Zandian Artifact Sharing (Open)

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Zandian Artifact Sharing (Open)

Postby Zandia and Coryana » Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:40 am

Prince-Patriarch Cesare Blood, of the secluded, two-island Nation of Zandia and Coryana, has now expressed interest in allowing certain artifacts from the islands under his domain to be available to be seen by the wider world. Both Islands, off the coast of Sicily and Malta, have a long history of seclusion from the outside world, however its connections to the Hellenistic World and the Crusades make it a hotspot for items from those time periods, however the previous leaders of both Islands have kept them out of the hands of international experts.

After the death of his half-brother Sebastian Blood IX of Zandia, then Prince of Coryana; Cesare Blood had officially been inducted into the Church of Blood and quickly rised through the ranks to become the Patriarch of the Church, as is his Blood Rite as the son of Sebastian Blood VIII and no more brothers. Cesare now rules both islands as one country and wishes to expand the its influence and international image.

"My Predecessors had their reasons for keeping the countries and the harsh histories of Both Zandia and Coryana from the rest of the world. The History from the Fourth Crusade is something we've been trying to move on from for a long time, and I believe to be able to do that we need to do so as a member of the Global Community and sharing it. Its not Pretty but it's what shaped us. - Prince-Patriarch Cesare Blood

The Prince-Patriarch stated that there is a system in place to share these artifacts and for them to routinely be brought to foreign museums and effectively 'toured' around before returning to their respective Zandian Placements to be cleaned and cleansed.

We, or rather I as this was apparently a controversial move, believe that letting foreign experts look at these artifacts may bring a sense of unity by sharing and possibly even learning our History. Obviously these are not all of out Artifacts and there will be a vetting process of who gets to look at and handle the artifacts, both in terms of skills and ... study. This is to share our history and I will not have it sullied because some fanboy cannot fathom the Atrocities of Crusaders and Templars on our Islands so we do this willingly but not without precautions - Prince-Patriarch Cesare Blood

The terms and conditions of such experts will have to adhere to are not known at this time but we will do our best to keep you posted.

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