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This thread will be used to post results from various sports leagues in the Licentian Isles, most prominently the RenewTec Licentian Premier League and the Parish Senior Leagues in football. If you have any questions regarding the contents of this thread, please do not post here, and instead contact me by TG.
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1SR Season Preview

Postby The Licentian Isles » Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:40 am


1SR Season Preview

AFC Farnworth:

Stadium - Farnworth Municipal Stadium (36,000 capacity), Farnworth, Colesham Parish
Home kit - Red with black trim
Away kit - Solid black
Nickname - Reds
Preferred formation - 4-4-2

Team preview:
Once one of the most successful teams in Licentian football, the Reds have struggled in recent years, at least by comparison to their previous peaks. They spent a period of time in the second tier of Licentian football before acquiring new investment that allowed for major growth in the club’s academy, pushing them back into the Premier League three years ago. They have since built into a fairly consistent mid table side on the back of a talented group of young players, most of whom have remained rather than being tempted to larger clubs. Many talk about this resulting from the positive culture built by their manager, Kelvin Muir.

Notable player - Belle Fleming, CB, 23 years:
One of the younger captains in the RenewTec Licentian Premier League, Fleming is the perfect example of Farnworth’s growing reputation for producing talented young players with a passion for the club. A no-nonsense centre-half, Fleming plays with a wisdom beyond her years, and her leadership qualities are highly rated both within the club and across the Isles. Rumours linked her with Abingdon Celtic and Glenmount Town in the summer, but she committed to a long term deal with Farnworth instead.

Prediction - 9th

Abingdon Celtic:

Stadium - Gardiner-Stewart Stadium (62,000 capacity), Abingdon, Abingdon Parish
Home kit - Green with white sash
Away kit - White with green trim
Nickname - Celtic
Preferred formation - 4-4-2

Team preview:
Celtic have become a consistently strong club during the isolation of the Isles from the rest of the multiverse, despite the best efforts of their local rivals Gaelic Club to deny them many of their titles. The side from the West End of the second city have built an academy that draws in the best talents from across the parish, and that has propelled them to greater success than they’ve ever experienced before. However, there are many rumours of growing egos in the dressing room; maintaining the peace will be vital if Celtic are to win another title.

Notable player - Miles Henderson, LW, 25 years:
Since his move from Montfort University two years ago, Henderson has become a fixture of the Celtic side, regularly hitting the highlight reels with his skill and powerful left foot. One of many in Abingdon’s side tipped for a cap with the Cyan-and-Gold when they return to international football, Henderson has also made clear his desire to become one of the best. Whether his future development continues in Abingdon or somewhere else remains to be seen.

Prediction - 1st


Stadium - Village Green (11,500 capacity), Blackheath, Montfort Parish
Home kit - Solid black
Away kit - White with black antlers
Nickname - Stags
Preferred formation - 5-3-2

Team preview:
The Stags have become a side famed for tough defence that often prompts fear in the hearts of any centre forward visiting Blackheath. They won’t win any awards for scoring the most goals or fair play, but there’s no doubt that it’s an effective strategy. They are a fixture of the mid-table of the Premier League, with the capacity to turn over the best teams when they have home advantage. Despite representing a small village just outside of the capital, they have amassed a high support, many of whom want to see the club continue to grow.

Notable player - Aaron Munro, CB, 35 years:
Aaron Munro is not a subtle defender; if he’s on the park, then you’ll know he’s there. Blackheath has been his home throughout his footballing career, and many believe he will continue to be revered in this part of Montfort Parish long after his retirement. He is a loud voice in his team’s defensive efforts, and isn’t afraid to get into a tussle in either penalty box, but is nonetheless a role model for many young Stags fans.

Prediction - 11th


Stadium - Anderson Stadium (14,000 capacity), Broadwood, St Bart’s Parish
Home kit - Solid forest green
Away kit - Black with forest green horizontal stripe
Nickname - Foresters
Preferred formation - 4-3-3

Team preview:
Newly promoted to the Premier League, the Foresters represent one of the quieter parts of the island of St Bart’s. That has led to fierce rivalries with the major teams from the parish capital, Dutch and United, that many would classify as Broadwood feeling a little too much like the younger brother. Their highly attacking style won many plaudits in the second tier as they earned promotion, but there are questions over whether it will suit matches against larger, more well-drilled sides.

Notable player - Anne-Linde van Oers, CF, 21 years:
Van Oers is a player that many have described as a mercurial talent. She was the top goal scorer in the St Bart’s Parish Senior League last season, and has become one of the most important players for the Foresters despite her age. She still has moments where her lack of experience shines through, but there are many that hope that this season in the Premier League will allow to grow into a more rounded player, no matter where Broadwood end up come the end of the year.

Prediction - 15th

Colesham Rovers:

Stadium - Old Colliery Road (21,000 capacity), Colesham, Colesham Parish
Home kit - Navy blue with white arms
Away kit - White with navy blue pinstripes
Nickname - Miners
Preferred formation - 4-5-1

Team preview:
As Athletic, their cross-city rivals, fell from grace in recent years, Rovers have found themselves as the major side in the city of Colesham. Despite this, the Miners have found themselves dropping in and out of the Premier League; this is one of the seasons where they have found themselves in the top tier. They are expecting to find themselves in a relegation battle this season, and they’re hoping that their stalwart defence will keep them up in what could be a difficult season.

Notable player - Ethan Smith, HM, 28 years:
Smith is a player who brings talent on both sides of the ball for Colesham Rovers. In defence, he sits in front of the back four and manages to direct them in shutting down any attack. Smith also brings playmaking skill going forward, distributing the ball in attempts to quickly move it up to a centre forward, generally one who is tall and stocky. He will captain the Miners for the first time this season, and their fans will be hoping he can maintain his form from previous years with the added pressure of the armband.

Prediction - 14th

Gaelic Club:

Stadium - Coliseum of the Gaels (42,000 capacity), Abingdon, Abingdon Parish
Home kit - Green with gold vertical stripe
Away kit - White with green and gold vertical stripe
Nickname - Gaels
Preferred formation - 4-4-2

Team preview:
No side looks forward to travelling to the Coliseum in the East End of Abingdon. The fans of the Gaels bring a wall of noise that can intimidate any travelling team, and has motivated their own side to higher and higher peaks in recent years. While their rivals across the city have been more successful in terms of titles in recent years, Gaelic Club have continued to challenge at the top of the division, and all it will take is one good year to propel the club to their first title.

Notable player - Ruaridh Grant, CF, 24 years:
As the top scorer in the RenewTec Licentian Premier League last season, Grant has a reputation to uphold going into his second year with the Gaels. His flashy style won many fans in Abingdon Parish before his move to the Coliseum, and then in the Premier League he found himself doing the same as his club challenged for the title. However, some people are expecting that defenders will not be burned by Grant again, and that he will be targeted much more; that may stop him from continuing his growth in his second senior season.

Prediction - 4th

Garton Bay Pirates:

Stadium - The Anchor (22,500 capacity), Garton Bay, Montfort Parish
Home kit - Black and red hoops
Away kit - Red with black trim
Nickname - Pirates
Preferred formation - 4-4-2

Team preview:
Once a relatively unknown team outside of Montfort Parish, Garton Bay have grown into a consistent mid-table side over recent decades. However, they have found themselves in financial turmoil, with their previous owner, Duncan Morris, jailed over fraud charges independent from the club. While the core of their team has remained at The Anchor going into this season, they are expecting to see somewhat of a firesale come the end of the season. As such, many of their fans are hoping for one last hurrah before the club is forced to rebuild from the rubble.

Notable player - Scott McIntyre, RW, 26 years:
With the financial woes of the Pirates, many are seeing this as a season for their best players to put themselves in the shop window. Scott McIntyre is one of those players who will be looking to move on, barring a saviour appearing on the coast out of nowhere. A talented winger with a penchant for using skill to break his way past a defence, McIntyre has suitors already in the Isles, he may well look abroad if he can earn some more money for his services there.

Prediction - 8th

Glenmount Town:

Stadium - Market Street (19,500 capacity), Glenmount, Abingdon Parish
Home kit - Solid cyan
Away kit - Black with cyan sash
Nickname - Mountaineers
Preferred formation - 4-4–2

Team preview:
One of the three big clubs in Abingdon Parish who have dominated the Premier League in recent years, Glenmount Town are the biggest challenge to Abingdon Celtic this season. Another small club that have grown into one of the best in the nation, the Mountaineers will be hoping that the return of the Licentian Isles from isolation will allow them to continue to grow. As pretty much the only thing that anyone knows from the small town of Glenmount, the whole town will be shouting for their success this season.

Notable player - Caitlin Fraser, GK, 31 years:
Caitlin Fraser is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in the Isles. She is a product of Glenmount’s academy, and has remained with the club since she was a teenager. For all the talent playing in cyan, there is no doubt that Town would be much worse off without her experience and leadership from between the sticks. She will play an integral role in any title challenge that her side pose this season, and in any Licentian side that returns to international football.

Prediction - 2nd

Houghton Rangers:

Stadium - Hilltop Stadium (31,000 capacity), Houghton, Abingdon Parish
Home kit - White with green trim
Away kit - Green with white trim
Nickname - Rangers
Preferred formation - 5-3-2

Team preview:
Rangers are the definition of a yo-yo team. They have regularly dropped down to the senior leagues before returning to the Premier League not long after, something that has become a source of frustration, both in Houghton and amongst the teams they beat in the Senior Parish Championship. This season does not look like it will be any different, at least at the outset, as Houghton have not managed to make much progress since their promotion from the Abingdon Parish Senior League. Their fans will be hoping for a change of fortunes at the Hilltop.

Notable player - Thomas Hughes, CM, 19 years:
One of the few acquisitions that Houghton have made since their promotion, and even Hughes only joins on loan for a season from Montfort Wanderers. He is a talented player who is expected to have a solid career, though his prospects at Wanderers may be limited by their current pool of talent. This then is an attempt for him to show his skill in the Premier League away from LTI Stadium; he is hoping he won’t be limited by a struggling Rangers side.

Prediction - 16th

Montfort University:

Stadium - University Stadium (20,000 capacity), Montfort, Montfort Parish
Home kit - Yellow and black stripes
Away kit - Black with yellow trim
Nickname - Scholars
Preferred formation - 4-4-2 diamond

Team preview:
The Scholars are one of a number of professional teams founded out of the major universities of the Isles, but by far the most successful. Montfort University have managed to remain within the Premier League for a number of years now, but have struggled to pull their way out of regular relegation battles. They have also struggled against the other teams from the capital, much to the frustration of their fans. While it doesn’t appear that this season is the year for them to break either of those ducks, they will be hoping to see growth compared to previous years.

Notable player - Phoebe Kelly, LB, 27 years:
Kelly has recently joined University from St Bart’s Dutch, having lost her place there amongst some tensions with the coaching staff. Despite her reputation as a firebrand in the dressing room, she was snapped up very quickly by the Scholars with the hope that that passion will help to drive the team forward. She has already shown her leadership in preseason friendlies, and many expect that any good season for University will require a good season for Phoebe Kelly.

Prediction - 13th

Montfort Wanderers:

Stadium - LTI Stadium (75,000 capacity), Montfort, Montfort Parish
Home kit - White with navy blue trim
Away kit - Navy blue with white sash
Nickname - Whites
Preferred formation - 4-4-2 diamond

Team preview:
For a long time, Montfort Wanderers were the best side in the Licentian Isles. When football turned professional on the Isles, their fortunes took a turn and the club have won very few titles since. Nonetheless, there is still a certain level of respect for the side that plays at the national stadium. The club’s new manager, Fabrizio Kaal, will be hoping to pull the club back towards the title fights that they used to be involved in, but the Whites are expecting it will be more like a marathon than a sprint.

Notable player - Arlo McGregor, AM, 22 years:
The Whites have an excess of talented young midfielders at the club on whom they hope to build new success under Kaal, and Arlo McGregor is the best of them. At the age of 22 he is already one of the most highly rated Licentian footballers, and the only way is up for McGregor. He clearly enjoys his role as the playmaker for Wanderers, and will be hoping to lead his boyhood club to the title in the not so distant future.

Prediction - 5th

SC Montfort:

Stadium - Adamson Park (55,000 capacity), Montfort, Montfort Parish
Home kit - Solid royal blue
Away kit - Black with royal blue horizontal stripe
Nickname - Royals
Preferred formation - 4-5-1

Team preview:
The club founded by the former royalty of the Licentian Isles, SC Montfort have had a similar amount of success to their biggest rivals, Montfort Wanderers, since the sport turned professional (which is to say, not very much). There has been a revolving door of managers in charge of the Royals in recent years; the latest fool in the hot seat is Mirren McDonald, who will be hoping that her experience with East Montfort United will help her with managing in the capital. The club is hoping that a new woman in the job will propel them forward, ideally ahead of their bitter rivals.

Notable player - Nick Reid, CF, 30 years:
When people ask about the stereotypical Licentian centre forward, the current example they point towards is Nick Reid. He isn’t afraid of a bit of pushing at a set piece, and regularly earns more yellow cards than any other players in the Premier League. However, he also draws a lot of fouls by pulling players into his style of play, and his teammates often take advantage of the resulting set pieces. That, amongst other things, is why Reid continues to be the first name on the team sheet for the Royals.

Prediction - 6th

St Bart’s Dutch:

Stadium - Abbey Road (17,500 capacity), St Bart’s, St Bart’s Parish
Home kit - Solid orange
Away kit - Blue with orange trim
Nickname - Helligens
Preferred formation - 4-5-1

Team preview:
The Helligens are one of the most successful teams from the outer islands of the Licentian Isles. Founded by the Cyborg Dutch minority of St Bart’s, the club draws many of the best players of that background to their academy. They will be relying on those younger players much more than usual this season, after some of their more experienced players, including Phoebe Kelly, left under a cloud of disagreements with manager Roselyn Bentum. Dutch fans will be hoping their young talents are enough to at least remain in the top four, if not to mount a title challenge.

Notable player - Wisse Tuininga, RW, 23 years:
Tuininga is the man entrusted with the captain’s armband after the departure of Kelly. Many have wondered whether Bentum has given the armband to a young player as they would be easier to influence. What is beyond a doubt is the talent that Tuininga has; he is an incredibly strong winger who is a shoo-in for a Cyan-and-Gold cap in the coming years. The question is whether he has enough leadership skills to wear the armband for the Helligens.

Prediction - 3rd

St Thomas:

Stadium - Recreation Ground (11,000 capacity), St Thomas, St Bart’s Parish
Home kit - Solid sky blue
Away kit - White with sky blue trim
Nickname - Sky Blues
Preferred formation - 4-4-2

Team preview:
For a long time St Thomas have been considered the second team of St Bart’s Parish, much like it is considered the second island. In recent years, however, there have been signs of growth in this quiet corner of the Isles. While for many years they were fighting to avoid relegation, they have spent recent years climbing the table, and even claiming the scalp of their biggest rival, St Bart’s Dutch, at home last season. They will be hoping that they will continue to grow this year, especially after a number of signings from larger clubs.

Notable player - Flora Watson, CB, 28 years:
Flora Watson is trying to regain the form she’s lost after a long period out injured. She previously played for Abingdon Celtic, before a knee injury kept her out of action for a year. While she did wear the green and white again, she did not show enough for her contract to be renewed. She has made the move to the Sky Blues in the hope of rebuilding her career on St Thomas, and will be vital to any forward progress they make this season.

Prediction - 10th

Stonehouse Athletic:

Stadium - Burnside (16,500 capacity), Stonehouse, Abingdon Parish
Home kit - Silver with black vertical stripe
Away kit - Solid black
Nickname - Latics
Preferred formation - 4-3-3

Team preview:
Stonehouse Athletic are another side whose growth has resulted from new investment; however, that growth has been far more dramatic than that of AFC Farnworth. They’ve expanded their stadium tenfold and have moved from relegation battles in the second tier to upper mid table Premier League finishes in just 5 years. While signing a number of big name players from other Licentian clubs, they have also developed their own young talent, and are hoping to maintain their current position in the league going into this season.

Notable player - Tom Johnston, CM, 33 years:
One of many big-money signings made by the Latics in recent years, Johnston traded the bright lights of the capital with Montfort Wanderers for a quieter life in Stonehouse. As the captain, he has held together a side made up of many egos and only enhanced his reputation for leadership. He has recently dismissed rumours that he is considering retirement at the end of this season; Stonehouse fans will be hoping that he stays at the club for quite a while longer.

Prediction - 7th


Stadium - Waterfront Park (8,500 capacity), Waterfleet, St Bart’s Parish
Home kit - Blue with white trim
Away kit - White with blue sash
Nickname - Fleet
Preferred formation - 4-5-1

Team preview:
Waterfleet are the smallest side in the Premier League; the town of Waterfleet is only just larger than the stadium the team plays in. Nonetheless, they have maintained their place in the top tier since their promotion three years ago. A mix of stalwart defence and possession play has made in incredibly difficult for teams to score against Fleet, which has helped them to stay up despite the struggles that many teams have when promoted. Another year of that will maintain the growing faith of their fans in the future of their team in the Premier League.

Notable player - Saul van Duuren, HM, 21 years:
Waterfleet have built their success on a surprisingly strong academy, of which Saul van Duuren is the latest product. Last season he made cameos and impressed with his playmaking and vision from the holding midfield position; this year he is expected to truly break through and start regularly for Fleet. He will however need to mature quickly to become the star that many expect he can be.

Prediction - 12th
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:34 am


1SR Season - Part 1

Matchday 1:

AFC Farnworth 3–1 Abingdon Celtic
Broadwood 0–1 Montfort Wanderers
Colesham Rovers 1–2 SC Montfort
Gaelic Club 2–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Houghton Rangers 1–1 Stonehouse Athletic
Montfort University 0–1 Glenmount Town
St Thomas 1–0 Blackheath
Waterfleet 1–1 St Bart's Dutch

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 AFC Farnworth 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Gaelic Club 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
SC Montfort 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
4 Glenmount Town 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Montfort Wanderers 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
St Thomas 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
7 Houghton Rangers 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
St Bart's Dutch 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Stonehouse Athletic 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Waterfleet 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
11 Colesham Rovers 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
Garton Bay Pirates 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
13 Blackheath 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Broadwood 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Montfort University 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
16 Abingdon Celtic 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0

It’s a dreadful start to the season for title favourites Abingdon Celtic, as a red card for centre half Chris Thompson leaves them struggling and losing against Farnworth on the road. The other teams from Abingdon Parish aiming for the title both started off the season with a win, as Gaelic Club won a volatile fixture against Garton Bay, while Glenmount led from the very early stages of their trip to Montfort University. Waterfleet managed to hold St Bart’s to a well-deserved draw, while their neighbours St Thomas needed a Tiago Weiling penalty to triumph over Blackheath. The other two sides from the capital had more success away from home than the Scholars had at University Stadium; Montfort Wanderers could have scored more than the one goal they got at Broadwood, while SC Montfort came from behind to beat Colesham Rovers at Old Colliery Road. Houghton Rangers surprised many by managing to salvage a draw in the dying moments of their game against Stonehouse, and raised hopes amongst their fans that maybe they won’t continue their habit of being relegated straight back to the APSL.

Matchday 2:

Abingdon Celtic 1–0 St Thomas
Blackheath 1–2 Gaelic Club
Colesham Rovers 2–0 Waterfleet
Garton Bay Pirates 2–1 Broadwood
Montfort Wanderers 7–3 Montfort University
SC Montfort 2–5 Glenmount Town
St Bart's Dutch 0–1 Houghton Rangers
Stonehouse Athletic 2–0 AFC Farnworth

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Montfort Wanderers 2 2 0 0 8 3 +5 6
2 Glenmount Town 2 2 0 0 6 2 +4 6
3 Gaelic Club 2 2 0 0 4 2 +2 6
4 Stonehouse Athletic 2 1 1 0 3 1 +2 4
5 Houghton Rangers 2 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
6 Colesham Rovers 2 1 0 1 3 2 +1 3
7 AFC Farnworth 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
Garton Bay Pirates 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
9 St Thomas 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
10 Abingdon Celtic 2 1 0 1 2 3 −1 3
11 SC Montfort 2 1 0 1 4 6 −2 3
12 St Bart's Dutch 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1
13 Waterfleet 2 0 1 1 1 3 −2 1
14 Blackheath 2 0 0 2 1 3 −2 0
Broadwood 2 0 0 2 1 3 −2 0
16 Montfort University 2 0 0 2 3 8 −5 0

The capital played host to an extraordinary amount of goals on the second weekend of the season, with 17 goals scored at LTI Stadium and Adamson Park. Montfort Wanderers thrashed their cross-city rivals University, with Arlo McGregor scoring a hat trick for his boyhood club, while the Royals could not mount a comeback against Glenmount Town, who scored four of their five goals in the first half an hour. Gaelic Club got their second win of the season away at Blackheath, with Ruaridh Grant getting a double. St Bart’s Dutch saw their start to the season go from bad to worse, as a Chloe Koppenol own goal gave Houghton Rangers a shock win away from home. Stonehouse Athletic picked up their first win of the season against AFC Farnworth, who perhaps came into this match a little over confident after their victory over Abingdon Celtic. Speaking of Celtic, they struggled to a 1-0 victory over St Thomas at Gardiner-Stewart Stadium, with a Miles Henderson free kick the only difference between the two sides. Elsewhere, Colesham Rovers and Garton Bay Pirates both picked up their first wins of the season.

Matchday 3:

AFC Farnworth 2–1 St Bart's Dutch
Broadwood 3–1 Blackheath
Gaelic Club 3–3 Abingdon Celtic
Glenmount Town 2–1 Montfort Wanderers
Houghton Rangers 0–1 Colesham Rovers
Montfort University 3–0 Garton Bay Pirates
St Thomas 2–0 Stonehouse Athletic
Waterfleet 1–0 SC Montfort

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 3 3 0 0 8 3 +5 9
2 Gaelic Club 3 2 1 0 7 5 +2 7
3 Montfort Wanderers 3 2 0 1 9 5 +4 6
4 Colesham Rovers 3 2 0 1 4 2 +2 6
5 St Thomas 3 2 0 1 3 1 +2 6
6 AFC Farnworth 3 2 0 1 5 4 +1 6
7 Stonehouse Athletic 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
8 Houghton Rangers 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
9 Abingdon Celtic 3 1 1 1 5 6 −1 4
10 Waterfleet 3 1 1 1 2 3 −1 4
11 Broadwood 3 1 0 2 4 4 0 3
12 Montfort University 3 1 0 2 6 8 −2 3
13 SC Montfort 3 1 0 2 4 7 −3 3
14 Garton Bay Pirates 3 1 0 2 3 6 −3 3
15 St Bart's Dutch 3 0 1 2 2 4 −2 1
16 Blackheath 3 0 0 3 2 6 −4 0

Glenmount Town gave us what may become the most defining moment in the early part of the season, as a previously unstoppable Montfort Wanderers fell 2-1 to the Mountaineers who moved to the top of the LPL table as a result. The Abingdon derby was at its most entertaining level in years, as a last minute Lucia Allan header salvaged a 3-3 draw for Celtic at the home of their biggest rivals. Colesham Rovers pulled themselves higher in the table with a 1-0 win away to Houghton, while St Thomas also find themselves higher in the league than expected; their 2-0 win over Stonehouse Athletic leaves them as the highest-placed team from St Bart’s Parish so far this season. Three teams that were hoping to challenge for international football are begging for quick turnarounds after disastrous starts to the season. SC Montfort were stunned away at Waterfleet, Garton Bay Pirates handed Montfort University their first win of the season with some disastrous defending, and St Bart’s Dutch lost to AFC Farnworth, showing early signs that Roselyn Bentum may have lost the dressing room. Meanwhile, Broadwood have their first win in the top tier of Licentian football, after a dominant performance at home to Blackheath.

Matchday 4:

Abingdon Celtic 2–1 Broadwood
Blackheath 4–1 Montfort University
Colesham Rovers 1–2 AFC Farnworth
Garton Bay Pirates 0–6 Glenmount Town
SC Montfort 3–1 Montfort Wanderers
St Bart's Dutch 1–0 St Thomas
Stonehouse Athletic 0–0 Gaelic Club
Waterfleet 3–0 Houghton Rangers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 4 4 0 0 14 3 +11 12
2 AFC Farnworth 4 3 0 1 7 5 +2 9
3 Gaelic Club 4 2 2 0 7 5 +2 8
4 Waterfleet 4 2 1 1 5 3 +2 7
5 Abingdon Celtic 4 2 1 1 7 7 0 7
6 Montfort Wanderers 4 2 0 2 10 8 +2 6
7 Colesham Rovers 4 2 0 2 5 4 +1 6
8 St Thomas 4 2 0 2 3 2 +1 6
9 SC Montfort 4 2 0 2 7 8 −1 6
10 Stonehouse Athletic 4 1 2 1 3 3 0 5
11 St Bart's Dutch 4 1 1 2 3 4 −1 4
12 Houghton Rangers 4 1 1 2 2 5 −3 4
13 Broadwood 4 1 0 3 5 6 −1 3
14 Blackheath 4 1 0 3 6 7 −1 3
15 Montfort University 4 1 0 3 7 12 −5 3
16 Garton Bay Pirates 4 1 0 3 3 12 −9 3

Glenmount Town seems to be making a habit out of scoring a lot of goals away from Market Street. This time they scored six at the Anchor while conceding none, meaning that Pirates dropped to the bottom of the league. Farnworth came out winners between the two teams from Colesham Parish within the LPL, while Gaelic Club drew against another of their parish rivals, with Stonehouse holding them to a goalless draw. Waterfleet have started the season strongly, with their 3-0 win at home to Houghton Rangers putting them 4th, while Abingdon Celtic needed a last minute goal from Anna Findlay to beat Broadwood. Adamson Park was filled with joy as SC Montfort beat their most bitter rivals, Wanderers losing their second game so far this season. Elsewhere, both St Bart’s Dutch and Blackheath got their first wins of the season; Dutch only managed to put one goal past their biggest rival St Thomas, while Blackheath emphatically beat the struggling Montfort University after Gordon Hill was sent off in the first half for the Scholars.

Matchday 5:

AFC Farnworth 1–2 Waterfleet
Broadwood 1–2 Stonehouse Athletic
Gaelic Club 1–2 St Bart's Dutch
Glenmount Town 4–0 Blackheath
Houghton Rangers 1–1 SC Montfort
Montfort University 1–2 Abingdon Celtic
Montfort Wanderers 2–1 Garton Bay Pirates
St Thomas 3–0 Colesham Rovers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 5 5 0 0 18 3 +15 15
2 Waterfleet 5 3 1 1 7 4 +3 10
3 Abingdon Celtic 5 3 1 1 9 8 +1 10
4 St Thomas 5 3 0 2 6 2 +4 9
5 Montfort Wanderers 5 3 0 2 12 9 +3 9
6 AFC Farnworth 5 3 0 2 8 7 +1 9
7 Gaelic Club 5 2 2 1 8 7 +1 8
8 Stonehouse Athletic 5 2 2 1 5 4 +1 8
9 St Bart's Dutch 5 2 1 2 5 5 0 7
10 SC Montfort 5 2 1 2 8 9 −1 7
11 Colesham Rovers 5 2 0 3 5 7 −2 6
12 Houghton Rangers 5 1 2 2 3 6 −3 5
13 Broadwood 5 1 0 4 6 8 −2 3
14 Blackheath 5 1 0 4 6 11 −5 3
15 Montfort University 5 1 0 4 8 14 −6 3
16 Garton Bay Pirates 5 1 0 4 4 14 −10 3

Glenmount Town have brought their goalscoring habit home, with Mark McLean scoring two of their four goals against Blackheath, while Caitlin Fraser saved a 91st minute penalty to maintain her clean sheet. They are now the only team in the league not to lose a game so far this season, as Gaelic Club lost their unbeaten record with St Bart’s taking three points from the Coliseum. Waterfleet have continued their good run of form with a 2-1 win against AFC Farnworth, while Abingdon Celtic climb to third with a 2-1 win away to Montfort University, who remained pinned into the relegation places. The bottom side in the table is Garton Bay, who could not salvage a point against Montfort Wanderers despite some impassioned attacks in the final minutes at the national stadium. Broadwood are the other team to find themselves with four losses in five games to start the season, their inexperience in the top division showing as Stonehouse Athletic dominated throughout. St Thomas have kept themselves in the IFCF qualification places at this early stage of the season with a comprehensive performance to beat Colesham Rovers, while Houghton Rangers held SC Montfort to a draw to continue in their hopes of remaining above the relegation battle this season.

Matchday 6:

Abingdon Celtic 3–0 Glenmount Town
Blackheath 2–0 Montfort Wanderers
Colesham Rovers 0–3 Gaelic Club
Houghton Rangers 2–4 AFC Farnworth
SC Montfort 3–1 Garton Bay Pirates
St Bart's Dutch 2–2 Broadwood
Stonehouse Athletic 3–1 Montfort University
Waterfleet 2–2 St Thomas

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 6 5 0 1 18 6 +12 15
2 Abingdon Celtic 6 4 1 1 12 8 +4 13
3 AFC Farnworth 6 4 0 2 12 9 +3 12
4 Gaelic Club 6 3 2 1 11 7 +4 11
5 Waterfleet 6 3 2 1 9 6 +3 11
6 Stonehouse Athletic 6 3 2 1 8 5 +3 11
7 St Thomas 6 3 1 2 8 4 +4 10
8 SC Montfort 6 3 1 2 11 10 +1 10
9 Montfort Wanderers 6 3 0 3 12 11 +1 9
10 St Bart's Dutch 6 2 2 2 7 7 0 8
11 Blackheath 6 2 0 4 8 11 −3 6
12 Colesham Rovers 6 2 0 4 5 10 −5 6
13 Houghton Rangers 6 1 2 3 5 10 −5 5
14 Broadwood 6 1 1 4 8 10 −2 4
15 Montfort University 6 1 0 5 9 17 −8 3
16 Garton Bay Pirates 6 1 0 5 5 17 −12 3

Abingdon Celtic may have fired the first real shot of their title challenge this season against Glenmount, handing the league leaders their first defeat of the season by three goals to none at Gardiner-Stewart Stadium, pulling them up to second in the league at this early stage. AFC Farnworth have kept themselves surprisingly high in the league after the first six games, their 4-2 win against Houghton Rangers helped by a brace from Eloise Walker. Gaelic Club and Stonehouse Athletic made sure that four of the top six are from Abingdon Parish, both scoring three as they defeated Colesham Rovers and Montfort University respectively. The battle of St Thomas ended in a draw at the Waterfront Stadium, with Waterfleet and St Thomas both scoring two. SC Montfort had to come back from a goal behind against Garton Bay Pirates to condemn them to continuing at the bottom of the table, while their city rivals Wanderers were shocked by strugglers Blackheath. Another battle between St Bart’s clubs saw Dutch’s woes continue as they had to come back from behind to salvage a draw against Broadwood.

Matchday 7:

AFC Farnworth 1–1 SC Montfort
Broadwood 1–4 Colesham Rovers
Gaelic Club 1–0 Waterfleet
Garton Bay Pirates 1–3 Blackheath
Glenmount Town 1–0 Stonehouse Athletic
Montfort University 0–1 St Bart's Dutch
Montfort Wanderers 3–2 Abingdon Celtic
St Thomas 1–1 Houghton Rangers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 7 6 0 1 19 6 +13 18
2 Gaelic Club 7 4 2 1 12 7 +5 14
3 AFC Farnworth 7 4 1 2 13 10 +3 13
4 Abingdon Celtic 7 4 1 2 14 11 +3 13
5 Montfort Wanderers 7 4 0 3 15 13 +2 12
6 St Thomas 7 3 2 2 9 5 +4 11
7 Waterfleet 7 3 2 2 9 7 +2 11
8 Stonehouse Athletic 7 3 2 2 8 6 +2 11
9 SC Montfort 7 3 2 2 12 11 +1 11
10 St Bart's Dutch 7 3 2 2 8 7 +1 11
11 Blackheath 7 3 0 4 11 12 −1 9
12 Colesham Rovers 7 3 0 4 9 11 −2 9
13 Houghton Rangers 7 1 3 3 6 11 −5 6
14 Broadwood 7 1 1 5 9 14 −5 4
15 Montfort University 7 1 0 6 9 18 −9 3
16 Garton Bay Pirates 7 1 0 6 6 20 −14 3

Despite suffering their first loss of the season last time out, Glenmount have established a gap at the top of the league with a 1-0 victory over their local rivals Stonehouse, meaning that four points separate them and second-placed Gaelic Club, whose own one goal victory over Waterfleet propelled them above Farnworth and Abingdon Celtic. The former club were held to a 1-1 draw by SC Montfort, with a penalty from Nick Reid saving a point for the Royals; meanwhile Celtic followed up their win over the table-toppers with a five goal thriller that was won by Montfort Wanderers. St Thomas also remain within a win of second place, despite being held to a draw by relegation favourites Houghton Rangers at the Recreation Ground. The two teams currently occupying the relegation places both lost once again, this time to clubs that have been frustrated in their own starts to the season. Wisse Tuininga scored the single goal that St Bart’s needed to beat Montfort University, while a Scott McIntyre free kick was not enough to save Pirates from a loss to Blackheath. Colesham Rovers managed to compound the struggles of Broadwood with a 4-1 thrashing on the road; the Foresters remain only one point above the bottom two at this early stage.

Matchday 8:

AFC Farnworth 1–1 St Thomas
Abingdon Celtic 1–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Colesham Rovers 3–4 Montfort University
Houghton Rangers 0–0 Gaelic Club
SC Montfort 2–2 Blackheath
St Bart's Dutch 0–2 Glenmount Town
Stonehouse Athletic 3–1 Montfort Wanderers
Waterfleet 0–0 Broadwood

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 8 7 0 1 21 6 +15 21
2 Gaelic Club 8 4 3 1 12 7 +5 15
3 Stonehouse Athletic 8 4 2 2 11 7 +4 14
4 AFC Farnworth 8 4 2 2 14 11 +3 14
5 Abingdon Celtic 8 4 2 2 15 12 +3 14
6 St Thomas 8 3 3 2 10 6 +4 12
7 Waterfleet 8 3 3 2 9 7 +2 12
8 SC Montfort 8 3 3 2 14 13 +1 12
9 Montfort Wanderers 8 4 0 4 16 16 0 12
10 St Bart's Dutch 8 3 2 3 8 9 −1 11
11 Blackheath 8 3 1 4 13 14 −1 10
12 Colesham Rovers 8 3 0 5 12 15 −3 9
13 Houghton Rangers 8 1 4 3 6 11 −5 7
14 Montfort University 8 2 0 6 13 21 −8 6
15 Broadwood 8 1 2 5 9 14 −5 5
16 Garton Bay Pirates 8 1 1 6 7 21 −14 4

Glenmount Town have continued to strengthen their position at the top of the Premier League with their seventh win from eight, this time taking three points home from Abbey Road as Caitlin Fraser kept yet another clean sheet against St Bart’s Dutch. The Mountaineers have seen their growing lead helped by the teams below dropping points on a regular basis; on this occasion, Gaelic Club were held to a goalless draw by Houghton Rangers, AFC Farnworth were held by St Thomas in a game that saw a red card handed out to both sides, and Abingdon Celtic looked likely to beat bottom club Garton Bay Pirates, until Grant Christie scored in the last second to salvage a draw. Stonehouse Athletic have pulled themselves into the mix at the top end of the table with a 3-1 win over Montfort Wanderers, helped by a brace of goals from Rachel Graham. At the other end of the table, Montfort University have clambered out of the relegation zone after coming out best from a match against Colesham Rovers that saw 7 goals. The team dropping into the bottom two is Broadwood, whose scoreless draw against Waterfleet wasn’t enough to keep them above the Scholars. The final draw of the five this weekend came at Adamson Park, with SC Montfort held by Blackheath after Aaron Munro scored in a rare sight for the centre half.

Matchday 9:

Blackheath 2–1 Abingdon Celtic
Broadwood 4–2 Houghton Rangers
Gaelic Club 4–0 AFC Farnworth
Garton Bay Pirates 2–1 Stonehouse Athletic
Glenmount Town 2–1 Colesham Rovers
Montfort University 2–1 Waterfleet
Montfort Wanderers 3–2 St Bart's Dutch
St Thomas 2–0 SC Montfort

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 9 8 0 1 23 7 +16 24
2 Gaelic Club 9 5 3 1 16 7 +9 18
3 St Thomas 9 4 3 2 12 6 +6 15
4 Montfort Wanderers 9 5 0 4 19 18 +1 15
5 Stonehouse Athletic 9 4 2 3 12 9 +3 14
6 Abingdon Celtic 9 4 2 3 16 14 +2 14
7 AFC Farnworth 9 4 2 3 14 15 −1 14
8 Blackheath 9 4 1 4 15 15 0 13
9 Waterfleet 9 3 3 3 10 9 +1 12
10 SC Montfort 9 3 3 3 14 15 −1 12
11 St Bart's Dutch 9 3 2 4 10 12 −2 11
12 Colesham Rovers 9 3 0 6 13 17 −4 9
13 Montfort University 9 3 0 6 15 22 −7 9
14 Broadwood 9 2 2 5 13 16 −3 8
15 Houghton Rangers 9 1 4 4 8 15 −7 7
16 Garton Bay Pirates 9 2 1 6 9 22 −13 7

Gaelic Club earned a dominant victory at home to AFC Farnworth, a Ruaridh Grant hat trick helping to ensure that Glenmount Town gain no further ground on their rivals. Town got another win of their own at Market Street, with strugglers Colesham Rovers the latest side to fall at the hands of the league leaders. Two teams sit one win away from the Gaels in second place; St Thomas defeated SC Montfort to climb to third position, while Montfort Wanderers sit behind the Sky Blues on goal difference, their one goal victory over St Bart’s enough to move them into the top four. Garton Bay Pirates managed to claim only their second win of the season after surprising Stonehouse, who weren’t helped by losing first choice keeper Elena McLean to an injury in the early stages of that fixture. While that victory was not enough for Pirates to climb off the foot of the table, Broadwood managed to escape the relegation zone after a dominant win over Houghton Rangers, who replaced them in 15th place. Abingdon Celtic are still without a win since beating the league leaders. This time, it was Blackheath who turned over Celtic, pulling themselves into the top half of the table. Montfort University managed to pull themselves slightly further out of trouble after their second win on the trot, beating Waterfleet who were passed by Blackheath in the table, but are still within touching distance of the top four.

Matchday 10:

AFC Farnworth 2–1 Broadwood
Colesham Rovers 3–1 Montfort Wanderers
Houghton Rangers 2–0 Montfort University
SC Montfort 2–0 Abingdon Celtic
St Bart's Dutch 2–2 Garton Bay Pirates
St Thomas 0–2 Gaelic Club
Stonehouse Athletic 1–0 Blackheath
Waterfleet 1–1 Glenmount Town

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 10 8 1 1 24 8 +16 25
2 Gaelic Club 10 6 3 1 18 7 +11 21
3 Stonehouse Athletic 10 5 2 3 13 9 +4 17
4 AFC Farnworth 10 5 2 3 16 16 0 17
5 St Thomas 10 4 3 3 12 8 +4 15
6 SC Montfort 10 4 3 3 16 15 +1 15
7 Montfort Wanderers 10 5 0 5 20 21 −1 15
8 Abingdon Celtic 10 4 2 4 16 16 0 14
9 Waterfleet 10 3 4 3 11 10 +1 13
10 Blackheath 10 4 1 5 15 16 −1 13
11 Colesham Rovers 10 4 0 6 16 18 −2 12
12 St Bart's Dutch 10 3 3 4 12 14 −2 12
13 Houghton Rangers 10 2 4 4 10 15 −5 10
14 Montfort University 10 3 0 7 15 24 −9 9
15 Broadwood 10 2 2 6 14 18 −4 8
16 Garton Bay Pirates 10 2 2 6 11 24 −13 8

The first third of the LPL season has ended with the league leaders dropping points for only the second time in their first ten games, as Glenmount were held to a draw by Waterfleet, who find themselves outperforming expectations in the mid table. Gaelic Club have taken advantage of this to draw closer in what now appears to be the battle to win the league, as their win against St Thomas closed the gap between the top two to four points. Montfort Wanderers joined the Sky Blues in falling out of the top four after being shocked by Colesham Rovers. AFC Farnworth climbed into the top four with a victory over Broadwood that pushed the Foresters back down into the relegation zone, while Stonehouse Athletic’s win over Blackheath pulled them up to third in the table. A battle towards the bottom of the table between Houghton Rangers and Montfort University saw the home side come out victorious, helped by a man of the match performance from Thomas Hughes, while Garton Bay could not take advantage of the teams above them losing, as they scraped a draw on the road at St Bart’s. Elsewhere, a match usually seen as one vital to the title battle was this time conducted in the mid table, as SC Montfort piled more misery on Abingdon Celtic, whose winless run stretches to four matches.
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1SR Season - Part 2

Matchday 11:

Abingdon Celtic 0–2 Stonehouse Athletic
Blackheath 2–1 St Bart's Dutch
Broadwood 1–4 St Thomas
Gaelic Club 1–2 SC Montfort
Garton Bay Pirates 0–3 Colesham Rovers
Glenmount Town 2–2 Houghton Rangers
Montfort University 0–0 AFC Farnworth
Montfort Wanderers 2–1 Waterfleet

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 11 8 2 1 26 10 +16 26
2 Gaelic Club 11 6 3 2 19 9 +10 21
3 Stonehouse Athletic 11 6 2 3 15 9 +6 20
4 St Thomas 11 5 3 3 16 9 +7 18
5 SC Montfort 11 5 3 3 18 16 +2 18
6 Montfort Wanderers 11 6 0 5 22 22 0 18
7 AFC Farnworth 11 5 3 3 16 16 0 18
8 Blackheath 11 5 1 5 17 17 0 16
9 Colesham Rovers 11 5 0 6 19 18 +1 15
10 Abingdon Celtic 11 4 2 5 16 18 −2 14
11 Waterfleet 11 3 4 4 12 12 0 13
12 St Bart's Dutch 11 3 3 5 13 16 −3 12
13 Houghton Rangers 11 2 5 4 12 17 −5 11
14 Montfort University 11 3 1 7 15 24 −9 10
15 Broadwood 11 2 2 7 15 22 −7 8
16 Garton Bay Pirates 11 2 2 7 11 27 −16 8

Houghton Rangers have managed to surprise a number of teams despite their low expectations at the beginning of the season. The latest to be held are the league leaders Glenmount Town, who had to rely on an injury time goal from Mark McLean to claim a point. Thankfully for the Mountaineers, Gaelic Club were unable to take advantage, with a Phoebe Hay red card helping SC Montfort to triumph and pull themselves closer to the chasing pack. Stonehouse Athletic pulled themselves closer to the top two with a victory over Abingdon Celtic, who have now dropped into the bottom half after an impressive start to the season. St Thomas climbed into the top four with a dominant victory against Broadwood, condemning the home side to continue in the relegation places for now. Garton Bay Pirates remain at the bottom of the table after a frustrating loss to Colesham Rovers, one of the teams to climb above Celtic in the league. A Montfort Wanderers victory over Waterfleet means that they remain level on points with their biggest rivals, SC, while Farnworth also sit on 18 points after a scoreless draw away to struggling Montfort University. St Bart’s Dutch are under continuing pressure to sack manager Roselyn Bentum as their young guns struggle, the latest tough result being this weekend’s loss to Blackheath on the road.

Matchday 12:

AFC Farnworth 1–1 Glenmount Town
Colesham Rovers 1–3 Blackheath
Gaelic Club 3–2 Broadwood
Houghton Rangers 3–1 Montfort Wanderers
SC Montfort 2–1 Stonehouse Athletic
St Bart's Dutch 1–2 Abingdon Celtic
St Thomas 3–2 Montfort University
Waterfleet 3–3 Garton Bay Pirates

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 12 8 3 1 27 11 +16 27
2 Gaelic Club 12 7 3 2 22 11 +11 24
3 St Thomas 12 6 3 3 19 11 +8 21
4 SC Montfort 12 6 3 3 20 17 +3 21
5 Stonehouse Athletic 12 6 2 4 16 11 +5 20
6 Blackheath 12 6 1 5 20 18 +2 19
7 AFC Farnworth 12 5 4 3 17 17 0 19
8 Montfort Wanderers 12 6 0 6 23 25 −2 18
9 Abingdon Celtic 12 5 2 5 18 19 −1 17
10 Colesham Rovers 12 5 0 7 20 21 −1 15
11 Waterfleet 12 3 5 4 15 15 0 14
12 Houghton Rangers 12 3 5 4 15 18 −3 14
13 St Bart's Dutch 12 3 3 6 14 18 −4 12
14 Montfort University 12 3 1 8 17 27 −10 10
15 Garton Bay Pirates 12 2 3 7 14 30 −16 9
16 Broadwood 12 2 2 8 17 25 −8 8

The league leaders are now on a run of three draws on the trot, with the latest to claim a point being Farnworth, who managed to put a goal past Caitlin Fraser before she went off with a hand injury. This meant that Gaelic Club could pull themselves within three points of the top spot, with their 3-2 home win over Broadwood at home helped by two goals from Ruaridh Grant. St Thomas pulled themselves up to third with a win over Montfort University, which ensured that the Scholars remained just outside the relegation zone in 10th. SC Montfort climbed into the top four at the expense of their opponent at Adamson Park, Stonehouse Athletic, while Blackheath also pulled themselves into the mix by beating Colesham Rovers away from home. Broadwood were dropped to the bottom of the league as a result of both their loss to Gaelic Club, and Garton Bay Pirates managing to take a point away from a six goal thriller against Waterfleet. Abingdon Celtic have finally broken their losing run, and in the process they piled more misery on St Bart’s Dutch, who are now facing serious calls to replace their manager. Meanwhile, Houghton Rangers pulled themselves out of the immediate relegation fight by beating Montfort Wanderers, who struggled through the match after Kristin de Booij was sent off for a handball after only 11 minutes.

Matchday 13:

Abingdon Celtic 4–1 Colesham Rovers
Blackheath 1–1 Waterfleet
Broadwood 1–2 SC Montfort
Garton Bay Pirates 4–1 Houghton Rangers
Glenmount Town 1–2 St Thomas
Montfort University 2–2 Gaelic Club
Montfort Wanderers 2–1 AFC Farnworth
Stonehouse Athletic 3–1 St Bart's Dutch

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 13 8 3 2 28 13 +15 27
2 Gaelic Club 13 7 4 2 24 13 +11 25
3 St Thomas 13 7 3 3 21 12 +9 24
4 SC Montfort 13 7 3 3 22 18 +4 24
5 Stonehouse Athletic 13 7 2 4 19 12 +7 23
6 Montfort Wanderers 13 7 0 6 25 26 −1 21
7 Blackheath 13 6 2 5 21 19 +2 20
8 Abingdon Celtic 13 6 2 5 22 20 +2 20
9 AFC Farnworth 13 5 4 4 18 19 −1 19
10 Waterfleet 13 3 6 4 16 16 0 15
11 Colesham Rovers 13 5 0 8 21 25 −4 15
12 Houghton Rangers 13 3 5 5 16 22 −6 14
13 St Bart's Dutch 13 3 3 7 15 21 −6 12
14 Garton Bay Pirates 13 3 3 7 18 31 −13 12
15 Montfort University 13 3 2 8 19 29 −10 11
16 Broadwood 13 2 2 9 18 27 −9 8

Glenmount Town’s difficulties since the ninth week of the season became even worse this week, while St Thomas added to their title challenge, as they travelled to Market Street and came away with a win over the league leaders. Gaelic Club could not take advantage of Town dropping points, however, as Montfort University held them to a draw that saw the Scholars drop into the relegation zone. The beneficiaries of that drop were Garton Bay Pirates, whose dominant 4-1 victory over Houghton Rangers pulled them out of the relegation zone for the first time since the third week of the season. SC Montfort kept themselves in the chasing pack for the title with a win over Broadwood, who were condemned to remaining at the bottom of the table, three points adrift of Montfort University. Stonehouse Athletic are also within reach of the top spot, with their win over St Bart’s keeping them in fifth in the league. Montfort Wanderers managed to climb up to 6th with a win over Farnworth that was more dominant than the eventual scoreline suggested, while Blackheath’s draw with Waterfleet means that the Stags remain in the top half, while Waterfleet remain far adrift from the teams in the top half. Meanwhile, now that Abingdon Celtic have got a win, it seems like they’re trying to take revenge on the league for condemning them to their poor run; they scored four against Colesham Rovers and could have easily scored more.

Matchday 14:

AFC Farnworth 1–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Broadwood 3–2 Montfort University
Colesham Rovers 0–1 Stonehouse Athletic
Gaelic Club 4–0 Glenmount Town
Houghton Rangers 0–1 Blackheath
SC Montfort 0–1 St Bart's Dutch
St Thomas 0–1 Montfort Wanderers
Waterfleet 2–1 Abingdon Celtic

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Gaelic Club 14 8 4 2 28 13 +15 28
2 Glenmount Town 14 8 3 3 28 17 +11 27
3 Stonehouse Athletic 14 8 2 4 20 12 +8 26
4 St Thomas 14 7 3 4 21 13 +8 24
5 SC Montfort 14 7 3 4 22 19 +3 24
6 Montfort Wanderers 14 8 0 6 26 26 0 24
7 Blackheath 14 7 2 5 22 19 +3 23
8 Abingdon Celtic 14 6 2 6 23 22 +1 20
9 AFC Farnworth 14 5 5 4 19 20 −1 20
10 Waterfleet 14 4 6 4 18 17 +1 18
11 Colesham Rovers 14 5 0 9 21 26 −5 15
12 St Bart's Dutch 14 4 3 7 16 21 −5 15
13 Houghton Rangers 14 3 5 6 16 23 −7 14
14 Garton Bay Pirates 14 3 4 7 19 32 −13 13
15 Broadwood 14 3 2 9 21 29 −8 11
16 Montfort University 14 3 2 9 21 32 −11 11

We have a new team leading the Licentian Premier League for the first time since the third week of the season. Gaelic Club took the top spot in style, beating Glenmount Town by four goals to nil to propel themselves to the top of the table ahead of the Mountaineers, whose dreadful run of form is continuing. Stonehouse Athletic have also managed to pull themselves into the title hunt, with their win over Colesham Rovers pulling themselves to within two points of the new league leaders and leaving Latics fans dreaming of their first ever LPL title. Below the top three, there are three teams tied on 24 points who are just out of reach of the Gaels. St Thomas and Montfort Wanderers met at the Recreation Ground, with the away side coming away with a win to draw level on points with their hosts, while SC Montfort were defeated by St Bart’s Dutch, who picked up only their fourth win of the season. At the other end, Broadwood managed to pull themselves off the foot of the table with a win over their current relegation rivals, Montfort University, in a thrilling match on St Bart’s. A draw for Garton Bay Pirates with AFC Farnworth meant that they haven’t escaped the clutches of the relegation fight despite their recent improvement in form, while Houghton Rangers’ loss to Blackheath means that the former are within three points of last place, while the latter are within one point of international qualification. Waterfleet managed to beat the struggling Abingdon Celtic, with Miles Henderson’s goal not enough to keep the former title favourites from falling to a defeat.

Matchday 15:

Abingdon Celtic 1–0 Houghton Rangers
Blackheath 1–1 AFC Farnworth
Garton Bay Pirates 2–0 St Thomas
Glenmount Town 5–1 Broadwood
Montfort University 2–1 SC Montfort
Montfort Wanderers 1–0 Gaelic Club
St Bart's Dutch 3–0 Colesham Rovers
Stonehouse Athletic 3–2 Waterfleet

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 15 9 3 3 33 18 +15 30
2 Stonehouse Athletic 15 9 2 4 23 14 +9 29
3 Gaelic Club 15 8 4 3 28 14 +14 28
4 Montfort Wanderers 15 9 0 6 27 26 +1 27
5 St Thomas 15 7 3 5 21 15 +6 24
6 Blackheath 15 7 3 5 23 20 +3 24
7 SC Montfort 15 7 3 5 23 21 +2 24
8 Abingdon Celtic 15 7 2 6 24 22 +2 23
9 AFC Farnworth 15 5 6 4 20 21 −1 21
10 Waterfleet 15 4 6 5 20 20 0 18
11 St Bart's Dutch 15 5 3 7 19 21 −2 18
12 Garton Bay Pirates 15 4 4 7 21 32 −11 16
13 Colesham Rovers 15 5 0 10 21 29 −8 15
14 Houghton Rangers 15 3 5 7 16 24 −8 14
15 Montfort University 15 4 2 9 23 33 −10 14
16 Broadwood 15 3 2 10 22 34 −12 11

It’s all change again at the top of the Premier League, with Glenmount Town only missing from the top spot for one week. They claimed their lead again with style, a dominant 5-1 win over Broadwood who remain at the bottom of the table. Gaelic Club dropped from the top position after losing to Montfort Wanderers, who pulled themselves into the top four with their one goal win over the former leaders. The Gaels were also passed by Stonehouse Athletic, who came out better from a five goal thriller against Waterfleet at Burnside to claim second place in the table. Montfort University got a win against SC Montfort in the capital to pull themselves further from the bottom spot occupied by the Foresters, but were unable to escape the relegation zone despite fellow strugglers Houghton Rangers losing to Abingdon Celtic, who maintained their place in the top half as a result of that win. Garton Bay Pirates aren’t quite out of reach of the relegation battle, but their shock win over St Thomas has pulled them up to 12th, while St Bart’s Dutch are also climbing out of their early season struggles with a victory over Colesham Rovers. Elsewhere, two mid table sides played to a rather boring draw, as Blackheath and Farnworth couldn’t gain an advantage over the other in their match at Village Green.

Matchday 16:

Abingdon Celtic 1–0 AFC Farnworth
Blackheath 0–1 St Thomas
Garton Bay Pirates 2–2 Gaelic Club
Glenmount Town 1–2 Montfort University
Montfort Wanderers 0–1 Broadwood
SC Montfort 4–2 Colesham Rovers
St Bart's Dutch 1–1 Waterfleet
Stonehouse Athletic 1–1 Houghton Rangers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 16 9 3 4 34 20 +14 30
2 Stonehouse Athletic 16 9 3 4 24 15 +9 30
3 Gaelic Club 16 8 5 3 30 16 +14 29
4 St Thomas 16 8 3 5 22 15 +7 27
5 SC Montfort 16 8 3 5 27 23 +4 27
6 Montfort Wanderers 16 9 0 7 27 27 0 27
7 Abingdon Celtic 16 8 2 6 25 22 +3 26
8 Blackheath 16 7 3 6 23 21 +2 24
9 AFC Farnworth 16 5 6 5 20 22 −2 21
10 Waterfleet 16 4 7 5 21 21 0 19
11 St Bart's Dutch 16 5 4 7 20 22 −2 19
12 Montfort University 16 5 2 9 25 34 −9 17
13 Garton Bay Pirates 16 4 5 7 23 34 −11 17
14 Houghton Rangers 16 3 6 7 17 25 −8 15
15 Colesham Rovers 16 5 0 11 23 33 −10 15
16 Broadwood 16 4 2 10 23 34 −11 14

It continues to be a chaotic title fight, with all of the top four dropping points in the 16th week of the season, and only six points separating the top half of the table. Glenmount Town were shocked by Montfort University, who pulled themselves up to 12th place by beating the league leaders on their own turf; however, the fact that every team in the chasing pack dropped points means that the Mountaineers remain top of the league. Stonehouse Athletic remain in second place despite being held to a draw by local rivals Houghton Rangers, while Gaelic Club were also held to a draw, in their case by Garton Bay Pirates, who have managed to emerge from the relegation fight in recent weeks. Montfort Wanderers were beaten by bottom club Broadwood, who couldn’t climb from the foot of the table, but Wanderers dropped out of the top four as a result. They were passed by their biggest rivals SC, who dominated Colesham Rovers (who dropped into the relegation zone as a result), along with St Thomas, whose win over Blackheath on the road pulled them back into the top four. Abingdon Celtic have pulled themselves closer to the pack chasing the title, with a one goal victory over Farnworth, while St Bart’s Dutch and Waterfleet played their way to a draw that Waterfleet could have won, if not for Brendon Vermolen’s second goal being scrubbed off by the assistant referee with a controversial offside call.

Matchday 17:

AFC Farnworth 2–0 Stonehouse Athletic
Broadwood 2–2 Garton Bay Pirates
Gaelic Club 2–0 Blackheath
Glenmount Town 2–1 SC Montfort
Houghton Rangers 0–2 St Bart's Dutch
Montfort University 1–1 Montfort Wanderers
St Thomas 0–0 Abingdon Celtic
Waterfleet 1–1 Colesham Rovers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 17 10 3 4 36 21 +15 33
2 Gaelic Club 17 9 5 3 32 16 +16 32
3 Stonehouse Athletic 17 9 3 5 24 17 +7 30
4 St Thomas 17 8 4 5 22 15 +7 28
5 Montfort Wanderers 17 9 1 7 28 28 0 28
6 SC Montfort 17 8 3 6 28 25 +3 27
7 Abingdon Celtic 17 8 3 6 25 22 +3 27
8 Blackheath 17 7 3 7 23 23 0 24
9 AFC Farnworth 17 6 6 5 22 22 0 24
10 St Bart's Dutch 17 6 4 7 22 22 0 22
11 Waterfleet 17 4 8 5 22 22 0 20
12 Montfort University 17 5 3 9 26 35 −9 18
13 Garton Bay Pirates 17 4 6 7 25 36 −11 18
14 Colesham Rovers 17 5 1 11 24 34 −10 16
15 Houghton Rangers 17 3 6 8 17 27 −10 15
16 Broadwood 17 4 3 10 25 36 −11 15

After a crazy few weeks, we’re back to Glenmount and Gaelic Club sitting top of the league, after both sides won at home this weekend. The league leaders recovered from conceding in the second minute to a Nick Reid header to beat SC Montfort, while Gaelic Club never looked like losing to Blackheath at the Coliseum. Stonehouse Athletic are still within three points of Town at the top despite their loss to Farnworth, while St Thomas remain in the top four after a scoreless draw with Abingdon Celtic. Colesham Rovers managed to pull themselves out of the relegation zone after a draw against Waterfleet, helped by a Dani Thompson goal in the dying moments of the game. The win for the Miners meant that Houghton Rangers dropped into the bottom two, after they were beaten resoundingly by St Bart’s Dutch, with Wisse Tuininga scoring one of the goals of the season so far from 35 feet out. Broadwood remain bottom of the table on goal difference after a draw in their relegation battle with Garton Bay, though one good result could very easily pull them out of their current predicament. Montfort Wanderers remain on the edge of the top four, even though they were held to a draw by Montfort University in another relative success for the Scholars against their cross-city rivals.

Matchday 18:

Abingdon Celtic 2–1 Gaelic Club
Blackheath 2–0 Broadwood
Colesham Rovers 2–0 Houghton Rangers
Garton Bay Pirates 2–2 Montfort University
Montfort Wanderers 2–1 Glenmount Town
SC Montfort 2–0 Waterfleet
St Bart's Dutch 0–0 AFC Farnworth
Stonehouse Athletic 2–1 St Thomas

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 18 10 3 5 37 23 +14 33
2 Stonehouse Athletic 18 10 3 5 26 18 +8 33
3 Gaelic Club 18 9 5 4 33 18 +15 32
4 Montfort Wanderers 18 10 1 7 30 29 +1 31
5 SC Montfort 18 9 3 6 30 25 +5 30
6 Abingdon Celtic 18 9 3 6 27 23 +4 30
7 St Thomas 18 8 4 6 23 17 +6 28
8 Blackheath 18 8 3 7 25 23 +2 27
9 AFC Farnworth 18 6 7 5 22 22 0 25
10 St Bart's Dutch 18 6 5 7 22 22 0 23
11 Waterfleet 18 4 8 6 22 24 −2 20
12 Colesham Rovers 18 6 1 11 26 34 −8 19
13 Montfort University 18 5 4 9 28 37 −9 19
14 Garton Bay Pirates 18 4 7 7 27 38 −11 19
15 Houghton Rangers 18 3 6 9 17 29 −12 15
16 Broadwood 18 4 3 11 25 38 −13 15

Glenmount Town may still be in the lead of the Licentian Premier League, but they certainly aren’t looking like the same side that started off so strongly this season. Their latest loss came at the hands of Montfort Wanderers at the LTI Stadium, where the Whites pulled themselves back into the top four and once again within reach of the top of the table. Their move into the top four came at the expense of St Thomas, who were beaten by Stonehouse Athletic, who once again have drawn themselves level on points with the leaders. Gaelic Club lost the second Abingdon Derby of the season, with Celtic defeating their bitter rivals at home to pull themselves within three points of Glenmount at the top of the table. The two teams in the relegation zone now sit more than a game adrift from 14th place; Broadwood were beaten by Blackheath on the road and remain bottom, while Houghton lost to Colesham Rovers, who pulled themselves away from the immediate relegation battle thanks to a Lucas Russell double. The draw between Garton Bay Pirates and Montfort University wasn’t particularly useful to either side at the Anchor, but it does mean that the bottom two are much further adrift from the rest of the pack in the relegation fight. SC Montfort managed to keep themselves in the title chase by beating Waterfleet at Adamson Park, while Farnworth and St Bart’s played to a bore draw at Abbey Road.

Matchday 19:

AFC Farnworth 4–0 Colesham Rovers
Broadwood 0–3 Abingdon Celtic
Gaelic Club 3–0 Stonehouse Athletic
Glenmount Town 1–0 Garton Bay Pirates
Houghton Rangers 0–3 Waterfleet
Montfort University 1–1 Blackheath
Montfort Wanderers 0–0 SC Montfort
St Thomas 2–0 St Bart's Dutch

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 19 11 3 5 38 23 +15 36
2 Gaelic Club 19 10 5 4 36 18 +18 35
3 Abingdon Celtic 19 10 3 6 30 23 +7 33
4 Stonehouse Athletic 19 10 3 6 26 21 +5 33
5 Montfort Wanderers 19 10 2 7 30 29 +1 32
6 St Thomas 19 9 4 6 25 17 +8 31
7 SC Montfort 19 9 4 6 30 25 +5 31
8 AFC Farnworth 19 7 7 5 26 22 +4 28
9 Blackheath 19 8 4 7 26 24 +2 28
10 Waterfleet 19 5 8 6 25 24 +1 23
11 St Bart's Dutch 19 6 5 8 22 24 −2 23
12 Montfort University 19 5 5 9 29 38 −9 20
13 Colesham Rovers 19 6 1 12 26 38 −12 19
14 Garton Bay Pirates 19 4 7 8 27 39 −12 19
15 Houghton Rangers 19 3 6 10 17 32 −15 15
16 Broadwood 19 4 3 12 25 41 −16 15

The top four of the Premier League is now entirely made up of teams from Abingdon Parish, with three of them winning this weekend. Glenmount Town were the least convincing of the trio, as they needed a late penalty from Mark McLean to defeat the struggling Pirates. Gaelic Club were dominant against fellow title contenders Stonehouse Athletic, with Ruaridh Grant scoring two and setting up another, while their rivals Abingdon Celtic managed a similar result against Broadwood on the road. The result for Broadwood was similar for their relegation-threatened counterparts in Houghton, who have struggled since a relatively positive start to the season; their struggles continued as they lost to Waterfleet at home. The second derby of the season between Wanderers and SC was a feisty one, as each side had a player red carded, and seemed almost too busy causing fights with each other to score any goals in the capital. St Thomas managed to keep themselves within reach of the top four by beating St Bart’s Dutch at home, which was the final straw for Roselyn Bentum, who was sacked for her poor performance so far this season. Farnworth managed to do the double over their local rivals Colesham Rovers, with a much more dominant victory at home than they managed away in Colesham earlier in the season, while Montfort University and Blackheath played to a draw in the capital.

Matchday 20:

Abingdon Celtic 3–1 Montfort University
Blackheath 0–1 Glenmount Town
Colesham Rovers 1–3 St Thomas
Garton Bay Pirates 1–1 Montfort Wanderers
SC Montfort 4–0 Houghton Rangers
St Bart's Dutch 0–1 Gaelic Club
Stonehouse Athletic 1–1 Broadwood
Waterfleet 2–0 AFC Farnworth

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 20 12 3 5 39 23 +16 39
2 Gaelic Club 20 11 5 4 37 18 +19 38
3 Abingdon Celtic 20 11 3 6 33 24 +9 36
4 St Thomas 20 10 4 6 28 18 +10 34
5 SC Montfort 20 10 4 6 34 25 +9 34
6 Stonehouse Athletic 20 10 4 6 27 22 +5 34
7 Montfort Wanderers 20 10 3 7 31 30 +1 33
8 AFC Farnworth 20 7 7 6 26 24 +2 28
9 Blackheath 20 8 4 8 26 25 +1 28
10 Waterfleet 20 6 8 6 27 24 +3 26
11 St Bart's Dutch 20 6 5 9 22 25 −3 23
12 Montfort University 20 5 5 10 30 41 −11 20
13 Garton Bay Pirates 20 4 8 8 28 40 −12 20
14 Colesham Rovers 20 6 1 13 27 41 −14 19
15 Broadwood 20 4 4 12 26 42 −16 16
16 Houghton Rangers 20 3 6 11 17 36 −19 15

With two thirds of the Licentian Premier League season finished, the top two looks the same as it did ten weeks ago. Despite some struggles in form over that time, Glenmount Town still lead the league going into the final stretch of the season, with a one goal win over Blackheath keeping them ahead of Gaelic Club, who had the same margin of victory over St Bart’s Dutch. Abingdon Celtic have recovered from some early wobbles of their own, and they remain in 3rd going into the last ten games of the season after beating Montfort University at home. The other team in the top four, somewhat out of nowhere, is St Thomas, who have been very consistent this season, and did well on the road against Colesham to remain ahead of a number of teams on 34 points. Colesham’s loss left an opportunity open for Broadwood and Houghton to begin climbing out of the serious danger they find themselves in; it’s an opportunity that neither truly capitalised on. Broadwood managed a draw against Stonehouse Athletic to pull themselves off the bottom of the table, while Houghton Rangers were resoundingly beaten by SC Montfort. Waterfleet remain slightly above expectations in the mid table, helped by a win over AFC Farnworth, who are also hovering in the middle of the league. Montfort Wanderers have dropped in and out of the top four this season, and they dropped back out this week after a draw with Garton Bay Pirates.
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Parish Senior Leagues

The second tier of Licentian football is made up of four leagues, representing each of the four parishes of the Licentian Isles: Abingdon, Colesham, Montfort, and St Bart’s. At the end of their individual regular seasons, the winner of each league will compete in the Senior Parish Championship, a four team knockout tournament at the LTI Stadium in Montfort. The winner of each semi-final is promoted to the Licentian Premier League and progresses to the final, where they compete for the SPC trophy, and all the pride attached. The losers of each semi final compete in a playoff for the third and final place in the Liga B Champions Trophy.

Abingdon Parish Senior League:

.  Abingdon Parish Senior League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Shieldhill 22 12 7 3 44 23 +21 43
2 Houghton Young Boys 22 12 6 4 36 24 +12 42
3 Whitton United 22 9 10 3 36 21 +15 37
4 Parkhouse 22 10 6 6 39 28 +11 36
5 Ringmuir 22 9 6 7 30 27 +3 33
6 Newton Arran 22 8 8 6 28 23 +5 32
7 Kilgarron 22 9 5 8 32 29 +3 32
8 Thornhill United 22 7 8 7 31 30 +1 29
9 Abingdon University 22 5 7 10 24 44 −20 22
10 Kirkton United 22 5 6 11 31 35 −4 21
11 Mossybank Town 22 3 8 11 19 43 −24 17
12 Old Abingdonians 22 2 5 15 30 53 −23 11

The battle for Abingdon Parish’s place in the Senior Parish Championship came down to the last day of the season. While Whitton United and Parkhouse had both been predicted to do well in this season, they were outdone by Shieldhill, from a small suburb of Abingdon, and Houghton Young Boys, who have seen much less of the yo-yoing done by their rivals Houghton Rangers. Shieldhill’s win over Abingdon University on the third-to-last weekend put them out of reach of Whitton and Parkhouse, but Houghton still had a chance. They continued that into the final day of the season by beating Mossybank Town, while Shieldhill were held to a draw by Newton Arran. With the leaders on 43 points and Houghton on 41, Young Boys needed a win to even stand a chance; if Shieldhill picked up a point against Parkhouse away from home, they were effectively guaranteed to have qualified for the SPC. In the end, Shieldhill were dominated by Parkhouse, perhaps complacent in their position at the top. However, Houghton couldn’t capitalise on that. A late Theo White goal for Kilgarron meant that the game at Finney Road ended in a 2-2 draw, booking a place for Shieldhill at the national stadium, and a shot at their first promotion to the Premier League.

Colesham Parish Senior League:

.  Colesham Parish Senior League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Carrington United 22 19 1 2 53 21 +32 58
2 Langbank 22 11 6 5 39 22 +17 39
3 Colesham Athletic 22 11 6 5 37 24 +13 39
4 Kirkross 22 12 3 7 42 33 +9 39
5 Waterford United 22 11 5 6 40 27 +13 38
6 Springburn Town 22 10 4 8 31 26 +5 34
7 Crosshill Town 22 9 5 8 32 28 +4 32
8 Whitekirk 22 9 3 10 31 25 +6 30
9 Old Corinthians 22 7 5 10 29 38 −9 26
10 Aberlang Town 22 5 4 13 18 46 −28 19
11 Inverone 22 3 2 17 17 45 −28 11
12 Colesham University 22 1 4 17 10 44 −34 7

Unlike the other parishes, the winner from Colesham could be seen from a mile off this year. Carrington United were the favourites, but they were expected to have a fight on their hands. While Langbank, Kirkross, and Colesham Athletic all formed a chasing pack, United took the lead in the CPSL in the 5th week of the season and never relinquished it. United only lost twice all season. They were beaten by Langbank away from home in the early stages of the season, and their only other loss came after the title was already won, when they travelled to Springburn Town on the third-to-last weekend. Kirkross were the closest challengers for most of the season, with Langbank only passing them in the last six weeks, but it almost didn’t matter in the end. Carrington guaranteed their place in the Senior Parish Championship with 4 weeks left in the season; a dominant 4-2 win away at Colesham Athletic put all their challengers out of reach, with Langbank and Kirkross only able to manage draws at home. After that, Carrington chopped and changed for the last four weeks, with many people speculating that they were preparing for their run at the SPC, and promotion to the Premier League.

Montfort Parish Senior League:

.  Montfort Parish Senior League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Castleton 30 21 6 3 70 26 +44 69
2 Saltburn Wanderers 30 21 6 3 60 24 +36 69
3 Kirkintill 30 20 4 6 56 29 +27 64
4 Tarbert United 30 14 10 6 49 36 +13 52
5 Tillmuir 30 15 3 12 55 36 +19 48
6 Ferryhill Town 30 13 5 12 47 36 +11 44
7 East Montfort United 30 10 13 7 47 38 +9 43
8 Arranmuir 30 12 4 14 35 37 −2 40
9 Woodhall Rovers 30 11 7 12 43 53 −10 40
10 Montfort North End 30 9 12 9 30 35 −5 39
11 Port Arran 30 9 8 13 33 48 −15 35
12 Havenbank 30 9 6 15 42 43 −1 33
13 Monksburgh 30 8 9 13 28 42 −14 33
14 Capital Constabulary 30 4 8 18 31 65 −34 20
15 Wellbank Rangers 30 4 7 19 25 60 −35 19
16 Sandsend Town 30 5 2 23 20 63 −43 17

The largest of the Senior Leagues was also by far the most exciting this year, with the champion only being decided on goal difference. Saltburn Wanderers were the favourites amongst most fans going into this season, with East Montfort United expected to be close behind them. In the end, East Montfort disappointed in 7th place, with the top three breaking away from the rest at the halfway point and never looking back. Castleton and Kirkintill were both expected to do well, but very few people expected them to be fighting for the title; however in the end the two of them, along with Saltburn, went blow for blow in the second half of the season. Kirkintill never led the league after the halfway point, so while they were always within reach, in reality this was a battle between Saltburn and Castleton. Going into the last weekend of the season, both sides sat on 66 points, but with Castleton’s superior goal difference, a win would likely guarantee them the title. Saltburn fans were relying on the fact that while they faced strugglers Monksburgh, Castleton had to travel to Kirkintill to get that win, and Kirkintill were still in with a shot of winning the league. The Wanderers will have been heartened by their three goal margin over Monksburgh, but it didn’t matter when Castleton scored just as many. A penalty in injury time from Alexis Fraser for Kirkintill wasn’t enough to stop Castleton, and they will travel to the LTI Stadium to compete for the Senior Parish Championship.

St Bart’s Parish Senior League:

.  St Bart's Parish Senior League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 St Bart's United 18 13 2 3 37 19 +18 41
2 Rafford Town 18 11 5 2 29 13 +16 38
3 Hope Bay 18 10 4 4 29 15 +14 34
4 Finnston United 18 10 3 5 28 23 +5 33
5 Oldshore Rovers 18 8 5 5 26 16 +10 29
6 Buckhaven Town 18 7 3 8 22 22 0 24
7 Redburn Athletic 18 4 7 7 20 24 −4 19
8 Highmoor Academical 18 3 4 11 20 31 −11 13
9 St Marnock's 18 2 4 12 16 37 −21 10
10 Kirkmagnus 18 3 1 14 8 35 −27 10

In St Bart’s Parish, it may look as if St Bart’s United were always going to win the league and qualify for the Senior Parish Championship, but that probably isn’t a fair reflection of what happened on the outer islands this season. In reality, United spent a large part of the season further down the table, only coming alive later in the year. The favourites pre-season were Hope Bay and Rafford Town, and for most of the first half of the season, they exchanged the top spot with each other. However, everything seemed to change in the second half, when St Bart’s really took control. They only dropped points once in the last nine games, being thrashed 5-0 by Hope Bay in a fixture that meant that Rafford Town had a chance of passing United and claiming their ticket from Hessington to the capital. It meant that, much like in Abingdon and Montfort, the title would be decided on the last day of the season. Both sides were playing at home, with St Bart’s hosting Kirkmagnus, who were in the bottom two, while Rafford had a much tougher fixture against Hope Bay, who they had to beat to have any chance of passing the leaders. While Rafford did manage to beat Hope Bay, thanks to a Roxana Poel hat trick, it didn’t matter, as United put four past Kirkmagnus to take their place in the SPC.

Senior Parish Championships:

A long weekend towards the end of the year means only one thing in the Licentian football season; finals weekend at the LTI Stadium in the capital of the Isles, Montfort. On the Thursday, both semifinals for the Senior Parish Championship take place, followed on the Saturday by the final of the FALI Cup. On the Sunday, the Liga B Champions Trophy playoff is swiftly followed by the SPC final, where one team comes away with another trophy to go along with their promotion to the Premier League.

Semi Finals:

Castleton (MPSL) 3-1 Carrington United (CPSL)
St Bart’s United (SBPSL) 1-2 Shieldhill (APSL)

As the only team of the pre-season favourites to make it to the SPC, Carrington United seemed nailed on to be one of the two teams promoted to the LPL and Castleton definitely considered themselves the underdogs going into the first fixture of the weekend. However, they have thrived with that moniker throughout this season, so it was always going to be an interesting match. Carrington started off strong and seemed to be in control in the first 20 minutes, but it was a Castleton counter-attack that brought the first goal of the weekend, with Adam Johnstone finishing a swift move from the back. Carrington seemed almost stunned by falling behind, and quickly conceded a second when Ava McLeod was found sleeping at the far post from a corner, leaving Esther Gray with an easy finish for her first goal of the season. At half time, Castleton lead, but many expected a response from Carrington. That response came very quickly after the second half begun, with a Kian Milne free kick from 25 yards out bringing Carrington back it. After that though, the Castleton defence remained mostly stalwart, managing to keep back all of United’s attacks, and even managing to score a third goal to put the game beyond doubt with around ten minutes to go. Once again, Adam Johnstone got on the end of a long clearance from keeper Chris Mackenzie, and managed to chip the ball past Lewis Reilly to earn Castleton promotion to the Premier League, and a shot at their first Senior Parish Championship.

In the second fixture of the day, it was St Bart’s United, previously stalwarts of the Premier League, against Shieldhill, who have never been above the second tier of Licentian football. However, with the struggles that United have dealt with in recent years, many predicted that this would be a close run match to see who would be promoted along with Castleton. The first half very much lived up to that expectation, with both sides getting most of their chances from set pieces as they took very few risks. Just before the break, however, St Bart’s United managed to break the deadlock, with a long free kick being headed home by Dillon van Valen to give them the lead going into half time. After the break though, Shieldhill came out firing on all cylinders, perhaps with the realisation that they needed to act to avoid losing their shot at promotion. They had three chances within the first five minutes of the second half, all of which were stopped by Ryan Mackay. Their next major chance was well out of Mackay’s reach though, as Ben Jamieson tapped home from short range after a goalmouth scramble. Invigorated by pulling level, Shieldhill continued to bombard the St Bart’s defence, and got their second goal just 10 minutes later, as Jamieson set up Danny Millar for a beautiful strike from twenty yards out to put the Abingdon Parish side ahead. It was a lead that they wouldn’t let go, despite late pressure from St Bart’s, meaning that Shieldhill would be promoted to the Premier League for the first time in their history.

Liga B Champions Trophy Playoff:

Carrington United (CPSL) 1-2 St Bart’s United (SBPSL)

For the first time in the history of the Senior Parish Championship, a third place playoff was contested to decide whether Carrington or St Bart’s would take the third spot in the Liga B Champions Trophy for a Licentian club. While both clubs were inevitably disappointed by not managing promotion, there was obviously still a prize to earn if they could win this match. Carrington came out the stronger of the two sides early on in the match and took the lead 15 minutes in, with Guy McLean scoring from inside the box to give them the lead. Soon after that was where things started to fall apart for Carrington though. First, Ava McLeod’s weekend went from bad to worse, as a clumsy tackle on McLean in the penalty area led to her receiving a red card, and leaving her side down to ten men. Danita ten Wolde converted the resulting penalty to pull St Bart’s level, and while they couldn’t take further advantage in the first half, the second half was all St Bart’s. There were plenty of chances for them to take the lead, but the only one they capitalised on was not far past the hour mark, when Maria Hamilton scored from a free kick to put St Bart’s out of reach of Carrington, and earn them qualification for the LBCT.


Castleton (MPSL) 1-1 Shieldhill (APSL) (1-1 AET) (2-3 pen.)

There are many people who question the point of the SPC final, when both teams have already confirmed their promotion to the Premier League before stepping on the field. However, that is never a sentiment expressed by the teams involved, who can use it to add a trophy to their cabinet. We were guaranteed a new winner, as while Castleton have previously played in the Premier League, neither side has won the title of Senior Parish Champions. Very few people were willing to predict what, by all wisdom, looked to be a relatively close game, which was confirmed across the 120 minutes of football on the way to a penalty shoot-out. Both teams came out relatively defensively, and thus no-one was entirely surprised when the first half passed with no goals scored. After the break, Castleton came out firing, as Adam Johnstone scored his third goal of the finals weekend to take his side into the lead. Shieldhill responded quickly though, with Kayleigh Reid scoring from a free kick to draw the two sides level, with it staying that way right through the remainder of normal and extra time. In the end, it came down to penalties, and while a number of them were missed, Shieldhill had enough, with Reid scoring the penalty that won her club the Senior Parish Championship.
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The FALI Cup is a single knockout cup competition in which all teams in the top two tiers of Licentian football compete. Before the semi-final stage, matches that end in a draw go to a replay; in the semi finals and final, the match continues into extra time and penalties until a winner is decided. The winner of the FALI Cup qualifies for the Cup Winners Cup.

First Round:

The first round of the FALI Cup is very much a preliminary round. Only four teams enter at this stage, with those being the four teams that finished in last position in each of the Parish Senior Leagues the season before.

Colesham University (CPSL) 2-1 Kirkmagnus (SBPSL)
Mossybank Town (APSL) 2-0 Sandsend Town (MPSL)

Match of the Round:
There’s not many options to pick from in the first round of the cup, but the match between Colesham University and Kirkmagnus certainly impressed the few hundred fans who showed up on a cold weekday evening in the suburbs of Colesham. Both sides came flying out of the gates, but it was the visitors who managed to get the first goal of the evening; a lofted free kick found the head of centre half Alex Kierkels, who put the side from St Bart’s into the lead. It looked like they had a second soon after, before the referee ruled it offside, but it was clear that Colesham were in shock after conceding. They managed to get to half time without conceding again, and came out with a vengeance after the break. Owen King scored a stunning strike from 25 yards within two minutes of the restart to draw Colesham University level. Both sides had chances to score through out the remainder of the second half, and it looked like we were headed to a replay in Kirkmagnus, but Ben Wallace managed to chip the keeper in injury time to send his side through to the second round.

Second Round:

At the second round stage, all teams that finished below 4th in the Parish Senior League enter the competition.

Arranmuir (MPSL) 1-0 Montfort North End (MPSL)
Buckhaven Town (SBPSL) 0-0 Monksburgh (MPSL) (Replay: Monksburgh (MPSL) 3-1 Buckhaven Town (SBPSL))
Capital Constabulary (MPSL) 2-0 Wellbank Rangers (MPSL)
Crosshill Town (CPSL) 3-1 Springburn Town (CPSL)
Havenbank (MPSL) 0-3 Kilgarron (APSL)
Highmoor Academical (SBPSL) 1-0 Aberlang Town (CPSL)
Mossybank Town (APSL) 0-1 Kirkton United (APSL)
Newton Arran (APSL) 3-0 Ringmuir (APSL)
Old Abingdonians (APSL) 0-3 Tillmuir (MPSL)
Oldshore Rovers (SBPSL) 0-1 Ferryhill Town (MPSL)
Port Arran (MPSL) 5-0 Inverone (CPSL)
Tarbert United (MPSL) 7-0 St Marnock’s (SBPSL)
Thornhill United (APSL) 1-0 Old Corinthians (CPSL)
Waterford United (CPSL) 2-0 Abingdon University (APSL)
Whitekirk (CPSL) 0-2 Redburn Athletic (SBPSL)
Woodhall Rovers (MPSL) 1-2 Colesham University (CPSL)

Match of the Round:
There were a number of dominant victories in the second round, but some of them came in ways that were expected; for example, very few people expected St Marnock’s to put up a fight against Tarbert. However, the game between Port Arran and Inverone was expected to be much closer than it ended up being, with the home side putting five past their opponents from Colesham Parish to earn a place in the third round. They started early, with Eliza Davidson getting the first goal for Port Arran within three minutes. She continued just as she’d started as well, with two more goals before half time to earn herself a hat trick, and seemingly put the result beyond doubt after only 45 minutes. Somehow, things went from bad to worse after the break for Inverone. A miscommunication at the back lead to Finn Maclean putting the ball past his own keeper to give Port Arran their fourth goal of the game, before Lachlan Shaw made it five goals with a header on the hour mark, giving Port Arran their biggest FALI Cup win in their history.

Third Round:

At this stage, the remaining 16 teams from the second tier of Licentian football enter the cup.

Arranmuir (MPSL) 1-1 Crosshill Town (CPSL) (Replay: Crosshill Town (CPSL) 1-2 Arranmuir (MPSL))
Colesham Athletic (CPSL) 4-1 Castleton (MPSL)
Colesham University (CPSL) 0-1 Shieldhill (APSL)
Ferryhill Town (MPSL) 2-1 Kilgarron (APSL)
Highmoor Academical (SBPSL) 0-2 Langbank (CPSL)
Houghton Young Boys (APSL) 1-1 Hope Bay (SBPSL) (Replay: Hope Bay (SBPSL) 2-0 Houghton Young Boys (APSL))
Kirkintill (MPSL) 1-1 Finnston United (SBPSL) (Replay: Finnston United (SBPSL) 2-1 Kirkintill (MPSL))
Kirkton United (APSL) 3-3 Redburn Athletic (SBPSL) (Replay: Redburn Athletic (SBPSL) 2-1 Kirkton United (APSL))
Monksburgh (MPSL) 0-0 Tarbert United (MPSL) (Replay: Tarbert United (MPSL) 3-1 Monksburgh (MPSL))
Newton Arran (APSL) 0-1 Thornhill United (APSL)
Parkhouse (APSL) 4-0 Capital Constabulary (MPSL)
Rafford Town (SBPSL) 1-1 Kirkross (CPSL) (Replay: Kirkross (CPSL) 2-1 Rafford Town (SBPSL))
Saltburn Wanderers (MPSL) 0-1 Carrington United (CPSL)
St Bart’s United (SBPSL) 3-2 East Montfort United (MPSL)
Waterford United (CPSL) 2-1 Tillmuir (MPSL)
Whitton United (APSL) 4-1 Port Arran (MPSL)

Match of the Round:
When the third round draw was made, it was the fixture at St Bart’s Oval between St Bart’s United and East Montfort United that drew the eye of most observers. Two teams with much history in Licentian football would face off in an early round. It didn’t disappoint. It was St Bart’s that would start off strongest at home, but the first goal came against the run of play, with Ross Sinclair putting East Montfort into the lead from a counter attack. From there, the away side seemed invigorated, and managed to get a second before the half hour mark, with Sinclair laying off Stephen McMillan to score. St Bart’s did manage to respond before the break, however, with Jack van Vreeswijk scoring from a free kick to pull the hosts back into it. The game after the break was just as close as the first half, but St Bart’s keeper Ryan Mackay seemed to be in much better form in the second half, stopping East Montfort from adding to their two goals. St Bart’s however had no such trouble. Simon Cameron scored from a corner to draw the game level, before van Vreeswijk set up his strike partner Danita ten Wolde to score the winner to put St Bart’s United through to the fourth round.

Fourth Round:

This is the final stage of the competition where teams enter for the first time; here, the 16 Licentian Premier League sides enter for the first time.

Abingdon Celtic (LPL) 1-0 Whitton United (APSL)
Arranmuir (MPSL) 1-3 Thornhill United (APSL)
Blackheath (LPL) 3-1 Colesham Athletic (CPSL)
Broadwood (LPL) 4-0 Langbank (CPSL)
Colesham Rovers (LPL) 3-0 Montfort Wanderers (LPL)
Ferryhill Town (MPSL) 2-1 Carrington United (CPSL)
Finnston United (SBPSL) 1-2 AFC Farnworth (LPL)
Gaelic Club (LPL) 0-3 St Bart’s Dutch (LPL)
Glenmount Town (LPL) 2-0 Garton Bay Pirates (LPL)
Kirkross (CPSL) 1-0 SC Montfort (LPL)
Redburn Athletic (SBPSL) 2-1 Hope Bay (SBPSL)
St Bart’s United (SBPSL) 1-2 Shieldhill (APSL)
Stonehouse Athletic (LPL) 5-1 Montfort University (LPL)
Tarbert United (MPSL) 0-1 Parkhouse (APSL)
Waterfleet (LPL) 1-1 St Thomas (LPL) (Replay: St Thomas (LPL) 3-2 Waterfleet (LPL))
Waterford United (CPSL) 3-1 Houghton Rangers (LPL)

Match of the Round:
A derby in the cup is always going to create some excitement. When we found out that Waterfleet and St Thomas would face off in the fourth round, it was no exception. The initial fixture didn’t quite live up to its billing as both sides played relatively cautious football at the Waterfront Stadium. It was St Thomas who managed to break the deadlock after 50 minutes of scoreless football, with Tiago Weiling finishing a slick move from the Sky Blues. Fleet were quick to respond, however, with a Layla Paterson strike from outside the box ensuring that there would be a replay at the Recreation Ground. In the replay, the style was almost entirely reversed, with both sides going on the attack and three goals being scored in the first ten minutes. Tiago Weiling scored for St Thomas, before Penelope van Drunen replied for Waterfleet. Oscar Moore then put St Thomas back in front before a more quiet period led up to half time. Weiling got his second, and his third across the two matches, to give St Thomas some breathing room. Fleet managed to pull one back late on through Harris Shaw in the dying moments, but it wasn’t enough to prevent their rivals progressing.

Fifth Round:

AFC Farnworth (LPL) 2-3 Colesham Rovers (LPL)
Abingdon Celtic (LPL) 3-0 Shieldhill (APSL)
Blackheath (LPL) 1-2 Kirkross (CPSL)
Ferryhill Town (MPSL) 1-5 Broadwood (LPL)
Parkhouse (APSL) 2-0 Glenmount Town (LPL)
St Bart’s Dutch (LPL) 2-1 Stonehouse Athletic (LPL)
St Thomas (LPL) 2-1 Redburn Athletic (SBPSL)
Thornhill United (APSL) 3-1 Waterford United (CPSL)

Match of the Round:
There always has to be a shock in the FALI Cup, and though a number of LPL sides saw themselves knocked out by a second tier side, there was no bigger scalp claimed than that of Glenmount Town. Having led the Premier League for most of the season, they travelled down the road to Parkhouse expecting to move past the APSL side relatively easily. Parkhouse had other plans, however. They stifled any attack from the Mountaineers straight from the kick off, with Miles Simpson and Tyler Veldhoen both struggling to get going. They then managed to execute their counter attack perfectly, with both of their goals coming through their big centre forward Murdo Anderson from long balls. It may not have been pretty, but nobody can deny that Glenmount were undone by old-fashioned play on the day. Glenmount boss Grant Hunter tried to twist the result as allowing them to continue to focus on the league, but all in attendance knew that the Mountaineers had faltered.

Quarter Finals:

Abingdon Celtic (LPL) 2-0 Colesham Rovers (LPL)
Kirkross (CPSL) 0-0 St Bart’s Dutch (LPL) (Replay: St Bart’s Dutch (LPL) 2-1 Kirkross (CPSL))
St Thomas (LPL) 1-1 Broadwood (LPL) (Replay: Broadwood (LPL) 1-3 St Thomas (LPL))
Thornhill United (APSL) 2-0 Parkhouse (APSL)

Match of the Round:
The quarter final draw meant that at least one side from the second tier would make their way to LTI Stadium to play in a semi final, so many observers were focussed on the battle in Abingdon Parish between Thornhill and Parkhouse. After stunning Glenmount in the last round, many were of the belief that the away side deserved a spot at the national stadium. Their job very quickly became more difficult, however, when Alex Taylor was sent off after 35 minutes for a reckless challenge on Thornhill winger Scarlet McKenzie. McKenzie managed to score from the resulting free kick, and Parkhouse being down to 10 players completely changed the complexion of the game. While Thornhill didn’t go on the offensive, they seemed far more at ease in the way they were playing, while their opponents were forced to switch into a much more defensive strategy at a time where they needed to go onto the attack to get one back. In the end, it was another set piece that gave United their second, with Oliver Wright heading home from another McKenzie free kick.

Semi Finals:

The semi finals of the FALI Cup are held across two days at LTI Stadium in Montfort, the capital of the Isles. If a fixture is tied at the end of 90 minutes, extra time and penalties will be used to decide a winner on the day.

St Bart’s Dutch (LPL) 0-0 Abingdon Celtic (LPL) (0-0 AET) (6-7 pen.)
St Thomas (LPL) 2-1 Thornhill United (APSL)

Match of the Round:
While one of the semi finals didn’t see any goals scored, the other was surprisingly close despite one side being in the second tier. Thornhill United took St Thomas by surprise, and their first shock came within minutes of kick off. Scarlet McKenzie has been one of the best players in this tournament for Thornhill, and she carried on at the LTI Stadium, scoring a gorgeous free kick to put United ahead. St Thomas looked to have responded quickly, but Alasdair Graham was found to be offside when he headed home from a corner. They didn’t manage to score before the break, and it looked like Thornhill’s fairytale would continue. After the break though, Thornhill made an error in giving away a free kick on the edge of the box; Mitch Louws made them pay, and drew St Thomas level. They seemed invigorated after that, with Flora Watson managing to put the Sky Blues in the lead just five minutes later, beating Tristan Munro at the near post to give her side the lead, and drive them towards the final of the FALI Cup.


St Thomas (LPL) 1-0 Abingdon Celtic (LPL)

Going into the final, many predicted that despite their struggles at times this season, Abingdon Celtic would dominate against a St Thomas side that found themselves in their first FALI Cup final. That turned out not to be the case, however, as the two sides seemed fairly evenly matched throughout the first half, with both Glen McGregor of Celtic and Sam Heijnis of the Sky Blues forced into acrobatic saves to keep the game scoreless. After the break, it was much of the same, even as Heijnis had to tip a Miles Henderson free kick over the bar. In the end, there were only fifteen minutes left to go as the only goal of the game was scored. A Mitch Louws cross found its way in between the Abingdon centre halves, and Tiago Weiling slammed a half volley into the top right corner to earn St Thomas their first ever FALI Cup win. Flora Watson, exiled from Abingdon and moving to St Thomas at the start of this season, led the celebrations after downing her former club. It now appears that St Thomas have cemented themselves as competitors, both in the league and cup.
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1SR Season - Part 3

Matchday 21:

AFC Farnworth 0–1 Houghton Rangers
Broadwood 1–1 St Bart's Dutch
Gaelic Club 1–0 Colesham Rovers
Garton Bay Pirates 2–2 SC Montfort
Glenmount Town 1–1 Abingdon Celtic
Montfort University 3–2 Stonehouse Athletic
Montfort Wanderers 1–1 Blackheath
St Thomas 1–2 Waterfleet

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Gaelic Club 21 12 5 4 38 18 +20 41
2 Glenmount Town 21 12 4 5 40 24 +16 40
3 Abingdon Celtic 21 11 4 6 34 25 +9 37
4 SC Montfort 21 10 5 6 36 27 +9 35
5 St Thomas 21 10 4 7 29 20 +9 34
6 Stonehouse Athletic 21 10 4 7 29 25 +4 34
7 Montfort Wanderers 21 10 4 7 32 31 +1 34
8 Waterfleet 21 7 8 6 29 25 +4 29
9 Blackheath 21 8 5 8 27 26 +1 29
10 AFC Farnworth 21 7 7 7 26 25 +1 28
11 St Bart's Dutch 21 6 6 9 23 26 −3 24
12 Montfort University 21 6 5 10 33 43 −10 23
13 Garton Bay Pirates 21 4 9 8 30 42 −12 21
14 Colesham Rovers 21 6 1 14 27 42 −15 19
15 Houghton Rangers 21 4 6 11 18 36 −18 18
16 Broadwood 21 4 5 12 27 43 −16 17

Gaelic Club and Glenmount Town have once again traded places at the top of the Licentian Premier League, with the Gaels climbing one point ahead of their rivals after a Beau Morrison free kick gave them a victory over relegation-threatened Colesham Rovers. Glenmount dropped points against Abingdon Celtic, who still remain within a few points of their biggest rivals despite some struggles in the early part of the season. SC Montfort remained in the top four despite being held to a draw by Garton Bay Pirates, who are now three points clear of the relegation zone. The reason SC could remain in the top four was that all of the teams chasing them dropped points. St Thomas were beaten in their local derby by Waterfleet, while Stonehouse were beaten by Montfort University in a five goal thriller at Burnside. Elsewhere Montfort Wanderers were held to a draw by Blackheath, meaning that they also remain one point adrift of their rivals. Broadwood have found themselves back at the bottom of the table after being held to a draw by St Bart’s, with Houghton climbing above them after they surprised AFC Farnworth thanks to a Ruaridh Milne goal.

Matchday 22:

Abingdon Celtic 1–2 Montfort Wanderers
Blackheath 1–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Colesham Rovers 2–2 Broadwood
Houghton Rangers 3–0 St Thomas
SC Montfort 0–1 AFC Farnworth
St Bart's Dutch 1–0 Montfort University
Stonehouse Athletic 1–3 Glenmount Town
Waterfleet 2–1 Gaelic Club

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 22 13 4 5 43 25 +18 43
2 Gaelic Club 22 12 5 5 39 20 +19 41
3 Abingdon Celtic 22 11 4 7 35 27 +8 37
4 Montfort Wanderers 22 11 4 7 34 32 +2 37
5 SC Montfort 22 10 5 7 36 28 +8 35
6 St Thomas 22 10 4 8 29 23 +6 34
7 Stonehouse Athletic 22 10 4 8 30 28 +2 34
8 Waterfleet 22 8 8 6 31 26 +5 32
9 AFC Farnworth 22 8 7 7 27 25 +2 31
10 Blackheath 22 8 6 8 28 27 +1 30
11 St Bart's Dutch 22 7 6 9 24 26 −2 27
12 Montfort University 22 6 5 11 33 44 −11 23
13 Garton Bay Pirates 22 4 10 8 31 43 −12 22
14 Houghton Rangers 22 5 6 11 21 36 −15 21
15 Colesham Rovers 22 6 2 14 29 44 −15 20
16 Broadwood 22 4 6 12 29 45 −16 18

Once again, the Mountaineers have returned to the top of the table within a week of losing their lead. This time, they managed a dominant victory away at Stonehouse, with Tyler Veldhoen getting a brace on the way to their victory, while Waterfleet beat Gaelic Club thanks to a goal of the season contender from Brendon Vermolen. Montfort Wanderers pulled themselves into the top four with a victory on the road against Abingdon Celtic, with Fabrizio Kaal’s side now level on points with the former favourites. At the other end of the table, Houghton Rangers climbed out of the relegation zone with an unexpected victory over St Thomas, condemning Colesham Rovers to drop in to the bottom two after their draw with fellow strugglers Broadwood. SC Montfort fell to defeat against AFC Farnworth, and as a result were replaced in the IFCF qualification places by their rivals Wanderers. The other two fixtures of the weekend were in the bottom half of the table, with St Bart’s Dutch beating Montfort University, while Blackheath and Garton Bay played to a draw at Village Green.

Matchday 23:

Blackheath 1–1 SC Montfort
Broadwood 0–3 Waterfleet
Gaelic Club 2–2 Houghton Rangers
Garton Bay Pirates 2–2 Abingdon Celtic
Glenmount Town 3–1 St Bart's Dutch
Montfort University 2–0 Colesham Rovers
Montfort Wanderers 1–2 Stonehouse Athletic
St Thomas 2–2 AFC Farnworth

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 23 14 4 5 46 26 +20 46
2 Gaelic Club 23 12 6 5 41 22 +19 42
3 Abingdon Celtic 23 11 5 7 37 29 +8 38
4 Stonehouse Athletic 23 11 4 8 32 29 +3 37
5 Montfort Wanderers 23 11 4 8 35 34 +1 37
6 SC Montfort 23 10 6 7 37 29 +8 36
7 Waterfleet 23 9 8 6 34 26 +8 35
8 St Thomas 23 10 5 8 31 25 +6 35
9 AFC Farnworth 23 8 8 7 29 27 +2 32
10 Blackheath 23 8 7 8 29 28 +1 31
11 St Bart's Dutch 23 7 6 10 25 29 −4 27
12 Montfort University 23 7 5 11 35 44 −9 26
13 Garton Bay Pirates 23 4 11 8 33 45 −12 23
14 Houghton Rangers 23 5 7 11 23 38 −15 22
15 Colesham Rovers 23 6 2 15 29 46 −17 20
16 Broadwood 23 4 6 13 29 48 −19 18

Glenmount have now managed to build a gap once again at the top of the Licentian Premier League. They were helped by the visit of struggling St Bart’s Dutch, with a Miles Simpson strike from outside the box the highlight of the match. The two Abingdon clubs in the chase for the top spot were both held to 2-2 draws by clubs at the other end of the table; Celtic could not beat Garton Bay Pirates, while Gaelic Club were held by Houghton Rangers at the Coliseum. In a battle at the top end of the table, Stonehouse managed to turn over Montfort Wanderers at the LTI Stadium and climb into the top four, helped by a Lewis Johnstone header that managed to get past Leland Wood in goal for the Whites. At the other end, Broadwood were thrashed by Waterfleet to cause them to remain at the bottom of the league, while Montfort University came out the better of their match against Colesham Rovers. Elsewhere, SC Montfort could not climb into the top four despite taking an early lead through Josh Williams, as Blackheath came back to claim a point.

Matchday 24:

AFC Farnworth 1–1 Gaelic Club
Abingdon Celtic 2–0 Blackheath
Colesham Rovers 2–1 Glenmount Town
Houghton Rangers 0–0 Broadwood
SC Montfort 1–0 St Thomas
St Bart's Dutch 1–1 Montfort Wanderers
Stonehouse Athletic 3–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Waterfleet 2–0 Montfort University

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 24 14 4 6 47 28 +19 46
2 Gaelic Club 24 12 7 5 42 23 +19 43
3 Abingdon Celtic 24 12 5 7 39 29 +10 41
4 Stonehouse Athletic 24 12 4 8 35 30 +5 40
5 SC Montfort 24 11 6 7 38 29 +9 39
6 Waterfleet 24 10 8 6 36 26 +10 38
7 Montfort Wanderers 24 11 5 8 36 35 +1 38
8 St Thomas 24 10 5 9 31 26 +5 35
9 AFC Farnworth 24 8 9 7 30 28 +2 33
10 Blackheath 24 8 7 9 29 30 −1 31
11 St Bart's Dutch 24 7 7 10 26 30 −4 28
12 Montfort University 24 7 5 12 35 46 −11 26
13 Garton Bay Pirates 24 4 11 9 34 48 −14 23
14 Houghton Rangers 24 5 8 11 23 38 −15 23
15 Colesham Rovers 24 7 2 15 31 47 −16 23
16 Broadwood 24 4 7 13 29 48 −19 19

The league leaders are once again seeming to want to throw away their position. Colesham Rovers, at the bottom end of the table, were not expected to get anything from their home fixture against Glenmount, but a Lucas Russell double gave them a victory that strengthened their position in the relegation fight. Gaelic Club could only pull themselves to within three points of the leaders after being held to a draw by AFC Farnworth. The other two sides in the top four managed to win to draw themselves closer to the top two; Abingdon Celtic looked confident as they bested Blackheath at Gardiner-Stewart Stadium, while Stonehouse benefitted from playing the lowly Garton Bay Pirates. In the relegation fight, Colesham’s win made things more difficult for Broadwood, who are now four points away from 15th after a scoreless draw in Houghton. SC Montfort have remained within reach of IFCF qualification after squeezing past St Thomas, along with Waterfleet, who beat Montfort University to climb to 6th. Montfort Wanderers, despite their climbing since the mid-season, were held to a draw at Abbey Road by St Bart’s Dutch.

Matchday 25:

Abingdon Celtic 2–2 SC Montfort
Blackheath 2–1 Stonehouse Athletic
Broadwood 0–2 AFC Farnworth
Gaelic Club 3–0 St Thomas
Garton Bay Pirates 1–0 St Bart's Dutch
Glenmount Town 1–1 Waterfleet
Montfort University 3–3 Houghton Rangers
Montfort Wanderers 3–1 Colesham Rovers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 25 14 5 6 48 29 +19 47
2 Gaelic Club 25 13 7 5 45 23 +22 46
3 Abingdon Celtic 25 12 6 7 41 31 +10 42
4 Montfort Wanderers 25 12 5 8 39 36 +3 41
5 SC Montfort 25 11 7 7 40 31 +9 40
6 Stonehouse Athletic 25 12 4 9 36 32 +4 40
7 Waterfleet 25 10 9 6 37 27 +10 39
8 AFC Farnworth 25 9 9 7 32 28 +4 36
9 St Thomas 25 10 5 10 31 29 +2 35
10 Blackheath 25 9 7 9 31 31 0 34
11 St Bart's Dutch 25 7 7 11 26 31 −5 28
12 Montfort University 25 7 6 12 38 49 −11 27
13 Garton Bay Pirates 25 5 11 9 35 48 −13 26
14 Houghton Rangers 25 5 9 11 26 41 −15 24
15 Colesham Rovers 25 7 2 16 32 50 −18 23
16 Broadwood 25 4 7 14 29 50 −21 19

Gaelic Club are looking to keep the title race going for as long as possible, and while they’ve been helped by Glenmount’s relative struggles later in the season, they are definitely playing like title challengers. Ruaridh Grant scored two of their three goals at home to St Thomas, but it was a fantastic performance from the whole team. Glenmount Town looked likely to get a win of their own, until Will Hay headed into his own net from a corner to give Waterfleet a draw. One game that seems certain to be important in the IFCF qualification battle is that between Celtic and SC, who played to a 2-2 draw that keeps both sides in the hunt for this season’s Challengers’ Cup places. Montfort Wanderers climbed back up to 4th after beating Colesham in a match that kept the latter in the relegation places. Houghton managed to come out of their game again Montfort University with one point in a six goal thriller that pulled them one point ahead of Rovers, while Broadwood lost to AFC Farnworth to remain bottom of the table. Stonehouse Athletic dropped out of the top four after being surprised by mid-table Blackheath thanks to a late goal from Sarah Campbell, while Garton Bay Pirates squeezed past St Bart’s Dutch, with Zander Young the goal scorer at the Anchor.

Matchday 26:

AFC Farnworth 2–1 Montfort University
Colesham Rovers 2–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Houghton Rangers 0–2 Glenmount Town
SC Montfort 1–2 Gaelic Club
St Bart's Dutch 2–1 Blackheath
St Thomas 1–0 Broadwood
Stonehouse Athletic 1–1 Abingdon Celtic
Waterfleet 1–3 Montfort Wanderers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 26 15 5 6 50 29 +21 50
2 Gaelic Club 26 14 7 5 47 24 +23 49
3 Montfort Wanderers 26 13 5 8 42 37 +5 44
4 Abingdon Celtic 26 12 7 7 42 32 +10 43
5 Stonehouse Athletic 26 12 5 9 37 33 +4 41
6 SC Montfort 26 11 7 8 41 33 +8 40
7 Waterfleet 26 10 9 7 38 30 +8 39
8 AFC Farnworth 26 10 9 7 34 29 +5 39
9 St Thomas 26 11 5 10 32 29 +3 38
10 Blackheath 26 9 7 10 32 33 −1 34
11 St Bart's Dutch 26 8 7 11 28 32 −4 31
12 Montfort University 26 7 6 13 39 51 −12 27
13 Garton Bay Pirates 26 5 11 10 36 50 −14 26
14 Colesham Rovers 26 8 2 16 34 51 −17 26
15 Houghton Rangers 26 5 9 12 26 43 −17 24
16 Broadwood 26 4 7 15 29 51 −22 19

The race for the title continues to be a close one, as both Glenmount and Gaelic Club won this weekend and moved slightly clear of the chasing pack. Glenmount looked dominant against Houghton and could have easily scored more than the two they got, while Gaelic Club need a free kick from Beau Morrison to come away with a win against SC Montfort. The loss for Houghton Rangers meant that they dropped into the bottom two again after Colesham Rovers beat Garton Bay Pirates at Old Colliery Road, while Broadwood’s loss to St Thomas means that they now sit 7 points away from safety with only four games left to play in the season. Montfort Wanderers have climbed up to 3rd after they outclassed Waterfleet away from home, with Arlo McGregor looking to be at his best all season for the Whites. Abingdon Celtic and Stonehouse Athletic played to a draw in a game that really suits neither side as they push for IFCF qualification. AFC Farnworth kept themselves within reach of the top four with a victory over Montfort University, while St Bart’s continued to climb towards safety with their victory over Blackheath.

Matchday 27:

Abingdon Celtic 2–1 St Bart's Dutch
Blackheath 0–0 Colesham Rovers
Broadwood 3–3 Gaelic Club
Garton Bay Pirates 1–1 Waterfleet
Glenmount Town 2–1 AFC Farnworth
Montfort University 2–0 St Thomas
Montfort Wanderers 3–0 Houghton Rangers
Stonehouse Athletic 1–1 SC Montfort

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Glenmount Town 27 16 5 6 52 30 +22 53
2 Gaelic Club 27 14 8 5 50 27 +23 50
3 Montfort Wanderers 27 14 5 8 45 37 +8 47
4 Abingdon Celtic 27 13 7 7 44 33 +11 46
5 Stonehouse Athletic 27 12 6 9 38 34 +4 42
6 SC Montfort 27 11 8 8 42 34 +8 41
7 Waterfleet 27 10 10 7 39 31 +8 40
8 AFC Farnworth 27 10 9 8 35 31 +4 39
9 St Thomas 27 11 5 11 32 31 +1 38
10 Blackheath 27 9 8 10 32 33 −1 35
11 St Bart's Dutch 27 8 7 12 29 34 −5 31
12 Montfort University 27 8 6 13 41 51 −10 30
13 Garton Bay Pirates 27 5 12 10 37 51 −14 27
14 Colesham Rovers 27 8 3 16 34 51 −17 27
15 Houghton Rangers 27 5 9 13 26 46 −20 24
16 Broadwood 27 4 8 15 32 54 −22 20

Glenmount have managed to give themselves a small gap at the top of the table once again with only a few games left to go in the Premier League season. Their win over Farnworth at Market Street was helped by the fact that the Reds’ keeper Struan Fraser let a Lyle Hughes cross past him for Town’s second. They were also helped by a shock result at Anderson Stadium, as Broadwood’s attacking style paid off as they matched Gaelic Club’s three goals, claiming a single point that may not help them in their losing battle at the bottom. Montfort Wanderers now sit within three points of second placed Gaelic Club after their comprehensive victory over Houghton Rangers, who are now further adrift in the relegation zone. The final IFCF qualification place is currently held by Abingdon Celtic, who now have a decent gap after they beat St Bart’s Dutch, and Stonehouse and SC Montfort played to a draw. Both Colesham and Garton Bay managed to claim a draw to increase their distance from the relegation zone; Rovers held Blackheath to a scoreless draw, while Pirates had to settle for a draw despite leading for most of the game against Waterfleet. Montfort University are hoping that they have now reached the point that effectively guarantees their safety after their surprise victory against St Thomas.

Matchday 28:

AFC Farnworth 1–2 Montfort Wanderers
Colesham Rovers 3–0 Abingdon Celtic
Gaelic Club 3–1 Montfort University
Houghton Rangers 1–1 Garton Bay Pirates
SC Montfort 2–1 Broadwood
St Bart's Dutch 1–1 Stonehouse Athletic
St Thomas 2–1 Glenmount Town
Waterfleet 1–0 Blackheath

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Gaelic Club 28 15 8 5 53 28 +25 53
2 Glenmount Town 28 16 5 7 53 32 +21 53
3 Montfort Wanderers 28 15 5 8 47 38 +9 50
4 Abingdon Celtic 28 13 7 8 44 36 +8 46
5 SC Montfort 28 12 8 8 44 35 +9 44
6 Waterfleet 28 11 10 7 40 31 +9 43
7 Stonehouse Athletic 28 12 7 9 39 35 +4 43
8 St Thomas 28 12 5 11 34 32 +2 41
9 AFC Farnworth 28 10 9 9 36 33 +3 39
10 Blackheath 28 9 8 11 32 34 −2 35
11 St Bart's Dutch 28 8 8 12 30 35 −5 32
12 Montfort University 28 8 6 14 42 54 −12 30
13 Colesham Rovers 28 9 3 16 37 51 −14 30
14 Garton Bay Pirates 28 5 13 10 38 52 −14 28
15 Houghton Rangers 28 5 10 13 27 47 −20 25
16 Broadwood 28 4 8 16 33 56 −23 20

The picture going into the final weeks of the season has changed once again, as it now appears we have a three horse race going into the last two weekends of the Premier League. Glenmount Town travelled to the Recreation Ground on St Thomas and came away having dropped down to second in the league on goal difference, after a Tiago Weiling double gave the home side three points. Gaelic Club looked to be at their best as they beat Montfort University, and Wanderers unexpectedly entered the fray as well as they beat Farnworth on the road. At the other end of the table, Broadwood will end their first season in the LPL the way many expected pre-season, as their loss to SC Montfort confirmed that they would be relegated back to the second tier for next season. Houghton Rangers were hoping for a win over Garton Bay to give themselves a fighting chance of escaping the drop, but instead had to settle for a late draw that they salvaged through a Thomas Hughes free kick. Colesham Rovers have been putting up a serious fight in recent weeks, and that continued as they shocked Abingdon Celtic to climb up to 13th ahead of the Pirates. Waterfleet are still within reach of IFCF qualification after their victory over Blackheath, as are Stonehouse despite their draw away to St Bart’s.

Matchday 29:

Abingdon Celtic 4–1 Waterfleet
Blackheath 4–3 Houghton Rangers
Garton Bay Pirates 1–0 AFC Farnworth
Glenmount Town 1–1 Gaelic Club
Montfort University 1–2 Broadwood
Montfort Wanderers 1–0 St Thomas
St Bart's Dutch 1–1 SC Montfort
Stonehouse Athletic 3–0 Colesham Rovers

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Gaelic Club 29 15 9 5 54 29 +25 54
2 Glenmount Town 29 16 6 7 54 33 +21 54
3 Montfort Wanderers 29 16 5 8 48 38 +10 53
4 Abingdon Celtic 29 14 7 8 48 37 +11 49
5 Stonehouse Athletic 29 13 7 9 42 35 +7 46
6 SC Montfort 29 12 9 8 45 36 +9 45
7 Waterfleet 29 11 10 8 41 35 +6 43
8 St Thomas 29 12 5 12 34 33 +1 41
9 AFC Farnworth 29 10 9 10 36 34 +2 39
10 Blackheath 29 10 8 11 36 37 −1 38
11 St Bart's Dutch 29 8 9 12 31 36 −5 33
12 Garton Bay Pirates 29 6 13 10 39 52 −13 31
13 Montfort University 29 8 6 15 43 56 −13 30
14 Colesham Rovers 29 9 3 17 37 54 −17 30
15 Houghton Rangers 29 5 10 14 30 51 −21 25
16 Broadwood 29 5 8 16 35 57 −22 23

We are looking at the most exciting final day of the title race in a long time in the Licentian Premier League. Three teams are in with a chance of winning the title, and two of them will be up against each other. Two of the three also faced each other in the penultimate week of the season, with Glenmount Town and Gaelic Club playing to a draw at Market Street. That is the result that truly opened the door to Montfort Wanderers, who got a one goal win over St Thomas to draw within one point of the top two ahead of their trip to the Coliseum of the Gaels on the final day. While Abingdon Celtic aren’t able to win the title this season as they hoped, at the very least they are in a very strong position for Challengers’ Cup qualification after they put four past Waterfleet. They find themselves three points clear of the only team in with a shot of passing them; Stonehouse Athletic were by far the best side at Burnside as they defeated Colesham Rovers. However, that loss did not prevent Colesham Rovers from confirming their safety from relegation. That was decided in Blackheath in a seven-goal thriller, as Blackheath came out the better and confirmed the relegation of Houghton Rangers back to the second tier of Licentian football. SC Montfort will not qualify for international competitions this year, after a draw with St Bart’s Dutch meant that Abingdon Celtic were too far clear of the Royals. Broadwood managed to get a win over Montfort University despite their relegation already being confirmed, while Garton Bay climbed to 12th thanks to their victory over AFC Farnworth.

Matchday 30:

AFC Farnworth 0–1 Blackheath
Broadwood 2–2 Glenmount Town
Colesham Rovers 2–3 St Bart's Dutch
Gaelic Club 1–2 Montfort Wanderers
Houghton Rangers 1–3 Abingdon Celtic
SC Montfort 1–4 Montfort University
St Thomas 2–0 Garton Bay Pirates
Waterfleet 3–1 Stonehouse Athletic

.  RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Montfort Wanderers 30 17 5 8 50 39 +11 56 Champions, CL, CEdC
2 Glenmount Town 30 16 7 7 56 35 +21 55 CC, CEdC
3 Gaelic Club 30 15 9 6 55 31 +24 54 CC
4 Abingdon Celtic 30 15 7 8 51 38 +13 52 CC
5 Waterfleet 30 12 10 8 44 36 +8 46
6 Stonehouse Athletic 30 13 7 10 43 38 +5 46
7 SC Montfort 30 12 9 9 46 40 +6 45
8 St Thomas 30 13 5 12 36 33 +3 44 CWC
9 Blackheath 30 11 8 11 37 37 0 41
10 AFC Farnworth 30 10 9 11 36 35 +1 39
11 St Bart's Dutch 30 9 9 12 34 38 −4 36
12 Montfort University 30 9 6 15 47 57 −10 33
13 Garton Bay Pirates 30 6 13 11 39 54 −15 31
14 Colesham Rovers 30 9 3 18 39 57 −18 30
15 Houghton Rangers 30 5 10 15 31 54 −23 25 Relegated
16 Broadwood 30 5 9 16 37 59 −22 24 Relegated

For most of this season, Glenmount Town and Gaelic Club traded the top spot between them. Montfort Wanderers hadn’t led since the second week of the season, and hadn’t been in the top two since then either. The only thing that matters to Fabrizio Kaal’s side, however, is that they led the Licentian Premier League after thirty games, and claimed their first title for a number of years. They achieved it by beating fellow title contenders Gaelic Club at the Coliseum, Arlo McGregor delivering a man of the match performance as well as scoring the winning goal for the Whites. If Glenmount Town had managed to win against the already relegated Broadwood, then they would have deservedly won the league after leading for so long this season. Instead, Anne-Linde van Oers scored two goals in the second half to hold the Mountaineers to a draw, and deny them the title that many argue they very much deserve. Abingdon Celtic managed to confirm their place in the Challengers’ Cup by piling yet more misery on Houghton Rangers at the Hilltop Stadium, but they will be disappointed by their fourth place finish when they were expected to win yet another title going into this season. Waterfleet surprised Stonehouse on the final day of the season and deserved their win, which led to them replacing the Latics in fifth place. SC Montfort struggled against Montfort University after Lleyton Ritchie was sent off in the early stages of their fixture, while FALI Cup winners St Thomas had to settle for 8th after a strong start to the season. Blackheath and AFC Farnworth both find themselves in the mid-table again, while a win in Colesham on the final day won’t relieve any of the frustration for fans of St Bart’s Dutch, who saw their side finish 11th after much expectation at the beginning of the season. Despite all spending time in the bottom two this season, Montfort University, Garton Bay Pirates, and Colesham Rovers all found themselves solidly safe at the end of the season, with a decent gap to the relegated sides, Houghton Rangers and Broadwood.
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2SR Season Preview - Part 1

Montfort Wanderers:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Leland Wood 24 Image
RB Kristin de Booij 23 Image
CB Tom Roberts 29 Image
CB Oran Hay 20 Image
LB Rowan Findlay 25 Image
HM Alex Graham 30 Image
CM Jemma Morrison 26 Image
CM Thomas Hughes 20 Image
AM Arlo McGregor 23 Image
CF Rimaël Postel 24 Image
CF Danita Star 27 Image

Stadium - LTI Stadium (75,000 capacity), Montfort, Montfort Parish
Nickname - Whites
Last season – 1st
Most important players – Arlo McGregor (AM, Image), Thomas Hughes (CM, Image), Rimaël Postel (CF, Image)

Team preview:
Many would expect that, after a year where they won the title, Montfort Wanderers would be favourites going into the next year. They aren’t, and it’s for one simple reason: Fabrizio Kaal. The manager that led them to the title in his first season with the club has been tapped up by the national team, meaning that the Whites will have to do without going into their title defence. They can still be relatively confident though, with a strong midfield and the addition of Gouvanarchais centre forward Rimaël Postel for an added goal threat.

Prediction - 4th

Glenmount Town:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Caitlin Fraser 32 Image
RB Kaitlin Patterson 24 Image
CB Tim Bijvank 20 Image
CB Gwina Ansoll 23 Image
LB Craig Kelly 27 Image
RM Lyle Hughes 28 Image
CM Mark McLean 34 Image
CM Amy Craig 23 Image
LM Valentina Gastaldo 20 Image
CF Miles Simpson 36 Image
CF Tyler Veldhoen 24 Image

Stadium - Market Street (19,500 capacity), Glenmount, Abingdon Parish
Nickname - Mountaineers
Last season – 2nd
Most important players – Caitlin Fraser (GK, Image), Lyle Hughes (RM, Image), Tyler Veldhoen (CF, Image)

Team preview:
Across the Isles, it’s a commonly held opinion that Glenmount deserved to win the title last year after leading for much of the season. Instead, they dropped the ball on the final day of the season and handed the top spot to Montfort Wanderers. This season, they will look to avoid that. They’ve maintained their two capped Licentians while also adding two young internationals in Gwina Ansoll and Valentina Gastaldo, meaning that they are in a very strong position to win the title this year and make up for lost time.

Prediction – 1st

Gaelic Club:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Josh Gibson 23 Image
RB Stu Hayden 35 Image
CB Phoebe Hay 31 Image
CB Emma Graham 24 Image
LB Alexander Docherty 21 Image
RM Beau Morrison 33 Image
CM Leif Tannenbaum 20 Image
CM Sarah Reid 25 Image
LM Craig Fraser 27 Image
CF Ruaridh Grant 25 Image
CF Isaac Thielen 21 Image

Stadium - Coliseum of the Gaels (42,000 capacity), Abingdon, Abingdon Parish
Nickname - Gaels
Last season – 3rd
Most important players – Ruaridh Grant (CF, Image), Leif Tannenbaum (CM, Image), Alexander Docherty (LB, Image)

Team preview:
While the Gaels were in with a chance of winning the title going into the last day of the Premier League season, it was their loss to Montfort Wanderers at the Coliseum that gave the Whites the title. Their fans were greatly frustrated by the turnaround, but they will be hopeful that they have enough to win a title this season. Whether they do is up for debate. They still have last season’s top goalscorer Ruaridh Grant on their books, along with signing the controversial young Quebecois midfielder Leif Tannenbaum. They will hope, at the very least, to finish ahead of Celtic again.

Prediction – 3rd

Abingdon Celtic:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Glen McGregor 34 Image
RB Clay van der Hout 23 Image
CB Lucia Allen 27 Image
CB Jacob Jamieson 29 Image
LB Seren Thomson 21 Image
RM Maggie Gordon 30 Image
CM Eliza Tyler 22 Image
CM Gabby Anderson 25 Image
LM Miles Henderson 26 Image
CF Anna Findlay 27 Image
CF Neil McKenzie 35 Image

Stadium - Gardiner-Stewart Stadium (62,000 capacity), Abingdon, Abingdon Parish
Nickname - Celtic
Last season – 4th
Most important players – Lucia Allen (CB, Image), Eliza Tyler (CM, Image), Miles Henderson (LM, Image)

Team preview:
Celtic fans had every right to be frustrated with how their side performed last season. Their side floundered in the middle of the season, leaving them able to do nothing more than watch as two of their parish rivals fought for the title. There are some bright spots though. Lucia Allen was named to the Team of the Tournament in the Campionato in Hannasea cementing her place as the most highly rated defender in the Isles, while the signing of Eliza Tyler leads many to think that the midfield, previously carried by Miles Henderson, will be much more balanced in the coming season. They will hope to return to the title challenge this year.

Prediction – 2nd



Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Marcia Folkhard 33 Image
RB Dino Nieborg 29 Image
CB Harris Shaw 22 Image
CB Jonah Grant 24 Image
LB Janice Volman 30 Image
HM Saul van Duuren 22 Image
RM Harrison Murphy 28 Image
CM Matt Antonisse 23 Image
CM Sarah Peijnenburg 25 Image
LM Brendon Vermolen 27 Image
CF Layla Paterson 22 Image

Stadium - Waterfront Park (8,500 capacity), Waterfleet, St Bart’s Parish
Nickname - Fleet
Last season – 5th
Most important players – Saul van Duuren (HM, Image), Harris Shaw (CB, Image), Brendon Vermolen (LM, Image)

Team preview:
Waterfleet surprised everybody by finishing as high up in the table as they did last season. Nobody predicted going into last season that Waterfleet would be the highest ranked side from St Bart’s, and their local rivals winning the cup means that the biggest battles on the outer islands this season will occur on St Thomas. Waterfleet have shored themselves up defensively by signing Marcia Folkhard to play between the sticks, but will likely miss Penelope van Drunen’s creativity on the wing. They will need Brendon Vermolen to step up to avoid missing her too much.

Prediction - 8th

Stonehouse Athletic:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Elena McLean 32 Image
RB Oscar Douglas 30 Image
CB Jay Dickson 29 Image
CB Tamsin Duncan 34 Image
LB Leo Marshall 27 Image
HM Alissia Esselink 23 Image
CM Tom Johnston 34 Image
CM Adam Ritchie 28 Image
LW Rachel Graham 25 Image
CF Tiana Forbes 29 Image
RW Luke Kennedy 21 Image

Stadium - Burnside (16,500 capacity), Stonehouse, Abingdon Parish
Nickname - Latics
Last season – 6th
Most important players – Tom Johnston (CM, Image), Rachel Graham (RM, Image), Alissia Esselink (HM, Image)

Team preview:
The Latics were amongst the top four for a fair amount of last season, but ended up finishing six points behind Abingdon Celtic in the hunt for the last Challengers Cup slot. That hasn’t reduced the excitement around Burnside though. They’ve seen the growth at Glenmount Town, and they know that their club is capable of the same. They will still rely on a number of ageing players this season, but those players are still playing well, with Tom Johnston having been given the captain’s armband for the national team in Hannasea.

Prediction - 7th

SC Montfort:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Dom Scheffers 32 Image
RB Emily Marshall 24 Image
CB Sienna Cunningham 28 Image
CB Jonathan Shaw 34 Image
LB Michael Moore 38 Image
HM Augusta Steegh 26 Image
RM Penelope van Drunen 24 Image
CM Josh Williams 25 Image
CM Alisha Thompson 21 Image
LM Max Simpson 24 Image
CF Nick Reid 31 Image

Stadium - Adamson Park (55,000 capacity), Montfort, Montfort Parish
Nickname - Royals
Last season – 7th
Most important players – Penelope van Drunen (RM, Image), Josh Williams (CM, Image), Nick Reid (CF, Image)

Team preview:
SC had a disappointing season last year, and not just because their biggest rivals in the capital won the title. They never really looked like competing for the IFCF places, and instead found themselves at the higher end of the mid-table. They have looked to fill their biggest hole, on the right wing, by signing Penelope van Drunen from Waterfleet. Other than that they will largely be relying on the same team as last year, while hoping for a much different result; one that sees them playing international football once again.

Prediction - 5th

St Thomas:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Sam Heijnis 28 Image
RB Sarah Maartens 24 Image
CB Flora Watson 29 Image
CB Alasdair Graham 31 Image
LB Robbie Weijsman 29 Image
RM Mitch Louws 20 Image
CM Oscar Moore 35 Image
CM Arthur Mazereeuw 20 Image
LM Arximiro Valdovinos 27 Image
CF Tiago Weiling 29 Image
CF Lilly Taylor 23 Image

Stadium - Recreation Ground (11,000 capacity), St Thomas, St Bart’s Parish
Nickname - Sky Blues
Last season – 8th, FALI Cup winners
Most important players – Flora Watson (CB, Image), Tiago Weiling (CF, Image), Sam Heijnis (GK, Image)

Team preview:
While St Thomas finished 8th in the league last season, their FALI Cup win over Abingdon Celtic showed that the club has a bright future. Their first trophy in the club’s history has led to many fans hoping for even further growth, and perhaps aiming for a top four position in the coming years. That may be slightly wishful thinking for this season though. While a number of Sky Blues were called up to the national team by Fabrizio Kaal, they still need some improvement to be competing at the top of the Licentian Premier League.

Prediction - 6th
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2SR Season Preview - Part 2



Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Romana Heijink 26 Image
RB Derek Grant 28 Image
CB Aaron Munro 36 Image
CB Ryan Gordon 33 Image
CB Brooke Johnstone 22 Image
LB Maria Reilly 21 Image
HM Daniel Godijn 20 Image
CM Teagan Forbes 24 Image
CM Victor Mackay 31 Image
CF Sarah Campbell 24 Image
CF Will Wood 19 Image

Stadium - Village Green (11,500 capacity), Blackheath, Montfort Parish
Nickname - Stags
Last season – 9th
Most important players – Maria Reilly (LB, Image), Romana Heijink (GK, Image), Will Wood (CF, Image)

Team preview:
Blackheath found themselves experiencing relative success last season, knocking on the door of the top half thanks to their solid defence. That was in part rewarded by a Cyan-and-Gold call up for young Maria Reilly, who performed very well in her first season starting for the Stags. They are hopeful that the development of more youngsters will help them to continue to climb the table in the coming seasons, with Daniel Godijn and Will Wood both looking like future internationals.

Prediction - 11th

AFC Farnworth:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Darren Alexander 30 Image
RB Calvin Gordon 32 Image
CB Belle Fleming 24 Image
CB Lloyd Davidson 26 Image
LB Ailsa Johnson 23 Image
RM Casey McMillan 21 Image
CM Lesley Landzaat 34 Image
CM Regan McMillan 21 Image
LM Iona Aitken 27 Image
CF Eloise Walker 26 Image
CF Antony Campbell 29 Image

Stadium - Farnworth Municipal Stadium (36,000 capacity), Farnworth, Colesham Parish
Nickname - Reds
Last season – 10th
Most important players – Belle Fleming (CB, Image), Regan McMillan (CM, Image), Eloise Walker (CF, Image)

Team preview:
Last season once again found the Reds as the best side in Colesham Parish, but that hasn’t exactly been a high bar in recent years. Kelvin Muir’s side met their pre-season expectations, finding themselves well clear of relegation but not managing to climb out of the mid table, and some will be disappointed that we didn’t see more from Farnworth. Honestly though, this is another season to expect much of the same from this once successful club. While their young talents continue to mature, they haven’t added a big name that would boost their chances of fighting for an IFCF place.

Prediction - 9th

St Bart’s Dutch:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Lisandra Stegehuis 29 Image
RB Viola Tiemen 33 Image
CB Chloe Koppenol 22 Image
CB Carly Duncan 27 Image
LB Hugh Mackay 28 Image
HM Charlie van den Heiligenberg 20 Image
RM Ray Lamberink 36 Image
CM Garry Dirksen 29 Image
CM Lucy Handels 26 Image
LM Amy Sutherland 22 Image
CF Owen Findlay 31 Image

Stadium - Abbey Road (17,500 capacity), St Bart’s, St Bart’s Parish
Nickname - Helligens
Last season – 11th
Most important players – Chloe Koppenol (CB, Image), Owen Findlay (CF, Image), Charlie van den Heiligenberg (HM, Image)

Team preview:
Last season was far worse than anyone at St Bart’s Dutch expected. The loss of experienced players thanks to Roselyn Bentum’s style led to a sharp dip in form, seeing them finish in the bottom half of the table. Not only that, but they have also seen two of their best players leave the club in Cam Spijker and Wisse Tuininga. This year they will need to rebuild with a young squad, but it seems unlucky that they will get back to their previous heights quickly. This may be a fallow year for the club as they prepare to rebuild in the future.

Prediction – 10th

Montfort University:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Emily Macleod 30 Image
RB Jack Graham 29 Image
CB Gordon Hill 37 Image
CB Noah Vervloet 23 Image
LB Phoebe Kelly 28 Image
HM Hannah Scott 22 Image
CM Adam MacDonald 34 Image
CM Hamish Mackay 21 Image
AM Chris Heij 28 Image
CF Eilidh McMillan 25 Image
CF Jared Fleming 31 Image

Stadium - University Stadium (20,000 capacity), Montfort, Montfort Parish
Nickname - Scholars
Last season – 12th
Most important players – Phoebe Kelly (LB, Image), Noah Vervloet (CB, Image), Eilidh McMillan (CF, Image)

Team preview:
It was a typically mediocre season for the Scholars last year, avoiding the drop but not managing to climb any further than the relegation battle. They do, however, find themselves in a slight position of strength going into this season, with a solid back four led by former Dutch player Phoebe Kelly, and young Eilidh McMillan showing a lot of skill and goalscoring prowess up front. While we don’t yet know if that will translate into improved results, we can be sure that there is somewhat of a bright future for Montfort University if they can maintain these players.

Prediction - 12th

Garton Bay Pirates:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Andy Young 25 Image
RB Simon Donaldson 28 Image
CB Arwen van As 19 Image
CB Becky Reilly 29 Image
LB Saul Hamilton 32 Image
RM Isaac Muir 26 Image
CM Jessica Martin 22 Image
CM Murron King 24 Image
LM Jack Scott 30 Image
CF Grant Christie 33 Image
CF Caelan McIntyre 20 Image

Stadium - The Anchor (22,500 capacity), Garton Bay, Montfort Parish
Nickname - Pirates
Last season – 13th
Most important players – Arwen van As (CB, Image), Isaac Muir (RM, Image), Caelan McIntyre (CF, Image)

Team preview:
This is a club in crisis. Things were expected to be bad last season with the loss of financing from their jailed owner, but no one quite expected the Pirates to drop to 13th and spend time in the relegation zone over the course of the season. The firesale that followed leaves them in an even worse position, with big names like Scott McIntyre and Zander Young leaving for Tumbra and Chromatika respectively. Garton Bay have been a consistent feature of the Licentian Premier League for a number of years now, but this may be the season that that comes to an end.

Prediction - 15th

Colesham Rovers:


Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Georgia Cunningham 27 Image
RB Kaden Watt 24 Image
CB Dani Thompson 26 Image
CB Iain Henderson 36 Image
LB Frankie Muir 33 Image
HM Ethan Smith 29 Image
RM Miriam Maclean 30 Image
CM Tamsin Moore 27 Image
CM Jude Stewart 24 Image
LM Phoebe Hellemons 19 Image
CF Lucas Russell 21 Image

Stadium - Old Colliery Road (21,000 capacity), Colesham, Colesham Parish
Nickname - Miners
Last season – 14th
Most important players – Ethan Smith (HM, Image), Lucas Russell (CF, Image), Phoebe Hellemons (LM, Image)

Team preview:
Colesham Rovers managed to confirm their safety in the penultimate week of the season last year, having been in and out of the relegation zone over the course of the season. However, with very little investment into the squad over the break, they may find themselves back in that fight this year. Their only possible saving grace is the young talent coming through in Colesham, with Lucas Russell and Phoebe Hellemons both looking like they have the ability to keep the Miners from digging themselves into a hole they can’t get out of.

Prediction - 13th



Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Nathan Ferguson 28 Image
RB Callum Miller 31 Image
CB Francis Paterson 36 Image
CB Darcie Grant 29 Image
CB Jasmin Russell 21 Image
LB Billy Black 30 Image
HM Natalie McMillan 26 Image
CM Danny Millar 24 Image
CM Kayleigh Reid 22 Image
CF Ben Jamieson 23 Image
CF Giel Wildiek 21 Image

Stadium – Arranbank (13,250 capacity), Shieldhill, Abingdon Parish
Nickname - Bucklers
Last season – APSL winners, 1st in the Senior Parish Championship
Most important players – Giel Wildiek (CF, Image), Danny Millar (CM, Image), Billy Black (LB, Image)

Team preview:
Shieldhill, a side from the suburbs of Abingdon, find themselves in the Premier League for the first time this season. They only just won the Abingdon Parish Senior League on the last day of the season despite losing to Parkhouse, and only won the SPC on penalties over Castleton. Nonetheless, many see them as having a better chance than their SPC final opponents of staying up this year, with talented young players like Danny Millar, who scored the winning goal against St Bart’s United that would see them promoted, and Ko-orenite striker Giel Wildiek.

Prediction - 14th



Starting XI

Pos Name Age Nationality
GK Chris Mackenzie 39 Image
RB Danny Wallace 22 Image
CB Esther Gray 30 Image
CB Sean Williamson 28 Image
LB Bailey McDonald 31 Image
HM Hayden Craig 27 Image
CM Nicole Henderson 23 Image
CM Victoria Kelly 25 Image
AM Tarran Seamster 33 Image
CF Adam Johnstone 24 Image
CF Sophie Stevens 29 Image

Stadium – Links Road (8,750 capacity), Castleton, Montfort Parish
Nickname - Knights
Last season – MPSL winners, 2nd in the Senior Parish Championship
Most important players – Tarran Seamster (AM, Image), Chris Mackenzie (GK, Image), Esther Gray (CB, Image)

Team preview:
In one of the tightest Senior League title races in memory, Castleton only reached the Senior Parish Championship on goal difference over Saltburn Wanderers. As a result, it was a surprise to many when they defeated Carrington United to earn promotion, especially after United dominated in Colesham Parish. Castleton will be hoping that their intake of experienced players might be enough to keep them up. Chris Mackenzie, formerly of SC Montfort, signed on for one last year before retirement while the Knights also picked up Cosumarite Tarran Seamster on a free transfer to bring some international flair.

Prediction - 16th
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Champions’ Shield – 2SR

The Champions’ Shield starts off the football season in the Licentian Isles. The winner of the Licentian Premier League and the FALI Cup compete against each other at the LTI Stadium for the pride of lifting the Shield, the first trophy of the season.

Champions’ Shield:

Montfort Wanderers 3-0 St Thomas

In their first domestic game since losing Fabrizio Kaal to the Cyan-and-Gold job, the reigning Licentian champions did not seem to be struggling with their new manager Abigail Jones. They came out firing against the winners of last season’s FALI Cup, with their first goal coming within 5 minutes of kick off. It was a first goal on the Isles for Gouvanarchais centre forward Rimaël Postel, with Thomas Hughes feeding him to chip past Sam Heijnis in the St Thomas goal. After that, St Thomas went close to drawing level a number of times, with Tiago Weiling heading over the bar and Oscar Moore testing Leland Wood from range. Although it looked as if half time was going to arrive with Wanderers one goal ahead, they managed to add another just before the whistle. Kristin de Booij lifted a long cross into the box for Arlo McGregor, who tapped into the bottom left hand corner of the net to double their lead.

The Sky Blues came out firing in the second half, again going close to pulling a goal back but being denied by Wood. This time, it was a long range strike from Tequiloan winger Arximiro Valdovinos, which looked destined for the top corner without a diving save from the Montfort keeper. The next goal instead, to the frustration of those that came from St Thomas, went to Montfort Wanderers, as they extended their lead to three goals. It was a training ground corner routine that led to young Oran Hay heading the ball in at the near post, with Robbie Weijsman missing the easy block to save his side from conceding again. Despite St Thomas throwing the kitchen sink at their opponents in the dying minutes, the Montfort back four held out, and they could claim their first trophy of the season, with the hope of more to come even without Fabrizio Kaal.
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2SR Season - Part 1

Matchday 1:

AFC Farnworth 2–0 Blackheath
Colesham Rovers 0–1 Abingdon Celtic
Glenmount Town 1–2 St Thomas
Montfort University 1–2 Shieldhill
SC Montfort 0–1 Montfort Wanderers
St Bart's Dutch 0–0 Gaelic Club
Stonehouse Athletic 1–0 Garton Bay Pirates
Waterfleet 5–1 Castleton

Match of the Round:
After Glenmount threw away their shot at the league title on the final day of the season last year, and St Thomas won the FALI Cup, many pegged the fixture at Market Street on the first day of the season as one that could truly set the stage for the year that was to come. Both sides have made additions over the break, and one made a fairly quick impact for the Sky Blues. Arximiro Valdovinos took his opportunity from a free kick on the edge of the box to score his first goal in sky blue after 15 minutes, giving St Thomas the lead over the Mountaineers. It didn’t take long for the home side to respond however, with Tyler Veldhoen scoring his own first goal of the season from a long free kick floated in by Lyle Hughes, managing to head past Heijnis in the St Thomas goal. That remained the case until the hour mark, with both sides having opportunities that they couldn’t take. However, it was the Sky Blues that finally managed to convert one of their many opportunities. It was a clever one-two between Arthur Mazereeuw and Lilly Taylor that led to the young midfielder firing past Caitlin Fraser to give the Sky Blues a surprising victory over Glenmount.

Montfort Wanderers began their title defence with a victory over their biggest rivals at Adamson Park, while Abingdon Celtic also managed a 1-0 victory over Colesham Rovers. Despite their terrible season last year, St Bart’s Dutch managed to hold Gaelic Club to a goalless draw. Elsewhere in St Bart’s Parish, Castleton’s return to the Premier League started awfully after they were thrashed by Waterfleet. Stonehouse Athletic managed to sneak a win over Garton Bay, AFC Farnworth looked solid as they beat Blackheath, and Shieldhill got their first Premier League win over Montfort University.

Matchday 2:

AFC Farnworth 1–0 Colesham Rovers
Abingdon Celtic 3–0 St Bart's Dutch
Blackheath 1–2 Garton Bay Pirates
Castleton 0–0 Glenmount Town
Gaelic Club 1–1 Waterfleet
Montfort Wanderers 1–0 Montfort University
Shieldhill 1–1 Stonehouse Athletic
St Thomas 0–3 SC Montfort

Match of the Round:
Shieldhill’s first home LPL game in the club’s history was up against a side that they were previously very familiar with in Stonehouse. The two sides are only separated by about 20 minutes, and so this was very much a local derby for the fans at Arranbank to take in. It started with both sides playing somewhat cautiously, perhaps as expected for the newly promoted Bucklers. Predictably, the first goal in the game went to the Latics, with Tiana Forbes firing them in front. However, Shieldhill were very quickly looking for a reply, perhaps buoyed by winning on the road in the first week of the season. Danny Millar went close with a free kick, while Giel Wildiek looked like he’d scored until the assistant referee indicated that he was offside. In the end, it took until the 75th minute for Shieldhill to deservedly draw level. Giel Wildiek hit the post, but the ball ricocheted back out to Ben Jamieson, who beat Elena McLean to make it 1-1, and ensure that Shieldhill would take a point from their first local derby in the Licentian Premier League.

Despite losing heavily in the first game of the season, Castleton managed to hold Glenmount Town to a scoreless draw in the first game of the season at Links Road, while Gaelic Club and Waterfleet also played to a draw. Three teams have six points after the first two games: AFC Farnworth beat Colesham Rovers in their own local derby, Abingdon Celtic looked strong as they beat St Bart’s Dutch, and Montfort Wanderers got their second straight one-nil win against another side from the capital. Garton Bay Pirates got their first win of the season against Blackheath, while SC Montfort surprised St Thomas with three goals in the first half hour.

Matchday 3:

Colesham Rovers 1–1 Blackheath
Garton Bay Pirates 2–0 Shieldhill
Glenmount Town 1–1 Gaelic Club
Montfort University 4–1 St Thomas
SC Montfort 6–0 Castleton
St Bart's Dutch 2–1 AFC Farnworth
Stonehouse Athletic 0–0 Montfort Wanderers
Waterfleet 2–4 Abingdon Celtic

Match of the Round:
It was a fairly high scoring weekend in the Licentian Isles, and the most competitive game came at the Waterfront Park on St Thomas, as Waterfleet hosted Abingdon Celtic. It was Celtic that fired the first shot in this fixture, with Lucia Allen scoring from an early corner to put the away side in front within ten minutes. They followed that up fairly quickly with a second on 23 minutes; Maggie Gordon curled a free kick into the top right hand corner past Marcia Folkhard. Fleet managed to respond however, and two goals either side of half time pulled them level. The first came from Matt Antonisse at the end of the first half, as he fired through traffic and past Glen McGregor to score. It was a mistake from Clay van der Hout that led to the second for Waterfleet just after half time: he allowed winger Brendon Vermolen past for a cross that Layla Paterson headed home. With the score at 2-2, this game looked poised for a thrilling conclusion. Abingdon managed to pull themselves back in front just after the hour, with Eliza Tyler putting a through ball past the defence to Anna Findlay for an easy finish. Findlay got her second, and Celtic’s fourth, with five minutes remaining in normal time, finishing from a Gordon cross to ensure the Green-and-Whites collected their third win in three.

Another game saw six goals but was far more one-sided, as Castleton lost their second away game of the season at the hands of SC Montfort, while Montfort University also scored four as they shocked St Thomas. Two teams from the top end of the table last season, Glenmount and Gaelic Club, played to a fairly boring one-all draw at Market Street, while Stonehouse Athletic held last year’s winners Montfort Wanderers to their own draw. St Bart’s Dutch managed to get their first win of the season over AFC Farnworth, while Garton Bay handed Shieldhill their first loss in the Premier League. Another draw came in Colesham, as Rovers and Blackheath scored one each.

Matchday 4:

AFC Farnworth 1–1 Waterfleet
Abingdon Celtic 1–2 Glenmount Town
Blackheath 2–2 Shieldhill
Castleton 1–1 Montfort University
Colesham Rovers 3–2 St Bart's Dutch
Gaelic Club 4–1 SC Montfort
Montfort Wanderers 2–1 Garton Bay Pirates
St Thomas 2–0 Stonehouse Athletic

Match of the Round:
Abingdon Celtic and Glenmount Town have had two very different starts to the season, with Abingdon winning in all three weeks, while the Mountaineers were yet to get three points from a game. Within the first 25 minutes at Gardiner-Stewart Stadium it looked like both of those runs of form would continue. Eliza Tyler has brought plenty of assists in her first weeks in green and white, but the Poafmersian got her first goal for the club to give them the lead, a beautiful strike from the edge of the box. That seemed to light a fire under Town however, and they responded quickly. Valentina Gastaldo floated in a cross from the left wing that Miles Simpson got his head to, and while his effort clattered off the post Tyler Veldhoen was there to convert. Both sides had chance to take the lead after that, with Neil McKenzie going close from a corner for Celtic. However, it was Glenmount who managed to get the victory through a goal in the 78th minute. Lyle Hughes floated a corner across for young centre half Tim Bijvank to head home and get Town their first win of the season.

The other two sides from last season’s top four both managed to win on the fourth weekend of the season: Gaelic Club looked confident as they beat SC Montfort for their own first win of the season, while Montfort Wanderers got a scare from Pirates but managed to come out on top. St Bart’s Dutch looked like winning in Colesham before Rovers got three goals in twenty minutes in the second half to claim the win. St Thomas have struggled for form this year, but managed to win over Stonehouse, and there were three draws elsewhere in the Isles; Blackheath and Shieldhill scored four at Village Green, while it was one all draws for Farnworth and Waterfleet, and Castleton and Montfort University.

Matchday 5:

Garton Bay Pirates 0–3 St Thomas
Glenmount Town 3–1 AFC Farnworth
Montfort University 2–2 Gaelic Club
SC Montfort 1–1 Abingdon Celtic
Shieldhill 0–2 Montfort Wanderers
Stonehouse Athletic 2–3 Castleton
St Bart's Dutch 2–1 Blackheath
Waterfleet 3–0 Colesham Rovers

Match of the Round:
Although Gaelic Club are undefeated so far in the Premier League, it’s been a frustrating start for the club from the East End of Abingdon. They’ve only managed one win, and so they find themselves languishing in the mid-table despite not losing. That frustration continued as they travelled to the University Stadium in Montfort to face the Scholars. They started off strong as they have throughout the early stages of the season, with Ruaridh Grant scoring the first goal for the Gaels after being set up by Leif Tannenbaum. After that though, they very quickly found themselves behind, with two counter-attacks putting Montfort University ahead of Gaelic Club. The first came from a long clearance by Phoebe Kelly, with Eilidh McMillan on the end of it to beat Josh Gibson, while McMillan did it all by herself for the second, sprinting clear after a poor corner routine from the Gaels left them on the back foot. It was clear that the Gaelic Club fans were frustrated in the capital, and they were somewhat calmed by Tannenbaum managing to score a peach of a goal from distance to draw them level, and earn them their fourth draw in five games.

The top two from last season both managed wins on the fifth weekend of the season: Montfort Wanderers looked comfortable against newly-promoted Shieldhill, while Glenmount Town seem to be building their own confidence as they beat Farnworth at home. Abingdon Celtic could also only earn a draw much like their biggest rivals, being held by SC Montfort in the capital. Both clubs from St Thomas had comfortable three-nil wins against sides from the bottom half of last season; St Thomas beat Garton Bay away, while Waterfleet got a home win over Colesham Rovers. Castleton earned their first win of this Premier League season in a five-goal thriller at Burnside against Stonehouse, while Blackheath are the only side yet to taste victory this year: they lost to St Bart’s Dutch.

Table after 5 weeks:

   RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Montfort Wanderers 5 4 1 0 6 1 +5 13
2 Abingdon Celtic 5 3 1 1 10 5 +5 10
3 St Thomas 5 3 0 2 8 8 0 9
4 Waterfleet 5 2 2 1 12 7 +5 8
5 Glenmount Town 5 2 2 1 7 5 +2 8
6 SC Montfort 5 2 1 2 11 6 +5 7
7 Gaelic Club 5 1 4 0 8 5 +3 7
8 AFC Farnworth 5 2 1 2 6 6 0 7
9 St Bart's Dutch 5 2 1 2 6 8 −2 7
10 Garton Bay Pirates 5 2 0 3 5 7 −2 6
11 Montfort University 5 1 2 2 8 7 +1 5
12 Stonehouse Athletic 5 1 2 2 4 6 −2 5
13 Shieldhill 5 1 2 2 5 8 −3 5
14 Castleton 5 1 2 2 5 14 −9 5
15 Colesham Rovers 5 1 1 3 4 8 −4 4
16 Blackheath 5 0 2 3 5 9 −4 2

Montfort Wanderers, last season’s champions, lead at this early stage as one of only two teams to remain unbeaten after 5 weeks. Abingdon Celtic sit in second in the table with a three point gap to the Whites, while the remainder of the top 4 are from St Thomas, with Waterfleet and St Thomas just clear of Glenmount, who have struggled in comparison to the way they started last season. SC Montfort are within reach of the top four, as are Gaelic Club despite only winning once since the beginning of the season. AFC Farnworth and St Bart’s Dutch both find themselves in the mid-table alongside, surprisingly, Garton Bay Pirates, who many expected to see in a relegation fight this season; they will be hopeful that this is a positive sign for their year. Stonehouse Athletic will be frustrated to find themselves this low down the table, behind Montfort University, while Shieldhill and Castleton will both be happy to find themselves above the relegation zone. It’s Colesham Rovers and Blackheath who find themselves at the bottom of the table, with the Stags the only side yet to win this year.
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2SR Season - Part 1

Matchday 6:

AFC Farnworth 2–1 SC Montfort
Abingdon Celtic 1–1 Montfort University
Blackheath 1–1 Montfort Wanderers
Castleton 0–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Colesham Rovers 1–1 Glenmount Town
Gaelic Club 0–0 Stonehouse Athletic
St Bart's Dutch 0–0 Waterfleet
St Thomas 2–0 Shieldhill

Match of the Round:
Before the isolation of the Licentian Isles from the rest of the multiverse, AFC Farnworth and SC Montfort were two of the most successful teams in the nation, with both competing at the highest level in the Licentian Premier League. Now, the two times find themselves somewhere in the mid-table each season, though SC have the desire to challenge for IFCF places. As it was, the game in Farnworth was probably the most exciting in a weekend filled with boring draws. The McMillan twins, Casey and Regan, ran roughshod over the SC defence in the first half, with the former scoring her first goal of the season from a free kick to put the Reds in front. They got their second only a few minutes later, with SC seeming in shock at going behind. Casey McMillan managed to swing a cross towards the back post that was met beautifully by Eloise Walker, doubling the lead for Farnworth going into half time. They held onto that two goal lead for most of the second half, but SC did eventually manage to pull one back through a Josh Williams free kick, with the midfielder proving once again that no one can hit a free kick like he can.

There were only two other teams that managed to gain three points out of this weekend. St Thomas pulled themselves up to second in the league with a win over Shieldhill while, in a battle that many pegged as being between two teams who were the most likely to go down, Garton Bay Pirates snuck past Castleton. Two of the five draws this weekend were scoreless: Gaelic Club and Stonehouse Athletic shared the spoils in Abingdon, while Waterfleet were held by St Bart’s Dutch. Elsewhere, three of the leading contenders for the Premier League pre-season were all held to shock one-all draws, with Abingdon Celtic held by the Scholars, Glenmount Town by Colesham, and the defending champions Montfort Wanderers by Blackheath.

Matchday 7:

Garton Bay Pirates 2–2 Gaelic Club
Glenmount Town 1–0 St Bart's Dutch
Montfort University 1–1 AFC Farnworth
Montfort Wanderers 0–1 St Thomas
SC Montfort 1–1 Colesham Rovers
Shieldhill 1–0 Castleton
Stonehouse Athletic 5–0 Abingdon Celtic
Waterfleet 1–2 Blackheath

Match of the Round:
Not many people would have predicted, before the season, that a battle between Montfort Wanderers and St Thomas in the 7th week of the season would be a battle between the top two in the league. Even fewer would have predicted the end result. As it was, the defending champions came into this game at the LTI as solid favourites to beat last year’s FALI Cup champions, especially after the Champions’ Shield game that they dominated. That was not how things ended though, with St Thomas managing to hold the Whites for the majority of the 90 minutes. In the end, despite Arlo McGregor and Rimaël Postel having numerous chances to put the defending champions ahead, it was the Sky Blues who took the victory, the three points, and the top spot in the Licentian Premier League. Mazereeuw and Valdovinos played a clever one-two before the former lofted the ball through for Tiago Weiling, who managed to curve the ball past Wood in the Wanderers goal to lift his team to the top of the league.

Stonehouse picked up only their second win of the season in great style against their parish rivals Abingdon Celtic, putting five goals past the Green-and-Whites. Glenmount Town managed to climb to third in the table with a one goal win over St Bart’s, while Farnworth remain 4th after a one-all draw with Montfort University. Gaelic Club have now made it six draws out of seven games after tying with Garton Bay, while SC Montfort and Colesham Rovers also played to a draw in the capital. Waterfleet were surprised by Blackheath away from home after Janice Volman was sent off, and Shieldhill bested Castleton in the battle of the newly promoted sides.

Matchday 8:

AFC Farnworth 4–2 Stonehouse Athletic
Abingdon Celtic 1–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Blackheath 1–2 St Thomas
Castleton 2–1 Montfort Wanderers
Colesham Rovers 1–0 Montfort University
Gaelic Club 2–1 Shieldhill
St Bart's Dutch 1–1 SC Montfort
Waterfleet 1–1 Glenmount Town

Match of the Round:
As well as St Thomas surprising many by topping the league, AFC Farnworth have found themselves as a surprise package in the early stages of this season. They managed to pull themselves up to second in the table this weekend after a thrilling match at the Farnworth Municipal Stadium against Stonehouse. Lesley Landzaat, not usually known for her goalscoring talent, scored an absolute peach to put the Reds in front, and her opener was quickly followed by a Lloyd Davidson header that made it seem as if Farnworth were fully in control. Stonehouse would reply before half time, however, with Tiana Forbes striking from the edge of the box. Just after half-time, Farnworth would re-establish their two goal lead through a Regan McMillan streak, and seemed well in control, though Stonehouse were still able to respond five minutes later in a somewhat embarrassing way. A corner swung towards the back post by Luke Kennedy was met by Reds full-back Calvin Gordon, who managed to knock the ball past his own keeper. Farnworth seemed desperate to restore their lead, if only to cover Gordon’s blushes, and they did with ten minutes to go, through an Antony Campbell header that guaranteed them the victory.

Just one week after going top of the Licentian Premier League, St Thomas found themselves with a four point lead at the top after their victory over Blackheath away from home. Part of that resulted from Montfort Wanderers losing their second straight game, this time to Castleton, who got only their second win of the season to jump out of the relegation zone. Glenmount Town remain in the top four after their draw with Waterfleet, while Gaelic Club are only one point behind after getting only their second win of the season against Shieldhill. Abingdon Celtic dropped below their rivals after being held to a draw by the Pirates, while St Bart’s and SC also played to a draw, and Colesham snuck past Montfort University.

Matchday 9:

Garton Bay Pirates 0–1 AFC Farnworth
Glenmount Town 2–0 Blackheath
Montfort University 2–3 St Bart's Dutch
Montfort Wanderers 2–0 Gaelic Club
SC Montfort 0–0 Waterfleet
Shieldhill 1–2 Abingdon Celtic
St Thomas 2–0 Castleton
Stonehouse Athletic 5–0 Colesham Rovers

Match of the Round:
It was always going to be a season of rebuilding at Abbey Road. With Roselyn Bentum sacked mid-season, a bottom half finish, and the loss of two capped Licentians, St Bart’s Dutch had one of their worst years ever last season. This season has started off in relatively mixed fashion, and prior to visiting Montfort University they found themselves 12th in the league. It seemed things were only going to get worse for Dutch within the first ten minutes, as Eilidh McMillan fired University into the lead. That seemed to fire up Dutch however, as they very quickly came back with three goals in succession before half time came. The first came from Amy Sutherland, who scored a gorgeous strike from range to draw her side level. They were then fired into the lead by Charlie van den Heiligenberg, whose free kick sent the travelling fans into raptures. It was the holding midfielder who then set up their third goal in injury time before the break, floating another free kick onto the head of Owen Findlay. University managed to pull one goal back with a Noah Vervloet header, but it was not enough to prevent Dutch from getting their third win of the season.

St Thomas have maintained their position at the top of the Premier League, with a two nil win over Castleton ensuring that they maintained their buffer to the chasing pack. Montfort Wanderers regained second place by beating Gaelic Club, and ending the latter’s unbeaten run since the start of the season. AFC Farnworth beat Garton Bay more convincingly than the score would suggest at the Anchor, while Glenmount remained in the chase with a win over Blackheath. Abingdon Celtic managed a win away to Shieldhill despite falling behind, and Stonehouse Athletic put in a five goal performance once again, this time against Colesham. SC Montfort and Waterfleet, two sides that were hoping to fight for IFCF places but have struggled so far this year, played to a scoreless draw in the capital.

Matchday 10:

AFC Farnworth 2–1 Shieldhill
Abingdon Celtic 2–1 Montfort Wanderers
Blackheath 1–0 Castleton
Colesham Rovers 0–1 Garton Bay Pirates
Gaelic Club 1–2 St Thomas
Glenmount Town 0–0 SC Montfort
St Bart's Dutch 2–3 Stonehouse Athletic
Waterfleet 0–1 Montfort University

Match of the Round:
So many matches for St Thomas in the early stages of this season have been absolute reversals from what many would have predicted at the start of the year. Gaelic Club qualified for international competition last season but have languished in the mid-table so far this year, with six draws in nine games prior to hosting the league leaders. Meanwhile, the Sky Blues came to the Coliseum hoping to continue their fantastic start to the season. They started off well, with a set piece giving them their first goal: Flora Watson headed home from an Arximiro Valdovinos corner to put them ahead of the Gaels. Leif Tannenbaum believed that he had pulled the hosts level before his strike was scrubbed off as a result of a foul in the build-up, much to his chagrin. In reality, St Thomas would double their lead before the Gaels could pull a goal back. This time, it was Mitch Louws who fired a shot through the box that hit Josh Gibson’s post, before Tiago Weiling tapped home the rebound. It was Tannenbaum, the Quebecois midfielder, would eventually score the goal he believed he had got in the first half to pull Gaelic Club back into it just after half time, curling a shot into the top corner and celebrating ostentatiously. It wouldn’t be enough to push Gaelic Club forward however, and St Thomas would maintain their four point lead ten weeks into the season.

AFC Farnworth have once again found themselves second in the table to the surprise of many; they beat struggling Shieldhill, who dropped into the relegation zone. The other side in danger at this stage, Castleton, were beaten by Blackheath so that they remained pinned to the bottom of the league. Abingdon Celtic climbed to third in the league with a victory over the defending champions, while Glenmount remained in the same position after a goalless draw with SC. Stonehouse Athletic played their part in another five goal thriller, though this time they only beat St Bart’s by one. Waterfleet will be frustrated to watch their local rivals lead the league while they were beaten by Montfort University, and Garton Bay managed to beat Colesham Rovers to maintain their fairly strong start to the season, compared to what many expected.

Table after 5 weeks:

   RenewTec Licentian Premier League  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 St Thomas 10 8 0 2 17 10 +7 24
2 AFC Farnworth 10 6 2 2 16 11 +5 20
3 Abingdon Celtic 10 5 3 2 16 14 +2 18
4 Glenmount Town 10 4 5 1 12 7 +5 17
5 Montfort Wanderers 10 5 2 3 11 7 +4 17
6 Stonehouse Athletic 10 4 3 3 19 12 +7 15
7 Garton Bay Pirates 10 4 2 4 10 11 −1 14
8 Gaelic Club 10 2 6 2 13 12 +1 12
9 St Bart's Dutch 10 3 3 4 12 15 −3 12
10 SC Montfort 10 2 5 3 14 10 +4 11
11 Waterfleet 10 2 5 3 14 11 +3 11
12 Montfort University 10 2 4 4 13 13 0 10
13 Blackheath 10 2 3 5 10 15 −5 9
14 Colesham Rovers 10 2 3 5 7 16 −9 9
15 Shieldhill 10 2 2 6 9 16 −7 8
16 Castleton 10 2 2 6 7 20 −13 8

Very few people would have predicted that St Thomas would not only top the league but have a four point lead, but that is the case after ten weeks of the Licentian Premier League. It is AFC Farnworth who are in second, with Abingdon and Glenmount trailing not far behind and completing the top four. The defending champions, while tied on points with Glenmount, are currently outside of the IFCF places, with high-scoring Stonehouse Athletic close behind them. Garton Bay Pirates and Gaelic Club complete the top half, with Gaelic Club relying on six draws in the first ten games for their 8th place in the league. St Bart’s Dutch, SC Montfort, and Waterfleet will all be frustrated to find themselves in the bottom half, but very grateful to have 20 games to recover their seasons. Below that, Montfort University, Blackheath and Colesham can have no real complaints about their position in the league compared to last season, and it’s the two newly promoted sides, Shieldhill and Castleton, that find themselves in the relegation zone after one third of the season.
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Supercel FALI Cup – 2SR Part 1

The FALI Cup is a single knockout cup competition in which all teams in the top two tiers of Licentian football compete. Before the semi-final stage, matches that end in a draw go to a replay; in the semi-finals and final, the match continues into extra time and penalties until a winner is decided. The winner of the FALI Cup qualifies for the Cup Winners Cup, and plays the winner of the Licentian Premier League in the Champion’s Shield. The defending champions of the FALI Cup are St Thomas. Beginning this season, the Cup will be sponsored by the Damukunian company Supercel, the largest telecoms company in their home nation.

There are 66 teams that enter the FALI Cup each year, from the Licentian Premier League and the four Parish Senior League. LPL teams enter at the Fourth Round, and entry before that is decided by a seeding based on a team’s finishing position in the last season of Licentian football. Teams relegated from the Licentian Premier League are seeded highest in their parish, while teams promoted to the second tier are seeded lowest.

First Round:

The first round of the FALI Cup is very much a preliminary round. Only four teams enter at this stage, with those being the four teams seeded last in each of the Parish Senior Leagues.

East Bay Athletic 0-1 St Marnock’s (SBPSL)
Old Abingdonians (APSL) 3-0 Colesham University (CPSL)

Match of the Round:
As always, the first round of the cup brings us only two fixtures to choose from. The better game came on the outskirts of Abingdon between two sides with academic history: Old Abingdonians formed by former students at Abingdon School, while Colesham University are, unsurprisingly, based at the biggest university in Colesham Parish. It was the schoolboys who came out rather dominant at home in the end, despite some early signs from Owen King that Colesham would be in this game to win it. He flashed a strike past the post within the first ten minutes that gave the home side a scare, and they very quickly seemed to sort out their act. It was Jack Gibson who scored the first goal for the Old Boys, with a strike from the edge of the box that beat Seren Brown at her near post. Brown was beaten once again after 41 minutes, as an Amanda McKay free kick found its way into the top corner of the goal. It was then a somewhat quiet second half where Old Abingdonians seemed content to just maintain their lead on the way to the second round. They did however, manage to add a third in injury time of the second half through another Jack Gibson goal, heading home from a corner for his second.

Second Round:

At the second round stage, all teams seeded below 4th in the Parish Senior Leagues enter the competition.

Abingdon University (APSL) 1-3 Port Arran (MPSL)
Capital Constabulary (MPSL) 1-2 Ringmuir (APSL)
Ferryhill Town (MPSL) 1–1 Woodhall Rovers (MPSL) (Replay: Woodhall Rovers (MPSL) 0–3 Ferryhill Town (MPSL))
Highmoor Academical (SBPSL) 1-1 Redburn Athletic (SBPSL) (Replay: Redburn Athletic (SBPSL) 1–0 Highmoor Academical (SBPSL))
Inverone (CPSL) 1–0 Arranmuir (MPSL)
Kirkton United (APSL) 0–1 Whitekirk (CPSL)
Montfort North End (MPSL) 1–2 Crosshill Town (CPSL)
Mossybank Town (APSL) 0–2 Buckhaven Town (SBPSL)
Newton Arran (APSL) 3–1 Monksburgh (MPSL)
Old Abingdonians (APSL) 0–2 Aberlang Town (CPSL)
Old Corinthians (CPSL) 2–1 Kilgarron (APSL)
Oldshore Rovers (SBPSL) 2–2 Havenbank (MPSL) (Replay: Havenbank (MPSL) 0–4 Oldshore Rovers (SBPSL))
Sandsend Town (MPSL) 0–0 East Montfort United (MPSL) (Replay: East Montfort United (MPSL) 2–1 Sandsend Town (MPSL))
Springburn Town (CPSL) 0–5 Waterford United (CPSL)
Thornhill United (APSL) 2–0 St Marnock's (SBPSL)
Wellbank Rangers (MPSL) 0–5 Finnston United (SBPSL)

Match of the Round:
The most entertaining match in the second round was not the one with the most goals: it was instead a thrilling display of attacking football from two mid-table sides in their respective parishes. Montfort North End hosted Crosshill in the nation’s capital, and both sides played like teams for whom the cup would mean absolutely everything this year. It was the away side who managed to take the lead very early on, with a cross from winger Gwen van Ek finding its way into the back of the net to the shock of North End keeper Alistair McIntosh, who did not see it making its way over his head. North End seemed shocked into action, and would have had an equaliser if not for Nick Aitken being called offside after he put the ball in the bottom corner. Aitken would eventually get his goal only ten minutes later though, beating the keeper with a clever strike from fifteen yards out to draw the hosts level. While both sides looked impressive in attack, there was only one more goal in the game which came just after the hour mark, with a van Ek corner finding the head of centre half Leon White, who propelled the side from Colesham Parish to the third round of the cup.

Third Round:

At this stage, the remaining 16 teams from the second tier of Licentian football enter the cup.

Aberlang Town (CPSL) 0–0 Port Arran (MPSL) (Replay: Port Arran (MPSL) 4–2 Aberlang Town (CPSL))
Broadwood (SBPSL) 1–1 Tillmuir (MPSL) (Replay: Tillmuir (MPSL) 0–4 Broadwood (SBPSL))
Carrington United (CPSL) 2–1 East Montfort United (MPSL)
Colesham Athletic (CPSL) 0–2 Saltburn Wanderers (MPSL)
Crosshill Town (CPSL) 2–2 Buckhaven Town (SBPSL) (Replay: Buckhaven Town (SBPSL) 1–2 Crosshill Town (CPSL))
Finnston United (SBPSL) 1–0 Newton Arran (APSL)
Kirkintill (MPSL) 2–0 Inverone (CPSL)
Langbank (CPSL) 2–1 Old Corinthians (CPSL)
Oldshore Rovers (SBPSL) 3–0 Whitekirk (CPSL)
Parkhouse (APSL) 2–1 Houghton Rangers (APSL)
Rafford Town (SBPSL) 1–1 Waterford United (CPSL) (Replay: Waterford United (CPSL) 2–0 Rafford Town (SBPSL))
Ringmuir (APSL) 2–1 Redburn Athletic (SBPSL)
St Bart's United (SBPSL) 1–2 Houghton Young Boys (APSL)
Tarbert United (MPSL) 3–0 Kirkross (CPSL)
Thornhill United (APSL) 1–1 Ferryhill Town (MPSL) (Replay: Ferryhill Town (MPSL) 3–1 Thornhill United (APSL))
Whitton United (APSL) 1–1 Hope Bay (SBPSL) (Replay: Hope Bay (SBPSL) 2–0 Whitton United (APSL))

Match of the Round:
At the stage of the cup where the teams seeded highest in the second tier enter, more exciting fixtures do begin to appear from the hat. This time round, the most exciting fixture would be found, at least in its first incarnation, on the outskirts of Abingdon, as Whitton hosted Hope Bay. Both sides are hopeful of reaching the top division this season, and the first match between the two did show how closely matched they were. The deadlock lasted throughout the first half, with some somewhat cautious play from each side. It was Whitton who would eventually take the lead through Katie Paterson, though Hope Bay would fire back through Arran Schaareman only five minutes later to pull themselves back level, with the tie eventually ending in a draw that would result in a replay at Hope Bay. That fixture would see Hope Bay dominant, with Schaareman firing them into the lead in the first ten minutes, before Darcy Wagenmakers scored from a distance to confirm that Hope Bay would make it to the fourth round, where the Premier League clubs would enter the tournament.
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