[DEFEATED] Self-Defence Education Compact

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Postby Shaktirajya » Sat Dec 11, 2021 8:23 pm

While We find physical education and self-defense training to be both noble and integral to the education of a self-actualized citizen, We, the People's Hindu Matriarchy of Shaktirajya, must vote AGAINST this resolution for the following reasons: the resolution vacillates between a mandate and a mere suggestion. We also find that this resolution is not thorough enough being only a paragraph or two in length, and therefore does not meet the stylistic standards which We would expect for a resolution submitted to an international organization of this caliber (while the informality of this particular resolution is not as grievous, it is not unlike the patently absurd "Clean Prostitute Act" which unfortunately still remains on the books). We also defer to the judgment of Our regional delegate Dilber who has seen fit to cast a "No" vote. If an improved and amended version of this resolution were to be resubmitted, We may see fit to vote in favor. Unfortunately, that time is not now.

Mukhyamantri Samajavadinaha Matatantrasya Shaktirajyasya
Nota Bene: Even though my country is a Matriarchy, I am a dude.

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Postby Berusturg » Sat Dec 11, 2021 8:24 pm

Marlem wrote:
Berusturg wrote:Berusturg votes FOR this resolution

Our federatives believe that the future generation should be able to protect themselves and others from any person wiling to hurt them, and choose to pass this resolution.

Honourable Representative, I do respect your point of view, but at the same time that children are being taught "techniques" for self defense openly and in a mandatory form, are we not also giving a new generation of violent people an array of weapons to use?

Our federatives have realized and agree that this resolution may increase violence and bullying but like the core idea of teaching self-defense and protection to the newer generation, although they have found this resolution incomplete and full of flaws after rethinking of all the possibilities that this resolution brings, because of this they have now chose to withdraw their current vote and be against it.
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Postby Texkentuck » Mon Dec 13, 2021 1:22 am

Sierra Lyricalia wrote:Leo shakes his head, a slightly confused grin on his face. He stands to address the chamber.

"There are a number of legitimate reasons to oppose this draft, but I'm flabbergasted at what most ambassadors have come up with. It's fine to worry about World Assembly overreach, and I understand the high gravity of Omicron Convenience V ensures that its people have no physical bodily condition between 'Hussein Thunderbolt' and 'clinically dead.'"

"What I can't understand is the opposition based on fear of violence. Unarmed self defence is neither more nor less than that - teaching the body how to react when it is physically threatened with violence by some other person or animal. Several martial arts, despite that term, are specifically designed to react to threats, and have no proactive - that is, aggressive - moves. Indeed, the entire point is that in an environment in which every potential victim has the basics of self-defense, physical or violent bullying becomes much harder to perform."

"And in the event someone is able to carry it out anyway, the victim will understand there was nothing they could have done; rather than agonizing hours, days, or even weeks later about 'Oh, I should've kicked him in the nuts but I froze up!', instead they'll be that much closer to realizing 'I did the best I possibly could, but Chacky Jan himself would've had trouble with those assholes - there was nothing else I could've done.' Trauma recovery proceeds a bit easier this way, yet you want to deny it for so many."

"It's difficult to imagine a downside to teaching these skills, but somehow my fellow ambassadors have achieved it. But they've gotten things bass-ackwards: teaching children how to protect themselves against violence does not increase violence, and helping kids understand and control their emotional responses - an essential part of any such training - is the opposite of encouraging anger and predation. We might as well say developing heart medicine will encourage more people to have heart attacks! The argument is asinine and should be disregarded, as my esteemed colleague from Demo-- from Desom-- uh, from D&B, has ably stated."

The proposal states- suggests that those being taught self-defence under Article c also receive similar instruction about more advanced forms of self-defence. I am quite skilled in judo. Advanced self defense means I block your move then go on the attack....Sounds wild and more violent. Every nations culture is diffirent. Our schools teach judo and gun safety. Our nations culture isn't like every nation in the WA that's why we wouldn't push this through. GOOD GAWD-It's difficult to imagine a downside to teaching these skills, but somehow my fellow ambassadors have achieved it. OF YOUR NATIONS CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some nations are just fine doing P.E. and not all nations children and educated teach the same. What’s next. The WA is going to push a new math curriculum in which 5th graders must know calculus in all nations when in some nations they barely understand 9x5. But teach the real history…. In knowing how to fight comes great responsibility. No nation can guarantee another nations culture of children that has bullies won’t be taught this. No international organization should degrade liberty and override the local school curriculum of an independent nation. WA should focus more on proposals like banning the eating and trading of dog meat internationally!
P.S. congratulations to your fellow Ambassadors. Cool your nation teaches self defense but some nations would rather teach students Art instead of self defense. It’s their culture…

Letter sent to the WA in response to the usual in the WA that pushes strongly on every nations border, language, and culture. Surprised the WA hasn’t pushed a proposal for every nation to speak the same language yet. But maybe they have…. That’s why nations are concerned.
President Bram W. Schirkophf
Texkentuck Monarchy Republic Federation
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Postby Tinhampton » Mon Dec 13, 2021 5:39 am

"Self-Defence Education Compact" was defeated 10,216 votes to 4,878. (32.32% support)
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Postby Princess Rainbow Sparkles » Mon Dec 13, 2021 1:19 pm

Tinhampton wrote:
"Self-Defence Education Compact" was defeated 10,216 votes to 4,878. (32.32% support)

If only it had received some self-defense training!


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