Your country's special forces

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Your country's special forces

Postby Tsarstvo Alyaski » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:19 am

There have been many examples of special forces throughout history and in the modern day. Examples include the famous Special Air Service, the French GIGN, the old Soviet Spetsnaz, and the infamous Waffen SS of the Third Reich.
The question is, what does your nation's special forces look like? What makes them stand out to other special forces, do they operate more of a Secret Police or Counter - Terrorist force, or do they operate internationally, and so on so fourth.

I haven't created one yet, this is half so I can gain some inspiration, to be honest.
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Postby Tsarstvo Alyaski » Sat Jan 23, 2021 4:57 am


May his highness, Prince Philip rest in peace... God save the Queen.

Basically a 'Romanov Dynasty survives' nation, without being a Russo - Wank
This message has been translated from Russian to English, for the convenience of the international community.

The current monarch of Tsarstvo Alyaski is Tsarina Ilyina Romanova, and the president is Lukina Mikhailovna, of the Leyboristskaya Partiya Alyaski.

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Postby Laredo- » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:29 am

The look of the Advanced Operations Force varies depending on the unit and the mission, but isn't anything unique in itself. What really sets them apart from other special forces is their focus on speed-oriented tactics and skills in technology for breaking past cybersecurity and disabling electronics. They are also known for making use of explosives, both lethal and non-lethal, to disable or distract enemies. Also, it is interesting to note that unlike most of the world's special forces, Laredo places Advanced Operations as a formal branch of the military, rather than a sub-branch or paramilitary. The Advanced Operations Force mostly operates domestically as a counter-insurgency force.

(Hope this can offer some inspiration, too!)

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Postby Vallermoore » Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:57 am

If operating in deeply snowy winter weather, their camouflage makes them look like the Ku Klux Klan. If in temperate weather, they will often disguise themselves as civilians. If they were on a battlefield they might well wear ordinary army uniforms. Their most common task is to fight terrorists and kidnap suspected criminals and political opponents of Vallermoore from countries who won't extradite them legally.

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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:38 pm

The Special Forces command has 1800 effectives of our standing force of 48000 troops.
In general

My country has a long tradition of irregular warfare and We are famous for creating some of the best light infantry in Europe. As the middle ages Almogàvers or modern Era Miquelets.

My modern special forces are very influenced by the British. They have a bond of Friendship with the British Special Forces and they normally train with other NATO members Special Forces. My Special Forces lineage goes back to WW2 As part of the Free Catalan Forces. From the 6th (Catalan) SAS Battalion and the 9th (Catalan) Troop of the 10th interallied Commando. They were handed to my Govt during 1945 and were a great contribution for my Govt side during our civil war. Today the 11th Special forces Regiment (Battalion size) has as Motto: "Qui s'atreveix guanya" (who dares wins) and has a silver Fairbarn-Sykes dagger surrounded by two silver wings in a black shield. The main difference is that our beret is green. Is the postColdwar merger of the 21st Catalan SAS and 1st Paracommando battalion.
But 21st SAE has been reactivated since 2017 as an intruction and reserve SOF unit. The Navy Marines Special Forces are also influenced by the SBS.

The Joint Special Forces Command (CCFE) depends directly from the QGC or Joint HQ report to the MoD a Is composed of 11th the Special Air Service Regiment, the Unitat de Intervenció Maritima the Naval Intervention Unit modelled by Special Boat Service, the 2nd Hussars Special Reconnaissance Regiment, the SF support and signals unit, The Airforce 69th CSAR Squadron. The Gendarmerie hostage rescue and antiterror unit is not part of the CCFE although it can be used in wartime. Nor the Air Force Regiment. Also Military SF units can be put under ministry of interior in case of emergency if operating inside the country.

Although not part of the command the Airforce 21st heavylift wing normally does jumps for the airborne forces as the ALET (army aviation 5th Regiment) regularly conducts training in infiltration and exfiltration. as 69th rescue Squadron. Also the navy coastal flotilla provides brown waters mobility to the special forces when needed.

The Army SF contribution to the Special Forces command.

The 11th Regiment (Battalion) Servei Aeri Especial (SAS) based at Camp Morgués in Tallarn, Alta Ribagorça. It hosts also the mountain and special warfare school.

It consists of combat squadrons specialized 1st reece in depth, 2nd antiterrorism and hostage rescue, 3 reece in depth, 4th Mountain Warfare and 5th heavy weapons support and snipers.
HQ and combat support, G2s, signals, medic and instruction unit.

Also there is the 2nd independent Hussars squadron (2 sqons) that Focuses in reece in depth, target surveillance and antiSF. it also provides mobility 11th SAE and the Navy's UIM.
It uses also a "Green Commonwealth Beret" with a Fairbairn Sykes dagger and crossed cavalry sabers. This unit was modelled in the WW2 LRRP and formed during our civil war to depth interdiction in rebel territory using jeeps and Scout cars, provide reece to the mobile columns, call for air attacks and surveillance of rebels activity by the Goverment Forces.

There is also the Vielha's Grey berets independent coy specialitzed in mountain warfare. ski and alpinism. But, It is integrated in the 2nd Mountain Brigade as part of the Brigade's Reece battalion. And, is the only unit that has occitan as training language. It uses an army standard grey "French Beret" with red badge and a gold sword pointing down crossed to a golden key.

The UIM is Based in la Ràpita (Montsià) is the navy contribution to the Special forces command. This Battalion is part of the Marines it has 4 squadrons. has a role similar to the SBS and focuses in anphibious special warfare, UDT, Boarding and antiterrorism. Also this unit provides riverine, brown water and desert in the Alfama desert for the rest of the JSFC. Also in the overseas Islands of Mallol, Saint Cristòfol and Montserrat are regularly used for jungle training. This unit used the Dark Green Marines beret with a black badge with a Fairbanks Sykes dagger pointing up over 2 blue waves. Motto: Per Marem Per Terram. Semper Paratus. By Sea by land always ready.

The 69th CSAR Squadron is the Air Force contribution to the special forces command. The Squadron specializes in the rescue of downed air crews also provides specialized means for infiltration and exfiltration of Special Forces.
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Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Sun Jan 24, 2021 5:55 pm

My special forces are different because they're divided into three.

We have the Specialized Assault Unit, Vortex Defence Forces and Special Weapons Division, although these are just the ones confirmed to exist.

What makes the SAU stand out is it's prioritization of missions on foreign soil, or dealing with foreign nations. They're deployed under any scenario and respond to a large number of threats, including anti-terror operations. Their operations are completely unknown, they're only confirmed to exist by the odd snippet of footage taken of them.

The Vortex stand out due to the fact they respond in some way, shape or form to all attacks against Iarann Grudaidh. They will breach and clear government buildings that have been taken over, respond to potential bombings, etc.

The SWD are not just special forces, they're elite. Taken from the best of SAU and Vortex, they deploy both on home and foreign territory on all terrains. They are the best of the best of the best, they were reformed in 2021 after originally being disbanded 20 years prior, they have became a dominant force in the vast and overwhelming Grudaidhian military might.
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Postby Batea del Nord » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:34 am

The Northern Batean Special forces Group or GFEBN is called unoffiacially "Green Berets" or "black adders" Because of berets colours and the insignia with a dagger and adder.
They attached to the Armed forces HQ.
They were formed as part of the conversion of the Batean National Front into the military of Northern Batea after our independence wars. And, trained by the ACSN Military. Aid Advising Group Batea. Also they members usually train Abroad with foreign Special Groups.

They provide special forces support for the rest of the NBDF.
They consist of 5 squadrons, more a command group, heavy weapons company and a training and support company.

They train regularly with the USA 10th and 19th green berets groups, the German KSK, the Sayeret Matkal and the Dutch commandos.

They consist of the:
Command Section - responsible for command, control and communications, supplies and medical personnel.

1st Special Operations Squadron - specialized for airborne, CSAR and pathfinder operations.
2nd Special Operations Squadron - specialized for alpine, Skiing and mountain operations.
3rd Special Operations Squadron - specialized for naval and amphibious operations.
4th Special Operations Company - specialized for urban and anti-terrorist operations.
5th Special Operations Squadron - LRRP transport coy vehicle infiltration and exfiltration coy offer vehicles for the others to and observers and Snipers.
Fire Support Company - specialized mortar training, also provides fire support, ATGMs for the other five squadrons.
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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:59 pm

The greatest Special Forces in TS are the TurtleShroom Army's Artillery Mushrooms.

Sapient mushrooms in TS levivate three inches off the floor and pick up and hold objects by weak telekinesis. This makes recoil inherently bad, as there is no friction to counter the push back of recoil. While all mushroom soldiers are taught how to "anchor" themselves to where they are floating, there are some, very few mushrooms that germinated with higher powers.

TurtleShroomian anti-sorcery laws severely limit how far a mushroom with greater power can go, but in the Army, these restrictions are channeled into elite fighting.

The name "Artillery Mushroom" comes from their mastery of using heavy machine guns as if they were rifles. Artillery Mushrooms can and do shoot like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Affixing belt-fed bullets in a X pattern on their stems, Artillery Mushrooms are capable of holding two fully automatic, belt-fed machine guns, either heavy or medium (depending on the telekinetic power of the mushroom). They can fire these simultaneously in any direction, or even forward, all without being thrown backward by Newton's Third Law.

Artillery Mushrooms are taught to focus on the amount of bullets they shoot rather than carefully, analytically aiming for a target. They just point and shoot. As such, Artillery Mushrooms are not snipers, but rather, function as actual artillery. Their goal is to fire as many bullets at as many enemies from as many directions as possible.

Artillery Mushrooms are capable of complex movements that, normally, only humans can perform. Only mushrooms with exceptional telekinetic power can, for instance, do parkour, bounce off walls, dive down, jump up, and spin around.

This metaphysical limitation makes Artillery Mushrooms in short supply. They are considered the most elite soldiers in the TS military, of any branch, and are paid more than most generals. For TurtleShroomers, Artillery Mushrooms are thought of as a jack-of-all-trades expansion of a Navy SEAL.

Artillery Mushrooms are deployed in situations where infantrymen and their AK-74 automatic rifles are not enough, and where the mobile speed of an infantryman needs to match the firepower of an artilleryman.

TurtleShroom's go-to war strategy mirrors classical Mongolian tactics. Technical vehicles, namely pickup trucks, are equipped with mounted automated rifles for the gunman. These are intermixed with troop transport vehicles behind that, followed by vehicles carrying artillery, then any armor deployed, and in the back, the commanding officers in the campaign (although some ride in the front). The purpose of this formation is to allow the soldiers to swerve and shoot in a hit-and-run from the technical trucks, before either retreating to trick the enemy or escaping enemy fire, just as the Mongols could on horseback. They also, of course, could park and form an immediate battle front. Normally, a single squad of between four and ten Artillery Mushrooms are deployed in this formation.
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Postby Naxera » Mon Feb 01, 2021 6:25 am

Naxeran Rangers Regiment are a force of some more than 300 troops made up of 3 Squadrons. They are called tan berets.
They are under the headquarters direct orders and they are often used to collect intelligence.

Our forces receive training from the US Army Rangers and the Green Berets.

Military tasks (Green Role)
Offensive operations behind enemy lines
securing of vital objectives
long-range reconnaissance patrol (LRRP)
capture of key personnel
diversionary operations
intelligence gathering
Defensive operations

VIP protection
training in and conduct of specialist operations
delay operations

Aid to the civil power tasks (Black Role)
anti-hijack operations
hostage rescue operations
airborne and seaborne interventions
search operations - specialist tasks on land or sea
pursuit operations
recapture of terrorist-held objectives
VIP security operations/close protection of VIPs
contingency planning to counter terrorist/subversive threats
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Postby Dusendord » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:37 am

No special forces just non human aerial drones
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Postby Romextly » Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:19 am

I think I have like 5 SF and 1 extremely sf

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Postby Melrovia » Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:38 am

The Shadow Elite are an army of undead super soldiers created through esoteric science. They can drain the life forces of their enemies as well as cast magic spells.
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Postby Wochaystein » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:31 pm

The Sieg Marines is the most notable Wochaysteiner unit within the Mundana Forces of Diarcesia.
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Postby Helakos » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:48 pm

Helakos operates a few special forces units

Helakosi Army Commandos(HAC): These are the most common form of special forces in Helakos, recruited from the best in the Army, they receive more training and are also capable of being blended into enemy populations. They are less specialized than others on this list, generally they are used for lightning raids and disrupting the enemy behind their lines. As such they are more focused towards combat, explosives, river attack and general survival. These forces utilize lighter vehicles and equipment, such as fast 4x4 vehicles or even civilian vehicles. They can also be parachuted into zones and are expected to operate as independently as possible.

Army Mountain Forces: These units are a sub-branch of the Helakosi army infantry specialized in mountain warefare, they train to fight at higher elevation and are appropriately equipped to deal with the hazards therein. Climbing and cold weather gear are standard examples of the equipment they receive.

Special Naval Forces(SNF): The SNF are the seaborne counter to the Armys Commandos, these units are essentially tactical frogmen and are deployed as such, destroying ships, raiding/capturing naval vessels or harbors. Often deployed on fast moving rafts or from the air and boats.
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Postby Coetia » Tue Feb 02, 2021 12:44 am

Adãqti - ("Attackers/Warriors") Are a deputized paramilitary force that conducts anti-terrorism operations, military strike operations that require stealth and precision, as well as hostage rescue.

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Postby Molither » Tue Feb 02, 2021 2:04 am

The Royal Guard is a special force unit, that's main intention is protecting the royal family. There is also a division that hunts and captures those viewed as threats to the institution.
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Postby Ayverin » Tue Feb 02, 2021 2:10 am

The Kitsune Insurgency are our agents in foreign country that spread chaos and mischiefs, they always on the job and are the third most powerful special forces in Ayverin behind the Kitsune Guard and the Red Knights.

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Postby Dusendord » Wed Feb 10, 2021 8:48 am

Just some robots
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Postby Miku the Based » Wed Feb 10, 2021 12:56 pm

Ayverin wrote:The Kitsune Insurgency... chaos and mischiefs

No Ja~~~Image

On topic, our "special" forces is the entire volunteer S class. Their duties are the protection of God and the MKGNR Nation. It varies from law enforcement role (with different set of ROE and procedure than other roles) to boarder patrol, to guarding the General Secretary and our economic assets overseas. We used to get involved in humanitarian aid and business in other war torn regions but from recent international incidents mandated that we stay out of all conflicts. We take the lives of all MKGNR citizens seriously and since the people make up the nation the force is mandated to protect the integrity of all citizens in all matters of interactions involving foreign nations. What sets us apart is our role not to start insurgency (with exception of domestic insurgency involving foreign occupation), but to act as a defense and security force of foreign business interactions. Technologically what separates us is our exclusive use of one rifle round and outfit. You really would not know they were there if you converse with any of our diplomatic or economic attaché.
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Postby Mevraq » Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:23 am

The Mevraqi People's Marine Corps operates three special forces battalions. The most famous is, of course, the 9th Recon "Commando" Battalion, which carries out commando raids, particularly against coastal targets. The image of a squad of commandos sneaking ashore under cover of darkness is a familiar one to Mevraqi moviegoers.

The second special forces battalion is the 18th Recon "Scout" Battalion. While not as overtly glamorous, it is here that you will find the two most elite units in the MPMC. The Deep Recon Unit is built around extreme stealth, engaging in high-risk reconnaissance and rescue operations deep behind enemy lines. The Forward Recon Unit is closer to the conventional image of elite special forces, carrying out the most difficult of covert strike missions. The difference between the two is that the FRU is sent in if combat is likely, while the DRU does their best to prevent the enemy from knowing they were ever there.

The third special forces battalion is the 27th Underwater Operations Battalion. It is distinct from the other two in that it is built entirely around underwater demolitions and rescue operations. While still composed of Marines, the 27th is generally seen as a Navy unit, as its squads are almost always stationed aboard ships and generally report to the ship's CO.

The Mevraqi Revolutionary Guard operates its own special forces unit, the Special Assault Force. SAF units fill roughly the same role as SWAT teams in other countries, carrying out arrests of particularly dangerous targets. Given that they are effectively the only professional soldiers in the MRG, it is not surprising that most senior MRG officers come from the SAF.

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Postby Aikoland » Thu Feb 18, 2021 7:44 pm

The Royal Aikolandais Navy Special Forces Division (Division des forces spéciales de la Marine royal aikolandaise, officially abbreviated as DFS MRA) is the only special forces division that exists within the confines of the Royal Aikolandais Armed Forces. The exact size of the DFS MRA is considered to be classified information, with the Government only stating that it has between '150 and 450 members'.
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Postby Transmaura » Wed Feb 24, 2021 5:10 pm

Transmauran "Red Berets battalion" is the Transmauran army special forces unit it has 700 troops. The king Ferdinand commando battalion. it's motto is "We are ready for sacrifice". It's the Shock unit, quick reaction force and special warfare unit.
It follows the lineage of the independent commando companies formed from 1960 to crush the communist guerrilla during The Civil War. 1957-1992.

The Navy and Air Force have their own company sized special forces unit. EAM and ECP respectively each about 100-150 troops.

Also there is a shock troop unit 3500 strong Elite infantry Brigade the Transmauran Legion that was formed in 1950 to support the Monarchy trained by Former SS members that seeked refuge in Transmaura. Is a shock force unit, better trained, paid, equiped and totally loyal that the rest of the army. Is the strategical reserve, shock unit. It has a Totenkopf and are nicknamed:"the death's Grooms".
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Postby New Goldman » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:28 pm

The Special Operations and Rapid Deployment Unit (SORDU), or better known to the public as the "Special Warfare Teams" (SWT) is the most elite and battle hardened unit of the Goldmanian Armed Forces. They are the cream of the crop of the military and is widely known as a very secretive organization. While they have their own website, the Department of National Defense keeps their activities a highly regarded closed secret. Their numbers are currently unknown, but many estimate that they range between 20,000 to 100,000 operatives, along with support personnel. SORDU is a multi role unit, which means they can perform different tasks usually reserved for soldiers of the 6 branches of the military, like parachuting into dense jungles, assassinating targets and even operate in space. Standard recruitment is non existent, as the leaders of the unit handpicks the recruits to train with them, usually from either the Army, Space Force or the Marines.

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Postby IndependentCroatia » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:43 pm

Željezna šaka kinda acts as the waffen-SS but aren't view as it, they kinda like a mixture of the SA and Gestapo. SA part is them doing dirty work that doesn't involve politics so usually violent protest, riots, they're not the type of people you want to get caught by even if its a minor offense since punishment varies by member to member The Gestapo part is involving politics so if a certain person needs to be remove the secret police will come in they also hunt down anyone with crimes against the ICP government. The Željezna šaka is feared by everyone in the country so its more of a paramilitary than a special force
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Postby Ayverin » Thu Feb 25, 2021 3:44 am

We have many special forces so here's a factbook ... id=1473482



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