Gun laws in your nation

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Gun laws in your nation

Postby HarYan » Fri Feb 12, 2021 9:05 am

How are the gun laws in your nation? Flexible or restrictive?
Says the article 184 of Constitution of the Harianish Empire that "every person has the right to self-defense trough force against those who, trough force, try to agress his, or someones else's, rights to life, integrity and property", and says the article 185 that "to guarantee and protect the right to property and self-defense against unjust agression from another, as well for national protection and defense, keeping and bearing firearms is a right of all capable, loyal and law-abding citizens of the Empire, under the terms of the law". The Constitution also says that, in its article 185, I: "no authority shall ever be able to conduct the general disarmament of the people". And 185, II, "the national, provincial and local laws about the ownership and carry of firearms shall not be a way to restrict this right, but to set reasonable requirements and regulations for public security and general stability of the society".

Following the said in the Imperial Constitution, gun licenses are given in a shall issue basis after a process to atest that the citizen that wants to own a gun is capable, law-abding and not a threat to others. To legally get guns in the Empire, according to the Responsible Ownership of Firearms and Law, the applicant must:

1. Be over 18 years old, go to a local police station, and present his ID and a document proving a legitimate source of his income, declare one or more fixed addresses, read and sign a declaration that he wants a gun license, and that he will take the respective cares and responsability for this, legally assuming possible liability in case of misconducts. If the applicant is a member of National Guard, police forces or Defense Forces and military reserve, he will immediately gets a license as required.
2. Pass trough a background check signing a declaration allowing the autorities to search some of his antecedents and records. If the applicant haves a serious criminal record, history of drug abuse, violent and criminal behavior, and/or certain mental health issues that indicates that he may be a threat to others or himself, the license may be denied. This background check may take up to one week in waiting time, plus a mandatory waiting time of two days. The applicant can appeal to court if he/she feels that his/her license has been unfairly denied.
3. Go to a firing range, or await for a scheduled time at the local police station, and pass trough a two-hour instruction on safe and correct handling, correct conduct while carrying, and how to safely store and transport firearms, getting a certificate. After this every citizen can also receive an free extra self-defense with firearms training.
4. And then the applicant gets the license and the aquisition document and can buy guns. Citizens can own: up to three "common use" firearms (usually semi-automatic handguns, but all semi-automatic firearms not using hunting calibers fall into this category, including most semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, as well other not automatic nor semi-automatic firearms not classified in other categories), up to eight weapons that have been classified as manufactured for shooting sports by one of the nations certified institutions to do so, up to four hunting weapons or similar (which are considered to be generally not automatic nor semi-automatic rifles and shotguns classified for this by one of the nations certified institutions to do so), up to eight antique or historical weapons (also classified in this categorie by one of the institutions certified to do so), and an unlimited number of single shot muzzleloader firearms (like old muskets replicas).
Extra: after 5 years with a standart license, a citizen can require a firearms collector license, which allows a citizen to keep an unlimited number of firearms of any kind at his residence, but is required to the applicant to first install a saferoom, and then let the local police forces inspect it, where the firearms must be kept when not in use, to get the license.
Are forbidden for private sales and ownership for all: non-historical automatic firearms and anti-material weapons, which are of exclusive use of the Defense Forces, and of law enforcement and security agencies, or other exceptions specified by the government.
As said, along with the license, that cames as a card, cames a document where the serial number and specifications of each gun acquired must be written, with the signatures and informations of both the buyer, and of the salesman (in this case also the specification from the store) or citizen that sold or gave the guns. Without this document and the license, the citizen will not be able to acquire any firearm, and its illegal to get rid of it. Gun stores are required to keep the information of from who they've sold guns to and release it to the police forces in criminal investigations where this may be needed.

Despite the previous law on gun ownership being a national law, most laws regulating the right to bear arms are local, with some provinces limiting the kind of firearms that can be carried in most public spaces or imposing certain conditions, and cities also being able to issue their laws on this. The national law, however, grants certain categories such as police and military personnel, judges, prosecutors, politicians, etc., the right to bear handguns despite any provincial and local laws, and the right to all citizens to transport their guns disassembled in their automobiles and luggages when moving trough the country. Also, the Central Imperial Court ruled that, based on the Constitution, the right to bear arms can't be forbidden entirely, or reduced to exceptions, by these local laws.
Almost anything that may happen involving someones firearm is up to his responsability. For example, there is criminal liability in cases where the owner let his gun somewhere and then someone steals, take it, or where children can take it and cause an accident. This will only not apply when the owner couldn't prevent such incidents despite trying to take measures. For example, if someone leave his guns in a safe but despite this criminals break into it and take them, the owner will not be held responsible for it, or in cases where the citizen is surrendered by surprise and have his gun stolen.
Legally acquired firearms can only be confiscated from a citizen after criminal conviction for violent crimes, after certain serious misconducts using firearms, or if is attested that the citizen in question lost his mental health in a way he is a risk to others after a judicial process. This will lead to the revocation of the license, and the confiscation of the firearms, which will still property of the owner while retained by the authorities. If he wants, he can sell his weapons or donate them to someone else.
Are considered misconducts: pulling out a gun in a public space unnecessarily and with no justification, firing a gun in a public area with no need, pointing a gun at someone without reason or justification, etc., these conducts will lead to certain sanctions (such as not being able to carry firearms anymore and only being authorized to keep them at home, etc.), fines, etc., or the total revocation of the license in cases where someones has been shot, plus the other corresponding criminal penalties.
The person may make the license again after receiving his punishment under the law, or be declared sane again by the competent medical authority, and then he may retain his previously seized weapons. Except those who have been convicted of crimes classified as heinous, who will not be able to take a gun license again.
Illegal gun ownership (applied to firearms of clandestine origin) or carry is a crime punished by law, with the penalty depending on the persons background and context, and with the kind of gun involved. While irregular ownership or carry (applied to legally acquired firearms) is just a misdemeanor, which is generally not punished. Same for illegal or irregular gun sales. If someones use a illegal or irregular firearm for self-defense, or someones elses firearm despite having no license, there will be no punishment or extra penalty or sanction.
The law also guarantees to citizens that live in remote areas that they aren't commiting any crime by keeping certain kinds of guns at their properties without a license, but that they must get one when it becomes possible.
Security companies can only employ people with gun licenses in their ranks.
Shooting clubs, gun stores, security companies, and other private legal entities whose services involve around the trade or use of firearms and ammunition can have an unlimited number of firearms inside their respective commercial establishments. But, they must have all their firearms locked in safes, or padlocked when on display, when not in use, and they must pass trough regular inspections from the local police forces. Firearms manufacturers have specific regulations and are obliged to follow many security and control measures to prevent the diversion of weapons, as well pass trough regular routine inspections from the authorities, as well to prioritize the law enforcement and defense market when necessary.
People without gun licenses, including physically capable minors, can use firearms for sport or recreation with instructors at ranges, competitions and events.
Due to commerce policies, imports of most firearms are difficult, with companies within the country making most of the guns (both original models as licensed copies) sold on the national market.
Firearms made to look alike other objects are banned, and are banned too firearms simulacra.
Airsofts (as long they have the orange tip) and any kind of blade are not regulated, nor illegal.
Bows and arrows, pepper sprays, crossbows, and air guns can be bought by anyone that is at least 18 years old. But they can be used by minors if their parents authorize, or with sports teams under supervision. Tasers can only be bought and used by persons over 18 years old.

This all follows the general principle of "freedom with order", present in both the nations Imperial Constitution as in the culture and traditions as well. The country haves a strong gun culture, with recreational and sport shooting being very common in the country and most people liking guns in a way or another. Both for sports and recreational purposes, as well for others, with the idea that someones must "be able to defend himself" and haves the right to do so if necessary being common sense and, as showed before, a constitutional right.
Currently most of the people want to keep the law this way, without changes, with about only 25% of the electorate wanting a stronger gun control, according to opinion polls. There's also many organizations dedicated themselves to the cause of supporting gun rights, with them acting both in politics pressing and negotiating with politicians against new gun control legislations and fighting for the right to bear in the provincial governments, and within the society itself, refuting anti-gun narratives, etc. There's also many anti-gun organizations, but they usually don't gain popularity or much influence among the politics.
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Postby Tawnat » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:29 am

Most firearms are only permitted subject to a 'shall issue' license scheme, although certain exemptions are made for firearms such as air/airsoft guns and firearms manufactured before the year 1900, which no licenses are required for. Some firearms such as automatic and semi-automatic firearms are completely prohibited for civilian use. Violating firearms laws is punishable by up to 7 years in prison.
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Postby Free Bakert » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:17 pm

Guns are allowed to be purchased by holders of a firearm license. Such licenses are given to those who are mentally well and peaceful members of society. Most guns, aside from fully automatic ones or explosives such as rocket launchers or grenades, can be legally owned. Concealed carry is also allowed.

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Postby Qhevak » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:47 pm

Most habs will let you bring in anything not capable of puncturing the hull. Outside of habs anything goes, up to and including thermonuclear and antimatter weapons.
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United Christian Soviet Republics
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Postby United Christian Soviet Republics » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:48 pm

Guns are banned in The USCR, as it's against Christ's teachings to incite violence or do harm onto others.
Currently, the only possible way to own a gun (Without working for the government) in the USCR is to be licensed one by the governor.
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Postby Novostia » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:54 pm

As long as you pass the background check and can afford the firearm you’re free to do whatever you want, as long as it’s legal. Explosives are banned though so you can’t buy something like a M32
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Postby Shunmyo KK » Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:00 pm

Gun laws are fairly liberal in Japan - at least, among ones that can legally be owned, such as handguns, small-caliber submachine guns, and even derringers. They can be bought at most establishments with a simple (and rigorous) background check. Anything that can be classified as a shotgun, rifle, or any handgun or submachine gun that has a caliber over .45 are illegal and can not be bought at any establishment.
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Miku the Based
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Postby Miku the Based » Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:35 pm

Very Restrictive for Firearm manufactures, very free for Consumers.
We have standards for firearm manufactures to prevent design flaws and sabotage. Citizens are required by law to own at least one firearm unless they are deemed mentally or physically unfit to handle one. A suitable alternative is provided for those who are physically unfit.
Everything is legal, even military grade trucks and APC's with rockets and explosives. This is to distribute the weapons stockpiles for the nation in every household. Culturally citizens participate in shooting competitions, hunting, and firework celebrations during new lunar years.
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:38 pm

Guns are banned. There are a few limited cases in which one can apply for gun ownership, though.
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Engadine Mcdonalds 1997
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Postby Engadine Mcdonalds 1997 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:47 pm

Gun laws are very restrictive here in Engadine Mcdonalds 1997, as The Prawn King saw no need for people to 'defend themselves' from criminals if successive governments were to attack the root of most crimes that are physical: poverty. Combined with a decently funded and well trained/responsible police force, and the notion of owning a gun to 'protect yourself' makes as much sense as not having any taxes: sounds nice on paper, until you think for more than 5 seconds on the subject and realise how silly it is.

Most towns don't even have vendors selling firearms in any capacity, and individuals who own firearms must register their weapons in order for the police to crack down on individuals continuing to cause crime in Engadine Mcdonalds 1997. It also comes with the fun additional benefit of permanently disarming reactionaries, known only as... The Bruzzos

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Postby HUElavia » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:13 pm

Gun Laws are fairly standard in HUElavia.

There is a standard Gun test to test the knowledge of the gun, followed by a shooting examination. A Psychological test is done to determine if the gun user would be safe for themselves and people around them.

Afterwards, there is another test done for the kind of gun they wish to purchase- rifles, shotguns and handguns. If they pass any or more than one test, they are given a card that certifies they can own and use a firearm they wish to purchase.

Renewal involves taking the specific firearm test they took to gain permission to own, as well as retaking the Psychological test every 2 years.
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Postby Toin » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:39 pm

It is unlawful to possess, discharge, purchase, sell, or transport any firearm within the Democratic States of Toin. However, members of the Armed Services and police officers may possess and/or discharge a firearm in the course of their duties.
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The United Confederacy of the Americas
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Postby The United Confederacy of the Americas » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:52 pm

Guns are legal to white citizens only.

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The Union of British North America
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Postby The Union of British North America » Fri Feb 12, 2021 9:10 pm

Gun laws are the purview of the provinces, and these laws handle licensing, possession, and regulation of firearms. The general government handles importation and exportation of arms in and out of the NAU, and federal criminal law covers inter-provincial smuggling of guns and use of firearms and explosives in acts of domestic or foreign terrorism, while the provincial governments handle intra-provincial gun crimes. The right to bear arms relies on the Blackstonian interpretation of the right, that it shall be allowed generally though regulated by laws passed by the provincial parliament. Regulation includes their "suitability on degree and condition". It is considered 'auxiliary to the natural right of resistance and self-preservation'. It was also considered necessary for the civic duty for militia service, the defense of the province or dominion, and general defense of the population. Therefore, the provinces are the most authoritative on the access and legality of guns in their jurisdictions.

Generally, all of the provinces have some kind of registration of guns in order for provincial militias to be regulated and arms in good condition (Militia laws, muster rolls, etc.), and thus registration helps both the militias and the various police forces in tracking arms across the NAU; this is mainly for semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles. "Militia" was initially conceived in the broadest sense (all able-bodied males of age (now plus females if they sign up)) but now somewhat reinterpreted to mean a background check and training course for owning arms and preparation for emergency situations; now "militia" means the relatively standing provincial home guard/ground force reserve with people having part-time though heavily dedicated service. The general government must request access to a provincial registry, formally applying to the provincial minister of safety and security and the provincial attorney-general when conducting inter-provincial criminal investigations involving firearms. The provinces west of the Mississippi and the northwestern provinces tend to be more liberal with their long arm laws, allowing long arms with few restrictions and for people to hold several weapons. Provincial laws are generally permissive in rural areas while tend to be more restrictive in urban areas, a political practice of localism in regards to gun laws. Right of armed travel is rather restricted, and public carry is restricted or banned in many urban areas; same for concealed carry though self-defense is recognized and supported out west. One is generally required to retreat to safety rather than stand your ground, unless one cannot or can no longer retreat to safety, thus allowing one to defend oneself in that case. If at home, one has the right to self-defense immediately (the castle doctrine). In most urban areas, long guns generally have to be kept in safe and secure areas, and unloaded at home while not in militia service or in training. Hunting weapons are relatively easy to acquire compared to military-grade weapons. Regulations on pistols and handguns vary by province, though are rather liberal in the West and Northwest.
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Postby Radiatia » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:12 pm

Under federal law, you must be aged over 21 and have served at least 18 months in the military to be able to obtain a firearms license. Various states may have additional restrictions (such as Saku and Chongluntz which ban them outright) but for the most part you cannot get a gun unless you're ex-military. (This isn't that uncommon however as joining the military is the most common way for young Radiatians to fund tertiary education.)

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Postby Volinovia » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:16 pm

In Volinovia, gun ownership is mandatory. You can loose your weapons permissions through acts of crime.
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Syndic Australia
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Postby Syndic Australia » Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:11 am

Gun ownership is mandatory for all capable adult citizens in Australia, for civil defence purposes. Each commune posesses, in its centre of government, a secure armory wherein its residents' weapons are kept in case of the need for civil defence. This kit will typically include an Owens AD-6 or similar semi-automatic rifle, a side arm, and other equipment. In wartime, or another emergency necessitating armament, the local militia (gendarmerie) would oversee the organisation and arming of their commune and act as marshals. At other times, the armory is kept locked, and all access is logged.

Outside of this, weapon ownership is only legal for those who require it for occupational purposes (hunters, militia members, famers, etc...) or for sporting use (operated and stored at registered ranges). Keeping firearms at home is not generally allowed, and open carry is also largely restricted. Most weaponry is regulated by the Federal Consolidated Defence Syndicate, though other syndicates may also hold co-purview over certain weapons.

All adult citizens are trained in basic firearms operation as part of their civil service, and most spend some time in their local militia. It is considered imperative that all citizens know how to defend themselves, their community, and their nation. Whilst arms are not available at will to individuals, the ability for a community to defend itself against suppression and tyranny is still protected, as local collective government, rather than the state, controls access.

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Postby Sky Reavers » Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:22 am

Totally legal guns ownership. If ya' wanna have a pistol, just go to the shop and buy, or make one yourself from pipes and junk! Wanna shotgun? Same. Wanna get some full auto? It's up to ya' to decide! Oh, and we also sell plasma and laser rifles if ya' wanna something with more fire and light! Hell, at least 90% of our adults have more than one weapon! This is why our country is so egalitarian. Folks have lots of equalizers!

We need em' for self-defense, national security, and of course for pillagin' some bastardos we don't like. Ya' know, there are slavers, dictators, nazi, Pol Pot style, militant theocracies and organized crime gangs, who engage in slavery and oppress folks too, evil, greedy corporations and other bad guys out there.

Under no pretext we gonna surrender our arms! Attempt to take our guns will be met with bullets, laser, plasma, molotows, throwing spears and grenades.
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Postby Aikoland » Sat Feb 13, 2021 3:03 am

Private ownership of firearms in Aikoland requires the possession of a firearms licence, which are issued on a 'shall issue' basis and simply require the passing of a background check, a mental health check, a firearm safety examination, and a simple declaration for the reason as to why one desires a firearms licence.

Firearms licences last for five years and renewal of a licence requires one to pass a firearm safety examination again. Having an expired licence does not require one to give up their firearms themselves, but one must give up all ammunition while their licence is expired. (There is two month grace period where someone who still has ammunition after their licence expiration date cannot be punished for violating the laws)

Licences are granted for the ownership of long guns (excepting semi- and fully-automatic ones) and handguns. There are no legal restrictions on the total number of firearms a private citizen may own at once, although all firearms are registered at the time of purchase.

Open carrying of firearms is prohibited by law but concealed carrying requires a separate licence, which is issued on a 'may issue' basis and requires proof of a threat to life.

All firearms manufactured before 1905 are classified as 'antiques' and, with the exception of restricting the sale of them to those aged 18 or older (the same age required to purchase any firearm), there are no licences or restrictions on their ownership.

The maximum sentence for illegally owning a firearm is ten years imprisonment and a permanent barring from being issued a firearms licence.
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Postby Neeyal » Sat Feb 13, 2021 3:11 am

All weapons capable of mass damage are illegal to own, sell and purchase to protect the sovereignty of the people and the government. As a revolutionary state, we know all too well what effect mass gun ownership can have.

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Nova Bromelia
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Postby Nova Bromelia » Sat Feb 13, 2021 3:20 am

Firearms may only be carried by uniformed military personel. That said: many Nova Bromelians are volunteers in the army, and do in fact store firearms at home, in army issued safes. Using or even carrying weapons in any other context is dealt with uncharacteristically harshly, often by being forcefully drafted into a penal army regiment.

Airsoft guns and BB guns are not allowed either, except on designated terrains, and never in the possession of individual civilians. Even toy guns are discouraged, and strictly speaking, forbidden, although this is usually not legally enforced. It is hard to find any of them on sale, though.

{edit: to clarify: police officers in Nova Bromelia are not normally allowed to carry firearms}
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Postby Bunkaiia » Sat Feb 13, 2021 2:46 pm

The Police force is not regularly armed and there's no military.
Hunting is completely banned as well, so there very little reason to carry a firearm in Bunkaiia.

Citizens and visitors may never carry a firearm.

Only those with a diplomatic passport may carry a firearm and may only have it on hand at the airport, their respective embassy and the route in-between. Otherwise, said diplomat may be deemed a persona non-grata and expelled.

The National Coastguard is the only Bunkaiian governmental branch that is permitted to carry firearms and only ever at sea during active duty.
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Postby Travislavania » Sat Feb 13, 2021 3:29 pm

gun aloud with a strict permit, if buyer has any mental disabilities automatically disallowed.
All Military Personnel Have A gun Paid for by the government they can take home.
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The powerful lands of America
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Postby The powerful lands of America » Sat Feb 13, 2021 3:32 pm

Haryan wrote:How are the gun laws in your nation? Flexible or restrictive? How would an ideal legislation on this issue be in your opinion?
My though is that people must be generally free to own guns, but some regulations should be required. I also think that this right must be constitutionally protected.
Here how is the steps to get a gun legally in the Empire of Haryan:
1. Pass a background check, if you have commited serious crimes you may have limitations on what kinds of guns you may buy or don't get the license.
2. Pass a test of relevant laws, handling and first-aid skills. 3. Get a doctor’s note saying you have no mental illness or history of drug abuse.
4. Attend a firearm safety and handling class and pass an exam.
5.Buy a gun. You can have in your property any kind of weapons, from handguns to automatic rifles. But only handguns (pistols and revolvers) are allowed for carry in urban areas.

very restritive because it incrreases crime but i have few ristrictions on civil rights :rofl:



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