator: Lenai Isahan, Female Dark Elf, 230
Defensive Coordinator: Shtrlli, Male Human Skeleton, 1022
Special Teams Coordinator: Pinnai, Female Ghoul, 51
Quarterbacks Coach: Tu'lak, Female Werewolf, 47
Halfbacks Coach: Grhl, Male Orc, 48
Receivers Coach: Kiniski Isipini, Female Vampire, 288
Offensive Line Coach: Corollo Lian, Male Shadow Rider, 360
Defensive Line Coach: Picol Lian, Male Shadow Rider, 360
Linebacker Coach: Vin'ti Tirinnel, Female Vampire, 290
Secondary Coach: Hnektioan, Female Wraith, 722
Kicking Coach: Luthw, Male Ghoul, 54
Team Physician: Dr. Pierre Thompson, Male Human, 56

Mneskyorhai lead the multi-species staff. Of note are the only twin Shadow Riders alive, Corollo and Picol Lian, who will be taking care of the different lines respectively. Pierre Thompson has two doctorates - one in Yesopalithan physiology and another in Yesopalithan biology. He should be able to take care of all the players, regardless of species.

Starters are in Red
#2 Asanai, Female Wraith, Sophomore - 5 ft 11 in, 113 lbs
#7 Skanka, Male Shadow Rider, Freshman - 6 ft 6 in, 257 lbs
#8 Ransi Quorhan, Female Vampire, Freshman - 5 ft 10 in, 186 lbs

Asanai continues a long tradition of Wraith playing Quarterback for the Flames. They're shifty, can get by tight spaces, and do a decent job. Asanai prefers five step dropbacks. Skanka is a bit more of a work in progress but has good fundamentals, while Ransi Quorhan is one edgy player.

#24 Mial, Male Werewolf, Senior - 6 ft 4 in, 248 lbs
#26 Ixlan, Female Werewolf, Senior - 7 ft 1 in, 315 lbs (plays in wolf form
#25 Oglai Possan, Male Wraith, Freshman - 5 ft 6 in, 104 lbs
#28 Rkstskt, Goblin? Skeleton, Sophomore - 6 ft 2 in, 160 lbs

Two Senior Werewolves will tote the ball, and Ixlan will play in wolf form. Oglain Possan is quite good at short yardage situation, and Rkstskt? Who knows what they are capable of.

#18 Jatila Otox, Female Shadow Rider, Senior - 6 ft 5 in, 233 lbs
#81 Edwin von Hasselhof, Male Human, Junior - 6 ft 2 in, 213 lbs
#82 Soga Hopp, Female Dark Elf, Sophomore - 5 ft 10 in, 194 lbs

#17 Olima Puge, Female Vampire, Freshman - 6 ft 1 in, 195 lbs
#86 Adi-Adi Pushu, Male Werewolf, Sophomore - 5 ft 10 in, 201 lbs
#19 Mist, Male Wraith, Junior - 5 ft 11 in, 131 lbs

Otox knows how to catch jump balls, while von Hasselhof is a great route runner. Hopp? Can line up anywhere. Olima Page is a good enough fourth as a well-rounder, while Adi-Adi Pushu and Mist are here to gain experience.

#88 Kalis, Male Orc, Junior - 8 ft 11 in, 410lbs
#87 Haros, Male Orc, Sophomore - 8 ft 10 in, 421 lbs

Orcish players make great tight ends due to their strength, knowing how to run the tough short routes, maintain possession, and also block. Kalis and Haros are stereotypical tight ends. Kalis is a bit better at blocking, Haros a bit better at route running.

#71 Nad Gower, Male Human, Sophomore - 6 ft 1 in, 210 lbs
#72 Heklem, Female Werewolf, Junior - 6 ft 1 in, 230 lbs

#66 Jghs, Male Orc Skeleton, Junior - 5 ft 6 in, 200 lbs
#68 Nigel Pix, Male Shadow Rider, Freshman - 6 ft 6 in, 300 lbs

Gower is better at run blocking than pass blocking, while Heklem can shift at will depending on the situation.

#73 Gilar Hem, Male Dark Elf, Junior - 6 ft 3 in, 241 lbs
#74 Ki Guyen, Male Vampire, Junior - 6 ft 1 in, 300 lbs

#67 Bo Herr, Male Shadow Rider, Freshman - 6 ft 3 in, 270 lbs
#69 Madaia, Male Orc, Freshman - 9 ft 1 in, 412 lbs

Hem is one of the biggest Dark Elves out there, while Guyen has good push.

#75 Jeoxha, Male Orc, Senior - 9 ft 5 in, 480 lbs
#65 Pianh Gerar, Female Werewolf, Sophomore - 6 ft 7 in, 250 lbs

Jeoxha is a pass-protection center who also has the push that all orcs have. He's the leader of the line, he's knowledgeable and he's hard working.

#50 Sahar de Mont Male Shadow Rider, Senior - 6 ft 4 in, 260 lbs
#52 Vera de Mont, Female Shadow Rider, Sophomore - 6 ft, 200 lbs

#56 Ladia, Male Orc, Freshman - 9 ft, 402 lbs
#57 Ejola Micka, Sophomore - 6 ft 5 in, 239 lbs

Surprise! It's not all Orcs in the defensive line, as siblings Sahar and Vera de Mont have proven that they deserve a place. They aren't the strongest, but they use the Shadow Rider speed and quickness to take over the opposing line in a heartbeat. Ladia is an interesting product waiting for next year to take the traditional role, while Micka is pretty good, too.

#61 Hammer, Male Orc, Freshman - 9 ft 3 in, 458 lbs
#62 Gemoa, Male Orc, Freshman - 9 ft 2 in, 440 lbs

#63 Sound, Male Shadow Rider Skeleton, Freshman - 6 ft 7 in, 180 lbs
#64 Pitch, Male Shadow Rider Skeleton, Freshman - 6 ft 8 in, 200 lbs

Very interestingly named, Hammer and Gemoa l lead a stacked freshman class that will rotate in the game. They are both edge crashers who will attempt to go for the tackle and the fumble at every turn. Sound and Pitch are rare Shadow Rider skeletons that tend to be a bit more dense and weigh a bit more than the usual skeleton. Expect all four to see play often, and hit hard.

#47 Nili Imhar, Male Dark Elf, Junior - 6 ft 3 in, 240 lbs
#54 Muktu, Male Ghoul, Sophomore - 6 ft 2 in, 235 lbs

#48 Hekta Bodun, Male Shadow Rider, Junior - 6 ft 3 in, 240 lbs
#59 Rialdi Jun, Female Human, Sophomore - 6 ft 1 in, 224 lbs

Imhar is a crashing linebacker who has a nose for the ball, while Muktu is more of a run stuffer; Bodun can fill in for either, while Jun is only here for speed.

#51 Dohan, Male Orc, Junior - 9 ft 2 in, 443 lbs
#58 Leok, Male Ghoul, Freshman - 5 ft 8 in, 150 lbs

Dohan is not your average orc; he knows how to read the field and react. Leok is a very able fill-in, known as a good spotter for the ball.

#23 Molar, Female Orc Skeleton, Junior - 9 ft, 205 lbs
#41 Amaar Dote, Male Shadow Rider, Freshman - 6 ft 8 in, 220 lbs

Do you know what it's like to be hit by a nine foot tall skeletal frame of an orc? No, you don't. And no, you don't want to. Molar is a sure, hard tackler and a decent cover safety. Dote is learning form her, although understanding there is no way that he'll be able to hit the way she does. Just try hitting a wall of bone. Or being hit by one. Then you'll see.

#31 Odla Ang, Male Human, Junior - 6 ft 1 in, 224 lbs
#32 Bant, Male Werewolf, Junior - 6 ft 3 in, 190 lbs (plays in human form)

Odla Ang is a pretty good player, but isn't spectacular. Bant, on the other hand, plays a bit more instinctively.

#27 Midos Sanghia, Female Dark Elf, Sophomore - 5 ft 10 in, 165 lbs
#29 Eidos Somia, Female Human, Sophomore - 5 ft 10 in, 150 lbs

#42 Nigus Bohar, Male Ghoul, Junior- 6 ft 2 in, 200 lbs
#44 Nilu Grent, Male Human, Freshman - 6 ft, 196 lbs

Sanghia plays it a bit more safe by playing close to the line and tackling when the catch is made, while Somia is a bit more of a coverage specialist. Bohar is the nickel corner when needed. The Flames use more safeties if they need more than five in the secondary instead of deploying four defensive backs.

#1 Ukler, Male Ghoul, Senior - 5 ft 8 in, 125 lbs

Is it any wonder that it's the ghouls taking care of the kicking positions? Not really. They're almost automatic. Ukler even has the leg strength to go with that consistency, and he'll almost never miss.

#4 Wiln, Male Ghoul, Freshman - 5 ft 7 in, 123 lbs

Is it any wonder that it's the ghouls taking care of the kicking positions? Not really. They're almost automatic. Wiln has both the leg for strength and for position.

#19 Gund, Female Ghoul, Freshman - 6 ft 1 in, 225 lbs

Gund will take all returning duties due to her vision. Enough said? Enough said.
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Postby Banija » Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:25 am


Northern Moravica Preview- Cougars look to build on playoff appearance and turn it into a playoff run

Northern Moravica players at training camp

HERZEGOVINA CITY, MORAVICA- We have been waiting, and waiting, for the start of college football season. One of the most anticipated NSCF seasons in quite a while. It's as wide open as its ever been- Cold Hill are the defending champions, but any numbers of schools are chomping at their heels. From traditional powerhouses like Loyola-Istria, Northern Moravica, Sadeg State, Université du Saguenay, Richardson, and even UC-Baker Park- all of them fancy their chances at dethroning the kings. But what makes this season interesting are the number of newer schools that are lining up to take a shot at Cold Hill's perch. Felswyr State and Kohnhead City put themselves on the map last season in emphatic fashion, while many are intrigued by new entries from Stevan Vaalburger Academy and New Lakeland University.

And hey- you never know. A school may rise from nowhere. Who before the season would have predicted last season's darling, Felswyr State, to go 14-2? Northern likes its chances. It was a down year for both Banijan schools last year, as they both got swept by the Salamantic Universities. Fortunately for Northern, they are doing a bit better than their rivals to the South- Northern also swept Loyola. Let's jump right into the preview!

Last Season Info
Conference Record: 7-3
Non-Conference Record: 3-0
Playoff Status: Qualified, eliminated by Richardson University in the first round at home
Record against Rivals: 3-2(2-0 against Loyola-Istria, 0-2 against the Salamantics, 1-0 against UC-Baker Park)
Ranoria Recruiting Rank: #2 in the Celestia, #2 overall
NSCF 22 Award Nominees: None
Longest winning streak: 6 games(Week 8-Week 13)

*OOC Note: All kickoff times and days are simply local TV kickoff time and ICly for my own flavor, my opponents should not in any way feel bound to these and should feel free to ignore them at their own leisure.
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. Northern Dinagat State(Barnettsville). 3:30 PM on a Saturday.
Week 2: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren). 6:30 PM on a Saturday.
Week 3: vs. Fair Haven State(Barnettsville). 12:00 PM on a Saturday.
Week 4: vs. Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown). 6:30 PM on a Saturday.
Week 5: @ University of Waikoloa Village(United Volcano Isles). 8:00 PM on a Friday.
Week 6: @ Northern Dinagat State(Barnettsville). 1:00 PM on a Saturday.
Week 7: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren). 8:00 PM on a Saturday(blackout game- all fans wear red, we will wear our black alternates).
Week 8: @ Fair Haven State(Barnettsville). 12:30 PM on a Saturday.
Week 9: @ Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown). 7:45 PM on a Saturday.
Week 10: vs. University of Waikoloa Village(United Volcano Isles). 12:00 PM on a Saturday.
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park. 3:30 PM on a Saturday.
Week 12: @ Université du Saguenay (Quebec). 7:00 PM on a Saturday.
Week 13: TBA (Senior Day potentially)


And now, where to start! Quarterback. Both Banijan teams will have a new quarterback next year. Now, Mokti Dikot was a highly touted domestic recruit out of Banija... A 5 star guy, coming in to replace the Quebecois legend, Chae Heung-Kim. Chae Heung-Kim holds a special place in the hearts of Northern Moravica fans. For all of Northern's success in the NSCF, the Quebecois star remains the only quarterback in school history to win a NSCF playoff game. Right? It's shocking. Of course, Dikot's two years were the only years following, but of course Northern had 3 playoff appearances before Heung-Kim came onto campus, all of them losing in the first round.

Dikot could not win a playoff game. There was frustration between him and the coaching staff. And there was a highly competitive freshman behind Dikot. Wagner-Young was a little too green to start last year, but he was known to be having stellar practices. So Dikot, wanting to avoid the indignity of potentially being benched as a senior, transferred out. Here's an extract from his statement. "I love Northern Moravica, and I am thankful for the three years I spent on campus here, and the two as a starter. I'll leave with a 3-1 record against Loyola, and continue my pursuits elsewhere." He made the decision after the NSCF transfer deadline, so he didn't pursue any other NSCF institutions. Instead, he transferred to Lake Wakiso State domestically, which automatically vaults them to national championship contender status.

Vallienté Wagner-Young is your prototypical quarterback size. 6'5, 220 pounds. He's got strength, and a cannon of an arm that he believes in. Lance Kabuye had nothing but great things to say about him. "Look, with Dikot transferring out, Wagner-Young is clearly the man going forward for this program. He's got the ability to make every throw, and he's got the intangibles. We've got to teach him to reign it in a little bit, but look- I like aggressive. He's young. He's strong. I think Cougar nation is going to be very excited to watch this guy. We're going to build on our winning streak against that school from the south, and we're going to do a hell of a lot more than that this year."

Of course, it's his first season as a starter. He saw some garbage time action last season, but didn't attempt a single pass. But he isn't a true freshman- he's a sophomore, having had plenty of opportunity to practice with Northern. And now, with a full offseason with the first team offense, we believe he'll be more than ready for the bright lights of Mugisha II Memorial.

Coaching Staff Changes

Lance Kabuye, as long with most of the offensive staff, is back. The only new change on that side of the coaching staff is getting a new runnings back coach. What's interesting is the defensive staff. Northern Moravica's defensive coordinator from last season left to take a head coaching job domestically at Army, which left a void open here. Now, it was a good move for him. Any military institution is a tough one to coach at, of course, because of recruiting limitations. But you've always got motivated athletes and a passionate fanbase, even if you have less practice time and can't really recruit fully. But that left a void here. What was Kabuye to do?

He didn't cast his net that far. Hiring Chike Halim is a connection of his- he's a former defensive line coach. And they took the opportunity to remake the entire defensive staff. Each position coach on that side of the football is in their first year at Northern Moravica. A ton of fresh faces on that side of the football. "Look, you don't ever want things to get stale in football." Kabuye said. "You've always got to have fresh ideas, and keep innovating, or else the competition will overtake you. You saw what the Professors did to us last year, dominating us in the trenches twice. Loyola's going to be playing pissed off. This will be good."

Three members of the staff having ties to the all-important Moravica Region, which is home to both of Banija's NSCF schools, and a quarter of the national population. It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, an extremely fertile gridiron recruiting ground, and the recruiting competition is fierce, especially with foreign NSCF schools recruiting the area as well.

The other new hire is the strength & conditioning coach, Odikinyi Achuka. Of course, due to rules restrictions, a head coach can only spend so much time with his players in the Spring and early summer. They see the Strength & Conditioning Coach most often. His job is to get players bodies physically ready for the grind of a 13 game regular season. By all accounts, everybody is feeling 'better than they've ever been', but what football player doesn't say that in August?

Key Players

Now, the first two players we will talk about are Amanuel Tegene and Apollo Esther. Kabuye will still build the team through the ground game, and so even with Wagner-Young taking the reigns at quarterback, those two players will be key. All Northern fans know Tegene- a quick, shifty back, who is difficult to tackle. And they will quickly be introduced to Apollo Esther. He's a big, bruising running back. He's got an unreal high school highlight tape. And he'll be behind Tegene, but he'll certainly get his fair share of carries. "Look, we're fortunate in that we've got one of the best thunder & lightning duos in the sport with Tegene and Esther." Said the offensive coordinator, Idirissa Ouattara. "They complement each other well, and will make the job a lot easier for Wagner-Young. They will wear down our opponents, and we can use the play-action pass to really open things up."

At wide receiver, Northern Moravica will be in an interesting situation. Their top two receivers both graduated. That means the entire passing game will look fresh. New quarterback, new wideouts. Dominik Dvoracek, of Siovanija & Teusland, is the most intriguing of the bunch. The big Siovanijan transferred from S&T last season, as a fourth year junior. And now, at 6'4, 211, he's listed as the team's #1 wide receiver. Coaches raved about his work ethic and his hands throughout Fall camp. They've given him the #1 jersey as well. What kind of coverage will he face? Will he break out and force defenses to go away from playing the run game to playing towards him? Look for him to get plenty of targets from the Ranorian youngster.

There's a ton of talent on defense. We've got an experienced linebacking core. We've got talented defensive ends, especially Birom Ogunsola, who is a terror to left tackles everywhere. But the real interesting position to look at this year is safety. All four Northern safeties from last season are no longer with the program. Both free safeties graduated. Eyasu Mekdem, the starting strong safety, went to the draft early. And Jonkong Jawara also transferred out, going to the University of Buganda. So we've got four new players at the position- three are freshmen. We've got foreign freshman starting in both spots. Sean Gonzalez of Northwest Kalactin at strong safety, while Drew Lia of Chromatika will start at free safety.

It's always simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking to start freshmen. There's talent, for sure. But also, risk. They're going to have to catch up with the speed and intensity of the college game fast. "Look, we're going to put them in positions to succeed." Chike Halim said. "Don't ask them to do too much, especially towards the beginning of the season. Both have great potential, but for now, make sure they up to the speed of the game, make sure they're strong in coverage, and then slowly give them more responsibility over time. They're the future leaders of this defense." Surely, opposing offenses will target both players, either via tight ends or taking deep shots down the field. Can they handle the pressure?


Now, it is interesting. How do we predict what their final record will look like when they haven't scheduled Week 13? The Athletic Department is saying they are in "intense" negotiations with Vietussia Academy to schedule a Week 13 game, and they are confident that they will, but no i's have been dotted and no t's have been crossed. Here's what we do know- this is not an easy schedule. Northern have played Northern Dinagat State and Fair Haven State before. They both have NSCF experience. Northern obviously got swept by the Salamantics last season.

Look no further than Week 2 for the team's first real test. Northern travelling to Ko-oren. We should beat Northern Dinagat State in our home opener, but that won't tell us much. The Salamantics are the kings of the Celestia. Hell, many on the internet declared them Banija's national champions after the double sweep, and hell, neither of our NSCF schools could say anything about it. It'll be a hostile environment on the road, under the lights. It'll be a grind it out, defensive battle, as it almost always is when these teams play. They've beaten Northern three times in a row. If Northern can turn the tide in that rivalry early on, then that'll mean an upward projection for this Cougar squad for this campaign.

Let's predict a record? Assuming Northern does schedule Vietussia Academy in Week 13, let's say 10-3 again. 2nd in the Conference again, and we make the playoffs comfortably. Losses will be- away to Loyola-Istria, home to the Salamantics, and away to Saguenay.
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Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Mar 02, 2021 11:28 am


Nation Name: TJUN-ia
Nation Trigram: TJU
National Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
National Collegiate Organisation: TJUN-ia College and University Athletic Association (TCUAA)
School Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Home Colours: Green/Red
Road Colours: Brown/Green
Mascot: Robby the Feathercap
Fight Song: "Robin's Men Go Off To Fight"
Main Slogan/Chant: "We Are! Trent State!"

Well then...this is certainly a different scenario we find ourselves in, isn't it? Back to back 7-3 records have suddenly made the GFA-TJUN-ia question the future of the team as a whole once the originals start to fall away into the abyss - a question not many people were asking a few years ago. With this in mind, the Government of TJUN-ia has officially advocated which regions of the TCUAA will see their schools partake in which sports on an international level, with the NAU and AU given the rights to Gridiron Football and the rest going to basketball. The Au's school can't enter the NSCF just yet as debuting nations cannot send more than 1 school, but the NAU will be up and running for TJUN-ia's debut in collegiate sports with the first team to hail from the Islands of Europa - The Feathercaps of Trent State University.

Notts, as a city, is heavily influenced by the birthplace of the Secretary-General himself and Trent State is like that as well, based in the heart of the city and easily connected to suburbs via tram link. As an institution, they focus on trying to get the best out of their students in all aspects of life - a fact that is reflected by the multi-racial sports teams that reflect not only the city itself but the NAU and TJUN-ia as a whole. Johnny Bridgeford's team run a scheme different to the one employed by the National Team, preferring a Pro-Set offence and 4-4 defence over Gus McKerrin's Shotgun and 3-4. With names to make and education to balance, it will be very interesting to see how these young men and women do against some of the big boys of the sport. WE ARE! TRENT STATE!

Head Coach: Johnny Bridgeford (35)
Offensive Coordinator: Pierre Grandestois (29)
Defensive Coordinator: Alehandro Martinez (31)
Special Teams Coach: Frederic von Habsburg (28)

Formation: Pro-Set
QB: #1 Gareth Baldwin (Jnr.)
HB: #2 Klaveon Tyrell (Snr.)
FB: #3 Kendra Jackson (Soph.)
WR: #22 Fremont Whitehorse (Fre.)
WR: #23 Victor Que-et-Vous (Soph.)
LT: #71 Karl Bjanasson (Jnr.)
LG: #60 Frederik Carlton (Fre.)
C: #50 Alexa Blessington (Soph.)
RG: #61 Valentino Brochetti (Jnr.)
RT: #70 Jakob Håland (Snr.)
TE: #80 Nia Jaxon-Fuller (Jnr.)

Formation: Base 4-4
DT: #91 Valentina Maserati (Snr.)
DT: #92 Derrick Barrow (Jnr.)
DE: #65 Karl von Liechten (Jnr.)
DE: #66 Helen Hucknall (Soph.)
LB: #69 Julius Helvetica (Fre.)
LB: #45 Fernando Jorge (Jnr.)
LB: #46 Joseph Bulwell (Snr.)
LB: #47 Hannah Bulwell (Soph.)
CB: #77 Jake Northridge (Soph.)
CB: #76 Graham Tees (Jnr.)
FS: #16 Jessica Farron (Fre.)

These can use starting players from both offence (block) and defence (tackle) and back up players during ST plays.
K: #7 Clayton McGee (Jnr.)
H: #8 Jason Waterford (Jnr.)
P: #9 Frederico Neopoli (Snr.)
LS: #10 Denise Santanique (Soph.)
KR: #11 Roger Hawthorn (Fre.)
PR: #12 Kayla Richmond (Soph.)

BACKUPS (Can be used for Special Teams plays if required)
QB: #4 Leon Gallas (Fre.)
HB/FB: #5 Pyrros Papanikolaou (Soph.)
WR: #24 Ivan Borosić (Fre.)
WR: #25 Peter Borosić (Fre.)
L/RT: #72 Jackie Hullmond (Soph.)
L/RT: #73 Sophie Haladay (Soph.)
L/RG: #62 Alfurd Orgonson (Soph.)
L/RG: #63 Cristiano Periera (Fre.)
C: #51 Kylan Makedon (Fre.)
TE: #99 Jordan Culter (Jnr.)
DT: #93 Heldon Culter (Jnr.)
DT: #94 Raihan Dragonisky (Soph.)
DE: #67 Marnie Kelleher (Soph.)
DE: #68 Callie Rufford (Fre.)
LB: #48 Marie Rufford (Fre.)
LB: #49 Owen Parkinson (Fre.)
LB: #41 Jorge Hernan (Fre.)
LB: #42 Hubert Aubais (Soph.)
CB: #75 Caiomin O'Donegal (Soph.)
CB: #33 Jason Tyrell (Fre.)
FS: #18 Heather Jakobson (Soph.)
K: #13 Xander Tiovannen (Fre.)
P: #14 Kelly Maine (Fre.)

Name: Sherwood Field
Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Capacity: 32,000

Known affectionately as "The Horseshoe" to locals and to many across TJUN-ia, Sherwood Field combines the raucous atmosphere of a college game with the surrounding local scenery that the region is known for. The big patch of grass in front of the scoreboard is accessible to fans, allowing for a unique viewpoint for the game we all love. While it certainly won't be the biggest venue in all of TJUN-ia, not just the NSCF, it's warm and close-up atmosphere may make the difference come game time...

SCHEDULE (MINERAL Conference + 3 Non-Conf)
Week 1: vs Freedom's Altar (YSP)
Week 2: @University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park (CBP)
Week 3: vs Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy (SQR)
Week 4: @Vietussia Academy (UNV)
Week 5: vs Syracuse State (CRL)
Week 6: @Freedom's Altar (YSP)
Week 7: vs University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park (CBP)
Week 8: @Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy (SQR)
Week 9: vs Vietussia Academy (UNV)
Week 10: @Syracuse State (CRL)
Week 11: vs Mar Sara Tech (VAL)
Week 12: @Cavsar U (DWK)
Week 13: vs Swisston City (KND)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style of Play: -1
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42, DBC50
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue Mar 02, 2021 1:34 pm

New Lakeland University Tycoons

About New Lakeland University: The campus is located in the city of New Lakeland, which is in the Northwest portion of Cassadaigua. It is seen as one of the most prestigious academic schools to get into if you are looking for a career in business, finance, or marketing. As such, it is a difficult school to get into, and has some of the higher tuition costs within the Matriarchy. Despite its strong focus on academics, athletics have not taken a back seat at this institution. The administration is willing to offer scholarships to the biggest athletic talents and that has been rewarded with success on the basketball court when NLU won the NSCAA 9 championship.

Student-Athletes may opt for the more difficult curriculum that NLU offers if they wish to take advantage of the incredible academic opportunity that has been provided for them. However, if student-athletes do not wish to take this path and want to take easier courses so they can focus on their sport of choice, the school will not press the issue and does offer those easier majors.

The team plays at the Stephanie H. Wiseman Stadium which is located two blocks away from the main campus. It is named for one of the school’s most notable alumni, and seats 78,700 for football.

Team Colors: These would be green and gold. The home jersey is a dark green, with a gold vertical stripe going down each of the sides. Pants are the same green color with the same vertical gold stripe. The number is in white, trimmed in gold, as is the player name.

The away jersey white, with a vertical dark green stripe going down each side. The pants are gold, with a similar vertical stripe. Both the number and the name are in gold, trimmed in black.

The helmet is gold, with a dark green stripe going down the middle. On each side of the helmet, “NLU” is displayed, in dark green, in a diagonal, interlocking fashion, similar to how the “CD” interlocks on the flag.

The team:

Head Coach- Kelsey Brewer (47)
Offensive Coordinator- Brittney Hogan (45)
Defensive Coordinator- Emily McNamara (49)
Special Teams Coordinator- Shannon Carney (40)
Academic Liaison- Dr. Allison Gauvin (72)

Traditional Starters in Green
Traditional Reserves in Red
(Players are ordered in Depth Chart fashion on a basic offensive formation or a 4-3 defense).

QB: #5- Erika Traynor (Class: Jr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.6) (Offensive Captain)
QB: #4- Jenna Montgomery (Class: Soph. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 2.7)
QB: #7- Steffie Buffington (Class: Fr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.4)

HB: #24- Taylor Oakes (Class: Sr. Major: Small Business Finance GPA: 3.1)
HB: #33- Allyson Tyner (Class: Soph Major: Taxation GPA: 4.0)
HB: #39- Danielle Weber (Class: Jr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 3.6)
HB- #36- Olivia Fisher (Class: Fr. Major: International Business Trends GPA:3.3)

FB: #38- Tara Witkoff (Class: Sr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 3.5)
FB: #40- Kacie Silverman (Class: Jr. Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 3.2)

TE: #88- Cassie Lyons (Class: Soph. Major: General Studies GPA: 3.1)
TE: #87- Madison Stilwell (Class: Soph. Major: Political Science GPA: 2.5)
TE: #89- Lucy Romano (Class: Sr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 2.4)
TE: #86- Rachel Brinster (Class: Fr. Major: Taxation GPA: 2.5)

WR: #17- Shannon Ross (Class: Sr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 2.0)
WR: #15- Stacey Maltzman (Class: Jr. Major: Liability Management GPA: 3.5)

WR: #19- Emma Bonanno (Class: Sr. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 4.0)
WR: #16- Amber Blankenship (Class: Fr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.2)
WR: #18- Allie Stone (Class: Soph. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.8)
WR: #81- Clarissa Bekerman (Class: Soph. Major: Taxation GPA: 3.4)
WR: #80- Jennifer Mauer (Class: Jr. Major: Rushmori Marketing GPA: 3.2)
WR: #84- Courtney O’Connor (Class: Fr. Major: Taxation GPA: 3.1)

LG: #76- Alex Cardenas (Class: Sr. Major: Rushmori Marketing GPA: 2.1)
RG: #72- Jovan Folkes (Class: Jr. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 3.5)

OG: #63- Clifford Kimmich (Class: Soph. Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 4.0)
OG: #64- Ezekial Carlos (Class: Sr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 3.9)
G/T: #68- Eddie Flint (Class: Jr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.7)
G/T: #70- James Lorenz (Class: Fr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 3.2)
G/C: #73- Antonio Batista (Class: Fr. Major: Business Insurance, GPA: 3.8)
G/C: #79- Keyshawn Maza (Class: Fr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.0)

LT: #77- Declan Centeno (Class: Sr. Major: General Studies GPA: 3.4)
RT: #74- Jack DeLuca (Class: Sr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 4.0)

OT: #75- Francois Paquin (Class: Fr. Major: Accounting GPA: 2.1)
OT: #69- Lawrence Branco (Class: Jr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 2.2)
OT: #71- Claude Richard (Class: Jr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 2.0)

C: #66- Brett Pisculli (Class: Jr. Major: Taxation GPA: 3.5)
C: #60- Jimmy Stynes (Class: Soph. Major: General Studies GPA: 4.0)
C: #62- Nick Torres (Class:Fr. Major: Financial Security Services, GPA: 4.0)


LE: #94- Daniel Fleischmann (Class: Soph. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 3.6)
RE: #91- Igor Soloviev (Class: Soph. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 4.0)

DE: #90- Donald Rogers (Class: Jr. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 3.5)
DE: #92- Jason Kuhlman (Class: Fr. Major: Business Insurance,GPA: 3.6)
DE: #51- John Bingman (Class: Soph. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.7)
DE: #52- Ben Robke (Class: Sr. Major: Social Media Marketing GPA: 3.2)

LT: #99- Tyrone Ramos (Class: Jr. Major: Sports Economics GPA: 4.0)
RT: #96- Craig Menchaw (Class: Fr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.5)

DT: #98- Chris Lazo (Class: Soph. Major: Restaurant Management GPA: 3.0)
DT: #93- Darnell James (Class: Soph. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.4)
DT: #95- Greg Battaglia (Class: Sr. Major: Taxation GPA: 2.9)
DT: #97- Stanley Cutler (Class: Sr. Major: Political Science GPA: 2.6)

ILB: #55- Desmond Ferrara (Class: Sr. Major: Restaurant Management GPA: 2.2)
OLB: #56- Sterling Meyer (Class: Soph. Major: Sports Economics GPA: 3.5)
MLB: #58- Tyreek Fox (Class: Jr. Major: Small Business Finance GPA: 3.1)

LB: #53- Vinnie Apple (Class: Sr. Major: Sports Economics GPA: 3.2)
LB: #73- Victor Blackstone (Class: Sr. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 2.1)
LB: #59- Preston Delano (Class: Jr. Major: Business Administration GPA: 2.3)
LB: #54- Parnell Donaldson (Class: Soph. Major: Business Education GPA: 3.6)
LB: #50- Scott Arias (Class: Fr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.0)
LB: #57- Jozef Sabolsky (Class: Fr. Major: International Business Trends GPA: 4.0)

FS: #21- Hannah Bailey (Class: Jr. Major: Financial Security Services GPA: 4.0) (Defensive Captain)
SS: #22- Jessica Passarelli (Class: Sr. Major: General Studies GPA: 3.1)
LCB: #27- Gabriella Payne (Class: Jr. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 3.5)
RCB: #25- Meghan Quinn (Class: Soph. Major: Sports Economics GPA: 4.0)

DB: #23- Nicole Beckett (Class: Sr. Major: Taxation GPA: 3.9)
DB: #28- Katie Burke (Class: Jr. Major: Liability Management GPA: 3.7)
DB: #26- Kristen McCleary (Class: Fr. Major: Social Media Marketing GPA: 3.4)
DB: #31- Paige Greco (Class: Soph. Major: Rushmori Finance GPA: 3.5)
DB: #20- Sarah Wynter (Class: Fr. Major: Accounting GPA: 2.9)
DB: #30- Lauren White (Class: Jr. Major: General Studies GPA: 2.4)

Special Teams:
K: #3- Bethany Yarwood (Class: Jr. Major: Financial Ethics GPA: 4.0)
K: #9- Brianna Imbrogno (Class: Fr. Major: Search Engine Optimization GPA: 2.0)

P: #8- Julia McQueen (Class: Sr. Major: Accounting GPA: 3.5)
P: #6- Megan Marascio (Class: Soph. Major: Business Ethics GPA: 3.7)


Main KR/PR: #18- Allie Stone
Backup KR/PR: #31- Paige Greco
Occasional KR/PR: #26- Kristen McCleary
Long Snapper: #60- Jimmy Stynes

RP Permissions:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but just say they are hurt and I will take it from there.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Maybe. TG your idea first

Style Mod: +2.7
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-86.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Ranoria » Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:04 pm

Image@Vick_Hamilton_Reporter Ezekiel Bantona may have exactly half Rhine's touchdown passes number this season, but #BantobaMania is for real. This Richardson team is going to roll right through the Buffalo#NationalChampionship

Image@Will_Jackson_RSNOur college football is the best in the world. Want proof? Deondre Rhine is going to show one more time he can't win the big one in Ranoria. Besides, who wants to hop off the #BantobaMania train right now?

Image @DiamondRhine Boutta hang 50 on their ass chill

A twii.tur exchange before the big game, with Rhine's reply coming precisely twenty two minutes before kickoff

Karmin-Falce Super Dome
Ranoria City, Ranoria


In what was probably the most important game he had left when it came to cementing his legacy as a collegiate football player, Deondre Rhine...was flossing his teeth. Next to him sat his backup, Aurel Strathos, looking over their shared tablet to watch plays. "Doesn't coach always say specifically to not make this throw against cover two?" He held the tablet out to the starter.

Rhine's eyes flicked down to the device, and he shrugged, withdrawing the floss and tossing it over his shoulder, "It was my sixtieth touchdown, I wanted it to be on a highlight reel."

Aurel simply nodded, "Yep, feel like I'd have the same answer. You gonna sit out and let me get some snaps?" Their conversation stalled as Ezekiel Bantoba let a ball rip deep down the sideline into the waiting arms of Baraka Hali, who beat Koman Tabor for the touchdown. Rhine shrugged.

"Looks like ol' 'Bantoba Mania' still thinks they're in this game," he remarked off-handedly as the score changed from 44-20 to an inconsequential 44-27. Behind them, a trumpet sounded, a biological one. Aurel grimaced and covered his ears, and even their head coach, Chris Dale, cursed and looked back at the offender.

"God, how the hell did that thing get in here!?" He pointed his clipboard accusingly at the owlephant, who happened to be taking up three seats on the fifty yard line. The owlephant's ears drooped down and he hung his head at the abuse, and Rhine backslapped the clipboard out of his coach's hand.

"Oi! Be nice to Chewy! He's sensitive to that kind of crap!"

Dale stood still as a statue as Richardson kicked off to his team, hand still extended, and his eyes flicked between Rhine and the owlephant. "Ch-chewy?"

The star quarterback nodded, "Uh, yeah? He's my pet owlephant. Figured I'd use three of my four allotted seats on him." Rhine said it with his brows furrowed, as if nothing out of the usual had occurred, "Now, apologize."

His coach began waving his arms around, eyes wide in shock, "Diamond, how the hell did you get your hands on one of those!? They don't even exist in Ranoria! Do you understand the legal ramifications we could face if someone's giving you money? Or exotic pets!?" He ended with his hands extended towards Deondre, practically pleading with him to see reason.

The quarterback simply shook his head, "Come on coach, you know me better than tha..." he stopped himself, and tilted his head from side to side when he saw the look his coach shot him. Then, as if hit with an appifiny, he lit up, "You can trus-" once again, he stopped when he looked at his coach's eyes, visibly wincing, and instead resorted to his tried and true. Ol' reliable. "Dunno what you're talking about."

Chris Dale knelt down, face in his hands, his voice dropping, "Just, just tell me how the hell you managed to get that thing in here, please, for the love of god?"

His star player pointed to Chewy with a triumphant smirk. "See the collar? He's a service animal. For my anxiety, lets me know when I'm gonna have an attack."

The coach didn't move. "I've seen your medical report, Rhine. You don't have anxiety."

"Doctor would beg to differ, coach," Rhine said proudly, standing up to his full, towering height, flashing a grin, and crossing his arms, "Turns out, if you take enough ecstasy and the doctor is looking for anxiety, they won't know the difference!"

Chris Dale rocked back and forth, peaking out from between his fingers. "You're joking?"

Diamond Rhine chucked up the deuces and began to walk away, helmet dangling from his free hand, "Whatever you need to tell yourself, coach!" He gave the newest and biggest fan of Cold Hill football an affectionate rub of the trunk before jogging away.

Dale pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a groan loud enough for fans to turn their heads, while Rhine's mother waved apologetically from beside the exotic pet. "Sorry, Chewie."

he turned around to Deondre, only to see that his quarterback was completely absent. "Where did that son of a-"

Aurel Strathos, hand covering his mouth, cleared his throat and pointed to the field, where their starter stood, chinstrap undone, with a pearly white grin.

"Oh, right, I have to call plays" Dale said, quickly giving the signal for four verticals. Not like it would matter at this point.

Rhine took the snap with a chuckle, "Ha, owlephant. Oh crap!" His thoughts were cut off as he stiff armed an overeager pass rusher in Robin James into the ground, and looked deep. Wanting to get out of here, he found the first guy in maroon, and let it rip.

Of course, the crowd's rejoicing told the rest of the story, an applause to what would be the final score, in one of the most lopsided championship games in the history of Ranorian college football, and Deondre's first. Of course, that was followed by even more hearty jeers. Because is it really a Ranorian football championship without the entire nation heckling a a kicker for missing a singular, inconsequential extra point?
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Top 10 Vanorian Prospects

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, what is this article about for the common Vanorian gridiron fan? Gridiron is mostly a collegiate game for players who do not see themselves able to play one of the other three main sports that Vanorians are known for; that being football, ice hockey, and basketball. Those who are fans of the sport already know quite well who the best gridiron talent is in the Empire, as it is a niche sport and its enthusiasts and fans tend to be the sort who have this information on the fly. This is not to mention that the Empire does not have the typical education system that most of the rest of the sporting world is used to, with the majority of primary education coming in the form of various academies, with a heavy emphasis on those with sporting backgrounds such as the famous Night Academy for football and the Titenburg Academy for ice hockey and football to a lesser extent. For gridiron though, the most prestigious academy is in Raynor City and it is the Magnus Academy, where students with get their primary education and the best gridiron talent comes from. This is no different for this years class, with all ten of the best prospects come from the academy. Historically most sign either with Mar Sara Tech or Raynor University, but with the ever expanding interest in the NSCF, a few are casting their eyes abroad and filling out applications or waiting on recruiting letters before making decisions.

10. Karl Sande - DT - 6'2" - 218 lbs
A common theme with Vanorians that play on the offensive or defensive line is them being undersized compared to their competitors. However Sande is quite strong despite his frame and has a motor that will not quit, will not be a player who will give up on plays. On top of great strength, Karl has also developed great finesse moves to get through blockers, as well as being a sure tackler and solid pursuit. Wont win any track meets but is quick for his size and can wrap up in the open field with the best of them.

9. Elias Fremstad - CB - 5'10" - 180 lbs
Despite being on the slightly shorter side for Vanorian secondary, Elias is a solid cornerback. He lacks the elite level speed to be a true shut down corner, but has good awareness and recovery speed as well as a frame that allows him to bat down passes with high frequency, as well as noted for having a good amount of interceptions with some solid hands, having played some wide receiver in special packages for Magnus.

8. Magnus Lindhjem - SS - 6'2" - 194 lbs
A balanced safety who is good in coverage but also good in run support. The lack of catching ability is why he is a safety and not a receiver, so do not expect many interceptions from him, but he can read the field like a general and is quick to audible the defense to a proper coverage if he notices a poor matchup. Is willing to bulk up if needed to be more a hard hitting safety.

7. Nikolai Knudsen - OL - 6'3" - 224 lbs
Not much to talk about with Knudsen besides he is an above average lineman who is good at both the run and pass blocking. Could possibly bulk up a little more, but like most Vanorians, not expected to become overtly muscular even if they do.

6. Ole Bakker - CB - 5'10" - 177 lbs
Like Elias, a bit on the shorter side, but he is the type of corner that can shut down an entire half of the field for an entire game. He has the awareness and play recognition to be able to play safety, while the wrapping up ability that allows him to routinely be used for corner blitzes off the edge. Great but not elite speed does mean that he will not be beat deep often and can usually recover when he does get beat.

5. Kasper Ulvestad - DE/LB - 6'3" - 228 lbs
Like most defensive ends that come from the Empire, Kasper is a hybrid end and linebacker. Much like Sande, Ulvestad will never give up on a play until the whistle is blown, tirelessly working to get better. His pursuit is good but could use some work, has been caught out on option plays and zone reads from time to time. High upside though and good speed, enough that he can fall back into coverage or be used as a QB spy.

4. Jonas Odden - QB - 6'1" - 184 lbs
Jonas has almost all the tools to be an elite level quarterback. He has that elite level speed that lets him scramble and improvise, as well as be utilized in options and direct quarterback runs. His accuracy is that of a laser, able to put any short to medium pass right on his target's chest. What he is lacking is arm strength, as his accuracy falls off a cliff after fifteen yards and can't throw a hail mary from midfield. Luckily those are things that can be improved on and with the sort of speed he has, his upside is that of stardom.

3. Nikolas Isaksen - WR - 6'4" - 212 lbs
A fairly tall receiver who has above average speed but is not likely going to be able to speed past any corners who are playing man on him. However he is quite strong and has excellent route running, able to consistently find the soft spots in man coverage or beat out those defending him on jump balls, making him quite a versatile threat, especially in the red zone.

2. Alexander Østby - RB - 5'11" - 174 lbs
Alexander has speed and acceleration to burn, so much so that he runs track in the offseason as a hobby. His speed is on a completely different level than everyone else, even for Vanorians who are typically very quick to begin with. In addition to such great pace, he is also patient, willing to let the line get their blocks in and make the hole for him to then dash through. What he is not good at is blocking, and should be sent out on a route himself, as he does have decent hands.

1. Daniel Pedersen - OL - 6'5" - 232 lbs
Daniel is an exception to the rule of lithe, athletic builds for Vanorians, especially that of lineman. While nowhere near as bulky as other recruits from the rest of the gridiron landscape, he is as strong as they come and great in either run or pass protection. By far the best Vanorian lineman in recent memory and the best prospect of the class as a result. However he has a soft verbal commitment to Raynor University but his classmates have convinced him to see through the recruiting process and take visits to other schools' campus.
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The Flame of the Firehawk: Rekindled
Part 1: Taking Stock

To say that the first season of Felswyr State University's existence had been an accomplishment would be an understatement. The little-known team from one of the smallest towns in Chromatika took the NSCF by storm behind their no-back offense and 3-3-5, stingy, defense. They conceded an astonishing 9.125 points a game, including the 20-13 defeat to Cold Hill University in the Championship Game. Now that they'd effectively declared their presence to the rest of the field, gaining them a #11 rank after only one season, let us take a moment to see how this iteration differs, and what we can expect heading into what is likely to be a wild NSCF.


Sarai Gwenderyn is only in her Sophomore year, and the Chromatik dual-threat quarterback is ready to hit her stride. She really came into her own through the meat of the season, contributing to 31 of 37 touchdowns that the Firehawks scored, 19 of them being passes and 12 touchdowns on the ground. Alessandra Mio was her favorite target as the deep threat caught 11 touchdowns on the season. There are a few changes on the offensive line this time around - Jericho Kitt will be stepping up in right guard - but with the leg of Sara McAllister never missing a field goal and Gwenderyn's development, there is definitely potential to eclipse the 377 points scored in 16 games last season. Look toward one Nyata Antonucci to be an interesting wrinkle as the "wide receiver" is the closest thing the team has to a running back.


The bread and butter of FSU, the Firehawks have only become better. Losing senior leadership will matter - Parry Mioto, Cara Setri, Candice Jones, and Nikolai Dimitrov will all be sorely missed. However, this is where the Firehawks spent their time recruiting. Enter Konstantin Vollmacht at DT and Sage "Bricks" Sterling at Strong Safety, with Ozioma Mazzi lurking and Katie Sawyer penciled in wherever she fits (she can play anywhere not on the line, after all). The unit will be led by Jill Lia, Mi-Hyeon Park, and Vi Nia-Kaid, who will be helped along by those freshmen. As the defense goes, FSU goes, and that's that. Nellie Katt is still there to pin those coffins deep.

The Schedule

Well... Wow. Second-ranked Sadeg State in Matchday 2? Are you kidding? The back-to-back of Sadeg State and Cavsar will be the difficult stretch of both in-conference schedules, though the rest of the field is quite soft - Rickendor Central, Hoofstra, and Laneca. It's all a warmup, though, really. No, not that the Firehawks should take their other opposition likely (not that they will), but have you seen the Out-of-Conference schedule? Have you?

vs. Cold Hill. @ Loyola. vs. Kohnhead City.

Yes. The team that Felswyr State lost to in the Championship Game. Yes. The team that Felswyr State barely beat by one field goal. Yes. The team Felswyr State beat twice on the way to the title. Are they gluttons for punishment or what?

Prediction? There's no way that Felswyr State beats the two Drawkland schools four times again, right? Probably 9-1 or 8-2 heading to Out of Conference. Then, honestly, if Felswyr State goes 2-1 there, it'd be a plus. A 11-2 record would be a dream, while something as low as 9-4 would be acceptable. Below .500 or thereabouts would be a disaster.

The road begins at Rickendor Central University of Hebitaka. A tune-up before the home opener against second ranked Sadeg State.

CHROMIA - In Chromia, the Capital City, the Chromatik Collegiate Gridiron Conference has been officially announced by the Chromatik Football Federation.

Until gridiron football becomes a bit bigger, it's under the purview of the Chromatik Football Federation. There is a Vice President of Gridiron Operations, however, and Mrs. Sandy Greer of Pùr was very excited to announce the formation of the Chromatik Collegiate Gridiron Conference. The six-team conference of some of the major colleges in Chromatika will play in the same time of period as the NSCF, happening on the night before the NSCF. After the ten games in conference, there will be a Championship game between the top two teams in the Conference for the CCGC title.

There is talk about a game between the CCGC champion and Felswyr State after the season, but that hasn't been cemented yet. The hope of the CCGC is that it'll help the growth of Gridiron talent in the nation, especially those players that feel like FSU isn't the best fit for them.

The six colleges in the Chromatik Collegiate Gridiron Conference will be the Chromia Central College University Comets, the Deprí Lanar University Warriors, the Deprí Sanar University Spartans, the Staramara Technical University Lava, University of Myana Vipers, and the Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology Hellcats.

Heading the group of colleges will be the Chromia Central College University Comets. The Comets are anxious to prove that their dominance in Chromatik Collegiate sports encompasses more than just football, being the three-time defending champions of the Chromatik Collegiate Football Association. The squad will employ a shotgun formation, possession-based attack on offense, led by one of the top recruits from last season, QB Todd Kreston. Kreston, who didn't get any bids from other NSCF schools, will have the likes of WR Mark Lett and fellow freshman TE Marquis de Francine in the attack. Francine was someone that everyone was surprised to not see make a run at FSU given his soft hands, but he wanted to go to CCCU due to the fact that his father is a professor at the University. On the defensive side of the ball, coordinator Hillary Giles runs a blitz-heavy package to overcome her weaker secondary, with Freshmen Edith Parrow and Wade Jordan expected to crash from the edge on every down with help from Sophomore OLB Cassandra Edge. CCCU is expected to be one of the contenders to win the entire competition.

One of the biggest developments in the CCGC was the inclusion of both Deprí Lanar University and Deprí Sanar University, continuing the Deprí rivalry to another sport and instituting a "Rivalry Week" of sorts. DLU and DSU will face each other on the fifth and tenth matchdays of the season, with CCCU being paired up with ZIoT and UoM being paired up with STC (due to both schools being housed in the Islands of Chromatika). Deprí Lanar University will be trying to wash the flavor of defeat caused by the recent seasons of the CCFA. Led by a disciplinarian in Clara Venice, the Warriors will employ a dual back set under center, with both Dart Wedigo and Teodoro Smart being directly behind Senior QB Dario Clementine, who will have the luxury of handing it off to either back or dropping back to throw. Passing from Clementine should be mostly via play-action, as the best receiver of DLU may be their Tight End, Ju-Man Kim. On the other side of the ball, the Cornerback tandem of Dillon Benitez and Twila Sruggs will be asked to be stalwart corners on an island as the Warriors try to load the box to stop the short pass and the run. Special Teams Coordinator Julianne McCloskey is known in the scene to be a trick play master; don't be surprised if P Xenia Gunter tries some throws. The Warriors' prospects this season aren't the greatest, but they're hoping for at least a .500 record.

The Warriors' rivals, the Spartans, have a bit more success when it comes to collegiate sports success. Deprí Sanar University has won the CCFA once and finished second twice, and will be hoping to bring that kind of pedigree to gridiron. Offensive Coordinator Brett Dailey is someone that FSU OC Naia Curentino calls on a weekly basis, and that is apparent in the offense that the Spartans run - the spread. Sophomore QB Sammie Flynn has a great touch when throwing the football and is ambidextrous, meaning you can never tell which hand he'll throw the ball with. A receiving core led by Sherley Evers - rumored to already be signed onto the Lynx next season - and Nikole Perryman will mean that Flynn has plenty of targets. On the other side of the ball, the Spartans run a 4-2-5 formation with a nickel back that is allowed to roam all over the field. This year, the honor of that position will fall to Ambrose Zuniga, a Sophomore with a doglike nose for the ball. As he goes, the DSU defense will go. Notably, Kicker Earnestine Castellanos has a rocket of a leg, so don't be surprised if there are lots of long field goals. The Spartans will likely have lots of entertaining games, but it remains to be seen how well they'll do.

The only school to be involved in the CCGC that isn't in the CCFA, Staramara Technical University is located on Urrhed Island near the dead center. Staramara is a Gridiron hub in Chromatika, and it's fitting that the Lava would be here. STU will field perhaps the least FSU-like offense in the sport, putting a jumbo set with only one WR, two TE's, an RB and a HB. QB Sheilah Pantoja's job will be to hand off to workhorse back Adell Moreau most of the time, with his passing attempts most likely to come on third-and-longs and play-action. Thankfully, FB Lashon Upshaw is a beast of a blocker, and STU also has some good blocking tight ends. Defensive Coordinator Candy Vogel is a sour, shrewd woman who employs a Cover 2. SS Ying Taggart sets the tone by hitting like an anvil, and MLB Jere Rinaldi is someone who could try to transfer with a monster season. With such a conservative offense and a solid defense, a good punter is a must - and in Timothy Cleveland, the Lava definitely have one. With a booming leg and a decent ability for coffin corners, Cleveland defines the Lava's playstyle. STU is likely a season or two away from actively contending for the title, but don't count them out.

When the University of Myana was announced to be one of the colleges to participate in the CCGC, most people were surprised. Myana Island is more known as a place where football is prominent, with the presence of the Islanders and all. However, Head Coach Destiny McWhorter and her staff are hell bent on proving that they belong on the field, too. The Vipers will employ a very balanced attack from the shotgun, relying on Freshman shotcaller Nobuko Matos, whose mother, Anamah Omuga, is from Moravica. He grew up watching NMU games, and playing in college is a dream come true. Otherwise, UoM is noteworthy due to the presence of an all-female offensive line, the only college to employ that. Sure, they may not be the biggest, but they are pretty athletic, and when it comes to players like Shella Faison (the Junior Left Tackle and leader), they are very proficient. On defense, the Vipers have a really good secondary but lack proficiency at the Nose Tackle and Inside Linebacker positions. Players like SS Hwa Cano and CB Chu Rucker are noteworthy, but will that hold up if the opposition can run straight up the middle on every down? They'll have to make sure that run support is something that they work on. The Vipers are projected to be one of the weaker teams in the CCGC, for at least this initial season.

Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology, or ZIoT (Zyote) for short, is a household name in Chromatik collegiate sports, having won two CCFA titles and finished second once. The Hellcats scored big in the last recruiting season, landing the services of both RB Frederick Lance and MLB Ned Mustus, which will make them the favorite this season for sure. ZIoT runs a run/pass option focused offense, with dual-threat Quarterback Theresia Goldman at the helm, the aforementioned Lance behind her. In Senior TE Melisa Espion, Goldman will have a reliable target, while Sophomore WR Tory O'Bryan is a speeding deep threat. On the other side of the ball, Mustus might have to do a lot of the work as the Hellcat secondary is a work in progress. Defensive Coordinator Mozell Hedges has one rock in Sophomore CB Roy Nelms, but SS Alphonse Rosenbaum has a tendency to over pursue plays, leading to mismatches down the field. The Hellcats may have to score more than 30 points per game to win, but thankfully they have one of the better kickers in the CCGC in Nydia Leon.

The predicted order of finish is:
Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology
Chromia Central College University
Deprí Lanar University
University of Myana
Staramara Technical University
Deprí Sanar University

A gap is expected between Chromia Central and Deprí Lanar, with the bottom four schools being relatively similar in power level. It'll be exciting, nonetheless.

Week 1:

Chromia Central University vs. Deprí Lanar University

Todd Kreston's first test at the helm of the Comets? A home tie against Deprí Lanar, who'll be hoping that Mia Oglesby and Twila Sruggs will be able to contain the likes of Mark Lett and Marquis de Francine. The battle between Mark Lett and Twila Sruggs will be key, while Kreston will be spied on by Oglesby. For Ben Olmond and the Comets, this is a chance to sharpen the sword; for Clara Venice, it's more of a first outing to see how everything works out.

Staramara Technical University vs. Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology

Welcome to the CCGC, STU! Congratulations for keeping Eyrods Tech out of it! You get... The Hellcats in the first game? The jumbo set of the Lava will likely have some success against the weak Hellcat defense, but there is likely no way that Jere Rinaldi and co. can keep tabs on Frederick Lance, Tory O'Bryan, and Teresia Goldman. Goldman will likely have a huge day and ZIoT will walk away from Johnston Memorial Stadium with a victory.

Deprí Sanar University vs. University of Myana

The most open matchup of the day, the Vipers and Spartans will clash at Cambrio Stadium. DSU's Spread Attack will match up nicely against UoM's Cover 3, but the Vipers may be one of the few things that have the personnel to handle so many receivers at once. Freshman QB Nobuko Matos will have to deal with Spartan nickel back Ambrose Zuniga up in the line all the time while trying to find his targets in Crista Broussard and running back Merrill Gerald. This game will likely go down to the wire, with the Spartans having the edge by being the home team.
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University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park

University of the Commonwealth Fact File
Location: College Hill--Belle Haven, State of Baker Park
Founded: 1899
2020 enrollment: 37,758 undergraduate/4,203 post graduate
Nickname: Warriors
School Colors: Black and Gold
Chancellor: Dr Robert L Delgado, PhD.
Athletic Director: Melissa Sweeney-Allen
Affiliation: Baker Park Universities Athletic Coalition
Metropolitan College Athletic Conference
Stadium: Jacob F Gleason Field
capacity/surface: 47,306/Fuzzy Field Turf
Head Coach: Ryan Benton (2nd season at UC [14-11], career record [11 years] 84-50-2)
Assistant Coaches:
Peter Syzmanski
Isaiah Townsend
Allan Oxley
Kyle Jordan
Lee Taylor
Cary Morris
Joe Drummond

Trainer: Hal Kinley

Offense: Spread with emphasis on running (think Auburn, or Michigan under Rodriguez) but without the up-tempo style.
Defense: four man defensive line, situational LB/DB alignment.
Style: +2.5

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG
Godmod other events: Y

TG me for anything you have questions/ideas about

Domestic Results (8-5, 3-1 conference, 6th nationally)
Coolville State University 37-14
@ Baker Park A&M 28-24
University of Ezra 21-27
@ Lynchana University 42-24
Kellerville State University 38-10
Commonwealth Methodist University 30-12
@ University of Ezriquay 26-6
University of Baker Park 23-34
@ University of Belle Haven 27-26
@ Osheana State University 42-16
Commonwealth Naval Academy 28-33
@ University of Oceana 20-34

University of St Leon 24-30 (at Sportsmen's Park Belle Haven--5th place playoff)

The University of the Commonwealth (usually known as 'UC' or just 'Commonwealth') is the largest institution of higher education in the country by enrollment. Founded as the country's national university, it has been at the forefront of innovation, teaching and leadership since its inception. It is one of the 5 schools that are graded as Level 1A for academic standards and excellence in Baker Park.

The Warriors are the one the sport's most successful programs, second in history all time in wins, games played and National Championships won (11).
They hold the distinction of playing in the first game ever broadcast on nationwide radio, the first game ever televised nationally, and the first college game played at night in the Commonwealth.

Ryan Benton's second season in charge was an improvement over the first in measurable and intangible ways; the defense was much improved, the offense showed more cohesion, and the overall feel of the program seemed more confident. Riding high at 8-2 and ranked #4, the wheels fell off when QB Brandon Bullins went down just before halftime of the Navy game with a knee sprain (it was considered fortunate that he didn't have further damage requiring surgery).

The Warriors haven't forgotten about last NSCF season either, when they lost the conference crown for the first time since they entered the competition. The Space schools are out this time, but Squidroidia AFA returns, as does Vietussia Academy, UC's very first opponent back in edition 18.

2 Jesse Taylor  DB  6-0 195  SO
4 Gary Scheper K 5-10 175 JR
6 Luke Smith DB 5-11 210 SO
7 Brandon Bullins QB 6-4 220 SR
8 Donald Key QB 6-3 200 JR
9 Desmond McKenzie WR 6-1 170 JR
10 Mick Doolittle WR 6-1 185 SO
11 Lowell Handler RB 6-0 184 SR
12 Matt McDonald WR 6-4 187 SR
15 Eddie Scroggins WR 5-11 190 SR
18 Dalton Dempsey DB 6-1 210 SR
22 Austin Porter RB 5-9 225 SO
25 Pat Voorhees DB 6-0 190 SO
26 Craig Radford RB 5-9 215 SO
27 Colton Brooks RB 5-10 190 FR
30 Henry Bunomaske RB 6-0 180 SO
34 Andy Friemark DB 5-11 170 SO
35 Bobby Holmes DB 6-0 185 JR
38 Ty Applebaum LB 6-1 225 SO
41 Anthony Frazier P 6-1 185 SR
42 Tony Hollis LB 6-1 225 SR
43 Jared Sommers LB 6-2 220 JR
44 Steven Oliver LB 6-2 230 JR
45 Tom Zachary LB 6-0 215 SO
46 Isaiah Kanemabo LB 6-1 205 SO
51 Mark Woods, Jr DL 6-4 270 SR
52 Justin Bond LB 6-0 228 JR
53 Arnold Jefferson OL 6-5 280 JR
54 Derion Green OL 6-2 280 JR
55 Albatross Vergol DL 6-6 265 FR (RAN)
61 Michael Rourke OL 6-7 295 JR
63 Calvin Moreland OL 6-3 275 SO
65 Gregory Montoya OL 6-2 280 JR
67 Donald Evans DL 6-5 245 SO
71 Antoine Walker OL 6-2 285 SR
72 Mo Youngblood DL 6-3 290 JR
74 Carlos Jackson OL 6-3 285 SR
75 Randy Robinson DL 6-2 280 SR
78 Richie Bouchard OL 6-2 270 SO
81 Devone Page WR 6-1 195 JR
83 Fred O'Connor TE 6-3 230 SO
85 Cameron Corbett WR 5-10 190 JR
88 Deyron Turner WR 5-11 180 JR
89 Grant Engle TE 6-1 238 JR
95 Randy Robinson DL 6-2 280 SR



The Warriors host opponents at Jacob F Gleason Field, located on the western edge of campus.
A short walking distance from the College Hill station on the CARTA Yellow Line, and the student residential & commercial area of Asbury Park, Gleason has been touted as one of the 5 best away day experiences in NSCF.
Opposing fans are treated as welcome guests, invited to participate in pre-game parties held on the front lawns and porches of student houses, protected by the student community and the Metro PD during the course of the pre and post game activities, and often provided with complimentary drinks at the many bars, pubs and taverns in the area of University Avenue.
AOCAF LXII Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Skyhawk Screech: Sadeg State Second?!

Postby Drawkland » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:29 am



Preseason Ranks Putting On The Pressure

Written by Randall Lucas

Hello all, and welcome back to Skyhawk Screech. With longtime sports contributor Jacob Harding joining the ranks of the alumni and going on to the pastures of a "real job", it's up to me, Randall Lucas, to let you know all about the goings-on of Sadeg State Skyhawk football. And this year, it'll be playing in the NSCF. DISC and SSU's athletic department have agreed to shift to a yearly NSCF participation schedule rather than every other year, to increase continuity, or something. I'm just hyped to see what we can do this year.

Let's be honest: last season was slightly disappointing. The upstarts in Felswyr State from Chromatika came and ran the table, going 10-0 and "stealing" the Horizon Conference title from us. I mean, we went 8-2 and beat everyone else in the conference besides our series with the Firehawks (real original, guys), but it was still a little disappointing. We managed to go 2-1 in the Out of Conference stage, including an absolutely crazy 37-35 win at home over Mar Sara Tech to cap off the regular season. The Game With No Name came down to the final play, and we thought it would mean the end of the season for whoever came short, and playoffs for whoever came on top. However, Mar Sara Tech got the lucky nod from the selection committee. Their first round opponent? Us. In Sadeg. Luckily we managed to come away with another (more defensive) win, 24-13, and made it to the second round.

Our reward? Travelling to Cold Hill University to take on the Buffalo. You know, the Ranorian powerhouse that was on their way to their second title (not that we knew that at the time). It went about as well as you'd expect, as we got absolutely hamblasted and sent home with another NSCF quarterfinal loss. I can't really complain, after all, only one team can win the championship, and thank God it wasn't the other team that played in the championship, our new rivals in Felswyr State.

This season, hopes are a little higher here on campus, and not just because we have a great core starting to develop and some older students really hitting their stride. According to the official NSCF rankings, Sadeg State are coming into this season ... ranked #2. That's right, the NSCF higher-ups have determined, based on the last three season's performance, the only team better than Sadeg State is none other than two-time reigning champions Cold Hill.

Let me calm you down right now: it's not that impressive. Cold Hill have a massive advantage over us point-wise, and we've barely scraped ahead of Salamantic Universities (Ko-oren), the two Banijan powerhouses, and Richardson (the other Ranorians). If we'd taken another couple losses in the past three seasons, we'd just as easily be ranked outside the top 5. I talked to some people who know more about this than I, and most of them said it was due to our consistent playoff appearances and solid conference showings. Still, it feels weird to be ranked so highly.

What does that mean for this season? In all honestly, not very much. Felswyr State looks as fearsome as ever, with their defensive tactics threatening to neutralize all in their path. The rest of our conference members are complete bottom-feeders, so the question for the Horizon Conference is "who will blink first?" between Skyhawk and Firehawk. Last season we managed to keep a solid stranglehold over everyone else in our path, and I think this season has the makings to be the same. Allow me to do a quick review of our upcoming conference schedule:

Home against Cavsar: easy win.
Away against Felswyr State: Our hardest game of the campaign. Will be huge for determining momentum and the conference race. Could go either way.
Home against Laneca: easy win.
Away against Rickendor Central: easy win.
Home against Hoofstra: easy win.
Away against Cavsar: easy win, and doubly hilarious for bragging rights.
Home against Felswyr State: Arguably the most important matchup in the conference. My only regret is that this is so "early" in the season. Give us the late season matchup next time! Could go either way, but hopefully home field advantage comes up big.
Away against Laneca: easy win.
Home against Rickendor Central: easy win.
Away against Hoofstra: easy win.

We should go 9-1 and probably win the conference. Cavsar may be a laughably mediocre dumpster fire, but maybe they can do something useful for once and take a win from Felswyr to ensure our glorious Skyhawk dominance. Will my predictions probably be exposed as comically cold takes by the halfway point of the season? Probably, but I stand by these predictions. Sadeg State has been on the cusp of greatness for many seasons. It's only a matter of time before we truly break the glass ceiling of the NSCF quarterfinals and make something real happen.

Oh right, let's cover the out of conference slate for this season. Boy, it's a real doozy. We start off on the road playing Kohnhead City, a debutant from last season that's going to be cutting their teeth against Ranorians in the Big Eight all season. Jury's out on whether they'll be achieving real success, but this could really be anywhere from a primetime matchup to the closest thing to a cupcake on the OOC schedule. Especially having to travel to Kohnhead for this, it's no telling how it'll end up.

Now Week 12, and Week 2 of the out of conference matchups, we have ... Cold Hill University. Yeah, that Cold Hill. Apparently the Ranorian and Drawkian staffs were looking at a matchup with Richardson, but the possibility of a #1 vs #2 matchup (though it likely won't still be #1 and #2 that late in the season) was just too irresistible for the scheduling heads. I, for one, applaud our AD for having the balls to schedule CHU. I also am totally prepared for the actual assblasting we're going to receive, on our own home field. Did you know that two of our quarterfinal eliminations (including last season) have been at the hands of Cold Hill? They were both by huge margins, too. I have zero hopes for this game, but it'll also be the first time they'll have to travel to Sadeg. Who knows, maybe some Sonnel magic will finally get us a win over the Buffalo? HA, yeah right. I predict a loss here, but if we somehow win, then either Cold Hill is collapsing, or we're about to have a really fun playoff run.

Finally, we end it with the ... uh, Mar Sara Matchup. The Game With No Name is set to be in Valanora this year, so we won't be able to rely on home field advantage to eek one out. We've won our last four matchups, and last three in the regular season. The last time the Raiders overcame us was all the way back in NSCF 18 (but credit to them, they really ran us through). I wouldn't count on us too hard, though. They're always outside contenders, and they might be worldbeaters this season. Only time will tell, and it's a bit too far away to tell yet.

I was going to look at some of the key points on our roster, but I'll save that for when the season starts, because you never know when wacky stuff will happen to the depth chart and roster in the early season. Next time on Skyhawk Screech we'll be looking at our first couple games of the NSCF season, which will also happen to be some of our bigger matchups! The Horizon Conference race will look much clearer by then.

Until then, I'm Randall Lucas for Skyhawk Screech. And as always, Screech On, Skyhawks!
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Postby Karditan » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:01 am

Hoofstra University Pride

Style: -4.3
Home Field: Ledbetter Field, Fillydelphia (34 500)
Choose my scorers: Y (comical reliance on defense and/or special teams encouraged)
Choose scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier: -4.3

Hoofstra University is an elite private university upstream on the Delamare river from Fillydelphia proper, though the southern capital is still readily accessible by a short train ride. Founded by an eccentric pair of siblings of a local agricultural baron, it was the first university founded outside of the nation’s (then much smaller) urban centers. By effectively giving a new career outlet to the vast swathes of ponies living in more rural areas—one that featured dramatically higher upward mobility—Hoofstra quickly became a center for innovation by collating perspectives from more walks of life than ever before. In particular their economics department has had an outsized impact on the course of Karditani history for better and for worse. It was these hallowed halls where the seeds of their modern vision of Anarcho-Capitalism were sown.

As early practitioners of such inventive and aggressive business practices, the institution always had an outsized amount of funding to throw around and some of that inevitably found its way into the sports programs. The Pride aren’t the oldest existing collegiate gridiron team, but do have the longest contiguous history as other elder rivals had periods of budget constraints shuttering teams. In modern times, the competition—and profits—have tightened to the point that it’s difficult for any one uni to become truly dominant, but Hoofstra perennially remains a top contender and on the tip of the peoples’ tongues when bants commence. The student body is also renowned as being the queerest across Karditan.

(ep) = earth pony || (up) = unicorn || (pp) = pegasus || ** = noted talent
Pos # YR Name

Offensive Starters
QB 07 JR Tzeench Eramarian
HB 05 SR Chainlink (ep)
WR 24 SR Southward Moss (pp)
WR 12 JR Brandon McVay
WR 59 FR Natalie Brookford
TE 16 JR Short Option (up) **
RT 87 SR Quentin Bakir
RG 48 SR Riptide (ep) **
C 78 JR Lothar Matheus
LG 53 SO Brimstone Trident (ep) **
LT 06 SR Sunless Skies (pp)

Offensive Alternates
QB 70 SO Johnny Montgomery
QB 79 FR Cauldron Bubbles (up)
HB 54 JR Wensin Armidayo
HB 96 FR Lightning Bolt (pp)
FB 47 JR Gerald Stark
FB 29 FR Frances Oberon **
WR 25 SO Harmonius Salmon
WR 38 SO Ether McGregor
WR 67 FR Bell Air (pp)
TE 71 JR Kimberlyn Taggart
TE 84 FR Matthias Brown
XT 86 JR Tatiana Drechsler
XT 36 SO Magnus Alonso
XG 15 JR Quail Breslaw
XG 81 FR Sea Shanty (ep)
C 11 FR Snip Snap (up)
C 27 FR Kevin Callis

Defensive Starters
RE 74 SR Jereth Hendricks
DT 61 JR Jackie Lopez
DT 13 SR Stoplight (ep) **
LE 17 JR Emerald Will (ep)
RLB 75 SO Viktor Shaw **
MLB 21 SR Montressor Hawthorne **
LLB 57 JR Azalea Lenin
CB 34 SR Willie Fawzi **
CB 64 JR Verdant Miasma (up) **
FS 04 JR Palmer Floyd
SS 39 SO Swifthoof (pp)

Defensive Subs
DT 60 JR Monty Clement
DT 58 SO Leatherhoof (ep)
DT 66 FR Niko Gallo
XE 32 SO Alba Corrina
XE 08 SO Diamond Hooves (ep)
XE 52 FR Gunther Ricci
XLB 89 SO Zoey Fionne
XLB 22 FR Enrique Sokolov **
XLB 09 FR Patent Absurdity (up)
CB 01 SO Martin Clement
CB 19 FR Rosalyn Knight
XS 72 SO Silk Touch (pp)
XS 02 FR Zahira Kestrel **

Special Teams
K 99 SR Rajya Cook **
K 98 JR Nathaniel Winthrop
K 97 SO Jordan Foster
K 96 FR Airtime (pp) **
P 85 SR Longshot (ep) **
P 58 SO Mizzie Tomas
Champions: -n/a-
Runner-up: BoF 46; WBXX
Qualified for WC63
Hosted: WBXX; WBXL
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Postby Kohnhead » Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:00 am

KSPN Power Rankings: Preseason


The writers here at KSPN will be putting together a weekly power rankings (top 10) of all the NSCF teams taking into account prior seasons, recruiting classes, this season, and more. There is no set formula for deriving this list and it is entirely subjective so if your team is lower than you would like or doesn't make this we apologize in advance.

1. Cold Hill University - Ranoria
Conference: Big Eight (1st)
Last Season: Defeated Felswyr State 20-13 to win Championship

Luckily for us the first one on the list will see no debate whatsoever as Cold Hill won their second NSCF title in three seasons behind the best player in the NSCF in quarterback Diamond Rhine. While another title this year would be completely unprecedented should we really bet on Rhine and Cold Hill to lose it? There will be questions on how focused Rhine is just like there were last year and while he has done the opposite of putting those to rest we here at KSPN still consider this by far the best team talentwise. While escaping from the Big Eight with as good of a record as last season will prove difficult they should win at least eight conference games.

2. Raynor University - Valanora
Conference: Zephyr (1st)
Last Season: Lost 30-27 to Cold Hill in Semifinals

This is where the controversy starts with the Zephry conference champions in Raynor being ranked at number two. Raynor had quite an impressive season for themselves last year and while it was acknowledged it wasn't covered as heavily as some of the other stories like the big three newcomer schools in FSU, KCU, and SAFA all of whom make an appearance later on this list. Raynor came very close to beating Cold Hill in the semfinals last season losing out in the final seconds by mere inches and while Aleksander Aas at running back will not be back after graduating the other big parts of that run in receiver Chinweuba Jelan and quarterback Håkon Schau. Despite a 10th ranked recruiting class, Raynor should breeze through their Zephyr conference and are set to have a very good season.

3. University of Loyola-Istria - Banija
Conference: Celestia (1st)
Last Season: Defeated University of the Commonwealth 28-14 in Karmin-Falce Auto Bowl

Loyola-Istria had a very very down season by their standards missing the playoffs for the first time since their debut in NSCF 13 and the multi time champion who came in at the top of everyone's rankings last season just sort of went down without a fight for most of the season. Salamantic Universities provided lots of competition for that spot at the top of the Celestia Conference and Loyola-Istria surprisingly also fell behind fellow Banijan school NMU to finish 3rd at 6-4. However this team is back to compete this year and the NSCF 21 Champions should be really well set for the future with the top ranked recruiting class.

4. Sadeg State University - Drawkland
Conference: Horizon (1st)
Last Season: Lost to Cold Hill 45-28 in Quarterfinals

The second non-conference winner to appear on the list Sadeg Stage out of Drawkland had a down season by their standards going a very respectable 10-3 during the season and beat Mar Sara Tech in the round of 12 to advance to a matchup with Cold Hill which went just like everything else's matchups against Cold Hill. In a high scoring shootout they were beat out by a large sum losing 45-28. The big thing for a very talented Sadeg State team this season will be their two matchups with Felswyr State University which will basically determine the conference. Last year their only two conference losses were to the Chromatika school, this time we predict things will go differently.

5. Felswyr State University - Chromatika
Conference: Horizon (2nd)
Last Season: Lost to Cold Hill 20-13 in Championship Game

Yes sure this is a bit low for a team that went 10-0 in Conference play and 14-2 overall along with defeating our 4th ranked team twice and sure this might be a bit of saltiness at them for that. In addition Felswyr State will have multiple starters and some key contributors from its 3rd ranked (and first non-Banijan) recruiting class however we do have some reservations about putting them a bit higher. The big thing has got to be in defensive regression, the best defense in college football lost some key seniors and while they should still be dominant they played absurd last season and now teams will have a full offseason to digest their film as opposed to their debut season. I wouldn't be shocked if they go far once again and could definitely win the Championship with the no running back offense led by sophmore Sarai Gwenderyn however am not predicting it.

6. Salamantic Universities - Ko-oren
Conference: Celestia (2nd)
Last Season: Lost to Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy 41-20 in First Round

Going 8-2 in conference play to win the highly competitive Celestia conference was not an easy task for a Salamantic team in the same conference as both Banijan schools. Following a run to the semifinals in NSCF 21 expectations were high for Salamantic however they were also in one of if not the hardest conferences. They definitely surpassed those expectations in the regular season as mentioned before however the postseason went a lot worse than expected. Taking on 11th seed and newcomer in the Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy, Salamantic were upset at home by SAFA by over 20 pointsin a first round loss. We think they will be back with venegance this season but I don't know if it will be enough to get around the two Banijan schools for the second year.

7. Kohnhead City University - Kohnhead
Conference: Big Eight (2nd)
Last Season: Lost to Felswyr State 19-3 in Semifinals

The fourth semifinalist from last season comes in here at 7th place as the second best newcomer from last season. Kohnhead CIty and their option offense went 10-5 in their first NSCF season coming out of a very difficult Big Eight conference that projects to be even better this season. The big question for the Mighty Eagles will be in their performance against the two Ranorian schools in the conference, we were swept by Cold Hill last season however managed to defeat Richardson twice in conference play and once again in the playoffs. I don't think this team will be able to replicate a run to the semifinals especially in the Big Eight Conference.

8. Richardson University - Ranoria
Conference: Big Eight (3rd)
Last Season: Lost to Kohnhead City 10-6 in Quarterfinals

Last year was a very off season for Richardson as their ultra defensive run the ball mindset brought them to a 7-3 conference record including two losses to the newcomer Mighty Eagles before having to get voted in to the playoffs where they upset Northern Moravica only to fall to Kohnhead City in the quarterfinals. Ezekiel Bantoba will prove a massive difference maker at quarterback as opposed to the rotating cast of Beacon Murray and Angelo Rosin who showed some sparks at random intervals. The big loss will be the Banijan who carried the offense last season in Kuenda Sello who had a historic season but this offense should be a lot better with Bantoba now in charge.

9. Northern Moravica University - Banija
Conference: Celestia (3rd)
Last Season: Lost to Richardson 21-16 in First Round

Quickly we begin to see the two conferences that are definitely the most difficult with Celestia and the Big Eight combining to make up 6 of the first 9 schools on this list. We might be underrating the team that went 10-3 in the regular season last year coming in just behind Kohnhead City in terms of OSPI putting them squarely in a first round matchup. Unfortunately for Northern Moravica they would not walk off of Mughisa II Memorial Stadium the winners with Richardson upsetting them by five points. Coupled with the second best recruiting class although still not good enough to beat Loyola-Istria the future is indeed bright for the NSCF 19 winners and the NSCF 20 runners up however I think they experience some difficulties in such a diffifcult conference.

10. Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy - Squidroidia
Conference: Mineral (1st)
Last Season: Lost to Raynor 35-17 in Quarterfinals

It was between SAFA and the Université du Saguenay for the final spot in the power rankings and it will be SAFA who takes the final spot following a very surprising debut season to the NSCF that saw them take the Mineral Conference away from the University of the Commonwealth who had a poor season. Despite looking like a potential for a first round bye, a poor out of conference performance including a very close loss in the inagural Squidhead Cup sent them down to 11th seeded for the tournament. Nevertheless the Squidbreak pulled through in a dominant victory over Salamantic to ensure their spot in the quarters where they were downed by Raynor. It should be a two team race for the Mineral Conference between them and the Commonwealth yet again with Ernesto Jankowski leading the charge at quarterback.

FIrst five out: Université du Saguenay, University of the Commonwealth, Bowerstone University, Mar Sara Tech, Xannerian Polytechnic Institute

Conference Totals
Big Eight: 3
Celestia: 3
Horizon: 2
Zephyr: 1
Mineral: 1
Woodlands: 0
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Trigramme: KHD
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Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 26th
Hockey: 29th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Mendez Bay Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Electrum Slam - Runner up (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

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Postby Squidroidia » Wed Mar 03, 2021 1:55 pm


Welcome to College Football Saturday.

And here we go again! It feels like forever since we left the confines of the Takanori Army Base for the Squidhead Cup and the rest of the out of conference and PLAYOFF journeys! But now, the graces of Saturdays gracing the SAF Park have returned as the Squidbreak, donning the iconic red of the Squidroidian military, head off to defend the Mineral Conference crown. As kickoff approaches for the game against Syracuse State at that iconic ground, here are some reasons why your eyes have to look at the Squidbreak when it comes to NSCF football this season.

Defending the Conference Title

Yeah, I know, we already said that, but it bears repeating - In his first ever season under the lights of NSCF football, a young squid with the first name of Zlatan fired the upstart SAFA Squidbreak into winning the big one - The Mineral Conference Title. And this conference title we're talking about was no pushover, even though the Mineral Conference is, well, the Mineral Conference. It has been dominated by the University of the Commonwealth. The Warriors. The evil empire of the Mineral Conference. And yet, here we are. We have the title now and UOTC wants it real bad! I can feel their fans shouting at us from a mile away!

New Blood

This Mineral Conference squad has seen a lot of changes. Gone are the Catherine du Nord Patriots, gone is the Academy of Space, gone is Terrestrial Acclimation Academy! 4 new teams will replace the old guard in the conference, and everybody seems to have their eyes on Trent State University coming out of TJUN-ia. The Feathercaps out of the Islands of Europa boast a decent quarterback in junior Gareth Baldwin and he has offensive weapons to fire to - Victor Que-et-Vous and baby freshman Fremont Whitehorse at wides, Tyrell and Jackson as running backs, not to mention Nia Jaxon-Fuller at tight-end, because this offense will be fun to watch! Now we're not saying that Vietussia Academy, Syracuse State or especially Freedom's Altar will do much, heck Freedom's Altar might be banging on the door of the conference title if they're lucky! All we're saying is watch what's coming out of Sherwood Field.

Something to Prove

Now with all this talk of a conference title defense and Trent State and Freedom's Altar, you might be wondering, why do we care about this? We aren't Cold Hill, we're a team that fluked their way to a conference title! Well well well, that's why we're here to talk about college football now! Thing is, this season is one where the Squidbreak need to prove to the world that they aren't flukes, that they can consistently hang with the big boys of collegiate football - The Loyola-Istras, the Salamantics and the Raynors of the world. That, and also a chance to bring the Squidhead Cup right back to Squidroidia from a pretty freaking good Mighty Eagles team. Speaking of which, where the hell is our out of conference schedule! Did you leave that back at Hope's Peak High, intern?

A Change in Squids

Now this is the biggest issue the Squidbreak has going into this season. Let's just say the Squidbreak has a problem with how it does their team. The first thing you have to say is seniors, seniors, seniors. The whole starting lineup apart from a couple of 2nd spots is seniors, they work their butts off just to play in this team and the fact that they only have a year until graduating and moving on to the World Bowl or more service is even more proof that this team can easily break. One season with a stacked core will be thrown out of the window next season, and it's up to the former juniors and now seniors to step up and bring this team to where the previous year's class ended at. A complete reset. Hopefully with the training these new crop of starters have they can take this team above and beyond because lemme tell you, a bad Squidbreak team is going to hurt morale more than anything the lunch ladies will ever serve!

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Postby United Volcano Isles » Wed Mar 03, 2021 1:59 pm

University of Waikoloa Village Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Head Coach: Kawena Kaialiilii
Offensive Coordiantor: Uluwehi Iokua
Defensive Coordinator: Hoku'alohi Kiliona
Offensive Scheme: Full House
Defensive Scheme: 4-6 Bear

Fact File
Conference Affiliations: UVI 12 (Domestic), Celestia (International)
Colors: Red and Brown
Style Mod: -1
City: Waikoloa Village, UVI
Enrollment: 6,500

Starting Offense
QB: Kaiho'i Kalili
RB: Ke'ala Elikapeka
FB: Mika'ele Kaai
Akela Oline
WR: Ipolani Leilani
'Iolani Kanoa
LT: Pekelo Luana
LG: Kaholo Kaleo
C: Aukanai'i Hoke
RG: Leolani Kahikina
RT: Lewai Allen

Starting Defense
LE: Palani Akamu
DT: Moke Ka'ahanui
Kaiwi Pilis
RE: Kaleolani Kapule
EDGE: Makani Ka'uhane
ROLB: Hiwahiwakeiki Palakiko
MLB: Kala Oline
LOLB: Ahulani Onaona
CB: Iakepa Kaohi
Hoku ala Nani
S: Kanuha Okalani

Offense Reserves
QB: 'Aluna Moana
RB: Pilipo Ailani
Hanauhoulani Keala
FB: Manu Anakoni
Hinano Mahoe
Kanale Ka'ana'ana
WR: Kahikookeakua Kaia
Ali'imalu Hekekia
Alemana Pouha
OL: Ka'ana'ana Keao
Kapono Keoki
Kekelika Akuini
Ka'aukai Alika
Ke'alohilani Kane
Ka'ike'apona Edena
'Alohi Kekoa
Kapahu Akamu
Kulamau'u Kaluhiwa
Hokule'a Kapiolani
Ke'alohilani Kalili

Defensive Reserves
LE: Hu'eu Kahananui
DT: Kaimalolo Loni
Akiliano Alika
Kelalani Newalu
RE: Nainoa Kalua
Keo Pookalani
EDGE: Kanaloa Kamauoha
LB: Aoloa Ka'ai'ai
Kaili Kamakeoaina
Kamaha'o Ailani
Kahoni Akuini
Hali'aaloha Mahelona
CB: Malu Naihe
Makaio Ah-Puck
Kawai Kahue
Kahewai Kekoa
S: Ha'ulili Kalili
Ululani Aolani



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