Nexus Racing Driver Academy Series - Submissions Thread

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Nexus Racing Driver Academy Series - Submissions Thread

Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:52 pm


Welcome to the Nexus Racing Driver Academy Series! A fundamental part of the Nimban team’s new driver academy programme intended to take the most promising young drivers under its wings, this is the place where they will be given most chance to soar, proving their mettle in racecraft and development away from the eyes of the world – though, for all the team’s assurances, Nexus Racing do have a WGP2 seat open…

The series will be entirely run at Crossbay Circuit, home to Nexus Racing’s headquarters and the Nimban Grand Prix, in copies of the Ultra High Speed Ground Vehicle Four that challenged in the eighteenth World Grand Prix Championships, each with its power curtailed to WGP3 speeds. Throughout, drivers will be offered the opportunity to work with personnel in the team on their various projects, which will then be applied to their own cars, allowing them to get to grips with Nexus Racing’s cycle and philosophy of development. In-universe, the series’ five races will have begun some time late last year and take place across two or three months; in real time, though, I intend to have it start on the coming Sunday and be wrapped up within a couple of weeks, to finish before the start of the WGP2 season. Don’t worry overmuch about cramming RP into this timeframe; RP bonus won’t be applied to the series to avoid incentivising just that!

Please be aware that each user may only submit one driver and only a small group of drivers will be invited to join the academy; submitting a well-written profile about an interesting character will elevate their chances of being one of the select few! Please don’t submit any drivers from real life (though pastiche and parody are valid choices).

If this is your first time learning about WGP racing, welcome! There’s plenty of information below to help you get started, even if this might be something of an intense introduction! If you’re a veteran of NS Sports or have even been in the WGPC or WGP2 before but fell off the radar, welcome back; it’s great to have you here. And if you’re a committed WGPer, thank you for keeping this place thriving. You can find all of the information relevant to roleplaying here below, whereas everything you need to submit a driver is just past that. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask here or send me a telegram!

For the roleplay and scorination of the Nexus Racing Driver Academy series, please visit this thread!

The season will contain five races, run for a period of two weeks IRL from Sunday the 24th onwards, so as to finish before the coming WGP2 season; in-character, this will represent a period closer to two months in time.

Between races, drivers will work with different Nexus Racing personnel to develop new systems and improve their cars. This will be represented as a choice between different statistical modifiers, each of which will be applied after a certain number of races and some of which may carry the risk of taking longer even than that. Be warned that your driver can only focus on one project at once; while they can choose to abandon a project halfway through, they will not have the resulting improvements applied to their car if they do so.

For an overview of Nexus Racing, you can check out their NationStates Sports Wiki page here!
The UHSGV-4, known by its nickname of ‘Chase Cutter’ like its predecessors, is near-universally recognised as the most technologically advanced and radical car in current WGP racing (a title that will almost certainly be claimed by the cars resulting from this series). Driving it, despite its numerous driver aids, is also considered one of the toughest challenges in WGP racing by virtue of its unusual characteristics in comparison to most cars. Needless to say, even the underpowered versions used in this series will be difficult to master.

Below is a list of its myriad features!

Powertrain: Nexus Racing consistently possesses the most powerful car on the WGPC grid; though the UHSGV-4’s power will be proportionally reduced for the Driver Academy series, its powertrain remains the most integral part of the car’s conception and design.
  • Paragon Warp Imagination Convertor Array Nexus Racing’s UHSGVs produce their power by running orbs of Imagination, a psionic power source unique to the Nexus Wardship, through an Imagination convertor array, machinery that emulates the brain functions required to conceptualise its use. Two of the convertors are Imagikinetic, directly applying force to the entirety of the car to push it along (one straight forwards, one in the direction of the front wheels); one is Imagielectric, producing electrical energy that powers four motors, one for each axle; and one is Imagithermal, regulating the temperature of the car’s tyres. As a side-effect of its use, the Imagination causes the car to shine a bright sky blue when the array is active. The array as a whole is cooled and protected by a large radiator that encompasses it. Recent improvements to the convertors’ coding have allowed the Imagikinetic convertors’ force to be directed diagonally downwards whenever it is not wholly needed for acceleration (Imagikinetic Downthrust/Impulse Substitution, or ‘IDIS’) and for the array in either of the team’s cars to apply some or all of its effects to the other car, providing it a temporary boost (Imagination Convertor Array Shared Thrust, or ‘ICAST’), though the latter of these will be unavailable during the Driver Academy Series.
  • Waste Kinetic Energy Recycler System (WKERS) Nexus Racing have utilised brake regeneration technology since their first entry into the WGPC, taking advantage of nanocapacitor technology from Krypton Nova rather than a heavier flywheel-based design.
  • Photovoltaic Paint Introduced in WGP2 II, the paint coating Nexus Racing’s Chase Cutters harvests electrical energy from the light hitting the car, incorporating perovskite to widen the spectrum that it is able to convert.

Tyres and Suspension: The rubber on the track is arguably the most important factor in determining a car’s performance. Nexus Racing’s close partnership with In Motion, a small start-up from the Wardship’s First City, means that they can innovate on and optimise that to their heart’s contents – and they very much have and do.
  • Eight 595 mm In Motion cambered tyres Nexus Racing have used an eight-wheeled chassis since WGP2 III, running on wheels smaller than most other WGP cars, which offers more grip than a standard four-wheeled layout at the cost of additional complexity and weight. In addition to this, these wheels are not cylindrical but frustral in shape; with the contact patch flat on the ground, they lean at a five-degree angle inwards towards the car, with the result that as the car leans on the outer tyres in a corner their natural tendency to turn inwards assists the turn-in and allows for greater cornering speeds than otherwise possible.
  • Perpendicular Action Camber Control (PACC) A Chase Cutter’s Imagikinetic thrust means that rolling resistance between the tyres and the ground is an impediment to top speed more quickly than in most WGP cars – one that Nexus Racing and In Motion have resolved. By pulling on their steering wheel, a driver is able to lean their car’s frustrum-shaped tyres up onto their wide outer edge, made with substantially hardened rubber by In Motion, and significantly reduce the amount in contact with the track to reduce resistance and increase top speeds down straights; they can then push back on the steering wheel to lean them down and place the tyres fully in contact with the track for braking and cornering.
  • Comprehensive Suspension and Traction Computer Control System (CS-TCCS) Nexus Racing have long possessed some of the most advanced computer-controlled driver aids on the grid. Each wheel of the UHSGV-4 has its suspension, braking and power continuously monitored and adjusted during a race, supporting and responding to the driver’s inputs.

Bodywork and Aerodynamics: Nexus Racing have come a long way from the days of a titanium chassis and two-element front wing; Nimban innovation and collaboration has seen to that, meaning that its Imagination-forged carbon fibre composite monocoque has more than a few tricks up its sleeves.
  • Mass Aerodynamic Reconfiguration System (MARS) Underneath a Chase Cutter’s precision-shaped bodywork lie an array of motors and joints, controlled by a central computer. These continuously adjust the bodywork across the car to modify its aerodynamics for the situation, allowing the entire car to act as a missile, downforce generator or airbrake (most likely some combination thereof) as appropriate.
  • Underbody Pressure Reduction System (UPRS) One large crossflow fan and two smaller axial fans draw air out from under the car to reduce the pressure beneath the floor and cause the pressure above the car to push it to the ground, past the radiators to take heat from the Imagination convertor array and out underneath the rear wing to improve its downforce generation.

Driver Tools and Communications: Equipment is only as good as its user’s ability to understand and harness it, a fact that is especially true for a Chase Cutter in all of its complexity – a problem to which Nexus Racing, of course, respond by adding complexity in the driver’s favour.
  • Comprehensive Driver Information Visor Display System (CDIVDS) Projectors installed in Nexus Racing’s drivers’ helmets create a heads-up display, extensively customised for the driver and controlled by buttons on the steering wheel, that provides them with information about the car, conditions and race as a whole, eliminating the need to look away from the track. Most unique is the use of an off-site supercomputer to predict competitors’ lines in real time (Line Prediction Software, or ‘LPS’), based on analysis of their driving styles in past races and the circumstances at hand, and overlay them onto a driver’s view of the track, allowing them to attack and defend more deftly and tactically.
  • Reactive Motion Enhancing Overalls (RMEO) Beyond the normal features of racing overalls, those Nexus Racing provide to their drivers have thousands of tiny endothermic motors woven into the structure. These motors, powered by the heat from the driver’s body, act as external muscles that support the driver’s motions and heighten their strength (and therefore endurance) and reflexes. This typically takes a period of familiarisation to stop the user from constantly springing about whenever they move; standard practice is to require drivers to wear the RMEO constantly for at least a week before driving with them.
  • Photonic Analysis for Automated Starting (PA-AS) The very first mid-season upgrade applied to an UHSGV remains essentially unchanged; activated by a driver in the seconds after lining up on the grid for the race start, this system detects the absence of red light from the starting lights to trigger the acceleration of the car in the instant that the race begins, contributing to the Chase Cutters’ legendary advantage off the line.
  • Sympathetic Imaginational Communications Link (SICL) Rather than using electromagnetic radiation to carry messages, Nexus Racing use Imagination convertors to telekinetically link the air in front of the mouth and ears of the driver and those with whom they are communicating, typically their race engineer, eliminating latency and substantially improving sound quality.

Safety: Nexus Racing have been in the vanguard for safety in WGP racing since their inaugural appearance; perhaps unsurprisingly for a former military outfit, each of their cars is as much of a fortress as is possible at over three hundred kilometres per hour.
  • Deflecting/Intercepting Anti-Projectile Driver Enclosure Module (DIADEM) Named in part for its shape, this Imagination-forged titanium structure partially encloses the UHSGV-4’s cockpit to protect the driver; the driver’s heads-up display projects an image of what would be visible behind the structure to mitigate what little loss of visibility results. Despite offering them for general use, this is Nexus Racing’s only innovation in safety that has been widely adopted in WGP racing; though Nexus Racing’s own cars do not heavily rely on it due to their other safety features, is remains a powerful statement of intent and a valuable last line of defence for the driver.
  • Imagikinetic Atmosphere-Generated Shield (IAGS) An off-site Imagikinetic convertor fixes the air around the car in place in the instant before a collision as detected by the car’s sensors, creating a shield that protects the car and driver from physical impact. This has thus far proven effective against other cars, barriers and a stray lynx.
  • Imagikinetic Structural Integrity Sustenance Unit (ISISU) Should the IAGS fail to sufficiently dampen a strike, a second off-site Imagikinetic convertor finely exerts force to control the warping of the car’s body, cushioning the driver against the blow.
  • Imagikinetic Remote Anti-Shrapnel Shield Unit (IRASSU) A final Imagikinetic convertor is specifically dedicated to imparting kinetic energy to incoming projectiles in the opposite direction of their current travel, halting them in midair relative to the car and rendering them harmless.

Lap Record (WGPC Car) 1:26.018 (Ryker Lane, Nexus Racing UHSGV-1)
Track Length (km) 4.83

Bio With the success of Nexus Racing apparent from the very beginning of the WGPC 15 season after Marika Pedanovic won the first race and champion-to-be Ryker Lane achieved fourth in the second along with a clear public interest from high native viewing figures, Jacob Gibbons, Nimban Minister for Sport, saw immediately an opportunity for the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System to carve out a place for itself in worldwide motor racing. Thus, Crossbay Circuit, the first purpose-built racetrack in the Wardship and the world’s first track with significant underground and water-crossing sections, was born.

The people of the Nimban origin universe have a long and proud tradition of constructing race circuits in areas of astounding natural beauty; Crossbay Circuit continues this tradition, running across, through and below the stark dolomite rock cliffs of Nimbus Bay and, in parts, above its sparkling waters. The circuit itself was pulled together from parts of three of the Nimban origin universe’s most famous tracks, Vertigo Loop Racetrack, Keelhaul Canyon Raceway and Dragonmaw Chasm Raceway. It has so far played host to five WGPO international races, two in the WGPC and three in the WGP2. The course’s lap record remains that set by Ryker Lane on his ceremonial lap to open the circuit in his Drivers’ Championship-winning UHSGV-1.

Crossbay Circuit is also run through with the latest advances in Nimban technology. Roman-style concrete has been used for its hydraulic properties and decreased environmental footprint to construct the bridges for the over-water sections of the track. In terms of Imagitech, a large Imagikinetic force field, permeable to nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen but impermeable to all else, overtops the course and divides spectators from the cars, both keeping pollutants sealed in where they are scrubbed from the air by industrial-scale machinery underneath the track and serving as nigh-on unbreakable protection for fans from rogue car parts; a more recent innovation has been the addition of Imagikinetic convertors to remove debris or damaged cars from the track. Traditional belt-and-tyre barriers guard the clifftop section of the circuit and, where they exist, its runoff areas.

A lap of the track begins in Sector 1 with a short run down the end of the start/finish straight to Turn 1, a long and smooth left-hander that is deceptively tight in the middle of the turn, as well as descending by a few metres over its course. From Turn 1 a short straight leads into the gentle Turn 2 before the car enters the first of the two tunnels on the course. This downward plunge, where the track meets the pit exit (redesigned before WGP2 III to make pitting less of a delay compared to a normal lap and thereby encourage more varied and daring strategies), transitions rapidly into an underground stadium section featuring the moderately tight Turn 3 and the hairpin of Turn 4, both taken as the track plunges downwards. It then passes under itself before shooting down and out of the cliffs into the water-crossing Sector 2.

Immediately drivers are forced to deal with the esses of Turns 5, 6 and 7. While 5 does demand something of a decrease in speed, the latter two can be taken surprisingly quickly; the measure of a good driver here will be how much momentum they can retain into the straight leading up to the nudge that is Turn 8 and the sweeping, ever so slightly banked Turn 9. After Turn 9 the chicane of Turns 10 and 11 provides another momentum-holding test into Turn 12, which technically begins immediately after Turn 11 but really comprises the mid-speed corner at the very end of the sector.

Sector 3 is by far the fastest of the sectors. Drivers dart into the cliff tunnel after 12 to face a long, climbing straight broken only by Turn 13, a left-hander whose core difficulty is its obstruction of a driver’s vision leading up to Turn 14, a slightly tighter but still fast right-hand turn at the tunnel’s exit made far trickier by the sudden reduction in downforce that comes with the levelling gradient. A straight section leads to Turn 15, probably the sector’s slowest part; from there another small straight and the chicane of 16 and 17 brings drivers back to the far end of the start/finish straight and, through that, the finish line.

This is the profile template for academy drivers; so long as you include all the necessary information, feel free to tweak it a touch or just use it as is!

Code: Select all
Name Trigram:
Nation Trigram:
First Preference Car Number:
Second Preference Car Number:
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5):


Name: Your driver’s name; nothing much more to this one! Subtle symbolism relating to other aspects of their character welcomed.

Name Trigram: A three-letter (or number) code to represent your driver. This is almost always taken from the driver’s surname. Ryker Lane, for instance, uses ‘LAN’ but could also use ‘LNE’; he probably wouldn’t use ‘RKR’ or ‘RLN’. There are three main exceptions to this rule. Firstly, if a driver’s surname matches that of another driver, a single letter from their first name might be used to distinguish them; in real life, for instance, brothers Ralf and Michael Schumacher used ‘RSC’ and ‘MSC’ respectively. Secondly, if your driver has three names they can choose to take a letter from each, such as Jean Mercer-Daly, whose trigram is ‘JMD’. Finally, a driver who only has one name will obviously take their trigram from that.

Nation: The country (or other geopolitical unit) that your driver comes from. Shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find!

Nation Trigram: A three-letter code to represent your nation, separate from your driver’s trigram. For example, the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System’s trigram is ‘NIM’.

First Preference Car Number: The number you’d ideally like for your driver, between 3 and 99; 1 and 2 are typically kept for the current champion of a series and their teammate, so drivers tend not to use those for personal numbers. Try to make this different from other people’s first preference, if you can; if there is a clash, unless there’s another resolution made between the people involved, preference will probably be given to the first to submit their profile. Nexus Racing’s existing drivers, Ryker Lane, Jean Mercer-Daly and Janne Laukkanen, use 94, 41 and 17 respectively, so choosing numbers other than those would also likely be a good idea!

Second Preference Car Number: It’s good to have a backup, just in case! Follows the same rules as the above. If worst comes to worst and neither the first or second preference number is possible, I’ll try to get in contact with you to see if we can arrange another one; if that doesn’t work, a random number will be assigned. Fingers crossed, that point will never be reached!

Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): These numbers define how your driver does their driving. The higher their Reliability, the better they are at keeping their car on the road and running it smoothly to avoid mechanical wear and tear, reducing the likelihood that they drop out of the race or suffer severe time losses; the higher their Aggression, the better they are at holding their nerve into hard braking zones, getting the power down out of an apex and throwing their car into high-speed corners, making them more adept on circuits characterised by long straights and bends punctuated by the odd hairpin; the higher their Technique, the better they are at threading their car through complex sequences of turns and precisely adjusting the car’s momentum and positioning to suit the circumstance, allowing them to thrive on tracks dominated by series of low- and mid-speed corners. You only have twelve points to spend in all and a maximum of five for each stat (decimals are allowed), so choose wisely!

Bio: This section is for who your driver is as a person. What events brought them into motorsport and what made them interested in Nexus Racing rather than a more conventional top team? What are their motivations and ambitions? Wax lyrical about the tragic death of their sister’s friend’s dog, do a thorough analysis of their narcissistic tendencies brought on by that mirror they were given at the age of three, retell their glory days fighting in the Long Kart Offensive of ’05 – yours is the freedom to do any and all of it! Or, you know, don’t. Brevity is the soul of wit and all that.
Name: Tolemus Plutarch
Name Trigram: PLT
Nation: The Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
Nation Trigram: NIM
First Preference Car Number: 12
Second Preference Car Number: 14
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 5/5/2

Bio: Tolemus Plutarch is the child of a family of soldiers, his parents veterans of the Novan Civil War which forged much of the modern Nimban military. Both of the Sentinel faction, the two instilled in him a powerful sense of dignity and self-sacrifice which he carries with him to this day. Perhaps it is just as well, for Tolemus has needed the internal compass.

First taking up karting as a school-funded activity, Tolemus quickly became adept and entered into formal competition, racing well and earning himself a spot in the overall Nimban league. Just old enough to miss out on the first Imagination schooling, he was instead picked up by Falcon Race Team for a Cityprix drive – and, in the reshuffle next year, subsequently lost it despite putting on a pretty good performance, including one victory. Finding himself out of a job, Tolemus searched for something to carry him through the next few years; his call was answered by Talbot Cars, who were looking for a test driver at the time.

For the last few years, then, Tolemus has found himself somewhat adrift, increasingly discovering that he sorely needed the thrill of a competitive environment to truly thrive. When Talbot found themselves in desperate need of drivers for the inaugural WGPi, therefore, he surged forward to claim this chance at rebuilding his racing career – a chance that rapidly brightened as Talbot Chariot Racing, a last-minute effort to challenge in the new category, became unexpectedly competitive with Tolemus at the reins. While not enough to overcome the University of the Second City Challenge’s late charge under Olivia Stone and Baxon Aurora, Tolemus did place third in that Championship, earning substantial recognition in the Wardship.

That recognition seemed to do him few favours, at first. Tolemus returned to Talbot as a test driver, the fond memories of his WGPi challenge warming his spirit but no more, especially as administrative difficulties saw the competition fail to return for a second annual season. Then rumours started to circle that Nexus Racing were looking to expand their driver development effort; soon after, reassured that he would be able to continue his partnership with Talbot (in part through the promised WGPi placement programme), he took his place within that effort and now looks to rekindle some of that warmth back into a competitive fire.

# 	DRV	Name				NAT	R	A	T
5 ZHU Shuzhen Zhu SHW 4.00 5.00 3.00
7 TUV Batu Tüvshinbayar TJU 3.00 5.00 4.00
12 PLT Tolemus Plutarch NIM 5.00 5.00 2.00
18 JKN Haru Jukkenna AUR 5.00 4.00 3.00
31 VEP Marju Vepsälättinen ALB 4.00 4.00 4.00
41 ROU Edward Rousseau ETN 5.00 3.00 4.00
50 AKS Adriana Ela Kowalski Lillian VEZ 5.00 2.00 5.00
55 KTW Kheri Kitwana IST 5.00 2.50 4.50
69 KIR Taavi Kiirejäävõisteja NYK 4.90 4.60 2.50
83 RAJ Hassi Rajall CHA 2.30 4.70 5.00

2 RNC Russell Nathan Cook SWO 3.00 5.00 5.00 # are typically not 1 or 2; R/A/T adds up to 13, not 12
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Postby Valentine Z » Fri Jan 22, 2021 5:59 am

Name: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian
Short name: Adriana Ela Kowalski Lillian
Name Trigram: AKS
Nation: Valentine Z (De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z)
Nation Trigram: VEZ
First Preference Car Number: #50
Second Preference Car Number: #76
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 5/2/5

Bio: Having been participated in both WGP2 and WGPC recently, Adriana aims to bring her usual robotics and Valentian spirit into the world of Grand Prix once again with the future series. However, she also recently learned that Reliability and Techniques can only take one so far, and as a result, hoping that a little bit of an academy and learning would give her the edge she needs. While she saw some success in both WGPC and WGP2, it was only right that she further improve herself and as a result, joining the Academy with a hope that she can learn the ropes and actual techniques of the champions, rather than simply jumping on a car and relying on her data. Currently working as crew chief for NSSCRA 10's #55 Holly Starlight and #76 Jolyn Ceeta.

A slightly smaller robot that hails from the land of Poland, Adriana is a multi-purpose android that is now assisting and helping Clarissa alongside with her work. She always sees Clarissa as her big sister, while Clarissa herself was very excited to work with the younger and smaller robot. All of this is attributed to Adriana's bubbly and jovial nature, as well as being carefree, full of energy, and being curious. Still, standing at 11 feet, perhaps small is relative, since Clarissa defaults out to 20 feet (though at times, she could go as small as 8 feet, or even smaller).

When Clarissa is still in its infancy, or when there were little to no developments made, Adriana is developed as a clone for Clarissa, with on-board computers and storage devices that were supposed to fit many times of what Clarissa has. Given the lack of advancement of the Valentian technology compared to Clarissa, the Polish company has no choice but to make Adriana bigger in order to fit more data inside of her. As a result, specifications-wise, Adriana is nearly on the same spectrum as Clarissa, except that she is purposed in order to take heavier hits for her size, rather than going on the offensive nature like most of her peers. Adriana also has larger storage drives compared to Clarissa, although using Solid State Drives (SSD) means that Adriana will write and manipulate data slower compared to Clarissa, who operates on a hybrid of neurons and SSDs. Additionally, Adriana is equipped with a second empty slot such that in the event where there is a need for it, Clarissa can transfer herself into Adriana, for situations such as Clarissa's body being badly damaged, or she needing a smaller body in a whim, or whatever else happened along the way. During this state, Adriana will still take over her body, while Clarissa will not have the priority over Adriana’s body at any point in time, while Adriana herself cannot overwrite Clarissa’s directives. Both of these will ensure that neither of them can sabotage each other; though this is very unlikely, it was figured that they would put the failsafe just in case. On additional note, she is fitted with the latest AI system that Valentians can build and buy, and while not as flawless as Clarissa, Adriana accepts it wholeheartedly and Clarissa accepts her in turn, seeing each other as equals. The language processing in her system is still in a primitive state, so while she can speak, read, and write English flawlessly, Polish will be rather difficult for her, resulting in grammatically incorrect sentences akin to that of a machine translation from the Valentian's 1980s / IRL’s 2010s.

This would also make Adriana one of the characters for the Valentians that were built after the Cold War, and by the Valentians in Poland after a few years. As a result, Adriana has not experienced war during her lifetime before, only being told about the horrors of the war through videos, audio tapes, pictures, and text that were fed to her. Still, as preparation for self-defence, her body is made mainly out of reinforced titanium, as well as with carbon nanotubes at some parts. This was on top of regenerative cells on the surface, providing a healing rate that is just a little slower than the normal human on Earth. She is fitted with prism and light-based weapons, as well as solidifiers that are able to turn light into shields. The prism gun that she shoots gains energy from each successful shot, being able to be used as excess light energy and as a result, to manipulate and bend light into solid forms to provide shields for herself and for her allies around her when time is needed.

Portrait of Zastępca Surveillant Adriana. Credit: A webcomic called Sammy.

A more realistic body/depiction of Adriana. Credit: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft.
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Postby Auruna » Fri Jan 22, 2021 6:14 am

Name: Haru Jukkenna
Name Trigram: JKN
Nation: Auruna
Nation Trigram: AUR
First Preference Car Number: 18
Second Preference Car Number: 47
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 5/4/3

Bio: Haru Jukkenna is a respected driver on and off the track. A serious force on-track with his adaptive driving style but he's quite reserved off-track usually avoiding interviews and such. Born in Körvelinne but raised in Livonsk, living near the famous Livonsk Circuit and hearing the cars racing there sparked his interest for motorsport at a very young age.

With sufficient funding, he took up karting with the local Livonsk Karting Club. Driving well and showing of his skills behind the wheel, he moved up the ranks into the National Karting Championship. He finished fourth for two consecutive seasons. Not satisfied with that, he stayed for one more season to finish second in the championship. This grabbed the attention of Schkeska which took him in and trained him for Junior AtMA and Junior ARC.

At 15 years old, he drove for Schkeska in Junior AtMA for a season where he finished 3rd in the championship. He then competed in the Junior ARC after Schkeska Junior Eri Naikarenna suddenly left for VSK. Driving with them for two years, he managed to grab 6 wins although he lost the championship to his teammate Laura Haukanna.

Haru had to put his racing career on hold when he turned 18, he was conscripted into the Aurun Armed Forces and served for a year. After that, he returned to Schkeska to race in AtMA for one season. He finished 6th in the championship but was ahead of his teammate at the time. He applied a few things he learned during his conscription in racing which caused him to be better than before.

During the off-season, the announcement of the new MNA E-Series caught his attention. He asked the team for an opportunity to drive in the E-Series but was ignored. He left Schkeska out of frustration. Searching for an opportunity, he noticed a few new teams trying their hand on MNA racing which included the Kuyonnen team Krazivaran where he was offered a seat for the upcoming E-Series.

His season started off with two consecutive P3 finishes in Aruklaz and Novinaya which earned him an early lead in the championship. At the end of the third round in Sterlennau, he was a point ahead of Viska's Evan Kaukanna. This changed at Aluinta where he won the race and gained a 16-point lead in the championship and what followed is him consistently within the points, increasing his lead without even winning or finishing in the podium.

At the final race in Livonsk, he qualified P20 and had to work his way up. He couldn't break through P13 and finished a lap down with Viska's Kinu Ziuvin winning the race and the constructors' championship. Meanwhile, Haru was significantly ahead in that even Viska's win wasn't enough to get close to him resulting in him winning the drivers' championship.

A few months of silence and he was back for more, he had the opportunity of racing internationally when his team informed him about the upcoming WGP2 season. It is going to be difficult finding a team so he had to look deeper. VSK was a suggestion but he wasn't familiar with them yet and VIska's junior team is the most difficult one. Then he found Nexus Racing's driver academy series and it caught his attention. He's going to try his chances there before returning to the E-Series.

Note: I don't primarily use NS stats
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Postby Sword Island » Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:38 am

Name: Russell Nathan Cook
Name Trigram: RNC
Nation: Sword Island
Nation Trigram: SWO
First Preference Car Number: 02
Second Preference Car Number: 2
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 3/5/5


Russel Cook, or just Rusty, is an up-and-coming driver from Sword Island. His first big break was winning the Sword Island Karting Nationals at the age of 7. Since then he has been under the tutelage of Stevens Motorsports' driver development program, a system that has produced NSSCRA drivers Chris Gordon, Lexie Shelby, and Micheal Rush over the last 25 years. Touted as one of the best open-wheel prospects in the country, he quickly impressed in the Formula Electric series, winning the Sydney Grand Prix in just his 7th start. It would not all be smooth sailing however as he gained a reputation for overworking his equipment, his car even garnering the nickname "Checkers or Wreckers" for his inconsistent driving style. Since his step up to Formula Electric, he has begun to fix his issues as a driver but still has a lot to learn. Since Sword Island doesn't have a WGP2 program Stevens was stuck putting him in Formula S where he outclassed his competition. Until Nexus Racing Driving Academy opened.

Cook is looking forward to racing alongside other prospects and growing as a driver. His preference of number is 02 because he always thought 1 was too showy
Hello! This nation does use NS stats for the most part

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Micheal Rush- #05
Ryan Pearson-TBD
Lexie Shelby- #04( 2nd Tier)
Kassie Collins- #35
Chris Gordon- #05( 2nd Tier)

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Postby Istoreya » Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:49 pm

Name: Kheri Kitwana
Name Trigram: KTW
Nation: Istoreya
Nation Trigram: IST
First Preference Car Number: 55
Second Preference Car Number: 54
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 5/2.5/4.5

Bio: Kheri Kitwana was born in a small village in the jungles of Istoreya where self-sustaining ways of life were common, but not everything could come from what grows in trees. As a child, Kheri loved the bi-monthly event of vans making their way through the jungle roads, fascinated with engines and radios and the way things worked - cars weren't a thing out in the jungle.

When Kheri was 9 years old, the village was hit with one of the worst floods in the history of Istoreya, and humanitarian efforts resettled him and his family in a more urban area. Suddenly, motor vehicles were a much more common sight but it did nothing to dim Kheri's love of them. He put himself into studies and was deemed intelligent enough to skip a school year, making him one of the rare few to earn their Diploma at 15 instead of 16. Kheri took this opportunity to earn his driver's license immediately. He spent his final two years of mandatory schooling working for the school's radio news broadcast and taking up any hobby he could that involved an engine - quad biking, karting, drag racing. He won Istoreya's annual rally car race at the age of 16.

He was lucky enough to first sit in an open-wheel Formula-style racing car at the age of 17 while abroad on holiday with his family with a 'race car experience' at a track. The adrenaline rush was unlike that of anything he had experienced in any other motorsport and he knew he wanted to do that again.

While finding himself successful in his hobbies, his parents wanted him to continue further education, so he began a Master's Degree in Wireless Communications Engineering. While he enjoys his studies, they are not his true passion and he is actively seeking out ways to further himself into the world of motorsport instead. Perhaps signing up for the Academy would be his in. He may lack experience behind the wheel of these types of cars, but he hopes his other achievements and his passion for motorsports will speak for him, if nothing else he is a very quick learner.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:33 pm

Name: Batu Tüvshinbayar
Name Trigram: TUV
Nation: TJUN-ia (The International Community of TJUN-ia)
Nation Trigram: TJU
First Preference Car Number: #7
Second Preference Car Number: #9
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 3/5/4

Bio: The recent success of Galarian Lane Carter at the WGPC level have led to many people hoping that the future of open-wheel racing in TJUN-ia is just as bright as their counterparts in stock-car. The TJUN-ia-MRO spent a lot of resources on helping Carter reach the big time and while his successes have been prominent in WGPC18, the organisation is now beginning to focus on the next step - the next generation, the drivers who will follow in the footsteps of the Galarian towards the summit of the open-wheel world. Upon discovering this opportunity to get a TJUN-ian driver in a Nexus car, giving them the experience to potentially join the Galarian in the big time, the MRO knew what to do and found a driver suitable to fill the role as the "next generation". His name is Batu Tüvshinbayar.

With a name meaning "Strong" and "Firm", you'd probably expect great things from this guy already. Batu is native Mongolian and comes from the city of Shinebaishin in the CEA, not far from the border with the CSTO. You don't really get a lot of people that are from Mongolic backgrounds participating in international competition, but his parents expected great things from him nonetheless with a name like that. They wanted him to a fighter, maybe in boxing or in one of the many martial arts, but he wasn't one to learn the complicated stances and moves of these sports. When fighting failed, they looked at sports where you have to be both aggressive and smart and once they discovered the wacky world of motor racing, there was no going back.

He entered karting at just 12 years old and tamed the art of the kart as if it were a horse. He was known for driving like a warrior at times, pushing his way through the field when required - but he's also known being patient, only using his aggression when the situation demanded it. At age 16, he caught the attention of the MRO when he won a national series race from 16th on the grid, slicing his way through the field as if he had 20 years experience and not 5. Because of this and many other performances, the MRO decided that it would be Shinebaishin's own who would apply to travel to the Nimbus System to prove his strengths to a non-TJUN-ian audience.

As a driver, he is one that focuses on both his aggression and his technique. While his reliability lags behind his other attributes, he can be an absolute nightmare to drive against when he and his car works as one. He may sound aggressive and all-powerful as a driver but off-track, that's not the story. That's a lesson from he learnt his parents: just because he's supposed to be strong doesn't mean he can't be kind. Out of the car, he's a friendly person (a rarity in TJUN-ian motorsports it seems) and one who loves to talk to anyone he sees. He's almost like Maddison Riley-Jones in that regard - just without the shyness. If anyone finds joy in speaking to this 17-year-old from Shinebaishin, then they will have a friend for life. This is Batu Tüvshinbayar, a young boy with a heart that's warm out of the car and fiery within it.
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Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)/4th (MSMT)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (2 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 2 Singles Titles (2 Singles Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

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TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby The Albali Republic » Fri Jan 22, 2021 4:29 pm

Name: Marju Vepsälättinen
Name Trigram: VEP
Nation: Albali
Nation Trigram: ALB
First Preference Car Number: 31
Second Preference Car Number: 13
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 4/4/4

Bio: Marju is a girl that accepts nothing but the best from herself; she is a perfectionist to the core. She was born on the developed colony world of Tywaluu, a mere stone's throw (cosmically speaking!) away from Mäsar, the capital planet of Albali. Racing first grabbed her attention when her parents bought ride-on trucks for her and her twin brother, Miska. She and Miska often raced each other on the trucks after they came home from school - so much so that their mother built an improvised race course out of bits of wood in their back yard! While Miska's fascination with racing his sister - and anyone else - ended shortly afterwards, Marju was hungry for more.

Her parents found a karting school for Marju, and would continue to pay for her tutoring for as long as Majru performed well in school. As she aged, Marju moved on to more advanced karts while simultaneously studying in school - her parents' condition still hanging over her head. Between her karting and her studying, Marju was left with almost no free time. However, the dedication she showed in both areas of her life had began to shine through. She regularly outperformed other children in the karts, and her school teachers were impressed by her work.

Marju attended a Working Academy after she left secondary education at 16, where she studied motor engineering. Marju strove to understand the machinery she was working with, both inside and out. She wanted to be able to work on her own karts, to tailor them to her own driving style, and to be able to have more in-depth conversations with engineers about how the vehicles worked. Marju was not only genuinely passionate about the machinery behind the karts and racing cars in general, but she also saw understanding the machinery as a critical step in succeeding as a driver.

As Marju reached the higher levels of racing, she moved over from karts to open-wheel race cars, and Marju found herself being genuinely challenged every step of the way - gone were the children who were racing karts for fun. Now, she was around teens like her in genuine race cars, who were hungry for the opportunity to be professional racing drivers. With a benchmark against which to measure her own performance, Marju pushed herself to be the best driver she could possibly be - if she was not the best at every portion of racing, she was not good enough. She sees her improvement as a driver as a never ending process - she understands that perfection is impossible, yet she continues to seek it.

Out on track, Marju is not any better in any particular field. She strives to brake as late as possible, be as smooth on steering as possible, and assault the kerbs as much as possible. As part of her desire for knowledge, Marju studies every portion of the track to understand where her car would do well or not. Her mindset of improving herself over all else has left her with few friends - truthfully, she desires to be left alone most of the time. She is quite laconic in her speech, preferring to get as much information in as few words as she can. More time saved means more time spent on pushing herself.

The Albalian motorsport programme had been localised within the country until very recently. NSSCRA marked its first foray into international motorsport and while the results were less than ideal, Albali intends to make another try - this time in the WGP series. Marju was approached by the Albalian Motorsport Federation for Young Drivers with a special offer: make it into WGP2 and put Albali on the metaphorical map, in exchange for the funding needed to make her dream of becoming a racing driver at the top of the world a reality.

With her experience in Albalian vehicles (being made by an FT nation), Marju intends to bring her knowledge and experience with advanced technology to Nexus Racing - not only that, but she relishes the opportunity to learn about and understand the complex mechanics behind their own cars.


sorry about the 400 edits; I can only proofread after I post, apparently ;-;
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Postby Chartistan » Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:46 pm

Name: Hassi Rajall
Name Trigram: RAJ
Nation: Chartistan
Nation Trigram: CHA
First Preference Car Number: 83
Second Preference Car Number: 42
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 2.3R, 4.7A, 5T

Bio: A driver through the deserts of Chartistan, Hassi Rajall (Or Hassi for short) is most known as a driver in the desert sport of sand rallying, or dune racing for short, sprinting through the desert in a rugged car for competition. With the scene over there dying down, however, he has decided to shift his focus onto the grand prix racing scene, and hopes that a good enough run in Crossbay could give him a shot up the world he now finds himself in.

As he is more used to deserts, adapting to the circumstances at play here will be challenging at first, but he can make up for it with an aggressive driving style and a silky technique, gained through his exploits on the sand. He is prone to reliability issues and can leave at times with a blown engine or maybe even a slightly wrecked car. He just hopes he doesn't make a fool out of himself.

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Postby Nykipiflugpuu » Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:06 am

Name: Taavi Kiirejäävõisteja
Name Trigram: KIR
Nation: Nykipiflugpuu
Nation Trigram: NYK
First Preference Car Number: 69
Second Preference Car Number: 11
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 4.9/4.6/2.5

Bio: As most Nykipiks, Taavi Kiirejäävõisteja was born in the small, cozy capital of Nykipiflugpuu, and was trained from a young age in using dog-pulled sleighs as his primary means of transportation in the frigid, isolated comfort of his home, where fuel is scarce and rubber freezes solid at certain tiimes of the year.

It would seem, however, that during his late childhood going into his teens, Nykipiks would discover the art of making biofuels as a replacement for conventional diesel, and devised a method of using walrus blubber to keep temperature in their studded road tyres at useable levels. These automotive breakthroughs in the small Svalbardian republic gave way to the rise of amateur ice racing, using homemade machines propelled by surplus generator engines or rarely used lawnmower powerplants.

Along with his late father Pavlo, the Kiirejäävõistejas developed a compact, tubular framed machine which, outputting just 34 horsepower and weighing under 300 kilograms--including the 161 centimeter tall Taavi--became a proven winner on the ice races of the glaciers of Nykipiflugpuu. The Sparkswoodian war, however, waged by Abovian forces on Nykipish land, swiftly halted Taavi's development as a racing driver, and the subsequent political turmoil which engulfed the hermit nation further pushed it into isolation.

Today, with the situation seemingly having cooled down and relations with the mainland improving, Taavi Kiirejäävõisteja will seize the opportunity presented by Nexus Racing and make the massive leap from his dark and dinky hometown to the world stage, without once having set foot off his island, in part as a tribute to his father. Though lacking in technical ability, the driver known fondly among locals as Kiiri is an aggressive, ambitious driver, who all the while keeps the golden rule always in his head: to finish first, first you have to finish.
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:35 pm

Name: Shuzhen Zhu
Name Trigram: ZHU
Nation: The Sherpa Empire
Nation Trigram: SHW
First Preference Car Number: 5
Second Preference Car Number: 05
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 4/5/3

Bio: Zhu has been racing for years, and she has had some success, but she's never tried open wheel racing before. She is one of the top drivers in IRACT, the Sherpa Empire's domestic stock car racing league. The closest she's ever come to international competition is when IRACT has invited foreign drivers to compete for NSSCRA charters at their tracks -- but she finished ahead of a few big names at this year's Lao Long 380.

Zhu is from Suzhou, where her father runs a car repair business and her mother sells dumplings. Suzhou was historically a peaceful retreat for Chinese nobility, known for its beautiful gardens and canals, but it has since grown into a modern city with apartment towers and corporate office buildings dominating the city center. A few of the gardens have been preserved as tourist attractions or taken over by Sherpa aristocrats, but it's mostly a modern concrete jungle. Local people like Zhu are still proud of what Suzhou was -- but the day to day reality is a lot grittier than the old Chinese poems waxing lyrical about the beauty of Hangzhou and Suzhou, calling them heaven on Earth.

Growing up around her father's garage got Zhu interested in cars and gave her some knowledge that came in handy when she got into racing. At first it was just a hobby competing in local races at the Suzhou Racing Club, but then when IRACT was founded and they began organizing national racing series, Zhu began traveling around the country to race in different cities and soon it became a full-time job. It wasn't the most lucrative job -- IRACT races have smaller prizes than something like NSSCRA or WGPC -- but it was a fun way to earn a living. Zhu is grateful that she's been successful enough in IRACT to make that her full-time career; but she is still curious what else is out there. She knows it is an uphill battle to compete with Kai Qiang and Rinzi Zakhilwal for one of IRACT's NSSCRA charters. Not only are Qiang and Zakhilwal very talented -- their past success has also given them better funding than people like Zhu. So Zhu thought maybe she would look further afield for new opportunities, and that was how she got the idea to apply to the Nexus Racing Driver Academy. She wasn't sure yet whether she was trying to transition into a WGP career or just sharpening her skills that she could bring back to IRACT -- but either way, it would be exciting to learn a new style of racing.

Zhu's tendency to race aggressively is a result of her background in IRACT, where a little shoving is normal. She's not extremely aggressive off the track.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:36 am

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Postby Ethane » Sun Jan 24, 2021 9:00 am

Name: Edward Rousseau
Name Trigram: ROU
Nation: Ethane
Nation Trigram: ETN
First Preference Car Number: 41
Second Preference Car Number: 26
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 5/3/4

Bio: From a young age he was in the social care system, as both parents neglected him. He missed out on opportunities to build up experience or improve his racing ability because of this. However, he always used to watch WGPC and WGP2 on the TV, along with the other racing formats in the multiverse. He dreamed that one day, he'd be like them. And he waited and waited and waited. Around the age of 13, he was adopted by a lovely family. They cared for him, and treated him as their own son. They weren't rich, but tried to make sure he had opportunities in the local go-karting circuits and clubs. That's where he really showed his talent. He wasn't the best there, but the improvement he showed and the talent he showed considering his lack of racing throughout his childhood certainly raised some eyebrows.

A local philanphropist noticed his talent and ability, and funded some driver training for him, getting him into the lower tiers of Ethanian driving circuits. He didn't excel again, but he showed that he was improving at a much faster rate than other drivers - across the season he went from the worst driver to probably top 3 in ability within the racing league. People know he has potential, and now he has support. Some teams do have their eyes on him, but he is looking upwards and outwards - his inquisitive nature means he is eager to learn about different cars and really get to grips with how they drive; and who knows, perhaps his fast rate of improvement will exponentially increase in a different type of car as well.

He's reliable, slightly shy, and struggles with some social interactions especially with the press - due to his childhood experiences. But he is highly skilled in technique, and unlikely to make mistakes - but he is not about to start charging around the circuit like a bulldog either; he needs to be eased in to things.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Sun Jan 24, 2021 9:02 am

This is the cutoff for submissions for the Nexus Racing Driver Academy Series.

The roleplay thread and driver selection will be up shortly.
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We are the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System, not just a collection of people; please shorten to the pre-title or use the full name!

Emmet: You might see a mess -
Lord Business: Exactly: a bunch of weird, dorky stuff that ruined my perfectly good stuff!
Emmet: Okay. What I see are people, inspired by each other and by you - people taking what you made and making something new out of it.

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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:31 pm

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We are the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System, not just a collection of people; please shorten to the pre-title or use the full name!

Emmet: You might see a mess -
Lord Business: Exactly: a bunch of weird, dorky stuff that ruined my perfectly good stuff!
Emmet: Okay. What I see are people, inspired by each other and by you - people taking what you made and making something new out of it.

The central Nimban cultural ideal summed up in an exchange from The Lego Movie.

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