Point of Divergence V 4.0 : European Boogaloo (OOC / OPEN)

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Point of Divergence V 4.0 : European Boogaloo (OOC / OPEN)

Postby Democratic East-Asia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 4:40 pm

Point of Divergence V 4.0 : European Boogaloo
An alternate history ISOT RP by Democratic East-Asia


“If there’s a zeppelin, it’s alternate history. If there’s a rocketship, it’s science fiction. If there are swords and/or horses, it’s fantasy. A book with swords and horses in it can be turned into science fiction by adding a rocketship to the mix. If a book has a rocketship in it, the only thing that can turn it back into fantasy is the Holy Grail.”
-Debra Doyle

OOC (HERE) | IC| Our Discord server! (planning)
Moderation: Democratic East-Asia and Mirial System

Note: I highly recommend that all prospective and active players join the discord. We have people from across the world (in timezones ranging from western Indonesia to Germany and Eastern Standard) and as of so far, communication via discord has worked.

So what is this?

Greetings comrades! This, my friends, is a reboot of the old "Point of Divergence" RP. The fourth time, actually. It utilizes the concept of ISOT (a common alternative history term taken from Stirling's Island In the Sea of Time trilogy) to make a nation RP that should produce interesting results and operates somewhat like a sandbox. Anyhow, what might the term ISOT mean? wrote:Essentially, an ISOT involves taking a large area of land, say an island or a country, and sending it back or forward in time to another era. This usually also results in the land from that time being sent back to 'now' to replace that country, but this is not necessarily part of the definition.

For example, a scenario with the premise of “2006 Germany ISOTed to 1942” would mean that the territory of 2006 Germany replaces that of 1942 Germany. This would serve as a set up for a story, where the ISOTed 2006 Germany and the rest of the 1942-Earth have to react to this strange event and to each other's presence. Coping with the ensuing culture shock and various differences would also be a major issue, especially early on in the story. Incidentally, this kind of “coping with the aftermath of an ISOT” is a very common theme (or trope) in works that use it.

Often, there are many ramifications associated with the concept of the ISOT (as stated above), something this RP will seek to explore. The world we'll be RPing will be a diverse one, one not confined by the mere boundaries of complete realism and factual truth. There will be variety, and it will (in many cases), be rather "out of earth".

It's quite simple: nations and organizations from all over the multiverse (fictional franchises, personal fiction, alternate history, etc) are teleported to a version of Earth completely bare of sentient life (note, all weather patterns and plant life still exist, as do geographic features), a "Virgin Earth". The RP that follows focusses on the post-teleport (from now on, we shall call this "The Event") situation of the planet, and what happens in a world where everything seems different from how the various nations once saw it.

I've been on this insane train before, and I do believe it can succeed if implemented properly. For those interested, hop on board and prepare for a ride of your life! Forwards to a brave new world we go!

The Event


"I have no clue what's going, but we've lost contact with the rest of the world!!" -Anonymous individual

"So you’re telling me there’s no way to get home, Mister Lasky?" -Captain Matthew Yelland of the USS Nimitz , The Final Countdown

Hitler rants about the situation

It might've been a hot, sunny day for some, and it might've been a cold, snowy day for others. However, none of that mattered in the end, as the event spared no one. Across many worlds within the greater multiverse, The Event happened. Whether it took seconds or minutes; whether it was a flash of light, or a sudden darkness, when the Event was over, societies and organizations from all over existence found themselves on a new world, one spared from the excesses of civilization, conflict, and strife. It was an empty world, one where no soul had ever stepped a foot upon. What the future has in store is yet to be known, but it will certainly be anything but static...

Things to know about the New Earth (IMPORTANT):
- All claimed lands will carry over whatever resources and statuses they had prior to the ISOT
- All water sources around the planet are now clean / returned to their pre-human settlement state
- This new planet, despite being a fraction the size of baseline Earth, has the same level of gravity and atmospheric composition
- The weather in not!Europe strangely follows IRL European patterns (for non claimed land)
- Resources in unclaimed regions have returned to pre-human settlement levels (they've been replenished)
- Due to the limited size of this planet, further additions will be added if required. IF you have an idea for a faction that doesn't fit on the current map, bring it up with the mods.

Rules, Regulations, and some Basic Information

  • Follow the given rules. I am willing to take criticism and make certain exceptions in some cases, but don't count on it.
  • OP's word is final. If OP is not available, defer to CO-OPs.
  • No god-modding / meta-gaming. While the concept of balance within this RP may be questionable, please consult with players if you plan on doing anything that will affect them to a large extent.
  • As state above, be realistic in your actions. 1940s propeller planes won't do well against modern jets.
  • 3 strikes and you're out. I won't tolerate flaming or trolling of any kind here. Each time you're accused of doing so, you'll get one strike and a warning to stop.
  • A minimum requirement of 1 paragraph posts for anyone. We want to maintain some level of in depth content.
  • Keep WMD use (against other players) to a minimum, unless common consensus can be made. WE'RE going to avoid any world ending apocalypse.
  • Realism, what's that? Depending on your play style, your nation could be totally realistic or rather fantastical. All up to you, just nothing that's blatantly OP. Dieselpunk, steampunk, (other punk categories), alternative history, fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, etc) are all possibilities when creating / selecting (if you're taking RL ones) a nation / organization.
  • HOWEVER, remember that your actions should be realistic within the scope of the setting, and actions have consequences. Example: don't declare war on people expecting that nobody else will care.
  • There is no "victory": the goal of this RP isn't to wank off and win every single confrontation as your "favorite" faction. We're trying to create a story / scenario where things can develop.
  • Warhammer 40k and anything on that level is banned.

-We are trying to limit the number of overly advanced factions (I'm looking at you, future tech states). IF someone does choose to do a nation / organization of the type, please keep it low key and small.
-Magic will be allowed (for those nations and groups that it applies to), so long as it isn't absurdly powerful.
-Your nation doesn't necessarily need to be from Earth, it simply needs to be able to fit on Earth, although nations originating from Earth-like worlds / Earth itself are preferable.

-Yes, you can be alien space bugs if you want (just tone it down).
-Yes, you can be some anime-esque nation of the sorts.
-Yes, you can be an insane atom-punk totalist dictatorship.
-Yes, you can be robo-stalin leading some red-alert USSR.
-Or you could just be a totally normal nation, up to you.
-You get the point.

-IMPORTANT - Organizations with no set location (companies, pirates, mercenaries, etc) can choose where to spawn / teleport to initially (if within another player's borders, permission is required). Most assets (buildings, infrastructure, etc) will come along.

-Nations DO NOT need to have their entire landmass ISOT-ed. You could honestly do some sort of rump state if you really wanted (ex: out of the USA, only the western states come along)

-BALANCING MECHANISMS - In order to account for the fact that last time there were EXTREME issues with balancing, this reboot of PoD will largely be centered on smaller factions whose size will be determined by your general technology level. There will be no dominant world powers on this planet, which will hopefully require players to cooperate with one another. The following scale has been created to establish guidelines for this system, though you are by no means required to follow it exactly if you choose to be smaller than the predefined limits.

  • future tech = lower than 100,000 (so far anyway)
  • modern = ~1 million (approximately)
  • Cold-war / late industrial = 2-3 million (roughly)
  • Mid-Industrial (late 19th - mid 20th century) = 4-6 million (approximately)
  • Early-Industrial (18th - 19th century) = 6-10 million
  • Medieval = >10 million if you want (France had 13-14 million people during the middle ages, this is fine).

  • No Warhammer 40k of any sort
  • All further TNO nations are banned (we already have 4)
  • Newne Carriebean7 (tentative)

Nation App

Code: Select all
[spoiler=Nation App]

[b]Full Nation Name :[/b]
[b]Short Nation Name :[/b]
[b]Flag / National Symbols:[/b]

[b]Government Type :[/b] (Republic, Direct Democracy, etc)
[b]Official Political Ideology :[/b] (Anarchism, Marxist-Leninism, Classic Liberalism)
[b]Head of State :[/b]
[b]Head of Government :[/b]
[b]Government Description :[/b]

[b]Territory :[/b] (Territory you currently control)
[b]Territorial Ambitions :[/b] (Territory you seek to gain. OPTIONAL)
[b]Capital City :[/b] (It's real life location and a basic description)
[b]Population :[/b] (Self explanatory. Nothing too unrealistic)

[b]Majority/Official Culture :[/b] (What your people identify themselves with. Chinese, French, English...)

[b]Majority/State Religion :[/b]

[b]Major Industries / Economic sectors:[/b]
[b]Amount of Industrialization :[/b] (General description of how industrialized your nation is)
[b]Economic Description :[/b]

[b]Technological Level :[/b]
[b]Magic and other shenanigans? (If any exists) :[/b]

[u][b]Military Description[/b][/u]



[b]Air Force:[/b]

[u][b]National Goals :[/b][/u]

[b]History :[/b] (At least 1 solid paragraph)

(Remove all parenthesis when done)
#POD 3 (don't remove this!)

Organization App

Code: Select all
[spoiler=Organization name here][b]Full Organization Name :[/b]
[b]Type of Organization :[/b] (political movement, rebellion, etc)
[b]Flag / Symbols:[/b]

[b]Official Economic Ideology :[/b] (Republicanism, Direct Democracy, etc)
[b]Official Political Ideology :[/b] (Anarchism, Marxist-Leninism, Classic Liberalism)
[b]Head of Organization :[/b]
[b]Other Important Individuals :[/b]

[b]Territory :[/b] (Territory you currently control. Don't add if given on map. This may not be applicable with certain groups)
[b]Territorial Ambitions :[/b] (Territory you seek to gain. OPTIONAL)
[b]Capital City :[/b] (Applicable only for revolt states / rebellions with significant amounts of territory)
[b]Population :[/b] (Only applicable for revolt states. Otherwise remove)
[b]Membership :[/b] (how many people are actively involved)

[b]Economic Policy :[/b] (Only applicable if you're a revolt state, company, or some sort of . Otherwise remove)

[b]Tech Level:[/b] (1980s? 1920s? Retro-future 1960s? Medieval Fantasy? A bit of explanation is preferred as well)
[b]Extra Information / Quirks:[/b] (Your organization special in any particular way?)
[b]Universe of Origin (if any):[/b] (from which universe in media do you originate from? Is it an AU version of that universe? Or is this a creation of your own design?)

[u][b]Military Description[/b][/u] (Only applicable if your organization is a revolt state / rebellion. Otherwise remove this part)



[b]Air Force:[/b]

[u][b]Organization Goals :[/b][/u]

[b]History :[/b] (At least 1 solid paragraph)

(Remove all parenthesis when done)
#POD3 (don't remove this)[/spoiler]

Reservation App

Code: Select all
Reservation App (Valid for 1 week)
[b]Name of country reserved:[/b]
[b]Territory:[/b] (a map is preferable)
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Postby Democratic East-Asia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 4:40 pm

Current Map of claims (and accepted nations)

As of day 1 of the RP (Jan 1st, Year 0)

The white regions are indeterminate / can be claimed. Again, if you happen to have an idea for a nation that can't quite fit on the remaining portions of the map, bring it up with the mod team. Additions CAN and WILL be made if necessary.
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Postby Democratic East-Asia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 4:40 pm

Those who are displaced in the timeline

Western Europe

Central Europe

Southern Europe and the Balkans
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Message board (WIP)

- I really am getting too old for this it seems!
- All preliminary reservations are valid for 1 week starting from today.
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Postby Wasi State » Fri Dec 18, 2020 4:45 pm

Full Nation Name : Wilkins Coffee USA
Short Nation Name : United States
Flag / National Symbols: Image
Government Type : Federal Republic
Official Political Ideology : Despotic Authoritarian Democracy under Nationalist Socialist Influence.
Head of State : President Jim Henson
Head of Government : Vice President George H.W. Bush (In hiding in Raven Rock)
Government Description : Since Jim Henson’s successful Coup D'etat against the Federal Government in 1984, which was perpetrated by the assassination of President Ronald Reagan and subsequent control of all governmental assets in the District of Columbia. American Democracy itself has been put under threat and subsequently exists only in spirit as the nation fell under a despotic dictator otherwise preaching ‘American’ values. Additionally the Enclave that had arrived from 2077 have begun to influence the nation through what would be considered more ‘fascist’ values.

Territory : The DC Metro Area that encompasses parts of Southern France
Territorial Ambitions : Currently N/A
Capital City : Washington DC
Population : 1.1 Million
Majority/Official Culture : American
Majority/State Religion : Officially Secular, population majority Christian

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Governmental Jobs, Service Industries, Civilian and Defense Contractors, Law and Lobbying Firms, Trade Unions and Industry Trade Groups, Nonprofits, Research, Education, Finance, and Tourism.
Amount of Industrialization :A fair amount of industrialization that is more concentrated in what industrial parks that could’ve been found in the DC Metro Area, or areas that have close ties to civilian and defense contractors.
Economic Description : Much of the DC Metro Area’s economy could be described as more or less Federal tied jobs that involve a desk in a cubicle. Or if failing that, a contractor tied industry being backed by said Federal Government. With all other jobs and private enterprise being associated with either the service industry or firms of varying nature.

Technological Level : Modern Late Cold War Era (1980s), and very limited Pre-War Fallout Future Tech.
Magic and other shenanigans?: N/A

Military Description

Army: The bread and butter of the Armed Forces of the United States, which after the ISOT, now consists of the DC National Guard, US Army and Marine Corps Divisions. And Additionally a force consisting of the Enclave’s Powered Armor ground infantrymen supported by their own air wing detachment of Vertibirds.
65,000 1984 Military Personnel (Divided into 4 Standard Divisions Post-ISOT)
5,000 2077 Military Personnel (Operating Independently)
Small Numbers of operating Robots (Sentry Bots, Assaultrons, Protectrons, Eyebots, Robobrains, Automated Turrets, and Mister Gutsies) largely under Enclave control. However some are off the grid in Raven Rock.

Navy: Arguably the real projection of power of the United State’s military, consisting of a Carrier Strike Group (Carrier, Cruiser, a Destroyer Squadron, and a Carrier Air Wing of 70 Aircraft). Additionally two Sturgeon-Class Submarines, along with a complement of support vessels.
8,000 Personnel in Total.

Air Force: Consisting of the Air National Guard and nearby Air Units that were in DC’s Airspace during and after the Coup.
2,000 Personnel in Total.

National Goals : To protect American citizens and the nation’s interests at all costs. To safeguard democracy and the free world for American interests. Establish the United States as a world power. Coffee Without Borders.

History : In 1984, following a severe mental breakdown that led to a very explosive (in both the literal and metaphorical sense) psychotic episode. This quickly escalated to Jim Henson leading a successful and violent Coup D'etat against the Reagan Administration, quickly columating in the President being shot to death by the muppet obsessed Henson while he was meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union in the White House. Which in a quick escalation of events just prior to the ISOT Event, led to Jim Henson assuming the Presidency of the United States.

Vice President George H.W. Bush was forced to flee and go into hiding in the Raven Rock Complex, acting in all tense and purposes as the legitimate head of the US Government despite Jim Henson’s ravings. And Mikhail Gorbachev being equally as well forced to flee to the Soviet Embassy in the Capital to seek protection before an extraction team could arrive to retrieve him.

However fate had other plans in mind for the turbulent nation, and the DC Metro Area, along with the Raven Rock Complex and its surrounding area, were completely teleported to a different world consisting entirely of Europe, the Nation’s Capital being relocated to Southern France of all places.

However to add more to the overall insanity involved since the Capital’s relocation. Subsequently the Enclave from an alternate timeline (Fallout) was also teleported into the fray, the futuristic personnel claiming to be from the year 2077. This has since only added more layers of friction within this new America that is by all means already a powder keg of different ideas conflicting all at once. Whether the Republic survives or not will be due to acts of sheer luck and determination to keep the American dream alive at any rate in this brave new world.
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Full Organization Name :Terran Confederate Navy Task Force Percival
Type of Organization :Military formation
Flag / Symbols:Image

Official Economic Ideology : None
Official Political Ideology : None (democratic federalism in case of the Confed as a state)
Head of Organization : Commanding Officer is Rear Admiral Pasha Kovalski
Other Important Individuals :Colonel Jacob C. B. Pike (CO of the fighter squadrons, TCS Head Held High), Colonel Lukas Renner (CO of Confed Marine detachments on board), Captain Christopher Pellaeon (CO, TCS Head Held High), Captain Jonas Kmbani (CO, TCS Sheffield), Captain Wei Den Phu (CO, TCS Gdansk)

Territory : Parts of southern Zeeland, Netherlands
Territorial Ambitions : None
Capital City : None (HQ is the Head Held High’s current crash site)
Membership : 4200 active Confed personnel

Tech Level: FT (lasers, plasma weapons, particle weapons, space travel, the works)
Extra Information / Quirks: N/A
Universe of Origin (if any): Wing Commander, with slight alterations to Confed Navy lore

Military Description

Army: The Task Force carries a battalion’s worth (ca. 800) of Confed Marines for deployment to the Feodor system. Confed Marines are heavily armed infantry wearing powered suits, utilizing powerful handheld weapons (their primary weapon being the RPH 303 plasma accelerator rifle) and often deploying via drop- and gunships. However, with the war becoming desperate for the Confed, the Marines transported by Task Force Percival are sorely lacking in vehicles, with only some light vehicles available. Additionally, about 250 ship security forces are also counted among the ground troops, although these mainly consist of lightly armored infantry with only hand weapons.

Navy: The Task Force possesses no water-going vehicles that could constitute a ‘navy’. The three warships - TCS Head Held High, TCS Sheffield and TCS Gdansk - are all in various states of damage, although they retain some of their defensive capabilities (namely shields, though severely weakened shortly after the crash) and even some weapons control ( defensive weapons only so far, though).

Air Force: TCS Head Held High and TCS Sheffield are capable of deploying about 140 strike craft of various types, though many of these are currently inoperative. All of them are craft designed for space combat against the Kilrathi, which limits their in-atmosphere flight performance. However, they are heavily armed and protected by armor and shields.

Organization Goals : Repair at least one of the two larger ships and get back to the Confed.

History : The Kilrathi War is the war of the Terran Confederation against the Kilrathi Empire, starting in 2634.186. By now, the year of 2669.105, the war has reached its 35th year, and it couldn't be looking bleaker for the Confederation. The False Armistice - Kilrathi treachery - has left the Confed without much of its Navy, and practically stripped of its only strategic advantages.

Kilrathi biological warfare and campaigns of extermination have left the Enigma and Vega sectors, both vital to the Confed, in flames. The dead aren't even counted anymore - estimates say something of 'a few hundred billion'. With its invasion, large amounts of important food sources in the Enigma sector have been cut off from Terran-controlled space, and the Crown Prince of the Kilrathi Empire has personally sworn to exterminate humanity. The only thing keeping morale above the breaking point is the recent victory in the Battle of Earth, repelling the first of what will be many attempts to burn the planet to the ground.

Rumors circulate that something is in the works, directed at the Kilrathi homeworld Kilrah itself, but much of the Confed doesn't believe them anymore. The only thing they are determined to do now, is to take as many Kilrathi with them as they can while the rest of the Confed prepares to evacuate as many civilians as possible - where to, nobody is sure yet.

Task Force Percival is tasked with deploying troops and strike forces to the Feodor system, at the crossroads between the Vega and Sol sectors. The crews are in bad shape. Sleepless, working on barebones rations and under constant threat of Kilrathi attack, many of them turn to alcohol in what little off-time they have. Sobering pills and stim drugs ensure they are still functional despite all of this. It also ensures that they have their fingers on the triggers, awaiting the inevitable Kilrathi strike.
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Postby Laiakia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 4:51 pm

Full Nation Name :Armored Response Coalition

Short Nation Name :A.R.C

Flag / National Symbols:


Government Type : Military Staff

Official Political Ideology : N/A. It’s a military. It don’t need sum fancy ideology

Head of State :Lead Director Samuel Hayden 

Head of Government : Lead Director Samuel Hayden

Government Description :Following the total collapse of international civilization, nations and boundaries as we know them have ceased to exist. A handful of remaining bureaucrats, government officials, and military leaders have managed to survive by using protective bunkers kept secret to the greater population. Convening under the flag of the Allied Nations, a governing body consisting of all remaining government officials from every nation and that represents all that remains of the rule of law, forming what would essentially become a single world government. 

In 2150, following the loss of communication between Earth and Mars-based facilities, UAC director Dr. Samuel Hayden suddenly resurfaced on Earth before the AN Council. The demonic invasion of Earth had already begun, and Dr. Hayden had arrived just in time to provide aid. He supplied the resistance armies with Argent technology and advanced armaments, taking the helm of the newly-formed ARC as Lead Director and, following the relocation of the AN onto the A.R.C Carrier, allowed the A.R.C to annex the AN, becoming the last official nation on Earth.

Territory : South-western-ish coastal state of Netherlands.

Territorial Ambitions : Not available at the moment

Capital City : N/A. Capital is an aircraft carrier. Beached 5km in-land from sea. 

Population : 17845 people. (603 people onboard the A.R.C.S Bismarck, 17242 people on the carrier).

Majority/Official Culture : Multicultural, but English/American is the biggest one

Majority/State Religion :Christianity / Worship of the Slayer.

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Synthesizing of Argent Energy, Anti-Demon Training, Demonic Research

Amount of Industrialization : Medium-sized Automated Greenhouse for food, 1 Argent Syphon connected to the Crucible in the reactor room, Limited Arms Manufacture Plant, Maintenance bay, Containment Zone for Low-Level Demons.

Economic Description : Heavily dependent on Synthetic Argent Energy, even though it’s potential to cause another demonic invasion is very real. 

Technological Level : Future Tech

Magic and other shenanigans?: The demonic Crucible, a form of energy blade composed of pure Argent Energy. Dr. Samuel Hayden, actually a form of angelic-type alien called Maykrs, technically can’t age due to cybernetic body. Very smart. The DOOM SLAYER. He’s the DOOM SLAYER, nothing more needs to be said.

Military Description

Army: 8855 soldiers, 181 pilots, 1270 officers, 500 A.R.C M-Class Mecha Suits and drivers, 35 A.R.C BFM Suit and drivers, 16 A.R.C Special Forces soldiers. 10859 military members in total.

 Regiment Lightning: 2,500 soldiers, 35 A.R.C M-Class Mecha Suits + pilots, 2 A.R.C BFM Suits.

Regiment Fire: 2,500 soldiers, 35 A.R.C M-Class Mecha Suits + pilots, 2 A.R.C BFM Suits.

Regiment Democracy: 2,500 soldiers, 35 A.R.C M-Class Mecha Suits + pilots, 2 A.R.C BFM Suits.

Reinforcement Regiment Winter: 1351 soldiers

Armored Mech Company Squat: 190 A.R.C M-Class Mecha Suits + pilots

Armored Mech Company Fox: 190 A.R.C M-Class Mecha Suits + pilots

Armored NATO Fire Team Washington: 4 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

Armored NATO Fire Team Beijing: 4 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

Armored NATO Fire Team Tokyo: 4 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

Armored NATO Fire Team London: 4 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

Armored NATO Fire Team Paris: 4 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

Armored NATO Fire Team Berlin: 4 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

Armored Reinforcement Regiment Spring: 3 A.R.C BFM Suits + pilots

ARC Special Forces Fire Team Zulu: 4

ARC Special Forces Fire Team Archon: 4

ARC Special Forces Fire Team Halo: 4

ARC Special Forces Fire Team Arbiter: 4

Navy:1 ARC Mobile Headquarters Aircraft Carrier (See Discord for details)

1 A.R.C BFB Class Battleship (A.R.C.S Bismarck)

Air Force: 99 ARC A-D Fighters (See Discord for details)

                  42 ARC A-D Bombers (See Discord for details)

                  35 ARC Drone Bombers (See Discord for details)

                  80 ARC Drone Fighters (See Discord for details)

National Goals :Find a better replacement for Synthetic Argent to prevent another demonic invasion, expand arsenal and find a way back to their world. If this is not possible, then the main goal would be to create a bastion against further demonic attacks and the establishment of a united world government to fight the horde.

History : Nearly 60% of the planet has been consumed by the demons, with the rate of expansion increasing each day. The majority of the world population died in the first month of the Hell invasion, following the catastrophic failure of virtually every man-made system. Military response was immediate but only marginally effective at providing safe retreat to civilians, with many fortified locations cut-off from outside communication.

Facing overwhelming opposition, these makeshift fortresses have gradually fallen to the growing demon presence one after the other. Large portions of the Earth's surface have become uninhabitable, with swarms of demons scouting the globe and most regions suffering from an atmosphere that has become infected and poisonous by process of some form of alien terraformation.

Although several hundred thousand more were safely evacuated out-of-orbit in the mass exodus following the invasion, the expected odds of survival is considered unlikely for many of these lifeboats carrying cryogenically frozen passengers.

Religious iconography and communes are now commonplace amongst survivors, with the collective perception of events taking on a biblical nature. Many seek authority from a higher power to rationalize the sudden destruction of their world, believing these events represent a form of divine punishment.

Following the total collapse of international civilization, nations and boundaries as we know them have ceased to exist. A handful of remaining bureaucrats, government officials, and military leaders have managed to survive by using protective bunkers kept secret to the greater population. Convening under the flag of the Allied Nations, and eventually the A.R.C, this governing body represents all that remains of the rule of law, forming what would essentially become a single world government.

Military bases in communication with the AN have made efforts to regroup and centralize their areas of command - establishing fortified safe-havens for survivors, stockpiling food and scavenging for supplies. Only proprietary military-use communications remain functional, enabling military entities under command of the Allied Nations to coordinate in humanitarian aid and defense operations.

By 2151, the formation of the ARC had taken highest priority and was considered to be, in all practical terms, the last hope for humanity.

The destruction of the Argent Wellspring on Mars meant chaos for planet Earth. Following the loss of communication between Earth and Mars-based facilities, the collapse of the Argent-dependent energy grid consumed the planet in crisis. It was during this time that UAC director Dr. Samuel Hayden suddenly resurfaced on Earth before the AN Council, wielding that which might offer salvation to mankind - the Crucible.

After recounting the events that had transpired on the red planet, Hayden agreed to cooperate with the AN, providing access to the various UAC facilities on Earth and by extension the full range of technologies at his disposal. Paramount among these was the Crucible, the last remaining source of Argent energy in existence.

Believing it possible to solve the energy crisis which now devastated the planet, Dr. Hayden sought to invent a method of Argent-Synthesis, a synthetic replication that could recreate the high-yield capability of Argent energy. With the destruction of the Argent energy across the solar system, all that remained of Argent existed now within the Crucible, the fabled Hell artifact which Dr. Hayden had acquired on Mars. Knowing full well the Crucible's hidden power, Samuel devised a method to utilize the artifact as an Argent conductor, a process that would in time produce the miracle of synthetic, man-made Argent energy, restoring the production of Argent energy to Earth.

Hayden became a mythical figure among Earth's survivors - in no small part due to his abnormal physical condition. Having returned to Earth when most sought a means to escape, bringing with him the Crucible that would grant the people a second chance at survival - for the common person he had become the stuff of legends.

A global military crisis-relief initiative established by the Allied Nations in 2151. The Armored Response Coalition is designed with the sole purpose to combat and contain the Hell invasion, to succeed where modern militaries are ineffective, utilizing cutting-edge Argent-powered technology.

Hayden, overseeing all aspects of ARC weapon and tech development, set about repurposing the UAC facilities on Earth, many of which were unaffected by the invasion due to their remote locations and high levels of automated security. These facilities, operated by powerful AI, are already designed for weapon development and mass production, meaning they could be repurposed overnight.

By 2151 the ARC began running operations from the Mobile Command Carrier, a seaborne command center designed for long-range strike operations which would serve as ARC HQ. Their primary objective - to locate the source of the Hellgrowth infestation, and in doing so, shutting down the emergence of Hell portals and closing the gate between dimensions.

At the heart of the Armored Response Coalition is an aggressive research and development program in pursuit of new technologies. As part of Dr. Hayden's commitment, UAC resources under his direction, including some of the most powerful AI ever created, have been deployed in service of weapon development designed to face the Hell threat head-on.

Dr. Hayden's tactical and scientific acumen were invaluable to the war effort, and he was soon given full command over all resistance efforts by the Global Council. The ARC engaged the demons with bleeding-edge tech, exosuits and Heavy Frame battle-mechs, but found themselves fighting a losing battle. Operation Hellbreaker was Samuel's final plan, a powerful counterattack that ultimately ended in failure.

The following is an AAR following Operation Hellbreaker:

Report File: #ARC-AAR-CO37// COMMSEC: Red//

Analyst: TWashington-043

//report starts

Operation Hellbreaker AAR follows:

Following reports of UAC Cultist presence at the Locke reactor (#ARC-AAR0-A291), recon teams Infil-Gamma and Infil-Hector attempted to gain entry to Locke and assess the situation. Their final transmission indicated a massive demonic presence entering the reactor facility through Continuum Gates (sic: Hell portals).

An emergency Global Council meeting approved an immediate ARC response to the situation at the Locke reactor. The Assembled Coalition Strike Force included 4 US Battle Mech divisions, the Con-EUR Long Range Naval Artillery Barrage Fleet, 27 US Night Bird Apaches, 3 NATO Shock Troop battalions, 2 CON-EUR Rapid Response Levi-Tank divisions, and 18 thousand coalition Special Forces units.

The initial bombardment from the LRNAB was met with immediate response from invasion forces. An estimated 8 thousand DP-013G units (sic: Gargolyes) attacked the fleet, sinking 32 vessels and disabling a further 78% of the fleet. The remaining ships retreated to a position approximately 32 miles off shore, beyond the reach of the Gargoyles, but also out of artillery range.

With the Fleet out of action, the Battle Mechs and Apaches initiated a Danger Close salvo against the reactor, as Shock Troops and Special Forces attempted to rearward infiltration. Several platoons made it inside the reactor, where the demons had already established a DP-136Nest (sic: Super Gore Nest). Although gore nests have been reported at various invasion sites, this was the largest so far observed. The nest has been built around the reactor core itself. Several thousand IFF beacons are amassed at the nest location, suggesting the Demons are using our fallen forces as part of their bio-organic Continuum Gate.

At the time of writing, the DP-136Nest is considered to be ground zero of the invading force. Unless the continuum gate is destroyed, this analyst sees no way to stem the influx of aggressors.

Recommended response: TNA (Total Nuclear Annihilation).

//report ends

Following the subsequent retreat of A.R.C forces, the position of humankind was further weakened by the failure of nuclear launches.

8 months after this, the A.R.C Carrier came under assault by a horde of demons. With supporting fire from Task Fleet Percerus, and the arrival of the Slayer to assist, they were pushed away. Though by the end of the battle, a huge blinding light consumed the carrier and the A.R.C.S Bismarck, and once it dissipated, none could see where they had gone.

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OP's Application: [Battle Nations] 95th Rifles

Postby Democratic East-Asia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 4:53 pm

Full Nation Name : Aterian Empire (Remnant), 95th Rifles
Short Nation Name : Ateria
Flag / National Symbols: Image

Government Type : military dictatorship (de-facto)
Official Political Ideology : none (by technically), authoritarianism (de-facto)
Head of State : Captain (General) Samuel Yang
Head of Government : Captain (General) Samuel Yang
Government Description : The remnant of the old Aterian Empire is functionally a military dictatorship run by the 95th Rifle Regiment. General Yang calls the shots, whether that be overall industrial management or military mobilization. Due to wartime considerations and anarchy throughout the rest of the Empire, it’s unlikely that this arrangement is going to change anytime soon. That said, towns and cities within Imperial territory still hold local elections and maintain some form of democracy.

Territory : Northern and Northeastern France, Belgium
Territorial Ambitions : whatever’s necessary to maintain a more secure border
Capital City : The Outpost - a small military base located at IRL Brussels
Population : 925,000

Majority/Official Culture : Aterian - Aterians are very similar to modern Americans in some ways, but notably less religious and politically charged. That said, Imperials overall are also generally more culturally domineering and somewhat bigotted (especially when it comes to indigenous people). This is less of a problem along the Empire’s frontiers.

Majority/State Religion : None - most (>90%) of the population is irreligious

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Material refinement, mining, automobiles, consumer goods, agriculture, arms manufacturing, machine tools and other heavy industry.

Amount of Industrialization : Heavy (compared to others). Despite its status as a periphery of the Empire, the Northern Frontier has a number of industrial centers surrounding its one major city of Marin. The frontier’s surprisingly high degree of mineral wealth ensures that these settlements can produce many of the necessities required in running a modern society.

Economic Description : The economy of Ateria was largely corporatist, though recent years have completely turned traditional forms of organization upside down. There exist anarcho-syndicalist hippie communes throughout the frontier, a great contrast to the traditional company towns that dominated the region. Frankly nobody cares what sort of economic system you choose to participate in: just keep the supplies and food flowing.

Technological Level :
- 21st century modern (most aspects of civilian life, most military equipment, materials science)
-- mid 1990s era computers and internet (with the exception of DAVE 9000, who can translate other languages accurately)
- future tech (laser, plasma, tesla, railgun weaponry) in some military areas

Magic and other shenanigans? (If any exists) : Haha no.

Military Description

Army: The Aterian Imperial Army features three armored divisions and one frontier division, a total of approximately 48,600 soldiers. The Army’s three primary armored divisions are fully mechanized and feature exactly 269 tanks each (270 for the lead 1st Armored Division) alongside heavy artillery support. The fourth division is largely composed of local conscripts, but nonetheless remains fully motorized.

Spearheading the Imperial Army is the 95th Rifle Regiment, an elite formation from the former Imperial 3rd Corp. Composed of 1,600 soldiers, the 95th operates a number of high-end armor battalions which could prove instrumental in turning the tide of a battle.

4 R1 battleships (Raptor-class Battleship)
2 M10 battleships (Mammoth-class Battleship)
8 Imperial destroyers
2 Minelayer destroyers
20 Imperial patrol boats

6 Imperial attack submarines
2 Imperial tactical submarines (ICBM capable)

Air Force:
20 great war era biplanes (sopwith camel / spiderwasp)
30 WW2 era fighters (beyond old)
50 V-14 Maverick fighter jets (old)
70 F-5 fighter jets (somewhat modern)
20 Shadow Wasp and Shadow Hornet stealth fighters / variable attack jets (high end modern)
20 B-10 Boar ground attack planes (modern)
10 Z2-18 heavy bombers (propellor)
10 Z2-20 jet bombers (a jet version of the Z2-18)

20 UH-1B Skyraptor attack helicopter (Similar to the Apache)
5 UD-4L Gunships
Dozens of transport helicopters and transport planes
2 LGB-1 ICBMs (2 x 25 kt MIRV fission warhead)

50 propeller fighters (all outdated)
140 jet fighters (20 very modern, 70 mostly-modern, 50 old)
20 ground attack aircraft (modern)
20 strategic bombers (8 semi-modern, 12 old)
20 attack helicopters (modern)
5 VTOL gunships (very modern)
~80-100 other helicopters - transport, modified attack, etc (modern)

National Goals :
- Survive

History :
The Aterian Empire dates its founding back over 500 years to the end of the medieval era. Prior to the ascendance of Emperor Hendrik the Great, the old Empire was but one of many Aterian states, nothing of note amongst its competition. Hendrik embarked on the first of many massive wars of expansion to extend Imperial power to the Empire’s neighbors. A highly successful military leader, Hendrik managed to nearly triple the size of the Imperial nation by the end of his reign. In terms familiar to an outside viewer, at the height of its power, the Aterian Empire spanned a territory larger than the entirety of North America.

Emperor Hendrik was succeeded by his son Tragan, who embarked in a series of massive industrialization projects across the Empire. Imperial policies often emphasized economic growth at the cost of many native populations’ livelihoods, unsurprisingly resulting in mounting tensions as Tragan’s rule dragged on. Millions of Aterians were sick of the Empire’s oppressive ways: how it disrespected and belittled their cultures, forced them to toil away in its sweatshops, and enforced an autocratic and illiberal system of government where their concerns were completely uncared for. Imperial authorities managed to suppress this unrest throughout most of Tragan’s reign, but problems resurfaced as the “Emperor of Industry” grew old…

As Tragan neared the end of his days, violence erupted throughout the Empire’s southern provinces. Due to the vast cultural and linguistic diversity within this region, it had historically been a hotbed of anti-Imperial sentiment in part due to the Empire’s incredibly heavy-handed rule. Tragan sought to eliminate the “barbaric and backward elements” of the south during his 30-year long reign, deporting millions of natives while enforcing Imperial law, culture, and language with extreme prejudice. A defining feature of the southern provinces’ culture, a sombrero-shaped hat, was banned, much to the outrage of the local populations. What began as a series of labor riots - due to the Empire’s non-existent labor rights - quickly spiralled into a full scale rebellion after Tragan died some 13 or so years ago.

Tragan was succeeded by his at-the-time 15-year old son Hendrik II, who proved entirely inexperienced and largely incompetent as a ruler. The rebellion raged, quickly spreading throughout the southern half of the nation while the Imperial Army struggled to keep it under control. Yet under the command of General Ashe, the Imperials would eventually push the rebellion back - albeit at heavy cost.

5 years ago, after years of attrition warfare and concerted efforts by General Ashe and other Imperial commanders, the Imperial Army had finally cornered the remains of the rebels in the southern jungles of Surosia. Under the command of a certain captain, Imperial troops of the 19th Armored Division broke rebel lines before a mass air strike ended the stragglers. It seemed as if the rebellion was finally over.

Unfortunately for the Empire, fate had other things in store. General Ashe, fed up with his poor treatment by the “obnoxious brat” of an Emperor that ruled Ateria, defected to the Rebellion. His tactical genius combined with Ashe’s high popularity amongst the troops enabled the Rebellion to sap strength from the Empire and greatly prolonged the war.

As the Imperial population and economy struggled to keep up with the demands of a now decade-long civil conflict, the naive Emperor dispatched dozens of military units off to the frontiers in order to search for materials to build a superweapon that would finally end the rebellion. Imperial scientists at Black Butte - one of the Empire’s many research facilities - would ultimately determine that the element uranium was weaponizable, and thus a race against time began. The Empire would either find uranium and create its superweapon to end the rebellion, or it would simply collapse underneath its own weight.

One of the many units dispatched to the Northern Frontier was the 95th Rifle Company, led by one Captain Yang. Tasked with finding and mining any uranium deposits within the region, the 95th ultimately found itself dealing with situations it never originally prepared for. Thrust into a conflict between indigenous raiders and frontiersmen, forced to deal with plethoras of hostile wildlife ranging from raptors to sandworms, and located hundreds of miles away from the nearest Imperial settlement, the 95th was forced to survive on its own while simultaneously bringing some semblance of stability and peace to this highly dangerous region.

It wasn’t easy. The 95th had to deal with constant raids, animal attacks, malevolent ancient machines, aggressive mercenaries, and calls for help from various Imperial settlements to its south. Nonetheless, the company endured and even prospered, it’s small hundred man camp eventually growing into a modest settlement of over a thousand inhabitants. Roads were paved, mass housing built, and farms and shops built to sustain both the rifle company and the civilians that worked with it. Mass recruitment from the local Imperial and even indigenous Raider populations, in part due to necessity, would greatly bolster the ranks of the 95th up to the point it was no longer a “company” in size. Lt. Morgan himself would later joke that the 95th had more tanks and soldiers than some of the actual military regiments down south. He wasn’t wrong.

In the meantime, the Empire was rapidly losing ground.

It came as an utter surprise when the Rebel Army captured the Imperial capital of Carriston two years ago, utterly devastating the city and massacring much of its population in the process. News of Rebel atrocities gradually filtered up to the 95th from the constant stream of Imperial refugees, and to say everyone was concerned was an understatement. As civil order collapsed throughout the Empire, isolated outposts such as the 95th were often the only source of security and Imperial authority that remained throughout the land - elsewhere, raiders, mercenaries, and rogue rebel groups freely terrorized civilians.

The 95th ultimately managed to alleviate the situation, slightly. Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of the Rifle Company was its successful siege and liberation of New Haven, one of the Southern Frontier’s largest cities. Imperial engineers, under the watchful eyes of Zoe and Floyd, managed to tunnel underneath New Haven’s walls and discreetly evacuate most of the population, allowing the 95th’s tank forces to crush the city’s defenses without worrying about civilian casualties. Likewise, Lt. Morgan would meet success in negotiating trade between the two communities of Scarborough and Sundale while resolving labor tensions during said process. It was victories like this that built the 95th’s reputation as a source of hope for many Imperial citizens, but during times like these, there was little the 95th could do to stem the tide of the Rebel Army.

The demise of well-intentioned Rebel leaders such as General Salmanca ultimately sealed the fate of Rebel-Imperial relations: one side would win, the other would die. After months of searching, the Rebel Army had located the 95th and was prepared to end the outpost’s existence once and for all.

In the weeks prior to the Rebel Army’s full scale attack on The Outpost, Captain Yang had received information from his scouts down in the Heartland that entire Rebel divisions were on the move north. Greatly alarmed by the news, Yang asked his chief researchers Floyd and Aurora about the status of the Empire’s theoretical “superweapon”. The outpost had finished constructing a series of missile silos, but the first fission-warhead ballistic missiles had yet to be fully assembled. For the time being, the 95th would have to rely upon its conventional forces and allies to slow down the enemy before they arrived. Lt. Morgan and Sgt. Ramsey, the 95th’s two highest ranking commanding officers, were dispatched south to lead Imperial stragglers and forward elements of the 95th in their fight against the Rebels’ forward columns.

The 95th fought valiantly as it attempted to delay the rebel advance, losing hundreds of soldiers and dozens of armored vehicles in the process. The massive rebel army, composed of nearly 3 divisions worth of soldiers, steadily bulldozed its way through the few Imperial units left in the Northern Frontier as it approached the 95th’s outpost. Floyd, the outpost’s chief civil engineer and biologist, managed to take control of a spiderwasp queen and redirect a horde of said creatures into the Rebel’s path, giving the 95th a few extra precious days to finish its first missile. Upon its deployment, the entirety of the Rebel Army was obliterated much to the shock of the 95th.

The successful deployment of the 95th’s first atomic device marked the end of large scale Rebel incursions into the Northern Frontier, but the small Imperial remnant’s troubles were still far from over. Problems seemed to be omnipresent as always: wild animals rampaged across the land, rogue raiders mercenaries preyed on travelers and trade, foreign naval forces stalked the seas... the list went on. Nonetheless, the men and women of the 95th made it clear that so long as they lived, they’d carry on the old Aterian Empire’s legacy and do their best to protect and rebuild Imperial authority in the frontiers.

In the months that followed the last decisive battle between the Rebels and the 95th, Captain Yang and his colleagues found themselves dealing with the single largest refugee crisis in Imperial history. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were fleeing from the wartorn Imperial Heartland and flooding into the northern frontier, consuming resources and food supplies at dangerously high rates. Alongside other remnant Imperial groups, the 95th did its best to settle many of these refugees throughout the various homesteads and towns of the region, though thousands ultimately opted to travel further north. The former outpost of the 95th saw its population more than quadruple as over three thousand civilians chose to settle in its vicinity, leading to quite the major housing crisis.

What followed were some turbulent if generally peaceful times. The 95th swelled in size as hundreds of young men and women volunteered to defend their newfound home; in the meantime, the civilian economy saw surprisingly rapid growth. Under Floyd’s insistence, a series of massive housing and infrastructure projects were put into motion, allowing the outpost to finally take on the image of a proper Imperial settlement. In memory of the now destroyed Empire, the formerly unnamed outpost became “New Cariston”, a small glimmer of hope and a symbol that the Empire’s legacy lived on.

Link to the google docs of this faction.
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Postby Greater Redosia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 5:00 pm

Full Nation Name : Senatus Populusque Romanus (The Roman Senate and People)
Short Nation Name : Roma (Rome)
Flag / National Symbols:

Government Type : Constitutional Republic
Official Political Ideology : Roman hegemony, mos majorum, cura annonae
Head of State : Consul Gaius Marias and Consul Lucius Valerius Flaccus
Head of Government : Consul Gaius Marias and Consul Lucius Valerius Flaccus
Government Description : In charge of the Roman Senate are the two Consuls who are elected for one year terms by all the citizens of the city of Rome, claiming imperium over all of Rome. Below the Consuls is the Roman Senate itself which held effective power to create laws and enforce them, with the assemblies of descending powers. Assembly procedure, Assembly of the Curie, Assembly of Centuries and Assembly of the Tribes. The Plebian Council represented the concerns of the masses of Rome to the Senate and other assemblies.

Territory : All of the Roman Peninsula excluding Tuscany
Territorial Ambitions : Enough lands to proclaim Mare Nostrum of the Mediterranean
Capital City : Rome
Population : 5 Million being a mixture of citizens and non-citizens

Majority/Official Culture : Roman, Latin, Non-Roman Italians and Gaulic
Majority/State Religion : Roman Paganism and Local Pagan beliefs

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Farming (grain, grapes and herding), iron working, shipbuilding and slavery
Amount of Industrialization : Iron-Age Civilization
Economic Description : The economy of the Roman Republic is mostly focused towards an agricultural based economy of grapes, cereal crops and vegetables to feed the ever growing nation centered around Rome. Along with iron production of military goods, woodworking and other minor craftsman trades that are necessary. A large portion of the Roman economy is built upon the back of allied tribes that inhabit the Italian peninsula and Slavery which is mostly located in the South such as the island of Sicily.

Technological Level : Iron Age
Magic and other shenanigans? (If any exists) : N/A

Military Description

Legions of the Roman Republic

2 Legions under direct control of Gaius Marias as Consul

2 Legions under direct control of Lucius Valerius Flaccus as Consul

1 Legion under direct control of Lucius Sulla as Praetor

1 Legion under direct control of Gaius Servilius Glaucia as Praetor

7 Legions under direct control of four lesser Praetors (3 Popularus, 4 Optimates)

Total - 13 Standing Legions worth 68,120 men ready to fight in the name of Rome.

70 Quadrimes
30 Quinqueremes
125 triremes

National Goals : Stability of the Roman Nation, the security of the Roman People, restoration towards the goal of Mare Nostrum and the hegemony of the Roman Ideals.

History : With the end of the Second Serville War, Gaius Marius has succeeded in putting down the slave revolt on the Island of Sicily. Having captured a thousand former slaves, Gaius Marius marches northward, it is a changing of a century for Rome as he returns to be given his Triumph prepared by the Roman Senate. With a greater era of Rome being created, the Legions organized and standardized, it is believed that Rome is on its own triumph to take over the known world far beyond what Alexander the Great could ever do. But the times are changing as Rome is about to be thrown into a world it has never known, one beyond its own comprehension.
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Postby Dansha » Fri Dec 18, 2020 5:19 pm

Full Nation Name: Scottish Syndicalist Republic
Short Nation Name: Scotland
Flag/National Symbols: See first channel post

Government Type: Syndicalist Republic
Official Political Ideology: Syndicalism
Head of State: See below
Head of Government: Scottish Liberation Council
Government Description:

Territory: Northern Scotland
Territorial Ambitions: The rest of Scotland
Capital City: Inverness
Population: 501,340

Majority/Official Culture: Scottish

Majority/State Religion: Not a clue tbh

Major Industries/Economic sectors: Agriculture, Oil, Coal mining
Amount of Industrialization: Makeshift factories and workshops as well as simple shipyards.
Economic Description:

Technological Level: Elements of modern technology, but primarily older 19-20th century due to a variety of factors, such as the apocalypse.
Magic and other shenanigans? (If any exists) : N/A

Military Description


1 C-Class Light Cruiser: SLN Moray Firth
1 Doterel-class screw composite sloop: SLN Gannet
2 Training Schooner: Belle Poule, Eendracht
2 Fort William-Class Steam Frigate: SLN Fort Willian, SLN Fort George
6 Thruso-Class Sixth-rate: SLN Thurso, SLN Dingwall, SLN Shetland, SLN Orkney, SLN Fort Augustus, SLN John O' Groats
10 Armed Clipper: SLN Inverness, SLN Nairn, etc
10 Armed Schooner: SLN Peterhead, SLN Skye, eyc

Merchant Marine:
2 Barque: Glenlee, Belem
1 Tender: SS Nomadic
1 Passenger Steam ship: SS Scotland (Ex-SS Great Britain)
1 Paddle Steamer: PS Maid of the Loch
1 Light Ship: North Carr Lightship
1 Clyde Steamer: TS Queen Mary
1 Coastal Excursion Paddle Steamer: PS Waverley
6 Clipper: Stad Amsterdam, others built post-Great Virus
1 Barquentine: Mercator
1 Schooner: Oosterschelde

Air Force:
Scott-Kirk Biplane Bomber (Based off Handley Page Type O)
-30 Bomber variant
-20 Transport variant
120 T-1 Nessie Biplane Fighter (Based off Sopwith Camel)
20 T-2 Red Kite Two Seater Biplane scout and attack aircraft (Based off Bristol F.2 Fighter)

National Goals: Reclaim Scotland

History :
Founded in the first years after the conflagration of the Great Virus and the destruction of the rest of the British mainland during it by the surviving settlements in Scotland centred around the city of Inverness. In the decades since it's founding, the SSR slowly expanding outwards, uniting the other surviving towns and villages of Scotland while also reclaiming land that had been lost to the Virus. Early on, Scotland came into contact with the Norwegian remnant state and through them the other remnants within northern Europe, with radio contact made with the remnant Kingdom of England and Republic of Ireland.

With being one of the few nations with a navy, consisting of a wide range of ships, from modified civilian ships to the recommissioned SLN Moray Firth (Ex-HMS Caroline) which acted as the navy's flagship, Scotland would soon become an important part of the northern European reclamation with it's navy helping the Scandinavians in reclaiming many coastal areas from the Great Virus. An important part of Scotland's survival has been the surviving oil rigs in the North Sea it is barely able to maintain, providing it with oil used by it's military and other vital sections of the nation. It also has a miniscule air force mostly made out of transport craft and a handful of simple attack aircraft.

By 90 PV, the SSR looked south after many years, now planning to expanding into the once forbidden Central Belt.
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Postby Mirial System » Fri Dec 18, 2020 6:10 pm

Full Nation Name: Chaldea Security Organisation
Short Nation Name: Chaldea
Flag / National Symbols:

Government Type: Directorate (“Olgarchy”)
Official Political Ideology: "To preserve the reign of the Human Order, above all else."
Head of State: Olga Marie Animusphere, Director of Chaldea
Head of Government: Olga Marie Animusphere, Director of Chaldea
Government Description:
- Research and Observation Facility
- Paramilitary Organisation
- UN Security Council Subsidiary Body

Territory: Historical Florentine Republic
Territorial Ambitions: None
Capital City: A massive ring-shaped bunker with underground levels, located at the site of the Castello dei Conti Guidi.
Population: 400,052
- 400,024 Chibi-Nobus
- 25 Servants
- 3 Humans

Majority/Official Culture:

Majority/State Religion: Kotatsu

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Repairing our own gear.
Amount of Industrialization: … we have a pretty nice set of workshops?
Economic Description: It’s a post-apocalyptic bunker, its “economy”, if it can be called that, amounts to keeping itself and its inhabitants running. Lacks any sort of true mass production capability.

There is something of a hospitality sector in the form of Enma’s Pavillion though - touted as the best (and only) ryokan in Chaldea.

Technological Level:
- Modern (conventional technology)
- High Post-Modern (magitech - computing, energy)
Magic and other shenanigans? (If any exists):
Yes. It’s literally me making two altered Fate/Grand Order timelines do the kissy-kissy, what do you think? I’m legitimately not going to describe magecraft - I have like TWO magi. Go take a wiki-dive yourself if you want to. Anything that differs from canon is detailed in the lore document (see link below).

Military Description
Army: 400,000
Nobu-gumi (信長組)
Three field armies of Chibi-Nobus (ARCHER-class) wielding guns of WWII bolt-action rifle performance, with chibi tanks of WWII light tank performance - some variants carrying rotary autocannons for anti-air work. Organised in accordance with Sengoku-era doctrine, with the tanks taking the role of cavalry. 300,000 Nobus in strength.

Souji-gumi (総司組)
One field army of Nobu-sengumi (SABER-class) wielding katanas. Organised in accordance with Shinsengumi doctrine. 100,000 Nobus in strength.

Well … there are around 20+ Servants sitting around in the HQ. And the director herself can summon miniature meteor showers.

Navy: 0
Do Chibi-Nobus with floaties count?

Air Force: 25
One tsundere Goddess of Venus. Also four platoons of six reconnaissance biplanes - for a total of 24 aircraft, piloted by Chibi-Nobus.

National Goals:
- Survive the crazy shite all you bastards are pulling.
- Make sure humanity doesn’t earn the Darwin Award by committing die. Somehow.

FGO Protag oopsied (read: Mission Failed) and ended up forcing Male!Merlin to do some really fucky shite to yeet a burning Chaldea HQ THROUGH Avalon - his Noble Phantasm, crash his own tower through the boundary to literally break through timelines, and lob a bunch of weird-arse non-meta survivors out of range of the timeline going nuclear...

Meanwhile in another timeline...
An alternate Chaldea's entire field team, with one "Akuta Hinako" - the lone surviving Master Candidate (read: Protag) who had mere moments ago been forced to reveal her true identity (and power) as Consort Yu, was about to re-commence her fight against Mama Tiamat when a multi-coloured phallic stick fell from the heavens, pierced the ground, and dragged her and her team out of their own timeline.

Along with some of their local allies.
Fem!Merlin: "... wtf did the sky throw on me- WAIT NOOOOO!!!"

Too bad the tower of Male!Merlin kept on going...

The end result being…
Fem!Merlin being pissed off AF.
Concussed!Fem!Gudako dozing away on Consort Yu's lap, with one jelly Chinese alchemist of a Heroic Spirit giving Gudako the evil eye.
The Nobus being fussed over by the MicroNobus.
The Da Vincis crying over their busted coffee machine.
Everyone else with at least a splitting headache.

And there's now a weird-arse white donut building in the middle of a crater in Tuscany with an involuntary skylight. Also Tuscany is now Antarctica.

Desperate Male!Merlin: "yeah no problem I'll just use my own wizard tower as an inter-dimensional ballistic missile"
Female!Merlin being caught up unwillingly in the wake of all this: "THAT'S ILLEGAL!!!"

Further TL;DR:
Male!Merlin's Wizard Tower plowed Fem!Gudako and a bunch of backline Servants through dimensions. They picked up more Servants along the way. Everyone ended up being pile-drived face-first into Europa’s loving embrace.

Lore Document: ... sp=sharing

Addendum: Yes I know I used the nation app proforma for an organisation, and no I don't particularly care - it works, still.
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Postby Sudbrazil » Fri Dec 18, 2020 6:22 pm

Full Nation Name : The Grand Duchy of Caer-Ys
Short Nation Name : Ys, Caer-Ys
Flag / National Symbols :

Government Type : Constitutional Monarchy
Official Political Ideology : Traditionalist conservatism
Head of State : Duke Carl Morvarck of Ys
Head of Government : Prime Minister Harold of Aldberg
Government Description : The Duchy is a regional administration, based on the model of the Imperial government. Men over 25 listed in the Heimwehrregister vote to elect a parliament of 30, which propose and vote laws. The Duke holds executive power.

Territory : Denmark
Territorial Ambitions : Wait, where has Gondoa gone?
Capital City : The city of Caer Uchel is located in the northern coast. It is among the oldest cities of Caer-Ys, dating back to Antiquity, and is rather small at roughly 500 780 inhabitants.
Population : 5 368 920 souls

Majority/Official Culture : Germanic with Nordic and Gaellic influences

Majority/State Religion : Lutheranism

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Agriculture, aircraft manufacture, fishing, mining & heavy industries
Amount of Industrialization : Moderate. Though mostly dispersed through the country, the Ochtahlan Depression and Aldberg are the homes of two industrial poles, which are connected to smaller workshops and factories by rail.
Economic Description : While its economy is still mostly agrarian, Caer-Ys is a regional industrial powerhouse. Thanks to its strategic location at the mouth of the Northern Sea, it has served as a trade hub for Baltic and Nordic countries, boasting a substantial merchant navy. In terms of policies regarding the economy, there are strict moral regulations backed up by semi-official unions as well as protectionist laws to ensure partial autarky.

Technological Level : The Duchy generally sits at an interwar technological level. Electricity, telephones, combustion engines and even the radio are sweeping through the country, though the countryside lags behind. Where the Duchy excels is in aeronautical research and associated technologies, producing dirigibles of a quality and size never seen in our world thanks to advanced metallurgy and engines, while heavier than air flight dabbles experimentally with jets and rockets.
Magic and other shenanigans? : The bowels of the world have conceived a wondrous substance: volucite. Myths and ancient accounts say that these stones stirred in the presence of each other, and when properly treated could grant flight as well as other immense powers. However, volucite’s true potential is poorly understood by modern science due to its volatility, as it transforms into a common stone when exposed to air. Nevertheless, refined volucite crystals of cloudy origin are sometimes found circulating as heirlooms and museum pieces.

Military Description

As is typical to Imperial vassals, the Duchy benefits from great military autonomy. Due to its small population, the Herzogliche Heer only consists of 150 000 men of which 100 000 are professional volunteers. To alleviate the lack of manpower, a system of national levies is implemented. Men from 18 to 45 are enlisted into the Heimwehr, and periodically go to field exercises. In case of war, the professional army is to serve as officers for new conscripts.

Army: The Herzogliche Armee (Ducal Army) is the largest branch of the Heer, though it only has 70 000 men. Due to its small size, it relies heavily on force multipliers such as artillery and fortification lines along its borders, and places an emphasis on the conservation of manpower. It has a growing tank arm, though doctrine is still an unclear matter.

Navy: Since the great reforms of 1915, the Herzogliche Kriegsmarine (Ducal War Navy) has been gutted. It has only 10 000 personnel and is mostly charged with guarding ports or patrolling the coast and escorting shipping. Nevertheless, it operates one battleship, three cruisers, three submarines, and three destroyers, most of which are rather modern and capable.

Air Force: Though still a part of the Army, the Herzogliche Luftstreitkräfte (Ducal Air Service) is considered by many as the jewel of the Heer. It has inherited many of its traditions, officers and recruits from the Navy and is thus inclined to political conflict against the remnants of the branch with which many of its missions overlap. It has 70 000 men spread among ten squadrons and their respective bases. These are generally composed of one aircraft carrier, two aerial cruisers and a fighter escort which screen one aerial battleship. However, as these developments in aerial warfare are quite recent, many are still having their ships built.

National Goals : Sit tight, be safe, and get comfy.

History :
The roots of House Morvarck stretch deep into Caer-Ys’ soil to a past immemorial, before the Germans, French or Romans. They came from the south in a great pilgrimage, wielding steel and great wisdom to subject the unruly Gaelic tribes. By 54 BC, King Muskar I would unify the Tennhairc Peninsula under his rule, and his kingdom would enjoy a long and prosperous reign, thanks to the the plundering of coastal colonies by his mighty fleet.

This fleet would reach its height under the reign of Gradlon Meur during the 5th century. Gradlon Meur was the second Christian king of Tennhairc, whose crowning achievement was the construction of a capital – The City of Ys. Ys quickly became conflated with House Morvarck and its country, to the point where the Kingdom of Tennhairc adopted the name of Caer-Ys. This new name, around which there is much interest today, grew in use after the destruction of the city. Legend claims that during the last years of Gradlon’s reign the city was struck by holy fire, then submerged as punishment for the arrogance and sinfulness of Gradlon’s daughter. The King, struck by grief and fear, ceded his reign to his son, Muskar III, then retired to a hermitage and an unknown fate.

Following his reign, the Kingdom of Caer-Ys entered a long decline, culminating in the Battle of Caer Tedus. Though a disaster for the Ysans, it nevertheless halted the advance of the Carolingian army, which offered to vassalize House Morvarck as a recognition of its bravery in battle. In 801 AD the Duchy of Caer-Ys was founded under Muskar VI och Ys, marking the beginning of the peninsula’s Germanic era. By the 11th century AD, the Duchy would fall under the influence of the growing Holy Roman Empire. It traversed the next centuries as a servant of the HRE, generally lending its soldiers to its conflicts and currying the Emperor’s favour. The 16th Century would mark a brief break from this trend, as the Duchy benefited from the Protestant Reformation to challenge the Emperor’s power. During the 19th century however, the Duchy found itself among the many German nobles without a king, as the now decrepit empire ceded to the waves of modernism. Lagging behind more dynamic and industrial countries, the Duchy stood in an uncomfortable position, suffering a series of humiliations at the hands of its Nordic neighbors and the growing Prussian sphere of influence at its south, while the heir to the Empire was busy with internal strife. Following the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, the Duchy would reluctantly assimilate into the Second German Empire.

It is now the year 1922 of Our Lord, and war clouds gather over Europe once more. Despite a few conflicts such as the Police Action in Elsaß and the Pan-slavic revolts of 1917, the tensions at the heart of the continent remain unresolved, and French revanchism, allied to Russian industrialisation and British concerns over the ever-elusive continental balance, threaten to boil over into a war unlike any ever before seen.

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Nothing here
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Postby Naval Monte » Fri Dec 18, 2020 10:25 pm

Name of country reserved: Witch Nation of Carim
Territory: Most of Romania
Gnosis: Season of Samhain- A Dark Fantasy/Modern-Day Occult Horror and Conspiracy RP.
The Pub (P2tM RP Group)
Vim: Takes from Lumina- An Industrial Fantasy and Arcanepunk RP.

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Postby Sentinalyia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 10:48 pm

Full Nation Name : The Eorzean Alliance
Short Nation Name : Eorzea
Flag / National Symbols:
Gridania: Twin adders entwining a flower.
Ul’dah: Scales weighing a gem and a flame.
Limsa Lominsa: A black and gold longboat.
Ishgard: A shield with the crests of all four High Houses.
Ala Mhigo: A griffin clutching a blade in one claw.

Government Type : Loose coalition of several independent city-states, each with their own governing body.
Official Political Ideology : Eorzean
Head of State :
Gridania: Elder Seedseer Kan-e-Senna
Ul’dah: Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo
Limsa Lominsa: Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Ishgard: Ser Aymeric de Borel of the Blue
Ala Mhigo: Lyse Hext

Head of Government :
Gridania: Elder Seedseer Kan-e-Senna
Ul’dah: Godbert Manderville
Limsa Lominsa: Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Ishgard: Ser Aymeric de Borel
Ala Mhigo: General Raubahn Aldynn

Government Description :
Gridania: Loosely-organized executive body of Seedseers interpret the laws as given by the Elementals, which are then passed to the rest of the government to enforce.
Ul’dah: Organized under the command of the Sultana and the Syndicate, a council of the eight richest citizens. The Sultana and Syndicate decide city policy and law.
Limsa Lominsa: Policy and law is determined by the word of the Admiral, and enacted by the Yellowjackets.
Ishgard: Bicameral legislature dictates laws and policy, which are then passed to the rest of the government after being approved by the head of the House of Lords.
Ala Mhigo: Unicameral legislature dictates laws and policy, which are passed to the rest of the government on approval by the General.

Territory : The geographical region of Eorzea, overlaid over the western half of France and the Bay of Biscay.
Territorial Ambitions : None outside of Eorzea itself.
Capital City : The city-states each act as their own capital.
Population : Roughly 5 million Spoken souls currently inhabit Eorzea as a whole.

Majority/Official Culture : Eorzean

Majority/State Religion : The Church of the Twelve

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Magic and Synthesis, Trade, several specialties depending on city-state.
Gridania: Botany, Agriculture, Leatherworking
Ul’dah: Entertainment, Mining, Alchemy
Limsa Lominsa: Sea Trade, Shipbuilding, Arms/Armor
Ishgard: Arms/Armor, Military Technology, Luxury Goods
Ala Mhigo: Mining, Spices, Arms
Amount of Industrialization : Very low.
Economic Description : Slowly recovering from a long period of near-collapse and rebuilding. Eorzea’s economy relies primarily on trade through Limsan ships and large Ul'dahn trade caravans; both of which are often raided by Beastmen, pirates, and bandits.

Technological Level : Mostly medieval, with some few exceptions. Airships are common, as are some small magiteknical wonders up to the level of the early 20th century, however overall Eorzean technology (and in particular military technology) is very primitive.
Magic and other shenanigans?: Heavily present in all aspects of day-to-day life. Almost all Eorzeans are capable of magic to at least a minor degree, and nearly everyone can cast a few utility spells. Magic makes up for many technological deficiencies in terms of comfort, such as crystal-driven stoves and heaters. High-level combat magic is powerful, but rare and extremely difficult to learn, requiring years or decades of intense study. Most combat mages are able to chuck fireballs, not blow up a tank.

Military Description

Army: The land forces of the Alliance are its most developed, spanning three Grand Companies as well as outlying forces from Ishgard and Ala Mhigo. The three Grand Companies are the Order of the Twin Adder, Maelstrom, and the Immortal Flames. Each city-state also runs its own personal military forces separate from the Grand Companies.

Native Military Forces:
Wood Wailers:
750 Wood Wailers
Gods’ Quiver:
600 Gods’ Bows

Order of the Twin Adder:
Blue Badgers:
500 Blue Badger Engineers
50 Blue Badger Officers
Red Otters:
500 Red Otter Elites
50 Red Otter Elite Officers
White Wolves:
2000 White Wolf Soldiers
100 White Wolf Officers
Black Boars:
150 Logistics Officers
Yellow Serpents: Indeterminate number of contracted adventurer auxiliaries.

Native Military Forces:
150 Paladins
Stone Torches:
250 Stone Torches
Brass Blades:
1000 Brass Blades
150 Officers

Immortal Flames:
1st Main Brigade: 1500 Enlisted men and officers.
2nd Main Brigade: 1200 Enlisted men and officers.
3rd Main Brigade: 1200 Enlisted men and officers.
Ala Mhigan Brigade: 500 Enlisted men and officers.
Free Brigade: Indeterminate number of contracted adventurer auxiliaries.

Limsa Lominsa:
Native Military Forces: See Navy.

Maelstrom: See Navy.

Native Military Forces:
Temple Knights:
2000 Temple Knights and Officers
Order of the Knights Dragoon:
300 Dragoons

Ala Mhigo:
Native Military Forces:
Griffin’s Claw:
500 Griffin’s Claw Soldiers and Officers
Gyr Abanian Auxiliaries:
250 Auxiliary Blades

Navy: The primary navy of the Alliance is that of Limsa Lominsa, who operates a vast fleet of merchant and combat sailing craft; nearly all being owned and operated by citizen crews rather than the government. Most of the combatant crews have been reorganized into the Maelstrom, Limsa’s Grand Company, as privateers, providing Limsa’s land forces. The nation’s sea forces are composed both of the privateers of the Maelstrom and the sailors of the Lominsan Armada, comprising around 60 active large warships and around 300 smaller ships. The Privateers and Crimson Fleet of the Maelstrom compose another 18 active large vessels and 35 small vessels.

Maelstrom Naval Forces:
Crimson Fleet:
6 Crimson Fleet Galleons
Black Sails:
7 Large Privateer Vessels
20 Small Privateer Vessels
War Sails:
5 Large Privateer Vessels
15 Small Privateer Vessels
Trade Sails:
20 Mercantile and Cargo Vessels
Foreign Levy: Indeterminate number of contracted adventurer auxiliaries.

Lominsan Armada:
1st Galadion Squadron:
7 Lominsan Galleons
30 Armada Small Vessels
2nd Bloodbrine Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
28 Armada Small Vessels
3rd Merithor Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
32 Armada Small Vessels
4th Indigo Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
25 Armada Small Vessels
5th Ash Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
30 Armada Small Vessels
6th Cieldalaes Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
25 Armada Small Vessels
7th Bianaq Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
27 Armada Small Vessels
8th Clearwater Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
32 Armada Small Vessels
9th Jade Squadron:
6 Lominsan Galleons
30 Armada Small Vessels

Air Force: The only city-state which operates military airships to any notable degree is Ishgard, which currently boasts 10 total. Nearly all Eorzean airships are intended for trade or passenger transit.

Ishgardian Defense Airfleet:

2x Large Combat Airship
2x Medium Combat Airship
6x Recon Airship

National Goals : Unification of Eorzea under the banner of the Alliance, rebuilding, protection of Eorzean land from those that would do it harm.

History : It is now the third year of the Seventh Astral Era. Eorzea, battered by disasters, is now in recovery in one of the longest periods of peace the tumultuous region has seen since the beginning of the era. With a temporary ceasefire negotiated at the battlefields of the Ghimlyt Dark against the Garlean Empire, both sides sat at an uneasy truce, even as the new emperor and his advisors make silent plans for conquest. The five city-states of the Alliance: Gridania, Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, Ala Mhigo, and Ishgard, continue to make their first unsteady steps towards rebuilding. Now, Eorzea finds itself in a new world, free of the threat of Garlemald, but facing new and unknown threats and allies.

Eorzea is a diverse and tumultuous region, and even this seeming unity is constantly shaken by the cultural and political differences of its constituent nations. Racial conflicts with the native beastmen, the schemes of Ul’dahnian Monetarists and Royalists, the decrees of Gridania’s elemental masters, and the wild nature of Limsa’s piratical citizenry all ensure that any peace in the region is certainly not easy to find. Ala Mhigo struggles to rebuild after 17 years under the boot of Garlean tyranny. Even Ishgard, silent bastion of the north, finds itself shaken to the core in the aftermath of the end of its millenia-long Dragonsong War against the dragons of the Dravanian Horde, and its subsequent abrupt shift to a new democratic government.

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Postby Sarderia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:05 pm

Reservation App (Valid for 1 week)
Name of country reserved: Dai Nippon Teikoku (大日本帝国) - from The Man In The High Castle
Territory: Japan
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Postby Speyland » Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:22 pm

Full Nation Name : Abaci Sultanate
Short Nation Name : Abaci/Wallachia
Flag / National Symbols: Flag, coat of arms

Government Type : Hereditary absolute monarchy
Official Political Ideology : Revanchism
Head of State : Sultana Yelda Abaci Dracula I
Head of Government : Sultana Yelda Abaci Dracula I
Government Description : Abaci is a hereditary absolute monarchy, allowing them to pass down to a family member. The sultan (or sultana) holds great political power and a prime minister is not involved in the government, but a constitution has limited the cost of holding abusive political power. The sultan (or sultana) is both head of state and head of government. Blood relatives are allowed to hold a political title and anyone not related by blood will not hold that title.

Territory : Muntenia (Greater Wallachia) and Oltenia (Lesser Wallachia)
Territorial Ambitions : Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, parts of southern Romania
Capital City : Abaci's capital city is Hisar, located in OTL Bucharest. Hisar's cityscape is a mixture of Romanian, Turkish, and Russian architecture as a result of the city's long history of being under foreign occupation multiple times throughout Abaci's history. Hisar is known to be infested with poverty and crime. The Royal Palace is also located there.
Population : 2,100,921

Majority/Official Culture : Romanian/Wallachian

Majority/State Religion : Islam

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Petroleum, agriculture, timber, natural gas, coal, iron ore, salt, arable land, hydropower
Amount of Industrialization : Abaci is a mildly industrialized nation as with the case of preserving the tradition of using outdated technology with modern weaponry. This may be a result of not having the budget and capacity to build modern infrastructures due to World War II. Half of the population uses traditional technology while the other half uses modern technology. In conclusion, little to no factories and traffic lights were built. Thankfully, hundreds of combat robots (or mechas) were manufactured with the aid of a foreign nation.
Economic Description : Abaci relies on agriculture, petroleum, arable land, and traditional technology. Poverty is becoming an issue in the nation due to a lack of having access to valuable resources and the populism ideology for the rights of the working class over the wealthy. Overall, the nation's economy is slowly growing.

Technological Level : 1940s/World War II/Dieselpunk
Magic and other shenanigans?: Yes, combat robots (or mechas).

Military Description

Army: 10,000 soldiers, 5,000 elite soldiers, 500 combat robots (mechas)

Navy: 20 ships

Air Force: 10 aircraft

National Goals : To form an Islamic empire to restore the legacy of Wallachian heritage, to improve stability amongst the Wallachian population and the economy, to annex the southern part of Romania from a foreign nation, and to conduct militaristic diplomatic relations with other nations.

History :

1456: The Ottoman Empire invaded Wallachia; Vlad Dracula fled to Hungary to lie about his death in battle and his younger brother, Radu the Handsome, became his successor; Vlad hides his identity whilst living in Hungary.

1457: The Ottoman invasion of Wallachia ended with a peace treaty signed, leaving Wallachia to achieve sovereignty and free from foreign rule.

1460-1505: In 1460, Vlad married a noblewoman named Pembe Abaci, a member of the House of Abaci, a cadet branch of the reigning House of Osman; A year later, Vlad and Pembe fled to Switzerland to avoid receiving death threats from Pembe's family against their marriage for marrying a foreigner outside of the Ottoman Empire; Vlad converted to Islam (from Pembe's suggestion) the same year and underwent a vow on the refusal of killing; In 1505, Radu was assassinated by a government official and a violent revolution for a new government had occurred.

1505-1942 (Present): Following a revolution ignited in 1505, Vlad and his family returned to Wallachia to deal with the situation and was crowned as the first Sultan of Abaci, only to be succeeded by his male heir after his death in 1531 and the Abaci Sultanate is formed, the House of Abaci grew steadily for many generations; In 1711, a short war between the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia have occurred and a treaty was signed to allow the Abaci Sultanate to become a vassal of the Ottoman Empire; From 1712 to 1801, Wallachia undergoes a cultural transition from abandoning Romanian culture to accepting Turkish culture under the influence from the Ottoman Empire, which have left a legacy from then on; In 1803, Bucharest was renamed to Hisar (Turkish for "Fortress"); In 1848, the Spring of Nations have occurred, leaving the citizens in Wallachia to form a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire, which in turn, were able to regain their independence after years of being under foreign rule; From 1889 to 1905, Wallachia was partially influenced by Russian culture as a result of having small Russian immigrants, which leads to the addition of the nation's multi-cultural atmosphere; In 1909, capital punishment was abolished for the first time in its history; In 1914, World War I started and the Abaci Sultunate have decided to remain neutral until the war's end; In 1922, combat robots (prototyped "Knightmare Frame") were invented in the Holy Britannian Empire with Russian and Canadian collaboration, which leads to worldwide production; In 1926, modern technology and combat robots were introduced to Wallachia for the first time in centuries, which leads to a partial transition from a agrarian society to a urban society; In 1930, women were granted the right to take part in the Wallachian court after years of being male-dominated as a result of the suffrage movement that was spreading across the globe, allowing them to become sultanas; In 1939, World War II began and the Abaci Sultanate have decided to remain neutral like before; In 1940, Sultan Cemil Abaci Dracula III died from a terrorist-related explosion and his only daughter, Yelda Abaci Dracula I, was crowned as his successor and the nation's first sultana; In 1942, the Abaci Sultanate plans to participate in World War II on the Allies' side after the Holy Britannian Empire joined the Axis powers and their attempt to invade the Balkans, but they were swept away from a mysterious and unexpected storm, which leads them to get transported to a different world, the situation that the nation is in as of current.
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Sarderia wrote:Reservation App (Valid for 1 week)
Name of country reserved: Dai Nippon Teikoku (大日本帝国) - from The Man In The High Castle
Territory: Japan

Aayyy, maybe I’m not completely screwed diplomatically!

Any idea what season of Man of the High Castle you’re at for this Japan?
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Point of Divergence V 4.0 : European Boogaloo (OOC / OPEN)

Postby Zjaum » Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:34 pm


Full Nation Name : L'Republique d'Amakna
Short Nation Name : Amakna
Flag / National Symbols:

Government Type : Republic
Official Political Ideology : Market liberalism
Head of State : Eyeketrau
Head of Government : Eyeketrau
Government Description : A governor is elected every two weeks. The governor elects a cabinet, each with its own purview: Vice-Governor, appointments; Head Guard, internal military; Head Soldier external military; Weather Engineer, weather; Treasurer, taxes; Challenger, large bosses; and Ecologist, livestock and crops. In addition, the Governor can set laws and manage foreign relations.

Territory : Montenegro
Territorial Ambitions : The Eastern Adriatic coastline
Capital City : Emelka
Population : 0.1 M

Majority/Official Culture : French

Majority/State Religion : Initially the Pantheon of Twelve, now cut off from that religion, so temporarily agnostic

Major Industries / Economic sectors: Livestock, wheat, food products, woven goods
Amount of Industrialization : Early Medieval
Economic Description : With the help of the Weather Engineer and Ecologist, resources sprout up from the ground, to be harvested by the Amaknan citizens. The resources are processed by specialized experts into crafts. The products are used up, and the cycle continues. Products may also be traded with outside factions, depending on trade laws set by the Governor.

Technological Level : Cooking, Craftsmanship, Enchantment, Forestry, Metalwork
Magic and other shenanigans : Two forms of magic used to exist: one clerical- see History- which was far and away the most popular, the other by using two different kinds of leylines of energy: Stasis, representing destruction and stagnation, and Wakfu, representing creation and growth. The former system was dissolved when Amakna was moved to Earth, so only the leylines can be used for enchantment. The latter form can create small objects and send small destructive blasts towards enemies but is ultimately useless on a collective, national basis.

Military Description

Army: The army, though smaller than before, is easily the largest component, to the point where the navy and air force are negligible, only serving the purposes of the army. The army used to be 6,000 strong. However, the absence of the arcane made two thirds irrelevant, and they were discharged to contribute to the economy. The remnant might still have used magic but channeled it through weapons, which were still useful in a magic-less world. The remnant is now sorted by class, and by proxy by capabilities:
  • The Iop is designed for aggressive melee. 600
  • The Cra excels in archery and similar ranged combat. 700
  • The Feca takes on a phalanx role in the army. 300
  • The Rogue deals in demolitions and explosives, focusing on positional strategy. 200
  • The Huppermage is the only remaining primary arcane establishment in Amakna. 200

Navy: Naval transports take citizens and soldiers from place to place but are not armed.

Air Force: Amakna sports Black Crows, thin mechanic-magical contraptions that allow users to fly. Riders use either lances or arrows.

National Goals : To reinstate its previous levels of magical power, or to find a proper industrial replacement. To expand territory and maintain sovereignty.

History : Amakna was one of four factions in the World of Twelve, fighting a losing battle against its other three rivals in a war to project influence onto other, smaller islands. All kingdoms and most islands used to belong to the same continent, but rising sea levels and ensuing chaos split them into separate island-continents. While the republic had its own independent military, the main bulk of its forces came in the form of outside travelers who signed up to support its cause. Despite the war, Amakna still supplied the entire realm with food and general sustenance.

Forces much stronger than mere geopolitics enveloped the world. Arcane power, notably, came from two sources. The first was a network of leylines- see Magic. Huppermages were the primary user of this former source of power, channeling it through runes. The second came from a group of powerful creatures that were compiled into a pantheon, stationed in an off-world realm called Ingloriom. These creatures could only attain power through devotion, and the creatures in turn provided power in symbiosis. This included a network of portals, which guided most travel. The creature that a citizen preferred determined both class and role in society.

However, only the island-continent of Amakna was transferred through to Earth. When Ingloriom and the rest of the world stayed behind, the symbiosis was split apart, and the portals were instantly shut off. Without food, Amakna's neighbors were presumed to starve themselves out. Without devotion, the pantheon was left to wither and die. As a result, even if the Amaknan Republic could find a way to return to their beloved universe, it would take a long time before they could restore their original magical glory. Reliance on the pantheon went from a boon into a crutch. The popular and powerful Sacrier class, a group through which sacrifice achieved power, slaughtered their own kind in hopes of restoring their old powers. They failed. The small class of Huppermages ascended from weird outsiders to the monopolizers of magic. Iops, Cras, and Fecas turned to honing martial arts rather than magical practices.

Magic-less life continued. Amakna is learning to live with it, but they will never let go of the glimpse of power they once had. They will seek it again, to the ends of this new world.

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I use my NationStates stats, because a population of billions/trillions and an economy of hundreds of trillions is totally viable, trust me.
But seriously, aside from the population and GDP, just assume that my NS stats are roughly accurate.

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Postby The Imperial Warglorian Empire » Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:35 pm

Btw, in case anyone is wondering why my army is so large, it’s because this is Heydrich’s Germany really really early in the German Civil War, so he’s had all these troops prepared for the GCW in a war economy that also got brought over.
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Yeah, u do that and I’m gonna have to force u to pull a France, and then a Vichy-Wargloria, after one of his allies proposed pulling an Italy


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Postby The Imperial Warglorian Empire » Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:48 pm

Zjaum wrote:
Full Nation Name : L'Republique d'Amakna

Majority/Official Culture : French

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For nearly 11 years you have brought the German people into an age of disaster, evil, and corruption, no more.
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Yeah, u do that and I’m gonna have to force u to pull a France, and then a Vichy-Wargloria, after one of his allies proposed pulling an Italy


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Postby Mirial System » Sat Dec 19, 2020 12:05 am

Sarderia wrote:Reservation App (Valid for 1 week)
Name of country reserved: Dai Nippon Teikoku (大日本帝国) - from The Man In The High Castle
Territory: Japan

It would be advisable to check the map - as the one making the map I do wonder when it'll be until we get to "East Asia" (note the quotation marks.) We're refraining from expanding the map too rapidly at the moment - former experience shows that it would leave too much empty space and cause issues such as factions being isolated.

That is, assuming I don't end up having to stick Honshu onto the other side of the Bosphorus-Dardanelles that currently aren't straits... yet.

Huh there was a map attached. Alright then... (my bad - just woke up.)
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Postby The Imperial Warglorian Empire » Sat Dec 19, 2020 12:09 am

Mirial System wrote:
Sarderia wrote:Reservation App (Valid for 1 week)
Name of country reserved: Dai Nippon Teikoku (大日本帝国) - from The Man In The High Castle
Territory: Japan

It would be advisable to check the map - as the one making the map I do wonder when it'll be until we get to "East Asia" (note the quotation marks.) We're refraining from expanding the map too rapidly at the moment - former experience shows that it would leave too much empty space and cause issues such as factions being isolated.

That is, assuming I don't end up having to stick Honshu onto the other side of the Bosphorus-Dardanelles that currently aren't straits... yet.

Um, he already posted where he wanted to be on the map, coloured it in and everything

There’s a link by the “territory” section
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For nearly 11 years you have brought the German people into an age of disaster, evil, and corruption, no more.
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-Erwin Rommel, before shooting Adolf Hitler in the head
Yeah, u do that and I’m gonna have to force u to pull a France, and then a Vichy-Wargloria, after one of his allies proposed pulling an Italy


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The Imperial Warglorian Empire
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Postby The Imperial Warglorian Empire » Sat Dec 19, 2020 3:35 am

Mirial System wrote:

I fear
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My preferred nickname is Warg
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For nearly 11 years you have brought the German people into an age of disaster, evil, and corruption, no more.
Auf Wiedersehen, mein Führer, Deutschland über alles...

-Erwin Rommel, before shooting Adolf Hitler in the head
Yeah, u do that and I’m gonna have to force u to pull a France, and then a Vichy-Wargloria, after one of his allies proposed pulling an Italy


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Postby Remnants of Exilvania » Sat Dec 19, 2020 3:52 am

Full Nation Name : The Kingdom of Skyrim
Short Nation Name : Skyrim
Flag / National Symbols: Eastmarch can into rule Skyrim

Government Type : Federal Kingdom
Official Political Ideology : Vaguely federal absolute monarchy?
Head of State : High King Ulfric Stormcloak
Head of Government : Jorleif Snowman
Government Description : The respective Jarldoms of Skyrim are all ruled absolutistically, the Jarls wielding ultimate power, making law, commanding their local armies and passing judging on criminals. They have appointed stewards to aid them in those task and take care of the more mundane matters of rulership.

The High King of Skyrim is generally appointed by the Jarls on a Moot. This is accomplished by majority vote. The High King's power is generally fairly limited, his primary power lying within his status as a symbol for the other Jarl's to rally behind as well as being the representative of Skyrim in foreign matters. For any matters concerning Skyrim as a whole, the High King must convene a new Moot and sway a majority of the Jarls to his side before being able to commit the entirety of Skyrim to a thing

Territory : Le blue stuff in Northern Germany
Territorial Ambitions : TAMRIEL! Nah...some more nice farmland and hunting grounds would be kinda rad tho
Capital City : Windhelm (Anklam)
Population :
  • 1,1 million citizens of Skyrim as per the last Imperial Census, before the Great War.
  • Around 5 million (un)dead, regardless if mummified, spectral, skeletized, ashen or deceptively human
  • 6 million Falmer
  • 2 million Dwemer automatons of all shapes
  • Don't make me start going into Dragons 'n shiet.

Majority/Official Culture : Nord, Reachmen, Falmer, Dwemer.
Majority/State Religion : Cult of 9 Divines

Major Industries / Economic sectors: ...logging and mining I guess?
Amount of Industrialization : Not
Economic Description : [list][*]Falkreath: Logging, hunting, fishing, Iron Mining, Orichalcum Mining, Corundum Mining
[*]The Rift: Mead production, fishing, hunting, farming, Ebony Mining, mining, horsebreeding
[*]Whiterun: Farming, hunting, Iron mining, logging, horsebreeding
[*]Eastmarch: Farming, hunting, Corundum mining, Ebony mining, horsebreeding
[*]Winterhold: Iron mining
[*]The Pale: Iron mining, Quicksilver mining, farming, hunting, fishing, logging
[*]Hjaalmarch: Iron mining, logging, fishing
[*]The Reach: Moonstone mining, Gold mining, Orichalcum Mining, Silver Mining, Iron Mining, farming, horsebreeding
[*]Haafingar: Farming, fishing, shipbuilding, horsebreeding, Orichalcum Mining,

Technological Level : Medieval...ish (cough Dwarven automatons cough)
Magic and other shenanigans? (If any exists) : Yes. Dragonborn, mages, Magitech machines, relics, supernatural creatures, living dead etc.

Military Description

Army: The Holds of Skyrim maintain small militias at all times, designed to keep the peace and uphold the law in their respective Holds.These are however really, truly small, their numbers ranging in the hundreds per Hold. In times of war however, the Holds are able to rally many more Men to their banners, calling for Musterings and generally capable of creating armies up untill 10% of the Hold has been called into military service/perished.

At the same time much of Skyrim is still garrisoned by the Stormcloak Army, freshly emerging as victors from the Civil War. They form a standing army loyal only to the High King and garrison forts and fortresses all across Skyrim, keeping newly established Jarls supported in their new Holds and holding key strategic locations. Many of the Stormcloaks have been demobilized and returned to their respective holds but a solid core of 10.000 remains.

There are also other forces at work within the boundaries of Skyrim. The Dwemer Automatons, albeit with only about 11% of them created specifically for martial purposes, are all capable and very much willing to attack. The 11% number refers to Dwemer Spheres, Centurions and Ballistae.

Then there are the Undead of which there are plenty roaming Skyrim. Restless souls and spirits, they are generally all hostile and all capable of fighting, having been buried with their weapons so they may enter Sovngarde with their arms by their side or serve their Dragon masters in reclaiming the world.

Deep below Skyrim scurry blind, pale creatures. The Falmer are a simple people, growing mushrooms, cultivating Chaurus populations, squatting in ancient Dwemer ruins and building their entire lives around the Chaurus and the things it produces. They are an immensely simple society and the simpler the society, the more people of it can and will turn around to become warriors at a moment's notice though they will lack the ability to do more than form simplistic warbands and cannot really sustain campaigns away from their home...unless of course they are straight up migrating, sustaining themselves on the way and setting up shop elsewhere. Something that is certainly possible with your entire lifestyle centered around an animal.

Navy: There's a couple of cogs, primarily merchant vessels.

Air Force: Uhm...there's still a bunch of Dragons flying around. And a few more are still buried, waiting to be resurrected.

National Goals : Relcaim the Dragonborn, returning a true, Dragonborn ruler to the Empire, re-establish the true, Tamrielic Empire and achieve Godhood as a second Tiber Septim.

History : Following the end of the Great War and the signing of the White Gold Concordat, many of Skyrim's troops and legionnaires returned to their homes in Skyrim...or not. The war had been hard fought and many men had been scarred, deserting instead and preferring easy lives as brigands in the wilderness instead of good and honest trades in the Holds.

One such man who returned, shaken by the war, was the heir to the throne of Windhelm, Ulfric Stormcloak. He had been but a young man who had also spent much of his life away from mortal troubles, up on the Throat of the World in High Hrothgar, learning the Way of the Voice from the Greybeards, when he had been thrown into one of the most bloody conflicts of the current era. And then had been left in the loving care of the Thalmor to be tortured and broken.

Was it such a surprise then that upon returning to Skyrim, this man, who had lost everything, his honour, his pride, his friends to a bunch of filthy Elves just for it all to be for nothing, just for more Mer faces to greet him in his own city, just for the smug face of the Thalmor Ambassadors shaking their achievement before him, started to crack?

Ulfric still believed in the Empire. In it being a treaty merely forced upon them to give them but a moment's respite. He did not think for even just a single second that the Empire would truly forbid worship of the God Emperor. And so he set about raising a militia and heroically defeating the Reachmen Uprising in Markarth...and then put most Reachmen and alleged collaborators to the blade and re-established Talos worship in cooperation with the Imperial authorities.

Ulfric thought this would be the beginning of the Empire's retribution, the destruction of the dreadful White Gold Concordat and the beginning of perhaps the next war. Instead Imperial Authorities caved to the Thalmor and Ulfric was betrayed, arrested and thrown into prison for many years. It shattered his world, moreso than his breaking at the hands of the Thalmor. Yet stubborn Nord that he was, he wiped the shards of his world together and set about trying to create a new one, a world to his liking.

Upon release from prison due to strong pressure from the Jarls, Ulfric was quick to cut ties to his former Thalmor handlers, becoming uncooperative as well as beginning to rally his own militia once again, now propagating independence from the Empire. He had ample supporters for this cause all across Skyrim yet High King Torygg was not budging...yet, showing to Ulfric that he was but another weakling cowing to the Empire and its Thalmor masters. Hearing that he was even visiting parties in the Thalmor Embassy then finally sent Ulfric over the edge.

He rode to Solitude with a small company of guards and demanded an audience with the High King which he was of course granted immediately. Yet instead of doing whateveryone expected him to do, the seething Ulfric challenged Torygg to a duel, a duel Torygg had to accept or have his honour forever besmirched and all popular support in Skyrim lost. Torygg lost the duel very quickly Ulfric being both a season warrior and a Tongue, a user of the Voice.

Following this example and his successful escape, Ulfric was officially on the Empire's hitlist...yet his pursuers were thwarted at the border of Eastmarch by his militia and the eastern Holds rose up in his support, necessitating the deployment of a Legion to Skyrim and marking the beginning of the Skyrim Civil War. An initial type of Phoney War was waged, the lack of results forcing the Emperor to send General Tullius to Skyrim as a Military Governour.

Tullius quickly expanded the Legion in Skyrim and ambushed Ulfric at Darkwater Crossing, successfully capturing the rebellious Jarl and having him transported to nearby loyal Helgen to put an end to the rebellion. He also captured someone he better shouldn't have captured, one who was fated to decide the fate of Skyrim, one way or another.

Alduin the World Eater made his presence known at Helgen, leading to the escape of Ulfric and the prisoners, destroying an important imperial town and prolonging the civil war.

The following year showed the rise of the Dragonborn, a hero of legend, or in this case heroine, who combatted the Dragon threat as well as travelled the Holds, solving many issues. Eventually the World Eater lay defeated and the Dragonborn had claimed his soul and could finally turn her attention to worldly matters...that being the independence of Skyrim. With the aid of the Dragonborn, the Stormcloak army managed to lead a quick campaign through Skyrim, finally ousting the Imperial Legion, cutting back Thalmor influence and killing Governour General Tullius.

After this Ulfric concentrated himself on rebuilding the land while the Dragonborn kept rushing off to save Tamriel from yet another threat. There were enough of them there anyway. They had become close friends during the campaign and if Ulfric had been willing could have even become lovers yet his torment at the hands of the Thalmor had traumatized him in that regard and he pushed the Dragonborn away. In hindsight perhaps not something he should have done.

The Dragonborn travelled to Solstheim...yet returned later, clearly shaken about what she had encountered there. Refusing to tell Ulfric and instead just muttering about having to gain more power, she went off to investigate the growing Vampire menace, joining the Dawnguard in the process.

Ulfric did not know what happened but the Dragonborn, emotionally isolated and vulnerable and with the pressure of saving the world upon her yet again, cracked under the smooth promises of power by the Vampire Lord Harkon, accepting it from him. The next time she and Ulfric met, she still had enough shame/not enough trust in her power to keep her new state hidden from him yet he could already tell that something was wrong. Though he did not prod.

Harkon was brought down and his plans to end the Tyranny of the Sun foiled, perhaps one of the last truly good acts of the Dragonborn. Miraak then followed, the Dragonborn removing competition and a thorn in her side. And with the end of that last threat to herself and Skyrim, the Dragonborn's transformation was complete. There was no more responsibility truly tying her down, no more attachments and so much power at her fingertips. All across Skyrim she had "friends" that she could make dance on her strings. A new vision was quickly born, one of rulership not unlike the one Harkon had had. The Dragonborn would claim the Ruby Throne and restore the Tamrielic Empire of Tiber Septim...just that it wouldn't be known as Septim's Empire anymore but as hers and hers alone. An Empire she would rule for eternity untill she would finally ascend to godhood just like Tiber Septim had.
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