Energy Insecurity in Meridiq [GO News Cycle][Closed/GO Only]

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Energy Insecurity in Meridiq [GO News Cycle][Closed/GO Only]

Postby Velkanika » Fri Jan 01, 2021 1:24 am

Velkanika Officials: MIF Talks Collapse, Oil and Gas Exports Uncapped
09:45 Kuvongrad Time (UTC+0)

Kuvongrad, Velk. (PAL) – The People’s Republic of Velkanika has announced major increases in their national production quotas and the removal of export limits put in place in response to the oil and financial crisis in January, and simultaneously condemned the Meriq Investment Fund for price manipulation of the Liran and Lovanikan oil and natural gas markets, government officials said Friday.

Velkanikan diplomats broke off secret talks with the oil cartel to limit PRV energy exports after months of no progress on their demands. Officials have also stated that the diplomatic effort was terminated due to MIF’s refusal to consider increasing exports to alleviate global tensions caused by the energy shortfall, which those officials also condemned as being an intentional policy objective of MIF that contradicted Velkanika’s interests in the world.

“Our negotiating positions were irreconcilable, MIF wants to maintain a global energy shortfall to maintain high prices without any regard for what that means for the local security situation in Lovanika and Lira,” said Andrey Sokoloff, Deputy Foreign Minister for Energy Policy. “MIF was promising one thing in the talks, and then never following through. That’s not how you conduct a successful negotiation, and given their lack of sincerity for so long any deal we reached would almost certainly be immediately breeched by their side.”

PRV officials have loudly condemned the MIF sultanates, which will likely result in greater ramifications for diplomatic and economic relations between the MIF member states and Velkanika. Given Velkanika’s standing in the communist International Revolutionary Pact, further global consequences are likely. Velkanikan officials notably declined to invoke the Utkin Doctrine in questions posed by the press and refused to speculate on any military response to the talks ending.

Meriq Investment Fund Condemns “Economic Sabotage” by Velkanika
10:18 Kuvongrad Time (UTC+0)

Officials from the Meriq Investment Fund have called for a global economic boycott of Velkanika in response to the latter’s announcement that they would no longer limit their energy exports this morning.

Sifkas, Bnnu (PAL) - Bnnu government officials released a statement from the Sultan condemning Velkanika as “a den of liars and cheats seeking the destruction of the global order” in response to Velkanika pulling out of trade talks. The Sultan denied the Velkanikan account of the talks, and condemned the Communist nation as using this as an excuse to attack the monarchy. The Sultan cited President Utkin’s famous 2019 speech on using military force to spread Communism as evidence of their intentions.

The Utkin Doctrine, as the speech is more commonly known now, declared that Velkanika would use military force if needed to protect the spread of Communist and Socialist movements in the world against deprivations from monarchies.

The invocation of the Utkin Doctrine by Bnnu, and by extension MIF due to the influence the sultanate exercises over the organization, drew no comment from Velkanikan government officials.

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Postby Achesia » Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:22 pm


Energy giant of Ackesia caught in the crossfire of price war between Velkanika and Meridiq
Alwin Fiedler (@AFPKendra)
7 January, 2021| Beldon, Ackesia


Rising tensions amongst Olympian oil producing nations had sparked a price war in the region in the past weeks. The latest strikes in said war have emerged from the People’s Republic of Velkanika who announced loosening of export restrictions on its fossil fuel and an increase in quota for production of bpd. This is in response to allegations that the Sultanate of Meridiq has artificially manipulated its fuel prices and thus causing an energy crisis. Both sides have begun a firey exchange of words with Meridiq calling a wide scale boycott of the People’s Republic.

Caught in the middle of this feud is our very own Greater Republic of Ackesia, indisputably one of the largest fossil fuel exporting nations in Great Olympus and a nation desperately dependant on said exports. 2020 was not a good year for the Greater Republic as early signs of recession in January festered as an open wound for most of the year. Ackesia’s economy has been lackluster in the final year of the decade fueling internal tension and major pushes by President Ackerman to stir up business for the nation.

Needless to say neither price manipulation by the MIF and the flooding of the energy market by the Velkanika bode well for the struggling nation. What is undeniable is that the flooding of the market has tanked the average price per barrel of crude oil and thus sending tremors through the Ackesian economy. This concern was widely held at an emergency meeting Chamber of Proxy where members discussed possible sanctions on Velkanika and Meridiq as a level headed global solution.

“We hope to propose a sane response to both nations who clearly now are complicit of some form of manipulation. These sort of games hurt many people throughout the world when foreign governments decide to be rash. We hope should it be needed (if negotiations with both sides break down) that the global community will unite with us as a level headed third option as opposed to siding with one of the two belligerent parties”. The Merchant went on to express hope that President Ackerman could encourage both parties to come to the table and decrease tensions.

President Ackerman while meeting today with several members of LASPA (League of Accountable and Safe Prostitution in Ackesia) was asked by reporters what his response to rising tensions in the cruse oil market would be.

“We have sent official correspondence to Kuvongrad yesterday expressing our deepest concern over their release of increased crude oil production. This has quite clearly affected our economy here in Ackesia and I made sure to express that not turning from such action will result in economic actions by our nation against Velkanika.”

The words of the President rang true with economic experts who see no choice but to take action against the party which has flooded the market, despite the accusations against the MIF for price manipulation. Certainly one action affects Ackesia more, and thus must be dealt with first.

Staffers to President Ackerman have stated that a deadline was given to the People’s Republic to cease this exploitive measure or face sanctions.

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Postby Parthonopia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:51 pm

January 2, 2021

International News

Article by
Teobaldo Altimari

Hugo Baldassaro Travelling

To Tia Regness Capital,

Touring Oil Refineries

Finalizing Energy Trade Deal

Hugo Baldassaro departing for Ancona Premier Airport, today, to head to Krytov.
Castello d'Cormor staff have declassified and released trickles of information regarding an ongoing international energy trade agreement that officials from the Kingdom and the Nationalist Republic of Tia Regness have been coordinating on together to establish. Today it was announced that Hugo Baldassaro, chief aide and policy point man to King Carlo, would be travelling to the capital of Tia Regness, Kyrtov, to meet with local leaders and business officials there to help complete the details and fine tunings of a comprehensive, free and fair trade agreement between the two nations.

Baldassaro has been a significant influence on Parthonopian domestic and international policy since becoming prominently relevant in 2015 due to his media exposure for his assistance in attempting to soothe relations between combative Convention delegations. As he did then, Baldassaro continues to work on behalf of King Carlo's direct interests, imbued with elevated levels of clearance and significant freedom of discretion.

As part of his recent duties in his service to King Carlo, Baldassaro has been acting as an unofficial plenipotentiary on international affairs, assuming a more active status in this position since his role taking part in the successful Senone Conference in January 2020. He is widely accredited to be the chief Parthonopian author to the legal texts and decrees that subsequently followed the conclusion of that conference and the decisions made by the attending heads of states. This diplomatic mission will mark Hugo Baldassaro's fourth mission abroad in the official capacity as an acting representative for the Kingdom of Parthonopia. Besides having travelled alongside King Carlo to Meronnia for the Senone Conference, Baldassaro has been to Jashnagar and Bnnu to hash out similar trade agreements.

Baldassaro was pivotal in securing tremendous industrial relief and contracts during talks with influential Bnnuvian consortiums and clans in early 2019. There were continued ongoing talks between Bnnu and Parthonopia, Bnnuvian equity firms making large amounts of investments in Parthonopian infrastructure and businesses while Parthonopia was locked into exclusively purchasing a majority of its energy needs from Meridiqi sources through Bnnuvian companies. These agreements came to a staggering halt near the onset of the great financial decline and worldwide recession that rocked the globe when, in February 2020, the three primary oil exporting nations of Meridiq (Tamazgha, Ras al Khaymah, and Al-Meriq) met in Djerb for a summit that resulted in the ouster of Bnnu as the premier economic and political leader of the four closely tied nations. The other major outcome of the Djerb summit was the cooperative regulating and adjusting of energy prices by the three nations involved, culminating in the move to severely limit oil and natural gas production in Meridiq so far as to artificially inflate the price. At the lowest point in this act of unambiguous trade war, oil prices by the barrel were nearly doubled globally.

The subsequent unstable pricing of oil and natural gas placed many governments across the world in a bind, forced to quickly work to try and find alternative sources or the funds to afford the exorbitant new going rate. King Carlo's government was particularly hit hard by the price gouging as Meridiqi providers have been the primary source for fulfilling Parthonopian energy needs, specifically Tamazgha and Ras al Khaymah. Since the events of the Risorgimento movement and the reformation of the Kingdom, Parthonopia has largely been shut out from purchasing from other local, significant energy markets such as in Ackesia and Velkanika, specifically due to ideological and geopolitical differences.

Two months after the Djerb energy summit, in April of 2020, preliminary conversations between officials from Tia Regness and Parthonopia were underway. The efforts to find an alternative resource provider in the Nationalist Republic was first spearheaded by the real estate development mogul, and chief infrastructure policy maker for King Carlo, Davide Prosonomo, who first brought up the idea of switching up the source. The talks developed and expanded, Hugo Baldassaro took the reigns shortly thereafter. Talks became increasingly serious in the later half of 2020 as the devastation of the recession set in and Parthonopia began engaging in friendlier relations with nations on the Western side of the Inoran. The scope of the extent of the agreements being organized between Baldassaro and Regnessian officials is relatively unknown, although the broad idea is simply to establish the foundation of lasting trade terms. He departed from Ancona Premier Airport early this morning and is expected to arrive in Krytov in less than two days.

The announcement of these plans has drawn into question what is to become of the fate of Parthonopian and Meridiqi trade relations. When, after the official formation of the Kingdom of Parthonopia in December 2018, Emperor Agizul IV of Bnnu announced his support for the newly formed nation and pledged economic support, relations between the two nations seemed to appear to be on a solid footing. Since Agizul's ousting as the preeminent leader of the Meridiqi clique, now firmly in the hands of members of the wealthy Meriq family and the Meriq Investment Fund (MIF), Parthonopia's relationship with Bnnu and her allies have been shaky at best. Bnnu already sits in a precarious position while it faces separate energy trade related woes; Meridiqi exporters now find themselves in a full on price and production war with the Communist dictator of Velkanika, President Mikhail Utkin. Due to aggressive posturing and brow beating by Velkanikans, Bnnu was forced to disengage with following unfair and predatory regulations laid out in talks between the two nations. Now, in head spinning fluctuations, oil prices have nearly halved the steady rate prior to last years price gouging after Velkanikan producers have overwhelmingly flooded the market.

Despite being under embargoes by Velkanika preventing trade with them, current pricing is still a bonus for Parthonopia as MIF influenced nations have been forced to lower their prices in response and the Kingdom has been able to stockpile at low rates. The Parthonopian government has made it clear that it still wishes to trade with the Meridiqi providers, regardless of a separate energy deal with Tia Regness, as the trade routes to Meridiq are closer and more secure. Officials are hopeful, however, for the agreement with the Nationalist Republic and look forward to being less dependent on the whims of Meridiqi Sultans.

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Postby Tia Regness » Wed Jan 20, 2021 3:25 pm


January 7th 2021

Energy Deal sparks bright future

Anton Rud, National Director of the National Office for Trade & Commerce, giving a speech to the People's Diet this morning announcing the Lira-Nori Energy Agreement.

Hugo Baldassaro, the man currently spear heading international policy in the Kingdom of Parthanopia, has today returned home after a series of reported successful talks with government officials regarding the current crisis in Meridiq and It has been confirmed by multiple government sources that a deal has been made and an official treaty ratified.

The "Lira-Nori Energy Agreement" is a bilateral trade agreement that eliminates any and all tariffs, quotas and trade restrictions that have previously exsisted between the Kingdom and the National Republic with a specific focus on petroleum, although it does include other energy products such as natural gas. With the Meridiq-Velkanikan energy war only just beginning, it is clear that many nations are likely to suffer. This treaty will provide Tia Regness with a secure and reliable importer for our oil and the Kingdom of Parthonipia with unhindered access to our supplies.

"This Agreement, is the first step towards a brighter future, for both our nation and the great Kingdom of Parthanopia. Mr Baldassaro and myself have come to an understanding that our nations will support each other, and together move towards a greater tomorrow. With the removal of several trade barriers that once exsisted between us, we have paved the way for a far stronger relationship. From this day forward the Kingdom will no longer levy tarrifs against Tia Regnessian imports and we shall no longer restrict our exports. There now exists a free flowing pipeline between our two nations, free from barriers and free from interference!" said Anton Rud, National Director of the Office for Trade and Commerce, in an impassioned speech to the National Diet this morning.
The 'King Carlo' semi-submersible rig after completion, before deployment

During Mr Baldassaro's two day visit to our great nation he met with both government and party officials, and attended a tour of Tia Regness' vast oil fields. In Malavo province lies the largest land oil drilling operation in Tia regness. During the tour of Pitsa Field, located in southern Malavo, Mr Baldassaro was able to witness the economic heart of the Nationalist Republic. A huge dry desert like plain stretches out for miles in every direction, situated at the base of two major mountain ranges with large drills invading every square inch, covering both the flat land as well as following the incline of the mountains at their slightest points.

After witnessing the spectacular land operations of 'Tia Regness Combined Oil', the tour would have been incomplete with out a chance to also observe the sea operations. The seemingly boundless offshore platform set up is truly a wonder of the modern world. While mostly populated with conventional fixed platforms, the first semi-submersible platform is now fully operational. This new platform has been cited as the future of Tia Regness' oil industry, and with the Kingdom of Parthanopia now becoming an equally important part of the progression of the Nationalist Republic, it is almost poetic that this new rig be christened "King Carlo'. The 'King Carlo' platform will serve as a constant reminder of the friendship between these two nations and will provide the first shipment of fuel in this new deal.

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