World Cup 87 - RP Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Cup 87 - RP Thread

Postby Ethane » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:43 pm

(Tioguldos designed this logo!)
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Welcome to the World Cup. Welcome to Taeshan and Ethane. We're here to participate in one of NS Sports largest and longest-running sporting tournaments. The stakes are high, the challenges are waiting for you. You'll battle on throughout qualifiers, fighting for those qualification spots in a hope that you will join Taeshan and Ethane in the 32 that reach the World Cup.

Pot 1
Banija (1)
Nephara (2)
Farfadillis (3)
Cassadaigua (4)
Valanora (5)
Vilita (6)
Starblaydia (7)
Turori (8)
Commonwealth of Baker Park (9)
Eura (10)
The Holy Empire [Alasdair I Frosticus] (11)
Brenecia (12)
Mriin (13)
Ko-oren (14)
Zwangzug (15)
Drawkland (16)
Recuecn (17)
Pasarga (18)
Audioslavia (19)

Pot 2
Kelssek (20)
Newmanistan (21)
Siovanija & Teusland (22)
Terre Septentrionale (23)
Equestria [Equestrian States] (24)
Hampton Island (25)
Chromatika (27)
HUElavia (29)
Kandorith (30)
Trolleborg (32)
Mercedini (33)
Savojarna (34)
Sargossa (35)
Astograth (38)
Krytenia (39)
Flavovespia (41)
The Sarian (42)
Xanneria (43)
New Lusitania and the Algarves (44)

Pot 3
Independent Athletes from Quebec (45)
Darmen (46)
Qasden (47)
Poafmersia (48)
Vdara (49)
South Covello (50)
Geektopia (51)
Tequilo (53)
Jeruselem (54)
Squornshelous (55)
TJUN-ia (56)
Port Ember (57)
Abanhfleft (58)
Mavinet (60)
Omerica (61)
Northwest Kalactin (62)
South Newlandia (63)
Riena (64)
Maccian (65)

Pot 4
Squornshelan Remnant States (66)
Juvencus (67)
Blouman Empire (68)
Kohnhead (69)
Ancherion (70)
Valladares (71)
Lisander (72)
Twicetagria (75)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (76)
Electrum (77)
Busoga Islands (79)
Græntfjall (81)
United States of Devonta (83)
Squidroidia (84)
Sajnur (86)
Oberour Ar Moro (87)
Huayramarca (88)
Darkmania (89)
Filindostan (91)

Pot 5
Barunia (92)
Plane of Possibility (93)
Tioguldos (94)
Tikariot (95)
Indusse (96)
Sylestone (97)
Sharktail (98)
Acronius (100)
Natanians and Nosts (102)
Damukuni (103)
Euran Oceania Territories (104)
Freeport (105)
Yuezhou (107)
Gyatso-Kai (109)
Eastfield Lodge (111)
Garifunya (112)
Saltstead (113)
Quakmybush (114)
Megistos (116)

Pot 6
Baggieland (117)
Legalese (118)
ZSeparatists (121)
Balqia (123)
Savigliane (124)
Havynwilde (126)
Sulsuland (128)
Emastalia (129)
Hapilopper (132)
Netop (133)
The Gothanita Isles (136)
Murphtannia (137)
Rangers FC (138)
Southwest Eastnorth (142)
Cosumar (143)
Melbergia (152)
The Grearish Union (153)
West Angola (154)
Wreckeria (155)

Pot 7
Fluvannia (156)
Transvolcanic (158)
Bongo Johnson (170)
Crystalline Caverns (186)
Treekidistan (191)
Pemecutan (192)
Bluecliff (195)
Freechi (199)
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles (201)
Yerapia (225)
Khytonya (229)
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison (231)
Chartistan (238)
Bonbokh u Piche (240)
Muralos (259)
Stevidia (259)
Tornado Queendom (263)
Cirrus Azale (269)
Fjorsz (269)

Pot 8
United Pink States (269)
Saint-Domingue (269)
Gouvanarch (269)
Beepee (280)
Red Kelp (280)
Sett Forest (280)
Vangaziland (288)
Critical Operations (289)
Hebitaka (289)
Caryton (300)
The H Corporation (310)
Jabal Akhdar (315)
Cascadia (315)
Hispinas (315)
Ranoria (315)
Regmotto (328)
Arklanda (328)
Rwekazaland (336)
North Alezia (336)

Pot 9
Silvedania (336)
Quemorr Isles (336)
Hafamarimet (344)
U-Koro (350)
The Belacian States (Belac) (350)
Acastanha (350)
Mexi Catcha (355)
Socialist New Britain (355)
Logano Fraza (355)
Sannyamathland (355)
Icecliff (359)
Mand Blustopia (361)
North Japan (361)
State of Trinity (361)
PSTCT (361)
Hindu Ram Rajya (365)
Al Qurija (UR)
Central Shaneville (UR)
Ibixa (UR)

Pot 10
Mapletish (UR)
Mytanija (UR)
Nacaltora (UR)
Norish Jeia Repa (UR)
San Ortelio (UR)
Smosh Games (UR)
United Australasian Commonwealth (UR)
Waisnor (UR)
West Zirconia (UR)
Widaya (UR)
Simulland (UR)
Tumbra (UR)
Thibaea (UR)
Trigel (UR)
Frestovenia (UR)
Garbelia (UR)
Koniglich Wasserstein (UR)
Pays den haut (UR)
Lorrana (UR)

Qualifying Groups

Group 1
Pays den haut

Group 2
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison
Hindu Ram Rajya
West Angola
Terre Septentrionale
Plane of Possibility

Group 3
Busoga Islands
Central Shaneville

Group 4
North Japan
Bonbokh u Piche
Norish Jeia Repa
Commonwealth of Baker Park

Group 5
Koniglich Wasserstein

Group 6
San Ortelio

Group 7
Southwest Eastnorth
West Zirconia
Socialist New Britain
Bongo Johnson
Squornshelan Remnant States

Group 8
Northwest Kalactin
Cirrus Azale
Critical Operations

Group 9
Quemorr Isles
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
South Covello
Sett Forest

Group 10
Eastfield Lodge
Smosh Games
Logano Fraza
United States of Devonta

Group 11
Jabal Akhdar
Tornado Queendom

Group 12
Mexi Catcha
The Grearish Union

Group 13
New Lusitania and the Algarves
The Belacian States (Belac)
Oberour Ar Moro

Group 14
The H Corporation
Rangers FC
United Australasian Commonwealth
Euran Oceania Territories

Group 15
Independent Athletes from Quebec
Blouman Empire
North Alezia
Crystalline Caverns
The Sarian

Group 16
The Holy Empire
Mand Blustopia
Red Kelp

Group 17
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
State of Trinity

Group 18
Hampton Island
Bluecliff League
The Gothanita Isles
South Newlandia

Group 19
Siovanija & Teusland
Natanians and Nosts
United Pink States
Port Ember
Al Qurija

5th Jan - Draw
Taeshan's Half
11th - MD1 (1v10, 2v9, 3v8, 4v7, 5v6)
13th - 2/3 (10v6, 7v5, 8v4, 9v3, 1v2 | 2v10, 3v1, 4v9, 5v8, 6v7)
15th - 4/5 (10v7, 8v6, 9v5, 1v4, 2v3 | 3v10, 4v2, 5v1, 6v9, 7v8)
17th - 6/7 (10v8, 9v7, 1v6, 2v5, 3v4 | 4v10, 5v3, 6v2, 7v1, 8v9)
19th - 8/9 (10v9, 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5 | 5v10, 6v4, 7v3, 8v2, 9v1)
Ethane's Half
22nd - 10/11 (10v1, 9v2, 8v3, 7v4, 6v5 | 6v10, 5v7, 4v8, 3v9, 2v1)
24th - 12/13 (10v2, 1v3, 9v4, 8v5, 7v6 | 7v10, 6v8, 5v9, 4v1, 3v2)
26th - 14/15 (10v3, 2v4, 1v5, 9v6, 8v7 | 8v10, 7v9, 6v1, 5v2, 4v3)
28th - 16/17 (10v4, 3v5, 2v6, 1v7, 9v8 | 9v10, 8v1, 7v2, 6v3, 5v4)
30th - 18 (10v5, 4v6, 3v7, 2v8, 1v9)
1st Feb - Playoff 1
3rd - Playoff 2

We are following the 19x10 format. The top three second-placed teams will automatically qualify, with the remaining 16 teams going into a seeded playoff to determine the final 8 qualifiers.

Cutoff times: The first half will be scored by Taeshan. Cutoff will be between 2000-2100 EST (0100-0200 UTC).
The second half will be scored by Ethane. Cutoff is TBC.
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Postby Ethane » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:43 pm

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<drawk> If the entirety of the nation of Ethane was covered in a single cubic foot of Ethane on its surface, lighting it all on fire would cause a 5.44 megaton blast.
"You must stay at home" - Boris Johnson 2020 and 2021

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Postby Taeshan » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:44 pm

Post reserved
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41

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Postby Xanneria » Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:19 pm

Can Myrone's crew bring glory to Xannerian sport?
excerpt from http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam

XANNERIA - The National has come and gone, while the most popular brewery in Xanneria is still up in the air over the next tournament, we'll see how it goes for the Maroons in the proper WC Qualifications. Needless to say there's been some apprehension is an understatement. An underperforming team of Xannerians dulled the homefield crowd for the National and could only muster up the 7th place finish in front of paltry crowds of 16,000 in Loy City. A showcase for Xannerian talent it was not and an exasperated Myrone Rhule has gone on the offensive saying he was himself not happy with the tournament and hopes the Maroons can actually take the game seriously now.

This coming after the Maroons suffered two quick exits in the CoH and CE respectively. Thought Rhule pointed out both teams that they lost too though went deep. Plus he was able to outlast the Newmanistani team by a game in the Campionato Esportiva 28.

One other note is that of the injury to naturalized Donnaconnan player Kylian Lacroix. He has suffered Leg and Head Injuries in an accident that occured when his small private airplane he was in crashed heavily in western Middlebrook. While he is expected to make a full recovery it will be a while before he gets back in shape and he will be replaced with the veteran Jim Hallett who is an instrumental figure in Kalactinian football.
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 80-23-59 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Graintfjall » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:02 pm

Excerpt from The Fußball Show with Jessika Jünkindietrünk.
    Jessika is talking (complete with heavy Schutzenphalian accent and less-than-particular pronunciation of foreign nations) with one of her usual guests, Steinaux striker Petter Erlingsson. In place of Olle Tobiasson, however (who is busy covering the Baptism of Fire) sits journalist Naranja Nílsdóttir.

    “So we lead with the exciting news that Kang Guilin of Yousuck is expected to be confirmed tomorrow morning as head coach of the national team. Petter, is Kang the right choice?”

    “Yes, I’ve previously mentioned my support of him, and I think this is a good decision from Knattspyrnusamband Græntfjalls. Kang will be a good footballing and cultural fit for the Snow Wolves.”


    “Well, I don’t want to seem like I’m playing the contrarian just because I’m in Olle’s seat, but …”

    They all laugh.

    “…my main worry is that Kang was a one-club man with the Royals. He’s been successful but only ever with one club, with players he shares such a strong tradition with. Coming over here he’s faced with a very different environment, having to bring together players from different clubs, some from fierce domestic rivals,” she glances at Petter, who grins, “And some from foreign clubs. A long, gruelling qualifying campaign awaits. Picking a manager with no international experience is a big risk.”

    “Why do you think they’ve chosen a Yahtzee manager?”

    “Well, I think Yuezhouese players have a strong reputation in Græntfjall,” explains Petter. “Some of their players performed very strongly in the recent GPL season. Before that, they were outplaying the Snow Wolves for long periods of the World Cup 86 qualifying group. And more recently they had a very strong run in the Copa Rushmori on Græntfjaller shores. Of course players from Eura and Valanora and Nephara are thought of very highly but we don’t get that much exposure to them compared to the Yuezhouese.”

    “And,” cuts in Naranja, “There are murmurings that it didn’t exactly hurt his chances that he’s at odds with the present regime, who are less than popular in Græntfjaller halls of power.”

    “Is there suggestion of political influence in the decision, then?”

    Naranja squirms a touch. “Nothing definitive. The current Sports Minister is a Blue-Green, of course, Jóvin Geirason, but he’s not really seen as a hardliner on the Nanhai issue. With all the discussion over the KG’s demands for budget increases in order to fund U-18 and U-21 teams, of course, it does make sense to stay on the government’s good side. But there’s no ‘smoking gun’.”

    “And,” Petter objects grumpily, “I think it would be a grave disservice to Kang to make any suggestion of that sort. He won the role through sporting merit…”

    “…straight through his legs.”

    “Indeed. But enough about the goalkeepers, let’s look at some of the other positions.” Jessika is at the display board as her guests discuss the squad. “Petter, Grinchfjinch put in a pretty good run at the Eagle’s Cup with only domestic players. But who are you expecting to see coming back into the squad for the coming World Cup, being hosted by Teashop and Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane?”

    “Well, firstly, Jason Þórhallursson.”

    “Who seems to be in good goal scoring form in Shaggydog-Felching League of teams from Fartfartdildo, Banjokazooie and the Buggeroff Islands.”

    It takes them a minute to digest that one.

    “He’s playing for the Bumsex Timberwolves, of course.”

    “…of course. Well, anyway, he is as you say seeming to enjoy his stint abroad and whatever problems I’ve had with him in the past, I fully expect to see him start in the 9 jersey. Whether he’ll finish in it?”

    “I feel like I’ve heard this before…”

    “I’m just saying I think Ásvarður Bergmundursson put in a very good display at the Eagle’s Cup. We’re expecting a midfield-heavy look from Kang, so there might only be room for one out-and-out striker. If Ásvarður puts in a good performance, he could challenge for the place.”

    “Lyngar Rögnvaldursson and Rato Guðmannsson also featured in the Eagle’s Cup and might make the squad, but Naranja, what about other options? Eiríka Jonathansdóttir, Lilly Wolfgangsdóttir, Margaux Torkildsdóttir?”

    “Eiríka maybe – the others no. Græntfjall has struggled to find a solid ‘10’ at international level. I don’t think Lilly or Margaux could really play in the system the Snow Wolves will use. Eiríka, perhaps, but there will be fitness worries about her given she’s only one season back from that devastating knee injury. An outside-the-box suggestion, though, would be Lara Auðunsdóttir. She played that solo striker role well in the unorthodox Di Bradini Cup system.”

    “Speaking of the U-21 team, is there anyone from that squad who made a good impression and might graduate to the senior team?”

    “Mathias Kristerson won’t start at center back but I’d expect to see him among the reserves. Natasja Hólmarsdóttir stood out but center midfield is getting to be a very crowded position and I’m not sure she’ll make it.”

    “Anyone else?”

    Petter pretends to think, then shakes his head.

    No one else? Gruntingandfisting did make it to the final against San Orthodontists. No one stood out?” Jessika teases, as behind her, the image on the board changes.

Solo: IBC30
Co-host: CR36, BoF74
Champions: BoF73
Runners-up: DBC70
The White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall

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Postby United Australasian Commonwealth » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:13 pm

After the Live coverage of the Australaisan Novian War on ABC 1
it switches to a clock ident

Now on ABC 1 the World Cup 87 Qualifier Match with Riaan Cruywagen

Good Evening and welcome to World Cup 87 , I'm your host Riaan Cruywagen
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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Dec 26, 2020 8:11 pm

By Chuck Walter, Hapiloppian Sports Journal

On paper, Team Hapilopper appears to have its backs to the wall. A relatively new organization seeking to rebuild a sport tarnished in Hapilopper by a match-fixing scandal, the group, led by former Hapilopper Football Association head Dom Probst, has a tall order to climb. Hapilopper has fallen behind the top teams in the multiverse following the scandal, and after missing a handful of crucial tournaments.

The Hapilopper Football Association officially dissolved a month before the start of World Cup 86 qualifiers, which essentially meant the Hapilopper National Football Team had ceased to exist. A successor organization, known officially as Team Hapilopper, was founded by Probst days later, but not in time to field a squad for the qualifiers. While the multiverse’s top teams competed in the World Cup, Hapiloppians sat on the sidelines, wondering if they would ever get back to the level they belonged on.

The scandal and its aftereffects are still being felt today. The team declined to compete in the Cup of Harmony tournament following World Cup 85, with Greenwell officially telling Hapiloppian sports media, interestingly, that they were ashamed of their poor quality of play, and then the withdrawal from World Cup 86 reportedly did even more damage to the team, and its players.

Ernie Stevenson, Hapilopper’s most prolific goal scorer, spoke of the depression he faced after finding out he would not be participating in the world’s biggest sporting event.

“I felt a lot of my meaning to exist had gone away,” Stevenson said. “Sure, I mean, I’ve got the team in Nephara, and it’s a great team to play for, but I came here to play for my country. Leichhardt is my job. Hapilopper is my passion, and without it, I just felt like I was on autopilot.”

Stevenson said he considered retiring from the game following the withdrawal and going back to college to become a teacher.

“Without the national team, I had no desire to keep playing,” he explained. “I asked my brother what he thought and he just told me to be patient, because bad times don’t last forever, you know? But I thought about it, and I even wrote a letter to the Leichhardt team. Never sent it, because like my brother suggested, I thought about it for a while.”

Stevenson shared the letter with the Hapiloppian Sports Journal. The hand-written note states that he had lost his desire to play football any further, and would be exploring other opportunities “that I feel benefit me more than playing a game.”

“I was just burnt out, you know?” he said.

Other players took it a little differently. One player was rumored to have suited up in disguise from another team, and when he got the chance, took out a player from the Vdaran side. That player, Nathan Ellis, has a reputation for being one of the most violent players in international football, and his list of offenses is as long as the sun is bright.

When asked about the rumored incident, Ellis laughed and appeared to tacitly implicate himself.

“I’ve heard that a lot lately,” he said. “It’s still funny that people think I’d fly out to Vdara to dress up as a player from Acronius and kick that asshole Alexis Fotellis in the chest. I mean, it was hilarious to see, and I thought it was funny seeing him writhe in pain on the ground after he fell, but I didn’t kick him. I mean, I didn’t kick him, and I didn’t sneak out of Hapilopper and into Vdara under dark of night, and I didn’t steal Michael Fromme’s kit to put on to go out there, and I didn’t run off like mad, but if I did, that would have been funny. After all, if someone had noticed I had shown up in Vdara, they’d like to have killed me, you know?”

Either way, Ellis’s reputation precedes him, and he wears it with pride.

“I’ve heard it a lot,” Ellis said over lunch at a restaurant in Hapilopper City. “That I’m a low-down, good-for-nothing, dirty son of a bitch. I’ve heard people say that if I wasn’t playing football, I’d be in jail because I probably would have murdered a few people right now. And you know what? They’re probably 100 percent correct. I’m proud of who I am. I win by any means necessary, and it burns me up when people aren’t trying as hard as I am.”

Ellis explained that the match-fixing scandal angered him to no end, and he held on to that anger throughout the period of time when he sat at home while the world’s best footballers vied for the best footballing side in the multiverse.

“You know, there was that Rod Hughes giving payouts to our teammates,” Ellis said, his expression turning serious. “These are guys that I thought I could trust as teammates but they’re taking the fall to other teams. I know a lot of people call me dirty, and they say I’m a menace to society, but at least I do what I do to get my team a win. You’ll never see me fix a game. Ever. I’ll beat the hell out of anyone that tries to screw me over. I come here to win football matches. I don’t come here to look good and I don’t come here to bullshit.”

Stevenson said having Ellis on the team, in spite of his reputation, is much more of an asset than a liability.

“I’d rather have 23 Nate Ellises on this team,” Stevenson said. “Is he a dirty bastard? Yeah. He’s the dirtiest player I’ve ever faced off with. But one thing you can’t take from him is the fact that he wants to win this match more than anyone else. I’ve never met anyone with the competitive fire that he’s got. He’s a guy that goes out there, and you may not agree with his tactics, but he’s going to go out there to win a football game.”

Thom Perkins, head coach of Team Hapilopper, agrees.

“We’re starting off in a bad spot,” Perkins said. “We lost a lot of ground to some of the top teams in the multiverse. We’re trying to recover from one hell of a black eye with the match-fixing scandal. But with a guy like Nate Ellis playing for us, I think we can turn that black eye into a footnote. Is he dirty? Yeah. Nobody’s going to argue that. Sometimes I think he’s a little bit too dirty. But he does what he does to win the ballgames. And that’s the only reason he does it. He wants to win, and that’s all he wants.”

Looking to the start of the season, Perkins has been named the first head coach for Team Hapilopper. Having served as the first head coach for the Hapilopper National Football Team, Perkins led the team to a win in the 70th Baptism of Fire a few years ago, a triumph that still stands as Hapilopper’s highest-profile victory in international sporting competition of any kind.

Under Perkins’s leadership, the team came painfully close to qualifying for World Cups 83 and 84, while managing several signature victories along the way. The team won its first 15 matches under Perkins, capped off with a 3-0 win over Brenecia, a side that just a few short years before, had won World Cup 80 over the Holy Empire. In qualifying for World Cup 84, the team avenged the now-infamous “Manehattan Massacre” by defeating Equestria. In the process, according to one highly-regarded sporting publication, the Hapilopper National Football Team had become the unofficial World Champions of international football, a championship they held for nine consecutive matches before losing to Equestria.

The Haps came within one point of qualifying for that World Cup, leading many observers to think that their time was coming in World Cup 85. But it didn’t happen. It seemed like the Haps had flipped a switch as soon as the second half of World Cup qualifiers got started, almost as if someone was playing the team on a video game, and then got replaced by someone who didn’t know how to play the game. By now, we know why the Haps had fallen out of form.

“I wish I hadn’t resigned,” Perkins said in his office in Hapilopper City. “If I hadn’t resigned, and if Dom Probst hadn’t left, none of that would have happened. That second half of the World Cup 85 qualifying did so much damage to Hapiloppian football. If I hadn’t known about the match-fixing scheme, I would have said there was a force actively working to screw us out of that spot we were in.”

The team is now ranked 135th in the world after having been 47th before the start of World Cup 85 qualifiers. That ranking, Perkins said, has had him none the least bit optimistic over qualifiers.

“I mean, we’ll do the best we can, but I feel like the best we’re going to do is a Cup of Harmony at this point,” Perkins said. “We’re going to the consolation prize tournament. Period. We fell behind a lot of nations, and if we can do well this qualifier, it’s going to be a miracle.”

With that, Perkins said, he felt he had the team to do it.

“You know, the reason we’ve got Nate Ellis, and Beautiful Bobby, and Ernie Stevenson, Claire Randall and Cooter Harris, is they’re damn good ballplayers,” Perkins said. “And all hope is not lost, despite how pessimistic I sound. We went a lot farther in the AOCAF than I expected, so you never know.”

Team Hapilopper, in its first international tournament, made it to the Round of 16 in the AOCAF, before getting eliminated by Krytenia, 4-3, in a match marred by a fight between Ellis and Krytenian striker Neil “The Unit” Smith, a fight caused by an Ellis cheap shot.

If Ellis can maintain his composure, not feel inclined to cheap-shot players and the rest of the team can play to a high standard of play that fans are accustomed to from the Hapiloppians, maybe Team Hapilopper could shock us all.
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Postby HUElavia » Sun Dec 27, 2020 9:32 am

A new World Cup Qualifiers Arrive with a lot on the line!

Once again, another Qualifiers for the World Cup has arrived in the Multiverse. For HUElavia, this one comes of massive significance. Despite the loss in the IAC 11 Final against Poafmersia, making it the 4th consecutive defeat in the regional Final (a record "achievement"), a strong petition from the players pressured the HUElavian Football Association to allow Coach Estela Garcia Kimura to stay in the position as Head Coach of the HUElavian National Football Team.

Despite the stay, there are notable points in this stay. Currently, the HFA has signed a One-Year deal with Coach Garcia Kimura, where they have the option to sack her in the following situations: Dropping too many points in the early matches OR not being 3rd Place or better at the halfway point of Qualifiers. If she clears this, then she gets renewed for the 2nd half of the Qualifiers for another One-Year contract. The only option where she would be sacked would be as follows: Fail to make the World Cup. Coach Garcia Kimura will only stay if the team makes it to the final 32-team tournament, whether they make it via direct qualification or playoffs. If she succeeds with those two goals, she will be renewed for two years to lead the team in IAC 12.

The team enters a transition phase, since some of their golden players have retired. Notably, Cristiano Aveiro-Lima and Lionel Rossi-Rigoni have retired from the National Team after the tough loss in the IAC 11 Final. They finish as the highest goal scorer and highest assister respectively. Thus, the team is now Captained by Jose Antionio Lobato, the goalie, while Marc Navarro serves as the Vice-Captain. The fans hope and pray this upcoming generation performs well, especially with the additions of players from the U-18 and U-21 team that had recent good success.

Stadiums to be used have not been officially announced, but it is known that Curumba will host two matches, and Sao Salvador will get a match in the Qualifiers. A new stadium is expected to be debuted in Ourao, where the HGFL team Ourao Miners will be playing at, which will have the "Baptism" of the team visiting and playing in the stadium. Fans await with anticipation to buy tickets to the matches. As tradition, 85% of the tickets will be sold to the HUElavian public, and 15% will be given to the Away Team for their fans to visit.

Here's to hoping a good qualifiers for the team, regardless who we face.

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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Dec 27, 2020 3:10 pm


The political battlefields that have just opened up across Ko-oren will each be a separate duel, with each community looking out for itself. On the whole, the country will remain unified, with a single foreign policy, and a lot of centralised elements - but on the lower level, subdivisions feel like they can receive a little power from the national government (which we might have to call 'federal' in a while) and municipalities and regions are trying to become subdivisions of their own, on the same level of the Gehrennas, the Surbourneshires, the Intermares, and the Yoshimas. 12 has been the magic number for Ko-oren for ages: 12 original city states, 12 subdivisions, 12 ministries, 12 of everything. 144 (12*12) members of parliament, and the multiples of 12 go on. And yet, after millennia of 12 as a magic number, we might get to see something different.

The battlefields:

- The subdivisions are trying to get powers devolved from the national government: they want more say over infrastructure (planned roads, railways, but also power plants, water treatment plants, etc), justice (local courts), finance (diverging subdivisional and local taxes), trade & industry (the ability to stop certain goods from being sold in that subdivision).

- Cote Austral (and some other subdivisions) have expressed their will to arrange subdivisional government democratically instead of meritocratically.

- West Strand Riding has expressed its will to arrange its subdivisional government according to traditional values ('elders').

- The following regions are exploring possibilities to split from their subdivisions and become subdivisions of their own:
Azuren from Aerellen
Rereya Dongbu,
Katashi from Yoshima
Aminey from Cote Austral
Desierto from Finisterre
yDremdun from Mawrystwyth
Amandine from Gehrenna, Cote Austral, Surbourneshire
Ko-orenite Capital Territory,
April from Gehrenna
Frontier from Sudaefjoll
Sydberg, Thornwich and Guildwood
Metalwright from Surbourneshire

The Outer Salamantic Territories and Inner Salamantic Territories want a subdivision of their own, instead of direct rule by the national government.

Some of the new subdivisions open up opportunities for newly recognised national languages - which is one (of many!) areas in which the Ko-orenite government already allows for a lot of local decision-making.

The list of regions is sure to expand in coming weeks. The list of demands is also sure to expand - and contract - as the discussions play out.
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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Dec 28, 2020 5:21 am


The Unofficial World Championship Committee tracks the lineage of the Unofficial World Championship throughout the history of multiversal football. The belt is won and lost in the same way as a boxing or wrestling championship is won or lost. To be the man, you've got to beat the man.

The very first title of World Champion was awarded to Crosshill after winning World Cup 1. Crosshill then defended the championship in every official match they played until finally losing a match, and thus the belt, to Ziotah. Ziotah lost the belt immediately to Al Quds, who retained it via avoiding defeat against Tanah Burung and Crosshill before losing it via defeat against Central New Jersey in the first round of World Cup 3.

That very belt has survived all the way to World Cup 87 without being removed permanently from circulation via retirement, data loss or strop.

A full list of the Unofficial World Championship's laws may be found here

A full history of the lineage of the Unofficial World Championship may be found here

Episode 4 of The Idiot Project told the story of the Unofficial World Championship. The episode runs to nine videos, starting here

At a recent meeting involving UWCC Chairman Jeremy Jaffacake and a bottle of rye whiskey, the following amendment was made to the UWCC ruleset.

Silver Beach Amendment
December 2020

After a request by the Chairman of the Silver Beach Football Association, the UWCC looked into how it will approach adding new competitions to its list of eligible UWC tournaments.

Regarding the 7 Nations Cup and any other new regional tournaments: In order for its matches to be sanctioned as possible UWC title matches, the tournament must:
  • Not allow its regional members to take part in the Independent Associations Cup. (The UWC recognises that a region may be considered a ‘sporting region’ while also sending its member nations to the Independent Associations Cup, but nevertheless will not sanction its regional tournament matches as UWC matches until all of these conditions are met)
  • Be composed of at least 16 teams
  • Have a field wherein at least 51% of its participants are active World Cup nations.
  • Be composed of nations from only one region.
  • Limit puppet nations to one per main.
  • Not have more than 40% of its entrants be puppets
  • Satisfy the UWC that it is a serious attempt at a Regional Tournament, and not a creation intended to game the UWC system.
To reiterate: the above rules are for new regional tournaments only. The UWC does not care if any of the CE, CR or AOCAF fail to reach one or more of these standards whether temporarily or permanently.

The UWC will continue not to sanction matches from age-limited or exhibition tournaments.

Regarding the formerly WCC-affiliated tournament known as the Eagle’s Cup and its associated Eagle’s Club / Eagle’s Cup Cup of Champions / Eagle’s Cup Cocoa-bo Challenge Trophy organizations/competitions: The UWC will continue to not sanction matches in these competitions.
A Cup of Champions may be considered for UWC eligibility if it ceases to be tied to the ‘Eagles Cup’ and is officially brought under the WCC’s umbrella. The UWCC notes that:
  • The UWCC does not necessarily endorse this move
  • The UWCC wants to avoid a situation wherein a UWC Champion is invited to a Cup of Champions tournament despite not winning an official title
  • For as long as the Cup of Champions remains an exhibition tournament independent of the WCC, it’s possible for a team to decline its invitation to the tournament, a move that would greatly diminish the tournament’s importance with regards to its claim to be more worthy of eligibility than most other exhibition tournaments.

unofficial Unofficial World Championships
The UWC welcomes nations who disagree with the above rulings to track unofficial Unofficial World Championships that would exist if one or more of the above rulings had been decided differently. For example, a UWC champion taking part in the Cup of Champions or 7 Nations Cup would not lose its UWC title in those tournaments, but the UWC welcomes any attempts to track where the title would have gone had those tournaments been deemed eligible.

The UWC requests any such lineage to be given the monicker ‘unofficial Unofficial World Championship’ or ‘uUWC’, noting the lower-case ‘u’.

As of the start of World Cup 87, the current Unofficial Champions of the World are:

LINEAL WORLD CHAMPION: Al-Qurija [Holder since World Cup 80 Qualifying Matchday 18]
INTERIM WORLD CHAMPION: Endray Island [Holder since World Cup 9 Qualifying Matchday 11]
INTERIM WORLD CHAMPION: Free Republics [Holder since the World Cup 85 Final]
INTERIM WORLD CHAMPION: Baker Park [Holder since the AOCAF Cup 62 Final]

The names of Endray Island and Free Republics have been greyed out as neither side has entered a UWC-eligible tournament this cycle.

The UWCC acknowledges that the chances of Endray Island making a faithful* return to international football are nil, but nevertheless stand by rule five of the UWCC's ruleset which dictates that if a champion retires from international football, they keep their title forever.

The UWCC acknowledges that the chances of Free Republics returning to international football are slim, and the circumstances surrounding their exit from international football are controversial, but nevertheless we stand by Rule 5 of the UWCC's laws.

The belt that Free Republics hold was created after Apox retired with the Lineal belt after Cycle 75's Campionato Esportiva. It was first given to World Cup 75 winner Unified Sunrise Islands.

The Interim Championship held by Baker Park was created after Free Republics retired with the second Interim championship. It was first awarded to World Cup 86 winner Banija

Al-Qurija are making a welcome return to World Cup football after missing cycles 81 to 86. They will defend their LIneal World Championship - the one held by Crosshill after World Cup 1, and whose line can be traced throughout the history of the NS World Cup - in their World Cup 87 Qualifying Group.

As of the start of World Cup 87 Qualifying, 216 different nations have held a version of the Unofficial World Championship. These are, in order of appearance:
1	Crosshill
2 Ziotah
3 Al Quds
4 Central New Jersey
5 Giant Zucchini
6 Steel Shadows
7 Jurassica
8 Dennisov
9 Lemmitania
10 Brazillico
11 Runaway Moose
12 Quohog
13 Errinundera
14 Pavesia
15 Endray-Island
16 Bedistan
17 Halfassedstates
18 Europa Britannia
19 Lanky Dude
20 Koennerstein
21 Total n Utter Insanity
22 The Lowland Clans
23 Spaam
24 Keyshona
24 Ravenspire
26 Avenging Altos
27 The Weegies
28 Sliponia
29 Dead Man
30 Rejistania
31 Kerla
32 Eauz
33 Commerce Heights
34 Svecia
35 Lennon Marx
36 Makongo-Wodimalongo
37 The Fivefold Star
38 Oddslavo
39 Squornshelous
40 Jeruselem
40 Kingsford
42 Vilita
43 Druida
44 Lovisa
45 Lykaia
46 Melmond
47 Magnus Valerius
48 Turnia
49 Oglethorpia
50 The Eagles Nest
51 Qia
52 Insane Inflation
53 The Evil Umpire
54 Snub Nose 38
55 Kylaai
56 Dance 2 Revolution
57 Adam Island
58 Hiiraan
59 Audioslavia
60 Crystilakere
61 Starblaydia
62 Cockbill Street
63 Liamist States
64 Spurland
65 Sarzonia
66 Gaian Ascendancy
67 Kericia
68 Praying2God
69 Bipedal Apes
70 Revolutionarian Island
71 Casari
72 Bettia
73 Andossa se Mitrin Vega
74 Pacitalia
75 Lamoni
76 Fmjphoenix
77 Liventia
78 Krytenia
79 Harlesburg
80 Vuam and Isma
81 Spruitland
82 Tadjikistan
83 Nedalia
84 McPsychoville
85 Czariums
86 Quakmybush
87 Backwardistan
88 Bazalonia
89 Ariddia
90 New Montreal States
91 Jasiyun
92 Sel Appa
93 Valanora
94 Turori
95 Schorteskatascansolani
96 Ropa-Topia
97 Atheistic Right
98 Schiavonia
99 Az-cz
100 Vilita & Turori
101 Demot
102 Ulzaxid
103 Hypocria
104 Manhattan Prime
105 95X
106 Milchama
107 Tynelia
108 Daehanjeiguk
109 Sorthern Northland
110 The Holy Empire
111 Candelaria And Marquez
112 Septentrionia
113 Dancougar
114 Secristan
115 Queer Poco El Mono Ara
116 Taeshan
117 Bostopia
118 Cafundeu
119 Pasarga
120 Valladares
121 Nethertopia
122 Chocolate Pencils
123 Teinohikira
124 South Norwega
125 Die Adler
126 Toiletdonia
127 Virabia
128 Kelssek
129 Akbarabad
130 Blouman Empire
131 Onimar
132 Kosovoe
133 Aguazul
134 Cosumar
135 The Bear Islands
136 Kagdazka and Pazhujebu
137 The Archregimancy
138 Newland-America
139 Cyborg Holland
140 Qazox
141 Gyatso-Kai
142 Oswaldia
143 Khytenna
143 Kiryu-shi
145 The Sylvanaes Queendom
146 Geisenfried
147 Hutt River
148 Polar Islandstates
149 Mesoland
150 Jukenia
151 Riyahda
152 Traila
153 The Babbage Islands
154 Kinitaria
155 Saintland
156 The Inevitable Syndicate
157 Wight
158 Farfadillis
159 Usjekhipstahf
160 Sameba
161 Northern Sunrise Islands
162 Nephara
163 Terres de Gaulles
164 Kandorith
165 Orca Bay
166 Arkiasis
167 Vaugania
168 Ruentenbach
169 West Angola
170 Unolia
171 Polaaskan
172 Schottia
173 San José Guayabal
174 Buyan
175 Osarius
176 Polkopia
177 Acronius
178 Ceni
179 Nova Anglicana Admin Zone of Esportiva
180 Gregoryisgodistan
181 Eastfield Lodge
182 Torisakia
183 Lons
184 Free Republics
185 Sandwich Territories
186 Eura
187 Crystal Empire
188 Zenic
189 Red Blackiland
190 Brenecia
191 Apox
192 Unified Sunrise Islands
193 Ummat Al-Haqiqa
194 Damukuni
195 Qasden
196 Electrum
197 Bonesea
198 Alpine Union
199 Chromatika
199 Drawkland
201 Mriin
202 Garifunya
203 Ceyesca
204 Aggrey-Fynn Land
205 Al-Qurija
205 Cosneolta
207 Eshan
208 Bongo Johnson
209 Ancharmunn
210 Abanhfleft
211 Mattijana
212 Baker Park
213 Equestria
214 Hapilopper
215 Ko-oren
216 Banija

We at the UWCC look forward to this cycle's UWC title fights, and hope that the two active titles may be unified soon.

*attempts by existing nations to revive Endray Island will be laughed at derisively
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NSWC signup

Postby Trigel » Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:25 pm

My country, Trigel would like to sign up for the nation states world cup.
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Postby Trigel » Mon Dec 28, 2020 6:35 pm

If this is where to apply, Trigel would like to.

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Postby Squidroidia » Thu Dec 31, 2020 9:27 am

OOC: As like what I did in World Cup 86, I will do 2 pre-MD1 RPs, one before the draw and one after the draw. For this first one I have decided on doing an AFTV style RP which takes place immediately after the IAC 11 Quarter-Final between Megistos and Squidroidia. I have used the Megistian accounts of the game for this RP, as they accurately describe what happened in that game fairly well. Don't worry, these types of RPs won't occur for the games in the WCQs, and with what other users have planned I am sure to spice things up during the qualifiers. Thank you.

A group of Squidward Roids, the main ultras supporting the Squidroidian national team, are crowded outside a stadium in Havynwilde. All of them don't have their long noses on. One Squidroidian, a human, has a microphone and is interviewing an Inkling boy.

"SquidroidiaFanTV, and SquidD, before this match most Squidroidian fans, I think 90% of those you spoke to today were confident that we go ahead and get a winning result against a team like Megistos... We never turned up in that IAC Quarter-Final, didn't we."

"No fight, no passion, no spirit... A third of that team needs to scram. I've never thought I would have to say that during the group stage, even with the Flock of Seagulls loss, you know I was going positive throughout the tournament. The knockouts mean that you have to question everybody in the team, the players, manager Mito, even the ball squids. We bottled it today. Robertson, Jorgenson, Quintero... We conceded goals. We. Fell. Apart. We were so wide open today... And we capitulated. And those players, if it wasn't for Yoneda Toshikuni and that superb goal, these players would have gone and walked over to the stands to apologize to the fans for having to watch that. Have you seen the trip that all of us had to make to get here, and for that result to happen? 4-4 on aggregate in the last 2 tournaments against Megistos. 4-4. We get out of Squidroidia and we get beaten like that. Imagine how we feel. The players still get their wages, they go on holiday for the next few weeks, and we're stuck here. And you have the gall to do that in a Quarter-Final after you just beat Trolleborg? Oh piss off."

"Just backtracking a little bit here, why did the team capitulate?"

"There are too many weak minded bottlejobs in this setup, end of story. If the bloke who managed Real Squidroid was manager, we'd be ripping into them. You just have to look at the Super League. Those guys at Tyranny would have done more than Hoshi if they got the chance. But what does Mito do? He sticks Hoshi in even if he's aging like milk since he went to Shorterville. There was the wrong selection against A Flock Of Seagulls as if he was taking it easy expecting a win, and that's what cost us here against Megistos. You cannot sit here and paper over the cracks for much longer. We know some players aren't good enough anymore, but what does Mito do? He ignores Akiyama, he ignores Gengyo, he ignores the Inklings coming up the sport aside from a couple, and he trots out the same team with a different gimmick every time. I'm sick and tired of this, I really am."

"I understand your point here, but-"

"Lemme explain you this. Takanori's wife was in the stands for the match. Where's Higa and especially the FA's president? The president runs football in the nation, but she stays out of it. Where is she? Where is she? And then Takanori's wife goes away on a private jet. Do you really think the leader of the nation cares? Do you really think that he cares about the team? Give us a couple of cycles, and I'll assure you that Eastfield Lodge are going to overtake us in the rankings. Maybe Sulsuland too for all I care! We need a manager that cares about the Super League and doesn't focus entirely on the Squidroidians playing abroad, because if it happens again we're doomed."

"I understand you're mad about the result today, but now's not the time to think about the team going down the drain. If Sho and Makino do well at their clubs-"

"Listen here, you know where these 2 are right? One's a youngster who only gets a starting job at a Champions League level club due to his time in Squidroidia, and the other sacrificed group stage football for a supposed easy league title, even though he was joint top scorer in South Newlandia and player of the year over there! I know they have potential, but they need more experience. Yes, say what you want about Hideo doing the business in Murphtannia, but even if the Lions packed in debt for not selling him, all of that would be erased due to their Champions League run, and if he stayed they could have made the Quarter-Finals. Be glad we have someone else in South Newlandia now. Now piss off okay?"

SquidD then leaves the area, and the video ends.

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Part 1 - Job Bobbie

Postby Mapletish » Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:22 am

The Sour Kind
"I only know one thing, that is I know nothing"

Commentaries| Podcasts| Timothy Jozua

Heart to Heart with Job Bobbie - Part 1

"Hello, 你好, Hola, Bonjour, こんにちは, 여보세요, Hallo and Здравствуйте, I am Timothy and welcome to another series of The Sour Kind. And in today's podcast, we will be having a heart to heart talk or HTHT with a special guest. He is none other than Job Bobbie, the current captain of the Mapletish squad who are about to embark on their World Cup 87 Qualifying. The qualification rounds, I will say, is significant for this group of young players. Not only is this is the youngest squad, the Football Association has sent in the team's 13 World Cup qualifying history, this is also the first time, the team is consisted mainly of players who aren't from any football clubs. We have covered the ongoing dispute between the RFAM and MBSO in the previous series, do check them out."

"Now Bobbie, do you know who I am?"

"Well absolutely, Timothy. I have followed you for quite some time right now."

"First of all, congratulations on doing well in the recent Di Bradini Cup, a third place finish is already quite respectable. Now, introduce yourself, Bobbie, to those out there who don't know you."

"Hi everyone, I am Bobbie and I'm 20 this year. I am the current captain of Team Mapletish Football for the upcoming World Cup 87 Qualifying. Nice to meet all of you and of course, you, Timothy, and yes, thank you for your wish wishes."

"That is a very brief introduction right there, Bobbie. So do you like to HTHT?"

"Actually I have a lot of HTHT conversations with alot of my friends and with all the guys in the team and especially as captain, it is essential to find out more about your guys right, so, yes, in general I do like to HTHT. Hopefully I don't suck hahaha."

"Well now that we know that you are a HTHT kind of person, we shall kick off with our first section. And the question goes, "Bobbie has played many sports in school and also having excelled in other sports like rugby and swimming, what made you make the switch to play football and what got you here? Do you think that this has impacted you in any way."

"Wow, that is a tough first question to begin with. Well yes, I was played many sports in school, and to be honest, football wasn't my first pick. You know In Mapletish, we are all a bunch of kids who just like sports and play a variety growing up. Seeing the guys now in the team, we also see many non-native footballers who made the switch to playing football so this is not something unique to me. I like swimming back in school. Preferably also because I like the feeling of gliding through the water and being able to not run."

"That is pretty ironic, considering that swimming has land physical training sessions isn't it, Bobbie?"

"Uhh yes, I dreaded those PT sessions but all is good hahaha. They made me who I am. After swimming, I made the transition towards rugby primarily because I watched quite a lot of rugby growing up. It runs in my family as well, my dad was a former rugger and so is my elder brother. I slowly followed in their footsteps. And I grew to love it."

"Was it something you do concurrently while you were swimming?"

"Ohh yes, I juggled swimming and rugby quite comfortably, although both sports have rather competing demands. But they complement well together I guess? You have the need to be stronger, more aggressive and tougher on the pitch while you want to get a little bit more technical, more streamlined and faster in the water. Those also include additional physique requirements if you ask me but I stuck with my own body."

"So no comparable advantages that allows you to be better than the rest?"

"I guess when you are not specialising in a sport and just dipping your toes in a number of them, I probably am a little average in my body composition and in terms of my physique and build, I guess I can render myself rather suitable to be doing both of those."

"What then became the trigger for you to switch towards football?"

"I wanted to do something different back in pre-university. So I decided to pick a different sport, rather than the ones that I am familiar with. So at 16, I transited to playing football and have never turned back since. I have considered other sports as well, but I guess football sort of spoke to me. I joined my school's football team on the first session and I was put through my paces immediately. The coach did some drills and tested our physicals, gathered some numbers and put us through a kick-about. I might have impressed the coach with some footballing IQ I guess, from my recreational football experience."

"So you do have football experience?"

"Yes, but it was rather limited. I am more used to using the IQ on the field for rugby, so sometimes I instinctively, stop running forward to allow the play to progress until I get shouted at to continue moving, because we can now pass the ball forward, so this is one of the more silly moments on pitch."

"From what I have seen in your playing style, I can describe you as a wing playmaker rather than the winger we are more used to on the flanks. Am I right?"

"Yes, I agree. I don't have the technical fluidity to catch up with my teammates most of the time, considering I joined the sport late. The rest can easily juggle the ball 30, 40, 50 times in a row while drinking water or popping in a sandwich, while I can see myself juggling the ball with my hands instead. So I shift my focus towards having more game sense and awareness. I guess coach saw that as well during my tryout and he recommended to put me in the midfield more me to roam and to let my vision take over. Subsequently, I would shift out wider to the flanks, so to the left flank to allow my stronger right leg to take charge of the crosses. Because of this, I took on the role to dictate plays on pitch and subsequently, I took charge of the team as a whole by taking on the captaincy."

"And how has that shaped you?"

"Erm, the captaincy shaped me in terms of, having to now, shoulder the team and to be a direct bridge between the coach, the school management and to the rest of the guys. Of course in football wise, I tend to want to do simpler things rather than making it too complicated. Football made too complicated, really just messes everything up, you get a whole lot of room for error making, which is somewhat undesirable. But the guys are cooperative, sometimes, putting down their egos and desire to want to do something themselves to conforming to the team's plans. That was one of the highlights of my captaincy back in school."

"Do you think that you are a natural leader then? Considering, you are not the most experienced or the best player on the pitch?"

"Well, I guess, a leader is someone who is made, rather than born. Indeed it is not easy to be one, you have got people to answer to, you have got expectations on yourself, you set goals for the team and you are trying your utmost to meet that. I guess being in similar roles in the swim team and rugby team, helped me quite a bit as I took on the captaincy in the football team. It matured my thinking relatively early. I am almost ahead of my peers in terms of planning and thinking and analysing training from a coach's perspective, really helped to improve the team and my thought process in briefing and debriefing the team. The idea of being the best or the most experienced and thereafter equating that to being the leader is somewhat flawed.

Being good in your craft is one part of the whole puzzle, while being able to manage the team on the ground is another skill that needs to be honed. You can be the most gifted, score the most goals but you might not be the number one guy to have in the dressing room to break up conflicts or disagreements. Yes, you might be the central figure, but that isn't enough. Mere recognition of being the best is not enough for respect that a team will give towards their captain. So this brings us to being able to manage dynamics and interpersonal relationships in the team, which is another area that a captain must think of and be very sensitive about. At the end of the day, the team is nothing without its people."

"Thank you for that explanation Bobbie on your leadership principles or ideas. Now, we expand on how being in other sports have impacted or shaped your on the field presence."

"Erm, being in other sports brings themselves a different kind of emotional baggage. I tend to compare the current team that I am in with the previous teams that I have played or was in. This is somewhat unhealthy, I must say since the circumstances are different, team dynamics is different. In terms of relevant experience, it is close to none. In terms of soft skills and carryover, well definitely, it has a great impact on my thinking. Possibly through navigating the different scenarios or situations that arise, the experience I had, gave me some kind of blueprint to work with in response to these situations that I faced."

"So I would say that you have garnered a lot of tangible experience from your stints outside of football. Do you say that because of all these, you garner the respect of your teammates?"

"Yes and no. Yes, because despite my late entrance into the game, I was able to gasp the dynamics of the team easily. Seeing things from another point of view is something which is very valuable especially since I don't come from the football background. I might have something different to offer to the team. Yet, seeing things differently is a disadvantage sometimes. The team might not understand where I was coming from, or my point of view, because they were not in my position when I made certain decisions or do certain plays. It is not a disadvantage and even if it is, I believe in re-wiring and working on it to change that into an advantage."

"Moving on from here, what made you join the national football academy then?"

"I was looking to get more footballing experience and to experience a variety of coaching methods, there I land myself at the National Football Academy."

"Why not try out for club football though?"

"Well, I guess, I was not that into club football at that point, club loyalties was not something I deal well with. It just hindered my fire for football sometimes, like because of club loyalties, I wont be able to learn from another coach because of the club. I was not keen on going for club trials back then and stuck on fine with training with the National Football Academy (NFA). I guess that was fate and I was able to captain the team in the Di Bradini Cup too which was a huge plus to my portfolio."

"Can you tell me more about your stint at the King's College, what are you doing in College and what do you expect out of it?"

"i don't expect much from university football. I just want to play football and to do it with the people I am able to work well with. I am currently pursuing Psychology and Philosophy at the King's College and I am also the captain of the university football team. I had a close University Cup run previously and I am looking to build on to that, before I graduate. A 5th place finish in Group 11, behind Dodgestead University. I had only wish to build on that and the guys were keen to build on this form that they have. The seniors though were disappointed to not have qualified for the knockout rounds, but I am sure they took things in their stride and graduated successfully, I'm also sure they brought with them lessons from there and maybe to continue pursuing the sport on an amateur level at least after they graduate from university."

"What are the plans for the team then?"

"Build on the finish and continue to refine our tactics. Get the game plan and the team together and hopefully stay in our lane, take every opposition that comes our way. But before all of that, to bury our heads in the dirt and continue to hustle. I have brought back some reflections from the Di Bradini Cup and I am excited to share with the guys when I get back together with them again. Hopefully, I will also hand over my captaincy soon and focus more on national football and getting my head into preparing for graduation."

"What are your plans then, after graduation?"

"It was to get a job and live my life simply. But after playing for Mapletish on the international level, I am looking forward to kickstarting my professional footballing career, so clubs out there interested, please."

"I thought you were much more concerned about not being restricted by club loyalties?"

"Yes, that is still on my mind but I am more inclined to be some kind of a wanderer, wandering around and playing football for clubs that needs my service, I guess?"

"So clubs, hit him up, he is on free transfer."

"Oh yes haha, name a good price, I might play for you."

"Beyond that, how about your personal life? Love life?"

"Erm, I am currently quite contented with my life in general. Having had my own place since enrolling in university, I have learnt a lot more about myself. Being independent is tough, you got bills to pay and studies to manage, now you add on a sport to play on a high level, you are basically splitting yourself up and running 24/7. No one cares about paying the utilities bills until they have to pay them yourself, they add up. Electricity, the gas, your phone bills, they just keep coming in at the end of the month. Paying them off and you are left with a small amount for your daily expenses and then the rest, almost closed to none, I save. It is tough but it is also about making the right decisions, to eat out less, to buy less, to spend on things which are more budget friendly, I guess?

My love life has been alright, I think? Currently in a long term relationship. We are both happy. I generally don't share much about my love life and my partner and I chose to keep it low profile. I wanted to shield her from all the limelight that I am slowly getting right now with all the media attention on me, after my captaincy appointment. Generally, I don't want to put too much pressure on her which might just cause a strain in our relationship if we are not careful in managing it, so pardon me as we keep it low profile. Not to worry, we are happy."

"I understand that and thank you for keeping us updated on your love life. Glad that you are happy and satisfied with whatever you have. Maybe we can talk about, how then to manage a relationship like yours then?"

"Ohh, I don't mind. I guess, open communication is the key right here. As cliche as it sounds, it is an open secret. You need to have the conversation to find out from your partner, what are they okay with, and what are they not okay with. It is also good to find out, what exactly is your partner looking for, from this relationship. That is in the beginning. Those will be the guiding principles steering both of you on track. Continue to talk things through and work things out just like any other relationship advice will advise you to do. At least you know you are not acting on assumptions but actually clarifying and steering clear away from landmines. Simple advice but it goes a long way, trust."

"Neat, Bobbie, we will take a short camera break from here. Cheers Bobbie, by the way, how do you like your coffee?"

* * *
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Postby South Covello » Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:54 pm

The Playmakers Wins Best Picture Award

The hit musical comedy movie The Playmakers took home the Best Picture Award at the First Annual South Covello Film Awards (SCFA). The film, which stars Drew Jones and Harry Monnette as two theatre producers, won the award last night.

The film is about theatre producers Craig Hornet (Jones) and Ulysses “Ulu” Henry (Monette) who come up with an ingenious scheme to sell 100,000% of the investment in a play, make it so terrible it’s guaranteed to flop and none of the investors will come looking for returns, and flee to Falatulu with the money, living on the beach in luxury. They sing the song “Falatulu” declaring their love for the country and its beautiful women, and most notably its lack of extradition treaty with South Covello.

They decide to hire Loyal Lord’s Servant XS8FD8SDFUBS (formerly Brad Smith), one of the three remaining members of the Church of Gregoryisgodistan in Damukuni, to have him write a musical tribute of love to Lord Almighty Gregory, calling it Lord Almighty Gregory’s Magical Mystical Romp Through Esportiva, and decide to call him LLSX in the future in order to save time. They hire a strung out, flamboyant beatnik hippie named Marco DiMarco-Arco (MDMA) to play Lord Almighty Gregory. They also hire a former child actress turned deranged crazy lady, Crystal Metheney, to play Greg’s wife, Cleffie Martinez, after bailing her out of jail for throwing six of her 319 cats out the window at a passing kindergartener who she was convinced was Satan incarnate trying to steal her gold bullion.

As the musical begins on opening night, a chorus performs the song “Springtime for Lord Almighty Gregory”, which opens with the now-classic line “Springtime for Lord Almighty Gregory/Winter for SJG and Saintland” and discusses how Greg will destroy the heathens in glorious, amazing, magical, mystical fashion. The audience is disgusted, but then MDMA and Crystal Metheney come on stage, the audience assumes their terrible acting is supposed to be satire, and they love it. MDMA wows the audience with a hilarious, yet terrible and mocking performance of “I am a God”, followed by “Legalizing Slavery”, where he sings about how he would kill his wife and kids before he ever bans slavery in his nation.He concludes the First Act by singing “God Hates Coconuts” along with the chorus, while smashing numerous coconuts on stage.

Intermission arrives and Hornet and Henry are sweating things out, knowing their investment is ruined, and charter a private plane for Falatulu, preparing to leave immediately. However, three police officers show up to arrest them for fraud. Before they can do so, however, LLSX runs on stage as the Second Act is about to begin, screams “Why are you mocking the Lord with this disgraceful performance?” at MDMA, and begins bludgeoning him with an iron bar. The police decide to arrest him instead, while the audience cheers, assuming it is all part of the act. Hornet and Henry use this as a diversion to flee the theatre and board the plane that they think will take them to a tropical paradise. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they find that Falatulu, like the rest of the Free Republics, is a nuclear wasteland, and mournfully sing that “Greg Got His Wish.” The charter plane then leaves without them, forcing them to stay in the nuclear hellhole forever. The movie ends with them sitting on the destroyed remains of what was once a beach, most of the sand turned to glass, drinking out of a coconut and observing that this is all they will be able to do forever, reprising the song “God Hates Coconuts” as the credits roll.

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:38 pm

What If the World Cup Used a Regional Qualifier? AO and Rushmore Pre-WC Edition
So, this question has been asked before quite a few times. What would happen if the World Cup Qualifiers employed a region based format for it’s competition? Well, with the help of Quemmor Sporting Magazines, Sporting News Kalactin will help answer that question for you.

How Will We Do This?
With the help of some computer program that we found from an unnamed Paripanan Developer, we have found what we believe is the most fair way to simulate a regional based qualifier for the World Cup.

What Number of Qualifiers will Each Region Get?
Well, with the assistance of our friends at the All Banijan Sports Magazine, The Sporting Magazines of the Quemmor Isles, and based on other factors that we have found, we have decided what we think is the most fair amount of qualifiers for each region.

AO: 14 Spots
Esportiva: 4 Spots
Rushmore: 5 Spots
Indies: 7 Spots
Hosts: 2 Spots

What Will the Qualifying Groups Looks Like?
Well, we can show you right now, through very scientific method of the Randomize Range function on Gooogle Sheets, we have come up with a very good group format for each region.

AO Groups
Group 1
Farfadillis, Turori, Krytenia, Qasden, Tioguldos, Freeport, Legalese, Ibixa, Khytonya

Group 2
Valanora, Ko-oren, Siovanija and Tuesland, Mavinet, Barunia, Gyasto-Kai, Netop, Bonbokh u Piche , Pluvia and the Saxean Isles

Group 3
Banija, Audioslavia, Equestria, Maccian, Busoga Islands, EOT, Quakmybush, Sett Forest, Fjorsz

Group 4
Starblaydia, Mriin, Flavovespia, Northwest Kalactin, Twicetagria, Saltstead, Savigliane, Wreckeria, Muralos

Group 5
Vilita, Baker Park, Chromatika, Quebec, Blouman Empire, Huayramarca, Hapilopper, Cosumar, Jabal Akhdar

The First Glance
When you look at this region first, it seems very obvious that getting out of any of these groups will be tough. Group 4 seems like the easiest, although teams like Muralos, Flavovespia and Saltstead can be sleeping giants sometimes, and will not be easy to beat. Group 5 may be the toughest one overall, with 3 teams that qualified for the most recent cup, along with multiple time qualifiers Cosumar and Chromatika, this group has as much quality as any group in this simulation, if not more.

Rushmore Groups
Group 1
Pasarga, Darmen, Electrum, Eastfield Lodge, San Ortelio

Group 2
Savojarna, Valladares, Yuezhou, Crystalline Caverns, Gouvanarch

Group 3
Eura, Sargossa, Obreruor ar Moro, Nacaltora, West Zirconia

Group 4
Cassadaigua, Astograth, Tikariot, Southwest Eastnorth, Simulland

Group 5
Nephara, Graintfjall, Plane of Possiblity, Mytanija, Hispinas

The First Glance
Oh boy, does Group 4 look tough. World Top 10 team Cassadaigua, Cup of Harmony Final 4 Team Astograth, Rising Stars Tikariot and highly performing in the CR squad Southwest Eastnorth. This group looks very much the toughest one as of right now, although that could change. Group 1 is certainly a contender for that spot also, as they have Pasarga, Darmen and Electrum, all of which have finished top 4 in World Cups. Group 2 and 3 both look to be on the weaker end of the spectrum, although teams like Eura could make Group 3 a very tough one to be in. Group 5 is interesting. Multiple teams that can have breakout cycles, although a clear favourite in Nephara.

Tune Into Sporting News Kalactin for the Indies Draw show, and Quemmor Sporting Magazine for Esportiva. Go Kalactin!
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Postby Central Shaneville » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:02 pm

You can feel a buzz going around Shaneville City as this momentous occasion of the World Cup draw draws closer, the big screen in Shaneville City Park is packed with spectators eager to see who Central Shaneville will get in their second ever World Cup and whilst Central Shaneville have been out of the World Cup for a while, the passion remains the same with some Shanevillean media outlets saying that "The Central Shaneville fans are some of the most committed I have ever seen, that Red Bull Arena may become a strange kind of fortress" the media then went onto to call playing in Central Shaneville daunting due to the island nation's football fanbase.

Last time at the World Cup, Central Shaneville entered as an unranked team and failed to qualify for the finals, despite this the fairly new team. at the time, put on a great show for their fans, despite playing on what seemed to be a very simple football pitch.

Now though the Red Bull Arena stands tall and proud in Shaneville City as Central Shaneville awaits to find out their opponents.

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Postby Banija » Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:23 pm

Maharaja- Emperor
Kabaka- King
Omugabe/Omugaba- Prince/Princess
Lukiiko- Parliament
Katikkiro- Prime Minister
PLDS- Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, whose members are either called Latter-Day Saints or Mormons. Banija's national church.
Omulangira- Duke

Banija's Constitutional Settlement- How it came to be

The modern day Kingdom of Banija has been around as a country for a very long time, well over 100 years. With our independence in 1906, we devised a constitutional system that, although it has had some regular changes, some large and small, over the course of over a century, it has largely held in the face of adversity and different constitutional crises. The basic tenets of the state of Banija's modern day founders- a mix of democracy and monarchy, with a state oriented towards the primary of the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the country, has held.

There was no guarantees for this- considering Banija's turbulent political history, and the intense civil war between 1835 and 1841, there was no promises that this political system would hold. But it got enough buy-in from key stakeholders, and the people at-large, to be able to stick around and function, and give Banija the thing that we hadn't truly had, on our own at least, in about 300+ years at that point- national stability. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Prelude

Let's set the scene, for those who do not know. Here's a brief history of Banija's colonial period. From 1815-1835, Banija was conquered by the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, and we spent 20 years as a colony. After independence was granted in 1835(known in Banija as the Restoration, in reference to the Monarchy), the Banijan Maharaja(Emperor) restored himself upon the throne, and declared an absolute monarchy. Did not restore the Lukiiko(which had been defunct since 1815), and did not restore the Church to a role of primacy in the state. It led to a vicious civil war, one that ended in the beheading of the Maharaja and his family by a minority tribe(the Kitara), then the recolonization of Banija by the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.

The second colonization was much different than the first. The Quebecois had much more of a hands off approach, allowing Banijans to mostly run their affairs, with assistance provided. Of course, as a colony, there were things that couldn't be done. An elevated role for the Church, for one. But players like the line of Banijan monarchs, known then simply as Pretenders, were able to gain political power and influence with the Quebecois Governor-General. The trappings of the modern administrative were built in this era. The Banijans essentially exiled the Kitara tribe out of the country, and they sailed into Rushmore, into what is now Nyowani Kitara, which is immediately east of Graentfjall and Tikariot in north Rushmore.

But then, the time for independence came around. In 1905, the Busukuma independence riots happened. Historians to this day disagree on the cause. High prices? Frustration over a lack of Banijan representation in government? A yearning desire to be free? Whatever it was, the message was clear- with the fist waving on flags throughout the city and stuff being burned, independence was the only option. The Pretender at the time, the successor to the Banijan Maharajas, was Mugisha. He didn't have a number, since Pretenders were not regents nor regnal, and therefore were not numbered.

He delivered the petition for independence to the Quebecois Governor-General, who acted upon it swiftly. Already empowered by Quebec City to negotiate independence once it was asked for, a quick timeline was agreed upon by the two men- 8 months. These riots happened in October 1905. June 1906 would be the date for independence. It would be a clean break. All constitutional links would be severed in 1906, no Protectorate status or anything of the like would be granted, and Quebecois soldiers would be removed from Banijan soil- although the alliance would remain. The Quebecois Governor-General then organized elections for January, to create the Banijan Constitutional Assembly. They would have 3 months to come up with a Constitution- although they finished after only one.

We're going to look at that Constitutional Assembly. What groups and movements were major players? Who asked for what? Who won, and who lost?

The Factions of Banija's Constitutional Assembly

Faction #1: Royalists
Goal: To ensure the monarchy stayed in an independent, and played a role beyond ceremonial
Success: Yes

The Royalists were probably the most organized faction for the Constitutional Assembly, and with the help of the Clergy(we'll come back to that), were able to secure Banija's future as a monarchy. Writing a Constitution, there were serious debates about what direction to go in. This was just a few years after the United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland was created to the South- if they could become a Republic, why not Banija? Of course, the two country's situations could not be more different. But the idea was there- if there was one republic in the Glorious Southwest, why couldn't there be a second?

The Royalists, however, were ready. Mugisha had gone into this with a plan. To date, he remains the only member of the Banijan Royal Family to have ever been elected into a legislative body. A number of members of the Pretender's Family, soon to be Royal Family, were elected into this Assembly. They ensured that the Monarchy remained. They argued that a Republic would not be good in this region- in this region with massive empires, with Valanora and Equestrian emperors, and Geis Kings, that a strong Monarch would be necessary to secure Banija's place on the AO stage. And their argument was successful.

The title, Maharaja, however, would be retired. A new title would be created- Kabaka, or King. It was a wild success. The Monarch would control foreign policy by his own power. The Royal Family would sit on the Guardian Council. Their political power was secured.

Faction #2: The Church(Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
Goal: To ensure that Mormonism was the official religion of Banija, and that their influence was baked into the constitutional framework
Success: Yes

The other faction that was wildly successful. It was an alliance between Church leaders and the Royal Family that was the foundation for Banija's Constitution. They were also fairly organized, of course, but members of the clergy weren't about to run for elected office to a constitutional assembly. But of course, very faithful lay people were elected. And back in 1906, Loyola-Istria was still pretty small- the school had a number of grads who were close to church leadership.

The Patriarch of Herzegovina, the head of Banija's Mormon Church, participated in the Constitutional Assembly, although he wasn't a member. He won some key concessions. The first, that the church would be established as the official religion of the state. While freedom of religion was established for key minority religions(more on that next), this was key to allow the church to establish state funding, and allow the Church to influence public affairs.

The Guardian Council was also established. Three bishops, and three members of the Royal Family, who acted as 'Constitutional guardians'. They'd be a court of last resort for challenges to the Constitution. Could veto legislation. Of course, a high bar for that council to take action- it took 5 of 6 members agreeing to take an action for the Guardian Council to take one. Still- a key source of influence for the Church on Banija's legal system.

Faction #3: Freedom of Religion Advocates
Goal: To ensure that other non-Mormon religions would have a space to operate
Success: Kind of

This is where it gets more complicated. The Royal Family and the Church unequivocally "won" at the Constitutional Assembly. But everyone else? Well, it's not so black and white. Freedom of religion advocates had a number of requests. Chief of which, freedom to practice their faith freely. They were granted that. This had to happen, with Busoga being a minority Shia region, and a decent sized Shia population in South Moravica. There were also a few other faiths- a couple of indigenous religions, a Teus Catholic community centered around Bwubanza, and an Anglican community that was mostly Quebecois settlers.

Could have been real ugly if these were not granted. But they didn't get all of their wishes. Of course, they did not want the PLDS to get official religion status- which it did. Mormon theology gets taught at public schools in Banija, which they of course are not fans of. Busoga had a broad exception to Mormon theology, although the teaching of any other faith in a public school was explicitly banned. Ultimately, they got some things they wanted, and swallowed others they didn't.

Faction #4: Minority ethnic groups; Language Advocates
Goal: Ensure minority language groups and ethnic groups could survive, allow smaller tribes to remain strong
Success: Mostly a failure

Now, we must start with the obvious exception to this- the Busoga Islands. Still a province at the time, and obviously different ethnically than most Banijans, they were given large leeway to whatever they pleased. Lots of autonomy granted to that pair of islands. But within the mainland, a different story. There used to be lots of languages spoken within Banija, given the rich ethnic diversity in the country, even in a country that's nearly 100% black African, racially.

All sort of different tribes. But the biggest tribe was Kasanke- and the Kasanke, largely over the century+ since independence, have kind of killed the identity of those minority tribes. Harsh laws did it- prioritization of Olusanke, the Kasanke's language, as the country's sole language. Olusanke and English are the country's two official languages. Only teaching Olusanke in school. Only teaching in Olusanke and English. Minority tribal chiefs were never restored, with Busukuma largely decreeing that 'everyone was a Kasanke' and that tribes should be forgotten about in favor of the nation-state.

And this has largely worked. There are still a few smaller tribes out there who aren't fully 'integrated', like the Mukegara or a few other tribes in far eastern Hangaza, but tribal identity is largely dead in this country- what was your old tribe, is now Kasanke, and what was or is Kasanke is simply Banijan. The language. The King. The faith. The Land. And everything in between.

Faction #5: Democracy advocates
Goal: Restore an elected Lukiiko; Ensure that every male has the right to vote
Success: Mostly a success

And then, of course, the Democracy advocates. Everyone largely agreed there should be some democracy, of course, but how much power should an elected Government have? It took time, but the democracy advocates were placated. A unicameral elected Lukiiko was established, which was a huge win. Plenty of places have a bicameral system with a House of Lords, and that was originally on the table- but many democracy advocates despised the idea, and wound up settling for the Guardian Council instead, in exchange for eliminating a potential House of Lords.

Furthermore, it eliminated the system of Lords and what not in Banija. The Royal Family was simply the immediate family of the monarch, their descendants, and the immediate family of the previous monarch, and their descendants. No huge network of Royals. How did that work? Take Omulangira Basamula of Herzegovina. The brother of the present Kabaka, Mwanga. When he dies? He loses his Royal title, he loses his allowance. Many democracy advocates insisted upon this- one said during debates that "we cannot use this to create a permanent ruling class- a King shall rule, but his brothers may not reign."

And after long debates, a Constitution was built on this model, and ratified on the Ides of March, 1906. Elections were held for the first Lukiiko in May 1906, and a government was formed, with independence declared, by June 11th, 1906. A fun dive into Banijan constitutional history, eh? We'll come back later on with other similar featurettes on Banijan history.
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Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Trigel » Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:17 pm

The fans outside of Buerga de Pltinz are going crazy. It is Trigel's first entry in to the world cup and sure the fans are ready. When the draw comes in, the real fun will begin.

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Cup Fever Grips Garbelia

Postby Garbelia » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:10 pm

Cup Fever is spreading like wildfire. There are 4 year old children in the streets at midnight, waiting patiently for the draw. The Garbelery know that they probably won't win a single game, but memorial badges and posters are being made and sold in bulk. Pundits have expressed concerns about the People's Stadium, because technically, it might be unavailable, as the national team actually doesn't have right of way, however Cup Fever should hopefully prevent this, driving local friendlies away. Fans are gathered around huge public screens to watch the draw, anticipation building. Nothing like this has happened to Garbelia before.
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Busoga Islands
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Postby Busoga Islands » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:47 pm

The Busoga Chronicle
The Islands #1 News Source!

World Cup 87 Qualifying Draw- A Preview

Scenes from the AOCAF 62 Draw

LAKISKA, SOUTH ISLAND- AOCAF 62 was a fun time. It was, far and away, this country's ever edition of the regional tournament. Our only ever qualifying for the knockout stages of the AOCAFs. And then we went one step further- winning a game at the knockout stages, pulling off perhaps the most important win in our nation's young history- a 1-0 stunner over blue bloods Audioslavia. While we lost 4-1 to Qasden on home soil in the Quarterfinals, it gives us confidence moving into this World Cup QUalifying campaign.

To say World Cup 86 Qualifying campaign was a disaster is to only begin to state it. But we don't need to rehash that- just look at the ranking. We were 45th then. Now we find ourselves in 79th. 34 spot difference in the rankings. So the long climb begins. We had an outside chance to make the Finals last time, and completely screwed it up. There's no chance this year. But it's about building for the long-term. Climb up the rankings, put ourselves in a position to make a run at a trophy in the Cup of Harmony, and then we'll talk about our chances for World Cup 88 Qualifying.

We've kept our manager- the hardnosed Brenecian will lead us. But let's preview the draw, once again. Who is the opponent we want? Who do we not want? What's Banija's toughest group? They'll qualify, surely, but hopefully once the field is whittled down to 32 somebody can knock those suckers out. Banija's cool and all- but does anyone want to see them celebrate another World Cup? That's what I thought.

Pot 1
Toughest Draw: Farfadillis

Now with the formation of the Shango-Fogoa Premier League, the Busoga Islands are kind of like the little brother who is there with his big brother's friends. Farfadillis is ranked 3rd in the multiverse. World Cup 84 champions. Banija is ranked 1st in the multiverse. World Cup 86 champions. Busoga.... Finished 8th and dropped 34 spots in the ranks between the last Qualifying campaign and this one? Now, let's take a look at the S-FPL.

Lakiska SC struggled. Now, it's not like their successes are a barometer for the Busogan national team- but it's a team that's mostly Busogan, and they play a similar style that our national team plays. Stay organized in the back, counter-attack with ferocity and intent. That led them to finish... 18th, in one of the most free flowing attacking leagues in Atlantian Oceania. It's an interesting clash of styles between Farfadillis and Busoga- but with the S-FPL, would come familiarity. Our brand of football is not popular in Farfadillis, and we'd probably not only get crushed, but they'd try to run up the score on us.

At least we got a point against them at the AOCAFs, right?

Most Intriguing Draw: Banija

It's obvious, right? We used to be part of Banija. That alone would make the matchup intriguing on so many levels. Any Pot 1 team has plenty of superior talent to the Busoga Islands. But it's interesting we've never played, considering the history and the cooperation the two FAs have. They've shared a domestic system, and the footballing structure is integrated on so many levels. AT the club level, at the youth level, etc... How do they not play each other?

Well, it's simple- the RBSA simply doesn't want to. They get along great, but the RBSA has ducked scheduling the Busoga Islands, even for a friendly. They don't want to play us- but we want to play them. Wouldn't that be thrilling? Entertaining? We'd probably lose, but imagine what kind of madhouse we'd get if we actually won? The TV ratings would be insane. It's a matchup we want. It's unlikely, but anything's possible if you dream, right?

Pot 2
Toughest Draw: Siovanija & Teusland

The Goldhorns would absolutely be the toughest matchup in Pot 2 for the Busoga Islanders. For one, they are the third highest ranked squad in Pot 2- ranked 22nd in the multiverse, and they qualified for back to back World Cups. They are a nation on the rise, similar to where Banija was right around World Cup 82. If they hit this third in a row, they'll put themselves towards the bottom of Pot 1 of World Cup Qualifying, which would make them a near lock to make the Finals.

And once you are no longer stressed about your ability to qualify, that's when you can really soar at a higher level. Banija took off in World Cup 83. It was on home soil, yes, but they had never won a World Cup knockout stage game before that tournament. Then what happened? They beat 5 time champions Starblaydia in the group stages. They beat then 5th ranked South Covello in the knockout stages, in the Round of 16. Then they downed Vilita in the Quarterfinals, who were the two-time defending world champions, and favorites for a threepeat. Then, after falling to Starblaydia in the semifinals, they beat Cassadaigua for third place. What was their ranking heading into that tournament? That's right, 22nd.

And they launched themselves into an upper pantheon. The Goldhorns are the next nation from the Glorious Southwest ready to take off, all primed. Their domestic football and international football are rising at the right times. They got a good combination of stars taking off at big foreign clubs, and homegrown stars being developed within their country. If you want to put dark horse money on a non-top 10 team to make a deep run at World Cup 87, you'd have to put it on the Goldhorns, wouldn't you? They're a team that's going to be on a mission, and we want no part of them on our climb back to relevancy in this thing.

Most Intriguing Draw: Equestria

Wouldn't it be hilarious if we beat Equestria before Banija did? That'd be unlikely, but this would also be an intriguing draw. Two nations with plenty of political history. Equestria is our greatest ally, even though we are freshly members of the Quebecois Commonwealth, and our defense agreement with them, politically, is what secures our place in this corner of Atlantian Oceania. But that political intrigue is what exactly woudl make this a great matchup.

There are clubs in the S-FPL ready to make a heavier investment into Equestrian football. Equestrians have found success in our club scene(although in Banija), with players like Aaron Aiza and Rosie Tyler starring at Herzegovina City. Busogans and Equestrians are very intimately familiar with each other. It would be a very interesting and fascinating matchup between the two teams, with plenty of intrigue.

Pot 3
Toughest Draw: South Covello

Here's the thing about South Covello and the Busoga Islands. Both of our nations are our lowest ranking we've been at in a large number of cycles. So we're similar in that sense- defensive minded teams that have had a couple of Qualifying cycles that have been, for lack of a better term, short of expectations. South Covello finds themselves in a strange place- ranked 50th in the multiverse. They were ranked Top 5 in World Cup 83.

But this remains- they play like we do, except are more aggressive about it, and are better at it. It would be truly hard on the eyes to watch these two aggressively defensive-minded squads duke it out in a pair of World Cup Qualifying match. There would be very few opportunities, simply a pair of teams trying to get forward quickly and not trying to maintain a ton of offensive possession. But South Covello is better at this than Busoga, and has done it for a lot longer.

It's a bad matchup for us. There's very little chance we could beat them, simply because of the styles. At best, we'd get 1 point out of a possible 6? Which simply isn't good enough.

Most Intriguing Draw: Independent Athletes from Quebec

You don't think we'd forget about the Quebecois, did you? The Independent Athletes, after a long hiatus, came back for World Cup 85 Qualifying. After just one cycle, they came back to the World Cup Finals, a tournament they've hosted twice before. They didn't do much while there, granted, but their first appearance in the World Cup Finals in 8 cycles is something to celebrate.

And now, they look to establish themselves as fixtures. They are in Pot 3, of course- so it is more likely than not that they will miss World Cup 87. But they will be heavily pursuing it. They've got a number of players that S-FPL fans are intimately familiar with, like Erin Kang, Kate Huitema-Omeasoo, and Nelson Okello. Considering healed relations between the two nations diplomatically, the stylistic clash, and the familiarity at the club level between players from both nations, this would surely be a tantalizing draw between two AO countries trying to climb the table.

Pot 4
That's us, hooray!

Pot 5
Toughest Draw: Euran Oceania Territories
Most Intriguing Draw: Freeport Isles

Pot 6
Toughest Draw: Cosumar
Most Intriguing Draw: Hapilopper

Pot 7
Toughest Draw: Khytonya
Most Intriguing Draw: Crystalline Caverns

Pot 8
Toughest Draw: Beepee
Most Intriguing Draw: Ranoria

Pot 9
Toughest Draw: Icecliff
Most Intriguing Draw: North Japan

Unranked sides
Toughest Draw: Mapletish
Most Intriguing Draw: Al Qurija

And now, two more possible groups for fun! One, we'll draw Banija's group from hell(because who likes the champs, eh?), and then we'll draw the ultimate Qualifying Group of Death. Let's get to it!

Banija's Group From Hell
Pot 1: Banija
Pot 2: Equestria
Pot 3: South Covello
Pot 4: Graentfjall
Pot 5: Tikariot
Pot 6: Hapilopper
Pot 7: Khytonya
Pot 8: Vangaziland
Pot 9: Icecliff
Unranked: Mytanija

That'd be a hellish group for them. An archrival they've never beaten(Equestria). Two former Baptism of Fire champions(Graentfjall and Hapilopper). ONe of the multiverse's best back lines in South Covello. A rising power in Tikariot. That's a brutal schedule.

And now, for the group of death!

Ultimate Group of Death
Pot 1: Valanora
Pot 2: Siovanija & Teusland
Pot 3: Independent Athletes from Quebec
Pot 4: Juvencus
Pot 5: Tikariot
Pot 6: Cosumar
Pot 7: Khytonya
Pot 8: Beepee
Pot 9: Icecliff
Pot 10: Al Qurija

Is Al Qurija the toughest unranked team? Not necessarily. But they are something that nobody else is- the lineal unofficial world champions.

Whatever group they are in is certainly going to be the craziest group. Usually, you'd say that Pot 1 team in a group is the side that will get everybody's best shot. Instead, in their group, it'll be poor Al Qurija. Unofficial world champs, unranked- everyone's going to fancy themselves to get a hold of their belt, and everyone's going to risk it for the biscuit to get those three points. Their mere presence in a group, with the belt flying around, will increase the intensity of that group's qualifiers five fold.

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Postby Flavovespia » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:51 pm


Flavovespia begin the Young era

In a press conference yesterday, the Flavovespian Football Association announced that Alan Young, 39, would take over as the new National Team manager. The announcement was maybe not a surprise given his domestic performances in the dugout, but he is the youngest manager to be given the role.

The change of manager was decided after the AOCAF Cup 62. Optimism seemed to be high under Arnold Stevenson going into that tournament, after his recovery performance in the World Cup Qualifiers 86 to get 4th place in the group. Following that, Flavovespia made it to the quarter finals of the Cup of Harmony 78. Sadly from there things went downhill. In the league format, Flavovespia became the only League A side to not record a single win. Then they mustered just 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in the group stages, before elimination by Mriin. Flavovespia were out in the Round of 24, and to the FFA that was not good enough. Arnold Stevenson, the interim turned full-time manager, had to pack his bags.

The betting markets and pundits went into their usual frenzy to speculate on the replacement. Alan Young, manager of Langmere Green Rovers, emerged as an early favourite. However Robbie Redfield (Kings Lunsel), Carter Cromwell (Loxthorpe Rovers) and even former interim Flavovespia manager Marcus McCormick were linked with the job. Some speculation was made that a foreign manager would be appointed. But in the end, it was Alan Young hired by the FFA.

Alan Young signed his first pro contract 20 years ago, a fresh-faced 18 year old, for Capton Club. He didn’t see much action in the first 2 seasons, but was a key part of their promotion back to the Super League in 14AU. The following 3 seasons saw him score 47 goals for Capton Club. 18AU was an injury marred year, with persistent knee and ankle injuries keeping him off the pitch, and he could only score 3 goals in 9 appearances (including off the bench). Capton Club were relegated, and Alan Young was set to leave, in the usual exodus of players from a relegated side. Langmere Green Rovers took a gamble and signed him on a cheaper fee than maybe a player of his skill deserved (in part due to injury concerns), keeping Alan Young in the Super League. For many seasons he was a solid, dependable striker, if maybe not the star of the show. By 26AU however, the injuries he’d suffered were causing repeat issues, and he retired at the end of the season, in his early-30’s.

Alan Young stayed at Langmere Green Rovers, and found himself first a youth coach, and then the Under-18’s manager part way through 27AU. In that season, Langmere Green Rovers won their first ever title. However next season, the team were faltering, and by Matchday 17, were in the relegation zone on 18 points from a 5-3-9 record. Robbie Redfield, hero of last season was sacked and Alan Young hired as a surprise choice for interim manager until the end of the season. His stint as interim manager in 27AU was inspired, collecting 28 points in the final 13 games, and if not for a 1-0 loss at Marthorpe City on the final day, he’d have finished with no losses and an IFCF berth. It was little surprise he was hired as the full-time manager despite his age. Still, there were plenty sceptical of how he’d fare, due to his inexperience as a manager, and rapid rise into the dugout.

Fans need not have worried. In the past 3 seasons, Alan Young has managed to not once, not twice, but three times win the Super League. Langmere Green Rovers were pushed hard by other teams, none more than Kings Lunsel this past season (31AU), but in the key battles at the end of the season, Alan Young’s side came through. His achievements at least for now, are some of the most impressive of any manager in the modern era, and that's not even getting into how young he was. He’ll be forever associated with Langmere Green Rovers as a club legend, bringing them their most successful era ever, and arguably one of the most successful of any modern era club. Indeed only Hadford Hill in 11AU-13AU won 3 titles in a row.

So what can the nation, and indeed the world, expect from Alan Young in the dugout for Flavovespia? As a character he carries himself with an enthusiasm and humility that has endeared himself to plenty of neutrals. Many would say he’s someone who seems to manage like every day is living a dream, and with how the past few years have gone, who can be that surprised? How well under the spotlight of managing Flavovespia that character will last, remains to be seen.

Tactically, he prefers to play a 4-1-2-1-2 diamond. In the last couple of years, this has often been in a wide formation, but in the times Langmere Green Rovers have come up against stronger opposition, it was seemingly switched to a narrower diamond. Occasionally a flat 4-2-2 was deployed, but Young appears to prefer to vary player roles and who’s on the pitch, as opposed to formations. His squad selection would point to an approach of going for form and consistency, over perceived talent. Ironically the youngest Flavovespian manager has called up some older names for the first time, such as Ian Cohen and Matthew Cope. Some of them have faced Young not just as a manager, but as a player in their careers. Of course there’s still room for younger debutants, such as Daniel Lansdell and Robert Totten, and other young talents already capped such as Aarif Muhammad (set for a move to Rockridge Phoenix of the Brenecia A-League), David Lyons and Kieron Player. And of course, the likes of Steven Hal and Scott Coleman will be expected to make invaluable contributions.

So what expectations are on Alan Young? Flavovespia seem set to enter these qualifiers in Pot 2, ranked 41st in the world. The highest ranked side in the qualifiers who haven’t yet made it to the World Cup, the expectation is on Flavovespia and Alan Young to perform well in qualifying, and maybe board that plane to Taeshan and Ethane. Win the group and you’re in, 2nd place and the playoffs await for all but the best performers. 3rd and below, and it’s a waiting game for a potential Cup of Harmony invite. Pot 2 would indicate that Flavovespia should be at the top end of the group, but nothing can be taken for granted, and Alan Young will have to be wary of all the pitfalls awaiting in Pot 3, Pot 4, all the way down to Pot 10. Soon the draw will come, and soon the first kick of the ball of the qualifiers.
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Postby Krytenia » Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:45 pm


...And We're All Out Of Gum
By Rami Niblick in Emberton

A STRANGE thing occurs at the beginning of almost every World Cup cycle. A team enters the fray looking to not defend their title. For World Cup 87, that team is Krytenia. Jerome Jaffacake-Phillips and his charges finished the last cycle by lifting the Cup of Harmony; now, JJP is gone, and Paul Davis is the man in charge looking to finally guide the Dragons back to the promised land of the World Cup finals.

Davis inherits a team with potential, having reached the quarter-finals of the AOCAF Cup with only a controversial penalty no-call denying them extra time against the reigning World Champions. With the team also escalated to Pot Two for the qualifying draw, hopes are high for the men in sky blue. But what could the draw hold?

DREAM: Pasarga
MEME: Starblaydia or Audioslavia

Pot One, of course, contains the cream of the crop. Of course, in Pasarga's case, the cream has started to curdle recently, and for Audioslavia it's definitely sour cream. Given the option, the Dragons would like to skip this pot entirely, being the only potential opponents ranked above them, but sadly that won't be the case. We've gone for Vilita as the nightmare scenario mainly because their 8-3 drubbing of our lads is recent enough in the memory to still hurt.

DREAM: Squornshelous
MEME: IA Quebec

There but for the grace of Margaret and all that. Pot three contains great names from the past and rising stars - with the former likely to be more amenable to rolling over than the latter. Squornshelous already have their place in Krytenian footballing history thanks to our famous World Cup 16 qualifying win, and we'd be more than happy for them to do the honour again this time. Also, we'd like Omerica to sent the first team if we draw them; the words "wet bog roll" still resonate in the collective psyche.

NIGHTMARE: Valladares or Græntfjall
DREAM: Oberour ar Moro
MEME: Twicetagria

What on earth are Valladares doing down here? Hopefully, throwing us some points like back in World Cup 72. Græntfjall, meanwhile, are a team on a sharply upward trajectory and will be looking to throw a snow leopard amongst the pigeons. You may remember Twicetagria, meanwhile, from being dumped out of the last AOCAF Cup by JJP's men.

DREAM: Eastfield Lodge
MEME: Sylestone

The Euran Oceania Territories team is a strange beast, trying and mostly failing to be the Inevitable Syndicate. That being said, they have Audioslavia's number and we'd rather not be the latest addition to their contact list, thanks. Eastfield Lodge are piñatas in human form at this point - their lack of luck is the stuff of legend - whilst Sylestone represent an opportunity to relive their Cup of Harmony triumph without failing to qualify. Hopefully.

DREAM: Netop
MEME: Legalese

If things had turned out different, World Cup 86 could have seen Krytenia and Legalese as esteemed hosts rather than non-qualifiers. We've got a lot of time for the Legalites. Rangers FC, meanwhile, represent a large part of the reason we didn't qualify. A repeat of the Tragedy of Glasgopolis is something the Dragons would surely rather avoid. Oh, and Cosumar's here too; another side that the Krytenians will welcome to our shores. That being said, they tend to give us a good game, and that's not you want from a team in one of the bottom half pots.

NIGHTMARE: Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison
DREAM: Bongo Johnson
MEME: Treekidistan

We're going to be honest here, this is where we go from the "who's who" of international football into the "who's that" section. That being said, we had a lot of trouble with C&RC in the last cycle. Treekidistan, meanwhile, would lead to an interesting champion versus champion matchup, what with them being the newest holders of the Baptism of Fire trophy.

Also, we're pretty sure Bongo Johnson were relevant once. Then again, so were Mytanija, and look at them now.

POTS 8-10
NIGHTMARE: Vangaziland (8), Ibixa (9), Pays den Haut (10)
DREAM: Beepee (8), PSTCT (9), Mytanija (10)
MEME: The H Corporation (8), Al Qurija (9), West Zirconia (10)

And thus we drop to the maelstrom of "this better be eighteen points, lads". A few points of note, mind; first, we're hoping the H Corporation have that letter firmly attached to their foreheads. Second, PSTCT screams "schemametrics". Third, that's three unranked teams in Pot Ten we've played before - with varying degrees of success - and finally, you know we've only included Al Qurija for UWC potential. Thanks, Idiot Project! (Seriously, it's a good series; I'd recommend the last episode of Chapter Four personally.)

No matter who the Dragons end up getting, though, the message is clear. This time, we simply have to make it to the big dance. Nothing less will sate the thirst of the Dragons faithful. Not even another Cup of Harmony. Onward!
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Postby Trolleborg » Tue Jan 05, 2021 5:28 pm

Special announcement from Trolleborg FA.
To all who cares: Trolleborg TV-Sport will broadcast draw live for those who haven't Discord, if there was any. Or at least we try our best. See you soon.

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Postby Lorrana » Tue Jan 05, 2021 5:51 pm

The National Times
Published by Orut Mezo on January 5 at 4:51pm

NEW SARUM - Lorrana has officially qualified for the first stage of the World Cup, which is being held in the nations of Taeshan and Ethane. This is quite an accomplishment for the newly formed team. I'm here in the capital of Ethane, where the draw will be held at Discord Expo Center in under an hour. Lorrana is in Pot 10, which is full of unranked teams. Our soccer specialist Zend Leno will give an detailed analysis soon. For now, switch to partner TV station Trolleborg-Sport and get ready to watch the draw, which begins at 5:30 Lorrana Standard Time (again, just under an hour)
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